The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:6 “The King, the Widow and Rick”

Anyway, thank you to Briana, Bob, Bitty, Brian, Chris, Raylene, and Eric for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide their valuable insight.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

Eric and I also did a podcast Friday night about the past 2 episodes of TWD, and I promise you, it’s really got some insight.  Beyond that, we also delve into The Punisher first season on NetFlix.  So if you have interest in either of those things, and you know damn well that you do or you wouldn’t be here, then us a listen and leave a comment or share it.  If you hate it, just blame Bitty.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #090


  1.  Give me your thoughts on last week’s helicopter that Rick saw. (My apologies for not asking this last week.)


Briana:  I was completely shocked by the helicopter! Obviously it has to be some sort of military/government vehicle but is it being run by those who originally owned it? I’m thinking not! Some rando who knew how to fly a helicopter got a hold of it and took it somewhere! Lol! (So this week, I did a podcast with Eric.  Something that we discussed and you kinda brought it up here is, how many people who are survivors know how to operate a chopper?  Secondly, where are they still getting all of this fuel for?  To go a little further, I doubt that libraries are too ransacked.  Why is there only one doctor among all of these groups?  You would think that Negan, Ezekiel, and even Gregory would have put a couple of people in charge of learning certain medical skills, like stab and bullet wounds, fevers, and amputations.  But being able to fly a chopper, that’s what the show goes with.  Ending rant.)

Bob:  I really wasn’t sure what to think about the chopper.  I thought maybe the military/government is still functioning in some capacity.   (I find it interesting that they haven’t really involved the government too much in this.  Aside from the CDC in season 1 and that Eugene lied about being with the gov, nothing much has transpired.  Now, it is very plausible that with people trying to hunker down in some bunker, it wouldn’t take much to wipe everybody out, one walker begets another and so on.  Still, I truly wish that this was discussed by somebody with legitimate knowledge.)

Bitty:  I’m excited to learn more about it. It’s been years and we’ve only seen a couple of states. Hopefully there is military active somewhere!  (I just ate a pickle in honor of Eugene.  Anyway, great point.  Have we seen them in the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, or Kentucky?  Yes, we as viewers look at the map and assume that they took a straight line.  Well, maybe not Morgan with the reveal, but that’s for later.  I felt that they missed an opportunity to add a bit of the Carolinas.  It’s been Georgia and Virginia.  I want more!  I want Montana.)

Brian:  Jesse has been found with the cure to the blue meth flu and the government is taking back control of the world….   (I tried watching Need For Speed…I did not make it.  Could this be a tie in to a sequel with him in a chopper?  There was a chopper in the first film.  Just sayin’.)

Chris:  The governor has had his brain surgically installed into a helicopter and is now seeking revenge against Rick.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it belonged to Negan.  (Chris, if I ever meet you in person, I plan on shaking your hand.  Yes, it will be a sign of gratitude, but know that at least 92% of the gratitude is for the first half of this particular response.  Kudos.  It does speak volumes that I thought about this for a little bit picturing how silly it would be.  Even if it was Rick hallucination dream while in this container that he is currently in.  I know that everybody just thought of your response as funny, but Rick could have some trippy dreams in there, and this could be one.  I would be ever so happy to see this come to fruition.)

Raylene:  My  first thought is that it’s a hallucination since I am not sure if anyone other than Rick saw it.  (See it, or at least hear it.  Shouldn’t that draw some attention from a lot of various entities, both dead and undead?)

Eric:  Simon has mentioned “the flyer” before.  It’s probably Negan’s  (We talked a lot about this on the podcast.  I really do like the idea of the Saviors finding a chopper, and Negan standing there, and then saying something like “Man, this gets be fucking hard.  We are going to get in the air and find all of the camps surrounding us and we are going to fuck them to death.”  Or something outrageously awful, chock full of innuendo.  I really like the idea that it’s theirs.)

Kent:  Prior to Talking Dead, I honestly thought it had something to do with Fear The Walking Dead.  Since I have no other inkling and now know that it is Morgan who will be featured on Fear, I am now more gung ho about this idea.  There’s nothing stating that it’s only one character appearing on one show or the other.  I think the Morgan announcement is a red herring, and we will have somebody in a chopper trying to find Morgan.  Let’s call that person Strand.  I will offer another theory, that is going to be wrong.  I can say this, after ALL OUT WAR, a character that we know reaches out to an unknown character.  That unknown character may be with a group that has a chopper.  I feel that is like Season 11 or 12 stuff though, so I doubt that’s the gameplan.


  1. How will Rick’s visit with the Scavengers end now that we know that they have him locked up?


Briana:  Ugh! He irritates me! Who goes to a place like that all by himself? I don’t think it’s going to end well! They either plan on trading him or killing him so I’m at a loss on how he will get out of this pickle. (Wow, we now have 2 pickle references in this blog.  How exciting!  I am going to throw this idea out there, and I hope people think about it.  The Scavengers are not bad people.  They were minding their own damn business this whole time, just hanging out in the nude, crafting some art, maybe listening to some Joplin or Simon and Garfunkle on one of the numerous car stereos that they have.  At no point have we seen them become aggressive without provocation.  Rick is the dumbass who started with them.  We, as fans, got mad that the Scavengers made the deal with the Saviors and screwed over those we love, well not Brian.  Anyway, the reality is that they seemingly made the most lucrative deal and had hoped to be left alone thereafter.  Along comes Officer Friendly, F’N their shit up again.  He already killed their greatest warrior, Winslow the walker.  Rick is lucky to be alive if you really think about it.  He;s absolutely unnecessarily provoking these people who want to be self sufficient and left alone.)

Bob:  Does he have conjugal rights with the leader of the Scavs?  (I had lots of responses for this one.  The 2 I settled on are simple.  1. I think Janis would be a perfect starting girl for Carl before him and Enid or whoever else.  I think Janis would teach him valuable lessons that Michonne can’t quite provide.  2. Janis only gets nude when she is making art.  No conjugal visits.)

Bitty:  He will also be making naked art. Honestly I think she will come around. She just wants everything to be on her own terms. (I’ll refer you to my response to Bri and simply ask, why does Janis need to come around?  They were getting by just fine until Rick intervened their peaceful short sentence lifestyle.  Rick should have to adapt.)

Brian:  He will be given to Negan as a pow. The Ricktards with try and trade the group of saviors for him. In the meantime the leader will use him as a nude model for her art.  (Yeah, I hope Rick does the Kate Winslet pose from Titanic.  I assume that he saw it his world, probably Lori forced him to.  I think you are partially right, that there will be a trade, and you could be 100% spot on.  I keep thinking that it’s going to be Gabe and possibly Eugene or Enid and Aaron for the POW’d at Hilltop.  It could very well be for Rick though.  Negan does value his people.)

Chris:  Well, Rick isn’t going to die.  Maybe they will try to take Rick to the saviors, only for alexandrians to rescue him.  (What you just said goes back a few blogs ago about the perception that Daryl and Rick are unkillable.  Rick shouldn’t be the one who went.  If it was somebody else, let’s say Rosita, we could start hypothesizing scenarios in which she died.  Here, we have a foregone conclusion that Rick is surviving just fine, so the danger and suspense factor is missing.)

Raylene:  I think a group will come to save him since they know where he went which why the hell go alone in the first place.  (Much like in Game of Thrones, we can see how people can now teleport to certain locations at the exact right time.  Therefore, Daryl’s group, Carol, Henry, Morgan, Aaron, and Enid will all converge at the right spot within seconds of each other.  Don’t put it past them to do this.)

Eric:  There will be some daring escape, gunfight, some no name actor/actress will die.  (I laughed at the no name actor/actress part because that is SO going to happen.)

Kent:  Brian was talking to me about nude art and the Thunderdome, and man, I liked all of that stuff.  I am assuming that Aaron is heading there soon, and perhaps Carol and Henry will as well.  Still, they need more people, so I think Rick will pull a Kate Winslet, pose nude for Janis, and then Aaron will see this, get a raging clue, and then all Scavengers except Janis will die.  Really, nobody reads my answers, so this is an example of me just talking to myself.


  1.  Should Carol have allowed Henry to follow her?


Briana:  Why not? At this point, Carl isn’t the only kid who grew up in this and an uneducated kid is a dead kid in this world. So take the kid out and teach him a little.  (I hadn’t considered that.  He was younger than Carl when this all started.  This world may very well be all that he really knows or can recall.  That’s kinda scary.  I love the fact that Henry is the real life brother to Sophia.)

Bob:  Yeah, I think she is hoping to push Ezekiel to some limits…. To get him to act.  (Good insight.  If Ezekiel has one person that he cares most about that can cause him to leave his pity party, it’s definitely Henry, and Carol knows how to push those buttons.)

Bitty:  No. omg Carol with the damn kids again. She can’t get away!!!!!  (Some guys are  crazy chick magnets.  Some girls are asshole magnets.  Carol, she is always saddled with the kids.  The thing is, since Sophia, she has done such a wonderful job, as far as the acting goes.)

Brian:  like normal Carol will lead another child to his doom.(Since when has that ever happened?  Judith is still alive with more hair than both of us combined, or is that because Tyrese took care of her.  Let’s see.  Sopha dead.  When Carol had to watch Carl he didn’t run off much at least.  All the Woodbury kids including Mika and Lizzie…double check.  Sam…triple check.  Poor Henry.)

Chris:  Why not?  It’s not like anything bad has happened to kids when Carol is with them….. oh wait….(Judith and Carl are the Grimes exception.  It’s interesting to me that in the comic, Carol was like pudgy and she died in the prison because she was batshit crazy, but Sophia is still alive.  It’s amazing how they turned that whole narrative on it’s side for the show.  So weird to think about it.)

Raylene:  As I immediately thought Henry is doomed now that he is with Carol she is the angel of death for kids  (Well, it almost feel like this is Carol’s cross to bear, her own personal Hell of having kids drawn to her.  Maybe she wasn’t a good mom, and let Ed do some bad shit to Sophia.  It could be some twisted shit.)

Eric:  Stupid kid deserves to die if he doesn’t listen to carol. (Yeah, Carol is the one person that you listen to and I feel that she will keep you safest.)

Kent:  Well, it’s not like Nabilla was baking Henry cookies, so why not take advantage of that teachable moment.  I mean, the kid doesn’t look comfy wielding his stick, but he’ll figure it out.  I am still more intrigued that the kid is the real life brother of Sophia.


  1.  Please give us your first impressions of Siddiq.


Briana:  I was super skeptical of him at first and felt Rick had the right idea but he seems really genuine. I could also be naive in that assumption but if he is telling the truth, I like him. I have always felt that everyone should be killing every walker they pass so I enjoy his take on that. (Oh, I love the whole killing every walker bit.  The dude is a machine.  He’s gotta be very smart too to be doing this on his own.  I hope that we learn more because he has potential to bring something new to the group.  Or he can go the way of Heath.)

Bob:  Simple and honest, probably part of a group somewhere…. (I didn’t even consider that once I knew his name, because of his connection in the comic.  WIth that being said, him being in the comic means nothing, as Daryl, Merle, Tara and others can vouch for.  For all I know, him and the helicopter could be connected in some capacity.)

Bitty:  I was sketched out by him at first. Then I found myself wondering about his age. Are Carol and him supposed to be the same age and are they setting us up for another heart breaking death.  (Melissa McBride is in her 50’s in real life. Siddiq is closer to our age.)

Brian: too well trained to a loner. I think he’s a scout for a new group.. maybe the chopper people or could be a savior scout. They are everywhere and have supplies stashed.  (Geeze, I really should read people’s responses first as I just suggested that Siddiq and the chopper could be related.  I think that it is a distinct possibility.)

Chris:  He seemed genuine enough.  He’ll be the perfect replacement for Gabriel (Yeah, plus he is “Muslim American”, I have no idea if that is the right term, but I found it on a wedsite, so I am using it.  I apologize if that isn’t the proper term.  It goes back to the thing with TWD that they can only have so many men of color on the show at once, for whatever reason, and history has proven this.  I think you’re right on being a good Gabriel replacement.)

Raylene: Trust no one Carl you fool and don’t take your dumbass mother’s advice (Carl just got his hair cut and now has a mullet.  It’s supposedly for a new movie role.  Just sayin’.  If they killed Carl, I would struggle with this particular show.))

Eric:  Just some dude on his own during the apocalypse (Here’s a real kick in the balls for you.  In the comics, he hails from Oceanside.  Obviously, that won’t be the case here, or so I would assume.)

Kent:  I like Siddiq in the comic, and I thought his whole talk about his mom was good.  What this does tell me is that Gabriel is dead.  Another man of color just showed up on the show…yeah.  This is the Walking Dead here.  Ezekiel and Morgan, watch your asses.


  1.  Should Carl have left his post in Alexandria to go recruit Siddiq?


Briana:  I guess that really depends on what he was doing in Alexandria. Since we have seen literally nothing of him through all of this, I don’t know if what he was up to was important or not. So sure! There’s lots of people around to look out and he didn’t go extremely far from town.  (I would dispute your claim of lots of people to look out.  To use the nerd phrase, most of the red shirts went with Rick for the million bullet shoot out, where the leader of the red shirts, Tobin, got shot.  If you think about it, Carl, Michonne, Rosita, Judith, and Kent were left.  Carl, Michonne, and Rosita all bailed from their posts to do dumb things.  There is a distinct possibility that either Kent or Judith is currently in charge of Alexandria.  All the known people are gone, from my perspective.  With that being said, at least Carl now has Siddiq to help defend the place so he doesn’t have to go all Macauley Culkin on the Wet Bandits, I mean Saviors.  Seriously though, if they did an episode of Carl setting up traps for Saviors, we’d all laugh.)

