The Walking Dead S7 Ep6 “Swear” – 9 Deuce Discussion – The Most Tarable Episode Ever?

TWD S7 Ep6 9 Deuce

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the best TWD blog that you will read this hour.  I practically guarantee it!  Today, we will be discussing this week’s Tara centered YAWWWWWWWN episode called “Swear”.  Sorry, I’m just so tired that I had to type that in.  Let’s face it, this episode is getting some bad feedback on the internet.  No, I shall not use the term “interwebs”.  I’d like to introduce you to my panel of contributors this week: Raylene, Bob, Cece, Briana, Teddy, Bits, and Eric.  I am your host, Kent, and I ask the questions and then make lots of comments throughout because, ya know, it’s my blog and I can do that sort of thing.  Also, please share, like, or comment on this blog.  Come on, you know that you begrudgingly want to.  Also, thank you Bitty for this delightful picture.  Please send in your TWD memes and I will include them!



  1. Are you a fan of the episodes that focus on one character or group of characters the whole episode? If you are somewhere in the middle, give me an example of one that you liked and one that you disliked.


Raylene:  I am a fan of when they do the whole group or multiple stories for the episode. If you are going to do one character episode you need to make sure it’s a character that people care about.

Bob:  I am in the middle of the road.  Tarasode was terrible.  “I haven’t eaten in forever, but I am a chunker!”  Darylsode from earlier was much better, but there was a lot more intrigue.  In a sense the show did a poor job of grabbing you and stealing your attention away.  Daryl’s was like that, because we were all waiting.  I think we were all like, “Oh yea, Tara…”(Daryl’s was an example of it done properly as they built it up, gave us backstory, it was nice.  Tara’s weight issue, it’s unavoidable, and yet, it comes off silly, but I suppose it’s silly to nitpick a fictional TV show with zombies.  Still, everybody is starving, and here she comes.)

Cece:  I like the separation of characters and their stories, mostly. I don’t find Tara too interesting though, but, I do like character development. So, this is a cool concept.

Briana:  I guess I’m middle of the road on this one. Some of them are interesting. I liked the Tyrese episode and a few others but Tara was not the character to have an entire episode about. No one is a huge Tara fan! Come on now! Haha!  (I still feel that Tyreese’s story could have been told more thoroughly.  I loved that guy.)

Teddy:  I personally like the opportunity for developing characters that are newer or less developed. Not to mention we are running out of original characters to love lol  (I don’t think anybody would have been sad to have seen Ezekiel’s backstory along with Jerry and Shiva, rather than just being told it.  This could have happened, and would have been great.)

Bits: I’m the complete opposite of probably 95% of the people. I liked this episode. I love discovering more about their world. I found humor in Tara.  (That 95% is way too low.)

Eric:  While i enjoy backstory and character development. dedicating a whole episode to a minor character seems like overkill…… (That’s the thing, you don’t dedicate that much time to an expendable character who has had a relatively minor impact.  Which worries me that she may last longer.)

Kent:  I’m right in the middle.  Last season’s Morgan episode was one of the best episodes that they have done in my opinion.  This season’s episode with Daryl and Dwight is another shining example of storytelling done right for me.  With that being said, the stuff with Beth in the hospital did nothing but waste too much time.  I would have preferred a Bob Stuckey origin hour, or to see Sasha and Tyreese’s group’s voyage before they reached the prison.


  1. Would you have preferred more on Heath’s story rather than the fake out walker at the end with similar hair as Heath?


Raylene:  I would have rather had the focus on what happened to Heath for I think Tara is useless.  (Go on…)

Bob:  No, Heath can’t even make the 9 deuce symbol with his hands because he doesn’t know how… (This is absolutely how you guarantee a comment.  How do you feel about the guy who plays Heath as the lead in the new 24?)

Cece:  Of course. Heath has depth. I wish they would have purely focused on him this episode and not really her. Meh.  (Meh inDEE!)

Briana:  Hell yeah! I want to know where he went Dammit! The fake out wasn’t a terrible addition but I would have liked to see what’s up with him.  (I hated the fake out because if I was Heath, and somebody came back to check on me in 3 days or however long, and you saw Vin Deisel or Howie Mandell, somebody not quite my size, despite the bald head, you wouldn’t think it was me.  They messed up with the body proportions.)

Teddy: I mean Heath was a bitch this episode so I personally wished it was him

Bits:  No, Heath is fine. He chose him over her.

Eric : Hopefully we see what happened to Heath in a later epi  (That would seem reasonable)

Kent:  Of course I’d prefer anything to Tara’s dumb ass.  I don’t like Heath’s odds of survival  While still alive in the comic, he has been a side character at best and usually a background guy.  He is also the star of the reboot of 24 on FOX.  In theory, he can stay alive as nobody aside from a select few are getting much screen time this season, so he may stay alive this season and see if 24 gets picked up for a second season.  I like Heath quite a bit actually, but I think his time is almost up.  This episode would have been better if we could have seen what both characters ended up doing rather than the Tara hour.


  1. Do you agree with Oceanside’s policy of killing anybody who stumbles upon them?

Raylene:  I agree with Oceansides policy since we got the story of how Negan killed the men and boys over 10 plus they took of in the middle of the night all they want to do is be hidden so I think its the only way.

Bob:  Yes.  Their place, their rules.

Cece:  Somewhat. I mean, it’s hard in that world. It would be hard to trust anyone and you have to survive…

Briana:  Absolutely! Mostly because they’re a group of all women. Their only advantage on potentially threatening people is their guns and hiding place so they’ve got to use what they have.

Teddy:  In the apocolypse, I would find it hard to believe that anyone would have any other views. I personally would adapt this mentality because I already don’t have faith in humanity so why would that improve when the world is fucked?

Bits: Yes, the Oceanside has already lost so much. They are hurt and trying to survive. The saviors killed all they loved.

Eric: while it might seem extreme to some people. considering what oceanside has been through. i agree with it. with the threat being more human based than walker based. it seems like a good idea. we saw how well it worked out with rick asking “the Questions” it always didnt work out.

Kent:  At first, I said yes, but now, I am thinking that it is bad.  Yes, for their immediate security, it makes all of the sense in the world of scared women.  Here’s the thing, if you have survived this long, then there has to be some foresight on the future. How do you make for  a brighter future?  You gotta have a new generation.  You need men to, you know, repopulate this place.  Not only that, you need to build relationships with other communities and take that chance.  I know some of you would rather stay in a small place and feel safe than to take huge risks, but in the zombie apocalypse, you have to take calculated risks to survive long term at some point.  I am alone in this opinion.


  1. Will we ever see or hear from the residents of Oceanside ever again?


Raylene:  Yes we will just not this season

Bob:  Sure, after the Saviors do come across them, kill them and Cindy runs to Alexandria…  (Ohhhh, I hadn’t considered that.  It would give Tara a new love interest as well, and you know the producers love that.)

Cece:  I hope not. They were all boring and rigid as fuck. (Rigid is such a good term to apply here.  The characters lacked in so many ways.  They had nothing to work with!)

Briana:  I think not. I don’t see Tara selling them out and I think this was more just to give us an example of what it would look like to run away from the Saviors and maybe show that it can be done if it came down to it for our group.  (I also hadn’t considered this option.  Good idea.)

Teddy: I believe their experience with fighting the Saviors and surviving (not to mention being left alone) would come in handy for Hilltop and Alexandria in the inevitable conflict to come with Negan  (You’re right.  The thing is, their story is lazy writing and it didn’t match anything else.  In theory it serves as a potential blueprint, but it really doesn’t work like that, as you know from reading the comics.  It’s frustrating to me.)

Bits: I hope so. I see some potentials there. Plus the Virginia beach?! Yes!!! (Who had potential?  I simply didn’t see any character with any future unless you want to force Cindy, which I guess would work.  I’d like more follow up on this one to know who you think has future potential.)

Eric : if Tara tells anyone at Alexandira about Oceanside. Rick might try to get some of their supplies to help them with the saviors (Would Rick take by force or make a deal is the question.)

Kent: I truly hope not.  They were a daft group of dummies.  There wasn’t a single likable character that I would like to see ever again.  The only thing I would be cool with is Tara on her deathbed after walker Rosita bites her, and she tells Rick about Oceanside.  When Rick goes to check it out, you see nothing but charred bodies.  Then, hell yeah!  Otherwise, no.


  1. Did Cindy do the right thing in helping Tara at the end?


Raylene:  No she should’ve let Tara be killed she doesn’t know her that well and only taking someones promise now a days is foolish. (Anything suggesting that Tara gets killed is a winner.)

Bob:  Cindy did the only moral thing she could live with, so yes absolutely.

Cece:  I guess. I’m honestly bored… (But is this any worse than the season finale of AHS???)

Briana:  Yes but only because we know Tara. If I were one of Oceanside, I’d probably have a different opinion on that.  (The whole thing about we know them so it jades our viewpoints is really something that the writers are milking this season if you think about it.)

Teddy:  I believe she stuck to her morals which is hard to do given not only the times but the fact they were attacked

Bits: in my opinion yes. I’m still looking for the good in people.

Eric: Cindy still has faith in humanity. Making her “Swear” shows her naivety  (NICE tie in with the name of the episode!)

Kent:  For my viewing pleasure in the immediate present, no.  I would have loved everybody to have died.  BUT long term, she is the only one with foresight to think that eventually they will need help from other communities if they are going to survive long term.  So technically, yes, she did.


  1. Do you find it a tad preposterous that the whole group of women just managed to escape from the Saviors?


Raylene:  It really depends on if Negan had people watching the ladies but usually he’s not that sloppy so yeah its ridiciolous (Truth)

Bob:  Nahh, ya know crafty.. and something else….  I get the image of pressing “A” in Mario Party 3 swim game for some reason. Yes.  (I listened to the beginning of Mario Party 3 while editing this.  SO that’s neat.  You’re answer amused me, and we are of course talking about Cheep Cheep Chase. Notice who died first in the video.)

Cece:  A little bit. Especially because they’re so close with watching their people over there. We see that example with how they were with Daryl.  (Uh huh, you get it.)

Briana:  Yes!! In fact I hoped you’d ask something along these lines. My house has had several conversations of “why don’t they just run?” But I just don’t see how that’s possible after what we’ve seen the Saviors are capable of doing. They’re everywhere! They keep such a close eye on their worker bees, I just don’t see how anyone could slip passed them.  (There you go!  These are questions that we must ask ourselves.  Poor writing in this case I do believe.)

Teddy: Well Negan does show women respect. Like the time when he told Dwight that he needed to get consent from women if he were to have sex with them  (You bring up a point that I hope they elaborate upon further down the line.)

Bits: I bet that the saviors know exactly where they are. Negan could be saving them for a “breeding” ground.  (Hmmmm, love it.)

Eric :  Yes i do. Rick and his crew have been through almost war.. it seems kind of crazy that a bunch of old ladies could have fought off the savior’s with no repercussions. (And they were allowed to keep all of those guns!)

Kent:  This possibly bothered me just as much as seeing Tara’s stupid face for a damn hour.  Rick’s group of bad asses couldn’t have pulled that feat off, in my opinion.  But these women, who seem to lack any tactical skills, somehow pulled this off?  This part of the plot was flat out lazy writing and insulting to the viewer’s intelligence.  If a group of 15 Abe Ford clones pulled it off, I could have bought into that.  Is it too late to make clones of Abe?


  1. Was the Walking Dead doing their best to follow the Hollywood trend of making things “all women”?


Raylene:  Absolutely they were following trends because everything has to be about females now boo urns.

Bob:  No, they just added a new thing, and it is boring.

Cece:  probably.

Briana:  I didn’t take it that way but I’m not very hip to all the trends. Lol! I found the back story very relevant. I could definitely see Negan killing all of their men thinking it would keep the women in line.

Teddy: I don’t see it that way at all. I believe they’re trying to hint at almost an Amazonian colony.(Where was Gal Gadot when you needed her?)

Bits: not sure, didn’t know that was the trend.  (Just wait for the all female re-make of Ocean’s Eleven and Lost Boys.  Ghostbusters happened.  The Evil Dead remake was an afront to all things pure in horror.  It’s a nasty little trend.)

Eric: it an open world where anything is possible.. its feasible that there would be a camp of mostly woman.

Kent:  Obviously.  You don’t bring Paul Feig on to Talking Dead and not assume that something this asinine isn’t on the cusp of occurring.  Nobody was asking for something like this, and looking around on the internet, nobody was overly happy to see this tripe.  The show is at it’s best with a nice mixture of both sexes, and by that I mean Carol and the guys, with a dash of Enid.


  1. Would the episode have been better if the Oceanside community was made up of the families of the people that Rick’s group assaulted at the Outpost? Basically, instead of the Saviors being the bad guys, it would make the Alexandrians the bad guys from their perspective.

Raylene:  It would’ve added a nice little twist to the story instead it just directed to you hate the Saviors even more.

Bob:  That’s what I was thinking during a commercial and it didn’t happen and I had a big dose of disappointment sauce…  (That disappointment sauce is nasty.  I miss Pour Jim’s sauce.)

Cece:  It would be interesting.

Briana:  When Tara first started telling the story about the outpost, I actually thought that’s where they were going with it based on the looks of the others at the table. Would it have been a better story? Maybe. But I did like the direction it took because it touched on the option of running and as I said, that’s been something I’ve been curious about through most of the season.

Teddy: I mean I think it would’ve been pretty interesting to see that play out but I don’t really see anyone not a part of the saviors being sympathetic  (I think that’s a problem.  It’s like wrestling when they force feed you to like the good guy, when things are more often grey. )

Bits: At first I thought that was the case! When the leaders face reacted the way she did I thought Tara was dead on the spot. It was so crappy though how they were going to kill her regardless.

Eric: I think it would have complicated the story too much  (Sometimes simpler is better.  I think for story, this was a chance to take a risk, but I can see your point.)

Kent: Of course. It would have added a whole new layer of storytelling to the dichotomy of the show.  Instead, let’s just make the audience blindly hate Negan’s group even more, despite up to this point, haven’t objectively been painted as the bad guys.  Think about how much better this could have been in this group was returning to the compound when they saw the ambush and simply bailed out of fear and set this place up.  With some minor tweaks, this story could have actually been interesting.  But nahhhh.


  1. Should Tara have told Rosita about Oceanside and their guns?

Raylene:  Yes it would have made Tara much more sinister perhaps a more interesting character. (Yeah, an opportunity to make Tara multidimensional would have been welcome.)

Bob:  I suppose not, Tara is a the biggest and worst liar I have seen on TV.  It was like watching Hillary in a debate.  “I’m not with her.” (Although I do not condone political statements in this blog….I laughed.)

Cece:  Nah. There’s really no need to mention them. They’re pointless. (Pointless and loaded with weaponry!)

Briana:  No. I mean it might be good for the group if they could somehow find a way to get their guns but I don’t think they’d be able to hijack them without getting a lot of people killed. And outside of it being unproductive, it just wouldn’t be right for her to sell them out.  (I don’t know.  If you were supposed to be murdered by this group, would you mind selling them out?  I sure as hell wouldn’t, but that’s just me.)

Teddy:  No she stuck to her morals. Just because she loves her group doesn’t mean she would sell out someone else for them. I think she went in with that intention but instead learned to see them not as enemies but possible ancestors  (But why is it selling out?  They were going to kill her.)

Bits: Such a shitty position to be in. Tara doesn’t have strong roots with any group. She had jumped from group to group so far and i bet that will happen again. Tara is flighty.  (She should have stuck with the Governor and saved him!)

Eric: with the current state of Alexandria….yes

Kent:  If she truly cares about Alexandria, then yes, she should have.  If her loyalty is wavering, then no.  It’s not like Rick would just go there and steal their weapons knowing their story.  He would have tried working out a deal, and maybe handled it himself instead of letting Maggie handle it.


Bonus Deuce

  1. What is the worst episode of The Walking Dead that you have ever seen?

Raylene:  The episode with Beth and Daryl burning the trailer in the woods was the worst but this one was right up with that.

Bob:  Tarasode, it being fresh swings my vote.

Cece:  I can’t recall. But, this was probably one of them.

Briana:  I don’t know if I can pick just one! Lol! I found a lot of the walking to terminus episodes to be incredibly boring and this one was pretty terrible too!  (Season 4.5 is my least favorite half season.  It had a lot of lousy things.)

Teddy:  Worst episode to me honestly was the episode that carl got shot while looking at a deer.  (“What Lies Ahead” is the name of that episode.  It was the season 2 premiere.  Did you know that they cut out a scene from that episode that elaborate more on the Vatos from season one?)

Bits: What a brilliant question!! I have no idea!! There have been many many flops but I do know that the ones with Beth and Darryl dragged  me down. Also a lot of the Morgan story lost my interest. (Sucking up will get you everywhere.)

Eric: They have all been pretty solid….. the worst part is waiting for new episodes to come out.  (If you think about it, it’s tough to competently judge episodes or season when you are watching week to week.  When you binge watch a season on NetFlix, for instance, even if you have a lousy episode, the bad taste is removed from your mouth within an hour.)

Kent:  There are a handful that stick out.  This one is there.  The midseason 2 premiere called Nebraska where Herschel goes to the bar and we deal with those 2 ninnies and we meet Randall was bad.  Then of course the Beth episodes.  Beth with Daryl in the woods and flipping off the burning house was the worst as it really cemented the pussification of Daryl, and he hasn’t been the same since.  On top of that, any Beth in the hospital episode were garbage, aside from the episode in which Beth got shot, which was AWESOME!!!


  1. Is it fair for people to criticize this season for introducing so many new places/communities and their occupants, when Game Of Thrones has way more people and communities and is widely considered one of the 2-3 best shows on TV currently?

These pics are property of HBO, and whoever created the memes.

Raylene:  Other then the premiere which I never want to see again this season hasn’t been too good so far hopefully the second half will be better. Everyone seems to find fault with alot of things lately so its fair yes

Bob:  It would seem to me all people do is criticize.  It is fair for the show to do as it will, at its own peril or not… (I like this answer because that’s what it comes down to.  Our critiques are meaningless because they have a game plan and they must execute it.  What we have is the power to not watch live or watch at all or not buy anything from the advertisers.  All critiques otherwise hold very little value when it comes to TV.)

Cece:  It just isn’t working for this show, per say. There’s not enough character development being used. I’m not sure if the actors suck or if the writing is just getting more lazy. I remember when this show used to be more about the stories of the people than just boring one minute action shots. Where’s the depth? (Writing is lazy.  There you go.  Unfortunately, to create this big new world, we have to sit through a lot of this stuff for the end game to mean anything.)

Briana:  Yes and no. I agree it could be a bit of a double standard but Game of Thrones is a very different kind of show than Walking Dead. You have to have different communities when the whole show is about how they battle with each other all the time. But I do think the new communities in Walking Dead are relevant to this story. There would be several communities at this point in the apocalypse because this is when people would start rebuilding. So I say yes it’s unfair. Everything in Walking Dead has a purpose so we need to wait and see where they’re taking the story before making a judgement on that aspect.  (I’m giving you the slow clap.  Really well said.)

Teddy:  I mean you really cannot compare them. Game of Thrones kills characters almost every episode, whereas TWD tends to only kill if it happens in the comics (although they change the targets sometimes like with Tyrese and Hershel’s death). (GoT also has hundreds of characters at their disposal to off at any point as there was an apocalypse that wiped out 99% of the population by this point, although Cersei did her best.  It is an apples to oranges comparison, but it’s legit when I suggest that in GoT there are 7 kingdoms plus the ice walkers. and the Wall.  Here in TWD, people are openly bitching online about getting to know 4, now 5, small communities.  People suggest that they are bored with the rinse and repeat nature of our group finding a place, then having issues and moving on to the next place.  So now they are settled down and we meet new communities, expanding the possibilities, and people are still bitching.  It’s a tough fanbase to appease compared to GoT’s fanbase.  So that’s where my comparisons are.  Why are people so cool with one but not the other? They have very similar fan bases.)

Bits: people will always find something to bitch about, that we know. However, if you are a fan of stories and fantasy you will love every character, every place and every world that is introduced. I’m a fan.  (As a fan of anything, it’s good to have some things that you love to hate.  Whether it be the bad guy, or the boring lesbian, you usually have something that you don’t like, but you embrace that because it helps keep you vested in what you’re viewing. So I agree because it’s still a love thing, just a love to hate.)

