Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 3

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  What was the happiest moment of the season for you?

Jim:  the first moment 11 walked in the door I welled up a little.  Waited so long for the reunion.  Plus we knew how 11 felt because she went “The Crush” on Max earlier during the season.  (I really hope you are referring to that awful Alicia Silverstone film that I had a teenage hard on for.  I am positive that I am not the only one.)

Briana:  El and Mike seeing each other for the first time, hands down! It was also super sweet when Nancy danced with Dustin but there was something so sweet and genuine about that scene when she walked in the house and his jaw dropped. I had so many goosebumps!  (I must admit, as much as I really dislike Nancy, I liked that particular scene of hers.)

Raylene:  When El found Mama it was bitter sweet (Yeah, the mystery behind the mom’s words and the revelation were pretty heartbreaking.)

Melanie:  The dance, such sweet things happened.  (But where were the cookies?)

Kristi:  At the Snowball dance when Nancy and Dustin were dancing. Poor kid was so crushed when no one would dance with him. He needed a win. (It was a relate-able moment.  I feel that we have all tried something, especially appearance wise, expecting positive things and then nothing.  It’s morally deflating.)

Cece:  The Snow Ball was amazing. Also, loved the scene where everyone was working together to defeat stuff.  (Yeah, I am always a sucker for a group to form to do like a final battle.  Usually more in cartoons and a few films, but this was satisfying as hell.)

Chris: Basically the whole epilogue. From Evans giving Hopper a birth certificate so he could be El’s dad, to Steve’s dropping off of Dustin at the dance to the dance itself and finally the mind flayer lumbering down over the upside down high school  (Yeah, I expected more people to bring up the birth certificate.  I think the Snow Ball just sticks in the head better and almost blinds people because of all the positive vibes.  Thank you for bringing up the mind flayer.  That should also be a bit of a happy moment because without it, there’s really no reason to have a season 3.  That or you’re just a twisted bastard, which I support as well.)

Kent:  When Jonathan played Should I Stay followed by Billy and Mike’s mom.  Should I Stay really was a feel good nostalgic moment.  Yes, I liked the Mike and El thing.  But the real answer is Dustin taking Steve’s hair advice.


  1.  What did you think of 008’s group?  Was it a good story arc or just time killing?

Jim:  Necessary evil to introduce 8.  The characters were dumb, but I can’t really think of a better way of bringing her into the universe.  Was definitely the weakest element of the season (except billy).  Her powers are bad ass, and hopefully we get 1-7 and 9-10 at some point as well…. will be worth that episode if we do (and they show up and beat Billy).  (Man,, the hate on for Billy, incredible. I would also agree that it was the second weakest element of the season, but Billy is not #1 for me.  That would be Nancy’s budding romance.)

Briana:  I think it worked well to promote El’s story line but it wasn’t my favorite part of the season. I liked that they introduced another experiment kid but I don’t know if it needed to be quite as drawn out as it was.  (I am inclined to say that if it was another “good guy” character, that people wouldn’t have minded the episode.  The way it was done, it served a purpose, but after 11’s introduction, we have it in our minds that these kids are going to be similar.)

Raylene:  No killing time this season perhaps next season will discover more kids (I am cautiously optimistic that we will meet other kids, probably multiple ones next year as 11 hones her powers.)

Melanie:  Beginning was good, but then super boring.  (Yeah, the beginning was fine because you still had that excitement built up.  It was like a magician doing a shitty magic trick after performing a really mind blowing one.)

Kristi:  Filler. Although without 008, El wouldn’t have known how to use her powers in full capacity. I was rather disappointed in the story line though. I think they could have done better with it.  (I would say that if we did get a positive from this, it was 11 really learning to use those powers more effectively.)

Cece:  Definitely filler. However, it helped aide in Eleven’s growth.  (I have been wondering if the kids were all just gifted with one particular power or if they have the ability to learn others.  That would be a game changer.)

Chris: Wasted potential. Cool idea, even somewhat necessary. Subpar utilization  (Your succinct response is what I wish I had written.  Shame you didn’t mention Funshine.)

Kent:  I felt that it was incredibly underwhelming.  Most people have been thinking about what the other kid’s powers would be, and like we had these X-Men type fantasies.  Then we see Kali’s cool powers in the opening shot, and I am thinking this is cool.  Then it was just a blah episode with a bunch of unlikable characters, aside from Funshine.  That dude was awesome.  It served it’s purpose, but it could have done it in a better way, and in the end, it was my least favorite episode.


  1.  Is Brennar still alive or was the guy (Ray)  just trying to save his own ass?

Jim:  we did not definitively see his death, so by movie rules, he’s alive.  Gives a reason for 8 to seek out 11 once again, so I think plot wise it works as well.  (Yeah, I’m with you on this.  Horror movies have taught me this very valuable lesson, plus bringing 8 back to the fold and possibly others.  I think it works all around, even if the explanation is cheesy, and it will be cheesy.)

Briana:  I can’t possibly see how he could be! We watched him die! Didn’t we…? I think. Well now I’m not sure but I feel like he’s dead.  (Rewatching the scene, it does plant a seed of doubt.  All it takes is one seed. Funny note, at least for me.  Looking back at all the pics that I screen captured last year, the one of Brennar at the end, I labeled it as “Totally Screwed”.  Honestly, I wish people actually knew half of the names of pics that I use.)

Raylene: I believe Ray was trying to save his own ass (Ray is a class act type of guy.  He wouldn’t lie to the children.)

Melanie:  I think still alive.

Kristi:  I think he is alive.

Cece:  Oh, you mean Papa. Nah. He dead.

Chris: Dead until Kali gets pissed off at El down the road and mind fucks her with him (Now this would be a fascinating thing to see.  I am waiting for this to potentially happen.  It will almost feel as good for you as it was to see Gendry return.)

Kent:  Brennar is still alive.  This is where I go by horror rules and if we didn’t definitively see it, we can’t be sure and simply assume.  Plus, what the fuck else is Matthew Modine doing aside from sitting by that phone hoping for the Duffer Bros to call him up.  I can picture him at one point calling the Duffers and being like “Hey guys, uhmmm, did you just call me because somebody just called me, and like they didn’t say anything, so I thought maybe it was you…” and Duffer Bro says “Who are you?”

…… be continued in Part 4

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 2

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  Pick up to 3 songs that you really enjoyed from this season. 

(Please note that I wanted to link all of the selections to YouTube, but realized that this would be a super long ass blog, and a lot of videos get taken down from YouTube, so in a year or two, I didn’t want this blog to be a series of dead links.  If you like a song, and you are reading this, then I feel that it is safe to assume that you know how to find the song(s) on YouTube.)

Jim:  I’ve always been a sucker for Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. And it really hit the mark at the Snowball in episode 9.  Really I can’t complain about any music placement.  I really looked hard to find a slip up like last seasons Moby song (late ninetys song in the eightys)

Briana:  Time After Time, Love is a Battlefield, Rock You Like a Hurricane. I won’t lie, I’m just a cheesy girl who loves 80s rock chicks! And I thought Hurricane worked so well for introducing Billy and Max!

Raylene:  Ghostbusters

Melanie:  Thriller-episode one, Ghostbusters-episode 2, Girls on Film-episode 2

Kristi: Dead End Justice-The Runaways and Whip it. That song just entertains me.

Cece:  Well, I love the 80’s. So, I heard ‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo, ‘Ghostbusters’-Ray Parker Jr. is always great and ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’- Scorpions.

Chris- Thriller, Time After Time, but most especially Every Breath You Take. After stalking Mike for a year El finally gets to be with him for a night. Perfect context for a continually misunderstood song

Kent:  Obviously I gotta pick the most underrated rock group of the 80’s The Scorpions.  Every Breath You Take was really good for how they used it, and it still amuses me how many people don’t know the meaning behind the song.  Wango Tango by Ted Nugent was fun.  Ghostbusters is a classic that is permanently on most of my playlists.  I am shocked by a couple of you for not saying Shout At The Devil, another Kent playlist staple.  You Don’t Mess Around With Jim is a classic and great use of the song.    It’s my blog, I can list 17 songs if I want.  Leave me alone.  Push it to the Limit, another Kent staple, from Scarface and I wanna say South Park used it before.  No More by Billie Holiday was used well as was You Better Go Now by Billie.  Dead End Justice was a solid pick.  The Four Horsemen by Metallica was awesome.  Love is a Battlefield is another favorite.  Finally, Should I Stay pumped me up beyond belief.  Annnd done.  I’m not going to comment on your choices because everybody has their music taste, and I am glad we all found something to enjoy.


  1.  We had a lot of new characters this season.  Who was your favorite addition to the show?

Jim:  Everyone loves Bob and Max, but my favorite was Dr Owens.  He wasn’t quite a villain, nor was he a real teammate.  He wasn’t all good, but he was never the all bad of Dr. Brenner.  Though he wanted to advance the energy plant, and understanding, he did it without forgetting the children involved.  I can’t wait to see more of him! (Huh, well you dug deep with that response, and you’re not wrong.  Dr. Owens was a very odd character for this show which is usually good vs evil, and he was a tweener.)

Briana:  Well I’ve already named a couple new characters earlier so I’ll go with Bob on this one! He had me so confused at first. I was so sure he was planted by the lab and was up to something shady. But once I realized he’s just a little clueless, I loved him! Plus Sean Astin! I mean he’s great!  (The thought never crossed my mind that Bob was a plant, and now I am ashamed that I didn’t come up with it.  That’s really good.  Like, if that were the case, think of how different things would be.  Would we have seen something more sinister in Bob’s advice to Will about confronting the monster?  I love thought provoking responses!)

Raylene:  Erica, I loved that sassy girl (Mmmmhmm, as you giggled every time she was on, I had safely assumed this.)

Melanie:  Repeat- Bob! He was awesome to Joyce.  (So this is something I got thinking about.  We never saw Lonnie, I think that was his name, Will’s dad.  I know that he didn’t necessarily have to be on screen, but I think it would have made for a cool scene for Bob to stand up to Lonnie and Will sees it and that adds credence to Bob’s advice.  It would be something small, but a nice touch.)

Kristi:  Have to go with Doc Owens. He was the only one that really seemed to give a crap.  (Yeah, and as Jim pointed out, he kinda had a totally different vibe than any of the other characters.  You can say that most of these characters are kinda cookie cutter, but Doc was something very different.  I am really looking forward to his role next year.)

Cece:  Bob! And I love Lucas’ little sister!  (Soooo, you’re not picking Billy?  I see how it is.  Honestly, I thought you might go with Dustin’s mom.  Bob is the closest thing to an adorable man though, so I can see that.)

Chris: I liked them all, but for me the new big bad was awesome. The ‘Mind Flayer’ moved us past random chance and accidents into active malicious territory and commands whole armies of creatures on par with the big bad from season 1. It’s look was badass and alien in a Lovecraftian way and it’s presence in the very final scene of season 2 makes me look forward to season 3 even more.  (Everybody is having a good time and is happy, and then Chris has to go all dark on our asses.  Really great choice and explanation.  Yeah, this is something important that I haven’t heard or seen many people talk about.  This was proof that the events of last season weren’t a fluke.  It upped the ante in the proper way and quite frankly, it’s scary as hell in how it can control things.  Not enough focus or praise on this character and how it was played out.)

Kent:  I get why a lot of people chose Bob, we all like some lovable, humorous guys.  I liked a lot of the new people, but I will go with a guy who only had one episode.  Pruitt Taylor Vince was in the 7th episode, the one with Kali’s gang.  He was the chubby bald guy who played Otis in The Walking Dead.  I like this guy in everything I see him in.  Is it because we are both shapely and bald?  Maybe, but I think he’s a great character actor, and wanted to give him a shout out.  He’s also great in The Devil’s Candy and 13 Sins.  Please give Erica more lines next season.  Also, I loved Dustin’s mom, she was in Orange is the New Black in case you couldn’t place her.


  1.  Did anybody else get “infected” by this virus, or is it only Will?

Jim:  I’m not sure 11/Jane (not used to the name) isn’t….  those dust tendrils got awfully close.  And can you imagine the world of hurt they would be in if 11 got turned?  Or Dustin + Hopper during their time in the tunnels…. and especially Dustin cause he kept touching Dart #justicefordart  (Despite your use of a hashtage, you appear to be the only other person aside from Raylene and I who picked up on this.  I think they can go with either character and it’s an easy story.  And yes, I do wish for justice for dart, but I am not 100% convinced that he’s dead.  Still, you get a gold star.  Also, your 11 theory intrigues me.)

Briana:  I didn’t pick up on any clues that anyone else was having trouble but maybe I missed something. (Possibly you’re missing something or else I am gonna be looking a dumb ass next year.  Let’s face it, that part seems inevitable in some capacity. )

Raylene:  Hopper (What, you didn’t like my Dustin theory?  Silver star.)

Melanie:  Will by process of actual elimination. #justiceforbarb  (Why am I responding to hashtags?  God damnit!  Anyway, didn’t Barb get justice?  I mean I appreciate her help in the Ginger revival/revolution that we are seeing in TV and Film.  This is all the justice that Barb gets.)

Kristi:  I think just Will for now.  (You and Cece are echoing each other’s sentiments, almost word for word.  It’s scary.  Normally I don’t come on here and hope for somebody to be wrong, but I do hope that somebody else go infected for the narrative aspect.  And if I am wrong, I am allotting one “I told you so” from you, Bri, and Cece.  Try not to put it hashtag form.)

Cece:  Just Will… for now. (See above)

Chris: Not yet. Maybe one of the other 9 children we haven’t met yet will turn up side downed  (I just want to say that it is incredibly difficult for me to say upside downed, but I like the phrase.  I am also going on record and hypothesizing that at least one of those 9 other children are already dead, which we will learn about next season.  I’m gonna say Brennar got at least one if not deuce.)

Kent:  I think Hopper because of all of his time down there and Dustin because of Dart and also being down in the tunnel, it appeared that he breathed something in.  I think it is a distinct possibility that it’s one of them. I think Hopper would be fascinating.

