Channel Zero: No-End House Ep. 2 – “Nice Neighborhood”

This week on Channel Zero, we got to see how Margot handles seeing her dead father being not so dead, more info on Jules, watching JD deal with his cooler doppelganger, see Dylan in action, and learn about the cannibals.  Thankfully, Kristi is back to help me try to make sense of everything.  I gotta say, I keep rewatching some parts just to look for clues.  I’m very compelled by this show.  You should watch it on SyFy or the network’s app!

As always, any comments written in bold are made by Kent, unless otherwise noted.

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The 9

  1.  Assuming that our main characters are in a version of “room 6”, do you think that all of these characters are still together, or do they each have their own versions?  For example, is the Jules that we see in Margot’s current situation really Jules, or could it be another entity like her father is?

Kristi:  Hmmmm… this is a good one. I’m unsure. On the one hand, I feel like they are in different rooms. Reason I say this is because when the one dude goes to find his wife and she doesn’t know him, it seems like that would be his nightmare, if they went in together and were in the same place, how would she have forgotten him already?  (We saw that Room 3 takes people one at a time, so that could be a part of the problem.)  Although, I’m thinking that Margot and Jules are in the same place.  I think their friendship will be the cause of their demise somehow.

Kent:  This is one of those questions that are trippy.  Does everybody who exits Room 5 end up in their own dimension or plane of existence?  In a way, that would make the most sense to me.  Clearly we have at minimal, 2 planes of existence.  We have the real world, and we have a world where Margot’s father is dead.  We have also seen JD have a doppelganger and the mysterious stranger is shooting Lacey in the head why people are taking out garbage and then he finds Lacey in a house.  So from my perspective, it would almost make just as much sense if everybody gets their own plane of existence where certain people act as you would expect them to.  For example, Margot would expect Jules to say the things that she has said so far, and JD would expect Seth to have waited by the house and be the hero, so it is possible.  Not probably, but possible at the very least.


  1.  Do you feel that Jules was a lousy friend in Margot’s time of need considering it was the start of college so many other variables in their young lives?

Kristi:  As someone that had gone through a lot of loss in my life, not really. She was there as much as she could be. We can’t expect our friends to stop their lives just because we are hurting.

Kent:  Well, we don’t know the circumstances as to why Jules doesn’t have a father.  Did he just leave his family or is he dead, and did Jules already experience that pain and just couldn’t stomach reliving that?  I don’t have enough info yet to really judge how she has acted.  All I can say is that there are scenarios when you can understand why she acted that way while being empathetic to Margot’s situation.  


  1.  What did you make of Jules’ room 5, where was the giant sphere in the room?  Also, when she woke up in the bathtub and saw the sphere, was that her room 4 or something else entirely?

Kristi:  Im honestly a little lost with Jules. Being as the only one we got a back story on was Margot, the others are a mystery so far.  (I really wish they would have elaborated one or two more minutes on Jules’ story when she was at home.)

Kent:  We see her walk into Room 5.  She appeared dry.  So in the beginning, when she woke up in the tub, was that Room 4?  It would have to have been room 3 or 4, or simply a dream.  A dream would make sense as room 3 for Margot was based off of her dreams, so maybe they foreshadowed that a bit.  As for the giant sphere, I have no god damn clue.  I wish somebody smarter than me could point me in the right direction.


  1.  Is Margot’s father, John, what the show has referred to as a “cannibal”?  Does this explain why the omelette tasted like nothing to him?  Do you think the eggs actually tasted good to Margot or was that a lie?

Kristi:  I would say yes. That creepy scene at the end makes me think he is for sure. Not sure about the eggs. I think Margot was just trying to get through breakfast so I’m not sure she really had an opinion on the food.  (In that situation, I don’t even know if I would have ate.  I loved Jules shaking her head.)

Kent:  Well, if you remember in Episode 1, in Room 1, it did suggest to beware of cannibals.  At the end, we see how John eats, with these bodies that look human but are filled with these odd balls.  Which makes me wonder if the tiny balls are somehow tied in to Jules’ Room 5 ball.  I assume only those balls have flavor or feel like sustenance to the people that inhabit this plane, possibly limbo for all I know.


  1.  JD’s room 5 had the guy with the mask, from room 2, only this time it was a “mask” of JD.  We know that there is a more confident or cooler version of JD in the one house.  Looking back to last week, was Room 1 and 2 all about trying to mess with JD?

Kristi:  I didn’t consider that but now that you mention it, yes. I do think so. It definitely creeped everyone in the room out after the molding of them were destroyed but I think JD may have been the target victim in those rooms.

Kent:  Yeah, it appeared that JD was made an example of last week and now with this week, there’s something to it.  Then I wonder if the house is all about your fears or more importantly, confronting your fears.


