Hell In A Cell 2017 Review

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  Kick off Show Match:  American Beta defeated The less than Hype Bros.  

Russ:  For a Kickoff Show match this was really good.  Shelton was surprisingly spry and doesn’t look like he has missed a step.  The Hype Bros. also put on one of their best televised matches I’ve seen.  I am surprised that The Hype Bros didn’t break up, but I guess we will get to see that on Smackdown. Or they may just drop the whole story, you know typical WWE shit.   Rating: 4.5  

Kent:  I didn’t watch it because I was watching Prom Night from 1980, and I have too much to do, so I am passing on what sounds like a decent match.

Rating: N/A


  1.  The Uso’s defeated The New Day and became your new Smackdown Tag Team Champions in a Hell in the Cell Match.  

Russ:  First of all the fact that  this match didn’t close out the night is a real shame.  Both teams deserved it, so let’s make this the curtain jerker.  As for the match itself.  We thought this might be the match of the night and as of this writing it certainly held up to that standard.  This was a fantastic match for both teams.  It was brutal, it was high flying, and it had some great innovation.  The right team won and this is where this feud should end.  Big E was fantastic tonight and I honestly have no idea why he hasn’t been given a singles opportunity.  He is a star and tonight he really showed why.  

Rating: 7.4

Kent:  This match lived up to my lofty expectations, which was to say it would be a match of the year candidate.  Some may say that they overly relied on weapons but it is a Hell in a Cell match and you have a more hardcore match environment.  They had a ton of creativity in this one.  Big E doing the Urinagi right into Xavier catching Jimmy in a back cracker was compelling stuff.  You had the corner spot of caging the Uso up.  The handcuffs made an appearance, just as I had suggested should have been used in the build up.  Everything that happened made a lot of sense to me, and you know that it’s a great match when it gets to a point where I have made up my mind that I will not be upset over who wins.  Kudos to everybody involved.  I a down year for match of the year candidates, this may end up in the top 5, unless you have a hard on for the Okada and Omega stuff, which I don’t think is good for the industry.

Rating: 7.8


  1.  Randy RKO’d Russev out of nowhere and into obscurity.  

Russ:  I really didn’t have much interest in this match other than I wanted to see how Aiden would be used and how good Russev would look in the ring.  Well Aiden wasn’t used which I have no idea why he wasn’t!  Big waste of an opportunity if you ask me.  As for Russev, it was a pretty good showing for him.  It wasn’t flashy, but I thought it was a good showing.  Unfortunately the match was kind of blah.  I think some of that has to do with being right after a fantastic match for the Tag Team Championship.  Randy didn’t seem very inspired out there.  Why does Russev take all of the losses for all of the older guys?  He lost this month and he lost at SummerSlam to Cena.  He has become a joke!  He should be one of your top heels, instead I’m not sure if we should be taking him seriously anymore.  Rating: 3.6  (and I might be being generous.)

Kent: Russev?  Who’s writing this stuff?  Anyway, I said during the last match that I felt bad for whoever had to follow up that match, and unfortunately, for these guys, they were chosen.  This match was never going to be fast paced.  So it was going to pale in comparison.  This was a perfectly acceptable, and pretty expected match in reality.  Right at the end, Rusev had that one counter to get the Accolade on, and I really thought that was well done.  These guys could have used some kind of gimmick, like a strap match where you touch the four corners.

Rating: 3.7 It existed but nothing I ever need to see again.  Missed opportunity to not use Aiden.


  1.  Triple Threat match Where Baron defeated Tye Dillinger and AJ to become the new WWE United States Champion.  

Russ: I am so glad that they decided to put Tye in this match!  We talked about how it seemed odd that he would be left out of the match after the entire month or so leading up to the match he had something to do with the feud.  As for the match itself, it was pretty darn good!  All three guys put on a good show.  Lots of great near falls and the match just felt smooth and looked good.  Tye was a good fit in the match and was a great showing for him.  AJ was AJ and he was of course phenomenal.  Congratulations to Corbin on his first WWE Championship.  Corbin ragdolled the hell out AJ and Tye which made him look like a beast.  Sure Adding Tye to the match made it seem inevitable that Corbin would win, but I’m not against a Corbin win.  Kent might end up with a raging clue all week.  Rating:  6.4

Kent: Adding Tye made a lot of sense.  Almost too much sense.  Honestly, there was at least one moment where I was absolutely hoping that Tye won it.  You all know that Baron is my boy and I have loved AJ for over a decade now, but Tye would have benefitted most by a win.  I like Tye a lot and he could really use a big push to cement himself.  Still, this match was well paced, told the story it needed to.  Baron was talking trash to fans, which I love.  It’s nice to see him with the belt that he should have had before winning MitB.  Now he needs to stay hungry and prove to the world that he deserves this and more.

Rating:  7.1 I thought the pacing kept this must pay attention throughout most of it.


  1.  Charlotte wins via DQ against Nattie, but Nattie is still your WWE Smackdown Woman’s Champion.

Russ:  I did everything I could to pay attention to this match.  The build up and everything else leading to the match was just awful, so this was a tough to keep an eye on.  Overall, the match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It wasn’t that good either, but I was surprised at how well these two jelled in the ring.  I liked how this ended.  Nattie knew she didn’t stand a chance in hell against Charlotte so getting the chair and intentionally getting DQed was a pretty smart move on her part.  Unfortunately, this also means that this feud will continue.  Sigh…

Rating: 4.2

Kent: Didn’t watch it, don’t plan on it.  Sorry, but I won’t do it.  I played ESO and waited for Twan to give me the all clear.

Rating: N/A


  1.  Jinder Mahal is still your WWE Champion after he beat, sort of cleanly, Shinsuke.

Russ:  Oh boy talk about having difficulty paying attention.  This was a really boring match.  I knew it was going to be.  I think everyone in the world knew it was going to be.  I love Shinsuke, but this feud has done nothing for him.  I’d rather he be in a match where nothing is on the line and fighting a great opponent, rather than waste him on these boring matches.  It looks like Jinder is going to be champion for awhile longer, which sucks!  The belt has become a joke.  It was the third from last match!  The Belt should be the most prominent thing in a PPV and it has become a worthless prop.   Rating: 3.1  

Kent: I’m at a point with Jinder where I am going to start treating him like Charlotte.  I’m done with his boring ass matches.  I am sick of this experiment.  This isn’t heat.  This is hate.  I am bored to tears by this guy.  Randy, AJ, Shinsuke are the names that he has faced and every fucking match sucked.  The old saying is that if you can’t have a good match with AJ, HBK, or Benoit, then you are incapable of having a good match.  Well there you go.  So until further notice, I will not be watching Jinder matches.

Rating: 2.1


  1.  Bobby Roode def Dolph ZIggler

Russ:  Alright, I’ll be honest I was hoping that Dolph would come out to a crazy awesome entrance and I was a little disappointed when he came out to absolutely nothing.  However, as more time passed I started to think how awesome this entrance truly was.  What a heel move that was.  As for the match:  it was ok.  Bobby is not very flashy, but he is damn good in the ring.  The match didn’t really showcase this, but I thought both guys did pretty good in the ring.  They needed a little more time to flesh out the match.  Still I like how Dolph attacked after the match.  Usually means we will see these two at it again and that’s ok with me.  Rating: 4.6

Kent:  I enjoyed Dolph’s entrance, but I just wish they would go the other extreme.  Dolph knows that and that is why this is working.  He refuses to give us what we want, and I can’t fault him.  He’s being a true heel.  This match was not as good as my lofty expectations, but I was also riding a 2 match doldrum.  I was also drinking heavily at this point.  Good job WWE promoting alcoholism.  I enjoyed the match, but not enough to see it again.  I want to see more of these 2, so that is a plus.

Rating: 4.9 I didn’t dislike it, just no point in rewatching it


  1.  Kevin Owens def Shane McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell

Russ:  Now this was a match that exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations for this one.  Go ahead and read Kent’s review of the match because I’m really just going to mimic him for the most part.  The story told in this match was fantastic.  I thought the stuff done in the ring was sufficiently brutal and made a fun match.  Then when they moved things outside the ring I like how they started to build for a big spot and instead gave us a nerve wrecking fight on top of the cell.  The crowd was silent not because they were bored but because they were breathless watching that.  Exceptional stuff and then we get the big spot and the interesting swerve with Sami.  There go my hopes that he becomes a top face that faces KO at Mania for the WWE belt, though that was never going to be a reality this year anyway.  I can’t wait to see why Sami pulled KO to safety.  I actually want to watch Smackdown!  Rating: 7.1  (still think the Tag Team was slightly better overall.)  

Kent:  This match absolutely delivered in a different way than a normal match would   This was all about the story.  The moves, at points looked good and brutal.  Shane always gives his all and this is the character that KO excels at.  Prior to the climb, it was a middle of the road Hell in a Cell at best.  I loved KO’s indecisiveness of whether to do the big jump, but he couldn’t pull the trigger, and it just amp’d up the excitement.  Then the battle on top of the cell was absolutely riveting and scary stuff.  We all sat there and winced and worried if they would break the cell or if they would do a big fall.  They did a 10 foot movie, but that wasn’t good enough for Shane.  He went for the big move and Sami pulled KO off at the exact precise moment and it was a thing of beauty.  This was showcasing the art of storytelling in wrestling, and they did an excellent job.  This was the opposite of the Japanese stuff.

Rating: 7.5


  1.  Was this the best WWE PPV of 2017?

Russ:  Yes.  that isn’t saying much because this year has not produced many good PPV’s.  Still this was above average even in a good year.  We had two great HiaC matches.  The United States Championship match was very good.  Dolph/Bobby and Russev/Randy were adequate.  Only two matches that truly made me hate this PPV.  Being one right after the other didn’t help.  Still I enjoyed watching this one and I’ll take that the way this year has been going.  Overall Rating: 5.8 I’d watch certain matches over again, but their are definitely some one and dones too.  

Kent:  Yes, I think it has to be.  It sounds like they had a solid kickoff show match, which is all you can really ask for.  Yes, this had 2 matches that I loathed, but that is pretty much every PPV, but both of the matches took too long in my opinion.  The Rusev/Randy and Dolph/Bobby matches felt about right as what you’d expect.  The US championship match was exciting the whole way through as was both HIAC matches.  I would say I spent over half of this PPV actually enjoying myself.  I know, that’s odd to hear me say, right?  Also, in honor of Keri, the Fashion Files returned!


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Worst match of the night?

Russ:  Jinder vs Shinsuke, which is terrible to say because Shinsuke doesn’t deserve this.  

Kent:  Jinder vs Shinsuke because Shinsuke shouldn’t be in bad matches.  I expect trash from Charlotte and I didn’t see it so I can’t confirm nor deny my guesses on that.


  1.  Best match of the night?

Russ:  Tag Team Championship match Uso’s vs New Day

Kent:  The Uso’s vs New Day was easily the best match of the night despite some other very solid matches.

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Hell In A Cell 2017 Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  American Beta vs Hype Bros

Keri: You know who would be great in this match instead of the Hype Bros. Breezedango.

Pick: American Beta

Teddy: is their name really American beta? If so I feel bad for them…

Prediction: Shelton Benjamin will Carry this match and hype bros will be butt hurt about it.

Cece:  Of course Hype Bros will lose. Duh.

Prediction: Benjamin/Gable

Kent:  I would say that this has to be the easiest match of the night to pick.  Hype Bros are in a breaking up storyline and American Beta is still in the midst of establishing itself.  

Prediction: American Beta after Zack screws up

  1.  Charlotte vs Natty for SD Women’s Championship

Keri:  What is it with the Smackdown writers and not properly building up a women’s match? I don’t care about this match at all. Fashion Files. Now there is something I care about.

Pick: Charlotte

Teddy: Charlotte needs a decent push and Natty just isn’t cutting it as a top heel champion. Rousey doesn’t have a contract yet so it seems like a great place for a carmella cash in.

Prediction: either Carmella cashes in or cause for Natty to win via DQ

Cece:  We all know Charlotte deserves the win, however, I think since she just came back, Natty will hold on to the title for a bit longer.

Prediction: Natty Ice

Kent:  YAAAWWWWWN.  Don’t know, don’t care.

Prediction: Ronda Arousme will distract Charlotte and cost her the match and while Natalya is watching, Carmella won’t cash in if Ronda is there because WWE can’t have her steal the spotlight from female Naitch.  If Ronda isn’t there, expect a cash in by Carmella.

  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal for SD Blue Belt

Keri:  I hate Mahal as champ. He has been the worst champ we have had in a long time. It’s not entirely his fault but still he’s pretty awful.

Pick: Nakamura wins because we really need to get the belt off Mahal

Teddy: Mahal also is failing as a champ. He hasn’t had a clean win as champion ever. People are getting sick of the Singh bro’s interference and Shinsuke is still Hella over

Prediction: Shinsuke should win but WWE sucks Mahal’s dick…Singh bro’s get involved…….again

Cece:  Meh. I mean, I love Nakamura and I think he has a good chance at getting the belt. Jinder has had it for way too long. However, I see the WWE teasing us and having Jinder retain by a shitty DQ move.

Prediction: Nakamura wins by DQ, Jinder retains.

Kent:  YAWWNNNNNN. Don’t care.  Shinsuke hasn’t really been booked in this feud, not poorly or properly, but just not booked.  Jinder has had the upper hand almost exclusively.  So is this finally the night that WWE says enough is enough?  Probably not, but I will be optimistic.

Prediction: Shinsuke because this nightmare has to end at some point, right?

  1.  Randy Orton vs Rusev

Keri:  I like what they have been doing lately with Rusev since he returned from his post Summerslam hiatus. It’s like they are given him the opportunity to be himself and it works. Also, I expect Aiden to play a role in this match. I just don’t know what role he will play.

Pick: Rusev wins

Teddy: I’m loving Rusev lately and since his boo is doing her own thing he could really use some momentum. I am an avid Orton fan but please god give Rusev the win.

Prediction: Rusev wins via distraction from mediocre singer Aiden English

Cece:  I don’t really care about this feud, however, I do like the entertainment from Aiden English. I think Rusev needs a push, though.

Prediction: Randy wins again, but it goes further for a longer build.

Kent:  For a lower end feud, this has been fun.  I like seeing Aiden and Rusev get some shine.  Randy is ready to turn heel ASAP.  I think he needs to put these guys over first and then set his sights on the new champ, Shinsuke and eventually AJ.

Prediction: Rusev crush!!!!!

  1.  Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

Keri:  This match has the potential to be dare I say it glorious. Both guys match up well. Also, I predicted this match weeks ago so right now I’m giddy about being right about something.

Pick: Ziggler wins. I know I changed my prediction from what I said on the podcast.

Teddy: Roode’s first WWE PPV. He is gonna win. They like to job Ziggler to the new guys and I am expecting no different.

Prediction: Roode will hit the Glorious DDT and make Ziggler look stupid

Cece:  This match will be GLORIOUS! Honestly, we have needed something for Dolph to do for a hot minute now. He’s been teasing us with his getups and entrances. I’ve loved it. I’m anxious to see them square up.

Prediction: Bobby with the win, to piss of Dolph and to get hype from WWE Universe.

