The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 4 & 5, 2017 – Quality Wrestling and Slow Burns

This week and for the foreseeable future, we are trying a different format.  We know that this blog gets very redundant.  In an effort to ensure varying perspectives, one of us will be judging the other 2 people’s response.  This week, that task fell on Kent.  Let us know if this format works better or if it’s worse.  We are never going to be complacent.  We look forward to trying to be a fun, must read wrestling blog, so share your opinion.  This week, we had a plethora of good matches including Sami vs Randy, Roman vs Jordan, The Shie vs Sheasaro, the second Cruiserweight 4 way, Rusev Day vs New Day, Paige vs Sasha, and even the Asuka vs Alicia match.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

The 9

  1.  Elias had a great showing last week.  This week he gets mauled by Braun.  Was this a good spot for Elias or a burial of sorts?

Russ:  I’m ok with this.  Elias getting beat down by Braun opens up a potential feud.  Braun needs a good strong heel after he is done with whatever the fuck he is doing with Kane.  Why not Elias (Or Why not Zoidberg)?  This mauling plants the seed for that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if after next week’s slow and plodding Kane match that Elias comes out and ambushes Braun.  Elias would also benefit from a feud with Braun.  He doesn’t have to win it, he just has to make Braun look great and come out of the match like he at least had a chance to win.  That isn’t impossible to ask is it?  

Keri:  I don’t see how this is bad for Elias. He’s on the show and working with one of the top guys. Yes Braun is a top guy. Not THE top guy but one of the pseudo-top guys. I think WWE sees something in him if they are going to have him work with Braun. So, stop with the sky is falling theories. I don’t think we have to worry about them here.

Kent:  Russ nailed it with the Zoidberg reference.  I certainly enjoyed Keri’s assertive bashing of the sky is falling theories.  Both of you made similar points, so no points awarded.

  1.   Absolution surround Asuka and she left again.  Alexa Bliss left commentary again.  Creative can’t be so devoid of ideas that they are already repeating themselves….can they?

Russ:   Oi, a low light of the night.  This was just a rinse and repeat from the other night.  I get why they did it.  They want to highlight and build tension.  So they did the same thing two times in a row.  Yea, WWE there are better ways to build tension.  Perhaps Auska runs into Absolution in the back after her match and then do the stare down.  Then have Alexa turn around and walk the other way when she sees the stare down.   See same concept, different approach.  You still get the same result, except my way is a little fresher.   

Keri:  Ok first, think about the group of individuals you are asking this question about. You are asking this question about WWE creative. The same group that has given us The Bar vs. 2/3rds of the Shield 5 million times in 4 different combinations are still trying to pass it off as new and exciting. Therefore, recycling last week’s women’s storyline should not be surprising. Honestly, why is anyone surprised by this? What is surprising to me is the lack of Alexa’s involvement in all of this? You would think Absolution would go after her first if they want to change the division. But then again, WWE creative is booking this so maybe not.

Kent:  Russ presented solutions to the problem.  Keri tore Creative a new one.  I have to admit, I am an idea guy.  I’m going to award Russ 2 points and Keri 1 point.  

  1.   Is Bray Wyatt going to be forced to put over Fatt Hardy?  What is the ceiling for the Awoken gimmick, as in titles or spot on the card?

Russ:  I’m not sure he will put over “Woken” Fatt Hardy, but I think this will be a fun feud.  Hell, we might see these two families join forces before it is all said and done.  That is my hope anyway.  I thought the dueling promos was well done or at the very least hilarious.  Fatt Hardy is pretty funny when he is “Woken”  his lines were fantastic, but I think the best line of the night belonged to Bray when he said “The ramblings of a mad man are dangerous.”  Speaking from experience there Bray?  I’m going to sit back and enjoy this feud.   

Keri:  Let’s sit back and remember what is important here. It isn’t who puts over whom (granted at the end of the day Matt should put over Bray) but how good the promo off is going to be between these two while this is happening. Seriously, we need to have what we had Monday night on RAW for the next few months. No, need to put them in a ring at all just give them a mic and let the crazy flow. Both got enough material to keep this going for a good long time and for it to remain interesting. Sorry Kent and Russ but this has the potential to be better than Sister Abigail and will do much more for Bray than crossdressing and facing Finn would have.

Kent:  Well, if you don’t know what I am going to say, then let me welcome you, first time reader.    While I feel that Russ is very over confident in thinking that this is going to continue strong for weeks or months.  With that being said, there is No Chance in Hell that Keri was getting a point for suggesting that this feud has better potential than Bray as Sister Abigail.  THAT is impossible.  That was probably the single best feud of the year for me, and then mumps.  So no, Fatt Hardy is not going to be better than Sister Abigail.  Keri is deserving the walk of shame.  I award Russ one point while feeling great sadness and disappointment.  

  1.   Are we finally done with the Sheasaro vs The Shie?  The l and d are silent because they are only ⅔ of the Shield.

Russ:   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA…. Are we done with Sheasaro vs The Shie… HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA, who writes these questions, because you sir are a comedic genius!   To answer the question. No we are not done seeing this.  I’m not sure what happened to the tag team division on RAW, but it sure has turned into a two team division (teams, I might add, that are full of individual stars.)  The other teams don’t even get featured so there is no real competition.  RAW needs to work on building up their tag division before we see a departure from Shesaro and The Shie.   HAHA, man, what a good laugh.  

Keri:  Are you kidding me? We only have two tag teams in the division. If they can’t wrestle each other in various combinations of match ups, who are the going to wrestle? You want us to keep them off TV? I mean that is what you are suggesting right. That was me speaking as Creative. Now I shall say something to Creative.   Creative, Gallows and Anderson say hello from catering. Seriously, that is where one of the best tag teams on the planet is right now. They are in catering. Let’s all let that sink in for a second shall we?

Kent:  So it should be said that Gallows and Anderson fought Ginger Rhynos….on Main Event.  I should also say that 3 matches have been confirmed for RAW.  Roman vs Cesaro, Joe vs Dean, and you guessed it, Seth vs Sheamus.  While I liked Russ’ point about these 2 teams both being made up of singles stars, I gotta agree even more with Keri’s assertion that G&A are easily one of the 10 best current tag teams, and it’s probably closer to top 5.  Russ gets a point for calling me a comedic genius.  Keri gets 2 because she trashed Creative and sang the praises of the Good Brothers.

  1.  The best match of the night was________?

Russ:  This is tough.  There were Four high quality matches to choose from.  Jason Jordan vs Roman,  The Cruiserweight Fatal 4 way, Sasha vs Paige and The Tag Team Championship match.  You can at least say this was a good night of wrestling.  Out of those four deserving matches I’m going to call the Fatal 4 way the best match of the night.  These guys worked their ass’s off and it showed in the ring.  This match felt more like a cruiserweight match than almost every other WWE cruiserweight match in the past few months.  They had their high flying spots, some great near falls, and great spots that were left off our television screen because of stupid ass commercials.  All in all it was a great night of wrestling.  

Keri:  My vote is Jordan vs Roman. Both guys put in the work and put on a really good match. Some of those spots and near falls you didn’t see coming. Oh come on, you didn’t see Jordan catching Roman mid air coming and throwing him down and you know it. It was a damn good match. And good on Jordan for finally getting a crowd reaction. On the crowd heat scale, I would say he’s a solid Eva Marie right now.

Kent:  Well, obviously the point has to go to whoever picked what match I thought was the best, and I think that Cruiserweight match was really, really good.  It had a lot of different styles.  The pacing was solid, and the right guy won.  I would say that Roman and Jordan was very good as well.  Russ gets one point.  Keri, on an unrelated note, the timing of you mentioning Eva Marie is very funny as Russ will find out this Saturday at LingFest.  Pics will be sent.

  1.  Why did WWE add Dolph ZIggler to the US Championship match at Clash of Champions?

Russ:  After watching last night’s Smackdown the only conclusion to adding Dolph is that they want to showcase another Reinvention of Dolph. I swear he has more gimmicks than Mick Foley, just not nearly as memorable.  I’m ok with them adding him to the match.  Baron, Bobby, and Dolph should be able to give us a memorable triple threat match that will help elevate Baron and Bobby.  Baron doesn’t really need the rub, but a good match as a champion won’t hurt him.  Bobby on the other hand desperately needs a good match and fued.  Besides all of this, I have been hankering for an excellent triple threat match.  It seems like we haven’t had many this year.  

Keri:  I’m still scratching my head on this one. Do they have that little faith that Corbin and Roode can put on a good match? That can be the only reason why you would add Ziggler to this match, right? Because if it’s not that then I don’t know the reason why. It’s not like there is a storyline to back it up or anything.

Kent:  Russ isn’t wrong, but I think that Keri’s point is the most realistic.  I’m wondering if Baron and Bobby have worked house shows and perhaps stunk up the joint.  On the Are You Not Kentertained podcast, we have been trying to figure out if their chemistry would work.  That is my best guess.  There’s a great recent interview with Dolph that came out this week that I found fascinating.  While I think this will be among the best, if not the best triple threat of the year for WWE, the competition isn’t very good for that distinction.  Keri gets the point here.

  1.  Rusev Day has been added to the Tag Team Championship match at Clash of Champions.  What percent chance do the Uso’s have of retaining their titles in your opinion?

Russ:  Well, I’m no mathematician… I just play one at a school, but I would say it is a 25% success rate.  Oh, you don’t want actual stats, you want WWE stats.   Let’s look at the competition to determine this percentage.  Rusev Day:  As much as I love them and this gimmick they have about 8% chance of winning this thing and a 92% chance of taking the pin.  The New Day:  They just lost the belts and out of all the teams need the belts the least so I give them a 27% chance of winning (What can I say WWE has no problem putting the belts back on these guys.)  American Beta:  Out of all the teams here I feel they have the most potential to gain from a win here so I give them a 35% chance of winning.  That leaves the Uso’s with a 30% chance of winning this thing.  Which makes sense.  A win here would help solidify them as one of the best tag teams in WWE history.  

Keri:  First, let me start off by saying that I was told there would be no math when I started writing on this blog. Yet here we are. So, let’s see if we think through this logically and mathematically.  There are four teams and each technically have a equal chance of winning which means that they have a one out of four chance of retaining the title. So my answer is slightly over 25%. I’m saying slightly cuz you have to factor in the Creative laziness factor.  Also, it’s Ruuuuusev Daaaaaay! Sorry had to get that out of my system.

Kent:  My apologies to Keri.  She is right, when we negotiated her contract to do this blog and podcast, she did ask if math would be involved and I told her that there wouldn’t be.  My bad.  Still, Russ used the number 92 at one point and gave me reasonable odds.  I think Rusev Day are going to get the belts here.  Call it a hunch.  Russ gets the point here.

  1.  A year from now, which member of the Riott Squad will be the best on the mic?

Russ:  I’m going to say Ruby.  She already seems very smooth and relaxed on the mic.  She just needs to get some charisma and inflection.  That will come with practice.  The other two… I don’t know their names and I’m too lazy to look them up… weren’t bad to be honest.  The one with the Southern Drawl messed up her lines a bit and visibly got flustered, but her second try came off a little better.  I just want to know what the hell is a Pay-Pa?  

Keri:  My choice is Ruby. She really impressed me on Smackdown this week. She appears to be stronger on the mic than I thought she would be. And given time she will probably get stronger.

Kent:  While neither of you gave the answer I was looking for, Keri has to get this by default.  Russ talked about Sarah Logan and was too lazy to look up her name.  We are professionals, so Keri gets the professional point.  I think that Sarah Logan is going to be really good on the mic.

  1.  This is potentially the question that wins you the week.  1. Is the SamiKO story the best story being told in WWE?  2. Was Sami vs KO the best match of the week for WWE? (Kent: I meant to type RKO and instead it came out to KO.  I am deducting a point from myself.)  3. Randy Orton appears to be performing well again after a lull in the spring and summer.  Is Randy Orton the most consistently inconsistent performer on the main roster, in your opinion?

Russ:  Alright, let’s do this!  1.  I do love this story and it is one of the best stories being told right now, but I’ll be honest here I love what they are doing with Jason, Roman and Joe.  I’m still trying to figure out just what the hell Jason is.  Is he a face, a heel, a challenge everyone type of guy.  I’m intrigued.  SamiKO story is great as well.  They are actually telling a fantastic story.  Shane is clearly out to get these guys.  SamiKO are spot on with their criticism and yet are such dicks that it doesn’t matter.  I also like that Daniel is right in the middle of all this.  You know what I changed my mind this is the best story being done in WWE. As I was writing this down I literally changed my mind and I’m too lazy to go back and erase what I already wrote.  2.  Is this a joke? When did Sami face KO this week? I missed that.  What I did see was Sami vs Randy in a very good match.  The dynamic was well played.  Still I’m going to say that the fatal 4 way for the cruiserweight division was the best match of the week.  3.  This is the reason I have never been a huge fan of Randy’s.  One week he is great and lots of fun to watch.  The next he is boring and doesn’t seem to care.  I can’t stand that in him.  

Keri:  I’m going to keep this simple. 1. Possibly but not for the reason you think. 2. No. 3. Possibly. Now on to why I think SamiKO is the best story. So, as some of you may know (or may not know), I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I saw a meme Wednesday morning that got me thinking about the Shane and Daniel aspect of this storyline. Essentially right now, we have an Emperor and Darth Vader situation brewing here. Daniel is Vader right before he realizes that the Emperor is going to kill Luke in that one scene in Jedi. Daniel is starting to have this same realization about Shane and SamiKO. My question is how long will we have to wait before Darth Bryan picks up and throws Emperor McMahon into a hole while he electrocutes himself?

Kent:  At the moment, Russ is up 6 to 5 on the points.  Needless to say, I really had to read into everything that they wrote.  For their first answers, Russ babbled on and Keri gave us a slice of Star Wars.  I would have likened it to a different film that is incredible, Training Day and the dynamic between Denzel and Ethan Hawke, but Star Wars is more well known.  Keri get the point for that.  I’m not awarding either of you points for the 2nd question because Russ made fun of my typo, and Keri totally phoned it in.  So it comes down to #3.  Keri gave me the indecisive female answer of possibly.  Russ gave me a definitive answer.  Honestly, I have no choice here.  Russ gets the winning point. Russ wins this week.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This was a fantastic RAW.  The first hour was spent on great matches and advancing storylines.  Jordan is becoming one of the best heels in recent memory through sheer annoyances.  WWE is playing to his strengths and it is working.  Four main matches that delivered and decent storytelling has made this one of the best RAW’s this year.  Rating: 7.5  

Keri:  It was a good RAW. I actually felt bad going bed after hour one and a half when I read the recap this morning. But at least before I went to bed, I got to see two solid matches. I missed the debut of Woken (don’t call him Broken) Matt Hardy but luckily the internet provides me with recap videos that I can watch and now I’m good. Rating: 6.5

Kent:  This was one of the 5 best RAWS of the year for me.  4 solid matches, logical storytelling, and the dueling promo.  It does get hurt by the redundancy of Absolution so early in their run.  7.2

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  It was a good show.  SamiKO / Shane / Daniel story is the best thing going in WWE.  No Fashion Files, which is fine because we gotta let the whole Ascension death settle in our heads.  Decent matches throughout left me moderately satisfied.  Rating: 5.8   

Keri:  Decent show with ok matches. I always feel like something is lacking on Smackdown. Probably because I remember the good times when the show was awesome and worth watching. Sigh. Those were good times. Great now I’m sad. Rating: 4.5 (I’m deducting a half point cuz now I have a sad).

Kent:  It was better than it has been lately, but it is still missing one or two things to really help it stand out, in  my opinion.  It’s a lack of great matches, that’s a definite.  Sure, one match a week is fine, but Smackdown used to be the bar.  Now they are The Descension.  4.9


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Tony “Abs” Neese has Abs for days people!  He is quickly replacing my Johnny Abs Obsession.  

Keri:  Is this abs week? It sounds like this is abs week. And if it is then no discussion of abs is complete without including Finn “at least my abs are over according to WWE” Balor in that discussion. Sorry Russ but even Finn outranks Neese, according to WWE, in the abs department. Seriously there was a WWE slideshow last week that I encourage everyone who likes abs to take a look at. And with that said, let me close out by saying abs.

Kent:  I apparently missed the memo about abs week.  I am absolutely morally deflated.  I may have to pour me a glass of Absolute Vodka.  Hopefully that will absolve me of not seeing the ABSformentioned memo.  OK, I apologize for that last one.  

Other noteworthy ABS include:

Always Be Shooting in video games

Antilock Brake System

Access your feelings, Be apologetic, and Slap It (as in a high five) – per Mr Frond on Bob’s Burgers

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – November 27 & 28, 2017 – Fashion Files Saw Edition

Unfortunately for Kent, we didn’t get our PMS.  What we did find was some Absolution.  We also found out that we are all dead, and the Ascension are poisoned.  The Hype Bros are no more, Dean is on his honeymoon, and adding a T to the end of Riott makes all of the difference when it comes to marketing.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

The 9

  1.  Paige’s group is called Absolution.  They attacked Mickie, Bayley, and Sasha.  They were too scurred to attack Asuka after her ridiculously long match with Dana.  Also, Alexa ran away from commentary.  Did all of this work for you or do you have gripes?

Russ:  For this blog I’m going to try and make compliment sandwiches.  Why you ask?  Because I want to try something gimmicky, geez get off my back! For those of you who don’t know what a compliment sandwich is let me enlighten you.  It is a way to mask criticism by starting with something positive, then diving into the criticism and finally ending with another positive aspect.  What I’m saying is there was a lot to criticise this week and I’m trying to stay positive!  Here we go!  First, a compliment:  I like the name Absolution it has a good ring to it.  It’s no PMS ™ but once Kent verbally trademarked the name last week WWE had to go another direction and they did a good job.  Ok the meat of the sandwich the gripe:  Can WWE please come up with an original story for once in their damn lives.  Every heel female for the past year has claimed to start the women’s revolution, and dammit they are pissed for not getting the credit they deserve.  While Paige might have more claims to this argument than some of the others the story has already been done and it’s time for a new one.  Gripe 2:  Why did Absolution come out after Asuka’s match.  I get it, we all want to see Paige vs Asuka (a ways down the line, like 2019 Wrestlemania, so Asuka can have the undefeated streak for a good amount of time only to have Paige be the one to take it away from her.)  but this served no point only to show that Absolution is afraid of Asuka.  Finally, The last compliment:  Paige is still the best looking pasty white girl in the WWE.