Bob:  No, it’s war – DO YOUR JOB!  (Isn’t it funny how people actually had more discipline prior to the war than they do now?  Not that they are treating it as fun and games, but in WAR, this is all just day 1 type of knowledge.  Un real.)

Bitty: Carl is finding his own way. He believes in man kind still and wants to prove that not everyone is bad. It’s what he is fighting for. (“Mankind.  That word should have new meaning for all of use today.  We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.  I had to do the quote.)

Brian: Arl is stupid and loves to take risks like his pappy. This will lead to Arl bringing the downfall of Alexandria.  (I’m more curious about your philosophy on whether Judith will ever rise to power in some capacity.)

Chris:  Of course he shouldn’t have.  Rick has never been known to make great decisions, so carl is just following in his footsteps.  (Rick is off doing nude art, Carl is saving walker souls.  Weird family.  Here is another oddity that I wish we were doing this from season one.  Does anybody ever stop and think about how big of a dick Rick is?  When he first meets the group, he just rolls in and takes over the leader spot of the group from presumably Shane and possibly Dale.  Like, he just took it.  One of his first actions as part of the group was to handcuff Merle and basically ended up leaving him to die, intentionally or not.  Yet, Negan gets the bad rap.  I find it weird.)

Raylene:  No he shouldn’t have who the hell is left there if they get attacked? (Kent and Judith.  They’ll be fine.)

Kent:  Fuck Alexandria!  It’s not like they have solar panels and a great system there or anything.  Why should anybody be concerned with keeping this place locked down?  Seriously, an scene for some exposition about who he left in charge would have been nice.  I am assuming it is Kent as Michonne and Rosita bailed, and Tobin is wounded.  Really, it’s either Kent or Judith.


  1.  Should Michonne and Rosita have left Alexandria, considering their health, and the lack of people to defend their home?


Briana:  It was a terrible idea and I’d like to say it worked out well for them in the end because it did but not on their behalf. They went in there, fumbled through the whole thing and then Daryl had to save their asses. It was not a good idea.  (That’s the best/worst part of it.  They go on this trip that was long enough that warranted them switching drivers midway through for some reason.  I gotta ask, why did they switch who was driving?    Anyway, they get there, and Rosita has some kind of combat training.  Michonne’s specialty is to sneak up on people to get close enough to melee range.  Yet they totally made both characters act even dumber.  Mind blown, like that poor guy who fought Rosita.)

Bob:  No, DO YOUR JOB! BUT….. It’s a good thing they did, at the moment. (Is Rick the only one following the plan at the moment, well him and Carol?  I wish they would have spent time going over the plan in the season premiere rather than give pep talks and wasting ammunition.)

Bitty: You know my thoughts on Rosita. Toss her in a pit and leave her. OVER IT. (Man, that’s rough.  Well, somebody has to do die soon.  You may get your wish.  Or Siddiq could knock her up and Rosita lasts 4 more seasons.  Anything is possible.  I bet Ned Stark could give her advice.)

Brian:  I loved to see it. It gives the saviors better chances to either take Alexandria or kill more Ricktards (I seriously intend on getting you a Ricktards shirt.  It would be hilarious.  You’re right.  They have no defense at all now.)

Chris:  Again, like Carl, of course not.  But the show would be pretty boring with some of the main characters just sitting around all season. (Couldn’t there feasibly have been leftover Wolves to raid Alexandria?  Actually, I want to know why nobody ever want back to their hang out and take the supplies.  They were well stocked.)

Raylene:  No but they are stupid females so common sense isn’t a plenty there (Oh, you want me to go on some woman rant.  Nope, not doing it.  I believe in Vice Principal Strong Woman.  Anybody reading this that may be confused, watch this past week of South Park for a treat.)

Eric:  I don’t think so. With impending war, they needed all the defenders they can get. Plus with them healing, they would be better off staying put. Hell, Lori rolled her car and she wasn’t injured before the crash.  (Yeah, how the hell did Lori come out of that crash so well?  That was one of those things to just kill time.   If I am being practical here, and assuming that the solar panels are still holding up, it amazes me how little focus has been put on protecting what they have.  I get that they wanted to do a huge assault, but Negan still has the numbers.  It’s weird.)

Kent:  Seriously, why not just put out the welcome mat for any intruders.  The Wolves invade and it’s hands across America to save Alexandria.  Now that we’re in ALL OUT WAR, nobody seems to give a damn.  I don’t get it.  I wish Rosita would just take it over and walk around naked.  They can show that on AMC as Janis proved.


  1.  Daryl, Tara, Michonne, and Rosita are now on a mission.  Do you think that their mission will cause at least one of their lives?


Briana:  It’s time, I can feel it. Tara’s getting it! Otherwise, it could also be Rosita but I’m going with Tara.  (Gold star for you!  It is finally time…..for the midseason finale.  Not this week.)

Bob:  I get the feeling Rosita is in for it.  (I would have agreed if this was last season when they finally built her character up, it felt like they may do the build up a character to kill them thing.  They have done jack with her this season.  I think that she is a candidate, but I think that she is safe.)

Bitty:  Again, Rosita you can be arrogant and dumb and get killed. (It’s like you feel about Rosita the way I feel about Tara.  I think one of our girls is gonna get got.  I’m going to be selfish and hope it’s my girl.  She has been so irritating since her very first scene.  Like, it’s impressive.)

Brian:  hopefully. I think michonne will lose the baby… and Tara will die trying to save her. Btw rick knocked her up…. (I’ll assume you are implying that Rick knocked up Michonne and not Tara, but that would be kinda funny.    I could see Michonne get knocked up.  It was back, well some years ago, when Michonne kinda had like a little meltdown in the child’s room.  I always thought that would be a precursor, so there you go.  And you get a gold star for being on the Tara train.)

Chris:  I think it’s time for an impactful death.  It won’t be Daryl, but maybe Tara or Rosita.  Then again, now that Michonne will be in marvel movies for the considerable future, it might be time to write her off the show.  (With such a huge cast, I feel that these actors can feasibly do 1-2 side projects along with TWD.  If you think about it, aside from maybe Andy Lincoln, most have plenty of time.  The thing is that Andy shows up on set just to watch them film other stuff not involving him.  I think that’s such a neat and dedicated thing.  I know others do too, but I hear about it with Andy a lot.  This is definitely a coin toss between Rosita and Tara. I brought up how Carol was portrayed in the comic, but it should be said that Michonne got a much better make over in the show as well.  Michonne slept around like crazy in the comic.  Michonne dying would catch everybody off guard, that’s for sure.)

Raylene:  I’m ready for Tara and Rosita to just go away other then Michonne fighting skills I am over the whole usefulness of her character to the show (Rosita needs to stay around so Eugene can finally get a chick.  He deserves that because he won’t have many video games after ALL OUT WAR.)

Kent:  Man, what a Tarabull idea that would be.  I would be sooooo sad if that were to happen.  Please, whatever the producers and writers do, just don’t kill Tara.  Seriously, we know Michonne ain’t gon get got, and Daryl is practically a Marvel super hero, and Rosita is the most attractive female on the show.  I will go on record and state that if the other 3 die and Tara is the last one standing, I will legit stop watching this show.  Just throwing that out there.  SOmebody has to die….I hope.


  1.  Will Margaret, I mean Maggie, come to regret keeping the prisoners inside the walls of Hillside?


Briana:  Of course she will. Don’t they always regret these sort of things? And long haired dude (I don’t feel like googling for his name again. You know the one I mean) is obviously looking for his chance every second and he will find it. The HillTop is not made up of a bunch of Maggie’s and Rick’s. They are going to mess up and he’s going to get a gun and some people are definitely going to die. (Now they don’t have Aaron and Enid either.  They have a pregnant Maggie, who isn’t showing yet, a wacky Jesus, and Dianne.  I trust in Dianne’s skills.  The long haired guy is Jared.  Just try to remember Subway and you should be fine.  I think his death may end up being the most satisfying one of the season, if he does go.  I mean, he pissed off Gavin who is supposed to be a dick.  I am kinda surprised that he lasted with The Saviors.)

Bob:  I will venture a No here.  Because everything we seem to see makes us want to believe bad things will happen – so nothing will happen and everyone, save 2 of them, will “join” hillside.  (I think Jared is an exception, and probably Gregory.  I can see them joining Hilltop or, just rejoining Sanctuary after the dust settles.  This feels like a red herring.)

Bitty:  I don’t think Maggie will have a sense of regret, ever after the death of Glenn. Everything she does has a purpose and even if they gets lose and harm the Hilltop she will still stand by her word and actions. (Yeah, which is why I think she sucks as a leader at the moment.  When you have to rationalize that your decision could be useful down the road, while so many horrible things can happen, you just gotta take care of it now.  Even if she loses that bargaining chip, is it that big of a loss?)

Brian:  yes. For once Gregory will do a good thing and unite then in a revolt against a weakened hilltop.  (I cannot tell you how much I want this to happen.  There’s nobody at the Hilltop that would hate to lose at this moment, aside from Dianne, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  If they took out Maggie & Jesus, and reclaim Gracie, it would be amazing.)

Chris:  Based on track record, yes, they most certainly will. (The stupid thing is that if it comes back to bite them in the ass, it won’t be Maggie or Jesus’ ass that gets bitten.  That is frustrating to me as a fan.)

Raylene:  If Jared remains alive then yes she will regret it  (I want Jared to takeover Hilltop.  He could get a big head and try to talk to Negan, like Spencer did.  It could be hilarious.)

Eric:  I know that they are going to need people to run and populate the colonies, but hostages only complicate the situation, now you have to feed them. (Yeah, gotta feed your “bargaining chips” or else they lose their value.  Supplies cannot be too solid, at least from what they have shown us.)

Kent:  In real life, yes, of course she would.  In the TWD universe, everything just works out for her after Glenn’s death, that it’s borderline gag worthy, so she won’t regret a damn thing.  Boooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


  1.  Is it smart for Enid to go with Aaron?


Briana:  Probably not but he can use the help. He’s not in a good place mentally and it’s less smart for him to go by himself.  (I can see your point.  I just think it’s odd for that person to be Enid.  For all I know, they were friendly prior to the Ricktatorship in Alexandria, so maybe they have some catching up to do.  I am kinda surprised that they didn’t put Jesus with Aaron.  TWD loves to tease some romance, and this is such an imperfect time that it feels right for them to do it.  Maybe not romance, but more like building the bond.)

Bob:  Totally, he could use the company for his own mental health.(I wonder if they’ll show him driving and then the next scene, she’ll be driving.  I hope they do this.)

Bitty:  Enid’s character needs a little boost. So far she’s been pretty bland. Hopefully we’ll learn what her ambition is. Was she a savior at one point?  (No, she simply survived, the J.S.S. backstory.  This poor girl has been accused of being a Wolf or a Savior and I think she’s just a girl that figured her shit out better than most adults in that situation.)

Brian:  it’s shows that the Ricktards are falling apart and the group’s are becoming every man for themselves and will lead to an easier battle for the saviors to win.  Negan is a strong leader with loyal followers. (From an outsider’s perspective, this would be the logical outcome.  Negan still has more people, probably more ammo, and a better system set up.  He should still be favored in Vegas to win.  The only positives that Rick has going for him is that the show is based around it, but that is it.)

Raylene: Like really what’s her use in combat fighting (Ya know what?  I bet you that she does something great in combat.  I’m going bat for her.  She’s gotta be cool at some point.  The waiting game on her character is getting stale.)

Kent:  I would say no.  I was speculating that Enid would be the wet nurse after Carl did the right thing.  I’m at a loss and poor Gracie.  Who’s going to take care of her?  I think that should have been Gregory’s job, to babysit Gracie.  Come on, you know that would have been funny.  I hope Jared gets to bitchslap Jesus before he escapes.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  What was more ridiculous: Leo’s rocket launcher death or Zia’s Fat Lady getting hit by Daryl’s truck?


Briana:  I loved the rocket launcher! The truck was a little cheesy but still pretty cool as far as effects go.

Bob:  Rocket launcher = awesome.  Truck collision was more ridiculous just because of perfect timing.

Bitty: Rocket Launcher

Brian:  the truck.. really Darryl just happened to be driving by at that exact moment to cause the accident. Then just pop out and perfectly shoot her in the head.. No even a bit believable.  (Yeah, the fact that he immediately got a headshot after was hilariously bad.  That really was terrible.)

Raylene: They were both pretty stupid but to have perfect timing with the truck is beyond frustrating  

Kent:  The truck.  The fucking timing on this show…..I know brain, I tried turning you off, but you keep coming back on.  This show never ceases to amaze me with ridiculous moments.  I kinda thought some people would go for the RPG because in theory, that should have sent Rosita’s bitch ass backwards.  There’s a lot to that part, but it’s still preferable to the timing of the truck.


  1.  If you were in Gregory’s current position, what would you do?


Briana:  If I’m Gregory, I do nothing. Sit back and wait for all of this to unravel. He’s a selfish coward so this is his M.O.

Bob:  Exactly what he is doing.  Cowering.

Bitty:  If I was Gregory and acted and thought like him I’d do the same thing if I was thrown in there… plot and try to reconnect with whoever he can in the pen. (Reconnecting I think is one of the better ideas here.)

