The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 18 & 19, 2017 – First Time Ever Historic Announcements

Hi, this is Kent.  I hope that you really liked last week’s format because we are changing this up again.  You see, Russ and I have busies schedules as of late.  We have been in contact with our fans, and they are going to try to fill our roles in the blog.  Keri has no life, just a full time job and a full time student, so she has plenty of time.  She is now the new host of this blog and she will be asking 5 questions and a bonus one and our new guests, Anonyruss and Harper Lee will be answering them.  I will add stuff as I see fit, but this opens up some time, and Keri is a great host.  I am so proud of her.  So I hope that you enjoy.    We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

Also, Russ and I did a review for Clash of Champions.

2017 Clash of Champions Review

  1.  Monday night on RAW a historic announcement was made regarding the first-time ever Women’s Royal Rumble. Discuss this announcement and who you think will benefit the most from this match.

Anonyruss:  I have to give this props.  This is a big announcement.  Two Rumbles in one night is ok in my book.   I just hope that it’s an actual Royal Rumble and that it is over the top rope, not that second rope bullshit.  Can I just say how odd it was that the girls were brawling and when Steph’s music hit they all just stopped and acted like they were in trouble.  Then they all stood united behind her during the announcement.  I’m just saying that was odd and kind of stupid.  I definitely think this benefits Becky Lynch.  I’m not sure why, but I just feel WWE is finally going to give her that push we all know she deserves.  

Harper Lee:  My, oh my, was this something or was this SOMETHING?  It’s so amazing to watch these great female athletes shine week in and week out.  As Stephanie mentioned, it is truly breathtaking to see how far these ladies have come.    I have heard stories from my daddy about when there used to be mud wrasslin and bra and panties matches.  I’m still somewhat new to WWE, but these girls are freaking amazing!  I love Sasha Banks.  She is just too adorable.  I felt really empowered during this announcement.  I hope that WWE makes sure to let the fans know just how important this is.  And did you see how happy Nia was?  That girl is a true beauty and I think it’s so cute how she acts around Enzo.  I hope they do something with them on Total Divas.

Keri’s Verdict:  This was a historical announcement and it’s been a long time coming for the women. I agree with Harper and Anonyruss on that front. However, I have to award points now and I have to say that Anonyruss has a slight edge on this one because he mentioned by girl, Becky. So, one point for Anonyruss.


  1.  Hideo Itami and the Revival returned to Monday Night RAW this week. Discuss both returns and which one do you feel would have more of an impact moving forward.

Anonyruss:  This was a great surprise!  Hideo Itami is a fantastic wrestler and is really going to bring more viewers to 205.  I mean I may even watch his match on 205, that’s saying something.  I just hope he stops getting injured because he deserves a decent push.  As for The Revival, I’m glad they are back, but during their match last night I kept on thinking who is going to get injured this time?  They are getting over two big injuries and that has to be tough mentally.  Granted the injuries happened one to both men, but one right after the other to the team has really hurt them. Still their match against the Ginger Rhynos had some of their signature flavor and while this wasn’t their best work, I’m willing to let them get the ring rust off.  These guys will make a huge impact on the Tag division.  Which is great because it is in sorry shape, especially with Dean being injured!   

Harper Lee:  I don’t really know how to feel.  I don’t watch NXT, but I guess he came from there and was in a tag team with Finn.  Speaking of Finn, my goodness, does that man have some abs on him.  Ohhhh, I’m getting a little hot under the collar just thinking about him.  What was the question again?  Oh yeah, I have only seen The Revival in 3 or 4 matches.  I don’t get it.  They were naming off all of these names of past tag teams.  I watched it with my family and my daddy and my uncles were hootin and a hollerin about the Anderson and Rock N Roll Express.  I guess these guys must be great to get those kind of comparisons.  Still, Hideo helped FInn.  I can’t wait to see what his finishing move is.

Keri’s Verdict:  So, both individuals praised Itami and that was what I was going for on this question. Given the fact that I’m now a fan of the show Being the Elite, it feels weird to me to support the Revival. So, with that said and I hope our blog doesn’t get a cease and desist from the WWE stooge for me saying this but F**k the Revival. Now for my verdict, Harper mentioned Finn Balor’s abs and that will always give you a slight edge with me on anything. Therefore, one point for Harper. (Kent: Uhmmmm, excuse you.  Fuck the Revival?  We will be having words later.)


  1. Elias is the first participant announced for the 2018 Royal Rumble for the RAW brand. Discuss his chances.

Anonyruss:  I must have missed that part where he made this announcement, but that is neither here nor there.  He has about a snowball’s chance in hell to win this.  I like Elias he has a great gimmick, but he isn’t ready for the main event, not yet anyway.  I think he might get an elimination or two but I think that is the best we can hope for.  It would be great that when he comes out for the Rumble he takes a seat and plays us a song while everyone else wrestles in the ring.  Then the next guy comes out and drags him to the ring.  That’s wrestling gold!  

