The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 25 & 26, 2017 – Shield Reunion Questions

This week, we talk about the Fistourage as well as Smackdown”s compelling build to Hell in a Cell.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we really tear down No Mercy’s morale and pray for Cesaro’s teeth.  We apologize for the lateness of this, but tech issues suck.  Also, Russ and Kent reviewed No Mercy here.

2017 No Mercy Review

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The 9

  1. Does Mickie still have what it takes to carry a feud, both inside and outside the ring, if she needs to?  How long before we get the Sasha heel turn?

Russ:  I think Mickie may still have what it takes.  I thought her Mic work on Raw was pretty good and she handled herself pretty well against Miss Bliss.  In the ring? I’m not so sure, it’s been awhile since she has had a high profile match.  Still I think she will be fine in the ring against The Goddess.  I’m glad they are giving us this feud, it is at least still fresh.  As for Sasha and a heel turn all I’ll say is that since WWE seems very high on a 4-horsewomen of WWE and MMA match I don’t see her turning any time soon.  

Keri:  Mickie absolutely still has what it takes to carry a feud. She’s still strong in ring and stronger than she was before on the mic. It looks like WWE is finally giving us the feud we have been asking for so don’t question it. As for Sasha and any potential heel turn. Honestly, I just don’t care anymore. She just bores me now.

Kent:  First and foremost, how poorly did WWE just treat Emma?  Like, they barely showed her on offense aside from a few kicks.  Fucking ridiculous that everybody else got their shine, but not Emma.  Fuck that.  Shame on WWE!  I think Mickie is criminally underutilized and can still be a big time player in any women’s division.  She still puts on good matches and still can cut a good promo.  That’s better than most of the women.  She’s in the upper echelon still.  Her combination of skills elevates her above every female on Smackdown except possibly Becky.  She better than all the girls on RAW with the exception of Bliss at the moment.  As for Sasha, I think she holds off a bit because I truly believe that we get a women’s Royal Rumble this year and Bayley will eliminate Sasha.  That will be what flips the heel switch.  So January.

  1.   Which member of the Shield had the best night?  How many weeks until we get a Shield reunion match?

Russ:   I’m going to say Seth.  There are several reason for my pick.  My first reason:  He won his match against Sheamus.  It was a decent match, nothing to write home about, but it was serviceable.  Dean’s match was much more fun, but he lost and I just can’t pick a loser like that.  Yes Roman won his match too, but at the end it didn’t look like he was much of a winner i  My second reason:  This should have been obvious from the start, but it’s because he is MY FAVORITE WRESTLER!   Anytime I can pick him over any one else I WILL!   HAHAHA the best part:  there is nothing you readers can do to stop me!  I’m mad with the infinitesimal amount of power I have from this blog!   

Keri:  I’m going to get booed for this from a lot of different sides but honestly Monday night was Roman’s coronation. He held his own in a promo with Miz, which isn’t an easy feat. And he didn’t have to do much to get a match with the Miz which he, of course,won in great Cena 2.0 fashion. The other two guys did well but really the focus last night was on Roman and Roman only. He had the best night. Why? Because he’s the chosen one now and we all have to live with it.

Kent:  Well, it’s sure as shit not Roman.  The question is, do wins matter for this question, or does match quality, or who put on the best show, or who won?  I love seeing Sheamus improve each and every week.  That guy is a star.  I hate that Seth did jack shit all match, just like Sunday, but then gets the cheap win.  That’s the Cena way and fuck that.  Dean was admirable in defeat and the match was well done.  Dean did his job and I enjoyed his segment the most on RAW aside from the Mickie and Enzo segments.

  1.   Man, just when I thought that GREAT story and feud between Bray and Finn was over, I mean because it was so great and told such a logical full story, how SHOCKED are you that this great and logical feud appears to be continuing?

