It Comes At Night (2017)

Here’s another movie I don’t plan on spending an inordinate amount of time writing about.  There is not much substance here, and it is mostly hype as far as I’m concerned.  So I will give a brief spoiler ridden synopsis, then provide my final thoughts along with my rating.


We have a family, Paul, Sarah, and Travis, who are living out in the woods and seem to be very paranoid and have their house very well protected.  They also have an awesome dog named Stanley.  We know a deadly virus is killing lots of people as Grandpa dies in the beginning and gloves and masks are to be worn.  One night, a guy breaks in to scavenge for his family, thinking that the house was abandoned.  SO he goes through some shit with Paul, and it’s decided Will will bring his wife and son to Paul’s house and they will work together and combine their resources.  This obviously starts off friendly and goes awry.  What a tweest!  The dog has issues one day barking at something and comes home and is all bloody.

 Then there’s the night when Will’s son, Andrew, is found by Travis, and he was in Grandpa’s room, so Travis walks him back to Will and Kim’s room, and holds his hand, which is a big no no.  On top of that, Travis found the red door that is to remained locked, well it was ajar.  So this causes issues and distrust.  The family’s agree to stay in their own rooms for a few days just in case.  Paul wants to kick them out, Will wants to leave.  Everybody kind of agrees, but Paul is fearful that Will would come back to steal from them, so he wants them dead.

 Anyway, after a lot of gun pointing and yelling, Will gets the upper hand in a fight outside, so Sarah shoots him, and then Kim runs off holding Andrew so Paul shoots, kills Andrew, then kills Kim, and then WIll is dead.  Travis ends up infected, which is what he dreamed about throughout the film, and the film ends with Paul and Sarah sitting at the dining room table.  That is it.  I just saved you so much time.

End Film

Final Thoughts – Waste of my goddamn time.  The trailer looked really good so it had hype.  Even worse, people on IMDB gave this a 6.3.  For WHAT?  Why, because it was a character study?  I don’t get it.  This wasn’t fucking horror.  This seems like a film that people who liked Get Out and Don’t Breathe would thoroughly love and jack each other off to.  Fuck that.

Rating:  3.5 because prior to the last 5-10 minutes, you sit there and are thinking that this is totally rewatchable.  The ending is just so empty and hollow.  This is supposed to be horror, so fucking do it right or get the fuck out of the genre.

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#121 28 Weeks Later (2007)

May as well see the sequel. I have never seen this. It has an amazing cast. Robert Carlyle of Full Monty fame, Jeremy Renner, who played Hawkeye in The Avengers, Rose Byrne, who was in Insidious and XMen: First Class, Idris Elba, the black dude in Thor, and my man Harold Perrineau, who played Damon Pope in Sons of Anarchy. So yeah, this is stacked. As much as I dig Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson from 28 Days Later, this cast is better stacked. Once again, I think I’m gonna try just watching and then commenting afterwards. Certain movies I feel deserve my full attention. Rest assured, Paranormal Activity is not one of them, and I look forward to insulting the shit out of that monstrosity.

OK, first of all, add 2 to the boob counter. Second of all, Jeremy Renner carried this movie, and that’s not a bad thing. This was not as good as the first. The cast was much improved, but it wasn’t as intimate, surprise. You can only have so many good actors, but you need a story large enough to tell that takes advantage of all of the talents. Take Pulp Fiction for instance. That cast is pretty big and significant, but everybody that was somebody had a chance to really shine. That didn’t happen so much here in my opinion. Some people were utilized better than others, but that’s more on the script, not the actors.

I liked the movie, it was fun. It had more scares than the first one. The opening scene was crazy intense, which is a great thing. It just mellowed out too many times for me, it was a roller coaster ride, but not in a good way. too many lulls building to bigger parts. If I gave the first one a 7.1, then I’d have to give this a 6.1. It’s only fair. I liked it, but I wasn’t in like with it. I can recommend it easily enough. Probably best to watch it right after the first one. Sorry, but I don’t have much more to say about this one, I feel I should, but I don’t. This pic is from my favorite part of the movie.