Harper Lee:  Now I don’t know about you folks, but where I come from, Elias’ music is really popular.  He has quite the singing voice, and yes, I do want to take a walk with Elias, only if he’ll sing to me though.  I like how’s dressed and he looked really good against Roman a couple of weeks ago.  My lil sister told me that Elias is an evil man, but can a man with those eyes truly be evil?  I asked my daddy to show me a Royal Rumble over the weekend.  He told me how great it was, and OMG, this is the single most epic match I have ever seen, I do declare.  It’s so exciting to see who comes out next.  It’s so unpredictable.  I don’t know how I am supposed to guess how Elias does when he’s facing 29 other boys.  I will say that he finishes in 6th place.  Do you get anything for 6th place?  Either way, I am so excited!!  🙂

Keri’s Verdict:  Elias has the makings of a main event star. But I agree with Anonyruss, it’s too soon. With that said though, I do like Harpers optimism about how he will do in the Rumble. If you look at performance on RAW the past few weeks, Elias should be in the top 10. Therefore, I think Harper is onto something here. Now for my verdict. This was a hard decision because each individual had what I was looking for in their response so both individuals get a point.


  1.  Ziggler won and then possibly relinquished the US title. What do you think this segment means for Ziggler and the title?

Anonyruss:  So,  I don’t think Ziggler actually relinquished the title.  I mean he could have, but just leaving out in the ring doesn’t exactly mean that he gave it up.  As for the whole segment.  I liked it!  Ziggler is awesome and he never gets the praise he deserves.  I’m glad he listed all of his accomplishments because we fans sometimes forget how good someone is based on current booking.  The pop Ziggler got when he cashed in his MitB briefcase was crazy.  We don’t get pops like that anymore.  The angle WWE is going for is definitely intriguing.  He goes out their and shows everyone why he deserved to be in the match.  He then won the match.  Instead of throwing it in the fans faces, which is typical WWE,  He decided to say screw the WWE universe I don’t need this.  Will we find out more next week?  I doubt it?  Next week is about as much of a throwaway week as you can get.  I expect to learn more once we are into the new year.  

Harper Lee:  I am so confused.  I started watching over the summer.  He feuded with Bobby Roode and then disappeared.  I thought this was just a loudmouth jerk.  I didn’t realize that he was a legitimate good wrestler with all of those titles.  I am so sad for him if this is it for him.  When I watched it, I screamed at the TV “Hey Dolph, you forgot your title!”  Then my brother, Eric, he swatted me upside the back of my head, which was VERY RUDE, Eric, since I know you are reading this.  Boy, my daddy ripped into him.  Took him right out back to our woodshed.  I think he had to chop some wood during commercial breaks.  Anyway, I don’t know.  Is Dolph really sad?  I want him to come back.  He was dating that really funny girl, Amy Schumer, and she is hilarious, so I want Dolph to do well.  I hope that he comes back to get the belt.  Wait, somebody moved the belt during commercial.  Who did it?  I hope that the Fashion Files can figure this out.

Keri’s Verdict:  Anonyruss again read my mind with his answer to this question which scares me a little. These were literally my thoughts except I heard Rihanna singing work, work, work in my head while I was thinking it. The point goes to Anonyruss.


  1.  Tag Team time. We had American Beta beat the champs. Rusev Claus ruin flapjacks but Rusev Day did not beat Santa’s flapjack loving elves (aka The New Day). Discuss all that was tag team this week on Smackdown.

Anonyruss:  If this week didn’t convince you that Smackdown’s tag division is the superior division in WWE then I don’t know what to tell you.  When a stupid holiday gimmick match is the most over thing on your product, you know that says something about the participants.  Rusev and Aiden were gold and they had the crowd eating out of their hands.  WWE will ruin Rusev Day soon enough, but I’m going to enjoy it while they are still technically the bad guys.  The New Day were no slouches either.  The costumes everyone wore were just the best!  Kofi Bread Man may have been my favorite, though Aiden Snowman was a close second.  The match itself was good fun.  Sure New Day won,  but the match as a whole was entertaining.  As for America Omega (they have earned my respect enough to stop calling them Beta.)  and The Uso’s match, I thought it was a great match.  Definitely like the chemistry these two teams have and Gable is a machine!  His rollover German Suplexes looked devastating.  I’m also shocked that they got a clean win over The Uso’s.  This match was my favorite of the week.  