…… be continued in Part 3

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Thirteen

Welcome back to the greatest blog on the internet at this very moment, maybe even for a few moments, Tales From The Plunderbund Consortium.  Now, if you are anything like me, then you love a good army of the dead.  I try to throw in a YouTube clip every week that somehow ties into something, and well, you should see where I am going with this if you know me at all personally.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 13

Upon reaching the elven district of Celik, the party decided to regroup and discuss the proper course of action.  Coraanu obviously wanted them to continue their journey to Balic in the hopes of turning in the Orb of Kalid-Ma they had obtained from Kalidnay so that the sorcerer king would fix his broken mind.  Ilana, on the other hand, suggested that they make the two-day journey north back to the reservation so that they could ask Rez about the Orbs of Kalid-Ma.  The group put the options to a vote, with Ilana’s plan winning out.

As usual, the group headed out at night.  Soon after leaving Celik, the group heard a loud insect-like buzzing in the distance.  Consulting their knowledge of nature, the party determined that it was likely the sound of Dune Locusts appointing a new hive master.  Not wanting to fight a swarm of cow-sized insects, the party opted to take the long way around.  Unfortunately, they were not careful enough, and a guard-locust guarding the perimeter noticed them.  Thinking quickly, Ilana and Darkius combined their illusion magics to create the sound of a Mekillot, who love the taste of Dune Locust, coming up behind the insect.  As the locust turned to look for the predator, the group immediately booked it out of there.

After an uneventful days rest, the next evening the group came upon a nearly naked half-elf running towards them.  It was clear that the half-elf was gushing blood from his mouth.  Once the half-elf came within range it became apparent that the half-elf’s tongue had been cut out.  Darkius immediately cast a healing spell to prevent the half-elf from bleeding to death.

Upon saving the half-elf’s life, Pane-Pan used his telepathic powers to allow the half-elf to communicate with the group.  The half-elf introduced himself as Hosfyr.  He and his fiancée Iraviel had been captured by raiders.  He had escaped during his last torture session, however, Iraviel remained a prisoner.  He begged the party to rescue her.

The group decided that they had to choose between one of two options: 1) sell Hosfyr back to the raiders; or 2) kill all the raiders and then take their stuff.  They decided to stake out the camp, evaluate the strength of the raiders, and then make their final decision.

Meanwhile, back in the realm of chaos, headless reanimated Hookeri, now going by the name Roc, decided that he wanted to return to Athas, as he had no interest in being reunited with Hookeri’s old pet.  After two days of meditation, Roc was able to pinpoint the magic energy being radiated by the party’s Orb of Kalid-Ma.  This once again resulted in a portal opening, which Roc then stepped entirely through.  The party was surprised to see a headless Hookeri emerge from yet another portal, but Roc quickly explained the situation to them.  Living in a world of magic and psionics, the group really did not question the explanation.

Arriving at the camp, recon indicated that the raiding group was made up of 10-20 individuals, with two groups of two currently walking the perimeter.  Assuming they could take everyone, the adventurers decided to kill the raiders and take their stuff rather than sell Hosfyr back to the raiders.

In order to deal with the guards, the party decided to have Roc lay motionless in the ground.  The theory being that the guards would come upon the “headless” body and begin looking for signs of danger.  At that point Roc would stand up and kill them.  This strategy proved exceptionally effective.

After taking out the guards, Ilana threw a fireball into the raider camp, killing everyone but their leader who took cover in the camp ruins.  Ilana demanded unconditional surrender, all of the leader’s stuff, including anything he was wearing, and their female half-elf captive, Iraviel.  The leader agreed to send out the captive with 10 silver.  Ilana scoffed at the offer and the party attached.

While the leader was tough, things seemed to be going the party’s way when the leaders weapon broke soon into combat.  Unfortunately, it was then that the party learned the leader had the ability to summon a necrotically powered Death Inix.  Rather than continue to engage the party, the leader decided to cut and run.  However, this was not good enough for Ilana, who cast slow on both the Inix and the leader.  After a few rounds of being unable to escape, the leader turned his Inix around, and was then that the group learned the Inix had a deadly breath weapon, which rendered Ilana unconscious and dying.

Luckily, with Darkius’s healing powers, the group was able to pull through and kill the raider leader, which sent the Death Inix back to hell (or some other relevant evil plane of existence).  The group then looted the caravan.  Unfortunately there was not much to pick over as the leader’s journal explained how the group worked.  They would wait on the road for adventurers and merchants heading to Celik, raid their caravan, and then sell the good in Celik before returning to their own camp.  Is was how Hosfyr and Iraviel were captured.

The raiders defeated, the party turned their attention to more important matters, namely, shaking down Hosfyr.  While Hosfyr did not have any material possession on him, he told the group that he had connections in Celik.  He would ensure that any currently banished group members would receive a pardon and would be allowed back into town.  Hosfyr would also provide the group members with free licenses to both dungeon run and set up a shop in Celik.  The group approved of this offer.  In a show of good faith, Darkius prayed to the spirits of the earth and was able to regrow Hosfyr’s tongue.

Having dealt with the raider situation, the group continued north to the reservation.  As they arrived the following night, they heard the sound of battle off in the distance.  Darkius was able to sense strong non-elemental divine magic in the air, which could only mean one thing, Templars.  Ilana’s undead army was under attack!

The party ran as fast as they could, but were unable to reach the battle before three Templars from Balic had wiped out half of Ilana’s former kinsmen turned undead.  The group arrived just Chief Steven was about to deal the finishing blow to the third Templar.  Rather than stoping Chief Steven and pumping the Templar for info, Ilana decided to let justice be done, and the Templar was killed and subsequently devoured by the undead.

After chatting with the remains of her army, Ilana and the rest of the party headed to the stream to speak with Rez.  During the walk, Darkius has an in-depth chat with Ilana about what the hell was going on, during which Ilana was surprisingly forthcoming.

Upon reaching Rez, the spirit of the stream noted that she could feel the power of the first Orb of Kalid-Ma, and she complimented Ilana on surviving the trials of the vault.  Ilana asked how the orb would assist in turning into a dragon.  Rez explained that as part of the long and painful transformation process, a mage is required to swallow a number of obsidian orbs during each metamorphosis.  The Orbs of Kalid-Ma are rumored to be powerful artifacts that Kalid-Ma used to speed along the transformation process.  Rumor and legend says that a mage who swallows all five orbs will drastically reduce the amount of time it would take to become a dragon, however, some believe that any mage foolish enough to do so risks being possessed by the spirits possessing the artifact orbs.

Ilana thanked Rez for her honestly, and the group departed, heading north to South Ledopolus.


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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 1

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to get the opportunity to do this for the second year in a row.  I am a huge fan of this show, as most of you are, but I am probably fatter than you, so that makes me a huger fan.  Fat jokes aside, I will be chopping this up into 4 Parts.  Hey, I gotta get some clicks, right?  At least I’m not doing one blog per question like a lot of other jerk ass sites.  I am sure that they won’t read this, but I really want to thank the Duffer Brothers (Matt & Ross), as well as NetFlix for providing this wonderful show.  I also want to thank my amazing group of writers that help me out with these blogs.  They are the ones that make this blog work, I just kinda sit here and copy and paste a lot of stuff.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

Part 1
Part 2
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The 9

  1.  Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first.  Which hairstyle of Eleven’s did you prefer: the buzzcut, the grown out hair, or the “MTV” look that 8 gave her?

Jim:  obvious answer is the blonde wig. (I really dropped the ball in not listing that as an option.  My apologies to everybody.)   The buzz cut is a close second.  Everything else didn’t really feel right, or what we were missing.  Maybe it’s my nostalgia for season one, but those would be my choice.  (Not saying I don’t like this season’s hair)  (It’s definitely nostalgia, but she looked like a bad ass as well and I think that is a big part of her appeal.)

Briana:  I hated the slicked back hair for sure! My favorite would have been her hair at the snow ball. With that being said, she really pulled off the buzz better than most!  (Damnit, back to back people bringing up hairstyles that I forgot.  We’re only on question one and I am coming off pretty foolish.)

Raylene:  I enjoyed the buzz cut the best

Melanie:  Grown out hair! It makes her look her age.

Kristi:  Curly longer hair. The slicked back hair was not good.

Cece:  The buzz cut will forever be my favorite. It’s iconic and plus, her hair otherwise is in that awkward growing out phase, so I didn’t care for it.  (Yeah, the growing out phase is a necessary evil, but hopefully next season it pays off.  I honestly hope that her hair changes every season.)

Chris: Totally the MTV look. The 1950’s shag wig and the buzz make me forget that someday she is going to be both hot and legal.  (Wow, that did not take long for shit to get real.  Fantastic.  Whether people want to look down on it or not, the clock is ticking for some people.)

Kent:  I feel like I’m the hair expert here, so my opinion holds some weight.  I didn’t like the grown out hair at all, really disliked it but it was something that they needed to do.  I liked the slick style slightly more.  I liked the blonde wig even better, and I thank Jim for having brought that up.  Still, I gotta go with the buzz.  While trying not to sexualize it, but some females can pull off that look and she did it incredibly well and I miss it.  It’s still my preference.

So for those counting at home, we have the final tally.

1 for blonde wig

1 for snow ball school dance

1 for MTV look

2 for grown out curls

3 for buzzcut


  1.  Name up to 3 characters that you really liked this particular season and you can tell me why if you like.  (Normally I like to leave comments on a lot of people’s responses, but I felt that this was something where I truly can’t add to the conversation, so I just kept my trap shut.)

Jim:  I will say that I enjoyed more of Will this season.  He is not necessarily a new character, but based on how much he was in last season..  he kinda was.  More focus on Dustin and Lucas was great as well.  There wasn’t a bad character (except Billy) in the Bunch.

Briana:  Dusty of course! He is so adorable and really grew into himself this season. Murray was a very interesting character and made a huge impact on the show for being a smaller character. And Max. For a girl who was given way too many mixed signals from every person in the show, she held herself very well. And I think she and El could be good friends now that she knows she doesn’t have to be jealous.

Raylene:  Erica, Dustin, Ted, the detective that Barb’s parents hire

Melanie:  Steve,  I loved the way he wasn’t douche this season. Bob,  Joyce deserved some happiness and he was super helpful. He never questioned any of it. Eleven, she kicked ass and took names.

Kristi:  Hopper, Steve, and El. Eleven is really getting to understand her powers, which is bringing a whole new badass side to her. Hopper and Steve were both very helpful and kinda kicked some ass.

Cece:  I actually only had 2 that really stood out. However, everyone was wonderful. I will choose my third as someone who really made things so much more awesome. First off, Daddy Hopper was great. It was awesome to see him really grow in the role of being a father to Eleven. Plus, he’s amazing anyway. Steve was my other favorite this season. His growth has gone a long way as well. Plus, his advice to Dustin was great. And then there’s Bob. Poor Bob. I loved him so much. It was great to add one of my favorite 80’s actors to this show. He was such a hero.

Chris: Will. From being sidelined through most of the first season he carries this whole one. And while we got to see how good the child actors were in season 1, it’s easy to see that he possibly eclipses the rest of them, with maybe the exception of 11’s.  Steve. The teenagers arc in season 1 was one of the most surprising in that Steve would have totally been a douche in the ‘80’s, and they completely subverted that trope to make him a real character. While I like that Jonathon and Nancy got together, again it would have been easy and tropey to write Steve out of the picture, but in the end he became more of a mentor and protector and more of an integral part of the show for it. And Dr. Owens. Again he could have lived up to Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brennar’s evil scientist (or even his own turn as Burke from Aliens). But he ended up being his own character entirely. It would have been easy to have him die at the end to but they didn’t go that route either. And now that the lab has been dismantled he might be one of the only people able to help them when the Mind Flayer returns in season 3.

Kent:  If I’m going 3, I gotta be real and say that I hate that I have to leave Dustin and his season finale hair off of this list.  OK, in reverse order. 3.  Billy almost gets the nod for his seduction technique on Mike’s mom, but Ted is still amazing and gets my #3.  2. Hopper was really great again.  They do such a good job in crafting his character and it’s relatable so I think he’s probably on most people’s “top” lists.  1. Steve fucking owned this season.  I am so glad that they got him the hell away from Nancy because everything she touches turns to garbage juice.  Sorry Jonathan.


  1.  Which character(s) did you least like this season?

Jim:  Billy…. even after the story briefly focused on him, he seemed a useless appendage to the show that could stand on its own.  He was a walking stereotype, a token troublemaker and made me further hate fast cars driven by high schoolers.  (I did openly complain numerous times about his obnoxious driving.)

Briana:  Of course Billy is the obvious answer but I’m gonna say his dad. He’s the one who created the monster so that makes him worse in my mind.  (Thank you for going with the dad.  You get a gold star.)

Raylene:  Nancy  (No surprise here as I watched it with you.)

Melanie:  Billy because he was a dick. But then you found out why he was a dick. (So shouldn’t you hate the dick maker….dick creator….hmmm, you know what I mean.)

Kristi:  Billy. Screw that dude! (Nope, he just wants to screw Mike’s mom.  Speaking of that, I actually hope that turns into a storyline because there could be fun mom jokes that boys are guilty of.)

Cece:  So, Can I be real for a minute? Dustin started out as my absolute favorite in season 1. However, his hiding Dart and being super irresponsible pissed me off. But, also Billy. Because he’s just a piece of shit. (You only get a silver star.  You were soooo close.  Dustin deserves to get some negative feedback for his actions.  Still, a silver is pretty solid.)

Chris: While everybody is going off on Billy, I loved his scene with Mike and Nancy’s mom. Also it should be easy to feel some pity for him after meeting his dad. So Billy’s asshole dad and Kali’s posse tie for me. (You also get a gold star because you really mentioned 2 out of the 3 worst characters.  Congratulations.)