Brian:  rally the troops. Margaret put a person who knows the layout of the hilltop. What they have for stores and weapons into a group of her enemy. This will be her downfall.  (THIS! This right here.  He knows the ins and out of this place, yet Margaret put him in there with everybody else.  She knew better than to put him in general pop.  He needed to be put in solitary.  I found this borderline stunning, until I remembered, the writers feel like they can do whatever with her and it doesn’t matter because all she has to do is reference Glenn and get everybody sad, and nobody considers her stupid actions.  Once again, Maggie is not a good leader.)

Raylene:  Try to pit people against each other  (I would thoroughly enjoy this scenario.  I need a scene where he asks Jared to come over and see Gregory whisper in his ear.  Please, make this happen!)

Eric:  Start learning to kiss some serious ass  (Possibly more than kissing.)

Kent:  Pick a fight with the biggest guy in the joint and become the leader.  That’s the most reasonable thing I can think of.


Final Thoughts – Also, how do you feel about Morgan joining the cast of Fear The Walking Dead, and does increase or decrease his odds of dying this season on The Walking Dead?


Briana:  What??? I didn’t know he joined FTWD! (I don’t watch that one) is he Morgan or someone else? Is that why he had a breakdown and ran away? That makes sense. (To answer your questions, Morgan will still be Morgan.  Both shows take place in the same universe.  Fear was originally in Cali, then Mexico, and appears to be heading to Texas sooner than later.  Now, here is where it gets complicated. They wrapped up their 3rd season a couple of months back.  In TWD, we can surmise that we are in year 3-5 range, despite being in season 8.  Fear’s second season took place around the same time as TWD’s first season.  So the question is, will this be during the time that Morgan was insane and burning bodies as we saw in TWD’s season 3, or more likely after he cleared, he kept moving on to do more clearing.  Then maybe he does the Fear thing, then meets Eastman, and then saves Daryl and Aaron.  I am making a lot of broad guesses here.  The other question that must be considered is will Morgan travel and find them, or will Fear continue moving East and maybe bring the female lead, Madison, closer to her roots?  I would assume the latter as she’s got a southern belle voice that occasionally comes out of her.  If nothing else, I think they have effectively added viewers to a failing show by virtue of using Morgan.  Sorry for the long response.)

Bitty:  I’m wondering if he is going to die? I don’t watch Fear but I’m guessing it’s before the WD time frame? So Morgan would have to die in WD so we can see how it all started in Fear. Also Carol’s over the top emotion during Talking makes me wonder if they did kill him off. It seemed so final.  (I will direct you to my long answer to Bri.  I swear, I think Melissa blew it on Talking.  Her reaction was odd and emotional.  I don’t think she was supposed to react much other than to, do the praise your fellow actor spiel.  If I could put money on it, I would put it on Morgan dying this season.  He already did the whole I can’t die thing.  I hope not, but the writing on the wall… looks bad.)

Brian: given that negan likes to take on “wives” as punishment for disobedience. Could an error in ricks ways have lead to arl being sired by the negan? And the coma caused by Lucille? I digress I think Morgan on talking is just a ratings grab. I think he’s fine… or commits suicide cause Jesus whipped his ass…. (Morgan shouldn’t have lost to Jesus.  It would be nice if they explained why Jesus can fight the way that he does.  I think Morgan dies via arrow  Since hardly anybody is reading at this point, I love to throw these oddities out.)

Raylene:  At this point I could care less about either show very disgruntled (Awww, somebody didn’t get their way.  Now you know how I feel when survives another episode.)

Kent:  I already said it in the comments, but to summarize. 1. Melissa gave away Morgan’s death in the show based on her reaction on Talking.  2. I predict Morgan dies via arrow, this season, probably second half.  3. He may help Madison in some capacity get to her family’s house.

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 4

Welcome to the Bonus Double Deuce part of the 9 Deuce Stranger Things Season 2 blog.  These are 4 more questions that I felt needed some answers.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Bonus Double Deuce

  1.  Will we continue to find other kids that were experimented on?

Jim:  yes, yes and yes!!  Why have a 8 and an 11 if you don’t have the other numbers.  I think as we track down Brenner and re-incorporate 8 we will find more.  Hopefully they utilize Murray a little more, digging up conspiracy theorized psychics, as I think he was an underutilized tool in this season.  (Honestly, I kinda feel that finding other kids practically goes hand in hand with the belief that Brenner is still alive.  Also, this blog gave Murray no love.  Shame on us!  I really enjoy Brett Gelman.)

Briana:  Yeah I think in order to keep this series going, they’re going to have to explore all possible stories. Why not find more! (Yeah, with 2 seasons down, and 2 to go, next season seems like teh one to introduce as many extra characters and then kinda go balls out like they did in this season of GoT.  Season 4 should be insane.)

Raylene:  I am hoping we get an army of warrior kids (We already did.  It’s a film called The Warriors.  You liked it.  You wanted to come out and play.)

Melanie:  Yes

Kristi:  Definitely.  Hopefully it’s a better storyline that 008. (I have wondered if you polled say a thousand people, how many people actually liked her storyline.   I would guess under 30.)

Cece:  Maybe. But next time, I hope it really ties into something bigger.  (Smaller could be fun.)

Chris: Yes. At least 9 and 2 (Well, yeah, because that adds up to 11.  But if they give us a 9 and 2, they better be the 2 coolest ones.  I am hoping one of them to be a pyro and one to be able to alter their appearance.)  

Kent:  If they stick to only 4 seasons, which is the plan as of now, I can see giving us another kid or two, but not 9 or 10 more.  Do we know if they went beyond 11?  Is there a 13 and is his name Jason?


  1.  Do you feel that you got proper closure on Barb’s death?

Jim:  What more do you need than a hashtag?  Seriously I think so, as now her parents know she’s dead, and Nancy can sleep at night.   I could see one of the demigorgons arrive with red hair at some point to see her come full circle, but if we never hear about barb again, she was closed properly.  (Jim, nobody in the history of ever has needed a hashtag you damn millennial.  I am also pretty sure that you’re older than me.  If we get a redheaded demigorgon, I don’t foresee anything topping that.  That would be incredible.)

Briana:  No. I mean I guess it’s as much as you can get. But I just kept hoping maybe there would be more. Her death was so subtle to me. She disappeared but so did Will, and then we just see her body. I like to see the death or some form of it. I’m realizing that sounds extremely morbid! Lol!  (It’s not morbid, it’s called closure.  We never got it to a comfortable level that we would normally get.  Some people were able to let it go easier because they didn’t care much about her to begin with.  It definitely was intentional, that’s all I know.)

Raylene:  Yes

Melanie:  Yes. I don’t think they will make her such a focus in future seasons. (Probably not, but Jim’s Ginger demigorgan idea is really a good way to bring it back.)

Kristi:  I was good after last season. (The answer that most reflected my feelings.)

Cece:  Yes. They had a legit funeral and also got proof that they fucked up and it led to her death.  (In an odd way, I would be fine if they brought her parents back for some reason.  Namely, GingerGorgan comes into the normal world and seeks out her folks.)  

Chris: yes.

Kent:  I find it funny that there is a small percentage of fans that kinda got wrapped up in the whole Barb thing.  I don’t even know if people were serious or doing it to be ironic or whatever.  The whole thing makes me laugh and that’s why I asked.  Honestly, at this rate, if they can incorporate more Barb talk moving forward, I will laugh. Like Kristi said, I was definitely good after last season.


  1.  Which romantic couple is your favorite on the show?

Jim:  Max and Lucas provided the most turmoil within the group.  And will continue to as we know how Dustin feels.  Did like to see Joyce happy with Bob for once, but that’s not a thing anymore.  Dustin’s man crush on Steve, with Steve taking a big brother role was nice too!  (Now if Steve can only try to nail Dustin’s mom.)

Briana:  Mike and El! There’s just something so perfect about them. The way they both feel so misunderstood and yet are able to find solace in each other.  (What’s nice about them as a couple, from my perspective, is that they weren’t annoying, like say Nancy and whatever dude she’s with that week.  Everything felt right with Mike and Eleven.  It’s one of the few romances I have enjoyed on TV.)

Raylene::  Lucas and Max

Melanie:  Joyce and Bob, #justiceforbob  (The hashtags are flowing.  We could someday get a Bobigorgan I guess.  And that could be fun.)

Kristi:  Mike and Eleven.

Cece:  Mike & Eleven and Joyce & Bob.

Chris: Jonathon and Nancy. “How was the pull out, Jonathon?” One of the best lines all season  (I hate to admit it, but that was a good line.  One of the rare positives of their relationship for me.)

Kent:  Billy and Mike’s mom….and you knew that was coming.  I did like Joyce and Bob, they were fun for a season.  Not a single mention for Will getting the zombie girl chick.  Poor Will gets no love in these blogs.


  1.  Who had the best hair this season?

Jim:  Dustin’s Steve hair, and it wasn’t close.  In an effort to be kinder to the world, Billy’s stupid mullet was not horrible, but I disliked him so much I have to teach to compliment to balance out.

Briana:  Definitely Steve! That guy just has great hair. I wish they’d have done something different with Billy’s! Lol!

Raylene:  Dustin’s Snow ball hair

Melanie:  Still Steve! But Dustin’s “Steve” hair came a close second.

Kristi:  Dustins Snowball do. He was so proud of it.

Cece:  Steve. Duh. And Dustin’s do at the dance!

Chris: Steve until the last episode. Then Dustin

Kent:  Well, Steve and Dustin were the obvious answers, but I felt that Billy’s really fit the era and was something to behold, and props to Maxine for bringing some gingervitus back.


Final Thoughts:  

Jim:  was fantastic.  Still love season 1 for the surprise wave of nostalgia I got, but the hardest thing you can do is bottle the magic and keep it going.  They did as close as they could.  The directors darkened it up a little, but kept it light enough to keep the show unique.  Can’t wait for more.   The kids are all a little more mature, without being too old to be innocent.  11 is harnessing her powers better, and all the characters are naturally evolving better.  It was also a nice plot line to see the PTSD of nearly all the involved characters, and the differences in how they dealt with it.  Mike with his calls to 11, Hopper recapturing his time with a daughter with 11, Joyce trying to better her family with Bob etc…. just fantastic writing and work in all (except Billy #fuckbilly)  (It was a great job in how they had the characters deal with the past events in their own way.  The writing was really good.)

Briana:  Great season! I was really unsure how they would pull off more of this show but they did a very good job!

Raylene:  I hope to see more Erica

Melanie:  I really loved this season. I am still hooked and think I have to wait too long for season 3. (The waiting is the hardest part.)

Cece:  This season was absolutely wonderful. I loved everything about it and Noah Schnapp did such an incredible job as Will. (Holy balls!  A shout out for Will!  Bout time.)

Chris: Season 2 upped it in all the right ways. It continued to provide 80’s nostalgia while subverting the tropes we would expect. While there were a couple of underutilized/unsuccessful story arcs (Max and Billy and their family dynamic/#8 and her gang), they helped provide breaks and the motivations for the characters, especially 11, to save the day. It makes me want to binge both seasons together again and really makes me look forward to season 3. (I think Billy may be the key to the downfall of the group in season 3.  Like, maybe he screws over 11 or something.  Billy has to have more meaning.  I also think Billy will have redemption in season 4, and not just for plowing Ted’s wife.  I’m finding it harder and hard to go back and binge things that I love because my backlog of TV is almost as bad as my video game backlog.)

Kent:  I preferred the first season.  I don’t necessarily feel that many people had a chance to shine like they did in the first season.  There were a lot of breakout people in season 1, and I think maybe Steve got to break out some and maybe Bob, but by and large, it didn’t stand out for me.  I can say that I watched the first season 3 times within a month.  I couldn’t make it through the first episode a second time.  I don’t say this to trash it because I thoroughly enjoyed the season, but I’m analytic at times.  I think that they were smart in bringing in a great variety of new characters.  The pacing felt right.  There’s almost always a curse of the second.  In TV, the second episode tends to feel like a let down because after the excitement wanes off from the premiere, now you get back to building up a new story.  Second seasons in TV have often been bad.  The great TV franchises have succeeded, but they are in the minority.  Then if you talk film or video games or most any medium with a sequel, it’s typically a let down.  This didn’t let me down, and that’s great.  It was different enough to set the stage for season 4.  I expect 3 to be similar to 2, and 4 to be a really awesome season.  This is one of the few reasons left to keep NetFlix if I’m being honest.  HULU is better, but they don’t have Stranger Things.  

Thank you to each and every one of you who chimed in with your opinions this year.  Anything I said is in good fun or jest as always.  I hope to have you all return next year.  Thank you so much.

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 3

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

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Part 3
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The 9 (continued)

  1.  What was the happiest moment of the season for you?

Jim:  the first moment 11 walked in the door I welled up a little.  Waited so long for the reunion.  Plus we knew how 11 felt because she went “The Crush” on Max earlier during the season.  (I really hope you are referring to that awful Alicia Silverstone film that I had a teenage hard on for.  I am positive that I am not the only one.)

Briana:  El and Mike seeing each other for the first time, hands down! It was also super sweet when Nancy danced with Dustin but there was something so sweet and genuine about that scene when she walked in the house and his jaw dropped. I had so many goosebumps!  (I must admit, as much as I really dislike Nancy, I liked that particular scene of hers.)

Raylene:  When El found Mama it was bitter sweet (Yeah, the mystery behind the mom’s words and the revelation were pretty heartbreaking.)

Melanie:  The dance, such sweet things happened.  (But where were the cookies?)

