Grotesque (2009)

This movie sounds incredibly graphic and sometimes, that’s what I am looking for.  This is a Japanese and I have read that this ups the ante from Saw and Hostel, which isn’t hard to do.  It’s a question of much they up it.  I am giving you a fair warning, the images below are incredibly graphic.  

We get this doctor who kidnaps a young couple, Aki and Kazuo.  Aki is the female, Kazuo is the dude.  I seriously couldn’t determine it via name, so I had to look it up.  Oh, I am watching the unrated version.  Nice.  So basically, the doctor tortures them the whole film.  SO the rest will be spoilers until the end when I give it a final rating, so you have been warned.



Aki wakes up on a table that rotates vertically and she is tied down to it and has a ball gag in her mouth, and so Kazuo, and now they are facing each other.  He gives Kazuo the option to be first or second.  Doc starts off poking Kauo inside of his mouth and then someplace around the belly, and Kazuo is already passed out.  We are getting flashbacks and I suspect we will get more as the film progresses about their relationship.  I think I have seen this before.  Ohhh, right before they were abducted, she asked him if he would be willing to die for her, and after hesitation, he said he’d try his best.  I’m also waiting to some chicken cordon bleu that I threw in the oven because I talk about food a lot in these blogs.  She just pissed herself, and I’m not sure why that had to be made into a focal point, but alright.  Like it made sense in Frozen because that would only make matters worse in that scenario.  Gotta love the psychopath listening to good classical music.  I always enjoy that.  Oh, Kazuo has never been laid but she has.  

Doc says that they will both die unless they can excite him with their will to live.  He removes Kazup’s pants, cleans his wound and then lifts up Aki’s skirt and order Kazuo to watch.  Down comes the panties, and no censoring so far, and he cleans area a bit.  He switched sides of the cassette for more music.  He continues to undress her and cuts her bra off, revealing her nice tits.  Quite nice indeed.  Let’s face it, we all can assume where this is going. He’s doing a bad job of allowing the hair to be covering the boobs.  Yeah, he starts kissing at the ankles and moves north.  This guy has such a great role.  Good for him!  He just gets to grope and lick her ta-ta’s.  This has got to be better than 50 Shades of Grey the film.  Oh, now he is going downtown for the all you can eat buffet, and then fingerbang bang…bang bang.  The sound effects are tremendous.  She is starting to like it, and squirter!  We have a squirter, ladies and gentlemen.    Doc that shows off his soaked hand of victory and rubs it in Kazuo’s face.  Wow, I as much as I enjoyed everything there, I am not good in the fine art of describing sex stuff in horror.  Oh, and now Doc is jerking Kazuo off.  The fuck?  He is wondering if it will reach her.  My money is on yes…..and it sure dide.  Shot on her navel.  OK, fantastic.  Guys reading this are like “sign me up” and women just don’t like reading any of my stuff.

The Doc says that he will remove the gags if they promise to not speak unless he asks them a question.  Aki is good, but Kazuo just can’t handle that responsibility, so time to pay.  They get knocked out and when they come to, they are laid horizontal on a table and doc chainsaws Kazuo’s fingers off.  It’s something different, no doubt.  He makes a finger necklace places it on her.  Now the Doc wants to give him a present from her.He cuts up one of her hands, she says stop, he didn’t ask a question, so she must be punished.  He cuts her new top off.  He just cut her fucking nipples off.  Oh my.  Back to the chainsaw and instead of fingers on the last arm, he juscuta good chunk of her arm off.  Doc made a necklace of fingers and nipples for Kazuo.  

Now, the rules are simple.  He’s going to torture Kazuo until he gives in.  If he gives in, then Doc tortures Aki.  He has a mallet and is going to pound long nails into Kazuo’s testicles.  Why did I pick this film to eat during?  Closeups on a ballsack with nails in it.  Oh, now time to saw off his wang.    Nah, fuck that.  Let’s put a spike in his eye, then the penis.  She says stop.  Uh oh.  Shaft is no more.  The Doc felt excitement and proclaims victory for them, so they get to live I guess.  I mean, fuck.

They appear to be in a hospital setting, and the Doc is going to nurse them back to health.  He says that he will get them healthy, drive them to the cops, turn himself in and liquidate all of his wealth to them, which I guess is like 700 million.  Yeah.  Aki tells Kazuo that if they get out alive, she’d like to help him out.  And now he wants to take a dump.  After that touching moment, good job!  We see a montage of Doc helping clean their wounds, including Kazuo’s man region.  In about 2-3 days, they should be healthy enough, and awww, the couple is holding stumps.  Time to take the meds……and wake up in the bad room again.  Of course.    This movie can’t end on that kind of a note.  Doc wants more excitement, to see their will to live.  

