Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Six

Welcome back to the story that never stops: Tales From the Plunderbund Consortium.  We are back on our normal schedule.  I like leaving YouTube videos as my contribution to this, so this week I give you one of the genuinely most terrifying music videos ever.

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 6


After accomplishing their “mission” for the Nibenese army, Coraanu, Dimebag, and Alexa reported what they learned (or at least what Hamanu had told them to report) to Captain Ke’ku’che.  The Captain appeared to be disturbed by the news, but thanked the three for their hard work and efforts.  As a reward, he gave them each a week’s worth of leave.  The three then left the army, never to return.

From there the three, along with Ilana, planned to head south to Gulg with the intention of catching a House Inikia caravan to Balic, although Ilana was hoping to stop earlier so that she could talk with the mad spirit of the stream back at her old home, “the Rez.”  As they traveled they ran into their old bug-buddies, Pane-Pan and Uk’Chataa-Hookeri, who had been off doing “bug shit.”

As the reunited six traveled on, they felt the ground shake beneath them, obviously an earthquake had hit the area.  Traveling further still through the stony barrens, they saw an old fort ahead.  Coraanu and Pan snuck ahead to investigate, and were nearly dragged into the crack in the earth had had formed due to the earthquake.  Luckily, their natural dexterity saved them from death.  Searching the old fort, Coraanu found a handful of silver coins.  As he went to search for more, per random encounter sub-table H, a hunter cactus that was obscured by the sand and the crack in the ground shot it deadly spines at both Coraanu and Pan.  As cacti have terrible aim, they missed, and the two ran from the ruins as fast as their legs would take them.

The party continued to travel by night, and as they settled in to rest the next morning, Coraanu and Pan went out to scavenge for food for the group.  Unfortunately for them, a dune runner, an undead elf that forever runs through the sands and takes others with them until they die of exhaustion, ran right by them.  While Pan’s mental fortitude as a Psion protected him from the lure of the run, Coranuu’s elven instincts could not resist getting a morning jog in, even if it would cost him his life.  Pan followed the two as Coranuu sweated to the oldie undead.  As luck would have it, the dune runner’s path took them straight through the party’s encampment and other’s began to feel the insufferable desire to talk about how they just accomplished their first half-marathon on Athas-Book.  After a team effort to slow the movement’s of the dune runner and to protect Coranuu and any others feeling the runner’s effects, Pan unleased a thought spear that broke the runner’s concentration and freed the party members.

Battle ensued, with Dimebag, who had just learned to rage after training with Alexa for so long, asked his mentor for advise as to whether now was a good time to rage and gain damage resistance.  Alexa told him, “I never rage when it is just one opponent.”  Taking her advise to heart, he forwent raging and instead leveled an all-out attack at the vile undead.  When the dune runner’s turn to attack drew near, he turned his attention to Dimebag as he had done the most damage to the runner.  Swiping with its deadly claws, the runner proceeded to disembowel Dimebag, leaving him unconscious and near death.  Luckily, the party was able to destroy the creature without any further casualties.

While Pan was able to use his psionics to stabilize Dimebag, without clerical (or Templar or druidic) healing, the extensive damage done to Dimebag could not be healed.  The party spent the next day and a half tending to a comatose Dimebag as they finished their journey to Gulg.

Upon reaching the forest city of Gulg, the party found the nearest members of House Inikia and asked them for help.  They were told to bring Dimebag to either the house head, Andiama Inikia, or to his brother, Darkius Darksmith, at the House Inikia headquarters.  Ilana, Pan and Hookeri took it upon themselves to bring Dimebag to the headquarters.

After entering House Inikia and throwing Dimebag’s body on the ground, Ilana asked for help.  Darkius was summoned and he quickly sent for a house cleric to heal his brother’s wounds.  He told Ilana and company that Dimebag would be healed within an hour or two.  Darkius also took that opportunity to offer them a job.  After much back and forth, it was learned that, since Dimebag had been declared dead, Darkius was planning on marrying Dimebag’s three now ex-wives.  He asked them to accompany Dimebag to the nearby Fort Harbeth, an Inikia trading outpost, and convince Dimebag to retire there and spend the rest of his days in middle management under Waltian Inikia.  The party would be paid one silver each for taking job, and one gold each if Dimebag accepted the job.  Pan and Hooki offered to attend the wedding and play “bug music,” but their offer was rebuffed.

Rather than face any resistance from Dimebag, the party decided to have the house cleric keep Dimebag in a medically induced coma until they reached Fort Harbeth.  Pane-Pan had significant issue with this, and tried to wake Dimebag ahead of time; unfortunately, his psionic power was not able to do the job.  Four days later, upon arriving at the fort, Dimebag was fully healed, and upon coming out of the coma, was immediately told by Pan about his brother’s weeding.  Dimebag was understandably enraged.  Ilana then went on to discuss the situation with Dimebag and told him that he either needed to accept the job at Fort Harbeth, or pay everyone in the party the one gold each they would have earned getting Dimebag to accept the job.  Knowing that Fort Harbeth is where Inikia careers go to die, and also knowing that if he died without finding the obsidian man he would become a dwarven banshee, Dimebag refused to take the job and refused to pay the money.  Ilana responded in the worst way possible and cast charm person on Dimebag.  Dimebag paid the five gold, but also now has a deep seeded resentment for Ilana and is likely plotting his revenge.

Having resolved that matter, the adventurers joined a House Inikia caravan and traveled the Great Ivory Plain south to North Ledopolus.  Upon arriving, they took the silt skimmer ferry to South Ledopolus, and geared up to travel to Ilana’s old home, the Rez, which resided in a salt flat, an area so dangerous and desolate and few beings are able to live there outside of the strongest ravaging beasts.

Time passed slowly as the adventurers slugged through the salt marshes and salt plains on their way to the Rez.  No man or beast was seen for most of this journey, however, avians constantly flew above the group waiting for them to die.  One evening, as they neared the Rez, the party was taken by surprise as a number of bone spears attached to white ropes burst forth from the ground, impaling and pulling to the ground a number of them.  Those that dodged the attack saw what looked like a giant turtle with missile tubes attached to its shell rise from the ground, they were being attacked by a Chn’thrang!

The adventurers soon learned that if they tried to remove the beast’s living harpoons from their bodies, it simply fired more at them.  As such, they choose to remain impaled and engage the horrid creature in hand to hand combat.  Most disturbing to some of the party members, it was at this time that Ilana revealed herself as a defiler, enhancing her magic to the point that the white salt surrounding her turned to black ash as her spells were brought forth.  Serious wounds were inflicted on all of the party members during the battle, including Hookeri’s new pet, but in the end they stood victorious.  In celebration, Hookeri attempted to eat some of the Chn’thrang.  It did not taste good.

A day and a half later the group reached the Rez, and immediately sensed something was wrong.  They were approached by High Chief Steve Miavia and Rain Cleric Tyrone of the Land Orca tribe.  While they welcomed Ilana back with open arms, it was painfully obvious that these elves were now intelligent undead.  Specifically, Coraanu deermined that Steve was a Kaisharga (basically a lich in other worlds) and Tyrone was now a Krag (an undead made when an elemental cleric is killed by its opposition element).  High Chief Steve told Ilana that “Rez” was waiting for him.  She entered the camp and headed back to the stream as the others waited with the seemingly friendly undead.

As Ilana approached the stream she heard a female voice in her head, the voice introduced herself as Rez, the spirit of the stream.  Rez explained that nearly a millennia ago she was the protector druid of these lands, which had been very lush with foliage.  Eventually, she became the spirit of the land herself.  Then, 600 years ago, the sorcerer-king Andropinis killed her in a magical battle so intense that it turned her beautiful lands into the salt flat it is today.  Further, though her spirit body was destroyed, her mind lived on and remained bound to the land.

Over the years, alone in a salt flat, Rez became obsessed with getting revenge on Andropinis.  Indeed, she became convinced that all humanity was the enemy and needed to be scrubbed from the land.  As such, approximately 400 years ago, she began manipulating events so that every 50 years or so new refugees would be sent to “the Rez.”  Once these refugees arrived and attempted to set up some form of civilization in this blasted land, Rez would spend her time mentally, emotionally, and, when possible, physically abusing these refugees.  For the past 400 years, this only severed to drive them insane and eventually result in their deaths; that was until now.

Rez explained that the reason she had been mentally torturing these people for years was to create her great champion.  Someone so cynical, jaded, and morally loose, that they could care less about the fate of the planet if it meant more fun and power for her.  Ilana, Rez believe, was finally that champion.

Becoming her champion, Rez explained, involved turning Ilana into a dragon.  According to Rez, the sorcerer-kings were not merely powerful defilers and psions, but beings who had combined these power sources and used it to travel the path of the dragon.  While the Dragon of Tyr is the only known individual to have completed the metamorphosis, all of the sorcerer-kings are on the path to dragonhood.  Rez wanted Ilana to become a dragon and to kill Andropinis (and any other humans or demihumans warrenting killing).

