The Walking Dead S7 Ep8 “Hearts Still Beating” – 9 Deuce Discussion – No Guts No Glory Edition

The Walking Dead S7 Ep 8 – “Hearts Still Beating”

Hey hey everybody.  We finally had a “traditional” Walking Dead style episode with multiple stories being interwoven, and keeping things interesting.  Most of the feedback on this episode has been positive and just what everybody has been yearning for after a season that was, at times, tough to watch for various reasons.  The gang is back together, by and large, and are on their way to meet Ezekiel and see Carol and Morgan.  Eugene is now property of the Saviors, and a few people had to die.  All in all, it was a treat.  Thank you to my contributors: Cece, Teddy, Bob, Eric, Briana, and Bits.  They have been doing a tremendous job all season, and I hope to coerce them to come back in February.  Please, if you like these blogs, just share them on one form of social media, because that’s how things like this build a following, and then maybe more people want to join in.  Finally, at the end of this blog, you will see some fun pictures of a gift that I received this past Saturday at LingFest 2016.  You’ll have a good laugh.

As always, any comments in bold type are my comments.  Some are nice, and thought provoking, and others are me just being a jerk.

  1. Who’s death had the most impact, short term or long term: Spencer, Olivia, Fat Joey, or Isabelle (the red headed lady with Michonne)?

Cece:  I think Olivia was the most useful character who died this episode.

Teddy:  Fat Joey? I mean he did report to Negan and did bring him Lucille.

Bob:  Short term – Isabelle – I think this shows us the power of fear in Negan’s people and also their “on-the-fence” loyalty.  It also shows Michonne’s understanding of these people and how she will act in the future.  It could be considered a mercy killing… Long term – Olivia – I didn’t want to pick Spencer because Rick looked a little angry about Spencer being a coward.  Olivia was of “the group” and she was one that needed protection as opposed to offer it.  I think in Rick’s mind, this was killing the helpless…  It’s long term because well, Rick is sorta the show here.  The Big Show?  Nah.  (I really liked the fear and on the fence mentality comments.  I was thinking along those terms but wasn’t able to articulate it as well.  And way to mention Jeremy Baird, I mean The Big Show!)

Eric:  i think Spencer as I was just getting to like him.  He was an original member of Alexandria. It was out of the blue.  Also, it was kinda shitty how he turned on Rick, but i guess he did have reason for blaming Rick. (I feel that you and I are among the few people who started to dig Spencer.  I still feel that he had a purpose, and he was his own worst enemy.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.)

Briana:  I’m going to go with Fat Joey on this one. His death is going to piss Negan off along with the fact that Daryl is gone and obviously was the one to kill him. I’m not sure what it will lead to but it will definitely be the most impactful death.  (I think Dwight, Sherry, or Dr Carson may have to deal with that aftermath.)

Bits: Well here’s my long term thought.  If Fat Joey had guarded the gate like he was supposed to and hadn’t left his post then maybe Daryl wouldn’t have gotten out. And with Daryl on the loose trouble is sure to follow… (Why didn’t Joey shoot Daryl?  Like, a non-lethal shot preferably, but that would have made so much more sense to me.)

Kent:  On the surface, when I first asked this, I figured that I would jokingly be the only person to say Fat Joey.  Well damn, he was a popular choice.  All 4 deaths hold their importance.  Olivia had a system of keeping track of supplies, which may not be difficult, but it was a key responsibility that she was good at.  Spencer made a lot of sense to me because he was one of the better people at getting supplies to buy Alexandria time, and if we only focus on what they provide, Spencer was actually a huge loss.  He was a bridge to original members of Alexandria for Rick, but it never worked out well.  So the answer is actually Fat Joey, but for similar reasons as Isabelle.  Bob talked about the power of fear and being on the fence with loyalty.  It’s a topic that I wanted to discuss, but couldn’t find a way to properly ask a question. I find this dynamic fascinating.  Isabelle would rather die than to face the outcome of her failure or her leading Michonne to the group, it was her preferred way out.  Then you have a guy like Dwight who we know is struggling with how things are run, but is in so deep that it’s beneficial for him to keep it up rather than set himself free.  Then there’s Fat Joey who probably figured that once Daryl left, he could try to make it seem like he was going on a mission, and instead just bail.  Instead, Negan will find one of his trusted men dead and a guy who he wanted on his side to have gone AWOL. Security will be tighter, and I believe that there will be hell to pay.  Right now, Negan is happy that there is still fight in the Alexandrians as he feels that Rick is at least playing ball. The aftermath is just going to be so deep due to Fat Joey’s death.