Harper Lee:  I don’t know about you, but I kinda have a thing for Chad.  He is really good in the ring.  Maybe if you give him a haircut and I could give him my number.  My uncle was going on and on about how Shelton used to be on the world’s greatest tag team.  So I was like, okay, what were they called?  He says that they were the world’s greatest tag team.  I get that, but  he wouldn’t tell me their name.  SOmetimes my uncle is a jerk when he’s had too much shine.  If Naomi thinks that she has the GLOW, let me tell you, my Uncle has a GLOW on after a bottle of shine.  I don’t get why there’s a Rusev Day and a New Day.  We already have 7 days.  We don’t need 9….or do we?  But everyday is Rusev Day.  How would anybody know how to schedule appointments?  “Yeah, we’ll meet up with you next Rusev Day?”  That is so confusing!  I kinda like Rusev’s accent though and Aiden has a dreamy voice.  He can sing me to sleep any night…in my room.  I don’t understand why Big E wasn’t in the match, he seems to be the funniest one.  Come WWE, humor me!

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m in agreement with Anonyruss that American Beta deserves a name upgrade to American Omega. They looked great this week. As for Rusev Day and The New Day. I love both teams and the stuff that they are doing is pure magic. Ok verdict time, Anonyruss basically summed up all my thoughts for the week so I award him the point.


Bonus Question:  Time for Bonus Points. Dean Ambrose is legitimately injured. What does this mean for the Shield and the go forward plan for him and Seth? Rumor is he may miss Mania.

Anonyruss:  Well that sucked!  I saw the moment Dean got injured several times, thanks WWE replay, and I gotta say that was very fluke (ish)!  I am not sure how he injured it.  It looks like he runs into the camera after Seth dove, but Seth barely touched Dean.  Dean went flying back way more than would have been expected.  I wonder if he got his feet tangled up with another guy and just kind of tripped.  Anyway, that is bad timing.  Good thing The Revival is back, because RAW’s Tag division was in lots of trouble if Seth and Dean weren’t a part of it.  What does it mean for The Shield?  Well without Dean I guess we call them The Shld?  Seriously though,  Roman has a title to defend and with Johnny C. coming back next week, something tells me he will be occupied by him.  As for Seth… *sigh*  I guess he will drop down with Finn and have nothing to do.  That blows.  I hope Dean makes it back in time for Mainia, but all I’ve heard is that his surgery is this week and nothing else.  

Harper Lee:  Oh my God, does Renee know yet?  OMG, I feel so bad for whoever has to tell her.  I hope that they don’t show it on Total Divas.  OK, I kinda do hope they show it on Total Divas.  By the way, did you see that clip of Miz trying to get Maryse to eat meat?  That girl clearly is not from around here.  My Daddy cut us up a hog in August and it was sooo good.  I ate too much.  My parents insisted that I go on a diet until I can fit in my dress again for my special day.  Hopefully it doesn’t fall on Rusev Day.  Can you imagine the invitations?  I’ve been reading these blogs for a few weeks and I think that Kent will appreciate this.  I think that we may have to call Seth and Roman the Shel because they ain’t got no D!  Kent will get that one…I hope.  I tried.  Renee, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.  (Kent: I was Kentertained Harper!)

Keri’s Verdict:  This injury sucks big time for Dean and further depletes a very thin tag team division.  I agree with Anonyruss that it does nothing more than that. Roman still has the IC title to worry about and Seth well he has Jason Jordan and Samoa Joe to worry about or whatever. Harper mentioned Renee and out of the two people (her and Dean) that I can see going crazy during Dean’s rehabilitation period, it’s Renee. Dean is going to drive that poor girl nuts. Also, I like how she renamed the Shield. It was very creative. With that said, both receive a point.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  This time of year usually sucks for WWE.  They are in the Holiday lull, which usually means holding patterns on their stories.  You can see that with almost every story going on.  I mean look who was missing This week.  Bludgeon Bros / Breezdango /  Roman / Mojo and Zack / Corbin (ok he showed up but did nothing.) / Bobby and several others I don’t want to list out.  They all had stories rolling into this week and we are going to have to wait to see what happens with them.  However, I have to give WWE some credit this year.  Instead of making this a two week blow off fest they are keeping things fun and entertaining.  With fun matches and stupid gimmicks that aren’t groan inducing.  This is the first year in a long while that these two weeks don’t make me want to take a two week hiatus from WWE.  Now, I said it a week early so watch next week suck a big one.  

Harper Lee:  I am having such a good time doing this.  I can’t believe that Kent is letting me do this.  You guys are fun.  I think that this is going to be really fun, especially once I’m off of this diet.  I can’t wait for the Royal Rumble.  I’m picking Sami Zayn to win if he’s in it!  I know that this blog doesn’t cover 205 Live, but I watched it Tuesday and it was really good.  I highly recommend it to anybody who wants good stories and wrestling.  This week was super fun.  The opening match and final match were really good.

Keri: All and all this was a really good week. I’m excited about the Women’s Royal Rumble match. I think it’s a long time coming honestly. There were good matches and we saw Rusev Claus. WWE did not disappoint me this week. Good job! Oh and your winner for this week is ……..Anonyruss.

Kent: Hey, I found 2 links that I wanted to share with you.  One if a funny video with Braun as an Elf and then the second is WWE’s list of top 25 matches of 2017.  Man, I bet that’s an upcoming blog for us.

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