Kent:  Wow, like you give Kali this pass and rain down hate on Billy.  What the hell people?  Billy is the way he is due to his dad, so I would think he would actually get sympathy.  Meanwhile Nancy has been the consistently worst character in both seasons.  Her stories suck!    I hope her role is significantly reduced.  Kali was my clear cut #2, but due to lack of screen time, Nancy wasted more of my time than Kali.  

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – November 20 & 21, 2017 – Women Are Taking Over Edition

Survivor Series came and went, and it wasn’t terrible, some matches were actually enjoyable. Then we had Paige return on RAW, and then we got 2 girls from NXT with her.  Not to be outdone, over on Smackdown they brought up Ruby Riot and 2 other ladies.  So yeah, the estrogen is flowing this week.  I hope I never say the estrogen is flowing this week ever again.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

The 9

  1. Finally, Paige has returned, and she brought along Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville from NXT.  Do you like Paige having a posse, and did you like that they also attacked Alexa Bliss backstage?

Russ:  It took a long ass time, but finally Paige is back.  I really liked how she returned, putting the entire RAW women’s roster (minus Asuka, because that won’t work with her character.)  on notice.  I know nothing of Mandy or Sonya, but this was a nice introduction of them to the main roster.  I think PMS ™  is a good name, especially the way they acted last night.  I don’t like that they attacked Alexa, but I’ll give Alexa major credit.  She took that beating like a champ and really sold it.  It has been a long time, but finally the women’s division is finally picking up at least on RAW.  

Keri:  So, everyone I think I know what has been bothering me for the past year other than bad WWE booking, it was the lack of Paige on my screen. Well that ended on RAW this week. Paige is back and I couldn’t be happier. Told you all I missed her. Anyways for this segment, I like the idea of this new SHEild. I don’t know much about either girl but they seemed to be ok. So, I like them now. And what I suspect is Mandy’s finisher is pretty impressive. I was not expecting that from her. As for the backstage segment with Bliss, if this group really is the SHEild then they need to beat up everyone. They need to look dominate. My only question is will they go after Asuka next?

Kent:  Now, before either of these 2 try to steal it, the initials are PMS and I trademarked this and I have visual proof of this at 10:01 PM, so no stealing my fucking thunder!  I love Paige’s in ring talent and she is capable of having a great wrestling personality, and she deserves way more credit than the 4 Whoreswomen for the women’s revolution, along with Emma and AJ Lee.  I do hate her screaming, unless it is some type of film that I may watch in private.  I’ll allow the others to go on about this segment, while I bring the truth.  I have seen Mandy Rose and SOnya Deville down at NXT.  Mandy is a nice girl to look at and has a real bitchy attitude character, that is basically a poor woman’s Alexa.  She is nothing special yet, but has potential.  She was in the last season of Tough Enough, along with the Velveteen Dream.  Neither of them won, and the 3 finalists have all been released from their contracts.  Don’t  ever lt fans vote again WWE.  As for Sonya, she is blandness personified.  If you can Steve Blackman’s rookie year, mixed with Trent Barreta, Glacier, and Marc Mero, well you have already tuned out.  Yet, she had to get a name change in NXT to Sonya Deville.  Her original name sucked as well.  My point is that neither were really remotely decent in NXT.  I think that this is a huge mistake.  They should have brought up Peyton Royce and Billie Kay because they are main roster ready and their Aussies so the whole foreign thing would work for the trio.  Sonya is not a long term keeper.  Mandy may be due to her looks, and she has potential to develop.

  1.   It’s still very early in the Jason Jordan saga.  When all is said and done, do you think that he will become a star?

Russ:   I hope so.  Jason can go in the ring to the point of at least holding decent matches.  He is terrible on the mic, but that can be worked around by giving him a mouth piece or just more practice.  So he has the potential.  They finally have him in an interesting angle with Kurt, HHH, and Braun, but I’m not holding my breath for him to come out of this looking good.  In the end I think Jason will come out of this worse for wear and he’ll either go back into obscurity or maybe he can get a new tag partner.  

Keri:  No. No . Absolutely not. Bad booking has killed Jason Jordan as a singles wrestler for me. He’s not good on the mic, lacks charisma, yet is decent in the ring. One out of the three major criteria for a star do not a star make. Sorry but I don’t foresee him being a star no matter how Creative tries to salvage this experiment.

Kent:  He is good in the ring, but he is terrible on the mic.  SO was the Rock early on.  The thing is, I haven’t seen Jason improve in over 2 years.  He may grow to be acceptable on the mic, but I don’t think that he is ever going to be a star.  I hope that I am wrong, but he is so bland, so so soooo bland.  I am going to say no and hope to be wrong.  He’s got a lot of Billy Gunn in him.

  1.   Samoa Joe beat Finn clearly.  Does this mean that we’re due a 3 month feud where Finn wins the rest of the matches because he wears body paint?  Also, where the hell was Bray?

Russ:   I think in the end Finn will win this feud with makeup on.  Up to that point it might be a bit lopsided in Joe’s favor.  I don’t mind that because these two are good in the ring together.  There is a slight fear that we may get these two put into a tag team together, because all of the good talent that they don’t want to feature becomes a tag team.  As for Bray.  I think I have a solution for this feud and Bray.  So when Finn finally goes all demon vs Joe in their final battle to claim supremacy we will have a heck of a match.  At the end though as Finn is about to claim victory the lights will go out.  We will hear a woman’s laughter.  The lights will come back on and in the ring will be a mysterious woman.  She will attack Finn, while the ref is distracted of course, Joe will take advantage and get the pin.  After we get a close up on the woman and see that it is none other than Sister Abigail.  We will have to wait 3 months to finally get Bray back, but that is par for the course in WWE.  

Keri: I don’t know where they are going with this Finn (and his abs) and Joe storyline but I’m ok with it. Why you ask? Because both guys can put on a good show. They did in NXT and they can do it here. Yes, after about two months, this feud is going to get boring but at least the matches will be good. As for Bray, maybe he is sick again. Or maybe we can get a Wyatt family reunion with a woman added and they can feud with Sanity. I can’t be the only one that wants to see that happen, am I?

Kent:  Seriously, you bring Bray back last week to job to Jason and now nothing this week?  WHat the fuck?  Bring back Sister Abigail or else we’re gonna riot.  As for Joe and Finn, Joe is the better wrestler and character overall.  This felt like they did something right.  Needless to say, I am very worried about Joe’s next 2-3 months.

  1.   Roman Reigns beat Miz for the IC title. This is a safe space to share your feelings on this, so let em rip.

Russ:   Well, Roman has done it.  For better or worse he is a Grand Slam Champion now. I don’t quite understand why he needed to have a belt now when he is destined to win the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania, but whatever I’m not WWE creative.  I will say this the fans have really taken to Roman finally.  I remember when he would get booed out of the arena just for sneezing.  WWE has done a very good job of getting the fans to cheer him the past two months.  I’ll give Roman credit too.  He puts in the work in the ring and the majority of his matches are well done so that helps as well.  Still I think this might be good for The Miz.  He has held the belt for a long time and became kind of stagnant.  I hope  this will turn into a major opportunity for him.  He truly deserves it with all the work he has put in this past year and a half.  

Keri:  Sigh. That is all. I’m not going to say another word about it. Ok maybe a few more. I’m still trying to figure out what makes this guy worth all the hype. Other than his look and his decent in ring ability. In my opinion, he’s overrated. Yet, my colleagues would say my choice of favorite wrestler is the same thing. But at least he’s got charisma and is good in the ring and on the mic. Can Roman say the same? Well, can he? Sorry all but Roman just doesn’t do it for me regardless of how they book him or how many titles they give him. (Kent: I can’t debate the merits of Roman vs Omega because I have not seen enough of Omega to provide a fair assessment.  In my opinion, both are wildly overrated by the 2 extreme groups.  In this moment, I would say that smarks overrate Omega and Casuals overrate Roman.  As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle and both are doing their job for their respective promotion, whether we like it or not.  Both guys can go in the ring, but I am not a fan of how either is pushed with their ridiculous amounts of kick outs.  I do believe that Roman has wetter hair than Kenny.  This is one of those things where most likely you don’t like both, you like one and dislike the other, and that’s fine.  That’s how I make peace with it and it’s also how I learn to not talk to many people about wrestling because they get too passionate and won’t let shit go.  Wrestling makes people act like damn fools, myself included.  In the end, I would like to hang out with Roman and eat protein bars and drink some beer, while I would probably want to bitchslap Omega in real life.) (Keri: To your point Kent, at the end of the day it’s to each his or her own which is the way it should be. There is too much wrestling out there right now to say that one kind (or person) is better than the other. Everyone should just like what (or who) they like and be done with it. Wrestling fandom would be a lot more peaceful that way. If you like WWE then that’s your thing. If you like NJPW and ROH but not WWE, then that is your thing. We are just getting too judgy, myself included. You’re right Kent we all look foolish.)

Kent:  They just did this exact story last year with Roman with the US Championship, and it was historic.  Historically awful and boring and killed the belt’s credibility.  He is above the belt and will not raise it up with him.  With Brock not wrestling consistently, at least Roman can be the top dog again until he’s the top dog again.  Fuck my life.  I am so sick of Roman holding a belt and being unstoppable.  Just book him sarter and I will shut the fuck up about it.  He can eat some losses in high profile matches.  It’s okay.  The kids will be just fine and the women’s panties will still be moister than Roman’s hair.  He should put over Joe in a high profile feud.

  1.  Pick one other aspect of the show that wasn’t covered in this blog and talk about it, and don’t piggy back.  You got Braun, Elias, 205, Sheasaro/Shield, HHH, Kurt, Kane, the women’s 4 way, the horrible refereeing lately, etc.

Russ:  I thought Sheamus vs Dean was a very good match.  These two have some great Chemistry.  I know we’ve seen them battle a lot over the past 2 months, but I still haven’t gotten sick of it.  I do kind of want Dean and Seth to move on from the belts, but something tells me they may get them back sooner than later.  I hope not.  Sheasaro should hold the belts for a decent amount of time.  They deserve that at least.   

Keri:  That opening segment was great. Well, let me clarify that part with the confrontation between Triple H and Braun was great. I’ve never seen the look of oh shit look on Triple H’s face before and it was hilarious. Even Stephanie was like screw it I’m out of here when Braun came out. It was really well done and saved the segment.

Kent:  Refs, you CANNOT pick and choose your fucking count outs.  Either when one person enters, you restart your count, or you keep the count until you reach 10 or both participants are in the ring.  STop this fucking nonsense!  Seriously, just watch this past week of wrestling and there is no consistency across the board aside from the lack of consistency is consistent.  Furthermore, tag teams have to the count of 5 for the member who tagged out to get out of the ring.  Start fucking DQ’ing teams, or at the very least, send them to the back and let it go on as a handicap match.  The strategy would be kinda interesting then.  Do you stay in and destroy your opponent and lose a member of the team?  It’s like an Iron Man match, do you use a weapon to weaken your opponent and accept the DQ in hopes of gaining a huge advantage?  Something has to give because these refs are fucking terrible.

  1.  Sooooo, what was the point of the SamiKO saga this week?  They won their match.  Also, why in the world should they be fired?

Russ:  I always hate firing angles.  They are the worst, especially when it comes to top talent.  If they were to get fired from Smackdown, RAW would pick them up so quickly that they wouldn’t have had time to get out of the Smackdown locker room.  So firing angles are stupid.  Also, SamiKO’s interference at Survivor Series was minimal at best.  They came out. Looked menacing for 5 seconds.  Got their asses handed to them.  Retreated to the back.  The end.  Yea, that isn’t firing worthy.  It was embarrassing, but not firing worthy.  As for the SamiKO saga this week.  I think this was make-up for the confusion that happened during the Europe Tour.  I hope this punishment doesn’t last long because SamiKO needs to be a dominant force on Smackdown and not a laughing stock.  Randy vs KO next week should be pretty decent.  I expect Randy to win it or interference to happen and maybe we will have a Randy and KO feud on our hands.

Keri:  I’m confused on both accounts and that confusion has nothing to do with Sami or KO. It has to do with Daniel Bryan. From the start, he’s been against the invasion and Shane’s actions up to this point. He got locked in closet with Kane because of Shane. If that doesn’t justify a heel turn, I don’t know what does. With that said though, they are teasing it by Bryan not firing them but still I fully expected more than what I got. Also, I hope this is the end of New Day vs SamiKO. It’s officially boring.

Kent:  Shane wanting to fire SamiKO is another sign of how bad of a chracter he has become.  Yeah fire them after losing at Survivor Series, when you knew damn well that they would retaliate because you were a dick to them.  Perfect logic.  I hate the last 5 minutes.  Sami gets the pin and KO is trying to get Sami out of the ring and to follow him, and Sami kinda acts like a moron.  I felt that Daniel should have come out to make his announcement rather than do it backstage.  It had significantly less impact.  I’m fine with Randy vs KO, they’re dicks to each other on Twitter, so that’s fun, but this whole thing felt super weak.  Rusev Day in the locker room was great.

  1.  The Bludgeon Brothers debuted.  Thoughts?

Russ:  I really want to be positive.  I’m indifferent to Rowan, but I really like Luke and want him to succeed.  With that said.  They have a major uphill battle in front of them.  Where do I start.  Well the crowd had no reaction for these guys, strike one.  The outfits…Strike two.  A squash match that doesn’t showcase their talents, strike three.  Yeah, they are already out.  WWE will fuck this up and it is apparent that they have already begun the fuck up.  How will WWE repackage these two next?  Find out in 6 months.   I mean 1 more month of this trainwreck and 5 months until they are reintroduce them.  

Keri:  Finally after weeks of vignettes we get the debut of the Bludgeon Brothers. And you know what? I think it fell flat. I was really anticipating something great and it seems what actually happened was really a let down. Yeah they look dominate but something is just missing for me.

Kent:  Deep breathe.  Nope, I gotta take another one.  First of all, shame on WWE for not rebuilding the Hype Bros back up after Zack’s return and having them as total jobbers while Zack is in great shape, physically.  OK, on to the BB’s.  Fuck their attire is terrible.  Like, just make the charcoal color more of a dark green and rip off Freddy Krueger.  That would have been preferred.  The match was meh.  I am not optimistic in the least bit.

