The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:7 – The Death of a True Player of the Game Edition

Although we’ve come to the end of the road, we are here to tackle the hard hitting questions….a week and a half later.  Littlefinger lost the game, Dany and Jon kinda lost the game, and the Wall truly lost the game.  With this being the season finale, I encouraged my contributors to get back at me for all of the negative things I say to them throughout the season.  While some played nice and stayed classy like Bri, the other 2 were savages.  It’s a good time. So please enjoy as my panel answer my inane questions and have some good laughs.  Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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  1.  Sansa has sentenced Littlefinger to death.  Would the story moving forward next season have been more interesting if Sansa had ordered for Arya to be killed?

Chris:  Kent you have no taste, and no this works out better. Now we can have Aryafinger next season in King’s Landing  (Hahaha, oh damn it, that was the first thing I read.  Kudos.)

Jim:  “Kent, you are a hackneyed writer and you should bend the knee because I write with you” (That sounds about right.)

I’d love to buy into the “dark side” Sansa with Littlefinger controlling.. (emperor with smith lord), but realistically, there is nothing saying the student didn’t  outlast the master and will going for the win on her own….  he’s had her ear for years, so maybe he rubbed off.  The plan was a great example of that possibility.  If there was more than 6 episodes, I’d say it was a strong possibility, but it feels too short for her to make that play.  (Knowing that there are only 6 episodes really limits some of my questions.  If we had 3 more seasons, I bet the responses would be very different.  Still, I think in an alternate universe, it could have been fun.)

Briana:  More interesting? Maybe but only because Arya would have escaped and came after Sansa! Lol! However, I thought the scene was executed perfectly (see what I did there? Haha)  (Executed indeed!  Yeah, I really wanna see Arya do some more crazy stuff.  While she stagnated a bit during her training montage in season 5 and 6, I have always loved watching her do her thing.)

Kent:  The story would have been far more fascinating with Sansa turning to the darkside and allying herself with Littlefinger and potentially try to swoop in to take the Iron Throne amidst all of this chaos.  


  1.  Did anybody at the meeting truly think that Jon would lie, no matter how much it could have helped his cause?  If so, name who you think was that dumb.  There were dumb characters at the meeting.

Chris:  Russ and his mom thought Jon would lie. Everyone else in the real world knew better. In Westeros, I don’t think everyone already knew he bent the knee, but if they did, I think they just thought he would neglect to mention it rather than outright lie. Cersei never asked him to bend the knee to her, so telling her that he did to Dany wasn’t telling the truth, it was over sharing.  (Russ’ mom jokes know no limits, just like Jon Snow knows nothing.)

Jim:  I think his allies were surprised that he was so dumb, but they should have known.  He is the dumbass who thought sending 6 guys and 3 red shirts north of the wall to kidnap a zombie seemed like a good idea.  I feel like they coulda coached him up a little bit, so the fault is on them, not his dumbass. (You’re right.  I blame Tyrion the most.  He knows how his sister operates, and he should have been preparing the whole crew on what to possibly expect.  I simultaneously feel bad for Tyrion because he seems to be getting a lot of blame this season when most of the time, he has been doing the smart thing, just with shitty results.)

Briana:  Definitely Tyrion and Dany thought he would lie. But that’s only because they don’t really know him. They know Starks are honest people to a fault but Jon is technically a Snow (as far as they know) and I think Tyrion sees him as a kindred soul, he thinks they’re a lot alike being their “Bastard” connection. (Back when they first met and Tyrion gave his speech about dwarves being bastards in their fathers eyes) he thinks he’d do what Tyrion would do. Also, ya know I just don’t think anyone expected him to be so blunt with Cercei given the stakes.  (Great point about the bastard connection.  The show makes it seem like most bastards have shit lives, and really Jon was fortunate in the way that he was brought up.  He’s the exception to the rule.)

Kent:  I think Tyrion is at the top of that list, along with Dany, Jaime, and Hound.  Tyrion is having a rough season as far as being wrong at really bad times, and this is another one.  Then the times that he is right, he still gets knocked down a peg in some capacity.  Dany is obvious due to naivety.  Jaime and Hound simply assumed that Jon would do what they would have in that scenario, which is lie.  Davos and Cersei were probably the only 2 that weren’t surprised.


  1.  A lot of the internet wants Tormund to get with Brienne of Tarth.  A whole other large segment wants her and Jaime to hook up.  Gun to your head, which scenario would you prefer to see?   Please don’t tell me the merits of both options, we get it.

