The Wrestling 9 Deuce – May 22 & 23, 2017 – The Drifter Debuts Edition


Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that openly discusses the differences between Punjab and having a Poon Job.  Yes, we are the ever classy, The Wrestling 9 Deuce.  Russ, Keri, and myself delve oh so deep into the week that was in the wacky world of professional wrestling.  Oh, and look who is rehabbing and hopefully due back in June!  I can’t wait for Emma to return.

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The 9

  1.  How good did my boy Elias Sampson look in his in ring debut?  Was Dean the right guy to debut against?    Also, Maryse looked great.

Russ:  Overall, I thought Elias looked good.  Loved the part where he tried to sing and the crowd wasn’t having it. His in ring skills seemed pretty legit.  Dean’s style seems to match with almost anyone on the roster (which makes him a great candidate when you want to showcase someone’s talent.)  Still too early to tell much though and with the obvious interference coming I knew I wasn’t going to see how things measured up in the end.  Still I liked what I saw.  Only complaint:  I understand why Elias would attack Dean after the interference from a heel perspective, but in real life if The Miz attacked me to prove a point to my opponent, I’d go after the guy who took a cheap shot on me.  (Kent: I think he gets involved in the Dean and Miz rivalry to give Elias some stellar guys to work with immediately.)

Keri:  I thought Elias was stellar in his debut match. He matched up really well with Dean and was pretty impressive. I don’t remember him being this good when he was in NXT. However, I stopped watching NXT weekly around when he arrived so that may be the reason. Overall, though it was nice to see him in the ring finally and not wandering around backstage just playing the guitar. Also, yes I agree, Maryse looked very nice.

Kent:  Drink it in maaaaaaan.  Welcome to the Kent table Elias.  You can sit with Baron, Alexa, Tye, and Luke.  The Revival will be there soon too, so save some room.  I thought that they would give Elias a series of jobber matches to show off his moveset.  Instead they gave him the biggest champ on RAW, and it worked.  Dean does his best work in brawl style matches.  Elias actually has a lot of technical prowess to with his timing on knee strikes.  Yes, there was a rest hold, and Elias will need better cardio, but if they want to make another star, they have a guy to mold into “the next big thing”.  One big problem is the lack of a mid card on RAW, so they will have to move Elias higher than he may be ready for, but I am cool with them trying him out.  Also, Maryse looked great……I feel like somebody already said that.

  1.  Paul Heyman cut a promo that only Paul Heyman could cut.  The WWE experimented with giving him Cesaro and Curtis Axel, and it never clicked.  All things considered, would you put Paul with any act on RAW?  You can also pick one for Smackdown for fun.

Russ:  Basically, we are looking to see who would be a good Paul Heyman guy.  I honestly believe that Roman Reigns would be a great Paul Heyman guy.  Roman does ok on his own, but you put a mouthpiece like Heyman with him and you get some magic.  Heyman can get you excited to see Ellsworth vs. a piece of wood.  (Kent: I’d watch the hell out of that match.)  So imagine what he could do for Roman.  It would effectively stop all of the Roman-haters (who hate him for all the wrong reasons) and Heyman would elevate what would already be a pretty good match (since Roman usually has good matches) to a spectacle.  

Keri:  Why is it always a Paul Heyman guy and not a Paul Heyman girl?  With that question asked, I say we make Charlotte a Paul Heyman girl. She has the in ring skills to be extremely dominate in either women’s division. However, on the mic, she’s well terrible and as a result her character needs a lot of work. With Paul Heyman as her mouthpiece, she could really elevate herself to Alexa levels in the Smackdown women’s division and that division needs elevating especially before Asuka gets there. (Kent: In all fairness, I specifically said act rather than guy.  I simply couldn’t come up with a girl on the roster who was good enough in ring but mediocre enough on the mic, aside from Bayley who doesn’t fit the Paul mold.  Charlotte still sucks in the ring and would be another Cesaro at best.  You know what, scrap that.  What about Asuka????  I know that you just got on board with that idea Keri.) (Keri: I’m not mad at it.)

