Hell In A Cell 2017 Review

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  Kick off Show Match:  American Beta defeated The less than Hype Bros.  

Russ:  For a Kickoff Show match this was really good.  Shelton was surprisingly spry and doesn’t look like he has missed a step.  The Hype Bros. also put on one of their best televised matches I’ve seen.  I am surprised that The Hype Bros didn’t break up, but I guess we will get to see that on Smackdown. Or they may just drop the whole story, you know typical WWE shit.   Rating: 4.5  

Kent:  I didn’t watch it because I was watching Prom Night from 1980, and I have too much to do, so I am passing on what sounds like a decent match.

Rating: N/A


  1.  The Uso’s defeated The New Day and became your new Smackdown Tag Team Champions in a Hell in the Cell Match.  

Russ:  First of all the fact that  this match didn’t close out the night is a real shame.  Both teams deserved it, so let’s make this the curtain jerker.  As for the match itself.  We thought this might be the match of the night and as of this writing it certainly held up to that standard.  This was a fantastic match for both teams.  It was brutal, it was high flying, and it had some great innovation.  The right team won and this is where this feud should end.  Big E was fantastic tonight and I honestly have no idea why he hasn’t been given a singles opportunity.  He is a star and tonight he really showed why.  

Rating: 7.4

Kent:  This match lived up to my lofty expectations, which was to say it would be a match of the year candidate.  Some may say that they overly relied on weapons but it is a Hell in a Cell match and you have a more hardcore match environment.  They had a ton of creativity in this one.  Big E doing the Urinagi right into Xavier catching Jimmy in a back cracker was compelling stuff.  You had the corner spot of caging the Uso up.  The handcuffs made an appearance, just as I had suggested should have been used in the build up.  Everything that happened made a lot of sense to me, and you know that it’s a great match when it gets to a point where I have made up my mind that I will not be upset over who wins.  Kudos to everybody involved.  I a down year for match of the year candidates, this may end up in the top 5, unless you have a hard on for the Okada and Omega stuff, which I don’t think is good for the industry.

Rating: 7.8


  1.  Randy RKO’d Russev out of nowhere and into obscurity.  

Russ:  I really didn’t have much interest in this match other than I wanted to see how Aiden would be used and how good Russev would look in the ring.  Well Aiden wasn’t used which I have no idea why he wasn’t!  Big waste of an opportunity if you ask me.  As for Russev, it was a pretty good showing for him.  It wasn’t flashy, but I thought it was a good showing.  Unfortunately the match was kind of blah.  I think some of that has to do with being right after a fantastic match for the Tag Team Championship.  Randy didn’t seem very inspired out there.  Why does Russev take all of the losses for all of the older guys?  He lost this month and he lost at SummerSlam to Cena.  He has become a joke!  He should be one of your top heels, instead I’m not sure if we should be taking him seriously anymore.  Rating: 3.6  (and I might be being generous.)

Kent: Russev?  Who’s writing this stuff?  Anyway, I said during the last match that I felt bad for whoever had to follow up that match, and unfortunately, for these guys, they were chosen.  This match was never going to be fast paced.  So it was going to pale in comparison.  This was a perfectly acceptable, and pretty expected match in reality.  Right at the end, Rusev had that one counter to get the Accolade on, and I really thought that was well done.  These guys could have used some kind of gimmick, like a strap match where you touch the four corners.

Rating: 3.7 It existed but nothing I ever need to see again.  Missed opportunity to not use Aiden.


  1.  Triple Threat match Where Baron defeated Tye Dillinger and AJ to become the new WWE United States Champion.  

Russ: I am so glad that they decided to put Tye in this match!  We talked about how it seemed odd that he would be left out of the match after the entire month or so leading up to the match he had something to do with the feud.  As for the match itself, it was pretty darn good!  All three guys put on a good show.  Lots of great near falls and the match just felt smooth and looked good.  Tye was a good fit in the match and was a great showing for him.  AJ was AJ and he was of course phenomenal.  Congratulations to Corbin on his first WWE Championship.  Corbin ragdolled the hell out AJ and Tye which made him look like a beast.  Sure Adding Tye to the match made it seem inevitable that Corbin would win, but I’m not against a Corbin win.  Kent might end up with a raging clue all week.  Rating:  6.4

Kent: Adding Tye made a lot of sense.  Almost too much sense.  Honestly, there was at least one moment where I was absolutely hoping that Tye won it.  You all know that Baron is my boy and I have loved AJ for over a decade now, but Tye would have benefitted most by a win.  I like Tye a lot and he could really use a big push to cement himself.  Still, this match was well paced, told the story it needed to.  Baron was talking trash to fans, which I love.  It’s nice to see him with the belt that he should have had before winning MitB.  Now he needs to stay hungry and prove to the world that he deserves this and more.

Rating:  7.1 I thought the pacing kept this must pay attention throughout most of it.


  1.  Charlotte wins via DQ against Nattie, but Nattie is still your WWE Smackdown Woman’s Champion.

Russ:  I did everything I could to pay attention to this match.  The build up and everything else leading to the match was just awful, so this was a tough to keep an eye on.  Overall, the match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It wasn’t that good either, but I was surprised at how well these two jelled in the ring.  I liked how this ended.  Nattie knew she didn’t stand a chance in hell against Charlotte so getting the chair and intentionally getting DQed was a pretty smart move on her part.  Unfortunately, this also means that this feud will continue.  Sigh…

Rating: 4.2

Kent: Didn’t watch it, don’t plan on it.  Sorry, but I won’t do it.  I played ESO and waited for Twan to give me the all clear.

Rating: N/A


  1.  Jinder Mahal is still your WWE Champion after he beat, sort of cleanly, Shinsuke.

Russ:  Oh boy talk about having difficulty paying attention.  This was a really boring match.  I knew it was going to be.  I think everyone in the world knew it was going to be.  I love Shinsuke, but this feud has done nothing for him.  I’d rather he be in a match where nothing is on the line and fighting a great opponent, rather than waste him on these boring matches.  It looks like Jinder is going to be champion for awhile longer, which sucks!  The belt has become a joke.  It was the third from last match!  The Belt should be the most prominent thing in a PPV and it has become a worthless prop.   Rating: 3.1  

Kent: I’m at a point with Jinder where I am going to start treating him like Charlotte.  I’m done with his boring ass matches.  I am sick of this experiment.  This isn’t heat.  This is hate.  I am bored to tears by this guy.  Randy, AJ, Shinsuke are the names that he has faced and every fucking match sucked.  The old saying is that if you can’t have a good match with AJ, HBK, or Benoit, then you are incapable of having a good match.  Well there you go.  So until further notice, I will not be watching Jinder matches.

Rating: 2.1


  1.  Bobby Roode def Dolph ZIggler

Russ:  Alright, I’ll be honest I was hoping that Dolph would come out to a crazy awesome entrance and I was a little disappointed when he came out to absolutely nothing.  However, as more time passed I started to think how awesome this entrance truly was.  What a heel move that was.  As for the match:  it was ok.  Bobby is not very flashy, but he is damn good in the ring.  The match didn’t really showcase this, but I thought both guys did pretty good in the ring.  They needed a little more time to flesh out the match.  Still I like how Dolph attacked after the match.  Usually means we will see these two at it again and that’s ok with me.  Rating: 4.6

Kent:  I enjoyed Dolph’s entrance, but I just wish they would go the other extreme.  Dolph knows that and that is why this is working.  He refuses to give us what we want, and I can’t fault him.  He’s being a true heel.  This match was not as good as my lofty expectations, but I was also riding a 2 match doldrum.  I was also drinking heavily at this point.  Good job WWE promoting alcoholism.  I enjoyed the match, but not enough to see it again.  I want to see more of these 2, so that is a plus.

