American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:8 “Winter of Our Discontent”

I am slightly late on this.  Blame October.  My apologies.  Enjoy the blog.

  1.  Soooo, everybody that said Dr. Rudy was going to be involved on a grander level of this plot, how are we feeling now that he has been killed?

Melanie:  After he said he was going to get Kai committed I knew that was it for him.  I hate I was wrong.  

Teddy:  I did not expect that to be honest…who wouldve guessed that the man who was behind the whole stash the parents in their room would’ve been a softy

Cece:  Well, my original thoughts were wrong too. But it makes sense he used his files to find his information.

Kent:  Well, I feel like a damn fool.  I’m not going to try the clever, “well I mean, I kinda saw this coming” bullshit.  Don’t believe those who tell you that, because they are great big phonies.  This is the sort of thing that makes me feel like I am in an abusive relationship.  I feel mistreated in this moment.  The calling card of the past 2 seasons has been, at least for me, as soon as I have an idea that would make the plot better, they instantly crush it and I cry and cover up my bruises.


  1.  What do you think will happen to Beverley Hope now?

Melanie:  She will break out of isolation and fuck shit up.

Teddy:  She is gonna be an end game character. I would like her to be the last standing person, but maybe Winter takes her out

Cece:  I am starting to really like her character since she’s actually seen the light. So, I am not sure. I think, and hope, that someone will break her out and get Kai.

Kent:  I think Ivy is going to try to rescue her and get both of them in trouble.  Maybe Bev can get back in Kai’s good graces by killing Ivy.  


  1.  Ally is a member of the cult.  While some of us predicted that in this very blog, the question is, does it in any way invalidate a part of the early proceedings of this season?

Melanie:  Nope. Ally has her own motives for being there.  I think she is going to kill or injure Kai.

Teddy:  I consider it grooming for time to come, but moving forward she WILL kill Ivy. Then move to destroy all the other people who ruined her life….she already caused the Dr to go. Next will be Ivy, then winter, then ultimately Kai

Cece:  None of this makes sense to me, yet. I am waiting for the entire season to be completed so I can piece it all together.

Kent:  Nope, everything makes perfect sense.  She no longer has crippling phobias.  They just magically disappeared.  Bitch must be eating some lucky charms and riding on unicorns and whatnot.  Fucking amateur hour.  Like, they could at least show us the transition of her working through her shit, but nope, just suddenly fine.


  1.  Where was Frances Conroy this episode and will we see her again before the season ends?

Melanie:  She is part of the one and done crew with this season.

Teddy:  Probably one and done. She hasnt been active since Coven

Cece:  I’d love to see her again. She’s dope. But, probably not.

Kent:  It would seem like we should see her again, so you know what, fuck it.  We will not see her again this season because that’s how AHS rolls.


  1.  This episode really focused a lot on Winter.  Do you think that she will still be alive by the end of the season?  Do you think she will kill anybody along the way?

Melanie:  I have not idea at this point. Kill anyone else, you mean?  Sure thing!

Teddy:  I don’t think she will go down. Her and Kai are gonna get locked up together. Chaz bono is gonna get his but I feel like she is gonna take out so many of the skinheads.

Cece:  Well, I mean she killed the cop dude. Sooo, I hope she goes after Kai.

Kent:  This feels a bit like Murder House where I think everybody will be dead at the end, except maybe Oz.  I think Winter is the one who puts Kai down, but if they do some shit where he is haunted by all of his poor decisions and starts seeing shit, like ghosts and they cause him to accidentally kill himself, that would be fine too.  She will kill Chaz along the way….because he’s a turd.


Were you Kentertained by this episode of American Horror Story?

Melanie:  I was Kentertained. I adored Rick SPringfield as Pastor Charles and the Hell House.  I laughed uncontrollably at the threesome/savior creation session.  

Teddy:  omfg that whole threesome with “I swear” playing was over the top af, but I was triggered but the almost rape of winter. So it was 50/50 for me…

Cece:  I mean, it was okay. I liked the Pastor Charles part. Reminded me of SAW.

Kent:  Well, there were aspects that I enjoyed.  Hearing I Swear gave me a raging clue, no matter how fucked up that situation was.  I adore that song and know it by heart.  I loved Rick Springfield as Pastor Charles and enjoyed that bit of flashback for once. I like how the women are all talk about standing up to Kai while still working in the kitchen and accepting punishments.  I love Kai’s way of just making up shit as he goes and being so passionate about it.  I can relate to that.  I loved to get more info on Samuels.  Still, I wasn’t having as much fun as I wished I was having.  I guess overall I was Kentertained, but I could have used a bottle of wine.  Melanie has made me a believer.


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