Chris:  Tormund should be dead right now according to what they filmed at the end of the episode. Too bad I am team Tormund. They did an interview Gwendolyne Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and he said he was team Tormund too. She said she wanted to hook up with Dany; Nik said he wouldn’t mind seeing that either. (Fantastic insight, thank you for the link.   She looks very nice in the video.)


Jim:  I’d love to pick Jaime to be a contrarian, but it’s Tormund and it’s not even close.  Brienne and Jaime respect each other, but they aren’t related so he is not interested.  Tormund, who legend has it, also bangs bears, genuinely wants her, and if she can’t have her dead gay king (since he got smited by a shadow demon vag baby), she should at least get someone who wants her.  (Always happy when the term “shadow demon vag baby” pops up.)

Briana:  Duh! Tormund! I can see where people would want Jaime but eff that! She needs a wild man! And Tormund is obsessed with her, Jaime will always have that twinge of Cercei gnawing at him and Brienne deserves to be first string to whomever she picks and that’s Tormund! Plus!! GIANT BABIES DAMN IT!  (Well, that’s the final verdict.  If the female in the group wants it, then that’s just how it should be.  Make it so GoT!)

Kent:  Tormund, and it’s not even close.  Her and Jaime does nothing for me.  To hear Tormund talk about her and just to see that ginger haired bastard happy makes me happy.  I still don’t like Brienne, but I am okay with her living if it makes Tormund happy.


  1.  Is Bran even good at his job as the 3 Eyed Raven?  He’s made some revelations, but we know much more from the outside looking in.  Rate Bran’s job performance as the 3 Eyed Raven.

Chris:  Since we don’t know what his job is, can we comment? I bet he gets his blogs posted faster than some other peeps  (The funny thing is just how long it took me to get this one out only makes this statement sting slightly more.)

Jim:  Kent you are so wrong!!!  Except when you are right….   he seems lazy, or confused by the all knowledge he possesses.  If I came upon the knowledge of something like that, I would laser focus on it to get more details.  And again, when he got the info, even not knowing all the details, couldn’t he have sent a “don’t bang your aunt” raven to Jon?  Now we are clearly going to have an inbred half-wit Targaryen baby to sit in the throne eventually.  (More importantly, what color hair will the baby have?   Yeah, the whole thing about a big discovery is that you would expect him to do more research.  It just seems like common sense…..but I am the bad guy for bringing up bad writing for the season.) 

Briana:  Meh is my rating lol! First, he’s not telling people the things he knows. I get that he was waiting for Jon to tell him in person or whatever but people need to be hearing things and he should have been looking into things more in the first place! I guess I’m also just a little confused on how his talent works. He can see everything and remember everything but it’s not actually everything bc he has to physically go there and see it in order to see it and remember it. So why is he so weird already when he doesn’t actually remember “everything” like he claims. My biggest question is will he go straight to someone and tell them about the wall? Or will he just sit back and see what happens like he does with everything else? Ok that was longer than I planned sorry!  (A big problem that I have, and I think it would solve a lot of questions and issues that people may have is that they never truly established his powers.  Yes, we know that he can do this and that, but like 3 more minutes of explanation or cementing the lengths of his abilities would have really allowed us to know if he’s slacking or not.  I bet he’s in the office just watching cat videos most of the day.  The boss comes in and asks him “Bran, what ground breaking discovery did you make today?” Bran tells him that Jon was the baby in the tower, smirks, sees how happy his boss is and then goes back to videos.  The general population watching this show are the happy boss who are simply content with a big revelation at times.)

Kent:  I think he is doing a mediocre job to say the very least.  Like he had to go back and double check his info, which seems pretty lazy.  Looking at this objectively, once Bran learned about his dad and Lyanna and the baby thing, wouldn’t you naturally assume that Bran would have revisited that to get some more details?  He clearly got more details about Littlefinger.  I truly feel that this was a way to make Sam look like he’s still needed, which he clearly is.  If Sam was the 3 Eyed Raven, he’d have this shit locked down.  I wouldn’t give Bran a written warning, but I would tell him to get his numbers up and improve or else a warning would be in his future.


  1.  Will Arya at any point use Littlefinger’s face for something that we see on screen?

Chris:  Yes. Here comes Jim’s Cersei+Little finger alliance that is going to blow up in her face. Aryafinger kills Cersei, Mountain kills Arya, Hound avenged her in Cleganebowl.  (If Arya dies to the Mountain, not only will I be upset, but I would have to place him at the top of the ….nope I don’t want to say Mountain, damnit.  Either way, he would be my #1 killer on this show as far as combat goes.)