Kent:  Traditional booking says that Bobby needs to win his first PPV match on WWE.  What rub is to be had when Dolph hasn’t been relevant since last November?  Dolph can cheat to win and continue this feud that has a lot of potential.  I know I am gonna be proven wrong, but I have to book smartly, unlike WWE.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler with the greatest entrance ever….I hope

  1.  Aj Styles vs Baron Corbin for the US Championship

Keri:  Honestly, I could careless about this match. And I hate saying that about something involving AJ. This would have been a little more intriguing if they added Tye to this match but maybe that’s something for the future.

Pick: Corbin. Only because I picked Shinsuke in the other match and damn it I want the build for my Styles-Nakamura dream match before there is another brand shakeup.

Teddy: this match is boring since it’s not a triple threat match (when is Tye’s time damnit!) Corbin looks to take the title.

Prediction: Corbin finally cuts the Right Corner

Cece:  The most stupidly booked match of the night. I am so over Baron. They need to re-do his character. He needs more personality and a better story.

Prediction: AJ will win because… well, he’s AJ.

Kent:  Baron shouldn’t win this right now.  Crybaby Baron is great.  Prolong this a bit and have Tye involved.  I think this is the night that they give Baron a belt, but I would hold off one more month and allow Baron to get back to where he was in July.  It’s like, something bad happened in August, but I can’t recall anything.

Prediction: Baron wins because it’s the wrong time to do it.

  1.  HIAC: Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

Keri:  I’ve enjoyed KO the past few weeks. He has been killing on the mic as of late. The match should be good because we usually don’t see Shane in something mediocre. I expect some really good spots and I expect Shane to jump off something.

Pick: Shane because pissed off KO is best KO

Teddy: Who’s ready to see Shane fall off of shit? I know I am! Shane should take this and finally set KO off the deep end. Bring back Fight Owens Fight and stop this whole coward shit they’ve been running.

Prediction: the WWE universe wins because this match is Hype AF. Also shane lol

Cece:  I like this feud. It took a lot of build up and I think it has kept a lot of us on our toes.

Prediction: Match will be long and hard fought, Shane will jump off something high, and I call Shane for the win because it’s not a title shot and who doesn’t love Shane O’Mac?

Kent:  I expect a good match, some backstage chicanery, and a big spot at some point.  I fully expect Sami to get involved at some point.  Sami should remain a face. Sami should win the Royal Rumble and KO should be the champ for Mania, but I am willing to bet Russ’ left nut that AJ wins the rumble and takes on Shinsuke at Mania because that would be huge as well.  So with that in mind…..

Prediction: Shane wins, KO beats him down after the match and Sami interferes and appears to help KO, and then we get a supergroup with them and the Ascension all in red and black.

  1.  HIAC: New Day vs The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Keri:  This will be match of the night. I calling it now. Why? Because everything leading up to this match has made me believe that it will be.

Pick: The New Day retain

Teddy: I think Shane and KO will steal MoTN but this will be a close second. I love new day and it’s clear they wont turn heel soon.

Prediction: IT’S A NEW DAY YES IT IS!

Cece:  I want this to be a damn all out war between both sides. These guys have been going at this for so long now and have built up such a strong chemistry.

Prediction: I say New Day retains.

Kent:  This should be the best match on the card, and these guys are going to go all out to make this memorable.  I hope that they get the final match of the night.  I don’t want any interference, no nonsense, just a great match.  I am curious which New Day member is left out.  I am guessing Xavier will be unless Kofi isn’t 100% healed.

Prediction: The Uso’s win after Xavier turns heel because he was left out of the match.

  1.  Will they have the HIAC matches spaced out on the card or next to each other?

Keri:  Probably back to back. You don’t want to keep lowering and raising a structure like that. It takes too much time.

Teddy: definitely back to back, unless the structure is damaged then they may space it out to repair it before the next match takes place

Cece:  They should be spaced out, but, they may keep them one after another.

Kent:  I think that they will be the final 2 matches of the night.


Bonus Deuce

  1. What will be match of the night?

Keri:  Tag team match

Teddy: Shane vs KO is closely followed by TND vs Usos

Cece:  Honestly, I’m hoping for Roode/Zigler to be great and Shane/Kev.

Kent:  I can see downsides to every match having something silly, except for one.  Sometimes the obvious answer is also the right one.  Tag Team title match is my answer, but I wouldn’t be shocked is the KO or Dolph match steals the show.

  1.  What will be the worst match of the night, better known as the Charlotte Flair Award?

 Keri:  Toss up between the Women’s match and Jinder-Shinsuke.

Teddy: Worst match will be Mahal v Nakamura. Because theyre gonna copy and past the last how many matches Jinder has been in.

Cece:  Hey now. I love me some Charlotte. However, I do think either the women’s match or the beginning tag team match.

Kent:  Women, no doubt.  It shouldn’t be as long as Jinder’s, but Shinsuke is fun to watch at the very least.  If the answer ends up not being one of these 2 matches, I will be a saaaaad panda.

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2017 No Mercy Review

Image courtesy of meenapelsis from fiverr.com

Russ and Kent break down No Mercy as only they can.  Unfortunately, this is a week late thanks to technical issues on our servers.  We apologize.  Still, we tried.   Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we do a better job at selling No Mercy than RAW did.

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The 9

  1.  Elias def Apollo crews

Russ:  Elias is getting pretty popular with the crowds lately.  He always gets a loud pop when he asks people if they want to walk with him.  Overall, this was a good showcase for both guys. This will hopefully lead to a real story on Raw instead of obscurity, which we all know it will. Thought Apollo looked good in losing here.  Rating: 4.6

Kent:  I liked this match because it was a solid showcase for both guys and I wouldn’t mind a feud with actual storylines.  I know, it will be tough with all of that focus on the Finn story, you know, because they clearly tried hard there.  Still, I love when Elias does some spot or move where you think to yourself, this guy is a special combination or strength, size, and speed.  Can I get Elias vs Luke?  That’s a match I would pay extra for.  

Rating: 5.5 I really enjoyed it

  1.  The Miz def Jason Jordan

Russ:  I thought this match was actually watchable.  Jordan has proven he can be decent in the ring.  Tonight I thought he did another adequate job.  I’m glad they didn’t pull the trigger on him winning.  The Miz was the real star of the match. I just wish they would do more with him on Raw.  Rating: 4.2  

Kent:  Blah.  I am so over this feud.  I am over Jason Jordan.  I am over The Miz on RAW.  Think about all of the the people that came to RAW from the trades.  Bray, Miz, Dean, and Bliss.  Well Alexa has done OK for herself.  Anyway, give the Miz a good feud, like with Bray or Elias.  This match existed, and it was technically sound, but bored me.

Rating: 2.5 I couldn’t get invested in it.

  1.  Finn Balor def Bray Wyatt

Russ:  Ok this match seemed like it was going in a good direction.  Bray kept on getting the upper hand after being very underhanded in attacking Finn before the match even started.  Afterwards they kept on telling a great story of Finn who just wouldn’t quit even when the odds were against him.  This was a perfect opportunity to give Bray a win. Then it goes to shit at the end and they give Balor the win.  I have no idea what giving Balor the win accomplishes, especially the way the match started, except to continually bury Bray.  I can’t wait to see what stupid ass excuse Bray comes up with as he goes after his next victim.  Rating: 3.2

Kent:  So they start off with bray injuring Finn.  Perfect excuse to give Bray a win and lengthen the feud, perhaps tell a story, you know, anything that would make you give a fuck about this feud.  Nope.  The match was really well done.  I do have a major gripe and it’s towards Bray actually.  It is beyond infuriating when Bray catches his opponent for the set up to Sister Abigail, and the opponent just has to lay back in Bray’s arms.  It’s so absurd, no matter how early into the match.  I wish they would alter that somehow.  This match was really good.  Lots of good action.  The outcome was silly.  Bray beat regular Finn before, why is he losing now?  Who can Finn feud with now?  This story was absolutely stupid, no matter the spin that some may put on it, like Eric.  I don’t feel a story was told.  I don’t believe anybody sat there prior to the match and thought: “My God, the story that Bray and Finn have told has been something I care about or will remember ever.”  No, nobody will remember it positively.  Waste of god damn time.

  1.  The Fist def The Bar

Russ:  Wow, this match was brutal!  I have always hated the slingshot because of how fake it looks, but man did Cesaro’s face plant into post look brutal.  He also lost a lot of his front teeth there.  Got to give him credit though he kept on fighting.  This was good match, lots of hard hits and great back and forth.  Best match of the night so far and one I’d happily watch again, with exception of that slingshot, I cringed every time they replayed it.,  Rating: 6.2  

Kent:  This match delivered, surprise surprise.  The tag team matches at PPV’s have been the shining light all summer.  So good.  I gotta give Cesaro big time props for sticking it out.  Like, I probably would have cried a bit.  What holds this back is that Sheasaro didn’t win after White Noise and then the powerbomb.  That should have finished it.  Poor booking, but great match.  Still, not enough for a 7.

Rating: 6.4 sadly the wrong team won with Cena booking.

  1.  Alexa retained her belt against Emma, Bayley, Sasha, and Nia

Russ:  Well, Emma didn’t take the pin.  WWE was very adamant that she wouldn’t and boy were they right.  Of course overall she was a complete no-factor anyway.  This was boring, which is sad because they had several great competitors in the ring.  I thought Nia did a good job, but I’m not sure how Alexa got the win in the end.  I thought I was paying attention to most of the match, but I can’t remember the ending.  Rating: 3.1

Kent:  That was a really good match.  I thoroughly enjoyed how they kept me Kentertained throughout the match.  Kudos for Nia kneeing herself in the face after that powerbomb.  I gotta say that Michael Cole is a retard saying that he has never seen the stacked Samoan Drop.  Ryback says hello.  I know that Cole called his matches.  Emma looked good as did Sasha.  Bayley didn’t look like she belonged and that worries me a lot.  Alexa is gonna be the one to keep the belt until Asuka debuts.  Will Asuka immediately get a title shot for doing nothing?  Bayley did!

Rating: 5.2 because Emma should have won, and Bayley didn’t really do shit.

  1.  Roman kicked out of 4 AA’s and beat Cena…yeah

Russ:   This was a tale of two matches and how we are supposed to see this match.  The first tale of this match was the decent back and forth between the two guys.  I thought for the first 10 minutes they did a really good job of telling a good story.  Then Roman got AA’d and everything went downhill.  That brings us to the second tale of this story and how cartoony it all felt.  After that first AA Cena kept on upping his AA game and Roman kept on kicking out.  I’m ok with him kicking out of one AA, but after that every other AA was a super AA or more than 1 AA.  Which would have put out any other wrestler.  They really made the AA look useless.  Overall it wasn’t a bad match, but between these two I expected a lot more and I don’t feel they delivered it.  If this was a Mania Main Event caliber match then it bombed because it never once felt like a Mania match.  Rating: 5  

Kent:  Fuck this.  4 AA’s, kick out.  This win is more important than beating Taker at Mania.  FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! No!  Why even have finishing moves?

Rating: Go fuck yourself

  1.  Enzo kicked Neville in the nuts to win the Cruiserweight belt

Russ:  Beetlejuice outfit?  Sure why not Enzo.  Decent match.  Enzo had some good lines in his intro.  He can be pretty clever when he wants to.  Also, I Thought Enzo did a good job making Neville look good.  The crowd was dead for this.  Which was sad, because they’ve been pretty good most the night.  I don’t understand why everything Enzo does is underhanded and slimy, yet he is the face?  He has to cheat every time he is out in the ring or he loses.  Now he is Cruiserweight Champ.  Should make 205 Live interesting.  Too bad I doubt I’ll see how it plays out, unless they show it on Raw.  Rating: 4.7

Kent:  To sum up my feelings as I just text to Twan.  “Jinder Mahal approves of that match’s finish,”  Yeah, the match was fine, and it was creative.  Kudos to how good that leaping DDT that Enzo does.  

  1.  Brock Lesnar defeats Braun Strowman

Russ:  Wow, way to not shake things up WWE.  WWE had a chance to do something right and give a great up and comer in Braun the belt and a chance to shine.  Instead they kept with the Status Quo.  I guess they made Braun look strong in the first 3 minutes.  The next 5 minutes was a bit of a mix between the two where you thought: “Well Braun still has a chance.”  Then the last 3 minutes of the match ended all hope for those of us who thought it would be nice to have a change up at the top.  Missed opportunity WWE, but that has been the story of the WWE for the past 5 months.  Gotta give Roman one more torch cause he loves collecting them.  Rating: 4.2

Kent:  Oh yay, a 10 minute match. Okay, maybe 11 minutes, but I wrote that before the match happened.  It’s sad how easy that was to predict.  What a shit show!  I enjoyed the match for what it was, but you just killed Braun and his momentum.  For what?  To give us Brock vs Roman, the rematch that nobody is asking for?  Thank your WWE kids.  “Thanks Vince!”

Rating: 4.0 and moving along displeased.

  1.  Rate No Mercy overall.

Russ:  It felt like watching Raw except there weren’t commercials for products other than WWE anyway.  There were also a lot less promos.  The matches were not out right bad, which I guess is a minor win, but none of them came close to being must watch.  The only belt that ended up changing hands was the cruiserweight belt, so there is that.  Raw Exclusive PPV’s are just like watching Raw on the USA Network.  Very boring and safe.  So why the fuck am I paying WWE $10 a month?  Oh, right!  I’m a fucking idiot!  Overall Rating:  4.2  

Kent:  Loud over exaggerated yawn.  I should have just watched horror movies all night.  Waste of my mother fucking time.

Overall: 3,8 thanks to the big matches sucking long hard schlongs

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Worst match of the night.

Russ:  Take the whole night!  Alright:  for me it was it was the Woman’s Title Match.  I watched the whole damn thing and I can’t remember much about it.  The Finn and Bray match was damned close to being just as bad. 

Kent:  Miz vs Jordan to no surprise.  You cannot be shocked.  Cena and Roman is a close second for pissing me off.

  1.  Best match of the night.

Russ:  The Tag team match.  It wasn’t great, but it was the best thing offered on this mediocre borefest called No Mercy.  Also, I have to give props to Cesaro for finishing that match!  

Kent:  Tough call, but I think the tag team match but the women were damn close.  I liked both a lot.  I give the slight edge to the tag teams.  

Final Thoughts

Russ:  I feel like I wasted my time with No Mercy.  The worst part, I’ll continue to waste my time with the fall out tomorrow on Raw and then of course I’ll have to watch Smackdown.  By the time the podcast comes around I’m going to be very sick of wrestling.  Oh sure, WWE could shock me and make their TV show’s good, but we all know it is a safe bet that isn’t true.  

Kent:  Twix makes a fine candy bar.  Channel Zero is a great TV show on SyFy Wednesday nights.  It’s way better than AHS.  Fuck RAW, Fuck Smackdown, Fuck AHS, watch Channel Zero and eat Twix.  This was 3 plus hours of my life that I won’t ever get back.

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2017 No Mercy Preview

Image courtesy of meenapelsis from fiverr.com

Keri and Kent break down the No Mercy as best we can.  As of this time, there has been no Kickoff Show match(es) announced, so we just wildly speculate without a care in the world.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we do a better job at selling No Mercy than RAW did.