Keri:  Let me start out by saying that this Absolution storyline is the most exciting thing the E has done in awhile. I’m so glad Paige is back. With that said, still not sure where this is heading. I’m not complaining though. Paige is being set up right now to own this division and possibly Asuka.  I don’t think they looked weak not going after Asuka this week. I think they are going to play with her for awhile and that is fine. We complain that the E has a tendency to rush things but want them to rush this storyline. You can’t have it both ways everyone. (Kent: Hey, no bringing logic into a wrestling blog.  We’re going to lose our smark cred.)

Kent:  I do have one gripe….sorry, typical Kent behavior, I know.  Why come out after Asuka’s match if you aren’t going to attack?  It makes the group look weak.  3 fresh fighters should be able to take out 1, no matter how good they are, unless it’s like Bruce Lee.  I get that they want to keep Asuka looking strong, and that’s fine.  You have 2 options.  1. Just don’t have Absolution come out for Asuka….it’s that simple.  2. Have Asuka get her ass kicked in a 3 on 1 to get the fans riled up.  Asuka will not look weak in this scenario, whatsoever.  I liked everything else, except Sonya Blackman on the mic.  I have a feeling that she is going to be my new whipping girl.  

  1.   Seth Rollins: he had a great match with Cesaro on RAW and an absolutely dreadful post match interview.  Praise, Mock, Discuss

Russ:   Compliment:  This was a great match.  Both guys gave us one hell of a show.  I just wish the match didn’t get interrupted by commercials.  I was very Kentertained.  Ok Complaint:  Stop Interviewing people immediately after a match! He was clearly winded and made it hard to listen to him.  Also, I have no idea what the hell he was talking about when it came to Dean.  This was bad.  Compliment:  Seth has nice facial hair.  

Keri:  The match was good with some really good spots. But why does it seem like WWE matches are so slow to me. It just looked like both guys were going through the motions of putting on a good match. There were points like that was cool but why are you taking so long to get to the next sequence. In short it was good but too slow. As for that post match promo, that was just awful. They should really stop that.

Kent:  This was the best singles match that Seth has had since his return from injury, I think.  I am happy for him.  I also don’t blame him for having a horrendous promo, but it happened, and I gotsta bitch.  Please, stop with promos after a match.  The performers are too winded and the promo really comes off terribly.  On top of that, the promo that they gave him, even under normal circumstances would have bombed.  Like, this was a really bad promo.  One of the worst that he’s cut in WWE, possibly his worse.  So, as Dickens would say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  A Tale of Two Kitties, I mean Cities, bitches.

  1.   Was Titus’ match a good showing for Titus, or more of the same, or even bad?

Russ:   Ok, this one might be tough, but here it goes.  Compliment:  I thought Titus had one of his better matches in recent memory, possibly his best singles match.  Compliant:  Even though this was one of his best matches this was one of the worst for Joe.  I’m not sure what happened here, but these two felt out of sync to me.  Compliment:  Titus is trying to woo Dana Brooke that can’t end badly for anyone involved.  

Keri:  From what I was able to watch in the recap, it looked like a decent match. I honestly liked it better when Titus was managing people and trying to get them to join Titus Worldwide though.

Kent:  I felt that it was a tad clunky at times, but this was the best I have seen Titus in ring in a long while, so I am going to say it was a good showing.  Joe gave him more offense than I anticipated, and I feel that Titus could feud with somebody right now, and I could be interested.   Or just feud him and Apollo with the Good Brothers.

  1.   Would you rather Roman have a feud with Samoa Joe or Elias?

Russ:   This will be tough to answer with a compliment sandwich, but I will do my best.  Compliment:  Roman vs Elias was a really good match.  I’m very impressed with how Elias has progressed since his call up.  He is a definite star and it is only a matter of time before he will be the IC champion.  Complaint:  Why does it have to be a feud between just one of them.  Why can’t they both be involved.  I could see a nice triple threat match at Royal Rumble (I think the next PPV for RAW is the Royal Rumble.)  They could tear the house down.  Complement: If it is going to be Joe I think that we are in for a good time.  If they can tell the right story between these two and then let them have at it in the ring.  We could be very Kentertained.  

Keri:  I’m torn here because I know what a feud with Roman potentially means for whoever he is feuding with at the time. I’m not saying he has taken Cena’s golden shovel yet but Creative is starting to book him that way. Look at the match that Elias put on with him on RAW. Elias looked damn good in that match but in the end it was AA, I mean, spear 1-2-3 and a Roman win. I know what you are saying Keri did you really expect Roman to drop the belt a week after winning it? No I didn’t and that’s not what I’m sayin at all. We are starting to see the Cenaifcation of Roman. He looks beatable until the very end and then you are left crushed like Rusev on a tank but he still loses crushed. Will a long term feud help or hurt Eilas though? It may help if at some point he is put over but I say not just yet. Elias proved that he can hang with the top guys let’s not rush his ascension. As for Joe, I’m ok with him and Roman feuding. We all know this IC title thing is only temporary for Roman anyways and we all know he will drop the belt before Mania so he can take the title off of Brock. Why not make Joe the measuring stick for the IC title and then let Elias chase it?

Kent:  I honestly want a Joe vs Braun feud at some point.  Samoan on Samoan violence is cool with me.  I want this feud, but I really want it to be good and have value.  I fear that it may not have much value this time of year.  On top of that, Elias just put on a match that proved me right in backing this guy.  This was a proud Kent moment, no doubt.  Elias looked like a star tonight.  I have a gripe though.  I’m like Bad News Barrett with my gripes.  Roman needs to stop with his Dolph shit, meaning that he has to hit his finishers too many times to get the win I feel.  Give Roman a finisher that he wins with.  With his strength and size, I would be cool with a delayed standing brainbuster.  Another idea would be some kind of brutal looking gutbuster that plays off of the set up that the spear provides.  Maybe like pick your opponent up like you would for a fallaway slam, and then have Roman fall on his back lifting his knees up into the opponent’s midsection.  Also, I am putting my reputation on the line right now.  When they mix up the roster again, Samoa Joe is going to Smackdown.  

  1.  Is Broken Matt about to become a thing, or is this a bait and switch on WWE’s part?  Also, are we all dead?

Russ:  Compliment:  Goes out to me for waiting to write this blog until the last minute.  Why is that a compliment you ask?  Well since I waited several stories have broke to the public.  First, Matt is now allowed to use the Broken personality.  So it seems we will definitely get some version of the Broken Matt.  Complaint:  It would be really asinine of WWE to use the Broken gimmick now.  They missed their opportunity to work it to it’s full effect about 3 months ago.  This may come off as stupid.  Compliment:  I do like how they are mixing Bray into this.  They desperately need to get Bray back into a good story.  I feel we missed a great story in Sister Abigail and that it is something we will never see materialize.  So instead of rehashing the Broken gimmick completely maybe they will do some kind of hybrid with The Wyatt Family!  That would be very enjoyable.  

Keri: I don’t know about the whole are we dead thing. Perhaps, who knows really? It’s an interesting idea to ponder. As for Broken Matt, maybe they did finally get the rights to the gimmick so maybe it will become a thing. If that is the case then the real question is how will Creative screw this up?

Kent:  I truly feel damned no matter which way I go here.  Bait and switch seems likely with a similar gimmick, but not the Broken tag line.  I am happy that Bray is on my TV again, but I fear that I may never get to see Sister Abigail.  Are we all dead?  Yes, we die a bit every week on the inside when our abusive lover, WWE, beats us.  So Bray is right.

  1.  The Hype Bros are no more.  1. Do you think Mojo was the right choice to be the heel in this breaking bromance?  (I feel so dirty that I just used that word.)  2.  Tag teams that have been called up from NXT have not fared well.  Every team, aside from the Revival have split up since the call up to the main roster.  Will The Revival buck the trend, or should be concerned?

Russ:  Compliment:  I think Mojo was the right choice here.  He is decent in the ring and he is very charismatic.  If he can work his mic skills a bit and turn his Hypeness into intensity then we might just have something here.  Complaint:  I don’t think The Revival is going to make it.  Everything has gone against them since they were called up.  The injuries are a bad sign.  I don’t want to say that because honestly The Revival is one of the best tag teams to exist and they have done nothing on the main roster.  I hope I’m wrong, but we will see when they come back.  Compliment: The Revival are seriously a great tag team.  So I hope when they return they go right back to being the big time players we all know they should be.  

Keri:  On Mojo’s heel turn, I can’t see a heel Zack Ryder to be honest. So, it kinda had to be Mojo, didn’t it? As for the fate of the Revival, who knows. If Creative wants to break them up, they will. Sorry, Kent.

Kent:  1. A lot of times, you look for 3 qualities for the heel when breaking up a tag team. Who is the bigger dude, who is better on the mic, and who can control a match better.  Aside from the first part, I feel that Zack actually checks the last 2 boxes better, plus he has that beard and has a better body.  I think Zack would have gotten better fan response as well/  Still, Mojo is the younger guy and this is a make or break time for him.  If he is still struggling next year around this time, he will be future endeavored.  Zack is a great company guy who could very well be a lifer. 2. If Dash were to get injured again, I could see Dawson break up and become the next AA (Arn ANderson) to somebody’s Flair.  Still, I am guessing that they avoid this trend.

  1.  The Riot Squad…..seriously RAW gets Absolution, and Smackdown gets the Riot Squad.  Give me your thoughts on the women’s segment.  Also, which group between Riot Squad and Absolution will have more long term stars (5 years or more career)?

Russ:  Compliment:  Ruby Riott (the extra t is for terrific!)  and the Riott Squad did a great job of picking apart Charlotte, Natty, and The Glowing One.  I mean any time I get to see Charlotte taken behind the woodshed is good with me.  I just have one major… Complaint:  The Riott Squad is like the B version of Absolution.  They are almost an exact copy.  Both teams had a 3 on 3 match for their respective nights.  Both teams dismantled the other team before the match really got going.  Both teams beat up the biggest star of the other team individually at the end.  Both teams are led by relatively hot pasty white chicks.  The only real difference is that Absolution has a bonafide star in Paige and that’s what makes them the “B” team.  Which I guess is apropo because Smackdown is the “B” show.  Compliment:  I really like Ruby and Paige and I think they are both stars so both teams at least have one person coming out in the long run.  As for the other four.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about them and none of them really impressed me.  So I will wait and see.  

Keri:  Good overall match and Charlotte actually took the pin. Poor Naomi, she definitely got the worst out of everything that happened in that match. As for the name, it’s ok, I guess. Neither name is very creative if you ask me. As for future  stars, you have to take Paige out of the equation. She’s already a star. I’m going to go with all three member of the Riot Squad. Each girl has her strong points so I think they could do very well. As for the other two, I haven’t seen enough of them to make an educated opinion.

Kent:  I have so many things to say.  First of all, both girl groups have the pasty white chick. Check.  The athletic blonde chick.  Check.  The badass brunette. Check.  Like, it’s like they didn’t even try.  And Smackdown should be the true A show.  I don’t think any of these girls are above an A Cup.  Can we rename them the A Team?  I’m gonna, just to let you know.  It’s now PMS and the A Team moving forward.  I also hate WWE for basically forcing me to watch a match with Charlotte.  Fuck you WWE.  I took a shower immediately after.  As for which group has the better long term, I think I gotta go with the A Team for a multitude of reasons.  1. Paige is unstable, and could jeopardize her career at any point, so 5 years is risky, but she is the most talented, and best looking from my perspective.  Fuck tans!  2. While I think Mandy is going to have a Bella like career, she needs to find a top star to start sleeping with to ensure she follows in their footsteps.  3. I don’t thinK Sonya is that good.  4. Ruby should have a job for 5-8 years, she strikes me as a good person to work with and is unique. 5. Sarah Logan smiles too much and that is a big no no.  She needs to get serious about being a heel or become a face.  I think she is the second best wrestler out of the 6. I believe in Liv, and I fear I am going to regret it.  The girl should be able to become a star, but she need to talk to Carmella and Alexa.

  1.  Give me your thoughts on the Randy vs KO match.  Also, what are your thoughts on Randy growing his hair out?

Russ:  Compliment:  This was a very brutal and intense match.  Both guys really took it to the other especially with the Kendo Sticks.  Complaint:  How can you have a No DQ match and have someone Banned from Ringside?  That is just stupid.  Seriously what are they going to do to KO DQ him…oh wait…See the logical fallacy there?  My other problem with this match was the fact that after 5 minutes I completely forgot who won the match.  That isn’t good.  Compliment:  I really liked Randy with his hair just grown out.  He actually looked younger and more vibrant.  He should keep it this length and style at all times!  

Keri:  First off, Randy doesn’t look right. He’s growing back his hair to look like 20 something Orton and it’s not working for him. As for the match, it was ok but nothing special really. Also why did this match also feel slow to me? All of the matches this week felt like everyone was going through the motions. Maybe it’s just me.

Kent:  This match was a giant oxymoron.  How do you have a ban somebody from ringside while making it a No DQ?  They don’t go hand in hand.  Still, I do believe in my True Men of Honor stable, and Daniel is playing this incredibly well.  I think this is actually the storyline to watch in WWE.  This has long burn potential.

  1.  Are the Ascension dead…or at the very least poisoned?  Are Breezedango and the Ascension still friends?  Who is the person behind the mask?

Russ:  Compliment:  This was by far one of the best Fashion Files we have had in months.  So many great lines.  I also loved how Breezedango completely left the Ascension to die.  The sight gag of Detective Dango coming back for something and leaving again was fantastic.  Complaint:  How are they going to resolve this… I mean you can’t kill the Ascension that wouldn’t be fun.  I think they should just have them back the next week like nothing happened.  That would just be fantastic.  Compliment:  This is how the Fashion Files should be done every time.  I don’t mind missing a week or two if it means the quality is better.  

Keri:  I’ve never seen any of the Saw movies nor am I a big horror movie girl so I didn’t get what was happening. (Kent: Boooooo Keri BOOOOOOOOOOO)  With that said, I really want Breezedango and the Ascension to be friends. So, I hope they are still friends and the Ascension is still alive. As for the person behind the mask, no clue.

Kent:  To be upfront here, I have a Jigsaw tattoo, and I am bound by law to have loved this segment.  Why it didn’t happen last month is truly beyond me.  Yes, the Ascension are poisoned, yes they are dead, if we are to believe Bray Wyatt, and no it shouldn’t affect them as they live in the Wasteland.  Of course they are still friends!  I truly hope that it’s Arn Anderson behind the mask.  I got to mention Arn twice in one blog, I feel good.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW – Feel free to talk about Kane’s “matches” with Jordan and Finn.

Russ:  Compliment:  The matches were great.  Complaint:  The stories are terrible.  Also, another complaint:  Kane is too old to be the monster anymore.  However, he is still perfect for Corporate Kane.  Bring that back.  Compliment:  I like where this Jason Jordan story is going I want to see where it’s going.  Rating: 5.6

Keri:  This week’s RAW was ok. It was kinda standard actually. As for Kane’s matches, I don’t care. Rating: 4

Kent:  Really, the only thing I fast forwarded through was the cruiserweight match.  They started some new feuds.  I felt Titus and Elias elevated themselves a bit.  I actually enjoyed this edition of RAW.  Plus, as Twan pointed out to me, we got to see Fit Finlay. Rating is a 5.9.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Compliment:  Fashion Files was fantastic.  Complaint:  This was a very forgettable show.  I mean I forgot who won the Main Event 5 minutes after it occurred!  That isn’t good.  Compliment:  …. ummm….It was watchable.  That’s a compliment right?   Rating: 4.2 (a lot of these points go to Fashion Files.)

Keri:  For the first time ever, I did an eye roll when Shane’s music hit to kick off Smackdown. That reaction from me is usually reserved for his sister. Good job Shane you are not at the same level as Stephanie for me. With that said, Smackdown was ok, I guess.  Rating: 3

Kent:  They are moving forward with some decent stuff here.  Baron vs Bobby, AJ vs Jinder, KO, Sami, and Daniel vs Shane and the blue boy, and the women.  I don’t get why American Omega lost though.  I am very confused because they were having good matches.  I am curious who the next victims will be of the Bludgeon Bros.  The show went by fast, so that is a plus.  I am at a 5 on the rating.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Compliment:  Ok, so I did a whole review with Compliment Sandwiches and I didn’t want to kill myself.  Complaint:  It took me way too long to come up with things and write them down.  If I ever do this again I will definitely have to work on that.  Compliment:  It’s over for one more week!  That’s a compliment right?  

Keri: I’ve started to watch weekly ROH episodes and I find them fun. So I’m adding to my weekly countdown. Two weeks to Final Battle and 5 until WK12.

Kent:  The Punisher is really fucking good on NetFlix.  Go watch it.  Here’s some pics of current stars back in NXT.  Yeah, Roman was in shape at one point in his career.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – November 20 & 21, 2017 – Women Are Taking Over Edition

Survivor Series came and went, and it wasn’t terrible, some matches were actually enjoyable. Then we had Paige return on RAW, and then we got 2 girls from NXT with her.  Not to be outdone, over on Smackdown they brought up Ruby Riot and 2 other ladies.  So yeah, the estrogen is flowing this week.  I hope I never say the estrogen is flowing this week ever again.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.

The 9

  1. Finally, Paige has returned, and she brought along Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville from NXT.  Do you like Paige having a posse, and did you like that they also attacked Alexa Bliss backstage?

Russ:  It took a long ass time, but finally Paige is back.  I really liked how she returned, putting the entire RAW women’s roster (minus Asuka, because that won’t work with her character.)  on notice.  I know nothing of Mandy or Sonya, but this was a nice introduction of them to the main roster.  I think PMS ™  is a good name, especially the way they acted last night.  I don’t like that they attacked Alexa, but I’ll give Alexa major credit.  She took that beating like a champ and really sold it.  It has been a long time, but finally the women’s division is finally picking up at least on RAW.  

