Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Tomb of Annihilation

Hi folks, this is Kent.  I have bronchitis and nothing to really add to this poignant conversation this week.  So I’ll leave you with this song that reflects my feelings towards the Dark Sun Saga story.

Interlude: Good By Desert, Hello Jungle


Good afternoon lady and gentleman, to the millions of Plunderbund fan, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that last week’s chapter of Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium was the final in the Dark Sun saga.  The sad fact concerning Dungeons and Dragons campaigns is that the final boss is rarely a dragon, a lich, or a demon, but rather is time itself.  The vast majority of campaigns die soon after they begin for a variety of real world reasons.  Here, despite my best effort to keep the group together, various school and work obligations caused weekly turnout to tumble and I eventually had to pull the plug on that campaign.

While I will miss the Dark Sun campaign, as it was one of the best I’ve ever run, thanks to the efforts of one of our players we were able to form a new group and start a new campaign within a few weeks of the official Dark Sun group break-up.  Next week will be the official launch of our playthrough of the campaign module, Tomb of Annihilation, and I urge you all to tune in.  If you enjoyed the previous campaign, despite its abrupt end, I guarantee you will enjoy what we have in store for you.

 With that said, bellow you will find the character write-ups for the upcoming campaign.  You will notice they are not entirely uniform as they were written and submitted by the players themselves.  Thank you for your continued patronage of the Plunderbund, please refer us to your friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers.  Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of 9deuce.com for a number of blogs and podcasts covering professional wrestling, horror movies and television shows, and various other aspects of pop culture and entertainment.    


Tomb of Annihilation – Characters



Hertz Cunningham – True Neutral Variant Human


Background – Entertainer


Tempest Cleric of Talos


Faction – Zhentarim


The first 10 years of Hertz Cunningham’s life were rather uneventful.  Spent with his family in a small fishing village on the Sword Coast, he lived a humble but happy life.  That is, until, his small village was raided by slavers.

When all was said and done Hertz found himself on a slave ship, separated from his family and the other villagers.  To this day he doesn’t even know if his family survived the attack, as when he returned to the village many years later it had been razed and claimed by the sea.

Chained in the ship’s hold, Hertz had no idea how many days had passed when he heard the rumble of a storm off in the distance and the sounds of panicked sailors.  Within the next three hours, the ship was at the bottom of the sea, all the slavers had drowned (DM Note: or did they?), and Hertz was adrift on a plank of wood.  The next morning Hertz was picked up by a merchant vessel and brought to land.

With nowhere to go, Hertz took up with a minstrel troop and spent the next couple years learning to play the lute while studying the art of entertaining a crowd.  It was during this time that Hertz learned of Talos, the “evil” god of storms.  Despite the terrible things people would say about Talos, Hertz knew the truth, that Talos was simply misunderstood.  After all, it clearly was Talos that saved Hertz from being sold into slavery, it was Talos who punished the slavers by drowning them in the ocean, and it was Talos who provided the plank and sent the merchant vessel the next morning.

As Hertz continued to travel with the troupe, he also took up the study and worship of Talos.  When his studies were complete and his first spells granted, Hertz then made it his mission to spread the actual truth of Talos, namely, that he uses the power of the storms to enforce natural justice.  Talos is not evil, simply misunderstood.  Hertz would travel the land and revive the proper worship of the great god of storms.

Unfortunately, Hertz quickly found out that not only were people not open to his message, but Talos worship was actually hated and outlawed in many places.  This forced Hertz to adopt a new tactic.  Instead of worship in the classic sense, he put his entertainment background to good use and began putting on “revivals,” specifically, entertaining generic religious performances that referred to the gods in general but were seeded with Hertz’s beliefs.

And so, Hertz continues to travel and spread his knowledge about the True Talos.  Most recently, Hertz was approached by a mysterious stranger after one of the revivals.  The stranger said that he absolutely understood Hertz’s message, and that he too ascribed to such belief.  In fact, he was part of an organization that would be very interested in seeing Talos worship return, a group known as, the Zhentarim . . .



Ethelwynn “Ethyl” Devir of Mantol-Derith
Drow Wild Magic Sorcerer
170 lbs 5′ tall
156 years old

Concept: Anti-Drizzt
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Faction: Zhentarim
Background: Noble (Loyal Retainers)

domination of the surface world
apple pie
puppies (not to eat, but to cuddle)

“you can never aim too high when you’re reaching for your dreams”

“I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures (cake)”

“The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity”

Ethelwynn grew up in dark and treacherous Mantol-Derith, where she was a feared and respected member of one of the city’s foremost families.  As with many wealthy and successful families, however, Ethelwynn’s parents wanted her to have a decent drow upbringing and, recognizing her potential, turned her out of the city and told her never to return until she was at the head of an army: an army that House Devir would use to take control of Mantol-Derith once and for all.  While Ethelwynn knew that any drow worth her zhurkwood could bend an army of kuo-toa or perhaps derro to her will, she decided that you can never aim too high when you’re reaching for your dreams.  Therefore, at the ripe old age of 146, Lynn began planning her takeover of the entire surface world.

As happens with many imperialist invaders, Lynn has gone a bit native.  She’s also gotten a bit fat.  Always large for an elf, Lynn has gained so much weight feasting on the cakes and pies of the surface world that she has become morbidly obese (for an elf).  She now looks built more like a human merchant of Calimshan than one of the fair folk.  It was being mistaken for a Calimshanite that got Lynn her first real job: protecting caravans on the Black Road through Anauroch desert.  The troglodytic fools actually thought she was a desert dweller, and would be an ideal guide.  In truth, the desert sun was so harsh it nearly killed her, but the ease with which she dispatched the goblinoids that attacked the caravan left few doubts in the caravan master’s mind that Lynn was a capable sorcerer.  Soon, one successful mission led to another, which led to another, and bigger and richer cakes.

Lynn commands the services of three male drow servants of House Devir, who cook, clean, and attend to their Lady’s hygiene.  They are well supplied for the surface, and wear masks and loose fitting robes that cover their features (“As is the custom in Calimshan…”).  Nobody questions Lynn’s story that she is a disgraced Calimshite noble, mostly because nobody cares about Calimshan.

But this was the life of a servant!  Lynn soon met with the caravan master to complain, and he introduced her to the man that owned the Black Road.  He explained he was part of a network, a kind of family dedicated to amassing wealth, power and influence.  To Lynn, it sounded just like home: the Zhentarim were a drow House, except on the surface!  Finally, some surface dwellers that actually made sense when they talked!  The first step to taking over the surface world, Lynn would later write in her diary, is to subjugate the Zhentarim and take them over from the inside.

The Zhentarim, for their part, know that everyone had a price (DM’s Note: The Zhentarim were founded by “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase), and they soon discovered Lynn’s weakness for baked goods.  Thus, they keep her in a state of smug satisfaction: her gluttony supersedes her megalomania.  Discovering the party has snapped Lynn out of her complacency, however.  Maybe there is hope for her house yet?  If she can turn these surface world bumpkins to her side, then perhaps she can win back Lloth’s favor.  Well, maybe after one more helping…

Young Tempest – Chaotic Good Water Genasi


Background – Pirate

Monk (Way of the Open Hand)

Faction – Harpers


Young Tempest was a pirate.  We’ll get to the “was” part in a bit.  The “pirate” part of her life started, well, as far back as she can remember.  Was she born on a boat?  Was she a water elemental summoned by some desperate pirate during a fierce storm?  Or, more likely, was she just some urchin from Calimsham who put her natural skills to use boarding merchant vessels, knocking around hired thugs, and looting some booty?  At some point, Young Tempest has spun every possible tale about her origins, but honestly couldn’t tell you which one was closest to the truth.

But it doesn’t matter, because as a boatswain and occasional sea artist (that’s “navigator” to you landlubbers) on the Faerun’s Revenge, she found a family and, more importantly, a boatload of good fights.  (Get it?)  A self-taught pugilist, she prided herself on her unconventional fighting technique, based off an old, illustrated scroll she stole from an old man but never learned to read.  There was probably some deeper meaning, sure, but the pictures were cool and she was bustin’ heads.  (DM’s Note:  I’m pretty sure this was the plot to Kung-Fu Hustle)

This lasted until one day when Young Tempest boarded a ship carrying well-off civilians from the Sword Coast to Chult and came across a portly, middle-aged passenger who refused to make his belongings hers.  Mr. Fat, as she came to call him, moved faster and punched harder than anyone she knew, and after thoroughly trouncing her, offered to teach her–on one condition.  He told her to abandon her life of piracy and come work for him, instead, and his mysterious organization.

This is how one brash, loudmouthed pirate gave up a life terrorizing the high seas and became an apprentice monk in the service of the Harpers…



Xilix Andethia – High Elf 101 y/o Neutral Good


Faction – Emerald Enclave

Background – Sage


Xilix Andethia awoke in a crater on a hill outside of Evereska.  Around him, the ground was scorched, his robes had been all but burnt away, the hair on his head was gone in smoke (never to return), and his scalp, chest, and face were raw from burns.  His hands tingled.  He was 35.

His mentor, Thall, the elf who had instructed him in the ways of wizardry at his home, shown Xilix the intricacies of the science of magic, helped him to question, to understand, to conjure, who had all but raised him from a boy, laid next to him.  What was left of him, anyway.  His once strong body was torn asunder, his skin avulsed from the force of the blast; the talon he wore around his neck as a medallion, somehow unscathed, remains Xilix’s only tangible clue to his past.  In Thall’s honor, he keeps it with him at all times.

To this day, Xilix has no recollection of his accident, his parents, nor the level of power he truly wielded.  Only small fragments of memories which flash at him in his trances: Bright blue eyes with a comforting voice, studying stacks of books describing all manner of magic, healing the wounded after some accident (or was it a battle?), the smell of brimstone, of putridity, he remembered death.

For 25 years after the accident, Xilix tended the forests near his suspected home of Evereska, living as a recluse.  He found his way to the Emerald Enclave in this time; learning and honing survival skills, aiding those in need.  Until one night, a fever dream caused by some particularly rank mushrooms brought him a vision of Thall.

Xilix awoke with new purpose.  To regain his lost mastery of magic.  He began to study in earnest the science of the magic which permeates the world.  He studied healing to support himself, offensive techniques to defend himself, and has used magic to focus his curious and ever skeptical mind.  For over 40 years he has worked, he has not yet regained his lost power, but can taste the promise of renewed ability.  He leaves his home to discover what the world has to teach him and who he can help along the way.


Compassion – Tiefling Purple Dragon Knight

I’ve decided to do a fighter/purple dragon knight (at 3rd level anyway). Playing against type, he will be a lawful good tiefling Knight of Myth Danner hailing from a modest noble estate in the Cormyr farmlands. My character has adopted the “virtue” name of Compassion. While he holds his virtue name as his ideal, he occasionally struggles with temptation to utilize lawful evil approaches to helping the downtrodden when lawful good approaches fail due to his heritage. Still, he at ones and continues his attempts to live up to his virtue name.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 18 & 19, 2017 – First Time Ever Historic Announcements

Hi, this is Kent.  I hope that you really liked last week’s format because we are changing this up again.  You see, Russ and I have busies schedules as of late.  We have been in contact with our fans, and they are going to try to fill our roles in the blog.  Keri has no life, just a full time job and a full time student, so she has plenty of time.  She is now the new host of this blog and she will be asking 5 questions and a bonus one and our new guests, Anonyruss and Harper Lee will be answering them.  I will add stuff as I see fit, but this opens up some time, and Keri is a great host.  I am so proud of her.  So I hope that you enjoy.    We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

Also, Russ and I did a review for Clash of Champions.

2017 Clash of Champions Review

  1.  Monday night on RAW a historic announcement was made regarding the first-time ever Women’s Royal Rumble. Discuss this announcement and who you think will benefit the most from this match.

Anonyruss:  I have to give this props.  This is a big announcement.  Two Rumbles in one night is ok in my book.   I just hope that it’s an actual Royal Rumble and that it is over the top rope, not that second rope bullshit.  Can I just say how odd it was that the girls were brawling and when Steph’s music hit they all just stopped and acted like they were in trouble.  Then they all stood united behind her during the announcement.  I’m just saying that was odd and kind of stupid.  I definitely think this benefits Becky Lynch.  I’m not sure why, but I just feel WWE is finally going to give her that push we all know she deserves.  

Harper Lee:  My, oh my, was this something or was this SOMETHING?  It’s so amazing to watch these great female athletes shine week in and week out.  As Stephanie mentioned, it is truly breathtaking to see how far these ladies have come.    I have heard stories from my daddy about when there used to be mud wrasslin and bra and panties matches.  I’m still somewhat new to WWE, but these girls are freaking amazing!  I love Sasha Banks.  She is just too adorable.  I felt really empowered during this announcement.  I hope that WWE makes sure to let the fans know just how important this is.  And did you see how happy Nia was?  That girl is a true beauty and I think it’s so cute how she acts around Enzo.  I hope they do something with them on Total Divas.

Keri’s Verdict:  This was a historical announcement and it’s been a long time coming for the women. I agree with Harper and Anonyruss on that front. However, I have to award points now and I have to say that Anonyruss has a slight edge on this one because he mentioned by girl, Becky. So, one point for Anonyruss.


  1.  Hideo Itami and the Revival returned to Monday Night RAW this week. Discuss both returns and which one do you feel would have more of an impact moving forward.

Anonyruss:  This was a great surprise!  Hideo Itami is a fantastic wrestler and is really going to bring more viewers to 205.  I mean I may even watch his match on 205, that’s saying something.  I just hope he stops getting injured because he deserves a decent push.  As for The Revival, I’m glad they are back, but during their match last night I kept on thinking who is going to get injured this time?  They are getting over two big injuries and that has to be tough mentally.  Granted the injuries happened one to both men, but one right after the other to the team has really hurt them. Still their match against the Ginger Rhynos had some of their signature flavor and while this wasn’t their best work, I’m willing to let them get the ring rust off.  These guys will make a huge impact on the Tag division.  Which is great because it is in sorry shape, especially with Dean being injured!   

Harper Lee:  I don’t really know how to feel.  I don’t watch NXT, but I guess he came from there and was in a tag team with Finn.  Speaking of Finn, my goodness, does that man have some abs on him.  Ohhhh, I’m getting a little hot under the collar just thinking about him.  What was the question again?  Oh yeah, I have only seen The Revival in 3 or 4 matches.  I don’t get it.  They were naming off all of these names of past tag teams.  I watched it with my family and my daddy and my uncles were hootin and a hollerin about the Anderson and Rock N Roll Express.  I guess these guys must be great to get those kind of comparisons.  Still, Hideo helped FInn.  I can’t wait to see what his finishing move is.

Keri’s Verdict:  So, both individuals praised Itami and that was what I was going for on this question. Given the fact that I’m now a fan of the show Being the Elite, it feels weird to me to support the Revival. So, with that said and I hope our blog doesn’t get a cease and desist from the WWE stooge for me saying this but F**k the Revival. Now for my verdict, Harper mentioned Finn Balor’s abs and that will always give you a slight edge with me on anything. Therefore, one point for Harper. (Kent: Uhmmmm, excuse you.  Fuck the Revival?  We will be having words later.)


  1. Elias is the first participant announced for the 2018 Royal Rumble for the RAW brand. Discuss his chances.

Anonyruss:  I must have missed that part where he made this announcement, but that is neither here nor there.  He has about a snowball’s chance in hell to win this.  I like Elias he has a great gimmick, but he isn’t ready for the main event, not yet anyway.  I think he might get an elimination or two but I think that is the best we can hope for.  It would be great that when he comes out for the Rumble he takes a seat and plays us a song while everyone else wrestles in the ring.  Then the next guy comes out and drags him to the ring.  That’s wrestling gold!  