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The 9

  1.  Kick off Show Match – ?

Keri:  Something with Elias.

Kent:  Elias will sing, and maybe Curt Hawkins will get to extend his streak

  1.  Intercontinental Championship match – The Miz vs Jason Jordan

Keri:  This is the match that everyone saw coming a mile away. Apparently, the WWE thinks Jordan is  ready for a feud. This will be a decent match and there will be Miztourage involvement in the outcome.

Prediction: Miz retains.

Kent:  Will I be looking at porn during this match?  Probably.  Do I give a single, solitary fuck about Jason Jordan’s push?  Nope.  Do I already miss Maryse?  Yup.  Do I miss Miz having interesting feuds?  Yup.  This can be a very good, technical match.  Alas, I just am not remotely interested in this match.  I don’t see any way that Miz can rebuild at this time, he needs something different, and I think WWE is hellbent on giving us the Jason Jordan experience.  SIgh.  
Prediction: Jason Jordan is the new IC champ

  1.  Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

Keri:  Honestly, I could careless about the match or the people in it. WWE has ruined Finn and that in itself is shameful. With that said, I didn’t know they could ruin Bray after putting the WWE title on him roughly a year ago yet here we are.

Prediction: Bray wins, I guess.

Kent:  I fear I will have run out of energy and or porn by this point.  God damnit.  I am done with this feud.  Give me Bray vs Miz and Finn vs Roman moving forward,  That would feel so much better than what we are given here.  Put Elias in with Jason.  As for this match, Finn probably wins, but Bray has a tendency to win matches that are meaningless.  There’s no demon, there’s no storyline.  At this point, bring Luke and Rowan over and reform the family.  Would you honestly be opposed to that?  Brock vs Bray would be way better with them involved.  Joe vs Bray would also be more fun.

  1.  Cruiserweight Championship Match – Neville vs Enzo

Keri:  I think Neville’s tone as champ is over. WWE, in order to hopefully save the division, is probably going to put the belt on Enzo. Enzo has more “star” power and that is going to out eyes on a stale product.

Prediction: Enzo wins and we get at least a month have of bad promos.

Kent:  I just don’t care.  I think Neville’s reign of dominance ends this Sunday.  It should have been Akira to have a run, but Enzo provides something that Akira doesn’t, in WWE’s mind, which is mic work, despite Akira having Titus.  I will admit, I am kinda intrigued how Enzo’s belt will be personalized.  Also, the potential for Enzo to be a champion before Cass is amazing.  At Summerslam, had I asked which participant would be most successful by the next PPV, nobody would have said Enzo.  Most would have said Cass, some may have said Big Show out of spite.  Both guys are injured, so how you doin?
Prediction: Enzo wins the 205 Belt

  1.  Women’s Championship Match – Alexa vs Nia vs Sasha vs Emma vs Bayley

Keri:  I think adding Bayley to this match is pointless but what do I know. She comes back and gets a title shot. Yeah good one Creative. Prediction: Alexa retains and drops the belt to Asuka when she debuts

Kent:  So Bayley is magically in despite having not won a match or a feud in how many months?  This is fucking absurd.  Even better, most people assume that Emma is there to eat the pin and go back to obscurity.  Honestly, just last week, I was still very excited for this match.  Now, I am daring to be sour.  It should still be good, lots of interesting spots with Nia and Bliss I hope.  Bayley will be outside the ring a lot I speculate.  Emma and Sasha will keep the match flowing in between bigger spots.  It should be a well done match.  Still, I am less excited than I had been the past month.
Prediction: Emma wins the belt

  1.  WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Fistius vs Sheasaro

Keri:  I don’t care about this match at all. The build they had going up to this match just doesn’t translate well. Why are we getting an all tag team on deck match at this PPV? WWE I would like a thorough explanation.

Prediction: The Bar wins and this feud continues this time with the assistance of Chad2Badd

Kent:  Fistius isn’t losing this.  They just lost on RAW.  Making it a 3 way would have added far more intrigue to this match.  I am actually saddened that Gallows and Anderson aren’t in this.  Dean and Seth are fine at what they do, I am just not into them as a team despite doing everything right.  Their will they or won’t they build to Summerslam simply burned me out.  Sheasaro are sooo good right now.  I want them as the champs.
Prediction: Fistius Retains

  1.  John Cena vs Roman Reigns

Keri:  I guess I’m looking forward to this match. It should be good and hopefully it lives up to the hype. Honestly, couldn’t this match had waited until Mania?

Prediction: Cena wins. But I’m still rooting for that meteor.

Kent:  This match should be very good, no doubt about that.  Roman doesn’t put out shitty matches much anymore.  Cena puts on a match if he’s into the feud.  Something to really pay attention to is how much of a show Cena is putting on.  If he goes for a couple of flashy or big moves, it’s more likely that he loses.  This is how he works.  If he loses, he takes more of a beating during the match and hits his more traditional moves, only off the top rope or something that adds a little extra oomph.  Rumors have it that Cena is going to win and then have Roman get his redemption as he builds to Wrestlemania against Brock.  Does anybody really want to see this or thinks that this story would add any more legitimacy to him?  I hate to say this, but an injury to Roman that takes him out for a year would be best for business so WWE can do the right thing.  I’m not wishing injury on him, just saying that WWE would benefit from it because then Braun would get the push that he deserves.
Prediction: Cena wins via golden shovel

  1.  Red Belt Match – Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

Keri:  I want to see this match. It’s the one on the card that I’m positively giddy over. This is going to be a great brawl that I know will probably leave me very disappointed. As much as I want him to win and how much he deserves this win, Braun is not going to win on Sunday. But maybe WWE will surprise me and do the right thing. Therefore rediction: Braun wins!

Kent:  This is the match I am most looking forward to.  Both guys will put on a show.  I do fear the amount of time that this match will get.  10 minutes at most seems likely.  Expect Brock to get manhandled at some point, going through tables.  Expect some struggles to suplex, but eventually land a bunch.  I don’t know if we will see just one finisher or if this is going to be whoever hits their finisher 3 times type of match.  I think it’s going to be a 3 F-5 type of night.  I really wish WWE would put the belt on Braun.  Fuck it, let’s pull a Revival and go hard.
Prediction: Braun Strowman wins the belt

  1.  In your opinion, is this card better than Summerslam’s?

Keri:  I’m going to go with kinda. There are some strong matches and some real duds. It should be at least watchable for the majority of the time.

Kent:  It’s a tough one.  Summerslam had more high quality matches on paper, but it also had like twice as many matches and took 6 damn hours.  Add to that, there’s no Jinder on this card, and it’s 2 hours shorter, I will take this card.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Predict the best and worst match of the night.

Keri:  Best: Tag Team

Worst: Cruiserweight

Kent:  Best: Tag Team Championship

Worst: Cruiserweight Championship

  1.  What match are you most looking forward to and least looking forward to?

 Keri:  Most: Brock vs Braun

Least: Cruiserweight

Kent:  Most: Brock vs Braun

Least: Cena vs Roman

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and wwe.com.

Summerslam and NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 2017 Review – 9 Deuce

First I am tackling NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III by myself.  After that, Russ helps me review the PPV that never seemed to want to end, Summerslam!  This is a long one folks, but we put a lot of effort into this, so I hope that you enjoy it.

Of course, there is also my podcast with Steve, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discussed this long weekend.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at 9 Deuce Wrestling on Facebook , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at wrestling@9deuce.com.  Thank you.

Brooklyn 9 Minus Deuce

  1.  Andrade Cien Almas def Johnny Gargano

Kent:  This was an adequate opener from my perspective.  Unfortunately, the story simply wasn’t there so it felt more thrown together than anything.  I’d rather have tossed on Roddy and somebody else in a match where the winner gets a  title shot this week on NXT.  Or even give us another UK Championship match.ALso, can we never start an NXT event with an awful concert ever again?  Thanks!  Even when Andrade is winning, it doesn’t feel like he’s winning, if that makes any sense.  Something is missing with him.  Midcard, at best, for life.

  1.  Sanity def Authors of Pain to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions

Kent:  This was a surprisingly good match.  I have been waiting for Wolfe to show us his potential, and quite frankly, I didn’t know if we would ever get to see it.  Well we did and he put on a show for the fans.  Eric Young is still a very talented in ring hand.  The AoP is legit and this was simply a well done, fun tag team match.  Nikki Cross continues to convince me that she will be a star.  Her spot where she got sandwiched was a really well done one, and props for the spot getting booked, and the execution of it.  Everybody involved should be proud of that match.

  1. Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami

Kent:  This was my favorite match of the night.  I do like the strong style stuff when you have 2 guys who are up to task and know their strengths and limits.  I get that it probably wasn’t match of the night for most people, but this was my most enjoyable.  I like Aleister, but he is missing some mic time and he probably needs to add some more moves other than kicks and meditating if he wants to be more than a midcard guy.  I would work hard to mold this guy in NXT so that when he comes up in a year or year and a half, you have a truly finished product.  Hideo needs to get called up.  He‘s not going to really improve much beyond what he has shown.  Whatever you see, that’s what you have.  It’s up to booking to put him in a spot to allow him to sink or swim.  I really think he should have been the one that beat Shinsuke first……but Jinder.

  1.  Asuka def Ember Moon

Kent:  This was a very well done match, but when Ember hits her finisher, I think it is getting Dolph’d, which is the wrestling version of getting nerfed a bit.  I think she needs to get moved up because she’s caught in a precarious spot.  She can’t move up because she is the clear cut #2 or 3 girl on the roster, but can’t get put over Asuka apparently, so move her up and see what she can do.  Smackdown could use both her and Asuka for sure.  I very much liked this match, and I don’t know if I would have it higher than my fourth favorite match.  It’s not fair, but the last 4 matches all had their strengths and weaknesses and if you break it down, they were all win a point of each other on a rating scale in my opinion.  If you don’t see it that way, I would suggest that your favoritism is showing.  All of these matches were probably in the 6-7 range, which is to say that they delivered, but none got to the must see level either.  Still, this match was fun as hell.

  1.  Drew McIntyre def Bobby Roode

Kent:  I think this was probably the best match on the card, just not my favorite.  I do love how Bobby finds ways to roll out of the ring after eating a finisher.  That’s a solid gimmick.  They dropped the ball on his entrance in that it was the same as the last NXT I do believe, and yet I enjoyed it.  I was simply hoping for something different, especially if this was his farewell NXT match.  Drew is ready to lead NXT right now, he’s the next gatekeeper, even if it’s not for very long.  He’s main roster ready, but there’s more of an urgency for Bobby to get called up, plus Drew can showcase all that he has learned in his time away, especially in how he can carry a title properly.  Both guys looked great out there and I would love a rematch down the line.

  1. Match of the night?

Kent:  Drew vs Bobby as far as quality goes, but you could put any of the last 4 matches here and I wouldn’t vehemently disagree with you.  I would say Ember not winning with her finisher is the biggest nitpick.  The Aleister and Hideo match was equally as flawed.  The tag team match was damn good, but for different reasons.  

7, Final Thoughts?

Kent:  This show delivered a stellar night of matches.  We don’t need all the special video packages and appearances, we just need wrestling.  Glad to see the Adam Cole, Fish, and Reilly thing come to fruition.  I think we are looking at a feud between them and Sanity, and I am very excited to see that play out.  I suspect Asuka’s next opponent will be the winner of the Mae Old Classic.  Drew could feud with any number of guys including Kassius, Aleister, Hideo, Roddy, or Cole I suppose.  NXT is looking good right now.  Keep up the great momentum!

Let’s tackle Summerslam now!

  1.  The Miztourage def The Hardly Boys and Jason Jordan

Russ:  I missed this one due to a lack of caring about tuning in on time. 6 hours is too much.  So I know what you are going to say, it’s on the  network just watch it.  Well, the match had no crowd reaction and it didn’t appeal to me. So I didn’t waste my time.  I feel bad for The Miz. He went from the most relevant ic champ on smack down to a chump on Raw.

Kent:  I saw the last minute or 2 due to pizza related issues.  The pizza was better than this match.  I feel bad for these guys due to how the crowd was still trying to get in.  These guys all deserved better, and it is insulting to the IC title

Rating: N/A due to pizza

  1.  Neville def Akira Tozawa to become the new 205 Champion

Russ:  OK, I’m glad they had a match on Raw because this was what I feared.  The match was OK,  but damn the crowd  couldn’t have cared less.  Not sure why they decided to have Neville reclaim the title, it made. Mondays great match irrelevant.  Shame, but WWE knows what they are doing…

Rating 4.8

Kent:  A rematch that wasn’t as good as the RAW match.  This was good, but I wouldn’t want to rewatch it.  The title change was so anticlimactic.  I would have rather had Neville cheat Monday and then have Akira win Sunday.  Instead, we got this, and I feel entitled to be upset with their logic.

Rating: 5.0 as I liked the match quality ,but wouldn’t watch ever again..

  1.  The Usos def New Day to become the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions

Russ:  Fun match, definitely one of the better matches of the night (don’t hold your  breath there is a lot of garbage coming up.) The right team went over.  Now can we start moving New Day to some singles competition?  It’s high time Big E got some titles of his own.  They don’t have to break up,  but let’s let him these guys shine on there own.   Rating:  6.5

Kent:  One of the best matches of the night, no doubt.  This match deserved to be on the main card over a variety of others.  This is tag team wrestling done properly.  The finish made a ton of sense, the double teams and saves all worked incredibly well.  The Uso’s winning indicate that Breezedango is going to get a turn sooner than later, but maybe the Hype Bros tell their story first.  New Day, please feud with the Ascension and help them get over.  PLEASE!

Rating: 6.3 as I have rewatched it and would again.

  1.  John Cena buried Baron Corbin

Russ:  Alright there is so much h wrong with this match I don’t know where to begin.  Well Kent will mention most of it.  I’m just going to say that WWE has buried Corbin.  He looks like an idiot for cashing in his contract and then he doesn’t even get revenge.  Hell I would have accepted the match never getting underway and  Corbin just going to town unfairly on Cena.  Instead Cena wins and Corbin now is a joke.  I don’t know how they can salvage this travesty.  Maybe Corbin will wake up on Smack down and the past week will just have been a dream and he will still have his money in the bank contract. Hey, that’s a better scenario than WWE will come up with.

 Rating 2.9 reverse deuce is the worst grade you can receive.  

Kent:  I don’t know why, but both of my hands are telling WWE that they think they are #1.  What a great story and what a great match, and man, that was a great ending.  It’s a good thing that the young hungry guy got the win in the match as he will need it to attempt to get over with the fans.  WWE, you can seriously get butt raped for the next 5 decades, and I don’t feel that it will make up for this.  Go fuck yourselves.

Rating: 1.0 I don’t have to be rational when they fuck my favorite wrestler this hard.  And if you try to say, well at least he was in a match with John Cena, so that’s a push, I would be very likely to punch you in the face, and I hit harder than you do, so don’t say it.

  1.  Natalya def Naomi to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion

Russ:  This match was mediocre at best.  Natalya looked good but it was an off night for Naomi.  I’m shocked that Natalya won to be honest, mainly because I was shocked they even gave her a chance in the first place.  I feel sorry for Naomi.  Her title reign was subpar because they didn’t bother giving her any feuds or story.  I hope they don’t make the same mistake with Natalya.