Rating: 4.9 I didn’t dislike it, just no point in rewatching it


  1.  Kevin Owens def Shane McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell

Russ:  Now this was a match that exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations for this one.  Go ahead and read Kent’s review of the match because I’m really just going to mimic him for the most part.  The story told in this match was fantastic.  I thought the stuff done in the ring was sufficiently brutal and made a fun match.  Then when they moved things outside the ring I like how they started to build for a big spot and instead gave us a nerve wrecking fight on top of the cell.  The crowd was silent not because they were bored but because they were breathless watching that.  Exceptional stuff and then we get the big spot and the interesting swerve with Sami.  There go my hopes that he becomes a top face that faces KO at Mania for the WWE belt, though that was never going to be a reality this year anyway.  I can’t wait to see why Sami pulled KO to safety.  I actually want to watch Smackdown!  Rating: 7.1  (still think the Tag Team was slightly better overall.)  

Kent:  This match absolutely delivered in a different way than a normal match would   This was all about the story.  The moves, at points looked good and brutal.  Shane always gives his all and this is the character that KO excels at.  Prior to the climb, it was a middle of the road Hell in a Cell at best.  I loved KO’s indecisiveness of whether to do the big jump, but he couldn’t pull the trigger, and it just amp’d up the excitement.  Then the battle on top of the cell was absolutely riveting and scary stuff.  We all sat there and winced and worried if they would break the cell or if they would do a big fall.  They did a 10 foot movie, but that wasn’t good enough for Shane.  He went for the big move and Sami pulled KO off at the exact precise moment and it was a thing of beauty.  This was showcasing the art of storytelling in wrestling, and they did an excellent job.  This was the opposite of the Japanese stuff.

Rating: 7.5


  1.  Was this the best WWE PPV of 2017?

Russ:  Yes.  that isn’t saying much because this year has not produced many good PPV’s.  Still this was above average even in a good year.  We had two great HiaC matches.  The United States Championship match was very good.  Dolph/Bobby and Russev/Randy were adequate.  Only two matches that truly made me hate this PPV.  Being one right after the other didn’t help.  Still I enjoyed watching this one and I’ll take that the way this year has been going.  Overall Rating: 5.8 I’d watch certain matches over again, but their are definitely some one and dones too.  

Kent:  Yes, I think it has to be.  It sounds like they had a solid kickoff show match, which is all you can really ask for.  Yes, this had 2 matches that I loathed, but that is pretty much every PPV, but both of the matches took too long in my opinion.  The Rusev/Randy and Dolph/Bobby matches felt about right as what you’d expect.  The US championship match was exciting the whole way through as was both HIAC matches.  I would say I spent over half of this PPV actually enjoying myself.  I know, that’s odd to hear me say, right?  Also, in honor of Keri, the Fashion Files returned!


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Worst match of the night?

Russ:  Jinder vs Shinsuke, which is terrible to say because Shinsuke doesn’t deserve this.  

Kent:  Jinder vs Shinsuke because Shinsuke shouldn’t be in bad matches.  I expect trash from Charlotte and I didn’t see it so I can’t confirm nor deny my guesses on that.


  1.  Best match of the night?

Russ:  Tag Team Championship match Uso’s vs New Day

Kent:  The Uso’s vs New Day was easily the best match of the night despite some other very solid matches.

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Hell In A Cell 2017 Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  American Beta vs Hype Bros

Keri: You know who would be great in this match instead of the Hype Bros. Breezedango.

Pick: American Beta

Teddy: is their name really American beta? If so I feel bad for them…

Prediction: Shelton Benjamin will Carry this match and hype bros will be butt hurt about it.

Cece:  Of course Hype Bros will lose. Duh.

Prediction: Benjamin/Gable

Kent:  I would say that this has to be the easiest match of the night to pick.  Hype Bros are in a breaking up storyline and American Beta is still in the midst of establishing itself.  

Prediction: American Beta after Zack screws up

  1.  Charlotte vs Natty for SD Women’s Championship

Keri:  What is it with the Smackdown writers and not properly building up a women’s match? I don’t care about this match at all. Fashion Files. Now there is something I care about.

Pick: Charlotte

Teddy: Charlotte needs a decent push and Natty just isn’t cutting it as a top heel champion. Rousey doesn’t have a contract yet so it seems like a great place for a carmella cash in.

Prediction: either Carmella cashes in or cause for Natty to win via DQ

Cece:  We all know Charlotte deserves the win, however, I think since she just came back, Natty will hold on to the title for a bit longer.

Prediction: Natty Ice

Kent:  YAAAWWWWWN.  Don’t know, don’t care.

Prediction: Ronda Arousme will distract Charlotte and cost her the match and while Natalya is watching, Carmella won’t cash in if Ronda is there because WWE can’t have her steal the spotlight from female Naitch.  If Ronda isn’t there, expect a cash in by Carmella.

  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal for SD Blue Belt

Keri:  I hate Mahal as champ. He has been the worst champ we have had in a long time. It’s not entirely his fault but still he’s pretty awful.

Pick: Nakamura wins because we really need to get the belt off Mahal

Teddy: Mahal also is failing as a champ. He hasn’t had a clean win as champion ever. People are getting sick of the Singh bro’s interference and Shinsuke is still Hella over

Prediction: Shinsuke should win but WWE sucks Mahal’s dick…Singh bro’s get involved…….again

Cece:  Meh. I mean, I love Nakamura and I think he has a good chance at getting the belt. Jinder has had it for way too long. However, I see the WWE teasing us and having Jinder retain by a shitty DQ move.

Prediction: Nakamura wins by DQ, Jinder retains.

Kent:  YAWWNNNNNN. Don’t care.  Shinsuke hasn’t really been booked in this feud, not poorly or properly, but just not booked.  Jinder has had the upper hand almost exclusively.  So is this finally the night that WWE says enough is enough?  Probably not, but I will be optimistic.

Prediction: Shinsuke because this nightmare has to end at some point, right?

  1.  Randy Orton vs Rusev

Keri:  I like what they have been doing lately with Rusev since he returned from his post Summerslam hiatus. It’s like they are given him the opportunity to be himself and it works. Also, I expect Aiden to play a role in this match. I just don’t know what role he will play.

Pick: Rusev wins

Teddy: I’m loving Rusev lately and since his boo is doing her own thing he could really use some momentum. I am an avid Orton fan but please god give Rusev the win.

Prediction: Rusev wins via distraction from mediocre singer Aiden English

Cece:  I don’t really care about this feud, however, I do like the entertainment from Aiden English. I think Rusev needs a push, though.

Prediction: Randy wins again, but it goes further for a longer build.

Kent:  For a lower end feud, this has been fun.  I like seeing Aiden and Rusev get some shine.  Randy is ready to turn heel ASAP.  I think he needs to put these guys over first and then set his sights on the new champ, Shinsuke and eventually AJ.

Prediction: Rusev crush!!!!!

  1.  Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

Keri:  This match has the potential to be dare I say it glorious. Both guys match up well. Also, I predicted this match weeks ago so right now I’m giddy about being right about something.

Pick: Ziggler wins. I know I changed my prediction from what I said on the podcast.

Teddy: Roode’s first WWE PPV. He is gonna win. They like to job Ziggler to the new guys and I am expecting no different.