In exchanged for being her champion, Rez offered Ilana the following: 1) Knowledge of how to become a dragon, including the need for a ton of gold to start crafting obsidian orbs; 2) the undead army that was formally the Land Orca tribe (100 skeletons, 100 zombies, 50 kraglings); and 3) use of the Rez as a base of operations, which includes unlimited water.  Rez was also willing to share the location of one of the obsidian orbs known as the orbs of Kalid-ma; artifacts coveted by all sorcerer-kings.  Ilana gladly accepted Rez’s offer.

Ilana returned to her “friends” while being pushed forward by her new goal, if not her new destiny.  A destiny she had no intention of sharing with her pawns . . . er . . . compatriots anytime in the near future.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Five

As promised, you are getting Chapter Five today as well!  Last week’s outage sucked, but reap the rewards today and come out and playyay.

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 5

As Coraanu, Alexa and Dimebag were recon training and robbing the Urik History Museum, Ilana had spent the past month back in Nibenay seducing and grifting mark after mark.  After thirty days had passed, Ilana returned to the Temple of the House to receive the requested information on the Jura Dai slaves.  Upon picking up the report, Ilana learned that, of the 50 Jura Dai slave elves, 10 were already dead, 5 were sold as Templar consorts, 5 were sold as scholar slaves at the Naggaramakam, 5 were bought by freeman artisans who likely invested their life savings into purchasing their first slave, 5 were sold to a noble family to act as scouts in their house army, 10 were stationed with the Nibenese army, and 10 were sold as farms to work the fields of the various client villages.

Taking the path of least resistance, and wanting to rejoin her friends, Ilana went and freed one of the Jura Dai elves who had been purchased by an artisan.  She then handed a copy of the Temple of the House report to the Jura Dia elf and told him to take the list to Chief Tunga Dai after freeing as many of the elves on the list as possible.  Hoping this was enough to satisfy the chief, Ilana left the city and traveled the Great Road north to Urik to meet with the other three.  [DM Note:  Over the past month Uk’Chataa-Hookeri and Pane-Pan were off doing Thri-Kreen bug stuff in parts unknown]

 As Ilana was nearing the gates to Urik, she saw Coraanu, Alexa, and Dimebag leaving the city.  Pulling them aside, Ilana asked the three what they were up to.  Apparently, the three had decided to ambush Templar Regg, having no idea of his powers and/or abilities, in the hope of learning whether the Urikite Templars still had their powers.  Finding this plan to be stupid, Ilana suggested that she simply seduce Regg in an attempt to get him to cast a spell.

The four decided to first stop by Chad the Mul’s farm to learn when Regg would be heading past the farm.  Realizing that getting other people to do her dirty work was easier than doing it herself, Ilana started to discuss with Chad about the inherent oppression of government taxes and how he should rise up against his government masters.  Chad explained that having been a slave for most of his life, he felt that paying taxes was a small price to pay for freedom and proper rights.  Not getting anywhere, Ilana attempted to cast charm person on Chad, unfortunately for her, Chad’s Mul resiliency allowed him to shake off the effects.  Enraged (and scared) that Ilana had dared to use magic on him, he ran screaming from his home in an attempt to flag down Regg and warn him.  Luckily for they adventurers, Dimebag, Coraanu, and Alexa were able to restrain Chad before that happened.

Approximately 10 minutes after Chad was restrained, Regg came down the road looking to collect taxes.  As he approached, Ilana approached and started acting all flirtatious.  Dropping subtle hints about how sexy magic is, Regg pulled out a pimp goblet and cast “Create Water,” filling the cup with fresh cool water.

Having accomplished her mission, Ilana attempted to excuse herself; however, she found that she was unable to move.  Coming out of the shadow, a psion revealed himself and informed Ilana that Regg’s superior would be most interested in meeting her and her compatriots.  [DM’s Note:  This was an extrememly powerful psion who was able to read Ilana’s thoughts and dominate her movements without Ilana even being able to detect anyone invading her mind]

 Traveling back to Urik with Regg and the mysterious Psion, the four were led to the Templar district and Palace of the High Templars.  The four were ushered into a private chamber where they met female Elven Templar Feera.  Feera informed the adventurers that the current leader of the Templars was a male Human Templar named Daclamitus.  Prior to Hamanu’s disappearance, Daclamitus was only the 10th highest ranking Templar; however, soon after Hamanu’s disappearance Daclamitus revealed that he had the power to grant the Templars spells as the sorcerer kings do.  With this power in hand, the other Templars had to fall in line behind Daclamitus.  Feera offered “her gratitude” (and 2 gold pieces each) if they would find out how Daclamitus is able to grant spells as a sorcerer king.  Coraanu decided to press his luck and ask for information on Silverhand Tribe.  Further, to show that she was acting in good faith, Feera gave the adventurers a parchment scroll that would transmit anything written on it back to Feera.  As such, they could report back to Feera without fear of betrayal or imprisonment once the job was completed.

Feera explained that Daclamitus has the Templars submit spell requests at the end of every month.  From there, he and his armed escort would travel north to the Urikite mining town of Makla.  Upon arriving, Daclamitus would seclude himself in an ancient, abandoned mage’s tower in the town.  About a day after entering the tower, the Templars would be granted their requested spells and Daclamitus would return to the city.  Feera informed the adventurers that Daclamitus would be heading to Makla in two days.  She also provided the adventurers with the location of a secret tunnel that would lead into the abandoned mage’s tower.

After providing them with a week’s worth of rations, the adventurers immediately headed out to Makla.  It was their intention to spend a couple days staking out the town under the guise of travelers looking for jobs in the mines.  Traveling at night, they encountered a severely deformed four-armed man on the last day of their journey.  The deformed man informed the adventurers that about a month ago his party had been adventuring near the Pristine Tower when then were attached by vicious monsters.  Everyone but him had been slaughtered; he had only had his arms torn off and eaten by the beast.  Rather than dying, he healed and grew four replacement arms.  Unfortunately, his body was left horribly scarred and he had yet to learn how to use the two lower arms.  He asked the adventurers for food and water.  Coraanu generously shared a portion of his supplies.

Upon arriving at Makla the next day, the adventurers were easily able to enter the city as they are always desperately looking to hire new miners (the mortality rate is so high that slaves can be an expensive option).  The adventurers checked into the local inn and spent the day learning about the town and the mage’s tower; they learned very little.

The next day, just before Daclamitus rolled into town, the adventurers left the town and headed to the secret tunnel entrance that would lead to the mage’s tower.  Coraanu, being a rogue and having darkvision, decided to take the lead.  Unfortunately, he failed to notice the pit trap and fell in, impaling himself on the spikes within.  Luckily, this was not enough to kill Coraanu, and he was quickly rescued by Ilana.  Continuing down the tunnel, the adventurers ran into a hungry Anakor.  Battle ensued, with significant chunks of flesh being rended from Coraanu’s body.  Despite the damage, they were able to handily defeat the clawed horror.

After traveling a little further, the adventurers found the trap door (not trapped) leading to the lowest level of the mage tower.  Upon entering, they found the place to mostly deserted and crumbling, with a rickety staircase leading up.  As they reached the top level, Coraanu poked his head in and was greeted by the sight of a large cyclone of silt.  Apparently a silt elemental had been summoned to guard the room.  Knowing that they needed to access the room, the adventurers stormed the room and engaged in combat with the fierce elemental.  Fierce winds battered them about and the silt blowing in their faces made it particularly difficult to land any solid blows on the elemental.  Having no magic weapon at her disposal, Alexa proceeded to use Nok’s gauntlets to punch the elemental to death, as Coraanu “cut” away at it with the Bonesaw.  Battered, bruised, and in some cases near unconsciousness, the adventurers were able to overcome the adversary and banish it back to the paraelemental plane of silt.

Hurt, the party decided to take a short rest to bandage their wounds and search the room, which, unlike the other rooms of the tower, had some furnishings.  Of particular interest, in the center of the room was drawn a teleportation circle.  Searching the nearby desk, Ilana was able to locate the instructions on how to operate the circle; however, there was no indication as to where the circle would lead.

As they decided the best course of action, the sounds of Daclamitus’ escort could be heard approaching Makla.  As Daclamitus entered the tower, the adventurers went out the nearby window and climbed to the roof, which had some holes rotted out.  Looking through the holes, they observed Daclamitus enter the room, drop his travel pack to the floor, enter the teleportation circle, and disappear.

After failing to find the information they were looking for Daclamitus’ pack, they decided that going through the portal was their only choice.  Ilana conducted a number of experiments to ensure the teleportation circle’s safety, and the party went through.  Upon arriving at their destination, the adventurers were immediately assailed by volcanic heat that sapped their constitution.  It appeared as if they had been brought somewhere within the Smoking Crown.

Lumbering on through the oppressive heat, the adventurers were able to find Daclamitus’ trail and follow it through the volcano range.  Eventually they found their way to a cave guarded by two Minotaur Skeletons that had likely been Daclamitus.  Oddly, the cave entrance appeared to be obscured by a bright white mist even finer than silt in texture.  Unsure how to proceed, the party decided to destroy the guardians and see what happens.  As they had the element of surprise, the party was able to dispose of the large skeletons with relative ease.  When the last skeleton hit the ground, the white mist covering the entrance dissipated and revealed the way in.