  1.  Oh great, 3 women show up on RAW so 3 other women show up on Smackdown.  Yes, now have Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan.  Thoughts?

Russ:  At first, I thought wow this seems oddly familiar.  Then I remember about 3 hours earlier I just saw Paige and two other NXT people get the call up for RAW and did the exact same thing!  This was not original for even 24 hours.  Still Ruby Riot is an interesting call up.  I like her.  She is ok in the ring, but she has personality and charisma.  I hope this translates to something good for her.  Still having her mimic Paige in less than 24 hours is not a good start.   Oh the other two girls.  I don’t know who the fuck they are so I’ll wait to see what they do before I say anything.  

Keri: I expected call ups on Smackdown but these were not the ones that I expected. With that said, Ruby Riot is unique and brings something different to the Smackdown women’s roster. I haven’t seen to much of her but what I have seen I enjoyed so there is that. As for Liv, don’t know that much about her and haven’t seen that much of her in ring so I’m interested to see why they felt she was ready for a call up. As for Sarah Logan, otherwise known as Crazy Mary Dobson to those who follow the Indies, she’s a good performer and was one of my picks to win the Mae Young Classic earlier this year. Watch her matches from the MYC and I think you will be impressed. Or at least I hope you will be. What I am curious about is where they are going with this NXT women’s invasion. What is the endgame for the stables that they called up?Honestly this is the most creative Creative has been in like forever so of course I have lots of questions.

Kent:  I don’t even really know who Sarah Logan is but she strikes me as unremarkable.  I have seen every episode of NXT this year, and I am sure I’ve seen her a few times, but I simply didn’t pay attention, so that’s cool.  I stand by assertions that I made over a year ago that Liv could be a star down the road.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get much of a push in NXT and didn’t seem to improve much over the past year while constantly being leap frogged by newcomers.  She is finally a heel which should help.  It’s kind of a make or break time for her.  She needs to improve like Alexa and Carmella did or else she will drown on the main roster.  I think that she can do this.  Then there’s Lita….I mean Ruby Riot.  This girl is not very great in ring.  She has a unique look and charisma and can’t tell a story in the ring to save her life.  I didn’t think she was ever that good in ring, and has never carried a single match.  I find her incredibly overrated and she should not have been called up in my opinion.  Why Peyton Royce didn’t get called up while all of these lesser get the call up is beyond me.  On the other hand, the Smackdown Women’s division needed new blood, so that does help, and keep your eyes on Liv.

  1.  How do you feel about a possible Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode feud?

Russ:  Well sure why not.  I’m not sure how they will mesh in the ring, but I have faith that both guys can get something out of this.  Baron needs a great rival and maybe Bobby can fill that need.  Bobby is in desperate need of a great feud too, because so far he hasn’t been too glorious on the main roster.  

Keri:  Not sure about this at all. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out to formulate an official opinion. I still don’t know why they want Bobby to be a face though. Oh well.

Kent:  I know that you would expect me to be super excited since I really like both guys.  I fear that this combination may be lackluster.  Baron needs guys to bump and sell and Bobby can and will to an extent.  I think the promos could be really fun.  Still, I do worry about in ring chemistry.  I hope that I am wrong.  It’s time for Baron to really shine in a feud with a top guy.  I hope that he can handle it and I hope Bobby losing will turn him heel.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This was a decent night.  It wasn’t fantastic, but several of the segments were really good.  Miz TV, the opening segment, the IC Title match, Paige’s return, and the Dean Sheamus match were all good. I think those things over shadowed the garbage.  Rating: 5.9  

Keri:  It must be the return of Paige that has lifted my power of positivity because I thought this show was not bad. I’m not even going to rant about Roman winning yet another title that he may or may not deserved. I even enjoyed what was basically a Stephanie-Triple H opening segment. Rating: 5

Kent:  Paige returned and there were some semblances of decent matches.  I don’t think it was bad, so I will go with a 5.5.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  This week was very run of the mill. SamiKO were prominent even in an utter beatdown and I am intrigued by what they are doing with Daniel.  Ruby may have been introduced in the basic same way Paige was, but I’m interested to see what they will do with her.  The rest of the show was unremarkable.  Rating: 4.4

Keri:  Outside of the NXT women’s invasion, this was a generic episode of Smackdown for me. Pretty much the same old stuff. It just didn’t have the excitement of RAW in my opinion. Rating: 4

Kent:  This one felt flat to me compared to RAW.  Honestly, it was all just a build up for the main event, the debut of the Bludgeon Bros, and the women’s angle.  That’s 3 things, so they get a 3.3.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this week.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Hope everyone had or is having a great Thanksgiving.  Steam sale this weekend so I expect to waste about $50 bucks on games I won’t play for several years.  Oh, wrestling final thoughts… yea, I got nothing.  

Keri: Welcome back Paige! I’ve missed you. As for this female invasion angle, what should their name be? Can’t call them the SHEild because that’s a stable of 3.  The Bullet Club doesn’t fit either.  Maybe some variation of the NWO? See this is why I’m asking for suggestions. I have nothing.

Kent:  I find it perplexing that WWE brings up people from NXT and then have them in the opposite role, as in face or heel.  Bobby is a consumate heel, so they bring him up as a face.  Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot have been faces this whole time, so now they’re heels.  This really baffled the mind.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:5 “The Big Scary U”

This week, we get some insight as to what happened prior to Rick’s assault on Sanctuary and the aftermath with Negan and Gabriel.  It really provided us with plenty of info and gave us some things to speculate upon.  This week was a little rough for some of my contributors…..thanks Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry, I can’t be too upset at National Fat Guy day.  It’s sooo tasty.  Anyway, thank you to Briana, Bob, Brian, Kristi, and Raylene for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide their valuable insight.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

Ohhhhh, also Eric and I did a podcast prior to this episode airing.  It’s a really solid podcast that you can listen to and get some valuable insight……okay, well it’s 2 dudes shooting the shit and talking TWD.  If you want our analysis, that’s great.  We have a good time.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #087

The 9

  1.  Did this episode alter your viewpoint of Negan at all?

Briana:  Maybe a little. It was interesting to see how grateful even the workers are for him. It also seemed obvious that without Negan, things would not last long. It really just left me with more questions than answers. (I would absolutely recommend reading the Here’s Negan story that I left a link for in my response.  It would hopefully answer some of your questions.  Yes, it was good to see Saviors being grateful for his ruling.)

Bob:  I can understand him better now.  I always knew there was a reason for him being a jerk.  Everyone has adapted into the new world the way they needed to if they were able and survived.  The Alexandrians aren’t so different than the Saviors.  The Saviors are more advanced in their hierarchy and structure.  Someone will always rise to power and that power will corrupt them. (Yeah, there’s not much difference.  Let’s face it, it’s people doing whatever to survive.  Things that we find unsavory or reprehensible, but we know that there would be some people like this in a ZA.   As you said, power corrupts and there will be a plethora of people yearning for power in a ZA.  Just human nature really.)

Brian:  the man… the myth.. the legend!!!!  (Just nodding and smiling.)

Kristi:  Not really. I’m not sure I believe his story about his wife. He still locked Gabrielle up so that was crappy. He is still an arrogant asshat that has taken supplies and doctors from other communities that have harmed them and put them in danger. He is just not a nice guy. (His story is legit.  There’s more to it, and I did include the link in my response.  If you don’t feel like checking it out, I can always sum it up for you, but that is the real story.)

Raylene:  It is nice to have some backstory on him and it humanizes him more to me but I can not still get behind him due to my Abe. (You should aim your anger at Glenn.  His death overshadowed Abe’s and stole his thunder.)

Kent:  No, not at all, but I am pro Negan to begin with.  I will say that I loved the comic that gives his backstory, which we saw a glimpse of in this episode.  There is more that they may or may not ever delve into, so I shall not ruin it.  I felt that this was needed to add layers to the most important character of the past 3 seasons. I know that a lot of you may have some questions, or perhaps have an urge to know more, and I would suggest that they pick up the graphic novel Here’s Negan, or be a total cheap ass and read it for free.


  1.  Now that Eugene knows about Dwight, what will Eugene’s next play be, given the pressure Negan put on him?

Briana:  With Eugene, I believe it will come down to whether or not he needs to use that to save his own ass. I don’t think he will want to directly be responsible for the repercussions unless it’s because Negan suspects Eugene.  (I do wonder how Negan would react to Eugene outing a person that Negan trusts.  Negan is gonna be stressed and may make some rash decisions in the midst of ALL OUT WAR.  Given certain circumstances, will Negan relaly be looking for truth or comfort?)

Bob:  Eugene is super smart, so he has some circumstantial evidence.  This isn’t enough for Eugene and we know Dwighty-boy can spin a situation.  Eugene will probably recommend directly to Dwight that he should flee or turn himself in before he has to.  Dwight may in turn manipulate a scenario where Eugene is found culpable and bye bye Eugene.  (I don’t think you are far off the mark here.  Based on what the books show us, I can see a scenario play out very similar to your description.)

Brian:  Eugene will do the right thing and let Negan know!!  (One would hope that Eugene would do the right thing.  Maybe Spike Lee can make a movie about it.)

Kristi:  I still want to believe Eugene is on Rick’s side. I don’t think he will out Dwight. (I haven’t seen any evidence to indicate that Eugene isn’t still on Rick’s side, while keeping himself out of harm’s way.)

Raylene:  I think he will try to help Dwight perhaps finding a scapegoat to pin it on taking the heat off of him and Dwight.  (If Bob’s theory is incorrect, I think that this is the other likely scenario.)

Kent:  Whatever decision is made, by whoever makes it, it will backfire on them, and I mean them in a plural form, and I will simply leave it at that.  


  1.  Did you find yourself agreeing with Rick or Daryl in their lover’s quarrel?  

Briana:  I’ll side with Daryl on this one. I’ve said it many times this season: this is war. They’re here to do a job. Take them out while you have the advantage and remember that they were on their way to your people to do the same.  (That’s really my thought process.  If I was living in Alexandria and I got a chance to vote, I would vote on Daryl’s plan in hopes of ending this ALL OUT WAR sooner rather than later.)

Bob:  I agree with Daryl’s methods but with Rick’s planning.  If you have a plan and it is working, stick with it.  Daryl’s idea could later be implemented, but that’s what you get when two type A personalities fight it out.  (As a Type B, I enjoy sitting back and watching the action, like a sloth.)

Brian: This is a tough one. Hopefully Daryl will realize Rick is only going to get him killed.  (Daryl doesn’t seem like a guy that will figure it out until it’s too late, if we’re being honest here.  I feel like Merle warned him of this in season 3 to an extent.  Officer Friendly indeed.)

Kristi:  I’m on Rick’s side. Daryl bugs me. Per the question in the last blog, I would like to see Daryl gone.  (It’s still weird to me that a female is cool with Daryl getting got.  I dig it.)

Raylene:  I believe in Rick’s only because it saves the children, who are innocent in this war.

Kent:  Well, we have 2 on Rick’s side, 2 on Daryl’s side, sorta, and 1 who just hopes that Daryl does something before Rick kills him.  This is nice.  I am so happy that we don’t have people agreeing.  I know that eventually some folks may say “In Rick Grimes we trust” or some such nonsense.  I’m going to give you a bullshit response.  If I was a member of Rick’s group, I’d want them to go with Daryl’s plan.  As a fan of a certain character who may be saved by sticking to Rick’s plan, I will side with Rick as a fan.  See, I told you it was bullshit.


  1.  Fill in the blank.  I felt ________ when I saw the jeep and explosives all catch on fire?

Briana:  unsurprised. Definitely something they made very clear from the moment they showed the gas dripping. It did solve the fight though. (There is that.  It did, in fact, stop the fight.  I could have gone for more sleeper holds though, but that’s the wrestling fan in me.)

Bob:  it was obvious what was going to happen  (It reminds me of when Rick and Daryl first met Jesus and they lost all the food in that truck.  It also reminded me of a song from Bob’s Burgers, and since your name is Bob, and not Joe, I felt this would be a good time to listen.)

Brian:  AWESOME!! I told you so!!!!  (I so wish I could have simply observed you watching this particular episode.)

Kristi:  Indifferent. Didn’t really have many feeling towards it.

Raylene:  Annoyed that they just wasted perfectly good ammunition because of a stupid fight.  (Bitches be catty, YO!  And Daryl is possibly the biggest bitch of them all, soooo there you go.)

Kent:  Deja Vu.  Seriously, this was the meeting Jesus episode again, and then I laughed at their silly fighting.


  1.  DId Father Gabriel get bit or is it something else?

Briana:  My first instinct is that he was bitten but I have a feeling that’s what they want me to think.  (You are right, they definitely want us to think that.  Will they go for the swerve?  Is this Glenn under a dumpster all over again?)

Bob:  The bite effect wouldn’t seem to have happened that quickly.  I think it is panic or hysteria.  Maybe he caught the flu.  Gabriel doesn’t have a strong constitution…  (I agree with your last sentiment a lot.  Regarding the time frame, if you’ve been paying attention since day 1, you will have noticed that the timing thing is a tool of convenience.  I wish it was more than that, but I feel we have seen some big fluctuations.  Quite frankly, it could simply come down to somebody who got sick all of the time vs somebody who rarely got sick prior to the ZA and their immune system adding longevity to the flu and it’s symptoms.)

Brian:  a ploy to get out of the cell! (This being the other obvious thing, contrary to what I just wrote to Bob.)

Kristi:  He got bit. His time is up. I’m thinking his death will inspire Eugene to help Dwight. (I hope that you are partially right.  Is that a dickheaded thing to say?  I honestly don’t want Eugene to help Dwight, not yet at least.  Dwight and Eugene have so much potential in story arcs, that I am cool if some twists and turns occur.)