Rating: 4.2

Kent:  Naomi needs to stop with her awful jumping kicks.  In the words of the great corpse of Enzo Amore, if I had a dime for every time that Naomi connects with one of those kicks, I’d have ZERO dimes!  Meanwhile, This was one of Natalya’s 3 best matches that I have ever seen from her.  You see, and Steve pointed this out in Monday’s podcast, Natty looked like such a great wrestler early on as she was surrounded by lingerie models with very little, if any, experience.  As the women have been properly trained, the holes in Natalya’s game has grew in size, much like our collective asshole after WWE sodomized us with the Baron BS.  Yup, I am vulgar.  Natty pulled out a great showing, and my hats off to her.

Rating: 5.7 as I would rewatch it without issue.

  1.  Big Cass def Big Show

Russ:   I don’t know if this was bad or awful.  I don’t like shark cage matches and this one was utterly pointless.  Enzo’s escape was funny in the same way a clown is funny.  You know, you feel bad for them and give a pity laugh, but then you remember they ultimately chose this life and stop caring.  His escape lead to nothing which is the story of Enzo’s life. He got booted immediately and then  Big Cass won.  I was hoping for a heel turn, since that didn’t happen, I hope these two move on from each other because I’m done with them.  

Rating : 2.7

Kent:  I know that I have done some bad. , but really, what did I do to deserve this shit show of a match?  Seriously, Enzo took off his pants and lubricated himself mid match.  Seriously, this was allowed.  Big Cass booting him in the face was fantastic, but it’s like The Brooklyn Brawler defeating the Red Rooster.  Yeah, it’s cool to put down the Rooster, but at the end of the day, it’s still just the Brooklyn Brawler.  Yeah, Brooklyn!  I seriously think I would prefer a proctologist appointment over seeing this ever again.

Rating: 1.5 mainly for the big boot.

  1.  Randy Orton buried Rusev

Russ:  This was garbage.  I am glad I stuck to my guns about how terrible Orton has been since Mania, because this helped further my cause.  What a waste of talent.  At least now Russev has a friend in the burial department in Corbin.  Now he won’t get lonely.  

Rating: 2.9: another reverse deuce, this ppv is shaping up well.  

Kent:  So Steve and I both jokingly guessed that as soon as the bell actually rang that Randy would hit an RKO and end the match.  WE WERE JOKING, WWE!  God damnit, this was fucking insulting.  Rusev deserves better. Rest assured, the rematches will be very good.  Still, if you put this and the Cass stuff on the Kickoff Show, then The New Day and Usos could have gotten their proper shine.

Rating: 2.9 because at least they ensured that it was short.

  1.  Sasha Banks def Alexa Bliss to become the new RAW Women’s Champion

Russ:  Holy crap, this is turning out to be the worst PPV of the year.  The match itself was decent,  but taking the belt off of Alexa made no sense.  There was no build up between the two so it didn’t feel significant at all.  This just made Alexa’s title reign feel useless, just like this PPV.  The last few matches better be amazing, that would be the only way to save this PPV.  Even then I’m not so sure.  

Rating: 3.5 the title change brought this way down.  

Kent:  Yeah, fuck the wrestlers that Kent likes, right WWE? What a stupid fucking ending to what was an otherwise good match.  It wasn’t great, but it was pretty   I am not OK with Bliss losing to the forehead, but if she has to, it should be done better.  Sasha’s shoulder is hurt and she had to relinquish the Bank Statement.  That doesn’t mean that after the announcers tell us why she let go that she should re-apply it immediately and get the win.  Logical fallacies are a bitch.  Sigh.

Rating. 4.5 because that ending was really poorly done.  Damn shame as  this could have been in the low 6 range.  I feel that this was on the booking and not either of the girls.  Hats off to both women.

  1.  Finn Balor def Bray Wyatt

Russ:  Entrance: fantastic by both guys.  I always love watching the demon enter and this didn’t disappoint.  Rating: 6.3

Match: Meh, both guys can do better.  I hope this feud goes further than this because I can see this turning into a contender for feud of the year (it’s got an uphill battle because Roman and Braun are far ahead of them.) They have chemistry, but they need the story to give us some stakes between them. If this is where these two end then shame on WWE.  Rating: 4.5

Overall : 5.4

Kent:  Now here’s a Tale of 2 Kitties.  You have the entrances and then you have the match.  Be honest, if you could only see the entrances or the match, which would you choose?  You would choose the entrances, which were enjoyable.  The match, well it was bland.  When the entrance completely outshine the match, it can’t be that great.  Hell, even the HHH vs Sting match falls in this category, you know, the one where Sting had his first and only Wrestlemania match and jobbed to HHH?  Yeah.

Rating: 3.7 mainly for the entrances

  1.  ⅔ of the Shield def Sheasaro to become the new RAW Tag Team Champions

Russ:  This was a good match! I’m not just saying that because my boy won the tag titles (remember I didn’t want Sheasaro to lose.) All 4 guys really put on a good show. Loved the near falls and submissions. This was just a well paced match.  Now, lets keep Rollins and Dean relevant and have them help the tag division heel teams get some time to shine.  Rating 6.9 yes I’d watch this again.  

Kent:  The fisting duo won.  This was another solid match.  Am I the only one who has noticed over the past 2-3 months, just how good the tag team matches have been on both shows?  Cesaro locking on the Crippler Crossface made me smile.  The beach ball incident was great.  I admired all the saves and near falls.  The outcome was inevitable, so it was a match of appreciating everything aside from the ending, and all 4 guys delivered big time.  This was the best that Seth has looked in quite awhile, same for Dean aside from that cesaro match.  This was almost as good as the Uso’s vs New Day.

Rating: 6.2 Absolutely rewatchable.  The predictable outcome did hurt it slightly in all fairness.

  1.  AJ Styles def Kevin Owens to retain the US Championship

Russ:  I think this was good, I’m not sure because at this point I just wanted the PPV to be done.  I was hoping that they would swerve us here and have Shane go heel, but what do I know WWE has their finger on the pulse! Overall, I enjoyed this match and I will say that this was the best match between these two. However, I’m still shocked by how these two high caliber guys can’t put together a match of the year candidate.  Rating: 5.5

Kent:  Speaking of predictable endings, did anybody out there think that this would end in a different way?  I just need a show of hands.  Has everybody lost their hands?  Exactly.  This match was fine, but would be have been better without Shane being too big of a focus.  This has to go down as most disappointing feud of the year considering the caliber of the wrestlers involved, in my opinion.  Glad to see that it should be over with.

Rating: 5.0 I don’t want to see it again, but good effort.  

  1.  Jinder Mahal def Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the blue belt

Russ:  The match was very mediocre.  So now I’m starting to blame Jinder. He’s been in several matches with great competitors and none of the matches would be what I consider to be up to the caliber of a Main Event.  If Jinder can’t put together a good match with the likes of AJ and Shin, then who the hell can he have a good match with?  Also, if he can’t have good matches then at least give us a compelling story. Again, this isn’t happening.  Get him in a feud with a good story or get the belt off of him.  The worst part, they had a chance to make this a compelling story and instead they had Shin lose cleanly! Really? A cheap loss here would have been a great way to jump start a feud between these two. Now, I don’t know where they can go from here.  

Rating: 3.8

Kent:  I am seriously asking, is this the worst world title run since JBL?  No, we aren’t counting Brock or Goldberg or those stupid short ones that are just for storyline.  This is like 3 months now with a full time wrestler, and it’s just not working.  The matches aren’t improving.  He’s had lackluster matches with Randy, Tye, AJ, and now Shinsuke. I fully supported his initial win and push.  The joke is over.  Jinder isn’t improving his in ring work by an acceptable margin and is not putting on upper card level matches.  His ring work is that of a midcarder at best.  His gimmick is there as well.  Also, really, you had Shinsuke job cleanly?  REALLY?  Good job WWE.  Don’t be mad when he leaves at the end of his contract.

Rating: 2.7 this was a very big dud.  I didn’t derive much pleasure from this one unfortunately.  SHin never had  a chance to get into a groove to make the match memorable.

  1.  Brock Lesnar def Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns to retain the red belt

Russ:  Finally, a match that delivered a PPV quality main event. It only took 4 of the best big men in the business.  Braun is so over with the crowd it isn’t funny.  Seriously WWE now is the time to put the belt on him.  I remember about a year ago when we predicted that Braun would be gone by now. Wow, were we wrong and I’m glad we were wrong because he is one of the best things about wrestling.  Brock winning was predictable, but I’m glad WWE made us think there was a chance he wouldn’t win, by using all of the MMA crap circling around the internets. I really enjoyed this one. It may have helped that I watched it fresh on Monday instead of bunched in with all the other crap I watched on Sunday.  

Rating: 7.5

Kent:  This match lived up to the hype and expectations, as long as you had reasonable expectations.  That means, you expected Brock to win the match.  I will offer a critique in that Joe was never allowed to be dominant in the match while everybody else got a run as dominant guy.  I do wonder if the flung chair may have hit Joe a bit too hard so they improvised a bit.  It’s a possibility.  Braun looks like the next big thing and is the most over guy on RAW and possibly the WWE in totality.  I did feel bad for Brock’s knees.  Watch the end of the match and notice how bad his knees look.  Roman, I feel bad for him in a way.  He was relegated to Spears and Superman Punches, and rest assured, the spear in Game of Thrones was way more effective.  Suck it dragon fans!!!  This match was a great way to end it and the NYC crowd came alive for this, so kudos to them as they must have been exhausted.

Rating: 7.2 as it was really fun and kept me excited the whole way through with some nice spots and close falls.  It also told a logical story.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Worst match of the night was?

Russ:  the first hour of the PPV.  What a garbage heap of matches.  

Kent:  Cena vs Corbin for me, but Cass and Show were right there.

  1.  Best match of the night was?

Russ:  Fatal four way.  The tag matches were good, but the last match was about the only redeeming thing on this PPV.  

Kent:  The Main event hands down with acknowledgement of the 2 tag team championship matches as well as the women’s effots.

  1.  Who got buried the deepest?

Russ:  No contest, Baron. Sure Russev, Miz, and Enzo looked terrible, but Baron lost everything this week and looked stupid doing it.  

Kent:  Baron…obviously, but maybe Miz and maybe Enzo.

  1.  Dumbest decision of the night?

Russ:  The fact that this was scheduled to be a 6 hour PPV and yet we still had several matches that weren’t worth a damn.  I don’t want to sit in front of my TV for 6 hours, it’s just too much time.  Add in the fact that many of the matches were not even suitable for a place on Raw or Smackdown’s card and it starts feeling like a chore to watch.  I want to watch wrestling because it’s fun. This PPV was not fun.  By the time I got to the matches that started getting good, I just didn’t care and that hurt the overall feel of this Summerslam.  

Kent:  Not to have the SD tag title match on the main card.  I simply would have laid out the matches differently.  Shinsuke losing cleanly is up there, as is the ending to randy and Rusev.  Then of course, lolCenaWins.

Final Thoughts

Russ: I saw the first hour of the PPV and was seriously defeated, I was done.  Everything was utter garbage.  This just killed the rest of the PPV for me.  Also, fuck 6 hours of wrestling. If it feels like work, and I have to sit there as long as I would for work it stops being fun.  Overall this is one of the worst PPV’s I’ve seen in a month or so. (get it?) overall rating: 3.4 none of the good could save the complete trash that we witnessed for the majority of the PPV.  

Kent:  It was a mixed bag.  3 matches that we had seen 5-6 days prior hurt a bit.  Lots of title changes that felt like changes for the sake of changes.  It was a normal PPV in that you have bad, mediocre, and a couple of good matches.  That’s really what a PPV should be.  It shouldn’t be 6 fucking hours with 13 matches where Randy vs Rusev only get 6 minutes.  Just don’t have that match.  I’d rather have a match advertised for the week after Summerslam to get it time, rather than to blow it off at a PPV in that capacity.  This was a hard PPV to watch.  WWE’s choice in music was fucking awful as well.

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WWE 2017 Summerslam Preview – The 9 Deuce Deuce

Here we are, the second biggest PPV of the year for WWE.  Back at Barclays, yet again, so expect a solid crowd, so the opposite of Canada.  There are 13 matches in total.  Why?  Who knows, it’s way too much.  Expect to be watching well past 11PM folks.  We did the best that we could in predictions.  After looking at the odds, I can see that my picks will be terrible.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at facebook.com/9deuceblog , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at wrestling@9deuce.com.  Thank you.

The 9

Kickoff Show

  1.  The Hardly Boys & Jason Jordan vs The Miztourage

Keri: Since this PPV is going to be, well awful. I’m going to have a little fun with my predictions. As some of you, or maybe all of you, know Southpaw Regional Wrestling returned this week to WWE.com and that was better than anything we are going to see on Summerslam. So, I’m going to change names to their Southpaw counterparts and all my predictions will be with Southpaw characters. And with that said, on with the predictions. This match seems very thrown together. Oh wait it was and that probably explains why it is on the pre-show. I don’t care about Pork Chop Jones and the Hardy’s or Adam Dung and his entourage. So…

Prediction: Tex2Badd comes out and beats up everyone.

Teddy: I’m not sure if I care about this match. Like why the fuck are the Hardy’s teaming up with Jason Jordan? Thought they were feuding with The Club? Why WWE? Well at least it’s preshow and I have the option to not see this dumpster fire.

Prediction: I will watch the defenders instead of this match

Kent:  Nope, don’t care.  I like some of these performers, actually all of them in their own way, but together, this is just stupid as hell when somebody like Elias, Sami, and Chad can’t get on the card.  The smarter move would have been to have a brand versus brand clusterfuck for kickoff shows.  Hear me out.  Get rid of the Cass match entirely, same with this one.Those matches don’t exist.  Move the 205 and SD Tag Team matches to the main card, they both deserve it.  The idea is to have 3 matches, and whichever brand wins the most gets to main event Summerslam.  Match 1 would be the battle of tag teams that aren’t being used so Hardlys, Gallows & Anderson, and Ginger Rhynos vs Breezedango, The Ascension, and Hype Bros.  In match 2 you could have the leftover women, so it would be Emma, Nia, Mickie, Dana, and Alicia vs Carmella, Lana, Tamina, Becky, and Charlotte.  The third match would be The Miz, Elias, Jason Jordan, Big Show, Apollo Crews, and Cass vs Sami Zayn, Tye Dillinger, Mike Kenellis, Chad Gable, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowan.  Tell me that kick off show wouldn’t be fun as hell to watch for a clusterfuck.

Prediction: The Hardlys and Jason Jordan since Miz can eat a pin here.

  1.  Cruiserweight Championship Match: Akira Tozawa vs Neville

Keri:  After Monday’s match, I don’t care. What I do want to see instead is Big Bartholemew vs. The Sea Creature at Lethal Leap Year.

Prediction: The Sea Creature wins.

Teddy: bout time they took the title off Neville, hopefully they don’t give the title back to Neville. Maybe Tozawa can save the increasingly boring crusierweight divison

Prediction: Titus Worldwide will get more hype than the Hype Bros.

Kent:  I just saw this match, and while it was good, I am not interested in seeing it again this soon  to be perfectly honest.  I was looking forward to this prior to Monday.