Prediction: Roode will hit the Glorious DDT and make Ziggler look stupid

Cece:  This match will be GLORIOUS! Honestly, we have needed something for Dolph to do for a hot minute now. He’s been teasing us with his getups and entrances. I’ve loved it. I’m anxious to see them square up.

Prediction: Bobby with the win, to piss of Dolph and to get hype from WWE Universe.

Kent:  Traditional booking says that Bobby needs to win his first PPV match on WWE.  What rub is to be had when Dolph hasn’t been relevant since last November?  Dolph can cheat to win and continue this feud that has a lot of potential.  I know I am gonna be proven wrong, but I have to book smartly, unlike WWE.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler with the greatest entrance ever….I hope

  1.  Aj Styles vs Baron Corbin for the US Championship

Keri:  Honestly, I could careless about this match. And I hate saying that about something involving AJ. This would have been a little more intriguing if they added Tye to this match but maybe that’s something for the future.

Pick: Corbin. Only because I picked Shinsuke in the other match and damn it I want the build for my Styles-Nakamura dream match before there is another brand shakeup.

Teddy: this match is boring since it’s not a triple threat match (when is Tye’s time damnit!) Corbin looks to take the title.

Prediction: Corbin finally cuts the Right Corner

Cece:  The most stupidly booked match of the night. I am so over Baron. They need to re-do his character. He needs more personality and a better story.

Prediction: AJ will win because… well, he’s AJ.

Kent:  Baron shouldn’t win this right now.  Crybaby Baron is great.  Prolong this a bit and have Tye involved.  I think this is the night that they give Baron a belt, but I would hold off one more month and allow Baron to get back to where he was in July.  It’s like, something bad happened in August, but I can’t recall anything.

Prediction: Baron wins because it’s the wrong time to do it.

  1.  HIAC: Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

Keri:  I’ve enjoyed KO the past few weeks. He has been killing on the mic as of late. The match should be good because we usually don’t see Shane in something mediocre. I expect some really good spots and I expect Shane to jump off something.

Pick: Shane because pissed off KO is best KO

Teddy: Who’s ready to see Shane fall off of shit? I know I am! Shane should take this and finally set KO off the deep end. Bring back Fight Owens Fight and stop this whole coward shit they’ve been running.

Prediction: the WWE universe wins because this match is Hype AF. Also shane lol

Cece:  I like this feud. It took a lot of build up and I think it has kept a lot of us on our toes.

Prediction: Match will be long and hard fought, Shane will jump off something high, and I call Shane for the win because it’s not a title shot and who doesn’t love Shane O’Mac?

Kent:  I expect a good match, some backstage chicanery, and a big spot at some point.  I fully expect Sami to get involved at some point.  Sami should remain a face. Sami should win the Royal Rumble and KO should be the champ for Mania, but I am willing to bet Russ’ left nut that AJ wins the rumble and takes on Shinsuke at Mania because that would be huge as well.  So with that in mind…..

Prediction: Shane wins, KO beats him down after the match and Sami interferes and appears to help KO, and then we get a supergroup with them and the Ascension all in red and black.

  1.  HIAC: New Day vs The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Keri:  This will be match of the night. I calling it now. Why? Because everything leading up to this match has made me believe that it will be.

Pick: The New Day retain

Teddy: I think Shane and KO will steal MoTN but this will be a close second. I love new day and it’s clear they wont turn heel soon.

Prediction: IT’S A NEW DAY YES IT IS!

Cece:  I want this to be a damn all out war between both sides. These guys have been going at this for so long now and have built up such a strong chemistry.

Prediction: I say New Day retains.

Kent:  This should be the best match on the card, and these guys are going to go all out to make this memorable.  I hope that they get the final match of the night.  I don’t want any interference, no nonsense, just a great match.  I am curious which New Day member is left out.  I am guessing Xavier will be unless Kofi isn’t 100% healed.

Prediction: The Uso’s win after Xavier turns heel because he was left out of the match.

  1.  Will they have the HIAC matches spaced out on the card or next to each other?

Keri:  Probably back to back. You don’t want to keep lowering and raising a structure like that. It takes too much time.

Teddy: definitely back to back, unless the structure is damaged then they may space it out to repair it before the next match takes place

Cece:  They should be spaced out, but, they may keep them one after another.

Kent:  I think that they will be the final 2 matches of the night.


Bonus Deuce

  1. What will be match of the night?

Keri:  Tag team match

Teddy: Shane vs KO is closely followed by TND vs Usos

Cece:  Honestly, I’m hoping for Roode/Zigler to be great and Shane/Kev.

Kent:  I can see downsides to every match having something silly, except for one.  Sometimes the obvious answer is also the right one.  Tag Team title match is my answer, but I wouldn’t be shocked is the KO or Dolph match steals the show.

  1.  What will be the worst match of the night, better known as the Charlotte Flair Award?

 Keri:  Toss up between the Women’s match and Jinder-Shinsuke.

Teddy: Worst match will be Mahal v Nakamura. Because theyre gonna copy and past the last how many matches Jinder has been in.

Cece:  Hey now. I love me some Charlotte. However, I do think either the women’s match or the beginning tag team match.

Kent:  Women, no doubt.  It shouldn’t be as long as Jinder’s, but Shinsuke is fun to watch at the very least.  If the answer ends up not being one of these 2 matches, I will be a saaaaad panda.

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WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Review – The Screw You Boston Edition

WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Review

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. My name is Kent Waldron, and I am the advocate for the wrestling 9 Deuce. Today, we need to talk about the HISTORIC, FIRST TIME EVER, caps lock filled, Hell in A Cell! Joining me today are 2 people that had no faith in Charlotte, the All-American American, Russ, and a lady among assholes, Keri. We will be doing this 9 Deuce Style because I lack originality.  I must note that I watched Hell In A Cell in a little more than an hour, so my analysis is very lacking.   Happy Halloween.

  1.  6 Man Cruiserweight Match – Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara def. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari

Russ:  I didn’t watch it.  I’ll have to go back and take a gander at it as I heard it was decent.  Until then I can’t really comment on it.

Keri:  This was a decent match with decent spots. All in all it appeared to be another cruiserweight division preview match. Rich Swann in the pre-show interview was also entertaining. I’m starting to like this guy.

Kent:  Yeah, Cedric won! Wooo.  I didn’t watch anything aside from the last 20 seconds. Great match! I like Cedric a lot honestly, so I look forward to him and Rich Swan elevating the division now that the Dabber has lost his belt.

  1.  US Championship Match – Roman Reigns def. Rusev

Russ:  The match was very physical, which is to be expected of these two.  It wasn’t a bad cell match, but it barely gave us a reason that it had to be in a cell.  Roman needs to work on selling injuries more cause some of it was laughable.  The Kendo Stick to the chest… the accolade on the steps with a chain! If a regular accolade is supposed to be tourture then how the hell did Roman get out of that?  I was partially Kentertained so good for them.  

Rating:  5.9  

Keri:  I’ll be honest I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this match. But for the parts I saw I was impressed. This was a good match. The ending not so much but oh well. Good job guys. Rating: 6 out of 9.2

Kent: OK, I have an issue with this match in particular as I watched a good chunk of it.  WWE needs to really figure out if submissions win matches or are just going to be set up moves. I say this because I am sick and tired of wrestlers who win matches with submissions, have their finisher rendered useless in a match of this magnitude. If everybody was losing to Rusev with the Accolade, then it is beyond fucking retarded that Roman survived it twice, with the second time involving being on the steps and a chain wrapped around his face. THAT is some of the shittiest booking that WWE does, and this happens far more often than it should. I have no issue with Roman winning, I have an issue with Roman powering out of that second Accolade because it neutered the shit out of that move. SHAME!

