WrestleMania XXXIV (34) Preview

Russ and Kent give you the most thorough WrestleMania preview on the internet.  That’s our claim and we are sticking to it.  We are cautiously optimistic.   Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


Kickoff Show Matches


  1.  Cruiserweight 205 Championship Match – Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali

Who Wins?

Russ:  Pretty sure they are giving this to Mustafa.

Kent:  Cedric Alexander better win.

Any interference by other 205 superstars?  If yes, who?

Russ:  I have no idea, I haven’t seen any of this, but for intrigues sake I’m going to say yes.

Kent:  It feels like the GM may interfere on behalf of his secret chosen one.  That’s just my prediction. Go guy formerly known as Rockstar Spud!


  1. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

First Man Eliminated?

Russ:  The ultimate loser:  Curt Hawkins

Kent:  Dash WIlder

Final Two

Russ:  Matt Hardy and a Reborn Bray Wyatt

Kent:  Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin


Russ:Reborn Bray  

Kent:  Tye Dillinger


  1.  The Non Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal

First Woman Eliminated?

Russ:  Becky Lynch, because WWE hates her

Kent:  Mandy Rose because they dicks to her.

Final Two

Russ:  Sasha and Bayley because they have been the focus of the non important women

Kent:  Sonya and Becky


Russ:  Bayley

Kent:  Becky….please!


The 9

  1.  Smackdown Women’s Championship Match – Streak vs Title – Charlotte vs Asuka

Will we see Ric Flair?

Russ:  More than likely.  

Kent:  Yes, and he will cry at some point, possibly on the kickoff show.

Who enters first?

Russ:  Asuka

Kent:  Asuka

Any special entrance?

Russ:  Yea, this match has that feel.  Expect Charlotte’s to be flairish while Asuka’s will be awesome.  

Kent:  Yes, I think for Asuka, while Charlotte’s will be a little fancier but mainly the same.

Will victory come via pin or submission?

Russ:  Submission

Kent:  Both of them are submission specialist, but WWE won’t want either to look weak.  Pin.


Russ:  Well, it would make no sense to end the streak here so Asuka.  

Kent:    For everything that is holy, Asuka.  New Orleans is where streaks come to die.  I pick Charlotte….I hate life.

  1.  US Championship Fatal 4 Way Match – Randy Orton vs Rusev vs Jinder Mahal vs Bobby Roode

Order of Entrants?

Russ:  Bobby, Rusev, Jinder, Randy

Kent:  Bobby, Jinder, Rusev, Randy

Will anybody have a special entrance?

Russ:  Any more special than the spectacles that they normally are for these guys?  No.

Kent:  Yes, Bobby and Rusev with Aiden doing something.

Who takes the loss?

Russ:  Randy

Kent:  Jinder

Who wins?

Russ:  Rusev

Kent:  Rusev


  1.  RAW Women’s Championship Match – Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Will Mickie accompany Alexa to the ring?

Russ:  No

Kent:  No

Any special entrances?

Russ:  No

Kent:  No

Will there be any outside interference?  If yes, by whom?

Russ:  Yes, Mickie James

Kent:  No

Will this match go longer than 7 minutes?

Russ:  No

Kent:  No


Russ:  Nia

Kent:  Noa….I mean Nia.

Championship changing hands?

Russ:  Yes

Kent:  No


  1.  Smackdown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match – Usos vs New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers

Order of entrants?

Russ:  Bludgeon, New Day, Usos

Kent:  New Day, Bludgeon Brothers, Usos

Any special entrances?

Russ:  Yes, all

Kent:  Yes, New Day and Usos

Who takes the loss?

Russ: Xavier

Kent:  Kofi

Who wins it?

Russ:  Eric Rowan

Kent:  Luke


  1.  RAW Tag Team Championship Match – The Bar vs Braun Strowman and his mystery partner

Who comes out first?

Russ:  The Bar

Kent:  The Bar

Any special Entrances?

