The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 2 & 3, 2017 – Sister Abigail in a Nutshell Edition

Here we go again with more fist bumping.  WE GET IT!  You like to fist each other!  Meanwhile, Smackdown had it’s go home show prior to Hell In A Cell and on RAW we saw Miz form an alliance with Sheasaro, Bray became Sister Abigail before our eyes, and Kalisto became the cruiserweight savior that we didn’t want and didn’t need.  Poor dude.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained and give our picks for Hell In A Cell.

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The 9

  1. Do you honestly pay attention to the breast cancer awareness segments that they air during the month of October?  Also, does it take you a bit out of things when both heels and faces are in the ring just hugging it out?  Also, thoughts on the women’s tag team match.

Russ:  I am of two minds on the whole breast cancer awareness segments done in October.  On the one part of my mind I think, this is a great thing that WWE does.  It is a noble cause and I’m glad WWE is giving back and a little bit of grandstanding gets the money flowing.  On my other mind, I just don’t care enough to pay attention.  If I can I will definitely fast forward these segments because I don’t care about it.  WWE I am aware and I know you are aware so that’s enough for me.    As for the women’s tag match, I don’t know I fast forwarded that too.  

Keri:  I find myself kinda tuning out during this segment which I feel kinda bad about doing now that I think about it. I think it’s great all the charitable things that WWE is involved with and promote on their programming. Also, I think it’s great the fight that these women display against the disease that plagues or has plagued them. It’s very inspirational. Still, for some reason, I just can’t get myself invested in the segments. Something must be wrong with me. As for the tag match, the recap video was decent and I’ll leave it at that.

Kent:  Alicia tried snatching Sasha bald.  I mean….what is there to really say?  I really liked the match and actually thought it was the match of the night, for me at least.  Let’s face it, there were 2 good matches, but I preferred this one over the Roman vs Miz match.  Honestly, I fast forward through this stuff all the time.  I think WWE should seriously consider getting Dana Warrior on screen more often.  She has a lot of very positive energy and I think that she has a really good presence.  This video is backstage with Dana.  She seems genuine.

  1.   With Jeff out for awhile with injury, how should WWE utilize Matt?

Russ:   The good thing about Matt is that he doesn’t need his brother to shine.  He can do a lot of things right now and none of them sound too awful.  First,  have him mentor a younger guy, which it seems like they are doing with Jordan.  This benefits everyone especially the younger guy.  Second, have him go after a belt.  The only belt that is around is the IC belt so I guess that would be it, but having Hardy and The Miz put on a classic isn’t out of reach and something the IC belt desperately needs as it feels really irrelevant right now.  The best part is that Matt doesn’t have to win the belt.  He just has to make it seem like a prize worth winning.  Finally,  you can have him start a feud with a current top tier star.  Matt can produce in the ring give him someone else who can produce in the ring and that’s all you really need.  Give us a quick story to back it up and let the fans enjoy a good match.  

Keri:  Well let’s see here. We could put him with Miz. Wait a second. He’s in his thing with Roman and possibly the other former members of the Shield?  Ok then. What about Bray? Oh, he’s still dealing with Finn and introducing us to Sister Abigail. Ok, how about Elias? Oh, he’s taking on Titus Worldwide. Well shoot. Wait a minute, I can’t believe I forgot about Braun. How could I have done such a thing? Ok, so hear me out what if we put him in a temporary feud with Braun. It could work and would keep Braun relevant until Roman gets the belt (you know it’s happening don’t kid yourselves). Because you know he’s not finished with Roman yet.

Kent:  This would be a really good time for Matt to win the IC championship.  He could do whatever for a character.  Then when Jeff returns, Matt promptly loses and that could cause all kinds of storylines.  Miz doesn’t need the belt anymore, it’s a prop for him for the immediate future.  Miz really never needs that belt ever again, he’s a main event player.  Matt could put on some fun matches and win with his veteran knowledge.  He’s still more than capable if he likes what he’s doing.

  1.   Is the Miz being rewarded with his feud against Roman and inevitably the Shield reunion, or is this more of a case of no other heels that Roman hasn’t feuded with?

Russ:   I’m going to say rewarded.  If anyone can make the Roman haters cheer him on it’s The Miz.  He is just that damn good at being a heel.   It makes perfect sense.  Two things that will get Roman cheers: 1.  Have him face off against the ultimate heel character and get a beat down, check!  2.  Put him back in the Shield, check!  Smart move by WWE.  I just wish they didn’t rush this Shield reunion.  They could have let this play out a couple more weeks to build it up, but that is WWE for you.  They blow their load quick and then usually end up feeling ashamed afterward.  Yet, they will not learn from their past mistakes and do the same thing again and again.