  1.  Bayley def. Dana Brook

Russ:  This was bad.  I feel bad for Bayley.  Dana needs to get her shit together, cause I see where she can be really good, but tonight was not her night.  Right person went over at least.  Now end this immediately so Bayley can move on and forget this ever happened.  

Rating. 2.9  the reverse duece! Should be our equivalent of terrible.  

Keri:  Yea! I got to see Bayley and see her win! Dana, you’re awful. Go back to NXT, please.  That is all. Rating: 3 out of 9.2

Kent:  This got like 7 or 8 minutes, zero fucks were given after Bayley entered, and I hate to be that dick, but Dana is gaining weight, and it’s not looking good on her. I don’t mind big booty bitches, just saying, in WWE, you tend to have to look a certain way to be relevant, which is their decision and my concern is that I would like to see Dana go on to great success. Compare her when she was in the competitions to now, and yikes. I hope she gets back on track because once you are on the main roster, you tend to put on 10 pounds, unless you are Rusev. I think he has lost some.

  1.  Gallows and Anderson def. Enzo and Cass

Russ:  I was entertained by Enzo and Cass so that is worth something.  This was a short match, but the right duo went over.  If we are to take G&A seriously then they have to win matches like this.  I hope they continue on to maybe feud with another top tag …team… Who the hell can these guy legitimately feud with that aren’t New Day?  Do something with your Tag Division RAW!  Enzo and Cass’s humor was a touch sophomoric, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind.

Rating:  4.0 too short to really get a good match going.  

Keri:  Great promo work as always by Enzo and Cass. However, I feel like this time it was a little too much and distracted everyone from a match that was far too short. At least Anderson and Gallows finally got a much needed win. Rating: 4 out of 9.2

Kent:  Just when I thought it was laughable to put on an eight minute match, we get a 6 minute tag match because Enzo wanted to talk, which is fine, but it’s not really fair to their opponents, especially on nights when they aren’t funny at all, like tonight. Glad that G&A finally won.

  1.  Red Belt Match – Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins

Russ:  The match itself was fun.  Great sequences, and the spots all hit the right note.  Especially that powerbomb through the tables!  Both performers gave us a good match so we can’t complain about that.  I even like that Jericho locked himself in with the key so they “couldn’t” get back in.  Little details like that worked well.  Unfortunately, the match never elevated to great status.  Maybe, it was because of the forgone conclusion.  We knew that Owen’s wasn’t losing the belt and we also knew that Jericho would come along at some point.  I guess they are going to save the friends turn for after Survivor Series which is fine.  I’m not sure where Rollins goes from here.  He has already defeated Jericho twice on RAW recently, so feuding with him seems dumb.  There is nothing new to the HHH vs Rollins yet so we can’t even get that going yet.  

Rating: 6.9 (Kent: Russ, your fanboy card is showing. You’re drunk. Go Home. You cannot possibly think that this deserves a 6.9. That tells me that you want to not only re-watch it, but re-watch it with 24 hours of it being shown. Your scale is broken. Go find a designated driver, you lush, and go buy a new scale.)

Keri:  Good match and good use of Jericho. With that being said, it is the level of Jericho that is starting to bother me. KO really doesn’t need Jericho to win a title or act as a mouthpiece for him. KO can do this all on his own. Therefore, I think I will use this opportunity to caution Creative that I’m starting to get slightly bored with the KO and Jericho connection.  Rating: 7 out of 9.2.

Kent:  Uhmmm, who thought that this was fair to leave Jericho in there? Here’s a news flash, Kevin Owens is having one of the all time shittiest runs as a champ at the moment because Rollins is getting pushed harder than he is, as is Roman, Brock, and Goldberg. Hell, Jericho is possibly getting booked better.  KO needs to get as far away from Seth as humanly possible because his stock is crumbling in my eyes. He was doing way better against Cena or Zayn.

  1.  Cruiserweight Championship Match – THE Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins

Russ:  Another short match.  For these two the match was mediocre.  They have both put on way better performances.  This one didn’t have that many high flying spots or entertaining sequences that you come to expect with Cruisers.  The story they told was good though and that has to count for something.  Loved how Kendrick played on TJP’s feelings at the end.  He definitely won by hook or by crook! (get it! Cause you know he has the Captain’s Hook as a finisher…)

Rating: 5.3

Keri:  Decent match with decent spots. Are you all seeing a pattern here with the Cruiserweights and my comments? This could have been better especially given the fact that we have see better from both guys before last night. With that being said though, it was nice to see The Brian Kendrick pick up the victory here. I can’t wait to see how his run turns out.  Rating: 5 out of 9.2.

Kent:  Well, this match was also short, but it told a great story, and as I was the first one to suggest that THE Brian Kendrick was taking it off of TJ, despite hearing “But Kent, it’s too soon to take the belt off of him” and “TJ Perkins is my new favorite wrestler” and “TJ Perkins is my man crush of the week” and “I”m Russell and I like to dab”, I was there stating that Kendrick would win. Ballin! (Russ: While I occasionally dabble in dabbing and TJP is pretty awesome and man-crushy.  I did call for THE Brian Kendrick to win!)  

  1.  Tag Team Championship Match – Sheasaro def. New Day via DQ

Russ:  I was hoping that this would end a bit differently so we could finally conclude Sheamus vs. Cesaro in December.  We still might, but it didn’t go the way I thought.  Maybe they need these two for the Survivor Series Tag match.  Think about it RAW has diddly squat for a tag division so it makes sense to keep them as a tag through SS.  Still I was hoping that we could see them start to fall apart and really go at each other.  Oh well, liked the finish anyway, because I didn’t see it ending like that.  

Rating:  4.6

Keri:  Decent match with a slightly creative outcome. I like the way that they kept both teams looking strong with this ending. However, I have a feeling this feud may be over though. At least I hope it is because it is kinda yawn inducing. Rating: 4 out of 9.2

Kent:  Blind people saw this coming. I did like the creative ending at the very least. This was a night of creative finishes. So I won’t totally shit on RAW’s creative, not yet.

  1.  Women’s Championship Match – Charlotte def. Sasha Banks

Russ:  Well way to fuck things up WWE.  To start with: This was a really good match! Both women deserve credit and nothing should be taken away from them!  Told a nice story throughout and the spots seemed well done!  Having Charlotte win??? What the unholy hell is WWE thinking?  They are disgracing this belt having it switch hands so many times in a short period of time (or as Kent called it whoring)  With such a “historical” match (I heard that somewhere) you need to finish on a high note!  Sasha persevering and winning would have been the right call.  Crowd would have been over the moon and the celebration afterwards would have been fantastic.  Instead they swerve us with the wrong swerve!  I’m not Kent I don’t hate Boston because of it’s horrible sports teams.  So I took no pleasure in seeing them angry as shit with the outcome.  All it did for me was take what was possibly a great match and made it feel flat.  I’m not against Charlotte being champion!  Hell since she won it back at Summer Slam I’ve been high on her.  Her heeling has been top notch.  However,  what was the point of putting the belt on Sasha two weeks ago to have her lose it again?  I hope they turn her heel soon because I’m losing interest in her.  Seriously bad move WWE.  