Prediction: Akira retains because he just won it and the Titus Brand deserves wins

  1.  Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: New Day vs The Usos

Keri: I like this feud. It’s entertaining and this should be a good match. Probably will end up being match of the pre-show.

Prediction: Voo and Doo win.

Teddy: This is one of the only matches I’m invested in. New day is always good in my eyes, and Usos are getting more and more over. I still don’t see a new day heel flip or them getting the shield treatment, so only other options are to have them get squashed to push over the Usos, or bury the Usos because NEW DAY ROCKS!

Kent:  Gosh, the Uso’s are better as champs.  New Day don’t need the belts because it only changes a few words of their whole schtick.  The Uso’s don’t need the belts either, but they can feud with The Hype Bros and eventually Breezedango down the line.  New Day can feud with The Usos and The Ascension.  Yikes.  Both brands need more tag teams for guys who aren’t being used.  Still, this match should be really good so I am looking forward to it.

Prediction: The Usos after Kofi turns heel.  I will keep predicting that New Day breaks up until they actually do.


Main Card

  1.  Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Naomi vs Natalya

Keri: Don’t care about this match. But maybe this will give us some insight as to who Debbie Desperado’s opponent will be going forward on Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Prediction: Debbie Desperado wins. Carmella cashes in.

Teddy: I love naomi, but her gimmick is getting stale. I hate Natalya because her gimmick is Charlotte’s gimmick without Rick Flair or Charlotte’s athleticism. Also can she lose the who Sailor Moon hair? It looks terrible on her.

Prediction: Carmella pulls a corbin and flops her cash in. No chin cashes his in and becomes smackdown’s Women’s champion.

Kent:  These 2 could be wrestling in the nude and I’m still not sure that I would care.  The build has been more about Carmella than Natty.  That’s stupid.  That’s really piss poor on WWE’s end.  Not at all interested.

Prediction: Naomi retains with a Carmella tease that never fully happens.  Thanks WWE.

  1.  Big Show vs Big Cass with Enzo in a shark cage

Keri:  Please let this be the final chapter. Please. I want this to end so badly. I think this feud has officially jumped the shark, literally.

Prediction: I don’t care enough to assign a Southpaw Reference to this one. But I am routing for an actual shark in this case.

Teddy: Big show isnt too old for the need to retire him. Hopefully Show continues to show (pun intended) Cass’s glass jaw. Also wtf was the club helping Cass again???

Prediction: Big Show will win and forget Enzo in the shark cage

Kent:  Why wrestling gods?  What did we ever do to you to deserve this awfulness?  I don’t care.  Enzo will cost Show the match and I don’t care.  Please happen during Game of Thrones.

Prediction: Cass wins and the crowd will not care at all.

  1.  RAW Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Keri:  No Southpaw reference here cuz I actually care about the match. I would like to see these two feud for awhile. So I say

Prediction: Alexa retains. I will always pick Alexa.

Teddy: Bliss is adorable irl but her gimmick is that of a whiney child. Was looking forward to Bayley bodying Alexa finally, but I’m okay with Sasha doing it.

Prediction: Little Miss Bliss, falls off her throne and cries about it.

Kent:  This is one of the few matches that I think can actually be match of the night.  They may have a bit of real life bad blood, and their styles mix incredibly well.  Sasha thrives in Brooklyn and Bliss is legit. The question is how much time will they be afforded, and can they keep the botches to a minimum?  I say yes.

Prediction: Alexa wins thanks to Nia’s interference.

  1.  Rusev vs Randy Orton

Keri:  There has been a decent build up for this feud. Kinda sorta. Am I looking forward to the match? No.

Prediction: Big Bartholomew wins and gets his farm back.

Teddy: RKO outta nowhere. Rusev being back he needs some sort of win. I love Orton but I feel like he can hold his own and still put rusev over.

Prediction:  Rusev Crush.

Kent:  Both guys need a win big time.  The thing is that I think some matches need to be shortened, so I think this should be one where Randy catches Rusev.  Afterward, he can say that he got caught off guard and get a few wins to put him over Randy.  Definitely excited for this one.

Prediction: Randy via RKO outta nowhere around the 6-7 minute mark.

  1.  Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

Keri:  I’m going to break with tradition here because quite frankly WWE has broken me.  Am I excited to see this match? Nope saw it Monday. Am I excited to see the Demon? Kinda sorta much more into monsters these days.

Prediction: Wyatt wins and doesn’t job for a change. Oh look I’m all out of Southpaw references.

Teddy: The Demon build up was super predictable. Hopefully they don’t bury Finn because Finn is the future.

Prediction: Sister Abagail gets Coup De Graced back to the pit Randy Orton burned her in.

Kent:  I swear that I just saw this match and Bray won cleanly.  Oh?  That did, in fact happen.  Ohhhh, now we’re going to bring in the demon because Bray dumped some acidic red goo on Finn.  Well that changes everything, right WWE?  I just am not interested in what should have been one of the easiest feuds to build up.  This was sooooo easy to build up.  Morons!  Not very interested, although if Finn does an original Demon outfit, he will have my attention momentarily.

Prediction: Finn wins because getting acid dumped on you means that you get the win back.

  1.  John Cena vs Baron Corbin

Keri:  Corbin will beat up Lance Catamaran.

Prediction: Lance Catamaran will still win.

Teddy: Corbin is pissed, but Cena is back in his “I’m gonna be a dick phase”

Prediction: Can Corbin bury Cena finally?

Kent:  Nope.  PASS

Prediction: Kent drinks heavily

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Sheasaro vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Keri:  The match has potential and will be fun to watch. But honestly, I want to see Ambrose and Seth get into it beforehand. Ambrose leaves and Rhyno comes out and we get Sheasaro vs. the Butchers.

Prediction: the Butchers win.

Teddy: I’m hoping that Dean/Seth is back for good. However Sheasaro is still my bae. I think it’s too soon for Dean/Seth to win the titles, but I think it’s a future for them.

Prediction: Baesaro gets another win, Dean/Seth charge their spirit bomb a little longer

Kent:  This match could be match of the night, but I don’t think it will.  I have it as the 4th best on the card, but it is my darkhorse.  Everybody in this match can work their ass off.  I like every guy in this match.  Unfortunately, I think the storyline will ruin what should be a great match by determining which spots they must hit.  Dean or Seth are going to need the hot tag and then get screwed over and whatnot.  

Prediction: Sheasaro defy the odds due to Dean not being able to hot tag Seth.  After the match, Dean turns on Seth.  Yup, both tag team titles will have heel turns according to me. Don’t listen to me.

  1.  United States Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

Keri:  I’m looking forward to this match. It’s one of the few on the card that I am. These guys have the potential to put on a match of the night type match.

Prediction: Malibu Al retains and sells KO a car.

Teddy: KO vs Aj is always good to watch, shane being the ref is just icing on the cake. I feel like I cant solidly predict this match because one of two things. 1. Shane will help AJ leading to Shane v Owens or 2. Shane helps Owens turning him Heel since Steph isn’t around to do that job.

Prediction: mind will be blown either way

Kent:  Here is the most obvious choice for match of the night if given the time.  I think that it’s a trap.  It will be very good, but Shane’s involvement will taint it just enough to where it only hits the 7.5 range instead of 8.5.  Trust me, this will happen and you will feel like you got cheated out of a great match.  I am absolutely looking forward to this match.

Prediction: AJ retains and KO vs Shane becomes a feud.


  1.  Blue Belt Championship Match: Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Keri:  I’m looking forward to this match. It should be decent to watch.

Prediction: Nakamura wins

Teddy: Nakamura is Hella over and Jinder is getting stale.

Prediction: Nakamura adds some bumps to the Singh brothers. Hopefully Jinder retains and they take their time with Shinsuke.

Kent:  I am interested in Shinsuke’s entrance and Jinder’s.  I anticipate fuckery by the Sing Bros.  I expect Jinder to walk out of the match incredibly sore.  The hard part about this is predicting a winner.  Let’s face it, prior to the event that I will not speak of, we all thought that there was a decent chance at Baron cashing in his briefcase.  With that gone, I say Jinder wins and has a longer run than his gimmick and workrate deserve, if we are comparing him to his 6 closest peers in the upper card.  Should Jinder hold the belt over Cena, Randy, AJ, KO, Baron, Shinsuke, Luke, or Sami?  No.

Prediction: Jinder remains unhindered and walks away as world champ, but via count out.


  1.  Red Belt Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Keri:  The only match on the card I care about and the one that will leave me the most disappointed in the end. This match will probably nothing more than a glorified brawl but I will probably be awesome.

Prediction: I would love to see Braun win but Brock will probably retain. Sigh.

Teddy: This match is too hype and will probably dissappoint everyone with a reigns win.

Prediction: Reigns wins but Braun isnt done with him.

Kent:  I really think that this is going to be match of the night.  It has to be the odds on favorite because you can rotate guys in and out of the ring, hit huge spots, really have fun with it.  The crowd will be bonkers for this.  There is a caveat though.  If they stretch out the PPV too long, the crowd may be dead by this point, like at Wrestlemania.  With a lesser crowd, the guys may not be able to feed off the energy and emotions.  It’s entirely possible.  All 4 of these guys know how to be great.  I think that they will be given the time to be great.  The question is, will you, as a fan, be worn out by the time you see this and hurt how you feel about it?

Prediction: Brock seems like a lock to retain.  With that being said, I’m going with Samoa Joe.  Please do the right thing and give Joe the opportunity while he is young enough to have the great matches that he is capable of.  


Final Thoughts

Keri:  This PPV is going to be a roller coaster for all of us involved. Wait wasn’t that the thing for Mania?  It’s going to have its high points and low points and it’s ultimately going to make some of us feel nauseous in the end. I predict I will not make it past the first two hours of this PPV so in the end at least I will get a good night’s sleep out of it.  Thanks WWE, I guess?

Teddy: this PPV has the potential to be Good or completely suck ass. Hoping for the first one always but WWE likes to remind me that they dont give a fuck about what fans really want.

Kent:  This is going to be a 6+ hours show.  I’m very bitter and the penultimte episode of Game of Thrones airs the same night for season 7.  Admit it, GoT for that one hour is going to be better than all 6 hours of Summerslam.  And that is where we are at as fans sadly.  Hey WWE, try to make it up to us as fans.  We are sick of the same old boring BS>  Give us something memorable.  At least NXT delivered.

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and wwe.com.

2017 Battleground Review – The Return of The Great Khali Edition

Battleground happened this past Sunday and it was the most mediocre, middle of the ground PPV pf the year.  Nothing great happened, but the lows weren’t terribly low either.  It was weird.  Anyway, Russ and Cece are here to help me wade through the sea of mediocrity.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at facebook.com/9deuceblog , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at wrestling@9deuce.com.  Thank you.

The 9

  1.  Aiden English def Tye Dillinger

Russ:  This was fun match.  I’m glad Aiden got the win, because even though Tye really needs wins Aiden needs them more.  These two have done well against each other maybe it’s time to get them some story on Smackdown.
Rating: 4.6

Cece: I really dug Aiden’s tights, to start. This match was decent but it didn’t really pull me in. They both need more story work.
Rating: 4.0

Kent:  This is one of the absolute best kickoff show matches that they have had in years.  Yes, I was impressed.  Yes, I was happy to see Aiden win a match.  Yes, I am fearful that I was right that Tye DIllinger wasn’t ready for the call up to the main roster, which I covered a lot months ago.
Rating: 4.9

  1.  The New Day def The Uso’s to become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Russ:  Wow, this match was way better than I thought it would be.  I was surprised that Big E sat on the sideline, but I think the mix of Kofi, Xavier, Jimmy and Jay made for some great chemistry.  A lot of near falls several that were believable and a great pace made for an exciting match.  I think not knowing for sure which team would win made this more exciting.  Unfortunately, the wrong team won.  I like New Day, Big E is one of my guys, but The Uso’s have been on a tear since winning those belts and they deserved a decent run.  Oh well, let’s prepare for another record breaking run for New Day (It could happen, these belts haven’t been held very long by one team.)
Rating: 6.3  

Cece: This was easily the best match of the night. The energy was just right and they kept me watching the entire time. As much as I love New Day, it’s interesting that they would be getting the titles again as there are other tag teams who need a push. But DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR!
Rating: 8.0

Kent:  Match of the night in a night where it didn’t seem like any other match wanted to challenge this for the honors.  I liked the match.  I watched it a second time.  It wasn’t great, but fun and well done.  I don’t care for New Day winning, but that doesn’t change my rating in my eyes.  I won’t watch a third time, under any circumstances.
Rating: 6.5

  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura def Baron Corbin via DQ

Russ:  A hard hitting match and well choreographed.  This wasn’t either guys best match, but it was a decent match.  It was obvious Baron was going to lose, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a DQ loss. Knowing he wasn’t going to win Corbin decided to deliberately cheat in front of the ref in the most painful way possible.  That’s just good character building.
Rating: 4.8

Cece: This was a pretty decent match up until the end. I love Shinsuke and his striking style. I also think Baron was a good match for him as he is a powerhouse when he wants to be. I think the low blow to end the match was what ruined it for me.
Rating: 6.1

Kent:  I wanted to love this match.  I really did.  Then came the bearhug and I did mentally lose interest.  Sorry, but it happened a second time when I tried rewatching it.  I didn’t make it through the match.  Because I tried rewatching, I have to obey my rule of higher than 5.0.
Rating: 5.1

  1.  Natalya def Charlotte, Becky, Lana, and Tamina to become the #1 Women’s contender

Russ:  I’m not going to lie, I paid scant attention to this match assuming Charlotte had the win.  So imagine my surprise when they said Natalya was the winner.  I think she was one of the ones I thought had no chance of winning.  I guess I’m not watching wrestling this week.  (oh no, I was really looking forward to watching wrestling too.)
Rating: Bathroom Break / Food Break / Read reviews of Game of Thrones  

Cece: I thought this match could have went a bit better. I’m tired of the whole Lana/Tamina thing. They need to use Tamina better, not just as a ‘bodyguard’ or something. That’s bullshit. She can be much better if they’d let her. I am upset Charlotte didn’t win, but I didn’t predict her to win anyway. Natty was a surprise for me.
Rating: 5.2

Kent:  Around this time, Game of Thrones came on and it was such a good episode.  To have to force myself to come back to this match did negatively affect my view.  I’m simply being honest.  With that being said, it was a surprising match.  It was well done.  The cameraman got some great shots of Lana’s backside.  Natalya winning, well I am quite surprised.  I’m happy for her, but stop talking about your fucking cat!  None of this matters until the greatest female is holding the belt, and that’s Carmella.
Rating: 4.8

  1.  Kevin Owens def AJ Styles to become the NEW US Champion

Russ:  This is a tough match to give a score to.  On the one hand this was a decent match.  Several good moves and counters and some decent chain wrestling.  A few near falls that were exciting.  On the other hand this was completely underwhelming for these two.  By far neither’s best match.  I think the ending had a lot to do with it.  The ref bump was odd and seemed to give neither guy an advantage, it took forever to get the ref back into it when he was clearly ok and watching the two men.  Finally, the ending was very anti-climatic.  How come AJ who wasn’t injured and had a slow count didn’t even struggle to get out of the pin?  It was odd and I hope they explain it on Tuesday, even though I can’t watch it (Damn!)
Rating:  4.9  