Eric:  I used to watch G.O.T and stopped watching it when the story got too broad.. TWD seems to be heading in that direction but in a slower manner….. (To have a long run, things need to open up, or else a show or story will get stale.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Even a show that had only 5 season in Breaking Bad, still expanded it’s universe quite a bit.  It comes down to what kind of longevity they want from a story.)

Kent:  People are free to criticize it, but in my opinion, the majority of the “haters” are being a little short sighted.  In order for a show that you love to progress and evolve, you need new blood and a bigger cast, especially when so many die.  Do you really just want Alexandria vs The Saviors?  Then Alexandria moves to the next town and fights the new sheriff in town?  That’s repetitive as hell.  Instead, we now have Hilltop and The Kingdom to join in the fray, and there can be strategy utilized.  It allows for people to switch their allegiances and cause more dramatic dynamics.  You have to establish who these people are or else when things happen next season, they won’t mean anything.  Also, watching week to week vs binge watching the season will cause people to be more critical, and that is natural.  You could have told the story of The Lord of the Rings in a 3 hour movie, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact, or Star Wars, Hunger Games, The Stand, or any other longer story.  Let it evolve and pick up on the small enjoyable nuances.

I do want to say, a lot of the criticism is in part due to the cliffhanger.  They should have revealed the deaths last season. Then the whiny people could have gone to their safe place.  That way everybody could come in to this season with a fresh perspective.  Instead, people got so amped from the premiere, this season has become a major emotional let down.  Well duh, that was inevitable.  People want to talk about slower pacing, lower ratings.  To those people, I seriously ask, just what in the blue hell were you expecting?  Think about it reasonably and of course the show had to reset itself for the next strike.  The show was going to lose viewers from the biggest TV episode in years.  How is this a surprise to anybody?  Not all criticisms are created equally.  Fair, I guess.  Lacking logic in 85% of what I read in forums and in articles though is a tad sad though.

Also, here are 2 articles that I read that I found informative.

Hey look, another group

Is Tara inheriting a well-known death?

Once again, I want to thank all of my contributors.  I love your ideas, even if I don’t agree with them, like Bitty finding Tara funny.  Thank you all and please do share this with your TWD friends.  Have a nice day.


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The Walking Dead S7 Ep5 “Swear” 9 Deuce Discussion – Carl Learns To Drive Edition

TWD S7 Ep5 9 Deuce – Management By Example Edition

After an incredibly hectic weekend, we are here right before tonight’s episode.  I am terribly sorry for the delay.  I figure that most people have been busy anyway and wouldn’t have had a chance to read this, but by now, things have calmed down for most of you, unless you work in retail, at which point you hate life.  This week provided us some great insight as to what is going on the Hilltop and gave us a lot to think about as Carl and Jesus are hiding in one of Negan’s trucks. I am joined by Jess, Bits, Bob, Kristi, Teddy, Cece, and Raylene this week.  I asked questions, they answered.  It’s a good time.  Please leave some comments below, or share this on social media.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you and enjoy.

No additional comments from me this week.  Next week, they return.

  1. Is Gregory doing, or at least trying to do what’s best for his community? If you were Gregory, would you have given up Sasha and Maggie?


Jess:  I think Gregory is being fair. He doesn’t want to risk his community by having them around but he also hid Maggie and Sasha instead of giving them up.

Bits: Gregory thinks he is doing what is best.  However he has no clue, he is the history buff that happened upon a secure location that had little change necessary to survive. If I was Gregory i’d like to hang on to Sasha and Maggie.  He’s clueless.

Bob:  Gregory is ONLY looking out for himself.  They could take his community and as long as he was left alone he would agree.  He would give up anyone, period.  If I were Gregory, and being Gregory, just smarter, I would have reached out to Negan to report Maggie and Sasha.

Kristi: I think Gregory is just scared. I do not believe what he is doing is for the community its only for himself.  I would not give up Maggie and Sasha. I wouldn’t be all about me. Maggie is a mess right now but she is a bit of a warrior.

Teddy: Gregory is a prick and he is gonna get his. Cowards always do

Cece:  Meh. He’s kind of an ass. He’s also a coward. Maggie and Sasha know what they’re doing. And no, they’re resourceful.

Raylene:  I think that he thinks that he is.  If I was him, I wouldn’t have given them up.

Kent:  Yes, he is trying to do what’s best from his very odd perspective.  He obviously sees himself as important and influential, and the guy that keeps the place running smoothly and peacefully.  He’s a tad delusional, but the Hilltop is actually doing well, so it’s hard to argue with that success given what, or rather, who he is working with.  I don’t think he should have given up Maggie and Sasha.  He is already a wanted man in some aspects, so why screw over others?


  1. Do you think that Maggie is smart staying at the Hilltop all things considered?


Jess:  It’s technically the best place she can be right now given her situation with the pregnancy.

Bits:  Maggie is brilliant.  She knows exactly what she is doing.  Stay.

Bob:  Considering her pregnancy, yes – she needs a Dr.

Kristi : Yes, I think Maggie is best at the hilltop. If she goes to Ricks crew, there will be hell to pay. (Im sure chaos is coming from this but for now it works)

Teddy: She is pregnant so unless she wants to end up like Lori (dead….not a whore) then she should stay with a doctor

Cece:  Yeah, definitely. She needs a safe place for her child.

Raylene:  Yes, because they have the doctor there.

Kent:  I am going to say no.  She should be with people who can protect her.  As bad ass as Jesus and Sasha are, there aren’t always going to be tractors to save her ass.  It’s not a terribly long ride, so until she is like 7 months, I’d say no.  Just go for her visits.  Both colonies are working with the Saviors, so they are safe from attack at this point.


  1. Did you feel that Enid was the right person to receive Herschel/Glenn’s watch? Also, what would you have preferred: The pocket watch or the cigar?

Jess:  I think Maggie should’ve kept it but let’s just be honest here. Everyone who’s owned that watch has died a horrible death so far. I would’ve preferred the cigar.

Bits:  It doesn’t matter to me who received the pocket watch.  Jesus said we only need us to remember and he is so right.  Material items are useless now.  I’m glad Enid has the watch, she’s part of the group and thats what matters.  Pocket Watch.

Bob:  I think she is one of the right choices.  She has been emotionally and socially detached from the group and that watch helps pull everything together for her as a symbol…  I would take the pocket watch – it is worth more.

Kristi: I think the watch should have retired. Should have been buried with Glen. There is a point that shit needs to end. I would have liked the cigar. A good smoke in honor of the fallen would have been awesome!

Teddy:  I mean I don’t see how it was wrong for her to receive the watch. Glenn did bring her back to Alexandria when she ran away, plus maggie hasn’t had the kid nor is it old enough to receive a family heirloom. I also think that it may ground her in one place and start to chip away at her me v the world mentality.

Cece:  Sure. I mean, Enid would like to have something to remember the fallen by.

Raylene:  Yeah because it’s kinda like she’s part of Glenn and Maggie’s family, almost daughter like.  I would have preferred the cigar as I’m an Abe fan.


Kent:  I get why Enid got it.  Enid is in a similar situation as Sophia in the comic, yet very different.  I wish they would have established a little more connection with Glenn and Maggie to Enid to make this feel more natural.  Instead, I probably would have given it to Carl as he was close to Herschel.  With Enid, at least she will pass the pocket watch on to Herschel Jr I suspect, plus she finds ways to survive.  I love cigars, and while that seems like the obvious choice for me, I’d go with the pocket watch.  How many people can tell the time nowadays?  It would be something to keep my connection with the old world.


  1. Was Sasha being unfair to Jesus?


Jess:  I’m not sure in what sense.

Bits: Again Sasha shows her true colors.  She has always been the protective “sister” figure.  She stands up for those she loves and wants to do the right thing by any means necessary.

Bob:  Yes, she is just lashing out though.  Jesus is doing his best.

Teddy: I don’t think it’s unfair to tell a leader that they’re really the leader and they need to stand up and take charge

Cece:  I don’t believe so. I think he would be a great leader.

Kent:  No, not at all.  She really should be grateful for what he has done by even allowing them into the Hilltop to begin with.  He has risked far more than anything, so she should slow her roll.


  1. Was it a smart move for Maggie to run the car over?


Jess:  Was there any other choice?! I knew the farmer’s daughter would shine through eventually

Bits: OF COURSE! Maggie will lead whoever will follow.  You have to wonder if the Saviors know something is up.  When they return to the Hilltop the day after they were ready to clean up/kill the dead for them as an example.  But the dead were gone and there were no signs of bloodshed.  They must be wondering how things were handled so quickly and easily if the Hilltop wasn’t able to do that before.

Bob:  It is better than her fighting zombies in her state.  And it will establish her as a future leader independent of Rick.

Teddy: Crushing the car is one way to stop the music from playing, albeit a rather weird way lol

Cece:  Yes. It was badass.

Raylene:  No, they could have used the car.  They could have explored other options.

Kent:  Terrible idea.  Do you mean to tell me that they had zero options with a blacksmith living at the Hilltop.  They had to clear the area, and close the gate.  Then they could have had a bad ass reinforced car.  Gotta think long term people.


  1. What was worse: Carl’s dart game or his driving skills?

Jess:  That dart game is weak!

Bits: Poor Carl.  I felt bad for him with the darts, and his driving was even worse. However the kids can skate up a storm.  Loved the moment of innocence when Carl and Enid were skating and holding hangs. “couples skate only, clear the floor”

Bob:  LOL! The darts were TERRIFIC!  Carl just didn’t give two craps how bad he was.  He seems to be functionally blind for now.

Kristi: Carls driving game wasnt horrible. He did some good zombie killing. It was sloppy but he got the job done.

Teddy:  Well I mean having one eye tends to make your depth perception not so good lmao

Cece:  both. But can you blame him? He only has one eye!!

Raylene:  I gotta say his dart game since he didn’t hit anything.

Kent:  While his dart game was bad, if he simply turned slightly, he would be accurate.  Meanwhile, a car is a full force killing machine in the wrong hands, plus harder to come by as days go by.  Most cars are kinda messed up now.


  1. Who should lead the Hilltop currently? I’m not talking about 5 years down the road, I mean at this current point in time.

Jess:  Ninja Jesus

Bits:  Its time for a younger generation to lead.  The obvious answer would be Maggie but what about Carl, Enid and Maggie? The young minds have grown up with the Walkers as the norm, they almost know no different.  They are the new.

Bob:  Gregory, he was “elected.”

Kristi: crazy as it sounds, I think Maggie should run this shit. She gives zero fucks now. I want to see some shit go down. Perhaps we could see Sasha as the leader but Maggie as the teue leader, as she is dead as far as Negan knows.

Teddy:  I feel like Jesus could be the leader if he rose to it, but he seems to like to run from leadership.

Cece:  Jesus with Sasha & Maggie by his side.

Raylene:  Jesus

Kent:  Gregory seems obvious to me, but judging by the responses, apparently not so obvious.  It’s better to deal with the devil that you know rather than the devil that you don’t know.  Jesus could be too stubborn and cause a Rick situation.  Maggie is a female….I mean is pregnant.  Gregory is who he is, and in the present, you don’t want to upset things with Negan until you have a full-fledged plan.  You guys picking Jesus, I think you are basically killing the Hilltop, so congrats.  Everybody seems to want a gung ho Al for a leader at a time when planning and strategy is key.  Keeping somebody so oblivious as your leader while you can plot behind his back is the absolute best case scenario as it presents a fake façade.


  1. Who’s a bigger dick: Gregory or Simon? Pick one or the other, no neutrality here.


Jess:  Obviously Simon.

Bits: They have them?

Bob:  Simon is a bigger jerk – but that is his purpose.  He is a Negan wannabe.  You can tell he has been around Negan quite a bit since is mannerisms copy Negan’s.

Teddy:  Well Gregory wanted to turn over a pregnant chick as well as kick them out into what are lots of zombies. Simon just tries too hard to be Negan. I will say it was fun to watch Simon fuck over Gregory (that kneeling part was funny to me since I feel like he deserved it)

Cece:  Simon. But he’s a blunt dick. Gregory is just a coward who takes his shit out on everyone.

Raylene:  Gregory.  He never knows anybody’s way, nor does he put himself in harm’s way, and he wanted to rat out Sasha and Maggie.

Kent:  Gregory.  Both are doing their job. Here’s the thing, Simon acts professionally.  Gregory is a spiteful prick.  He doesn’t call people by their proper names, sometimes clearly intentionally.  He knows that there are people who want his head, and instead of acting professionally, he just tries to give up the girls.  Had he tried bartering them, I could see that, but he didn’t even try to strike a deal first.  Bu t most important, the burial of Glenn and Abe and him being super pissed.  That was really the deciding factor.


  1. Did you enjoy the big walker massacre? More importantly, did you know that was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 2nd Movement?  Yes, we have confirmation that the Walking Dead is clearly a fan of the 9 Deuce.

Jess:  I enjoyed watching Jesus ninja kick some zombies. He’s currently in the running for my new favorite character.

Bits: LOVED this moment.  The angles of filming, the obscure sideways shots and the fast-paced shots! We haven’t seen this in a while and I loved it.  Every time walkers get killed it looks easier and easier.  It’s interesting to see how crusty they are getting.  Also, LOVED when Jesus did some old-school Chuck Norris Round Houses and took off walkers’ heads.

Bob:  I didn’t realize that.  That was a fun scene though.

Teddy:  I’m pretty sure I recognize it but wouldn’t have guessed it was the 2nd movement.

Cece:  It was legit. And yes, the music was awesome. Grats to a 9 deuce!

Raylene:  I like how they got ran over by the tractor tires.

Kent:  It was fun, and provided some much needed levity to this season.  Obviously, I had a mark out moment for the 9th.  It was a very proud moment for me.

Bonus Deuce

  1. What is your preferred alcohol of choice? Hopefully it doesn’t taste like ashtrays and window cleaner.


Jess:  Guinness

Bits: Always been a beer girl.  And for liquor, always clear.

Bob:  Crystal Head Vodka

Kristi: Jack  Daniels Tennessee is awesome!!! It would make my time in the apocalypse much better!

Teddy:  I prefer Jaeger.

Cece:  whiskey.

Raylene:  Red wine

Kent:  Man, that’s a toss-up between a Killians or some Fireball.


  1. Looking on IMDB’s page, the preview for next week’s episode states “Away from all the tragedy caused by Negan and his Saviors, Tara and Heath run into trouble after crossing paths with a mysterious new group.” Then there is this picture.  Do you think this is the big introduction to the other big threat, or a red herring for things to come.  No need to spoil it for everybody, if you know the group’s name, just say the W’s.  Is this a sign of having an end game for the TV series?  Try to keep spoilers to a minimum and be aware that I will edit stuff as I see fit.


Bits: What? I’m lost- I try not to snoop and spoil it for myself, but i’m waiting for a giant “civil war”.  Saviors vs. The Kingdom, Alexandria and the Hilltop… It will happen i’m sure.

Bob:  I really don’t know to be frank.

Teddy:  I don’t see this show ending till the comics fully end so it may just be a red herring.

Cece:  It’s probably just a red herring, considering there’s much more that needs to be resolved.

Raylene:  I do think it is the W’s because we see a mother and daughter in a preview that was on Talking Dead, so that could be Alpha and her daughter.

Kent:  I think this is to show that there is another group, but they will not be a main focal point.  I can see it being a red herring, but Morgan may have also spoke of them.  This feels like Glenn and all the times that there was a baseball bat near him.  This will be a nice nod to the fans and nothing more, I think.  We do know that they have settled into an area that is close by.  I am going to say that this group may talk very quietly.   I think they may try to wedge the W’s into this sooner than they should as this show can’t go on forever.  Will it really go to ten seasons to get caught up to present?  I am going to say 10 is the maximum.

Here are some fun pictures that have been sent to me this week.  Thank you for sending them and keep it up.  I enjoy these.

All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.

The Walking Dead S7 Ep4 “Service” 9 Deuce Discussion – The Little Timmy and The Dick Brigade Edition

Welcome everybody to The Walking Dead 9 Deuce Discussion blog.  We are the only blog out there that asks 9 episode specific questions and then asks 2 (or multiples of 2) bonus questions for fun.  I’d like to introduce you to my brigade of people who will be answering my questions this week: Raylene, Bob, Teddy, Cece, Briana, Jess, Brian, and Bits.  We are missing a few people, but we have a new contributor in Teddy, and Bitty is back after her one week hiatus.  Anyway, welcome to the show.  This week, we were treated to an 85 minute long episode entitled “Service”.  So sit back, pretend you are Negan and open up an orange soda, and enjoy.  Any Comments in BOLD writing will be my opinion.

I want to quickly like you to the hilarious parody that was done on Saturday Night Live with Dave Chappelle.  I know that a lot of you have already seen it, but just in case, here you go.

Walking Dead Chappelle’s Show – SNL

The 9

The Walking Dead S7 Ep4 9 Deuce

  1.  Was Rosita unfair to Eugene in the beginning of this episode, in regards to her remarks?

Raylene:  Rosita I feel is just full of rage, which she should be, sigh my poor Abe, but has to realize everyone is dealing with the shock and grief in their own way.

Bob:  Nah, I think everyone is sore about this so the dark side will be coming out a little more…

Teddy:  I don’t believe she was, but I understand his feelings and him doing what is needed to help in

Cece:  I mean, I think so. She’s turning out to be quite annoying to me.

Briana: In a way, yes. In her mind, everyone is just sitting around waiting for Negan to come back and kill more of them, Eugene being the most apathetic. However, Eugene was right. He has a certain skill set and he’s using it to help the group just like he always has. Just because she’s frustrated by the situation and knows Eugene was the closest to Abe besides herself, she can’t take it out on him.  (That’s the thing, is that Eugene is the ONLY person in this community with theses unique skills, and ability to learn and utilize that knowledge.  It’s like high school all over again with her being a demeaning girl.)

Jess:  Rosita is angry it’s understandable and Eugene is an easy target.  (Do you think that she even knows that Eugene was the brave soul to take the RV on his own, knowing the likely consequences?  As it was. he already stepped it up when he bit Dwight’s tallywhacker.  I never get to use that term.)

Brian:  Rosita needs to be more thoughtful of the mindsets of others. She seems to have her own agenda. (But Brian, Rosita is a special, unique, strong individual snowflake, and she deserves to be treated like a princess, damnit!)

Bits:  Rosita wasn’t unfair.  Everyone is going to grieve in their own way.  Seeing and living with Eugene is going to be a constant reminder of Abraham.  Rosita has her own agenda and she is going to show her dark side soon i feel.  

Kent:  Yeah, obviously.  I understand that she sees more importance in going to retrieve a gun and whatnot, but Eugene’s importance to the group is 20 times greater.  If she dies, yeah it sucks, but if Eugene dies, Rick’s group loses.  Eugene’s ability to read and understand books and how to put things together is the biggest advantage that Rick has over Negan and the Saviors.  Then she comes back at the end and asks for a bullet, like how fucking rude.  For the people making excuses for her actions, such as grieving, I should say that just because somebody is sick or sad, it doesn’t give you the right to lash out at somebody.  Just my opin…I mean, Fact.

  1.  How do you see Father Gabriel’s role in the group evolving?

Raylene:  I see Father Gabriel becoming somewhat of the moral compass of the group and we all know how that ends. He also can be a bad ass when the time comes he has really grown as a character.  (Father Gabriel may end up being the closest character to Herschel as a moral compass and a bad ass.  I know, that’s sacrilege, but it’s possible.)

Bob:  I don’t know man – he is far too double-tongued for me to have any belief or faith in what he is doing.  This episode made me think he was probably going to lose his mind.  (He had that crazy look going for him, which I found endearing.)

Teddy:  If Spencer doesn’t meet his death like in the comics I could see it going to father Gabriel.  (I think that Spencer needs his death to give the fans something to cling to and be happy with.  With that being said, and September or October’s issue, I can’t remember which, I could see them switching shit up.)

Cece:  I was actually just talking about this. I really like how he’s progressed. I also like his uplifting attitude.  (It’s like all of the words coming out of his mouth is the lyrics to Easy Street.)

Briana:  I think he is beginning to take Carol’s lead by becoming the invisible, trustworthy person that no one suspects. The grave was an extremely clever idea, but I’m afraid of what might happen when Negan goes back to the Hill Top and finds Maggie. So if that is the case, he may evolve into being dead! Lol!  (This, I love the comparison to Carol, and it could be a similar arc.  Carol was pretty much helpless for 3 seasons, and then she started getting her shit together, and figured out how she could be most useful.  Well done!)