Raylene:  My first thought was he got bite fighting to get to the trailer that him and Negan were trapped in and finally showing symptoms once in Sanctuary.  (This seems to be the most likely scenario.)

Kent:  I will say this again.  Gabe’s death in the comic was uneventful and didn’t help the narrative in any capacity and quite frankly felt lazy.  I would rather Gabe die earlier in the show if his death serves a purpose.  We never see him get bit, which is a TWD staple.  I still believe that Rick was standing at Gabe’s grave in the season opener, as I alluded to back then, and I think walker Gabe is going to bite somebody else that fans may like…..or Tara.


  1.  They talked about the previous leader of the Savior’s prior to Negan taking over. Do you think that we will ever get more info on this?

Briana:  This had me really questioning where Negan came from and how he got to this point. I don’t think they will go into a lot of detail on the previous leader so much as maybe give us a little Negan backstory. At least his over throwing of said leader.  (I really think that this will be the end of Negan’s backstory for awhile, and possibly ever.  There may be opportunities in the future, but that is all conjecture at this point.  If so, hopefully Carl is the one who uncovers the truth.)

Bob:  No, that’s over.  The point wasn’t the past, it was the present and future.  (I regrettably think that you are correct.  In my rant, you will see why.  Missed opportunity.)

Brian:  I hope they show how negan used his awesome leadership skills to save 100s of people’s lives..

Kristi:  I see flashbacks in our future. (Maybe, but I wouldn’t be willing to bet my hairline on it.  I feel that this show is so jam packed with characters, it’s not willing to delve too deeply beyond one episode to really explore a character’s past.)

Raylene:  No I don’t see any more of it.  

Kent:  I don’t think that it would serve much of a purpose if I am going to be honest.  If they wanted to show it or tell it, they would have in this episode.  They could have given us a whole Negan backstory episode similar to Morgan and Eastman and it would have been well worth the time.  We could have cut out a good 45 minutes of random guns firing and car chases to have given us the proper story with flashbacks of Negan.  Actually, allow me to go one step further.  I think it was a bullshit move on TWD’s part for not giving us this episode.  This episode kinda made Negan a little too likable compared to the books.  I don’t care about the likable factor, but the story added a human factor that really fleshed out Negan.  It’s kinda like how they didn’t do Abe justice in his backstory on the show.  They didn’t show what happened to Abe’s family and they should have to add to Abe’s sorrow and hopelessness.  When this show explores the characters, especially their past, it really is when the show is at it’s best and they failed the fans a bit in this one.


  1.  To go along with the last question, do you think it is possible that Simon was the previous leader as was discussed on Talking Dead?

Briana:  He would fit the vibe I got from their talking of the guy but I don’t feel like someone who was dethroned by Negan would still be alive and have that much power. (Therein lies the caveat. Was Negan always as ruthless, or did he takeover in a similar way as Rick took over Alexandria?  I know the natural inclination of fans is to assume that there was a lot of bloodshed, but maybe it was very different.  Still, I doubt the leader is alive, but I suppose somebody like Negan would love to keep that person under his thumb for awhile.)

Bob:  Nah, I think it was simply Simon getting a little heady and giving himself too much room… (More than likely.  Honestly, I am struggling picturing Simon ruling a place as big as Sanctuary.)

Brian:  Simon has always been Negans number 2. They were separated when the disaster started but have since been reunited. Simon may have gathered the numbers to start the saviors until the true leader could return.  (I would love to know how long Simon and Negan have been together.  This is something that I would love to have answered.)

Raylene:  I don’t think it was him I do think he was here when Negan took over, although perhaps the vibe then was to kill everyone they encounter due to his plan for the Hillside.  (I’ve often wondered if the plan all along was to have Simon run Hillside and just tell Gregory to fuck off.)

Kent:  I’m going to say no.  Although the theory intrigues me, I am saying that Simon wouldn’t enjoy his role as much as he does now if he had been in charge previously.  Honestly, Gavin seems more pissed off than Simon and would be a more likely candidate in my mind.  More than likely the previous leader has been chained at the gate for some time now.  Still, I enjoy the random theories.


  1.  Gabriel seemed concerned about Dr. Carson’s well being. Do you think Dr. Carson will get to deliver Maggie’s baby?

Briana:  At this point I think they have to let Glenn’s baby be delivered and healthy. That was the beginning of how he gets back to Maggie to deliver her baby.  (I do believe that the baby will be delivered and healthy.  I really hope that they use the same name as they did in the comics.  Who knows though?  In the comics, Lori delivers the baby and is running while Governor is invading and shoots and kills Lori and the baby.  Sooooo obviously things are different.)

Bob:  Ahh, he was in hysterics basically.  In reality we wouldn’t take that seriously but on the show….  Maybe Gabriel know she has an infection and wants to save the Dr.  (On the show, everything means something, except those things that mean nothing.)

Brian:  pure selfishness on his part.. act concerned to show he’s harmless then try and escape.. (What a great ploy this is though in all fairness.)

Kristi:  I do. I think Eugene will help in getting him out and he will get back to her. (I think that you are more correct than you realize.)

Raylene:  I hope so but Maggie should have some training from Herschel on birthing even though he was a vet.  (True, but let’s not forget the last time Maggie was around a birth.  Carl had to put Lori down and everybody cared way more about Lori’s death than T Dog’s selfless sacrifice to save Carol which is still paying dividends for the group while Judith still isn’t pulling her own weight.)

Kent:  Yes, yes I do.This is all setting something up for the second half of this season and that’s all I will say.


  1.  In a case where Negan died or became incapacitated, who would be the best leader for the Saviors in your opinion? Please don’t pick anybody who is currently a leader such as Rick, Maggie, Ezekiel, or Janis.

Briana:  I’d think this group would be Daryl’s kind of people. He and Dwight could turn things around.  (It’s a shame that Daryl didn’t have some of the Claimers left to help.  That would work out pretty fun.  And then the next time him and Rick had a lover’s quarrel, we could have ALL OUT WAR 2!)

Bob:  Gavin.  He is not a traitor, not a hot head, not power hungry and not a wimp.  He would be a better LEADER and sees through the nonsense. (I kinda wish I had read this prior to answering #7.  I think that Gavin is actually very underrated.  From what we have been shown, he basically tried to keep the arrangement with the Kingdom going as smoothly as possible and he punished Jared when warranted.  I think he makes a TON of sense, and I honestly think that Rick could work with him peacefully.)

Brian:  I think that Eugene with Jerry as his number 2/ enforcer.  (I just want to see see their meetings.  It would be a true delight.  This would be amazing.)

Raylene:  I think Gregory would do good there he would have henchman to put his rules in action.  (Gregory would work if he had people to back up his words.  He’s no fool, and could be a decent leader as long as stuff stayed peaceful.)

Kent:  Carol or Carl.  I say Carol because they would have them Saviors baking some good cookies.  Carl would be fun because he’s learned some from his dad, and Carl wouldn’t take shit from anybody.  I think either character would work great here.  My third option would be Kent…obviously.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Rick appears to be on a mission to meet the Scavengers again. How do you see this playing out?

Briana:  Well, I trusted them last time and we saw how that turned out. I have a gut feeling this time they’ll make a deal and keep it but I’m shooting myself in the foot already for that.  (I’m fearing that you may be walking like Herschel sooner than later.  Your poor foot.)

Bob:  I see the alliance wiping out the Scavengers by foolery.  (This seems like the most logical conclusion.  Do they go logical or TWEEST is the big question.  Also, very sad that you didn’t say Tom foolery.  It just seems funnier that way.)

Brian:  Rick will do like he always does and get more people killed so he can act tough.  (The thing is, even when you are knee deep in your conspiracy theories, you’re not wrong here.  This is going to happen, I think.)

Raylene:  I see Jadis siding with him since Rick seems to have the upper hand now.  (Soooo, Rick is now John Doe?  Whose head is in the box then?)

Kent:  I really like Pollyanna and I would love more story on the Scavengers, but this feels like a group similar to the Termites/Hunters or the Wolves or the Vatos.  I don’t think they are long for this world.  I really like Pollyanna though, or Jadis.


  1.  Daryl, Tara, and Morgan appear to all be of a similar mindset.  Do you foresee any of them doing something that puts the group in danger?

Briana:  No. Unfortunately I think their mindset is what’s keeping people alive. Look at what happened with the Kingdom. They killed everyone on sight, before they even knew how many were on them and they stayed alive until the one time they didn’t. Then they all died. So if I’m going based on past events, I’m thinking these are the ones who are making sense right now.  (They are making sense, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  They aren’t the moral compass, but they are right and being right can be a death sentence.  If that sentence ends with Tara getting got, well then we will have a happy Kent.)

Bob:  Nope, Morgan, “aint right.”  There’s really no way to mess up this war unless you are a traitor. (Well, there is a tactic that may be deployed that hasn’t been explored yet in the show that may be an absolute game changer.  Just sayin’.)

Brian:  They will put themselves in danger by not following Rick’s orders. And their kill all saviors will lead them to all brutal deaths at the hand of lucille.. (Really, if this happened, a lot of people would be pissed, but this would be a HUGE shake up for the show.  It’s one of those hypotheticals that I would love to see play out in hypothetical land.  I still want Morgan to live.)

Raylene:  No I see that someone will always put them in place.  (Yeah, they’re always being held down by the man.  It’s not fair.)

Kent:  I believe this will be a case of one best check themselves before they wreck themselves. I hope Tara’s aggression goes unchecked.  If Tara and Daryl go on a suicide mission, I will laugh.

Final Thoughts

Brian:  a great mellow blues great named his trusty guitar lucille.. and a great mellow leader named his trusty defender lucille.. could negan be the ZA bb king?  (Like I’m not going to link this song to go with your words.)

Raylene:  Will we have a multiple major character death by mid season finale?  (Yes, I guarandamtee it.)

Kent:  I say that Tara dies in the midseason finale, and I am just counting down the days.  Huh, the midseason finale happens on December 10th… birthday.  Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.  Tara is as good as dead.  Plus, per IMDB, the description for that episode reads: “This mid season finale will put everything Rick and his group has done to this point to the test. Can Rick continue to fight? Or has he lost his will?”  Yeah, this will be where we see the scenes from the season premiere with the graves.  

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:11 “Great Again”

Here we are, finally at the end of an atrocious season of AHS that I may never recover from.  It sounds like Melanie is right there with me……with a bottle of wine.  We did our best with what we had.  Thank you for reading this whole season.  Melanie and I also did a podcast in which we discussed this season of AHS as well as Stranger Things.  We go off topic a lot, but there are some gems in there.  Please give it a listen.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086

I really want to thank Melanie for being a trooper all season long and also to Cece and Teddy who did try, but didn’t make it through the whole season.  It happens, but everybody’s hard work is sincerely appreciated.  All comments in bold are written by Kent.

  1.  If Ally and Speed Wagon were both working against the Cult, why weren’t they privy to that info rather than working against each other?

Melanie:  I think they were working for different departments. Also, people undercover won’t know who else is undercover, so as to not blow their cover.

Kent:  I can’t recall, maybe they were working for different departments.  This all seems sloppy as hell no matter how you look at it, and for Ally to just get away with killing him seems absolutely absurd.

  1.  Was Gloria (Prison CO) part of Ally’s cult or just a meaningless pawn to provide misdirection throughout this episode?

Melanie:  I think she was a horny lady.  (That’s what I am hoping for as well.)

Kent:  Meaningless pawn to throw one last misdirection at us.  The way that it should have gone was Kai actually killed Ally.  That’s how you do it and do some sweet 10 minute wrap up showing Oz taking over when he gets older, still believing that Kai was his father.

  1.  Is it realistic that Kai built up that kind of following that quickly in prison?

Melanie:  Totally, based on watching other prison shows and this season of AHS. But in reality, no.  (And now I regret my answer.  I’m not changing it though.)

Kent:  Having never been in prison and only basing my knowledge off of totally fictional and unrealistic TV shows and films, I honestly don’t know.  I assume that he would have had to take on the head white guy and Kai doesn’t strike me as tough, but he is a good manipulator.  I’m going to say this is plausible and probably regret it.

  1.  Were you disappointed in Oz’s lack of role the second half of the season?

Melanie:  I know he was Kent’s spirit animal, so for that reason yes.  (Oz did speak to me as a character, so yeah, absolutely good call on the spirit animal.  Better than an elephant.)

Kent:  YES!  That was the one character that offered hope in the end and I have been saying this for weeks that I hoped for Oz to take over or have a bigger role.  Nope, gotta give Sarah Paulson more screen time.  That lady doesn’t get enough.  

  1.  Why didn’t Adina Porter make the main intro video for credits?  She was a MAJOR part of this, yet lesser roles got their names in the opening.

Melanie:  Was she considered a guest star? Maybe that is why.

Kent:  No clue.  She was arguably the 3rd most important role in the whole thing.  Certainly more important than Harrison and Meadow, and I would argue more than Ivy.  WInter probably was 3rd, so Beverley would be 4th.  Oh and yet Dr Rudy Vincent gets in the video and may have been shined by Speed Wagon and Oz.  Think about that.  Adina did a great job this season and has won me over.

  1.  Do you think it was lazy to not tie more past seasons into this one?

Melanie:  Lana Winters and Twisty were the only ones I saw. Lame, like this season.  (That moment when Melanie realized that there was a wine tie in to this season….oh it’s a treat.)

Kent:  Obviously.  The best that they could offer was Twisty, a Lana Winters reference, a bottle of Freakshow wine, and writing Pig on the door.  They apparently cut out a scene in this last episode during the raid, Ally lights her cigarette with a match from Hotel Cortez, but it got cut.  Just like the balls from this show were cut.

  1.  Are you sick of Sarah Paulson’s characters seemingly lasting until the end, and often triumphing?

Melanie:  Yes

Kent:  Yeah, I absolutely am.  Honestly, I don’t usually like her characters in AHS.  She’s a talented actress and all, but she should eat some losses.  Yeah, she got killed at the end of Roanoke, but even then she was in damn near every episode.  At least Evan took a back seat last season.  He’s a better talent, in my opinion, just sayin.  Maybe it’s his role sthat I like more, but I really didn’t care much for him in 2, 3, 4, and 6, but I still think he’s the better talent.