Cece: Meh. This match had the potential to be awesome. And, as much as these two fought, it still could have been better. I think they robbed AJ of having more time in the spotlight, so that sort of ruined things for me there. But, it was overall a decent match.
Rating: 6.5

Kent:  This match wasn’t terribly exciting.  Add to it, that awful ending and this is hard.  The work was good.  I simply have ZERO interest in rewatching what should have easily been a 7 or higher match.  Hel, this had 8 potential.  That ending was soooo bad, and that AJ didn’t seem too fazed by it after the fact hurt it even more.
Rating: 4.99

  1.  John Cena jobbed out Rusev for the 137th time in a flag match

Russ:   I really hoped that the WWE would troll us on this match and give Rusev a victory here.  Unfortunately, and I should have known this,  #LolCenaBeatsRusev137thTime.  I have no idea why Cena likes to “crush” Rusev, but you can tell he enjoys it!  As for the match it wasn’t bad.  Look it’s a Flag on a pole match. If you are looking for anything more than stupid fun then you are looking too deep into this type of match.  Watching Cena and Rusev slow climb 4 steps was hilarious and watching Cena stop Rusev from planting his flag with his bare hands was laugh out loud!  What I’m saying is I had a few good laughs and there were a few moments of entertaining wrestling.  I’m ok with that.
Rating: 4.7

Cece: I thought this match was boring and pointless at first. Tired of the foreigner is bad trope. BUT, it did pick up when the two got closer to the flag posts. I did think the last 5-10 mins of the match were exciting. The winner was super predictable though.
Rating: 4.2

Kent:  This match has it’s moments, and there was some good moves in it.  Without the flag gimmick, this probably is in the 6 or higher territory.  The stipulation dictated that the match had so many stupid moments.  Like, just throw your opponent’s pedestal, or break the flag pole so they are unable to plant it.  Cena like overpowering Rusev from planting the pole.  So many dumb, dumb things.  But some of that was funny too.  Mixed bag.  I would rewatch this for the humor.
Rating: 5.1

  1.  The Fashion Files happened

Russ:  This was good.  It left me with more questions than answers.  Like does Konnor just want to act, because he put more effort into this skit than he has his wrestling career and physique since being called up from NXT.  Also, the mystery got deeper as we still don’t know who trashed the office, but now Deputy Dango was being dragged off someplace!  This will be the one thing from wrestling this week that I will really miss.
Rating: 7  

Cece: This was another hilarious skit. I loved it. The Ascension bluffing made things too funny. EDDIE MONEY! Also, it definitely left me wanting more. I was actually upset nothing was revealed last night! Who did it?!?!
Rating: 9.0 because it’s intriguing, damnit!

Kent:  I am working with people who are easily amused apparently.  No, this wasn’t THAT funny.  I laughed twice, once at Konnor’s silhouette and once for Eddie Money.  Seriously, where are your standards people?  Just saying, this is why the comedy film genre is at a new low, because we have allowed our standards to be so low that people think that Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy are funny.  Please, you are not going to rewatch this multiple times.
Rating: 4.0 because it’s the same old stuff but with less jokes, but more Konnor.  Hmm, 4.5.

  1.  Sami Zayn def Mike Kanellis

Russ:  I’m still not sold on Mike and Maria Kanellis.  This match did not help either.  The crowd was just not into this match and you could tell they didn’t know what to think of Mike.  Zayn tried, but the crowd was dead by the end.  There were some glimmers of hope here.  I thought it was fun when Maria blew Mike a kiss and he used that hand to immediately punch Zayn with.  Mike can take a hit too, because that Heluva Kick was pretty nasty.
Rating: 3.8

Cece: This feud continues to be pointless and stupid. The whole ‘true love’ gimmick is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. I really cannot get behind it whatsoever. So, therefore, I paid almost 0 attention to this match. Sami deserves better. That’s all I’ll say. Again.
Rating: 3.0

Kent:  Mike needs a different opponent as Sami isn’t vicious enough to continue this one and keep it fun.  The matches are ok, but too short, and both guys are way better than they showed on Sunday.  I am getting some dread that Mike and Maria are going to not get a chance to shine.  I hope that is not the case.  Randy Orton needs somebody to be pissed off at, and everybody hates seeing PDA, so make it happen, please.  This match needed about 3 more minutes to maybe get us excited.
Rating: 4.0

  1.  Jinder Mahal def Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match to retain his championship

Russ:  This match concept is stupid.  The doors are really useless.  Just let your opponent go out the first immediately, and you climb up the top  and jump to the other structure (like Randy did) and climb out.  Ding Ding Ding, you win.  Getting over that, there were a few good moments and spots in this one.  The Singh through the announce table sounded totally devastating.  Jinder has improved in the ring, but he is still boring to watch.  The whole ending of the match seemed forced.  Khali just doesn’t have the movement to pull what they tried to pull off.  However, it’s over.  Now give Jinder a real opponent that can make him look good, because Orton was not helping the cause.
Rating: 4.3    

Cece: Meh. I was super unhappy with how this match turned out. It had so much potential but it definitely was just another match. The one I will give props to, is Samir Singh. He took that table like a champ, man. Also, Khali coming out was kind of stupid. I understand people like legends when they show up, but he could have done it in a cooler way. The shaking of the prison to make Randy fall over the way he did was so unbelievable. Idk I wasn’t impressed.
Rating: 3.6

Kent:  Nobody in the history of ever said that they wanted a third Punjabi Prison match.  Do you know why?  Because everybody fucking hated the first 2!  Seriously, it looks cool as shit, and then you get to the rules and you realize how much of a clusterfuck it is.  The door concept is beyond asinine.  The minute rule is just an excuse to waste 4 minutes.  Then the cages are so close that you can just stretch over from one to the other.  Seriously, what were they thinking?  I felt bad for both guys.  I will admit, I did not foresee the Great Khali returning.  Do you know why?  Because nobody liked the Great Khali, his knees betrayed him, he had no mic skills, no in ring skills, he simply has a large jaw and is Indian.  The fuck?  What a shit storm of fuckery.  Still, that Singh brother took that bump like  a fucking champ, and the kendo sticks actually added to the match.  Notice how the kendo sticks did the damage in the match, not this shitty structure.  Just give us a hardcore match and it would have been way better.
Rating: 4.1 mainly for the bumps and kendo sticks


Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Best Match of the Night

Russ:  New Day vs. Uso’s.  There wasn’t a close second, but none of the matches were out right bad either.  

Cece: New Day VS Uso’s for sure. Such energy.

Kent:  Tag team title match

  1.  Worst Match of the Night

Russ:  I’m going to have to go with the Women’s match.  I barely paid attention to it and I didn’t really care.  

Cece: Probably Sami and Mike.

Kent:  Mike and Sami, but not by much.


  1.  What booking decision surprised you the most, either positively or negatively?

Russ:  Definitely Natalya winning.  I was 100% confident that she had about as much of a chance of winning as I did.  So I guess that is positive because at least it is something different and I don’t have to tolerate Charlotte going for the belt yet.  

Cece: Most surprising was Natty winning and AJ losing.

Kent:  I’m torn because 4 happened.  The Breezedango thing made no progress.  Khali made his triumphant return.  Natalya won an important match.  AJ jobbed like a little bitch.  I guess I gotta say that the AJ thing is still resonating with me days later.


  1.  Rate Battleground overall from 1.0-9.2

Russ:  Battleground was overall an ok ppv up and down the card.  It wasn’t spectacular and no matches were memorable, but none of the matches outright stunk up the place either.   

Rating: 4.8

Cece: 6.5

Kent:  4.82375….or 4.8 if you want a well rounded number.  I simply took the averages of everything.

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WWE Battleground 2017 Preview – 9 Deuce

Battleground is this Sunday, and we write about wrestling, so here we are, potentially begrudgingly.  Today, Keri is here, as usual, but we also have 2 familiar writers if you follow the other 9 Deuce blogs, Cece and Teddy.  Thanks for stopping by to offer some more opinions.  If you hate Bulgaria, this is the PPV for you!

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The 9

  1.  Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English

Keri:  Wait this match is a thing? (Quickly searches internet). Oh it’s the preshow match. Ok now it makes sense. Tye is the preshow match guy. I should have known.  

Prediction: Tye

Cece: I mean, okay, where was the build up? I definitely think it’ll be a squash match where Tye ends up beating Aiden.

Prediction: Tye.

Teddy: ugh can they stop squandering their talent with pointless matches? Then again I suppose its better than having Neville wrestle and still keep the title…

Kent:  There’s really no reason for this match to even happen.  There has been no interaction between these guys since the last PPV.  Aiden has a clean win over Randy.  Tye has a clean loss to Jinder.  We all know that I’m going to be wrong, but screw it.

Prediction: Aiden English with a cheap victory

  1.  Breezedango solves the mystery.  Who will be the culprits?

Keri:  I have no clue and that intrigues me. But if I had to venture a guess, I’m going to go with the Shining Stars/the Colons if they haven’t been released yet. They haven’t been seen on TV in a couple of weeks so it makes sense.

Cece: I honestly have no idea. It’ll probably be someone completely random, that we wouldn’t even think of. It could be one of those non-name tag teams that I don’t personally pay attention to… Or Zack Ryder bc he seems like a fake dick.

Teddy: I was hoping for an American Alpha heel turn but that was killed with Angle’s pointless and stupid announcement. Hopefully they don’t do a Big Cass/Enzo with these two because they’re actually holding the Tag team division up right now along New Day and the Usos. Maybe a tag team from NXT is called up? Idk honestly (Kent: Please don’t give the WWE any ideas.  They seem hellbent on splitting all teams.)

Kent:  Rowan will be involved.  I say get Luke in the mix as well.  The Hype Bros make very little sense, so don’t count them out entirely.  Rowan needs something, and he could make a perfect antagonist to Breezedango.  Luke needs to get back on TV so include him too.

  1.  Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis

Keri:  This should be an ok match with some more Maria shenanigans. Prediction: Mike because the Maria factor.

Cece: I think it’s stupid that they continue to put Sami in these awful matches. He’s a great wrestler and deserves good, quality matches. I’m sure he’ll lose to Mike so they can keep building this dude up. (Kent: In all fairness, they gave him like 2 months of beating Baron Corbin in the best non-KO matches of his main roster career.  They should have kept building him…but WWE.) 

Prediction: Mike.

Teddy: If they don’t stop putting Sami Zayn in pointless matches it would amazing. Mike and Maria’s gimmick is annoying and so is their music.

Prediction: Zayn will lose because of Maria’s interference because the WWE loves fucking over Sami Zayn.

Kent:  I like to think outside of the box, so I am making a very specific prediction.  At some point, Sami will accidentally bump into Maria, she will oversell it and Mike will get counted out carrying her to the back.  This will keep the storyline rolling for these two.

Prediction: Sami via Count Out

  1.  First Time Historic 5 Way Elimination Match to determine the Number One Contender: Charlotte, Becky, Lana, Tamina, Natalya

Keri:  As said on this week’s blog I’m kinda done with women’s wrestling at the moment. I’m sick of the same people getting pushed over and over again. With that said, I would like to see Natalya or Tamina win just for some variety. Prediction: #lolcharlottewins and I take a break until August 28th and the Mae Young Classic.

Cece: These ladies have been working their asses off (except Lana) for a while now at a shot at something. I’m glad Carmella is not involved, because she doesn’t deserve it either. (Kent: Carmella, along with Naomi, are the only 2 on that roster that have stepped up over the past 6 months.  Everybody else has gotten complacent (Charlotte & Becky), lazy (Natty), or never had it (Tamina).  Carmella has earned it.)

Prediction: Probably something stupid like Tamina helps Lana win. (Which I’d be furious) but I’d prefer Charlotte gets her crown back.

Teddy: Charlotte will win, and against Naomi Carmella will cash in stealing the title.

Kent:  Tamina has been booked very strongly lately, so eliminate her.  Becky just beat Charlotte, so get the fudge out of here.  That leaves 3 possibilities.  Smart money has to be on Charlotte because they made such a huge deal when she came to SD and has done jack shit since her arrival, and this is for Summerslam.  It seems like they will try to make a big match and Natalya doesn’t equate to a big match with Naomi.  I don’t want Charlotte to win though.  I will be picking Lana here, just know that Charlotte is going to win.  Also, is Ellsworth due back soon?

Prediction: Lana because just look at her.  

  1.  US Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

Keri:  This should be a match of the night contender. I love watching these guys wrestle. They are not in fight forever territory yet but could be soon. That territory is currently reserved for Sami and KO (and Okada and Omega). (Kent: Those 2 are still feuding?  Damn!  That’s some Dean vs Miz shit right there.)  With that said, prediction: AJ retains and this feud continues.

Cece: These 2 are getting old. And by these 2, I mean KO. He’s had his time to shine. I suggest after this he steps aside and gives other people some time in the spotlight.

Prediction: AJ keeps belt.

Teddy: I would say AJ should keep the title. KO is getting Old as a heel and needs some new life. I wouldnt mind a WWE title push vs Orton because I am really sick of Jinder tbh.

Prediction: Styles wins but narrowly

Kent:  This is actually the toughest match on the card to predict.  KO may need the belt more because he is great as a belt holder, and he’s not getting the blue belt any time soon.  I think they want to have AJ continue this US Open Challenge thing and I think Cena vs AJ or Shinsuke vs AJ at Summerslam is the best matchup that they can really offer at this point.  Also, I don’t get where people are suggesting that these 2 are getting old.  They have had like 2-3 matches.  The Money in the Bank match happened.  I still like this feud immensely.  I think people may regret not wanting more of this.  It’s the 2 best wrestlers on the SD side.  Then you get tier 2 guys like Dolph, Shin, Luke, Randy, Cena, Sami, and possibly Corbin.  I say enjoy it while you can.

Prediction: AJ Styles

  1.  Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Keri:  This has the potential of being another match of the night contender. This feud has surprised me and I’m enjoying it. I expect a good match here. Prediction: Nakamura wins

Cece: I am not sure how I feel about this match. I feel like it’s been put together very oddly and my hope, is that it ends up being a really good, long match to show everyone what these two guys are actually capable of.

Prediction: Baron Corbin.

Teddy: this is probably the match I’m most excited for because of the hard hitting nature of both of them. That being said I believe the should push Shinsuke in a sort of quick match so Corbin can cash in and steal the title from Jinder and Orton.

Prediction: Nakamura

Kent:  Baron has the briefcase, so he is going to continue to job.  Shinsuke isn’t in any rush to have a clean loss.  I fully expect this match to be fun and hard hitting.  This may actually be the easiest match on the card to predict.

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura

  1.  Flag Match: John Cena vs Rusev

Keri:  LOLCenawins. That is all.

Cece: Tired of seeing All-American VS. foreigner matches. This shouldn’t be what it’s all about. So, I think it’s sort of lazy writing. As for wrestling, I do hope it’s a good match bc Rusev has been out for a while.

Prediction: I do believe Cena will come out on top though.

Teddy: Kinda pointless to have this match, but Rusev and Cena are both amazing together in the ring. Given the nature of the match I don’t see Rusev winning.