Kristi:  At the Snowball dance when Nancy and Dustin were dancing. Poor kid was so crushed when no one would dance with him. He needed a win. (It was a relate-able moment.  I feel that we have all tried something, especially appearance wise, expecting positive things and then nothing.  It’s morally deflating.)

Cece:  The Snow Ball was amazing. Also, loved the scene where everyone was working together to defeat stuff.  (Yeah, I am always a sucker for a group to form to do like a final battle.  Usually more in cartoons and a few films, but this was satisfying as hell.)

Chris: Basically the whole epilogue. From Evans giving Hopper a birth certificate so he could be El’s dad, to Steve’s dropping off of Dustin at the dance to the dance itself and finally the mind flayer lumbering down over the upside down high school  (Yeah, I expected more people to bring up the birth certificate.  I think the Snow Ball just sticks in the head better and almost blinds people because of all the positive vibes.  Thank you for bringing up the mind flayer.  That should also be a bit of a happy moment because without it, there’s really no reason to have a season 3.  That or you’re just a twisted bastard, which I support as well.)

Kent:  When Jonathan played Should I Stay followed by Billy and Mike’s mom.  Should I Stay really was a feel good nostalgic moment.  Yes, I liked the Mike and El thing.  But the real answer is Dustin taking Steve’s hair advice.


  1.  What did you think of 008’s group?  Was it a good story arc or just time killing?

Jim:  Necessary evil to introduce 8.  The characters were dumb, but I can’t really think of a better way of bringing her into the universe.  Was definitely the weakest element of the season (except billy).  Her powers are bad ass, and hopefully we get 1-7 and 9-10 at some point as well…. will be worth that episode if we do (and they show up and beat Billy).  (Man,, the hate on for Billy, incredible. I would also agree that it was the second weakest element of the season, but Billy is not #1 for me.  That would be Nancy’s budding romance.)

Briana:  I think it worked well to promote El’s story line but it wasn’t my favorite part of the season. I liked that they introduced another experiment kid but I don’t know if it needed to be quite as drawn out as it was.  (I am inclined to say that if it was another “good guy” character, that people wouldn’t have minded the episode.  The way it was done, it served a purpose, but after 11’s introduction, we have it in our minds that these kids are going to be similar.)

Raylene:  No killing time this season perhaps next season will discover more kids (I am cautiously optimistic that we will meet other kids, probably multiple ones next year as 11 hones her powers.)

Melanie:  Beginning was good, but then super boring.  (Yeah, the beginning was fine because you still had that excitement built up.  It was like a magician doing a shitty magic trick after performing a really mind blowing one.)

Kristi:  Filler. Although without 008, El wouldn’t have known how to use her powers in full capacity. I was rather disappointed in the story line though. I think they could have done better with it.  (I would say that if we did get a positive from this, it was 11 really learning to use those powers more effectively.)

Cece:  Definitely filler. However, it helped aide in Eleven’s growth.  (I have been wondering if the kids were all just gifted with one particular power or if they have the ability to learn others.  That would be a game changer.)

Chris: Wasted potential. Cool idea, even somewhat necessary. Subpar utilization  (Your succinct response is what I wish I had written.  Shame you didn’t mention Funshine.)

Kent:  I felt that it was incredibly underwhelming.  Most people have been thinking about what the other kid’s powers would be, and like we had these X-Men type fantasies.  Then we see Kali’s cool powers in the opening shot, and I am thinking this is cool.  Then it was just a blah episode with a bunch of unlikable characters, aside from Funshine.  That dude was awesome.  It served it’s purpose, but it could have done it in a better way, and in the end, it was my least favorite episode.


  1.  Is Brennar still alive or was the guy (Ray)  just trying to save his own ass?

Jim:  we did not definitively see his death, so by movie rules, he’s alive.  Gives a reason for 8 to seek out 11 once again, so I think plot wise it works as well.  (Yeah, I’m with you on this.  Horror movies have taught me this very valuable lesson, plus bringing 8 back to the fold and possibly others.  I think it works all around, even if the explanation is cheesy, and it will be cheesy.)

Briana:  I can’t possibly see how he could be! We watched him die! Didn’t we…? I think. Well now I’m not sure but I feel like he’s dead.  (Rewatching the scene, it does plant a seed of doubt.  All it takes is one seed. Funny note, at least for me.  Looking back at all the pics that I screen captured last year, the one of Brennar at the end, I labeled it as “Totally Screwed”.  Honestly, I wish people actually knew half of the names of pics that I use.)

Raylene: I believe Ray was trying to save his own ass (Ray is a class act type of guy.  He wouldn’t lie to the children.)

Melanie:  I think still alive.

Kristi:  I think he is alive.

Cece:  Oh, you mean Papa. Nah. He dead.

Chris: Dead until Kali gets pissed off at El down the road and mind fucks her with him (Now this would be a fascinating thing to see.  I am waiting for this to potentially happen.  It will almost feel as good for you as it was to see Gendry return.)

Kent:  Brennar is still alive.  This is where I go by horror rules and if we didn’t definitively see it, we can’t be sure and simply assume.  Plus, what the fuck else is Matthew Modine doing aside from sitting by that phone hoping for the Duffer Bros to call him up.  I can picture him at one point calling the Duffers and being like “Hey guys, uhmmm, did you just call me because somebody just called me, and like they didn’t say anything, so I thought maybe it was you…” and Duffer Bro says “Who are you?”

…… be continued in Part 4

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 2

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The 9 (continued)

  1.  Pick up to 3 songs that you really enjoyed from this season. 

(Please note that I wanted to link all of the selections to YouTube, but realized that this would be a super long ass blog, and a lot of videos get taken down from YouTube, so in a year or two, I didn’t want this blog to be a series of dead links.  If you like a song, and you are reading this, then I feel that it is safe to assume that you know how to find the song(s) on YouTube.)

Jim:  I’ve always been a sucker for Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. And it really hit the mark at the Snowball in episode 9.  Really I can’t complain about any music placement.  I really looked hard to find a slip up like last seasons Moby song (late ninetys song in the eightys)

Briana:  Time After Time, Love is a Battlefield, Rock You Like a Hurricane. I won’t lie, I’m just a cheesy girl who loves 80s rock chicks! And I thought Hurricane worked so well for introducing Billy and Max!

Raylene:  Ghostbusters

Melanie:  Thriller-episode one, Ghostbusters-episode 2, Girls on Film-episode 2

Kristi: Dead End Justice-The Runaways and Whip it. That song just entertains me.

Cece:  Well, I love the 80’s. So, I heard ‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo, ‘Ghostbusters’-Ray Parker Jr. is always great and ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’- Scorpions.

Chris- Thriller, Time After Time, but most especially Every Breath You Take. After stalking Mike for a year El finally gets to be with him for a night. Perfect context for a continually misunderstood song

Kent:  Obviously I gotta pick the most underrated rock group of the 80’s The Scorpions.  Every Breath You Take was really good for how they used it, and it still amuses me how many people don’t know the meaning behind the song.  Wango Tango by Ted Nugent was fun.  Ghostbusters is a classic that is permanently on most of my playlists.  I am shocked by a couple of you for not saying Shout At The Devil, another Kent playlist staple.  You Don’t Mess Around With Jim is a classic and great use of the song.    It’s my blog, I can list 17 songs if I want.  Leave me alone.  Push it to the Limit, another Kent staple, from Scarface and I wanna say South Park used it before.  No More by Billie Holiday was used well as was You Better Go Now by Billie.  Dead End Justice was a solid pick.  The Four Horsemen by Metallica was awesome.  Love is a Battlefield is another favorite.  Finally, Should I Stay pumped me up beyond belief.  Annnd done.  I’m not going to comment on your choices because everybody has their music taste, and I am glad we all found something to enjoy.


  1.  We had a lot of new characters this season.  Who was your favorite addition to the show?

Jim:  Everyone loves Bob and Max, but my favorite was Dr Owens.  He wasn’t quite a villain, nor was he a real teammate.  He wasn’t all good, but he was never the all bad of Dr. Brenner.  Though he wanted to advance the energy plant, and understanding, he did it without forgetting the children involved.  I can’t wait to see more of him! (Huh, well you dug deep with that response, and you’re not wrong.  Dr. Owens was a very odd character for this show which is usually good vs evil, and he was a tweener.)

Briana:  Well I’ve already named a couple new characters earlier so I’ll go with Bob on this one! He had me so confused at first. I was so sure he was planted by the lab and was up to something shady. But once I realized he’s just a little clueless, I loved him! Plus Sean Astin! I mean he’s great!  (The thought never crossed my mind that Bob was a plant, and now I am ashamed that I didn’t come up with it.  That’s really good.  Like, if that were the case, think of how different things would be.  Would we have seen something more sinister in Bob’s advice to Will about confronting the monster?  I love thought provoking responses!)

Raylene:  Erica, I loved that sassy girl (Mmmmhmm, as you giggled every time she was on, I had safely assumed this.)

Melanie:  Repeat- Bob! He was awesome to Joyce.  (So this is something I got thinking about.  We never saw Lonnie, I think that was his name, Will’s dad.  I know that he didn’t necessarily have to be on screen, but I think it would have made for a cool scene for Bob to stand up to Lonnie and Will sees it and that adds credence to Bob’s advice.  It would be something small, but a nice touch.)

Kristi:  Have to go with Doc Owens. He was the only one that really seemed to give a crap.  (Yeah, and as Jim pointed out, he kinda had a totally different vibe than any of the other characters.  You can say that most of these characters are kinda cookie cutter, but Doc was something very different.  I am really looking forward to his role next year.)

Cece:  Bob! And I love Lucas’ little sister!  (Soooo, you’re not picking Billy?  I see how it is.  Honestly, I thought you might go with Dustin’s mom.  Bob is the closest thing to an adorable man though, so I can see that.)

Chris: I liked them all, but for me the new big bad was awesome. The ‘Mind Flayer’ moved us past random chance and accidents into active malicious territory and commands whole armies of creatures on par with the big bad from season 1. It’s look was badass and alien in a Lovecraftian way and it’s presence in the very final scene of season 2 makes me look forward to season 3 even more.  (Everybody is having a good time and is happy, and then Chris has to go all dark on our asses.  Really great choice and explanation.  Yeah, this is something important that I haven’t heard or seen many people talk about.  This was proof that the events of last season weren’t a fluke.  It upped the ante in the proper way and quite frankly, it’s scary as hell in how it can control things.  Not enough focus or praise on this character and how it was played out.)

Kent:  I get why a lot of people chose Bob, we all like some lovable, humorous guys.  I liked a lot of the new people, but I will go with a guy who only had one episode.  Pruitt Taylor Vince was in the 7th episode, the one with Kali’s gang.  He was the chubby bald guy who played Otis in The Walking Dead.  I like this guy in everything I see him in.  Is it because we are both shapely and bald?  Maybe, but I think he’s a great character actor, and wanted to give him a shout out.  He’s also great in The Devil’s Candy and 13 Sins.  Please give Erica more lines next season.  Also, I loved Dustin’s mom, she was in Orange is the New Black in case you couldn’t place her.


  1.  Did anybody else get “infected” by this virus, or is it only Will?

Jim:  I’m not sure 11/Jane (not used to the name) isn’t….  those dust tendrils got awfully close.  And can you imagine the world of hurt they would be in if 11 got turned?  Or Dustin + Hopper during their time in the tunnels…. and especially Dustin cause he kept touching Dart #justicefordart  (Despite your use of a hashtage, you appear to be the only other person aside from Raylene and I who picked up on this.  I think they can go with either character and it’s an easy story.  And yes, I do wish for justice for dart, but I am not 100% convinced that he’s dead.  Still, you get a gold star.  Also, your 11 theory intrigues me.)

Briana:  I didn’t pick up on any clues that anyone else was having trouble but maybe I missed something. (Possibly you’re missing something or else I am gonna be looking a dumb ass next year.  Let’s face it, that part seems inevitable in some capacity. )

Raylene:  Hopper (What, you didn’t like my Dustin theory?  Silver star.)

Melanie:  Will by process of actual elimination. #justiceforbarb  (Why am I responding to hashtags?  God damnit!  Anyway, didn’t Barb get justice?  I mean I appreciate her help in the Ginger revival/revolution that we are seeing in TV and Film.  This is all the justice that Barb gets.)

Kristi:  I think just Will for now.  (You and Cece are echoing each other’s sentiments, almost word for word.  It’s scary.  Normally I don’t come on here and hope for somebody to be wrong, but I do hope that somebody else go infected for the narrative aspect.  And if I am wrong, I am allotting one “I told you so” from you, Bri, and Cece.  Try not to put it hashtag form.)

Cece:  Just Will… for now. (See above)

Chris: Not yet. Maybe one of the other 9 children we haven’t met yet will turn up side downed  (I just want to say that it is incredibly difficult for me to say upside downed, but I like the phrase.  I am also going on record and hypothesizing that at least one of those 9 other children are already dead, which we will learn about next season.  I’m gonna say Brennar got at least one if not deuce.)

Kent:  I think Hopper because of all of his time down there and Dustin because of Dart and also being down in the tunnel, it appeared that he breathed something in.  I think it is a distinct possibility that it’s one of them. I think Hopper would be fascinating.

…… be continued in Part 3

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 1

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to get the opportunity to do this for the second year in a row.  I am a huge fan of this show, as most of you are, but I am probably fatter than you, so that makes me a huger fan.  Fat jokes aside, I will be chopping this up into 4 Parts.  Hey, I gotta get some clicks, right?  At least I’m not doing one blog per question like a lot of other jerk ass sites.  I am sure that they won’t read this, but I really want to thank the Duffer Brothers (Matt & Ross), as well as NetFlix for providing this wonderful show.  I also want to thank my amazing group of writers that help me out with these blogs.  They are the ones that make this blog work, I just kinda sit here and copy and paste a lot of stuff.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The 9

  1.  Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first.  Which hairstyle of Eleven’s did you prefer: the buzzcut, the grown out hair, or the “MTV” look that 8 gave her?