Keri:  So, everyone I think I know what has been bothering me for the past year other than bad WWE booking, it was the lack of Paige on my screen. Well that ended on RAW this week. Paige is back and I couldn’t be happier. Told you all I missed her. Anyways for this segment, I like the idea of this new SHEild. I don’t know much about either girl but they seemed to be ok. So, I like them now. And what I suspect is Mandy’s finisher is pretty impressive. I was not expecting that from her. As for the backstage segment with Bliss, if this group really is the SHEild then they need to beat up everyone. They need to look dominate. My only question is will they go after Asuka next?

Kent:  Now, before either of these 2 try to steal it, the initials are PMS and I trademarked this and I have visual proof of this at 10:01 PM, so no stealing my fucking thunder!  I love Paige’s in ring talent and she is capable of having a great wrestling personality, and she deserves way more credit than the 4 Whoreswomen for the women’s revolution, along with Emma and AJ Lee.  I do hate her screaming, unless it is some type of film that I may watch in private.  I’ll allow the others to go on about this segment, while I bring the truth.  I have seen Mandy Rose and SOnya Deville down at NXT.  Mandy is a nice girl to look at and has a real bitchy attitude character, that is basically a poor woman’s Alexa.  She is nothing special yet, but has potential.  She was in the last season of Tough Enough, along with the Velveteen Dream.  Neither of them won, and the 3 finalists have all been released from their contracts.  Don’t  ever lt fans vote again WWE.  As for Sonya, she is blandness personified.  If you can Steve Blackman’s rookie year, mixed with Trent Barreta, Glacier, and Marc Mero, well you have already tuned out.  Yet, she had to get a name change in NXT to Sonya Deville.  Her original name sucked as well.  My point is that neither were really remotely decent in NXT.  I think that this is a huge mistake.  They should have brought up Peyton Royce and Billie Kay because they are main roster ready and their Aussies so the whole foreign thing would work for the trio.  Sonya is not a long term keeper.  Mandy may be due to her looks, and she has potential to develop.

  1.   It’s still very early in the Jason Jordan saga.  When all is said and done, do you think that he will become a star?

Russ:   I hope so.  Jason can go in the ring to the point of at least holding decent matches.  He is terrible on the mic, but that can be worked around by giving him a mouth piece or just more practice.  So he has the potential.  They finally have him in an interesting angle with Kurt, HHH, and Braun, but I’m not holding my breath for him to come out of this looking good.  In the end I think Jason will come out of this worse for wear and he’ll either go back into obscurity or maybe he can get a new tag partner.  

Keri:  No. No . Absolutely not. Bad booking has killed Jason Jordan as a singles wrestler for me. He’s not good on the mic, lacks charisma, yet is decent in the ring. One out of the three major criteria for a star do not a star make. Sorry but I don’t foresee him being a star no matter how Creative tries to salvage this experiment.

Kent:  He is good in the ring, but he is terrible on the mic.  SO was the Rock early on.  The thing is, I haven’t seen Jason improve in over 2 years.  He may grow to be acceptable on the mic, but I don’t think that he is ever going to be a star.  I hope that I am wrong, but he is so bland, so so soooo bland.  I am going to say no and hope to be wrong.  He’s got a lot of Billy Gunn in him.

  1.   Samoa Joe beat Finn clearly.  Does this mean that we’re due a 3 month feud where Finn wins the rest of the matches because he wears body paint?  Also, where the hell was Bray?

Russ:   I think in the end Finn will win this feud with makeup on.  Up to that point it might be a bit lopsided in Joe’s favor.  I don’t mind that because these two are good in the ring together.  There is a slight fear that we may get these two put into a tag team together, because all of the good talent that they don’t want to feature becomes a tag team.  As for Bray.  I think I have a solution for this feud and Bray.  So when Finn finally goes all demon vs Joe in their final battle to claim supremacy we will have a heck of a match.  At the end though as Finn is about to claim victory the lights will go out.  We will hear a woman’s laughter.  The lights will come back on and in the ring will be a mysterious woman.  She will attack Finn, while the ref is distracted of course, Joe will take advantage and get the pin.  After we get a close up on the woman and see that it is none other than Sister Abigail.  We will have to wait 3 months to finally get Bray back, but that is par for the course in WWE.  

Keri: I don’t know where they are going with this Finn (and his abs) and Joe storyline but I’m ok with it. Why you ask? Because both guys can put on a good show. They did in NXT and they can do it here. Yes, after about two months, this feud is going to get boring but at least the matches will be good. As for Bray, maybe he is sick again. Or maybe we can get a Wyatt family reunion with a woman added and they can feud with Sanity. I can’t be the only one that wants to see that happen, am I?

Kent:  Seriously, you bring Bray back last week to job to Jason and now nothing this week?  WHat the fuck?  Bring back Sister Abigail or else we’re gonna riot.  As for Joe and Finn, Joe is the better wrestler and character overall.  This felt like they did something right.  Needless to say, I am very worried about Joe’s next 2-3 months.

  1.   Roman Reigns beat Miz for the IC title. This is a safe space to share your feelings on this, so let em rip.

Russ:   Well, Roman has done it.  For better or worse he is a Grand Slam Champion now. I don’t quite understand why he needed to have a belt now when he is destined to win the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania, but whatever I’m not WWE creative.  I will say this the fans have really taken to Roman finally.  I remember when he would get booed out of the arena just for sneezing.  WWE has done a very good job of getting the fans to cheer him the past two months.  I’ll give Roman credit too.  He puts in the work in the ring and the majority of his matches are well done so that helps as well.  Still I think this might be good for The Miz.  He has held the belt for a long time and became kind of stagnant.  I hope  this will turn into a major opportunity for him.  He truly deserves it with all the work he has put in this past year and a half.  

Keri:  Sigh. That is all. I’m not going to say another word about it. Ok maybe a few more. I’m still trying to figure out what makes this guy worth all the hype. Other than his look and his decent in ring ability. In my opinion, he’s overrated. Yet, my colleagues would say my choice of favorite wrestler is the same thing. But at least he’s got charisma and is good in the ring and on the mic. Can Roman say the same? Well, can he? Sorry all but Roman just doesn’t do it for me regardless of how they book him or how many titles they give him. (Kent: I can’t debate the merits of Roman vs Omega because I have not seen enough of Omega to provide a fair assessment.  In my opinion, both are wildly overrated by the 2 extreme groups.  In this moment, I would say that smarks overrate Omega and Casuals overrate Roman.  As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle and both are doing their job for their respective promotion, whether we like it or not.  Both guys can go in the ring, but I am not a fan of how either is pushed with their ridiculous amounts of kick outs.  I do believe that Roman has wetter hair than Kenny.  This is one of those things where most likely you don’t like both, you like one and dislike the other, and that’s fine.  That’s how I make peace with it and it’s also how I learn to not talk to many people about wrestling because they get too passionate and won’t let shit go.  Wrestling makes people act like damn fools, myself included.  In the end, I would like to hang out with Roman and eat protein bars and drink some beer, while I would probably want to bitchslap Omega in real life.) (Keri: To your point Kent, at the end of the day it’s to each his or her own which is the way it should be. There is too much wrestling out there right now to say that one kind (or person) is better than the other. Everyone should just like what (or who) they like and be done with it. Wrestling fandom would be a lot more peaceful that way. If you like WWE then that’s your thing. If you like NJPW and ROH but not WWE, then that is your thing. We are just getting too judgy, myself included. You’re right Kent we all look foolish.)

Kent:  They just did this exact story last year with Roman with the US Championship, and it was historic.  Historically awful and boring and killed the belt’s credibility.  He is above the belt and will not raise it up with him.  With Brock not wrestling consistently, at least Roman can be the top dog again until he’s the top dog again.  Fuck my life.  I am so sick of Roman holding a belt and being unstoppable.  Just book him sarter and I will shut the fuck up about it.  He can eat some losses in high profile matches.  It’s okay.  The kids will be just fine and the women’s panties will still be moister than Roman’s hair.  He should put over Joe in a high profile feud.

  1.  Pick one other aspect of the show that wasn’t covered in this blog and talk about it, and don’t piggy back.  You got Braun, Elias, 205, Sheasaro/Shield, HHH, Kurt, Kane, the women’s 4 way, the horrible refereeing lately, etc.

Russ:  I thought Sheamus vs Dean was a very good match.  These two have some great Chemistry.  I know we’ve seen them battle a lot over the past 2 months, but I still haven’t gotten sick of it.  I do kind of want Dean and Seth to move on from the belts, but something tells me they may get them back sooner than later.  I hope not.  Sheasaro should hold the belts for a decent amount of time.  They deserve that at least.   

Keri:  That opening segment was great. Well, let me clarify that part with the confrontation between Triple H and Braun was great. I’ve never seen the look of oh shit look on Triple H’s face before and it was hilarious. Even Stephanie was like screw it I’m out of here when Braun came out. It was really well done and saved the segment.

Kent:  Refs, you CANNOT pick and choose your fucking count outs.  Either when one person enters, you restart your count, or you keep the count until you reach 10 or both participants are in the ring.  STop this fucking nonsense!  Seriously, just watch this past week of wrestling and there is no consistency across the board aside from the lack of consistency is consistent.  Furthermore, tag teams have to the count of 5 for the member who tagged out to get out of the ring.  Start fucking DQ’ing teams, or at the very least, send them to the back and let it go on as a handicap match.  The strategy would be kinda interesting then.  Do you stay in and destroy your opponent and lose a member of the team?  It’s like an Iron Man match, do you use a weapon to weaken your opponent and accept the DQ in hopes of gaining a huge advantage?  Something has to give because these refs are fucking terrible.

  1.  Sooooo, what was the point of the SamiKO saga this week?  They won their match.  Also, why in the world should they be fired?

Russ:  I always hate firing angles.  They are the worst, especially when it comes to top talent.  If they were to get fired from Smackdown, RAW would pick them up so quickly that they wouldn’t have had time to get out of the Smackdown locker room.  So firing angles are stupid.  Also, SamiKO’s interference at Survivor Series was minimal at best.  They came out. Looked menacing for 5 seconds.  Got their asses handed to them.  Retreated to the back.  The end.  Yea, that isn’t firing worthy.  It was embarrassing, but not firing worthy.  As for the SamiKO saga this week.  I think this was make-up for the confusion that happened during the Europe Tour.  I hope this punishment doesn’t last long because SamiKO needs to be a dominant force on Smackdown and not a laughing stock.  Randy vs KO next week should be pretty decent.  I expect Randy to win it or interference to happen and maybe we will have a Randy and KO feud on our hands.

Keri:  I’m confused on both accounts and that confusion has nothing to do with Sami or KO. It has to do with Daniel Bryan. From the start, he’s been against the invasion and Shane’s actions up to this point. He got locked in closet with Kane because of Shane. If that doesn’t justify a heel turn, I don’t know what does. With that said though, they are teasing it by Bryan not firing them but still I fully expected more than what I got. Also, I hope this is the end of New Day vs SamiKO. It’s officially boring.

Kent:  Shane wanting to fire SamiKO is another sign of how bad of a chracter he has become.  Yeah fire them after losing at Survivor Series, when you knew damn well that they would retaliate because you were a dick to them.  Perfect logic.  I hate the last 5 minutes.  Sami gets the pin and KO is trying to get Sami out of the ring and to follow him, and Sami kinda acts like a moron.  I felt that Daniel should have come out to make his announcement rather than do it backstage.  It had significantly less impact.  I’m fine with Randy vs KO, they’re dicks to each other on Twitter, so that’s fun, but this whole thing felt super weak.  Rusev Day in the locker room was great.

  1.  The Bludgeon Brothers debuted.  Thoughts?

Russ:  I really want to be positive.  I’m indifferent to Rowan, but I really like Luke and want him to succeed.  With that said.  They have a major uphill battle in front of them.  Where do I start.  Well the crowd had no reaction for these guys, strike one.  The outfits…Strike two.  A squash match that doesn’t showcase their talents, strike three.  Yeah, they are already out.  WWE will fuck this up and it is apparent that they have already begun the fuck up.  How will WWE repackage these two next?  Find out in 6 months.   I mean 1 more month of this trainwreck and 5 months until they are reintroduce them.  

Keri:  Finally after weeks of vignettes we get the debut of the Bludgeon Brothers. And you know what? I think it fell flat. I was really anticipating something great and it seems what actually happened was really a let down. Yeah they look dominate but something is just missing for me.

Kent:  Deep breathe.  Nope, I gotta take another one.  First of all, shame on WWE for not rebuilding the Hype Bros back up after Zack’s return and having them as total jobbers while Zack is in great shape, physically.  OK, on to the BB’s.  Fuck their attire is terrible.  Like, just make the charcoal color more of a dark green and rip off Freddy Krueger.  That would have been preferred.  The match was meh.  I am not optimistic in the least bit.

  1.  Oh great, 3 women show up on RAW so 3 other women show up on Smackdown.  Yes, now have Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan.  Thoughts?

Russ:  At first, I thought wow this seems oddly familiar.  Then I remember about 3 hours earlier I just saw Paige and two other NXT people get the call up for RAW and did the exact same thing!  This was not original for even 24 hours.  Still Ruby Riot is an interesting call up.  I like her.  She is ok in the ring, but she has personality and charisma.  I hope this translates to something good for her.  Still having her mimic Paige in less than 24 hours is not a good start.   Oh the other two girls.  I don’t know who the fuck they are so I’ll wait to see what they do before I say anything.  

Keri: I expected call ups on Smackdown but these were not the ones that I expected. With that said, Ruby Riot is unique and brings something different to the Smackdown women’s roster. I haven’t seen to much of her but what I have seen I enjoyed so there is that. As for Liv, don’t know that much about her and haven’t seen that much of her in ring so I’m interested to see why they felt she was ready for a call up. As for Sarah Logan, otherwise known as Crazy Mary Dobson to those who follow the Indies, she’s a good performer and was one of my picks to win the Mae Young Classic earlier this year. Watch her matches from the MYC and I think you will be impressed. Or at least I hope you will be. What I am curious about is where they are going with this NXT women’s invasion. What is the endgame for the stables that they called up?Honestly this is the most creative Creative has been in like forever so of course I have lots of questions.

Kent:  I don’t even really know who Sarah Logan is but she strikes me as unremarkable.  I have seen every episode of NXT this year, and I am sure I’ve seen her a few times, but I simply didn’t pay attention, so that’s cool.  I stand by assertions that I made over a year ago that Liv could be a star down the road.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get much of a push in NXT and didn’t seem to improve much over the past year while constantly being leap frogged by newcomers.  She is finally a heel which should help.  It’s kind of a make or break time for her.  She needs to improve like Alexa and Carmella did or else she will drown on the main roster.  I think that she can do this.  Then there’s Lita….I mean Ruby Riot.  This girl is not very great in ring.  She has a unique look and charisma and can’t tell a story in the ring to save her life.  I didn’t think she was ever that good in ring, and has never carried a single match.  I find her incredibly overrated and she should not have been called up in my opinion.  Why Peyton Royce didn’t get called up while all of these lesser get the call up is beyond me.  On the other hand, the Smackdown Women’s division needed new blood, so that does help, and keep your eyes on Liv.

  1.  How do you feel about a possible Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode feud?

Russ:  Well sure why not.  I’m not sure how they will mesh in the ring, but I have faith that both guys can get something out of this.  Baron needs a great rival and maybe Bobby can fill that need.  Bobby is in desperate need of a great feud too, because so far he hasn’t been too glorious on the main roster.  

Keri:  Not sure about this at all. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out to formulate an official opinion. I still don’t know why they want Bobby to be a face though. Oh well.

Kent:  I know that you would expect me to be super excited since I really like both guys.  I fear that this combination may be lackluster.  Baron needs guys to bump and sell and Bobby can and will to an extent.  I think the promos could be really fun.  Still, I do worry about in ring chemistry.  I hope that I am wrong.  It’s time for Baron to really shine in a feud with a top guy.  I hope that he can handle it and I hope Bobby losing will turn him heel.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This was a decent night.  It wasn’t fantastic, but several of the segments were really good.  Miz TV, the opening segment, the IC Title match, Paige’s return, and the Dean Sheamus match were all good. I think those things over shadowed the garbage.  Rating: 5.9  

Keri:  It must be the return of Paige that has lifted my power of positivity because I thought this show was not bad. I’m not even going to rant about Roman winning yet another title that he may or may not deserved. I even enjoyed what was basically a Stephanie-Triple H opening segment. Rating: 5

Kent:  Paige returned and there were some semblances of decent matches.  I don’t think it was bad, so I will go with a 5.5.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  This week was very run of the mill. SamiKO were prominent even in an utter beatdown and I am intrigued by what they are doing with Daniel.  Ruby may have been introduced in the basic same way Paige was, but I’m interested to see what they will do with her.  The rest of the show was unremarkable.  Rating: 4.4

Keri:  Outside of the NXT women’s invasion, this was a generic episode of Smackdown for me. Pretty much the same old stuff. It just didn’t have the excitement of RAW in my opinion. Rating: 4

Kent:  This one felt flat to me compared to RAW.  Honestly, it was all just a build up for the main event, the debut of the Bludgeon Bros, and the women’s angle.  That’s 3 things, so they get a 3.3.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this week.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Hope everyone had or is having a great Thanksgiving.  Steam sale this weekend so I expect to waste about $50 bucks on games I won’t play for several years.  Oh, wrestling final thoughts… yea, I got nothing.  

Keri: Welcome back Paige! I’ve missed you. As for this female invasion angle, what should their name be? Can’t call them the SHEild because that’s a stable of 3.  The Bullet Club doesn’t fit either.  Maybe some variation of the NWO? See this is why I’m asking for suggestions. I have nothing.

Kent:  I find it perplexing that WWE brings up people from NXT and then have them in the opposite role, as in face or heel.  Bobby is a consumate heel, so they bring him up as a face.  Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot have been faces this whole time, so now they’re heels.  This really baffled the mind.

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2017 Survivor Series 9 Deuce Review

Russ and Kent watched Survivor Series, or most of it and we are here to discuss the show in graphic detail.  Still no Paige.  I also found myself missing Ellsworth.

Pre Game Deuce (Or the matches that weren’t advertised)

  1.  Elias defeated Matt Hardy

Russ:  Didn’t know this was a match, didn’t care.  I’ll take Kent’s word for this and not bother watching it.  Rating N/A  

Kent:  Fat Hardy is fat.  He has let himself go, yet again.  I am not one that can criticize, but I can point it out.  This wasn’t even a fun match and I love watching Elias.  This was a dud.  Aiden or Rusev instead of Hardy would have been much better.

