Orange Is The New Black Season 5 – 9 Deuce Discussion

Here we go again with season 5 Orange is the New Black 9 Deuce discussion.   I wrangled up some lovely ladies who were willing to spare some valuable free time to help me out with this.  You can play along at home and leave a comment with your responses to these questions.  I am Kent, and I am the only male in this discussion, so expect lots of conflicting perspectives.  I have chosen not to leave any comments.  Sometimes it’s nice for me to just shut my mouth.

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  1. Daya ended up shooting Humps, and he died eventually from it.  Do you think that Daya will remain a main character moving forward or was that their way of pushing her to the side, or possibly finishing her story overall?

Kristi: I think she will be back. I think Suzanne will mention something along the lines of the otger girls tampering wih the oxygen that ultimatley led to his demise.

Melanie:   I don’t think we have seen the last of her, but I don’t think she will play such an integral part again.

Cece: It’s definitely possible that they could be finishing her off. But, I’m not quite sure that’s the case.

Jamie:  I think they will keep her around there is still more to learn about Bennett and the baby if it ends up with pornstaches mom

Kent:  Well, we all know that I despise this character, so I am hopeful that she is more or less written out.  There may be a scene here and there with Alieda or Pornstache, but I think she is out as a main character.


  1.  Let’s face it, Tastee blew the deal, but may not be the one most responsible.  Who do you blame for the deal failing through?

Kristi:  I liked Tastee a lot more this episode but I do blame her for it. I get that she wants justice for Poussey but she let down the entire prision by her selfishness

Melanie:  Whoever requested the Flaming Hot Cheetos and Takis (maybe Cindy). Although it was pure comedic gold, it really showed they weren’t serious in their demands or intentions.

Cece: Honestly, I can’t really blame much of anyone. Everyone had their own way they were handling things and it was impossible to have gotten all the ladies together to get things right.

Jamie:  She should’ve taken the deal. If Caputo could truly get to her and explain why C.O. Bailey shouldn’t be charged because of the lack of training and letting Piscatella run the place. I blame crazy eyes for going her normal crazy and everyone was already riled up

Kent:  The shit system caused all sorts of pain and suffering, and that would be a simple answer.  For me, I blame Tastee, and I will elaborate.  If you are the leader of a group of any kind, you should have the best interests of the group in mind, not just your personal vendetta, or not what your friends think is cool.  Nope, you are the representative, so fucking represent.  This coming from a guy who did lots of student government and managed to piss off some friends along the way.  Tastee had everything that she could reasonably get.  There’s no bringing Poussey back, and it sounded like the hiring practices would improve, which is a bigger and better justice than getting Bayley.  This was some straight up short-sightedness.


  1.  In episode 9, you know the greatest episode ever, we get more of Red’s backstory.  What purpose did that story serve in relation to what was happening in the present?

Kristi:  I think it showed us just how hard it was for her. With her losing her friend and her fight for freedom. As far as the purpose, I think it was important for us to know her backstory for us to see why she was fighting so hard for her friends.  

Melanie:  She detested people in power who made people suffer when they were already suffering.

Cece: I honestly did not see it serving much of any purpose, to be honest. Maybe that she has a heart deep down?

Jamie:  she had a sense that Piscatella was there and people were Missing just like she had a sense of people coming up missing in that episode

Kent:  Lawdy, that F’N episode just made me so happy.  As a horror guy, I loved the hunting of the women, I loved the ladies being scared, the phone call with Cindy, Leanne, and Ang, and of course, Flaritza as the Shining twins.  Oh yeah, I need to answer the question.  I don’t want to steal other’s answers.  I have had a few discussions, and people have made good, valid points.  I liked seeing that part of Red’s story, but it didn’t really add to the present situation of that particular episode as much as most of the flashbacks do.  I have watched the season twice by the way, so I may be totally oblivious.


  1.  Name 3 characters who you found that you liked more during this season in particular.

Kristi:  Suzanne- she is a favorite of mine now. Taystee- I enjoyed seeing her backstory. I also felt for her, as I know what its like to lose a close friend. Nicky- She was never on my list of someone I liked but i felt like she stepped uo her game this season. She stayed clean and helped Red when she really needed her.  

Melanie:  Blanca, Morello, Pennsatucky

Cece:  Frieda, Alison, and Gloria.

Jamie:  Blanca, Big Boo, Gloria

Kent:  Boo, Nicky, and Piscatella or Fig..tough.  I’m cheating.