Russ:   Well shocked isn’t exactly the word I’d use.  More like groan inducing.  Look I actually enjoyed this feud and I honestly thought it came to it’s logical conclusion at No Mercy.  Finn winning proved that he doesn’t need to be the Demon in order to overcome adversity.  I was ok with it.  Sure I wanted Bray to get an actual freaking win over somebody, but I know how this goes with him now.  So when Bray had some creepy ass kid sing Whole World for us to Finn my first thought was “Oh come on!  We don’t need this.  There is nothing Bray can do to make me believe that he still has some kind of power over people.”  So now I guess we will see where this feud continues to go.  I can tell you this it doesn’t seem to be heading in a positive direction.    

Keri:  This storyline is the reason why I need to break up with watching the WWE. This storyline should have ended Sunday night. The ending Sunday night kinda made sense (Yes Kent, I concur with Eric’s point on this). (Kent: That’s about as surprising as Russ picking Seth in a multiple choice question.)  But alas, here we are and where is that you ask? A point where if Bray and/or Finn come on my TV I turn it off. Good job WWE. You made me hate Finn. I hope you are proud of yourself.

Kent:  Man, I could have sworn I heard some guy on Sunday tell me that this story made sense and he elaborated it to me, and I said that he missed the point.  So Eric, how you doin?  Yeah, this fucking feud isn’t done and now look who is on top of the mountain, looking down and saying that you book things like WCW circa late 90’s?  The FACT is that once they decided to have Bray injure Finn, one of two things should have happened.  Either Bray should have won cleanly by working over the injury, plus he has shown that he can beat Finn clearly, or did we forget the week before Summerslam?  The other option would have been to have both men tire themselves out and had an ending that led to a last man standing matching at TLC.  That way they don’t take up one of the 4 precious match spots with the TLC stips.  So yeah, the story isn’t over.  It never made sense Sunday night and it still doesn’t make much sense.  They have failed to engage the audience, and for that, WWE, like my friend with the WCW booking strategy, have failed miserably.  Have a nice day.

  1.   Enzo’s celebration…..discuss.  Did Neville just become a star or will this be quickly forgotten?  

Russ:   I really enjoyed this segment, way more than I ever thought I would.  Heel Enzo is just like Face Enzo, except he amped up the obnoxiousness.  This is the Enzo I’ve been waiting for since they debuted way back in 2016.  Enzo played all of his parts well, the scathing promo, the weasley way he got the no contact clause and the ego the size of Big Cass.  When I thought it couldn’t get better Neville decided to come out and he was on point.  Attacking Enzo was brilliant because now Neville can’t compete for the belt which will get him away from the belt for a bit to build him up.  This is WWE’s chance to make him a star and they took a great step in the right direction.  I look forward to nexts weeks 180 when they blow this.  

Keri:  I have only one question for you all. Do you want the Cruiserweight division to become relevant? Well apparently you put the belt on Enzo and the division becomes relevant. It even helps to elevate a stale guy like Neville.Honestly, I am surprised by this stunning turn of events and the fact that the WWE deems the division now main event worthy. It’s all interesting very very interesting. I’m also now intrigued but not intrigued enough to watch 205 Live. Sorry WWE, I watch enough wrestling already.

Kent:  Wow, the cruiserweights finally main event due to Enzo.  I liked every aspect of how this played out.  I don’t know if there is a face or a heel in this case.  There are two guys with valid points that are right in their own way.  That’s when feuds work best.  This was actually a brilliant segment.  They missed the mark on one thing, in my opinion.  After Neville hit Enzo, I feel like everybody should have performed their finisher on Enzo.  That was everybody would essentially have lost the right at the belt, forcing management’s hand to either bring in new talent, or to give everybody a chance again.  Still, IF they want, they could make Neville into a star.  They just raised the Neville level.  I doubt that they take true advantage of it.  

  1.  What interests you most: John Cena passing the torch, Gallows and Anderson nowhere to be found on RAW, Goldust still being involved in storylines on RAW, Jeff Hardy’s injury and impending surgery, or Elias and Titus possibly developing a feud?

Russ:  I’m going to say G & A missing in Action was the most interesting part for me.  How did they go from right in the thick of the Tag Team title hunt right before the PPV, to pictures on milk cartons since.  It boggles the mind how badly they are mistreated.  Or maybe McMahon didn’t want G & A on because of the whole Bullet Club thing that went on outside the arena.  Either way I hope we see them next week start working with Dean and Seth.  