Jess:  I see him being more supportive to his community and more loyal to Rick.

Brian:  Father Gabriel is trying to keep spirits high and I can see him leading a rebellion from the sidelines by encouraging others.

Bits:  First of all Father Gabriel freaks me out! He’s the WD equivalent of a scary clown.  Looks all sweet an innocent and is supposed to make people feel good but in reality is just weird and bizarre and has an entirely different motive.  I do not trust Gabriel and i’m not sure i ever will.


Kent:  Well, Glenn and Abe are dead, Daryl is captured, Carol and Morgan are off at the Kingdom, Maggie is pregnant with Sasha protecting her along with Jesus, and Heath and Tara are out somewhere (forget about them yet?)..  Who the hell does Rick have left?  He has Carl, Rosita, Eugene, Spencer, Tobin, Enid, Michonne, Kent, and Gabriel.  Eugene will be busy.  I don’t know how else better to say this, but Spencer is short on time from my perspective.  Gabrielle is suddenly one of Rick’s top 4-5 people.  Not only that, but Gabriel may be the one that gets through to Rick in a weird way.  Rick sees in Gabriel a man capable of defending, but still week and reliant.  Rick sees the rest of Alexandria’s population in Gabriel in a way, and Rick won’t let his people suffer forever.  Once everybody comes back to Alexandria, well then Gabriel’s role will probably be greatly diminished, but for now, after Michonne, Eugene, and Carl, the next tier is Rosita and Gabriel for 2 very different reasons.

  1.  What did you make of Spencer during this episode?  Do you agree that they should have made a deal to begin with?

Raylene:  Spencer really has no clue in how this world is now, since the Alexandrian’s were sheltered, they wouldn’t have made it if Ricks group hadn’t come along. I do think that instead of Maggie making that deal with Gregory they should’ve talked with Negan perhaps some people would be alive.  (So you do agree that they should have made a deal?  You’re on team Spencer.  Interesting, but reasonable.)

Bob:  Spencer, having not been in the “event” was far too much of a cocky punk.  This ins’t a time for “See I told ya so”.  No preemptive deal would have worked as there still have been bashed heads because too many of Negan’s people were killed.  (You’re right because even if after the group found out about the Hilltop’s arrangement with the Saviors and wanted to make a deal, by that time Daryl had exploded Little Timmy and The Dick Brigade.) 

Teddy:  I mean if someone has a gun to your head you would make a deal, it’s just natural. Honestly, though Spencer fucked himself. Survival isn’t always pretty but it’s still survival.  (I dig that last line.)

Cece:  Spencer is a silver spoon fed prick, just like his brother.  (Awww, his brother had a really bad death.  You’re right though.  He had no reason to be anything else either though, in all fairness.)

Briana:  As always, Spencer is a big dummy.  I find him to be very arrogant. Hoarding food and guns in a situation like this is one of the worst things you can do to the people who live with and put their trust in you. Then to question Rick was absolutely out of line. Do I agree with how Rick is choosing to handle this? Nope. Not even a little, but Spencer’s outburst was completely emotional and childish and didn’t help anything. And I don’t see how making a deal sooner would have changed anything besides Abe and Glenn MAYBE still being alive. They would still be taking all of their stuff.  (Abe and Glenn would still be dead because Abe still would have volunteered and Daryl would have over reacted, and Glenn would have been looking oblivious.  Abe was supposed to get killed by the Dick Brigade before Daryl exploded them.) 

Jess:  Spencer needs to go. He’s going to get someone killed…hopefully himself.  (Just keep watching and drink it in.)

Brian:  Spencer is saying what others feel. Rick has been leading and doing only what helps his personal agenda. Rick has no desire to seek the counsel of others in regards to the direction of the whole group.  (At what point do you think Rick stopped caring to seek out counsel?  I think it was Herschel’s death.)

Bits:  Spencer is a brat.  His Mother never gave him the time of day and for good reason.  Spencer should leave and join the Saviors and i’d be ok with that.  No they shouldn’t have ever made a deal, however i’m not sure why the Saviors have waited so long to approach Alexandria.  Why didn’t Deanna ever talk about them? Spencer and Rosita will get together, then disagree about Negan and they will split up. One to the saviors and one stays with Alexandria.  (Wonderful question!  Logically, how is it possible that the Saviors have all of these mini groups roaming the area, and yet never met up with anybody from Alexandria, like Heath or Nicholas?  It strikes me that they ran into one another, but that simply makes very little sense based on the size of The Saviors.  Logical paradoxes are fun.)

Kent:  Spencer, is not to be trusted.  That was the whole point is that he is a spineless coward, who had it all when Reg and Deanna were running this place.  Now he still wants to be treated better, so he steals and hoards. He’s like a whiny protester trying to make waves in the most meaningless way possible (Not any particular protest, so leave that alone).  He wants the control that Rick has and he clearly wants to work out a deal with Negan, but Rick is standing in his way, so what does he do?  He plays mind games with Rick, and Rick shuts him down in an incredible manner, but it further cements Spencer’s mentality that he is led by a brute, when he thinks that he could have made a better deal with Negan.  Spoiler alert: If this is anything like the comics, Spencer will in fact try to execute a plan, and it will be glorious!


  1.  What will it take for Rick to start considering a rebellion towards Negan?  Give me a hypothetical situation, if any, that will force Rick to plot and rebel.

Raylene:  The next time Negan comes to collect and he feels there was nothing that surprises him or he finds out Eugene is making bullets also that Rosita has a gun. Negan either gives Lucille to Judith, Michonne, or makes Rick hurt Daryl that’ll be his breaking point.  (I advocate giving Judith the old Lucille treatment if they want to make Negan the all time hated character in television, but I think that may get censored.)

Bob:  In the deep recesses of Rick’s mind he is rebelling.  That’s why he isn’t immediately obedient with everything.  Right now he is always calculating on how to save lives.  Killing Carl would trigger Rick for sure but I also think that taking Michonne away might have that impact as well.  (You and I agree in that he is already rebelling.  Good pick up on the delayed obedience.  Negan is definitely a guy that wants something immediately, and Rick is absolutely messing with him.)

Teddy:  Like in the comic it comes down to him fucking with Carl.  (I honestly feel that he was already rebelling before that point, but kept it to himself to sell everyone.)

Cece:  I think if Negan legitimately comes after Carl or Judith. Maybe even Michonne. I’m not honestly sure at this point.

Briana:  My first instinct is Maggie. As I said earlier, I feel like Negan is going to find Maggie at the Hill Top. I think when he does he’s going to take her and try to convince her to marry him. I could see that triggering something in Rick. He couldn’t let Glenn die just so his wife and child could become Negan’s property.  Maybe? No? Who knows!  (Good point in that aside from Carl and Judith, he has a very tiny inner circle of Daryl, who he can’t help at the moment, Carol, who he one once abandoned, Morgan, who has his own issues, Michonne, who he considered sending to the Governor, and then Maggie.  With Glenn’s death, I think Rick has made up his mind to protect Maggie at all costs as trying to do right by Glenn.)

Jess: I see it coming down to either something to do with Judith or Carl.

Brian:  I don’t think Rick will rebel. I think he would be happy rejoining the saviors and becoming Negan’s number 2.  (Rumor has it that if you replace Rick with another beloved character’s name, you may be right.  Alas, the rumor is from an article with so many errors that I can’t take it seriously, but read it if you like. It’s definitely clickbait at it’s finest.    Article link)

Bits:  Food and Territory.  Once Negan has taken the furniture and weapons he will start to want more territory.  And with territory comes food.  At this point I feel Rick will make a stand.  Only when Alexandria’s walls start closing in.  Although, once Negan finds out Maggie is alive Rick will want to save her then.  (I’m surprised nobody else really touched at the territory aspect.  If Negan just takes Alexandria, and considering how complimentary he was with that place, this seems incredibly doable, I think that would really be a huge thing.  Negan has people who know how to garden and live in tight quarters.  Alexandria with some better security could be incredibly safe with teh right leader in charge with enough supplies.)

Kent:  He already has from the moment he drove away in the RV in episode 1 of this season, in my opinion, but if there was any doubt, Gabriel’s talk was the finishing nail.  Rick just needs to execute his plan and make everybody believe it, EVERYBODY.  Or maybe they play it where something happens with Carl, Michonne, Rosita, Enid, or Daryl and they claim that to be the turning point.  But nah, my first premise is the truth.

  1.  Was Negan smart to take all of the guns?  What about the beds?

Raylene:  Yes and No with Negan having all their guns then when they come to collect there will be no surprise guns to the face. When the group has to go out scavaging they don’t have any long range or herd control now.

Bob:  From this group?  DEFINITELY a smart move.  Rick et al have shown that they are proficient with the guns.  As for the beds, hahaha I mean what a slap in the face.  I found it quite amusing…  What better way to say your easy days are over and whatever comfort you have is Negan’s!

Teddy:  Stress can make people susceptible to brainwashing. Negan wants them to be his worked bees so to speak so I guess it’s an easy way to train them. On the note about the guns, honestly he would be stupid not to take all the guns.

Cece:  He was smart by taking the guns in a way, but, it gives the group more ammo (no pun intended) to come back with more of a vengeance. And the beds, yeah. He is breaking people down this way.

Briana:  It really irritated me but of course it was smart. If you’re trying to take over a group and they have more guns than they know what to do with, they’re going to fight back eventually. Of course you have to take their guns. The mattresses I also understand. It was a show of dominance. You sleep on the floor to know your place.

Jess: Guns yes,! Typical Negan.

Brian:  Negan is truly a great leader and is protecting his own by not only taking away the means of a rebellion but making the lives of his enemies miserable.

Bits:  Negan is an amazing asshole. He was smart to take the guns, why would he not?  He left the town with knives and other weapons they can use to stay alive but removed the direct threat for him and his Saviors.   When Negan started taking the beds and the furniture i was so mad at him but then when i saw the burning pile of mattresses i thought this man is brilliant.  He takes and takes and has the audacity to burn shit his people may need in the future just for the sake of burning it… wow.  A++

Kent:  I didn’t comment on anybody’s stuff, not because I didn’t find it well written or some great points, but I simply disagree.  You’ll be shocked to find out that I am absolutely disagreeing with a Negan tactic, as I am an adamant Negan supporter.  These people already know that you mean business.  If your whole goal is to have people work fo you, you want to provide them with the tools to be as successful as possible.  Whether their spirits are high or not don’t matter, it’s about productivity.  In this case, a good night’s sleep on a bed vs sleeping on the floor will help many pople be more productive.  Leaving them to fend for themselves without guns leads to the possibility of losing members of your workforce, and it’s free F’N labor.  You don’t want to lose free labor.  These were both colossal botches on Negan’s behalf, and although he tends to be ahead of the curve most of the time, this is a misstep.  I totally get where everyone is coming from, and I know that most will think that I’m a dumbass, and I accept that.  I just know that with the man power, and the whole premise being productivity, that’s what I based my opinions on.

  1.  Should Rick have tried taking out Negan in the garage or anyplace else during this episode?

Raylene:  No it is not the right time to take out Negan there was way too many of Negan’s men around them

Bob:  Nope!  Many would have had to die…

Teddy:  I mean he could’ve but he wouldn’t be alive if he did. Rick needs to bide time.

Cece:  Yes. I think there were plenty of times SOMEONE could have. But then again, there’s always repercussions.  (I’m not entirely sure what you accomplish if you do, unless you feel that the Saviors would crumble without leadership, but it seems like Dwight or Arat would take over with a huge axe to grind.)

Briana:  Absolutely! I was even thinking he and Carl should have just went ahead and taken them out when they were arguing over “taking half”. It actually really made me mad they didn’t have any sort of plan. If they’d have just shot him through the gate when he knocked, they could have done it! There were so many opportunities and I feel the way Negans group is set up, taking out the head would have left them in chaos.  (The beginning was the best time to launch an attack if they wanted to do so.  Granted, wave after wave would have come and eventually overwhelmed Alexandria, especially with Glenn, Abe, Sasha, Maggie, Heath, Tara, Daryl, Morgan, and Carol.  Yikes, they would not have survived as Michonne has no aim.    Could have been a cool what if fantasy episode.)

Jess: Hell no it would’ve costed more lives.

Brian:  Rick admires Negan on some level and is jealous that Negan can protect his people better than Rick can protect his own. Rick knows any attempt on Negan’s life would end badly for Rick and his band of roving murderers. Off the wall theory. Rick has been a savior since he beginning and has been searching for Negan since the start. Negan was the leader of a group Rick belonged to before his coma.  (Ahhh, this is what I always encourage, wacky theories!  Not likely, but what a game changer that would be, right?  I do think that Rick is pissed off/jealous that he isn’t in Negan’s position.)

Bits:  Nope.  Negan will die.  He will die in an epic way i’m sure however its just not time.  Every time Negan and Rick are in the same frame I get nervous, angry and excited.  Its perfect.  I want Rick to kill him and scream and yell and lose it but we’ve seen that before.  This kill/death will be different.  Very different.  (Mayhaps your right, mayhaps it will be so different that you will be pissed, happy, or totally unsatisfied.  I do love every time that we see both men’s faces in the same frame, which isn’t often.

Kent:  to answer this question correctly, we must determine Rick’s loyalties and priorities, which we know is Carl and Judith, then his core group, then Alexandria.  That’s how the tiers of priorities work.  In this case, killing Negan assure him of Carl and Judith’s deaths, and probably his own.  So, I think that would have been an egregious error.  With that being said, the writers missed a great opportunity for an amazing scene.  Imagine if in the garage, Negan is rambling on, turns his back, and Rick just destroys Negan.  We see him take out Negan and then go find Carl and Judith, and you see a mini war over the course of 5-7 minutes, and then Rick watches everybody die, as he kinda did in the first episode, and then he gets killed.  Suddenly, we have Negan snapping his fingers in Rick’s face in the garage telling him that he needs to pay attention, or he will unleash his men on his family.  Fans would have lost their shit.  They love doing a bait and switch, and this would have been crazy.

  1.  Did you like the opening or did you find bland or boring?

Raylene:  I liked the opening I was starting to think that I really like how Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Negan he has a lot of great lines and is comical but then he mentioned killing a gingered haired person it’s toooo soon for me.  (I assumed that is where you would have had your issues.)

Bob:  Frankly, except for the end, the whole episode is boring…  But yea, I was thinking, “and then???”  (I strongly encourage watching up to the opening credits again.  They crafted it quite nicely with plenty of hints.)

Teddy:  I don’t think it was too boring but not super exciting.

Cece:  meh. Sort of in the middle.  (Did you like listen to Stuck in the Middle during the commercial break and do the Michael Madsen dance?)

Briana:  It was definitely a little boring but it also seemed pretty necessary to show the demeanor of the group. It showed even Michonne thought they were going to try and fight.

Jess: I enjoyed the whole episode even the opening.  (I think that we are in the minority, but I thought that this episode was very good.)

Brian:  At first thought i thought it was boring but rewatching it i noticed several subtle foreshadowing type of items.  (There you go!  I re-watch every episode one or two times before I write up the questions because I miss so many things the first time through.  The opening was very clever.)

Bits:  The opening was needed.  I did not find it boring or bland. Michone knows her weakness and is prepared to learn and teach herself new tricks to stay alive.  She will survive with or without Rick.  (As long as she is done with her tricks by 1AM, Rick and crew will be fine.)

Kent:  First of all, did you notice the first words out of Spencer’s mouth to Negan? “Uhm, who are you?”  Well, remember that last week, the question “Who are you” played a big role.  That wasn’t by accident, trust me.  Hell, the whole opening was incredibly subtle.  Think about it, Michonne doesn’t agree with Rick’s decisions at the moment, and how are they laying in bed?  Oh, yeah, they are in a bed, so that is foreshadowing.  Rosita’s attitude towards Eugene was important as it shows where she stands and her evolution throughout the episode.  Then you also have to note that Eugene is hurt and is playing ball until he sees an opportunity to help.  Yeah, how much of that did you not take notice of?

  1.  Are you surprised that Rick verbally acknowledged that Judith is not his?

Raylene:  Not really who hadn’t already come to that conclusion that Judith wasn’t his

Bob:  Not in the least.  The trauma that has occurred makes this small to him and it is something he can actually hold on to that is virtuous and worthwhile.

Teddy:  I mean not really but I mean I understand Rick coming to grips with it

Cece:  No. He knows it and if he truly loves Michonne, I think it’s good he came clean about some of his past.

Briana:  That was actually incredibly shocking for me. Once she was born and we saw her, I assumed she was his. Shane had an ethnic look to him and Judith is the whitest baby possible with her almost red hair. But I am glad they finally told us one way or another.  (Judith looks more like my baby than Shane’s, that much is clear.  I was pretty surprised that he actually came out and acknowledged it.)

Jess: Somebody call Maury! You are not the father!  (Maury reference?  Sold!)

Brian:  I am surprised that Rick admitted it .. but more surprised that knowing that Judith was not his, why would he do everything to protect her?  (Do you think it has to do with Rick trying to hold on to a piece of the past prior to the zombie apocalypse?  Like, it just felt like the right thing to do, and people tried doing the morally right thing in the before time.  That’s how I looked at it.  In the comic, it is very, VERY different.)

Bits:  Yes. I was such a fan of this moment.  I always love the nods to previous characters and seasons.  I loved to hear Rick talk about his friend, Shane.  And YES, FINALLY he admitted that Judith wasn’t his.  However, that’s just how it goes now, its Rick’s daughter just the same and he will defend her till the end.  (Yeah, I pretty much had a raging clue at the mention of Shane, and I wish they would have had him on Talking Dead this week.  It would have been perfect.)

Kent:  I usually feel like I have a good grasp of things on this show, but this one did catch me off guard.  I understand that Rick is realistic, I simply didn’t think that there was going to be a time when he would be talking about it.  I miss Shane.

  1.  Does Negan view Carl as an asset or a threat?

Raylene:  I think Negan is intrigued by Carl I think he sees the fighter in him and would like to have him as another right hand man or even taking him under his wing which would truly make Rick break.  (Bringing Carl to the dark side would be the biggest boon for Negan in so many ways.)

Bob:  Carl is an asset to Negan and a threat to any of Negan’s men.  Carl is the X BOX ONE controller and Rick is the X BOX.  (No offense to anybody else, but Bob wins the point here for involving video games.  Just saying.)

Teddy:  Negan will later view him as a son but right now I see he is amused by Carl and that is gonna lead toward the comics.  (I don’t know about you, but that’s actually the plot that I look forward to most of all providing that they keep things remotely similar to the comic.)

Cece:  An asset, for sure.  (I feel as if Carl is the prize and Rick is the consolation prize realistically.)

Briana:  It has to be a little of both. He has to recognize the defiance and be cautious of it but if he is capable of channeling his rage and skills, he could be an amazing asset to Negan.  (So are you suggesting that Negan is Palpatine and Carl is Annakin.  I hope you get the reference.  Some of you will.  Star Wars.)

Jess: Definitely an asset. He knows he can use him against Rick at any given moment.  (Isn’t that what Negan is best at, psychological warfare, up to this point?)

Brian:  Carl is an asset to Negan. As mentioned before Rick and Negan have known each other in the past and Negan sees his friend’s child as someone he can trust and use to protect the Saviors. (Still sticking to the theory.  I like it.)

Bits: Carl is a badass. Carl is an asset.  He is the only character that we have met that is a product of the Apocalypse.  This is Carl’s norm and he knows no different.  Carl had to kill his Mother, shoot his Dad’s best friend, he’s been shot twice, he’s lost an eye and he’s survived.  Carl is key to the future.  (I wish we could get a clip of Christopher Walken saying “Carl, you are the man.”)

Kent:  Is this my favorite question of this week’s blog?  Well, for the first half it is.  While he knows that in a pinch, Carl is growing up to be a huge threat, in his eyes, he sees a boy who is young enough to be trained and coerced into being one hell of a soldier for the Saviors.  So technically, the answer is both, I don’t like to answer with that indecisiveness.  By virtue of all of the qualities that make Carl a threat, they are the reasons plus others that lead Negan into believing Carl to be an asset.  I just can’t wait for what’s in store later on in this storyline.  I am not looking ahead with comic book fan’s perspective, I’m trying to answer this from Negan’s perspective.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1.  Rick and Negan have very similar facial hair.  Do you think it is just a coincidence or are they trying to draw leadership parallels or something else?