Jim:  obvious answer is the blonde wig. (I really dropped the ball in not listing that as an option.  My apologies to everybody.)   The buzz cut is a close second.  Everything else didn’t really feel right, or what we were missing.  Maybe it’s my nostalgia for season one, but those would be my choice.  (Not saying I don’t like this season’s hair)  (It’s definitely nostalgia, but she looked like a bad ass as well and I think that is a big part of her appeal.)

Briana:  I hated the slicked back hair for sure! My favorite would have been her hair at the snow ball. With that being said, she really pulled off the buzz better than most!  (Damnit, back to back people bringing up hairstyles that I forgot.  We’re only on question one and I am coming off pretty foolish.)

Raylene:  I enjoyed the buzz cut the best

Melanie:  Grown out hair! It makes her look her age.

Kristi:  Curly longer hair. The slicked back hair was not good.

Cece:  The buzz cut will forever be my favorite. It’s iconic and plus, her hair otherwise is in that awkward growing out phase, so I didn’t care for it.  (Yeah, the growing out phase is a necessary evil, but hopefully next season it pays off.  I honestly hope that her hair changes every season.)

Chris: Totally the MTV look. The 1950’s shag wig and the buzz make me forget that someday she is going to be both hot and legal.  (Wow, that did not take long for shit to get real.  Fantastic.  Whether people want to look down on it or not, the clock is ticking for some people.)

Kent:  I feel like I’m the hair expert here, so my opinion holds some weight.  I didn’t like the grown out hair at all, really disliked it but it was something that they needed to do.  I liked the slick style slightly more.  I liked the blonde wig even better, and I thank Jim for having brought that up.  Still, I gotta go with the buzz.  While trying not to sexualize it, but some females can pull off that look and she did it incredibly well and I miss it.  It’s still my preference.

So for those counting at home, we have the final tally.

1 for blonde wig

1 for snow ball school dance

1 for MTV look

2 for grown out curls

3 for buzzcut


  1.  Name up to 3 characters that you really liked this particular season and you can tell me why if you like.  (Normally I like to leave comments on a lot of people’s responses, but I felt that this was something where I truly can’t add to the conversation, so I just kept my trap shut.)

Jim:  I will say that I enjoyed more of Will this season.  He is not necessarily a new character, but based on how much he was in last season..  he kinda was.  More focus on Dustin and Lucas was great as well.  There wasn’t a bad character (except Billy) in the Bunch.

Briana:  Dusty of course! He is so adorable and really grew into himself this season. Murray was a very interesting character and made a huge impact on the show for being a smaller character. And Max. For a girl who was given way too many mixed signals from every person in the show, she held herself very well. And I think she and El could be good friends now that she knows she doesn’t have to be jealous.

Raylene:  Erica, Dustin, Ted, the detective that Barb’s parents hire

Melanie:  Steve,  I loved the way he wasn’t douche this season. Bob,  Joyce deserved some happiness and he was super helpful. He never questioned any of it. Eleven, she kicked ass and took names.

Kristi:  Hopper, Steve, and El. Eleven is really getting to understand her powers, which is bringing a whole new badass side to her. Hopper and Steve were both very helpful and kinda kicked some ass.

Cece:  I actually only had 2 that really stood out. However, everyone was wonderful. I will choose my third as someone who really made things so much more awesome. First off, Daddy Hopper was great. It was awesome to see him really grow in the role of being a father to Eleven. Plus, he’s amazing anyway. Steve was my other favorite this season. His growth has gone a long way as well. Plus, his advice to Dustin was great. And then there’s Bob. Poor Bob. I loved him so much. It was great to add one of my favorite 80’s actors to this show. He was such a hero.

Chris: Will. From being sidelined through most of the first season he carries this whole one. And while we got to see how good the child actors were in season 1, it’s easy to see that he possibly eclipses the rest of them, with maybe the exception of 11’s.  Steve. The teenagers arc in season 1 was one of the most surprising in that Steve would have totally been a douche in the ‘80’s, and they completely subverted that trope to make him a real character. While I like that Jonathon and Nancy got together, again it would have been easy and tropey to write Steve out of the picture, but in the end he became more of a mentor and protector and more of an integral part of the show for it. And Dr. Owens. Again he could have lived up to Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brennar’s evil scientist (or even his own turn as Burke from Aliens). But he ended up being his own character entirely. It would have been easy to have him die at the end to but they didn’t go that route either. And now that the lab has been dismantled he might be one of the only people able to help them when the Mind Flayer returns in season 3.

Kent:  If I’m going 3, I gotta be real and say that I hate that I have to leave Dustin and his season finale hair off of this list.  OK, in reverse order. 3.  Billy almost gets the nod for his seduction technique on Mike’s mom, but Ted is still amazing and gets my #3.  2. Hopper was really great again.  They do such a good job in crafting his character and it’s relatable so I think he’s probably on most people’s “top” lists.  1. Steve fucking owned this season.  I am so glad that they got him the hell away from Nancy because everything she touches turns to garbage juice.  Sorry Jonathan.


  1.  Which character(s) did you least like this season?

Jim:  Billy…. even after the story briefly focused on him, he seemed a useless appendage to the show that could stand on its own.  He was a walking stereotype, a token troublemaker and made me further hate fast cars driven by high schoolers.  (I did openly complain numerous times about his obnoxious driving.)

Briana:  Of course Billy is the obvious answer but I’m gonna say his dad. He’s the one who created the monster so that makes him worse in my mind.  (Thank you for going with the dad.  You get a gold star.)

Raylene:  Nancy  (No surprise here as I watched it with you.)

Melanie:  Billy because he was a dick. But then you found out why he was a dick. (So shouldn’t you hate the dick maker….dick creator….hmmm, you know what I mean.)

Kristi:  Billy. Screw that dude! (Nope, he just wants to screw Mike’s mom.  Speaking of that, I actually hope that turns into a storyline because there could be fun mom jokes that boys are guilty of.)

Cece:  So, Can I be real for a minute? Dustin started out as my absolute favorite in season 1. However, his hiding Dart and being super irresponsible pissed me off. But, also Billy. Because he’s just a piece of shit. (You only get a silver star.  You were soooo close.  Dustin deserves to get some negative feedback for his actions.  Still, a silver is pretty solid.)

Chris: While everybody is going off on Billy, I loved his scene with Mike and Nancy’s mom. Also it should be easy to feel some pity for him after meeting his dad. So Billy’s asshole dad and Kali’s posse tie for me. (You also get a gold star because you really mentioned 2 out of the 3 worst characters.  Congratulations.)

Kent:  Wow, like you give Kali this pass and rain down hate on Billy.  What the hell people?  Billy is the way he is due to his dad, so I would think he would actually get sympathy.  Meanwhile Nancy has been the consistently worst character in both seasons.  Her stories suck!    I hope her role is significantly reduced.  Kali was my clear cut #2, but due to lack of screen time, Nancy wasted more of my time than Kali.  

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Gerald’s Game (2017)

I have had this book recommended to me numerous times because I’m a perv and would enjoy it is the gist I have gotten from people.  So with that knowledge, I then see this film come out and think, “Well, I’m a perv, I may enjoy this” and here I am.  It’s based on a Stephen King story.  If that doesn’t titillate you, then go look at tits.  I’m going to write while I watch, so I will give the spoiler warning now.  If you want to avoid the spoilers, scroll down to the last paragraph to get my final thoughts as well as a rating.  Enjoy!



I’m not going to give you play by play, but more of a Kent sized synopsis.  The film starts us off with Gerald and his wife, Jessie, going a weekend getaway of sorts.  Gerald has brought the handcuffs and his Viagra, and he is ready to do some kinky pounding.  As he tries to get into it, it freaks Jessie out, she’s not digging any rape type fantasy.  While he is trying to sort this out and get some BANG for his buck, they get arguing and he doesn’t unlock the cuffs.  Well the arguing persists and he suddenly has a heart attack.  There was a stray dog that Jessie kindly tried to feed early in the film and he comes back to chomp on Gerald’s corpse and has a unique role.

As Jessie attempts to escape the handcuffs, she sees visions of Gerald, herself, her father, and others.  Lots of things are brought back from her memory bank that gives her ideas and motivates her towards freeing herself.  I thought Gerald and Jessie were absolutely brilliant in this and Henry Thomas played Jessie’s dad, and I always have enjoyed Henry’s work.  The handcuff escape is incredibly gruesome, but well worth the watch, if you can handle it.  

While I enjoyed the first 90 minutes or so, there is a car accident and then like a final chapter to this story.  I get why they did it, but it wasn’t for me.  It took awhile, and I felt a lot of that could have been conveyed in half the time.  It wasn’t bad or anything, but it lost some of it’s momentum at the end.  I kinda feel bad for even saying that, but it’s true.  

End Film


Final Thoughts – This movie surprised me at how good it was.  I would love to make time to read the book at some point to see all the other stuff that Stephen King added into it.  I loved the dog.  The eclipse stuff brought be back to Dolores Claiborne, which is a criminally underrated work of Stephen King’s.  The director of this film has done some films that I have intended on watching and some I wanted to avoid.  I was enamored with Oculus and now this film makes me more likely to revisit Absentia, Ouija Origin of Evil, and Before I wake.  With that being said, he also did Hush which was a disappointment, but I am into trying out new films.  I would really recommend this to fans of horror or just somebody looking for a good narrative.  There’s not a lot of traditional horror here, and I am more inclined to call it just as much drama as anything.  

Rating:  6.4 I will watch this again (which I already have).  Kudos to everybody involved.  Really good job.

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#35 The Shrine (2010)

You know how you get on Netflix, and you aren’t sure what you want, so you decide to go for something you have never heard of, but you want to avoid the movies with a rating under 2 stars, and you start to realize that damn near all of them have 2 stars or less, and then you get desparate and try talking yourself into some sleazy movie, but then you see a cover and you give one last effort, and there it is, 2 and half stars! You found your movie. That’s the Shrine for me. As a matter of fact, it is sitting at 3.3 stars currently. IMDB has it at a 5.4 so all in all, I consider that an aggregate average of around 6.

So what is this movie about? A group of young journalists investigate a cult said to practice human sacrifice, and then shit gets real. Does that even sound like a good idea? Let me reiterate, “investigate a cult said to practice human sacrifice” and you don’t think you are a prime suspect to get got? That’s why horror works though. You can have the smartest of the smart get got, or the dumbest ambitious morons just go along for the ride, and either way, it’s fun. I’m not sure I need to provide a synopsis of this movie. They get there, they piss off the community, they get captured, a mask with eye spikes get hammered into a girl’s head and well, you will have to see what happens next. It’s surprisingly not bad. This isn’t a classic, but on a day off, you got a buddy over, looking for something mindless to have on for background noise as you chat and occasionally pay attention and then get involved in it by the end, this is a good choice. This movie stars Aaron Ashmore, some may know him from Smallville or Warehouse 13. There’s a enough gore and violence to tide you over, although not much nudity, a little side boob. I think most will like this if they give it a chance. More importantly, when I go to IMDB, the section up top called “People who liked this also liked…” 4 out of the 6 movies I saw because of this movie, and all were good to great. Grave Encounters (Definitely awesome abandoned asylum with a ghost hunters flair), The Loved Ones (I already reviewed and loved, Stake Land (Haven’t got to yet, but probably will, fun new take on vampires), and The Woman (which is pretty fun if you aren’t a terribly pretentious asshole). That is a full day of good movies from that recommendation. Anyway, lets give the Shrine a 6.0 and maybe more upon further viewings.

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The 9 Deuce Horror Blog Presents The Invitation and We Are Still Here Discussion

In our effort to explore lesser known films that didn’t get big budget film releases, we will be doing 2 of these a month.  No theme whatsoever.  They are simply lesser known but quality horror films.  I have Teddy, Cece, Dom, Chris, and Kristi all here to help me out.

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  1.  In the Invitation, what was the significance of Will hitting and then killing the dog, if there was one?

Teddy: just a crazy happenstance

Cece: I mean, it could have been a bad omen for the entire rest of what happens in the movie.

Dom:Wrong place, wrong time…..Death can happen anywhere, anytime

Chris: It sets the unsettling tone at the beginning. Juxtaposes randomness with brutality as well. Sets up the whole putting those in pain out of their misery later on as well

Kent:  This is a film about doing things that you don’t really want to have to do, not in the way of the Saw franchise, but in a slightly more realistic approach.  The dog, the video, the staying at the party, being someplace that’s essentially on lockdown, Claire not wanting to play the game (insert HHH’s music), and even Will just coming back to that house.


  1.  Who was your favorite character in The Invitation and why?

Cece: Will. He was the only one keen on all the fucked up shit.

Dom: Will/Eden.   Will was the “sane” one in the situation.  Eden was all kinds of fucked up.  I felt most of the other characters, aside from David, were kinda throw away or filler.

Chris: Kira. Imagine being invited to your boyfriend’s ex’s house for a party, where you aren’t part of any of the memories or nostalgia being displayed. You don’t really know anyone, aren’t in on the inside jokes, your boyfriends is being all sorts of weird and moody and non-committal, and then his ex and her psychos try to kill you. What a shitty date night

Kent:  Ben and Pruitt are my favorites because Ben is a joking dude who likes to drink, very relatable.  Pruitt holds some power and yet is calm and quiet for such a large chunk of the film, and then he unleashes his story about Margaret.  Major props to Eden and Sadie as well.