Well, the decision is to cut open Kazuo’s stomach and pull out some intestines and apparently it’s going to be close to Kazuo’s anuz.  Fanfuckingtastic.  Wow, this just got fucking twisted….yes more so.  So his one end of his intestines will be attached on one side of the room.  Kazuo can then walk over to Aki, pulling his intestines out as he goes, grab the pair of scissors, detach his intestines, cut Aki free and die in the process.  Her life is in his hands.  Well, so starts the process.  Fuck man.  The intestines are attached to a hook.  The Doc offers to rape her and cut her up some more if that would be preferred while Kazuo is laying on the floor.  Kazuo makes it halfway, falls into a cart with stuff on it.  Hmmm, will he try to grab something to kill Doc with?  How can he even use the scissors successfully?  He’s got the scissors!!!  He cuts the intestines.  He cuts her feet free!    Doc is having a raging clue.    Kazuo just needs to stand up to cut the hand free.  Kazuo gets halfway through and there’s a wire in the rope.  Kazuo can’t take it any longer and he drops dead.  

More music, this time it’s Pomp and Circumstance, you know the graduation song or Macho Man Randy Savage’s song.  There, I got food, tits, and wrestling all in one blog.  Anyway, Doc wants to see her will, so she spits at him and he slaps her.  As is tradition.  Aki says that Doc mom is a fat whore-ish pig.  Nice.  Aki is telling him that no women aside from his whore mom and gold diggers.  She basically him and him and his mother have horrible body odor.    HAHAHA, that’s fucking great.    Wow, this is some verbal undressing that I would be proud of.   So chainsaw to the belly after she said that he had no friends and nobody to love him.   Axe to the throat and it pops off, the head lands on him and bites his neck.  As he backpedals, Kazuo slices Doc’s Achilles tendon.  Aki’s mouth drops the chunk of flesh and dies.  

Doc makes a grave and hangs a pair of scissors in between these wrapped stumps/posts and like has a moment of silence and pours salt, I believe.    He walks away with a gimp, and we see many other posts now.  This wasn’t his first or probably even 20th go round.  We now see him in his van and he sprays some cologne before going for his next victim.

End Film


Final Thoughts – I am pretty sure that I have seen this before, but my memory is what it is.  Yeah, i would watch this sadistic shit again, mainly to show other people.  It was well done, although it got overly silly at the end.  As far as the plot goes, it made perfect sense to me, and it was simple to follow.  If you can’t handle extreme gore or mutilation, avoid this at all cost.  If you can get beyond that, you have a film that would definitely qualify as torture porn, but well done.  

Rating: 5.9 I admit that I really enjoy some sick stuff sometimes, but it it is not everyday viewing.

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The Green Inferno (2013)

An Eli Roth Movie.  Nope, the trailer didn’t look good.  I assume this will be some big sacrifice type film.  I have no idea though.  I hope there’s  no bullshit message, if there I, too bad.  This stars nobody that I am familiar with.  Let’s just cross our fingers that I don’t want to punch things by the end.  There will be my usual spoilers are I watch the film, and you can skip those and jump to my final thoughts and rating at the end if you prefer a little TLDR version.



It appears that we are dealing with some college students protesting with a hunger strike, but the one chick is in her panties, so that’s ok.  Kaycee is the blonde, bitchy, annoying, and the type of person that you wish to backhand.  Justine is the dark haired girl.  They are learning about female genital mutilation in some countries.  Wow, this is bad, really bad.  The protests were for janitors.  Some dude dude wants Justine to join this ACT group.  Fucking college kids.  Justine’s dad is a lawyer for the UN apparently.  Apparently some group is knocking down trees and wiping out some native people and Justine spoke up but Alejandro called her out for being a freshmen while big dude chased her down and apologized.  Alejandro is big on shaming people to get them to change their ways into his beliefs.  Uh huh.  OK, can we just get to the point when they travel to the Amazon?  I hope every last one of these fucks get killed.  Man, the pizza looks really good.  Justine is bringing her necklace, so that will be important.  Kaycee isn’t going, so that’s a shame.  I wanted to see her die.  We have a ginger girl on this trip.  On the plus side, I did say before picking this movie that I was looking for something mindless and it’s not letting me down.  Jonah is the bigger dude’s name and he is into Justine.  Alejandro is just letting them know that the people are about to fuck with will have guns, after they’ve flown to Peru.  He’s the worst.

