The Wrestling 9 Deuce – April 9 & 10, 2018 – Mania Aftermath

Welcome everybody to another week of the Wrestling 9 Deuce.  I am your host, Kent.  We had the RAW and Smackdown Live after Wrestlemania, so we had returns, debuts, and surprises, plus a TNA name drop.  Wow!!  All of this and much more!  Anyway, Keri asks the questions around here, Anonyruss and Harper Lee answer them, and Keri decides a winner at the end.  Simple stuff.   Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we talk about all of this stuff plus other wrestling related news and tidbits.  Please enjoy.


  1.  Paige retired from in-ring competition and became Smackdown’s new GM this week. Discuss.

Anonyruss:  I’m glad they have something for Paige to do.  I felt horrible for her when she was permanently sidelined.  So while this isn’t ideal it is better than nothing. Not to mention maybe the position is like magic!  I mean Daniel Bryan miraculously got better and is now a full-time wrestler again. Perhaps being General Manager of Smackdown magically cures you, but it takes a year or so depending on the severity of your injury.  I lost my point… Yay Paige as Smackdown GM!

Harper Lee:  I am so happy for Paige. She has not been too lucky as of late. That neck injury of hers is oh so sad. While I didn’t like Absolution’s tactics, I still respected Paige the person. I think she could be excellent in her new role and this feels very fresh to me.  She can be good as both a face or a heel. I am also really looking forward to her new film. My brother Eric loved her last film. He always watches it by himself. I don’t quite understand why. I thought Santa’s Little Helper was adequate, but I don’t understand why he watches alone.

Keri’s Verdict:  I couldn’t be happier with how events unfolded this week for my girl Paige. I was almost in tears when she gave her in-ring retirement speech and then was very happy when she was named the new Smackdown GM. Alright, time for the point for question number one. I like Anonyruss’ theory that being Smackdown GM has healing powers and therefore he gets the point.


  1.  We have a new Smackdown women’s champion and she is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Carmella cashed in, dethroned the queen, and is our new Smackdown women’s champ. Discuss.

Anonyruss:  Wow, is it my birthday? Two questions on the women’s division!  Sure neither of them are about Ronda, but I still have a few questions to answer.  Now as far as this story goes. Hooray! The Iconics are here! They had a wonderful debut on the Main roster.  They did something that Charlotte has struggled with for years. They put a magnificent promo together. I do have to give Charlotte some credit.  She took that vicious beating like a champ. I’m very interested in seeing where this all goes, but for now All Hail the new Queen! Carmella! May her reign last longer than one ppv!   

Harper Lee:  Really? That’s how they are going to treat the single most talented female wrestler ever. This is ridiculous! I am OUTRAGED! How is this even fair to Flair? She just beat the unbeatable. She deserved a night off and some darn respect. What kind of cowardly move was that by Carmella? She hasn’t been relevant in months. Meanwhile, Charlotte will get her belt back and main event WrestleMania 35.

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m a firm believer in karma and karma (not the wrestler, Kent) (Kent: But I really, really miss her!!!) is the word I would use to describe what happened to Charlotte on Smackdown. You break Asuka’s streak then you lose the title. It’s as simple as that. Even Becky didn’t come out and save Charlotte during that beating because catering had quinoa and it was good (check out Becky’s instagram to understand that reference). As for Carmella and the title, I could not be happier for her. She deserves the spotlight. I can’t wait to see what she does as champ. Now for the point for question two. Sorry Harper but Charlotte ended the streak and for that she needs to be karmically punished. But I admire your passion in sticking by Charlotte through all of this so I’ll give you a point for this question. (Kent: By the way, this may have been my favorite moment in wrestling in the past 5 years.  I needed to let everybody know just how much I cannot stand Charlotte.)


  1.  We had our usual post Wrestlemania debuts this week on RAW and Smackdown. Ember Moon, Authors of Pain, No Way Jose, and the Iconic Duo all debuted this week. Grade and discuss these debuts.