  1.  How deep did you get into the film before you were 100% convinced that Will was right?

Teddy: the cult video. Shit always go down with cults in horror movies

Cece: I knew he was right from the beginning.

Dom: When they got to the party.  It all had that creepy no good vibe.

Chris: Pretty much Choi’s voice message, although they then do a good job of making it seem like a red herring

Kent:  Well, here’s the thing.  I also had seen They Look Like People on NetFlix which has a similar vibe of reality versus what’s just in someone’s head.  With that being said, how highly rated this was, I figured as soon as he killed the dog that something bad was going to happen.  Therein lies the big differences between the 2 films, violence started one out, the other didn’t.  Sometimes it is as simple as that.


  1.  What is your interpretation of what was happening at the end of the film in regards to the rest of the neighborhood/city?

Teddy: mass suicide like what happened in real life

Cece: Assuming the whole community was a mass suicide.

Dom: Mass cult suicide/take over

Chris: A lot of fucked up cult people murdered the shit out of their family and friends because they couldn’t deal with their grief

Kent:  I hate to say this, but I don’t know.  I refuse to believe that so many households were all into this cult.  I know that is the implication, but for such a reasonably told story, this last bit is too much of a leap of faith, in my opinion.  So my theory is it was day 7 of a lot of people having watched the Ring video.


  1.  Who was your favorite character in We Are Still Here and why?

Dom: The house or the demons?  The house or the demons?  Can’t say.  But on a side note I do love when a filmmaker is able to take a place and make it it’s own character.  (i.e: The Overlook in the Shining, the Bates house in Psycho)   Those paces become the silent talkers.  They say nothing but speak volumes.

Kristi:  The fiery demons because they are fiery freaking demons!

Chris:  The Dagmars. You start out thinking this fucked up family is going to be evil-haunting and murdering people who move into their house, and then find out that they are enslaved to some kind of “entity” living under where they built their house and are forced to do its bidding.

Kent:  This isn’t fair to the rest of the cast, but Larry Fessenden is one of my favorite actors, so Jacob is the answer.  Still, I love Paul and Dave as well.  Jacob being possessed was too great to not rank #1 though for me.


  1.  Did We Are Still Here remind you of any other films that you have seen?  If so, which one(s)?

Dom:  I think of House,  the Shining, The Evil Dead, Children of the Corn.  This movie makes me think of Evil dwellings or a collective or killers/murderers. Of course both these films we’ve watched and are now doing a questionnaire on, have the same idea.  They each have a group of people (Cultists/Towns folk) who are trying to sacrifice others for their own gains/purpose.

Kristi: Evil Dead is the only one that comes to mind. The part where the chick is driving off, thinking she escaped then Bam! Fiery demon.

Chris: To go along with what Dom said, add in Black Death ,The Wickerman, and Cabin in the Woods. Trying to sacrifice others so that you may live, prosper, etc

Kent:  Wicker Man, the original with Christopher Lee and not that Nic Cage pile of shit, is the first to come to mind.  The House of the Devil, which is a phenomenal film that came out in the past decade or so.  Children of the Corn is an obvious one.  The Pact 1 & 2, The Others, The Shining, and so many more.  Let’s keep going.  The Sacrament, Last Shift, The Legend of Hell House, House on Haunted Hill (both), and I’ll stop.


  1.  What was your favorite aspect of the film?  Was it the creepiness, the history of the house, the townsfolk, or something else?

Dom: All of it.  I enjoyed the slow reveal of the whole thing.  And the demons were kinda cool looking too.

Kristi: The history of the house.

Chris: The way the movie accelerated. Slow, slow, slow, slow, nightmare, youth murders, possession, all hell breaks loose

Kent:  The history of the house and especially how they showed so many cool things at the end was like 92 cherries on top.  The slow burn was the selling point and just how well they did it where you didn’t mind the slow burn.  Some slow moving films bore you.


  1.  If you could change one thing in We Are Still Here, what would it be?

Dom: The location of the tree in the front yard.  Bothers me sooooo much!!!!  (Hahaha, that was an unexpected response.)

Kristi:  It started off entirely too slow for me. I actually ended up fast forwarding through some of it.

Chris: I like ambiguous endings, but I also like knowing. When she says her son’s name at the end, I want to know what she sees that would make her think her son was anywhere near that place

Kent:  If I could have summed up the first 10 minutes in 2 minutes, I would have been okay with that.  


  1.  Which movie did you prefer between the two?

Dom:  Can’t say.  Both were good and bad in their own ways.  Pace, characters, story…Special effects, gore…

Kristi: We are Still Here. I didn’t care for The Invitation at all. Made it halfway through until I decided to turn it off.

Chris: 2 Different examples of two very different types of horror both came out in 2015 and show that horror isn’t dead. We are Still Here might edge the Invitation for me, only because I can’t fight ghosts, and I am pretty sure I could out shoot most cultists

Kent:  We Are Still Here gets the edge for me, but very narrowly.  I felt the pacing of We Are Still Here is more appealing, and the payoff may be as well.  I still am freaked out by cult stories, and both served that in certain ways.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  John Carroll Lynch is a pretty awesome actor.  He’s known for playing Drew Carey’s brother on the Drew Carey show, Eastman who is the guy who trained Morgan on the Walking Dead, Twisty the Clown in American Horror Story, and John Wayne Gacy in American Horror Story.  He’s also been in Shutter Island, Zodiac, Gran Torino, and a bunch of other stuff.  What is your favorite role of his?  Also, he will be starring in season 2 of Channel Zero, which is a pretty awesome show.

Teddy: I would say it’s a tie between John Wayne Gacy and Drew Carey’s brother

Dom: Drew Carey’s brother

Kristi:  I love Twisty but I really enjoyed the Morgan episode so I have to go with Eastman.

Chris: Zodiac. He was in one of the really good scenes. Underrated movie IMO

Kent:  Eastman was probably my favorite character of his.  He did such a wonderful job for an episode that was long and yet one of the most memorable, due to his and Lennie James’ performance.


  1.  Would you like to see Larry Fessenden play the role of Jack in a remake of The Shining?  I’m not asking if you want to see a remake, but if they were going to do it, would he fit the role?

Dom:  No.

Kristi:  Nope.

Chris: There is one facial still where he looks like Jack in The Shining,but no

Kent:  I don’t know who you people are.  Of course!  Boooooooo the rest of you. BOOOOO!!


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Orange Is The New Black Season 5 – 9 Deuce Discussion

Here we go again with season 5 Orange is the New Black 9 Deuce discussion.   I wrangled up some lovely ladies who were willing to spare some valuable free time to help me out with this.  You can play along at home and leave a comment with your responses to these questions.  I am Kent, and I am the only male in this discussion, so expect lots of conflicting perspectives.  I have chosen not to leave any comments.  Sometimes it’s nice for me to just shut my mouth.

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  1. Daya ended up shooting Humps, and he died eventually from it.  Do you think that Daya will remain a main character moving forward or was that their way of pushing her to the side, or possibly finishing her story overall?

Kristi: I think she will be back. I think Suzanne will mention something along the lines of the otger girls tampering wih the oxygen that ultimatley led to his demise.

Melanie:   I don’t think we have seen the last of her, but I don’t think she will play such an integral part again.

Cece: It’s definitely possible that they could be finishing her off. But, I’m not quite sure that’s the case.

Jamie:  I think they will keep her around there is still more to learn about Bennett and the baby if it ends up with pornstaches mom

Kent:  Well, we all know that I despise this character, so I am hopeful that she is more or less written out.  There may be a scene here and there with Alieda or Pornstache, but I think she is out as a main character.


  1.  Let’s face it, Tastee blew the deal, but may not be the one most responsible.  Who do you blame for the deal failing through?

Kristi:  I liked Tastee a lot more this episode but I do blame her for it. I get that she wants justice for Poussey but she let down the entire prision by her selfishness

Melanie:  Whoever requested the Flaming Hot Cheetos and Takis (maybe Cindy). Although it was pure comedic gold, it really showed they weren’t serious in their demands or intentions.

Cece: Honestly, I can’t really blame much of anyone. Everyone had their own way they were handling things and it was impossible to have gotten all the ladies together to get things right.

Jamie:  She should’ve taken the deal. If Caputo could truly get to her and explain why C.O. Bailey shouldn’t be charged because of the lack of training and letting Piscatella run the place. I blame crazy eyes for going her normal crazy and everyone was already riled up

Kent:  The shit system caused all sorts of pain and suffering, and that would be a simple answer.  For me, I blame Tastee, and I will elaborate.  If you are the leader of a group of any kind, you should have the best interests of the group in mind, not just your personal vendetta, or not what your friends think is cool.  Nope, you are the representative, so fucking represent.  This coming from a guy who did lots of student government and managed to piss off some friends along the way.  Tastee had everything that she could reasonably get.  There’s no bringing Poussey back, and it sounded like the hiring practices would improve, which is a bigger and better justice than getting Bayley.  This was some straight up short-sightedness.


  1.  In episode 9, you know the greatest episode ever, we get more of Red’s backstory.  What purpose did that story serve in relation to what was happening in the present?

Kristi:  I think it showed us just how hard it was for her. With her losing her friend and her fight for freedom. As far as the purpose, I think it was important for us to know her backstory for us to see why she was fighting so hard for her friends.  

Melanie:  She detested people in power who made people suffer when they were already suffering.

Cece: I honestly did not see it serving much of any purpose, to be honest. Maybe that she has a heart deep down?

Jamie:  she had a sense that Piscatella was there and people were Missing just like she had a sense of people coming up missing in that episode

Kent:  Lawdy, that F’N episode just made me so happy.  As a horror guy, I loved the hunting of the women, I loved the ladies being scared, the phone call with Cindy, Leanne, and Ang, and of course, Flaritza as the Shining twins.  Oh yeah, I need to answer the question.  I don’t want to steal other’s answers.  I have had a few discussions, and people have made good, valid points.  I liked seeing that part of Red’s story, but it didn’t really add to the present situation of that particular episode as much as most of the flashbacks do.  I have watched the season twice by the way, so I may be totally oblivious.


  1.  Name 3 characters who you found that you liked more during this season in particular.

Kristi:  Suzanne- she is a favorite of mine now. Taystee- I enjoyed seeing her backstory. I also felt for her, as I know what its like to lose a close friend. Nicky- She was never on my list of someone I liked but i felt like she stepped uo her game this season. She stayed clean and helped Red when she really needed her.  

Melanie:  Blanca, Morello, Pennsatucky

Cece:  Frieda, Alison, and Gloria.

Jamie:  Blanca, Big Boo, Gloria

Kent:  Boo, Nicky, and Piscatella or Fig..tough.  I’m cheating.


  1.  Name 3 characters who you were less enamored with during this season.

Kristi:  Lorna- I used to like her crazy ass but the was she did Nicky was shitty. Also not giving Suzanne her meds was f’d up. I realize it was a mental thing on her part but it still pissed me off.

Doggett- She was not her feisty self. She was too concerns for the donut dude.

Leanne- No one should be messing with Suzanne!  

Melanie:  Piper, Leanne, and Angie

Cece:  Daya, Lorna, Maria.

Jamie:  Daya, Vause, Yoga

Kent:  Maria, Red, Taystee


  1.  Give me your thoughts on how the Judy King plot played out during this season.

Kristi:  Honestly, I could have done without it all. She really wasn’t that relevant to me and the whole dog leash slave thing was pretty freaking ridiculous.

Melanie:  Cowardly, but I was shocked Tastee let her go.

Cece: I thought the part where they were sort of torturing her and using her was cool but like she shouldn’t have gotten off that easily. She deserves to realize what she could be going through and use that power to bring good to the ladies of Litchfield.

Jamie:  I loved when she went on the talk show like she was gonna own it and got served!

Kent:  I honestly hope we don’t see her anymore.  Her story really never helped the show, at any point, in my opinion.  I’m very sour on her.  The stuff that Cindy was saying though was making me laugh, so there was that.


  1.  Did anybody find it odd that the black girls were the ones with the most power, especially in regards to negotiations, but is by far, the least represented on the show as far as number of characters?

Kristi:  Not at all. I think it was just their time to be in the spotlight.

Melanie:  Not really

Cece: This is interesting. Those ladies are by far my favorite group of people, as they are super empowering and also fight for what’s right. I do believe they need more allies.

Jamie:  I didn’t find it odd at all Tasty has a presence like no other and people listen.

Kent:  Of course I found it silly.  The Latinas had the gun.  They should have been running the negotiations.  I know it’s a show and it created a good story arc for the black girls, but if we’re being real here, it lacked a semblance of reality.  You don’t put somebody in charge of negotiations when they are that emotionally invested.  If anything, I wished they would have revisited the idea of the heads of each group come together as they did briefly in season 4.  It would have made way more sense and then maybe Red would have had a good season.  


  1.  Was this season trying to make a statement about cell phones?

Kristi:  Perhaps. The part when the Maritza was saying how she couldn’t deal without it now and how they were on the damn thing the whole episode certainly shows how dependant we have become to them.

Melanie:  Cell phones calmed most of the group down. I think they were trying to highlight our dependance on technology as a whole.

Cece: I don’t see it that way. They handled 2017 exactly how it is in the real world.