As the brave/foolhardy rogue, Coraanu decided to stealth down the cavern and see where it led.  After 20 minutes of travel, Coraanu heard the sound of chanting and/or praying up ahead.  Inching ever closer, Coraanu saw Daclamitus kneeling over what appeared to be the body of sorcerer king Hamanu!  Panicking, Daclamitus attempted to flee; however, his body became racked with pain and he fell to the ground convulsing.  As he was attempting to fight through the agonizing pain, Coraanu heard the voice of Hamanu in his head inviting him to join them in the other room.  Wanting the pain to end, Coraanu agreed.

Upon entering the room, Coraanu saw that Hamanu’s body appeared to by lying in stasis on a stone slab.  Hamanu explained that his psionic powers easily detected Coraanu the minute he entered the cave, and that he had been reading Coraanu’s mind the whole time.  He was well aware that Feera had hired them to found out how Declamitus was providing spells to the Templars, and that the adventurers were employed by the Nibenese army to find out whether the Templars had their spells.

Hamanu told Coraanu that not only was he not going to harm the adventurers, but he was actually going to pay them to complete their mission.  He wanted the party to return to the Nibenese army and report that the Templars do indeed still have spellcasting power.  Further, they were to report that they had learned that Hamanu “had simply put on a show in the area in order to go into seclusion to enter the next stage of metamorphosis.”  As a reward, the adventurers would each be provided one iron sword, axe, or dagger of their choice upon returning to Urik with Declamitus.

Coraanu asked what he should report to Feera, and Hamanu wrote something on the 2-way scroll in arcane writing.  When Ilana later attempted to read the message she realized that it was far above her abilities.

Pressing his luck, Coraanu decided to inquire as to how Hamanu arrived in his current state.  Hamanu explained that he and Ella had recently been pulled by the white mists into another dimension.  [DM’s Note: Ravenloft; 1st Plunderbund Campaign]  Unfortunately for Hamanu, his body did not make the trip with him and he was currently possessing some new version of the Ellakrad currently being wielded by Ella.  On the other hand, he was still powerful enough to send his mind back into his body currently being held in stasis on Athas.  Further, while in this new dimension Ella was unwittingly helping him to obtain even greater magical power.  He fully anticipates returning stronger than ever.  Further, Hamanu was quick to inform Coraanu that if he or the party attempted to reveal any of this information to any other sorcerer king, when he returned to Athas he would be sure to do it while possessing Ella’s body.  Coraanu said he understood and left.

As 30 minutes had elapsed, the other party members were understandably becoming anxious about Coraanu’s fate in the caves.  Just then, they saw Coraanu exit the cave with Daclamitus.  Confused, Coraanu quickly explained the situation to the others (while leaving out the parts about Ella).  Together, they all traveled back to Urik where they received the promised iron weapons.

As they left the city-state to report to the Nibenese army, Feera’s currier reached Corranu with information on the Silverhand Tribe.  While there was no information on who killed the Songstealers, reports reflect that in the wake of their destruction the Silverhand Tribe has drastically increased in power in the region.  The increase in power has come under the leadership of Celba Silttamer, of the Silttamer tribe, who has become the new tribal head.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Four

Due to technical difficulties last week, I was unable to deliver the single greatest story based on a consortium called Plunderbund.  So as an apology from me and a reward to being dedicated fans, today we will give you Chapters 4 and 5.  Caaaaannnn yoooooouuu dig ittttt?

In case you missed any of the past blogs/chapters, just go to 9Deuce and look through the archives and start from the beginning to get the full experience.

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 4

The next morning Dimebag awoke at the House Inikia barracks and headed out to find a sage’s tower in hopes of learning the location of “the tower of light that protected men when the silt was blue.”  After spending the day comparing prices, Dimebag was able to negotiate five days of research at 5 ceramic pieces per day.

As Dimebag sought others to do his research, Alexa took to the streets to find out the locations of Nock’s Psionic Circlet and Obsidian Battle Axes.  She was easily able to learn that the Circlet was on display at the Urik History Museum.  Unfortunately,  the location of the axes would remain a mystery unless Alexa was also willing to pay for the research, and Alexa didn’t want to tap into her beer money fund.

Luckily for her, Coraanu decided to mess with Dimebag and use his new “Alter Self” spell to disguise himself as Dimebag and offer to pay the sages to also research the location of the axes.  At the conclusion of the five day research period Dimebag learned that the “tower of light” was likely the “Bleak Tower” in the Endless Sand Dunes.  Further, Alexa learned that Nok’s axes were currently in the hands of a warlord operating out of the Plain of Singing Skulls.

Five days and a number of ignored adventure hooks later, the adventures discussed where to next.  While the original plan had been to head to Balic, Coraanu decided that, “I want to pull a museum heist,” and he, Alexa, and Dimebag decided to head to Urik to steal Nok’s Psionic Circlet.

While devising a plan, the adventurers learned that the Temple of War of Nibenay was hiring anyone and everyone to sign on to the Nibenese army, as Nibenay would likely be going to war with Tyr and/or Urik in the near future.  As such, to minimize costs, and hoping that a war would make it easier to rob the museum in Urik, the three signed up to join the army of Nibenay.

After signing up, the three were given supplies and directed to travel to an area in the Black Sands where army was currently stationed and awaiting orders.  During their journey they stumbled a powerful defiler dueling a powerful preserver off in the distance.  The good news was they were able to sneak around the great mage’s duel, the bad news was this led them directly into the path of a giant scorpion.  Despite the surprise, the three were able to make quick work of the giant insect.

Over the next two days the party found yet another mummified Halfling (due to the amazing coincidence, this time Coraanu decided to cut the head off the mummified Halfling and take it with him), Alexa had a vision of Ella in what appeared to be some distant and strange land, and the party eventually ran into a traveling group of bards known as the “Freemen’s Jamboree.”  The Jamboree was led by the female, human Valuna, who explained that the troupe was on their way to the Nibenese army encampment in the hopes of earning money by performing.  The three suggested that they travel with the troupe for security purposes and Valuna agreed.  That night, the three spent the evening drinking with the half-giant guard Weom, who became fast friends with Coraanu.

The next day Coraanu, Alexa, and Dimebag rolled into the Urik army encampment.  Using his quick wit, Coraanu was able to convince the army administration that they had been sent to join the recon team.  They were directed to the tent of Captain Ke’ku’che, where they also met five of the Jura Dai elves who had been captured and used as slave recon soldiers.  Upon joining the recon team, the three spent the next 30 days training (via montage) to become the number one recon squad in the Nibenese army.

Upon becoming the top recon team, the three were chosen for a very important mission, to infiltrate Urik and learn whether the Templars of the city-state still had their magic in the wake of Hamanu’s disappearance.  They were provided a week’s worth of supplies and 5 gold pieces for expenses.  They immediately headed out following The Great Road north to Urik.  For the most part the journey was uneventful except for when they had to defend themselves against a hoard of runaway Baazrags that has escaped from a merchant who had intended to sell them in Urik.

Upon hitting the farms outside of Urik, the adventurers stopped to talk with Chad the Mule, a humble freeman farmer.  When asked if the Templars still had their powers, Chad informed them that no one really knows.  While the Templars appear to still be using magic, there are rumors that they have, in fact, lost their magic, and that they are hiring defilers and psions to follow them and use their powers to mimic that of the Templars.  Chad informed the adventurers that Regg, the Templar who patrols the area and collects taxes would be on his way by soon if they wanted to talk to him.  The three decided that discretion was the better part of valor and continued on to Urik.

As they approached the city gates they happened upon a House Inikia kank caravan headed by half-elven caravan master Poortool.  After the “I head you were dead” comments and “zombie” jokes to which Dimebag has become accustom, Poortool agreed to bring the adventurers into the city with them and to put them up in the House Inikia barracks.

Upon entering the city Coraanu and Alexa headed to the Urik History Museum to scope it out.  On the way there they learned that the Ellakrad had supposedly been recovered from the Pit of Black Death Gladiator Arena and would soon be put on display at the museum.

After entering the museum, Coraanu noted that psionic orbs were set up to monitor for thieves.  He and Alexa also found the display for Nok’s Psionic Circlet.  While viewing the circlet, the two were approached by an elderly dwarf who introduced himself as Zareb, the curator of the museum.  Zareb explained that he recognized Alexa and wished to hire her for a job.  Bringing her to the back, Zareb showed Alexa a maul that appeared to be the Ellakrad; however, Alexa was easily able to tell that the maul was, in fact, a fake.  Zareb explained that the real Ellakrad disappeared after the battle at the arena; however, with Hamanu gone, they wanted to be able to present something to help calm the city.  As such, he wanted to hire Alexa to help craft as convincing of a fake as possible.  Coraanu insisted that they would need to have complete access to the museum in order to be able to finish the maul and Zareb agreed.

Over the next few days Coraanu staked out the museum and eventually tracked down a thief who had robbed the museum five years earlier.  He paid one gold for a copy of the museum floorplans and blind spots of the psionic orb monitoring system.  He also paid one gold to have a perfect replica of Nok’s Psionic Circlet replicated by a freeman jewel crafter.  Dimebag insisted that Coraanu kill the jewel crafter after the job was completed; however, Coraanu refused to do so.

Once all the pieces were into place Coraanu entered the museum, avoided the security system, switched out the circlets, and then used his magic to disguise himself as a museum employee and then exit out the back.  Upon placing the circlet on Alexa’s head, she began to hear a voice speaking to her, teaching her how to better fight with two weapons.