These funcking idiots are using their phones way too often considering that that is their only line of defense.  Hey, a machete to go take a piss due to snakes.  Fuck, why am I seeing this dude’s dick and a spider.  Fuck no.  I didn’t sign up to see wang and no pussy.  Fuck that shit.  Equal opportunity!!!  They all get this suits and helmets and they look ridiculous.  Great.  Oh, and they have facemasks that block their identity.  Neat.  Now they are chaining themselves to trees and equipment.    Now, a big explosion.  Justine cannot get her lock to latch.  Hahaha, great.  She shows her struggle so they are going to get her.  Yup, they went after her first.  Yup, now they mention that her dad works for the UN and they openly urge them to kill her.  Good, do it.  Well time to escort them back to the boats, but the bags are missing that they left behind.  I forgot (didn’t care) to mention that.  They get back on a plane because Alejandro paid them up.  Oh, they are trending!  WOW!  This is fucking dumb.  I’m done typing for a bit.  I’ll cover the rest in a paragraph after this is done.Oh wait, the plane is going down….sweet.

All hell broke loose.  Like 3 or 4 people died in the crash, including a comedy kill.  They they got attacked by the natives in the red paint/blood and everybody gets darted, except for Alejandro’s bitch, she dead via arrows.  There are like 200 of these natives.  Oh, there’s some skeletons, head on a stick.  Good shit.  Lots of heads on sticks.  Jonah is laid down on rocks, forced to drink something, is now being held down, and has his eyes ripped out as the head bitch in charge eats his eyes.  Next his tongue is cut out and she eats it.  OK, chopping his right arm and leg off.   There goes the left leg and now left arm.  Finally his head is cut off.    Time to fill the bowl with blood for her to drink.  Alright, I am so on board with all of this.  It appears that they are prepping his body for eating, I hope.  I’m shocked at the lack of female nudity.  Everybody is getting some good eating from his body at least.  Oh great, one of the girls has the shits.  The kids all laugh at her diarrhea.  Ginger tries to escape through the roof, but there are dart snipers always watching.  They are accurate as hell.  Time to pick the next victim, or not.  They snag all 3 women.  They are checking if the girls are virgins.  Blonde wasn’t, Ginger wasn’t, Justine is, the tribe is pleased.  She gets marked by her cherry blood, and then dust in her face to knock her out.  She is special apparently.  Ginger is gonna try to escape, her name is Samantha, blonde is Amy.  I know have names.  They distract the guards with a phone and Samantha goes running.  She used to run track.    She made it to a boat, so there’s that.  Justine is brought back in her underies and is with some facial decoration.  Awww, Vegan Amy doesn’t like the food they offer her.  They plan on escaping tonight.  Well, she saw the kids were cut badly, So she breaks her bowl and slits her throat and no more Amy.  They have some left over weed and they put it down Amy’s throat in hopes of fucking them up when they cook her and feed her to the village.  Alejandro decides now the best time to jerk off.  Seriously.  They cook up Amy.

Everybody is high and passing out a bit.  Well Justine and Daniel escape, but Alejandro darted Lars to have somebody with him.  Lars is so fucked.  The guards have the munchies, and Lars is tasty to them.  Alejandro doesn’t care.  Yup, they just eat him raw, like zombies in the Walking Dead.  A little girl runs off with his leg.  She is so proud.  Back to Justine and Daniel, they see smoke so they plan on going that direction, but Justine is a shit swimmer and gets swept by the current.  He saves her dumbass.  As they get to where they had hoped would be the bulldozing crew, they find members of their team up on posts and all dead.    I’m just waiting for some darts.  There we go!  They were found and darted.  