Prediction: Cena because USA

Kent:  Do we really have to do this?  Like, really, does this match need to happen?  Both guys have just returned.  This sets such a bad precedence if Rusev loses, much like his beautiful bride has been since she started wrestling.  Smackdown was supposed to be a fresh start for both of them.  I hope Rusev gets some help from other Bulgarians.  I will contact my gal pal in Bulgaria, Tzvetalina Tzervoska, and check to see if she can get him some help.  I probably butchered the spelling of her name.

Prediction: Doo do do dooooooo

  1.  Tag Team Championship Match: Uso’s vs New Day

Keri:  Since WWE hates tag teams, this is a surprisingly good feud.  I expect we have a decent match from both teams and the feud continues. Prediction: Usos retain and we march to Summerfest

Cece: This has been going on for quite sometime. I think it’s maybe time for this to be broken up a bit. Maybe Uso’s should really hardcore and start becoming the alpha-heels of SD. So, I say they win.

Prediction: Uso’s in a really cheap way.

Teddy: I’m gonna say while I like the Usos gimmick I feel the New Day being SUPER over in this match.

Prediction: New Day Wins and rematch Vs Usos at Summerslam.

Kent:  I think a lot of people are liking this feud.  I am ok with it if the payoff is a heel turn here or at Summerslam for somebody in New Day.  They have gone past their fresh point, despite it only going for 2 months.  It’s not fun anymore.  Some feuds can hold together longer, but not this one.  This is the black Shield, so if Big E is Roman, and Xavier is Dean, that makes Kofi as Seth Rollins, and that means Kofi will turn on them.  Russ will officially have a new favorite on Smackdown.

Prediction: The Uso’s

  1.  Punjabi Prison Match: Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Keri:  I dislike this feud and feel this title reign is kinda meh. With that said, I highly doubt they take the belt off Jinder at this PPV with Summerslam so close.  (Kent: I have been wondering who’s fault it is for Jinder’s run as champ to suck so much.  Is it Jinder because his matches are lackluster?  Is it Randy because he’s not being given anything to really work with as he’s not a good sympathetic face?  Is it creative for doing another foreigner gimmick poorly?  I blame creative because this pairing never made  a lot of sense.)

Prediction: There will be no hindering of the Jinder.

Cece: This thing has been going on for far too long. I am sick of Jinder, and have been since he started this whole gimmick. But, I honestly see this being majorly entertaining in a way. Maybe it’s because of the prison part. I do hope there are other randoms who come out and try to help/stop things to make it more fun.

Prediction: Jinder will retain.

Teddy: This match is set up for Jinder to win, but I feel like we are gonna see more of the Legend Killer in this match. I feel like it could go either way because it feels like a Corbin is gonna cash in kind of night.

Prediction: Corbin Cashes in (Kent: I really hope that you’re right.)

Kent:  Jinder is most likely winning this, but it is his first big gimmick match.  On top of that, how much longer will WWE be backing Jinder as a champ?  Will they go 6 months so that he seems credible after the fact?  I don’t know if you can make his run feel credible at this point with these shitty stories.  Would WWE be better off having Randy win and then Baron immediately cash it in?  Randy vs Baron at Summerslam is a better main event than Jinder vs anybody, including AJ, plus it would most likely be Cena vs Jinder.    I know that Randy has been bland, but him chasing it from Baron is actually a really good feud and matchup.  Also, you should have to take a shot every time the announcers mention how nobody can get in the prison to interfere and then finish your beer when there’s interference.  Trust me, this will make the match way better.

Prediction: Randy wins and Baron cashes in

Bonus Deuce

  1. Pick the best and worst matches of the night.

Keri:  Best: AJ vs KO
Worst: Jinder vs Orton

Cece: Best: Shinsuke & Corbin
Worst: Cena & Rusev

Teddy: Best: Usos and the New Day
Worst: Aiden English and Tye Dillenger

Kent:  Best: AJ vs KO
Worst:  Cena vs Rusev as both will have ring rust

  1.  Which match are you most looking forward to? Which match as you least looking forward to?  

 Keri:  Most looking forward to: Shinsuke vs. Corbin. I think it will surprise me.
Least: Tie between Cena vs. Rusev and Women’s match due to ending predictability.

Cece: Im looking forward mostly to Shinsuke and Corbin.
Least: Aiden and Tye.

Teddy: Most: Definitely Shinsuke vs Corbin.
Least: Women’s match because I know it’s all set up to let Carmella cash in

Kent:  Most: Shinshuke vs Baron as it shouldn’t be too long, and should be a fun match
Least: Women’s match I think will be really messy with Charlotte taking on 2 women after the early eliminations of Becky and Tamina.  Sounds awful.

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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Review

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that believes an angel gets it’s wings when a Hardly Boy gets a stitch.  I’m joined a thinner, hairier man, Russ.  We were not Kentertained by the vast majority of the night, but a few matches weren’t so bad.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at facebook.com/9deuceblog , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at wrestling@9deuce.com.  Thank you.

The 9

  1.  Cruiserweight Champion Neville retained against Akira Tozawa

Russ:  I didn’t watch it, I heard it was adequate, which for the names involved that is a shame.  They should be having stellar matches.  

Rating: N/A I wasn’t starting this horrible PPV starting exactly at 8, there was no way in hell I was going to catch this match.  

Kent: Eh, Neville is starting to lose his edge have they haven’t given him much of anything interesting to do to keep his character fresh.  Remember how good it was early in the year when he was the king of the Cruiserweights?  Now, it’s trending down and that’s on WWE for not giving him fresh opponents to keep working with who he can connect with.  Rich Swann and Gallagher should both have had more interesting programs with him.  Akira isn’t the right guy to get Neville back to the pinnacle.  Akira is money, but Neville needs to get more mic time, and more importantly, an angle.  Aries and Neville should have exchanged victories. Anyway, nothing really stood out here, nothing bad either.  Not rewatchable in any capacity though.
Rating: 4.0 seems fair.  If you missed it, you’re fine.

  1.  Bray Wyatt defeated the former #1 pick in the draft, Russell’s favorite pretty princess, Seth “the dual edged sword” Rollins in a match that nobody cared about

Russ:  The match was ok, but the matched a lack of purpose which brought this way down for me.  How could two top wrestlers have so little to fight for!  They could have easily given us a story that was compelling enough to tie to the match.  Instead we get crap on a stick and Bray wandering a desert.  They hit all their moves and there was some decent chemistry, but I was bored by the end and I think the lack of a story really hurt this one for me.  Since nothing was on the line it makes sense that Bray won, that’s how WWE rolls.  

Rating: 4.2

Kent:  What a terrible match to kick off this terrible PPV.  Maybe it was apropos.  I don’t know.  Yeah, I told you that Bray would win because he wins meaningless PPV matches.  I don’t remember anything about this match aside from one tidbit.  I believe it was Michael Cole who stated that Seth Rollins has had more PPV matches since 2015 than any other superstar.  I always am in disbelief over these factoids and then I do my research and get shot down.  Still, how is that possible?  Dean is never injured and always has a match.  Seth was out for awhile with injuries.  This cannot be correct, can it?  I’m calling bullshit.  I feel like The Miz and Dean should be higher than Seth as The Miz is never hurt, but he does make those great Marine films.  I need proof, which will require me to do boring research.
Rating: 3.0 because it was a solid match, but with zero entertainment factor.  I’m being generous due to Bray.  Anybody giving it higher than a 3.0 either is a smark or wants Seth to lay him down by the fire and make sweet love to him.  Yup, there’s the gauntlet, and it’s been laid.

  1.  Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore….to nobody’s surprise

Russ:  I enjoyed the promo a little bit, but the match was meh.  I guess if it was good for anything it displayed the magnificents of Enzo’s ragdolling skills.  It was obvious that Cass was going to win and they never even pretended that Enzo had a chance.  They even tried to say that Enzo showed heart because he kept getting back up,  but is getting up only 2 times really never giving up?  They messed this angle up so badly it was hard to care about the whole thing.  I hope they can make Cass work because this wasn’t promising.  

Rating: 2.5

Kent:  The promo was almost as long as the match.  More importantly, aside from the terrible start on the kickoff show, my predictions are rocking.  I totally said generic rock music for Cass.  Oh, the match?  I don’t even remember the finishing move.  Gonna look it up.  Oh, the running big boot.  Really?  That’s what we’re going to stick with for a 7 footer?  Come the fuck on.  Big guys always have knee and leg issues.  That shouldn’t be a finisher.  The set up for the move is going to get terribly predictable really fucking fast.
Rating: 1.7 Really, nobody is going to rewatch or remember this match for it’s quality.

  1.  Sheasaro defeated The Bloody Hardly Boys in a 30 minute Iron Man match for the RAW tag team championships 4-3

Russ:  Alright, finally a match that delivered.  This was executed well.  They kept you interested the entire match. I liked that they got a quick pin in to keep people interested in seeing how the Hardly Boys would make a comeback.  The first 10 minutes were interesting because the Hardly’s seemed like they were going to get schooled.  Then the second 10 minutes was good because of the mounted comeback, finally the last 10 minutes were great action and excitement.  The belt being on the line made this feel even more important of a match.  I enjoyed this match.  

Rating: 6    

Kent:  I knew I should have said this was my dark horse pick for match of the night.  I just hate Iron Man matches so much.  This one delivered so kudos.  Oh, it was a final score of 4 to 3.  Damn, I feel like only one person on the podcast predicted that outcome.  BALLIN!  Yes, yes, I’m great.  Kudos aside, let’s anal-yze this match because I have some nits to pick.  First of all, Sheasaro can never get one over in singles matches, they seem to have to do dastardly things to win the real tag matches, and then they get the first fall in 20 seconds.  The fuck?  Then they got a second one.  This is inconsistent from the story that they have been telling us since Mania.  Yeah, this feud has been going on for far too long.  Matt was really busted open, nice to see a Hardly bleed.  Sheamus immediately had the rope mark on his back or side.  This was a good execution of an iron man match, so kudos to all involved.
Rating: 6.2 Because it still bored me at times, but it was good by and large.

  1.  Sasha Banks defeated the RAW Women’s champion, and my personal goddess, Alexa Bliss via count out so Alexa retains

Russ:  I barely remember this match and I just watched it yesterday!  It wasn’t a bad match, but I just couldn’t get invested in it enough.  It was quicker than I thought it should have been, but the chemistry between the ladies was good.  Sasha won, but Alexa retained, thank goodness!  I guess it will be Alexa vs. Sasha at SummerSlam with some stipulation.  

Rating: 4.3

Kent:  I will say that these girls matched up really well, which surprised me.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Sasha ain’t winning no title on a PPV, cause that ain’t how she do.  These are facts.  I really felt that Alexa was going to get intentionally counted out after the 4 second rope break.  Less than a minute later it happened.  That made no sense for me.  Get the count out after that so Alexa could bitch about how the ref didn’t break the hold fast enough.  That would add to the story.  Instead, they added a couple of moves then did the count out and it was dumb.  They had a decent match up to that point.  My way makes the future promos work a lot better towards a storyline that is palpable.  
Rating: 4.8 because I would consider rewatching it and then determine that looking up fake nudes of Alexa and Sasha are better ways to spend my time.

  1.  The Miz retained the IC Championship against….YAWWWWWN…….Dean Ambrose

Russ:   This match was boring!  I don’t even know what to say.  I’ve seen these guys fight too many time and this was just the same as any other fight they had.  I missed the first 5 minutes because of WWE Network failures, but after seeing what I saw I didn’t care to go back to watch it.  What was the point of showing Maryse and The Miz fighting and then not have any payoff for this at all during the match?  Whatever, I hope this is done and both guys stay away from each others business for several years.  Oh yea and I will steal Kent’s issue with Dean getting “injured” in a match but then 5 seconds later he’s running around like a coke head!  His sell is terrible!   (Kent:  You’re doing God’s work.)

Rating: 2.9 (I’m giving this the reverse Deuce, because it was just awful and both guys are way better than this.)

Kent:  I have no praise to offer I thought Enzo and Cass set the bar at the bottom.  Nope.  I have so many gripes, but I will focus on 3 main ones. 1. They didn’t add anything new to their match formula that we have been seen since January.  Yeah, it’s been going on that long.  2.  The obvious story would have been to have Bo and Curtis interfere to keep Dean off his game and made Dean truly sympathetic and generate heat.  What did WWE do instead?  They had Dean consistently assault Bo and Curtis with them only once getting a shot in on him.  Terrible booking for a face.  3. The worst thing of all, and I’m sure Russ is going to steal this from me, and I’ll allow it, is Dean is the anti Bret Hart.  If Bret got “injured” during a match, he sold it and used moves that made sense.  With a hurt leg, what are the 2 big things that you shouldn’t successfully do in a match?  Climb the ropes or run the ropes.  Even if you climb the ropes, you should fall short of your target and when you land, be in incredible pain.  If you run the ropes, you should stumble and fall to sell it.  I’ve long been a big advocate for Dean, defending him against the heinous and evil Steve every Monday after a PPV that he is in.  I can’t do that this week.  Whatever insults Steve offers, I will have to choke it down and accept it.  Also, why is Maryse no longer bitchy towards Miz?
Rating: 1.5 This match can eat a big fat D.  At least Enzo and Cass kept it short and painful.

  1.  Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in an Amberlance Match

Russ:  Wow, just wow.  So much the WWE did right with this.  Yes I’m counting what happened after the match as part of the whole spectacle.  The match itself was good it wasn’t earth shattering, but it had its moments.  Loved the part where Braun was unphased by the chair shots.  Roman took bumps like a champ and he took a lot during this match.  I liked when he was thrown off the stage into the ambulance and then a few moments later thrown back onto the stage!  Braun going into the TV’s in the back then crawling out was a good moment.  However, I like how they ended it.  Braun not only showed he is ungodly strong, but he is also clever.  Goading Roman into the spear right in front of the ambulance was a good touch.  If that were all I’d give this a 5.3 and call it a decent match, but boy did WWE really go all out for this.  I’m not going to sit here and describe the whole thing I implore you to watch it!  I’ll just say this; I didn’t think that Roman could up the ante in this feud any more than Braun did when he tipped the Ambulance over, boy was I wrong.  This was well done, with the minor exception of the match of the night in Curt Hawkins vs. Heath Slater.  I really feel cheated for missing parts of that match!  This Kentertained me greatly!  I felt there was a missed opportunity at the end of this when Braun walked away from the wreck and didn’t scream “Roman, I’m not finished with you yet!” That would have been a perfect ending.     

Rating: 6.9, I’d watch the ending again for sure!  