  1. What moment(s) during this episode defined this episode for you?  Let’s face it, this is an episode with a ton of “moments”.

Cece:  Probably Spencer getting gutted.

Teddy:  Probably the stupid everyone head nod at the end, that and the gutting of Spencer (fyi just stabbing someone with a bowie knife wouldn’t gut him) (Making logical points in a show about zombies is always a catch 22.  As a horror fan, it comes into play so often.)

Bob:  The spaghetti dinner.  Negan was feigning being fair and just and happy but he always purposefully shows his malice and sanguine nature at just the right time to make you uncomfortable.  Negan shaving was a moment for me as well, as things were about to change and they did.  Now Rick will try to move against Negan.  Another moment was when Negan turned Spencer into a zombie.  I found this satisfying.  Negan again feigning his support of Rick – but knowing Spencer could not lead, eliminates him. (Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe this is the first time that sanguine has been used in this blog.  Sweet!  The big question now is whether Rick shaves as well to counteract Negan.)

Eric:  When Daryl killed Fat Joey.  i felt that was very satisfying for Daryl. it showed the audience that Negan wasn’t able to fully break Daryl.  (Yeah, this was the first time this whole season where Daryl had some modicum of control, and he unleashed hell.)

Briana:  If I have to go with just one, I’ll say Rick and Michonne’s talk at the end. Having Rick admit to her and himself that they have to do something. Knowing that they’re finally heading in the right direction to band together with the other groups to fight back and take back their lives.  (I had a conversation with a buddy of mine last night about this scene.  Him and I both disliked the scene, for varying reasons.  Rick is such a strong willed dude, I wanted him to have his revelation not because of his special lady friend, but more because he’s the biggest bad ass in town.  The cool thing about it is that they filmed it with the jail cell that Morgan made.  Without providing spoilers, I can only suggest that the room will come into play again someday down the line, and Carl wil be involved.)

Bits: I HEART this episode.  I needed the gang back together and found my self clapping at many times.  I clapped when Michonne shot Isabelle, I clapped when we see Daryl in the hallway, I clapped when Spencer was stabbed and I cheered, clapped and cried like a baby when the gang got back together… (Even as I’m watching the episode, I actually pictured your reactions.  This description is pretty spot on.  It was a really good episode.)

Kent: For me, it was that look that Rick gave Carl when Negan told Rick about Carl’s visit to Sanctuary.  That look was amazing, and that was my favorite part of the whole episode.  I also loved Gregory wanting to eat the apple still after Maggie asked about it.  That’s what makes Gregory so great, but the other guy’s response was pretty great too.  As I was getting pics, I kept stumbling upon more and more moments that were great.  Daryl with the peanut butter is an obvious callback to season 4 episode 13 when Beth and Daryl find the stash of peanut butter, jelly, pig’s feet, and diet soda.  Daryl ate the jelly in the exact way as he did the peanut butter.  Hell, I even liked the looks between Sasha and Rosita.  This episode was like the last 15 minutes of Shawshank Redemption for a lot of fans, I feel.


  1. Who’s the person with the boots who is looking at Father Gabriel at the end of the episode, and what do you think their prerogative is?

Cece:  If you mean the person wearing the boots when Rick and Aaron were getting supplies, I honestly have no idea. Maybe someone from The Kingdom? And no idea.  (Reading stuff online has led me to believe that is unlikely only because most of the people in gear have the same uniform.  I feel that the decorative tape may be a hint, but let’s face it, this is actually a smart cliffhanger for once.)

Teddy:  You mean the one looking at Aaron and Rick with the houseboat? I’m sure it’s probably the next big baddie or a tie into the next season since Negan doesn’t look like he will be there past this season as big baddie (Negan will still be rocking next season, no doubt about that.  There’s zero incentive for them to expedite the W’s when they can milk this story for at least another 16-24 episodes.  8 episodes wouldn’t do it justice, I don’t think.  Plus, you know how they like to dick around and give us 20 different people’s perspective of the same damn thing just to give us more episodes.)

Bob:  I get the feeling Alexandria has been watched by a number of groups..including this individual/group.  I hope they also hate Negan, but all groups look out for themselves and their loyalty remains to themselves.  Alexandria is the only group that would appear altruistic to me, maybe the Kingdom…  But for me, a non comic book reader, I just am not sure what this means… (That’s something to consider.  At this point, we know that Hilltop, Alexandria, Kingdom, and the Saviors have all scouted out various locations.  It’s borderline insulting that Negan’s group didn’t deal with Alexandria much earlier on if you consider everything that we know. The only group that we don’t know about, as far as scouting, is Oceanside.)