Harper Lee:  Now I don’t know about you folks, but where I come from, Elias’ music is really popular.  He has quite the singing voice, and yes, I do want to take a walk with Elias, only if he’ll sing to me though.  I like how’s dressed and he looked really good against Roman a couple of weeks ago.  My lil sister told me that Elias is an evil man, but can a man with those eyes truly be evil?  I asked my daddy to show me a Royal Rumble over the weekend.  He told me how great it was, and OMG, this is the single most epic match I have ever seen, I do declare.  It’s so exciting to see who comes out next.  It’s so unpredictable.  I don’t know how I am supposed to guess how Elias does when he’s facing 29 other boys.  I will say that he finishes in 6th place.  Do you get anything for 6th place?  Either way, I am so excited!!  🙂

Keri’s Verdict:  Elias has the makings of a main event star. But I agree with Anonyruss, it’s too soon. With that said though, I do like Harpers optimism about how he will do in the Rumble. If you look at performance on RAW the past few weeks, Elias should be in the top 10. Therefore, I think Harper is onto something here. Now for my verdict. This was a hard decision because each individual had what I was looking for in their response so both individuals get a point.


  1.  Ziggler won and then possibly relinquished the US title. What do you think this segment means for Ziggler and the title?

Anonyruss:  So,  I don’t think Ziggler actually relinquished the title.  I mean he could have, but just leaving out in the ring doesn’t exactly mean that he gave it up.  As for the whole segment.  I liked it!  Ziggler is awesome and he never gets the praise he deserves.  I’m glad he listed all of his accomplishments because we fans sometimes forget how good someone is based on current booking.  The pop Ziggler got when he cashed in his MitB briefcase was crazy.  We don’t get pops like that anymore.  The angle WWE is going for is definitely intriguing.  He goes out their and shows everyone why he deserved to be in the match.  He then won the match.  Instead of throwing it in the fans faces, which is typical WWE,  He decided to say screw the WWE universe I don’t need this.  Will we find out more next week?  I doubt it?  Next week is about as much of a throwaway week as you can get.  I expect to learn more once we are into the new year.  

Harper Lee:  I am so confused.  I started watching over the summer.  He feuded with Bobby Roode and then disappeared.  I thought this was just a loudmouth jerk.  I didn’t realize that he was a legitimate good wrestler with all of those titles.  I am so sad for him if this is it for him.  When I watched it, I screamed at the TV “Hey Dolph, you forgot your title!”  Then my brother, Eric, he swatted me upside the back of my head, which was VERY RUDE, Eric, since I know you are reading this.  Boy, my daddy ripped into him.  Took him right out back to our woodshed.  I think he had to chop some wood during commercial breaks.  Anyway, I don’t know.  Is Dolph really sad?  I want him to come back.  He was dating that really funny girl, Amy Schumer, and she is hilarious, so I want Dolph to do well.  I hope that he comes back to get the belt.  Wait, somebody moved the belt during commercial.  Who did it?  I hope that the Fashion Files can figure this out.

Keri’s Verdict:  Anonyruss again read my mind with his answer to this question which scares me a little. These were literally my thoughts except I heard Rihanna singing work, work, work in my head while I was thinking it. The point goes to Anonyruss.


  1.  Tag Team time. We had American Beta beat the champs. Rusev Claus ruin flapjacks but Rusev Day did not beat Santa’s flapjack loving elves (aka The New Day). Discuss all that was tag team this week on Smackdown.

Anonyruss:  If this week didn’t convince you that Smackdown’s tag division is the superior division in WWE then I don’t know what to tell you.  When a stupid holiday gimmick match is the most over thing on your product, you know that says something about the participants.  Rusev and Aiden were gold and they had the crowd eating out of their hands.  WWE will ruin Rusev Day soon enough, but I’m going to enjoy it while they are still technically the bad guys.  The New Day were no slouches either.  The costumes everyone wore were just the best!  Kofi Bread Man may have been my favorite, though Aiden Snowman was a close second.  The match itself was good fun.  Sure New Day won,  but the match as a whole was entertaining.  As for America Omega (they have earned my respect enough to stop calling them Beta.)  and The Uso’s match, I thought it was a great match.  Definitely like the chemistry these two teams have and Gable is a machine!  His rollover German Suplexes looked devastating.  I’m also shocked that they got a clean win over The Uso’s.  This match was my favorite of the week.  

Harper Lee:  I don’t know about you, but I kinda have a thing for Chad.  He is really good in the ring.  Maybe if you give him a haircut and I could give him my number.  My uncle was going on and on about how Shelton used to be on the world’s greatest tag team.  So I was like, okay, what were they called?  He says that they were the world’s greatest tag team.  I get that, but  he wouldn’t tell me their name.  SOmetimes my uncle is a jerk when he’s had too much shine.  If Naomi thinks that she has the GLOW, let me tell you, my Uncle has a GLOW on after a bottle of shine.  I don’t get why there’s a Rusev Day and a New Day.  We already have 7 days.  We don’t need 9….or do we?  But everyday is Rusev Day.  How would anybody know how to schedule appointments?  “Yeah, we’ll meet up with you next Rusev Day?”  That is so confusing!  I kinda like Rusev’s accent though and Aiden has a dreamy voice.  He can sing me to sleep any night…in my room.  I don’t understand why Big E wasn’t in the match, he seems to be the funniest one.  Come WWE, humor me!

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m in agreement with Anonyruss that American Beta deserves a name upgrade to American Omega. They looked great this week. As for Rusev Day and The New Day. I love both teams and the stuff that they are doing is pure magic. Ok verdict time, Anonyruss basically summed up all my thoughts for the week so I award him the point.


Bonus Question:  Time for Bonus Points. Dean Ambrose is legitimately injured. What does this mean for the Shield and the go forward plan for him and Seth? Rumor is he may miss Mania.

Anonyruss:  Well that sucked!  I saw the moment Dean got injured several times, thanks WWE replay, and I gotta say that was very fluke (ish)!  I am not sure how he injured it.  It looks like he runs into the camera after Seth dove, but Seth barely touched Dean.  Dean went flying back way more than would have been expected.  I wonder if he got his feet tangled up with another guy and just kind of tripped.  Anyway, that is bad timing.  Good thing The Revival is back, because RAW’s Tag division was in lots of trouble if Seth and Dean weren’t a part of it.  What does it mean for The Shield?  Well without Dean I guess we call them The Shld?  Seriously though,  Roman has a title to defend and with Johnny C. coming back next week, something tells me he will be occupied by him.  As for Seth… *sigh*  I guess he will drop down with Finn and have nothing to do.  That blows.  I hope Dean makes it back in time for Mainia, but all I’ve heard is that his surgery is this week and nothing else.  

Harper Lee:  Oh my God, does Renee know yet?  OMG, I feel so bad for whoever has to tell her.  I hope that they don’t show it on Total Divas.  OK, I kinda do hope they show it on Total Divas.  By the way, did you see that clip of Miz trying to get Maryse to eat meat?  That girl clearly is not from around here.  My Daddy cut us up a hog in August and it was sooo good.  I ate too much.  My parents insisted that I go on a diet until I can fit in my dress again for my special day.  Hopefully it doesn’t fall on Rusev Day.  Can you imagine the invitations?  I’ve been reading these blogs for a few weeks and I think that Kent will appreciate this.  I think that we may have to call Seth and Roman the Shel because they ain’t got no D!  Kent will get that one…I hope.  I tried.  Renee, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.  (Kent: I was Kentertained Harper!)

Keri’s Verdict:  This injury sucks big time for Dean and further depletes a very thin tag team division.  I agree with Anonyruss that it does nothing more than that. Roman still has the IC title to worry about and Seth well he has Jason Jordan and Samoa Joe to worry about or whatever. Harper mentioned Renee and out of the two people (her and Dean) that I can see going crazy during Dean’s rehabilitation period, it’s Renee. Dean is going to drive that poor girl nuts. Also, I like how she renamed the Shield. It was very creative. With that said, both receive a point.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  This time of year usually sucks for WWE.  They are in the Holiday lull, which usually means holding patterns on their stories.  You can see that with almost every story going on.  I mean look who was missing This week.  Bludgeon Bros / Breezdango /  Roman / Mojo and Zack / Corbin (ok he showed up but did nothing.) / Bobby and several others I don’t want to list out.  They all had stories rolling into this week and we are going to have to wait to see what happens with them.  However, I have to give WWE some credit this year.  Instead of making this a two week blow off fest they are keeping things fun and entertaining.  With fun matches and stupid gimmicks that aren’t groan inducing.  This is the first year in a long while that these two weeks don’t make me want to take a two week hiatus from WWE.  Now, I said it a week early so watch next week suck a big one.  

Harper Lee:  I am having such a good time doing this.  I can’t believe that Kent is letting me do this.  You guys are fun.  I think that this is going to be really fun, especially once I’m off of this diet.  I can’t wait for the Royal Rumble.  I’m picking Sami Zayn to win if he’s in it!  I know that this blog doesn’t cover 205 Live, but I watched it Tuesday and it was really good.  I highly recommend it to anybody who wants good stories and wrestling.  This week was super fun.  The opening match and final match were really good.

Keri: All and all this was a really good week. I’m excited about the Women’s Royal Rumble match. I think it’s a long time coming honestly. There were good matches and we saw Rusev Claus. WWE did not disappoint me this week. Good job! Oh and your winner for this week is ……..Anonyruss.

Kent: Hey, I found 2 links that I wanted to share with you.  One if a funny video with Braun as an Elf and then the second is WWE’s list of top 25 matches of 2017.  Man, I bet that’s an upcoming blog for us.



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2017 Clash of Champions Review

Russ and Kent have seen the Clash of Champions, and now they insist upon talking about it.

The 9

  1.  Mojo Rawley def Zack Ryder

Russ:  I enjoyed this match.  It wasn’t great, but at least I could say I was entertained.  The story is about 5 months too late, but I want to see where they take Mojo from here.  Hopefully to some kind of midcard push. Rating: 4.2  

Kent:  I admit that Mojo showed me some stuff in this match.  This was better than I anticipated, but Mojo went over.  I’m not sure if I see him getting any kind of push, but it was a fine showcase.

Rating: 3.7 I anticipated in the 2 range.

  1.  Dolph Ziggler def Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode to become the NEW US Champ

Russ:  I always love seeing Bobby come out to Glorious and tonight was no exception.  I know Dolph comes out to no music now, but this time it felt like a real wrench in the machine.  The crowd and everything just stopped and for what felt like 10 minutes it was silent.  The match itself was fast paced and well done.  Several believable nearfalls made this exciting toward the end. I am concerned with Bobby and his role in the WWE.  He looked good in this match, but I felt like he was way too overshadowed by the other two.  He really needs a breakout match.  Rating: 6  

Kent:  Well, I don’t recommend that you read our preview because it makes Keri and to a lesser extent, me, look like a damn fool.  Mainly Keri….yeah.  Under the bus you go.    This was a solid match.  I think including Dolph was the right call.  Bobby never felt like he got going in this one which is a problem.  I am worried that Smackdown isn’t right for him.  Hell, I’m not even mad that Baron jobbed and lost his belt to Dolph because it works and adds to the story.

Rating: 5.4 seems fair.  I liked it enough

  1.  The Uso’s def New Day, Rusev Day, & American Omega to retain their tag belts

Russ:  Top to bottom this was the best match of the night.  The highlight of the night was the 12 days of Rusev.  The crowd ate it up!  I hate to say this, but it won’t be long before Rusev Day goes face.  I mean I’m glad for Rusev.  It will be nice to have him be something else other than a foreign heel.  As for the match.  This was chaotic and fun.  Each team came off this match either looking better or at least maintaining form.  Rating:  6.8 (full point for the 12 days of Rusev.)  

Kent:  Thank you WWE for finally giving us the full 12 Days of Rusev song.  That was the high point of my night, no doubt about it.  The Uso’s mic work was solid too, but my god, Rusev Day is way more over than I thought they would get.  I was way off the mark.  What I loved about this match is that The Uso’s and New Day didn’t get a ton of offense in, it was more dispersed toward Rusev Day and American Omega, but not overwhelmingly so.  It wasn’t one of those Cena/Roman matches where he gets his ass kicked all match and then boom, finisher and end of match.  Chad, Shelton, Rusev, and Aiden all looked great in their own way.  I thoroughly enjoyed this match, and I liked having 4 guys in at once.  Way more Kentertaining!

Rating: 6.4 I had a lot of fun with this.  I doubt it’s a terribly memorable match though to put things in proper perspective.  

  1.  Charlotte def Natty to retain her belt….BOOOOOOOO

Russ: I was in and out of this match.  So take my rating with a grain of salt.  The match was ok.  That is the best I can come up with.  The lumberjacks (excuse me Lumberjills) part of this was just so useless.  Even more so the whole match felt slow paced. I had a hard time paying attention to this match and at times left the room all together not caring at all about how the match would go.  Rating: 3    (Kent: I have to rant.  Fuck saying Lumberjills.  It’s just lumberjack.  When a female uses a car jack, does it suddenly become a car jill?  No!  Why is that?  Because it’s f’n stupid to create new gender specific terms.  If you were looking for something PC, go fuck F yourself.)

Kent:  I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh boy, here comes Kent to shit all over a Charlotte match once again.”  Well, you would be correct.  I just got done making fun of the John Cena booking and what do we over here (in my best Enzo voice)?  Was Charlotte in control for more than 2 minutes of this match?  No?  Was this all just an excuse to get all of the women on and show off SuperCharlotte?  Yup!  This was such a shitty match.  This would be bad on an episode of Smackdown, but on PPV.  Fuck this.  The only time I felt a slight twinge in my man region was when Carmella briefly considered cashing in MitB.  Like this match was Natty do a few blah moves, toss Charlotte outside, Charlotte gets beat up and thrown back in, rinse and repeat 8 more times.  Who booked this shit?  Both women are very capable of having a much better match.  This is on booking and not the women.

Rating: 1.5 because of Carmella’s fine ass.

  1.  Bludgeon Brothers def Breezedango

Russ:  About the only thing I have to say about this match was that I’m glad the Bludgeon Bros. won!  I was hoping this match would be more than a squash match considering how over Breezedango is.  However, WWE seems to think of them as humorous jobbers. All the points earned in this match are given to the fact that Harper has a win on a PPV.  No matter how bad the match was at least Harper has a win!   Rating: 3.3

Kent:  How does a match that spends more time on entrances than it does on match fair compared to the last putrid pile of garbage?  Well, better, that’s for sure.  There was nothing great or ground breaking, and I’m still pissed how they F’d over the Fashion Files this week.  With that being said, this match was too short to be offensive.  I loved it!

Rating: 3.3 The match knew who it was and what it wanted to do and they went in and did it precise and I thank them.  I can’t go higher because of match length.

  1.  SamiKO def ShinsuRKO

Russ:   If we look at the match by itself in a void this was just an adequate match.  All the performers are what I would consider top tier guys.  I have certain expectation from these guys.  They barely delivered.  Again that was just looking at the match.  If you include everything that was involved, then this match was very entertaining.  The goal here was to finish telling the story of if SamiKO being fired or not.  They did that, but they also added new wrinkles to the story.  This was a well told story in the ring that made me want to see what will happen next.  Mission accomplished in that regard.  I just never felt like SamiKO could lose their jobs and no amount of nearfalls accomplished that feat for me.  Still I won’t complain. I can’t wait to see what happens on Smackdown.  Rating: 6.2   

Kent:  Another very solid match, historic according to WWE.  Well it only took a few minutes for Shane’s wireless transmitter to break on him, so he was clueless a good chunk of the match, so he was more useless than normal.  Daniel did a great job.  I thought Orton shined bright tonight in his role.  I was wrong about the outcome and i’m not remotely upset.  My idea added a bit more longevity to this story, in my opinion, but this was fine.  This was enjoyable and the story kept it flowing properly.  Byron Saxton was not good on commentary.  I applaud the effort, but he is getting his ass handed to him by Corey.

Rating:  6.4 Because this is somewhat memorable and the action was good.  I loved that Sami cleared out the tablet at the last moment before KO crashed.  