Rating: 2.5 with all those points dedicated to Elias trying to carry this match the best that he could.

  1.  SamiKO defeated Breezedango

Russ:  Glad they gave Breezedango a match, but Kent is right! This should have been against a RAW team.  I can’t believe SamiKO was relegated to an impromptu match on the Kickoff Show.  I hope they get treated better over the next 5 months.  Rating:  4.  It was an adequate match, but with no story or reason for the match it did very little.  

Kent:  Why didn’t they go Gallows and Anderson vs SamiKO is beyond me.  This match was given some time, but it wasn’t all that good.  Probably the best of the kickoff show, but that doesn’t require much.  SamiKO along with Breezedango deserve better booking.

Rating: 3.3


The 9

  1.  .  205 Championship Match – Enzo defeated Kalisto

Russ:  Oh man, this was hot garbage.  Kalisto doesn’t do it for me.  He had one good match against Baron.  The only reason that was good, I think, was because Baron could ragdoll him a bit.  Well Enzo can’t do that because they are the same size.  Also, with all the interbrand will they, won’t they put us #undersiege shit going on this month this match got lost in the shuffle.  Please, PLEASE, have Enzo move on from Kalisto.  Rating: 2.2

Kent:  I tried to try to pay attention, but i just couldn’t.  I honestly wasn’t into this match at all.  I don’t enjoy Kalisto as a singles guy.  Bring back Lucha Dragons, PLEASE.  Enzo needs a better opponent with some technical skills.

Rating: 2.7

  1.   The Shield defeated New Day

Russ:  Alright let’s get this out of the way.  The end result was obvious.  If you thought The New Day had a chance of winning this then you don’t know WWE.  Overall this was a fun match.  The New Day played the role of Heel, but never really utilized a lot of heel tactics.  It was typical tag match in the beginning.  The second half of the match really picked up the pace and a lot of fun sequences occurred.  I love how the rules go out the door when the WWE needs them to.  At least commentary did their best to try and cover this up.  Loved some of the innovative finishers they did at the end.  Overall I was satisfied with this opener.  Rating:  5.8   On a side note I like how they are keeping score of the wins for the night.  

Kent:  The refereeing sucked so much in this match, and this would be a common theme throughout the night, unfortunately.  The ref allowed both team, but especially the Shield too much time with 2 or 3 guys in the ring at the same time.  Grow a pair ref and make them abide you!  When the fuck did Seth get so lazy or bland in the ring?  He was just good as a tag team with Dean, but if you notice, Dean has been the workhorse, but Seth used to be.  It’s odd and I don’t like it.  Seth is a great workhorse, but I don’t know if he ever fully came back from injury.  It’s weird and sad.  It’s sad to see how Dean’s arms have no definition and the shirt exemplifies that big time.  This was a good match, and it was fun.  It kept me engaged all match, but not always for positive things. Still, I can say that this may be rewatchable.

Rating: 5.1 Just to be safe as I could be coerced into rewatching, or I may never watch it again.  Everybody tried at least.

  1.  Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match:: Team RAW (Asuka, Sasha, Alicia, Nia, & Bayley) defeated Team Smackdown (Natty, Tamina, Carmella, Naomi, & Becky)

Russ:  Ok, Let me get this out of the way again.  The end result was obvious.  I wrote this before the match even started so let’s see how right I am with how this will end.  I’m saying Asuka and Foxy team Raw.  Well I was wrong about Foxy, though I wonder if her pin was a mistake.  The way they eliminated Becky was horrible.  She deserves a lot better.  The battle of the Hosses was underwhelming.  Tamina needs to learn how to wrestle.  I guess the count out was one of the only ways to get Nia out without making her look weak.  This match was mediocre at best.  At least it wasn’t unwatchable.  Rating: 4.1

Kent:  Poor Becky Lynch and Bayley to a lesser extent.  This match was insulting to both of them.  I also was not fond of Natty’s ring gear, but am loving Carmella’s.  Alicia looked great tonight, but I think the ref fucked up.  That was not a 3 count and believe me when I was I immediately text Keri, Eric, and Twan about how it wasn’t a 3.  Poor reffing again.  Nia tried, but this wasn’t a very good outing for her, while Tamina shined some.  Naomi was an afterthought as was Sasha to a certain degree.  This was all about showcasing Asuka and having the Hoss Showdown.  The effort was there, but wasn’t a good match.  I was paying close attention, so my rating may be higher than it deserves.

Rating: 4.3 Because it kept me engaged.

  1.  Baron Corbin defeated The Miz

Russ:  This was a well told story in the ring, but it definitely wasn’t the match of the night.  Both guys deserve a lot of credit.  The lead up to this match was mostly done on Twitter.  I don’t pay attention to Twitter so I missed a lot of this feuds build.  Still these two have a decent chemistry in the ring.  The only real negative I have about this match was the fact that The Miz worked on Baron’s leg and Baron sold it.  For about 1 minute.  It really should have played more into the match.  Ending sequence was fast and fun.  Rating: 5.4

Kent:  Yup, I fucking nailed it.  This was definitely the match of the night and both guys looked like stars doing it.  Both guys played to their strengths.  I am so proud of how far Baron has come, and he sold this match so much better than the supposedly superior Finn Balor.  The Miz deserves another run as the World champ next year in my opinion.  Everything about this worked, including Baron to tell a fan to shut up and sit down.  This was a fine example of 2 guys figuring their shit out and putting together a well executed match with good psychology and a logical progression.  

Rating: 6.8 I really enjoyed this one as you can tell.

  1.  The Uso’s defeated Sheasaro    

Russ:   This was a really good match.  I didn’t expect anything less.  These two teams continue to prove why they are the two best tag teams in the WWE.  The back and forth in this was great.  The spots were well executed.  Loved the last tag between Jimmy and Jay. It was a thing of beauty.  The right team won this I think.  Sheasaro didn’t need to win they just had to look good.  This match definitely delivered that.  Rating: 6.3

Kent:  This was the second best match of the night, and I nailed that too.  No, my arm doesn’t get sore patting myself on the back.  They did what they were supposed to but I can’t say that it was better done than Miz and Baron.  It was close.  Some stuff looked a little sloppy and Cesaro looked like he hurt his head.  I felt that he and possibly Sheamus were hampered by pain at various points in the match which hurt the pace a bit.  It was still very good, but it could have been at least a point better, without a doubt.

Rating: 6.6 I liked it, but I could have loved it and so I can’t rate it higher.

  1.  Female Flair defeated Alexa Bliss

Russ:  I’m sure this match was adequate.  I wouldn’t know because while I had it on I was most definitely playing video games.  So I would look up every once in awhile.  What I saw was standard stuff.  There were a few moments of entertainment, this wasn’t a total trainwreck. I mean Little Miss Bliss is always great, but the way she was treated for the past month as an afterthought made this pretty easy to predict.  I can’t wait to see what Kent has to say!  You know he loves Charlotte.  Rating:  3.8

Kent: This was on my laptop while The Walking Dead was on.  I made the right decision.  I can’t stand a Charlotte match and she won.  Fuck this.

Rating: N/A  

  1.  Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles

Russ:  Wow, this match is already on at 9:30!  The 5 man Survivor Series Match must be close to an hour because I don’t think Lesnar can go for more than 15 minutes.  AJ is a good ragdoll for Brock. AJ sold Brocks offense like a champ!  On a down note I couldn’t tell if this match was sloppy or just too many high impact moves and a few of them were just off. Still this was fun!  They set up the Calf Crusher beautifully by attacking Brock’s knee often.  Brock getting out of the Calf Crusher was also a thing of beauty.  I hate that Brock has turned into a one-note wrestler, but that’s the way he wants to go out.  The match went 17 minutes so I was close to being right about the 15.  Jinder Mahal is in rarified air.  I think he is the only human being who can’t put a good match together with AJ.  This was fast paced and fun.  Rating: 6.2  I think this would have been match of the night, but it was a bit sloppy at points.  

Kent:  This match was way better than I expected, and I accept that I was sorely mistaken on this.  I am fearing for Brock Lesnar’s well being.  He is red and purple so early in the match.  He was not in great shape, yet again.  You can not be ripped and have great cardio like Joe and KO.  Brock was carried.  Brock did his role, but AJ carried it.  There were some sloppy moments, and I believe that Brock legit hurt his leg, probably his knee.  He swore a few times and his knee looked swollen and he was visibly in some discomfort.  AJ is still the best in the world, and I think that will be the case for another 2 years at the very least.

Rating: 5.9  It was fun and kept my attention.  It told an okay story, but Brock needs to do something about his long term health.

  1.  Team RAW (Braun Strowman, HHH< Kurt, Finn, & Joe) defeated Team Smackdown (Shane, Randy, Cena, Shinsuke & Bobby)

Russ:  This seemed like a slam dunk win for Smackdown, but that was before they actually kept track for us all night. Makes me think RAW might actually pull this off.  I guess we will see.   The entrances alone took 20 minutes, because everyone had to get their own entrance.  I am shocked!  Shocked! Well not that shocked that Shinsuke, Bobby,  and Joe, were the first to be eliminated, but this isn’t a match about showcasing the young up and comers.  No, this is a match to showcase those who really need it, you know those part-timers and old guys.  Cena getting eliminated was an actual shock.  SamiKO’s interference was very welcome for 5 seconds until they were taken out like bitches *sigh*.  Kent called Shane being the last man standing for team Smackdown and that was a complete ego stroking.  HHH attacking Angle was odd, but we saw it coming to set up their feud for Mania.  Braun at the end was fantastic.  They made him look like a million bucks and he went over huge with the fans.  Overall, this was decent. It wasn’t anything special, but it did help elevate Braun a bit.   Too bad it won’t translate to belt wins or anything because gotta have Brock look strong for his feeding to Roman.  YEA!  Rating: 6   

Kent:  Yup, wrong again.  I definitely had a fun first 5 or so minutes.  Some of the spots worked.  I have to admit, the part timers ruined this for me. You have 4 part timers and Randy and it felt like WCW in the mid to late 90’s with all of their old asses.   Not much clicked for me as it progressed.  Shane needs to be done.  I am done with Shane, and I hate to admit it, but Kurt is starting to be iffy for me.  HHH is all psychology and body sculpting.  I don’t even know why Cena was there.  Smackdown had all the teamwork, yet were made to look like total bitches.  This match is what’s wrong with WWE.  Yes, it’s great that Braun walked out as the #1 guy, but when it counts, he’s not going to get the Brock rub at Mania, so who gives a shit?  I wanted to love this, and I didn’t really enjoy it.  Yes, it totally kept my attention and kept me guessing, but this match did more harm than good in the grand scheme of things.

Rating: 5.8

  1.  What was the most logical booking of the night and most illogical?

Russ:  I think the most logical booking was having Baron go over The Miz.  Baron needed a rub and The Miz delivered it to him in spades.  I also want to say the way they treated Braun was smart.  I just know it won’t lead to anything great for him.  The most illogical had to be the traditional 5 on 5’s.  For the women I just don’t like how they treated Becky in the match.  As for the guys, I think it is obvious but allow me to explain.  I don’t understand why they had to showcase the old guys and the part-timers.  They could have had all the same stuff happen except have it happen in the beginning of the match and then let Joe, Finn, Shinsuke, Bobby, Braun show us what they can do in the end.  I don’t even know why Cena was apart of this.  Yes I know his name alone is a draw, but he added nothing to this match.    

Kent:  Logical was Baron, Uso’s, and Asuka all winning.  Illogical, the referee just allowing anything and everything to happen.  More importantly, the women’s 5 on 5 really bothered me with how Becky and Bayley were treated.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Match of the night:

Russ:  Going to have to give it the tag match.  I had the most fun just watching that one so I’ll give it to that.  

Kent:  Baron vs Miz, no doubt.

  1.  Worst Match of the night

Russ:  Women’s Champions match.  It was ok, but overall, the wrong person won and it was the match I paid the least amount of attention to.  

Kent:  Charlotte’s match for obvious reasons.  Fat Hardy vs Elias also deserves recognition but nobody knew about it and therefore, expectations were incredibly low.

Final Thoughts

Russ: The PPV wasn’t bad.  I actually paid attention to most of the matches and enjoyed them.  Nothing was spectacular, but the matches were decent throughout the night. Rating: 5.8

Kent:  4 above average matches is a success in my eyes.  See, I’m not always negative.

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2017 Survivor Series 9 Double Deuce Preview

Keri and Kent break down every match on the card for WWE’s Survivor Series.  We are both hoping to try to enjoy this.  The go home shows were not very good, but the build ups were decent, so we are torn.

The 9 – This is going by the card as of 4:15PM on Friday

  1.  Kickoff Show – 205 Championship match – Enzo Amore vs Kalisto

Keri:  I’m not invested in this match at all nor do I care about it happening. With that said though, Enzo is putting some eyeballs (not mine) on the 205 product and that hasn’t been done in over a year. So that’s good. I predict this match to be decent but nothing special.

Prediction: Enzo retains because the E wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds the division, would they?

Kent:  I am really pulling for Enzo.  For better or worse, he is the shining light in that division that is keeping it relevant and giving it shine on RAW>  You may hate that, but it’s the truth.  I also hope to see Drew cut a promo.  

Prediction: Enzo via Drew’s interference or distraction like the ref throwing Drew out

  1.  Women’s Champions Clash – Alexa Bliss vs Ric’s Untalented Daughter

Keri:  I’m going get booed by Kent for saying this but I like Charlotte and I’m genuinely happy that she won on Tuesday. With that said, this is the better matchup. No offense to Natty but she is not a draw nor was she strong enough to spar with Alexa. Did you see the Instagram or Twitter video promos between these two? They were very one sided and showed Natty’s shortcomings. Natty, while decent in the ring is just not that strong overall. This is why the change was made and Charlotte is in the match. That and Alexa said it perfectly after the change was made. She has beaten three out of the four horsewomen and its Charlotte’s turn now. The storyline fits and the match should be good as well.

Prediction: Alexa puts the final Horsewoman out to pasture.

Kent:  If I had to bet my life on this, and this is how serious I am, I would still pick Alexa.  I would rather die in that scenario than to live knowing that I owed my life to the lesser Flair.  I cannot stand this girl and how she is gifted so much is utterly absurd, and it’s cause Ric calls in favors.  That’s all this bull shit is.  The only realistic chance Alexa has is if it’s revealed that Shawn Michaels is her real life daddy.  Still, I would rather be dead wrong and stand firm on my morales.

Prediction: Alexa after Paige costs Charlotte the match

As an aside, I just finished watching the Ric Flair 30 for 30 on ESPN.  It was really well done and it makes it really hard for me to hate on Charlotte.  Come Sunday, I feel that I will be back to normal.

  1.  Terribly Predictable Match – Shield vs New Day

Keri:  I’m going to keep this short because we all know who’s winning this match. This has the potential of being match of the night provided the teams are given time to work. But alas….  

Prediction: The Shield wins because you will cheer Roman and like it.

Kent:  I hate to say this because I know that this match should be good, but I also know that I am going to hate the ending, so what is the point?  I am sick of the Shield.  I don’t even know how I would feel if they were heels  That’s where I am at.  The whole will they or won’t they touch butts, I mean fists, really soured me on this, and that sucks, it really sucks, but it’s the truth.  It was a nauseating story arc.  This one is a no brainer, and New Day has been cast as the villains in this. My hope is that they revert a bit to their heel ways once they realize the crowd is only 20% at most, behind them.

Prediction: The Shield, and fuck anybody rooting for the Shield.  You’re idiots.

  1.  Women’s 5 on 5 – Alicia, Asuka, Nia, Sasha, & Bayley vs Becky, Camella, Naomi, Tamina, & ? – Predict who the question mark is  (Update, the 5th member is Natty, but Keri and I already told you this a day early.)

Keri:  The only thing I will say on this match is Asuka better come out on top somehow. As I said on this week’s blog, there is no other option. If any other option occurs, then WWE proves what I’ve been saying for a few weeks now and why I’m no longer interested in watching its product. As for our mystery person. I’ve been missing Paige so I would like to see her. But at the end of the day, this should and will be Natty’s spot.

Prediction: RAW women win and Asuka continues to look unbeatable

Kent:  The question mark is incredibly easy actually.  That will be Natalya with a 5% chance of a surprise being Lana.  It’s not going to be Paige.  Paige would spice up that division, but even then, Natty deserves to have a match, so I think the bland answer is the right one here.  Paige needs to come to Smackdown and kill the untalented one and then work a great program with Becky.  That is something my clue would like to get behind.  Alllllright.  Oh yeah, the match, Asuka is winning.  That’s another reason to not bring back Paige.  That’s why I think people are idiots for predicting Paige.  Are they really going to bring her back to instantly job.  They would NEVER do that.  Hang on, I just got a phone call from Bray Wyatt.  Ohhhh, man, now I am worried it may be Paige.  Yikes.

Prediction: Asuka and Alicia win and Natty is the 5th member of Smackdown and I am also predicting that Bayley is taken out backstage by a mystery assailant.

  1.  1 of 2 good matches – The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Keri:  Lately, Twitter feuds have been knocking it out of the park. There is the one that I’m extremely interested in (and the reason I’m getting up at 3 am on January 4th ) and this one. I will talk this one though. This one was well done and got me excited about the match. This also has the potential of being a match of the night contender again provided both guys get the time to put in the work (something the E doesn’t like to do).

And my prediction is: Axel and Dallas get thrown around by Corbin and Corbin wins. See Kent there will be lackey tossing in this PPV after all.

Kent:  This has gotten no hype, no shine.  Baron and Miz had to do all the hype on Twitter, and kudos to them for still having me hooked.  I think the Miz juggled everything incredibly well and Baron had that nice feud with Sin Cara.  I really enjoyed how WWE didn’t WWE the hell out of this.  That leads me to believe that will be a solid match.  It’s also listed as the 7th most important match on the card, so there is that.  Still, 12 minutes would be perfect here.  I think Baron needs it more than Miz, but whiny Baron and cocky Miz are the best of both of their worlds.  That’s why I think WWE will WWE this outcome.

Prediction: Baron and I won’t be upset.