Breasts Totals Updated

34 Bare breasts

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Unbreakable (2000)

I had to make myself a white Russian to make it through another M Night movie. Rest assured people, it gets better, then it gets really bad again, then it slightly improves, then After Earth with the black Karate Kid and Fresh Prince.

Let’s get this out of the way, I liked the movie the only time I saw it. I gave it a chance, and it was fine at the time. I love Samuel L, so this helps. Now time to give my impartial thoughts.

A black baby was born with broken arms and legs or some such nonsense. That’s gotta suck. Now, you and I both are gonna deduce that the black baby will eventually be Samuel L. We also have a blurb in the beginning about comic book collectors. Bruce Willis is back, and he’s an ok actor, but I don’t always get his full appeal, he is good to great in this one though. Shit, I just realized that this is probably not a horror movie at all. I’m already messing this up 2 movies in???? Damnit! Fuck it, I may as well keep on keeping on.

It’s cool Robin Wright is in this. Even cooler than Samuel L’s name is Elijah, as I’m a big fan of that name. I also like that Samuel L isn’t too damn skinny like he is in those credit card commercials nowadays. The scene where the kid pulls the gun is clearly one of the best of the whole film. Willis does a dandy of a job there.

Long story short, one of the best things you can say for this movie and M Night was that this did realistic superhero 5 years or so before Nolan took on Batman. This movie is really well constructed, and I think it would get better upon repeat viewings. Willis carries the film, but Samuel L was the perfect counterpart. I would absolutely recommend this to just anybody who can appreciate a story and not just the glitz and glam of superhero movies. The ending really ties the room together. I’m going to give it a 7 for now, and that score could always rise. I doubt it will drop. I can’t count this as a horror flick, so no boob ratings. Sorry….and there was no boobs anyway.

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#377 The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

This movie has long been an underrated film in my mind. It stars Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas, and Tom Wilkinson. Basically, you have a bridge engineer who has to get the help from an old hunter to kill off 2 lions that keep attacking the workers.

The music is really great in this, it gives you that sweet African vibe. Michael Douglas most certainly didn’t deserve top billing, but he helped fund and produce it, so that’s why he is top billed, but this is Val Kilmer’s movie through and though. While Douglas may have been in the top 5 that year, Kilmer was in top 10, so he should have let Val have the top spot as it was his film. A lot of the side characters are what make this film so great and memorable, plus the lion attacks. OK, Michael Douglas’ hair was also fucking epic. In hindsight, I would have switched Michael out for somebody like a John Voight, Anthony Hopkins, or Robert Redford, but with that being said, I liked Michael a lot here. Kilmer was his usual self, which I have long been a fan of. Tom Wilkinson played the dickhead role quite nicely.

I don’t know if this really is a horror flick, but there are some aspects, people getting eaten by bad ass monsters, lots of dark scenes, so I can see it.

Rating -6.6 as it was one of my favorite films in the latter half of the 90’s. I can’t truly say why I loved it so much, but I am also aware that this looked dated back then, and now it looks like an 80’s film due to the lighting sometimes.

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#349 The House at the End of Time (2013)

Yay, another foreign film. Time to read and not type. I’ll write this up when it’s over.

I’m not sure how to write a review about a film where the whole plot and story and brilliance lies in a major aspect that a reviewer shouldn’t reveal. I didn’t know if I was going to like it. Honestly, the horror aspects are meh. The cool thing is, this only has horror aspects, but it’s really a drama in the same way that Misery is a drama. The acting is pretty god damn good and it’s a nice pace to figure out everything and then how to utilize that info. The mom was played wonderfully by both ladies, as we get her story of what happened to her and her family. There is some tragedy, some creepy shit that happens, some forewarning, all of that good stuff. It is a foreign film from Venezuela. Yes, it is subtitled. No, it doesn’t take away from how good this one is. I absolutely recommend this film. I look forward to re-watching it some day and hopefully owning it.