Rating: 7.1  Best match of the night so I guess it was the right call for Main Event, but did the other matches suffer because they had to make this match the best?  

Keri:  I have a couple of comments about this one. First off, this was the match that the women needed to have in order to legitimize their equality with the guys on the roster when it comes to gimmick matches, like HIAC. And, well, both ladies delivered and then some. This was match of the night, based on my recap reading and finding the match on the youtubes. Great job for both ladies! With that being said though, I feel that the ending took away from the overall presentation of the match. Creative is playing hot potato with this belt and its getting annoying. This belt has not been in play for that long (6 months)and we have already had a 3 time women’s champion. Given the emphasis that they are placing on this division, this just seems sloppy to me.  Rating 7.5 out of 9.2 (with one point off for Creative playing belt hot potato)

Kent:  I got some quotes for you.

“Winner: Sasha, they probably won’t make a big deal out of the win either.” – Russ

“I pick Sasha to retain. Because there is no way Creative can botch another segment (or match) “ – Keri

“Charlotte wins because it’s in Boston and it would be hilarious to piss off those assholes that live in Taxachusettes. Fuck you Boston!” – Kent

And damn it feels good to be a gangsta. This is WWE at it’s finest. Every time they seem like they want to make Sasha seem important, they give her the belt and a month later, have Charlotte, the 3 time Women’s champion, beat her. Christ, 3 times already. That belt has been whored around more than a drunk skank at a Halloween party. This is how you do a revolution, right? Lita was crying. HAHAHA. You fucking people thinking that this is elevating anything. You are delusional.  The match was very good for women. Was it the best match, and main event worthy? Hahaha, hell no, bitch please, you must have a mental disease, assume the position and get back down on your knees. Gloating aside, I liked the ending and how it sucked the air out of that shitty arena full of shitty people. Choke on that Slapnuts!

  1.  Best performer of the night?

Russ:  The Brian Kendrick.  Great mental game he played throughout the match.  For a split second I almost thought he actually did hurt his leg.  This was really hard for me, because nothing stood out as fantastic, but nothing major was out-right terrible (take out the Bayley vs. Dana match.)   

Keri:  The Brian Kendrick. Because everything else was predictable.

Kent:  Sasha’s shorts? (Russ: Especially in the final pin.  Should give that camerman a slammy for best placed shot!)  The cameraman who caught Sasha and Charlotte talking their way through the final minute? Normally I would say somebody like Rusev who had a very good match, or THE Brian Kendrick, but I will give the nod to RAW Creative. Think about it, we had some clever match finishes with Kendrick, Sheasaro, and the main event that killed the crowd. Eh fuck it, Sasha’s shorts.

Bonus Deuce

  1.   Best Match of the Night?

Russ:  The women’s main event.  I echo Kent’s statement on this.  It kind of felt like the other two HIAC matches had to not go overboard so that the women’s match could be spectacular.  Don’t get me wrong all three matches were good, but it felt like nothing could be amazing because the last match had to be the bomb diggity.  Overall Score: 5.2 (Kent: I went to Urban Dictionary to see the meaning of Bomb Diggity. Not because I didn’t know, but more because I wanted to see it in writing. Worth it.)

Keri:  The women’s main event. Why? Well, as my counterparts have pointed out, the PPV was booked that way. Think about this question for a second, will you? Let’s say creative put together solid booking for all the matches on last night’s card. Would we still have the same opinion about this match?  Perhaps yes or perhaps no.  (Kent: Definitely no. This isn’t the first time that WWE has forsaken great matches just to make one stand out above and beyond all others.)

Kent:  The women’s main event. Seriously, they fucked over some of the other matches to intentionally put this one on a pedestal.  They booked it that way in a manipulative manner. Roman and Rusev was also a very good match for both guys.

  1.  Worst Match of the Night?

Russ:  Not even close… Bayley vs. Dana.  Dana’s offense was awful.  I know we have to tolerate a few goofy things in wrestling, but this was embarrassing.  

Keri:  Oh look. I’m in agreement with Russ here (surprised anyone? I didn’t think so). Bayley vs. Dana was the worst match of the night. I have two observations about this match. First, this match was booked for one reason and one reason only, to get Bayley on the card. WWE knows what they have with Bayley and they know what it means if she is not on the card. Why the match had to be against Dana though? I have no clue so don’t ask me. Second, Bayley proved last night beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dana was brought up too soon. I seriously believe that Bayley carried Dana the entire match. Creative, Dana, in her current state, is not main roster material. She is not ready and last night proved it. Bring her back down to NXT before you embarrass the poor girl even more than she already has been.

Kent:  Seth vs KO for me. This was the perfect RAW match. It has been done to death and I couldn’t wait for it to be over despite fast forwarding 15 minutes of it. There was very little entertainment value to this one. I hate the handicap idea as nobody on the roster should be able to beat the top 2 heels. When you make things too obvious, don’t be upset at the fans for not giving a fuck. That’s all.

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WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Preview 9 Deuce – The First Time Ever Edition

WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Preview


Welcome to a preview for WWE’s 2016 Hell In A Cell PPV. I am joined by the immaculate Keri, and the effervescent Russ. 2 new words!!!  The WWE has done a brilliant job building up this PPV with a whopping 6 matches!!! Wow, that’s just incredible, not Justin Credible. With this overabundance of quality, it will be super easy to do this blog!


The 9

  1. Enzo and Cass vs. Gallows and Anderson


Russ:  I would say that this should be a win for G&A.  They need a credible win to give them a nice push to make them a credible (this word is getting thrown around a lot in this blog) threat to the New Day.  I think G&A should eventually take the titles off New Day (after they break the record of course.) Then Enzo and Cass can get the win back at WM.

Winner: G&A

Keri:  At some point, the burial of Gallows and Anderson has to end. Right? Right? Creative why aren’t you answering me? Ok. Fine. Please make me a happy fan and give Anderson and Gallows the win at HIAC. Pleeeeeeease. By the way, I hate being forced to beg for anything so please honor this little request.

Kent:  With 4 plus months, Enzo and Cass can afford to eat the loss here, but I am very uncertain about this one.  This is the match that I am least certain about the outcome.


  1. TJ Perkins vs THE Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight championship


Russ:  I am of two minds on this match and I’m not sure which way WWE is going to take it.  On the one hand TJP really should keep the belt and get it legitimized as a belt worth fighting for.  On the other hand THE Brian Kendrick is awesome and should be the one to elevate the belt only to maybe drop it at WM to TJP.  I think as I wrote this I convinces myself of the latter option so….

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick in some asshole heel way to gain sympathy for our boy TJP!

Keri:  I’m going to make this one short and sweet. And your NEW Cruiserweight champion and all around good family man, The Brian Kendrick. See told you it would be short and sweet.

Kent:  I got THE Brian Kendrick winning this one as I have been saying. This is the title most likely to switch hands, and Brian jobbed on RAW and has a storyline. TJ dabs. Fuck TJ. All hail your NEW Cruiserweight Champion, the former pirate, THE Brian Kendrick.


  1. New Day vs Sheasaro for the Tag Team Championship


Russ:  Well since Sheasaro won on RAW and the rule of thumb is the winner of RAW tends to be the loser at the PPV I’ll go with New Day.  Not to mention New Day is going to get that record now so it makes sense that they retain.  I hope this leads to Sheamus and Cesaro going back to hating each other and we get one final match at the December PPV that culminates in a ladder match between them and the winner gets a great spot in the Royal Rumble say (#27) … COME ON FANTASY BOOKING!