Daniel is tied to a post and getting beat while Justine is nude and getting lathered up.  They are spreading green shit on Daniel.  Justine has some adequate tits, I can dig them.  Oh shit, they released the ant on Daniel.  Oh, this is bad.   Unfortunately, they covered Justine’s crotch, way too much. BOOOOO!  I said equal opportunity you punk ass bitches.  Justine escaped with help from a kid, and she has nice tits.  Good for her.  Daniel is still alive.  What about Ginger?  Daniel’s throat is now slashed.  Alejandro asks to be let out, but nope.  I could watch her run around like this the whole movie.  Well the boy who helped her escape is in trouble.  Justine comes across some big cat animal.    She avoids it to find men with guns shooting the tribe.  She thinks that just because she has a camera that she is untouchable.  She tosses and breaks the phone so the leader lets her live.  They get her to the chopper.  They covered her up.  What the fuck?  Oh, Alejandro is still alive, and got darted, wah wah wahhhhh.  I assume that I missed Ginger’s body somewhere while typing this.  She then tells her dad and other important men about how nice the natives were and how they helped her out of the jungle, and felt no fear until the bulldozers showed up.  She denies having seen any cannibalism.  Alejandro made it out and she bites him….and it’s just a dream.  She wakes up to more protests.

End Film


Oh my lawd, the credits feature the actor’s Twitter handles.  Fucking lame as fuck.  Justine gets a call from Luciana, Alejandro’s sister, and she saw a pic of him and now she wants to talk to Justine.  Was that the set up for the sequel?  Oh, apparently the food that they were serves was Samantha.  I missed that part.  My bad.  Also, Justine was being marked for genital mutilation, I missed that as well.  I figured she would just get railed until she got knocked up, or so was the plan.


Final Thoughts – This was better than I wanted to give it credit for.  I admit when I am wrong.  I just really loathed these characters, and I truly enjoyed watching them die.  It pisses me off that some characters lived.  I think there should have been way more nudity.  Justine’ during the last 10 minutes or so was good eye candy for what it was.  The gore and death were brutal at times.  Eli’s lighthearted take at times kinda screwed up the mood if you ask me.  A guy running into a  propeller like this was the three stooges or something, seemed odd. If you can get in the mindset that everybody in this film is an asshole, you can possibly enjoy the repercussions. Otherwise, you may want to avoid it, and know that it doesn’t pick up for a good 20-30 minutes in, but then it’s  a decent hour long flick.  Seriously, just avoid the first 30 minutes and I bet this movie is great.


Rating: 5.8 I would watch this again, probably minus the beginning third.

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The Shining – 9 Deuce Discussion

Welcome everybody to a new edition to the 9 Deuce family.  We are going to be tackling films monthly, possibly twice a month.  I want to thank Kristi for coming up with this wonderful idea.  I have a great group of people here to discuss the 1980 Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining.  Since Jack just celebrated his 80th birthday, this just felt appropriate to be the first one that we did.  For this go round, we have Kristi, Dana, Sara, Teddy, and Chris T.  In future editions, I welcome you to contact me about participating.  All comments in bold print are made by me, because it’s my blog and I like to comment on stuff.

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  1.  Who was your favorite character in this film, aside from Jack?

Kristi:  Halloran- He knows whats up!

Dana:  Mr. Halloran was the Man! Check out the paintings on his bedroom wall! *Giggles

Sara: Tony. When I first saw the movie I remember being most creeped out by that aspect of the movie; the “imaginary” friend. (And then later, as an adult, I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of  traumas Danny used Tony to cope with.)

Teddy:  The bartender. Because he allowed jack to go to a place where everyone knew his name (pun intended)

Chris T:  Dick Halloran, really aside from Jack, Danny, and Wendy, he was the only semi-developed character.

Kent:  I know that this is a bit of a cop out, but the hotel itself.  It alone is such a big facet and just as much of a character in a lot of ways in how it houses these entities.  By the way, I came across this cool idea while researching the characters.  Let’s face it, I was torn between Lloyd, Grady, and the Grady twins, I implore you to check this out, but if you are super lazy, just know that there are numerous instances of a chair moving in the film.  Rest assured, with this being Stanley Kubrick, that shit was not accidental.


  1.  Have you ever read the book by Stephen King?  If you have, feel free to bitch and moan that this wasn’t enough like the book, be one of those people.

Kristi:  Nope

Dana:  Hell no. The reason is kinda shallow… but Shelly creeps me out. She looks scary without even trying!  (Poor Shelley.  She went through all kinds of hell during this.)

