NXT TakeOver New Orleans 2018 Preview

One of the best NXT TakeOver cards is upon us.  Cece helps Kent out with some predictions for this very special night.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


The 9

  1.   NXT Tag Team Championship & Dusty Rhodes Classic Winner – Undisputed ERA vs Authors of Pain vs Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne

Cece:  Based on the night, I do believe Adam Cole is going to not win the NA title in the 6-man match and help Kyle retain the titles.

Winner: Undisputed Era.

Kent:  The only thing that I am fairly certain of is that the Authors of Pain aren’t winning here.  There’s no real reason for them to win, in all honesty. With that being said, now is a great time to either take the belts off of Undisputed ERA  with the injury excuse. It would also be a good time to maybe develop friction between Roderick and Pete, or possibly to push them. I hate teams put together randomly to win though.  Roderick turning heel on Pete would be best case scenario because it buys Undisputed ERA some more time, and gives Roderick and Pete a clear cut direction.

Winner: Undisputed ERA


  1. North American Championship Ladder Match – Velveteen Dream vs EC3 vs Lars Sullivan vs Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Killian Dain

Cece:  This is so hard to predict. I can tell you who I DON’T think will win. That is Adam Cole. However, I do believe it’s going to be a pretty fair fight between all the men in this match. All are definitely deserving of this North American Championship. I do think Killian and Lars will cancel each other out and EC3 and Velveteen will work on each other after they get rid of Cole. I see Ricochet jumping in and taking the win.

Kent:  I think this is the hardest match of the weekend to guess.  Cece and I had a talk about it earlier. The thing is that heels are better with belts than faces are, traditionally.  The chase is more exciting when it’s the face chasing. I do not think Killian or Adam are getting this. Lars would be cool as shit, but I don’t think so.  I think all 6 guys have some great things to offer. I can see any of the last 3 winning. EC3 nor Velveteen NEED the belt and I feel Ricochet could benefit from it most.  Traditionally, new championships go to faces. I am picking Ricochet with Velveteen being my backup. I cannot wait to see EC3 kick some ass though.

Winner: Ricochet


  1.  NXT Women’s Championship Match – Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler

Cece:  This match shouldn’t really even be happening. Ember needs a worthy adversary and not just an MMA fighter who comes in out of nowhere. I agree with Kent, Ember is getting booked terribly. She is a great wrestler and I truly hope she gets her time on the main roster soon.

Winner: Unfortunately, I see Shayna taking the win.

Kent:  This is the only match that I don’t care about.  Poor Ember has had a terrible championship run, and it’s not her fault.  They have really booked her terribly. I don’t even have interest in her character at the moment.  She should have been feuding with Billie and Peyton or even Nikki. Shayna is improving but she sure as shit isn’t in the top 5 females in NXT, and I may argue top 10.  She needs lots of time, and she shouldn’t be pushed this hard, in my opinion. Ember hopefully wins and gets in a better feud, and it better not be against Kairi Sain or however it is spelled.  There’s another girl who I am not digging. Boring matches, terrible gimmick. She’s all flash with little substance, like a modern-day Lita.

Winner: Ember…..please


  1.  Unsanctioned Match (If Gargano wins, he is reinstated.  If Ciampa wins, Gargano is banished from NXT forever!!) Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa

Cece:  This is the match I’m anticipating most. More than almost any other match WM weekend. This feud has seemed like it’s just begun. However, I do think Johnny will be getting a call up soon. I cannot wait to see these two tear each other apart.

Winner: Ciampa with a cheap shot.

Kent:  This is another match that I am unsure of.  I think this feud needs more time. I also have gone on record as saying that these 2 guys are the next evolution in the mold of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, with Johnny as Daniel and Tommaso as Punk.  This has every possibility of being the best match of the weekend. That’s not hype, that’s straight fact. This has match of the year potential, but I don’t know if they want to blow their load yet.  Let’s have Johnny win this one I guess. I want this feud to last longer because it is damn good.

Winner: Johnny


  1.  NXT World Championship Match- Andrade Cien Almas vs Aleister Black

Cece:  This is hard to predict as well. I would really love to see Aleister take the title. He’s been a badass ever since he appeared on NXT. He’s more than deserving of it.

Winner: Black and Zelina/Cien move up to main roster.

Kent:  Another match that could be match of the night or weekend.  I love Aleister, he’s really become a better performer in my eyes since his Velveteen feud.  Him and Cole killed it in January. I am not ready for Andrade to get lost in the shuffle on the main roster yet, and that is going to happen, unfortunately.  Aleister can debut the night after Mania. Both are ready, but only Aleister will get a good push immediately. Plus I feel that Drew needs his rematch.

Winner: Andrade


  1.  Will we see anybody return from injury?

Cece:  I am hoping Drew comes in and not necessarily interferes, but, comes out to taunt someone about a title.

Kent:  Drew would be awesome, so yes.


  1.  Will we see anybody new debut or sitting in the crowd?

Cece:  Not too sure if anyone new, per say. Hoping some main roster stars will be in the crowd, though.

Kent:  Yes, and I am guessing James Storm


  1.  Match of the Night?

Cece:  Ciampa/Gargano for sure.

Kent:  I will go with Johnny vs Tommaso and I could be very wrong.


  1.  Worst Match of the Night?

Cece:  Women’s.

Kent:  Women’s match, no doubt.


Bonus Deuce


  1.  Will the best match of this show be better than the best match of Wrestlemania?

Cece:  Yes. I am not too excited about Mania as much as I am Takeover and ROH: Supercard of Honor.

Kent:  If AJ vs Shinsuke and the IC championship match get enough time, that is a tough call.  I will say NXT’s best match will be better than Mania’s best.


  1.  Will you be watching or reading about any of the other promotion’s events that are happening this weekend, such as the Supercard of Honor?

Cece:  Abso-fucking-lutely!

Kent:  I will try to watch some of it, but I cannot give a single solitary fuck for anything involving Cody or the Young Bucks.  


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