  1.  AJ Styles def Jinder Mahal to retain the blue belt

Russ:  I enjoyed this match.  Both guys put in effort and the result was good.  Unfortunately, good isn’t good enough to redeem Jinder.  He held the belt for approximately 6 months and in that time his feuds have been horrendous.  I can forgive that because that’s the fault of creative.  While the feuds have been bad the wrestling was actually worse.  This is Jinder’s fault.  The stories may be bad, but you can still put on a decent match.  When the stories are bad and the matches are bad, then we are all in for a bad time.  As a result, this tarnished Jinder’s reign in my eyes (and I’m pretty sure the majority of other fans eyes too I suspect.)  Back to the match.  This was the best I’ve seen Jinder…ever!  I hope his time at the top has taught him a few things and maybe he can build himself up to be a better opponent.  As for AJ.  Well I hope he can now become a main focus on Smackdown.  The belt has been a non priority for WWE this year and that sucks!  With AJ holding it and no longer having to worry about a rematch with Jinder we can look to bigger and better things.  Rating: 5.2

Kent:  Even when Jinder is interesting, he’s still boring as fuck.  Worst champ of the past 10 years and nobody is going to change my mind.  They both tried, and they told a good story.  Jinder just lacks the charisma to make me care.  Also, the refs.  When the Singh Bros pull out Jinder, you DQ them or at the very least send them to the back.  They are booking refs awfully lately.  

Rating: 2.5 Mainly because they really tried, but I could not stay focused to give 2 fucks about it.  Compared to the women, this was a match of the year candidate though, so there is that.

  1.  Performer of the night?

Russ:  I’m going to go with AJ Styles here.  AJ always delivers big matches against all opponents.  Tonight was no exception.  It is an even bigger feat when you consider he is the only person to squeeze a good match out of Jinder.  Anyone who can accomplish that is definitely the performer of the night in my eyes.  However, a damn close second was Aiden English! Come on! 12 Days of Rusev!  I want that shirt!  

Kent:  Tough one.  I assume Russ will take Aiden, even if I say Aiden, he would not both trying to pick someone else, so fuck it, I’m going with Chad Gable.  Just imagine him shaving his head and he’d look like Kurt.  God, they royally fucked that up.  Chad better have a nice title run over the next year.  This dude is money.  Shelton still has it.  Rusev was working the crowd better than ever.  I will critique Aiden here mainly because I assume Russ chose him.  Early in the match, one of the Uso’s went to do a dive on Aiden and I wanna say Big E.  Aiden didn’t continue swatting or punching Big E.  He just stopped and watched for what seemed like 3-4 seconds as the Uso bounced off the rope and dove.  I applaud being safe, but that was really bad.  Something he needs to work on if he’s going to be a tag guy for awhile.

  1.  Best match of the night?

Russ:  Well, I already said that the Tag Championship was the best match from top to bottom for me.  So I will stick with that.  

Kent:  In my mind, there are 2 matches that I had rated the same.  The questions is simple   Do you value a bunch of guys all showcasing their moves and having a high paced match with no real down time, or do you prefer coherent storytelling with some good moves and a big spot?  I will always take story over spot monkeys.  The tag match at times did devolve into spot monkey syndrome, albeit very good.  If people prefer the tag match, you care more about in ring and moves.  If you prefer the SamiKO match, you prefer a well told story.  If you preferred the Charlotte match, you are mildly retarded.  I don’t even know how you’re reading this.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Worst match of the night?

Russ:  Well based on score it is the Women’s Championship.  Based on personal feelings it was the Women’s Championship.  Seems like to me we have a consensus here.  The match was poor!  

Kent:  I feel like I could really break this match down to tell all of the points in which this match was absolute shit, but if you saw it, you know it was shit.  If you didn’t see it, you’re reading this and thinking “Hot damn!  I am so glad that I didn’t see that.”  

  1.  Who does AJ Styles feud with next?

Russ:  I think AJ is going to feud with SamiKO.  I think it’s time that the WWE champion is in the best story going.  I’m ready.  

Kent:  This is a tough one.  I think it’s going to be Baron.  They could get SamiKO involved, but it would have to mainly be Sami.  Still, that’s a good story, no sense in combining your best belt with this story yet, in my opinion.  That also takes Randy out.  Shinsuke seems likely to be AJ’s Mania opponent, so no to him.  That realistically leaves Baron or Bobby.  Bobby is not doing so well, so maybe this feud with Dolph could help.  Losing to AJ wouldn’t help at this time.  He needs some wins before AJ makes sense.  Baron is the only other guy with enough credibility to step up because Jinder should be finished.  Baron is good enough to face AJ at Rumble and Fast Lane and then slide down the card for Mania season.  Him and AJ have great chemistry and it doesn’t affect the SamiKO vs Shane story.  That’s what is key.  Baron is a loner, so he should stay far away from that.

Final Thoughts

Russ: This PPV was just a shade above adequate.  The wrestling wasn’t memorable, but nothing stank out loud.  In fact two of the matches were lots of fun.  The build up to this PPV was terrible and the WWE Championship was an afterthought.  I hope with AJ steering the ship and past the Jinder Hindered waters we can now make it a priority again WWE.  

Kent:  This was a mediocre PPV.  The lows were really low, the top male and female championship matches were the 2 worst in my opinion, especially when you consider time allotted and story heading in.  The Hype Bros and Bludgeon Bros stuff wasn’t bad, but nothing memorable, just filler.  The US match was good, but could have used 5 more minutes.  That’s something right there that pisses me off.  They spent so much time on random bullshit and ended early.  Why could this match have been given 5 more minutes?  It’s the one match that could have benefited most from it, especially Bobby. The night will be remembered for Sami winning, Dolph Winning, and Rusev Day getting over.  Not bad, but like way too many PPV’s this year, this was one that you could see all that you wanted to see in under an hour.  That’s not good.  Also, Renee’s outfit was not good.  I love Renee, but damn!


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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Sixteen

This week, we get to read about prostitutes.  Seriously, if that isn’t enough to get your attention, then I am doing a terrible job at this…..which I probably am.  Still, it’s an excuse to play this video on the cusp of Christmas.  I am sure that most, if not all of you are unfamiliar with this song, but I do urge you to give it a listen the whole way through.  This is a cover of a Tom Waites song, but I prefer this version, I think.  Merry Christmas and keep the change you filthy animals.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 16


The group returned to giant island where they again ate and drank their fill while regaling Rarbo and his wife Zaldurxa with the tale of how they rid Sand Witch Island of the undead pit by destroying the necromantic orb.  At the end of the tail Rarbo stated that the group did indeed fulfil the terms of their agreement and that he would carry them to the shore in the morning if that was their wish.  However, he noted that the Sand Witch remained a threat and asked if they wanted to battle her before leaving the island.  The group discussed and decided to leave in the morning, the Sand Witch would be an enemy for another day.

In the morning, the party took extra supplies provided by Rarbo and then stepped into his good carrying net.  After about an hour of walking Rarbo reached the shore.  Again, Rarbo advised the group that the Sand Witch would be looking for them and they should avoid the Sea of Silt for now, less their silt skimmer be dragged down once again.

After being left to their own devices, the group discussed their next plan of action.  They decided to head north-east along coast until they hit the town of Samarah.  Further, they also decided to wait until nightfall to travel.

That night, as they traveled, an eclipse darkened one of Athas’ two moons.  Ilana recalled the myth that when there is an eclipse of one of the moons, it means a Sorcerer King is using powerful scrying magics in an attempt to locate an individual.  The group’s mood sobered up real quick after that revelation.

About an hour of travel later, the party head the screams of a woman just north of them in the desert.  Worried it was a woman in distress, Darkius volunteered the party to go rescue her.  They soon found a woman dressed in middle-class clothes in the Tyr style.  Upon meeting up with the group she begged them for help.  The woman introduced herself as Kethra Nuv, citizen of Tyr.  According to her, she had gone to bed at her home in Tyr the night before, and when she awoke, she was on a stone alter and surrounded by cultists who appeared ready to sacrifice her to one of the elements.  Luckily, she was able to slip out of her bonds and run from the cave where she was being held.

The party was warry of this story at first, as they were currently hundreds of miles to the east of Tyr, however, she seemed sincere, and she begged the party to find a way to get her home.  Ilana speculated that the cult may have used teleportation magic to get her across the map.

Traveling in the direction from which Kethra was running, the party soon came upon the cave and saw two guards.  Using his psionic powers, Pane-Pane easily tricked one guard into investigating the desert (DM Note: he was eventually eaten by a wandering monster), and the party quickly and quietly dispatched the other guard.

Stealthing into the cave, the party soon came upon a priest of the element of fire berating his subordinates for letting the sacrifice get away.  While the priest was distracted, Darkius cast Silence on the priest, preventing him from casting any spells.  Alexa then proceeded to go to town on the priest and his guards, not stopping until all that was left was blood and cultist chunks.

As there was no one left to interrogate, the party searched the room for any sign as to how they brought Kethra from Tyr.  Ilana soon found runes drawn onto the back wall.  After studying for a bit, Ilana was able to figure out how to operate the portal.  They escorted Kethra through the portal and found that they were in Under Tyr.  Upon bringing her to the service, Kethra thanked them for their help and said she could find her way home from here.

While the party planned to go back through the portal, Pane-pan insisted that they stay as this put them relatively close to the Temple of the Sky Serpent, where the ghost of Far Misc awaited him.  After much cajoling, the party agreed to stay.

As it was now morning in Tyr, the group decided this would be a good time to unload their goods in the Elven Market.  Not knowing where the eleven market was located, they hired a local peasant boy, Abu, to navigate them through the Warrens, the poorest and most dangerous part of Tyr.  While the group tried to undercut Abu at first, upon reaching a rickety old bridge, Abu asked if the group was sure that they didn’t want to pay more.  Relenting, group ponied up, at which point Abu told the eleven brigands hiding under the bridge that these guys were cool and not to rob them.

Wandering through the market, the adventurers were able to sell the items they looted from the undead pit.  They also learned an interesting bit of gossip after selling one of the cult items they had just looted the evening before.  Specifically, there were rumors of cult activity at the Blacksun Villa, the home of the Shahram noble family, however, there was not enough hard evidence for the templars to investigate.  Darkius became determined to find out the truth of the matter.  They also learned that a good place to buy and sell weapons would be at Grik’s Weapons Emporium in the Caravan District.

Wanting to find Far Misc as soon as possible, Pane-Pan asked the group to travel with him to the Merchant District to see if any merchant houses would be sending a caravan to the Forest Ridge in the near future.  Soon after arriving and asking around, they found that a Dr. Livingslate was looking for a caravan to take him to the Temple of the Sky Serpent.  Unfortunately, despite his willingness to pay, none of the merchant houses wanted to risk antagonizing the local halfling tribes.

When the group tracked down Dr. Livingslate, he agreed to pay each party member 10 gold if they would accompany him to the temple, assist in his research, and then escort him back.  It was anticipated the expedition would take approximately 2 months.  The good doctor told the party that it would take him two weeks to acquire everything needed for the journey.

With two weeks to kill, the group headed to Grik’s Weapons Emporium.  Before the party could even begin negotiations, Grik became starstruck by Alexa.  He then offered free weapons and armor for the party, emblazoned with Grik’s crest, if they agreed to fight in the next day’s gladiator games and advertise Grik’s store.  Alexa enthusiastically agreed.

With no other plans for the day, Pane-Pan asked around for the best Thri-Kreen prostitute and was directed to Altsey, who worked at the Funky Ambush Drake whore house in the Warrens.  The party headed over, at which point Pane-Pan spent the night with Altsey, Darkius spent the night preaching to the prostitutes, Alexa drank, and Ilana . . . did magic things.

In the morning the party headed to the area.  As their fight was scheduled for the end of the day, they were invited into the social medial lounge to give an interview.  After giving the most boring interview ever, they remembered to pimp out Grik’s store in the end.

As the sun began to set the group took their places in the arena as the last battle of the day.  As Alexa had spoken with the master of games earlier, she had chosen for the party to face a deadly beast in combat rather than other armed gladiators.  The beast that was brought before them was a Dune Reaper, a creature made of pincers and deadly psionic power.  While the fight was tough, the party emerged victorious, with Pane-Pan allowing Alexa to have the killing blow.  It was then announced that while they had won a purse of 10,000 Tyr ceramic pieces, they could compete next week and win up to four times their money.  Greedy and overconfident as ever, the party jumped on the opportunity.

Not wanting to rest while cult activity was afoot, Darkius recruited the group to help with his investigations into the Shahram noble family.  After dodging a patrol of the noble’s private military force, the party entered the noble district and located what appeared to be an abandoned house.  They set up shop and decided that Pane-Pan would scout out the Blacksun Villa, the ballroom in particular.  Ilana cast Invisibility on Pane-Pan, which would give him 15 minutes to reach the villa, 30 minutes to scout, and 15 minutes to return before the spell wore off.

Heading to the villa, Pane-Pan soon heard the sounds of loud music and revelry.  Apparently, the Shahram’s were having a party this very night.  As Pane-Pan approached, he saw guards wearing clothes similar to what the fire cultists they had previously encountered wore.  After a few minutes of observation, the windows suddenly turned black, and the outside revelrers were instructed to enter the ballroom for the evening’s main event.  Pane-Pan deftly snuck in behind the last party-goer.

Upon entering the ballroom the invisible Pane-Pan found himself in the middle of an “Eyes Wide Shut Party.”  At the other end of the long ballroom, sitting on a stone throne, was Lady Allysa Shahram, head of the Shahram noble family.  Nearby were three stone alters similar to the alter found within the cave during the party’s last encounter with the cultists.  Lady Allysa asked who came before her this evening and a hush fell over the crowed.  Three siblings, who introduced themselves as Kir, Idel, and Nua Balmado introduced themselves.  Lady Allysa stated that she was made aware of the fact that the Balmado noble family, known for having many powerful templars, had hit very difficult financial times ever since King Kalak had been killed and the templars had lost their powers.

Noting that she had received a substantial sum of money from the Balmado’s, the last of the family fortune in fact, Lady Allysa asked the siblings if they had the “other” form of necessary payment.  With that the siblings had brought out three naked individuals, two men and a woman.  Kir Blamado informed Lady Allysa that the three were former slaves who worked on the Balmado plantation.  The three individuals were tied down to the three alters and Lady Allysa began casting a clerical spell.  At the completion of the spell, three vaguely humanoid fire elementals were summoned.  The three elementals appeared to attempt to mate with the bound slaves, which resulted in a quick immolation of the former slaves.  As the slaves merged with the elementals, three energy blobs formed that each flew toward one of the Balmados.  As the energy blobs entered the bodies of each of the Balmados, they appeared to be infused with fire elemental power.

With Lady Allysa’s subsequent announcement that the ceremony was complete, the darkness dissipated from the windows and the party recommenced.  Pane-Pan retreated to the upper balcony level of the ballroom, found a good hiding place, and then proceeded to use his mental powers to force a guest to divulge when the next sacrifice party would be taking place.  He learned from a particularly drunk partygoer that the next party would be in a week after the next gladiator games.  Unfortunately, using his mental powers caused the invisibility spell to break and Pane-Pan would be seen if he left his hiding spot.

After psychically messaging Darkius, the pair decided that Pane-Pan needed to get some evidence about what had happened that evening.  Pane-Pan reported that there was ash left over on the alters from the sacrificial ceremony, and Darkius suspected that the ash would be infused with elemental magic.  After debating the best course of action, they decided that Pane-Pan would wait until everyone had passed out from either drunkenness and/or vigorous lovemaking and then grab some ash and leave.

After about three hours had passed, everyone except for one guard had either left or passed out.  Clouding the guard’s mind with his mental powers, Pane-Pan convinced the guard to leave the ballroom and to check on Lady Allysa.  From there Pane-Pan was easily able to sneak over to the alter, take some elemental ash, and return to the party’s new home base in the noble district.

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9 Deuce Horror Presents: A Christmas Horror Story & Krampus

For the holiday season, the 9 Deuce Horror Group wanted to tackle some festive horror films, so we went with these.  I want to thank Kristi, Chris, and Melanie for taking the time to answer these questions.  Next week, we will be discussing the first 2 Home Alone films, ya know, the good ones.  Please enjoy.