Sara:  Yep. I loved the book, but equally love the movie. (This is one of the few examples of a movie made from a book that I enjoy both formats of.) Normally it would bug the crap out of me that the movie doesn’t match the book (pretty extensively) but maybe it’s because I saw the movie before I read the book? (Usually it’s the other way around.)  (Doesn’t that go back to the whole psychological thing where whatever “version” of something that you see or hear is usually your preferred option.  If you hear a remade song first, there’s a good chance that since you are acquainted with it, that you prefer that to the original, or vice versa.  I think that happens more with music than with films, but it still happens.  I also get very irritated when people just bitch and moan as soon as the word remake is tossed out because a remake isn’t inherently evil.  For example, John Carpenter’s The Thing and the Clooney and Pitt version of Ocean’s Eleven.  I have seen the originals and just can’t get into them as much.  The flip side of the coin has way more to nitpick though, obviously. Ghostbusters.)

Teddy:  I have read the book (all stephen king’s books really). The reason I don’t like this movie is because of how it strays from the source material just to stroke whatever kinks Stanley Kubrick had during that time. (Since I like to give people a hard time, I wanna tackle this.  I don’t get it.  Am I the only person that wants some artistic change from book to film?  If I wanted the exact same thing as the book, I would have just read the damn book.  I cannot vouch for which is better, although having seen the remake which was supposedly closer to the novel, I think both are excellent.  Why Kubrick’s is better though is due to his artistic touches and excellent film making.  In the same breath, to contradict my point slightly, because, why not, having read The Stand, it always bothered me how they left out some key things.  Of course that was directed by Mick Garris who never seems to get things 92% right.  Stanley Kubrick, on the other hand, is the greatest director of all time.)

Chris T:  I read the book a long time ago, but probably more recently than I had seen the movie version. I read the semi-sequel “Dr.Sleep” much more recently and that experience clouded a lot of my perception of this story upon rewatching it.  (I have yet to read that, but have truly been meaning to, but would prefer to read Shining first.  Would Dr. Sleep make for a good film, from your perspective?)

Kent:  No, I have not.  I admit to not reading nearly as much as I would like to, and intend to.  I choose video games and movies, and I’m okay with that decision.


  1.  Approximately how old were you when you first saw the film?

Kristi:  I was actually in my late 20s.- early 30s. I slacked on movie watching for many years.

Dana:  About 13/14 and I watched it through my fingers.  

Sara:  Middle school-age….12/13

Teddy:  I would say I was maybe 19-20ish when I saw it.

Chris T:  I saw parts when it was played on HBO back in the day, probably one of those mornings my parents slept in and Jay and I turned on the tv while they were sleeping. I watched the whole thing through when I was in High School, but I can’t give an exact date/time.

Kent:  I think I was 6, give or take a year.  I remember the nightmares that the hedge maze used to give me.  I am eternally grateful for them though because this was probably my second horror film that I saw, after The Amityville Horror, and before American Werewolf in London.  Without films like them, I would probably not be a huge horror fan.


  1.  Do you have a favorite quote from the film?

Dana:   White man’s burden, Lloyd, my man. White man’s burden.

Sara:  Chris took my first choice, so rather than copying that, I’ll go with… “Don’t worry, Mom. I know all about cannibalism. I saw it on TV.”

Teddy: “Here’s johnny!” Because it reminds me of the simpsons parody of it lol

Chris T:  “Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in!”

Kent:  “We don’t drink.”  This is one of those classic films that has a high number of worthy quotes.  I may as well link you to a bunch of them.  “I’ve always been here.”


  1.  Have you ever seen the remake miniseries that ABC put out in the 90’s that was more in line with the novel and starred Steven Weber?

Kristi:  Nope

Dana:  NO

Sara: I vaguely remember this re-make…..wasn’t the guy from Wings in it? I’m going to say I must not have really paid any attention to it, or I would likely remember better. (lol) (Yes, it starred Steven Weber, Rebecca De Mornay, and Melvin Van Peebles.  It also had appearances by Pat Hingle (Maximum Overdrive), Miguel Ferrer (The Stand) , Elliott Gould, Shawnee Smith (Saw Franchise), Mick Garris, Sam Raimi, Frank Darabont, and even Stephen King.  Yes, too much info, I know.)

Teddy:  the remake was actually way better even though it was toned down for ABC (look at IT as well) closer to source material is what I look for

Chris T:  Yeah, it was pretty shitty. It was way closer to the book, but in the wrong ways. It was boring and the casting wasn’t that great. Steven Weber was a better Jack in the pre-madness part, he actually gave you the feeling that he was a flawed man, who cared about his family. But when it came time to bring it, he made you laugh instead of being scared.  (Well, you saved me a lot of typing.  Weber doesn’t get enough credit for his performance in it, and it bothers me.  No, it wasn’t as good as the OG, BUT there were aspects that were better in my mind.)