Kent:  The Revival is the act that I think would benefit the most, and are so good that Paul doesn’t even have to come out every week.  It would be cool to know that he advocates for them.  If Nia Jax had any talent, I may have picked her.  On Smackdown, there are 2 acts that just need that extra something to get over the.  They would be Rusev and Luke.  Rusev can actually talk really well, but Luke is still limited.  If you have Paul singing Luke’s praises week after week, you know that he becomes a main eventer.

  1.  Another week, another another tag team question for everyone. So, we saw the stipulation set for Extreme Rules between the Hardys and Sheasaro and we also saw a classic case of who done it with the discovery of an unconscious Enzo. Discuss all or any part of this.

Russ:  I’m not sure why the Hardly’s wanted a steel cage stipulation for their match. (How does that benefit them?) Also, how does a steel cage match work in a tag team match?  Does only one guy have to escape?  Both?  Seems stupid either way.  As for Enzo getting laid out.  Anyone is a suspect even anyone in the crowd because who doesn’t want him to shut the fuck up!   This is the mystery of the century!     

Keri:  Really, the Hardys (specifically Matt) beat Sheasaro (specifically Sheamus) yet again this week. What is going on with Sheamus and the Hardy Boys? Why can’t he beat them? This is a question I have that I really need answered because I’m still confused from last week. Either way, we now have a steel cage match as the situation for tag team title match at Extreme Rules. This should be interesting, I guess. But my question is still, why should I care and does Sheasaro actually stand a chance of beating the Hardys? I think not. Also, my guess on the who done it front is, Ciampa from NXT is the one who laid out Enzo. I mean look what he did to Gargano at Takeover. It has to be him. He’s becoming the Braun of the tag team division and beating up everyone. I believe that his frustration taken to a new level don’t you think?

Kent:  I just don’t see how a cage match is beneficial to the Hardly’s.  Something that requires speed and risk taking would be more beneficial, which I thought meant that we would be getting a ladder match.  Like the one time it makes sense to copy NXT and they blow it.  Sheamus is a 4 time former world champ.  He can’t beat Matt Hardly.  It makes no sense!!!  Next week, Sheasaro will finally get the upper hand so they can job at the PPV.  As for who laid out Enzo?  I have numerous ideas.  I think it would be funny if multiple guys take credit for it next week.  Like Kurt asks for whoever did it to come out and admit their guilt.  You could have G&A come out and say that they beat up a nerd.  The Miz could come out.  Hell, it would be hilarious if James Ellsworth came out.  The real answer should be Dash Wilder to give us a feud when Dawson is healed.  

  1.  My boy, Titus took a hit to his brand last night.  How are we feeling about the Titus Brand Gimmick?  Is it working for you?  

Russ:  At first I have to admit that I hated this gimmick.  He was super annoying about it and all he did was lose.Now though, he is still losing all the time, but they seem to be taking the gimmick in positive direction.  I like the portrayal of Titus doing what it takes to get his brand to new heights.  I’m not so sure having Apollo lose this week was the right call, but I’ll see where they are leading it.  Apollo and Titus are a perfect fit let’s give them a chance to be successful.    

Keri:  I’m good with the Titus Brand storyline but for some reason I think it’s missing something.  I think that something is more people need to be added to the Titus Brand. I mean this has the makings of a good stable but for some reason the trigger has been pulled. Apollo is already involved. So I say add a few more lower mid card guys and see where this thing goes from there.

Kent:  I liked the backstage stuff with Kalisto, Apollo, and Titus.  Then the match happened, and I didn’t like the whole “Titus yells, Apollo is suddenly a moron” bit.  It honestly made no sense.  Every manager would be imploring Apollo to stay on him, so why would that be a distraction?  This is why Apollo loses so damn much.  He’s a F’N moron.  I loved Booker and Corey’s commentary to during this because it really helped.  Here’s the problem.  “Friends” of Apollo are going to keep asking him why he is staying with Titus.  Well if he has a winning streak, he can point to that.  If he’s losing over miscommunication, what does Apollo point to as a reason to stay?  I gotta be honest for a moment and give a cliche answer that I hate, but this seems like a case where it’s too early to form an accurate opinion if they have this mapped out for the next month or two.

  1.  Do you have any issue with Finn having a match against Karl Anderson?

Russ:  Not really.  Most people know they are friends backstage and matches that usually pit friends against each other end up being better.  This is because friends want what is best for each other and want to make the other guy look good.  So a match like this you know Finn isn’t going to let this be a total squash match.  The only minor complaint is that there is no rhyme or reason for this match in kayfabe.  