Having completed their goal, the three had to decide what to do next.  While they contemplated simply leaving the employ of the Urik army at that time, the three decided to complete the mission and get paid.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Three

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 3

Upon entering Nibenay, may of the party members separated.  Hookeri went off looking for a good place to hunt, Ilana sought information on the captured Jura Dai elves, Coraanu headed out to find information on “The Mountain,” and the rest accompanied Dimebag to headquarters of House Inikia in Nibenay where the adventurers would hopefully be able to stay for free.

Ilana eventually found herself at the Temple of the House, the bureaucratic agency that controls most of the day to day administration of the city.  It is here that all of the slaves of the city are registered.  Ilana was informed that her request for the names of the slaves would take “at least” three months; however, she soon after learned that a bribe of 1 gold could reduce the request to 1 month, and a bribe of 5 gold would reduce it to one week.  Ilana, not having a ton of cash on hand, paid the 1 gold bribe.

While following leads in the city-state, Coraanu learned the following information about the Mountain.  1)  A minotaur had recently been seen in the area of the Crescent Forest noted by Coraanu; 2) A new warden had arrived a month and a half ago to protect the forest but he was severely injured and has spent that time healing; and 3) Templar agents from Urik had recently come to Nibenay and were asking about the Mountain’s location.

Fearing that the Mountain may be in trouble, Coraanu headed straight for the House Inikia barracks where he found Alexa, Dimebag, and Pane-Pan.  He asked the three if they would accompany him to find the Mountain, noting to Alexa that by doing so they would likely also find the location of Nok’s tomb.  The three agreed and all four headed out of the city and into the Crescent Forest.

While searching for clues that would allow them to hone in on the Mountain’s location, Alexa tripped over the mummified body of a Halfling.  Finding nothing of value on the body, the adventurers chose not to disturb its rest and pressed on into the forest.

Soon after the Halfling encounter, the adventurers heard the sound of battle off in the distance.  Nearby, they could see a terrible demon, a Bearded Devil, fighting a minotaur.  Likely, the devil had been summoned by an Urikite Templar to track down and kill the Mountain.  The party attempted to sneak up on the devil, but just as they were nearing the edge of the tree line, Alexa stepped on a twig.  This turned out to be fortuitous to the Mountain, as the distraction prevented the demon from striking the final blow on the minotaur.

The party rushed in, and after a hard-fought battle, they were able to strike down the horrid demon.  After the fight the Mountain thanked the party and healed their injuries.  Coraanu then pulled him aside and explained that the spirits of the land had sent him to learn nature magic from the once mighty warden.  At first the Mountain was reluctant, his spirit still hanging heavy from his former adventuring party’s defeat at the hands of Urikite Templars; however, if the spirits desired to see Coraanu trained, then he would do it.  The Mountain explained that they would need to compete a ceremony in which the land spirits would “devour his arcane spark.”  In exchange, Coraanu would be able to call upon the spirits of the land to cast magic similar to that used by preservers and defilers.

Coraanu agreed to partake in the ceremony, and the Mountain told him that the ceremony required the use of an alter currently stored in the tomb of the great Halfling warrior Nok.   Unfortunately, the Mountain also had to inform Coraanu that one week prior a powerful undead Mul known as Thurbatur took over Nok’s tomb.  The Mountain had been unable to exercise Thurbatur from the tomb due to his still healing injuries.  To make matters worse, the Mountain believed that Thurbatur was attempting to devour Nok’s soul to become even more powerful.  Realizing the severity of the threat at hand, the four agreed to head to Nok’s tomb and take care of Thurbatur.

Upon reaching the cave that housed Nok’s tomb, they found the entrance guarded by the raised zombies of two half-giants.  Using the element of surprise, they rushed in and quickly dispatched one of the zombies; however, the second half-giant zombie would not fall so easily.  During the battle Coraanu snuck into the cave to get a better shot at the zombie, at which point he heard evil chanting and an unearthly scream!  It appeared Thurbatur had begun devouring Nok’s soul.

Upon finishing off the second zombie, Pane-Pan, who had taken several blows from the zombies, asked to take a short rest.  Coraanu warned that any such rest could spell doom for Nok’s soul.  Not wanting to seek Nok’s soul devoured, Alexa urged them on.

Coraanu, using his impressive stealth, snuck in and saw that Thurbatur, a rotting carcass of a Mul, was indeed casting some form of spell on the ghost of Nok.  Hiding behind a stalactite, Coraanu used his sneak attack on the undead horror, and battle commenced.  During the ensuing battle both Coraanu and Pane-Pan fell victim to Thurbatur’s necrotic touch; however, through sheer luck they both managed to avoid falling victim to Thurbatur’s Rotting Curse [DM Note: Mummy Rot, however this is Dark Sun where there technically aren’t mummies, just undead that have the powers of mummies]

 In the end, it was Alexa who struck the killing (re-killing?) blow against the undead fiend, freeing Nok’s soul.  The ghost of Nok thank Alexa and the others (although he was speaking Halfling so the others really couldn’t understand) and told Alexa that he was expecting her thanks to the spirits of the land.  Nok told Alexa to open his sarcophagus and to take from his body the “Gauntlets of Nok.”  Upon putting on the gauntlets Alexa felt a great strength well up within her.  Additionally, she learned from Nok that if she forms an army, the greater the size of the army the more powerful the gauntlets become.

Nok further informed Alexa that if she truly wanted to surpass him as the greatest Halfling barbarian of all time, she should have to acquire both “Nok’s Psionic Circlet” and “Nok’s Obsidian Battle Axes.”  He also informed Alexa that the battle axes would be useless to her until she trained under the ghost of Battlemaster Zeheron.  She was told that Zeheron currently haunts the ruins of the city-state of Kalidnay.

From there, as promised, the Mountain conducted the spirit magic ceremony.  Great pain racked Coraanu’s body as the arcane spark was devoured from within.  At the completion of the ceremony, Coraanu found that he now knew and number of spells and could call upon the spirits of the land to cast them.  Filled with newfound purpose and vigor, Coraanu gathered the others and they made their way back through the Crescent Forest to Nibenay.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Two

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 2


Having sustained mild to moderate wounds at the hands of the gith, and needing to wait for the female Jua Dai to awaken, the adventurers decided to take a long rest.  During the rest Ilana decided to molest the magical fruit, at which point she learned that they were fruits of invisibility.

As Ilana finished her magical studies, the female elf awoken screaming, “where is Fanan, my beloved.”  Ilana immediately cast charm person on the elf to ensure they would be the best of friends.  At this point the elf was calmly informed that Jengi was Gith-chow.

After the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth subsided, the female elf introduced herself as Jengi.  As the conversation proceeded, the adventurers learned that Jengi was the daughter of the Jura Dai chief, Tuga Dai. They also learned many of the things they had been informed of up to this point; 1) slavers from Nibenay had been taking Jura Dai elves as slaves to be sold in Nibenay; 2) the Jura Dai had been doing a number of things to hinder Nibenay (the city state, not the sorcerer king) in the hopes Nibenay (the sorcerer king) would free the slaves as opposed to simply destroying the entire tribe (the annoyance v. actual threat matrix); and 3) they kidnapped the druid and poisoned the oasis to punish Cromlin for allowing Nibenay troops to water there and as part of their continuing campaign to free their brethren.  During their conversation the adventurers revealed their “interest” in the druid.

Despite the fact Jengi was actively hostile to everyone that didn’t have her under a charm spell, the adventurers decided to treat her as a traveling companion rather than a valuable captive.  Upon reaching the Jura Dai fort deep within the Black Spine Mountains, they were rewarded for their trust by having Jengi run ahead and yell, “guards, guards, intruders are here to take the druid, do not let them enter the fort!”  The watchtower guards then appeared, arrows drawn and pointed at the adventurers.

Not wanting to have to assault an elven keep, Dimebag and Alexa headed back down the trail.  Coraanu and Pane-Pan chose to hide in the woods.  Ilana, confused at how her new bestie could act like this (despite not having recast charm person), decided to confront the guards.  What occurred next was a vigorous back and forth between three parties.  Ilana would tell the guards that they saved the princess and that they should be allowed in to see the chief.  The head guard would then say, “you have a point,” at which point Jengi would say, “yes they saved me, but I’m ordering you to kill them, so do it.”  Then Ilana would begin her argument again.

Eventually, Chief Tuga Dai grew weary of this pointless conversation and appeared on the keep walls with his head psionicist.  Demanding to know who was appearing before the great Tuga Dai, both Ilana and Uk’Chataa introduced themselves.  Tuga Dai allowed them to enter the fort but warned them that death by 300 arrows would be swift if they said or did the wrong thing.

Confident in his defiling powers, and in the powers of his chief psionicist, Tuga Dai and the psionicist met alone with Ilana and Uk’Chataa in his private tower.  The two could feel the psionicist probing their minds, and they freely granted access.  They told the great chief that they were thankful for the freedom they were granted when the Jura Dai elves attacked the slave caravan days ago.  They also offered their services in helping free the Jura Dai elves that had been taken into slavery.  The two were also upfront about the fact that Cromlin had hired them to rescue the druid, but that they had no real loyalty to Cromlin and House Shom.  In fact, Ilana offered her services in helping the elves destroy Cromlin.  Tuga looked at her as if she was crazy as completely destroying the village would likely result in drawing the full force of the military power of both the Shadow King and House Shom, virtually ensuring the complete destruction of the elf tribe.