Raylene:  They made it that way looking very similar yes to show the comparitives in their leadership but I have a feeling Negan will shave himself just by is comment this episode.  (He is clean shaven in the comic.)

Bob:  I think the show is portraying both as leaders and one of them changes their appearance, expect something to go down or go limp. (There we go!  When something happens with the facial hair, it will signify something I think.)

Teddy:  I do not see it being any kind of coincidence at all. I feel like they liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s look and said let’s go with that.  (Do you prefer it to the clean shave from the comics?)

Cece:  Maybe so? I never thought of it that way. I mean, I pretty much think they’re both so high with tension that they’d just fuck and get it over already. Ha.  (That may have been the least expected answer, so well done. Haha.)

Briana:  I’m not sure if it’s meant to draw parallels necessarily but I think that style of beard is considered to be a sign of masculinity but also civility. A big bushy beard would still be “masculine” but would show a lack of keeping up appearance. Negan and Rick both have the luxuries of razors and such so yeah I guess I’d say it could be a sign of leadership.  (Are you suggesting that I am not masculine? Haha.  I think you are right in that leaders in the apocalypse are likely to have a well groomed facial hair.)

Jess:  Who seriously has time to shave during a zombie apocalypse?? Rosita why are your legs so smooth?  ( I was wondering the same thing, but was wondering about the other area…her arm pits.  I’m very glad that you brought this up.)

Brian:  We see Rick with the long hair and beard in the past. I believe Rick is attempting to look like the man he wants to be. (I hadn’t considered it that way, and this is why we do the blog.  Good point.)

Bits: Ha! Love this! Its November… no shave November.  (THAT is the response I was hoping to get from somebody.  Kinda shocked it didn’t come from a dude to be perfectly honest.  Good job!)

Kent:  As I’m watching, I noticed the color, length, and density of both men’s facial hair, and it is very different.  Negan even talked about Rick’s bushy beard from the video.  Ezekiel is a darker, not greyed facial hair, and Gregory’s has some similarities, it simply isn’t the same.  Yes, they have 2 men with dark hair and similar facial hair standing that close to each other to help subconsciously let the viewer know that these men are very similar and evenly matched opponents.  Nothing is sheerly coincidental on this show, in my opinion.

  1.  Compare Rick and Negan to 2 other people/characters.

Raylene:  (Rick)= Jon Snow who has also fought for everything he has and Jon also is very protective of his family and his group he considered his family. He has fought against all odds and many foes to get what he has.  (Negan)= Cersei Lannister she is the head of the most powerful family and forces. If you don’t bend to her will then you are taken out of the picture plain and simple. If she has a use for you then you are treated very well. She does make deals with other families but the deal always benefits her more.  (I also went with Jon Snow, but went with Ramsay for a lot of similar reasons.  He used blunt methods to get what he wanted.)

Bob:  Rick – Peyton Manning – a winner and leader with character, then falls away for a bit only to resume his awesomeness in the end.
Negan – Alex Jones – someone you can agree with and follow and then you realize that the person may be a little crazy…or a lot.  (As I told you, I had to look up Alex, but yeah, this  one was really good.)

Teddy:  I feel like Rick was Shane in season 2 and Negan is like Psycho Rick from the Terminus Season.  (I can totally get behind that.  Rick has slowly become more Shane than Rick in many ways.)

Cece:  I’m honestly not even sure I can think of anyone off the top of my head. They’re definitely two types of leaders though. So, I’ll go with Rick being somewhat of fair, democracy type leader with Negan being closely tied to Hitler.  (I’ll say this, Hitler and Negan were very smart in how they worked their way to the top.  The question is, will Negan’s empire eventually tumble in a similar manner?)

Briana:  This is the first time you’ve stumped me to the point of no answer. I just honestly can’t think of anyone in the show they could possibly be compared to.  (In all fairness, I worded this question terribly originally, as I didn’t clarify that the comparison could be to anybody real or fictional, so my bad.)

Brian:  I have two theory’s on this subject. First.. Negan is Clay and RIck is Jax.. every time Negan gets carried away Rick leaves to find a higher moral ground but in the end Rick realizes that he is just like his boss. Second is a plot twist from The Departed where Rick is the Matt damon figure that is bred and trained to be an active mole for the Mob Boss Negan. Only the Walkers happened and RIck is attempting to rejoin his father figure without exposing the relationship. Also it explains the Death of Abe. Abe knows Rick secret and has to die to protect. Their relationship.  (Here we go with the theories.  I see theory and get locked in. I totally had written down Jax and Clay before I got anybody’s answers, so you are not alone.  Oddly, I enjoyed the second comparison more because it’s a great reference.)

Bits:  You can compare Rick and Negan to Mufasa and Scar.  They are the same person at the core.  Two men/ Lions born the same but have to adapt to their surroundings.  They both are given the same road to take growing up but at the pinnacle moment of survival one takes the high road and the other the low road.  In the end they both know they are the same but one must die. (I can’t even tell if you mean this or if you said it to mock me.  It is a good comparison.  Just so everybody knows, Lion King is one of the most overrated films in my opinion, and so it’s funny either way that she brought it up.  Kudos!)

Kent:  Batman and Joker is a very easy comparison on the surface.  Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock also work.  I wanted to use Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage, but that was more Rick and Shane fighting over Lori/Miss Elizabeth.  How about Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, although that will make more sense next season in TWD.  I can make a claim for Heisenberg and Gus on Breaking Bad.  Clay and Jax from Sons of Anarchy clearly fit the bill.  Superman and Darkseid could potentially work.  I am really hoping to get some fun responses. I really spent a lot of time coming up with other viable options but these were the easiest ones to explain.

  1.  If given the option, would Maggie have agreed to be a bride of Negan?

Raylene:  I think Maggie would have had to be talked into it but I think that she would’ve then perhaps a plot to kill him during sex like Andrea was supposed to do with the Governor.  (Yeah, if you read my answer, you will see that we were on the same wavelength.)

Bob:  She would resist but rethink it and go with it in hopes of killing Negan.  (There we go!  The answers are very split here.)

Teddy:  After Glenn she would def take the bat over being married to him

Cece:  Hell no. She’d die first. (Maggie is tough to predict, because she is often incredibly stubborn, but she typically has the foresight to think long term.  With Glenn’s death, she may have not had any foresight and prefer to join Glenn in the afterlife.)

Briana:  Not a chance. I can understand some women may feel obligated or Stockholm type emotions but not our Maggie. Not after what she’s just been through. She’s ready for blood, not love! Lol! The bond she and Glenn had was the stuff of fairy tales and Negan shattered that for her while she’s pregnant no less. There’s no way she’d do it willingly.  (You mention Stockholm syndrome, and it made me think about how different things would have played out if Maggie had also been captured along with Daryl, or in place of Daryl.  If the story follows the comic, obviously it wouldn’t have worked so well, BUT I think it is a fascinating what it.)

Jess:  Hell no.

Brian:  Maggie would have done anything to keep the group safe. (I agree with that sentiment, or at least that’s how I think it would have been written.)

Bits: Yes.  If she had the opportunity to save Glen and become a bride of Negan she would have.  However while being the bride of Negan she would’ve plotted to kill him.  (Bitty is on board the kill train!)

Kent:  I full expect a lot of no’s.  I will offer the idea of her pulling an Andrea with The Governor, except actually going through with a kill.  Yes, she would sacrifice herself, but she may consider it worth it to avenge Glenn and maybe in her mind, help the group.  In her mental state, I think if she was offered it, I think she say yes with intentions of revenge.

  1.  Seeds have been planted.  Who will be the first character to rebel against Negan, if any?

Raylene:  I think its going to be Michonne who rebels against Negan first.  She’s having a hard time getting on board with this situation and she sees Rick broken and feels that if Negan is eliminated then the problem is solved.

Bob:  Daryl is already rebelling.  Dwight.  (Nodding my head.)

Teddy:  Rosita or Spencer. Maybe Daryl if he gets another shot (Do you think that Rosita may get Holly’s story arc from the comic?)

Cece:  Rosita. And she’s being a dumbass too.  (Straight up dumbass.  Maybe Eugene can talk sense into her, or maybe another death could help get her head out of her ass.)

Briana:  If I’m basing my answer off of tonight’s episode, I’m going to say Rosita, Eugene and Michonne. Rosita will convince Eugene to make her bullets and now that Michonne saw the mattresses, knowing they took them simply to take them, she will be ready to fight back too.  (Is Michonne possibly getting too aggressive, like Rick has been known to do, or do you feel that is just a big protective emotion?)

Jess: I think it’ll be a group effort. Or so I hope. (Strength in numbers!)

Brian:  Spencer and Gabriel are going to rebel. Spencer with start rebelling against Rick and Gabriel will encourage him to build a rebellion against the Saviors.  (It would be oddly satisfying to see Gabriel help start a rebellion, of all people.  Hopefully Kent will support him along with Tobin.)

Bits: Daryl already hit Negan, Carl held a gun so they have set the tone.  I think that Father Gabriel will try something stupid and get caught and killed.  (2 people going with Gabriel.  It does tantalize me.)

Kent:  My answer would normally be Carl, but I have to consider the other possibilities.  Richard from The Kingdom is a bad ass and may want to.  Maggie clearly has the desire, but doesn’t have the physical capabilities, but that doesn’t mean that Sasha wouldn’t, especially after losing Abe.  Plus, next episode is at the Hilltop and could prove to give more fuel to Sasha’s already burning desire.  Jesus could be a candidate after next week, but I shall say no.  Still, I can only properly answer this based on what the TV has provided me, and that leaves 5 candidates.  I will eliminate Michonne for now as she can’t shoot acurately, and clearly doesn’t know how to adjust her scope, so down to 4.  I will eliminate Daryl because he’s playing the long wait game, so down to 3.  Rosita is a darkhorse, as she wants a bullet, has all of the incentive in the world, it would potentially fulfill somewhat of a throwaway side story in the comic that doesn’t remotely involve her, but she could be a good alternate, plus she’s with Spencer who is due to have a bad time.  My issue with picking her is that it will take time for the bullet to be made and for Spencer to potentially have his bad time.  So that may prevent her from being first if she even does, despite all the build up for her this week which tells me that she is going to die soon, and then there were 2.  Enid is clearly leaving to go somewhere if you watched the preview.  She is pissed, but she is more of a survivor than a hot head.  If she gets captured though, I could see it.  I honestly see her going to find Maggie if she is to go anywhere and play the Sophia role from the comics, but she would be at least a 30% chance.  That leaves my choice, and yeah, it’s Carl.  He’s at a weird age, he’s seeing his dad being humbled in a way that he’s never seen before.  He saw how he was talked out of not taking the shot on Governor resulted in Herschel’s beheading.  Carl may just say that he wants to try to do things his way, especially if his dad isn’t going to step up.

Thank you to everybody who contributed.  Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed this, share it with your friends on whatever social media platform that tickles your taint.

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The Walking Dead S:7 Ep:3 “The Cell” 9 Deuce Discussion – Who are you edition

The Walking Dead S7 Ep3 9 Deuce Deuce – Who Are You? edition


Welcome to this week’s installment of The Walking Dead 9 Deuce.  This week we will be discussing the third episode of season 7 entitled “The Cell”.  I know that this week has been particularly crazy, and all I can say is that we just need to unite together after what happened on Tuesday.  I mean there he was, Baron Corbin, the best young big man on the WWE roster, and he got taken out by a luchadore.  It’s unthinkable, but if we unite, we will make it through this, while listening to Easy Street.  This week, we are joined by 2 new people, and we are missing one.  So I would like to welcome Kristi and Brian to the group, and let miss Bitty know that we miss her insight.  Thank you to Briana, Raylene, Cece, Jess, Eric, Melanie, Kristi, Bob, and Brian for their contributions and taking the time to do this.  Yeah, there are 2 more questions, deal with it.  Enjoy!  This blog was written while listening to “Easy Street” on repeat for over an hour.  By the way, I keep forgetting to post these pics  that Bitty sent me, and I need to post them now before I forget, like always.

The 9

  1.  Were you disappointed that we didn’t get to hear the Who’s the Boss song at the beginning of the episode?  whos-the-boss

Briana:  Not even a little!

Raylene:  I would have liked to hear the theme song and part of the episode

Cece:  No. Plain and simple.

Jess:  Easy street made up for it.

Eric:  Kind of…it was a great precursor to an insight to Negan’s Saviors. (Kent:  It was definitely a precursor in many ways.  Good catch!)

Melanie:  What’s Who’s the Boss? (Kent: Angela is the boss.  I tried finding a clip from Family Guy season 2 episode 6, but I couldn’t.)

Kristi: Absolutely! I was excited when I saw the beginning of it. Then, pure disappointment!

Bob:  I loathed that show, so i was somewhat relieved… BUT the music was playing in my HEAD!  

Brian:  Nope….

Kent:  Of course!  I dug that show, plus Alyssa Milano, who was probably a lot of boys first crush without even understanding why.  Solid theme song too.But it works in a lot of subtle ways.  I’m sure some of you connected the easy connection as in Negan is the boss in this situation, but to dig deeper, consider the lyrics, and you see that it is a brand new life around the bend.

There’s a time for love and a time for living.
You take a chance and face the wind.
An open road and a road that’s hidden
A brand new life around the bend.

There were times when I lost a dream or two.
Found the trail, and at the end was you.
There’s a path you take and a path untaken
The choice is up to you my friend.

Nights are long but you might awaken
To a brand new life,
Brand new life,
Brand new life around the bend.


  1.  Did you like the song “Easy Street” or were you irritated by it by the end of the episode?  Overall, did you enjoy the music choices for the week with Roy Orbison’s “Crying” and the opening song by The Jam called “Town Called Malice”? 

Briana:  I thought the music for this episode was extremely fitting for what it was meant. Meaning, yes my ears were bleeding by the end!

Raylene:  Easy street did not annoy me because it was played for short bursts throughout the episode. I would’ve smashed my tv if we heard it all through the episode. To nobody’s surprise I didn’t even realize a song was playing now that I have watched the video on you tube which is great I believe the song was a good choice for the opening.  (Kent:  Settle down Rageasaurus Rex.  No need for smashing TV’s….yet.)

Cece:  Yes. I thought the music added so much to the episode.

Jess:  It’s still stuck in my head. I think the music choices were perfect. (Kent: The songs stayed with me too, for days, and now I play it on repeat while I’m sleeping in hopes of irritating my neighbors above me.)

Eric:  I didn’t really pay attention to it.

Melanie:  I didn’t mind the music, therefore I probably enjoyed it.

Kristi: I was over East Street before the beginning credits ended.

Bob:  I did not get irritated by “Easy Street” – I did agree with its purpose and I thought I was going a bit mad at the end there…  “Crying” also was perfectly selected – I will deny feeling what Daryl was feeling. (Kent: I think Crying got overlooked by a lot of people after hearing Easy Street so much, but that may have been the scene of the episode. Very important!)

Brian:  I had a difficult time determining if it was just the noise or torture sound.  The other music choices seemed appropriate.

Kent:  I have been listening to it everyday since the episode aired.  Yes, I loved it.  I should also mention that there is a great version of the song Crying in a film called Mulholland Dr, and if you have never seen it, it’s a really great flick, plus Naomi Watts is great.The song is called LLorando and is sung in Spanish, but it’s one of the most beautiful performers I have ever seen.

  1.  Do you think that Dwight is a bad guy? 

Briana:  After seeing this side of him, no. I think he’s a terrible decision maker but I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Personally, if I’d been his wife or him, I would have kept running or let the sister marry Negan. Like that situation irritates me. Negan says women have to say yes to Dwight but it’s alright for Negan to manipulate the women to his benefit. But I digress. The point I’m making is, he seems to be the kind of guy who always makes the wrong choice because he’s actually a coward.

Raylene:  I don’t think Dwight was a bad guy when all this started but once he found Negan, choices had to be made for him and his family’s survival.  Now he’s doing things that weighs heavily on him.  I think we will see that with further character development

Cece:  No. I think he is a little conflicted, but I still see emotion in him.

Jess:  No, I think he’s a sissy though.

Eric: No, he is a victim of Negan’s fucked up ways.

Melanie:  He is a victim who is very afraid. Very very sad!

Kristi: I think Dwight is a dumbass. I think he is scared and just doing what he thinks he needs to do to survive. I do not think he is a badass or a bad guy. I think he is lost and will eventually give his life for the greater good.

Bob:  Nope, unless you’re on Negan’s side.

Brian:  No Dwight is just trying to survive in the world he now knows.  He is smart enough to place himself in a position of power but tries to keep himself on the good side of the lower minions.

Kent:  He’s not a good guy, he’s not a bad guy, he’s just THE guy.  (Probably nobody reading this watches wrestling and didn’t get the reference.) No, definitely not a bad guy.  You do what you need in order to survive.  It’s like moving up a position or 2 at work and now having more power than people that you used to work with.  You try to find that balance between pleasing your current superior while knowing where you came from.  I think he’s smarter than most would give him credit for, BUT in all fairness, I am basing this off of the totality of the character that I know, and even though I still agree with his TV character’s action, I may not be totally unbiased.

  1.  Would you rather work for points or to be a henchman like Dwight? 

Briana:  Of course being a henchman. It would still suck because, like I feel Dwight is, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt people who don’t deserve it. But living like the point earners is living like a prisoner. Get or get got right? Haha!  (Kent:  All those suckas gon’ get got.  I hate it when I use the term deserve in my questions because deserve is sort of a question of morality, and given the circumstances, everybody is right and everybody is wrong, except Gregory, he is just wrong.)

Raylene:  I would rather be a henchmen even though I’ll have to do things I don’t agree with but it’s better than being on the fence

Cece:  Henchman like Dwight. Although, I know I wouldn’t personally last long with Negan.

Jess:  Obviously a henchman cause that would mean I would get to interact with Negan on a day to day basis.

Eric:  Henchman

Melanie:  I am sure as a lady in the Saviors I would have neither of those options. (Kent: You can still work for points, and I’m willing to bet, even become a henchman, no matter your sex.  Granted, being a wife is less work physically, but comes with it’s own price.  I think he only goes for the girls that he finds “super hot” and other women aren’t even given the opportunity to be a wife.  I would guess the girl playing the game with Dwight in the opening is one such female.  Just speculation.)

Bob:  Again, no way – this is why i would rather live in the Kingdom.. All you who picked to live with Negan – yeah, go enjoy that.  I will grant this though – that at least with Negan, you are buying what you see – with the Kingdom, there is too much smoke and mirrors.  (Kent: Only Bitty and I chose The Sanctuary.  Everybody else agreed with you on The Kingdom.  I like your point about the smoke and mirrors.  I think the term blissfully ignorant may apply to members of The Kingdom, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  They thing they have a good set up.  The November issue of the comic shows just how fragile one of the communities is and how easy it is to quintessentially destroy what is perceived to be a stronghold of sorts.)

Brian:  I would prefer the henchman lifestyle.  You can use your position to establish power and the fear of your boss as a motivator over others to control the situations and ensure you come out on top.  (Kent: Control, I think that is the key word.  You are at a point where you have much more control over your destiny.  You are trusted to go on longer runs, and you know enough to know what you can get away with.  Very important.)

Kent: Henchman as I want to cut in line and get bread.  That’s just a fat guy response.  I feel at this point, if you have survived that long, you have done some morally questionable things to get to that point.  So you may as well keep on keeping on.  I guess this was a bad question.  I figured that somebody wouldn’t want the pressures associated with being a henchman and making even more difficult decisions.  In reality, there are way more working for points than there are henchmen.  I guess this was a wasted question.  My bad.

  1.  Were you disappointed that they didn’t show the flashback of Dwight getting the iron?conflicted-dwight

Briana:  A little bit, yeah! I mean we’ve seen every gruesome detail of our beloved characters! Why not let us see that too!  (Kent:  I love your logic, and I agree!)

Raylene:  I would like to know if he did it to himself or if Negan did it or was Negan making Sherry watch when it was happening.  (Kent: In issue 106, when ____ gets the iron, his woman appears to have to watch.  We are really close to that in the show, so I don’t want to ruin anything.  When ___ sneaks away from Alexandria, we should be close to seeing it.)

Cece:  Yeah. That would have been pretty epic to see. (Kent: While I don’t typically like the word epic, in this particular case, it would have been appropriate.  I really wanted to see it.)