Keri:  I’ll be honest here for a second.  I’m most interested in what was happening outside the arena earlier in the day than anything on this list. We had the Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and others) try to “invade” RAW. That is so much more interesting than anything WWE related right now. But if I had to chose something WWE related, I’ll pick the Elias and Titus feud. I’m interested to see where it goes and if it means more TV time for all involved.

Kent:  Elias and Titus is very interesting to me.  Goldust still being utilized is great.  I think the Cena thing is what has my attention though.  I feel like there is something bigger happening here, or something that we don’t know yet.  Cena isn’t done, he can still go.  It wasn’t time to pass the torch, especially to the greased up deaf guy named Roman.  The WWE had a few golden eggs that they have been sitting on.  Taker’s streak, Taker’s final match, Cena’s torch, Brock’s torch, belt, and possible final match.  So they fucked the streak by putting over that youngster Brock.  They had Roman, a guy who really needed the Taker’s Final match rub, and then minimized it in it’s entirety on No Mercy.  In the process of doing that, they passed Cena’s torch to Roman.  They refused to give Braun the belt, and as has long been rumored, it appears that Roman vs Brock at Mania AGAIN is what we will be getting in Brock’s possible last match and also for the belt.  So let’s revisit history.  WHat has been the #1 issue with wrestling the past 12 years or so?  It was that every time there was a big moment, rather than spread the wealth to various wrestlers that could utilize that rub, it all went to Cena.  The fans turned on him.  Vince couldn’t understand why.  Here we are making the exact same mistakes.  When you have only a few great rubs to give, you MUST spread them out in order to make stars.  Getting one win over Cena does not make you a star.  Bray should have gotten a rub, Dean could have benefitted from one, Braun or Joe could have, even Dolph could have been legitimized by a rub.  Wade Barrett is at home shaking his head.  And the worst part of all of this is that we can’t sit here and say that WWE hasn’t given other people chances, as much as we want to.  RVD was given the biggest push of his career, beats Cena for the belt, then gets caught with drugs.  Daniel Bryan finally gets his moment, had one of the biggest and best build ups ever in WWE, then gets hurt too many times and it was all for nothing.  Even a guy like CM Punk, was given that ridiculously long title reign, but rarely had great people to work with, and it was all wasted to get the belt on the Rock so he could put over… know who at Mania.  Fuck, I hate wrestling.

  1.  Did Dolph need to win a feud before getting in a feud to help get Bobby Roode over?  Is Bobby working as a face for you?

Russ:  When was the last time Dolph actually won a feud?  That is the better question!  At this point in his career just being in a high profile feud is good enough.  Can he help get Bobby over?  It really depends on how much effort Dolph puts in.  I love this gimmick that he is doing currently and I hope that it has reinvigorated him.  A motivated Dolph is one of the best in the ring, which will help Bobby shine.  Though, I’ve said this before Bobby doesn’t really need someone to help him get over he just needs time in the ring and mic and he can do it himself.  As for is he working as a face?  Well I can’t say yet.  I know that is Kent’s favorite answer, but this time I have to say it.  He has barely been on TV.  I’ll reserve judgment until WWE has put him on TV for more than 5 seconds.  

Keri:  I called this Bobby-Dolph feud two weeks ago when the whole entrance gimmick began. I said to Eric you know who would be perfect to answer Dolph on this gimmick. Bobby Roode would be perfect. And you know what I predicted correctly. With that said, I think at this point it doesn’t matter if Dolph wins a feud or not.  I think we are past that even mattering for him. He will put over Bobby and we will all cheer because it’s Bobby. I miss cocky heel Bobby Roode though. This whole face thing looks too stiff if you ask me.

Kent:  Maybe not even a feud, but like 2 matches perhaps.  It’s not like Mike Kenellis was too busy, aside from knocking up Maria, kudos to you sir.  Dolph has no momentum, so him putting over Bobby doesn’t necessarily help the feud or Bobby’s standing, now does it?  In order to become hot and move up the charts, you should beat other hot acts.  This is common sense and why 50/50 booking is beyond fucking retarded.  I legitimately worked with clients at an ARC who could book this shit better.  Bobby can work as a really good face, but with this gimmick, it’s tough.  I think if he stopped doing the strut stuff, that would help.  The strutting is more heel unless you have slept with over 10,000 women and you are the dirtiest player in the game, still. Wooo!