Keri:  A possible reward. Let’s face it the Miz has been killing it for over a year now. It’s about time they give him something substantial. Yes, I know,  it means getting fed to the new chosen one (and his former Shield brethren) but it’s better than nothing (or the pre-show in front of an empty arena), right?

Kent:  I hope that it’s a reward.  Over the past 5 years, it’s tough to name many people that have consistently performed at such a high level.  Yes, even Wrestlemania 27 was better than anybody gave him credit for. Also, if the WWE had an ounce of intelligence, as soon as this Shield thing is over, they should have Bray bring Luke and Rowan over and give us an absolutely great main event.  Also, build Bray as the man to take the red belt off of Brock.  Please, on a side note, I need weeks of “Will they or won’t they fist each other”.

  1.   Did Bray just make this feud interesting again, or shall I say Abigail?

Russ:   The logical progression for this feud is astounding!  Kudos to WWE for bringing this in a direction I didn’t think was even remotely up for consideration.  Think about it.  Bray got beat by the Demon.  In order for Bray to beat Finn he knew he had to goad him into not being the demon.  So he forces Finn into a Man vs Man match.  He then loses again.  Confused and defeated Bray decided that if The Demon is the alter ego of Finn, then it is finally time to unleash Sister Abigail.  All along we thought Sister Abigail would be a different person, instead it is just Bray’s alter ego!  Brilliant!  Now give Bray the win at the next PPV.  Survivor Series: Bullet Club vs Wyatt Family, then finally at the December PPV we finish this feud off once and for all with The Demon vs Sister Abigail.  They just took care of these two guys for the rest of the year.  

Keri:  I’m very intrigued now. At least now I won’t turn my TV off when these two come on my screen. So there is that.

Kent:  I am a sucker for really bad, silly feuds, so for me, I hate to admit this, but they just made me care again.  Fucking hell.  Is he going to be Braybigail?  When Bray is Sister Abigail, does that make his finisher name Bray Wyatt?  Will anybody be able to kick out of Bray Wyatt?

  1.   Okay, first of all, how big of a dud was that Kalisto signing?  Secondly, is Enzo finally making good on all of his potential?

Russ:  “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Oh man Kalisto?”  That was my reaction.  Not that Kalisto is bad.  It’s just that he isn’t that big of a star or a promising up and comer.  He is just Kalisto.  He can help Enzo get over in the  ring I guess, but don’t make this like it was some big deal that we will all be talking about the next day. “HAHAHA… oh man, get the fuck out of here WWE.”  My end thoughts on the whole thing.  As for Enzo, I am starting to remember the reasons I liked him when he first debuted on the main roster.  

Keri:  I’m going to start with the easy part of this question. Enzo has been killing it the past couple of weeks. I’m enjoying his character and this storyline immensely. Not too bad for a guy who the three of us wrote off no more than a month or two ago, huh?  As for Kalisto, seriously WWE stop it and put him back with Sin Cara and bring back the Lucha Dragons. While you are at it, put Jordan and Gable back together too. This single star experiment is over for all involved except for Enzo because that may actually work.

Kent:  Johnny Gargano should have been called up, or so I thought.  But Kalisto is a good in ring hand that can put on a good match and keep this going.  You don’t bring Johnny up to job.  Unfortunately, this was the hand that WWE had to play I guess.  Perhaps they should have had somebody not hit Enzo last week.  Finn also could have joined in this feud to spice it up.  Still, kudos to Enzo because he’s in a position to do something special and he’s nailing it.  Admit it, he had some really good lines.  I don’t know if he’s a heel or a face, and I like that.

  1.  Why isn’t Tye in the US Championship match at Hell In A Cell?

Russ:  Simple,  WWE doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the perfect 10!  AJ, Corban and Tye would make for a hell of a match.  Instead we will have to wait to see how they will screw up things for Tye at a later date.  

Keri:  Because reasons. He has been a big part of the build up for this match but there is just no payoff for him? Seriously? This is just lazy booking. By the way, why do I have to wait until Sunday for my Fashion Files? I was promised fashion files on this week’s Smackdown and I want fashion files.

Kent:  I don’t know.  If they want to put it on Baron, having Tye in the match would allow for AJ to not get pinned.  Baron has been booked so oddly the past 8 weeks or so, that I have no idea what they are doing, but I truly consider his momentum squashed.  I don’t want him to win the belt on Sunday.  I do wish Tye was in the match though.  Maybe he can hang out with Gallows and Anderson.  By the way, G&A’s theme song is surprisingly good if you listen to it without the crowd.  It’s called “Omen In The Sky”.

  1.  Were you satisfied with the build to the New Day vs Uso’s match basically being: “we have great matches, so watch us”?  Also, should this match be the main event over KO vs Shane?