Jess:  Honestly I couldn’t even remember what happened to Dwight’s face before this episode. I’m glad I finally know at least but a flashback would’ve been satisfying. (Kent: I don’t believe it had been touched upon prior to this episode.  Comic fans were aware, and then people who saw the iron in the credits picked up on it.  That was it.)

Eric:  Yes. It seems to be a pretty important part.  (Kent:  In a way, it’s the final straw for Dwight, the final stage of his evolution from when we first met him into the man we now know.  With Dwight being such an important character, he deserved his scene.)

Melanie: No and yuck.

Kristi: Yes!!! I wanted to see more about his journey but I have a feeling we will get a Morgan type, Dwight episode soon. (Kent:  I hadn’t considered Dwight getting his own story, but that would be one of the better characters to see.  Obviously, Negan’s would be the coolest, but they are still just revealing bits and pieces now in the comics as to Negan’s backstory.  I hope for that episode in season 9 episode 2.)

Bob:  Hahaha. No.

Brian:  I believe that is coming once has to do it again to someone else.  Possible in a scene where Dwight explains the punishment to another.  (Kent: In my mind, I picture this character, we’ll call him Kebert Xela, and he is due to get the iron, and as it is being set up, we see brief flashbacks from Dwight’s point of view while it happened, like seeing it get heated up, then perhaps a Negan speech, and looking into Sherry’s eyes, then the blinding pain, and maybe him walking away.)

Kent:  I would have really liked to have seen it.  Even in the opening credits, they show and iron by the flames, so I thought that was a dead giveaway that we would see it.  Don’t fret as there is plenty of opportunity to see it happen with another character who we may not know yet.

  1.  Did Sherry make the right decision to marry Negan?  Do you think that Sherry will still be alive when season 7 is finished? 

Briana:  For the situation they were in, yes. I wouldn’t be able to let my husband die either (on the other hand if it were his choice there’s no way my husband would have gone along with that but he’s not Dwight). Back to Dwight being a coward, she had to make a choice that would save them both and it was very brave and selfless of her to make that choice. I’m going with no on her being alive at the end. She seems as if she’s starting to break and her charade won’t last too much longer.

Raylene:  Well Sherry was trying to save Dwight’s life and hers. I think that she’ll be alive and have some kind of doings with Daryl.  

Cece:  She gave in too easily, I think. She should have taken the bat for someone she loved. And no, I think she will be taken out by then.  (Kent: Wow, that is some “hard pipe hittin n!**a” shit right there.  I’m quoting Pulp Fiction, so everybody settle down.)

Jess:  No, she’s weak and weak people always die first right? (Kent:  This comment is one of the comments I didn’t know how I wanted to respond to.  Congratulations!  In theory, weak people tend not to survive, but smart people who happen to be weak can survive.  Now, if we are taking into consideration that this is horror based mythology shit, THEN we have an issue because horror movie makers have developed this trend to often have some of, if not the most useless female be the lone survivor of a film.  By useless, I mean, she brings very little to the table, not strong, not smart, not crafty. Not sneaky, usually a liability to the group, and tends to cry too much and give away her location.  Yet they are surviving in one of the newer fads in horror.  I know this is way deeper than anything that you probably intended, but I just watched 100 horror movies last month, so I’ve seen things.)

Eric:  Yes, she kept herself and her husband alive. She will be dead.  (Kent:  In a weird way, I almost feel that she is too pretty to keep living in this world.  She is pretty, but her attire, she looks clean, and all of that, it just can’t last damnit!)

Melanie:  Yes, she kept herself and her husband alive. No, she will get bitten trying to save Daryl. (Kent: I absolutely love the idea of her getting bitten because I did predict that a name character would get bitten this season, so you have my support with this!)

Bob:  Well, Yes.  Although I am beginning to see there is no choice in regards to making any decisions when Negan is involved. (Kent:  I have wondered, if say the Saviors find a 3 man group, and they naturally want all of their stuff.  The group gives up all of their stuff, and then somebody gets their head caved in. After that, are you given options? The only example that we can really base it off of is when Daryl, Abe, and Sasha first met with them on the road.  Abe wasn’t going to play ball anyway, and since it’s the group we know, things could be handled differently.  Just a curiousity.)  

Brian:  Again, Sherry is living the life she has to, in order to survive.  I believe that unless she crosses and disobeys the current lord, she will be fine.  Plus, how bad could life be being the old lady of the biggest bad ass in the land (ask Bits….it’s a good position to be in).  (Kent: I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to ask her about positions.  She has her job openings at the YC, that’s her business.  I don’t even like candles. Haha.)

Kent:  Yeah, of course she made the right choice.  It’s just sex.  Considering the stuff that you have to do to survive up to that point, I think getting plowed by Negan once a week seems totally reasonable to not have to work and get to stay pretty.  I think that she will be dead by season’s end, and that will be what causes Dwight to follow his comic character’s arc without giving anything away.

  1.  What did Daryl hope to accomplish when he snuck out? 

Briana:  Who the hell knows with him! I was yelling at the tv the whole time he was sneaking around because he didn’t know the compound very well, didn’t know the schedules of the people around him and had all around no clue what he was doing. Plus it was obvious that it was a trap! It was a stupid move! But I think he probably figured he had a 50/50 shot and that was better than his current situation.(Kent: I liked that you thought ahead about schedules, because this strikes me as a place that runs like clockwork.)

Raylene:  I think Daryl wanted to get out and get back to Rick perhaps killing some of the Saviors in the process

Cece:  I think his ideal goal was just to get the hell out, but, I could tell he was drooling about getting one of those motorcycles. (Kent: If he ever gets out, Aaron will hook him up, with a bike I mean.)

Jess:  He was probably looking for the nearest toilet after eating all of that Alpo. (Kent:  Congrats, you are the only person that went that route, and yet, that couldn’t have sat well.)

Eric:  He was going to try to escape.

Melanie:  Escape in typical Daryl fashion.

Bob:  Perhaps a one man escape similar to Terminus.  I think it was more to show that Daryl isn’t going to lay down and that he is still against his imprisonment.  He is making a point.  A point that Negan seems to be familiar with.  (Kent: If we consider this to potentially be a test, do you think Negan wanted Daryl to try to escape?  I’m guessing yes, but now I wish I had asked this.)

Brian:  Daryl was looking to reunite with the other members of his roving horde of murders, with hopes of destroying another community that they stumbled upon.  Rick and crew is the ISIS of the apocalypse.  They have 0 regard for the other established communities.  They loot and murder at will and selfishly ensure their future without caring about others.  (Kent: Bravo, you are the first person that has compared the group to ISIS, so that is something.  Not that I necessarily disagree, but you know that some people here would disagree.  So this is a great opportunity to scroll to the bottom of this, and leave a comment.  If it asks you for an email, use a fake one if you want.  I don’t ever do anything with emails.)

Kent:  He clearly wasn’t thinking straight.  It was an obvious trap to finally have a new guy feed you and he just so happens to leave it unlocked. This goes much deeper in my mind, so I have dwelled on this.  If he had hoped to escape, does he really think anybody in Alexandria would be able to protect him if he did make it there?  He wouldn’t have made it back as he doesn’t know the roads too well yet, and Negan has outposts all over.  So then I wonder, maybe this was just him thinking, fuck it, I either go out in a blaze of glory, or I rot in the cell, so he took his chance knowing that his odds were shit.

  1.  How do you feel about Gordon’s comments, specifically the part about what if everybody just ganged up on Negan to overthrow him?  Would that result in a better quality of life for The Saviors in particular? 

Briana:  Part of me thinks anarchy never works. The reason the group works so well is because of the fear Negan promotes within the people around him. So it’s hard to say if they would have a better life. But I’m thinking of the henchmen mostly. For the point earners, yes it would definitely be a better life to be free of Negans reign. So it really more depends on which group. The henchmen are living the dream but are causing a lot of pain for pretty much everyone around them.

Raylene:  That may have worked if you could get everyone on board to take over the compound but there will always be some that are loyal and enjoy this way of life.

Cece:  I think they could potentially be better people without Negan. He is obviously selfish and only cares about himself.

Jess: I’m sure it would be a little chaotic but I think something like that is going to happen in the long run.  

Eric: Yes because they wouldn’t have Negan to fear anymore.

Melanie:  No, they would be lost without Negan.

Kristi: I think Negan will eventually be taken down. I think there will still be a great separation. Im hopeful that they will eventually come together but in the history of the group, I don’t think it will be an easy transition.

Bob:  Nah, just overthrowing Negan will result in another Tyrant.  The whole establishment would need to be destroyed for an effective change.  Incidentally, I have now added “Negan” to my dictionary so I stop getting a spellcheck issue.

Brian:  If/when Negan is overthrown, the Saviors will be worse off.  Negan is the leader and the force that keeps them alive and fed.  Once he is gone, the Saviors will be leaderless and the infighting will ensue.  He is the tyrant that puts people in the their place and ensures that rules are followed and order is kept.  

Kent:  In my head, I wonder, if you tell Negan that there is a renegade group trying to overthrow you from within, I question if Negan rewards your loyalty or will fuck you over because he will consider you a snitch?  Negan has a weird code of ethics.  They are screwed both ways, but it would end up just being a pissing match among the henchmen about who gets to rule, and chaos and destruction would reign supreme and they could easily lose their shelter, like what happened at the prison with Rick and The Governor.  With Negan, at least there is order and you know your role.In a case like this, I feel that if he were overthrown, it would be back to scavenging and none of the 3 territories would take you in because of your past.  Once you’re with Negan, you’re stuck with Negan, for better or worse. If he’s gone, history shows that you are trading one problem in for another, the whole grass isn’t always greener theory.  I didn’t want to comment on anybody’s because I found them all very interesting.

  1.  In the preview for next week, we see Michonne grab a gun, put it in a duffel bag, and Rick watches her leave, but nothing is said.  What do you think that Michonne is going to do?statue

Briana:  Man this is a really tough one. I hadn’t really given it much thought before now. But my best guess is the obvious one. She’s going after Negan in some way. Maybe she’s going around to the other factions to see about banning together. Maybe she’s going to try some recon to find a way to save Daryl.  

Raylene:  I think Michonne is going on guard for when Negan returns possibly hoping to take him out at long distance range.  (Kent:  This sounds accurate to me.)

Cece:  Maybe she is going out to find Daryl?

Jess:  I’m not sure, but I’m sure there will be tension between Rick and the rest of the group. I don’t think he’s planning to retaliate and I’m sure Michonne wants to because she’s a badass.  (Kent: Michonne took that stuff personally seeing Rick and Carl in that position, and a lot of speculation regarding her role moving forward.)

Eric:  Not sure…maybe shoot Negan?

Melanie:  Find Daryl and kill anyone who gets in her way.

Kristi: Plain and simple. Michonne is going to go kick ass. It’s what she does!  (Kent: While I think the vast majority of the viewing audience would love to see her go on a murder rampage like Merle did, wouldn’t she meet the same fate as Merle?  She is so outnumbered in basically every aspect in scenario.  Yes, Carol took out 3 out of 4 dudes, but that’s a good example, by and large, they travel in groups, except Dwight.)

Bob:  Michonne is going to… go hide weapons so they don’t have to give everything up to Negan.  (Kent: I hadn’t considered that, and it’s really smart.  Storing and hiding weapons and supplies in various locations so that when Negan visits, he sees it and wants half.  I like it.)

Brian:  Michonne will do what Rick tells her to.  She is a soldier in the terrorist group that Rick currently leads.  She is planning to strike terror and fight against the community that was surviving and thriving until Rick and the gang started randomly killing their members.  (Kent:  I am curious how this plays out, in that we know Rick is going to publicly tell Alexandria that they work for Negan, we’ve seen the preview.  Who will stay in line as a good soldier, and who will perceive Rick’s actions as weak and perhaps rebel?  Let’s face it, somebody is going to rebel against this, but who?  Once again, this should have been a question.)

Kent:  I’m kinda surprised that nobody chose this route, but to me, I interpreted it as Michonne knows that she is terrible with a gun, and if she is to survive in a war against the survivors, she will need to potentially use long range combat instead of her true skill, which is close range.  Knowing that Rick is there watching, he wouldn’t just let her go on her own to do recon, I don’t think.  If anybody is going to do recon, I would guess Jesus since he’s a slippery dude and can hold his own and is incredibly fast.  My guess is that Michonne’s gun skills will end up saving a member of the group within the next 2 seasons.

Bonus Deuce Deuce (2×2=4!)

  1.  Who’s a better right hand man:  Milton for The Governor or Dwight for Negan? 

Briana:  Milton. He knew who he was and he fit his role. Dwight is a coward trying to fit a role he’s not meant for and that makes him a very bad choice for right hand man.

Raylene:  Well Milton wasn’t really a right hand man for Governor that was more of Martinez’s role. Milton I don’t think would have been able to handle himself well in combat role.  Dwight is able to get more things done for Negan he’s able to kill when it’s needed. Negan has really just made him his bitch I do think Simon if that his name is more of Negan’s right hand man  (Kent: Care to poke any more holes in my terrible question?  Haha.  Merle technically was also a right hand man.  I should have worded it better.)

Cece:  Dwight for Negan.

Jess: Milton! I don’t think Dwight will continue to be loyal. I see him helping Daryl escape.

Eric:  Dwight for Negan

Melanie:  Dwight…fear can work wonders on how far you will go. Milton just made a hell of a cup of tea.

Kristi: Milton is way better. Dwight is weak. I don’t believe he is really a right hand man. I’m just waiting for him to turn on Negan. (Kent:  I’d go so far as to say that Governor respected Milton in some ways.  Does Negan really respect anybody?  There is one person that he may, but otherwise, I say no.)

Bob:  I have to say Dwight since I had to google Milton.

Brian:  Dwight is.  Dwight follows with the enthusiasm knowing that his leader will keep him safe and ensure his survival…as long as Dwight remember his place and knows his role.

Kent:  I will say Milton.  Although he was a coward, he was doing a lot of things that had Woodbury lasted longer, it would have really helped.  Remember his conversation with Herschel in the episode where Rick and Governor had the sit down talk.  Milton was running scientific experiments, collecting data, which was very important for Gov.  Dwight is essentially replaceable in Negan’s eyes I would speculate.  I really enjoyed these answers and perspectives.  One of my favorite questions so far.

  1.  If you could pick an 80’s sitcom to watch during the apocalypse, what would you choose?  Episodes that aired in the 90’s or 70’s would not be accessible. 

Briana:  I would have picked Quantum Leap except only one season aired in the 80s so if I’m going for something that aired mostly in the 80s, I’m going to say Three’s Company. I feel I would need something light hearted in that situation.

Raylene:  Mr. Belvedere Full Opening September 1989

Cece:  Facts of Life.

Jess:  Mork and Mindy!

Eric: Alf

Melanie:  Small Wonder

Kristi: The Golden Girls!!! I would love to see some  Bea and Betty in this!  (Kent: Golden Girls was probably my third choice.)

Bob:  Happy Days

Brian:  ALF!!!!

Kent:  I think The Cosby Show is my answer as I would get 6 seasons before it got lousy.  I also considered Cheers, Newhart, Family Ties, Charles In Charge, Punky Brewster, Golden Girls, and Mama’s Family.  Mama’s Family is awfully tempting.  Once again, loving these answers.  

  1.  If somebody wanted to torture you by playing a song over and over, what song would absolutely break you? 

Briana:  Gangnam Style (I don’t even know if I spelled it right) that electronic type stuff irritates me to an unhealthy degree.  (Kent: You broke me.  It made me incredibly nauseous and anxious.  I want to puke and hurt something at the same time.  It was overwhelming the senses.  I feared this one as soon as I read it.  I tried.  I made it through twice and then tapped out. 

Raylene:  Turn down for what or any Taylor Swift garbage  (Kent: I enjoyed my time gaming to Turn Down For What on replay for probably close to 90 minutes.  As you didn’t give me a specific Taylor Swift song, I didn’t know any of her songs to choose, so I opted not to.)

Cece:  Okay, this was hard for me. I love music. But, I can’t stand radio rock past the 90’s. I’m going to go with “Photograph” by Nickelback. (Kent: This applies to you and Jess, I did make it through this for an hour, but it did grate on me and brought me zero joy.  I never wanted to sing along.  I was happy when the hour was up.)

Jess:  Photograph by Nickelback.

Eric: “Life is a highway”  (Kent:  I was singing along for awhile, but then it got so messed up in my head that by the end, I was botching parts of the song that I knew 40 minutes ago.  Aside from that, i felt fine.)

Melanie:  “Let it go” (Kent:  I guess I would at least enjoy falling asleep to this.  I don’t have kids, so this was legitimately the first time hearing the whole song through, followed by 15 more times on repeat.  I have been editing this blog to this song, doesn’t really grate on me, but I never want to hear this song ever again.  Just making that very clear.  The last 5 seconds does kinda piss me off.)

Kristi: End of The World by Skeeter Davis. (Kent:  I love this song and thoroughly enjoyed my hour listening to this song.  I definitely need to play Fallout 4 this week.  Thank you.)

Bob:  “Don’t Worry Be Happy”  (Kent:  This song actually made me nauseous to listen on repeat.  I didn’t make it for the full hour.  Looking at this list, I never would have guessed this to be a song that I tapped out to.)

Brian:  Happy performed by Pharrell  (Kent: Nope, couldn’t do it.  Too much repetition, and I don’t know how else to describe this feeling, but my body wanted to rip through my skin and pummel this song into submission.  Made me very angry.  Like Incredible Hulk levels.  I kinda expected this result.  I have long loathed this song.)

Kent: “Shots” by LMFAO and Lil Jon and no, I didn’t even try.  I’m trying to minimize the likelihood of a heart attack.  I had also considered Surfin Bird.  Although I love it, I feel that this would be so repetitious that I would eventually lose me shit.  Back to Easy Street.

  1.  Did Dwight’s sandwich look good to you? 

Briana:  YUCK!!! Not at all. But I actually thought while watching that Darryl is the best one for that kind of torture bc he eats anything! It’s probably not been his first time eating dog food even!

Raylene:   Parts of it did no pickles or mustard and some cheese would have topped that off

Cece:  In a zombie apocalypse, hell yeah. Eggs and lettuce, tomato, mustard. Yum. Lol

Jess:  I don’t know if it’s the current diet I’m on but that carb loaded bread looked amazing. Hell the Alpo sandwiches looked amazing.

Eric:  Yes!!!

Melanie:  No…walker ham is not for me.

Kristi: Dwight’s sandwich looked freaking amazing! I the bread looked awesome and the veggies looked so fresh and delicious!

Bob:  Meh, sorta….  I am sure it would be a delicacy in their situation but…  Not to me.

Brian:  It looked yummy and I would enjoy eating it.  Daryl’s needed some garlic and spicy mustard.  

Kent: I don’t like tomatoes.  If I could have mustard, lettuce, and pickles, I could get behind that, but as it was constructed, nope. I can’t really comment here because we’re just talking about a sandwich.

Finally, I just want to say, obviously there is a lot of turmoil in our country right now.  If you’re really worried, maybe take a moment away from Facebook and all of the other paranoid people, and really learn about what the president can and cannot do.  We do not live in a dictatorship or under a monarchy.  At this point, it is what it is, and to continue the madness on social media does nobody any good.    If you or somebody else is truly worried, then take initiative and get involved in your communities to make this place great.  Posting pointless meme’s and whining on Facebook does nothing other than add to the toxicity.  Maybe if everybody who is offended, saddened, or worried would take me up on this challenge, and try to better your community, you would realize this isn’t such a bad place and even if Trump sucks, if enough people stay positive and work together, this can still be the start of a new thing.  What’s done is done, but you don’t have to act out in the ways that so many have been.  Remember, lazy people complain about their problems.  Proactive people identify a problem and work on a solution.  This goes for everything happening, bigotry, racism, sexism, being a moron, bullying, and so on.  Think before you speak and stop interrupting one another.  Also, stop blaming others for the position that you hold in life.  Just because you feel oppressed doesn’t give you the right to oppress others or tell them that their opinion is not valuable just because they haven’t lived your life.  Everybody is free to make good and bad decisions.  You are only a product of your environment if you allow yourself to be.  Act and dress how you wish to be perceived.  One’s first impression is often visual, and if you don’t want to be treated in such a manner, don’t act like a jackass.  Finally, if you are a member of a so called minority, the worst thing you can do is let the loud mouths represent you because they are making your group look awful.  Analyze the issues, see what your side can fix and where you need assistance from the other side.  Everything is a two way street, and life is full of compromises.  You don’t have to agree, just don’t be an asshole about it, unless it’s about Ghostbusters 2016.  The exception to the rule.  Sniff you jerks later.  Here’s a sweet pic f Carl from the comics, and it feels relevant.