Jamie:  I think it showed very realistically how people react to anything they make a meme out of it and like to follow silly YouTube vlogs

Kent:  Obviously I think it was making a statement about how phones take you out of the real world and place you in a virtual reality of sorts.  On top of that, the dependence on them.  Think about it, if you go out to eat with somebody and they go to the bathroom, what’s the first thing you do?  Grab your damn phone.  I know there are many ways to look at it, but I hope it highlighted how obsessive we are with our phones.  Hopefully you are reading this blog on your phone.


  1.  Give me your thoughts on the final episode, especially the final minutes, and tell me where you think the show will pick up next season.  Yes, this is intended for a longer response.

Kristi:  I was super happy to see Piscatella die. I thought it was pretty dumb of the girls to sit in the pool though. They were obviously going to be found eventually and hiding out is just going to make it worse. I have a feeling the girls will somehow be to blame for Piscatella’s death. Like they resisted and he was an innocent bystander or some crap. I’m thinking it may start out from where it ended. At least a short flashback to it anyway. 

Melanie:   I think they will show how everyone is coping with being in their new placements. I think the opening scene will be Morello in labor, handcuffed to the bed with her husband on one side and Nicky on the other.

Cece:  I honestly have no idea. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I hope, they’ll not all separate and have us jumping around to different prisons. I’d hope Judy King realizes she’s a cunt and donates money to fix things.

Jamie:  If they are planning on sending them to different places there is gonna be a lot of jumping around next season I think they will eventually be back together.  I love how the ladies came together and stood hand in hand. Hoping they all make it out alive

Kent:  I was dismayed to see Piscatella go down.  I know that it was one of the many inevitable things to have happened.  I still feel that they could have attempted to redeem his character after making him so cartoony.  It was also convenient how 8 of the 10 main characters were all together at the end.  Once again, cartoony.  I liked the final episode a lot with all of that negativity out of the way.  I liked seeing the guards regain control.  It was about damn time.  Yes, it’s a comedy, but still, the riot went on for way too long.  I am sad and happy simultaneously to see Maritza and Flacca separated.  They are a great duo, but their characters are funny enough that they will obviously be paired off with somebody else, and the “odd couple” setting could prove really funny.  I fear that we are going to be stuck getting introduced to another 30-40 characters and quite frankly, my brain and memory can’t retain all of that new info.  We have enough girl’s whose backstory should be told.  Also, I’m curious how hard some of them are sentenced for their roles.  It seems like a convenient way to elongate Piper’s sentence, which I assume is the basis for how long the show lasts.  Finally, I really hope we get the old guards back.  I think Litchfield will get cleaned up by the end of the season and one of the things will be that we see our old guards back, minus Pornstache and Healy.


Bonus Deuce Deuce


  1.  Name a character or two whose backstory you wish to see that we haven’t had an opportunity to see yet.

Kristi:  I’d like to see more on Suzanne and Boo  

Melanie:   I can’t think of one.

Cece:  Zirconia

Jamie:  I want more of Frieda’s story!  Angie, Gina, and Anitas

Kent:  Angie, any of the white supremacists, especially the one with the giant tits, Boo, and the funny Latina chicks who were guarding the guards.


  1.  What will happen with Penn and Doughnuts?  What will happen with Bayley?

Kristi:  I think he will, reluctantly, turn her in. I think Bayley will probably end up killing himself.  

Melanie:  Penn and Doughnuts will live happily ever after in another state somewhere. Bayley will be committed somewhere.

Cece: Penn and Doughnuts, well, they just really don’t need to be together, but I suppose they’ll be found eventually. Bayley, I feel will run away and continuously try to keep running from his problems.

Jamie:  I think she will be found I’m more interested in following Chang.  Bayley will either kill himself, end up in prison, or keep trying to apologize to try and feel better

Kent:  I can see Penn actually turning herself in after a conversation with Doughnuts, and maybe she will even say that he captured her so he gets a promotion.  I don’t really care about Bayley’s story because how much more suffering do we have to see him go through?  I imagine he gets turned in and maybe we see some courtroom drama play out.


  1.  Piper and Alex are now engaged.  Did you find them more or less annoying this season?

Kristi:  Less annoying. They weren’t on as much so that was helpful.  

Melanie:  I missed it. More annoying as I fast forwarded through their scenes.

Cece:  Surprisingly, less. But still top of the list under the meth heads.

Jamie:  who cares!  Still find Piper annoying and Vause got on my nerves this season

Kent:  Less annoying for me and I feel a positive step towards trying to redeem both characters.  They have a lot of work to do, or they can give them less scenes.  Still, a huge improvement over seasons 3 and 4.


  1.  Was this season a success in your opinion?

Kristi:  It was just ok for me. I enjoyed parts of it but feel like it could have been stripped down to like 5 episodes without losing too much of the storyline.  

Melanie:  No but my personal feelings may have kept me from enjoying it.

Cece:  Yes.

Jamie:  I enjoyed it

Kent:  For me, it was a comeback season.  The show regained the humor that it had lost in season 3 and 4.  Yes, it was outlandish, and at times took me out of the show a bit.  Like, we wouldn’t really be happy if a prison riot happened, and it sure as hell wouldn’t have lasted that long on the premise of just one gun.  That was absurd.  Still, bring laughs back is always a win for a show that I loved because it made me laugh.  They eased up a bit on the list of agendas that season 4 pounded down our throats.


Final thoughts:  This is where you can leave any thoughts about the show or this blog.  Obviously I wasn’t able to cover every single angle of the show, so this is your time to sound off if you wish to.

Melanie:  I had a hard time watching this season.Very serious. A far cry from season 1.

Cece:  Fuck Piscatella.

Jamie:  why do we have to wait a year for the next season

 Kent:  I fear that season 6 will be a bad one and perhaps may start to not care as much about the show.  With that being said, I’m looking forward to the season after that because I think it will be more back to normal.  The key to this show is putting the girls in situation where they can be funny.  Making shit too serious kills off possibilities.  I think it’s going to be hard to get into a groove as we are going to have to meet so many new characters and integrate them in.  Season 6 will be more about building and establishing so we will miss out on good stuff.  Also, how many backstories are we going to get where we are supposed to sympathize with the criminal?  

All images used are for review purposes only.  Credit to the creators,  producers, and especially NetFlix for giving us a great show.

The Babadook 9 Deuce Discussion – LGBabadookT Edition

Welcome to our 9 Deuce Horror group’s The Babadook discussion.  You know the drill by now.  I ask 9 film specific questions and then have some wiggle room for 2 bonus questions that may not be film specific.  I am your host, Kent, and today I am here with Kristi, Chris, Teddy, Kayleigh, and Cece  Please, if you are reading this and would like to participate in one of these, contact me.  All comments in bold are from me.  Jaws will be the next film that we blog about on July 1st followed by Army of Darkness on July 15.

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  1.  The obvious question first, give me your thoughts on Samuel.  Be nice, mean, whatever.  He’s a very interesting kid character for a horror flick.

Kristi:  I like him. I think he really did a good job at being the creepy ass kid that I like so much.  (Kent: We’ll have to do Pet Sematary real soon so you can get more creep kids, or Village of the Damned.  There’s a 2008 film called “The Children” that may  serve you well.  It fell apart a bit but I have watched it like 3 times, so it’s not terrible.)

Chris:  Poor kid. Between his fucked up mom and lack of a dad, how is he supposed to know how to behave? His mom doesn’t punish or reward behavior correctly because she is having to be both sides of the parental division. Instead of being mother and child they have become each other’s support system.  (I think you nailed it with them being each other’s support system.)

Teddy:  Dude fuck that kid…like idk if I could put him into a rocket and fire him into the sun I would. Who makes fun of parkinsons?? I do give him credit for the home alone-esk takedown of his mom 10/10  (I’m just happy that Home Alone has been brought up in another horror blog.)

Kayleigh: There was always that feeling of pity in the back of my mind because of his dead father. With that being said, I definitely had my fingers crossed that his mother would just give him a good smack to the face. So yeah, I thought he was a little prick begging for attention in the beginning.  (Early on, I suspected that he was a child who didn’t get properly punished so he exhibited little self control.  I still feel that way, but as Chris pointed out, Sam served as her support system, so that would make it hard to punish him properly.)

Cece: He was severely annoying to start, I would have slapped him multiple times and probably would have sent him to a mental ward…(So basically everybody is wondering about the parenting.  I concur.)

Kent:  The first time that I saw this film, the kid was making me regret watching for like 20-30 minutes.  The kid then started to grow on me.  In subsequent viewings, Samuel has become borderline loveable, minus the screeching.  I loathe screeching.  


  1.  Were you hoping that Amelia and Robbie (the dude that she works with) would end up in a relationship?  

Kristi:  This is an unexpected question from you. (Believe me, I wasn’t really sure whether to ask it or not, but it felt right in this particular instance, because I’m always so negative.)I like the guy but I think she needs to work on her mental state before she enters a new relationship.

Chris:  Hopefully down the road she gets that chance

Teddy:  I mean it’s kinda short lived so I cannot make that call.

Kayleigh: The kind of relationship I was hoping for was her just getting laid.  I mean she definitely needed it. There was that whole scene with the vibrator and Sam running in. I felt she at least deserved a one night stand.  (I’m worried at how often I agree with you during this.  Yeah, I think she really needed to bust her lady nut and maybe have a slightly clearer mind, some sleep, and maybe she could have parented better.)

Cece: Yes, I kind of was hoping that because she clearly needed something to take her mind off shit.

Kent:  I am rarely ever supportive of relationships in films, as Kristi alluded to.  In this case, I really liked Robbie, for some reason, so I was cheering him on, especially once we knew just how much Amelia could have used some intimacy.


  1.  Was Claire (Samuel’s Aunt) a likable character for you?  Also, did Ruby deserved to be pushed out of her tree house?

Kristi:  Claire was a bitch just like her shitty daughter. She definitely deserved to he pushed. It wasn’t Samuel’s fault it just so happened to be out of a tree house. (Yeah, I think it’s definitely a circumstance of she had it coming and it’s not his fault that she chose to run her mouth when she was 10 feet in the air.  That’s on her.)

Chris:  Was she likable, no? Realistic and living in the real world, yes. Barring supernatural entities possessing you, her advice was mostly spot on. Little kids are dicks. Period. But if I broke the arm of everyone who was a dick to me, people wouldn’t be able to shake hands. So no Ruby deserved a spanking or being sent to bed without dinner, but not being pushed out of the tree house.  (I’m sure we’ll talk about this sometime during ESO, but if we take the tree house variable out of it, did she at least deserved the shove?  If we got broken arms for being mean, I’d never be able to do this blog.)

Teddy:  I’m not gonna touch that one because of my past trauma’s but I understand Claire taking care of her daughter first

Kayleigh: I felt like Claire was just aggravated with her sister and wanted her to get over her depression after seven years. She was further aggravated that Sam was a little dickhead. Yes, she came off as a complete bitch constantly, but if I was in her shoes I can’t say I wouldn’t of done the same thing. As for her child’s little tumble out of the tree house, kudos.  (The point about dealing with Amelia and her depression is something to touch on.  I feel we all know somebody who has been depressed for years and years, and even if you get it, you understand it, and you support the person, there are times when it grows tiresome and you offer up a bit of tough love.  Or maybe I’m just a dick, and there’s another broken arm.)

Cece: Claire was snooty and yes, her kid was a brat and spoiled.  (I’m not sure I got snooty, but I suppose I can see that side.  Ruby was just, well you said it nicely.  For all of the talk about Amelia’s parenting, Ruby turned out to be an ass as well.)

Kent:  The issue with Claire is in the manner in which she is portrayed.  To get in a Walking Dead reference, if the show revolved around Negan for 6 seasons and then got attacked by Rick’s group, public perception would have been different.  Consider that if the film was about Claire and Ruby, then the first time we meet Amelia and Samuel, you would probably loathe our 2 stars.  I feel that Claire was being a quality parent, making tough decisions.  On the other hand, Ruby so(ho) deserved that shove.   Now I kinda want to listen to Rancid.


  1.  Was the Babadook present throughout the whole film, or was it only Samuel’s imagination early on?

Kristi:  I think he was there. I think that’s who he was smashing the head in at the park. (I hadn’t considered this, but it makes a lot of sense.)

Chris:  I was talking about this the other night with Kent. My son was about 15 months old or so when I watched this and he would sleep in my bed when he’d wake up in the middle of the night. I would come home in the morning and my wife would be a zombie because he would always be touching her, kicking her, grabbing her face. I told myself Krista couldn’t watch this until he was older, it hit too close to home. This movie succeeds because it can be read either way: a paranormal entity terrorized and possesses a family or a psychological horror where grief and lack of sleep drive a mother to attempt to kill her son. I vacillate between both views.

Teddy:  I feel like lack of them sleeping aided in the whole babadook craziness  (A lack of sleep is a common theme in numerous horror films, but I really liked how they utilized it in this one.)

Kayleigh: I got the vibe that maybe Sam could see the Babadook because he came to terms with it early on. It said in the story book that if you deny the Babadook is real it will only get stronger. And that’s what the mother did through the whole thing, was deny it’s existence. Sam told her “don’t let him in” constantly. I feel like because Sam came to terms with the Babadook early on, maybe it was easier for the monster to fuck with the mother compared to Sam.  (This was very spot on.)

Cece: I believe it to have been his imagination early on. I think he sensed it coming, though.  (That was my initial take the first time watching.)

Kent: What Kayleigh said.  The acceptance and denial of the Babadook’s existence keep this film rolling throughout.  I say that he was real all along.