Anonyruss:  Ember Moon: Smart decision to bring her up I think she will add some excitement, hopefully, she will have a better run than she did in NXT.  Grade: A. AOP: I’m not a huge fan of Tokar and Razar, but I’ll give them a fair shot. Grade: C. No Way Jose: His debut was a party! Unfortunately, these types of acts never make it on the Main Roster.  So I say No Way, Jose, will make it very far with this gimmick. Grade: C- IIconics: This is the way you debut a group! Holy crap were they awesome and Charlotte was the perfect target. Grade: A+

Harper Lee:  Ember is an A- acquisition. She didn’t get a great run in NXT, in my opinion. She wasn’t given many great feuds, unfortunately. I would love to see her vs Naomi down the road. The 2 most athletic females in WWE.  AoP is an A as far as I am concerned. Those are 2 very big strong boys with excellent teamwork and a solid moveset. It would have been an A+ but getting rid of Ellering hurts their score. No Way Jose, OMG am I in love with this guy!  He is so much fun. I love what I have seen. But that is a problem, I haven’t seen much, so for fun factor and his potential, I will say a C+ with hopes that he is more like a B or B+. The Iconic Duo……oh they make me so mad! How is it fair to Flair to get a 2 on 1 beatdown and insulted?  I am giving them a B- because they probably have a bright future, but I do NOT like them one bit.

`Keri’s Verdict:  Ember Moon: Good call up. She is going to bring a little something extra to whatever women’s division she ends up in after next week’s shakeup. Grade: A. Authors of Pain: I’ll be honest I’ve seen these guys very little and usually only during Takeovers but what I have seen impresses me. This is a tag team you do not mess with and I think they might be just what the RAW tag team division needs (provided they survive the shakeup) Grade B+. No Way Jose: Honestly, I forgot that this guy was even employed by the company. That’s bad isn’t it? Oh well. I like the guys entrance music and he’s fun. Does he have longevity with this gimmick? I don’t know but I think Adam Rose maybe able to comment. Grade: C+ (the + is for the music. I just love it).  The Iconics: So, I’ll be honest I stopped watching NXT right around when this team was formed and I regret not seeing them develop their characters. These girls are great and I thoroughly enjoyed the beatdown they gave Charlotte when they arrived on Smackdown. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the division. Grade: A+. Alright now for question number three’s point. This one is difficult because it seems like both Anonyruss and Harper bring up some very valid points. However, Harper gets the point here because our grading is pretty much the same and I think she will come around on the Iconics eventually.


  1.  We also had our post Wrestlemania returns this week as well. Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, and Bobby Lashley all returned this week on RAW. Grade and discuss these returns.

Anonyruss:  Samoa Joe: Great to have him back.  His brutality and skill have been sorely missed.  Great to see he is picking up where he left off against Roman.  Grade: A. Jeff Hardy: Ok, I’ll admit that I didn’t think we’d see him on WWE again because of his DUI, but what the hell do I know.  I actually enjoyed his act on RAW. More of this Jeff HArdy Please. Grade: B Bobby Lashley: This is one serious hunk of man! I can’t believe that he wasn’t Russ’ Man Crush of the Week.  I loved him when he was in the WWE originally. I have heard he has only gotten better. I can’t wait to see. Grade: A+

Harper Lee:  Samoa Joe is a total jerk at times.  I respect that he usually backs up what he says.  A feud between him and Roman would be an epic Samoan feud, and I would love it.  So for that feud alone, I give Joe an A- mainly because I think that he is a jerk.  Bobby Lashley is somebody I don’t know too well. I have seen a bit of his work. I think his music is very bland and I simply wasn’t excited for him.  I know that he is supposed to be really talented, but he seems bland to me. I give him a C-. Finally, Jeff has returned!!! Yay!!!!!! I am so happy to have him back.  A+ easily. What else would you possibly give Brother Nero?