The 9

A Christmas Horror Story (2015) – Let’s start by going over each of the 4 stories in this one.  Please give us your thoughts and in the end if you liked it or not.

  1.  The Student Documentary Story

Kristi:  I didn’t care for this storyline. It didn’t really flow with the others. I liked the few jump moments but all in all, I would have like to see more of the Krampus events.

Chris:  Pretty much creepy as fuck if you think about it: ghost possesses chick to rape dudes to have a baby. On the other hand the worst acted story.

Melanie:  I thought it was ok. Over acted, but not horrible. It has been done a lot before.

Kent:  This one didn’t quite fit in with the others thematically, in my opinion. It wasn’t bad, but for this film, it was probably my least favorite.  The first time I saw it, I didn’t enjoy it that much, but upon a second viewing, it did grow on me.  We don’t get enough dudes getting raped in films by chicks, so kudos for them for doing that!  This may actually be the “scariest” of the 4. The girl’s nose ring was terrible and I felt the need to acknowledge this.  I liked that the ghost allowed Molly to leave.  That was better than her getting killed, for story purposes.


  1.  Family Getting Their Christmas Tree Story

Kristi:  I enjoyed this. The Changeling was a good added element. That kid was creepy as hell and thought he did a good job. I was a little bummed that their keeper was killed though.

Chris:  Wow. Pretty creepy as well. The changeling idea wasn’t done as well as say, the Hallow, but it did grope mom’s boobs. Like Kristi said the kid did a really good job of being creepy.

Melanie:  This wasn’t too bad as well. Although it had a new twist, it was still predictable.

Kent:  Scott, the father, was probably my favorite character of this.  Of course, he also gets got.  I did feel a big of pity for Big Earl, mainly because he was the fattest guy in the film.  For a short story, they did about as good as they could with the story.  With more time, they could have delved deeped, but that may have also been boring by the end.  It was the right amount of creepy and it fit the vibe better than the first story.  While I thought the mom did good, I would have liked to see how Michonne from TWD would have done in that role.


  1.  Krampus Story

Chris:  Probably the best acted of the 4 stories. Definitely the most graphic. Krampus reminded me of someone I might see in one of your wrestling blogs, but otherwise not bad. Also we get a second of Julian Richings, another horror movie mainstay, so kudos.

Melanie:  This wasn’t bad. The church scene was gross.

Kent:  This has Amy Forsythe as Caprice, the daughter.  Amy was the lead star in this past season’s Channel Zero, so in case she looked familiar, there you go.  This is my favorite one.  This was a great combination of good acting, good story, a bloody good time, even a laugh or 2, plus German people!  That church scene…..yeah, I liked it obviously.  


  1.  Santa Slays Elves Story

Kristi:  This was my favorite! I love their choice in the way they represented Santa and the elves. It was more realistic and not so holly jolly Santa. The twist at the end was pretty epic. I did not see it coming at all. This made the movie for me.

Chris:  I liked Santa. I liked Mrs. Klaus. I liked the north pole, and the workshop, and the twist. I hated the elves. Annoying as hell. I like my zombies silent. But the dichotomy of people talking like that mixed with Santa is something you don’t see, usually reserved for Billy Bob Thornton. Again the twist at the end was a pretty cool payoff.

Melanie:  I love this! Santa as a whole badass is very cool. Elves as zombies was neat as well.

Kent:  I’m a tad surprised that this hasn’t been it’s own film prior to this.  You can see this as it’s own feature length with some tweaks, but I loved this.  It was the most Kentertaining of the 4 no doubt, and was the smart choice to leave a good taste in the viewer’s mouth.  Super fun stuff that left a big smile on my face.  I was hoping that Santa was pro-wrestler Goldberg, but he already did Santa’s Slay in 2005. The lady who played Marta Clause is Debra McCabe and is really beautiful and was in Saw III.  The end twist was totally worth it and well done.  Also, the dude who played Santa did the voice of Beast in the 90’s FOX animated version of XMen.  I am dropping so much knowledge on you today.


  1.  Which character(s) stood out for you?

Kristi:  Santa was my favorite in the film. He is just a badass santa and that pleases me.

Chris:  William Shatner hammed the shit out of it. What that guy will do for a paycheck. But seriously, he was pretty good.

Melanie:  Bad ass Santa was amazeballs, but the ending was crazy and ruined bad ass Santa for me.

Kent:  I really loved Aunt Edda in the Krampus story.  I thought that Molly did good, despite her nose ring.  Also, major props to Jingles the elf.  


  1.  Was A Christmas Horror Story better than you anticipated?

Kristi:  Absolutely! It has become one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Chris:  It was but that’s not saying it was high brow entertainment. Looking at the Cover Art would have made me guess a 3~4. It probably turned out to be a 6~7, so solid B movie territory.

Melanie:  It wasn’t horrible. Horror is not my genre, but my stress about Christmas lead me to enjoy it.

Kent:  I still don’t own it, but I will soon.  It’s really one of my favorite recent horror films, especially anthology horror.  This is still better than most of the horror films that hit the theater.


Krampus (2015) (Kent: It should be noted that Melanie didn’t see this, so she kept answering using the material from the last film, just in case there is any confusion.)

  1.  What was the funniest scene in the film?

Kristi:  When the dog ate the gingerbread man. That definitely made me giggle. I know, you are shocked I picked a dog scene.

Chris:  Maybe it was just me but a lot of the humor in Krampus didn’t land for me. A Christmas Horror Story made me laugh a couple of times. Krampus just seemed full of cliches. I guess when Max is trying to offer himself, and Krampus appears to kill his cousin and the toss him into hell too.

Melanie:  “Elves becoming the walking dead? No that doesn’t make any sense!” -Bad Ass Santa

Kent:  For a film with Adam Scott, David Koechner, and Conchata Ferrell, this was weak on the comedy.  I honestly liked the opening scene of people Christmas shopping.  It worked for me.


  1.  Which character(s) stood out for you?

Kristi: Max. I liked that he did what could at the end to try to end things for his family. I really liked the Uncle as well. He grew on me by the end.

Chris:  The monster designs were pretty cool in this one. The Jack in the Box caterpillar eating kids is one I would threaten my kids with.

Melanie:  The elves were pretty stand out ish.

Kent:  Aunt Dorothy would probably be for the real life characters.  Some of the creatures they came up with were very solid though, as Chris alluded to.  Omi also was great.  Once again, showing support for the Germans.


  1.  Did you like the ending?

Kristi:  I was hoping for more of a closure. I mean are they going to replay the same day over and over? Are they constantly fighting Krampus? In the beginning of the last scene, it showed him waking up and looking out the window to the neighborhood. Was that an illusion since they apparently live in a snowglobe now? I just have too many questions.

Chris:  Yes. Haha fuck you Max for being so much of a special snowflake you fuck your whole family

Melanie:  No

Kent:  Yeah, I dug it.  Everybody just getting fucked over, yeah I can totally get behind that.  It is part horror, so there’s your horror part.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Which of these 2 films did you like better?

Kristi:  A Christmas Horror story, no contest. I like Krampus but it does drag a little bit.

Chris:  A Christmas Horror Story was more inventive, Krampus has better design and budget

Melanie:  I did not see Krampus, so I can’t accurately make an assessment.

Kent:  Mark it a sweep for A Christmas Horror Story.  I love well done anthology films, and this was especially well done.  It had more to love.  Still, major props for how beautifully filmed Krampus was, and that they took a chance on that story.  It did pay off, but did have it’s lulls.


  1.  Give me some names of some other Christmas time or themed horror films that you would like to see reviewed in the future, like next year.

Kristi:  Gremlins would be my choice. I really haven’t seen too many other Christmas horror flix.

Chris:  Gremlins of course. Let the Right One in Takes Place during the holidays. My wife suggested the Visit, but I don’t really remember much actual Christmas stuff in the background. I have heard that w foreign movies, Rare Exports and Sint might be good.

Melanie:  I would agree with Gremlins as I haven’t seen a lot of other horror movies.

Kent:  Santa’s Slay, Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas (1976 not the trashy 2006 bullshit), Jack Frost 1 & 2 (“He’s chilling and killing), The Children is a creepy ass movie that is adequate, and I have heard good things about Better Watch Out, which has Patrick Warburton and Virginia Madsen (Candyman).  Gremlins goes without saying and will be on the list for next year.


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All the pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of:

A Christmas Horror Story


Please go find a copy and support the creators.  Currently, A Christmas Horror Story can be found on NetFlix while Krampus is on HBO streaming apps.

2017 Clash of Champions Preview

Keri and Kent take a look at the last WWE PPV of the year.  The build up was average.  Some stories have been done significantly better than others.  Still, there’s enough intrigue to keep out attention, well Kent’s attention.  Keri is not very interested, but she took the time to make predictions, damnit!

The 9

  1.  The Battle of the Bros – Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley

Keri: Let’s look at this match from a couple of angles, shall we? On one side we have Mojo, who started the year strong with his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale wine and lost said momentum when Ryder returned. Then on the other side you have Ryder. A guy who once held the IC title for one day before dropping it to the Miz and up to that point had been consistently buried. Both guys have a reason to be angry and frustrated with their situation. In this case, the angrier one is the one who will win this match. More anger equals more motivation in this case.  (Kent: I love this logic!  The angrier person wins.  That should be a new theory.)

Pick: Mojo

Kent:  Mojo has to win this one, right?  Is this the most predictable match of the night?  No no no, you don’t know that.  Mojo could get DQ’d due to hyper aggression.  I like that idea.  Screw it.

Prediction: Zack wins due to DQ

  1.  Breezedango vs The Bludgeon Brothers

Keri:  Hmmmm. I smell a squash match. Prediction: Bludgeon Brothers win

Kent:  Now here is the most predictable match on the card.  No reason for Brezedango to get a win because nobody takes them seriously in the ring.  No reason for the Bludgeon Bros to lose yet.  I would like to see a post match beat down and the Ascension try to make the save only for them to get beat up too.

Prediction: Rowan….Harper…..Bludgeon Brothers!

  1.  Women’s Championship Lumberjack Match – Charlotte vs Natty

Keri: I miss Becky. Prediction: Nepotism continues with a title retention.

Kent:  I don’t care.

Prediction: I will be happy when the match is over.

  1.  US Championship Triple Threat Match – Baron vs Bobby vs Dolph

Keri:  Poor Dolph. He is in this match for a few good spots and to eat the pin. The big question I have is what kind of dynamic are we going to get with Roode and Baron. This pair is still intriguing.

Prediction: Baron retains because it’s too soon and the wrong time of year for any other outcome.

Kent:  Baron is still early in his run.  Dolph is a non-factor.  His interviews lately have been gold in real life.  Bobby could win this.  Bobby could use a belt more than Baron.  Baron is back on track after Cena’s Shovel of Doom.  Baron could keep the belt til Mania and I would be happy.  Bobby could get the belt and Baron could move on, and i’d be fine.  I really want Bobby vs Tye for the US Championship.  Also, just for my laughs, if Baron and Sasha teamed up in the Mixed Tag fuckeroo, they could be called the Foreheads, and they would be my favorite.

Prediction: Bobby pins Dolph so Baron doesn’t job.

  1.  4 Way Tag Title Match – Usos vs New Day vs Rusev Day vs American Omega

Keri:  This should be match of the night. All teams really have an equal shot of winning. With that said…

Prediction: American Beta wins.

Kent:  I can see any of these teams winning.  The booking has been pretty solid.  I would say Rusev Day is my least favored because they have picked up some solid wins lately.  New Day isn’t set for another run, I don’t think.  That brings it down to Uso’s or American Omega.  The Uso’s are established and they don’t need the belts.  I say American Omega gets a shot to prove themselves.  They’re really good.

Prediction: American Omega and therefore Chad gets a belt before Jordan.

  1.  Blue Belt Match – AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal

Keri: Yeah there is no reason to put the belt back on Jinder when we are about to start the push to Rumble season. Also, his first run as champ was pretty bad. With that said, I see the Singh Bros playing a role in this and I see them maybe screwing Jinder.

Prediction: AJ retains

Kent:  I don’t know.  It seems like Jinder is going to get the belt back, but that has long been the assumption.  I think they wait to do it in India if they’re gonna do it.  No sense in doing it now.  I eagerly await being wrong.

Prediction: AJ Styles retains

  1.  SamiKO vs ShinsuRKO with 2 refs and if SamiKO loses then they’re fired

Keri:  This match has a lot of variables associated with it. First, why is Shinsuke in this match? Second, how are they going to set up the heel face dynamic to close out the match? You know we are getting a turn or two. It’s just a question of who turns. Lastly, how screwy of an ending are we getting on this one?

Prediction: SamiKO win after a Bryan assist.

Kent:  This is the one right here, and I hope it is the main event.  It’s the best thing going today in pro wrestling in totality.  I think SamiKO loses due to Shane reversing decisions or some shit and this will lead to some great protests.

Prediction: ShinsuRKO

By the way, WWE claiming that this is the “first time ever” having 2 refs for a match.  This picture promoting a match for the 2017 Royal Rumble, yes less than a year ago, says otherwise.

  1.  What match are you most looking forward to?

Keri:  Tag team

Kent:  Tag Team Title Match

  1.  What match interests you the most?

Keri:  SamiKO

Kent:  SamiKO has the best story.


Bonus Deuce

  1. If you could book one more match using talent that is not in a match, who would it be?

Keri:  How about a yes they still work here match? We can put Sin Cara, Tye, Mike Kanellis, and the Colons in a match.

Kent:  Huh…..who is left?  Uhmmmm, Tye Dillenger vs ……wow, aside from Mike Kanellis and the 3rd New Day member, everybody is working in theory, aside from the Colons.  I wanna see Sarah Logan vs Tamina after the Women’s title match, so that’s my pick.

  1.  What match will go on last?

 Keri:  SamiKO

Kent:  SamiKO goes on last as long as AJ is retaining.  If AJ’s match is last, place all money on Jinder winning the belt.

Here’s a WWE Champion trivia test from the website.  I got 1 wrong.



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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 11 & 12, 2017 – Going Home With The Clash

This week and for the foreseeable future, we are trying a different format.  We know that this blog gets very redundant.  In an effort to ensure varying perspectives, one of us will be judging the other 2 people’s response.  This week, that task fell on Kent.  Let us know if this format works better or if it’s worse.  We are never going to be complacent.  We look forward to trying to be a fun, must read wrestling blog, so share your opinion.  This week, we had a plethora of good matches including Sami vs Randy, Roman vs Jordan, The Shie vs Sheasaro, the second Cruiserweight 4 way, Rusev Day vs New Day, Paige vs Sasha, and even the Asuka vs Alicia match.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

Also, Keri and Kent did a preview for Clash of Champions.

2017 Clash of Champions Preview

The 9

  1.  Should WWE have tried to make a star by putting the belt on Cesaro tonight?

Russ:  Cesaro is already a star, that much is obvious.  However, he isn’t a star in the same vein as John Cena / Randy / or even Roman.  Cesaro put on an amazing match against Roman for the IC championship.  So amazing that the crowd was erupting for every move toward the end. Given the match and the atmosphere I could see that if WWE had pulled the trigger and given Cesaro the belt here it could have been the start of a push to elevate him into the top tier of stardom that we all want him to have.  However, I’m going to say that WWE made the right call here.  Cesaro is already Tag Champion and having both of these two particular belts at the same time would hurt both belts.  It would be very difficult for Cesaro to raise The Bar (see what I did there.)  for the Tag Championship while trying to maintain the IC championship.  Sure, Cesaro is the kind of guy that I think has the best opportunity to do both, but I have a feeling that The Bar only has a limited time left and the IC title and possibly the RAW title are both in his future and the opportunity to become a mega star is still there.  

Keri:  Something is bothering me about this question. We act like Cesaro is not a star but he is a star. He is in a top tier level feud with top tier guys. He’s one half of the tag team champs and he is over with the crowd. He’s already a made “star”.  I think the question that should be asked here is should Cesaro have been given an opportunity for a singles title run? In answer to that question, I say yes. Yes, he should have been given the opportunity but WWE has had multiple opportunities to give him a singles title run over the past few years and they have failed to do so. Let’s keep in mind that Cesaro’s last singles title run was back in 2012 to 2013 when he held the US title for 239 days. WWE booking has had over 4 years to give him another opportunity and they haven’t so I think at this point we should just appreciate that at least he is a star in the eyes of Creative and at least holds one of the belts (for now).