  1.  The other good match – Sheasaro vs The Uso’s

Keri:  So, this week ROH put on their Facebook page a throwback match between the Young Bucks and the Briscoes. It was a two out of three falls match and it was amazing to watch. You are probably asking why I’m bring this up and not talking about this match. Because it was one of the best damn tag team matches I ever watched. Now, here is why it relates to this match. This match has two of the best tag teams that WWE currently has on their roster and both can go.  I predict a good 20 minute match (provided the E doesn’t screw that up)  and this match will rival what I just watched. This will be match of the night (no probably about it) and will steal the show. This is honestly the one I’m looking forward to the most.

Prediction: The Usos

Kent:  I think this match may be great, but mentally, I have a roadblock.  The Uso’s wouldn’t attack Roman in the retaliation and that made them look like lil bitches.  On top of that, Sheasaro is only in this because Shield Reunion part 2 had to happen, so they needed New Day, a team that lost to the Uso’s, to get them into this match.  Nobody, and I mean nobody at WWE is thinking along these lines, and if they did, they would be fired.  But this is deeper psychology.  The thing that you have to understand is that WWE is trying to build up The Uso’s as the best tag team in WWE and Sheasaro losing will be meaningless.  That’s how you know who to back.  With that being said, it would be interesting if Smackdown lost all of their matches prior to the men’s 5 on 5 as the main event.  Damnit, i talked myself into it.

Prediction: Sheasaro

  1.  Men’s 5 on 5 – Kurt, HHH, Braun, Joe, & Finn vs Shane, Randy, Shinsuke, Bobby, & Cena

Keri:  This match is the sole reason why I no longer watch WWE. It has everything that I hate about the promotion right now. Part timers, the same old storylines, and lots of ego stroking. There is nothing going on in this match that interests me. Except maybe the potential of 5 minute mini-matches between Finn and Nakamura, Finn and Bobby, Bobby and Joe, or Joe and Nakamura. Honestly, there is the talent that should be put over in this match. Braun should also get a chance to shine in this match and he probably will to an extent. But at the end of the day, this is going to be the Triple H, Cena, Kurt, and Shane show. And that is why I no longer care about the product.

Prediction: Team Smackdown because there has to be a reason for Angle vs Triple H at Mania.

Kent:  OK, this is my theory that I trademarked Wednesday on the podcast.  Cena and Braun are going to eliminate each other because that gets both of the unstoppable guys removed from the match, and sets up a feud for when Cena turns his back on Smackdown again.  What a dick he is!!!  Kurt and HHH seem destined to screw each other over.  I think that leaves us with Finn and Joe vs the other 4.  This would make sense given the writing of the past 2 weeks.  It’s subtle, but it is actually well written.  I think that they mount a comeback and take out Randy, Shinsuke, and Bobby, leaving the spotlight and that young up and comer, Shane…..what’s his last name?  Eh, it can’t be THAT important.  I can see Shinsuke going for a big kick and taking out Randy for instance, and the confusion, Shin also eats a pin or maybe Randy retaliates with and RKO.  You can see that playing out where Randy gets pinned and Shin tells him that he’s sorry and they shake hands but Randy doesn’t let go and then RKO out of nowhere, so Randy can go back to what he is best at .  That’s how you eliminate them.  Bobby could really use the rub here, buT I don’t think they will give it to him.  This seems destined for Shane to be sole survivor and bragging until Daniel gives him the business.

Prediction: Shane is sole survivor

  1.  Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Keri:  I’m a firm believer that AJ Styles can get a good match out of anyone including Brock Lesnar. But the Brock Lesnar I’m referring to in this scenario is the Brock Lesnar of two years ago (think the Royal Rumble match with Cena and Rollins). The Brock Lesnar that we get today is the one that is there for the payday and nothing else. He hasn’t put on a good match in ages and just doesn’t have the endurance or desire to put on an AJ Styles caliber match. He will hit a few F5s and a few suplexses and in the end will win the match. Why you ask? Because of the money that WWE is paying him to be there. Brock is not the wrestler he once was and I don’t believe has the desire to be again. He knows he has the WWE wrapped around his finger and for that the rest of the talent has to suffer. With that said, I don’t expect this match to be anything special and I hate saying that about any AJ match.

Prediction: Brock will win because Vince needs to justify the big hit to his bank account.

Kent:  I know that a lot of you are talking yourselves into this match saying that AJ can’t have a bad match, unless Jinder is there.  You think, Brock can still go, and he may pull out moves since he’s working with the best in the business.  I get it, you are stupid.  It happens.  Brock ain’t pulling out 7 moves that are brawling tactics, suplexes, takedowns, and F5’s.  They have both wrestled in Japan, so expect multiple near falls.  Jinder will cost AJ this match.  That is inevitable and guaranteed and after gloating about costing AJ, he will get taken to Suplex City for his troubles and maybe Brock and AJ shake hands after.  Also, I think it is irresponsible of us to always blame Brock for his matches.  I feel that they are booked a certain way, and he likes that it doesn’t tear his body up, and if the boss is happy and his body is happy,

Prediction: Brrrrroccckk Lessssnar

  1.  Which match will main event?

Keri:  Men’s 5 on 5.

Kent:  Men’s 5 on 5 just because my theory of Smackdown losing every match until the main event to help inflate Shane’s ego seems like such a good way to keep the Daniel vs Shane feud going.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Which match are you most excited for?

Keri:  Usos vs Sheasaro.

Kent:  A trainwreck is still a trainwreck.  Men’s 5 on 5 will be a trainwreck and I will be sitting here with my popcorn.  

  1.  What do you think will be the worst of the 8 listed matches?

 Keri:  Both women’s matches.

Kent:  Women’s singles match.  The chemistry will not be very good.  Alexa needs time to get comfortable with her opponents.  That’s something that she is working on, but it is apparent anytime she faces somebody unfamiliar, or hasn’t wrestled against in a while.  Also, because of the dumbass.

  1.  Will Sami and KO do anything during Survivor Series?

Keri:  Nope. They are going to be in the back with the other deserving talent. You know Rusev, Gallows and Anderson, etc. You know the people that should be on the card..

Kent:  I would enjoy if they beat up Shane after the match, but I am in agreeance with Keri on the Nope and Rusev.

  1.  Pick another match to be on the pre-show.

Keri:  I have a wild idea. SamiKO vs Gallows and Anderson vs Rusev Day. That way we get those who should be on the card on the card even if it is the preshow. Sigh. Why am I going to watch this crap again?

Kent:  Cruiserweight 5 on 5 or G&A, Ginger Rhynos, & Elias vs Breezeango, The Ascension, & Rusev

Final Thoughts:

Keri:  This is going to be a trainwreck of a show but hopefully will have its good points. Maybe just maybe the WWE will win me back a little with some of the matches on this card. I doubt it but let’s be optimistic for once, shall we?

Kent:  I shit all over this show on the podcast, but the reality is, this should have some fun moments.  I love Survivor Series, and I am really going to try to take my smark glasses off and just enjoy the show and not be bitter for most of 4 hours until I hear a certain talentless hack’s music.  On the plus side, remember how awesome this team was?

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – November 13 & 14, 2017 – It’s All About The Game Edition

Survivor Series is this Sunday, so we had the RAW and Smackdown go home shows.  They have done a really good job the past 3 weeks.  This will be easy to do and be super enjoyable, right?  Oh boy……it’s not.  Some ego stroking, some marriage proposal, Brock is laughing, RAW is invading, nobody on Smackdown seemed to really care to help, and much, much more nonsense.  Also, James Ellsworth got released this week, so much love for the man with 2 hands.   We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.


The 9

  1. Why didn’t the ref DQ the Shield at the end of their match?  They were all in the ring for an unusually long amount of time attacking their opponent.

Russ:  The Ref was caught up in the nostalgia.  Seeing the Shield together for the first time in the ring in a match must have distracted the ref.  I mean it isn’t like WWE wrestling is fake and they can pick and choose what rules suit them at the time.  So he forgot to count which was very beneficial to the Shield.  

Keri:  Two words…..Roman Reigns. You remember the rule where you don’t DQ or do anything to the Cena. Well now that rule applies to the Reigns and the rest of the Shield. It’s kinda ridiculous and predictable.

Kent:  It’s as if WWE picks and chooses when they follow their own rules.  But that can’t be right…can it?

  1.   Why did they wait until 6 days to go before announcing HHH on Team RAW?

Russ:   Well, I really hope that this is leading to a HHH / Angle match at Mania.  They have a ton of potential story that comes from having HHH join the RAW Team.  How will Jason Jordan react.  What is going to happen between HHH and Angle to start them on a feud for the next several months.  Both teams are stacked, who will win?  I’m more interested in figuring out how WWE is going to fuck these stories up because that is what they do best.  Oh, why wait until 6 days?  Seriously,  WWE is scared that Survivor Series is going to tank because ratings have been shit.  They are throwing Haymakers at the wind right now hoping people will watch when we get big names.  

Keri:  Reasons? I love how Survivor Series is just one big show to set up Angle vs. Triple H. Just another show to stroke the McMahon family ego. That is all. Why put over new talent and build for the future? Nah, that just seems too easy. I don’t know about you all but I don’t want to see two guys who are past their prime and one guy that has no business in the ring in a match where no one younger gets put over. And you all wonder why I’ve abandoned watching this crap and have moved on to better stuff.

Kent:  Well, we knew that the seed was planted for Kurt vs HHH, but man, they must have used some Miracle Grow on this shit.  Miracle Grow, please sponsor us!  All of this to set up Jason Jordan as the big heel turn down the road to represent the evil empire known of The Authority.    Why did they wait?  Fuck if I know.  I still popped for HHH and if that makes me a horrible person, I accept that.  But you have to accept that HHH still knows how to build up a solid feud.

  1.   Why did they end RAW with a match that had no implications or storyline aspects toward Survivor Series?

Russ:   Holy shit this was horrible.  I have no idea why RAW ended in a non-Survivor Series Story, but what a horrible mistake this was.  Kane can’t perform like he used to.  He is just getting too old and it showed in the ring.  The match was cringeworthy.  I think this was one of Braun’s worst matches in a long time.  I don’t blame him for this mess, but he sure looked bad in this thanks to Old man Kane.  

Keri:  Two words plain and simple. Lazy writing. This was honestly a horrible go home show. All it did was focus on the return of Triple H. Oh, here I go again with my stroking the family ego theory. I’ll stop now.

Kent:  I have no words to describe this one.  Both Russ and Keri are right.  They should have saved the HHH announcement to end the show.  Kane doesn’t have it anymore, and that’s ok.  He shouldn’t be having this high of a profile feud.  Braun isn’t at a point where he can be the one who carries a match.  This was beyond Blunderdome material.

  1.   Why did they pick Bayley over Mickie when Bayley losing was the best storyline angle moving forward?  Also, why has Alexa gotten no shine this month so far?

Russ:   WWE is fucking stupid.  I was pissed when they put Bayley over Mickie.  Bayley not getting on the team would have sparked a major rise for Bayley as she decides to become this monster heel as she thinks everyone around her is just using her.  Man, what a wasted opportunity.  A rare miss on WWE’s part.  As for Alexa.  I guess because she had no competition she could fight with directly they kind of left her off.  Stupid of course as Alexa is one of the consistently best performers.  Man another rare miss by WWE.   I can’t believe that would happen twice in the same night.  

Keri:  Two words…Four Horsewomen. Did you seriously think they were going to keep Bayley out of this match? Oh you did. That’s cute. But honestly it doesn’t matter. This should be Asuka’s match to shine. She is supposed to the unstoppable one. She should be sole survivor on Sunday. Any other outcome and WWE will prove what I’ve been saying since I forged into a better world. Come on WWE. I dare you to prove me right.

Kent:  Because they hate creative writing?  Mickie deserved it and it played for the better story of Sasha turning heel in a couple of months.  It made soooo much sense.  And that is why this happened because when something makes too much sense, WWE steps in and says TA DAAAH like a shitty magician at a child’s birthday party.  I kinda want a magician for my birthday.  A sexy one, with a moustache.  (Russ: I know what I’m dressing up as for your birthday now!)

  1.  Why bother to bring back Bray just to job to Jason and then not even replace him on the team?  Seriously, what the fuck?  Yeah, we don’t WTF, we are bold and say it.

Russ:  Well WWE last week I asked you for one thing.  Keep Bray off my screen until he can finish what he started with sister Abigail.  They couldn’t even do that for me.  So instead we get this twisted Bray who is a monster (I don’t know how that is because I can’t remember the last time he won a match.)  Still the match was decent.  Jordan did a good job with the ankle injury.  They couldn’t replace Jordan with Bray because Bray is just as much a jobber as Jordan is maybe even more so.  Sad, sad day when that is true.  

Keri:  This week Bray was just cannon fodder for the ego stroking that I alluded to earlier. Hell, so was Jason Jordan if you think about it. This Jason Jordan storyline is stupid. He looks weak. And isn’t believable at all as a strong singles star. He is the best example of the WWE taking someone who had potential (as part of a tag team) and ruining them. But back to the question at hand, as I said before cannon fodder. This PPV is about setting up our yearly dose of Triple H. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kent:  I could have answered every question so far with an emphatic I don’t know.  Why bring him back for this? Wait one fucking week you fucking imbeciles.  I don’t care if he’s supposed to be punished, then have him in a money match with Finn and job cleanly and quickly.  Whatever.  Don’t fucking do this.  This doesn’t help anybody because now you have to re-raise his value for him to help get Finn over, or did you fucktards in Stamford forget.  FUCK!

  1.  Wow, what an absolutely awful retaliation.  Where in the blue hell was Cena, Randy, Rusev, Aiden, Jinder, and AJ?  Where was HHH?  Why was there no focus on the Uso’s being hesitant to attack Roman by the commentators?  Why didn’t Braun do a powerslam on Shane despite staying in the ring for however long?  Was Bobby Roode even out there?  Where was Bray and Jason Jordan?  Yeah, tackle that whole garbage heap of a segment.

Russ:  In 4 weeks WWE has done something amazing.  They have turned an intriguing story into it’s normal garbage heap of a story.  The was the three weeks prior have played out were so good.  WWE was doing an amazing job of telling this invasion angle and in a segment that was about 15 minutes long they destroyed everything.  That is simply amazing.  Half of the Smackdown men’s team wasn’t there to defend Smackdown’s honor (as if any of them actually give a fuck.)  HHH wasn’t there which completely baffles me.  He joined the RAW team because he thought Angle’s response to the invasion was weak.  So when they finally do go and invade Smackdown… he isn’t there?  He should have been leading the charge, I mean that is why he put himself in the match right?  Fucking stupid!  They built this brand feud up so well and in the last week they totally fuck it up.  Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised this is what WWE does best.  

Keri:  I don’t know where to start with this segment. It was a mess and that’s kinda how both go home shows were this week and unwatchable mess. I’m not going to waste anymore time on it. Kinda like Creative did when booking this thing.

Kent:  They don’t care anymore.  I guess my long winded question basically sums up how I am feeling.Depressed that THIS was the go home show.

  1.  Charlotte won the women’s belt.  Just what in the fuck is happening?

Russ:  Wow, WWE is so afraid of this PPV failing that they are trying to shake things up to generate interest.  Hey WWE you don’t have to change champions to do that, just give us logical coherent stories!  As for Charlotte winning.  What a fucking waste.  Oooo she won in her hometown.  Ooooo her father came out to celebrate with her!  What a moment!  (that we will forget happened in less than a year.)  The only bright spot in all of this was that Charlotte genuinely looked surprised to see her dad (she had to know he was there)  so I guess her acting isn’t as bad as I thought.  

Keri:  Ok this decision kinda makes sense. Which would you rather see Natty vs Alexa or Charlotte vs Alexa? Charlotte vs Alexa is the better match in the long run. Which is probably why this was booked the way it was. That and Ric was there and you have to be fair to Flair.

Kent:  Donkey raping shit eater.  That’s a South Park reference.

  1.  SamiKO appear to not have any match or storyline heading into this monstrous PPV.  Is this smart or ……well use any adjective you like?

Russ:  Troubling.  With everything that is going on with these two I’m afraid they may just up and quit WWE.  Now I know they both have strong ties to HHH, but HHH doesn’t run the company.  Sami and KO are two of the best performers in the WWE.  The fact that they aren’t on this PPV is embarrassing, but what is worse is that they aren’t taking it lying down (not worse for them, they are protecting themselves, worse for us).  They have been making a stink backstage and “going into business” for themselves to a point where they were told to go home from a tour.  All of this added up equals SamiKO not lasting too much longer.  I hope I’m wrong, because if SamiKO isn’t in the WWE that is one more step closer to being out the door I am too.  

Keri:  Wasteful.  Very very wasteful. I did like how they rolled out of the ring when the Shield got to the ring though. They basically said yeah we are buried enough right now, no point of getting fed to the Roman.

Kent:  Incompetent is too kind, so not going with it.  Unreasonable is what I will use.  I am so glad that they bailed during that awful clusterfuck.  In a way, it was the smartest booked section of the show.  Yup, those 3 seconds were smart.  I want to reiterate, Sami, KO, Jinder, Dolph, and Rusev are not involved in any matches Sunday.  Shane McMahon, John Cena, HHH, and Kurt Angle are.  Bray Wyatt, Elias, Jason jordan, Kane, and Bo Dallas don’t have matches, but HHH, Kurt, Shane, and Cena do.  Gallows and Anderson, The Ascension, Breezeango, the entire 205 division minus Enzo and Kalisto, Mickie James, American Beta, The Bludgeon Brothers, and the Titus Brand don’t have any matches…….fuck.

  1.  Are The Uso’s face?  Are American Omega faces?  Will the Bludgeon Brothers make an impact on the tag division by the end of the year?

Russ:  So they’re American Omega now? (Kent: Sometimes one needs to mock that which another person loves so they can have witty banter back and forth.  We could go back to Beta, but Omega allows Keri more opportunities to shit all over the current WWE product and who am I to deny her that privelege?)  I liked Beta, but this team-up is proving to be superior to American Alpha so I guess.  I will also keep this short like my fellow writers.  Uso’s are tweeners, which fits them.  I’m not sure about AO anymore.  I guess we’ll find out after Survivor Series.  The Bludgeon Brothers making an impact on the Division….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….no, but seriously HAAHHAHAHAHAHA… oh man, yeah, no they aren’t doing shit.  

Keri:  I will keep this short: 1. Don’t know. 2. Don’t care. Wrong Omega for me to care enough to have an opinion. 3. Are you kidding me? With the current state of tag team booking. That is just too funny.