At the completion of conversation Tuga Dai left to confer with his psionicist.  Upon returning, he explained that the psionicist had learned that the adventurers were to rescue the druid, return him to the oasis, and then hire on to a merchant caravan heading to Nibenay.  Tuga explained that 50 Jura Dai elves had been taken as slaves offered the following deal:  He would release the druid into their custody, they would return to Cromlin and say they rescued the druid from the elves, and they would then hire on to the caravan and travel to Nibenay.  Then adventurers would then have six months to rescue half of the enslaved elves.  Doing so would earn them the eternal friendship of the Jura Dai elves, failing to do so would result in enmity and painful death.  The adventurers accepted.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, a Jura Dai hunting party was returning from a rather poor hunt.  The demoralized party soon ran into the retreating Alexa and Dimebag, at which point, seeing intruders in Jura Dia territory, they attacked.  Many elven kneecaps and torsos were axed that day.

Subsequently, Ilana and the others met up with Alexa, Dimebag, and a pile of dead elves.  Uk’Chataa then proceeded to “prepare” the meat, and Dimebag (whose battle axe had broken in the fight) crafted a shiny new bone dagger.  From there the entire party plus T’klick’chik the druid had an uneventuful trip to the oasis, where the adventurers guarded the druid as he cast many neuralize poison spells to remove the methelinoc from the water.  After completing the task, T’klick’chik pulled the adventurers aside and told them that the caravan they would soon be guarding would spend an intire day and night watering the mekillots at the oasis.  He hoped they would agree to a nature spirit reading on that evening as the spirits apparently had a lot to say.  The adventurers agreed; even Ilana who normally doesn’t take no guff from no punk ass nature spirits.

Upon returning to Cromlin the adventurers accepted their reward, and then spent the evening drinking (Alexa), sleeping with and then robbing some drunk dude (Ilana), and having a pimped out leather jacket with bone embroidery made (Dimebag).

The next morning the adventurers reported for duty with the caravan master, Capt. Gen’erik.  During the day patrol the elves were run around the caravan’s perimeter at a moderate distance, while the shorties (Alexa and Dimebag) were to take the far perimeter while riding on crodlu.  The bugs would stay in the wagon during the day and patrol the perimeter at night.

The first day’s trip back to the oasis was uneventful, as was the day spent guarding the caravan as the mekillots watered.  That evening, T’klick’chik gathered the adventurers around to hear what the spirits had to say.

First, Dimebag was told that to fulfill his focus, he must “find the tower of light that protected men when the silt was blue.”

Ilana was informed that, “the mad spirit of the stream wishes to speak with you.”  A likely reference to the possessed elf-hating water source at the clan reservation.  Ilana told the druid to inform the stream that, “she will come see him when she is damn good and ready.”

Pane-Pan, to his surprise, was told that “the spirit of Far‑Misc is waiting for you at the Temple of the Sky Serpent.”

From there, the druid turned to Alexa and noted that, while the spirits see great promise in her, she should stop trying to surpass the greatest half-giant barbarian and instead focus her sights on surpassing the greatest halfling barbarian; namely, Nok Thal, the halfling barbarian warlord that raised such a mighty army Hamanu himself was forced to finally enter the fight to stop the uprising.  To start her journey, Alexa was advised to first seek Nok’s tomb.

This led the druid to turn to Coraanu and informed him that, “the spirits note that you have magical potential within you.  However, they would see you properly trained so that you do not turn to the vile depravity that is defiling magic.”  Coraanu was directed to seek out one of the spirit’s greatest champions, a man known only as, “The Mountain.”  [DM’s note:  “The Mountain” was a former player’s 4e Warden character from approximately 2009]  Coraanu was informed that The Mountain had returned to his guarded land in Cresent Forest north-west of Nibenay.  He was also informed that The Mountain’s guarded lands included Nok’s Tomb.

Finally, the druid addressed Uk’Chataa-Hookeri, letting him know that, “Mutami is with the one who silenced the Stealers of Songs.”  Had Coraanu’s player been in attendance that night I’m sure this would have led to much emotional roleplaying and stuff.

As the reading came to an end, the adventurers returned to the caravan duties.  The next morning, about two hours after leaving the oasis, Alexa, holding on for dear life to her crodlu mount, saw in the distance raiders heading straight for the caravan.  Expertly swinging the mount around, she arrived in time to warn the caravan and set up defenses.

While the raiders put up somewhat of a fight, for the most part they were slaughtered by the adventurers and crossbow wielding caravan staff.  As the last raider sought to flee, Alexa mercifully lowered her blood axes; however, the captain yelled to Dimebag that the raiders were likely from the “Silt Saviors” slave tribe, and that if they captured the former slave turned raider they could torture him for the location of the Silt Savior’s slave tribe and sell the information to slavers.  Being a dwarf of low to no moral character, Dimebag set off on his crodlu to capture the raider.

Expertly piloting the animal, Dimebag was able to wrangle in the raider; however, realizing that he was about to put all of his friends and family in jeopardy, the slave-turned-raider bit his tongue off.  Dimebag attempted to save the raider’s life (so that he could be tortured later), but the raider soon bled to death.

The remainder of the trip to Nibenay was uneventful, and, per their word, the caravan master bribed the templar gate guards to ensure that the adventurers would not be searched.  What new adventures await them in the city-state of the Shadow King?


Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter One

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 1


The sound of the roaring crowd could be heard as the six men and women were ushered into Urik’s gladiatorial area, the infamous Pit of Black Death.  All six were there for different reasons and were from different backgrounds, slaves, freemen, merchants, and tribesmen.  As they entered the arena they could see peering down at them Urik’s feared Sorcerer King Hamanu.

As the “gladiators” took their positions around the area, the Master of Games spoke, never taking his gaze off Hamanu.  “Great Hamanu, for blessing us with your divine presence this day, I have arranged for you a truly special event.  Please allow me to introduce the famed gladiator Ella!”

From the center of the area arose a hulking female half-giant wielding her famous psionic maul the Ellakrad.  Ella, a famed gladiator who was also the mentor of cute but deadly Halfling Alexa, had disappeared from the fighting area years ago and was said to have taken up with a group of adventurers.  Some of the rag-tag gladiators attacked from afar, some dared approach the hulking half-giant to fight, and Alexa, after getting over the shock of seeking her former mentor after two years, threw all she had into the fight she had been dreaming of for so long.  While the gladiators put up a noble effort, with Alexa even striking with a hand axe attack that bit deep into Ella, the famed gladiator quickly incapacitated them all.

Upon striking down Alexa, whom Ella has specifically left for last, Hamanu arose from his throne and said, “Ella, did you really believe that I would not know your so called return to the area was simply a distraction while your other adventuring companions attempted to infiltrate my castle?  By now your friends should have already been captured and are likely dead.  Prepare to join them.”

With that Hamanu began to cast a mighty spell, drawing life from not only the surrounding vegetation but also the humans and demihumans in attendance at the games.  Unleashing a torrential beam of necrotic energy, Ella attempted to protect herself with her legendary weapon.  Upon Hamanu’s powerful magic clashing with the equally powerful psionic enchantment of the hammer, there was a great flash of light and white mists began rising from the area floor.  When the mists receded, both Ella and Hamanu were gone.  As the gladiators began to pass out from their injuries, they heard the sounds of panic all around and cries of, “the Sorcerer King has disappeared!”

A month passed and the former gladiators, soon to be an adventuring party, started this day the way they started every day for the past month, in a state of psionic paralysis for 23 hours a day with only one hour to eat and drink in the cramped cabin of the mekillot caravan while continuously tied to the wall (not chained to the wall as chains are metal and would be worth a radiculous amount of money).

Over the past 30 days the adventurers learned as follows.  After passing out in the area slavers took advantage of the confusion to collect the adventurers and sell them to a very low level merchant house.  They were now on their way to be sold in the City State of Nibenay.

On this day the adventurers decided they were going to do something.  During the one hour of freedom from the psionic paralysis, Coraanu decided to use his ability to create minor illusions to make it look like he was puking uncontrollably.  While it made for an interesting site gag, it did not result in their freedom.

While considering what other wacky hijinks they might employ, a great blasting sound rang out, and the caravan came under attack by a group of 300 elves the adventurers would later learn were from the Jura Dai elf tribe.  As the attack commenced, a magically (or psionically) enhanced voice stated, “The Jura Dai are not slaves.  Your king must release our people, or all his caravans will perish in the desert.”  The elves then went on to slaughter nearly everyone who was not a slave.

At the conclusion of the battle the elves were indifferent to the freed slaves, even the elves Coraanu and Ilana.  They did agree to allow the adventurers to take with them two waterskins and two obsidian weapons.  Despite being greatly outnumbered by the elves, Uk’Chataa decided to take this opportunity to antagonize the elves by attempting to take three water skins.  During the ensuing arguments and threats of bodily harm, elf Ilana and thri-kreen Pane-Pan peaced out into the desert.