Eric:  i think its one of the hench men from Negan’s crew. (Check out the pic below and you may feel more confident in your answer.)

Briana:  So my theory on this is obviously he’s the guy who set up the house boat and all that, but I believe he is our first glance at a Whisperer. Right now, he’s probably just scoping the place out for whatever he’s planning. The note made it clear taking his things would lead to something bad but I couldn’t tell you what that’s going to be. Maybe a bomb hidden somewhere in the stuff or just he and his group attacking.  (I’m glad that you brought up the Whisperers, in a way.  This is somewhat of a problem.  A lot of fans of the TV show have heard something about the Whisperers.  A lot of fans know that in the timeline, they are the next big bad group. Unfortunately, with that info, stuff gets misconstrued.  It’s one of those things that people who don’t read the comics are just better off not knowing about, sorta like not knowing what to expect in Game of Thrones all of these years.  The problem with knowing that The Whisperers exist is also knowing how they are introduced in the comic.  Now they may be introduced differently on screen, as Dwight was, for instance.  I say that because the way that they are introduced in the comic is perfect.  In the same way that Glenn having his eye pop out of his skull was important and iconic, I feel that the introduction of the Whisperers should stay close to the comic’s introduction.  Whether they will or not, who knows?  The idea of them going out and spying seems odd to me, and in my mind doesn’t fit the group.  Still, many people are speculating about it, and I guess there are times when I miss not having the internet to spoil things.)

Bits: OMG, i have no idea.  I’ve been trying to think of who it could be and because I have yet to read the comics I don’t know of any other characters.  Is it Carol spying on the group? (Carol has been speculated upon, but seems unlikely, based on her portrayal.  She seems to want to be an independent homebody and leave that mess behind.  Of course, it could be her because Carol is perhaps the most capable character on the show.  It would make sense though if she wanted to talk to Rick about what Richard was talking about.  That could be fun.)

Kent:  I don’t think that it’s a member of the Whisperers based on how they are first represented in the comic.  Plus that would be a disservice to their group and lack logic in my mind.  I don’t think it is anybody who is attached to The Hilltop or The Kingdom, but it could be.  I don’t see any rhyme or reason for it to be a Savior because they can just come and go as they please.  No real sense in spying.  Yes, it could be the person who did whatever to the boat.  My guess is that it is somebody with Oceanside.  It would make sense.  They know that another territory exists, and could have had multiple people follow Tara.  We have no real clue of the geography of their location compared to where Rick and Aaron were.  They should be concerned with Tara bringing her group back for weapons. Eh screw it, it’s a member of the W’s, the Wolves that is.  Remember, they didn’t all get killed and may have recovered.  The town would be easy pickings without Spencer.  They better not kill Kent!!!

Update: There is no definitive proof yet, but a big theory is that it is Dwight.  Readers of the comics can understand why.  When Daryl was in Dwight’s room there was a pair of binocular and a black hoodie. The only problem that I have with this theory is that the person supposedly has a connection with the boat, and I don’t quite get the association of Dwight to the boat.  But here’s a picture, note that by Daryl’s leg is the black hoodie and on the right side is a pair of binoculars.  Also, I don’t think the person is black based on what we have seen, but Cyndi was on the lighter side of the spectrum, Heath isn’t.


  1. What will the ramifications be for Daryl escaping?

Cece:  I think Negan will probably kill some of his people in annoyance.  (I’m torn on this.  That’s what the Governor would have done.  It feels like they are trying to make Negan as different as The Governor as possible.  Still, we know he’s going to be pissed.  I’m really just as curious about this as I am the boots person.)

Teddy:  Well when Negan gets back he will be pissed and probably think it was Rick that went in to get him. so it’s gonna further the plot that is gonna head towards the fast coming colony war lol.  (I hadn’t considered this theory.  I like it.  Negan doesn’t know where Rick went aside from the fact that he came back with supplies.  I really like this idea.)

Bob:  Well, someone has to die or one or two Alexandrians will have to be held until Daryl is returned.  (It better not be Kent!)

Eric:  i don’t know. Negan will try to kill Daryl, but he will prob kill one of his own for letting Daryl escape.  (That’s another thing.  At what point does Negan go from “this person has potential” to “Fuck them, kill em!”?  Obviously Carl has gotten some leeway and even Daryl did to a degree.  Olivia slapping him turned him on 50% more.  Where is the line?)

