The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 15 & 16, 2018 A Glorious US Champion

Hi, Kent here.  We are ramping up for the Royal Rumble, but prior to that, we have RAW’s 25th anniversary.  This week, WWE crowned a new US Champion, with Bobby Roode winning it.  We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.


  1.  Over the weekend, there were two breaking news stories. One that Paige’s in ring career was more or less over and the other that said Mark Henry had officially retired from the WWE. Discuss one or both of these stories.

Anonyruss:  Well, that sucks for Paige and the WWE as a whole.  Paige was a great in-ring talent and she is still young.  Unfortunately, these things happen in professional wrestling.  I guess the worst thing about it is that she just came back from a long hiatus from injury and now she may never wrestle again, at least in a WWE ring.  It is also unfortunate that Paige, to me anyway, seems like a reckless person who is willing to throw away her well being just to get back in the ring.  It’s her life, but I think WWE is doing the right thing here.   As for Mark Henry retiring.  I think he is as retired a wrestler as Ric Flair was the first time he retired.  Mark is definitely on the last leg of his career, but I bet he still has a few matches in him.  I’ll believe he is retired when I see it.  

Harper Lee:  My heart breaks for Paige.  This talented young lady had worked so hard to get back on the right path from a professional and personal direction.  It’s an absolute shame, but is another caution sign on the road of professional wrestling.  This is why I appreciate that WWE has toned it’s product down.  I have seen some of the stuff on the WWE network and I see how and why so many great careers were cut short like Austin, Edge, and the many performers during the hardcore Attitude era.  Paige realistically had an opportunity to be one of the top 3 female performers in WWE history.  Now she is more of a what if, while acknowledging how much potential she had.  I also believe that this is why Paige’s picture for the Royal Rumble looked so bad.  Think about it!  In regards to Mark Henry, that man was really funny as Sexual Chocolate.  He seemed to really grow as a performer as I have watched all the Royal Rumbles.  He has had a lengthy career and I wish that he could have had a bigger curtain call.  He deserves it.  Maybe he makes one last appearance this year and if he does, me and my daddy will be cheering him on.  I love dark chocolate, like the Hershey miniatures.

Keri’s Verdict:  No! Not my girl Paige. This is so sad. She is so good and this is so unfortunate. Oh great! Now I’m sad. But wait, what is this I see? Why yes it is a comment about chocolate? Well that made me feel better about things. Harper gets a point for cheering me up.


  1.  Braun, you’re fired. No wait, Braun, you are rehired so please don’t destroy anything or anyone else for the rest of the night. Discuss this storyline.

Anonyruss:  Let’s start by stating that the whole premise behind firing Braun was very stupid.  Hey, last week you endangered the lives of people on live TV.  I’m going to wait an entire week until we are on live TV again and I’m going to fire you!  If WWE’s goal was to make Kurt look stupid… Mission accomplished.  With that said.  Can Braun get fired every week?  This was fantastic!  I don’t know how they keep coming up with ways for Braun to do awesome Braun things, but keep doing it!  He is consistently the best thing on RAW every week and I look forward to seeing him get his hands on anyone who gets in his way.  Give that man the belt!

Harper Lee:  Pardon my language, but what the heck was that all about?  I understand Kurt’s position on firing Braun, but Kurt handled it all wrong.  I think it was Corey that said that Kurt  should have told him outside of the arena or via phone.  You don’t do it in front of the crowd because of course Braun is going to be upset.  I have been fired from a few jobs, but I cannot imagine how embarrassing it would be to be fired in front of a crowd.  I admit, Braun knows how to entertain me and I would love to run my fingers through that beard of his.  So bushy!  I wonder if this is going to cause friction between Stephanie and Kurt, yet again.  I hope not.

Keri’s Verdict:  My initial reaction to Braun’s firing was are they seriously doing this now? What is the point of this? I still feel that way but the hilarity that ensued after Braun was fired was well hilarious as hell. As I said last week, I love when Braun does Braun things and he should always do Braun things. Anonyruss shares my thoughts on this and for that he gets a point.