During the next few days Ilana and Pane traveled together.  An odd pairing as thri-kreen find elves particularly delicious and elves are always suspicious because of this.  During their aimless wanderings they observed giant flying insects traversing the desert and carrying wax globes.  Apparently, these “Wezers” would go into the desert and collect balls of water to return to the hive.  As the two companions were able enough to fell a Wezer, they were able to get by well enough on insect wax water for a few days.

Meanwhile, after Uk’Chataa agreed to give up the third water skin, Uk, Alexa, Coraanu, and crazy not crazy dwarf “Dimebag” Dandrel Darksmith decided to brave the desert together by heading south in the hopes they would reach the road to Nibenay.

During their nighttime travels they encountered a very thorny bush covered in sharp thorns.  Within this thicket could be seen a pool of water.  Dimebag entered the thicket and was immediately stabbed with over 40 thorns.  Even worse, upon reaching the pool of “water,” he learned that it was merely a thin layer of sap covered by an oily residue.

As Dimebag exited the thicket and began pulling thorns from his skin, Uk’Chataa, Alexa, and Coraanu noticed a contingent of 12 individuals heading their way.  The 12 individuals were dressed the same as the guards from the slave caravan they had just escaped.  Thinking quick, Coraanu used his ability to create minor illusions to mimic the sound of a nearby desert beast.  As such beasts often hunt individuals carrying food, water, and supplies, six of the guards broke off to investigate, with one of the guards warning “Ted” not to screw them out of their share of water as they left.

Ted then led the remaining six guards to confront the four adventurers.  Ted demanded their water and promised not to sell them back into slavery if they acquiesced.  Uk, Alexa, Coraanu, and Dimebag proceeded to kill them all.  Upon searching their bodies the four found a map of the area and learned that they were a few days journey from an oasis, and that the oasis was near the trading outpost of Cromlin.  Upon learning this information, they decided to walk to the oasis to the east instead of continuing south towards Nibenay which was still many days away.

Continuing on, the four eventually, came upon a cactus field in a section of stony barrens.  Dimebag immediately consumed a purple ball cactus which turned out to be poisoned as hell.  Luckily, his dwarven resiliency protected him from too much harm.  During this time, Uk’Chatta and Coraanu went on ahead and continued discussing things with one another, caring not for Dimebag’s antics.  Next, Dimebag approached a “writhing mass” cactus and chopped into it.  Upon chopping into the cactus a giant worm flew out and began encasing Dimebag.  With Uk and Cor not carring about their fellow party members, it was up to Alexa to cut Dimebag free.

Together, Alexa and Dimebag began examining the 180 foot long worm and realized that it could be used as a study rope.  The two decided that the best course of action was keep the rope at 180 feet long and for Alexa to carry it.  At this point Coraanu walked over and said, “hey, where did you get that rope.”  Upon learning of Dimebag’s plight and the decision to keep it whole, Coraanu told them that they would be cutting the rope into two 90 foot ropes and that he would have one and Alexa would have the other.  With all the assertiveness of Sprinkles the Low Self Confidence Elf, Alexa and Coraanu agreed.

Upon setting up camp the next morning, Uk’Chataa began his hunt for food and water for the party.  During his travels he ran into the powerhouse team of Ilana and Pane.  Even though they recognized each other as former captives of the same slave caravan, Ilana immediately began insulting Uk’Chataa and demanding to know who the hell he was.  Uk’Chataa, for the most part, ignored Ilana and tried to have a conversation with Pane.  After some vigorous back and forth and up and down, Ilana and Pane decided to rejoin the other four so as to increase their chances of surviving in the desert.

As Uk, Ilana, and Pane headed back to camp, Coraanu was sitting around doing some lame elf shit while on watch.  While engaged in such activity, he began to hear the sound of trickling water.  Looking down, he saw that a 20 foot long Silk Wyrm had attached itself to his water skin and was vigorously sucking the contents down.  Upon screaming/waking everyone else in camp, battle ensued, and the Silk Wyrm was slain.  Upon cutting the dead Wyrm open, it was discovered that it had six undigested magical fruits within it.  Each of the six adventurers took a fruit, which all appeared to have the same properties.  To date, Ilana (or any of the other adventures) has not sat down with one of the fruits for an hour to investigate its properties.

At the next dawn the adventurers were able to see the oasis off in the distance.  Coraanu stealthed ahead and found the oasis being guarded by one of the Mekillots that had been pulling the merchant caravan.  Along with that Mekillot was the dead body of its mate.  As the rest of the adventurers approached, investigation revealed that the living Mekillot appeared to be guarding the oasis but also appeared to be severely dehydrated.  This led the adventurers to surmise that the oasis was “poisoned as hell.”

There is an old Athesian saying, “the only thing a Mekillot can outrun is another Mekillot.”  Knowing this,  Pane-Pan offered to act as bait to lure the Mekillot away and run it in a wide circle around the oasis while the others investigated.  The dead birds, dead mud crabs, and Dimebag’s bard expertise revealed that the oasis was indeed “poisoned as hell.”  While the adventurers did find an alter with offerings to the local druid, the offerings were uneaten, and presumably the druid was missing or dead.  Further, they were able to identify copious amounts of the herb methelinoc, which is deathly poisonous to all living things except for elves and kanks.  Coraanu and Ilana both knew that some evil elven tribes are known to poison water supplies with methelinoc to prevent others from being able to use their water source.

As the adventurers were completing their investigation, they saw in the distance that a party of about 20 elves and their kanks were heading for the oasis.  The elves appeared similar to the Jura Dai elves who had attacked their caravan days earlier.  Assuming that these were the elves poisoning the oasis, the adventurers immediately headed out.  Further, Pane did one final loop and sent the Mekillot straight for the elves in the oasis.  Their screams could be heard for miles.

Knowing they were only six hours from Cromlin, the adventurers pressed on.  Two hours into their journey, they came across a group of 20 children of mixed races.  They had come from Cromlin and were heading to the oasis to fill their water skins.  While they had hears about the poisoning, they were sure their offer of sugar coated ants would be sufficient to get the druid to purify the water.  After much cajoling, the adventurers were able to convince the children that the druid was gone.  The children asked the adventurers to return with them so that they could help the village.  The adventurers agreed, but had the children act as human shields for the remainder of the journey to Cromlin.

Upon reaching Cromlin, the adventurers headed straight for the House Shom trading post headquarters where they received a small reward of Nibnenese ceramic pieces from the front desk secretary.  Soon after they were greated by Master Trader Hurdll Crost of House Shom.  Upon seeing Dimebag she said, “Dandrel Darksmith you old son of a gun, House Inika told us all you were dead.  I have to admit, while I was sad to hear you died, I think I’m sadder still to see you’re actually alive.”

Crost then informed Dimebag that upon his wandering into the desert it was assumed he died of thirst or was eaten by some monster.  As such, all of his assets had been liquidated, with most of it being used to pay his debts, and the remainder being put into Gulg’s war funds to fund their upcoming war with either Tyr or Urik.  The good news was that his three wives were currently receiving government stipends so they didn’t starve.

After discussing Dimebag’s current monetary situation, Crost thanked the PCs for rescuing the children and discussed the poisoning of the oasis.  While Cromlin has its own well, they still rely on the oasis for supplemental water to provide for everyone.  Apparently, the Jura Dai elves were punishing Cromlin for allowing soldiers from Nibenay to water there, as Nibenay had recently been taking a significant number of Jura Dai elves as slaves.  In order to keep the oasis poisoned, they kidnapped the druid of the oasis, a thri-kreen named T’klick’chik.

Crost offered to hire the adventurers to infiltrate the Jura Dai camp and rescue the druid.

[DM’s Note:  The next part I’m just going to gloss over.  House Shom is the largest merchant house in Nibenay and is extremely powerful.   During their interactions with Crost the adventurers said, did, and thought things that would pretty much ensure they would be murdered by assassins hired by House Shom upon stepping foot in Nibenay, if not earlier.]

After everything became copasetic between the adventurers and Crost, they agreed to the following deal.  Crost provided the adventures with his magical bone short sword, the Bone Saber, which can turn into a portable chain saw once per day, as a down payment, and upon returning the druid to the oasis they would be paid 2 silver pieces each.  Further, the adventurers would be able to hire on as guards to the next caravan heading to Nibenay.  Upon leaving the trading village they were provided with three day’s worth of food and water.  Despite the fact everyone in the party could use the Bone Saber, Coraanu laid claim to it with very little resistance.

The adventurers set out by night into the mountains where the Jura Dai fortress sits.  As Coraanu stealthed ahead, he saw two elven lovers, dressed in the colors of the Jura Dai, having their amorous rendezvous interrupted by 12 hungry Giths.  Coraanu warned the others, and as the adventurers engaged the Gith that had broken off and headed their way, the majority continued to assault the lovers.  After an intense battle, some of the adventurers were wounded, 9 Gith were dead, the male elf lay dead, and the female elf was unconscious.  The remaining Gith and the adventurers struck a deal.  The three Gith took the male elf’s body to be eaten, and the unconscious female elf was left with the adventurers.