Winner: New Day

Keri:  Yawn. New Day. Why? Because breaking records, as we learned with the former Divas division and a certain Bella, are more important than not boring us to death with the same old crap.

Kent:  New Day wins because they just had this match on RAW, and I don’t have the patience to type up how mad that makes me. Demolition’s record is going down thanks to both being involved in the lawsuit.


  1. Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the US Championship


Russ:  Time to move Rusev into the Main Event scene.  Rusev is a real talent that seems to get boned hard when he doesn’t have the US title to hold onto.  That is a shame really, but let’s see what he can do in the Main Event.  So in order for him to move on he has to lose.

Winner: This is for Keri  #LOLROMANREIGNSWINS

Keri:  Ok. I’m going to go back to pleading with creative. Please let this be the end of this feud. Pretty, pretty please. I’m so sick of watching these two wrestle that the only redeeming value for this match (and feud) is Lana. Therefore, I say let’s end this thing with Roman retaining and move Rusev onto bigger and better things.  Bigger and Better things like say Braun?

Kent:  The WWE needs to see what Rusev can do in a feud that doesn’t revolve around the US title. They fucked him over the last time, but now there Is more urgency to have a good #2 heel. Roman Reigns supreme.


  1. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins for the Red Belt


Russ:  This is the most obvious of obvious outcomes.  Seth Rollins wins! No, just kidding it would make little sense to have him win here.  Jericho has something to do with this match and I’m sure it will have something to do with how Kevin retains the title, but what that is I have no clue.

Winner: Not my boy!  KO

Keri:  Is it wrong that I completely didn’t know that this match was a thing? I seriously though it was KO and Jericho for the belt or something to do with Rollins and Jericho given the build this match. Well, I guess I was wrong. I say KO retains because this “feud” is yawn inducing. Also, KO needs to move onto a Jericho feud because RAW has to keep my interest somehow. If not, I’m throwing all my support to Smackdown and spending Monday nights catching up on Netflix. (Kent: That’s how I spend my Monday nights, or gaming.)

Kent:  Kevin Owens. I don’t know what Jericho is going to do, but I am glad that he has the list back.


  1. For the FIRST TIME EVER: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte in a HELL IN A CELL!!!!


Russ:  I wasn’t aware of this, but this is apparently a historical event.  WWE shame on you for not making a bigger deal out of the fact that this is the first time it has ever happened.  I mean seriously I would have never known that this was a historical event that was happening at HIAC.  They could have promoted this to get viewers to watch… Alright, I’m done being an asshole … for now.  (Kent: No, please, continue. WWE deserves it.)


Winner: Sasha, they probably won’t make a big deal out of the win either.


Keri:  Ok. So let me remind everyone that this is a historic match and we are seeing this for the first time ever. Oh, you hadn’t heard that yet. Sorry for the surprise. I’ll wait while you all get over the shock and awe of this earth shattering news. Ok. Is everyone ready for my pick? Ok good. I pick Sasha to retain. Because there is no way Creative can botch another segment (or match) trying to bury a hometown guy (or in this case gal) in less than a week, can they? Nevermind, I forgot who I was talking about. Carry on everyone. Nothing to see here.


Kent:  Charlotte wins because it’s in Boston and it would be hilarious to piss off those assholes that live in Taxachusettes. Fuck you Boston!


There WWE, I did the work for you to make sure people are aware of this match.

  1. What match opens the show?

Russ:  Sasha vs Charlotte – Yea a big Fuck you to the fans.  Also, WWE can justify the spot because AJ vs Dean vs Cena was the Main Event at No Mercy and it was the first match to air. (Kent: So that is the real reason that Dean/AJ/Cena went first so WWE could site precedence that they have had a main event go on first so that this won’t minimize whatever match starts this PPV. Honestly, that’s pretty fucking smart.)

Keri:  Enzo and Cass or Bayley and Dana because well reasons.

Kent:  Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins, Russ has convinced me.


  1. What match closes the show?

Russ:  Rollins Vs KO – it isn’t the spot it deserves … it’s the spot it needs!

Keri:  The groundbreaking, first time ever, historical women’s HIAC match. And I don’t want to hear that you didn’t know that this match was historical because I just told you in an earlier question. Please try to keep up.

Kent:  The women, and I’ll be watching Walking and Talking Dead and actually be entertained. Fucking PC pussies. Ghostbusters 2016 says hi.


  1. If you could add a match to the PPV, what one would you add?

Russ:  Braun and Zayn.  This would be a great way to heat up their rivalry.  Honestly, have Zayn look like he could get the win and have Braun straight up cheat to win!  This would give us a legit feud between the two and finally give us something interesting to work with in Braun and Zayn probably wouldn’t get hurt by the eventual real loss he’ll take when these two end the feud.

Keri:  Can we get the return of Emma already and have her wrestle Summer or Alicia? That way we can see there is more to this division than just 4 women. What am I saying? The existing card is what we are getting on Sunday, folks. Can I ask for half (or at least a quarter) of my husband’s $9.99 back now, please?

Kent:  Assuming that Braun and Sami are having an interaction, I won’t count them. Then that leaves….hmm, the tag division is bare, uhmm, the singles division is fairly bare…..uhhhhh, nobody cares about any of the other divas. Well shit. I would let Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander put on a 20 minute classic that outshine every match on the card, and also Summer Rae vs Alicia for 20 uninterrupted, no WWE network commercials, match. But please, advertise for a network that we are already paying to see. Assholes!


Bonus Deuce

  1. In your opinion, is the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Hell in a Cell the most well-known wrestling match of all time?

Russ:  I don’t know about the most well-known, but it certainly is one of the greatest.  That is the match that truly solidified my fandom of wrestling. The reason most people recall it is simply because of how brutal it was!  Both men put in a huge effort and it paid off.  It was the first time somebody fell off the top of the cell and it then fell through it! Incredible (there it is again) just thinking of it now so many years later.

Keri:  It’s the only one I’ve heard of and have seen recapped ad nauseum. So my answer is Yes.

Kent:  You have a handful of matches that I can think of, so I am going to list them, and I apologize if I am missing any, but fuck you. Hogan vs. Andre, Hogan vs. Savage, Hogan vs. Warrior, Austin vs HBK with Mike Tyson, Bret vs. Shawn Screwjob, Austin vs Rock Mania 17, Hogan vs. Goldberg, Sting vs. Hogan, and Taker vs. Mankind.  Taker vs. Mankind is still my answer, but I could make an argument for Hogan vs. Andre and the Screwjob above the rest of them. Taker and Mankind happened when WWF was clawing their way back and it’s one of those moments that have been shown for 20 years almost. Every time there is a HIAC match, that match is referenced, so it has been engrained in fan’s minds for a long time. Fans from the bygone era would say Andre vs Hogan as that was monumental. I feel the screwjob is one of those pop culture matches that is known because of the story, but I don’t think it is as big as either.


  1. Aside from the aforementioned Undertaker vs. Mankind match, what is your favorite Hell in a Cell match?

Russ:  Well, the other most memorable one for me was Taker vs Bossman.  Not that the match was any good, I don’t remember any of it, but the end was fantastic!  Bossman getting lynched by the brood!  As for another favorite I’d have to go with HHH vs HBK.  I just remember all of the great spots they had in it and the story leading up to it was fantastic.

Keri:  I haven’t seen many HIAC matches other than Taker and Mankind highlights so I don’t really have a favorite. Well, I guess now I know what my homework is for the weekend. I shall do it instead of watching HIAC on Sunday and will provide a full report on next week’s, Are You Not Kentertained? Podcast (now available on iTunes).