Kent:  I award zero points.  Both of you seem to think that Cesaro is a star.  He’s not a made star.  Made stars get great singles matches on PPV.   Last year Sheamus and Cesaro had their last real singles feud.  That actually was at last year’s Clash of Champions.  Yes, it accomplished some cool shit, but that is really missing the point.  CAN WWE put Cesaro in a singles match on PPV in a meaningful way?  I don’t know.  They haven’t shown a willingness to.  You can’t say that about any of the WWE’s actual stars.  Stars gets singles opportunities.  Sorry, zero points.

  1.   Honestly, does it appear to you that WWE just said screw it, let’s have the other black guy in the 205 division win the match after Rich Swann’s arrest?  This isn’t me insulting Cedric’s achievements, simply an observation.

Russ:   It would seem like that, but let’s take a look at who our faces are on 205 that we see on a regular basis.  These faces are: Mustafa, Cedric, and until this week Rich.  Honestly,  I think everyone else on 205 is a heel.  It seems 205 has done a lot to build up heels, but is completely lacking superior faces.  So now that it could only have been Mustafa and Cedric it is clear who you had to push.  Cedric is the better more deserving talent.  This had nothing to do with race even though it totally looks like that.  

Keri:  I don’t think race played a role at all. Perhaps, WWE is taking a chance on Cedric to see what he can do in the title picture. The only problem is it doesn’t matter what Cedric does in the title picture. He is cannon fodder for what will be an eventual Enzo and Gulak feud. Yes that is where we are heading folks, Enzo promos, Nia making googly eyes at Enzo, and powerpoint presentations. WWE creative, you do not entertain me.

Kent:  Keri wins this one by virtue of not exposing herself for not know the faces on 205.  Akira Tozawa says hello to Russ.  I don’t think it was race related, but there could be a perception, and I felt the need to ask it.  Rich wasn’t going to get the belt, and as Keri accurately points out, cedric is simply cannon fodder from what they have provided us in the story.  Keri gets a point.

  1.  Well it appears that the Braun and Kane feud will go on until Royal Rumble at least.  If it ends up a triangle match with Brock Lesnar, will it be any good?

Russ:   Let’s be clear about this right now.  Royal Rumble will be a triple threat match.  Braun is super over with the fans (Check!).  WWE wants to keep him strong to make him look like an unmatchable monster (Double Check!).  These are facts.  This next fact is what ties the whole thing together.  Brock isn’t losing the belt until WrestleMania (Triple Check!). You gotta make a star out of Roman don’t you?  What better way to do that by giving him the Brock Rub.  I mean he definitely needs it!  So how does WWE keep Braun strong while competing against Brock?  You don’t give him the win, that makes too much sense.  No, you simply put in a third competitor who can eat the pin for you because nobody cares about that competitor.  That is what Kane is there to do.  As for the match being any good?  I doubt it.  Kane has lost several steps as a competitor and Brock only knows suplexes as moves.  

Keri:  So, I’m going to answer this question with a question. What is the point of adding Brock to this feud if the outcome is not to put over Braun? Braun, after what will be a triple threat match at Rumble, should be holding the title. That is the only way this match makes any sense. But alas, that is not going to happen. Braun is going to job to two part timers and we are going to get Roman vs. Brock at Mania (after Roman wins the Rumble yet again) and we are going to have to deal with it whether we like it or not. Well WWE, since this is where I know that this is your inevitable end game is heading, I think I’m not going to waste 7 hours of my life to watch predictable matches and poorly done feuds and just skip watching Mania all together this year. You ok with that? Ok good. Glad we have that sorted out.

Kent: To answer Keri’s questions, girl you crazy.  This isn’t to put Braun over.  He’s not Samoan.  It’s to put over Brock to put over Roman.  Remember our friends at UNcreative.  With all of your questions out of the way, I present to you this theory.  Roman isn’t winning the Rumble, he just gets whatever he wants anyways.  WWE is going to listen to me for once.  I said the best Mania main event would be Brock vs Roman vs Braun.  That still stands.  Either Roman and Braun win the Rumble, or they just keep fighting and include Brock.  Either way, it accomplishes the end goal.  Braun is winning at Rumble by pinning Kane.  The Brock rub happens at Mania. Since Keri doesn’t want to watch the PPV that kinda is a huge deal in what we do, I award Russ the point.

  1.   We finally had a bit of a payoff with the Absolution and Asuka thing.  Give me your thoughts on that.  Also, what is happening with Alexa?  She came in and looked very tentative and had one good slap on Sonya.

Russ:   This was very underwhelming.  I’ll start positive.  I do like how Asuka gave no shits and kept attacking until she “Absolut”ely had no chance.  That is about all I can say for the positive. The rest of the brawl was completely forgettable.    Now for a rant.  Holy balls RAW has completely buried their WWE women’s champion Alexa Bliss.  For almost a year on Smackdown and a good 2-3 months on RAW she was the best thing going for the women.  So how do you treat her?  By giving her interesting angles and stories?  Have her as a prominent center piece for the rest of the women’s division?  HAHA, oh you silly goose those things make sense!  No, you lose her in the shuffle and do just about fuck all with her.  What a waster of Bliss’s talent.  

Keri:  This segment was ok. It was about time someone stood up to Absolution. With that said, that brawl was ugly. No one really stood out. Not even Asuka. As for Alexa, I’m ashamed at what has happened to her title reign as well as to her. She is being booked as very weak and the thing is she is not weak. Stupid Creative and their crappy booking. They had what three great weeks of women’s storylines on RAW and now this crap. And you all wonder why barely watch this stuff now.

Kent:  OK, so no real new info here. No points.

  1.  Pick a RAW topic that hasn’t been discussed and get yourself some points.  You got Fatt Hardy vs Bray promo, Jordan, Joe, Gallows The Good Brothers, Dana with Titus Worldwide, Enzo and Nia, Elias disappearance, etc.    You can be funny, entertaining, insightful.  Make this the thing that the fans reading will be thinking about when they have closed this page or tab.

Russ:  Instead of doing all the things that Kent said I should do for this question I’m instead going to be a bit controversial.  I’m going to talk about Jason Jordan here.  He is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts on RAW.  When he first came over to RAW in what can be argued as one of the stupidest “Angles” thrown at us this year (and there were a lot of terrible “Kurts” this year, I’m looking at you Kane.)  He was terrible on the mic and for the most part unproven as a singles competitor.  Basically, he sucked!  However,  instead of WWE doing what it does best, which is burn through its load quicker than Kent eating 10 Slim Jims and then forget it ever happened.  Creative decided to roll with the punches and turn this thing around.  The crowd hated Jordan, with good reason,  even when it was apparent that he did have in ring talent.  He fought top stars in some very good matches, even though he ended up losing all of them.  Creative decided that instead of forcing him down our throats as a face they slowly turned him into a tweener.  Now he is in the midst of the best story going on RAW.  I honestly look forward to seeing where his story is going now.  Good for WWE not killing this talent and instead working on the “Angle” until the mold fit him better and produced a superior story!  

Keri:  Yea! It’s time for me to go on a rant that will hopefully get me points. It may not because it involves me ranting about former members of the Bullet Club. Yes, readers, I’m going to go on a rant about the treatment of Balor and Gallows and Anderson.  First, let’s talk Finn Balor. We are talking about a guy who for one day (due to injury) held the Universal Championship and was the first one to hold the title. We are also talking about a guy who had all the buzz in the world when he arrived in NXT and debuted on the main roster. And now, he’s in a feud with the lackeys of the Miztourage. The guy is talented in the ring and it seems like because he doesn’t fit some big man ideal (i.e. Cena, Roman, Brock, Braun, etc.) he is not worthy of a push.  Now onto the other two former members of the Bullet Club. Yes I’m talking about Anderson and Gallows. We have one of the best tag teams in the WWE  (if not in all of wrestling) who again debuted strong and had a short tag team title run who are now regulated to Main Event and backstage RAW segments with talent that would be considered, well jobbers. In whose warped world is Anderson and Gallows considered jobbers? Oh yeah, WWE creatives world that’s who. I tell you if I was a conspiracy theorist I would almost think there was a conspiracy at play here.  Why you ask? Because, it seems that the staged BC invasion this past summer has had repercussions for the former members (and the founder and first leader) of the Bullet Club not named AJ Styles. Just look at what has happened since then with all three individuals. It makes you wonder how petty WWE really is, don’t it?

Kent:  Soooo, fortunately Russ can read well and noticed the second option I provided, Jordan, and then continued to think, fuck Kent, he didn’t say this.  This is a Russ original.  Kudos to you Russ.  Keri, well she stayed away from the puns, thank you.  While I am torn on Finn as a top guy, he’s certainly out of my top 10 male performers, he can serve a purpose and they are missing the boat on him and merchandising.  As for G & A, they need to be back with AJ to beat people up.  You both bring up compelling thoughts, but one of you can read better than the other.  Keri gets the point, and yes, WWE can be that petty.  I have to say, I am not into the in’s and out’s of major companies, but I follow WWE.  For such a huge company, they seemingly do a lot of petty shit and it’s really insufferable at times.  No, we aren’t always privy to the why, but we make educated assumptions, and we have to be correct a percentage of times.  It’s all stupid bullshit and it’s infuriating.  It’s like, why have this company if you’re going to act this way.  Talking about the treatment of Finn, Bray, Luke, G&A, the Titus thing, Mauro’s ordeal, hell go back even to CM Punk, or how WWE treated JR, and there’s a long ass list of others.  It’s disheartening.

  1.  Is the Smackdown Tag Team division currently the strongest division in WWE?

Russ:  Yes.  It is so evident that I don’t even have to bring up any other examples, but I will.  Hey RAW and Smackdown how are those Heavyweight Division going for you?  Are your top belts defended on a monthly basis?  Are they the most intriguing stories going?  Nah, I’m sure they are fine!  How about those women’s divisions?  Oh, are you just sitting on them waiting for the 4 whoreswomen of MMA to come?  Yea, thats a good idea!  I mean we all want to see these 4 women come in because we care about them soooooo much!  Finally, RAW’s tag division is full of teams that are so worthy of the belts! I mean you have… Shesaro and The Shie…. And….Shesaro!  Yea!  Oh, I forgot 205!  So did everyone else!  

Keri:  Yes it is. Well, it’s the only one that Creative has taken any time to book properly.  There are two things Smackdown is attempting to book very well at the moment, the tag division and the SamiKO storyline. Everything else is well thrown together sloppily and it is very obvious to everyone watching.

Kent:  Tht was a trick question and I had hoped one of you would refute it.  The real answer is the IC Championship scene.  That division is stacked because you rarely have anybody competing for the red belt, so that division is Brock/Braun/Kane.  Just saying.  No points.

  1.  Which championship match at Clash of Champions has the least momentum going for it heading into Sunday?  I’m honestly unsure, so I am asking you to convince me that you’re right.

Russ:  It would seem that the easy answer would be to go with the Women’s championship.  We all loathe Charlotte and even as lackluster as everything else is for this Clash of Champions Kent will watch all of the matches save for this one.  Still with the Riott Squad being involved and getting a lot of TV time I can’t say that this has the least momentum.  I’m going to give it to the WWE Championship.  Ever since Jinder won the belt way back in the summer it has felt like the belt has lost a lot of its shine.  Terrible feuds and matches have ground all the momentum the belt has to a halt.  Also, it is the most important belt in the WWE and yet hasn’t been in many Main Events.  Charlotte is bad, but her belt was never that prominent to begin with.  AJ Styles, who we can argue is the best in ring performer right now, has the belt right now and because of who he is going up against (Jinder) I still feel like who gives a shit!  

Keri:  The women’s championship match. Here is why, the storyline since Survivor Series as been about the Riott Squad and its feud with the rest of the women’s division. You know the same thing that is happening on RAW. This match isn’t about the champ and the number one contender for the title and Creative has done little convince me otherwise. In addition to that, we all know Charlotte is retaining so why are we bothering with a rematch? Well, other than the obvious rematch clause that is.

Kent:  Well after reading Russ’ response, I was like, good for Russ getting the points.  Then Keri brought it and did a hell of a job.  I will give both of you a point, but I give Russ an additional point.  My rationale is simple, whether you agree with it or not.  Charlotte has been featured in a lot of matches lately, against legit competition.  AJ….well he has not.  On top of that, that’s supposed to be the THE belt.  Neither of you are wrong though.

  1.  Which match will be better on Sunday: Zack vs Mojo or Breezedango vs Bludgeon Bros?

Russ:  I think it will be decided by what you are looking for more.  Entertainment or a decent match.  Entertainment won’t get much better than Breezedango vs Bludgeon Bros.  I’m not sure if they are going to be goofy or not, but these guys are always entertaining.  Match wise this will end up being a squash in the favor of the Bludgeon Bros and not much will go into the match itself.  On the other hand Zack vs Mojo should be a better match, but the entertainment from this match will be minimal because WWE dropped the ball on this feud and should have been done about 4 to 5 months ago.  I’m going with Breezedango vs Bludgeon Bros simply because Luke is in this match.  

Keri:  I’m picking the Bludgeon Brothers vs. Breezedango for two reasons. One, so I can talk about the squealing jobber on Smackdown. That moment was too funny. I haven’t laughed that hard at something on WWE programing in a long time. I’ve cried or gotten angry but haven’t laughed. Second, so I can ask a question. What sort of sound do you think either Rowan or Harper is going to get out of Breezedango when the slam one of them on the mat. (Kent: Enjoy this bit.)


Kent:  Keri brought up the squeal.  That’s what I was hoping for from someone.  Point to Keri.  

  1.  As the SamiKO story progresses, I think it’s fair to say that there may be a face or heel turn along the way for one, or several of the players involved.  This is a 3 part questions and they go hand in hand, but please answer them on their own. 1.  What percent chance is there of Shinsuke turning heel here?  2.  Will Shinsuke continue to stay on Shane’s side or will he switch to Daniel’s by the time Wrestlemania rolls around?  3.  Finally, do you feel that this is WWE’s way of trying to keep Daniel Bryan once his contract is up?

Russ:  And here we go.  1.  I would say the percentage of Shinsuke turning is about 65%.  There is money in Shinsuke vs AJ and I have a feeling that we will be seeing that soon.  AJ needs a great opponent heading into Mania and Shinsuke would be awesome.  WWE has teased this already and it went over well.  Plus Shinsuke as a heel would be a lot of fun!  The only reason I don’t make this higher is because Shinsuke can’t communicate well in english and heels need to be able to communicate well.  2.  This is a tough one, but I say he sticks with Shane.  Shinsuke needs a good mouthpiece if he is going to go heel and Shane is that guy. It feels like Shane has been heading toward a heel turn throughout all of this.  While that doesn’t mean it will actually happen, it does make a lot of sense. Finally,  Shane and Shinsuke think about it… both their names start with Sh.  You know what else starts with S and H?  Shiny!  As in Shiny new title for Shinsuke!  3. 100%  No,  I think Bryan is a huge star with the WWE so WWE is trying to keep him front and center because he is a draw.  Letting him wrestle will be their way of keeping Daniel when his contract is up.  

Keri:  Here are my answers in numerical order: 1. There is a 50/50 chance we get a heel turn out of Shinsuke here. And the reason I say this is one reason and one reason only he is the illogical variable here. He’s the person that was added to this feud that doesn’t really belong in the feud. Therefore, it would make sense that he would turn on Orton and join SamiKO. Will it happen? Probably not Creative is not that, well Creative. 2. He will switch to Bryan’s side. All of the NXT call-ups on Smackdown have been booked like crap. And you know what else they have in common, they are all former Indy guys. Bryan, Sami, KO, Nakamura, and I’m going to add Roode in here as well all came from the Indy scene and I’m really starting to like the idea of an Indy stable or faction. I see them joining up with Bryan as part of any internal conflict within the Smackdown Roster against Shane. 3. 100% yes. WWE knows that Bryan has been cleared by outside doctors to wrestle. They also know that he wants to wrestle and has Brie’s blessing to wrestle. They also know that ROH and NJPW are increasing in popularity with the hardcore fans right now and they can’t afford to lose Bryan to either promotion. Which means that they need to put him in a storyline that is interesting enough and also gives him a slight chance of wrestling again in order to make sure that he doesn’t jump ship. Because if they don’t, there is a very good chance Bryan may jump ship.