Briana:  They’re definitely going to go to Alexandria to look for him but I also think they might be smart enough to remember that they have a thing with the Hilltop. So they may look there next if they don’t find him at Alexandria, then shit will hit the fan, so to speak. Lol! The good thing about that is that the group has already taken the first step to fighting back before the Saviors have realized Daryl is gone so our guys may be prepared by the time they come after him.  (That brings up another elephant in the room, from a logical standpoint.  OK, Daryl is free, yay.  Rick wants the groups to fight back.  Yay.  We still need to remember that The Saviors most likely outnumber the other 3 colonies 2 or 3 to 1.  The Saviors are mainly fighters who are armed.  Rick’s band of merrymen aren’t armed very well.  Even if they were, say they made a deal with Oceanside, those odds are stacked.  Wasn’t Daryl breaking out the worst thing for the “good guys”?  Negan is going to be pissed, want some answers, and go looking for Daryl.  Even if the places cooperate, Kingdom makes the most sense as The Saviors don’t come in, they meet at a separate location, these guys are probably going to come looking.  Daryl being free gives the groups significantly less time to prepare for something that should require weeks of preparation.  Yeah, I’m rambling today.)  

Bits: Death, Iron or a serious ass beating by Negan.  Most likely to Dwight.  (Do you think that the iron will be used again?  I’m not opposed to it.  I’d like to see it happen to Eugene oddly enough, just don’t mess the hair up.)

Kent:  Dwight will face Negan’s wrath.  It seems like Daryl was Dwight’s pet project in some regards, and we know that you don’t want to let Negan down.  Will it be something physical, or maybe a simple demotion? I don’t know.  I think this makes the most sense to keep evolving Dwight’s character.  Eugene may also get a taste of the wrath.


  1. How will the news of the deaths of Abe, Glenn, Olivia, and Spencer affect Carol?

Cece:  I think she will cry, for the first time in a long time.

Teddy: Maybe what she needs to make her fight…..or it will make her run away yet again (why make her so badass just to waste her like Morgan?) (I would never say that Carol has been wasted.  She is perhaps the greatest female character that I have ever seen on TV.  This is just giving her another layer.  A group of just badasses leads to a dull show, or wrestling.  Morgan, on the other hand, he at least looked cool fighting, despite only having the one recent kill.  If he was just a bad ass, he’d be dead because him and Michonne would basically be the same character.)

Bob:  Some shock, I think she will hold back and attempt to stay away but the calling to murder will not be denied.

Eric:  i think at this point she is so far disconnected from the group that she will be sad but will find away to blame someone else for them. she has repeatedly said she just wants to be left alone.  On the flip side it might be the catalyst to bring the old Carol back. (I think that we will see the old Carol back by season’s end.  If not, I’m ok with it because whatever it is that she does still continues to maintain my interest, oddly enough.)

Briana:  It will have to be the news that finally knocks their crazy asses back to reality. It’s the final piece of the puzzle they need to join  what’s his name (you know, RV guy I can’t believe I can’t remember his name now) in convincing Ezekiel to join the fight. (I was just going to add the name Richard, but if you keep reading Bri’s responses, she eventually gets the name, so the journey is more entertaining than just getting it right initially.  I love it.)

Bits: I wish we saw more of Carol this half Season. I’m not sure what she will think because I honestly don’t know where her head is at.  Ideally i’d like Carol to go rogue like a few seasons ago and kill everyone who stood between her and Rick.  (So that’s the thing.  When is the right time, if any, for Carol to revert or evolve into more of a fighter?  Obviously, if you look at the responses, people seem very eager to see her old tendencies return.  Should the writers give it to us, or continue to build up our eagerness?  This feels like a wrestling story where you know a person is on the verge of turning from a bad guy to a good guy, or vice versa, and the question is always, how long do they wait?  Timing is everything.)

Kent:  I think that may cause Carol to want more distance and yet maybe more emotionally linked with Ezekiel.  It won’t be until the Kingdom’s safety is at risk, and then I think Carol will do what Carol best.  Think about the song Still DRE by Dr Dre.  Yes, I am comparing Carol to Dre.  The last line is the most important because when I see the shit about to hit the fan there, I think that it’s bound to happen.

“Y’all are gonna keep fucking around with me and turn me back to the old me”


  1. What will it take to convince King Ezekiel to go to war against Negan and The Saviors?

Cece:  I think if Carol actually talked to him, he may consider it.  (Yeah, I think she has a hold on him.)