  1.  Will you remember to celebrate Rusev Day next year?  Discuss the segment.

Russ:  No I won’t.  Mainly because I didn’t get to see it.  Though I hear Aiden English and Rusev were great out there.  I may just watch this one on Hulu.  My memory isn’t what it used to be and it was crap to begin with.  So when Kent reminds me about this next year I know I’ll say something like… “Oh yeah, now I remember.” and give an excuse as to why I forgot… Ahh, old age!  

Keri:  I have already marked it on my calendar. That was an entertaining celebration. Too bad Orton ruined it. Cue the damnit Orton guy. Not to be confused with sad Bayley guy. Watch No Mercy and see if you find him. I think we now may have competition for shocked taker guy. Anyways, as I said good celebration and now Rusev can avenge that loss from Summerslam again at HIAC. Also, should one exchange gifts on Rusev day? I think they should. Thoughts?

Kent:  As long as my Google calendar doesn’t let me down, then yes, I shall.  This segment was pure gold.  Aiden is getting time to shine and he is making the most of it.  He’s one of the few things that WWE is doing right, at this moment.

  1.  Several stories were furthered this week.  Which one interests you more: The AJ/Baron/Tye feud, the New Day/Usos feud, The Hype Bros not being on the same page, Natty and Charlotte’s tiff, or Ellsworth on a leash?  

Russ:  I’m going to pick New Day/Usos.  First can I say that Big E needs to become a singles star as soon as possible!  I’ve been saying that for almost a year now, but truly he is a man that knows how to entertain a crowd.  Just watch him eat the popcorn!  This has been one of the best feuds in WWE in terms of wrestling.  They have yet to put on a disappointing match together and now that they will meet in a Hell in a Cell match I am psyched!  This could be the match of the PPV.  

Keri:  Ellsworth on a leash. How is that PG? How hasn’t the media been all over that like they were for the Jinder promo from last week? Seriously, there are kids in the audience. Parents should be outraged. Well they should, right? As for the other storylines, I’m Kentertained but i don’t have questions about them like I do this Ellsworth situation.

Kent:  First of all, Baron’s new theme now has lyrics.  I am trying to find the newest updated version of it so I can rock out with my cock out.  One of those 2 things is already true.  Woo woo woo, you know it!  Which doesn’t lead me to the Hype Bros because this is happening and all of their momentum is gone because they are trying to accomplish something at the wrong time.  This should have been 2 months ago.  Ellsworth on a leash should be this year’s #1 Halloween costume for couples, and does Carmella’s tits look bigger or am I seeing things?  Can I see those things.  I will deal with gimpy Mr 7 Feet tall if I can.  I mean, even though he’s gimpy, he would end me, but I just want to see those tits.  Did I answer any question?  Probably not.  Oh wait, I did just answer that question!  Yay.  Also, no more Joker and Harley costumes.  You losers know who you are.   Go be the Crow for the 7th time.  Bunch of fucking Humanoids.

  1.  Kevin Owens is killing it right now. Are they building up a Sami Zayn heel turn?

Russ:  I don’t know about a Sami Heel turn, but I can definitely see them building him up as a strong face off of KO.  KO is definitely in top form.  This would be an excellent opportunity to finally get Sami where he belongs.  As a top face of the company.  I know KO and Sami have wrestled forever, but they usually do not disappoint.  If KO can help Sami shine as a face I think he will get over big with the crowd.  This will help elevate him to the next tier and hopefully get him some title shots.  

Keri:  I liked the segment with KO and Zayn. But then again, I always enjoy when these two lock up verbally or physically even if it may be for the 10 millionth time. This feud is almost as good as Omega and Okada. I said almost. As for a Zayn heel turn, I doubt it. They are probably planning for the future so they have something in place for when this thing with KO and Shane is over.