Kent:  1. I was going to award the point to whoever gave me the highest percentage.  Point o Russ.  2.  I think that the stable is happening, I already went in depth about it a few weeks ago for Survivor Series.  With that being said, I don’t think Shinsuke is going to be part of that stable.  I think AJ vs Shinsuke as a main event at Mania would satisfy all of us, no matter how bitter we are.  I award Russ the point.  3. Looking at Keri’s response, I fear I have created a wrestling monster.  I’m curious to see just how hard she can go.  I’m awarding Keri 2 points because in the world of pro wrestling, the best heels are the ones that believe their own bullshit.  They have rationalized their perspective.  Keri is living the dream as the heel-ish smark.  Keri wins because I don’t care and this gimmick of ours sucks.  We’re going to try something new next week folks.  We will figure this out…I hope.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Great matches again, intriguing stories, and Nia’s hair tell me that this week’s RAW once again delivered the goods.  Sure there was some garbage and it did feel like a bit of a retread from last week, but it is still better than it has been.  Rating: 6.3  

Keri:  It seems that this week’s RAW was the same as last week with slightly different matchups. Overall I would say average since it seems that nothing was really furthered and if I read last week’s results I would probably have a good idea of what happened this week. Rating: 5

Kent:  I am going to save everybody time.  Keri’s answers represents my thoughts as well for RAW.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Remember when WWE used to put on must see go home shows?  Yea it seems like ages ago.  Sigh… how do you leave Fashion Files off of TV the week before the PPV.  Fashion Files is the best thing going for Smackdown and they put the match announcement and segment on Facebook? WTF WWE?  Rating:  3  

Keri:  Another meh go home show. I rate it with a 3.5 (I’m adding a half point because of squealing guy).

Kent:  Why do WWE go home shows suck such redonculous hairy nutsack?  WHY?  I don’t get it!  I was bored with 2 exceptions.  The tag team stuff and the SamiKO stuff.  Props to Byron Saxton for trying to add something to his commentary.  3.7


Final Thoughts

Russ:  The fact that there is a “Highway” to Hell and only a “Staircase” to Heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic to each.  Think about that instead of wrestling!  

Keri:  Check out my new segment on this week’s podcast, Keri’s Indy Corner. In this new segment I will take you through the fallout from this past Monday’s World Tag League final from Japan, my thoughts on the recent developments in the build for Wrestle Kingdom 12, and also my preview of this weekend’s ROH Final Battle.  Also, speaking of WK12, we are three weeks away from the big show in the Tokyo Dome and three weeks away from Jericho vs. Omega (Sorry Naito and Okada fans but this is now your WK12 main event). As you all know, I was excited for this matchup when it was initially announced. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something about the events of earlier this week on the blog. The build for this match now has everything. What started as simple trash talking on twitter and a video challenge has now escalated very quickly. Now we have surprise appearances, blood, tables and chairs being thrown, and press conference brawls. This is how you should build a match. I just wish WWE was taking notes because this is really how it should be done (and I believe was at one point in time). January 4th cannot come fast enough for this fan.

Kent:  We’re still trying to find a happy medium here for you readers.  I’d rather just be upfront and say that I am fully aware that our answers are just blending together.  That’s what happens when you sink yourself this deep into a fandom.  I’m sure that it gets tiring reading Russell’s response, then reading Keri’s, and by the time you get to mine, you are wondering, why did I read the same thing twice and why is Kent saying that Russ stole his answers.  You see, we are supposed to not read each other’s answers until we write our own.  We have become so in sync mentally with what we want, you are getting similar responses.  I know that is boring.  Please have some patience as we try to redefine what a wrestling blog can be without the redundancy.  We want this to be a place where you can get unique insight.  We’re working on this.


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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Fifteen

Man, this week I see a Redshirt and necromantic, not to be confused with the absolutely awful Nekromantik & Nekromantik 2 films.  With that being said, I will not, repeat, will not traumatize you with any video footage from them.  I am busy watching The Simpsons and just saw one of my all time favorite scenes, and there are so many, but this still works on every level.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 15


One by one Ilana, Alexa, Pane-Pan, and Darkius awoke in a dark chamber, lying upon what felt to be sand.  The first thing they noticed was that all of their weapons, armor, and equipment was gone.  Those with dark vision scanned the room and saw that Coraanu was nowhere to be found.  Additionally, Hookeri’s headless body lay motionless in the sand, with Rock no longer lodged in the neck hole.

Inspecting Hookeri’s body, Darkius saw that Rock had shoved the party’s most value magic items into Hookeri’s chest cavity prior to them sinking into the Sea of Silt.  The items were distributed to their respective owners, with Alexa receiving (temporary?) possession of Coraanu’s Bonesaw.

After the items were distributed to their owners and the party began considering their options, an eerie green light filled the room and the sand began manifesting into the shape of a woman.  The manifestation began talking and introduced herself as the Sand Witch.  The Sand Witch informed the group that Andropinis had promised her great power if she deliver the party’s Orb of Kalid‑Ma to him.  The Orb was excited at this prospect since it wasn’t being used by Ilana and asked that it be handed over.  When the party subsequently refused to turn the orb over, the Sand Witch told the group that she would leave them in the sand cavern to drown once high tide hit, and she would subsequently take the orb off of their bodies.

Upon the Sand Witch dissipating, Darkius prayed to the Earth and asked for the power to walk through the sand to safety.  The spell cast, the group began their long trek to the surface.  They would soon discover that they were trapped, with no food or water, on a tiny island in the middle of the Sea of Silt.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Sand Witch Island, six silt pirates were reevaluating their poor life choices.  While sailing that morning they were caught off guard by a silt storm that resulted in their silt skimmer half-buried in the silt off the coast, most of their supplies floating in the silt, too far to reach, and their captain and the rest of their crew members at the bottom of the Sea of Silt.

After drawing straws, it was decided that new pirate trainee Guy Redshirt would scout the island and look for food and water while others tried to salvage the ship and any supplies.  The first thing Redshirt noticed was that the island was teaming with undead.  As such, he decided to say near the island’s cost and follow it north.  About an hour of walking later, Redshirt was able to see a giant, livable Sand Castle off in the distance.  As he came closer, he noticed patrolling guards of undead circling the castle.  Again, not wanting to draw attention to himself, he continued to follow the coast, which turned to the west as he came around the castle.

Continuing along the coast, Redshirt saw what appeared to be four figures immerging from the sand, an elf, dwarf, thri-kreen, and halfling.  Unlike the other inhabitants of the island, these individuals did not appear to be undead.

With nothing to lose, Redshirt cautiously approached the approached the group.  Redshirt explained that he was searching for food and water for his crew, and that the rest of the crew was working to get their silt skimmer out of the sea.  With their help, he was sure they could accomplish the mission.  While Ilana was suspicious, the group, lacking any food, water, or way off of what appeared to be an island, agreed that working together would be mutually beneficial.

As the group was conversing, three undead Wights approached them from the south.  While the battle was more difficult than usual, considering that the party was under-armed and armored, they were able to defeat the undead after a few minor wounds.  They then looted the bodies for whatever weapons and armor they could find.

Continuing west, the party eventually saw on oasis off in the distance.  Approaching cautiously, they saw that the oasis was the home to two Tlincalli, half-human and half-scorpion creatures.  Unafraid of the party, the two Tlincalli, Rarbo and Zaldurxa, happily conversed with the party.  The two agreed to help the party out with food, water, and any other assistance they could provide, if the party would help them find a new home.  While the oasis provided all they needed, they hated being on Sand Witch island.  Rather, right off the south-western coast was Giant Island, which was much nice.  They wanted the group to get rid of the giants so that they could move to Giant Island.  The party agreed to see what they could do.  As a show of good faith, the Tlincalli provided each group member with a full waterskin.

Turning south, after a few hour’s journey, the party saw a deep hole in the ground.  Approaching, they saw that the hole was, in fact, a pit filled with tens, if not hundreds, of bodies.  The smell was terrible, but the bodies did not appear to move.  Seeing that many of the bodies were still equipped with arms and armor, the party spend the next few hours searching the bodies.  At the end of the third hour, Darkius moved a body and found an entrance to tunnel.  When the tunnel became exposed, Ilana immediately felt a great magical power emanating from the tunnel.  Rather than mess with whatever was below the pit, the group decided to head to Redshirt’s silt skimmer for the evening.

Upon arriving at the silt skimmer wreck, the group saw that the five remaining pirates had failed to pull the silt skimmer out of the Sea of Silt, and they even failed to recover any of the supply crates still bobbing in the silt.  After considering their options, the party and pirates agreed that it would be easier to dispose of the giants than to continue trying to salvage the silt skimmer.

The next morning the group of 10 headed out and they soon saw Giant Island, which was not far off the coast of Sand Witch Island.  Using magic and ropes, they easily crossed the straight, where they were quickly met by a giant.  Luckily the giant, who introduced himself as Vegavith, was the friendliest giant they ever met.  Vegavith invited the party to join he and his wife, Kuurea, at their nearby camp where they had plenty of food and water.

As they party ate and drank their fill, the group told the giants their story, including their desire to leave the island.  Vegavith agreed to carry all of them to the mainland if they would take care of a matter for him.  He informed the party that the body pit to the east of Giant Island was known as the “Undead Pit.”  So called because every morning three of the bodies would rise as undead who wandered the island.  Vegavith told the group that the stench of the Pit was becoming unbearable.  If the group could stop the dead from rising, there would be no need for the Sand Witch to throw more bodies.  Stop the necromantic process, and he would carry them to the mainland.

Having a clear way off Sand Witch Island, the group agreed to the terms.  They assumed the undead animation could be stopped in one of two ways, by killing the Sand Witch, or by following the tunnel underneath the Undead Pit.  They decided to try their luck with the Pit first.

Upon reaching the Pit, the group and their six (counting Redshirt) pirate companions headed down the cave.  After a short journey, they arrived in a spacious cavern.  In the center of the room was an obsidian orb pulsing with necromantic energy, and surrounding it was a number of undead guardians.

The battle was tough, and valuing her own life other the lives of the pirates, she used their souls to power her defiling magic, resulting in the death of two of Redshirt’s compatriots.  After defeating the guardians and shattering the orb, an enraged Redshirt attached Ilana to avenge his comrades.  Equally disgusted with Ilana, Darkius used the magic of the Earth to support Redshirt in battle.

Shrugging off some of Ilana’s most powerful spells (in part thanks to Darkius’ silence spell), Redshirt stabbed Ilana many times with his obsidian rapier, but alas, in the end, the young silt pirate was no match for the experienced defiler, and he died along with his other compatriots.  The remaining pirates scattered to the wind, likely to beg the Sand Witch to help them get vengeance on Ilana.

A terse silence fell between Ilana and Darkius, each feeling that they had been betrayed by the other.  In the end Darkius decided to back down . . . for now.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:7 “Time For After”

Hey everybody, we are gearing up some big shocking midseason finale.  I brought along some friends to answer my silly questions about the episode.  Hopefully the midseason finale lives up to the hype.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

The 9

  1.  Eugene was clearly afraid to name Dwight to Negan toward the end of the episode.  Do you think that Eugene is afraid of Dwight OR do you think Eugene feared that Negan may not take his side due to Dwight being there to refute the accusations?

Bob:  Neither.  I think Eugene thinks Dwight may be right and doesn’t know what the winning side will be… (Despite my long winded answer, this is surely part of it and Eugene will do Eugene 99% of the time.  He is playing as well as he could have so for his survival.)

Brian:  Eugene is nervous that Don Negan will react by putting both in custody and the loss of his freedom will crush him.  (The whole hand kissing thing was surely a high point of the episode, at least for me.  I think it was one of the most subtle scenes.)

Kristi:  I think he is afraid of Negan. If he finds out he has known and kept it from him for so long, he will be done with him.(He most certainly is.  I am watching the marathon now. And the 11th episode of last season was really good to see because I think it set the stage for Eugene’s actions this week.)

Chris:  I think that despite his bravado, Eugene is still conflicted about what’s the right thing to do.  He has had multiple opportunities to turn Dwight in, and Negan will believe him.  (Do you think that it has gone from do whatever to stay alive mentality to Eugene actively seeking the morally right options, while still killing himself?)

Raylene:  Eugene wanted to name him when they were alone it seemed perhaps when he looked at Dwight’s burnt face he felt sorry for him.  (Yeah, that could play a role in it as well.  Whatever EUgene doesn’t know about Dwight’s character, I think he has inferred the rest.)

Kent:  I oftentimes have no issue giving you a confident and competent answer.  This one, it’s incredibly tough, that’s why I led with it.  It did feel like Eugene was set to rat out Dwight prior to everybody coming into the room.  Eugene strikes me as a guy who adamantly hates conflict.  In a closed off situation with little fear of repercussion, Eugene feels comfortable manipulating.  Once he lost that comfort zone, he couldn’t risk it.  It didn’t go as planned, and Eugene bailed.  The fear of Negan’s response knowing that Dwight would have a rebuttal, not so good for Eugene.  I will also add to my belief by bring up S7 Ep11, which featured Eugene’s first day at Sanctuary, the pickles and when Dwight manipulated Negan which led to the OG Dr. Carson getting tossed into the fire.  I struggle with Eugene trusting Dwight.


  1.  It feels safe to assume that Rick would welcome Eugene back to the group and allow Dwight the opportunity to join the group.  Who do you feel would be more welcome from the group as a whole: Eugene the traitor or Dwight the Savior?

Bob:  Eugene.  He is weak and that is understood but his brain in priceless.  (Yeah, his brain is priceless.  I think of human nature, and we too frequently presume somebody is guilty until proven innocent.  This is not a new concept, but obviously has some recent examples.  I wonder if that is amplified in the ZA or if people are more forgiving for the sake of hope.)

Brian:  It doesn’t matter the Ricktards are a fractured group with the leader having no idea what his followers are doing. Eugene is viewed as a harmless entity who people want to love for his uniqueness.  (You just described me.)

Kristi:  I have to go with Dwight. Eugene should not be forgiven.  (Yeah, I think the group would see Dwight as a major victory and possible turning point in the war.)

Chris:  Eugene.  I think they could accept that he did what he did out of fear.  Dwight kind of killed a bunch of Alexandrians. (That is a fair point.  Comparatively, I think Alexandrians have like a 5 to 1 kill ratio compared to the Saviors.  Could they possibly rationalize that the enemy of their enemy is now their friend?)

Raylene:  I would say Dwight too many will view Eugene as a traitor now.  (Yeah, I am sure that a good chunk of the “good guys” know that they got info on where all of the lookouts and whatnot are.  All it takes is a few whispers.  I think he’s going to viewed as a hero to some.)

Kent:  Dwight is my answer.  Right now, he has to be more popular among the good guys unless only a handful of people are privy to the knowledge of what Dwight is doing.


  1.  Does Jadis find Rick to be a good subject for sculpting, or does she do it more as a mind game?

Bob:  Neither, again.  This is just there way of doing things.  I am not sure Jadis truly knows how to play a head game.  (While the show hasn’t given us any background on Jadis, we do know that she rose to power.  Typically, you rise to power with brute strength or with outsmarting those who are in your way.  If I had to take a guess, I would take her as the smart type and not the brute force.)

Brian:  Jadis is smart and knows where her bread gets buttered. She wants Rick to keep thinking she’s crazy as that easily allows her to switch sides as her needs see fit.  (Yeah, really she is among the smartest people in this whole show in my estimation.  She has helped create a shorter language or use of it.  She has negotiated with the 2 head honchos.  She’s basically playing the game of thrones at the moment.)