Keri’s Verdict:  Alright, let me start out by saying I’ve missed Samoa Joe. I didn’t realize until Monday night how much I really missed that guy. That promo he cut on Roman was spot on. I’m so glad he’s back. Grade: A. Jeff Hardy: Given recent events, his return surprised me but I guess everyone deserves a second chance. And I have to say I like the dynamic with him, Bray, and Matt in that backstage segment. I’m interested to see where that goes. Grade: B  Lashley: Talk about the worst kept return secret of the week. Who didn’t see this guy coming back at some point post-Wrestlemania? With that said, we finally have someone who can put Brock Lesnar hopefully out to pasture once we get the fruit roll up off of him. And that is what I’m most excited about with this return. Grade: A.  Alright let’s get to this question’s point. It looks like Anonyruss and I are on the same page here so he gets the point.  


  1.  The RAW and Smackdown after Wrestlemania shows are usually must see TV. Grade and discuss this week’s shows. Who won the week in your opinion?

Anonyruss:  RAW: Overall this was an interesting show.  Lots of returns and call ups to keep up entertained.  However, nothing new was really established and that is also one of the best hallmarks of the RAW after Mania.  I’m sure because of the Shake-up they didn’t want to establish anything new, but a few new stories would have been nice.  Grade: B+ Smackdown: This week felt like typical with a few exception. One, the debut of the IIconics and Charlotte losing the belt to The F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S one.  This was great! Also, heel Shinsuke is best Shinsuke! I guess the match with Daniel Bryan and AJ was pretty good as well. Grade: B

Harper Lee:  RAW had 4 debuts and 3 returns.  Smackdown had 1 debut and no returns.  I know that math was never my strong suit, but last I checked, 7 is greater than 1.  RAW killed it this week. Smackdown felt very disappointing after all of the RAW excitement.  WWE should have spaced this out better. And where is Sanity? I have been told to expect these guys and nothing!!!

Keri’s Verdict:  RAW positives: Debuts and returns. Main event. RAW negatives: Stephanie and Ronda to open the show and whiny Roman. Grade: B. Smackdown positives:  Paige as Smackdown GM, Carmella as women’s champ, debut of the Iconics, heel Nakamura, and Styles vs Bryan (I want to see this again without commercials). Smackdown negatives: Same old same old in the number one contender matches for the tag team and US titles. Grade: A. Smackdown in my opinion was the better show. But it seems my colleagues did not agree with me so this question’s point will be award to the person who argued their point effectively. Anonyruss sold me with his response so he gets the point.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.

Anonyruss:  This week on Ronda Roundup.  Again no questions asked about the greatest women’s athlete in the WWE.  This blog has begun to slide downhill. Fortunately, I’ll keep the integrity by reporting about the most amazing athlete in WWE:  Ronda Rousey. This week she kicked off RAW with Stephanie and by-golly they did a bang up job. Steph is a fantastic foil for Rousey and they showed why on RAW.  Steph really knows how to sell. I mean she was in the arm bar for 10 seconds and she was acting like her arm was broken! Way to make Rousey look unstoppable! This was great stuff and I’ll continue to report on it here until it becomes a question in the normal 5!  Ronda Roundup for the win!

Harper Lee:  Can we please get Daniel Bryan and Miz on the same show?  I don’t ask for much, but I really want to see this.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Anonyruss on this week’s win.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  Long week of wrestling.  Glad it is finally done and things will slow down a bit… What next week is the WWE Roster Shake-up? …. Poop.  

Harper Lee:  Boy, I am exhausted by wrestling this week.  Time to get caught up on my favorite soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

Keri:  Wow, I have wrestling burnout. After Supercard, some of Takeover, most of Mania, some of RAW, and all of Smackdown, I’m really spent. Then this week we also had the finale (episode 100) of Being the Elite, and that really put a rather sad cherry on top of an already full wrestling filled sundae. But next week, I’m going to NXT live here in DC so that should cheer me right up. So, expect a full report next week everyone.  (Kent: Wait a second.  So you watched everything else in it’s entirety except the one show, TakeOver, that was the best thing out of the 5 days?  And you are grading these people?  That smells like an F for Failure to watch great, relevant wrestling.)



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