  1.  What do you think about the ending?  Did you feel like you had proper closure?

Kristi:  Not at all. The ending was weird for me. So they kept The Babadook as a pet? Like the pet dragon thing in the Munsters? I don’t know about that. (Nice shout out to the Munsters.)

Chris:  See the above question. Because either interpretation works you have two different endings:a) it’s symbolic of the fact that mom’s madness still exists but she is able to keep it locked away(scary because it could get out again). Or (b) their denial of the Babadook and reaffirmation of their love for each other have them power over it but did not allow them to get rid of it. Kind of creepy when you think that it could look like her dead husband and mom hadn’t been fulfilled that way in a while… No idea about the worms.  (I really liked your B Side here because it is creepy to think about it in that way, and I like to think of it in that way.)

Teddy:  Are they really keeping the babadook like a pet? I really feel like it was her coming to grips with her mental illness.  (Why dig up worms for mental illness?  I get that it’s a widely accepted interpretation, but really, were the worms like to say that this monster is definite?)

Kayleigh: I hated the ending. I feel like the movie can obviously be construed in two different ways. One, it was all in their minds long story short. Or two, it was all real. And if we’re going with the second option, which is the one I’m leaning towards, I’m pissed. Because I just have two major questions. Why the fuck are they keeping it as a pet locked up in the basement? Secondly, why the fuck does it eat worms for dinner?  (They needed a replacement pet. The worms thing has been brought up, but knowing how horrified you are of them makes this far more interesting to me.)

Cece: I do, in a sense. I feel like this movie was very much alluding to a person and how they deal with their own mental illnesses/depression. In the end, she is ‘seeing the Babadook’ and confronting it, in turn, she tells her son it’s getting better. That, to me, is referring to her finally coming to grips with things and seeing it for what it really is and how it’s continuing to get better each day.  (Then why the worms?  Everything you said makes 100% sense, but why the worms?  Why the big to do about feeding it?  If it was about mental illness of sorts, wouldn’t they have done the ending slightly differently to leave it more open minded?)

Kent:  In case it’s not obvious by now, this film has 2 schools of thought.  A literal one in that the Babadook was a real monster and they conquered it and now feed it, which is cool as hell.  The other one about mental illness and whatnot is ok, but it’s a less satisfying ending to me.  Sometimes the absurd is more fun than the probable reality.  I can’t sit here and say that it was 100% proper closure, but for a genre known for 85% horrible endings, this one was good and gave us something.  So I will give it a thumbs up.


  1.  What was the creepiest or scariest part of the film for you?  I’m not asking if you were scared.  

Kristi:  There were a couple. The book reappearing with the added pages and the bedroom scene when The Babadook was all doing his Babadook creepy ass voice.  (How I enjoyed the creepy voice!)

Chris:  The dog, the tooth, just his appearance. They did a good job of making him creepy as fuck. I liked the scene where he lunges at her and turns into the coat on the floor too (Teeth and dental stuff always makes me cringe when watching. )

Teddy:  dog neck snappin was no bueno.

Kayleigh: For me I had two different scenes that stuck. First, when the mother ripped her own tooth out after she murdered the dog. Gross. Second, one of the first times the Babadook really messed with her. She’s laying in bed sleeping, gets awakened by the door slowly opening, and then you see it’s hands (or whatever it’s got) appear on the side of the door. Dumb bitch pulls the blankets over her head, and when she looks out again it’s crawling all over the ceiling. I would have shit my pants.  (I have never understood the whole ideology of pulling sheets or blankets over your head.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that.  I want to keep my eyes on whatever is fucking with me.)

Cece: The most cringe worthy was the killing of Bugsby. I hate when they kill dogs in movies. Also, creepiest would probably be when Babadook moved in those creepy motions. Also when he ‘possesses her’.  (The dog was a common response, and totally warranted given how it was done.)

Kent:  The kid screaming/screeching in the backseat of the car.  I also really found some of the stuff on TV to be of the creepy variety and helped set a neat tone.


  1.  At the end,  who did you feel worse for: Amelia or Samuel?

Kristi:   Samuel. I know it was technically The Babadook that killed the dog but still, she killed the dog!!

Chris:  both, but Kayleigh’s answer is awesome (Nodding)

Teddy:  Mostly I would say her because it seems like she is legitimately suffering from PPD regardless of Babadook possession.  (Well, plus you have to consider how bad you feel after the possession.  There’s a film on NetFlix called Ava’s Possession that goes into the aftermath of being possessed and I really enjoyed the film.  Good story, good ending surprisingly.  I highly recommend it for a film that didn’t get any hype.)

Kayleigh: Honestly, I think I feel worse for the kid. His mother can’t cope with shit. Bitch has had seven years to get over her dead husband and move on, but can’t. I mean this kid is only six years old, his father died on his birthday, the mother refused to celebrate on the actual day of his birth for his whole life. For a six year old he’s had to grow up pretty quick. Setting traps, making weapons, dealing with a Babadook possessed mother, your dog got murdered, your mom drugs you with tranquilizers because she’s seeing shit, and she chases you with knives…. The best we can hope for is this kids gonna be a serial killer when he grows up.  (I can’t really add to this great response, but as a person who still treats their birthday with some enthusiasm, it really irked me how shitty his BDays had been celebrated.  LingFest still happens.)

Cece: I felt worse for Samuel. Yes, I was highly annoyed by him in the beginning, but like, he was seeing this coming from a mile away and had to deal with his mom undergoing everything.  (I really like this point.  Everybody has been in a situation where you not only see something bad happening in the future, and you warn the person, but then you have to deal with the bad shit that you tried to avoid to begin with.  Totally shitty.)

Kent:  I say Samuel.  Not to be too redundant, but his mom didn’t do a great job sticking up for herself or him, and I feel that is an important aspect of parenting.  Both are sympathetic in their own right, but as the child of an insane person, I can find a better bond with Samuel.


  1.  Would a sequel for this film work for you under any conditions?

Kristi:  Not so much.

Chris:  No it’s ambiguity is it’s success and a sequel would either seem redundant from framing a similar situation or answer the ending one way or another

Teddy:  no, unless its Kevin Mcallister from home alone lol  (I truly hope that Home Alone gets mentioned in the Jaws blog.  This really needs to be a thing for us.)

Kayleigh: I’d only watch it under the condition they explain the worms for dinner.  (You and the fucking worms.  I will ask you, is there any possible reason that they could present to you that you would find satisfying, since you’re a hater of worms?)

Cece: Nah. I think it’s respectable in it’s own right.

Kent:  Well, why the hell not?  They have it trapped.  Maybe Amelia starts up a proper relationship and he finds the book.  He then moves in and starts noticing oddities only to have Samuel reveal what is happening, because that boy doesn’t have a filter.  Maybe Amelia has to go away somewhere for the weekend.  This could lead to the guy getting taken over by the Babadook.  It may not be great, but it would still be better than numerous other sequels.  If nothing else, I know that I would watch it and promptly bitch about it on social media.  Just had another idea.  Amelia is sick of Ruby being a little rude bitch to Samuel, so she reads the book to Ruby and then Ruby and Claire have to deal with it in the sequel.  Kinda like passing the curse along.  Think about it like “It Follows: Babadook Edition”.


  1.  Would you ever read this book that is in this film (Mister Babadook), to a child?

Kristi:  Nope. That shit would give me nightmares after I watched it the first time. For a kid, I think the book would have the same effect.  (That’s the hope and the dream.)

Chris:  not to my kids. Maybe my nieces or nephews (I enjoyed this response.)

Teddy:  hell yeah I would. Be it a lesson to never be bad (my parents did it with Stephen King’s IT)  (I’m really curious if there was any one particular part of IT that may have gotten to you as a kid.  Feel free to message me.  I had a few that got me as a kid.)

Kayleigh: Yes, yes I would. And then I would move the book around the house, and make sure to put it in places where the child would keep finding it. I’d maybe even go as far as knocking on the front door three times too. Occasionally whispering “Babadook dook dook…”
Shit would be funny. It’s no different really from that creepy elf thing that people move around at Christmas time.  (That’s just fucked up.  I’m very impressed and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.)

Cece: Nah, man. That shit is scary.  (Go on.)

Kent:  Well, we all know that I would make a terrible parent, so this response will not improve my standing.  Of course I would.  I think back to my childhood and I loved a good ghost story when I was young.  Sometimes that stuff would keep me up for hours at night.  I wouldn’t sleep well, have nightmares, wake up to a shadow that didn’t look quite right, all that stuff that makes your mind wander.  So yeah, I would love for my child to have similar experiences.  It builds character.  Also, here’s a picture of the special edition case for the blu ray.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Have you ever seen any other Australian horror flicks, like The Loved Ones, Wolf Creek 1 & 2, The Snowtown Murders, or any other?

Kristi:  I have not. I’m down for suggestions though.  (I always have suggestions for you.)

Chris:  Wolf Creek 1. Wyrmwood:Road of the Dead. The early Peter Jackson movies that I can’t remember the names now. Edit: Dead Alive and Bad Taste. Remember one in the ‘80’s called Fortress about a class of children and their teacher being kidnapped and tortured in the outback.  (I feel that I’m the only person that has seen Dead Alive.  I liked that movie long before I knew Peter Jackson’s name.  Wyrmwood is really good, and I don’t think it’s on NetFlix anymore, but if it is, people should check it out.  I want to check out Fortress as it sounds awesome.)

Teddy:  I have not most of my foreign horror experience comes from Asia  (I would like to know what you have seen from Asia.  I’ve seen some stuff and generally like it.  Aside from the popular stuff, I dig Takashi Miike and Dumplings, for example.)

Kayleigh: I’ve seen Wolf Creek 1. And I’m pretty sure there’s a tv series out there right now that’s based in Australia with an Australian killer. He like goes around finding tourists, and kills them. I don’t remember the name though.  (Kayleigh and I later talked and came to the conclusion that it was the TV show based on Wolf Creek.)

Cece: Nope! But maybe I should!  (Get TubiTV if you have a Firestick or Chromecast or something like that, and download TubiTV and search for The Loved Ones.  I think you will enjoy that.)

Kent:  Obviously, I have.  I strongly encourage horror fans to check out The Loved Ones.  It’s a really good film.  It may not be for all of you, but it’s solid.  I liked Wolf Creek 2 better than the original.  Part 2 knew what it was trying to be and it was unapologetic about it.  The Snowtown Murders was interesting to say the least, and it may still be on NetFlix.  I had totally forgotten about Wyrmwood which was awesome as hell, as well as Dead Alive.  Thanks Chris.


  1.  Just to get you thinking, name a few foreign horror flicks that you enjoyed.  Canada doesn’t count.  Yes, Shaun of the Dead counts, and yes, everybody here has seen it, so pick something else if you have others.  

Kristi:  If you haven’t suggested it to me, I haven’t seen it. Lol. I think this is the first and only.

Chris:  Pontypool(Canada does count). The Audition. Under the Shadow. Martyrs. Haute Tension (High Tension). The Host. Let the Right One In. Ringu. I’m sure there are more that I am forgetting  (I can’t even be mad about you bringing up Canada because you went with one of the most underrated horror flicks of all time in Pontypool.  I love that film.  It’s so good.  It’s still on NetFlix I believe.  Martyrs is fucking amazing too and I feel is must see for horror fans looking for something fresh.  Just don’t watch the American remake.  I would rather get punched in the balls once than to watch that awfulness again.  They lost so much from the original and fucked the ending.  Makes me mad.  Haute Tension is a tad overrated in my opinion, but I own it and I don’t hate it, BUT I have gripes.  I don’t think I have seen Under the Shadow or The Host, so something for me to check out.)

Teddy:  Ju-ON 1&2 were amazing. I also love the REC series (hate the quarantine version though)  (Alright, first of all, I liked Quarantine 1, but the sequels were shit.  I struggle with somebody saying they liked Rec but not Quarantine because it was almost a shot for shot remake only in English.  Maybe you got some gripes that I didn’t notice or can’t recall.  With that being said, Rec 2 is really good and I liked the 4th one.  Part 3 was the only one that I felt missed the mark.  It’s a great franchise that I highly recommend as well.)

Kayleigh: I’ve seen Funny Games, which is set in Austria. It’s really more strange than scary. It’s about a home invasion. These two guys get in this nice family’s house under false pretenses, then pretty much take them out one by one after psychologically torturing them. It’s worth a watch.  (It’s a solid movie that got remade 10 years later in America with Tim Roth and Naomi Watts.  You can watch the American one and not miss anything as it’s a shot for shot remake and Naomi is fucking amazing and hot.  It’s such a quirky movie, and I loved the breaking of the 4th wall.  Good movie to bring up!)

Cece: i haven’t seen many, but I guess I could mention the ABC’s of Death films since they have many contributing directors.  (Shit yeah you gotta mention those ABC’s of Death, both 1 & 2.  They tried some interesting stuff.  The first one is better, and not every letter is a winner, but you will have fun with some, and if you watch it with others, the same things you enjoy probably won’t be what they like.)

Kent:  Marytyrs, Frontiere(s), Inside, Takashi Miike’s Imprint, Irreversible, A Serbian Film, Salo, Antichrist (maybe??), Ringu, The Eye, and a host of others that I have seen.  I love me some French horror.  Haute Tension (or High Tension) is also French I believe.  I’m probably omitting about 20-30 other great ones.  Oh, and Baskin (on Netflix). If you have Amazon Prime, check out Asylum.  It’s a really solid British Anthology that was surprisingly rewarding.  The Theatre Bizarre is worth a watch, I think.

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