Keri:  I don’t hate it but I also don’t understand it. This match just seemed so random and led me to have even more questions. Why was this match booked? Did something happen during pre-show that I wasn’t aware of? If there was, why didn’t they explain it? I mean Finn really shouldn’t have any issues with G&A and vice versa but it just seemed like there was something there.  Again, it just seemed random. If this continues into next week, the pay-off better a club reunion or I don’t care. And that is hard for me to say about anything involving Finn.

Kent:  I’m torn on this.  I say that my answer is a tentative yes, and I’ll elaborate briefly.  It’s fairly well known that Finn has a relationship with G&A, even casual fans are aware of this, by and large.    I’d be fine if they had given us a reason for the match.  Something like G&A pissed off Kurt so he punished them by taking on Finn.  I needed a reason.  Yes, this could play out into something more down the road.  I think that is all the more reason to have given us a reason why these guys had to face each other, rather than random throwaway match.  

  1.  The opening segment introduced us to the 6 participants for the Men’s Money in the Bank match.  Give me your thoughts on the segment and the participants.

Russ:  I liked the segment.  All the guys got to say their piece and it all worked well. Loved Owens coming out and proving his point.  Loved that they gave Shinsuke his full entrance. With this group of guys I honestly don’t know who I want to win the Money in the Bank this year.  All of them have a legitimate chance to win and all of them would make a great Mr. Money in the Bank.  What I like about this, and normally this is a bad thing, but with all these great talents in the ring for one match we will: 1.  Get a great match no matter the outcome.  2.  Get to see some of the overshadowed talent get some ring time on a PPV.  Think about who isn’t in this match that you would want to see in a match that might get overshadowed.  Tye, BreezeDango, Rusev, Aiden, Luke, Rowen, etc.   They can all get a match on the PPV now because so much of the top talent is occupied by this one match.  I’m all for that right now!  

Keri:  The thing that really bothered me about this whole segment was where was Rusev? We get video packages where he asks for a championship match at Money in the Bank and then says he’s coming to Smackdown to talk to Shane about said opportunity and then we get nothing. No explanation or anything. Rusev could have easily been the surprise entrant into the MITB match. I’m not mad at the choices and think they are good choices. I just like some continuity in my wrestling. At least, once in awhile I do.

Kent:  I really wish that Luke was in this match so he could show the fans, yet again, that he can hang, and outperform some of the people higher up the ladder.  In ring, he’s better than Shinsuke and Baron, no doubt, and I love both of those guys.  He’s probably on par with Dolph, only with very different styles.  Aside from that minor complaint, we are treated to 6 out of the 8 most talented guys on SD at the moment.  That’s awesome and should be the best match of the night.  It could be a match of the year candidate when all is said and done.  I liked how KO got himself into the match.    Overall, I’m looking forward to it.  I kinda thought that we’d see Cena here, but maybe not til SummerFest.  Yup, that’s still funny.

  1.  We had a women’s tag team match.  Tamina was simply ringside.  Is this  mistake on WWE’s part to not get her more ring time and improve her brand, or is it smarter to leave your least talented out of the match?  Also, are they missing a great opportunity to have an historic, first time ever women’s MitB match?

Russ:  I’ve heard rumors that they are setting up for a first time historic women’s MitB match. They haven’t shown it on the show yet, but maybe they are giving us a slow burn set up.  As for Tamina not being in the match.  Yeah I guess they should have had her in the match, but do I care?  No, not really.   

Keri:  My answer to both questions is yes. Let’s face it Tamina isn’t going to improve if you do not put her in the ring. As for women’s MITB, they have done everything else that is considered “historic” for the division.  Why couldn’t they do this too? It’s shameful. But, at least we don’t have to hear the words “first time ever” and “historic” for the next few weeks on Smackdown so there is that.

