Mum & Dad (2008)

I saw this years ago while playing Borderlands 2, I think shortly after it came out, so 2012.  I remember liking it but I never watched it ever again.  I remember a girl gets abducted and it’s a fucked up little film.  Will the main girl make her escape sort of deal.  I’m going to go more in depth and with spoilers moving forward.  If you just want my final thoughts and rating.



We meet Lena and Bridie, and they are cleaning bathrooms.  Birdie seems to be the nicer, more outgoing type, while Lena is the new worker.  We meet Birdie’s brother, Elbie and everybody works at an airport.  We learn that Elbie doesn’t like to talk, Birdie likes to steal, and she has lots of cuts on her arms.  Lena is living on her own for the time being.  At the end of the work day, Birdie lost her phone and asked Lena to hold onto her stolen shit, which causes Lena to miss the bus.  So Lena is going home with Birdie and Elbie.  You can see where this is going.  They get to the house and Birdie goes off to do something, Lena just wants to get going, and Elbie is still not interested in talking.  Lena wanders a bit, gets hit on the head and injected.  And there you go.  From there, it’s pretty much what you would expect.

Lena wakes up and hears screaming.  The door opens and there Dad all bloody and we see a woman on the floor who may be dead or badly beaten.  There’s Mum as well.  Mum explains that Lena lives with them now and that they need to calm Dad down.  Lena’s injection made it so that she can’t talk.  She gets put out again by another injection.  Lena wakes up and she is restrained standing up and Mum is touching Lena’s belly and put a big spike/needle through the right side of her belly.  Geez.  ELbie is jerking off and Dad catches him.  Mum is carving angel wings in Lena’s back.  Birdie stops by to check in and now Dad wants to see her.  Dad has his back to them and is bare ass and jerking off when they enter.  He just cum inside some piece of meat or organ, and he’s still covered in blood.  He lays down the law with her.  In the bedroom, her wrists are restrained together and is locked to like a pulley system.  It’s quite interesting to say the least.  She is a bloody mess though.  

In the morning, Birdie and Elbie wash Lena’s back and damn, that looks fucking terrible.  At the breakfast table, porn is playing, Birdie is using the mirror that she stole from Lena.  Along comes Dad who gets some sugar from Birdie.  Elbie makes a mess bringing in some meat, and Lena thinks it’s a good time to make a break for it.  Yeah, bad idea.  Birdie shows Lena the ropes of sorting through the stuff that they steal from the airport.  It’s actually a pretty intricate system, but I feel like the whole “family’s” wardrobe is in Birdie’s bedroom. Elbie has the shittiest jobs it seems like.  Lena may be thinking that she can get Elbie on her side with some advances, but Birdie says it’s unlikely.  

The next morning at the breakfast table, Mum suspects that Birdie is holding out on what she’s stealing and Lena snages some money from birdie’s pocket, and Dad is PISSED.  Mum is please with Angel (Lena).  Birdie has a temper tantrum in her room and yells at Elbie a ton.  Lena gives Mum a nice foot rub and got her to go to sleep and wants the same treatment.  Dad is so over the top, but he’s funny.  Dad likes the attention and Lena is trying to play him, but he calls her out on it.  By the way, they show airplanes flying a ton as transitional shots.  Like 8 times so far.  

Mum wakes up Lena and Lena reveals that her voice is coming back.  Mum wants to inject her to rid her of her voice, but Lena is trying to prevent that.  Mum decides to give Angel a go without the injection.  Mum wants to get back work on her skin cutting design on Angel.  Lena finds a phone while sorting through things, but Birdie set her up and Mum is pissed when she makes the discovery.  Angel gets her injection and is knocked out.  While doing laundry, Lena notices a window and and Dad is outside talking with a man.  She can’t scream for help but throws something to get the guy’s attention.  That didn’t help, so dad is superfly pissed and has Elbie put her inside a suitcase.  Now Dad wants to mallet.  He pounds on that suitcase like 10 times before changing the scene, but now Elbie has to as well, but the other guy has come inside the house, so he gets an injection from Mum for his troubles.  Elbie just went to fucking town on Lena with the mallet, like 20 hits.  Damn!  They finally take her out of the suitcase, and we see that the guy is there, dead and decapitated.  Dad insists that Lena kisses the decapitated head.  Dad is choking her, but Mum stops him and tells him that Lena is hers.  

Lots of scenes at the dinner table.  Dad has found some boxes of new jeans at work.  Birdie tells Mum that there are new girls at work.  Lena is partially crippled at this point.  Mum tells Angle that she really has to behave because the next time Mum can’t save her.  Lena is attached to the heating radiator.  More fucking planes.  Lena has now been able to slip her hand out of the restraints.  Time to go snooping.  Oh boy.She checks out various rooms, but finds Mum and Dad’s room.  She sees Elbie and Dad bringing a wrapped up body inside it appears.  She goes into another room where a girl is restrained and sleep and the is awful.  She sees all the cuts and scars.  The girl wakes up saying Mommy and Daddy, but then has like a seizure.  She bails and finds a dude on the ground restrained and Lena has to leave him, but not before grabbing a screwdriver I believe.  Elbie snuck a sandwich in to her at night.

It’s now Christmas, and wow, this is just fucked.  There are dead bodies hanging on the wall, there was some wang.  Mum and Dad are dancing.  This is really fucking weird, but cool.  I do love the festive music.  Lena gets restrained to the couch and she bites Dad.  It’s funny in it’s own way.  Elbie is gifted a bunch of porno mags.  The bodies are still alive.  Fucking hell, well at least some of them.  The girl with the seizures is apparently Mum and Dad’s real daughter, and she is crippled in some capacity, has to be fed mush.  Dad talks a lot of shit to Lena.  Mum and Dad get into an argument and it is funny in how over the top Dad is especially.  The fucking decorative crowns also crack me up.  Dad gives Mum a piece of jewelry that he got from the other dude, and Mum offers him something that she whispers while looking at Lena.  Lena also is given a new dress.  Birdie and Elbie bring her upstairs and restrain her to the bed.  Birdie says that Lena doesn’t have much time remaining. Dad comes in and lifts his shirt, shows her what he has for her.  HAHA, this fucking guy.   Lena stabs the shit out of him with the screwdriver.  Mum gets stabbed, next up is Birdie.  Birdie gets it good but puts up a hell of a fight, but gets an iron to the face.  Elbie shows up and just looks on.  Mum and Dad are trying to make their way out to stop her.  It’s still quite a walk to the highway.  Elbie kills the legitimate daughter.  Mum stabs Lena in the shoulder with a knife so Lena goes to town on Mum.  Both Mum and Dad appear to be dead.  Lots of planes, Lena lets out a scream/cry.

End Film


Final Thoughts – I really enjoyed how they did the credits.  Far too many films get lazy with their credits and you can have fun with them more often than not.  So this is a really well done film I feel and doesn’t get enough credit in the horror world.  This is a different take on the abduction and torture genre.  I loved the crazy parents and how they had imposed their will on the kids.  Like, we have seen films that cover a lot of these subjects, but I don’t think combined in this type of manner.  The writing was clever at times.  A lot of things made sense.  I wish we could have explored Birdie’s past a bit more.  Did she just come from such a broken home that this seemed to make sense, or did she just have the highest survivability skills of the group?  Either way, this is a film that I would like to see on blu ray someday so I can add it to the collection.  

Rating: 6.3 More good than bad.  Some holes here and there, but that’s okay with me because I didn’t expect much.  Well worth a watch.

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