Russ:  While I wouldn’t say I’m not satisfied by the build, because I am stoked for this match based on their previous matches, but I would say that they could have elevated things a bit more.  Maybe they could have gotten a bit physical.  Or maybe had a singles match and then have a promo-down (is that what you would call it?)  Still, I definitely expect this match to deliver in spades and can’t wait.  As for if this should be the main event… Absolutely!  This is for a belt so it should headline the show over a grudge match.  

Keri:  I’ve enjoyed everything both teams have done over the past two months. This feud was booked perfectly. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s match. You know what else I’m looking forward to on Sunday the potential return of the fashion files.

Kent:  Here’s my big issue.  They could have made this really good.  After Summerslam, the Uso’s could have sneak attacked New Day and handcuffed them because they are in the Uso Penitentiary.  From there, they injure a member of New Day, to quintessentially let us know who would be representing New Day, and add some animosity to it.  It could have been a cool way to end a Smackdown.  They blew it, and so the answer is no, because it’s like they didn’t really try.  I can’t sit here and say with 100% certainty that the tag match will be better than the Shane match.  It should be, and I think it should main event, but I’m not going to argue one way or the other, for once.

  1.  Let’s face it, Smackdown’s women’s division feels boring, dull, uninspired, insert your own adjective.  Pick one reason why and elaborate please.

Russ:  It is a simple reason no direction.  It feels like they put the women in a holding pattern for whatever reason.  Maybe it is because of the 4-Horsewoman thing that WWE seems to have a hard on for.  Also, they aren’t really building any stories.  Sure we have Carmella and Dogsworth, but instead of letting that flesh out into an interesting story they cut it dead in its tracks.  Also, the champ is not very interesting.  Nattie can be great she has shown flashes, but as soon as she got the belt she stopped being interesting.  WWE has a habit of giving the belt to someone and making them boring immediately afterwards.  

Keri:  Another adjective is bland. Kinda like the writing for the division. It hasn’t been the same since Alexa left. Wait a minute. That’s what killed the division everyone, no Alexa and no one with enough charisma to take her place. You know what else can’t be replaced? The Fashion Files. They better be back on Sunday.

Kent:  They really, really needed Asuka for this show.  I know, I am beating a dead horse, but she would have been must see TV and revived this thing.  We have a multitude of problems, the obvious one is Carmella is lurking but never really appearing like a threat.  Still, I’ll offer something different since I know neither of my colleagues will be stupid enough to copy me….right?  The girls aren’t really allowed to create much with their characters.  Naomi and Natty were bland champs, not because of their talent, but rather their characters never got a huge chance to shine.  If only there was a show, say after Smackdown, where the wrestling talents could talk to the WWE audience and really get their character over.  Gosh, that would be amazing.  You can have all the talent in the world, but if you have no character, nobody will give a fuck.  So character is my choice.  The funny thing is that the only character that there were doing great with was Tamina with Lana.  That seems to just be shoved to the side.  Paige, return ASAP.

  1.  Aside from the 2 HIAC matches and the US Title match, does any of the other matches intrigue you at all?  They include Rusev vs Randy, Natty vs Charlotte, Bobby vs Dolph, Shinsuke vs Jinder (I seriously had forgotten this until I looked it up), and Hype Bros vs American Beta or American Omega or any other name that you can come up with.  

Russ:  I will say that the only other match on this list that I’m remotely interested in is Bobby vs. Dolph.  Randy vs. Rusev holds very little interest for me.  I have never really liked Randy and he has not been involved in too many great matches lately (same could be said for a lot of the WWE.)  While Rusev has been hitting it out of the park lately as a character, but his perpetual losing of feuds has made it so I just don’t get excited for his matches anymore.  Back to why I’m interested in Bobby vs. Dolph.  Simply put this will be Bobby’s first time to showcase his in-ring ability.  I want to see if he and Dolph can put on a show stealer.  They both have the potential given enough time, but will they produce.  This is a big make or break moment for Bobby and I think for sure he will be successful.  Plus I’m intrigued to see how Dolph will make his entrance.  

Keri:  Dolph vs Roode has potential. I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out on Sunday. That and I’m wondering what type of entrance we get from Dolph. Oh, and the potential return of the Fashion Files. Seriously, whar Breezedango whar?