All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.

The Walking Dead S:7 Ep:2 – 9 Deuce – Welcome To The Kingdom edition

The Walking Dead S:7 Ep:2 9 Deuce

This week, we were finally introduced to the Kingdom, and I don’t really see how you could be too disappointed by this. Next week, we presumably get to check out Negan and the Savior’s compound, so lots of excitement. In this episode, we finally got to meet King Ezekiel, his pet tiger, Shiva, and some other delightful people, including Ezekiel’s man servant, Jerry. In case you are new to this, the format here is simple. I ask 9 episode specific questions and follow it up with 2 bonus questions that can be anything Walking Dead universe related. I like to leave comments to some of the answers that make me laugh or bring up fascinating points, or just because I want to. With that out of the way, please meet my panel of contributors: Bob, Cece, Briana, Raylene, Eric, Melanie, Jess, and the quintessential studdmuffin.


  1. Do you see a romance in Carol’s future, and if so, with who?

Bits:  We’ve always wanted Carol to have a romance with someone.  At this point i’d love to see Carol start her own group- not a romance.  However, if you want me to say yes, it’d be with Ezekiel.  They def had tension but Carol is so unpredictable.  (Kent: Nobody is twisting your arm to force a romance. I like your idea of Carol running her own group and maybe in 3 seasons, that could precisely happen as a precedent has been set for that in some ways.)

Cece:  Maybe. I don’t think they’ll explore that much, as they used to somewhat allude to her and Daryl. BUT, I could totally ship Carol/Ezekiel. (Kent: No I was referring to a romance. I don’t think Ezekiel has access to a ship, nor does Carol. As we saw in Fear The Walking Dead, boats and hoes don’t mix.)

Bob:  No but I think we were led to believe there should be one between Ezekiel and her.

Briana: It’s funny you asked this because I really thought she and Ezekiel seemed like there would be more to come of them. And frankly, I like it. I like the idea of the 2 of them. I think he could bring her out of this weird break down she’s been going through.

Raylene:  Yes I think that Carol will end up with the king.

Eric:  Yes with Morgan

Melanie: Yes, with a lady. Maybe that girl who I can never remember her name. (Kent: She doesn’t deserve a name.  I wonder if they still to film her from the breasts up again this season.)

Jess:  I wouldn’t mind seeing something play out between Carol and Ezekiel

Kent:  I have long wanted Daryl and Carol since season 2, and it’s rare for me to cheer on any romance. I think with both Sasha and Maggie newly single, plus Rosita technically, and then Tobin if you consider it, we are down to Rick and Michonne, so yeah, Carol and Ezekiel because somebody has to be his love interest.  I want you to consider that since Lori’s death, TWD has been notorious for their mixed race relationships. Aside from some really short lived ones like Bob & Sasha, Rick & Jessie, Governor & Andrea, the lesbians, and the gay dudes, most relationships that are big in the show are mixed. We’ve had Glenn & Maggie, Abe & Rosita, Abe & Sasha, Rick & Michonne, and Negan and Lucille. This seems likely the more I think about it. Plus in the comic, it’s Michonne and Ezekiel, so this just works out.


  1. Carol is seeing the walkers as real people. Do you attribute that to her emotional state/change of heart from last season, or more to do with the bullet wound maybe making her a little delirious?

Bits:  Carol is all sorts of effed up right now.  She is having Rick hears the phone or Rick sees Laurie moments, just PTSD.

Cece:  I think it’s more of her mind getting to her.

Bob:  I think her seeing Walkers as living people was just a moment of reflection connected to her delirium.  Those fears should be put away since she simply walked into that house at the end and without hesitation terminated the walker in there.

Briana: Since it only happened in the beginning when she was dealing with the bullet wounds, that’s all it seemed to be for me. I think it was an interesting concept to let us glimpse but I don’t think it will be an ongoing thing.  (Kent: That’s how I took it as well.)

Raylene:  I believe Carol’s reached her breaking point and just has no desire to kill anymore.

Eric:  Both. She has been through so much trauma having to kill real people that is broken and the bullet was the catalyst. (Kent: I gotta say, this is probably the most eloquent answer. Well done.)

Melanie:  Bullet wound and guilt is why she is hallucinating.

Jess:  I think it’s a little bit of both

Kent:  I’m going to go with the bullet wound causing some mental stuff, and maybe she received some medical care that could make her see some stuff.


  1. Do you consider Ezekiel a good leader given the current scenario in the show?

Bits: Again, I know nothing about the comics, so yes, I’m hopeful that Ezekiel will be good.  I’d like to see a round table with Ezekiel, Jesus, Morgan and Rick.  Just for giggles.

Cece:  Yes, I believe he is doing what needs to be done to keep people safe and happy.

Bob:  King Ezekiel is not a good leader because he is lying to his people.  King’s often lord over their subjects like this situation but this is a savage world they live in.  Also, Ezekiel should not be trusting outsiders so quickly versus his own people.  That doesn’t make any sense.  (Kent: I think you win this one. The trusting outsiders thing really doesn’t sit well with me. It tells me that he is too eager to bend to impress or get assistance. On the outside, it seems smart only because we know Carol, but otherwise, it’s a terrible idea.)

Briana: Yes and no. His methods seem to be working for now and it’s not like he’s delusional or blind to what’s happening around him, he’s just trying to keep his people happy in the only way he knows how. With that being said, it could definitely backfire if the Saviors or any other faction decides to attack them. His people will be completely off guard and helpless.

Raylene:  Yes the King is a good leader so far he created the character for people to follow and to feel safety in this world. (Kent: That’s a whole other thing, isn’t he basically The Governor? The Governor created a character with charisma to get people to buy into what he was selling, despite not knowing an exact plan. So yeah, very smart.)

Eric:  Good leader, no. Crazy enough for people to believe him, yup.

Melanie:  Not a good leader in a real world sense, but in Walking dead land. Yes. That tiger though…  (Kent: That tiger though……yeah, pretty much.)

Jess:  I hope he proves it to himself that he’s a good leader because right now he seems a little unsure. I want him to be a bad ass!

Kent:  He’s smart, very smart. He’s definitely smarter than Gregory, and more observant.  I don’t know how strong he is as far as a leader, he just portrays it.  I see him as an improved version of the guy that we got in the comics. Yes, he is a good face or leadership, at the moment, as everybody seems happy and knows their role, and seem organized. Good leader…..I don’t know yet.


  1. Will the tainted pig meat have any ill effects on the Saviors?

Bits:  No

Cece: More than likely. And I hope so! (Kent: Why do you want harm to come to the innocent saviors who are just doing their jobs to survive?)

Bob:  No, it hasn’t yet that we know of.

Briana: This was another that I had considered deeply while watching. When Bob was tainted meat, we never got the chance to see if it affected them because our group slaughtered them immediately after. I can see where cooking the meat could possibly make it alright. We cook our food now to extinguish things like E. coli and other bacteria so it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case here. At the same time though, we are talking zombie disease instead of normal bacteria. So I’m extremely curious to see if and how it effects them.  (Kent: I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to totally overthink this one.)

Raylene:  I think the tainted meat will speed up the infection

Eric:  yes

Melanie:  yes

Jess: It would be awesome if it did

Kent: I’m incredibly conflicted on this one. I don’t believe that the Hunters/Gareth’s people had any ill effects from eating tainted Bob. Also, we know that everybody is infected thanks to Jenner. With that being said, if you read the comics, there is a form of biological warfare. That implies that if it gets in you internally, it should turn you faster, for the same reason that a bite will turn you. It should have an effect is my answer, but cooking it could negate it.


  1. Who do you think will die first: Richard (the guy who got beat up by Jared the Savior) or Ben (the young man that Morgan is training)?

Bits: Ben.  This will make Morgan want to kill again.

Cece:  Ben. I have a feeling they’ll build him up, and get the fans to like him first.

Bob:  Ben – it will affect Ezekiel more and begin to make him unstable.

Briana: Ohhhhh that’s a really tough one! You always make this so difficult because I can see either perspective. If the kingdom gives a reason for the Saviors to punish them, we’ve been warned Richard will be first. However, if we are talking regular deaths, Ben just seems to have an apparent target on him. I’m still going to go with Richard as my final answer though!

Raylene:  I think Ben will get if first by getting bite

Eric:  Ben

Melanie:  I don’t know who either of those people are.  (Kent: I gotta say, I love the bluntness of this response, and it made me laugh. Kudos!)

Jess:  Probably Ben he seems like a wuss.

Kent:  Richard seems so obvious, but if Ben takes the teachings from the book to heart and chooses not to kill, I am thinking that it will cause his or Morgan’s death. So Ben is my pick.


6:  Who do you think will die first: Morgan, Carol, or Ezekiel?

Bits: WTF?!?! One of them dies? If i had to guess it would be Morgan. After Ben dies he will want to kill and then in turn be killed. Or maybe Ezekiel.  Carol can then take over the Kingdom. (Kent: Geez Bitty, I am not saying that one of them has to die, but none of them are alive in the comics 20 years later, so it seems likely that one may get got.)

Cece:  That’s hard to say. Maybe none of them. But when it comes to knowing what to do in the ‘real world’ I think Ezekiel has the worst chance of surviving.

Bob:  Ezekiel (Ezekiel’s Tiger..?)

Briana: I don’t see any of them dying off any time soon. But if I had to choose, it would be Ezekiel. Morgan and Carol have a story line going and they will play that out before considering getting rid of either. Taking it from another perspective though, Carol is by herself most of the time now. She’s close to the Kingdom but not in it so if the Saviors happen to discover she’s living in that house, I don’t see them sparing her.

Raylene:  Carol will die first (Kent: You are the only one who picked Carol first. You will have bragging rights if this comes to fruition.)

Eric:  Ezekiel

Melanie:  Ezekiel

Jess:  Morgan.

Kent: Morgan. I just told you why.


7:  Who is your favorite “new” character from this episode?

Bits: Ezekiel’s man servant, Jerry.

Cece:  Jerry and Ezekiel.

Bob:  Richard – he is the new “Abe” but has a head on his shoulders. (Kent: I do hope that Richard lasts long enough for the inevitable war because I really want to see him in action after that statement. Well done.)

Briana: Definitely Ezekiel. He is my kind of guy! I grew up doing theater so I can relate to why he has chosen to cope with the apocalypse the way he has. Plus he’s funny and calls it like he sees it. My husband didn’t like him at all but he’s not a very imaginative person the way I am so it didn’t surprise me that we had such different feelings about him.

Raylene:  The guy that is with the king usually, Jerry

Eric:  Ezekiel

Melanie:  Ezekiel’s tiger

Jess: Shiva of course!

Kent:  Ezekiel mainly because he is a very smart guy and a master manipulator so far. Plus, his hair is awesome, he owns a tiger, and he even had respect from Gavin (one of the Saviors), so he’s clearly a good business man. I know, most of you are probably going to say Jerry.


  1. Do you think that Carol will continue living in her new home, or will she move into The Kingdom or back to Alexandria by the end of the season?

Bits: By the end of the season I predict that the Kingdom will not exists because Rick’s group always effs up walled cities and Carol will be on the move again.  (Kent: That’s dark. Too soon.)

Cece:  She will more than likely stay where she is now. I have a weird feeling she wants to stay a loner.

Bob:  Carol will be back in Alexandria by the last or second-to-last episode.

Briana: She will definitely resolve this battle with herself in some way by the end of the season. Whether she will go to the Kingdom or Alexandria, I’m not sure yet. It seems for now that she would lean more toward the Kingdom. But I am also still hopeful that Alexandria, the Hill Top, and the Kingdom will team up for the sake of taking out the Saviors so if that’s the case, it shouldn’t matter which she chooses because they will all be smaller parts of one whole.

Raylene:  Carol will live in her home until she dies

Eric:  Move back to Alexandria or where ever Rick and the group are.

Melanie:  Move back to where ever Rick and the crew are.

Jess:  She will be back at Alexandria before we know it.

Kent:  I’ll guess that she stays at the Kingdom and helps with training. While the fighters seemed competent, they don’t seem to have a huge army.  Tobin will be sad.  If I could make a side wager, I’d place $10 on Carol going to the Hilltop, killing Gregory and just taking over, but she may never make it there.


  1. Will Morgan directly kill another human being ever again?

Bits: Yes. Maybe himself.  (Kent: You are incredibly dark with your predictions…..I’m kinda impressed.)

Cece:  probably.

Bob:  Yes.  Everyone has to be dynamic in this show to stay alive.

Briana: Of course. The idea that he thought he could live out the rest of his life without killing someone was absurd in the first place. I think he’s starting to realize things are not as black and white as he’s been pretending. Sure he can justify all day that the wolf guy ended up helping Denise, but at the end of the day, how many decent people die because of the people he could have killed and didn’t. I think killing that savior for Carol’s sake made him start to reconsider his previous philosophy just a little.

Raylene:  I think Morgan will kill again to try and save Carol

Eric:  Yes

Melanie:  Yes

Jess:  Probably not which could cause his death in the future.  (Kent: Well you are the contrarian here, so bragging rights if you nail this one!)

Kent:  I’ll say yes. He will kill to protect Shiva and Ezekiel will reward him with a fair maiden!


Bonus Deuce

  1. Would you rather live in The Kingdom, The Hilltop, Alexandria, or with the Saviors?

Bits: Unfortunately, it’s all about Survival and the Saviors have the upper hand.  I choose them.  (Kent: Well, it appears that we are going to survive, we’re going to live on. Everybody else wants the Kingdom.)

Cece:  The Kingdom.

Bob:  The Kingdom – they seem to have it good at this point and have some weapons – real weapons.

Briana: I would probably prefer the Kingdom. All of these places have their perks. But the Kingdom seems the most fun.

Raylene:  The Kingdom they have a tiger

Eric:  Kingdom

Melanie:  I go where ever Eric goes.

Jess:  I’m gonna pick The Kingdom. Ezekiel is already becoming one of my new favorites.

Kent:  I would say the Saviors is the best because they have power, they have supplies, and if you follow the rules, you survive fairly well.  The Kingdom is my second choice. People seem happy there, everybody works and produces, and their wall is up and it works.  The Hilltop is last because Gregory would sell you out instantly. Alexandria isn’t much better though, but better protection, thanks to Carl.


  1. Out of the remaining, living characters, who would you most want to see interact with King Ezekiel that hasn’t so far? (Basically, you can’t pick Carol or Morgan.)

Bits : Gabriel.  I think Gabriel is full of shit and so is Ezekiel.  They both want good in the end and have to put up a front to get there.  They would make a good team.

Cece:  I’d really like to see Rick’s interaction with him.

Bob:  Gabriel – both are pansies. (Kent: Since both you and Bitty chose Gabriel, I pictured it as Gabriel could really use a new start, and he may feel safer there, so I think it would work well in an odd way.)

Briana: I’m curious to see how Rick and Carl would react to him. I loved Carol’s reaction because it’s so genuine. After all the things she’s seen, he was absolutely ridiculous for her and I think Rick and Carl would feel similar about it. Abraham would have been a really funny one to see interact with him too if that were an option! “What kind of shit show is this?” Haha! (Kent: I’m really surprised that I didn’t consider Carl, but that would be a good one. On the plus side, Carl makes a new friend this season.)

Raylene:  Enid I think that’s her name Carl’s special lady friend (I hadn’t considered her, but she reminds me of Carol in a lot of ways, so that would be funny.)

Eric:  Darryl

Melanie:  Darryl  (Kent: I picture Daryl having that smirk on his face, the half laugh, half disbelief look, and then telling him that having a tiger is kick ass.)

Jess:  It would’ve been cool to hear Abe’s witty response to a freaking tiger! I miss him already.  (Kent: Abe was my first choice too in a perfect world. I imagine Abe with Ezekiel and Eugene with Jerry, for a whole hour.)

Kent:  Eugene. Abe would have been the other obvious choice, but now Eugene is the clear cut favorite, because you know that him and Jerry have to talk at some point.  In theory, Heath would also be fun due to the hair game.

That wraps up about 8 or 9 pages of written word. I hope that you all enjoyed the varied responses. Once again, thank you to all of the wonderful people who helped make this possible. If anybody would like to join in, we could have like a ceremony and welcome you to the family, or more than likely, I will just thank you. Contact me, or leave a message!

All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.

The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:7 Ep:1 – Lucille The Vampire Bat Edition

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. The wait is over, and our questions have been answered. Walking Dead has now entered phase 2. Negan has bashed in some skulls and appears to have broken Rick’s will. We learned that Lucille is part vampire, and that Carl may be the biggest bad ass of them all. While the farm, the prison, Terimuns, the Hunters, and the Wolves have all been varying levels of difficulty, Negan has increased this to maximum difficulty. If you don’t play video games, none of that just made sense.

With that being said, the format is simple. I ask 9 episode specific questions, and the 2 about the Walking Dead Universe. We get lots of interesting opinions, I act like a pompous fool, and we have a few good laughs. Let’s have some fun. Enjoy! Finally, no Negan, your joke was not that bad. People’s responses are listed in the order that I received them. This is a long read, but I promise you, this is well worth reading and sharing with your friends.

Before we start, I feel compelled to get something off of my chest, and you already know what it’s going to be, so you can skip to the first question if you like. To the people who are whining about this show’s violence, please leave the room. You don’t have to announce it. You people are not special. You are simply looking for attention and you like to complain just to complain. I have not read a single valid or viable complaint about this episode. You did, in fact, understand that a character was going to get their head bashed in. You also see the warning before the show airs and usually when it returns from commercial. These people need to go back and get your trophy for participating in a sport because they are all individual snowflakes. I am not suggesting that this wasn’t violent, but what in the blue hell did anybody expect? Find a person that is complaining and simply ask them what they expect based off season 6’s finale. It’s hilarious watching them twist in the wind. I implore everybody upset or offended by the violence to act like a grown up, you don’t have to go to social media and seek out attention, just shut your mouth, and find something that is more to your liking. There’s a difference that modern society seems to forget. There is a HUGE difference between whether something is good or bad to watch, vs your personal opinion. Finally, I implore people to backhand anybody who suggests that this episode was torture porn. That term is not appropriate for this episode, and whoever says it may as well be wearing a sign stating “I’m a moron. My opinions have no merit. Ignore me at all costs.” Go watch the original French film called Martyrs, and then tell me if this episode was torture porn.

The 9

  1. Who caused Glenn’s death?

Cece:  I think Glenn himself because we see in the previous episode he tries to fight back and I don’t think Negan liked that.

Raylene:  Three people played a hand in Glenn’s death. Maggie for making the deal at the hill top to take out Negan. Then Glenn when he tried to stop Negan from approaching Maggie during the line up. Finally, Daryl for punching Negan when he clearly stated that you only get one and after he shuts that shit down.

Briana:  Definitely Daryl! I understand that he just can’t help himself but Negan said “I will shut that shit down!” And you seriously have to believe the threats of the guy who just bashed your friends head in! Don’t get me wrong, I still love Daryl, but he definitely was the reason there were 2 deaths. Even if he didn’t know it wouldn’t be his own.

Melanie:  Negan plain and simple.

Eric:  Glen did because he was eye fucking Negan.

Bob:  I have several suggestions for this.  1) Taking in the totality of the circumstances, Daryl caused Glenn’s death;  2) Negan physically caused Glenn’s death because he was actually the one who did the head smashing;  3) Glenn caused his own death by getting Maggie pregnant;  4) Maggie caused Glenn’s death because she became pregnant;  5) Rick caused Glenn’s death because he is the leader and ultimately is responsibility for the good or bad of the group;  6) Whoever released this virus is culpable for Glenn’s death as well. (Kent: Well, Bob wins this one. That is probably the best thought out response that I have heard yet.)

Jess:  Ultimately Rick for attacking the saviors but Daryl played a part too. Both will probably blame themselves.

Bits:  Negan.  Negan already knew he was going to kill more than one. He’s been scouting them for a long time and sees that Maggie is stronger than Glenn and Glenn was disposable.

Kent:  Well initially Maggie and Rick for waging war, so they are the root of the problem. Then Glenn because he got out of line. I don’t really blame Daryl. Also, watch Glenn for the 5-10 second before Negan smashes his skull. He looks so odd.