Kent:  Yes, I really liked it.  It’s different enough from this one that it felt like a very different film, and quite frankly, that’s preferable to watching a shot for shot remake.  I can’t convince you that it’s good, if not great, but if you go in knowing that it isn’t the same film, that can help provide a more even perspective.


  1.  Do you believe in any of the conspiracy theories surrounding this film?  The most notorious one being that this is Stanley Kubrick’s admission to being involved in the faking of the moon landing.

Kristi:  I honestly didn’t know there were conspiracy theories, so no.

Dana:  No, but my sister was telling me that apparently Jack was already dead too? What!

Sara:  I am honestly not sure. I mean, I feel like if the government was going to fake the moon-landing, Kubrick would absolutely be the guy to do it. He is pretty brilliant, after all. I also (in general) am kinda a tin-foil-hat-wearer, (lol) so I’m going to say that it’s a possibility. After seeing/thinking about this question some, I decided to try out the netflix documentary called Room 237 about this very subject. I guess I’m not entirely convinced that he DIDN’T fake the moon landing. Nor am I convinced that he wasn’t discussing a few other topics, both subliminally and through a variety of mediums in the film.

Teddy:  I tend to take conspiracy theories with a grain of salt so I’m gonna say someone believe in the“faking” the moon landing theory is kinda stupid

Chris T:  Most of the elaborate urban legends and conspiracy theories surrounding this film (ranging from it serving as a Holocaust metaphor to a confession that Kubrick helped fake the moon landings) were refuted by Stanley Kubrick during his lifetime or later by the surviving cast and crew. For example, the famous “impossible corridors” are a result of set logistics, Kubrick wanted to shoot Danny on his big wheel in unbroken takes, so the hallways had to connect and the only way the crew could construct them to fit Kubrick’s vision meant mirroring the set to fit available sound stage space. The shadow of the helicopter in the opening shot was the result of a framing error.

Kent:  As Sara points out, there is an interesting documentary called Room 237, which is absolutely worth a watch for those who do and do not believe in these things.  If the government wanted to fake it, then you would recruit Kubrick.  I tend to not believe in many conspiracy theories, but if you put a gun to my head, I’m going to say that it happened.  I get that a lot of these things have logical explanations.  Still, for those of you who really follow Kubrick, you know damn well that everything he does is methodical and with purpose.  If people are allowed to believe in God, I can believe that Kubrick faked the moon landing.  Even if I’m wrong, I find more joy in believing that it happened, much in the same way religious people feel.


  1.  Would you consider this one of the top 100 films that you have ever seen?

Kristi:  YES!

Dana:  Fuck no. Okay.. maybe. Its not fair I guess that I’m watching it now and comparing it to others I have seen. But it looks so bad, watching it now.

Sara:  I completely concur with Chris here. Top 100 horror movies, but not top 100 of all time, or even MY favorite 100. (Though, admittedly, there are a lot of terrible movies on my personal top 100 list.)

Teddy:  not even top 200.

Chris T:  Maybe top 100 Horror Movies, but not top 100 Movies of all time

Kent:  Wow, everybody aside from Kristi has horrible taste in movies apparently.  GAWD!  I kid….kinda.  From a technical standpoint, you would be hard pressed to find many that stand above this.  Of course, that’s not what everybody looks for in a movie.  Quite frankly, most people just want to be entertained.  Well this film also does that in a huge way, per my tastes.  So yeah, this is actually in my top 30.  It’s one of the only horror films that I would give a 9.2 rating to.  If this film has one hang up, I must admit to not really liking Shelley’s performance, but knowing all of the horror stories, I get it, and she did the best that she could.


  1.  Does the movie still hold up, considering how old it is?

Kristi:  Abso-freaking-lutley!  (You didn’t go for the swear.  Kudos.)

Dana:  I mean… with cult followers… I guess so. But I don’t have to watch it again. (Am I in a cult?)

Sara:  Eh….kinda? The idea still holds up, and when it was made Kubrick was cutting edge, but I also think I could likely show my 10 year old this and it wouldn’t frighten him at all. (Most of my favorite old horror doesn’t, in fact.) I will also say, though, that he’s not really old enough to get the psychological aspect of it.  (What does scare a kid nowadays?  I personally know what holds up for me, and what can still be somewhat scary.  Jaws and Exorcist are great films, but have no real scare factor today.  Shining and Candyman can still provide chills from my perspective, and even something like The Ring.  When I watch modern horror, I struggle figuring out what would be considered scary to today’s youth.)