  1.  So, it looks like Miz is probably getting the IC title back from Reigns at some point. Discuss this possibility.

Anonyruss:  I love The Miz, but I think it is high time he gets away from the IC title.  Honestly, he has held onto that title for well over the past year and the only time he wasn’t really holding the belt was when he went off to film his movies.  This is fine for the most part.  He is great and greatness deserves to be recognized, but with Mania coming up, which means Brocks title reign should be coming to an end,  I think it is time for The Miz to get into the mix for that title.  With that said it does seem inevitable that on RAW 25 he will regain the title.  That is fine, but can we have him in a good feud that won’t be wasted at Mania?  I mean there are a lot of talented young up and comers who could use The Miz rub, like my boy Jason Jordan!  

Harper Lee:  I saw that Roman was linked to a steroids ring, so that can’t be good, right?  Not only that, but Miz seems more important to the show than Roman.  I love Roman and I think he is a dream boat, but when The Miz was gone to make the Marine 237, I found myself missing him talking smack to others and getting his butt whooped.  I feel that there is more value in that from an entertainment standpoint than there is in being a gorgeous Samoan Bad A$$.  My brother Eric loves those Marine films.  I think he’s a bit of a simpleton.

Keri’s Verdict:  The Miz has done more for the IC title than anyone else that has held over the past year. That includes that Wet Haired Guy who thinks he is the best in ring performer in the world. Seriously, Roman, top 5, maybe, but AJ Styles is currently saying hi over on Smackdown from that number one spot. Anyways, Roman has a date with Brock and maybe Braun at Mania. Let’s have him drop that title to someone who can continue to elevate the title and use it to elevate others. Now for points. I’m giving one point to Anonyruss even though I don’t completely agree with his fantasy booking.


  1.  And your new US Champion is……. Bobby Roode. Discuss. Also, what does this mean for Jinder?

Anonyruss:  This was quite unexpected.  I wonder what made WWE decide to do a rush job on this tournament?  The fact that nobody seemed to care?  Were they scared that Bobby vs Jinder would go over like a lead balloon?  A little bit of both?  Listen, if I were WWE those are actually legitimate concerns.  Bobby is great in the ring, but can he carry the likes of Jinder?  Well after watching their match on Smackdown I have to say yes!  However, I’m going to have to give credit to Jinder here as well.  This was a good match! Both guys put a  lot of effort in and the story they told in the ring was interesting enough to hold my attention.  From the beginning I’ve been saying that Bobby was winning this because it just made sense and I was right.  Now I expect Dolph to reappear sometime in the near future to attack Bobby and give us a great feud over the belt!  As for Jinder, I think if he keep working on his in-ring ability I think we will see him in the title picture for awhile.  

Harper Lee:  Oh my my my, what a glorious victory it was.  I don’t normally say this, but I felt that both Bobby and Jinder had good showings.  This is where Jinder should have been all along.  I saw more out of Jinder tonight than I did during his whole world title reign, so maybe he can still prove the haters wrong, but then again, haters gonna hate.  I love that Taylor Swift!    Anyway, I think Bobby will be a great champion and it’s about time that he got featured.  He is really quite the wrestler.  He reminds me of younger HHH before he got all bulked up.  Like his movement in the ring.  I loved when HHH had that long hair.  So pretty.

Keri’s Verdict:  A couple of things before I award points. First, predictable booking is predictable. Who didn’t see Roode winning this thing? Second, Jinder proved one thing to me this week and that is he can have a good match provided he doesn’t have the pressure of championship gold weighing on him. Good for him. Now for points, Anonyruss gets the point again because as I said before predictable booking is predictable. I said a while ago this was setting up a future Dolph-Roode feud over the title and I will be shocked if WWE proves me wrong.


  1.  There were a few WWE signings announced this week and a few TNA departures that could possibly show up in the WWE in the very near future. Pick one of these signings (or departures) and discuss.