Kent:  Lots to talk about here.  Hopefully Russ hasn’t completely talked about every single one of my points making my comments redundant.  The match was OK.  No Ambulance match has ever been good, and that’s to be expected.  Sorta like a mixed tag team match is never good.  Both guys did an admirable job.  I enjoyed the match at times.  Something really bothered me though about the match and I don’t know why I hadn’t really honed in on this before.  I like Roman Reigns.  I don’t care how uncool that makes me in the eyes of the loser IWC community.  I LOVE how good Roman is at taking a beating, especially against a bigger guy, but even against Finn, Roman sells very well, and he isn’t afraid to jump bigger to make the move look as big as possible.  Unfortunately, Roman’s offense against big guys sucks.  How is it that Big Show and Braun can have a great technical match, but Roman can’t?  Well the reason is because 70% of Roman’s offense revolves around punches, superman punches, and set ups for spears and drive by’s.  I get it, shitty booking and direction from higher ups don’t help Roman.  Look at how shitty they booked Austin once he got popular.  He no longer had great technical matches that he was capable of.  It was punches, kicks, stomps, Thesz Press, and Stunner.  Look at how Cena was booked for year with his 5 moves of doom, but we have seen what he is capable of when going against an AJ or HBK or Punk pr Daniel.  They need Roman to add to his offensive repertoire soon because he is such a boring cliche on offense, and he’s better than that. Anyway, Braun won cleanly.  Also, during the match, somebody on commentary said that this match was the most impressive thing that Roman has done in his young career.  Yup, and this is why I was so vehemently opposed to Taker jobbing to Roman at Mania.  It’s a fucking insult to Taker.

Now, the decision comes as to whether the aftermath counts towards this match rating or the next match.  I am counting it towards this match.  If you disagree, just know that your opinion is wrong.  First off, why didn’t the driver drive away after Braun tapped the back?  Are we supposed to overlook this lack of logic?  Anyway, Roman comes out and puts Braun in and the Roman tosses the driver out and then drives around and then rams the back end of the ambulance into a trailer.I was fine with that.  Here’s where I got annoyed.  The commentators acting like Roman was a complete dick to do this.  It was so heinous.  Are we supposed to forget that Braun threw Roman off a ledge on a stretcher or that he flipped the fucking ambulance?  This seems fair to me. Sorry IWC, I am defending Roman again.  I love Braun, but it’s not like Roman was a dick for what he did.  Then comes Kurt’s great reaction and then Jaime Noble stole the show for a bit.  Then to see how bloody Braun was, it was great.  The last issue I have is that Braun didn’t scream “Roman, I’m not finished with you!”
Rating: 6.7 as I could easily rewatch this whole segment again with no complaints.

  1.  Heath Slater defeated Curt Hawkins……somehow

Russ:  This was match of the night!  We saw about 5 seconds of it and the crowd did not even care!  They were too focused on what was going on in the back.  I’m not sure why this occurred the way it did. I’ll give WWE benefit of the doubt because I’m sure it was hard to coordinate this stunt in live time.  And I’ll never forget how Heath won with…

Rating: 7, It was short and put together about as good as the rest of this ppv.  

Kent:  I am sure this was planned, but how it was done, I don’t know.  Did WWE just send them out to buy time to set up everything else in the garage?  Did they mismanage time?  They clearly had no intentions of showing much of the match.  We don’t even know how the match finished.  Still, the 2 minutes of the match that I saw was better than the Miz vs Dean match.  Yeah, they actually wrestled and applied moves.    Also, Heath won and then watched the Titantron with the fans, so that’s cool.
Rating: 2.1 because it was short and sweet and fairly action packed for what it was.

  1.  Brock Lesnar no sold Samoa Joe’s offense and retained his Red Belt

Russ:  Ok, I never thought Joe had a chance to beat Brock let’s get that out of the way.  So this was all about how they presented Joe in the match.  The lead up to the match was well done and gave a glimmer of hope that this could be done well.  They didn’t succeed, but they didn’t exactly fail.  I thought the beginning of the match was well done, but it went downhill from there.  Brock did sell a little, but selling only works if it has an effect.  How did he get up the strength to get into the F-5 like that? That really no-sells the Coquina Clutch and it kind of sucks for Joe.  This could have been better if it had more time, but it was alright for what it was until the very end.

Rating: 4.7

Kent:  I don’t want to talk about this.  Joe was perfection.  This match should have gone another 5 minutes.  More importantly, I am sick of Brock’s matches.  Brock knows moves, but he only does suplexes and F-5’s.  Brock went down to the Coquina Clutch with ease on RAW 2 weeks ago.  Now, not an issue to escape and suddenly have bursts of energy.  Not only that, but as we all know, matches where a person suddenly hits a finisher without hurting their opponent and then gets a win, I fucking hate that formula.  John Cena probably saw that and was screaming at his TV: “That was bullshit!  Brock needs to hit some set up moves or hit his finisher multiple times.  This looks fake!”  Those are Cena’s exact words….that I created in my mind. Brock needed the hit 3 F-5’s in a row to make Samoa Joe seem more bad ass.  Well, good bye Joe’s push and dignity.  Can’t wait to see him put over Roman over the fall.  BOOOOOO!  On the plus side, I don’t have to be positive on Wednesday’s podcast.  On the down side, I hate how I feel about this match ending.
Rating: 4.1 Not enough time, bullshit ending, too many Germans, not enough other moves.  Joe put on a great match, but Brock undid all of Joe’s greatness.  Brock is starting to be the worst part of his matches.  He needs to go or let the man wrestle 15-20 minute matches if he wants to be a top guy.  This shit is not fun to watch.

Bonus Double Deuce

  1. Rate the PPV overall

Russ:  I am going to give this PPV a 4.3 it had several moments that were enjoyable, but a lot and I mean a lot of moments that were bad or just plain boring.  

Kent:  Well the average came out to be 3.78 out of all of my ratings.  In the interest of fairness, rounding things up, I will say a 3.8.  A good PPV should get a high 4 to mid 5 rating.  A great PPV is anything about a 5.7 because there are always going to be lousy matches that affect the average.  This was mediocre to poor.

  1.  What are your thoughts on what transpired between Dana and Emma on the pre-show, and don’t tell you didn’t watch it, go and watch it.  It will take you 2 minutes.  It’s at the 21:56 mark of the kickoff show.  

Russ:  I thought it was interesting, the question is will we see it pay off on RAW? Or will it be like everything else with Emma the answer won’t be revealed for another 8 months.  I guess we shall see on Monday.  (Kent: We both know the answer to this before it happens.)

Kent:  I don’t know.  I didn’t watch it.  FIne, I’ll go watch it now.  I really think stuff like this is what a lot of the lower tier talents need to help establish their character.  I liked how Emma was kinda bossy about it, but it was nice for them to acknowledge their history together.  Dana shutting Pete down was funny.  Otunga asked a good question.  Overall, that was better than at least 2 of the matches on the card.  Sad but true.  

  1.  Name the worst match of the night

Russ:  Miz and Dean,  I don’t give out the reverse deuce to just any old match and this one was disappointing on several levels.  

Kent:  Miz vs Dean just beat out Enzo vs Cass and Heath vs Curt.  I wish to point out that a 2 minute match between Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins was only the 3rd worst match of the night.  Thank about that.

  1.  Name the best match of the night

Russ:  Sheasaro Vs. Hardlys.  Braun and Roman was great, but the tag match was a better match overall.  

Kent:  Sheasaro vs the Hardly Boys.  Yes, Braun vs Roman got a higher rating, but a large part of that had to do with the after match stuff which made up close to 3 of the points.  The match itself was mediocre.  The tag team match killed it in quality.I would go so far as to say the women had the second best bell to bell match.

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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Preview

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that has no interest in what we are writing about.  Seriously, that’s how I am starting this.

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The 9

  1.  Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

Keri:  I just don’t get why they broke up this team. They never held the titles and they were over with the fans. Their gimmick was good yet Creative let it get stale. This feud is just sad in more ways that one. Neither guy by themselves has star potential and honestly they are kinda reliant on the other in order to be successful. They should have kept them together and turned them heel. With that said, my expectations for this match are very low and I feel this should be the pre show match. Winner: Cass is going to win and we should not be surprised. (Kent: This reminds me of when they broke up the New Age Outlaws back in the day.  This team is so reminiscent of them because they really need each other to be at their fullest potential.  Oh you didn’t know?)

Kent:  In theory, this match should be about 3-5 minutes.  It may be just that after Enzo cuts his long winded promo.  I’m actually more curious about what Cass gets for new entrance music.  Yeah Keri, bet you didn’t think about that.  I’m going with some terrible generic rock BS.  Anyway, not interested in this match.
Prediction: Big Cass wins after Enzo mounts some offense at the very end.

  1.   (Kickoff Show Now) Cruiserweight Championship Match – Neville vs Akira Tozawa

Keri: So, per my own advice from this week’s blog, I’m buying stock in Titus Worldwide and honestly I want a return on my investment.So, prediction: Tozawa.

Kent:  I wish they had held off on this match until Summerslam.  Neville has been bland lately, not getting anything to work with.  205 should have focused on who becomes the new #1 contender and had like a 4 way elimination match on this PPV and put Neville on commentary.  That would save this match for a big event.  Tozawa is fine, but wasn’t really connecting with me.  Then along came Titus.  I am extremely pro Titus, and I think that we’re getting one title change, so it’s this one.
Prediction: Akira Tozawa wins the belt

  1.  Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz vs Dean Ambrose

Keri:  Speaking of things that are stale. Here is another feud that is getting very very stale. This needs to be the last installment of Miz vs. Ambrose for a very long time. Prediction: Miz retains and moves on.

Kent:  Did anybody notice that they subtly dropped the Maryse and Miz tift that they had been teasing?  No?  Oh, that’s because it was terrible.  Hopefully that’s done with.  Hopefully this feud is done with.  Hopefully Heath gets the belt at Summerslam.  Seriously, read our blogs from last fall and we were calling for it back then.
Prediction: Miz wins thanks to Miztourage and Dean looks like a goof and maybe gets a month or two off

  1.  RAW Tag Team Title 30 Minute Iron Man Match – Sheasaro vs The Hardly Boys

Keri:  Wow another stale feud. Seriously WWE enough with these stale feuds. This match will be adequate but I’m not really invested in it. Prediction: Sheasaro retain and then they go hard.

Kent:  I hate saying that I don’t care, but I don’t care.  These 2 teams have been up each other’s ass since Mania.  I’m so done with this.  Worst yet, supposedly the sports books have the Hardy Boys winning.  I’d rather just see The Bar vs The Revival and say the hell with the Hardy Boys so they can move on to Gallows and Anderson and try to revive their careers.
Prediction: Sheasaro shouldn’t win according to every singles match.  I suspect some DQ’s thrown in for some fun.  On the podcast I said it would be 4-3 in favor of The Bar.

  1.  Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

Keri:  Ok, not a stale feud but something that has been so poorly built up that I really don’t care about it. This storyline, if you can call it that, should interest no one. Bray and Finn. That could have been interesting. Oh well. I guess you just got to go with what you have sometimes. Sigh. Prediction: Seth wins because Bray is back in the role of being jobber to the stars

Kent:  Yawwwwwwwn.  Bray Wyatt wandered through the desert on a horse with no name.  Yup, that reference was better than this whole feud.  These guys are so talented.  I said that Seth would win on the podcast, but I have rethought this one.  This match offers no reward.  No guy gets over.  Isn’t this the epitome of the type of PPV match that Bray has been winning for years?
Prediction: Bray wins and people will have fallen asleep.

  1.  RAW Women’s Championship Match – Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Keri:  I’ve been against this match since Sasha was announced as number one contender. It makes no sense that she is back in the title picture. There are plenty of other women that deserves this opportunity. With that said, prediction: Alexa retains and hopefully moves on

Kent:  God damnit WWE.  How dare you make Alexa Bliss boring as fuck!  The past 2-3 months has seen more boring segments with her than great ones.  Shame on you RAW for being such shit!  You have ruined Bayley, Emma, Sasha, and if you keep it up, I fear for Alexa.  Shame!
Prediction: Alexa because Sasha doesn’t win belts on PPV.

  1.  Amberlance Match – Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Keri:  Braun should win this but he won’t. No one is going to let him continue his assault on Reigns. No not Cena 2.0 (sorry Kent and Russ I kept up that act as long as I could). Cena 2.0 cannot lose. He has to be made strong so he can face Brock at Mania and win the title back. Prediction: Reigns wins because of course he does.  (Kent: I’m disappointed on so many levels, especially the A Double level.)

Kent:  The internet has some conflicting reports which tells me that WWE isn’t 100% sure what they plan on doing.  Samoa Joe getting over so huge as well as Braun is fucking with their plans.  I like the idea of Brock vs Braun at Summerslam.  I hate the idea of Roman vs Brock main eventing Mania.  Fuck Roman and his push.  It’s fucking terrible.  Faces almost always win ambulance matches unless there is outside interference.  Who would interfere on behalf of Braun or to fuck over Roman?  I’ve got nobody, so that tells me who is winning.
Prediction: Roman Reigns because when it Reigns, it Bores and this PPV is looking awful.

  1.  Red Belt Match – Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe

Keri: The only match on the card I’m looking forward to and I won’t be able see it because the other matches are going to make me fall asleep. The build for this match has been the best thing going in the WWE right now. The only problem is I know it’s going to end very badly for Joe. Prediction: Brock retains and I start watching the indies full time.

Kent:  Hey, a match that I want to see.  Holy balls!  I mean, Great Balls….nope, I’m not doing it.  I want Samoa Joe to win.  I need Samoa Joe to win.  I know that he’s not going to.  I haven’t been so invested in a wrestler who is in the most obvious losing circumstance in a very long time.  I hate it.  Joe deserves this win.  Joe deserves the Brock rub.  I hope that WWE has a clusterfuck finish to keep Joe strong because Joe going over Brock for the belt is the money match.  Putting Roman over does no good.  Joe vs Roman at Mania in a Samoan Bad Ass match is money.  I am begging.  I will go so far as to say that if they put the belt on Joe this Sunday, come Wednesdays podcast, I will not complain once.  I swear this.
Prediction: Brock buries Joe in 12 minutes.

  1.  Will Finn Balor and Elias Sampson show up on the show or kick off show?

Keri:  You would think but it seems that the company doesn’t know what to do with either guy at the moment. And that makes me sad. So with that said, there will be a backstage segment maybe two but nothing more substantial than that.

Kent:  Alright, it appears that the Cruiserweight mat is now on the Kickoff Show, per wwe.com, so doubts are deep here.  Does anybody remember when Finn Balor was like the #5 choice in WWE’s brand split?  No?  OK, just checking.  Wait, Seth was #1 and he fucking sucks now, and has since that fateful night.  So that leaves a possibility that one of WWE’s top 5 biggest names may or may not get another kickoff show segment this year.  I don’t get it.  Do they want to push Finn or not?  I am happy that he’s not getting the rocket strapped to him, but there has to be a happy medium.  Him feuding with a new guy in Elias does nobody any good.  I don’t think that there will be a match, but maybe a confrontation after Elias sings a song.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Aside from Seth vs Bray, which match are you least looking forward to?

Keri:  Is it ok if I say all of them except for Joe vs. Brock and Roman vs. Braun? Because that’s my feelings about this PPV. All of the matches are just awful except those two.

Kent:  I don’t have enough time to go down the list.  I will say that the Hardlys vs Sheasaro because it’s a guaranteed 30 minute match between 2 teams that need a break from each other.  The Revival better come out and go hard damnit!

  1.  Aside from Brock vs Joe, which match are you most looking forward to?

 Keri:  Braun vs. Roman. Honestly, I may just watch those two the next day and hopefully I will be happy with the results.

Kent:  Gosh, no Goldust, Truth, Titus and Apollo, hmmm.  I am going with Big Cass vs Enzo because I am curious about his new song.  Yeah, we have hit the desperation button.

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