A little worse for wear, the adventurers decided to take a rest.  Whether that rest will be long or short has not yet been determined.  Further, they are debating whether to try to use the unconscious elf as a bargaining chip to rescue T’klick’chik.  The magic fruits also remain unidentified.  What will happen when the adventurers reach the Jura Dai compound?  Find out in our next moderately exciting instalment.



Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – The Characters

Welcome everybody to the newest feature in the 9 Deuce family, Tales From the Plunderbund Consortium. This is the first time that somebody else has written their own content at 9Deuce.com.  The premise of this is a simple one.  My buddy Eric, Keri’s husband, does a weekly D & D campaign and has generously decided to write out how the story has played out.  I’ll let him explain things more thoroughly.  With that being said, if you like the fantasy and role playing stuff, I think that you will enjoy this.  I will update this as often as Eric gets me the write ups.  PLEASE, leave us a comment to let us know what you think and share it with your friends that are into this stuff.  Thank you. – Kent

You can find us at the actual 9 Deuce website , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Tumblr @ http://superkent92.tumblr.com/ or Instagram at Official9Deuce .  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question or a comment at kent@9deuce.com.  Thank you.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign

Welcome to Tales of the Plunderbund Consortium.  The group was officially established when we started a weekly Thursday night Dungeons and Dragons game after the release of fifth edition.  Over the past two years we have run the following campaigns:  Ravenloft – Grand Conjunction series of adventures, campaign completed and ended at level 12; Homebrew – inspired by the Animes Magi and Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon, campaign fell apart at level 5 due to loss players; American High School USA: Neo-Tokyo 2086 – completed season 1 of 3 using the OVA anime role playing game system; Ravenloft 2 – Curse of Strahd, used new characters but featured NPCs from the original Ravenloft campaign, campaigned completed and ended at level 10.

After competing Curse of Strahd the group was originally planning on playing Season 2 of American High School and then moving on to the current Dark Sun campaigned; however, after my wife became enamored with playing a duel-axe wielding Halfling barbarian, the group decided to head straight to Athas.

While the Plunderbund has been in existence for two years, many players in the group have known and played D&D together since fourth edition.  As such, certain characters appear in this campaign from our prior 4e Dark Sun Campaign.  The current characters are as follows.


Coraanu Songstealer: Elf Rogue (Outlander)

Player: Jacob

Coraanu Songstealer, of the Silver Hand Tribe, prays every morning to the elements of earth, fire, water, and air, pacing to each corner of his gladiatorial slave pen and muttering prayers in turn. He does this partly out of religious observance, but mostly to annoy his mul cellmate with entirely made up elven chants and the like. Cooranu Songstealer also spends every night swearing to the moon to get revenge for the death of his clan, the Songstealers. He does this to keep himself focused, and to make sure he doesn’t get too distracted playing pranks on his mul cellmate.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Coraanu came back from a nice morning jog over the dunes to find the remains of his clan and their campsite by the desert oasis. Slit throats and charred bodies–this was no animal attack, or even some raid from a rival tribe. This was a massacre.

Coraanu couldn’t figure out who would do such a thing. It’s not that the Songstealers had no enemies, of course, but that they had too damn many. Elves aren’t known for getting along with, well, anyone outside their clan and tribe, and the Songstealers in particularly cultivated a magical ability that made them targets not only of fearful outsiders, but of powerful mages as well. Coraanu could really only trust one group of people–any member of the Silver Hand Tribe to which his clan belonged. A fellow tribe member told him that, while out running, they saw a parade of metal shields head towards Songstealer campsite the night before.

In Coraanu’s mind, only one group could afford such an expensive military expedition: templars from the nearby city of Urik. [DM’s Note:  In order to better fit in with the back stories of subsequent players, this was subsequently retconned to the city-state of Balic]  Though still young and untrained, Coraanu swore on oath to find out who was responsible for his clan’s death and kill them. (But also to have fun along the way! Revenge is no reason not to be a dick.)

When he got to the city, however, he had hardly a chance to pickpocket anyone–or gather information–before local slave traders, looking to fill a gap in their inventory, got him arrested for a robbery (not even the one he was going to commit!) and sentenced to slavery in the gladiatorial games. Which is where Coraanu now finds himself…

Goals: 1.) Find the person or people responsible for killing is clan. 2.) Kill them. 3.) Mess with others for the lulz

Bonds: 1.) Oath of Vengeance! 2.) Silver Hand Tribe 3.) Other elves, more or less

Traits: 1.) Quiet 2.) Smart 3.) Smartass

Ideals: Lol no


Dandrel “Dimebag” Darkhammer:  Dwarf Bard (Guild Merchant)

Player: Plamen

Spice is a valuable commodity on Athas, and one held in monopoly by the Honorable Trade House of Inikia. Protected by decree of Oba Lalali-Puy, House Inikia has plied the roads of the seven city-states for generations. The dwarves of Clan Darkhammer are few in number, but they are sworn to service House Inikia since the clan was saved from destruction by a Nibenese war band decades ago. Their superior dwarvish sense of smell (and resistance to poison) has made them invaluable to Oba Lalali-Puy in other ways as well, and Clan Darkhammer is known for serving their deadly hot kank gumbo to the Oba’s enemies. While most components of their gumbo blend are well known, there is a secret spice that the clan Spicemasters add (harmless on it’s own, of course) which results in the diner’s violent and messy death as they void their lungs.

Dandrel Darkhammer is one such Spicemaster, as was his father before him. Compared to his wastrel younger brother, Darkius, Dandrel spent most of his life traveling between the seven cities selling the wares of House Inikia, and well protected by the Oba’s guards. It was a mundane existence, but one tempered by the tidy profit Dandrel enjoyed, and the taste he acquired for the finer things in Athas. As the years wore on, this decadence began to take its toll, and Dandrel found himself swelling with water-fat, his old eyes taking on the blue-within-blue of the hopelessly spice addicted. He also acquired some brides from Balic, three dusky-eyed maidens that replaced his older servants. Life was good.

But then came the dreams. Vague, unfathomable shapes tempted his mind and troubled his nights. At times, he would see them in the corner of his eye; ghastly figures with eyes like plates, who pointed above to a great ball of fire. It was nothing at first, and Dandrel blamed it on his rich food and heavy drink. But the visions would not cease, even as their message grew clearer. The comet had landed; crash landed somewhere in the desert. Two days ago, he had another of these nightmares, in which the comet, now cool and black as obsidian, got up and began to walk like a man. As if commanded by some unspeakable power, Dandrel left his caravan and began to wander the desert, searching for the obsidian man. When he regained consciousness and control of his facilities, he found himself deep in the Sand Wastes, all alone. An Urikite patrol picked up the smelly old dwarf after a day or so of aimless wandering, and sold to the gladiator pits. He has been to Urik many times before, and there are some in the city who know him by name and reputation, if not by his face. Though he practiced some swordplay in his youth, Dandrel knows there is little chance he could escape, let alone survive, the Pit of Black Death.


“Find the comet-man” (Note: The comet is none other than the Mighty Servant of Leuk-o, which plunged through a dimensional rift following the great, final conflict between the forces of Lum the Mad and the infamous General Leuk-o. It is indeed in the rough shape of a towering 10-foot-tall man made of jet black metal. Anyone who knows the password can enter into the construct and pilot it, making it essentially a mecha. Any person piloting the device must eventually become a chaotic evil warlord.)


“One day when I get out of this mess I’ll get back home and show everyone what I’m made of.”


“You mean you’ve never heard of the spice of Dandrel the Pure? One dram of this stuff made a Tyrian Templar snort out his eyes. That’s what you get for shorting House Inikia.”


“As long as I’m comfortable, it’s hard to care about those around me.”


“None must ever learn of my true purpose”


Ilana Ludgate:  High elf wizard (sage)

Player: Rob


After generations (elf generations!) of on-again, off-again warfare over the few rapidly-diminishing patches of arable Athasian land, about 250 years ago the Templars of Balic, on behalf of Sorcerer King Andropinis, signed a peace treaty with the Land Orca tribe that would allow them “perpetual dominion” over what was basically an agglomeration of red rocks, poisonous horseshoe crabs, and predatory sphinxes. Then about 120 years ago, when Ilana Ludgate was a young elf of 50 years, the tribe discovered valuable copper deposits on the land. The Templars soon heard of the find and suggested the Land Orcas would be just as happy on an even remoter, less habitable expanse of dust now known as the Res, which turned out to be somehow even shittier than the Land Orcas’ former home. The horseshoe crabs seemed even stingier, the sphinxes’ riddles were harder, and the one source of surface water–an intermittent stream that was dry for most of the summer–was sentient when running and usually had active malice toward the elves. Not loving her new sitch, Ilana peaced out at the tender age of 90 and started a hardscrabble life in the bowels of human civilization.

She’d picked up a sprinkling of magic from the handful of tribal wizards who had served as heavy artillery in the interspecies wars. The old guard seemed pretty reluctant to use magic, coming as it did at the expense of the land, but Ilana gives zero fucks about the costs of defiling. The way she sees it, if it weren’t for all the dickbag humans around there would be plenty of life energy to draw from, and as it stands Athas isn’t particularly worth preserving in its present human-polluted state. When she’s in human cities one of her favorite pastimes is to find a rich neighborhood with a nice, cultivated tree, sit down in front of it, and magically light her cigarettes when nobody’s looking, slowly watching the tree die over the course of her loitering. I mean, when she’s not unceremoniously shuffled off by the local guards.

