American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:10 “Charles (Manson) in Charge”

Melanie and Kent are back to give their thoughts on this week’s 10th episode of AHS Cult.  We couldn’t be happier that Tuesday will be the season finale.  To celebrate, Melanie and Kent will be doing a podcast on Thursday.

  1.  What did you think of the opening segment?  That would be Kai with WInter and her 2 friends, political talk, the slap?

Melanie:  The slap was such an extreme response, but it started the acceptance of violence for Kai.

Kent:  From a guy’s perspective, this is the sort of thing that causes guys to be mean or disrespectful to women.  It’s not the norm, but when stuff like this happens, it really leaves a sour taste in a guy’s mouth.  Granted, he shouldn’t have slapped her, but she shouldn’t have antagonized and been so rude and disrespectful in the first place.  The whole cause and effect.  I think a bit of truth has been lost in today’s society that most violence is born out or rudeness, mean, disrespectful act.  The violent one is always the guilty one, but it typically only grows to that point because somebody else started the provocation, but then they become a victim, and that’s bullshit.

  1.  Did Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy) do more harm than good in her big feminist speech in the beginning?  Is she partly responsible for Kai’s demeanor and actions towards women?  Also, how great was that final showdown between Kai/Charles and Bebe?

Melanie:  Ugh, her character was the worst. She was a terrible anger management counselor. I actually laughed at the ending of the confrontation. I did appreciate Frances Conroy.

Kent:  Bebe was such a dumbass in thinking that Kai was the correct vessel to spread her hateful rhetoric.  She’s a big reason along with his parents and even the females that Winter associated with.  There’s a lot of guys out there with similar thoughts as Kai in regards to women, whether it’s spoken out loud or not, and probably there’s a lot of women that would love to see Bebe’s vision become a reality.  As far as the last showdown, I thought it was the highlight of the episode.  It was really fun and I always love Frances Conroy’s performances.  She is such a marvelous talent.

  1.  Did you enjoy Kai’s retelling of Charles Manson and the family?  Do you enjoy how they are re-using actors from the show in these backstories?

Melanie:  I did. Fast paced, lots of information. I like seeing the actors as other characters.

Kent:  This actually has been the saving grace of this season for me.  I adore the retellings with the same actors.  It’s charming, it’s witty, it’s something very Ryan Murphy.  For all the criticism that I launch his way, when he does nail something, it’s really fucking good.  This stuff is the funny things that have kept me going through this nonsense.

  1.  Has Kai lost his damn mind?

Melanie:  He lost his mind when he put his dead parents in a room and locked the door.

Kent:  I don’t think that he has lost his mind.  His actions are those of somebody being manipulated.  Simple as that.  This isn’t AHS Cult, it’s AHS Manipulation, but that doesn’t have as good of a sound.

  1.  We saw Susan paint “Pig” on the door which is a call back to previous seasons.  We also had Twisty.  Have there been any other obvious callbacks to other seasons?

Melanie:  The killing? I kid I kid.

Kent:  I haven’t gone online to check for other references to the past, but man, I feel at a total loss here.  I am sure I missed some, but I love the tiny callbacks to season’s past.

  1.  Were you sad to see Gary get got?

Melanie:  No, he was awful.

Kent:  Yes I certainly was.  As silly of a role as Gay had, I like Chaz as an actor and really loved his role this year.  His triumphant sawing off of his arm is definitely a cheesy highlight of the season.

  1.  Do you consider Winter a victim?

Melanie:  No. She was an active participant.

Kent:  No, I simply consider her weak minded and she got in too deep.  She got what she realistically deserved.  Not a victim in my mind.  Had she simply had some faith in herself, she would have been fine early on.

  1.  Why is Beverley so loyal to the cause….or is she?

Melanie:  She was, but when she saw it was anti women it was fuck no.

Kent:  I feel like I am wrong on Beverley every time I open my stupid mouth.  In my mind, I think that it could all just be a ploy, but then it will end up being that she is all in on this.  If I go the opposite way, it will be a ploy.  I am saying that she is in on the downfall of Kai along with Ally.

  1.  Is there anything that this show can do, in your estimation, that would prevent this season from being the worst one yet for AHS?

Melanie:  They could save it by showing the ending from Murder House. (Kent: Seriously, that would be amazing.  I would applaud this!)

Kent:  Aliens?  I’m kidding….kinda.   No, there’s nothing that’s going to prevent this from being the worst yet.  What’s done is done.  Give me 92 hot nude females in the season finale and I will rethink that.  The ball is in your court Murphy.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Make any bold predictions for the season finale.

Melanie:  They drink the koolaide. The end!!!!

Kent:  Beverley kills Ally in the end and comes off like the Kayser Soze of this whole thing.

  1.  What’s your favorite nickname of Kai’s followers?  There’s Speed Wagon, Sandstorm, Tripod, Pus Bucket, Heart Attack, Gutterball

Melanie:  Wine Guzzler is my fave, oh wait… (Kent: Is he the really jacked guy in the tank top?  He looks like a Wine Guzzler.)

Kent:  Gutterball is pretty great to me.  I know Speed Wagon is the fan favorite, and that’s why he gets his name said more frequently.  I I get it.

Were you Kentertained by this episode?

Melanie:  Not really…Manson retelling was pretty good.

Kent:  Sure, I liked the retelling of Manson, all of Bebe’s scenes, Gary’s death, Winter’s death, and the shaving scene.  More to like than dislike this episode.

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