Teddy:  I personally do not think so. We’re in an era in which people like things to remain close to source material and I believe this movie wasn’t close at all.  (Although I don’t agree with disliking the film due to source material, let’s face it, those people bitch about every comic book film ever made it seems, rather than simply enjoying it.  I do concur with your point, in that there are a lot of people with a similar mindset.  I do believe that by holding on to this idea that a film is going to be able to represent a book or comic, no, it shouldn’t.  It can provide elements, but the written word can be so descriptive.  I really have issues with the expectations sometime.  Yet, I am also guilty of it some time.  Depends on what hat I am wearing that particular day.)

Chris T:  Yes and no. For a film buff or student some of the shots, effects and performances were groundbreaking at the time, as was the way Kubrick filmed the movie. For a person never having seen it or just coming into now, they would probably be like “WTF people thought this was scary?” (Do you think that people thought that Shelley’s performance was good at the time?  I have wondered this for years.)

Kent:  I think that it still holds up, but in all fairness, I could be romanticizing it with nostalgia and stuff.  Quite frankly, I am too deep in the forest to see the trees.  With that being said, I would certainly debate against anybody and probably win.  This film has too many merits and there’s not enough examples to discredit it aside from being old, which should never be an excuse.  Citizen Kane is still a great f’n film.  It just may not appeal to today’s audience’s taste.  


  1.  What is the scariest part of the film for you?

Kristi:  Have to go with creepy ass redrum kid part. That is just not right.

Dana:  For me, the lady in the bathtub. I don’t really want to shower right now. I guess my husband is going to turn into some old dead guy. (Eyes ins. policy)

Sara:  Now? Shelly Long’s acting. As a child, the bit where the whole hotel goes dark and full of cobwebs and Wendy starts seeing shit.

Teddy:  The room with the furry in it.

Chris T:  Definitely the furry’s ass

Kent:  I loved every response here.  I was really starting to wonder how nobody had mentioned the furry, but Teddy and Chris renewed my faith in this blog.  The lady in the bathtub terrified me as a kid, as did the hedge maze.  Now, the obvious answer is the furry.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Just for fun, if a remake were to be done over the next 5 years, who would you cast as Jack, Wendy, and Halloran (Scatman Crothers’ character)?

Kristi:  Jack- Michael C Hall- AKA- Dexter

Wendy- Wynona Rider or Christina Ricci

Halloran- I really don’t know. I feel like this should be done by some we do not know. I have nothing.  (I like both choices for Wendy.  They are better than what I had come up with.)

Dana:  Wendy: Rebecca Romin.. Yeah… she is not as hard on the eyes as Shelly, but she is a subpar actress and it would fit.

            Jack: Nicolas Cage: He plays a good crazy

             Holloran: Clarence Williams III would be PERFECT!  (I like everything that you suggested.  Oddly enough, I wanted to choose the creepy dude from Tales From the Hood as Halloran.  I had no idea that was Clarence Williams III.  So we picked the same dude!)

Sara:  This one is hard. I can see Johnny Depp could play a balls to the wall Jack, and maybe that Amanda Seyfried as Wendy. Halloran is the tough one for me, but maybe just for fun, Samuel L. Jackson  (Samuel L would work great.  I would like to see Amanda do a role that I want to watch her in because it’s been a long time for me.  I really don’t like Depp, but the way that he did Secret Window…..I could see it.)

Teddy:  I could maybe see Fassbender as Jack…wendy I would say Liv Tyler (someone has to fill Shelly Duvall’s horrible acting shoes lol) and maybe Idris Elba for Halloran. Bonus: Michael Sheen as the bartender  (I like everything, but let me just point out the joy you provided me by mocking Liv Tyler.  Great job!  She’s actually not terrible in The Leftovers, but yeah, she typically is not a stellar actress and would really carry on Shelley’s legacy.)

Chris T:  To copy Teddy Fassbender could do Jack. So could James Mcavoy. Basically it would take someone with balls to beat Nicholson going bat-faced fucking crazy, but be able to be a sympathetic alcoholic, family abuser before that. In the book Wendy was a good looking woman who had never really seen adversity before Jack and the Overlook, and was significantly younger than Jack I believe. Truthfully after 2 versions I would rather see them make a movie of the sequel, Dr. Sleep   (If you’ve seen Split, you know that James could do this role pretty damn well.)