Kent:  I know that people will easily dismiss this and say “but it’s only Tamina” AND that’s the fucking problem.  She can wrestle.  She is capable.  The problem is that she is never allowed to get out there in a 10-15 minute match and put on a show. Hey WWE, if you want to get the fans invested in her and you have so much faith blonde Hootie McBoob the queen, then put her in there with Tamina with nobody allowed at ringside.  That’s a way to get fans to care, and hopefully dislike Tamina.  Now that she is seen as a threat, her matches suddenly have fucking meaning.  This isn’t all that complicated, is it?  You must build up characters in order to put them up against people to help make them credible.  Morons!!!!!!!!!

  1.  Baron has lost to Sami 2 times within 3 days.  On SD, it was very quick and followed by a beatdown.  Has this become the best feud on Smackdown?

Russ:  I was ready to say no this is not the best feud on Smackdown and then it hit me.  What other feuds are there really?  Shinsuke vs. Dolph? Nope.  KO vs. AJ?  Ok, this is close, but it hasn’t hit the heights that Zayn and Baron hit last night.  I really wanted to say BreezeDango vs. Ugo’s, but I don’t know if that will continue on past last night now… So, yeah I guess it is.  I’m not sure that is a good thing though…

Keri:  I think it has. I’ve always said that frustrated Corbin is best Corbin. (Kent: Alright, since I already heard Eric also do the ____ (insert noun) is best (insert noun) reference, it is my obligation and duty to recommend “They’re Watching” on NetFlix.  I promised Eric that he would not be disappointed, and now I can’t make that same promise to you Keri, because you watch E!, but it is a glorious finale in the film.)  He’s just that much more brutal when he’s frustrated and I like that. As for the feud, I’m enjoying it and I don’t mind watching it for a little while longer.

Kent:  As the man who is Baron’s biggest backer on this here blog, I am loving this!  Baron has been built well enough to sustain some losses.  First he was given some big wins, then he ate losses to Cena, AJ, Dean, and Randy.  OK, all of those guys are higher up and are fine to lose to and still  feel like a bad ass.  Sami is a league beneath those guys, currently, but this will help him inch closer to their ranks.  In the meantime, it adds more dimensions to Baron’s character.  This is a HUGE win all around for everyone.  Remember the Braun Strowman vs Sami feud?  Yeah.  This is why RAW is inferior to Smackdown because they don’t like to have their monsters lose, unless it’s to Kalisto by fluke.  

  1.  Jinder had a celebration.  What did you think about it?  What are your thoughts on Jinder being a champ?  Do you believe the reports that he got the title win that Baron was in line for?

Russ:  Hey, did you know that I’m one sixteenth Indian?  I was so happy for Jinder.  He represents me.  (Kent: No, you do not have any Indian family.  I researched this.)  Yes I do Kent!  I am one sixteenth Iroquois.  So what do you go to say to that, NERD?  (Kent: OK, that means that you are one sixteenth Native American.  You are not Indian.) Nope, nope, nope.  You see that mascot for the Cleveland baseball team, the Clevelands INDIANS?  Yeah, you don’t see Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 as their mascot.  No, you see an Indian, much like I am.  (Kent: God damnit.  Can we agree just to call you a Redskin and let the actual people people of India be called India?)  Sure, whatever.  I used to have poon job when I was younger.  The girls man, it was awesome!  (Kent: Russ, it’s spelled Punjabi, and it’s a language.  What you did with those girls…..I just don’t have the time to explain this one.)  Do you remember that Punjabi Prison match between Big Show and Undertaker because the Great Khali got hurt?  He got hurt from all the poon.  Bet you didn’t know that Mr. Know It All.  (Kent:  I…….I got nothing.  Touche.)

Keri:  I thought the celebration was enjoyable and very colorful. As for Jinder as champ, I’m just as shocked as everyone else but unlike some people, I’m good with it. Honestly, Jinder has paid his dues to get to this point. He had to endure 3MB and the Eva Marie announcing botch (Ginger Mahal anyone) among other things. Since, he has been back he has been putting in the work (Finn concussion aside).  He had a good match with Orton at Backlash. I think he has earned this opportunity. As for him taking Baron’s title run, I don’t believe that for an instant. Baron is still technically new on the main roster and is still paying his dues. He is still being built up and once they finish building him, he’s going to have a great title run. Why rush the inevitable? He will win the belt eventually and everyone will rejoice (or will explode into a flutter of I told you so’s (I’m looking at you Kent)).