Rating – 6.7 It was a really well done movie that I may increase in rating upon a second viewing.

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#340 The Silenced (2015)

This is South Korean so time to read.

Gosh, I have to admit a few things before I go any further. I was interrupted like 15 times during this. It took me almost 3 hours to watch. So the flow of the film was killed for me. Another issue, and I don’t know how to say this sensitively, but I legitimately had issues telling some of the girls apart. I tried to get used to height and facial features, but it was tough. They had very similar hair styles, same outfits, and not always in well lit areas. I wish I could have kept track better. I’m also not so sure if this was a horror flick or what it was.

I don’t want to rate this as it would be unfair and I am not fully aware of everything that happened. Visually, it was cool as hell. The acting seemed very good and the parts that I got into, I really enjoyed. I still know that I missed too much to rate this fairly. As much as I hate to do this, I must.

Rating – Incomplete due to too many distractions while viewing it. It is on NetFlix, so give it a watch if you don’t mind subtitles. It wasn’t bad by no means.

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#322 We Are What We Are (2013)

I found this on NetFlix and have been putting this one off for months and months. I am happy to say that I sat down and enjoyed this one. Kelly McGillis and Larry Fessenden are both in this, and I love Larry’s work most of the time.

We have a story where we know something isn’t right with this family. Early on, you may question if this is a town wide thing, or strictly family based, and yes, it is just this family and it’s traditions. You can probably make a good guess as to their secret. The matriarch of the family (the mom for you dunskies) dies very early on and responsibilities are passed down to the eldest daughter, Iris. She tries to shoulder the burden, but her sister Rose tries her best to help, as they also have a younger brother who is struggling with everything, especially the loss of their mom, and constantly being hungry.

The storytelling in this may be a tad methodical for some, but I felt that the pacing was pretty spot on for what it needed to be. It’s not scary, but it does have horror elements. The story and the acting are the strengths here. The father, played by Bill Sage, and Iris, played by Ambyr Childers, really carry the film, and the latter half Rose is also a solid player. Michael Parks is the Doctor, and he’s been in so many great things, or even lousy things, but his acting and characters are usually great.

Rating – 5.7 I think I will re-watch this down the road, maybe in a year or 2. It was a fun ride, and it’s on NetFlix, so give it a shot.

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#311 Bone Tomahawk (2015)

I came across this on Amazon Prime, loved it, and it has a great cast.

Start Film

We start off with Purvis (David Arquette) and Buddy (Sid Haig), and they are killing people and stealing from them out in some mountainous area. Purvis is not great at killing, but Buddy is the old sage. Unfortunately for them, they hear a horse in the distance, so they take off to go into hiding. Purvis is skeptical of where they are heading, but they are hearing stuff from various directions, and come across a burial ground, probably for Indians. Purvis is scared, but this seems like the best play. They hear movement, and then Buddy gets an arrow to the throat. Purvis takes off as a being is attacking Buddy. Purvis accidentally knocks over a skull.

Welcome to the town of Bright Hope. We meet Arthur (Patrick Wilson) who has a busted leg and is injured for the next 12 weeks. His woman, Samantha is clearly irritating him, she’s trying to be optimistic, but he’s frustrated. We see Purvis busying what he stole. We meet Brooder (Matthew Fox) in the old saloon. There’s an old dude who plays piano for some drinks. He’s a solid drunk.

We meet Sheriff Hunt (Kurt Russell) and Chicory (Richard Jenkins), and Sheriff is going to feed his backup deputy some hot soup. Chicory tells him about seeing a guy while he was out on a ramble, and he didn’t recognize him. He noticed that this stranger, Purvis, was burying something in the ground. Time to go meet our stranger. Samantha and Arthur are having some sex, and my goodness, she is a treat. She was riding him, but he wants to do this the right way, with him on top. Hunt and chicory find Purvis in the bar, and he is claiming that his name is Buddy. Hunt is interrogating him, and Purvis is acting awfully suspicious. So he asks about the hole, and Purvis tries to run, so Hunt shoots him in the foot, and he needs medical attention. Sam and Arthur are working on cleaning his busted leg. Brooder shows up to get Sam as she’s the next best thing to Doc Taylor, who is drunk. Nick is another deputy, and he is good at checkers. OK, I feel that we have met most of our main characters. Purvis has a fever, so Sam and Nick will stay the night to monitor him.