Anonyruss:  I am most looking forward to having Bobby Lashley back in the WWE again.  He was a great in-ring talent when he was first in the WWE and seemed very charismatic.  For some reason WWE couldn’t make him the star he should have been.  Then he went to TNA and really worked on the rest of his skills.  Now the WWE is getting him back and I can’t be more excited.  There are so many potential great matches that he can be in that we could be seeing 2018 shape up to be a great year for WWE wrestling.  Bobby vs Brock / Bobby vs Roman /  Bobby vs Braun /  Hell Bobby vs AJ if he goes the Smackdown way.  I can’t wait.  

Harper Lee:  I reached out to my blogging mentor, Kent, to ask about the TNA departures.  I know that he is familiar with them.  I know that EC3, James Storm, and Bobby Lashley have all been released, along with some others, like Chris Masters.  All 3 guys of the main guys could be amazing under the right circumstance.  Apparently EC3 used to work for WWE so I looked him up and he was  not very good.  Very silly.  Him and Fandango had a feud and it wasn’t that good.  Kent has assured me that he totally changed his gimmick and became a stellar in ring guy with great charisma and mic skills.  I expect to see him in NXT.  Bobby Roode will eventually need a big time opponent, or maybe need back up and Beer Money was one of the most successful tag teams in TNA’s history, and I guess that James left NXT under good terms, so that would  be nice.  Still, Bobby Lashley is the answer.  He has an MMA background, still relatively decent age, in amazing shape, and apparently is a very complete wrestler and good on the mic.  This is a dream match up for Brock in my opinion.  I could see that at Wrestlemania or Summerslam and I would be excited. Plus Bobby fought for our president and shaved Mr. Macmahon’s hair that one year at Wrestlemania.  My daddy sat there laughing and laughing and rewinding the VCR to see Vince get shaved and he made us all watch.  It was so funny.

Keri’s Verdict:  So, let me quickly talk about this week’s signings. Ricochet, or Prince Puma to those of you who watch Lucha Underground, is a terrific performer and a great add for the WWE. War Machine are former ROH and IWGP (NJPW) Tag Team Champs. These guys are awesome and quite agile in the ring despite their size. Now for Candice LeRae. I think you are all going to be impressed with her. She’s fantastic in the ring and was really impressive in the Mae Young Classic.  Now for my comments on the TNA departures. I agree that both have significantly improved and deserve their shot at redemption. And now time for points. I’m awarding a point to Harper on this question. She really gave a thorough answer to this question and mentioned people I forgot about until she mentioned them. Good job Harper.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner. 

Anonyruss:  Finn vs Rollins was a great match.  Do you know who we can thank for this great match-up?  I know you are going to say well WWE creative and you would be wrong.  It is the man with a plan Jason Jordan!  If he didn’t go to his daddy and ask for the match we all would have missed it.  Jason thank you!  What was really unexpected was the use of The Curb Stomp or what I think they are now calling “Blackout”.  I like that name.  I don’t know what made WWE unban the stomp, but if they think they can pull it off safely enough then I’m all for it!  

Harper Lee:  I saw that Jey Uso was arrested for DWI.  That is so bad.  You are a representative for the company and are a role model for children, whether you want to be or not. I hope this wasn’t as serious as it sounds, but I would hope that wrestlers realize that there are plenty of children that look up to them.  Try to be responsible.  Oh, Daddy is hitting the shine again.  I better go check on him before he tries shooting our dog again thinking it’s a coon.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Anonyruss on this week’s win.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  This years Rumble is shaping up to be one of the best Rumbles in years.  With so many departures from TNA and signings by the WWE we could get a lot of surprise entries that could be a lot of fun.  Not to mention we are getting a women’s Rumble as well.  I’m always up for the Rumble, but this year feels more exciting than ever.  

Harper Lee:  I am so excited for the RAW 25th anniversary show.  I was talking to my daddy, and he was telling me about the first RAW, and how it was such a difference compared to the previous show.  I think it was Prime Time Wrestling.  I don’t know.  He was telling me about The Undertaker fighting some guy named Damien Demento.  I wonder what he is doing right now.  I am looking for to seeing the Undertaker.  He has always been my favorite.  We’ll have our VCR set for Monday.

Keri: I have to admit WWE has me intrigued about both RAW 25 and the Rumble. I never thought I would say that. But with that said, still not excited for Mania. Why you ask? Predictable booking is predictable.


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