  1.  What was up with the eggs reappearing in the fridge?

Kristi:  I am assuming there are no grocery stores or anything in the so called town- room they are now in, I’m thinking maybe that stuff just happens there. Like, oh we are out of milk, Bam, milk appears.  (Good point, I can’t imagine that grocery stores exist in this plane of existence.)

Kent:  That was probably the oddest thing of the whole episode for me.  That also gave me another wacky theory.  I like theories and they are almost always wrong.  What if the moment that you step into No End House, you enter a portal of sorts to an alien dimension.  Now aliens have been studying us and have some ideas about us, but they don’t fully get us yet.  They could have a virtual reality for every single person that enters the house, and that would go along with everybody having their own reality.  Maybe aliens programmed eggs to be in the fridge and when they got moved, the coding simply said that eggs should be there, sorta like a really shitty video game.  It would help explain the people taking out their garbage, the fact that aliens see vehicles but don’t know all of the engine parts, and the eggs, and why when JD’s cool version hits him in the head, like it kinda caught it off guard that JD still wasn’t totally put down.


  1.  The mysterious drifter (His name is Dylan) was seen going through vehicles, breaking stuff, but most importantly, did you notice the license plate on the truck that had no engine?  What do you make of the license plate? This is around the 8:55 mark if watching without commercials.

Kristi:  I did not notice it at first but now that I see it, I have no freaking idea!

Kent:  To revisit my answer from question #6, wouldn’t the odd writing coincide with an alien virtual reality?  So I’m going all in on my theory.


  1.  Dylan shoots Lacey in the head because he knows it’s not really her, and the guy takes out the garbage like nothing happened.  He goes to his and Lacey’s house and he alludes to the fact that he got out but that she didn’t.  Is it safe to assume that he knows how to find the exit?

Kristi: I like that theory. There has to be a door or portal to get out so I think it could be very possible he knows where the exit it.

Kent:  I do believe that he knows how to get to the exit, but why didn’t Lacey go with him?  What prevented her?  Could it be that it was never her in his reality?  I think in circles here.  I need answers!


  1.  Seth sees the chick in her undies in the window who waves at him, and then sees the people in the circular cage at the end of the cul de sac.  What do you make of that?

Kristi:  I’m thinking the chic was a cannibal. Perhaps that is her way of getting him to go to her. Like maybe they have to go to them for them to take them. The people in the cage could be others that ended up there but couldn’t find a way out. Maybe they see the cage and somehow in their mind at the time, they saw an exit door. So now they have just lost it and are just roaming aimlessly in the cage? I’m sure I’m wrong but I like it.  (The cage as an exit possibility would make some sense.  I’m not sure that we see the cage at any other point other than from Seth’s perspective, yet.  Also, I like the idea of the chick being something like a Siren, using her sex appeal to lure him.  I kinda want to see her eat him now.)

Kent:  I hate to say this, but I don’t have a damn clue.  Knowing that the next episode is about cannibals, I am guessing that those in the cage were cannibals.  I don’t really get it though, nor do I get the hot chick yet, but more of her would be nice.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Out of the 5 main characters. Which character’s story intrigues you most: A) Margot, B) Jules, C)J.D. D) Seth, E) Mysterious Drifter?

Kristi:  E. I feel like he has some grand purpose of being there but we just don’t have enough information. Maybe he is even the guy that is behind it all.  (Wouldn’t that be fun if he had a part in building it?  That would be similar to some of the stuff in the Cube film franchise, which is a great franchise.  Only 3 films, but they will get in your head a bit.)

Kent:  E, the drifter intrigues me because I do believe that he knows how to find the exit.  I will say, if my theory is correct, then Jules is my second pick.


  1.  Water seems to be a big part of this season.  Do you have any idea or suggestion on how it will play into the rest of the season?

Kristi:  I have no idea but I am very curious and excited for the remaining episodes!

Kent:  As long as it’s not like Signs, I am happy.  We saw Margot in the pool and how when underwater, it looked like there was no bottom.  Then at the end, how the body appeared from liquid.  Water or liquid may be how things are transported, and somehow ties in with my portal idea.  I really don’t know.  Now I am also focusing on the orchids as well as spherical shaped objects.  


Were You Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Kristi:  Hell yeah! I am very into this show. It has got to be one of the best shows on television right now.

Kent:  Huge props in using the song “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” by the Shangri Las.  I love this version as well as Aerosmith’s.  I thought it was a perfect song for that scene.  Hell yes I was Kentertained and I am so into this show.  Will it end foolishly?  Probably, but it’s still the best show currently on TV as far as I know at the moment.  In all fairness, aside from sports and wrestling, I only watch this, AHS, and Fear The Walking Dead at the moment.  Here’s one of my favorite exchanges during the episode.

“So how are you here?” – Margot

“Where, the dining room?” – John

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