Kent:  Yes, Yes, No

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  I thought this was pretty decent for the first 2 hours.  The start of the 3rd hour was ok, but the last 20 minutes was just painful.  Also, why the fuck would WWE end RAW without any invasions and instead end it with a horrendous match instead.  5.3 worst show in awhile, but still better than the crap we have been getting consistently the past 10 months.  

Keri:  How does WWE keep doing this? Having crappy go home shows. Nothing that happened last night made me excited about this Sunday. We had ego stroking and predictability. Not that any of that was surprising to me mind you. Rating: 2.5

Kent:  Nope

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  What a terrible way to go home for Survivor Series.  Seriously, this show sucked.  Rating: 2.9 (Reverse Deuce!)

Keri:  Another bad go home show. I mean the AJ-Daniel Bryan segment was great but outside of that it was meh. Rating: 2.5

Kent:  Not Doing It


Final Thoughts

Russ:  I cannot wait to see this shit show PPV!  In all honesty, I’m sure there will be some fun matches, but they just ruined everything for me on Smackdown.  Plus not to mention all the SamiKO crap that is going down.  I fear that a WWE without those two may be a WWE I don’t want to watch.  

Keri:  7 weeks until Wrestle Kingdom 12. I’m still excited for getting up at 3 am to watch it. I can’t say I would say the same thing for anything WWE related right now well except maybe War Games. I have to admit it. I’m curiously intrigued.

Kent:  Well, still better than Japanese wrestling and indies.  This shit splattered mess is still better.  That’s how far behind the industry is as a whole.  That’s fucking sad.  Why do I keep watching?  I’ll tell you why.  For my hope that this story happens.  We will call it the “True Men of Honor” story.

SamiKO have already planted the seeds.  The one thing that WWE could do right now that would light up the fans is to redo the NWO angle, but this time have it revolve around the indie guys.  The thing with this is that it would last a full year and resolve itself at next year’s Survivor Series.  This story would start with SamiKO, but think about all of the indie guys that WWE has.  Also, don’t involve the women in this.  Think of something good for them, except for Charlotte.  The True Men of Honor really is Shane getting pissed at SamiKO, and they tell Shane to bring his 3 best men, and they will have a 3rd member.  The 3rd member can be a multitude of guys because they can take anybody from NXT with indie ties, or an AJ, but the best choice is Daniel Bryan.  He hits some moves and gets the win over Shane, AJ, and Randy/Cena/Shinsuke whoever.  Daniel does some Yes kicks on Shane and pins him so Daniel never takes a bump.  Daniel isn’t required to wrestle this whole time.  If he gets permission, I’d still limit it.  This will just be the beginning.  On RAW, think about all of the guys who could be in the group: Cesaro, Dean, Seth Joe are the 4 big ones.  Well, I would bring somebody like Khassius Ohno up from NXT for Cesaro to reform that greatness.  This group would take out everyone, well except you need to have a Sting.  Interestingly enough, this guy has a finisher similar to Sting.  Make it Bray Wyatt.  Hell, you can have The Balor Club thing happen, only for Cody to return and steal Gallows and Anderson back.  Maybe Finn recruits AJ to even the odds.  At it’s crux, you must use Roman, Cena, Randy, The Miz, Brock, and Braun to get this over.  The night after Wrestlemania, when the WWE guys have triumphed and HHH is bragging about winning the war, the True Men Of Honor have a surprise to even the odds.  Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk comes out and hits HHH.  Make this a nice slow burn and you have a masterpiece that sells itself.  You can still bring your people up from NXT, like Drew and the new trio with the ROH guys, Roderick Strong, Aleistar Black, etc.  This angle prints money and finally allows some guys to get over, mainly Sami, Cesaro, and Bray.  Cody would also be a major player in this and I think Finn, AJ, and Shinsuke would too.  I know this will NEVER happen, and they would rather give us this week’s nonsense, but a man can dream.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – November 6 & 7, 2017 – AJ & Sheasaro Win belts! Edition

Titles changed hands this week as AJ STyles pinned Jinder and Sheasaro beat the whole Shield.  On top of that Elias and Jason had a guitar on a pole math, New Day invaded RAW, Alicia chose Sasha to the team, Finn and Joe fought and then were both added to the team along with Kurt’s son, while usev lost in his bid to make Team Smackdown and the very next day day Cena made the team by doing NOTHING!  Sami and KO were sent home from the tour, Paige never showed up, James Storm has left TNA, and Keri hates WWE so she is off touching butts with JerichOmega, better known as the Asian Persuasian. Yes, I know that isn’t spelled properly as it has Asian in it twice, so suck a dick!  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.


The 9

  1.  Alicia Fox has named Asuka as her 3rd member of her Survivor Series team.  Is there any way in hell that Asuka doesn’t win this match?  Also, Sasha is now the 4th member, but Bayley didn’t get the invite.

Russ:  With Asuka on the team it now seems like it is inevitable that the RAW women are winning this thing.  I mean unless WWE wants to ruin whatever special thing they have going for Asuka, I wouldn’t put it past them.  I’m willing to bet Asuka will be the Sole Survivor.  As for Bayley not getting invited to be on team RAW, I like it.  That is good storytelling.  How will Bayley respond to this snub?  I kind of want to see how this will play out.  

Kent:  Well, the men’s RAW team seems destined to lose to force the Kurt Angle vs HHH storyline.  So the RAW women will win.  As for Asuka, they could theoretically be cool and have her get DQ’d for whooping on somebody or getting counted out trying to kill James Ellsworth.  That would have happened 25 years ago, but not in today’s WWE.  Also, I love the tension between Bayley and Sasha and I still think it explodes at the Royal Rumble when Bayley eliminates Sasha.

  1.  Should the Elias and Jason Jordan feud end now that we have had the guitar on a pole match?

Russ:  Please yes.  This has been a good little feud that has run its course.  Jordan has proven he can go in the ring, but he sucks as a face.  He needs to go heel in the worst way.  I think that will help his character building.  If it doesn’t then I’m done with him.  Elias was great throughout this thing and he deserves to get a push into the upper mid card.  Plus the match was just stupid.

Kent:  It should keep going, and I will tell you why.  This feud is the most must see thing on WWE because the commentary team goes out of it’s way to make it special.  Booker doesn’t like Jason Jordan’s special treatment.  Corey and Cole are great with Elias.  More importantly,  neither guy has an obvious next match up.

  1.  Do you agree with the decision to not have Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, or Kane on the RAW team?  Also add thoughts on Joe, Finn, and Jordan being added to the team.

Russ:  I agree with the decision to not have Roman Reigns.  See my next response for the answer to that point.  As for Bray and Kane.  I don’t want them ruining my Sister Abigail moment, so keep him off tv until after Survivor Series.  Kane, I guess he would have been a better choice than Jordan.  However, I’m all for Joe and Finn being on the team.  Their match was fantastic on RAW.   The kind of fantastic that I want to see more and hope that a feud is brewing.  They were a great tag team on NXT so I think that will play a little bit into this.  (When did Joe and Finn tag together in NXT?  Russ, have you been drinking? Russ: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Kent: Ohhhh yeah.)  Jordan joining smells like a heel turn is a coming.  

Kent:  It would have perhaps made more sense to do a battle royale to determine the 5th member, but Kurt’s favortism is going to lead to a big story I think with HHH leading Jason to the dark side.  Actually, I am okay with it because Smackdown’s team sucks in comparison.

  1.  Why did the WWE give Sheasaro the belts back?

Russ:  Alright, so the reason they gave Sheasaro the belts completely revolves around the fact that Roman will be back next week.  With Roman coming back before Survivor Series I have a feeling we will be getting The Shield reunion at Survivor Series.  Who will be their opponents?  Well the guys who cost Rollins and Ambrose the belts.  The New Day of course.  I am totally for this.  The New Day are opponents who The Shield should be reuniting to fight against.  That should be a great match.  

Kent:  I do like Russ’ idea, and it would give New Day something to do.  There, I gave a compliment.  Can we get ZaynKO vs Uso’s next week and make my dream a reality?

  1.  What should the WWE do with the UK Championship division?

Russ:  This is a tough question.  I would say give them an hour show on the Network, but I can’t say that I would actually sit down and watch it.  I already watch 5 – 10 hours of wrestling a week.  I don’t want to add another hour to that.  Still I think that may be the best direction for them.  It wouldn’t be too costly, because they can package is as an indy type show and have the matches in smaller venues.  Maybe tape two shows from one night.  I mean I like a lot of the guys in the UK division.  So I would like to have a chance to see more of them.  

Kent:  Do an hour long weekly show on the Network and air it Thursday’s.  Pre-record 4 episodes at a time.  Then have 2 UK Division PPV’s a year, especially have one when WWE goes to the UK, duhhhh.  This is kinda simple.  Much like NXT, I would watch this.  I still struggle with watching 205.

  1.  AJ Styles defeated Jinder for the Blue Belt.  1) Did WWE panic here by taking Jinder out of the match with Brock? 2) Did Jinder’s run as world champ accomplish anything positive in your opinion?

Russ:   First, let me get this off my chest:  Jinder was finally hindered by AJ Styles.  Okay, now I want to start by saying that this match was actually good.  It was Jinder’s best match since getting the belt (maybe his best match ever.)  If he was producing matches similar to this throughout his entire run then we might have some positives to take away from Jinder’s run as champ.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  WWE totally panicked, with good reason.  If they wanted the Champion vs Champion match to be the headliner of Survivor Series then Jinder isn’t going to be a good choice.  He hasn’t headlined any PPV since becoming champion, so what made WWE think having him headline a major PPV was a good idea?  So WWE did what WWE does best, fix mistakes in a panic.  I’m totally behind this move, because now I’m interested in the match at least (I mean until AJ jobs to Brock, then I’ll be pissed.)  As for the last part Jinder’s run accomplished two things in my opinion.  1.)  It totally devalued the WWE Title Belt and 2.) It may have helped fans from India want to tune in more.  I don’t know for sure since I don’t have any data to back this up, but would WWE keep the belt on him for so long if there wasn’t at least some positive from it?  

Kent:  1. Obviously they panicked and realized that the vast majority of fans weren’t soaking their panties for Jinder vs Brock in the same way that fans may for something like JerichOmega match.  Poor decision WWE>  Brock tossing the Singh Bros would have been tremendously satisfying and this could have worked.  Plus all the hype and build up is now gone.  On top of that, there’s no reason for AJ and Brock to fight.  This all started because Jinder challenged Brock long before it was known what the format for Survivor Series would be, as in all champ vs champ matches.  2) Yeah, he got the Singh Bros over as really good henchmen.  He finally had a good match against AJ and looked like he almost got it.  Like he’s finally at midcard champion level, which is where he should have long been.  Over the past 10 years, you are going to struggle finding a champion who put on as consistently poor matches despite thehigh level of opponents.  Jinder physically looks great, but sorry, I don’t have much for positives.

  1.  Sami doesn’t seem to be winning any more frequently since his heel turn.  Is it a matter of timing or is there no interest in having him be a winner in WWE’s eyes?

Russ:  I’m going to say that timing is a major factor that plays into Sami losing here.  Even though Smackdown has done a good job progressing storylines outside of Survivor Series to move toward December they are still in a holding pattern.  With that said they really can’t move Sami and KO forward until after Survivor Series and they can get the full attention of Shane and whoever else they are supposed to go up against.  Sami is a major player, or at least he really should be and I think WWE knows this.  I’m hoping things will pick up for ZaynKO after Survivor Series.  

Kent:  I’m hoping that it’s timing.  Then I hear that they got sent home from the European tour and I worry..  The reports are coming out of various theories but NOTHING is solid as to what happened as of yet.  Don’t be a moron and believe everything that is initially reported.  WIth that being said, it’s a case of now or never after Survivor Series to get serious about pushing Sami.  There’s only so much credibility that a wrestler can have, despite what WWE will try to make you believe.  Sami has a chance, but we gotta get past Survivor Series.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Sami never gets the push and actually fear that to be the case.  On a separate topic, I am telling you that Sami Zayn is winning this year’s Royal Rumble!!!

  1.  Should WWE have brought Paige back Tuesday?  What was accomplished by having Carmella kick Ellsworth after the match?

Russ:  I honestly don’t care about Paige either way unless she is involved in a triple threat match with Brad Maddox and Xavier woods (Dead Horse Beaten again!)  I’m also not sure why they had Carmella kick Ellsworth either.  I can surmise a few guesses though.  First, maybe they are breaking them up and this is how that starts.  Second, maybe Ellsworth likes it rough and Carmella saw an opportunity to give him the rough stuff he so desires.  Either way it was stupid.  

Kent:  Yes, yes they absolutely missed a huge opportunity for paige to make a huge impact and get the fans to possibly support the Smackdown women.  Then at Survivor Series, have Paige and Asuka get a double count out.  Nah, that’s too logical.  Nothing was accomplished by Carmella’s kick.  Survivor Series booking defies logic every F’N  year.

  1.  Rusev dominated his match against Randy and then Cena booking occurred and Rusev is no longer involved in Survivor Series despite being a leader in the siege along with New Day.  What gives?

Russ:  First of all worst Rusev Day ever!  I still can’t understand why WWE treats Rusev as a jobber.  If you don’t think Rusev is a jobber then you don’t watch too many of his matches.  He loses all the time when it counts.  Rusev and Aiden have been killing it.  I know it is the job of the heel to make the faces look good, but when the heels consistently knock their segments out of the park you expect them to get a few good wins under their belt.  WWE  seems to hate Rusev.  Which is a real shame because the Bulgarian Bruiser has a lot more talent than the majority of the roster.  I fear in the next few years Rusev won’t be a part of the WWE.  Which will be a major loss for them.  

Kent:  I don’t even believe in Rusev Day anymore.  I think my parents lied to me about Rusev being a dominant wrestler.  Rusev’s push is as real as Santa.  This is such a fucking joke.  I can’t stand how Rusev, Jinder, KO, Sami, and Dolph have no matches, but Cena and Shane do.  Fucking terrible booking.

Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Rate Raw:

Russ:  I’m impressed.  RAW has been entertaining for three straight weeks.  This was a little different though.  This week the matches really shined instead of any story.  Finn / Joe,  The Tag Title Match, Braun / The Miz.  This was all good stuff.  Rating:  6.4

Kent:  3 very good matches, a bit of story, and a guitar on a pole match.  I was fairly Kentertained.  Let’s go with a 6.

  1.  Rate Smackdown – Also give thoughts on Cena being added to Team Smackdown

Russ:  I’m not sure why Cena would join Smackdown as he blatantly left Smackdown to go to RAW so he could fight Roman a few months back.  Giving him free agent status is fucking stupid.  Putting him on the team fucks everything up for the other talent that busts their ass every week.  Oh Smackdowns rating?  Let’s say 4.6.  It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t that good either.  

Kent:  Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuck Cena.  Smackdown gets 3.7 as I was less than impressed by their storytelling.

Final Thoughts

Russ: It appears WWE is already souring on the Bludgeon Bros idea.  WHY!  They haven’t even given us a chance to see them!  I’m all for a cheesy gimmick if they can deliver it in a fun way.  Luke and Rowan are a great tag team.  Let them do their work in the ring in front of enough audiences and people will respond.  

Kent:  Luke Harper is going to be in an episode of USA’s Damnation.  Consider me intrigued.  I love Luke and won’t ever give up on him.  I liked the first episode and think that this show has legit potential.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 30 & 31, 2017 – The Garbage Juice Edition

This week we had some big name returns on RAW, but most importantly, a man rose from the garbage pile and returned a more crazed monster among men.  The seeds are officially planted for Kurt vs HHH.  Over on Smackdown, Baron and Sin Cara is building up nicely and the Dolph vs Bobby feud potentially came to a finish.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes, and give our picks for TLC.


The 9

  1. Give me your thoughts on the opening segment involving Kurt’s apology and Stephanie McMahon.

Russ:  This was well done.  They used Steph in the best way possible.  She is always very intense so this came out as no surprise.  I really like how they are telling this story.  The megalomaniac McMahons are trying to stroke their ego’s by being the best around.  Everyone else is just trying to weather the storm.  Daniel last week not knowing or agreeing with the Siege.  Now Kurt is caught in it because of his failure to think Shane was up to something.  This is one of the best storylines WWE has had in a long time.  I hope they can continue this for a few more weeks.  If they can Survivor Series could be a must see PPV.  

Keri:  Long segment was long. The apology just made Kurt seem weak. No wonder Stephanie had to come out and light a fire under his ass. Stephanie, well she was her usually self. At first, I groaned when she came out but then I was ok with it. She kinda saved the segment except for the shilling the 25th anniversary stuff.

Kent:  I liked it.  I know that Steph never gets her true comeuppance and I have long acknowledged that nothing is changing that.  I guess you utilize Kurt for as long as you can.  It would seem like this is the beginning of the build up to Kurt vs HHH.  If so, I can dig that.

  1.   The Ginger Rhynos took on G&A in a Trick R Street Fight.  Yes, we all love Southpaw.  Was this match good fun or was it brutal to watch?

Russ:   I’m going to say it was silly, but fun.  I didn’t even know this was going to happen.  So I had no expectations.  With Commentary on fire lately and during this match they were spectacular.  This helped add to the match.  I thought what they gave us was fun that is all it had to be.  

Keri:  You know what bothers me. The fact that when Gallows and Anderson came into the WWE they were booked as complete badasses. They got a very short title run and then we’re pretty much discarded or made a joke after that. It’s BS which is why I didn’t care for the match. They, well both teams actually, should be doing better things not in wrestling in some gimmick match after not being on TV (or a PPV) for weeks. Oh well I guess I should just be happy they were on the show at all.

Kent:  I really wanted to ask a question on the commentary team, but I think it is safe to say that the Cole, Corey, and Booker team are killing it with a lot of the things that they are doing.  This match was fun and you can enjoy this when you have no expectations.  This was silly and I bet the kids loved it.  So I had a lot of fun.

  1.   Better women’s segment: Nia’s return match against Bayley or Mickie vs Alexa?

Russ:   Definitely going to go with Nia vs Bayley on this one.  Alexa and Mickie’s match was good, but the crowd wasn’t into it.  They were waiting for Braun and it was noticeable.  Nia vs Bayley on the other hand was also a good match, but I liked how Nia was presented here.  She was dominant.  I also really enjoyed Foxy.  She was very funny as the “Captain”.  