A black dude hears a ruckus out in the stables, checks on it, gets his throat slit and a spear through the head. Good bye Buford.


There’s Lorna, the Sheriff’s wife. She’s making food, and Clarence tells Sheriff of what he found, and he said nobody was at the jail. They inspect the barn, Buford is still there. They check the jail, and there is an arrow, so they fear Indian abduction. Hunt tells Arthur, and Arthur is pissed and they meet up at the Learned Goat.  They have an Indian who has an idea of who it is, and he is afraid of them, these troglodytes.  Hunt asks why they didn’t eat Buford, and Chicory asks if it’s because they think black people are poisonous. Sheriff, Arthur, Chicory, and Brooder are gonna mount up to this terrible territory and try to get back Nick and Samantha. There are a lot of witty one lines, mainly by Chicory. Lorna is giving Sheriff some guff on him leaving. Oh, his name is Franklin Hunt. Yay, a first name. Chicory puts some flowers on his wive’s grave, and he’s not sure if he will make it back. And off the 4 men go.

Brooder is setting up defenses, and a line of bells. Brooder is bragging about how smart he is for having never been married. Brooder is a cocky dick, and my favorite character. Him and Chicory. Chicory is telling Sheriff that he has a hard time reading a book in the tub because he always gets the pages or book wet. Brooder just shot an animal that set off a bell, because he is one fast hombre. Arthur took off his boot and it was actually agonizing to watch. Watching him apply the alcohol to his broken leg is agony. Sheriff wants Arthur’s opium, and he don’t wish to yield it, but he begrudgingly does. Sheriff is worried about the infection turning into gang green.  At night, a guy shows up and scares our group. So there is a showdown. Sheriff is having them step closer, but Brooder just shoots them down. Brooder thinks that they were scouts, and they should move to a different camp for a defensive position.  So they move along at night. Chicory is pissed at Brooder for shooting the Mexicans, mainly because one was wearing a crucifix.

They got sneak attacked, and Arthur gets the kill on one, but Brooder’s horse got killed because she was smart and loyal to him. Brooder has to go put her down. So they no longer have horses. They will have to continue this on foot, which is going to be tough. Arthur is not going to get much sleep trying to stay on pace. They pass him during the day, and they will leave a pile of 4 rocks every so often as a trail. Arthur makes it to camp. They rest, they wake up, Brooder makes a comment with some innuendo behind it, so he gets punched by Arthur. Arthur’s leg  is fucked. They gotta do work on it. Chicory sets the leg with a hammer, and he’s knocked out between the pain and opium. At night, they hear some noises, like a howling or horn. I also love Chicory’s line “It is the official opinion of the back up deputy” and then something ridiculous. Brooder’s mom and sister were killed by Indians, and that is why he hates Indians. “Deputy, is it possible for you to close that aperture?”

It’s daytime, and time to monitor with the German (like a looking glass). They are following some tracks now. They go under this overpass, and hear the noise more. There’s this path with some tight fits and an overpass every now and again. Brooder is going to investigate, and he’s not back in 30 seconds, the fellas are to retreat. Sheriff has the pocket watch out and hear the howl. They got the signal that it is clear to move up a bit. Suddenly, all are attacked by arrows. Chicory got nicked in the head, but they killed 2 or 3 of these dust or ash covered attackers.  Brooder is  fucking doe.  Sheriff got an arrow lodged in his left bicep.  Brooder wants the dynamite and lit cigar, as he won’t live as a cripple. Brooder is under attack, now it 4 on 2 with Sheriff and Chicory against the savages.  This is some messed up shit. They put this horn or a bone in Sheriff’s mouth and then knocked him out.  Brooder is dead, and our guys are getting dragged via rope up to the cave. These savages have a way to make this weird noise from their throat.