  1.  Was Oz’s elephant supposed to symbolize Ivy?

Melanie:  Sure?

Kent:  As soon as I saw it, I recalled Ivy with the elephant mask and made the connection.  I assume that was intended, but maybe not.  Which means that Twisty represented…….who?  Seriously, if Ivy was repesented by  the elephant, might there be more symbolism that Twisty the killer clown represented Ally?  She was a killer after all, and had the clown phobia.  I like my theory, even if it isn’t accurate.

  1.  How lame was that ending?

Melanie:  The whole season was lame, so why stop and make the ending awesome? I said the only way to make it awesome was to make it the final episode of Murder House.  (You bring up a good point.  Honestly, what the hell would we have done if the final episode was really good?  It would be truly confusing.)

Kent:  Oh my my my my MY, was that a lame ass ending.  First of all, if you insist upon going down this path, the end scene should have been showing the women in a meeting to get a broader understanding of who was involved.  That would have made more of an impact.  Secondly, she doesn’t look good with a cloak.  She just doesn’t.  It was the worng color.  A deep purple or a blood red would have been better.


Bonus 9 Deuce

  1.  Nobody liked this season.  If you think about it, how many seasons did you truly like and would happily re-watch and which ones?

Melanie:  I liked at least parts of all of them. I am tempted to go back and watch to remind myself how much.  (That is one of my winter goals, once I get passed all of the ridiculous promises that I have made.)

Kent:  So I had this conversation earlier today and the reality is that I have enjoyed Murder House, Coven, and Hotel.  The rest I have more negative things to say than positives.  That’s a terrible ratio.  The odd numbered season theory unraveled on me big time this year.  As much as I disliked this season, I think I may actually hate it more in a couple of years with hindsight.  That’s no good.

  1.  This show is seemingly missing a lot of things like sex appeal, big stars, logic, ghosts, likable characters.  If you could pick one aspect of the show for them to improve upon next season, what would it be?

Melanie:  Bring Gaga back!!! Seriously, a more interesting premise…something supernatural or just plain weird.  (Supernatural seems like an easy route that all but guarantees some likes.  I see no issue with that.)

Kent:  I also had this conversation with Kelly today.  In her opinion, the sex appeal is missing and sex and horror mix so very well.  Let’s face it, a lot of chicks love that combination and if you provide enough man ass and some sexy story line, you can keep your female demographic.  On top of that, maybe you try to bring back your straight male demographic.  We deserve hot chicks.  Not the garbage that we keep getting.  We deserve hot chicks and seeing their bare asses.  The Chiller channel shows bare female ass so I know that it’s doable!  This would help.  But sex appeal isn’t my answer, but I wanted to acknowledge her point.  My answer is better characters.  They don’t have to necessarily be likable, but you need a few of them to attach yourself to.  The past 2 seasons has been tough to latch on to many characters.  Kathy Bates was a fail safe and she’s gone.  This season, Oz and Beverley were my 2 favorites along with Gary Longstreet because Chaz entertains me.  Still, that’s a shitty selection if you think about it.  Ally and Ivy were irritable, Winter had way too many ups and downs like a crazy chick, Kai was so outlandish that it had it’s moments but the stupidity factor hurt a bit.  Meadow was beloved by me but never got enough screen time.  Just a hot mess.  SO please, give us some characters that we can love, like Liz Taylor.


Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  I was Kentertained with the fact it is over.  (PRAISE whatever entity that you celebrate when glorious things like Cult ending happens.)

Kent:  No, I most certainly was not.  I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I got a message from Steff asking me what the fuck she just saw.  SO yeah.  This was brutal.


Final Thoughts on the Cult season and anything else that you want to get off your chest before we go away for another 9 months.

Melanie:  This season made me incredible sad. I felt isolated from my regular AHS peeps, with the exception of Kent, who decided it was not worth their time or who didn’t keep up with the episodes. I continued watching with hopes it would get better. It didn’t. Will I watch AHS in the future? Yes. Will I have to drink a lot of wine to get through each episode? I hope not.  (I also experienced a dramatic drop in friends who watched, and it sucks when you don’t have multiple people to hurl insults with.)

Kent:  Worst season ever?  I think it probably was, but I really would have to binge watch all 7 seasons to not live in the moment of week to week, but to watch the story unravel.  I think this will be the worst due to characters and too much politics.  If the cult hadn’t been rooted in politics, this season could have won me over.  I’m actually incredibly happy to not have to do this blog for another 9 months.  I do love getting the opinions of Melanie and sometimes other people, but the reality is that it’s tough to consistently write about something that you don’t like or have passion for and I have honestly lost my passion for this franchise.  It’s not fun anymore.  Look at how many people passed on the blog or stopped before we ended.  I started with 5 people who instantly bailed after the first episode and 2 more that bailed towards the end.  I don’t blame them.  The fact that Melanie has to make wine jokes (maybe not jokes) to get through this is very telling.  I can tell you that listening to her this year talk about the show vs last year was such a difference.  Last year, there was passion and excitement and a willingness to get through it.  This year, it felt like hopelessness and it sucked to be a part of it.  For all of the insults that I throw at Ryan Murphy, the dude is a fucking brilliant writer, but this was just bad all around and I hope that he recognizes that and strives to get back to things that worked well.  Start by getting a better cast.  It doesn’t have to be familiar, but it has to be good.  Then make sure to have elements of horror.  That means scary shit, Asians crawling around on ceilings like last year, that shit was cool as fuck.  No more politics.  No more bullshit.  Give us blood, sex, violence, but most importantly, tell us a great story.

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Twelve

In this week’s Tales From the Plunderbund Consortium, there may or may not be an orb…..there is.  Speaking of orbs, here’s a video of an orb that I have long been a fan of and I hope that if you have never seen these films, maybe you will seek them out.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 12

As Illana continued to look Dimebag’s broken and liquefied body, the other adventurers came down the hallway to see what was up.  While it was obvious that Dimebag had fallen into a trap, some of the party member had their suspicions that Illana had deliberately sprung the trap.  Any such beliefs were kept to themselves, however.

No knowing what to do with the body, the party simply had Illana drop the giant stone back on Dimebag to act as sort of a makeshift grave.  They then continued down to the end of the hallway to what appeared to be a dead end.  Working together, the adventurers discovered the stone sconce that, once turned, opened a secret door.

Upon the door opening, the group was confused at it appeared to lead right back into the room where they fought the air elementals.  However, upon re-entering the room, several wax blobs that had been lying around the room began to congeal in a nearby shallow pit in the floor.  The blobs came together and then disappeared into the floor, leaving behind a wooden box that emanated strong magic.

As Illana had not prepared the Identify spell that day, she was unable to determine the function of the box.  The party decided to continue searching the dungeon and worry about the box later.  As they were walking, Pane-Pan asked to carry the box, and Coraanu handed it over.  Pane-Pan then used his immense psychic power to form a vision in his mind of the box’s previous owner.  In his mind, he saw a human standing over the box on the shores of the Sea of Silt.  The human uttered a single key word, which resulted in the box “unfolding” and eventually taking the shape of a silt skimmer.  Despite learning the function of the box, Pane-Pan declined to share with the group what he learned.

Continuing, the group eventually came to another room.  As the door was not trapped, Coraanu had Alexa kick the door in so the party could immediately engage with any guardian that undoubtedly lurked within.  As the door flung open, the adventurers saw six imps standing over the body of a woman it appeared they were about to sacrifice.  Unfortunately, the group had no time to consider how the woman got down here, as the imps attacked.

During the fighting with the imps, Coraanu felt a strange sensation wash over him.  He then saw the woman rise from the ground and walk over to him.  The woman transformed and sprouted wings, revealing herself to be a succubus.  Having fallen for her charms earlier, Coraanu allowed her to lean in for a kiss.  Luckily for Coraanu, the succubus was distracted by the cuteness of Hookeri’s new pet, and she was only able to peck Coraanu on the cheek, saving him from certain death.  Free from her charms, Coraanu and friends made short work of the succubus and remaining imps.

As the party searched the room, a dwarf entered the room.  The party recognized him from their time in Gulg, it was Dimebag’s genetically superior brother, Darkius.  Darkius explained that he had been training to become an earth cleric, and that he had learned from the element of earth of Dimebag’s insane plan to track down the obsidian man.  He had thought to stop Dimebag himself, but it appeared that the giant block of stone had do it instead.  Still needing to stop the obsidian man itself, Darkius asked to join the party.  Desperately in need of a health, the group agreed.

After the battle the group pressed on into the dungeon, fearing that if they took too many breaks night would fall, the mists would enter the dungeon, and they would disappear like everyone else who was ever caught in the Kalidnay mists.  As they continued through, they fought giant magical snakes, found a chest full of silver coins and spell tablets, and Coraanu was nearly killed after setting off a scythe trap.

At one point during their journey they came upon a shrine to what appeared to be a former ruler of Kalidnay.  Inspecting the shrine, it was obviously corrupted and it appeared that any who dared passed would be attacked with necrotic power.  Sensing the shrine’s evil, Darkius prayed to the earth and learned a 30-minute ritual that would dispel the corruption.  Bored and not wanting to wait that long, Pane-Pan decided to see what would happen if the magic box found earlier was placed on the alter.  The Folding Silt Skimmer exploded in a flash of magical light.

Eventually the group found a hidden chamber.  Within this room was a pedestal holding a small obsidian orb.  Sensing its immense magical and psionic power, Coraanu immediately threw his bag over top of the orb.  Indignant, the orb telepathically communicated with Coraanu demanding to be handed over to, “the hottie with the actual magical power, not your spirit magic mekillot crap.”  Coraanu declined the orb’s offer and did not tell Illana that the orb wished to speak with her.

Upon removing the orb from the pedestal, a wall shifted revealing a small, secret room, on the floor of which appeared to be a teleportation circle.  After much experimentation and using Hookeri’s new pet as bait, the party discovered the world’s slowest portal.  It takes approximately one hour to teleport someone from the Vault of Kalidnay to one of the ruined towers above.

Due to the slow nature of the portal, the group found that night had fallen and the streets were covered in mist.  As such, they would have to camp in the ruined tower for the night.  Unfortunately, the bringing together of the Orb of Khalid-Ma with the Rock of Getting Eating by a Roc in Kalidnay led to a portal being open and the emergence of horned devil Sthaggaxtrix, boyfriend to Niansu the Marilith (and current owner of Hookeri’s first pet).

After a brief fight, Ilana used her knowledge of “music horned devils totally hate” to create a minor illusion of vaguely technotronic pop music.  However, being unwilling to simply allow the [] to leave, Hookeri leaped onto its back.  The two then went on a flight around Kalidnay, had a chat, and became bros.  Based upon their newfound friendship, it was decided they would return to the group’s camp, reopen the portal, and Sthaggaxtrix would return home.  Unfortunately for the pair, upon seeing them flying overhead, Illana turned the music back on.  To make the ear bleeding pain stop, Sthaggaxtrix dive bombed the camp.  As the horned devil did so, the portal reopened, and the two traveled back to Sthaggaxtrix’s home plane.

Having no idea how to return home, Hookeri agreed to accompany Sthaggaxtrix back to his home in the nearby demon city.  Meanwhile, back at the camp, the remaining members of the party heard a screech and looked to the sky.  Bearing down of them was the giant bird, the Roc, that had attached them previously.  Just as it looked like it was about to attack the camp, the bird appeared to use its beak to tear open the prior portal.  On the other side, Hookeri saw the head of the Roc coming right for him.  While he briefly considered jumping on the Roc and returning home, he decided discretion was the better part of valor and he asked Sthaggaxtrix to get them the hell out of there.  Unable to pursue its prey, the Roc exited the portal and flew away.

The orb in their possession, the party was ready to leave the cursed city of Kalidnay.  That is, until, Alexa reminded them all that she needed to locate the ghost of Battlemaster Zehiron, who had once trained Nok in the art of fighting.  Having no idea where the ghost might be, the group consulted Maraquen’s map, and found that in the south-western part of the city it was known to be an area of high hauntings.  As they headed to that area of the city, a pale, white dwarf ran past them yelling, “g-g-g-ghost!” and continued on into the dessert.

Assuming they were in the right place, they continued on and eventually ran into a rather dapper looking Mul ghost wielding a variety of weapons.  Alexa introduced herself and said that she had come to seek training from the man who had once trained Nok in the ways of battle.  The ghost of Battlemaster Zehiron told Alexa that he would be happy to enter into a training contract with her, there was simply one problem.  His existing contract with Rog Lowe, leader of the Mekillot Maulers.

Zehiron explained that thousands of years ago in life he was a “sword saint,” a mystical swordsman who channeled the power of the gods into his blade.  Since the death of the gods, many individuals have come to him seeking sword saint training, and in all cases they died during the process.  Rob Lowe, on the other hand, has survived the process and is close to what would have been the completion of training more than a millennia ago.  Having a student survive the training has illuminated Zehiron to the fact that, with the gods dead, no one will ever again become a sword saint, including Rob.  Because the contract between Zehiron and Rob was to make Rob a sword said, Zehiron will be forced to train Rob until the contract is otherwise broken.

Zehiron made clear that the contract would be broken if Rob Lowe was dead, however, he was open to the group finding other ways to nullify the contract.  The adventurers then followed Zehiron to the Maulers base where he was scheduled for a training session with Rob.  The group took up positions outside the camp to observe.  As Zehiron neared the camp the group heard someone say, “hey Zehiron, watch this.”  At which point a brute of a man took a steel greatsword and proceeded to cut down five Maulers surrounding him.  The man turned to Zehiron and said, “so, am I a sword saint yet?”