Keri:  Honestly kinda bored with both storylines. So neither segment for me actually.  I’ve seen Nia vs Bayley and the whole Mickie is an old lady is just well old. Seriously, the only thing of value that happens was Foxy being Foxy. And Asuka vs a local Indy girl? Seriously, you couldn’t have had booked her against Sasha or something. Now there is a match up we have seen yet.

Kent:  Both were incredibly effective.  I will go with that Bliss and Mickie match as it was really good stuff.  I really enjoyed the William Regal knockout finisher.  I hope that she had a pair of brass knucks on her.  Alicia is doing God’s work at the moment and I look forward to more from her.

  1.   Is this Braun vs Miztourage/Kane thing working for you?

Russ:   I thought this whole story was very well done.  I like the subtle hints left behind.  I like how Kane and Sheasaro both left The Miz to deal with his own problems.  Then having Braun come out of the back of the dumpster at the end was just fantastic.  Braun is definitely the number 1 face on RAW.  It seems like WWE is poised to put him in that spot.   Just look at what they are doing to build up Kane just to fall at Brauns feet in a month or so.  Will WWE actually make him the best of the best?  No, his name isn’t Roman Reigns.  

Keri:  I’m very indifferent towards this “feud.” I mean unless it’s leading to a Braun IC title reign, I just don’t care. Sorry but Miz is one dimensional wrestler and I’m bored with him now. He brings nothing to the title anymore. The tandem of Bo and Axle why aren’t they getting in on some tag team action All three have the makings of a great potentially dominate stable if Creative would get their head out of the Shield’s ass long enough to learn how to book them properly. Oh well moving on.

Kent:  Well, it’s sorta like the WWE is acknowledging that Braun is their number 1 face.  I mean, they built up Kane so much, including the burial of Finn last week, which I still can’t comprehend.  Until Braun takes the belt off of Brock in the true acknowledgement of greatness, I won’t be believing WWE’s intentions.  Also, Miz vs Matt was a quality match.  I actually enjoyed the silliness of the angle.  Everybody sold it well.

  1.  SPOILERS ahead!!!  Rumor has it that Survivor Series big men’s 5 on 5 match will consist of Kurt, Braun, Roman, Samoa Joe, and Finn taking on Shane, Randy, AJ, Shinksuke, and Bobby Roode.  Were these the right guys and does this lead you to believe that Kent may get his wish of Sheasaro vs ZaynKO?

Russ:  With this set up I honestly can’t see how RAW would lose this, but it is WWE they had 2 members of The Shield and Old Man Kurt beat 5 of the best heels in the business so what do I know.  Still these teams should produce a pretty fun match so I’m down with it.  As for Kent getting his wish.  Let’s just say now that Junetober is over maybe Kent will get something he, and really all of us, deserves in Shesaro vs ZaynKO.  

Keri:  The only way I will be ok with this is if Joe, Finn, Shinsuke, and AJ do the majority of the heavy lifting and are showcased for the majority of the match. But you know what though? I’m not going to get that at all. I’m going to get Shane doing stupid spots, a guy that probably shouldn’t be in the ring anymore, and Roman picking up the win with a spear. Why do I have Roman as sole survivor? Because losing to Roman is like the WWE title, everyone gets a turn. A wise man said that recently I just can’t remember who it was (but I hear he’s in Japan).  As for Kent’s dream match, I’m on board with the idea of it. It will be match of the night because this card kinda blows.

Kent:  I am holding on to 2014 a bit, but I wish Dolph was on the team over Bobby or Shane. I am really getting excited for the possibility of my dream tag match happening.  The smarter move would be to have Sheasaro, Kane, and G&A vs ZaynKO, Tye, and The Ascension.  Then give us the Ginger Rhynos, Matt, Jason, and Apollo vs Breezedango and New Day.  My card kicks ass.

  1.  In your opinion, what is the best case outcome with the Breezedango, Ascension, and Bludgeon Brothers story?

Russ:  Well the best case outcome is that all the teams involved get actual pushes.  I’m not saying they all deserve a shot at the titles, but I hope that it will translate into the crowds reacting appropriately when they see these teams actually wrestling.  That is the best thing you can hope for with any team.  The Fashion Files has been a hit, but they haven’t allowed it to transfer to the ring yet.  I want to start seeing these teams in matches now to see how the crowd reacts to them.  

Keri:  Not sure about where they are going with all of this or where it leads to in the future. Probably no where because WWE has no idea how to book tag teams. With that said, it is pretty obvious that they are using the recent Fashion Files episodes to build up for the Bludgeon Brothers debut. I do have two questions though. First, are they going to use those hammers during matches? And second, how happy was Kent with the ending of Strangerer Things?

Kent:  Honestly, I have no clue.  The best case for me is that at least one team gets over and is a solid foundation piece for the tag division.  I don’t have high hopes for this thing, but maybe I am being pessimistic.  I can’t stand what was done to Luke earlier this year, so I am fearing this.  They have tried Luke and Rowan as faces going against the other as a heel.  Neither worked too well.  If Rowan doesn’t figure it out this time, I think he is gone, and I can see Luke going with him.

  1.  Do you hope that this Sin Cara feud extends beyond Survivor Series?

Russ:  This feud has far exceeded my expectations.  To be fair, I had none to start with.  However,  they are telling a nice story here and I like how they keep adding small layers to it.  This helps to build anticipation for when they meet for the US Title in a climactic way.  Do I hope it extends beyond Survivor Series?  I just hope that it continues to be a good build up, until the appropriate time for the pay off.  If that is before or after Survivor Series makes no difference for me.  

Keri:  The one thing on Smackdown that I care about right now. Why?  Because it’s new and interesting. Also, I hope Sin Cara beats the crap out of Corbin and possibly gets the title. Why? Because taking a mask off a luchador is so so disrespectful and Corbin needs to learn respect.

Kent:  I am enjoying this even more than I anticipated.  The rough and tumble style is working here and they are telling a solid story.  Please, continue giving me stories that progress and make sense.  I won’t complain.

  1.  Who would you have Bobby Roode feud with now that this Dolph feud appears to be over with?

Russ:  I’m not sure to be honest.  The heel side of the roster seems to be occupied.  However, I’d like to see Sami vs Bobby.  Sami needs a good feud to propel him into his new found heel sensibilities.  Same thing could be said for Bobby.  Last nights match was good for him, but he needs a well told story feud to get his face push off to the races.  Sami is the type of opponent who can offer that for him.  

Keri:  Let’s see. How about Shinsuke vs. Roode? It worked on NXT. We don’t want him with AJ because that would take AJ away from Jinder. And we want Jinder away from the WWE belt.

Kent:  That is tough.  Right now it appears that WWE wants to push Jinder, Sami, and KO, so that leaves little on the heel side of things, and Shinsuke needs to stay relevant.  I would say Bobby vs AJ wouldn’t hurt.  Maybe this is the thing that puts Bobby over as a heel.

  1.  Would you be interested in a Rusev Day (Rusev & Aiden) vs New Day or Uso’s feud?

Russ:  I’m for anything that involves Rusev Day!  Rusev and Aiden are consistently the best performers on my TV on Tuesdays.  Everyday is Rusev Day even the New Day will become Rusev Day.  

Keri:  Rusev Day and the New Day could be fun. Just think of the promo work from both sides. Alright, now that I’m thinking about that I sold. Also, I like the name. It’s better than anything I came up with for Aiden and Rusev.

Kent:  Rusev is the most versatile heel at the moment.  You can put him in a team and get over or have him in singles and get over.  I really love Smackdown’s tag division at the moment, so I don’t want him getting lost in the shuffle, but jobbing to Shinsuke or AJ won’t get him any more over at the moment.  The tag division offers something that may give back.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  I thought RAW was pretty darn good this week.  Several good matches.  The two main stories of the evening played out well.   I hope this is a sign for what the future holds for us.  I mean I doubt it, WWE is terrible when it comes to consistency, but a boy can dream.  Rating: 7  

Keri:  Good show with exciting returns. Not too much else to say because I didn’t watch and I’m going by recaps. Rating: 6

Kent:  Wow, one of the 2 or 3 best RAWs of the year.  This was fun all the way around.  I don’t know if I have given a 7.2 rating this year, but here we are.  I thoroughly enjoyed this show from top to bottom.  Bonus points for Drew getting more time.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Smackdown had its ups and downs.  Rusev and Aiden are fantastic and need more screen time.  Fashion Files was again ok.  They aren’t hitting out of the park, but it is amusing.  The 2 out of 3 falls match was really good, except having the second fall happen during the commercial.  The rest of the show was adequate.  Rating: 5.6  

Keri:  Another so so week for Smackdown. I think Shinsuke and Kevin should have had more time. I came into Roode-Ziggler late (as I was finishing up Stranger Things) but it looked good. Fashion files was good. Rusev made me mad by ruining Halloween Candy. Oh and I found Waldo multiple times during the show. Rating: 5

Kent:  I liked more than I disliked.  The matches were all good. I feel bad for the Women’s division to be honest. They mostly deserve better, except Charlotte. Natty is in the midst of a terrible reign as champ. Still, a 5.7 feels right.

Final Thoughts – Also do you like it when segments intertwine like they did in RAW?  The examples are Samoa Joe’s entrance during the women’s celebration and Alexa’s celebration/Braun and Miztourage.

Russ:  Answering the question:  I think segment intertwining has its place in WWE, but not always.  I thought it was great when Braun and the Miztourage came barreling out from the back during the final match, but Joe coming out during Nia’s felt out of place.  That should have been a surprise that started when we came back from commercial break.  Final Thought:  Stranger Things is back with its second season.  I’m trying not to binge watch it.  But putting it on the first hours of RAW and Smackdown and then speeding through them has made this past Monday and Tuesday some of the best nights of TV I’ve seen in a long while.  I just hope RAW and Smackdown can keep up the good stuff.   

Keri:  NJPW Power Struggle is this Sunday. I can’t wait. This show will be better than Survivors Series. The question is will I get up at 5:30 to watch it? Seriously 5:30 am to watch wrestling. I’m going to need lots of coffee if I go through with this. As for the question, I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t like it. Kinda meh about which sums up my feelings on the WWE for the week.

Kent:  Well I’m pretty pissed off about Emma’s release. In regards to intertwining, it feels more like the Attitude era in some ways. I do dig it.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 23 & 24, 2017 – Under Siege Edition

TLC  is over and so we get on the hype train to Survivor Series with Smackdown getting the first blow in their remake of #UnderSiege.  Steven Seagal is impressed….I think.  The mumps are like Hulkamania as they are running wild.  Russ, Keri, and Kent break down the week that was in wrestling.   We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes, and give our picks for TLC.


The 9

  1. Let’s kick this off with the biggest story to come out of RAW this week, Alicia Fox is the RAW Women’s team captain after defeating Bayley and Sasha in a triple threat match.  Give me your thoughts on this match and who do you think will fill out the rest of the RAW team?

Russ:  Foxy being team captain should be lots of fun.  When the RAW team wins I hope they continue the story of her brave captaining after Survivor Series.  As for the rest of the team.  It would asinine not to include Asuka so that should be happening.  I also think Sasha and Bailey are locks.  This leaves one place and several ladies.  I think it either has to go to Emma or Mickie.  Emma is the more interesting choice so I hope they go that route, but I can definitely see why they would pick Mickie.  I’m going to say Emma because the dynamic with her and the others makes for a better story.   

Keri:  Good for Foxy. It’s about time she got to do something good. With that said, it really doesn’t matter who the leader is because Asuka is going to steamroll over everyone on team Smackdown. The match itself was good.

Kent:  I am sooooo damn happy.  This was awesome!  Alicia will now get some shine.  Who fills out the roster?  You have Asuka, Emma, Dana, Mickie, and Nia possibly.  Asuka seems like a lock.  Assuming that it’s a 5 on 5 match, with Ellsworth involved, that gives us 2 more selections.  Let’s count Nia out for now.  Dana is not a possibility.  That still leaves Mickie, Asuka, and Emma.  I say Asuka will be the sole survivor, so she’s in.  Fuck, both Mickie and Emma deserve it.  I am going with Emma, and maybe have Mickie as the special guest ref for Alexa vs Natty.  That would make the most sense.

  1.   Who do you feel benefits more from this new feud: Elias or Jason Jordan?

Russ:   I’m going with Jordan benefiting the most from this feud.  Elias already has a strong following.  Just listen to the pop he gets when he asks people to walk with him.  Jordan has been impressive the past few weeks and I think he just needs to get a good feud under his belt to get the recognition he deserves.  Against Elias he will get just that.  I’m officially jumping on the Jason Jordan Bandwagon.  Now I hope the wheels don’t fall off before I can enjoy the ride.  Can we also agree that the Commentating team will also benefit from this feud?  I don’t usually advocate listening to commentary, but the past two matches of Jason and Elias the commentary has been gold.  

Keri:  Elias is just awesome. I just wish the damn crowd (and Lance) would let him sing. Seriously goddamn it Lance.  He benefits the most from the feud because quite frankly he is the focal point of it. Wait you thought it was Jordan? Please. With that said, I’m just glad we didn’t get salad throwing this time. That was kinda dumb yet kentertaining at the same time.

Kent:  I gotta say Elias by default. This isn’t me being typical Kent here, showing favoritism, despite my first 2 questions highlighting my favs.  Did you see the mark on Jason Jordan’s arm?  Can you honestly say that he is benefitting?  That’s why it is Elias, by default.  I think this has some potential as both guys are sneaky good in the ring.

  1.   Should WWE have given us the 5 on 5 Cruiserweight match for free on RAW?

Russ:   I don’t see why not. I like to think of it as a wetting of the appetite.  The match served its purpose.  I’m more curious about why the rest of the Zo Train decided to team up with Enzo.  I hope they explore that a little bit over the course of the next month.  Still the face team would be so much better if Neville was leading them wouldn’t it?  Come back Neville we miss you.  

Keri:  Sure, why not? I mean we are talking about the same creative team that put the belt back on Enzo and let Neville walk out the door. Logic, as you all know gets thrown out the window. Face it the only smart thing they did all year was set up Balor vs Styles Sunday night. Well them and Bray’s meningitis.

Kent:  Yeah, actually, I was fine with it.  I know, not what you were expecting.  Listen, these should be the 2 teams at Survivor Series, but it will be an elimination style match.  You can easily picture it coming down to Enzo vs the other 5 guys.  I am fine with everything.  Drew Gulak is a star if given stuff to work with.

  1.   Give me your thoughts on the “Under Siege” ending segment of RAW.  Also, give me any side thoughts, like should Shinsuke have been there, or should Randy have been there, or Sami and KO for that matter.

Russ:   I’m not sure how I feel about this “Under Siege” segment.  It felt very forced and half hearted.  They never really spend time building up guys love of for their brand (with the exception of AJ Styles.)  So now I’m supposed to believe that these guys would go around and beat up some of their close friends just to prove they are the better brand?  I’m not sure I buy that.  Yes there were some interesting dynamics playing out, but it never felt exciting.  It felt more like what the fuck is going on rather than an exciting take over of the “flagship” show.  Still like a horrible relationship, I’m willing to give WWE another week or two before I make a final judgment.  (Russ: After watching Smackdown I think I can now say that I’m in on this angle.)

Keri:  I thought it was a perfect way to kick off the build for Survivor Series. Creative is actually storytelling so we should not question it. What we should question is how this is going to be answered on Smackdown? With that said, my favorite moments from the RAW Under Siege segment are as follows: 1. Carmella beats down Bayley. I think that is called Best Friend on Best Friend violence; 2. Curt Hawkins made RAW and did about as well as can be expected; and 3. Styles, Nakamura, and Roode out of nowhere. Seriously, was I the only one that thought they just randomly appeared on the screen?   

Kent:  While I want to break things down, I will offer my 3 favorite aspects of this so that the others have some meat as well.  Basically, I am being the anti-Russ.  1. Chad Gable assaulting Jason Jordan was perfect, and I want to see that match down the line.  2.  AJ Styles and Shinsuke not quite looking like they fit in with this “thug life”.  Shinsuke got a fucking chant, but props to Team Canada in Bobby Roode and Tye working together.  3.  As if it wasn’t obvious, everything about Rusev and Baron was a fucking treat.  Rusev on the table during the one beatdown yelling instructions.  Baron and Rusev being the ones to manhandle as softly as possible, Kurt Angle.  Those are my fucking boys, so I was like a proud papa in that moment.  I don’t understand Randy’s absence.  KO and Sami are a tad more difficult to book here, since they are still not cool with Shane.  I dare, yes DARE, WWE to have the balls to give us a special attraction KO & Sami vs Sheasaro match.  That would have match of the year candidacy.  I’d have AJ, Shinsuke, Randy, Rusev, and either Aiden, Tye, Dolph, or Bobby as the final guy.  It’s gonna be Shane, but I’d have Aiden.

  1.  Was Finn the right opponent to put over Kane?  

Russ:  Holy fuck no!  What the hell were they thinking?  You have Finn go over AJ cleanly (Demon or not makes no damn difference.)  The next night you have Kane go over Finn cleanly.  Kane?  Fucking Kane?  Seriously?  I get it you are trying to make him look strong for when he goes up against Braun who they are turning face for some reason, but Kane hasn’t been dominate in years!  Then to turn around and have him beat Finn, who just came off a major victory, really destroys the credibility of both AJ and Finn.  What the fuck WWE?  

Keri:  Let me see if I get this straight. Finn wins a match of year candidate against Styles. Then subsequently jobs the next night on RAW. Bravo creative. Bravo. So no Finn was not the right person to put over Kane. With that said, I do have one question. Is this going to be a new feud? Because I could go for some demon on demon violence.

Kent:  Wait a second, before anybody steals my thunder, when did Kane get the special powers to see people’s eyes through a metal door of doom on a garbage truck? (Russ: I think the better question is when did he ever need to use that power before?)  Just curious.  What a terrible decision this was.  Isn’t Finn supposed to be vying to take on Brock in January?  Didn’t Finn just beat AJ Styles cleanly?  Does this mean that Kane can beat AJ Styles cleanly?  Can Kane beat Sister Abigail cleanly?  I have so many confusing questions.  Hopefully Dr. Keri can clear things up for me.  Fuck, have Matt Hardy job to Kane.  It didn’t have to be a true star to make the point.  GAWD!  (Keri: Dr. Keri says to schedule a session with her assistant and we will discuss)

  1.  The Fashion Files.  I think we can all agree are enjoyable, but will it ever pay off for Breezdango and the Ascension?  Discuss this and the Fashion Files themselves.  