Kristi:  A mind game.

Chris:  It’s a mind game.  I think she is smarter than she lets on.  (Wouldn’t you like to know what she did in life for work prior to the ZA?  I bet she drank a lot of wine and had a job that annoyed her.)

Raylene:  I think it’s part of the mind game but obviously she doesn’t realize he’s super cena rick.

Kent:  Mindgame seems like the narrative that they wish to tell us.  So I will lay out my crazy idea.  Jadis was a person who worked in the art world, maybe had her own small gallery.  I think that she loved wine.  Has probably gone to nude beaches, one of those free spirits.  For that reason, I am going to say that I think that she has thing for Rick, not necessarily romantic, but a fascination at the very least.


  1.  Dwight shot down Eugene’s music kite.  What practical purpose did this serve for Dwight?

Bob:  Eugene, about to make the big problem disappear that he has been charged with doing…  Has nothing at that moment to stand on.  He wouldn’t have much political capital to spend on Negan since he hasn’t solved the problem.  (I like the bit about the political capital.  I think that is a very good possibility.  It’s better than any answer that I had.)

Brian:  Dwight is weak. He knows Eugene is right and he’s jealous that Don Negan prefers Eugene to him. He shot down the kite to prove to Eugene that he will foil all his plans.  (Is Dwight becoming the Fredo fo TWD?  If not Fredo, is there a better character choice for Dwight?)

Kristi: He is working with Rick so he is just following the plan on taking Negan down.  (Dwight is a soldier, and he is doing his best.  As I have alluded to in the past, Eugene and Dwight become 2 of the more fascinating characters in the comics.  Whether that applies to the show is up in the air.  It is cool to see Dwight’s commitment.)

Chris:  I think his role in the plan is to ensure the walkers do not leave. (There’s a part of me that feels that Dwight is following a plan that he feels may get him killed, and you get a lot of depressed feelings from Dwight.  I felt that this was a perfect example of Dwight’s mindset of carrying out a mission, no matter the cost, which is to ensure the walkers don’t leave, as you said.)

Raylene:  Dwight knew that this would draw the walkers away and enable Negan to go retaliate which would be more deaths.  (In all fairness, both ways leads to more deaths.  This is just what Dwight sees as his way out, in one aspect or another.)

Kent:  Dwight is a bit of a self serving soldier in that he does want to “do the right thing” and probably help Rick’s plan come together, but I truly believe that Dwight at times strikes me as a Man on Fire to reference the great Denzel film.  Okay, maybe not great because the kinetic style of filmography was shit, but still, a great story.


  1.  At the end of the day, do you think that Eugene fully believes in the concept that he is a Savior, and that he saves people, or does simply believe that he is “Negan” to stay alive?

Bob:  He is a Negan to stay alive but plays a Savior to save people on TV.  (This made me giggle.)

Brian:  Eugene is a perfect example of the saviors way of thinking. Don Negan is providing protection and providing for his people he gives them the confidence to survive. Eugene want to see people live and he understands that Rick’s way of survival means killing innocent people that he feels cross him. The Saviors know each person has a purpose and are each needed for the whole to survive (I do believe that Eugene has bought into the Saviors way of thinking for the reasons that you suggest.)

Kristi:  He is brainwashed in thinking Negan is a good guy that is helping.  I think he believes the things they are doing is to help people.  (Eugene is truly making out like a champ here.  No where else would he be this well protected, which in turns gives him time to think on what to do next.  In turn, he has tried to help people along the way.)

Chris: Self-preservation is eugenes #1 objective. (To go along with that, I have been trying to think of times where Eugene put himself in the path of any potential harm, and from what we have seen, you can count those times on one hand.  The dude is smart.)

Raylene: I still am holding out hope that Eugene is just doing it to stay alive. (Well, he is one of the best survivalists in the show, so of course he is doing whatever to survive.  He knows what he’s doing.  It would be hilarious if he became the next antagonist on the show.)

Kent:  I think he believes himself to be a savior, and has for quite some time, long before we even knew of the Saviors.  He is selfish, BUT he has had good intentions to help by and large.  He just doesn’t like to fight….or getting punched in the face by Abe.


  1.  Do you think that anybody originally objected to Rick’s plan when he laid it out, or did anybody secretly disagree?  I’m referring to the the time frame of the season premiere when ALL OUT WAR started.

Bob:  I think everyone agreed or they all came to an agreement.  I am not 100% certain this was only Rick’s plan. (I don’t think it was all of his plans either.  I would surmise that Carol came up with at least 30%, Maggie or Jesus some portion, maybe Rosita, Tobin definitely.)

Brian:  there are more people that are disagreeing every day. Jesus and the hilltop are against him now. The kingdom is now defunct because of rick and now since rick was again being selfish the saviors are free to reign hell on the invaders.  (That’s really the foolish part is how quick so many people failed to stick to the plan, which was very smart, minus the severe waste of ammo.  They deserve to lose, yet they will win.  It’s like watching 1980’s Hulk Hogan.)

Kristi:  I think some disagreed but I think the majority wanted an end to Negan and the saviors so they went along with it.  (I agree that although some may not have loved the plan, they agreed that it was a means to an end that shouldn’t result in many casualties for their side.)

Chris:  I think everyone likely agreed. Though I’m sure some people did not share their opinions. (I feel that someone like Morgan or Daryl would have had their own ways of wanting to do it.  They strike me as 2 of the big naysayers.)

Raylene:  I think Daryl outright disagreed and Tara was more secret   (Yeah, as I just said to Chris, I don’t think Daryl was mentally all in on this.  Him, Tara, Morgan,possibly Michonne and Rosita all are solid possibilities.  I’m actually most surprised that they didn’t demand immediate vengeance on the Scavengers.)  

Kent:  No chance.  There are a lot of strong personalities, or very stubborn at least.Rosita, Carl, and Michonne all seem like they would want to take out The Scavengers based on The Scavengers sorta betraying them.  Carl almost died, Michonne almost died, and Rosita was shot..  On top of that, you know that Daryl wanted to just do work due to his time on Easy Street.


  1.  If somebody from Rick’s group dies due to Daryl and Tara’s assault on Sanctuary, should Rick consider some form of punishment for them?  If you say yes, what do you suggest?

Bob:  Get in their face with an aggravated voice and point his finger at them.  Like he always does.  He will have to be speechless at first but then he will forgive them at some later episode where there is this special moment they are looking at each other OR the other person will die of convenience.  Like the way everything else has gone in the show.  (Hahahahaha, truer words haven’t been spoken in this blog in however many years that I have been doing it.)

Brian:  rick is a horrible leader who is selfish and only is looking out for himself. His plan has already caused the deaths of numerous people but yet he walks freely.  (Let’s take that to a whole other level.  Rick has almost gotten his son killed numerous time.  As much as I liked some of the other dead characters, none should be more important than Carl, especially Judith.)

Kristi:  No. They did what they thought needed to be done. (Using that philosophy, I assume it’s ok for Negan and the Saviors to do what they do based on them doing what they thought needed to be done.  If that’s the case, I can get behind that.)

Chris:  Should he, yes.  Will he?  I doubt it.  (Yeah, no chance in hell of him holding people accountable.  He at least has a prison cell.)

Raylene:  Yes they should be pitted to fight against each other like Merle and Daryl were (Sold!  I say Rosita vs Tara and Michonne vs Daryl.  Winners fight each other.  Maybe they could make a deal with the Scavengers, like so many hours of modeling and then The Scavengers could hold the event there.)

Kent:  I think that Rick should give them options, a few possible punishments.  Give them the offer to move to another settlement.  Maybe spend a month in that prison cell.  One thing that most certainly would be happening if to put these people in the front for every upcoming fight.  That will either kill them or they end up help win the fight.


  1.  A lot of people bad mouthed Rosita last week.  Did she do the right thing this week?

Bob:  Frankly, she didn’t “do” anything.  She just saw what they were doing is dumb.  (Didn’t she though?  Didn’t she?  She stepped up to Dary;s group of terrorists.  That took guts.)

Brian:  Yes Rosita is starting to see the errors of their ways the Rick way is only going to get her killed.

Kristi: Yes. I’m actually really starting to like her.  

Chris:  Yes.  Going rogue just cause more problems.  Every.  Single.  Time.  (I will add a caveat to that.  I still say that Merle did the right thing when he let Michonne go free and he tried taking out the Governor.  He was one fluke away from succeeding.  That fucking idiot stepped in front of Governor at the last second.  So yes, technically it went sort of wrong, but he still took out like 10 people.)

Raylene:  Unfortunately yes she did the right thing because the other idiots were just being idiots.  (The smartest idiot in the room theory.  I concur.)

Kent:  Yes.  This plan of Daryl’s vengeance tour was beyond foolish.  Daryl and Tara deserve to get got.


  1.  What was your favorite Eugene one liner or moment from this week’s episode?

Bob:  When he chickened out telling Negan the truth.

Brian:  stuff that that strokes my rod.

Kristi:  I liked how fearful he looked at the end. I’m just waiting for Negan to find his notebook and punish him.

Chris:  I liked his reaction to when Dwight threatened him.  He  as clearly afraid but was oddly calm.

Raylene: When he finally flipped out on Gabe after Daryls smart move

Kent:  The whole shaking Negan’s hand.  I am still laughing when I see that scene, and I have rewatched it numerous times.  I think everybody chose well.  There were probably 8 or so one liners that I laughed at.


Bonus Double Deuce

  1.  In hindsight, Daryl and Tara’s plan didn’t work as well as they anticipated.  Still, in the moment, if you saw an opportunity to end it, would you take it, or would you follow the plan?  (An example of this going poorly was Daryl (yet again) telling Carl not to take out the Governor before he beheaded Herschel.)

Bob:  Follow the plan, especially at the point they were at.  (That last part can’t be emphasized enough in my opinion.)

Brian:  Once again Darryl shows his cowardly side. He knows they can’t take the saviors in a fair fight so he uses techniques that Rick would do and tries to kill the saviors. And again he fails. That is why he will never be a leader  (The longer the show goes, I have less and less faith in Daryl being a solid leader.  A good #3 or so, but never the A number 1 Duke of NY shit.)

Kristi:  I’m a by the book kind of person so I would have followed the plan. (I do like to improvise, but you make a plan for a reason, and if you go through the arduous take of making aforementioned plan, well then you should do your best to follow it.)

Chris:  Follow the plan.  They made a plan for a reason right?  Didn’t he see what happened to his brother when he went off-plan?  (Haha, well that goes to show you that I don’t read this beforehand.  I just read it top to bottom.  I am really happy that I mentioned Merle like 2 answers ago.)

Raylene:  Follow the plan especially with Negan. He is a whole new kind of a beast  (Negan is definitely better set up than anybody or thing else that they have come across.  I would put Terminus at #2.)

Kent:  I say that you take the opportunity to end it unless you know that it’s foolproof.  I use Jaime Lannister going after Dany in the most recent season of GoT as my best recent time example in a fictional show.


  1. What will/would it take for Daryl to stop being so headstrong and stubborn?

Bob:  Him causing Carol’s death.  (I would go so far as to add Carl, Judith, or Maggie to that list.  Carol probably means the most to him though.)

Brian:  Daryl needs to get hurt. A face scar would go along way to stopping his idiot behavior.  (It would make him look more bad ass.)

Kristi:  I don’t know that anything will change him. With all the crap he has been through, if he hasn’t changed yet, it’s not happening. (That is also entirely possible.  The dude may just be “broken” to some extent.)

Chris:  Someone really important dying (Michonne, Carol, Rick.)  (Well, yeah I don’t know how I left Rick off my response to Bob.  I am trying to think of how close Michonne and Daryl are.  I am positive that I am forgetting some stuff, but I feel like they haven’t do much together, but I am probably wrong.)

Raylene:  His actions causing Judith’s death  (Yup, I said that in my Bob response as well.  He has an attachment to that girl.)

Kent:  Judith dying seems reasonable.  A lot of you mentioned various names and I think all of them are quite important and play a n important role.)


  1.  Obviously Negan tells Eugene what he wants to hear.  WIth that being said, do you think that Negan believes some of what he says to Eugene or is it all just a ploy?

Bob:  Everything Negan says is crafted to manipulate.  It is sheer manipulation, nothing legitimate.  Even if Negan is saying something he means, he isn’t saying it because he is sharing a part of himself, it simply happens to coincide with what NEEDS to be said.

Brian:  Don Negan showed again his leadership skills and makes another desperate person feel strong and confident. Negan needs Eugene and his skills to make the entire group stronger.

Kristi:  I don’t think he trusts Eugene. He has a lot more street smarts and can read people well. I think it’s just part of his master plan.. whatever that may be.

Chris:  Negan is manipulative.  He know exactly how the to stroke Eugene’s ego.

Raylene:  I believe Negan once he sees Eugene make the bullets will start to see his true usefulness.

Kent:  As of right now, there is no right or wrong answer.  I truly believe that Negan believes a lot of what he says to Eugene.  I am not stupid enough to say that’ it’s not entirely manipulative.  The thing is, Eugene is probably the smartest dude that Negan has and I truly believe that Negan believes that in order for The Saviors to remain a large, well running machine, Eugene is a great mind to have around.  He is an idea man, and a science man.  Negan can trust Eugene’s loyalty.  I guess what I am saying is that I really don’t believe that it’s all bullshit at the moment.I get everybody’s perspective though.  Let’s not forget, Eugene has been given so much praise, respect, and trust while at Sanctuary.  The sort of stuff that only Abe and Rosita had given him until the truth was revealed.


  1.  Who’s gonna get got next week?  Will the shocking moment be more than just a death?

Bob:  Daryl is going to get got.  (That would make it “epic”.)

Brian:  we are gonna see Alexandria and the hilltop attacked the widow and others will once again be kneeling before lucille. Gabriel turns and eats the dr. Which causes Eugene to kill him. On a side note grace needs to be freed and brought back home.  (Gracie deserves to be brought back to her people.    Whether people like the Saviors or not, I still think that they would do their best to take care of her.)

Chris:  The saviors are going to attack Alexandria, so it’s either Rosita, michonne or carl in my opinion.  They are saying this will be a huge shock, so I think this time, Negan will in fact kill carl.  (That’s one of 3 kills that would really ruin my day.  Carl, Carol, and Eugene.  I don’t want Morgon or Ezekiel to get it, but that would simply sting.  Losing any of those 3 would really irk me.)

Raylene:  Eugene had a lot of screen time this week so I see him getting killed (Boooooooo.  Not happening.  If it does, I riot.)

Kent:  Gabe the walked will be unleashed.  Gabriel will bite Tara.    I think Gregory also gets got.


Final Thoughts

Brian:  the Ricktards have kicked the hornets nest and will feel the rath of the saviors. It’s time for arl to his sister to be brought home to the saviors and raised by their true father.

Chris:  I hope the second half of this season is a little more fast paced.  All out war has not been what I had hoped so far.  Plus I would like to see Negan more.  Was he even in half the episodes?

Raylene: I hope when they return in February the episodes are better  

Kent:  I am really thrilled with how they have evolved Eugene’s character up to this point.  Yes, it’s subtle and nothing compared to how we will view him by the season 8 finale, but still, they have done a stand up job.  I know this show is hard to watch for the most seasoned viewers, and I get it.  The best thing I can say is to enjoy these next 9 episodes.  You may be happy when ALL OUT WAR ends, but I fear that there is some boring ass stuff coming up, like maybe worse than season 5 and 6.when they were going through the motions.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 4 & 5, 2017 – Quality Wrestling and Slow Burns

This week and for the foreseeable future, we are trying a different format.  We know that this blog gets very redundant.  In an effort to ensure varying perspectives, one of us will be judging the other 2 people’s response.  This week, that task fell on Kent.  Let us know if this format works better or if it’s worse.  We are never going to be complacent.  We look forward to trying to be a fun, must read wrestling blog, so share your opinion.  This week, we had a plethora of good matches including Sami vs Randy, Roman vs Jordan, The Shie vs Sheasaro, the second Cruiserweight 4 way, Rusev Day vs New Day, Paige vs Sasha, and even the Asuka vs Alicia match.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

The 9

  1.  Elias had a great showing last week.  This week he gets mauled by Braun.  Was this a good spot for Elias or a burial of sorts?

