The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:15 “Worth”

This week, Negan returns to Sanctuary to clean up the Simon and Dwight mess.  Michonne makes one final plea to Negan with a Carl letter.  Aaron makes progress with Oceanside, like anybody truly gives a damn.  Eugene is kidnapped and then gets himself out of aforementioned kidnapping.  Finally, Gregory mans up!  All of this and more in this week’s blog.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  How do you feel about Simon’s demise?  It happened at the hands of Negan rather than Jadis.  

Bob:  It was appropriate.  It followed the chain of command. (There’s a reason why he’s the #2 and not #1, right?)

Bitty:  LOVED IT! I liked how it was a hand to hand fight. We really see more of Negan’s strength this way.  (I demand to see more hand to hand fighting now that we know it’s an option.)

Chris:  I expected Jadis to get to kill him, but I was satisfied with his death.  It made a Negan look like such a badass that he actually let Simon fight for control.  (The fact that Jadis didn’t get it is very interesting.  Is that a sign that she isn’t important enough to get that kill, or is it that she has much bigger fish to fry?  I hope it is the latter. If the time jump happens, I can see her in the big role next season.)

Kent:  This was something that we just don’t see enough in this show.  2 bad ass dudes just duking it out. While Simon probably felt like he had nothing to lose and Negan had some credibility to potentially lose.  Negan once again proved why he is the leader.


  1.  Laura is the one who got in Negan’s car the previous episode.  Was this reveal satisfying to you?

Bob:  It was a very nice shock.  I like Dwight but that was fantastic.  (It was a nice shock, you’re right.  We don’t get enough of those, so I was pleased to be surprised.)

Bitty:  Yes, I had forgotten all about it. I was thinking it’d be Gregory but kinda got disappointed that Negan would pick him up and not run him over.  (Yeah, i totally forgot about Laura too, I admit to that.)

Chris:  Yes. The only other option, in my opinion, was Gregory.  This adds a whole new level of intrigue to the finale. Rick and co. are now walking into a trap and Dwight doesn’t look like he can help them.  (It could have been Heath I suppose, but logic told us that Gregory seemed likely.  I miss Heath.)

Kent:  Incredibly satisfying because as much as I like Dwight’s character arc, it was making a mockery of Negan to an extent.  Negan runs a tight ship and we are led to believe that his bullshit meter is top of the line, so it felt weird that he never caught on to Dwight.  Tara better be sacrificing herself to save Dwight damnit!!


  1.   Did you think Dwight was going to get away with his betrayal?  What will Dwight’s punishment ultimately be, or will he escape punishment?

Bob:  He’ll escape.  Tara will save him.  I still will not mourn Tara. (I can see him escaping, but I don’t know how.  This one seems like a convenient TWD escape that makes no sense.)

Bitty:  His betrayal came one episode too early for my liking. I was surprised that I actually felt bad for him. Dwight will die in a moment where he saves Daryl. (Yes, saving it would have been preferred by me as well.)

Chris:  I thought he would reveal his betrayal in the finale.  From the preview it looks like he’s getting the Daryl treatment.  Storyline-wise it makes absolutely no sense. Simon was killed for killing the trash people.  Dwight’s actions resulted in more Saviors dying, be he lives? (THANK YOU!  His betrayal cost plenty of his people’s lives just to save these assholes that started attacking them in the first place.  How he isn’t tortured and severely punished is beyond me.)

Kent:  He should be burned over and over again until he dies, but he will escape any severe punishment.  They can’t keep detracting too much more from the comics, can they?


  1.  Did this episode make things clearer or murkier in regards to your view on whose side Eugene is on?

Bob:  It was clear to me that Eugene feels safest with Negan.  And he feels valued. (That is the awkward thing.  Eugene stopped feeling valued the moment he revealed that he was living a lie.  Now, Negan values him and gives him control. I don’t blame him for whatever path he chooses.)

Bitty:  Murkier. Do you think Eugene would make bullets that would explode when they are fired, killing saviors?  (That seems to be the seed that they wanted to plant in our collective imaginations, I feel.)

Chris:  Murkier.  I was sure he was all Negan, but I got the vibe at the end that he’s gonna turn on him.  I can’t really offer a reason. Maybe what Rosita said to him made an impact. (Is there also a part of you still thinking that it has to be back on track with the comics at some point?)

Kent:  The Rosita and Daryl kidnapping scene serves no purpose if he doesn’t turn against the Saviors.  Otherwise, what purpose did it truly serve? I don’t really see an endgame otherwise. If Eugene kills Daryl though, I accept that.


  1.  What impact will Carl’s letter ultimately have on Rick?  What did Michonne hope to accomplish by reading Carl’s letter to Negan?

Bob:  Carl’s letter has produced a conflict in Rick, a moral check if you will.  Michonne just can’t leave well enough alone and got nosey. This is ultimately going to split Rick’s attention but since Rick is ..  unable to be killed..? Blah, I simply dislike every part of this dynamic. (I like everything about your answer.  I have nothing to add.)

Bitty: I’m so angry about the way Rick is acting. He really needs to listen to Carl. It was important that Negan hear out the letter. Michonne doesn’t want to keep fighting everyone either.  (It almost feels like RIck partially realizes just how deep he is into this war and feels that since he is indestructible, he can just win this.  It is not a good thing.)

Chris:  I think Rick ultimately does want peace, but I think he cannot contemplate that without killing Negan.  I think unlike the comics, Negan will die, but not from Rick. I think Michonne is just trying to stop the killing.  (I really fear for Negan’s life.  Really, do we even want to see Rick and Negan on the same side eventually?  I don’t think I do for the TV versions. Especially without Carl.)