Kent:  Without Cena, is Smackdown ready for a new big heel or face?  Really, that’s a tough question.  Is Corbin out of the doghouse, is Rusev going to be taken seriously, how long are they going to continue the worst push on Smackdown in Jinder?  KO,Shinsuke, AJ, and Randy aren’t losing their spots.  Is Bobby going to stay face?  Is Dolph going to be a factor?  Sami should be the guy to take the belt off of Jinder.  He could have great promos about how he is Syrian and it could be a really refreshing feud on the mic, just not in the ring.  Still, this could be the storyline of the year.  Sami keeps getting dragged into this feud and he doesn’t want to be, but it gets worse and worse until this week when things play out the way that they did.  Then you remember, Sami specifically ask that Shane not get involved and when all is said and done, Shane didn’t and ended up hurting Sami.  These are things that WWE does when they want to turn a face heel in a smart way.  Can Sami handle being a heel?  Could him and KO for a great stable with the help of another underrated team that wears their red and black colors, one of which is trying to lose the sympathy weight.  If any guys could help the Ascension rise to prominence, KO and Sami could   This could be excellent.  Imagine Jinder and KO on the mic.  It would be golden, like a shower.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This week had some very interesting segments and matches and some missed opportunities (read as: Garbage).  I am enjoying this side of Enzo, I laughed with Roman when The Miz compared The Miztourage and The Shield and Braun continues to be the greatest Kentertainer WWE has to offer.  Of course on the flip side, Bray and Finn don’t seem to be done and Emma is just getting squashed now that Bayley is back.  Overall it was an ok night.  

Rating: 5.8

Keri:  I was not impressed. Average post PPV RAW. Yawn. Rating: 4

Kent:  It’s Wednesday.  I don’t remember RAW aside from Mickie/Alexa, Enzo/Neville, Dean/Braun, Sasha/Bayley backstage and in match, Elias/Titus, and Miz/Roman.  OK, actually, I’m proud that I retained that much without scrolling up to read what I wrote yesterday.  I would say it had more positives than negatives, plus Seth and Sheamus.  Shit, I’m on a roll.  Rating: 5.3

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  I only got to watch the first 45 minute of wrestling before my cable box decided that it was time to stop working.   So rating this week would be unfair.  On the other hand if I know my WWE I’m pretty sure I could guess a rating and be pretty accurate.  So before Kent and Keri answer I’m going to put down my rating as: 4.2.  Now go read Keri and Kent’s ratings to see how close I was.  

Keri:  I’m just not that impressed lately with either show. Smackdown had its good points. KO and Zayn, Dolphtaker, Ellsworth on a leash (Again how is that PG?), and the tag division. But for some reason I’m still not impressed or excited by it all. You what does impress and excite me though? The Fashion Files returning next week. That makes me temporarily happy. Rating for this week: 3.5. It would have been higher if they would stop giving Jinder the damn microphone.

Kent:  The KO and Sami stuff is worth 3 points for me.  The Baron/AJ/Tye is worth a point, Baron’s song a half point, Dolph as Taker and challenging Bobby is half a point.  New Day and Usos didn’t move the needle for me one bit, nor did the women, but Ellsworth on a leash and Carmella’s rockin tits gets a half point, Charlotte negates a full point, Jinder’s promo negates a half point, Rusev and Aiden are worth a full point, Hype Bros falling out is negating a quarter of a point for blandness and a case of being too late baby now it’s too late.  That leaves me with….Rating: 4.75.  Russ, you were pretty close.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Brawlhala is a fun free multiplayer fighting game.  I recommend it to anyone who likes Smash Bros.  It’s a great way to pass the time while watching wrestling.  (Kent: Playing with other people?  Ewwww, fudge that.)

Keri:  Is it me or is every week worse than the last? Ok,it’s not me. Good. I feel better now. In other news, at least Nikki Bella is doing very well on Dancing with the Stars. So that’s also good. I guess.

Kent:  Snoop Dogg’s rap for the new WWE game is really good.  I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Also, I really want a Mania match of Finn vs Sheamus.  It would steal the show if given the time and story.  Sheamus is the most improved male wrestler so far this year.  Damnation strikes me as a decent show by the way.

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