Teddy:  Probably the death of that one guy who tried to get Carol and Morgan to convince Ezekiel to fight Negan.  (Once again, somebody forgot Richard’s name.  I feel that the writer’s did a poor job of getting his name out there because there are quite a few people who barely know the name, or don’t know it at all.  I really don’t know how often they said his name, but I have had to look it up a few times.  TWD, do better with getting his name out there!) 

Bob:  Carol’s urging.

Eric:  He would have to know that the Saviors can be wiped out entirely.   And with his failure before with the Hilltop, it’s going to take some convincing.

Briana:  it will take Morgan and Carol to convince him. Having these strangers come in and tell their story won’t be enough for him. From his perspective, these guys are dicks but they haven’t seen the side of them the other two groups have seen. Hearing it and seeing it aren’t the same thing. Either Carol and Morgan will convince him or the Saviors will be on such a rampage over Daryl, they’ll finally snap and do something to the Kingdom and he won’t have a choice. (I think the Saviors are going to attack The Kingdom after Rick’s group leaves, probably without Daryl.  Daryl and Carol can live together, make Ezekiel jealous.)

Bits: I think that King Ezekiel will fight. I don’t think it’ll take much convincing but someone will have to kill his tiger…sorry PETA.  (Damn, you went super dark really fast.  Shiva will be fine…..I hope.)

Kent:  At first I considered something like the Saviors messing with Carol or Richard or Jerry, but the one person who sticks out is Ben.  Remember, he’s the boy who Morgan is helping train.  So if the Saviors invade and cause a raucous, and Ben is in trouble and Morgan saves him or sacrifices himself to save Ben, that will be the final straw for Ezekiel.  Please don’t romanticize it because that stuff is beyond played out.


  1. Should Rosita have been allowed to accompany Rick and the group to the Hilltop?

Cece:  Hell no. She keeps fucking up. I don’t like the dumb bitch. (Sorry for being so vulgar) (In this blog….vulgarity?  This has to be the first time ever!)

Teddy:  I mean she done goofed this episode but I don’t think she would be excluded since she is still part of their group

Bob:  Yes, it isn’t Rosita’s fault Eugene was taken or Olivia’s death.  (Maybe not her fault, but those are consequences of her actions.  She knew better at the very least.)

Eric: Yes she has been with the group long enough.

Briana:  What she did was completely irrational and stupid but which of them hasn’t done something irrational and stupid before? The guy she’s had a thing with just had his guts spilled all over the street and she had a gun in her pocket and she’s a damn good shot so she took it. So yes I think she’s sill part of the group and they still need her for what is to come.  (I’d really love your insight on Spencer and Rosita’s tryst. )

Bits: I guess so. She was there on the night that we won’t talk about with Lucille so she has much of a passion to fight as anyone after losing Abraham.

Kent: I say no.  Yes, she has passion, but she is careless and caused far too much unnecessary turmoil.  I feel that Rick should have left her back at Alexandria to keep watch and brought a real soldier like Gabriel.  I can’t believe that I am typing this.  It’s true.  I really wish they had cut her face up more.  It would have been awesome, and potentially sexy.  Yeah, I said it.


  1. Will Eugene cooperate and help Negan make ammunition?

Cece:  Eugene is a very submissive person. Yes he will cooperate.

Teddy:  Eugene will try to survive and doesn’t do well under pressure… yes he will

Bob:  Damn right he will.  Maybe he will screw up making some rounds. (I like the idea of a potential sabotage.)

Eric:  That is hard to say.  He did witness Negan kill his best friend in a most gruesome way.  Hopefully, he doesn’t puss out and help Negan out. Maybe Negan kills Eugene if he doesn’t help him.  Maybe he puts him in the walker fight ring.  (Eugene would kick ass in the walker fight ring!)

Briana:  Yes. Eugene is a people pleaser, that’s how he stays alive. He will do what they ask to bide his time while the group comes up with their plan.

Bits: Yes, Eugene will.

Kent: I’m going to say that he bides his time, but he will not be intentionally helpful.  As I have been saying for months now, Eugene is a bad ass.  Hopefully we start seeing the evolution of Eugene into the second most important person in this show.


  1. Who earned your respect the most from this episode?

Cece:  Aaron, Michonne and Father Gabriel. (I really like 2 of those choices. )

Teddy:  Honestly, Daryl and Jesus were the only ones this episode to have super meaning. So those two everyone else was just meh

Bob:  Eugene – he manned up, but this is in part to Rosita’s verbal accosting from the previous episode. (So what you are telling me is that TWD built up a character through numerous episodes.  What a neat idea.  Sometimes this show doesn’t get enough props for the subtle things.)