Kent:  I think Rick will be fine next season and probably be the big hero.  I think Rick’s character needs that win after this season, probably more than anybody else.  I don’t know if Negan is surviving this one. Not much need for it, unfortunately. Michonne believes in Carl’s message more than either Rick or Negan and she needed to make that effort.


  1.  Did the Aaron in Oceanside territory add any intrigue whatsoever to the overall story in your opinion?

Bob:  No, it seemed very predictable to me.

Bitty:  It’s a stretch to reconnect Oceanside to the storyline.

Chris:  No. I like Aarons character (the scenes with him were great last week), but I just find the Oceanside characters really boring.

Kent:  I am glad that I am not the only one feeling zero connection to this inane community.  Their whole story has proved to be very pointless in my opinion. Oh, we had the Simon reveal, but none of this was needed.  Aaron is a good character. He deserves better. Oceanside is the proverbial square peg trying to be shoved into a round hole.


  1.  Did you like the reveal that Simon orchestrated the male massacre of the Oceanside community?

Bob:  I missed that.  (I had to rewatch it to understand it.  Don’t feel bad.)

Bitty:  why the hell do I miss these things?!!  (See my response to Bob.)

Chris:  Yes. It makes sense for the story.  As weird as it sounds, Negan wouldn’t kill all the men.  People are a resource. (Negan is the most rational leader in this show, aside from Jadis.  He values his group, even if it is for his personal gain.)

Kent:  I have wondered just how much of  a bad ass Simon is, and we have learned in the past few episodes what he is willing to do.  Simon is one of the best original characters on this show. Great arc for him.


  1.  Did you like Gregory’s confidence this week?  Is there any place left for Gregory, in your opinion?

Bob:  Haha, no. No.  I wouldn’t miss him. (Your answers makes me a sad panda.)

Bitty:  He should be working for Eugene. He was pretty comical this week.  (I love that idea.  Eugene and Gregory having a nice dialogue would be incredible.)

Chris:  I love Gregory!  He’s just an arrogant prick.  He’s always going to be working to try and thwart Maggie, and turmoil is good for the show.  I think Maggie will eventually let him out of his cage. (What I am loving more and more about gregory is that no matter how little power or control that he has, he still demeans people by not calling them their preferred name.  I don’t even like saying Maggie anymore. Margaret is a better name! He is hilarious.)

Kent:  Yes, obviously I would.  I have been down with Gregory since the beginning.  He is such a great actor and he has made Gregory such a fascinating character.  I hope that he never grows a pair though. Never change this guy to give him some convoluted arc.  Gregory has no place where he can be trusted. Although The Saviors may need a new leader soon.


  1.  Will Gabriel experience a miracle and make it out of this war alive?

Bob:  Sure, I will stick with his name meaning.  “God is my strength.” (I agree, and I like it.  If he does die, I just hope it is in some meaningful way.  He’s probably one of my 5 favorite characters remaining with Carl and Simon now gone.)

Bitty:  Gabriel is a confusing character. I haven’t seen a place for him since we first met him. (I loved him as Judith’s protector.  That was my favorite role for him oddly enough.)

Chris:  Yes! His character is finally awesome.  They can’t kill him now. Plus, his death would be predictable.  I think if Eugene turns on Negan, he will rescue Gabriel. (Well, Eugene saves some characters in the comic…..I think.  My memory sucks. So Eugene saving Gabriel would be a good thing.  Eugene needs a win too.)

Kent:  If anybody is going to have a miracle and not have the last name of Grimes, it feels like Gabriel is the perfect candidate.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  What was your favorite or least favorite Simon moment?

Bob:  When he took Gregory’s booze.

Bitty:  I became even more angry with him when he said they’d still go after the Hilltop.

Chris:  when he took Gregory’s painting!

Kent:  Anything between him and Gregory was pure gold.  Also, i loved that he wanted to fight Negan. It was ballsy.  But probably the booze thing is the best.


  1.  It is known that the TV series has veered significantly away from the comics.  Even if you don’t read the comics, I want you to consider this question. Is it better for a show or movie to stick close to the written material, or to drift off some and make it unique?


Bob:  TV should have it’s own story.  It’s a different media than comics.

Bitty:  I do not read the comics and I love this show. It’s a tough balance for the creators and writers. They are trying to appeal to everyone

Chris:  Make it unique.  Half the people who watch the show don’t read them.  I read them, and it would be boring if ev (I don’t believe that Chris’ sentence got saved, but we can safely assume where he was going with this one.)

Kent:  I like the TV show to drift.  My complaint is that when they really do something great in the comic, try to stick to that stuff, like Carl and Negan.  I didn’t feel that Glenn had to die at the lineup. I felt it could have been a few other people, notably Maggie.Still, because of the TV show veering, we have Carol and Morgan still alive, we had a Merle, Daryl, Simon, and others that have been wonderful.  


Final Thoughts – Make any final predictions for how things go down in the Season finale next week.  Have fun.

Bob:  A lot of cliff hangers with no conclusions.

Chris:  Eugene’s bullets will backfire, taking the Saviors off guard.  Team Rick will rally to win after Dwight escapes. Lucille is destroyed, leaving Negan destitute and ready to be executed by Rick.  Rick raises his hatchet to a kneeled Negan, ready to strike him down, but instead throws his hatchet into the ground. After reading Carl’s letter, Rick is a changed man.  Rick and Negan hug it out while Michonne says, “They did it for you Carl. They did it!” Morgan stabs Negan with his stick and says, “What the hell is wrong with all of you! Screw this, I’m leaving for FTWD!”

Kent:  Something big happens that causes Morgan to leave, which could be Rick sparing negan’s life or killing negan.  Tara, Dwight, or Daryl dies. Sherry returns. Dwight kills Laura. A lot of Oceanside gets wiped out.


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