Russ:  This week’s Fashion Files was a play on Reservoir Dogs.  I have to admit this, and Kent will probably hate me for it, but I have never seen Reservoir Dogs.  (Kent: Jesus tap dancing Christ Russ.  I am sitting here with 7 copies of the movie including the 15th anniversary, the 5 colored cases, and it was the first blu ray that I purchased along with Sin City, plus my shot glasses.  The fuck Russ?  Stop watching wrestling and go see this film……just not when the boy is around.)  Not that I don’t want to.  It has just never been on when I am watching TV.  With that said I did find this week enjoyable.  I like how they used Ellsworth this week as the dog in Reservoir Dog.  The Ascension pointing out how Breezdango have never actually solved any cases was amusing.  I’m just concerned that this isn’t leading to them moving up in the Tag Division.  We will see if we do finally get a match out of this with the Bludgeon Bros.  But if past precedent is any indication, that won’t be happening.  I just don’t understand why this isn’t translating to success in the ring.  Clearly, the Fashion Files is a big attraction for Smackdown.  They should be capitalizing on this.  Instead, we haven’t seen them in a televised match in well over 2 months (it could be even more, but my memory of matches gets fuzzy after 2 months.)  

Keri:  I have not seen Reservoir Dogs so I’m not sure how this segment related to the movie. And for that I know I should be shamed.  Anyways, I enjoyed the segment and it explained where Ellsworth ran off to so that was a plus. Seriously, Carmella, from one dog mom to another, keep the leash on the dog when you go out in public or it will run away. Anyways, I hope they use both teams rising popularity for a title run sooner rather than later. You know before people get bored with the Fashion Files and don’t care about either team. With that said, I think the Bludgeon Brothers need to be integrated into this storyline for it to make sense and would be a good way to introduce them.

Kent:  Eventually both will get shots with the tag titles.  It’s inevitable, and we may say in that moment that it was all worth it, but honestly, it will be too little too late I fear for both teams.  When Breezedango had the title match with the Uso’s, that was the time.  The fact that they are dragging the Bludgeon Brothers into this worries me a great deal.  Leave them out of this!!!  They deserve to be taken seriously.

  1.  No RAW Invasion on Smackdown?  Was that the right move?  

Russ:  RAW not invading Smackdown this week was actually the correct path for this angle.  I know, usually WWE totally fucks this part of storytelling up.  However, this time I think this was the best course of action.  First,  I bet there were lots of people tuning in just to see RAW’s retaliation.  They played this perfectly, by teasing throughout the night that something might happen.  This forced people to either watch most if not all of the night to see it.  I have to admit, knowing WWE, they like to do things the old fast and furious way.  I expected to have some kind of payoff to the “siege”.  Instead, we got nothing.  Well played WWE.  Now this forces me to wait another week and I’m intrigued.  I want to know how this will play out and the only way to see that is to stay tuned.  I would watch no matter what, because I’m in this abusive relationship until the end, but I bet there are casual fans that want to know how this plays out and forces them to watch next week now.  If they play this angle out properly (which I highly doubt) this angle has the ability to change casual fans to hardcore fans.  Something WWE has struggled to do as of late.  Finally, I like how they are kind of setting up a rift between Daniel and Shane.  They have been doing it for weeks now, but this week really pointed it out.  This is a dynamic that I hope leads to Shane turning into a heel authority, everything Daniel hates, and we can get a good story out of that after Survivor Series.  

Keri:  I think so. Everyone kinda expected it to happen which is why it’s kinda nice that it didn’t. Lack of predictability in my WWE. I never thought I’d see that.

Kent:  It was the right call.  Give it time, and it will happen.  If you jerk it, it will…..wait a minute.  Anyway, no need to blow your entirely load this week.  I’m shocked that WWE didn’t go this route.  I’m actually curious is the dissension between Daniel and Shane will lead to other stories, hopefully with a dash of Ascension thrown in.

  1.  Did WWE screw themselves over on some other great Survivor Series type matches in favor of too many singles matches?

Russ:  They sure did.  I understand the champion vs champion aspect they were going for.   Also, I am pretty sure this is one of the only PPV’s they specifically angle for RAW vs Smackdown.  However, this is Survivor Series!  Sure it hasn’t been the traditional Survivor Series in years, but I’ve always loved the team dynamic that Survivor Series provides.  It would be easy to make teams of 5 to go up against each other.  In fact we could have 3 or 4 Survivor Series matches and then a couple of singles matches.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  If WWE wants to push a RAW vs Smackdown PPV.  what is stopping them from taking one month during the year and instead of having two shitty PPV’s that month we have one and call it RAW vs Smackdown.  Then we could have two times a year the brands interact.  

Keri:  This PPV is more of a Night of Champions and Bragging Rights combo then Survivor Series and probably should have been labeled as such. But with that said, neither have the name recognition that Survivor Series does so there is that, I guess. I don’t know. The card looks halfway decent so I guess I’ll watch.

Kent:  Yes, of course.  We could have had a Titus Worldwide team of Titus, Apollo, Akira, Jason Jordan & R Truth vs Tye Dillenger, Bobby Roode, Dolph, Chad, and Shelton.  Tell me that would be a solid match.  Then do a Elias, Gallows & Anderson, and Ginger Rhynos vs Rusev, Breezedango, and Ascension with Aiden singing.  They could have done an all champion one as well, with Brock, Miz, Dean, Seth, and Alexa vs Jinder, Baron, Usos, and Natty.  That would be a sweet ass match.  

  1.  Sami lost to Randy.  It would seem logical that KO will lose to Shinsuke next week.  New Day appeared at the forefront of the #UnderSiege, so it is plausible that would be Team Smackdown.  If that’s the case, what do they do with KO & Sami, Bobby, Dolph, Tye, Rusev, Aiden, etc?

Russ: I’m sold on Kent’s idea of KO and Sami vs Sheasaro.  All the rest I honestly don’t know what they could do.  If only they could put them in a match that includes teams of 4 or 5 that go against each other in an elimination type style. It would be like trying to Survive to win.  I really think WWE should invent this type of match.  

Keri:  I’m not sure. Maybe have them help Team RAW since it appears Smackdown doesn’t want them. Either that or have some of them bail and go to the Indies. Cody is killing it right now in ROH. I think those guys could too. I know I know some of them came from there but really maybe they would be utilized better there than they currently are in the WWE. Just a thought.

Kent:  I just told you what to do.  Otherwise, give me KO and Sami vs Sheasaro and let that main event and destroy every preceding match.  

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  RAW wasn’t bad.  The first half hour was a fantastic match.  I’m digging the Elias / Jordan feud.  I hope Foxy as captain of the women’s team makes for some great segments in the future. I’m on board the Zo Train!  Finally, I’m still on the fence about the “Under Siege” segment, but I’ll go along for the ride for now.  The only truly baffling thing about RAW was having Finn lose to Kane.  Rating: 6

Keri:  I thought this was a really good RAW. You know why this was a good RAW because I was halfway through it before I found a good stopping point to go to bed. I mean halfway through I saw a decent opening segment, my girl Asuka, Mickie and Bliss, and Elias. What more does a girl need? Rating: 6

Kent:  Can I just say that I liked it and rate it?  Yes!  Rating: 6 so we can have a 666 rating.  Spooky!

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Smackdown wasn’t too bad this week.  I was expecting RAW to invade somehow, as it is WWE’s trademark to burn through story as quickly as possible, but no invasion actually worked.  It kept me thinking something has to happen.  When nothing did it made me want to see where this is going.  The ending of the show was well done too with the powers that be for Smackdown seemingly at odds.  As for the rest of the show.  It was pretty standard fare.  I enjoyed the tag match and Fashion Files continues to be fun.  Rating: 5.3  

Keri:  This is the week where I determine how good a show is by how quickly I fall asleep. Well if you guess after the tag match you would be correct. So with that said, I’m upset I missed Fashion Dogs and Becky winning but outside of that I really didn’t miss that much. Rating: 4

Kent:  Rating 4.8 because I really wasn’t enthralled unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

Russ:  I’ve noticed that my enjoyment of wrestling goes up when I can fast forward.  I don’t know if it’s because I have to spend less time watching wrestling or the fact that I can choose to skip stupid segments.  Either way I need to do this more often.  

Keri:  So, my husband got me a Kenny Omega bear (directly from Japan) and that is the most exciting wrestling related thing I’ve seen over the past week. Well that and watching highlights from ROH Global Wars Chicago and also AJ vs. Finn at TLC.

Kent:  I have links to photo shoots because these are great.  There are 2 this week.  One is a nice homage to Kane and the other is WWE’s take on classic horror movie posters.  Some are better than others.

Kane Tribute

Iconic Horror Movie Posters

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TLC 2017 – 9 Deuce Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  Kick off Show – Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

Keri:  I’m indifferent about this match. In fact I will probably be doing my weekly meal prep during it. If I’m not then I’m going to be wondering when Balor vs Styles is going to start.

Prediction: Sasha wins.

Teddy: I like Alicia fox she is a great wrestler and her gimmick is hilarious. Sasha has been falling off for me lately.

Prediction: Clever like a fox picks up a win

Cece:  I didn’t even know this was a thing, to be honest. Kind of don’t care. However, Fox has been around a while and she deserves some love.

Prediction: WWE will continue to screw over people who put in work and are never recognized, so, I see Sasha taking the win.

Kent:  The thing is, this is actually a solid match up that I enjoy.  This actually is a good card, just weak compared to what it could have been.  I am positive that Foxy is built up to be the next to eat defeat at the hands of Asuka.  Still, give them 12-14 minutes please.  Prediction: Crazy like a Fox

  1.  Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack

Keri:  I’m enjoying heel Gentleman Jack. This match will be good and I’m looking forward to watching it. It will be a good warm up for Balor vs. Styles later.

Prediction: The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack

Teddy: Cedric has been looking amazing lately and is one of the reasons I’ve been paying attention to the cruisierweights. On the other had brian kendrick and Jack have never disappointed me.

Prediction: Cedric carries Rich Swann to the dance party after they win.

Cece:  I honestly don’t really care about this match either, considering I don’t really watch much 205 and I missed this week’s RAW. However, I do love the team of Kendrick and Gallagher. Should be fun.

Prediction: Gallagher/Kendrick

Kent:  This could be the best pure match of the night.  I have really high hopes, but i also feel this could be an absolute boring, dull affair.  I hope that these guys own the night with a spectacular showing given 17-20 minutes.

  1.  Asuka vs Emma

Keri:  I’m going to quote a wise man’s entrance music and say Emma has no chance no chance in hell.

Prediction: Asuka is going to kill you

Teddy: #giveemmaanL because Asuka is gonna fuck her up

Prediction: No one is ready for Asuka

Cece:  Asuka is back, baby! I am excited to see her return, however, it won’t last long. Asuka will kill Emma.

Prediction: Literally, nobody is ready for Asuka!

Kent:  Squash match alert.  Emma is going to destroy Asuka in 92 seconds.  

  1.  Women’s Championship Match  – Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James

Keri:  Ok here what I predict for the next 6 months for the RAW women’s title. I’m hoping that this is what happens. Mickie wins the belt at TLC but the feud with Bliss continues and there is a rematch. Mickie retains in said match and carries the belt into Mania. At Mania she faces Asuka in a career vs championship match, where she loses. Then the following year, Mickie is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Prediction: Mickie wins

Teddy: Mickie needs love. They’ve got lots of ground to cover in order to make up for the “fat” and “old” angles they threw her up against. Seriously I thought WWE “cared” about women’s wrestling.

Prediction: Mickie gets the win but not the belt.

Cece:  Honestly, this is a pointless match. However, I am very much over Bliss. Someone else needs the title. Although, I don’t think it should be Mickie James, per say. Nia Jax should have been next in line.

Prediction: Bliss retains.

Kent:  Asuka needs to be kept away from Bliss til Mania.  Bliss and Mickie could feud until the end of the year.  Mickie should get the win and title here to support her decision to return, give her the rub and let Alexa get her win back in December perhaps.  Also, why is this the only picture without the TLC background?  Somebody is getting fired. 

Prediction: Mickie James wins the belt.

  1.  Cruiserweight Championship Match – Kalisto vs Enzo Amore

Keri:  I don’t care about this match. I will wondering the entire time when Styles vs Balor is starting.

Prediction: Enzo wins, I guess.

Teddy: I love they gave Kalisto the title but not at the expense of Neville leaving the WWE. On a lighter note who knew getting jobbed to Braun and tossed in a dumpster would lead to a title run….oh and enzo’s there

Prediction: More nut punting but Enzo gets caught this time.

Cece:  Another pointless match. Enzo is getting on my 10th nerve. Like, why did WWE punish him by taking him down a peg and then just hand him the title? Stupid. Kalisto will hopefully kick his ass again.

Prediction: Kalisto squashes Enzo.

Kent:  I am telling you, Enzo is going to impress you with how much he has grown in the ring.  I know, I know.  Trust me, he is going to have a match that makes you pay attention.  Also, he needs that belt back so he can feud with Mustafa.  Prediction: Enzo cheats to win.

  1.  Finn Balor vs AJ Styles (Bray is out with viral meningitis)

Keri:  It is no secret that I’m a huge New Japan and Bullet Club fan. I mean my favorite wrestler is Kenny Omega, the current leader of the Bullet Club.  We have two former leaders of the Bullet Club in the same match. A match that you would not have seen in New Japan since Balor was leaving as AJ was coming into the promotion. I can’t wait for this match. In fact, when I heard it was happening I said I will force myself to stay awake for this match because I must see it. This match I assure you will be a wrestling clinic.  Match of the night if not match of the year. This is going to be amazing.

Prediction: Balor will get the win because this is a RAW show. But you know who really wins us the fans. Now someone give me a one sweet.

Teddy: Since Bray is out I am a lot more pumped for this match! It’s a NJPW wetdream.

Prediction: With Bray out I’m going with Balor club on this one

Cece:  I honestly don’t know how I feel with this one just yet. It is 2 of the greats in one ring, so, I am excited in that aspect. However, it is a brand crossover, there is where I get iffy. I mean, I don’t quite understand what is going on here. But, WWE has been kind of on my shit list the last month anyway. Hoping this match will amaze and astonish.

Prediction: Balor needs a good, solid, win. He deserves so much better than he’s given.

Kent:  This is a huge dilemma for me.  This will be a solid match, and the best match that Finn has had in WWE, but make no mistake of it, it doesn’t mean that he’s great in the ring.  Only Jinder Mahal can have a bad match with AJ Styles.  With that said, I am pissed that I am missing out on the car wreck that was to be, in the Demon vs Abigail match up.  This match-up is an absolute downgrade for me.  Both guys had recently acknowledged that they felt like they had started clicking together in the ring, which meant something interesting was due.  Honestly, I am glad that I am watching Walking Dead because now I won’t feel so bad about missing this one if it’s not on prior to 8.  Oh, and one last thing, fuck Japan and their bullshit wrestling.  Yup, I’m in the minority, but I don’t enjoy it.  I’m sick of the stiff shots and unnecessary risks.

Prediction: Finn will win which will make this match even worse for me.  Fuck that.

  1.  TLC Match – Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs The Miz, Sheasaro, Braun Strowman, & Kane (Roman is out with viral meningitis)

Keri:  This match for me will have a lot to live up to after Styles vs Balor. But it has Kurt Angle so that is something. This will be a good match.

Prediction: 2/3rds of the Shield and Kurt Angle win

Teddy: OMFG I’m so fucking pumped to see Kurt wrestle again! That being said the whole roman being out changes everything in the match dynamic wise. I feel since Angle is coming back Shield will pick it up

Prediction: Kurt Angle will break the Miz’s ankle

Cece:  Another really random change. Although I am happy to see Angle come back to wrestle, I still think this is awfully random. There’s no way they’ll bring Angle back to lose. He’s just that loved. But then again, they’ve been known to bring greats in to eat the pin.

Prediction: still think Shield will take the win.

Kent:  Well, I should be pumped for Kurt’s return.  I know I should be.  The WWE made a HUGE mistake in putting him in.  Kurt deserves the huge Angle of having his return mean something.  Not something slapped together on a Friday.  Kane also deserved better, but that was acceptable because he came out from under the ring.  I know people are going to be pumped, but it is short term thinking.  They should have just pulled a guy like Randy, or gave us Shinsuke vs Finn and put AJ in with The Shield.  That would have made the most sense.  No, let’s put in old ass Kurt in a TLC match.  We like Japanese wrestling!  See the fucking correlation?  Nobody is thinking about the safety in these matches.  It’s instant gratification at it’s worse and I am not happy about it.

Prediction:  Braun pins Kurt and hurts him leading to Jason Jordan wanting revenge.

  1.  Which title is more likely to change hands?

Keri:  Cruiserweight

Teddy: Cruiserweight since the only other title is the women’s title up for grabs that night.

Cece:  Not sure. Don’t care.

Kent:  Cruiserweight

  1.  Do you expect anybody else to get involved in the TLC match?

Keri:  Nope. I’m watching for Styles vs Balor

Teddy: Miztourage will interfere. Or maybe the Goodbrothers

Cece:  Probably no one. Unless Roman somehow gets better.

Kent:  Authors of Pain because there are no DQ’s in this match.  No idea why they can’t just add guys to this match as it goes.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Most anticipated match?

Keri:  Styles vs Balor. Bullet Club 4 life. Now goodbye (mwah) and good night (bang).

Teddy: Asuka vs Emma because I miss seeing Asuka 🙁 *update* Kurt Angle coming back makes me so hyped for it! Sorry Asuka boo <3

Cece:  Not too sure honestly. Probably Kurt’s return.

Kent:  TLC I guess, just to see Kane and Braun with weapons.

  1.  Least anticipated match?

 Keri:  Enzo vs Kalisto

Teddy: Sasha vs Alicia now

Cece:  Enzo and Kalisto.

Kent:  Finn vs AJ because I already know that this will validate Finn in dumbass mother fucker’s minds.  He’s not that good.  Just remember, I warned you that this will happen.