Kent:  First, watch Jinder’s match from Backlash and then watch Smackdown.  Now drink a shot every time JBL says modern day Maharaja.  Yes, I looked up the spelling just to be accurate.  Anyway, since when did we start hating on Inidia?  Like, doesn’t this showcase how ignorant wrestling fans are for booing a guy for sending a message to his “home country” in his “native tongue”?  It would be nice if just once Randy had a celebration on this level.  This whole situation bothers me.  I am super happy for Jinder to get the opportunity.  On the other hand, I hate that by virtue of being foreign, he gets boo’d and has to run with it.  It would be so nice, as a fan, to simply move away from this sort of booking.  As for him getting Baron’s title run, it’s fine if it is true.  Baron is a clear cut future champ.  Jinder may never get another single’s title run.  The longer that Baron has to work for it, the better because he continues to prove his worth in having entertaining feuds.  I also don’t like guys getting the belt too quickly.  It’s Jinder’s time to shine.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Did the Uso’s and Breezedango segments work for you?  Do you fear that Breezedango may get pigeon holed into a comedy gimmick?

Russ:  Everything Breezedango works!  Week after week they have continually brought me the best segments on Smackdown and it still hasn’t hit the level of trying too hard and fatigue.  Unfortunately, the way they have been booked the past 3 days has me fearing that these guys are screwed and the WWE isn’t taking advantage of how entertaining these two guys are.  They will beat this until it is dead and then continue to beat it, instead of evolving the gimmick.  Breeze and Dango have proven they are willing to take a gimmick and make it work.  Now, WWE don’t screw this up!  Elevate these guys!

Keri:  Let me start out by love love love the Fashion Files. I want more of them. Hopefully,  I will get more of them. With that said, I’m enjoying the segments between the Ugos (I mean Usos) and Breezedango. There is the right amount of comedy to my feud and I enjoy that as well. Do I believe that Breezedango will get pigeonhole into this gimmick. Not at all. This gimmick works right now while they are faces. If they turn heel, it can be manipulated to the point where comedy is taken out and they are just brutal to everyone. Remember Tyler Breeze is a fantastic heel. He can and will make it work.

Kent:  I want to use the word tease, but everything following that would be incredibly lewd.  Let’s go with lapdance instead.  It was like Joselyn James is grinding on you and then she removes her top, and Breeze gets the win.  Then the panties come off and Fandango gets the win.  You are on the verge of happy ‘spolsion time, and then she gets up and punches you in the throat and The Uso’s get the win.  You’re welcome.

  1.  During Smackdown, during commercials that were mid-match, they still showed the match.   I think I speak for all of us that it’s about time.  My question is a simple one.  Does this make the commercials more or less effective?

Russ: I paid attention to my screen more than I normally would when a commercial came on.  Other than that commercials, in general, barely have any effect on me and I couldn’t tell you what the commercials were about at all. I will say that I didn’t fast forward the commercials that had the matches going on.  That has to be something right?  

Keri:  People usually fast forward through commercials. So, by having the match playing during the commercial break commercials may actually be more effective. I mean at least people are technically watching them in this case.

Kent:  Initially I thought that it made them less effective.  You were watching the match and paying zero attention to the commercials, or very little attention.  Then I think I found some brilliance to this.  Unless you are watching this live, you fast forward through the commercials.  Now they have significantly increased the likelihood that you will sit through a set of commercials.  I think that this is added value but at a cost.  I say more effective.

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NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Review

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Review.  This is the only blog that really regrets saying that this card looked lackluster and have been proven oh so terribly wrong.  What a great show!!  I am here with Cece today to give all of you a recap on what happened and our thoughts.  Please enjoy.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.

  1.  Roderick Strong defeated Eric Young

Cece:  This was one of the matches I was sort of happy to see. I have been following Roddy since the early 2000’s back when he used to come to my small hometown with FIP and followed him some throughout ROH. He’s a great wrestler and really has his heart and soul into this business. I’m only familiar with Eric Young from the last couple months I’ve been watching NXT. Anyway, the match was solid, and I was very happy with the outcome. Roddy came out on top and you could see how happy he was when the match was over. I give this match a 7.