Russ:  No

Kent:  Yes, The Bar I hope

Who will Braun’s partner be?

Russ:  God willing it will be God himself.  

Kent:  People are saying Big Show, but I got Samoa Joe

Will Braun’s partner turn on him in the match?

Russ:  Yes

Kent:  Yes

Who takes the loss?

Russ:  Braun

Kent:  Braun

Who gets the win?

Russ:  Cesaro

Kent:  Sheamus


  1.  Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn – If KO and Sami loses, they are fired, but if they win, they get their jobs back.

Any special entrances?

Russ:  Nope

Kent:  No need for one

Will anybody get a bigger pop than Daniel Bryan?

Russ:  Nope

Kent:  No, but Hogan, Taker, or Rock will rival it and be tough to distinguish any difference.

Will anybody turn heel or face during or after the match?

Russ:  Nope

Kent:  Yes, I still think this isn’t over.

Who takes the loss?

Russ:  Zayn

Kent:  Shane

Who takes the win?

Russ: Daniel Bryan

Kent:  Sami Zayn (Remember my Real Men of Honor stable idea?  It’s happening.)

Will Daniel Bryan do a diving headbutt?

Russ: No.

Kent:  YES!


  1.  Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match – The Miz vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

Order of entrants?

Russ:  Seth, Finn, Miz

Kent:  Finn, Seth, Miz

Any special entrances?

Russ:  Yes, Finn and The Miz

Kent:  Yes, Finn should come out as the damn demon!!  And Seth with flaming pants!

Will anybody turn heel during this match?

Russ:  No.

Kent:  Yes, Seth which leads to his trade to SD where his gimmick is he whines

Who takes the loss?

Russ:  The Miz

Kent:  Seth

Who gets the win?

Russ: Finn  

Kent:  Finn


  1.  Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs Stephanie McMahon & HHH

Order of entrants?

Russ:  HHH and Steph, Kurt and Rousey

Kent:  HHH & Steph, then Kurt, then Rousey

Will anybody have a special entrance?  (DUH!!)

Russ:  This is a definite yes.  

Kent:  If this ends up being a No, then I don’t want to watch Mania again.  HHH always does.

Will this match be good?

Russ:  Does laughing at it count?  If so then this will be great!  

Kent:  No, it’s a mixed tag match and WWE will be hellbent on pushing women

Will Ronda hurt anybody?

Russ:  No, I think they know what they are doing enough.  

Kent:  Herself

Will Ronda and Stephanie be in the ring together longer than 5 minutes?

Russ:  nope.

Kent:  God I hope not.  So yes, yes they will with lots of stalling.

Who takes the loss?

Russ:  Stephanie

Kent:  Stephanie

Who gets the win?

Russ:  Ronda

Kent:  Ronda


  1. Undertaker vs John Cena

Is this match actually happening?

Russ:  Yes, they have totally set this up to happen.  

Kent:  Yes, if not, I am rioting.

How do they set this up for the match to start?

Russ:  Cena comes out talks about loving this as a fan, probably during someone else segment.  Thats when the lights go dark and Taker comes out.

Kent:  I thought it would be during an Elias segment, but with the Rock rumored to be in attendance, Elias is the perfect person to be on the mic with The Rock.  I think you need to have Cena make the save after a post match beatdown. That sounds perfect for after the Daniel Bryan match because there should be a post match beatdown, I suspect.  That or possibly either tag team championship match.

Will Taker look good or bad in the ring, considering we have seen him both ways recently?

Russ:  I’ll wager better than last year.  

Kent:  Better than you would expect, but the match shouldn’t be too action packed allowing him to perform.  But I suspect Taker to be rusty.

Who gets the win?

Russ:  Taker because I don’t think Cena needs to win this.  

Kent:  I don’t want to say it.  I can’t. I won’t. I’d rather be wrong than disloyal, so Taker.

What is the finisher?

Russ:  Tombstone

Kent:  Escape from AA into Tombstone.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Smackdown World Championship Match – AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Will either gentleman have a special entrance?