They make it in the cave and there’s Samantha. Nick is unconscious. They are restrained behind these primitive bars. Chicory and Sheriff are in one cell. Uh oh, they are taking Nick out of his cell, and there’s 2 of them. They take off his clothes, and there’s lots of man ass. Sheriff and Chicory are trying to break out, and they chopped off a finger or 2 from Sheriff’s hand. Nick is awake and tells him about Purvis. Nick asks Sheriff to take care of his stuff.  They scalped Nick, shoved that in his mouth, and held him up by his legs and chopped him right now the middle. Very graphic.

Chicory asks if there is any truth to the Sheriff telling Nick that there would be a cavalry, but it’s not true. Sam asks about Arthur’s condition. They tell her about the trail. She says that this is why frontier life is so hard, because the guys are idiots, including Arthur. There are at least 12 males, and 2 pregnant females who are blind.  The plan is to poison them with opium. Alright. Arthur is awake and delusional.  He’s having a bad time making his way. He is praying for some help as he’s crawling at this point. He has run out of water.


They entice the savages with the beverage and he pounds that shit. Well, now he will share. Sam is still being all pissy, that even if with the 3 dead, plus 2 more from opium, that’s still seven. 2 attack Arthur as he’s sleeping and he kills them. Arthur inspects one of them that he killed, and looks at the throat, where they have the weird thing that allows them to make the sounds. Arthur now owns it basically. He makes it to the spot where Sheriff and Chicory got abducted. He’s smart enough to take a different path. He uses the whistle thing and gets one to approach really fast, and he guns him down. Nobody is coming despite all the gun shots?

Sheriff is encouraging Sam to eat some of the bird that they gave her. Chicory tells them a story about some flea circus, and Chicory was so entertained. He thought it was real. He believes those fleas are alive and talented. Sam says that they were legit fleas just to put a smile on his face. She stopped being a bitch for a moment. How nice. Now the primal call again. They dragged in their dead. They remove 2 bars from Sheriff’s cage, and he comes out fighting and knock  him to the ground. Chicory tries to help but to no avail. They cut open Sheriff’s belly and put the flaming hot flask in the wound. They then shoot his hand. Next he tries to shoot him in the dock, but doesn’t know how to reload. Outside, we hear that Arthur is shooting fools. The savage reloads and shoots Sheriff in the torso. Sheriff chops off part of the savage’s foot.  and then kills him, but put up a hell of a fight.  Arthur checks on his wife, and Sheriff is dying, but Chicory is OK at least. He tells them to go out the way they came and to get his rifle. Sam thanks him. Chicory looks so lost and sad. Sheriff asks him to say goodbye to his wife, and he will say hello to Chicory’s.

They go to make their escape and come across the blinded pregnant women. Poor women, they looked like they were in such a bad state. Arthur, Samantha, and Chicory go past the original burial ground and they make their way back home. She’s so uptight that she won’t kiss Arthur because of the mouthpiece until he washes his mouth. We hear 2 more gunshots, and they walk away.

End Film

Final Thoughts – This movie simply has so many interesting elements. At it’s heart, it’s a western. There are also 10-20 great one liners that will make you laugh. There’s also some serious violence and gore. So it accomplishes being all of these things, in a brilliant way. I thought Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox stole the show. Kurt Russell was also amazing as was Sid Haig and Arquette in their smaller roles. The one character that I never got 100% behind was Arthur. I wanted to like him more, and I understood his motivation and all of that, but he was just missing something. Brooder was by far my favorite character. The setting, the visuals, everything is here for a very enjoyable experience, even if you don’t like westerns.

Rating – 7.2 Lots to love here. The ending….that’s the weakest part, but because it’s the ending, it can’t reach 8.0 territory.

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