Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Four

Due to technical difficulties last week, I was unable to deliver the single greatest story based on a consortium called Plunderbund.  So as an apology from me and a reward to being dedicated fans, today we will give you Chapters 4 and 5.  Caaaaannnn yoooooouuu dig ittttt?

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 4

The next morning Dimebag awoke at the House Inikia barracks and headed out to find a sage’s tower in hopes of learning the location of “the tower of light that protected men when the silt was blue.”  After spending the day comparing prices, Dimebag was able to negotiate five days of research at 5 ceramic pieces per day.

As Dimebag sought others to do his research, Alexa took to the streets to find out the locations of Nock’s Psionic Circlet and Obsidian Battle Axes.  She was easily able to learn that the Circlet was on display at the Urik History Museum.  Unfortunately,  the location of the axes would remain a mystery unless Alexa was also willing to pay for the research, and Alexa didn’t want to tap into her beer money fund.

Luckily for her, Coraanu decided to mess with Dimebag and use his new “Alter Self” spell to disguise himself as Dimebag and offer to pay the sages to also research the location of the axes.  At the conclusion of the five day research period Dimebag learned that the “tower of light” was likely the “Bleak Tower” in the Endless Sand Dunes.  Further, Alexa learned that Nok’s axes were currently in the hands of a warlord operating out of the Plain of Singing Skulls.

Five days and a number of ignored adventure hooks later, the adventures discussed where to next.  While the original plan had been to head to Balic, Coraanu decided that, “I want to pull a museum heist,” and he, Alexa, and Dimebag decided to head to Urik to steal Nok’s Psionic Circlet.

While devising a plan, the adventurers learned that the Temple of War of Nibenay was hiring anyone and everyone to sign on to the Nibenese army, as Nibenay would likely be going to war with Tyr and/or Urik in the near future.  As such, to minimize costs, and hoping that a war would make it easier to rob the museum in Urik, the three signed up to join the army of Nibenay.

After signing up, the three were given supplies and directed to travel to an area in the Black Sands where army was currently stationed and awaiting orders.  During their journey they stumbled a powerful defiler dueling a powerful preserver off in the distance.  The good news was they were able to sneak around the great mage’s duel, the bad news was this led them directly into the path of a giant scorpion.  Despite the surprise, the three were able to make quick work of the giant insect.

Over the next two days the party found yet another mummified Halfling (due to the amazing coincidence, this time Coraanu decided to cut the head off the mummified Halfling and take it with him), Alexa had a vision of Ella in what appeared to be some distant and strange land, and the party eventually ran into a traveling group of bards known as the “Freemen’s Jamboree.”  The Jamboree was led by the female, human Valuna, who explained that the troupe was on their way to the Nibenese army encampment in the hopes of earning money by performing.  The three suggested that they travel with the troupe for security purposes and Valuna agreed.  That night, the three spent the evening drinking with the half-giant guard Weom, who became fast friends with Coraanu.

The next day Coraanu, Alexa, and Dimebag rolled into the Urik army encampment.  Using his quick wit, Coraanu was able to convince the army administration that they had been sent to join the recon team.  They were directed to the tent of Captain Ke’ku’che, where they also met five of the Jura Dai elves who had been captured and used as slave recon soldiers.  Upon joining the recon team, the three spent the next 30 days training (via montage) to become the number one recon squad in the Nibenese army.

Upon becoming the top recon team, the three were chosen for a very important mission, to infiltrate Urik and learn whether the Templars of the city-state still had their magic in the wake of Hamanu’s disappearance.  They were provided a week’s worth of supplies and 5 gold pieces for expenses.  They immediately headed out following The Great Road north to Urik.  For the most part the journey was uneventful except for when they had to defend themselves against a hoard of runaway Baazrags that has escaped from a merchant who had intended to sell them in Urik.

Upon hitting the farms outside of Urik, the adventurers stopped to talk with Chad the Mule, a humble freeman farmer.  When asked if the Templars still had their powers, Chad informed them that no one really knows.  While the Templars appear to still be using magic, there are rumors that they have, in fact, lost their magic, and that they are hiring defilers and psions to follow them and use their powers to mimic that of the Templars.  Chad informed the adventurers that Regg, the Templar who patrols the area and collects taxes would be on his way by soon if they wanted to talk to him.  The three decided that discretion was the better part of valor and continued on to Urik.

As they approached the city gates they happened upon a House Inikia kank caravan headed by half-elven caravan master Poortool.  After the “I head you were dead” comments and “zombie” jokes to which Dimebag has become accustom, Poortool agreed to bring the adventurers into the city with them and to put them up in the House Inikia barracks.

Upon entering the city Coraanu and Alexa headed to the Urik History Museum to scope it out.  On the way there they learned that the Ellakrad had supposedly been recovered from the Pit of Black Death Gladiator Arena and would soon be put on display at the museum.

After entering the museum, Coraanu noted that psionic orbs were set up to monitor for thieves.  He and Alexa also found the display for Nok’s Psionic Circlet.  While viewing the circlet, the two were approached by an elderly dwarf who introduced himself as Zareb, the curator of the museum.  Zareb explained that he recognized Alexa and wished to hire her for a job.  Bringing her to the back, Zareb showed Alexa a maul that appeared to be the Ellakrad; however, Alexa was easily able to tell that the maul was, in fact, a fake.  Zareb explained that the real Ellakrad disappeared after the battle at the arena; however, with Hamanu gone, they wanted to be able to present something to help calm the city.  As such, he wanted to hire Alexa to help craft as convincing of a fake as possible.  Coraanu insisted that they would need to have complete access to the museum in order to be able to finish the maul and Zareb agreed.

Over the next few days Coraanu staked out the museum and eventually tracked down a thief who had robbed the museum five years earlier.  He paid one gold for a copy of the museum floorplans and blind spots of the psionic orb monitoring system.  He also paid one gold to have a perfect replica of Nok’s Psionic Circlet replicated by a freeman jewel crafter.  Dimebag insisted that Coraanu kill the jewel crafter after the job was completed; however, Coraanu refused to do so.

Once all the pieces were into place Coraanu entered the museum, avoided the security system, switched out the circlets, and then used his magic to disguise himself as a museum employee and then exit out the back.  Upon placing the circlet on Alexa’s head, she began to hear a voice speaking to her, teaching her how to better fight with two weapons.

Having completed their goal, the three had to decide what to do next.  While they contemplated simply leaving the employ of the Urik army at that time, the three decided to complete the mission and get paid.

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