Kent:  Tough one as I wanted to say HHH vs. HBK, as that match was brilliant, but Taker vs. HBK in the very first one was pretty epic. Taker vs. Brock deserves a mention as well. Honorable mention that only Russ and Eric will find funny, Taker vs. Bossman when Bossman got lynched by the Brood.  Final answer answer, Taker vs HBK as it had a great storyline during Shawn’s best run as champ, and this was Kane’s debut. There are a lot of things to love here.

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and wwe.com.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Live Blog

That’s right, a live running blog of a WWE pay per view. Why? Why not? I have high expectations for tonight.  Please update throughout the evening, in between matches especially.  Also, if you want to see my preview, check this out.

Hell In A Cell Preview

I’m clearly in a Wyatt mood tonight. I’m the amalgamation of Bray and Luke.

We start off with the kickoff show match.


We have the evil foreigners vs the good foreigners and Dolph. I like that Stardust and the Ascension have a Stardust section and is out to be dicks. Always great. What the hell is Cody wearing? Cesaro and Neville have great chemistry.  Dolph doesn’t fit in really.  Cesaro just dominated, then did a ridiculous swing on Barrett, followed by a red arrow by Neville. The heels didn’t do that great and had a pretty piss poor showing. Expect them to win the re-match tomorrow night. After the match, Dolph grabs a fan’s Cesaro Section sign, brings it in, and shows it to Cesaro, and he flips it over and it says “Hi Dan” and Cesaro clearly was entertained. So they cut to the Dudleys backstage.

Well, my bold prediction about Kofi beating Cena is pretty much off the table as Xavier is on his honeymoon. So I am going to switch it to Kurt Freaking Angle. It’s 8PM. I’m allowed to change my mind, always remember this.

They are starting off with the US Title open challenge. Please be Kurt!!!


Oh boy, we are in LA, and we have Sophia Vergara or however it’s spelled. Swagger’s music hits, and out comes Zeb Coulter! Wooooo, Alberto Del Rio!!!!  Well, I just marked out like an idiot. Great to see him back. Alberto is in great shape, because he hasn’t had to be on the road all the time. I would have been happy with Swagger to be honest. This is just fantastic.

Cena was in control early, to nobody’s surprise.Now Alberto is hitting a backbreaker, his running enziguri, and then he got a nice “Si” chant going. Of course Cena overcame the odds. Cena goes for the AA, Del Rio reverses it to a back stabber, followed by the kick to the face, the cover, 1…2…..3? Really? That easily? After all the people Cena has killed including Rusev, Owens, Cesaro, Dean, Dolph, etc. Like Rusev punished him way more I feel. Oh well. Cena lost. We all win.

Winner and new WWE US Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage with HHH and Steph, of course Seth comes in, and then Kane joins them. I am ok if Kane wins. Nobody, and I mean nobody deserves it more. Next up is Roman vs Bray. C’mon Bray!!!


Leet’s face it, the crowd loves Bray, and they like Roman, but they love Bray. Roman is tossing Bray around, and showing a nice powerful, controlled offense. Really good sowing so far.  Bray has the Singapore cane (I hate the term kendo stick, thanks Steve Blackman). Bray is whooping on Roman, but I don’t know how much he is even feeling with that vest. Bray has a chair, and he uses it to sit down and beat Roman with the cane. Bray just put the legs of the chair into the holes of the cage. That is going to be great. He put the cane in the corner holes, and slammed Roman’s face through it. Nice spot!!  Bray went to throw Roman, and Roman pushed him into the chair. The cell is being used.  Roman is double fisting canes, now using them both in a baseball swing.

Now Roman gets a table into the ring. Roman decides he needs 2 tables. Go on. Roman sets one up on the outside, and it ends with Bray doing his Rock Bottom move from the apron through the table. Bray is in control, and he just did his back splash. Bray has been in control with his offense for 2-4 minutes now. He’s trying to do a 2nd rope suplex through a table, but Roman fights back.Roman gets the powerbomb through the table!!! This is pretty solid. We are due interference soon I would suspect. Both guys struggle to get to their feet. Roman with clotheslines in the corner, Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Roman counters with a roll up, and Bray kicks out at 2, and then immediate Superman punch, and another kick out. Both of these guys are very good. HOLY SHIT! Both guys are on the apron, Roman spears Bray off the apron through a table on the floor. Wow.

Roman looks to be gearing up for a spear. He’s in the corner, and Bray is trying to stand up in the ring. Bray stands, boot to Roman’s face, Sister Abigail, and only a 2 count. Damn! Bray is setting up 2 canes in the corner, one in the top, one in the middle. Bray drags him over to them, but Roman reverses, there’s the reversal, Bray goes into the cane on top, spear, Roman wins. Man, I wanted Bray, but that was a fucking good match.

Haha, there’s Mark Wahlburg, and there’s Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, as he always is. The tag title match is next. I am predicting that New Day loses via DQ.


New Day is out talking about how they are missing Xavier and how his trombone is broke. Oh, the unicorn horn thing is ridiculous. I love them.  Kofi promises to play the bongo drums on D Von’s head. Big E is gonna play the bass on Bubba’s belly like a Caucasian Kamala. Awesome! Good back and forth, Kofi tried pulling an Eddie by fake getting hit and tossing the trombone at Bubba. The ref lets it go. Big E gets a trombone hit in on Bubba, Trouble In Paradise, and still champs, New Day.

It looks like the women’s match is next. Booooo.


I don’t care. I’m going to watch Walking Dead. Charlotte won and damn near killed Nikki with one move it appeared, but I wasn’t paying much attention. Nikki actually had the move of the match with the Alabama Slam  on the apron.  Walking Dead is incredibly good right now. Kane vs Seth is next I think.


This match wasn’t bad, and Seth got the clean win after some sweet knees and kicks to the head head followed by a frogsplash and pedigree. It was the right call to put Seth over clean I do believe. He needs his clean wins.


Ryback vs Owens was exactly what you’d expect. I’m impressed that Owens was able to win via pop up powerbomb. Short match, no real complaints. I expect a re-match on RAW.


Then the big one, Taker vs Brock. They keep saying that Brock won his only Hell In A Cell, but don’t mention that it was against Taker. Guys, stop treating us like kids. You want to know why I said that you guys can fuck off and why Walking Dead had my full attention? Shit like that. Brock took a bad shot to the turnbuckle and is bleeding legit, no blading. This is what WWE needs for this type of match. It makes it feel more dangerous. A doctor did clean up Brock pretty well. Brock is wailing on Taker with a chair. Fucking ouch. His last shot especially. Brock takes off the gloves. This leads to Taker being busted open via a couple of hard punches. This is perfect for what it should be. Loved the chair slam into the throat move. Neither guy stays in control for too long, 2 minutes apiece typically. Now Brock is getting his suplex on. 3 in a row and an F5, Taker kicks out. Doctor is trying to attend to Taker, and Lesnar. He pushes the Doctor, F5 and Taker kicks out. This is great. Ring steps are now in the ring courtesy of Brock. And he nails Taker, but Taker kicks out. Brock goes to hit again, misses, again, and Taker kicks the steps back into Brock’s face. I love how Brock laughs when in control. He has great ring psychology. Hell’s Gate is applied. Brock pounds his way out and like pummeled the shit outta Taker. Ow.