  1.  Name 3 characters who you were less enamored with during this season.

Kristi:  Lorna- I used to like her crazy ass but the was she did Nicky was shitty. Also not giving Suzanne her meds was f’d up. I realize it was a mental thing on her part but it still pissed me off.

Doggett- She was not her feisty self. She was too concerns for the donut dude.

Leanne- No one should be messing with Suzanne!  

Melanie:  Piper, Leanne, and Angie

Cece:  Daya, Lorna, Maria.

Jamie:  Daya, Vause, Yoga

Kent:  Maria, Red, Taystee


  1.  Give me your thoughts on how the Judy King plot played out during this season.

Kristi:  Honestly, I could have done without it all. She really wasn’t that relevant to me and the whole dog leash slave thing was pretty freaking ridiculous.

Melanie:  Cowardly, but I was shocked Tastee let her go.

Cece: I thought the part where they were sort of torturing her and using her was cool but like she shouldn’t have gotten off that easily. She deserves to realize what she could be going through and use that power to bring good to the ladies of Litchfield.

Jamie:  I loved when she went on the talk show like she was gonna own it and got served!

Kent:  I honestly hope we don’t see her anymore.  Her story really never helped the show, at any point, in my opinion.  I’m very sour on her.  The stuff that Cindy was saying though was making me laugh, so there was that.


  1.  Did anybody find it odd that the black girls were the ones with the most power, especially in regards to negotiations, but is by far, the least represented on the show as far as number of characters?

Kristi:  Not at all. I think it was just their time to be in the spotlight.

Melanie:  Not really

Cece: This is interesting. Those ladies are by far my favorite group of people, as they are super empowering and also fight for what’s right. I do believe they need more allies.

Jamie:  I didn’t find it odd at all Tasty has a presence like no other and people listen.

Kent:  Of course I found it silly.  The Latinas had the gun.  They should have been running the negotiations.  I know it’s a show and it created a good story arc for the black girls, but if we’re being real here, it lacked a semblance of reality.  You don’t put somebody in charge of negotiations when they are that emotionally invested.  If anything, I wished they would have revisited the idea of the heads of each group come together as they did briefly in season 4.  It would have made way more sense and then maybe Red would have had a good season.  


  1.  Was this season trying to make a statement about cell phones?

Kristi:  Perhaps. The part when the Maritza was saying how she couldn’t deal without it now and how they were on the damn thing the whole episode certainly shows how dependant we have become to them.

Melanie:  Cell phones calmed most of the group down. I think they were trying to highlight our dependance on technology as a whole.

Cece: I don’t see it that way. They handled 2017 exactly how it is in the real world.

Jamie:  I think it showed very realistically how people react to anything they make a meme out of it and like to follow silly YouTube vlogs

Kent:  Obviously I think it was making a statement about how phones take you out of the real world and place you in a virtual reality of sorts.  On top of that, the dependence on them.  Think about it, if you go out to eat with somebody and they go to the bathroom, what’s the first thing you do?  Grab your damn phone.  I know there are many ways to look at it, but I hope it highlighted how obsessive we are with our phones.  Hopefully you are reading this blog on your phone.


  1.  Give me your thoughts on the final episode, especially the final minutes, and tell me where you think the show will pick up next season.  Yes, this is intended for a longer response.

Kristi:  I was super happy to see Piscatella die. I thought it was pretty dumb of the girls to sit in the pool though. They were obviously going to be found eventually and hiding out is just going to make it worse. I have a feeling the girls will somehow be to blame for Piscatella’s death. Like they resisted and he was an innocent bystander or some crap. I’m thinking it may start out from where it ended. At least a short flashback to it anyway. 

Melanie:   I think they will show how everyone is coping with being in their new placements. I think the opening scene will be Morello in labor, handcuffed to the bed with her husband on one side and Nicky on the other.

Cece:  I honestly have no idea. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I hope, they’ll not all separate and have us jumping around to different prisons. I’d hope Judy King realizes she’s a cunt and donates money to fix things.