Kent:  Ah, the question that I have spent far too much time pondering.  I will offer up a few of my consideration before telling you the best casting that I can offer that would knock your socks off.  First off, I’d really enjoy seeing Denzel as Jack.  Kinda get him into his Training Day mode, I think this is a role that he could really own.  As for a wife for him, I guess I’d give him some lesser known actress so she doesn’t attempt to outshine him.  Then give Michael Caine the role of Halloran.  In scenario 2, I chose Jon Berenthal, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Naomi Watts or Maria Bello, and then John Witherspoon.  This would have name recognition without overshadowing the story.  My final and decisive picks are.

Larry Fessenden as Jack.  Seriously, watch him in I Sell the Dead or We Are Still Here, or just look him up.  Lauren Ashley Carter as Wendy.  Her and Larry have done some work together, but she has done some very good stuff, at least her acting.  Darlin, Jug Face, Pod, The Woman, etc.  She’s younger than Larry and is pretty.  Finally, to please the horror buffs, Tony Todd as Halloran.  Yes, the Candyman can play this role and he has such a presence.    I would like to find a role for Keith David and David Keith as well.  Can we get Stacy Keibler as the nude bathtub chick?


  1.  Name up to 3 horror movies that you would consider doing another blog about with me.

Kristi:  House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects, Silence of the Lambs- not really horror but I think it could be fun, and Pet Semetary  (While I love all of those films, I think Devil’s Rejects and Pet Sematary would get the most interesting responses.  Not enough people love House of 1000 Corpses like we do.)

Dana:  Psycho is my absolute favorite horror movie, The Blob, and The Omen. (Psycho is an absolutely fantastic film.  I own The Omen, but I have never really loved it, but I don’t mind it.  The Blob, my question is which one?  The newer one with Shawnee Smith or the old Steve McQueen one with the great cheesy song?)

Sara:  There is no real way to narrow it down to just 3, but if I had to, I’d say Quarantine (that movie scared the ever-loving shit out of me. lol), Killer Clowns from Outerspace, and the Chucky Series (I only chose this because then you would get 2 sets of answers, because my son would insist on playing along too. He LOVES Chucky.)  (I liked Quarantine a lot.  Then I saw the original, Rec which is Spanish, and those movies are close to shot for shot.  The cool part is that Rev went on to have a stellar part 2 and 4.  3 was garbage, but 2 was directly after 1 in the same building and worked really well.  The American sequels…ugh.  Killer Klowns could be fun and attract a whole different audience, as would Childs Play.  I like them all.)

Teddy:  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Sinister, I guess would say IT since it’s coming out soon and Tales from the Hood  (Wait a second.  Did Tales From The Hood just get brought up a second time?  What the hell?  That’s great!  Sinister was really fun.  IT would be another fun one to go back to.  Younger people won’t appreciate it, and jaded adults are going to see all of the flaws.)

Chris T:  Dude, just 3. Should do many fucking more of these. Stage them thematically: horror series (Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteenth, Saw, etc); creator( Stephen King, Clive Barker, James Wan, etc); country of origin, theme, etc. That being said there are some gems that no one ever talks about: Nightbreed, The Children of Twilight, and Phantasm are the three I would go with  (As I just tackled Phantasm this past October, I wholeheartedly agree.  It is one of those fantastic gems.  Have you seen the last one, part V Ravager I think it was called.  It was weird…duh, but an interesting way to end the franchise, Booooooy!  I can say that I haven’t seen the other 2.  So those are getting on my list this year.)

Kent:  Well, obviously I have final say, but I want to do a lot of these.  Quite frankly, I would love to do 2 of these a month.  So I may be able to do this if there is enough interest.  In October, I think it would be fun to tackle both John Carpenter’s Halloween as well as Rob Zombie’s because there are a lot of differing opinions regarding those 2 films, and that will be fun.  Chris actually nailed 2 of my upcoming choices.  In the meantime, I will ponder this question.  Do you fans want to see blogs on more well known films, or lesser known gems?  Do you want both recent and classic and really classic films?  From the responses, it seems like the vast majority were of 80’s or later.  Still, Dana brought up 3 really good films to discuss.  A lot of people love Psycho and The Omen.  

With that being said, while it is still available on NetFlix, I can say that the next film will feature, in my opinion, the greatest of all time.  1….2……Freddy’s coming for you next.
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