Kent:  This match was pretty damn good.  The problem I have with both of these gentlemen is that it often takes a good 5 minutes to feel a groove during the PPV matches.  But you recognize it as soon as it clicks, and then it’s on.  Both guys can be in the main event soon enough and a year from now, I could see both guys on the main roster.  ROderick really needs a strong feud and story to get him through the glass ceiling.  EY has a great group that is main roster ready today and could have good storylines.  I would give this a 5.8.  I enjoyed it, I would watch it again, but I wasn’t in love with it.  


  1.  Pete Dunne defeated Tyler Bate for the UK Championship

Cece:  This was my favorite match of the night, to be honest. Both these men are so versed and skilled in the ways of wrestling. I was entirely too impressed by the fact that they were more entertaining than almost anyone in RAW or Smackdown right now. They both definitely have some potential. I was hoping for Tyler to keep this one, but it didn’t really bother me that Pete took it. The match was well worth it all. Solid 9.2

Kent:  Jesus tap dancing Christ!  I know that I suggested that people watch out for this match to steal the show, but we now have our second match of the year candidate behind the three way tag title match Mania weekend on NXT.  This match had everything that I want in a match.  Pete Dunne is fucking money.  If the WWE can get it’s head out of it’s ass, they have William Regal reincarnated with a bigger, more athletic moveset.  What I truly loved about this compared to the widely discussed Kenny Omega match in January, was that the big moves felt big but didn’t come across as dangerous or career shortening.  I can’t give this a 9.2 because although this is great, the storyline heading into this was almost non-existent.  I know that it is petty to hold that against a match, but imagine if this had had a great story heading into it.  Oh, yeah, suddenly the match is all the cooler.  There is zero shame in a 9.1.  Fantastic match.


  1.  Asuka defeated Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Cece:  I feel like this match could have gone so many different ways. I was unhappy with the outcome. The timing was off in the end and the outcome seemed lazy and thrown together. I would have liked to have seen one of the other girls gain the title, even if just for a little while. I give this one a 6.1

Kent:  I enjoyed this match at times, and other times it felt too much like a spot fest.  Ruby Riot reminds me too much of Lita, and that’s not a compliment.  She hits her spots, but she’s not a wrestler that can make a match great.  She needs lots of help.  With that being said, this is developmental, where you learn to do these things.  She can still get to that point, and I hope that she does as she has a great look.  Nikki is my favorite girl in NXT, bar none, and has been for 7 months or so.  She is the total package, and if booked properly, she will be a surprise hit on the main roster.  Asuka is fucking great.  I don’t think this match was as good as the opener, looking back on it.  I would happily give this a 5.6 and feel fine.


  1.  Bobby Roode defeated Hideo Itami to retain the NXT Heavyweight Championship

Cece:  This was also another cliche outcome. Of course Bobby was going to retain. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Hideo but I know he’s a good wrestler and tries his hardest. Bobby just annoys me and seems like the type of dude who buys those nuts to hang down on his truck. I give this match a 4.9.

Kent:  What a surprisingly good matchup!  I really loved it.  I’m old school, I love working over body parts, weakening them, and seeing how wrestlers not only sell it, but find unique ways to overcome that injury.  I found this brilliant in that regard.  Bobby has the HHH tendency to get boring for minutes at a pop for whatever reason.  He’s a methodical wrestler, and it works for him, but it is still a fair criticism in regards to my enjoyment factor.  Still, this match really wowed me.  I was expecting a bland fuck you match.  I give this a 7.2.  


  1.  The Authors of Pain defeated DIY in a ladder match to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Cece: Oh man, I didn’t get a chance to watch this match due to chores around the house, but I did happen to catch the very end where Ciampa beat the shit out of Gargano and that was really intense. It was sad to see but I mean; here we go again… Owens Vs. any of his ‘best friends’ all over. I can’t really grade this match too well but I will say for what I DID see, a solid 8.