Russ:  No, nothing more than normal special.  

Kent:  Shinsuke seems likely, so yes.

What match # on the main card will this appear?  There’s 11 unless the Rock has an impromptu match.

Russ:  10, right before Roman and Brock

Kent:  9

Will this be the match of the night?

Russ:  This is definitely going to be up there.  There are several matches that could steal the title, but this will be one of the few that will be given the time it deserves.  So this has the best chance.

Kent:  There are so many good matches, it’s like do you take the one that should be or do you take the field that features Cena vs Taker, that IC match is stacked, SD tag title match could all steal the show.  I am going to say no..

What will be the finishing move?

Russ:  Kinshasa (sp?)  

Kent:  Styles Clash


Russ:  Nakamura:  great time to pass the torch, while AJ goes to a show that isn’t a sinking ship.  

Kent:  AJ Styles.  I am over thinking this match, but Royal Rumble winners are practically a 50/50 chance now of winning and they have not been treating Shinsuke like the star he is.  Plus if you keep the belt on AJ, he can keep saying that Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built.


  1. RAW Red Belt Championship Match – Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Any special entrances?

Russ: No

Kent:  No

Who comes out first?

Russ:  Roman

Kent:  Roman should

Will this match go longer than 15 minutes?

Russ:  No

Kent:  Yes

Will Brock turn purple?

Russ:  Yes (within the first 5 minutes.)

Kent:  Yes

How many superman punches will we see connect?

Russ:  5

Kent:  7

How many German suplexes will we see?

Russ:  12

Kent:  8

How many F5’s will succeed?

Russ:  2

Kent:  2

How many spears will we see?

Russ:  5 (2 from Brock and 3 from Roman)

Kent:  3

What will be the finishing move?

Russ:  Spear after about 3 Superman Punches

Kent:  Spear because Brock is susceptible to that move, just ask old Whisker Biscuit

Will this be Brock Lesnar’s final WWE match for the foreseeable future, meaning he isn’t resigning with WWE right now?

Russ:  Yes, he’s done.  

Kent:  No, he’s resigning


Final Thoughts – Quick Hits

  1.  Match of the Night?

Russ:  I want to say the IC title match, but I have a feeling they won’t be given enough time to shine properly.  So I’m going with Nak and AJ

Kent:  IC Title Match

  1. Worst match of the night on main card?

Russ:  RAW Women’s match: They won’t be given any time

Kent:  RAW women’s match or the Ronda match both sound awful.

  1. Shortest match of the night?

Russ:  Alexa vs Nia

Kent:  Alexa vs Nia

  1. Which match will we say deserved to have more time at the end of the night?

Russ:  IC Title Match

Kent:  AJ vs Shinsuke

  1.  Which match will have been given too much time?

Russ:  Asuka vs Charlotte

Kent:  Asuka vs Charlotte

  1.  Will this night be memorable for anything beyond Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring?

Russ: I’m sure, but I couldn’t tell you.  There are a lot of good things that this Mania is bringing to the table.  However, Since it is New Orleans the host of the worst Mania decisions this could be memorable for the wrong reasons.   

Kent:  Asuka’s streak ending, Daniel turning heel, Cena vs Taker, Stephanie’s major injury, Hogan, Rock

  1. Any surprise appearances aside from the Rock?

Russ:  Samoa Joe, maybe and of course some Legends

Kent:  Samoa Joe and somebody like Big Show and maybe Sanity gets called up for something.  To kill Daniel, Sami, and KO.

  1.  Will The Rock be there?

Russ:  Yes

Kent:  Yes

  1. Will this be the best Mania of the past 5 years?

Russ: Yes, I mean it doesn’t have very stiff competition to beat.   

Kent:  Without a doubt…..oh it’s in New Orleans….fuck…..yes…maybe.

  1. Who will interrupt Elias’ performance?

Russ:  Probably The Rock

Kent:  It could be so many people, but the Rock makes the most sense.


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