Eric:  I don’t have an answer for this question.  I don’t think anyone really stood out.

Briana:  Honestly, probably Olivia. She had an opportunity to go hide, get herself out of the situation and she chose to stay and do her part. It got her killed but she couldn’t have known that. She stayed strong in the face of her biggest fears and that takes a lot of strength.  (You’re right.  Olivia does deserve some acknowledgement.  Good response.)

Bits: Eugene. He stepped up and owned it to save lives.

Kent:  Aaron really stepped up his game this episode.  I really loved him during this episode and he earned my utmost respect.  I’m relatively surprised that only Cece brought him up.  Even my buddy who has been down on Aaron for a long time said that he liked Aaron this week.  Eugene is also a great choice, but I am definitely bias towards him.  Finally, I will say Negan.  I know, I know, BUT he handled the situation in a really smart way.  The Governor would have lost his shit here.  Negan on the other hand, he played this smart for the long haul.  He showed an odd bit of loyalty to Rick, even if it is for his best interests, he took out Rick’s biggest enemy in Alexandria, and he is trying to manufacture ammo.  Way better than just going on a killing spree.


Bonus Deuce Cubed – Because Season Finales deserve more analysis (Comments are a little more scant on some of these questions)

  1. Looking forward to next season, what 2 people are you looking forward to seeing on screen together, whether it be a reunion or a first time meeting?

Cece:  Morgan & Rick.

Teddy:  I would like to see who knocks up Rosita. Umm otherwise maybe Morgan and Rick get more time to work together?  (Honestly, I’d be super cool if there are no more pregnancies on the show.  But if it’s Eugene, I’m all for it!)

Bob:  Of course Rick and Ezekiel.  But I think Carol and Rick would be more productive.

Eric:  Daryl and Carol. they became good friends and would like to see them reunite.  (Yeah, they are my 3rd favorite duo behind Abe & Eugene and Daryl & Merle.)

Briana:  Maggie and Negan! I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out she’s still alive. Also, I’m excited to see Rick and the group meet Ezekiel! He’s just such a fun character, it’ll be nice to have more of him with our own people.  (I hadn’t even considered the Maggie and Negan one, but that will be solid.  Good call.)

Bits: I want to see Ezekiel and Jesus. I’m interested in seeing their relationship.

Kent:  My guilty pleasure answer is Carol and Daryl.  I love those 2 together.  Another one that hopefully happens is Gregory and Negan on screen together as Gregory is just so ridiculous.  Morgan and Rick will always be a favorite for old time’s sake.  If we ever can have Eugene and Jerry, that beats everything.  Lots of love here from people for Ezekiel.  That should tell the writers that they have crafted a really great character so far.


  1. Which member of Alexandria, Hilltop, or The Kingdom will die next?

Cece:  Enid, Morgan or Sasha. (I’d prefer not Morgan)

Teddy:  Probably Ezek’s right-hand man (Jerry). I feel like that would force the conflict in which Ezek will fight back.

Bob:  Alexandria: Aaron’s boyfriend??  Is this an option? (Eric, and of course, as he really hasn’t had his character developed one bit.)
Hilltop:  Gregory
The Kingdom:  Ezekiel’s protege, that young boy. (Ben)

Eric:  Its hard to say. with Negan, no one is safe

Briana:  Man! I hate when you ask this! I hardly ever get them right lol! Probably The president of Hilltop (Gregory) or the guy I mentioned earlier from The Kingdom who was trying to enlist Morgan and Carol. (Richard! Thank you for saying his name in the next question! Haha!)  (You hate these questions…..but you’ll be back.)

Bits: Gregory needs to go. (Haters gon’ hate.)

Kent: I don’t think that the next death will be a huge one, but that is boring.  I cannot figure out Morgan or Carol as their stories vary so greatly  from the comic.  Lennie and Melissa are so great at what they do, I don’t want to say either.  I think Carol is safe.  I think Sasha or Morgan are the 2 most likely out of the big names, but please make it Tara.  Richard seems like a given, so when it is too obvious, I avoid it like the plague. Update, Sasha is going to be the star of a new Star Trek series.  This info came out after everybody answered, but it seems likely that she will get got.  While I do believe that Gregory may fall at some point, are you really looking forward to that?  Really?  The dude is comedic.  Yeah, he is a pompous ass, but he’s not an evil bad guy.  He’s just doing what he knows to do to survive.  Probably a lot of us think that we could be an adequate leader of a group, but the reality is, most of us would probably suck at it and do whatever to save our own asses, as is human nature.