  1. What is your fondest Abe moment, or line? (Kent: Please note that I tried to link as many of your picks to YouTube clips.)

Cece:  Oh man, what’s that one about ‘Loose ends make my ass itch’.

Raylene:  There were so many Dolphin Smooth was really great. When we see him first on the how was awesome his sheer enjoyment of bashing walkers heads in is great. Too bad that scene had to be ruined by Tara. Again there are soooo many memories to name for me. (Kent: Fuckin Tara! She’s the worst!)
Briana:  I loved all of his lines! That man made poetry with the word shit! Hahaha!

Melanie:  “Son of a dick!” (Kent: Sorry, couldn’t find that clip.)

Eric:  When he beat up Eugene.

Bob:  When Abe tuned up Eugene for being an complete tool and essentially stole the rug of hope from underneath him.

Jess:  Son of a dick!  (Kent: Sorry, couldn’t find that clip.)

Bits: Who’s Deanna?  (Kent: That will be a response during Loaded Questions, guaranteed.)

Kent:  “Mother Dick” is a phrase that I use quite often, as I do with “Who’d Deanna?”. I use a lot of Abe’s lingo. I wish he would have been with Rick when he took on Joe and The Claimers though. Above all else, I always loved Abe’s flashback story about his wife and kid. The comic was better, but still, it was very heartbreaking.

Season 4 Compilation

Season 5 Compilation

Season 6 Compilation

Here’s a great list as well.

  1. What is your fondest Glenn moment? (Kent: Once again, I tried my best to link to YouTube videos for your responses.)

Cece:  I think my favorite is when he’s talking to Rick in season 1 while he’s in the tank and being a smart ass because he’s this fast pizza delivery boy.

Raylene:  Glenn was alright in my book he was more of a background character for me even though he was a main character. My fondest memory is when Glenn finally fought back against Nicholas in the woods and almost shot him that made me think Glenn was a badass.

Briana:   As cheesy as it sounds “Hey dumbass!” Will always be my favorite Glenn moment. It was the line that made me fall in love with the show. He was absolutely my favorite character and I will miss him dearly.

Melanie:  When Glenn meets Rick for the first time and he looked like a mix of Data and Short Round. Kent: Well, you sold me with a mention of Short Round.)

Eric:  When he was driving that car when they left the warehouse.

Bob:  When Glenn killed one of Negan’s men at one of Negan’s compounds to prevent another form having to kill a non-zombie.

Jess:  Probably when he firsts walkie talkies Rick in the tank and calls him a dumb ass.

Bits: I loved the story line between Glenn and Hershel.  A Dynamic we haven’t seen again on the show.

Kent: When he gets lowered into the well is season 2. Like he’s always that guy getting put in danger, but he tries to play it cool. Also, when he got the list from Lori, that quality. Finally, that time that he died by the dumpster.

  1. Are you happy or disappointed that nobody lost an arm or hand?

Cece:  I’d have to say I’m a little disappointed. I thought it would been sick to see. Although I knew Negan just wanted Rick to get there. (Kent: I think it would have been a sight to see, but it would have changed how people did the final scene, in my opinion.)

Raylene:  I really didn’t want anyone to lose a hand especially when they went down the Carl road screw you Ron for making him lose that eye!!!!!

Briana:  I guess I could take or leave the losing of a limb. I’m glad Carl didn’t lose his hand/arm because the poor kid already only has one eye! It would have been super difficult for him to lose a limb on top of that! However, I kind of like the idea of Rick losing a hand because in the comics, it sort of amplified his badassness! Lol!  (Kent: One handed Rick manhandling fools is always a treat!)

Melanie:  No

Eric:  Disappointed that Rick did not lose his hand.

Bob: I am relieved – I don’t think losing a limb makes for good TV, especially a leader however in a real world scenario, I could see this punishment being effective.

Jess:  I have no opinion either way. I thought they did great keeping everyone on the edge of their seats with the moment.

Bits: I’m happy that no one else was injured during the making of the episode.

Kent: I have to say disappointed. As Brianna said in regards to Rick, it adds this layer of bad assery to his character.


  1. Who will be the first person to try to retaliate against Negan?

Cece:  Maggie.

Raylene:  I feel that Maggie, Rosita or Sasha will try to get revenge on Negan.

Briana:  From the looks of things, I’d have to say Maggie! Hell hath no fury and all that! At the same time, for whatever reason, I could see Carl also being the one to say “hey! So they got a leg up on us once! We are still us!”

Melanie:  Maggie

Eric:  Carl

Bob:  Carl.  Because he is still an idiot.

Jess:  I’m hoping for another bad ass Carol moment. (Kent: I hadn’t considered that, but Carol is my favorite lady on TV, so I’m down with that.)

Bits: Carol

Kent: I hope Carl. If Carl’s story arc plays out in any way similar to the comic, it’s my favorite part about everything that we’ll see the next season or 2.


  1. Did Rick’s group deserve this?

Cece:  No? Why?

Raylene:  Most people say yes but I feel that Negan’s group are the bad ones. Yes our group killed many of their people but Negan’s group goes around slaving groups to work for him and give him half your stuff if you don’t then he kills people until you submit to him.

Briana:  I can see where they deserved it in the Saviors’ minds. Technically, they didn’t do anything to Rick’s group prior to them attacking their compound. So yeah. They kind of did deserve it. With that being said, there would have come a point when the Saviors came after Alexandria anyway so the Saviors also deserved what Alexandria did to them. Them vs Us mentality doesn’t really need logic and is usually a complete misunderstanding based on ignorance of the other group. That is exactly the case here so deserve is a word that really has no meaning anymore. (Did any of that make sense? I’m a rambler sometimes)

Melanie:  For the story line yes, just in general no.

Eric:  Yes. They are kind of assholes. (Kent: Yes, we agree on this. You and I even talked about it on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast.)

Bob:  No person or group “deserves” this however, I believe they had it coming to them.  They didn’t do any reconnaissance and jumped the gun on attacking Negan.  They failed to exhibit patience and were getting high headed…  It was the right time for Rick to learn a  new lesson and be humbled.

Jess:  Technically yes, they killed a lot of Negan’s people and if we were watching the show from his POV we would’ve been cheering him on.

Bits: Yes.  100% yes. (Kent: Your husband even wrote to me to concur on this particular issue!)

Kent: Yeah, they pretty much did. They stuck their nose in other people’s business, although it was smart. Sometimes you gotta take the losses for the greater gain down the line. Negan was totally justified in what he’s doing. I mean, in the zombie apocalypse, there are the haves and the have nots, and if you have, you often have to take by force. Rick’s group was right to try to be proactive though.


  1. Do you think that Daryl will ever leave the Savior’s compound alive?


Cece:  Of course, it’s Daryl. He’s a survivalist.

Raylene:  I believe once the Negan war is over with then we get Daryl back but he’ll have pieces missing because the group will be defiant against Negan’s demands early on. (Kent: Daryl missing pieces is something that didn’t cross my mind initially, but that could totally work.)

Briana:  Oh definitely! He will go through his guilt trip, “I deserve anything they do because I got my friend killed” thing and then eventually he will snap out of it and escape.

Melanie:  Yes!

Eric: Yes

Bob:  Sure.  Unless they have some truly great scenes where we can satisfied with his death. (Kent: Would you be satisfied with my scenario?)

Jess:  Yes Carol is gonna save the day!

Bits:  No. He will work for them for a few seasons.

Kent: I am going to say no, and really go out on a limb. Daryl isn’t going to be able to escape because then he will just be hunted down, and that isn’t much of a story. Now Rick or Daryl could reason with Negan that Daryl will help get the Saviors more supplies, and Negan may agree to that. But, what if Rick and group decides to attack Negan, or try to rescue Daryl. They aren’t successful. Maybe Negan messes with them and says give us more supplies and we will give you Daryl back in return. The group agrees, and let Daryl out of the truck, but it’s walker Daryl. I struggle with them having the balls to kill off Daryl, but what a moment that would be.


  1. Which character will struggle the most the rest of the season, due to this episode’s outcome?

Cece:  Rick.

Raylene:  I believe Maggie will struggle as she already stated that they were all out there because of her. As in because of being ill but mostly due to her deal with Gregory at the hilltop.

Briana:  Daryl will definitely be the one most affected by this episode. Everyone lost someone very dear to them but Daryl will feel responsible for it. Plus, the whole being captured thing probably won’t be easy on him either. Similarly though, Rick will feel responsible simply because he’s supposed to be in charge and Negan truly broke his spirit and that will not be easy on him (as we saw with Lori’s death). (Kent: To go just a little deeper, Daryl is going to feel responsible for the guy that he has known longest. He knew Glenn before he knew Rick. Not by much, but Glenn was an original 6 character.)

Melanie:  Rick

Eric: Maggie

Bob:  I want to say Maggie, but she seems pretty resolved – Maggie has the “long shanks” – she is like Jack Bauer… Everyone they get close to dies.  All that to say it’s not Maggie.  Sasha’s romance was only just beginning with Abe, so I think that it will be her, plus she has already had her mental health problems…  I am going to throw Daryl out there as he will absolutely and directly feel responsible for Glenn’s “preventable” death. (Kent: Like I wasn’t going to comment on a response that included the term “long shanks”. Maggie had a good chunk of her family and some friends remaining in season 2, so yeah, we have seen her lose more people than anybody else aside from when The Governor lost his whole community.)

Jess:  My guess is going to be Rick. Maggie has already lost everyone else so she’s used to it by now. I feel like this moment puts a lot of pressure on Rick and his future decisions as a leader.

Bits:  Sasha.  She effed up before and will be effed up again.

Kent: Daryl and Michonne. Sorry, I’m picking 2. Daryl, for all of the reasons Bri said. Like, he is fucking helpless, at their mercy, and may get burned or worse. Michonne I think because She may be the new morale compass of the group. You could argue for Sasha, Tara, and Morgan, but I think Michonne is the closest. She’s going to struggle because her man is broken from her perspective, and he pseudo son is just a ball of rage most likely. That’s going to be incredibly hard for her. Also, Tobin.


  1. What moment or scene truly defined this episode for you? I know some of you have multiple ones, so have at it. (Kent: I have decided to leave out the 2 death scenes. We’ve all seen it, and some of you don’t really want to see it again, and I think that is fair.)

Cece:  The two best breaking moments were probably Glenn’s sick eye popping out, which was awesome! And the most emotional was Rick finally becoming submissive and losing it. (Kent: The eye popping is such a great visual in the sense that it has been ingrained in the book fans’ minds for a long time, and this didn’t disappoint.)

Raylene:  Well Kent already knows my moment, for I was sitting next to him when it happened. Now I had heard the rumors all summer and how Abe was so happy last season. Plus my dreaming of Abe on Saturday night I think my mind was preparing me. I know characters die and yes its only a show but when you see that Abe was the first to get Lucille my soul was crushed and I cried for the majority of the evening after wards. This for me is like Wrestlemania 30 I don’t want to talk about it or watch it ever again. (Kent: Too soon to bring up Taker losing the streak! Still breaks my heart.)

Briana:  Of course Glenn’s death was the most heart wrenching and graphic. But I think if we are going for “defining” for what point the writers were trying to get at, it was when Rick decided to cut off Carl’s arm. It proved Negan had accomplished what he set out to do. He broke Rick and the group and that moment showed that more than anything else. (Kent: This is pretty much my biggest take away, just in a different manner. The guy has bit a dude’s throat to protect his boy, but was now forced to chop off an arm was pretty incredible.)

Melanie:  When Glen said, “I will find you.” He did this last romantic thing for Maggie. He made his last words about Maggie. This really just defined for me what kind of person we knew Glen was and then he was gone.  Glen is gone is what I take from the episode. (Kent: Eric and I discussed this, and we both agree that Glenn had no clue where the hell he was. I know a lot of people have “romanticized” it. It was a nice nod, and I think it worked incredibly well because the people who were emotionally upset naturally gravitated towards it. So it’s not a who was right or wrong, but it was absolutely effective.)  

 Eric:  When Negan killed Abe and Glen. (Kent: Yeah, we definitely went in detail on the podcast on this particular subject.)

Bob:  One scene.  After Daryl punched Negan and the way they shot the scene  so you could see Negan to the left and Glenn in the center of the screen in the back.  It became very clear what was about t happen. (Kent: It sounds like you probably focused on the exact same thing I did for those few seconds.)

Jess:  Probably when Abe took the bat and flashed Sasha the peace sign. It was his final gesture to her and it was so subtle yet very heart breaking. (Kent: I totally missed this sadly enough. I saw something on it on Monday or Tuesday. Good catch.)

Bits: The final scene.  It was terrifying all the way through and horribly sad but the final scene left us not knowing and the not knowing is scarier than anything. (Kent: To me, that was the reset button for the show. If you think about it, a person who has never seen the show could start watching once it’s light out and it would be all set up for them in that scene. The show has been reset to an extent, and we don’t know what happens, or how long it will take to get to the end of this story arc.)

Kent: There is no right answer here. It will be remembered for so many things. Yeah, it will be known as the episode that Abe and Glenn died. It will be known as the episode when Negan broke Rick. It will be the episode that lit a fuse under Maggie that Negan will never see coming. To me, this is the episode I will remember for Carl being the biggest bad ass in the room and telling his dad to chop off his arm. Whether you love or hate Carl, he was one of 3 guys to challenge Negan. Abe did with how he looked at Negan, basically volunteering, Daryl with the punch, and Carl basically saying that you can cut my arm off, but I am still going to get mine eventually.  Carl is Thug Life.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Throughout the whole Walking Dead franchise, what was your saddest (or 3) saddest death(s)?

Cece:  I cried so damn hard during the whole Merle/Daryl scene. Like, that was the most emotional scene for me in the entire show. Herschel was also upsetting.

Raylene:  Saddest deaths for me are Abe of course, Dale and tie between Tyreese and Bob.

Briana:  This is a tough one! If I had to pick only 3 off the top of my head it would be Glenn, Beth and Hershel. Hershel was a pillar of their community. He was the hope for everyone when no one else had any. He was the moral compass and the one who kept alive the dream of being able to live in this world. Plus, ya know his head after the fact. Glenn because I love him. His death was excruciating to watch and how hard he struggled to find the words to let his wife know one last time how much he loves her. That spelled out everything we love about Glenn. And Beth just because of how untimely and shocking it was and how devastating it was for the group. In a time when they desperately needed a win, they lost again. And it’s not easy to see Daryl the hard ass get so emotional and attached to someone and then lose her. 

Melanie: Glen, Sophia, Hershel, Tyrese…couldn’t do just three.

Eric:  Hershel, Beth, and Glenn

Bob: 1) Hershel;  2) Beth;  3) Tyreese

Jess:  Noah, Lizzie, and Glenn of course. :'(

Bits:  Hershel, Beth, Glenn

Kent: I’m glad that everybody chose multiple ones. For me, quite a few stung, but oddly enough, mine haven’t been touched upon much. 1. Dale because it was the first really big main character to get killed. I didn’t even like Dale, but it was how that whole episode unfolded with arguing about what to do with Randall, and how everybody except Andrea (eventually) kinda turned their back to their ideas and principles out of fear. Everybody was gathered around. People want to complain about gore from this week, but Dale’s belly was savagely ripped open. And when they realized that he was suffering, even Rick was too torn apart to kill him, and Daryl eventually did the act of mercy. 2. Lizzie because if you are a fan of “Of Mice and Men” then it sticks with you. This child doesn’t get it, she doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation, and in her mind, things are ok. Look at the flowers, gets me every time. 3.  Herschel’s death will always stay with me. To this day, I still would love to know, what if Daryl doesn’t tell Carl to not take the shot. Does Herschel live, and for how long? The death itself wasn’t the heartbreaking aspect. It was that it was done in front of everybody, and that approving look that he gave to Rick when Rick tried to make things work, and stupidly failed. Honorable mention to T Dog (Sacrifice to save Carol) and Merle (A single man on a mission that almost succeeded).

  1. Throughout the whole Walking Dead franchise, who had the best death (or list 3)?

Cece:  Noah, Glenn, and Merle

Raylene:  Best deaths Hershel, Noah, Hunters/Terminus people getting slaughtered in Father Gabriel’s church

Briana:  Glenn was the best. It was horrific and terrible but that’s also why it was the best! I knew from the dumpster scene and after reading issue 100 that he had to go the way he went. It was too epic to not have Glenn be the one to execute it. If they hadn’t killed him like that, they couldn’t have ever killed him. Nothing else would have been good enough for him. (Again, if any of that makes sense! I’m never sure my words convey how I mean them)

Melanie: Not really sure what you mean by best deaths…like, coolest, most peaceful, or so they didn’t become a walker?  I will go with I think the most peaceful death would be Bob Stookey (played by Lawrence Gillard Jr.).  Everyone saying goodbye and he be accepting of his fate.

Eric: Tyreese had the best death because he was hallucinating the whole time.

Bob:  Andrea.

Jess:  Denise still was my most favorite death just because of how well she acted it out. That one still sticks with me out of all of them.

Bits:  Noah, Sophia, Denise

Kent: 1. Tyreese because it was one of the best episodes that they have ever done, and although upsetting, it was beautiful and like a work of art really.  2. The Hunters in the Church was one of the absolute best slaughters and so satisfying.  3. Bob’s for everything that Melanie touched upon. Bob grew to be one of my all time favorite characters, so he went out like a champ. Honorable mention to both of Glenn’s deaths, Shane because he got put down by both Rick and Carl, Governor because  it took multiple people to take him down, Andrea’s because I loved watching her squirm, Claimer Joe, the crazy bitch that tried to kill Rick out in the woods, Jenner and Jacqui in the CDC, and finally Ed because that abusive fuck deserved it.

I have to say that I find the vast assortment of opinions pretty interesting. I consider this a success. Thank you once again to all of the incredible people that took the time to write this out. Please, take a moment, leave a comment on this. I hope that we can do this again next week.

All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.

The Walking Dead Season 7A Preview – 9 Deuce Discussion – Part 3 of 3

Welcome friends, acquaintances, and mortal enemies. I am your host, Kent, and I am going to pose 9 questions about this upcoming season and then 2 bonus TWD themed questions. I will be doing this throughout the season. I’m pretty excited. I’m always looking for people to share their opinions, so please contact me if you would like to engage with us. As this is a season preview, it’s not terribly easy to come up with a bunch of questions, so humor me. I know some of you have read the comic, and yes, that may help, but please be mindful of those that have not.

I originally intended for this to be just one blog, but then I got a ton of people who volunteered their time to contribute, so it came out to 10 pages of just words. I then decided to break it down in 3 parts, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will provide links as they come or you can visit

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3

Please enjoy, leave comments, share with your friends. Or don’t, because you don’t want to take a chance and show your friends just how amazing you are. Your choice, of course.

  1. OK, you know the question, who do you predict gets killed by Lucille to start the season? By now, everybody knows that it was Glenn in the comics. If you have seen the TV show spoilers, do not respond as your answer is not welcome, and if you do spoil it, I will end you. I will make my own personal Lucille, hunt you down, and end you.

Jess:  I don’t have a prediction but I don’t feel like it’s going to be Glenn to get the bat. Too predictable for such a major cliff hanger.

Briana:  I’ve thought ever since Glenn came back from the dumpster incident that they were preparing us to lose him. I think everyone is completely convinced he won’t die because it’s too obvious since that’s his comic book death but I think that’s exactly why it will be him. They want us to think they wouldn’t be so obvious and in your face, but they would, they completely would. On the other hand, once I saw the new clip, I thought maybe Abraham. Rick has blood on his face from the beating and on that side of him is Maggie and Abraham. So then I thought it has to be one of them because Glenn is no where near Rick and out of Maggie and Abraham, they’re not going to kill the pregnant lady. And maybe they just want to keep us in suspense without actually really taking away one of the most beloved characters. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love Abraham! He’s hilarious but I’d miss him less than Glenn or Darryl. And we all know how much TWD likes to kill off people who are just barely important. I really really don’t think it’s Darryl because of the blanket. They wouldn’t have shown that if it was truly him. At the same time, obviousness is why I think it’s Glenn so maybe it is Darryl but I don’t think so.

Tom:  With my limited knowledge, he seems like a threat, and he is not the leader.

Bob:  You should already have a Lucille, for the record.  Maggie takes the hit. (Kent:  You’re absolutely right, I should have my own Lucille!) 