Upon Rob Lowe asking that question, Pane-Pan drilled into his mind.  He then manipulated Rob’s mind and convinced him that Zehiron answered back that, “yes, yes you are a sword said now.”  Zehiron then asked Rob to knock on his sword three times, which would officially end the contract.  Rob did so and Zehiron and the group quickly left Mauler territory.  Zehiron then informed Alexa that the training would take 250 days of intense work.  However, he could possess an object on her person and they could begin training once she had a safe place and the necessary supplies to do so.  Alexa had him possess her gauntlets.

Done with their perspective missions and Kalidnay, the group had to decide where to head to next.  Pane-Pan wanted to head far north to the Temple of the Sky serpent, while Coraanu wanted to head east to Balic.  Pane-Pan agreed to travel to Balic since it was much closer.  During their travel that evening they nearly wandered into an Earth Drake that was hunting in the area.  Luckily, they moved quickly and found a hidden grotto that kept them safe from the hunting beast.

As they were going to be stuck there for a while, and because Pane-Pan assumed his fellow clutch mate was dead, Pane-Pan asked to hold a Thri-Kreen death ceremony for the fallen Hookeri.  As he began do dance around and make chittering noises as Thri-Kreen do, Pane-Pan’s psychic energy mixed with that of the Orb of Kalid-Ma and opened a portal similar to the one that had summoned the horned devil previously.

Hookeri, who had made it to the accursed city with Sthaggaxtrix and was chilling at his home, suddenly saw a portal open before him.  Unsure whether he should walk through it, he instead stuck his head through, at which point he saw his adventuring companions performing some weird ritual.  Suddenly, Hookeri sense that magic was failing, and he decided to pull his head back rather than take the time to walk through the portal.  Unfortunately, he was not quick enough and the portal closed, leaving his head in Athas and the rest of his body in the accursed realm.  Darkius then case Gentile Repose on the head in order to keep it preserved, and they bagged the head and took it with them.

Meanwhile, in the accursed realm, sensing that yet another friend of his was dead, the Rock of Getting Eaten by a Roc rolled out of Hookeri’s pocket.  Seeing Hookeri’s headless body, he rolled himself around the body to the bloody stump and implanted himself in the spinal column.  Hookeri’s body then stood up . . .

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2017 Survivor Series 9 Deuce Review

Russ and Kent watched Survivor Series, or most of it and we are here to discuss the show in graphic detail.  Still no Paige.  I also found myself missing Ellsworth.

Pre Game Deuce (Or the matches that weren’t advertised)

  1.  Elias defeated Matt Hardy

Russ:  Didn’t know this was a match, didn’t care.  I’ll take Kent’s word for this and not bother watching it.  Rating N/A  

Kent:  Fat Hardy is fat.  He has let himself go, yet again.  I am not one that can criticize, but I can point it out.  This wasn’t even a fun match and I love watching Elias.  This was a dud.  Aiden or Rusev instead of Hardy would have been much better.

Rating: 2.5 with all those points dedicated to Elias trying to carry this match the best that he could.

  1.  SamiKO defeated Breezedango

Russ:  Glad they gave Breezedango a match, but Kent is right! This should have been against a RAW team.  I can’t believe SamiKO was relegated to an impromptu match on the Kickoff Show.  I hope they get treated better over the next 5 months.  Rating:  4.  It was an adequate match, but with no story or reason for the match it did very little.  

Kent:  Why didn’t they go Gallows and Anderson vs SamiKO is beyond me.  This match was given some time, but it wasn’t all that good.  Probably the best of the kickoff show, but that doesn’t require much.  SamiKO along with Breezedango deserve better booking.

Rating: 3.3


The 9

  1.  .  205 Championship Match – Enzo defeated Kalisto

Russ:  Oh man, this was hot garbage.  Kalisto doesn’t do it for me.  He had one good match against Baron.  The only reason that was good, I think, was because Baron could ragdoll him a bit.  Well Enzo can’t do that because they are the same size.  Also, with all the interbrand will they, won’t they put us #undersiege shit going on this month this match got lost in the shuffle.  Please, PLEASE, have Enzo move on from Kalisto.  Rating: 2.2

Kent:  I tried to try to pay attention, but i just couldn’t.  I honestly wasn’t into this match at all.  I don’t enjoy Kalisto as a singles guy.  Bring back Lucha Dragons, PLEASE.  Enzo needs a better opponent with some technical skills.

Rating: 2.7

  1.   The Shield defeated New Day

Russ:  Alright let’s get this out of the way.  The end result was obvious.  If you thought The New Day had a chance of winning this then you don’t know WWE.  Overall this was a fun match.  The New Day played the role of Heel, but never really utilized a lot of heel tactics.  It was typical tag match in the beginning.  The second half of the match really picked up the pace and a lot of fun sequences occurred.  I love how the rules go out the door when the WWE needs them to.  At least commentary did their best to try and cover this up.  Loved some of the innovative finishers they did at the end.  Overall I was satisfied with this opener.  Rating:  5.8   On a side note I like how they are keeping score of the wins for the night.  

Kent:  The refereeing sucked so much in this match, and this would be a common theme throughout the night, unfortunately.  The ref allowed both team, but especially the Shield too much time with 2 or 3 guys in the ring at the same time.  Grow a pair ref and make them abide you!  When the fuck did Seth get so lazy or bland in the ring?  He was just good as a tag team with Dean, but if you notice, Dean has been the workhorse, but Seth used to be.  It’s odd and I don’t like it.  Seth is a great workhorse, but I don’t know if he ever fully came back from injury.  It’s weird and sad.  It’s sad to see how Dean’s arms have no definition and the shirt exemplifies that big time.  This was a good match, and it was fun.  It kept me engaged all match, but not always for positive things. Still, I can say that this may be rewatchable.

Rating: 5.1 Just to be safe as I could be coerced into rewatching, or I may never watch it again.  Everybody tried at least.

  1.  Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match:: Team RAW (Asuka, Sasha, Alicia, Nia, & Bayley) defeated Team Smackdown (Natty, Tamina, Carmella, Naomi, & Becky)

Russ:  Ok, Let me get this out of the way again.  The end result was obvious.  I wrote this before the match even started so let’s see how right I am with how this will end.  I’m saying Asuka and Foxy team Raw.  Well I was wrong about Foxy, though I wonder if her pin was a mistake.  The way they eliminated Becky was horrible.  She deserves a lot better.  The battle of the Hosses was underwhelming.  Tamina needs to learn how to wrestle.  I guess the count out was one of the only ways to get Nia out without making her look weak.  This match was mediocre at best.  At least it wasn’t unwatchable.  Rating: 4.1

Kent:  Poor Becky Lynch and Bayley to a lesser extent.  This match was insulting to both of them.  I also was not fond of Natty’s ring gear, but am loving Carmella’s.  Alicia looked great tonight, but I think the ref fucked up.  That was not a 3 count and believe me when I was I immediately text Keri, Eric, and Twan about how it wasn’t a 3.  Poor reffing again.  Nia tried, but this wasn’t a very good outing for her, while Tamina shined some.  Naomi was an afterthought as was Sasha to a certain degree.  This was all about showcasing Asuka and having the Hoss Showdown.  The effort was there, but wasn’t a good match.  I was paying close attention, so my rating may be higher than it deserves.

Rating: 4.3 Because it kept me engaged.

  1.  Baron Corbin defeated The Miz

Russ:  This was a well told story in the ring, but it definitely wasn’t the match of the night.  Both guys deserve a lot of credit.  The lead up to this match was mostly done on Twitter.  I don’t pay attention to Twitter so I missed a lot of this feuds build.  Still these two have a decent chemistry in the ring.  The only real negative I have about this match was the fact that The Miz worked on Baron’s leg and Baron sold it.  For about 1 minute.  It really should have played more into the match.  Ending sequence was fast and fun.  Rating: 5.4

Kent:  Yup, I fucking nailed it.  This was definitely the match of the night and both guys looked like stars doing it.  Both guys played to their strengths.  I am so proud of how far Baron has come, and he sold this match so much better than the supposedly superior Finn Balor.  The Miz deserves another run as the World champ next year in my opinion.  Everything about this worked, including Baron to tell a fan to shut up and sit down.  This was a fine example of 2 guys figuring their shit out and putting together a well executed match with good psychology and a logical progression.  

Rating: 6.8 I really enjoyed this one as you can tell.

  1.  The Uso’s defeated Sheasaro    

Russ:   This was a really good match.  I didn’t expect anything less.  These two teams continue to prove why they are the two best tag teams in the WWE.  The back and forth in this was great.  The spots were well executed.  Loved the last tag between Jimmy and Jay. It was a thing of beauty.  The right team won this I think.  Sheasaro didn’t need to win they just had to look good.  This match definitely delivered that.  Rating: 6.3

Kent:  This was the second best match of the night, and I nailed that too.  No, my arm doesn’t get sore patting myself on the back.  They did what they were supposed to but I can’t say that it was better done than Miz and Baron.  It was close.  Some stuff looked a little sloppy and Cesaro looked like he hurt his head.  I felt that he and possibly Sheamus were hampered by pain at various points in the match which hurt the pace a bit.  It was still very good, but it could have been at least a point better, without a doubt.

Rating: 6.6 I liked it, but I could have loved it and so I can’t rate it higher.

  1.  Female Flair defeated Alexa Bliss

Russ:  I’m sure this match was adequate.  I wouldn’t know because while I had it on I was most definitely playing video games.  So I would look up every once in awhile.  What I saw was standard stuff.  There were a few moments of entertainment, this wasn’t a total trainwreck. I mean Little Miss Bliss is always great, but the way she was treated for the past month as an afterthought made this pretty easy to predict.  I can’t wait to see what Kent has to say!  You know he loves Charlotte.  Rating:  3.8

Kent: This was on my laptop while The Walking Dead was on.  I made the right decision.  I can’t stand a Charlotte match and she won.  Fuck this.

Rating: N/A  

  1.  Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles

Russ:  Wow, this match is already on at 9:30!  The 5 man Survivor Series Match must be close to an hour because I don’t think Lesnar can go for more than 15 minutes.  AJ is a good ragdoll for Brock. AJ sold Brocks offense like a champ!  On a down note I couldn’t tell if this match was sloppy or just too many high impact moves and a few of them were just off. Still this was fun!  They set up the Calf Crusher beautifully by attacking Brock’s knee often.  Brock getting out of the Calf Crusher was also a thing of beauty.  I hate that Brock has turned into a one-note wrestler, but that’s the way he wants to go out.  The match went 17 minutes so I was close to being right about the 15.  Jinder Mahal is in rarified air.  I think he is the only human being who can’t put a good match together with AJ.  This was fast paced and fun.  Rating: 6.2  I think this would have been match of the night, but it was a bit sloppy at points.  

Kent:  This match was way better than I expected, and I accept that I was sorely mistaken on this.  I am fearing for Brock Lesnar’s well being.  He is red and purple so early in the match.  He was not in great shape, yet again.  You can not be ripped and have great cardio like Joe and KO.  Brock was carried.  Brock did his role, but AJ carried it.  There were some sloppy moments, and I believe that Brock legit hurt his leg, probably his knee.  He swore a few times and his knee looked swollen and he was visibly in some discomfort.  AJ is still the best in the world, and I think that will be the case for another 2 years at the very least.

Rating: 5.9  It was fun and kept my attention.  It told an okay story, but Brock needs to do something about his long term health.

  1.  Team RAW (Braun Strowman, HHH< Kurt, Finn, & Joe) defeated Team Smackdown (Shane, Randy, Cena, Shinsuke & Bobby)

Russ:  This seemed like a slam dunk win for Smackdown, but that was before they actually kept track for us all night. Makes me think RAW might actually pull this off.  I guess we will see.   The entrances alone took 20 minutes, because everyone had to get their own entrance.  I am shocked!  Shocked! Well not that shocked that Shinsuke, Bobby,  and Joe, were the first to be eliminated, but this isn’t a match about showcasing the young up and comers.  No, this is a match to showcase those who really need it, you know those part-timers and old guys.  Cena getting eliminated was an actual shock.  SamiKO’s interference was very welcome for 5 seconds until they were taken out like bitches *sigh*.  Kent called Shane being the last man standing for team Smackdown and that was a complete ego stroking.  HHH attacking Angle was odd, but we saw it coming to set up their feud for Mania.  Braun at the end was fantastic.  They made him look like a million bucks and he went over huge with the fans.  Overall, this was decent. It wasn’t anything special, but it did help elevate Braun a bit.   Too bad it won’t translate to belt wins or anything because gotta have Brock look strong for his feeding to Roman.  YEA!  Rating: 6   

Kent:  Yup, wrong again.  I definitely had a fun first 5 or so minutes.  Some of the spots worked.  I have to admit, the part timers ruined this for me. You have 4 part timers and Randy and it felt like WCW in the mid to late 90’s with all of their old asses.   Not much clicked for me as it progressed.  Shane needs to be done.  I am done with Shane, and I hate to admit it, but Kurt is starting to be iffy for me.  HHH is all psychology and body sculpting.  I don’t even know why Cena was there.  Smackdown had all the teamwork, yet were made to look like total bitches.  This match is what’s wrong with WWE.  Yes, it’s great that Braun walked out as the #1 guy, but when it counts, he’s not going to get the Brock rub at Mania, so who gives a shit?  I wanted to love this, and I didn’t really enjoy it.  Yes, it totally kept my attention and kept me guessing, but this match did more harm than good in the grand scheme of things.

Rating: 5.8

  1.  What was the most logical booking of the night and most illogical?

Russ:  I think the most logical booking was having Baron go over The Miz.  Baron needed a rub and The Miz delivered it to him in spades.  I also want to say the way they treated Braun was smart.  I just know it won’t lead to anything great for him.  The most illogical had to be the traditional 5 on 5’s.  For the women I just don’t like how they treated Becky in the match.  As for the guys, I think it is obvious but allow me to explain.  I don’t understand why they had to showcase the old guys and the part-timers.  They could have had all the same stuff happen except have it happen in the beginning of the match and then let Joe, Finn, Shinsuke, Bobby, Braun show us what they can do in the end.  I don’t even know why Cena was apart of this.  Yes I know his name alone is a draw, but he added nothing to this match.    