Kent:  I expect everybody to say Rusev vs Randy, and potentially some to say Bobby vs Dolph.  Unfortunately, Dolph is now the Jericho of Smackdown on the heel side, and Randy seems to be taking on that role as a face.  Every other name I have for Chad and Shelton seems to involve cookies and race, like the Black and White Cookie, or Oreo, or even Hydrox.  I want cookies!!!  As bad as the women’s division has been, the Jinder feud has somehow been worse.  PLEASE, make the title change and have Baron cash in MITB immediately afterward. (Russ: Are you living in fantasy world?  Did you forget Baron already cashed in and failed?)  (Kent:  Say WHAT? I think I would have remembered Baron Corbin cashing in his briefcase and being the world champ.  You sir, live in a fantasy world.)  That’s how you solve this BS.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Raw was completely skippable this week.  Sure they had a few things going for it, but at the end of the day if you missed it you would be filled in ad nauseum the following week.  Rating: 3   (Kent: That’s not remotely true.  IF somebody had watched it, they would have seen that Miz and Sheasaro are teamed up despite no foreshadowing, that Bray is going to turn to Sister Abigail despite no foreshadowing, that Alexa and Nia are back to being cool with each other despite no foreshadowing, and that Kalisto would be the savior to the Cruiserweight division despite absolutely no foreshadowing.  In the words of every millennial ever, Russ that was an epic fail and therefore you deserve this.)

Keri:  This was a good RAW. I love what they are doing with Mickie and Alexa. Enzo, dare I say it, is killing it. The matches were decent. And I have to be honest, seeing the Shield “back together” kinda gave me goosebumps. Rating: 5  (Kent: Those aren’t goosebumps.)

Kent:  Good for Elias on his Alice in Chains parody! (Keri: Thanks Kent! For the life of me, I couldn’t remember who sang the original version of that song.)  Unfortunately, he chose a really fucking depressing song called Nutshell.  Even worse, this song reflects how I feel when I watch RAW most of the time.  Uhmmm, Give it a 3.5 because of Sheasaro, Miz, Enzo, Elias, and the women’s tag match.  I’m deducting points if we are due for another “will they or won’t they fist bump” story.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  For a go home show this sucked a big one.  I was bored most of the night.  When did WWE forget how to do a go home show?  This one and RAW’s two weeks ago were just terrible.  I did enjoy the promos by New Day and the Uso’s  and the last segment of the night was good, but the rest of the night was completely forgettable.  That isn’t how you get someone excited to see a PPV.  Seriously, does anyone even care about the WWE Title match?  I love Shinsuke, but since he is fighting Jinder I’m just not excited by the match.  Rating: 3

Keri:  Well it was a go home show and it happened. It had its high points and super low points. Mostly low points though. With that said, it did just enough to get me excited about KO vs. Shane and the Tag Team HIAC match so I guess it did its job. Rating: 2.5 (I deducting a half point for lack of Breezedango)

Kent:  Remember 2 weeks ago when we blasted WWE’s RAW go home show for No Mercy?  Yeah, they only did a slightly better job here.  At least people showed up, but it was super weaksauce.  Rating: 2.7


Final Thoughts – Also, name 3 matches that you would like to see Brock in before he retires?

Russ:  WWE has ruined their championship belts.  The Universal and WWE Championships have been reduced to garbage all in the name of trying to make a few bucks.  Brock has the belt, barely on the show and is not the draw he used to be.  Instead of giving it to a talent that deserves it and is there all the time they have decided it would be better to keep it on Brock for an entire year.  Somehow that will elevate the belt?  Then when Roman wins it at Mania we are supposed to be excited?  Why?  He won a belt that has been mostly absent the past year, big deal.  As for the WWE Championship.  Jinder has that belt and the only reason he has it is to get the India market to keep tuning in.  Except Jinder isn’t a good champion, at least WWE has not made him into one.  His matches are second or even third fiddle to other matches.  They don’t let him just be a heel, he has to be the foreigner heel, which in this day and age is starting to get offensive.  Lastly, he just isn’t exciting in the ring.  I keep hoping I’ll be wrong and he proves himself, like I will again this weekend, but he keeps disappointing.  The belts just aren’t what they used to be.  

Keri:  Whar Breezedango whar? Seriously, I miss the Fashion Files. You know what? That’s it, I’m protesting. From this moment on until I see a Fashion Files segment on my TV screen, all my responses on this blog will have some reference to the Fashion Files in it. As for Brock matches, hasn’t he pretty much wrestled everyone at this point? Wait he hasn’t wrestled AJ Styles, has he? If not, then I say AJ Styles.

Kent:  The more I see and hear Dana Warrior, the bigger a fan I become.  I think she is 100% legitimately the person that we see on screen.  If she wasn’t in the role that she is in, which is a good will ambassador of sorts, I would say that she could be the next Vicky Guerrero.  Enzo was the star of the week after Neville was last week.  How odd.  I would like to see Brock take on the following 3 or more guys in no particular order…okay some particular order: Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Rusev, Sheamus, Cesaro,  Luke Harper, Finn Balor, Enzo, Shinsuke, and oddly enough, if booked well I would actually enjoy Jason Jordan or Apollo Crews.

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