Bitty: I’ve heard to many guesses to make my own guess anymore.  I do know that i’m looking forward to the episode and not looking forward to the episode.  The fact that Scott Gimple told us to not watch it alone leads me to believe its a fan favorite.  

Melanie:  Who gets Lucille’d? Seriously no clue and I refuse to look online.

Raylene:  I am devastated writing this but my Abe will get it and perhaps Daryl as well.
Eric: I think it is Michonne.

Kent: First off, just realized that Michonne is the only person to not have Lucille in frame with her face during the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.

If I had to put money down, it’s Abe. But it’s a logical fallacy. Negan wants these people to work for him, and he doesn’t seem to have the emotional attachment that would crush the group’s spirits in the same way that Glenn would. But as I said, Glenn has been surrounded by foreshadowing for so long, what’s the point? Maggie dying crushes the group’s soul in so many ways. I will stick with Maggie being the best choice. Remember, Glenn burned her picture because he would never need it again. Nobody expects it to be Maggie because what kind of heartless tyrant kills a pregnant woman? A smart guy who knows that a guy has impregnated her, he knows that she will be useless to him as a gatherer, and she will need to have even more supplies for the baby. Kill her Negan! Of course the new trailer implies that it’s a man, so goodbye Kent’s theory on Maggie.

On the other hand, I think it’s Glenn. You can analyze the position of where everybody is, where the blood splatter is on Rick’s face, all of that stuff. Let’s face it, Negan probably pulls whoever more towards the center, so it can be “anybody”. In theory, the first person perspective is important. Why? Because they did the first person perspective all episode long with the 4 (Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, and Michonne) inside the vehicle. Why do that perspective and do another first person perspective for the kill? You can argue it any which way, but the person’s perspective when they were inside was Glenn’s if you pay attention to when they were brought out and you can see which side they are on, and they are in the back. That’s Glenn. Also, I have long held on to the idea that this is THE defining moment in the comic, right? I almost feel like they have tried softening the blow for a long time now. Plus, Kirkman did this 2 February’s ago.

I also think that we are getting 2 major deaths for this premiere. The hype is just too much for one singular death, but 2 in the same episode, now we’re talking. Also, I so don’t want to see youtube videos of people’s reactions to this. Stop it. It’s been over done.

OK, final prediction: Abe is Lucille’d, Rick loses a hand, and Glen gets killed trying to maybe find Heath or he strikes back at Negan’s group after getting Maggie to the Hilltop. If not Glenn, then Daryl. Somebody will outshine Abe’s death, sadly. It’s my blog and I can write way too much, deal with it.

If I were to give percentages for likeliness to die, they would look like:

The Usual Suspects – People to Rick’s right
Abe – 40% His life is going so well up to this trip. He is finally happy with Sasha, and looking towards the future. Death is imminent soon, whether it be Lucille or a different source. Also, Negan refers to a right hand man. Abe is the one helping Rick carry the stretcher and looks the part.

Glenn – 30% One of the most iconic comic book moments. This was issue #100, and Glenn meets Lucille. Unlike the comics though, Glenn has had so many things happen that were subtle shout outs to the fans, with the bats, and seeing the pictures, the fake death. Death also feels imminent here with Glenn, and he is one of 5 original season one remainders.

Michonne – 12% Let’s face it, Michonne’s starting to lose some of her identity, and some are starting to just see her as Rick’s girlfriend who can fight. She’s also starting to find happiness like Abe. Also, Negan may know how close they are. Taking her out is a very risky move, but they do have another bad ass black chick, so it’s possible and would crush the audience. Plus, she was the only one to not have the bat in her face.

Daryl – 10% If we truly believe that Negan knows about Daryl’s closeness with Rick, this would be absolutely killer. Daryl has become Rick’s brother. I genuinely feel that Norman has a lot of opportunities out there, but I think he is smart enough to know that this is his pinnacle for fame. Unless he has a sure fire thing to go to next, I don’t see him asking out. I don’t foresee Kirkman getting rid of his female meal ticket. He brings in a lot of females, and some dudes. He is probably the fan favorite of choice. Seems unlikely, but he may have been offered a Godfather deal too good to pass up.

Maggie – 5% She’s been around since season 2. She is pregnant. Readers of the comics know just how much power that she ends up wielding down the road. But let’s not trick ourselves into believing that she is untouchable. Her role in the comics can be easily replaced by Sasha or Carol with minimal issue. Oh, and neither of them are alive in the comic, so this works out doubly well. This is the kill that gets Rick’s attention the most that cripples the group’s morale and hopes more than anyone aside from Carl, and that ain’t happening. She has to be considered as Negan knows how important she is to Glenn.

The people that the audience isn’t attached to as much.
Rosita – 1% Her character could be important for Eugene or to turn heel.
Sasha – 1% I feel that she will be the sniper/Andrea role.
Aaron – 1% Honestly, aside from the Gay Community audience members, this wouldn’t be a huge loss.

No chance in hell group. All 3 are way too important and impossible to replace for the upcoming story lines. The comics handles all 3 perfectly.
Eugene – 0%
Carl – 0%
Rick – 0%

Bonus Deuce

  1. Do you think that it’s bullshit that Glenn is still alive after the dumpster scenario?

Jess:  I probably watched that scene 100 times and analyzed every angle of every dumpster I happened to come by. I understood the frustration behind it but secretly I was ecstatic he was still alive. I love me some Glenn!

Briana:  Not at all. It pissed me off at the time because it was a crappy thing to do, making us think he was dead all that time and then not even showing us in the first episode back what had happened. But I don’t think that would have been a fair send off for him after having such an epic comic book death. But I think it was a preparation for him dying at Negan’s hand.

Tom:  Death by bat!

Bob:  No, it just should have been filmed better.

Bitty: Kind of.  I like Glenn a lot and i’m not sure anyone would have survived that fall into walkers, however it wasn’t his way to go.  The walkers have all gotten slower as the Seasons have continued.  In the beginning a walker was able to crawl under a car and snatch Sofia’s leg and run after her.  Now they are the minimal threat so it is possible that Glenn is faster than them.

Melanie:  Nope!  I have said it all along.  The intestines that they were pulling out were not his.  That dude acted literally as a human shield.  Super nice of him!

Raylene:  Only you Kent are still thinking about the darn dumpster scene.  (Kent: Much like wrestling, it’s still real to me, damnit!!)
Eric: Yes absolute bullshit he is still alive.

Kent:  Yeah, I do. Here’s the blog backing up my belief.

  1. If you could pick one person to turn on Rick’s group and join Negan and the Saviors, who would it be?

Jess:  Carl! I would like to see him play a villainous character against his own father. Who’s your daddy?

Briana:  That’s a tough question because I couldn’t really see any of them fitting in with Negan’s group. They all have too much of a bond with each other and none of them are the type of people who would do the things the Saviors do. If I had to choose one though, it would have been Carol before Morgan got in her head. She seemed like she could have fit in with the chick who held her captive if they hadn’t been on opposing sides.

Tom:  I’ll go with Carl as he would create the most drama.
Bob:  Eugene. I think he naturally gravitates to those who are more powerful and able to protect him.
Bitty: Andrea.  Can i say that??

Melanie:  Eugene because he is a huge pussy  and I would like to see him less or dead.

Raylene:  Carl will turn on Rick, but it won’t happen right away.
Eric:  Father Gabriel

Kent: Rosita, Tobin, or Kent. OK, I kid on the latter 2. Rosita is in a weird place at the moment with the Abe situation, and she is skilled. More importantly, I can craft an easier reason for her to betray the group better than anybody else. She hooked up with Abe for protection. Well, you can become one of Negan’s wives and get the same thing, but without having to do much other than put out. She may choose that over scavenging for the foreseeable future. If Kent turned heel though, would I be happy.

All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.

The Walking Dead Season 7A Preview – 9 Deuce Discussion – Part 2 of 3

Welcome friends, acquaintances, and mortal enemies. I am your host, Kent, and I am going to pose 9 questions about this upcoming season and then 2 bonus TWD themed questions. I will be doing this throughout the season. I’m pretty excited. I’m always looking for people to share their opinions, so please contact me if you would like to engage with us. As this is a season preview, it’s not terribly easy to come up with a bunch of questions, so humor me. I know some of you have read the comic, and yes, that may help, but please be mindful of those that have not.

I originally intended for this to be just one blog, but then I got a ton of people who volunteered their time to contribute, so it came out to 10 pages of just words. I then decided to break it down in 3 parts, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will provide links as they come or you can visit

Link to Part 1 of 3
Link to Part 3 of 3

Please enjoy, leave comments, share with your friends. Or don’t, because you don’t want to take a chance and show your friends just how amazing you are. Your choice, of course.


  1. Will Eugene find any romance this season?

Jess:  There might be a lovely lady looking to smooch Eugene this season. Oh wait no, that’s just a walker.

Briana:  I’ve been curious about this since they settled in Alexandria. It’s definitely possible but since it wouldn’t be a necessary addition to the story line, I don’t know if they’ll waste the time on it except maybe for the purpose of the good guy getting the girl. I’m rooting for him though!

Tom: Death by bat.

Bob:  No, nothing mutual.

Bitty: Eugene will not find love this season.  He will survive Lucille and will be forced to make ammunition by Negan.

Melanie:  I hope not.  I don’t like him and the thought of any more of him running around is gross.  (Kent: Wait, so the Tennessee Top Hat does nothing for you? Not even a little bit? He respects the hair game!)

Raylene:  Yes, Eugene will either end up with Rosita or he will turn Tara bisexual. (Kent: If any man can turn a lesbian to a bisexual, it’s Eugene!)

Eric: Maybe with new characters.

Kent: Sure. I’ll just write my own story. One of Negan’s wives escapes and ends up heading to Alexandria, and Eugene steps up and saves her and she is close to getting killed by a walker. Eugene is her white knight and even though she is hot, she still digs him. They hide her when Negan comes to collect his pay. At one point, she is discovered and Negan kills her right in front of Eugene to further his character arc. I love that man.


  1. Aside from the obvious “who gets it from Lucille”, name something else that you look forward to seeing this season, even if it’s pure speculation.

Jess:  I’m hoping to see Carl struggle a bit with the fact that he just lost his eye people! What’s the story with that?

Briana:  In general I’m excited about the season because i stopped reading the comics after Glenn. (not for any particular reason, I just have a very absent mind and sort of forgot I’d been reading it) So for once I don’t have any clue what is going to happen. But I think I’m curious to see what happens to Carol and Morgan and where their story goes because I really hate this whole not killing thing. I’d like to see if killing the Savior to save Carol was a fluke or if he will continue killing when necessary. Also, I’d like there to be a baby Glenn and Maggie (assuming Maggie isn’t the one Negan whacks). Finally, I’m just really excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan bring Negan to life! (Kent: Anything else that you would like to add? Your answer was very succinct.)

Tom:  More deaths by bat. (Kent: nodding in agreement)

Bob:  This may be boring, but Rick chartering a mutiny against Negan. (Kent: No, it’s absolutely not boring and is some of the more compelling stuff in the comic in my opinion.)

Bitty:  I really am looking forward to the Kingdom.  I do not read the comics so it will all be new to me.  I’ve also always been a huge fan of the name Ezekiel and now that it will be a WD mainstream name i’m even more in love with it! (Kent: I really hope that Ezekiel is introduced at 25 minutes and 17 seconds in to an episode.)

Melanie:  Just more Daryl kicking ass.

Raylene:  To see the Whisperers in action.

Eric: I would like to see them back in a safer location. Daryl also needs to get his bike back.  (Kent: Would you accept Daryl getting a new bike with the help of Aaron, who clearly knows his way around a bike?)

Kent: Shiva, Spencer, the Savior’s compound, and the flashback story of why Dwight’s face is in it’s current state. Believe me, it’s fucking awesome as Negan would say. Also, very intrigued by Enid’s role, whatever it may be, this season.

  1. Will Carol rejoin Rick’s group this season?


Jess:  No, Carol will be off looking at the flowers.

Briana:  Since it seems she was taken to the Hilltop at the end of the last episode, I assume so. She left because of a mental breakdown over the people she’s killed. If she can pull herself out of that, she will realize being on her own isn’t any better than having to kill for the people she loves. I don’t see Carol going anywhere but I could definitely be wrong.

Tom:  Yes

Bob:  Possibly in the last episode.

Bitty: No.  It will be much like when Carol was exiled like Rick before.  She will continue on her journey and we will watch her become even stronger.
Melanie:  Yes because her me-time is over.

Raylene:  Perhaps Carol will rejoin towards the end of the season.

Eric:  Yes because she has also been a part of the group.

Kent: I can see her and Morgan staying in The Kingdom and help train them while Carol heals. They sorely need some training.  In my opinion, Carol is the #3 most important character to the show behind Rick and Negan. She has made Daryl expendable in that women still can get behind a strong female character. Daryl is still 4.

  1. Will we ever see or hear about the Wolves moving forward?


Jess:  Is that still a thing?

Briana:  That’s a good question because I felt the way they handled that situation was very odd. It was such a quick little plot. A lot of build up for just one fight. We don’t know if they killed all of them or not so it’s definitely possible. With the Saviors and possibly the Whisperers still in the picture, the wolves seem pointless. The other 2 groups are far more terrifying than the Wolves. (Kent: Do you think we will get any other subtle hints towards the Whisperers prior to the ending of the story arc before the comic jumped in time several years? I don’t know how to say that with less spoilers.)

Tom:  I’d say that since we haven’t seen an official end to them, we have to see them again.

Bob:  Only as a memory, perhaps by seeing an occasional “W” scarred into someone’s forehead.

Bitty: I freaking hope not. Bunch of A-Holes!

Melanie:  They add suspense to the story, so I say yes.

Raylene:  Maybe we’ll have one more Wolves encounter.

Eric: No. The wolves are done.

Kent: I felt that the Wolves, much like The Hunters were a wasted opportunity to do some cool shit. Terminus last all of 2 episodes. We know that some Wolves still exist, and I say that Morgan hasn’t seen the last of them yet. It would be cool if Negan, to show that his group is holding up their end of the deal, come and fuck up the remaining Wolves, but unlikely.

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The Walking Dead Season 7A Preview – 9 Deuce Discussion – Part 1 of 3

Welcome friends, acquaintances, and mortal enemies. I am your host, Kent, and I am going to pose 9 questions about this upcoming season and then 2 bonus TWD themed questions. I will be doing this throughout the season. I’m pretty excited. I’m always looking for people to share their opinions, so please contact me if you would like to engage with us. As this is a season preview, it’s not terribly easy to come up with a bunch of questions, so humor me. I know some of you have read the comic, and yes, that may help, but please be mindful of those that have not.

I originally intended for this to be just one blog, but then I got a ton of people who volunteered their time to contribute, so it came out to 10 pages of just words. I then decided to break it down in 3 parts, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will provide links as they come or you can visit

Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Please enjoy, leave comments, share with your friends.

  1. Why does Tara exist?

Jess:  I’m hoping for some redemption from Tara’s character this season. There’s definitely room for her to grow…or die.

Briana:  Personally, I think Tara’s role in the show seems mostly about guiding Eugene to becoming more of an asset to the group. She seems to have spent the majority of her time being the one to slap him in the face with the truths he doesn’t want to hear but needs to hear. Otherwise, maybe as the token lesbian? Haha! I only kid but I sort of like Tara in an expendable kind of way.

Tom:  Death by bat!

Bob:  Tara exists is a placeholder, a void.  She is someone that doesn’t cause a significant affect on the audience when she gets hurt somehow and could conveniently and unexpectedly save another member of Alexandria (i.e., Rick is busy somewhere else like everyone else so they can’t be a saving grace for someone, uhh yea use Tara)

Bitty:  Tara still feels non existent to me.  In the beginning, she was there to show that someone is able to still have the freedom to change their minds and switch sides; when she jumped ship from the Governor to Rick’s group.  Since the switch she has just been a side story for me.

Melanie:  Who is that? Seriously, I had to google who Tara was.  Mind you I am not a particularly great Walking Dead watcher, but still…no clue.

Eric:  No clue…she is just filler.

Raylene:  Tara exists because there is always one awful useless female character in this show.

Kent:  I have been wondering this since season 4. I seriously disliked her the moment we met her. If anybody watched it with me, they can vouch for my instead hatred of this character. Please piss of Negan or Shiva, I beg you Tara.

  1. In the preview, we see Negan dragging Rick at one point. Do you think Negan will physically harm Rick in any way?


Jess:  I believe Rick is safe from physical harm because he’s going to be mentally scarred after whoever gets the bat.

Briana:  We know in the comics, Rick loses his hand to the Governor and since that never happened, I assume that’s what they were hinting at. I can’t think of another plausible reason for taking him into the RV. Negan isn’t the kind of man who negotiates so what could he possibly have to talk with Rick about.

Tom:  I feel that he needs to maim Rick in some way. See, you thought I was going to say “Death By Bat”.

Bob:  No, this would not be a buildup to a grander confrontation, the stage has already been set for that anything else would just be excess.

Bitty:  My girly opinion would be “NOOOOO!!!!” but my real guess is Yes.  I think Negan will either cut off his hand or arm.  Negan states “a right hand man” so maybe that was our hint.

Melanie:  I think he will hurt him to show dominance, but I don’t think he is the, “one”.

Eric:  Yes, nothing major though just to rough him up to show power.

Raylene:  Negan will finally cut Rick’s hand off.

Kent: In the comic, when Rick and the Governor had a confrontation, Rick ended up worse for wear. While I don’t foresee that exactly playing out now, I want to say that Rick loses a finger as a message for Rick threatening Negan. It could also be the hand as well. Just not his brass balls.

  1. Do you feel that Father Gabriel has redeemed himself yet to the group after some of his underhanded things early on in Alexandria?

Jess:  To the group yes, to the audience maybe not. I cringed when Rick left the baby with him.

Briana:  The first time I watched it, I didn’t think I’d ever like him even by the end of season 6. However, my second time watching season 6, I realize what he did in the beginning was more about misunderstanding. When he saw the group slaughter the Terminus people, he really didn’t know the extent of evil these people possessed. He learned a little after going to the school and seeing Bob’s charred foot but I still think in his mind what they did was worse. He didn’t know them well and didn’t trust them after witnessing that. And let’s face it, he was a priest, it’s not easy to see that kind of thing and hope for the best. There came a point when he realized who he was and who his group was. After that, he did everything in his power to redeem himself and that is enough for me to believe he can be a valuable group member. More so than Morgan who irritates me with his “every life is precious” bull shit! Gabriel at least knows there are people who do what they have to and there are people who do what they want to do.

Tom: No

Bob:  By the reasonable and prudent man rule yes, he has redeemed himself.  I am not convinced he has redeemed himself in his own heart.  His mind is trying to convince himself he is working toward that end though.

Bitty:  Gabriel Shmabriel.  He is another character I can do without. In my eyes he can never be trusted and i’m still waiting for him to crack again.

Melanie:  I think he has redeemed himself, but I think people should still have a close eye on him.

Eric:  No, not at all. Still a dirt bag causing problems.

Raylene:  Yes I feel Father Gabe has, as long as he still is a hoss and protects Judith as well.

Kent: I know a lot of fans despise Gabriel, but I like that he’s come out of his shell after being such a coward. I think the group would say yes to pay him mouth service, but no, I don’t think he has the trust of say a third of Alexandria yet.

  1. Will any of the Alexandria group die via bite from a walker this season?


Jess:  I don’t see walkers as the real threat anymore. More or less just background noise. My guess is no.

Briana:  Of course! At the end of the day, it’s a show about zombies. You can’t have an entire season with no one getting a little love nip from the walkers!

Tom:  Yeah, there’s gonna be a walker death.

Bob:  Yes, the “red shirts”(Kent: This answer really made me laugh.)

Bitty: My guess is many will die but not from a walker.

Melanie:  Tara…she seems pretty expendable and forgettable.

Eric: No one is safe…

Raylene:  Yes not a main character will die of a walker bite.

Kent:  Walkers are no longer the threat, humans are. They have been expounding that for awhile now. I think that would be a way to troll the fans is to have one of our badasses deal with some people, but get killed by a walker because we need to remember, they are still a threat. Some may even talk to you if you listen to Morgan.  Probably Kent dies via walker bite and I riot.

All of the pictures are the property of AMC, the producers, Robert Kirkman, and all of the other people who helped make this. I am simply using the images for review purposes.