Russ:  I’m ok with this.  Elias getting beat down by Braun opens up a potential feud.  Braun needs a good strong heel after he is done with whatever the fuck he is doing with Kane.  Why not Elias (Or Why not Zoidberg)?  This mauling plants the seed for that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if after next week’s slow and plodding Kane match that Elias comes out and ambushes Braun.  Elias would also benefit from a feud with Braun.  He doesn’t have to win it, he just has to make Braun look great and come out of the match like he at least had a chance to win.  That isn’t impossible to ask is it?  

Keri:  I don’t see how this is bad for Elias. He’s on the show and working with one of the top guys. Yes Braun is a top guy. Not THE top guy but one of the pseudo-top guys. I think WWE sees something in him if they are going to have him work with Braun. So, stop with the sky is falling theories. I don’t think we have to worry about them here.

Kent:  Russ nailed it with the Zoidberg reference.  I certainly enjoyed Keri’s assertive bashing of the sky is falling theories.  Both of you made similar points, so no points awarded.

  1.   Absolution surround Asuka and she left again.  Alexa Bliss left commentary again.  Creative can’t be so devoid of ideas that they are already repeating themselves….can they?

Russ:   Oi, a low light of the night.  This was just a rinse and repeat from the other night.  I get why they did it.  They want to highlight and build tension.  So they did the same thing two times in a row.  Yea, WWE there are better ways to build tension.  Perhaps Auska runs into Absolution in the back after her match and then do the stare down.  Then have Alexa turn around and walk the other way when she sees the stare down.   See same concept, different approach.  You still get the same result, except my way is a little fresher.   

Keri:  Ok first, think about the group of individuals you are asking this question about. You are asking this question about WWE creative. The same group that has given us The Bar vs. 2/3rds of the Shield 5 million times in 4 different combinations are still trying to pass it off as new and exciting. Therefore, recycling last week’s women’s storyline should not be surprising. Honestly, why is anyone surprised by this? What is surprising to me is the lack of Alexa’s involvement in all of this? You would think Absolution would go after her first if they want to change the division. But then again, WWE creative is booking this so maybe not.

Kent:  Russ presented solutions to the problem.  Keri tore Creative a new one.  I have to admit, I am an idea guy.  I’m going to award Russ 2 points and Keri 1 point.  

  1.   Is Bray Wyatt going to be forced to put over Fatt Hardy?  What is the ceiling for the Awoken gimmick, as in titles or spot on the card?

Russ:  I’m not sure he will put over “Woken” Fatt Hardy, but I think this will be a fun feud.  Hell, we might see these two families join forces before it is all said and done.  That is my hope anyway.  I thought the dueling promos was well done or at the very least hilarious.  Fatt Hardy is pretty funny when he is “Woken”  his lines were fantastic, but I think the best line of the night belonged to Bray when he said “The ramblings of a mad man are dangerous.”  Speaking from experience there Bray?  I’m going to sit back and enjoy this feud.   

Keri:  Let’s sit back and remember what is important here. It isn’t who puts over whom (granted at the end of the day Matt should put over Bray) but how good the promo off is going to be between these two while this is happening. Seriously, we need to have what we had Monday night on RAW for the next few months. No, need to put them in a ring at all just give them a mic and let the crazy flow. Both got enough material to keep this going for a good long time and for it to remain interesting. Sorry Kent and Russ but this has the potential to be better than Sister Abigail and will do much more for Bray than crossdressing and facing Finn would have.

Kent:  Well, if you don’t know what I am going to say, then let me welcome you, first time reader.    While I feel that Russ is very over confident in thinking that this is going to continue strong for weeks or months.  With that being said, there is No Chance in Hell that Keri was getting a point for suggesting that this feud has better potential than Bray as Sister Abigail.  THAT is impossible.  That was probably the single best feud of the year for me, and then mumps.  So no, Fatt Hardy is not going to be better than Sister Abigail.  Keri is deserving the walk of shame.  I award Russ one point while feeling great sadness and disappointment.  

  1.   Are we finally done with the Sheasaro vs The Shie?  The l and d are silent because they are only ⅔ of the Shield.

Russ:   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA…. Are we done with Sheasaro vs The Shie… HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA, who writes these questions, because you sir are a comedic genius!   To answer the question. No we are not done seeing this.  I’m not sure what happened to the tag team division on RAW, but it sure has turned into a two team division (teams, I might add, that are full of individual stars.)  The other teams don’t even get featured so there is no real competition.  RAW needs to work on building up their tag division before we see a departure from Shesaro and The Shie.   HAHA, man, what a good laugh.  

Keri:  Are you kidding me? We only have two tag teams in the division. If they can’t wrestle each other in various combinations of match ups, who are the going to wrestle? You want us to keep them off TV? I mean that is what you are suggesting right. That was me speaking as Creative. Now I shall say something to Creative.   Creative, Gallows and Anderson say hello from catering. Seriously, that is where one of the best tag teams on the planet is right now. They are in catering. Let’s all let that sink in for a second shall we?

Kent:  So it should be said that Gallows and Anderson fought Ginger Rhynos….on Main Event.  I should also say that 3 matches have been confirmed for RAW.  Roman vs Cesaro, Joe vs Dean, and you guessed it, Seth vs Sheamus.  While I liked Russ’ point about these 2 teams both being made up of singles stars, I gotta agree even more with Keri’s assertion that G&A are easily one of the 10 best current tag teams, and it’s probably closer to top 5.  Russ gets a point for calling me a comedic genius.  Keri gets 2 because she trashed Creative and sang the praises of the Good Brothers.

  1.  The best match of the night was________?

Russ:  This is tough.  There were Four high quality matches to choose from.  Jason Jordan vs Roman,  The Cruiserweight Fatal 4 way, Sasha vs Paige and The Tag Team Championship match.  You can at least say this was a good night of wrestling.  Out of those four deserving matches I’m going to call the Fatal 4 way the best match of the night.  These guys worked their ass’s off and it showed in the ring.  This match felt more like a cruiserweight match than almost every other WWE cruiserweight match in the past few months.  They had their high flying spots, some great near falls, and great spots that were left off our television screen because of stupid ass commercials.  All in all it was a great night of wrestling.  

Keri:  My vote is Jordan vs Roman. Both guys put in the work and put on a really good match. Some of those spots and near falls you didn’t see coming. Oh come on, you didn’t see Jordan catching Roman mid air coming and throwing him down and you know it. It was a damn good match. And good on Jordan for finally getting a crowd reaction. On the crowd heat scale, I would say he’s a solid Eva Marie right now.

Kent:  Well, obviously the point has to go to whoever picked what match I thought was the best, and I think that Cruiserweight match was really, really good.  It had a lot of different styles.  The pacing was solid, and the right guy won.  I would say that Roman and Jordan was very good as well.  Russ gets one point.  Keri, on an unrelated note, the timing of you mentioning Eva Marie is very funny as Russ will find out this Saturday at LingFest.  Pics will be sent.

  1.  Why did WWE add Dolph ZIggler to the US Championship match at Clash of Champions?

Russ:  After watching last night’s Smackdown the only conclusion to adding Dolph is that they want to showcase another Reinvention of Dolph. I swear he has more gimmicks than Mick Foley, just not nearly as memorable.  I’m ok with them adding him to the match.  Baron, Bobby, and Dolph should be able to give us a memorable triple threat match that will help elevate Baron and Bobby.  Baron doesn’t really need the rub, but a good match as a champion won’t hurt him.  Bobby on the other hand desperately needs a good match and fued.  Besides all of this, I have been hankering for an excellent triple threat match.  It seems like we haven’t had many this year.  

Keri:  I’m still scratching my head on this one. Do they have that little faith that Corbin and Roode can put on a good match? That can be the only reason why you would add Ziggler to this match, right? Because if it’s not that then I don’t know the reason why. It’s not like there is a storyline to back it up or anything.

Kent:  Russ isn’t wrong, but I think that Keri’s point is the most realistic.  I’m wondering if Baron and Bobby have worked house shows and perhaps stunk up the joint.  On the Are You Not Kentertained podcast, we have been trying to figure out if their chemistry would work.  That is my best guess.  There’s a great recent interview with Dolph that came out this week that I found fascinating.  While I think this will be among the best, if not the best triple threat of the year for WWE, the competition isn’t very good for that distinction.  Keri gets the point here.

  1.  Rusev Day has been added to the Tag Team Championship match at Clash of Champions.  What percent chance do the Uso’s have of retaining their titles in your opinion?

Russ:  Well, I’m no mathematician… I just play one at a school, but I would say it is a 25% success rate.  Oh, you don’t want actual stats, you want WWE stats.   Let’s look at the competition to determine this percentage.  Rusev Day:  As much as I love them and this gimmick they have about 8% chance of winning this thing and a 92% chance of taking the pin.  The New Day:  They just lost the belts and out of all the teams need the belts the least so I give them a 27% chance of winning (What can I say WWE has no problem putting the belts back on these guys.)  American Beta:  Out of all the teams here I feel they have the most potential to gain from a win here so I give them a 35% chance of winning.  That leaves the Uso’s with a 30% chance of winning this thing.  Which makes sense.  A win here would help solidify them as one of the best tag teams in WWE history.  

Keri:  First, let me start off by saying that I was told there would be no math when I started writing on this blog. Yet here we are. So, let’s see if we think through this logically and mathematically.  There are four teams and each technically have a equal chance of winning which means that they have a one out of four chance of retaining the title. So my answer is slightly over 25%. I’m saying slightly cuz you have to factor in the Creative laziness factor.  Also, it’s Ruuuuusev Daaaaaay! Sorry had to get that out of my system.

Kent:  My apologies to Keri.  She is right, when we negotiated her contract to do this blog and podcast, she did ask if math would be involved and I told her that there wouldn’t be.  My bad.  Still, Russ used the number 92 at one point and gave me reasonable odds.  I think Rusev Day are going to get the belts here.  Call it a hunch.  Russ gets the point here.

  1.  A year from now, which member of the Riott Squad will be the best on the mic?

Russ:  I’m going to say Ruby.  She already seems very smooth and relaxed on the mic.  She just needs to get some charisma and inflection.  That will come with practice.  The other two… I don’t know their names and I’m too lazy to look them up… weren’t bad to be honest.  The one with the Southern Drawl messed up her lines a bit and visibly got flustered, but her second try came off a little better.  I just want to know what the hell is a Pay-Pa?  

Keri:  My choice is Ruby. She really impressed me on Smackdown this week. She appears to be stronger on the mic than I thought she would be. And given time she will probably get stronger.

Kent:  While neither of you gave the answer I was looking for, Keri has to get this by default.  Russ talked about Sarah Logan and was too lazy to look up her name.  We are professionals, so Keri gets the professional point.  I think that Sarah Logan is going to be really good on the mic.

  1.  This is potentially the question that wins you the week.  1. Is the SamiKO story the best story being told in WWE?  2. Was Sami vs KO the best match of the week for WWE? (Kent: I meant to type RKO and instead it came out to KO.  I am deducting a point from myself.)  3. Randy Orton appears to be performing well again after a lull in the spring and summer.  Is Randy Orton the most consistently inconsistent performer on the main roster, in your opinion?

Russ:  Alright, let’s do this!  1.  I do love this story and it is one of the best stories being told right now, but I’ll be honest here I love what they are doing with Jason, Roman and Joe.  I’m still trying to figure out just what the hell Jason is.  Is he a face, a heel, a challenge everyone type of guy.  I’m intrigued.  SamiKO story is great as well.  They are actually telling a fantastic story.  Shane is clearly out to get these guys.  SamiKO are spot on with their criticism and yet are such dicks that it doesn’t matter.  I also like that Daniel is right in the middle of all this.  You know what I changed my mind this is the best story being done in WWE. As I was writing this down I literally changed my mind and I’m too lazy to go back and erase what I already wrote.  2.  Is this a joke? When did Sami face KO this week? I missed that.  What I did see was Sami vs Randy in a very good match.  The dynamic was well played.  Still I’m going to say that the fatal 4 way for the cruiserweight division was the best match of the week.  3.  This is the reason I have never been a huge fan of Randy’s.  One week he is great and lots of fun to watch.  The next he is boring and doesn’t seem to care.  I can’t stand that in him.  

Keri:  I’m going to keep this simple. 1. Possibly but not for the reason you think. 2. No. 3. Possibly. Now on to why I think SamiKO is the best story. So, as some of you may know (or may not know), I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I saw a meme Wednesday morning that got me thinking about the Shane and Daniel aspect of this storyline. Essentially right now, we have an Emperor and Darth Vader situation brewing here. Daniel is Vader right before he realizes that the Emperor is going to kill Luke in that one scene in Jedi. Daniel is starting to have this same realization about Shane and SamiKO. My question is how long will we have to wait before Darth Bryan picks up and throws Emperor McMahon into a hole while he electrocutes himself?

Kent:  At the moment, Russ is up 6 to 5 on the points.  Needless to say, I really had to read into everything that they wrote.  For their first answers, Russ babbled on and Keri gave us a slice of Star Wars.  I would have likened it to a different film that is incredible, Training Day and the dynamic between Denzel and Ethan Hawke, but Star Wars is more well known.  Keri get the point for that.  I’m not awarding either of you points for the 2nd question because Russ made fun of my typo, and Keri totally phoned it in.  So it comes down to #3.  Keri gave me the indecisive female answer of possibly.  Russ gave me a definitive answer.  Honestly, I have no choice here.  Russ gets the winning point. Russ wins this week.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This was a fantastic RAW.  The first hour was spent on great matches and advancing storylines.  Jordan is becoming one of the best heels in recent memory through sheer annoyances.  WWE is playing to his strengths and it is working.  Four main matches that delivered and decent storytelling has made this one of the best RAW’s this year.  Rating: 7.5  

Keri:  It was a good RAW. I actually felt bad going bed after hour one and a half when I read the recap this morning. But at least before I went to bed, I got to see two solid matches. I missed the debut of Woken (don’t call him Broken) Matt Hardy but luckily the internet provides me with recap videos that I can watch and now I’m good. Rating: 6.5

Kent:  This was one of the 5 best RAWS of the year for me.  4 solid matches, logical storytelling, and the dueling promo.  It does get hurt by the redundancy of Absolution so early in their run.  7.2

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  It was a good show.  SamiKO / Shane / Daniel story is the best thing going in WWE.  No Fashion Files, which is fine because we gotta let the whole Ascension death settle in our heads.  Decent matches throughout left me moderately satisfied.  Rating: 5.8   

Keri:  Decent show with ok matches. I always feel like something is lacking on Smackdown. Probably because I remember the good times when the show was awesome and worth watching. Sigh. Those were good times. Great now I’m sad. Rating: 4.5 (I’m deducting a half point cuz now I have a sad).

Kent:  It was better than it has been lately, but it is still missing one or two things to really help it stand out, in  my opinion.  It’s a lack of great matches, that’s a definite.  Sure, one match a week is fine, but Smackdown used to be the bar.  Now they are The Descension.  4.9


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Tony “Abs” Neese has Abs for days people!  He is quickly replacing my Johnny Abs Obsession.  

Keri:  Is this abs week? It sounds like this is abs week. And if it is then no discussion of abs is complete without including Finn “at least my abs are over according to WWE” Balor in that discussion. Sorry Russ but even Finn outranks Neese, according to WWE, in the abs department. Seriously there was a WWE slideshow last week that I encourage everyone who likes abs to take a look at. And with that said, let me close out by saying abs.

Kent:  I apparently missed the memo about abs week.  I am absolutely morally deflated.  I may have to pour me a glass of Absolute Vodka.  Hopefully that will absolve me of not seeing the ABSformentioned memo.  OK, I apologize for that last one.  

Other noteworthy ABS include:

Always Be Shooting in video games

Antilock Brake System

Access your feelings, Be apologetic, and Slap It (as in a high five) – per Mr Frond on Bob’s Burgers

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