  1. Was Richard correct in saying that there would be blood on Carol and Morgan’s hands? Also, any thoughts on his little trailer?

Cece:  I mean, he’s not exactly wrong. And it seems a bit odd. He kind of strikes me as fishy anyway.

Teddy:  If Carol continues to be wasted as a character I could see her getting herself and possibly someone else killed. Morgan, however, will kill if needed so I think if push came to shove that he will fight

Bob:  Yes, in a communal way.  Not absolutely though.  People are responsible for their actions, not once or twice removed.  The little trailer is Richard’s own private self torture sanctuary. (If I had eyebrows, they would have been raised at the self torture sanctuary.  I really thought about that when I rewatched it.  Interesting take.)

Briana:  Absolutely! The thing about Carol and Morgan’s no killing policy is that it always leads to someone they care about dying. Morgan already had all the blood the Wolves spilled on his hands by leaving that guy alive in the woods forever ago. If they don’t snap out of it, they will be responsible for other deaths simply by omission.  (I really liked this bit of analysis.)

Bits: I think Richard wasn’t wrong but Carol and Morgan do need to fight for the greater good.  His trailer shows weakness.  He is still hanging on to the past.  (I didn’t see it as weakness, like I never even considered it.  Interesting perspective.)

Kent:  I don’t think that it is necessarily fair, as they weren’t members of The Kingdom, so it’s not really their fight, but it kind of is.  I can see both side of the argument but am leaning towards yes, blood will be on their proverbial hands.  As for the trailer, I admit to liking some other theories better, but it’s not fair for me to piggy back.  I always write the answer that I had when I came up with the question.  In this case, I feel that these are fallback supplies in case he needs to bargain with Negan, or if The Kingdom comes up short.  Of course, I am probably wrong.


  1. Tell me what you think will happen with Heath?

Cece:  I hope he’s still out there somewhere. I think he may stumble on Hilltop.  (I certainly wouldn’t mind that.)

Teddy:  Fuck if I know nor do I really care. outside of him being the actor who played Dre in Straight Out of Compton, he hasn’t really wowed me with Heath. I feel like Heath is another B character to die like Spencer (at least he has a plot point moving forward). (Bonus points for mentioning Dre!)

Bob:  I am sorry, but I really want to say that he will end up with a willing harem in the female colony.  I have nothing else to say. (Tremendous.  Man, these answers are better than I anticipated from this question.)

Briana:  He got to his car and took off but he got lost along the way. Maybe he even came across the sea people and they killed him. (From Bob’s harem to the exact opposite.  Fantastic.)

Bits: Heath took off.  He’s gone. I’m not too concerned because I can do without him. (But his hair game was great.  His character is better in the comic, which gives me hope that they develop him.  If he goes missing, I don’t think many people will care aside from the occasional “where’s Heath?”)

Kent:  I don’t foresee his character sticking with his comic counterpart.  I think that it would actually be fascinating to do something unique with him.  What is he good at?  He is good at gathering.  I really don’t know how sold he is on following Rick Grimes, so what if he joins the Saviors, feeling this it was the safer play for him?  We have discussed is somebody should do something like that, so why not Heath?  It keeps his character under the radar for a bit.  Hell, he could help out Eugene later on.


  1. Do you feel that Arat specifically targeted Olivia or was it more of a random person must die?

Cece:  I think it was super random, because, realistically it should have been Rosita. (Re-watch it and tell me if you still feel that way.  I watched it 3 times, and my perspective changed.)

Teddy:  She targeted her because of the gun fuck up.  (That is a good theory.)

Bob:  Arat is an angry woman.  She took out the sniveling and weak woman.

Eric:  i really feel that is was a random person to die. She didnt really have a solid role.

Briana:  Nah! She did it on purpose. She didn’t like Negan’s weird fascination with her. Either that or she meant to kill Carl and she’s just a terrible shot! Lol!  (I think she would have been punished had she shot Carl.  I think jealousy was involved, but the gun mess up also is a valid reason.)

Bits: Random

Kent: So 3 people say random, 3 people say that it was intentional.  This is why I love doing this blog!  The first 2 times that I watched this, I thought random.  I then noticed that Arat could plainly see everybody in plain sight, yet she intentionally chose to spin and there were only 3 people there: Olivia, Carl, and Judith.  I think she knows that Negan would have been superfly pissed at her if she shot either of Rick’s kids, so it was definitely intentional.  The reason why can be speculated upon, no doubt, plus, that girl has a hell of a good shot.