She’s lived the last 80 years on the margins of society, eking out a relatively meager existence with an easy, flexible combination of small-time grifting and big-time staying out of mortal danger. By and large, she has small goals – life is a process of chiseling her due out of a zillion flat-footed strangers who hate her for her race and her magic. She understands the small rebellions of constantly dicking over strangers as the key to her dignity in such hostile circumstances. She’ll smile and play nice, but only if she knows she gets to stab you in the back afterwards. To now, resentments aside, it hasn’t been half bad. Recently, though, a female elf was reported to have thrown a well-timed bucket of feces out a hovel window at a passing templar. Ilana got swept up in the resultant witch hunt and now, for all her sly cartwheels on the razor’s edge of legality, finds herself unjustly tossed into the gladiatorial pits with a half-dozen other pointy-eared women (some of whom look insultingly not like her, btw).

Alignment: neutral/neutral – who the fuck’re you?

Bonds: elves, particularly the grizzled war vets and the underclass elves in cities (she has issues with new-generation Res-based elf tribal leadership, seeing them as pushovers). She’s maybe less resentful of downtrodden humans, etc., and probably won’t go out of her way to dick them over.

Ideals: nah

Flaws: many and deep

Will she sleep with you?: No, but she will pretend to like you and then cut your dick off, if you seem sex-offendery.


Pane-Pan: Thri-Kreen Psion (Urchin) Neutral Good

Player: David


Pane-Pan [pahn-ee-pahn, accent on the first syllable], was born into a clutch with his 6 fellow egg-mates, as are all Thri-Kreen.  He spent his youth hunting the deserts for delicious horseshoe crabs, a delicacy inexplicably unwanted by all other races.  He was always obedient to the largest and strongest of his clutch, Far-Misc [fahr-misk].  Living in relative silence, (communicating only Psionically with his clutch-mates), Pane-Pan grew to love the peace of Athas’ deserts.  Pane-Pan spent the slow desert hours honing his Psionic skills, and his clutch came to depend on his clarity of mind.  Pane-Pan could always be counted on to know the thoughts and feelings of his clutch-mates, and to freely share this knowledge with the powerful Far-Misc.

One fateful day, hunting for horseshoe crabs, Pane-Pan’s clutch was ambushed by a human hunting party, bearing the seal of Balic.  The Venetians had never encountered Thri-Kreen before, and were frightened.  The humans interrogated Far-Misc, and despite Far-Misc’s attempts to allay the humans’ fears, his crude clicking sounds were interpreted as cries to battle.  Fear won out, and the humans began to slaughter Pane-Pan’s clutch-mates.

Pane-Pan fought bravely, but the humans were too many.  Eventually Pane-Pan was the last of his living clutch-mates, backed up against a tree.  He knew there was only one way to save himself – to use his Psionic powers for ill.  He had only ever used his powers to assist Far-Misc and his clutch, but his Thri-Kreen survival instinct was too strong for him to give in.  He sensed the deepest fears of the Venetians – poverty – and projected the image of their vaults being raided.  The humans ran from the scene, fearing their wealth was in danger.

The effort of using his Psionic powers for ill (for the first time), took an enormous toll on Pane-Pan, and he fell unconscious.  He awoke alone in the desert.  A Thri-Kreen without his clutch, or some other community, is an incomplete Thri-Kreen.  Pane-Pan wandered the desert, eventually coming upon an unknown city-state.  He lived in the city-state for years (although he has ceased measuring time) subsisting by eating what the other races took for trash.  When confronted with danger, Pane-Pan has learned to use Psionic powers to strike fear and confusion into enemies.

Until yesterday, when an evil human defiler wizard, and famed patron of the gladiator games, came upon Pane-Pan.  Pane-Pan sensed the wizard’s fascination and excitement (a Thri-Kreen in the games!), and was worried.  When Pane-Pan refused the wizard’s offers of wealth in the game (Thri-Kreen do not kill for sport), the wizard attacked Pane-Pan.  Pane-Pan’s still- developing Psionic powers were no match for the wizard’s wisdom, and Pane-Pan was tossed in a cell.


-find, if not a clutch of Thri-Kreen, a community where he is valued, and where he can follow a strong leader (whoever is biggest and strongest)

-kill the Balicans who killed his clutch-mates.  Death begets death.


-to other Thri-Kreen

-to any who are without a community

-to users of magic and Psion for good


-peace, desert, telepathy, community


-he is not very independent

-his traditional moral compass will limit what he is willing to do

-not a good leader


-he is a new-style Thri-Kreen, no enlarged thorax

-He sensed another Psionically gifted being during the ambush.  It was Ender Wiggin, who lives somewhere in Balic.


Uk’Chataa-Hookeri – Thri-Kreen Barbarian/Ranger (Outlander)

Player: Dean


Amidst the chaos of a Thri-Kreen raid on a group of elves, two Thri-Kreen eggs were dropped.  This small group of elves warily adopted the Thri-Kreen clutch, much due to the advocacy of a young, but promising elf Mutami.  Soon, the Thri-Kreen hatched, prompting Mutami to wed his companion, Ekee.

I hatched alongside a fellow Thri-Kreen, my only connection to our ancient culture.  She was given the Elven name Ratany and I Hookeri.  Both of us were named ironically and after plants, she the root parasite Krameria and I after the Cereus Hookeri, or “Climbing Cactus.”

Not always accepted by our peers, Ratany and I spent much time together.  Through many meditative sessions, we tapped into the Thri-Kreen collective memory and learned bits and pieces of our people’s history.

The clan, the Silt Moon Tribe’s, goal is not survival, it is to thrive.  A Human would say “whatever the cost,” but we have no concept of cost an sacrifice.

Of course, our values are a mix of elven values with Kreen propensities.  Loyalty, Hunting, Independence, and unrelenting endurance.  Despite the animosity between Kreen and elves, the two share many traits.  Both Elves and Thri-Kreen of the tablelands are nomads, refusing to settle or utilize the crutch of a mount.  The elves taught me to keep my independence and strength, I need no humanly tools such as armor.  I am an Elven Kreen.

In our childhood, Mutami left the clan, hearing of the massacre of his distant family: The Songstealers.  I was never told more on the subject, though Mutami was spoken of often in our tribe.  Both in regards of his strength and fealty as well as his fool-hardiness and idealistic revenge.

In adolescence, I would leave the clan, wishing to take after Mutami.  Ratany insisting she join me, but her place was with our family.  They needed her.  They utilized our strengths to complement their own.  Ekee needed her protection.  What would become of her if her whole family left?  Constant chiding and other subtle attacks, no doubt.  Something worse?  Ekee was strong, but could she resist the antagonism and xenophobia that has been soft mutterings for the entirety of my existence?  No, Ratany would stay, ensuring her and Ekee’s place

amongst the Silt Moon.  Ratany would become a great hunter.  In a final meditative session, Ratany and I connected once again to our Kreen ancestry and each other.  Only now were we ready to give each other traditional Thri-Kreen names.

I am Uk’Chataa-Hookeri of the Silt Moon Tribe, an Elven-Kreen and loyal

clutch mate.  Once again, I am alone.


Alexa – Female Halfling Barbarian (Gladiator)

Player: Keri


From a young age, halfling Alexa of the Head-Splitter Tribe in the Forrest Ridge would help her mother “cure” the meat for the great feasts, never knowing from what animals the meat came.  When not assisting in the meat preparation, she was training in the art of hunting.  Then, on her sixteenth birthday, as was the tribe’s tradition, Alexa was invited to join her father on a “hunt.”  She was soon horrified to learn that the prey they were hunting was the group of adventurers that had recently stumbled on the village.  After killing, preparing, and cooking the human ranger, Alexa found that she could not eat the meal at that night’s feast.

Soon after, Alexa began a crusade to get the halflings of her village to cease eating humans and demi-human.  Unfortunately for Alexa, she was repletely laughed at and told, “you don’t make halfling tribal alliances with salad.”  Two months later, Alexa’s family was to provide the meal for one of the tribe’s biggest celebrations.  Alexa’s father had slain a might half-giant, and it appeared that it would be the greatest feast in some time.

While only Alexa truly knows what happened that day, according to her official Tyr Gladiatorial Biography, on that day Alexa’s barbarian rage manifested for the first time and she threw the body of the half-giant clear across the Ringing Mountains.  The biography also informs that ten percent of all proceeds from Alexa’s fights would go to the Fund to Support the Victims of Halfling and Thri-Kreen Cannibalism.

Alexa was immediately exiled from the Forest Ridge.  While crossing the Ringing Mountains, Alexa was ambushed and captured by slavers.  She was subsequently sold to House Shom who in turn sold her to a Tyrian Noble family.  While in Tyr she met the famous half-giant gladiator barbarian Ella, who took Alexa under her wing.  Together the two had many great victories, which resulted in Alexa being sold to a Noble family for a very high price in Urik two years ago.  [DM’s Note:  Ella was my wife’s 4e Half-Giant Barbarian]

Alexa has not seen Ella since being sold, but she has heard that Ella escaped slavery and joined an adventuring party.  Alexa hopes to one day surpass her mentor.