Brock is ripping up the ring canvas. He pulls up a layer of foam, and the wood boards are exposed. Taker chokeslams Brock onto the wood. The crowd is loving this.Who can blame them. Taker with the Tombstone, but Brock kicks out. Taker’s pants are moist. Taker slashes his throat, so Brock uppercuts Taker in the nuts. Nice call back. Brock with a smile, and F5 on the exposed boards. That is really how it should have played out based on the story that was told.

Winner: Brrrrrrrock Lesanr

But it ain’t over. Taker looks and shakes his finger looking and acknowledging Brock. Brock walks out and gives Taker teh ring to stand up and get his standing ovation and loud cheers that he so rightfully deserves. This feels like a farewell tour to me. It makes me sad because this guy is my favorite of all time. You know something is going to happen. There it is, They’re here…….all 4 Wyatts. This is the feud that we deserved for Mania. Taker fighting the numbers. It’s his 25 year anniversary for his WWE debut at Survivor Series. 4 on 4 sounds amazing to me. Dean, Roman, maybe Kane with Taker would be epic, but Sting would be great too. They get in the ring, and Luke takes him down while Braun and Rowan put the boots to Taker while Bray gives the orders. I like how Luke is second in command. Bray hits him with kicks and punches, and the family drag him out of the ring and carry him to the back. Luke has blood on his shirt and pants. This is great shit. By the way, I got my wish of Luke being involved. My preview is proof.

Overall, this pay per view had 2 great matches, 2 adequate ones, a sham of a US Title match, an expected mediocre IC Title match, and the opener was good. If you missed the Hell in a cell matches, watch those. Aside from that, the tag and Rollins matches are watchable. The only reason to watch the Cena match is to laugh. I guess this pay per view in totality was a let down, but both cell matches are match of the year contenders in my book, and I think the Brock Taker match is my match of the year so far, that or Brock, Rollins, Cena at Royal Rumble.

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WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Preview

Hi everybody. I want to do a quick preview of tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell. We have 2 Hell In A Cell matches, neither for a title…….how the hell does that make any damn sense??? Oh well, who am I to question the booking of WWE? I’m just here to preview and not be judgmental.


Kickoff Show Match

Cesaro, Neville, Dolph vs Rusev, Barrett, and Sheamus

I hate seeing the match play out on RAW and then have it on the ppv. Hell I hate seeing the re-match on RAW the night ever, but I accept that a little more. Why pay money for something that you just watched? Anyway, this is a great group of guys, but I have questions. Why isn’t Tyler Breeze in this? If Dolph is his main target, shouldn’t he be involved? Why aren’t Cesaro, Rusev, Sheamus, and Dolph all on the main card? Sheamus wins Money in the Bank and what has he done since? I think it was 2-3 month of fighting Orton, then nothing at Night Of Champions aside from teasing that he’d cash in at the very end, and now the kick off show. To give a guy the MiTB briefcase, that guy should start winning his matches and be put on a pedestal so that he is seen as a viable threat as champion as opposed to just the guy that pins a guy after a grueling 20 minute match. Make them look like a beast, a legit building block of the company. Please give Cesaro and Rusev something better next month. And why doesn’t Cody have a match?

Prediction: Rusev’s team because Barrett and Sheamus are forming a really good team surprisingly.


IC Title match

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

I like Ryback, but I have to admit, if he was injured for a year, I probably wouldn’t notice all that much. Ouch, I know. He needs the correct opponent to look good, as do a lot of guys, the problem is that he doesn’t do enough to wow me. I want him to cut more promos because I think he could really shine, but they avoid that too much. Oh, and hopefully this is the end of this feud. I like Owens and he needs better opponents, like anybody in the opening match, any of those 6 guys.

Prediction: Owens retains via cheating, but gets pin


Tag Title match

New Day vs The Dudley Boys (no z’s, stop being an idiot)

The New Day are the most over act right now, and it’s not even close. When I am fast forwarding during RAW, I watch New Day. They are what I consider “must see TV” at the moment. When Vince decides to ride these guys into the ground, they may be lucky to still be hot by year’s end sadly. I would keep the belts on them until TLC and then give it to the Dudley Boys in a TLC match, UNLESS the WWE has a shot and the Hardly Boys by Wrestlemania time. Then you do the TLC there in Dallas with Hardys, Dudleys, New Day, and probably one other team like Harper and Rowan, The Ascension, or Usos. Either way, now is not the time to have New Day drop the belts.

Prediction: Dudleys get DQ’d


Women’s Title match (I fucking hate the term diva)

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella

I honestly don’t care. The most interesting woman is out of this match (Paige) and the sham with Nikki breaking AJ’s record, this whole revolution can eat a dick. It’s just a matter of when Sasha gets her run to show the world just how great she is.

Prediction: I get bored and read stuff online, and then I look up and see that Charlotte retained.


Hell In A Cell

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Both guys could use a solid win. I like both guys. If the tag match is now off of the card, then I think you gotta go with Bray. Keep that group strong because Roman is a beast and can take some losses and still look good right now. He’s really improved, which is why it was smart to not put the belt on him, because you see that he is coming into his own, slowly but surely this year. Bray’s faction needs to keep rolling. I would put Bray in the title match at Royal Rumble actually. I would imagine we see the whole Wyatt Family and Dean involved at times. I don’t see Bray losing, nor do I see ROman looking bad.

Prediction: Bray gets the win after a very violent, over booked match. This may never feel like it’s as good as it could be. I also can speculating that Luke may not be involved, just a guess.


US Title match

John Cena vs ?????

Who will it be, and will they win? Cena is taking some time off after this, and this may be where Tyler Breeze or Carlito come into play. Stardust would be considered too boring. Dean would be a phenomenal choice, but he will have his time during Roman’s match. I think Tyler will be the one, it will make an impact. If in the tag match, it ends up being Xavier and Big E, I would put $100 down on Kofi answering the challenge and winning, making New Day an even bigger threat. I prefer this over Tyler as I am a huge fan of Kofi’s.

Prediction: Kofi because earlier this week, I watched the great MSG moment with Kofi boom dropping Randy through a table from like 5-6 years ago. Kofi deserves this. As long as Cena loses, we all win.


WWE World Heavyweight Title match

Seth Rollins vs Kane

Seth needs a legit win if he is going to hold the belt to Wrestlemania. Yes, he beat Sting, but that was really via injury. He needs that win where he wins on his own and looks awesome. I would love Kane to have one last title run, and maybe they give it to him for a day or a month, but I imagine Kane would turn it down.

Prediction: Seth via weapons, but a legit win. It’s either now or never to give him a real win.


Hell In A Cell

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Their final match supposedly. Taker did more to put Brock Lesnar over than any other wrestler during his first main roster run a decade ago, including a brutal, bloody hell in a cell match. Taker likes Brock a lot, and Taker is ok with doing the job for the good of the company and for somebody he likes and respects. I hate to see Taker lose. I genuinely hope that they brawl and leave out too many big moves that could injure Taker as he is an always will be my all time favorite. Still, I see no way that Brock doesn’t win…..unless somebody screws him over. I don’t think this stays with just the 2 men. Somebody will interfere and cost the loser the match. So, in a perfect world…..

Prediction: The lights go out and a druid comes in the ring, and it ends up being Luke Harper who screws over Taker. Luke more than anybody on the roster needs the feud with Taker. Luke needs to be taken seriously, and the big guys need to have the Taker experience. It would be unexpected, and Luke is my current favorite wrestler on the main roster, so fingers crossed.

That’s it, a review will be up tonight or Monday. Enjoy, tell me your predictions if you have any.

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