  1. What would Negan have preferred: Him taking a non-lethal gunshot that grazed him or Lucille getting shot?

Cece:  Him taking the gunshot. Because he’s unnaturally obsessed with Lucille.

Teddy:  Negan loves his women I think he would take the grazing shot over Lucille being shot.

Bob:  Oh Lucille for sure.  I think he is quite a wimp, he was acting out all kinds of fear when Lucille was shot.  But luckily he was able to pretend that he was emotional about Lucille.  Not to diminish Lucille, because I am sure he was offended.

Eric:  He really loves that bat. i think that if her shot connected, it would have been fatal. i don’t feel she was aiming just to graze him.

Briana:  His crazy ass probably would have preferred getting hit himself! Except for the fact that his reflexes are probably why Lucille ended up in front of the bullet in the first place. But consciously, he’d have taken the bullet for her if it wouldn’t have killed him.

Bits: Honestly Negan is deranged.  He would like to be shot more then Lucille to have marks on her.

Kent:  The weird thing is that if I base it strictly on the TV show, I think that he would prefer to have Lucille shot.  He hasn’t gone on and on about her to the degree that he has in the comic.  After some recent events, it’s obvious that he would take the gun shot.  But if I am strictly answering from what we know of him via the TV show, I think he’d prefer Lucille to take the hit so he can remain looking powerful and in control.


  1. Which character do you most closely identify with? Just saying, not everybody is a Daryl or a Rick, so be honest with yourself.

Cece:  Probably Olivia or Eugene. Let’s be real, I’m no badass.

Teddy:  I’m like a weird combination of Carl (his badass don’t fuck with me side) and Eugene (his ability to create bullets and his knowledge)

Bob:  I think King Ezekiel with regards to taking a beating so to speak and making deals to protect his people.  I do this daily at work, just not with Negan’s people.

Eric:  i really like Abraham. i know hes dead but i liked him as a character. i would have liked to see him develop more as a character.

Briana:  I relate most with Maggie. My family is my life as it is with her. Every decision she makes, everything she does is for them. She loves deeply but is strong because of that love.

Bits: This is a crazy question and i’d like to revisit it at a later date….. (Still waiting……)

Kent: My answer is T Dog.  He’s large, bald, and would have probably done something similar when he saved Carol. Also, I would like to say that there’s a tiny bit of Herschel in me, as I’m set in my ways and would love a shotgun with unlimited ammo.


  1. What would be your weapon of choice in the apocalypse? Once again, be honest and realistic.

Cece:  I honestly would probably yield a baseball bat. I like how they feel in my hands.

Teddy:  Probably something that wouldn’t degrade over time (swords and knives dull, bats splinter and break, bullets are finite). I guess something like Lucille that is reinforced

Bob:  10″ barreled AR-15.  Good for close quarter, can use as a blunt instrument and superb accuracy for tight or open shots.

Eric:  My first choice would have to be the AR-15.  I own one and they are a great medium range weapon. the ammo is easy to find as a lot of other weapons use the same ammo. my second choice would be a sword. either samurai or long sword.

Briana:  I’m going to go with an AR 15 simply because I own one and know I could use it. Mine has a super bright flashlight and a hologram red dot that doesn’t show up on the target, only through the scope and the kickback is very minimal compared to other guns I’ve used. (The Arkansan in me is showing a little haha)

Bits: My weapon of choice for the apocalypse would be a pick ax with a long handle.  I could beat someone off and stab the heads if i needed too.  However that would be the weapon of choice after i’ve lived in the apocalypse for some time.  If i was experiencing the immediate outbreak of the apocalypse itd be some type of gun.  To “clear” as many places as possible quickly and from a distance.

Kent, I have zero aim, I am uncoordinated as hell, so the thing that makes the most sense is a machete, like my hero, Jason Voorhees.  A hatchet would also be sufficient and then double barrel shotty would be fantastic.  I’d also like to find a super soaker with a bayonette and fill it up with zombie blood.  That would be my weapon of spite if I had to take on humans.  Hurt them and then infect them.  Then maybe deliver a line like Ving Rhames telling them that the stinging feeling is pride F’N with them.

Now, as promised, the pictures.  Saturday (the 10th)  was my birthday, and Bitty’s husband, Brian, got me a Funko Pop Carl figure, well it used to be a Carl, but now it’s just an Arl because, ya know, Carl can’t C.  There’s quite a lot of fun detail to the box and the figure, and I felt like this would be the best way to end this particular blog.  Happy holidays/Merry Christmas to all of you, and we will be returning in February!  Yeah, the bottom has a 9 Deuce, so I included it.

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