Kent:  Logical was Baron, Uso’s, and Asuka all winning.  Illogical, the referee just allowing anything and everything to happen.  More importantly, the women’s 5 on 5 really bothered me with how Becky and Bayley were treated.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Match of the night:

Russ:  Going to have to give it the tag match.  I had the most fun just watching that one so I’ll give it to that.  

Kent:  Baron vs Miz, no doubt.

  1.  Worst Match of the night

Russ:  Women’s Champions match.  It was ok, but overall, the wrong person won and it was the match I paid the least amount of attention to.  

Kent:  Charlotte’s match for obvious reasons.  Fat Hardy vs Elias also deserves recognition but nobody knew about it and therefore, expectations were incredibly low.

Final Thoughts

Russ: The PPV wasn’t bad.  I actually paid attention to most of the matches and enjoyed them.  Nothing was spectacular, but the matches were decent throughout the night. Rating: 5.8

Kent:  4 above average matches is a success in my eyes.  See, I’m not always negative.

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2017 Survivor Series 9 Double Deuce Preview

Keri and Kent break down every match on the card for WWE’s Survivor Series.  We are both hoping to try to enjoy this.  The go home shows were not very good, but the build ups were decent, so we are torn.

The 9 – This is going by the card as of 4:15PM on Friday

  1.  Kickoff Show – 205 Championship match – Enzo Amore vs Kalisto

Keri:  I’m not invested in this match at all nor do I care about it happening. With that said though, Enzo is putting some eyeballs (not mine) on the 205 product and that hasn’t been done in over a year. So that’s good. I predict this match to be decent but nothing special.

Prediction: Enzo retains because the E wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds the division, would they?

Kent:  I am really pulling for Enzo.  For better or worse, he is the shining light in that division that is keeping it relevant and giving it shine on RAW>  You may hate that, but it’s the truth.  I also hope to see Drew cut a promo.  

Prediction: Enzo via Drew’s interference or distraction like the ref throwing Drew out

  1.  Women’s Champions Clash – Alexa Bliss vs Ric’s Untalented Daughter

Keri:  I’m going get booed by Kent for saying this but I like Charlotte and I’m genuinely happy that she won on Tuesday. With that said, this is the better matchup. No offense to Natty but she is not a draw nor was she strong enough to spar with Alexa. Did you see the Instagram or Twitter video promos between these two? They were very one sided and showed Natty’s shortcomings. Natty, while decent in the ring is just not that strong overall. This is why the change was made and Charlotte is in the match. That and Alexa said it perfectly after the change was made. She has beaten three out of the four horsewomen and its Charlotte’s turn now. The storyline fits and the match should be good as well.

Prediction: Alexa puts the final Horsewoman out to pasture.

Kent:  If I had to bet my life on this, and this is how serious I am, I would still pick Alexa.  I would rather die in that scenario than to live knowing that I owed my life to the lesser Flair.  I cannot stand this girl and how she is gifted so much is utterly absurd, and it’s cause Ric calls in favors.  That’s all this bull shit is.  The only realistic chance Alexa has is if it’s revealed that Shawn Michaels is her real life daddy.  Still, I would rather be dead wrong and stand firm on my morales.

Prediction: Alexa after Paige costs Charlotte the match

As an aside, I just finished watching the Ric Flair 30 for 30 on ESPN.  It was really well done and it makes it really hard for me to hate on Charlotte.  Come Sunday, I feel that I will be back to normal.

  1.  Terribly Predictable Match – Shield vs New Day

Keri:  I’m going to keep this short because we all know who’s winning this match. This has the potential of being match of the night provided the teams are given time to work. But alas….  

Prediction: The Shield wins because you will cheer Roman and like it.

Kent:  I hate to say this because I know that this match should be good, but I also know that I am going to hate the ending, so what is the point?  I am sick of the Shield.  I don’t even know how I would feel if they were heels  That’s where I am at.  The whole will they or won’t they touch butts, I mean fists, really soured me on this, and that sucks, it really sucks, but it’s the truth.  It was a nauseating story arc.  This one is a no brainer, and New Day has been cast as the villains in this. My hope is that they revert a bit to their heel ways once they realize the crowd is only 20% at most, behind them.

Prediction: The Shield, and fuck anybody rooting for the Shield.  You’re idiots.

  1.  Women’s 5 on 5 – Alicia, Asuka, Nia, Sasha, & Bayley vs Becky, Camella, Naomi, Tamina, & ? – Predict who the question mark is  (Update, the 5th member is Natty, but Keri and I already told you this a day early.)

Keri:  The only thing I will say on this match is Asuka better come out on top somehow. As I said on this week’s blog, there is no other option. If any other option occurs, then WWE proves what I’ve been saying for a few weeks now and why I’m no longer interested in watching its product. As for our mystery person. I’ve been missing Paige so I would like to see her. But at the end of the day, this should and will be Natty’s spot.

Prediction: RAW women win and Asuka continues to look unbeatable

Kent:  The question mark is incredibly easy actually.  That will be Natalya with a 5% chance of a surprise being Lana.  It’s not going to be Paige.  Paige would spice up that division, but even then, Natty deserves to have a match, so I think the bland answer is the right one here.  Paige needs to come to Smackdown and kill the untalented one and then work a great program with Becky.  That is something my clue would like to get behind.  Alllllright.  Oh yeah, the match, Asuka is winning.  That’s another reason to not bring back Paige.  That’s why I think people are idiots for predicting Paige.  Are they really going to bring her back to instantly job.  They would NEVER do that.  Hang on, I just got a phone call from Bray Wyatt.  Ohhhh, man, now I am worried it may be Paige.  Yikes.

Prediction: Asuka and Alicia win and Natty is the 5th member of Smackdown and I am also predicting that Bayley is taken out backstage by a mystery assailant.

  1.  1 of 2 good matches – The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Keri:  Lately, Twitter feuds have been knocking it out of the park. There is the one that I’m extremely interested in (and the reason I’m getting up at 3 am on January 4th ) and this one. I will talk this one though. This one was well done and got me excited about the match. This also has the potential of being a match of the night contender again provided both guys get the time to put in the work (something the E doesn’t like to do).

And my prediction is: Axel and Dallas get thrown around by Corbin and Corbin wins. See Kent there will be lackey tossing in this PPV after all.

Kent:  This has gotten no hype, no shine.  Baron and Miz had to do all the hype on Twitter, and kudos to them for still having me hooked.  I think the Miz juggled everything incredibly well and Baron had that nice feud with Sin Cara.  I really enjoyed how WWE didn’t WWE the hell out of this.  That leads me to believe that will be a solid match.  It’s also listed as the 7th most important match on the card, so there is that.  Still, 12 minutes would be perfect here.  I think Baron needs it more than Miz, but whiny Baron and cocky Miz are the best of both of their worlds.  That’s why I think WWE will WWE this outcome.

Prediction: Baron and I won’t be upset.

  1.  The other good match – Sheasaro vs The Uso’s

Keri:  So, this week ROH put on their Facebook page a throwback match between the Young Bucks and the Briscoes. It was a two out of three falls match and it was amazing to watch. You are probably asking why I’m bring this up and not talking about this match. Because it was one of the best damn tag team matches I ever watched. Now, here is why it relates to this match. This match has two of the best tag teams that WWE currently has on their roster and both can go.  I predict a good 20 minute match (provided the E doesn’t screw that up)  and this match will rival what I just watched. This will be match of the night (no probably about it) and will steal the show. This is honestly the one I’m looking forward to the most.

Prediction: The Usos

Kent:  I think this match may be great, but mentally, I have a roadblock.  The Uso’s wouldn’t attack Roman in the retaliation and that made them look like lil bitches.  On top of that, Sheasaro is only in this because Shield Reunion part 2 had to happen, so they needed New Day, a team that lost to the Uso’s, to get them into this match.  Nobody, and I mean nobody at WWE is thinking along these lines, and if they did, they would be fired.  But this is deeper psychology.  The thing that you have to understand is that WWE is trying to build up The Uso’s as the best tag team in WWE and Sheasaro losing will be meaningless.  That’s how you know who to back.  With that being said, it would be interesting if Smackdown lost all of their matches prior to the men’s 5 on 5 as the main event.  Damnit, i talked myself into it.

Prediction: Sheasaro

  1.  Men’s 5 on 5 – Kurt, HHH, Braun, Joe, & Finn vs Shane, Randy, Shinsuke, Bobby, & Cena

Keri:  This match is the sole reason why I no longer watch WWE. It has everything that I hate about the promotion right now. Part timers, the same old storylines, and lots of ego stroking. There is nothing going on in this match that interests me. Except maybe the potential of 5 minute mini-matches between Finn and Nakamura, Finn and Bobby, Bobby and Joe, or Joe and Nakamura. Honestly, there is the talent that should be put over in this match. Braun should also get a chance to shine in this match and he probably will to an extent. But at the end of the day, this is going to be the Triple H, Cena, Kurt, and Shane show. And that is why I no longer care about the product.

Prediction: Team Smackdown because there has to be a reason for Angle vs Triple H at Mania.

Kent:  OK, this is my theory that I trademarked Wednesday on the podcast.  Cena and Braun are going to eliminate each other because that gets both of the unstoppable guys removed from the match, and sets up a feud for when Cena turns his back on Smackdown again.  What a dick he is!!!  Kurt and HHH seem destined to screw each other over.  I think that leaves us with Finn and Joe vs the other 4.  This would make sense given the writing of the past 2 weeks.  It’s subtle, but it is actually well written.  I think that they mount a comeback and take out Randy, Shinsuke, and Bobby, leaving the spotlight and that young up and comer, Shane…..what’s his last name?  Eh, it can’t be THAT important.  I can see Shinsuke going for a big kick and taking out Randy for instance, and the confusion, Shin also eats a pin or maybe Randy retaliates with and RKO.  You can see that playing out where Randy gets pinned and Shin tells him that he’s sorry and they shake hands but Randy doesn’t let go and then RKO out of nowhere, so Randy can go back to what he is best at .  That’s how you eliminate them.  Bobby could really use the rub here, buT I don’t think they will give it to him.  This seems destined for Shane to be sole survivor and bragging until Daniel gives him the business.

Prediction: Shane is sole survivor

  1.  Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Keri:  I’m a firm believer that AJ Styles can get a good match out of anyone including Brock Lesnar. But the Brock Lesnar I’m referring to in this scenario is the Brock Lesnar of two years ago (think the Royal Rumble match with Cena and Rollins). The Brock Lesnar that we get today is the one that is there for the payday and nothing else. He hasn’t put on a good match in ages and just doesn’t have the endurance or desire to put on an AJ Styles caliber match. He will hit a few F5s and a few suplexses and in the end will win the match. Why you ask? Because of the money that WWE is paying him to be there. Brock is not the wrestler he once was and I don’t believe has the desire to be again. He knows he has the WWE wrapped around his finger and for that the rest of the talent has to suffer. With that said, I don’t expect this match to be anything special and I hate saying that about any AJ match.

Prediction: Brock will win because Vince needs to justify the big hit to his bank account.

Kent:  I know that a lot of you are talking yourselves into this match saying that AJ can’t have a bad match, unless Jinder is there.  You think, Brock can still go, and he may pull out moves since he’s working with the best in the business.  I get it, you are stupid.  It happens.  Brock ain’t pulling out 7 moves that are brawling tactics, suplexes, takedowns, and F5’s.  They have both wrestled in Japan, so expect multiple near falls.  Jinder will cost AJ this match.  That is inevitable and guaranteed and after gloating about costing AJ, he will get taken to Suplex City for his troubles and maybe Brock and AJ shake hands after.  Also, I think it is irresponsible of us to always blame Brock for his matches.  I feel that they are booked a certain way, and he likes that it doesn’t tear his body up, and if the boss is happy and his body is happy,

Prediction: Brrrrroccckk Lessssnar

  1.  Which match will main event?

Keri:  Men’s 5 on 5.

Kent:  Men’s 5 on 5 just because my theory of Smackdown losing every match until the main event to help inflate Shane’s ego seems like such a good way to keep the Daniel vs Shane feud going.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Which match are you most excited for?

Keri:  Usos vs Sheasaro.

Kent:  A trainwreck is still a trainwreck.  Men’s 5 on 5 will be a trainwreck and I will be sitting here with my popcorn.  

  1.  What do you think will be the worst of the 8 listed matches?

 Keri:  Both women’s matches.

Kent:  Women’s singles match.  The chemistry will not be very good.  Alexa needs time to get comfortable with her opponents.  That’s something that she is working on, but it is apparent anytime she faces somebody unfamiliar, or hasn’t wrestled against in a while.  Also, because of the dumbass.

  1.  Will Sami and KO do anything during Survivor Series?

Keri:  Nope. They are going to be in the back with the other deserving talent. You know Rusev, Gallows and Anderson, etc. You know the people that should be on the card..

Kent:  I would enjoy if they beat up Shane after the match, but I am in agreeance with Keri on the Nope and Rusev.

  1.  Pick another match to be on the pre-show.

Keri:  I have a wild idea. SamiKO vs Gallows and Anderson vs Rusev Day. That way we get those who should be on the card on the card even if it is the preshow. Sigh. Why am I going to watch this crap again?

Kent:  Cruiserweight 5 on 5 or G&A, Ginger Rhynos, & Elias vs Breezeango, The Ascension, & Rusev

Final Thoughts:

Keri:  This is going to be a trainwreck of a show but hopefully will have its good points. Maybe just maybe the WWE will win me back a little with some of the matches on this card. I doubt it but let’s be optimistic for once, shall we?

Kent:  I shit all over this show on the podcast, but the reality is, this should have some fun moments.  I love Survivor Series, and I am really going to try to take my smark glasses off and just enjoy the show and not be bitter for most of 4 hours until I hear a certain talentless hack’s music.  On the plus side, remember how awesome this team was?

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