Kent:  The pressure was on to follow up so much quality, and these guys absolutely nailed it.  The Authors of Pain are F’N legit.  Yes, they need guys to work against and have been fortunate by and large so far, but it will only get better when they get called up as far as level of talent is concerned.  Readers of this blog know that I have been down with Ciampa since I first laid eyes on him.  I oddly enough feel the same way about Oney Lorcan.  Anyway, Gargano is no slouch, and this match had just the right amount of spots.  What I enjoyed was the timing of the double team spots.  The ladder to Gargano’s chin or face was cringe inducing, and he took it like a champ.  Abraham Ford would have been proud of that hit.  So they give us this great match, and the AoP leave and you are left wondering what is happening.  I had 2 thoughts.  1. DIY were getting called up and were getting a nice farewell moment.  2.  They were going to attacked by a debuting team.  Then it kept going and going and I knew something was up.  And then came one of the better beatdowns in recent memory, not as good as Braun on Roman, but this was more personal due to them being friends and partners.  When they make it to 204, that division is going to be absolutely stacked and need more championships.  My hat off to the match and after match.  I give that a solid 8.2.


  1.  What was the worst match of the night?

Cece:  Worst match of the night was probably Bobby Vs. Itami.

Kent:  The Women, unfortunately.  But there wasn’t such thing as a bad match, so no gripes.


  1.  What was the best match of the night?

Cece:  As I’ve stated before, the U.K. Title match.

Kent:  The UK match and anybody who says otherwise is a person who’s opinion shouldn’t be valued.  
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NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2017 Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Preview.  Let’s face it, this is just a basic preview.  But at the end, we talk about other stuff, so we have that going for us.  This card feels lackluster to me.  The Roddy vs EY match and the UK match don’t feel as important as some other matches could be, yet I suspect the UK match will absolutely deliver.  I’m here with Teddy who watches NXT regularly so that you don’t have to just read my opinions, which makes you the winner.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.


Roderick Strong vs Eric Young

Teddy:  I feel like Eric Young will win to drive forward a bigger feud

Kent:  Eric Young vs Bobby Roode makes for a great match up, as TNA fans can attest. Roode vs Roddy is also a quality match. My issue is that with Shinsuke and then Hideo and Ohno in between, Roode has been facing a lot of strikers recently, so I would prefer him vs a more traditional wrestler. I’m going to pick Eric here, but the Roddy vignettes this month were well done.


UK Championship Match
Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne

Teddy:  I like Tyler Bate in this match. I really don’t see him dropping the title before the WWE UK show starts

Kent:  Like Teddy said, it seems unlikely to have Tyler lose the belt prior. Pete is a guy that can give Tyler a great match, so they can highlight each other’s strengths. I like Pete’s moveset better, but he’s losing.


NXT Women’s Championship Match
Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot

Teddy:  Asuka is Bae but she wont retain. I want Ruby to win but I think Nikki Cross will win

Kent:  Nikki is my girl but Asuka is keeping the belt because the other girls will cancel each other. When it’s time, I think Ember is getting that belt, unless she runs interference tonight.


NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Authors of Pain vs D.I.Y.

Teddy:  D.I.Y.? Idk both bore me anyways

Kent:  I love both teams. Authors of Pain have such huge main roster potential, that won’t be realized, but still. DIY will probably never be huge on the main roster if Enzo & Cass, The Ascension, and American Alpha can’t break the glass ceiling. AoP is winning so they can take on Heavy Machinery next.


NXT World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami

Teddy:  Bobby is going to retain but not in a clean match.

Kent:  I can’t imagine Bobby losing. Hideo really got screwed by his injury. Shinsuke made him a distant memory. Bobby is ready for main roster any time, but they may be wise to keep him til SummerSlam. Bobby retains in a HHH type way.  Also, I highly recommend a song by Eminem, Obie Trice, and DMX called “Go To Sleep”.  It’s a great angry style song that can get you amp’d.


Do you feel underwhelmed by this card with so many people left off?  If you could add a kickoff show match, who would you put in the match?

Teddy:  maybe Aleister Black but versus someone who isn’t a jobber. Dream match would be drew mcintyre versus black

Kent:  So we don’t have Aleister, Drew, No Way Jose, Heavy Machinery, Andrade, Oney Lorcan, The other 2 Sanity, and of course Kassius. You could basically make an equally great card out of who’s not wrestling. They shouldn’t have give Drew vs Andrade so soon unless Andrade is moving up soon. I say Drew vs Aleister vs Andrade vs Kassius for a #1 contender match would be great, especially elimination style. All Aleister needs a bit more time but the other 3 can get called up any day. Well Kassius needs to drop a bit more weight.

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