Jamie:  If they are planning on sending them to different places there is gonna be a lot of jumping around next season I think they will eventually be back together.  I love how the ladies came together and stood hand in hand. Hoping they all make it out alive

Kent:  I was dismayed to see Piscatella go down.  I know that it was one of the many inevitable things to have happened.  I still feel that they could have attempted to redeem his character after making him so cartoony.  It was also convenient how 8 of the 10 main characters were all together at the end.  Once again, cartoony.  I liked the final episode a lot with all of that negativity out of the way.  I liked seeing the guards regain control.  It was about damn time.  Yes, it’s a comedy, but still, the riot went on for way too long.  I am sad and happy simultaneously to see Maritza and Flacca separated.  They are a great duo, but their characters are funny enough that they will obviously be paired off with somebody else, and the “odd couple” setting could prove really funny.  I fear that we are going to be stuck getting introduced to another 30-40 characters and quite frankly, my brain and memory can’t retain all of that new info.  We have enough girl’s whose backstory should be told.  Also, I’m curious how hard some of them are sentenced for their roles.  It seems like a convenient way to elongate Piper’s sentence, which I assume is the basis for how long the show lasts.  Finally, I really hope we get the old guards back.  I think Litchfield will get cleaned up by the end of the season and one of the things will be that we see our old guards back, minus Pornstache and Healy.


Bonus Deuce Deuce


  1.  Name a character or two whose backstory you wish to see that we haven’t had an opportunity to see yet.

Kristi:  I’d like to see more on Suzanne and Boo  

Melanie:   I can’t think of one.

Cece:  Zirconia

Jamie:  I want more of Frieda’s story!  Angie, Gina, and Anitas

Kent:  Angie, any of the white supremacists, especially the one with the giant tits, Boo, and the funny Latina chicks who were guarding the guards.


  1.  What will happen with Penn and Doughnuts?  What will happen with Bayley?

Kristi:  I think he will, reluctantly, turn her in. I think Bayley will probably end up killing himself.  

Melanie:  Penn and Doughnuts will live happily ever after in another state somewhere. Bayley will be committed somewhere.

Cece: Penn and Doughnuts, well, they just really don’t need to be together, but I suppose they’ll be found eventually. Bayley, I feel will run away and continuously try to keep running from his problems.

Jamie:  I think she will be found I’m more interested in following Chang.  Bayley will either kill himself, end up in prison, or keep trying to apologize to try and feel better

Kent:  I can see Penn actually turning herself in after a conversation with Doughnuts, and maybe she will even say that he captured her so he gets a promotion.  I don’t really care about Bayley’s story because how much more suffering do we have to see him go through?  I imagine he gets turned in and maybe we see some courtroom drama play out.


  1.  Piper and Alex are now engaged.  Did you find them more or less annoying this season?

Kristi:  Less annoying. They weren’t on as much so that was helpful.  

Melanie:  I missed it. More annoying as I fast forwarded through their scenes.

Cece:  Surprisingly, less. But still top of the list under the meth heads.

Jamie:  who cares!  Still find Piper annoying and Vause got on my nerves this season

Kent:  Less annoying for me and I feel a positive step towards trying to redeem both characters.  They have a lot of work to do, or they can give them less scenes.  Still, a huge improvement over seasons 3 and 4.


  1.  Was this season a success in your opinion?

Kristi:  It was just ok for me. I enjoyed parts of it but feel like it could have been stripped down to like 5 episodes without losing too much of the storyline.  

Melanie:  No but my personal feelings may have kept me from enjoying it.

Cece:  Yes.

Jamie:  I enjoyed it

Kent:  For me, it was a comeback season.  The show regained the humor that it had lost in season 3 and 4.  Yes, it was outlandish, and at times took me out of the show a bit.  Like, we wouldn’t really be happy if a prison riot happened, and it sure as hell wouldn’t have lasted that long on the premise of just one gun.  That was absurd.  Still, bring laughs back is always a win for a show that I loved because it made me laugh.  They eased up a bit on the list of agendas that season 4 pounded down our throats.


Final thoughts:  This is where you can leave any thoughts about the show or this blog.  Obviously I wasn’t able to cover every single angle of the show, so this is your time to sound off if you wish to.

Melanie:  I had a hard time watching this season.Very serious. A far cry from season 1.

Cece:  Fuck Piscatella.

Jamie:  why do we have to wait a year for the next season

 Kent:  I fear that season 6 will be a bad one and perhaps may start to not care as much about the show.  With that being said, I’m looking forward to the season after that because I think it will be more back to normal.  The key to this show is putting the girls in situation where they can be funny.  Making shit too serious kills off possibilities.  I think it’s going to be hard to get into a groove as we are going to have to meet so many new characters and integrate them in.  Season 6 will be more about building and establishing so we will miss out on good stuff.  Also, how many backstories are we going to get where we are supposed to sympathize with the criminal?  

All images used are for review purposes only.  Credit to the creators,  producers, and especially NetFlix for giving us a great show.