Jim:  Kent, if you were more like Chris on this, I could get behind you.  First, I can totally see the Face coming up to get at Cersei!!  And second, I’m not convinced that Sansa isn’t going to still make a play.  She had been around Littlefinger too long for him not to have an effect on her.  But if she does nothing of interest again, then Kent you were maybe a little right.  (Have no fear.  I’m never just a little right.  I either have a glorious victory with food, beers, hookers, and blow, OR I get made a fool, which is the norm for me.  Expect me to be wrong.)

Briana:  I sure as hell hope so! When he was lying on the ground dying I said “hey can I get that face real quick?” Like of course she’s got to take his face. The only thing is, she killed him in front of the Vale and Winterfell guards. It’s known that he’s dead so will his face actually be useful being as it’s a well known face and a known dead face now.  (Good question.  We are led to believe that word travels fast, as do ravens,  dragons, and boats, but that’s a whole other thing.  Word would likely spread fast.  Now whether Cersei is wise to this info isn’t important.  Qyburn will most definitely hear of this and so begins the domino effect listed above you.  Or the writers pretend like news of Littlefinger’s death didn’t travel to King’s Landing.  Anything is possible in this show.)  

Kent:  Well, that would only make sense to me, BUT the writing has been iffy at times this season.   With only 6 or 7 episodes remaining, depending on who you trust, I can see them completely ignoring this awesome opportunity.  Hell, I fear for Arya and Sansa’s usefulness in the last season.  Note, they are minimizing as many locations and characters as possible by wrapping up their story.  I hope that Arya gets to go out like a hoss.  Sansa is dead to me.  She blew it.


  1.  If you were in Cersei’s position, would you have honestly accepted a truce with this alliance to overthrow you?

Chris:  If I were Cersei I’d have kept the gold from Hightower, grabbed my bro/only friend/boy toy Jaime, and sailed off to somewhere nobody would know us. If you read the books, maybe where whores go.  (I need more info.  All I can think of is Nirvana’s version of Lake of Fire after reading your comment.  That was clearly not your intention.)

Jim:  If I knew I had an army coming while everyone was in the north to backstab like a boss, then I would have lied like her.  If she didn’t say she agreed, she woulda been burned to a crisp, so I guess she had to at least say yes.  She is a brilliant tactician though..  all the time with Tywin paid off.  (I really would have liked to see an alternate timeline where Tyrion never kills Tywin.  I’d love to know how many of his grandchildren would still be alive.)

Briana:  Absolutely not! Her only chance at this point is fucking them royally and without notice. I hate Cercei and I want her dead but her plan was genius and I hate her more for it! We know the truce is legit and they won’t be making any plans to attack her until it’s over but could you really trust that being Cercei? Not a chance. That being said, if Cercei really only gave a shit about her family and not the world, why does she care this much to sit on the throne? Why not bend the knee, go to Casterly Rock and live happily every after with your brother/lover and baby? That would have kept her other children alive no wouldn’t it?  (Well I guess I would ask, would she and her remaining family ever be able to just live in peace at Casterly Rock?  She has kinda made a few enemies throughout the past few years.  It’s the whole, was she in so deep that there was never a way out that resulted in a peaceful and happy life?  Hypothetically, if she bent the knee to Dany, one would think that Dany would at the very least punish Jaime for being the King Slayer.  I think she inherited this hostility as well, meaning that even if she had wanted peace after Robert’s death, she would never have found it, I don’t think.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this response though.)

Kent:  Hell no!  I don’t even understand how her accepting a truce is beneficial in any way to her.  She is confident in her abilities, but she knows that there are still dragons which can kill off her army.  If I’m going down, I’m taking as many people with me as possible in her situation.  The truce simply prolongs the inevitable.  Fuck that, don’t let them get to rule either.


  1.  We got to see a whole lot of characters on screen together that we haven’t ever seen or it’s been a long while.  Which pairing or sighting gave you the biggest boner?  Hey, they mentioned cocks way too much, so I am going the lewd route.

Chris:  Because Kent hates him, Theon and Jon. Although the Hound and Brienne weren’t bad either. The funniest was Sam and Bran though, between Sam’s lines and Bran holding up the message from the raven, some much needed humor right before the end  (The Theon and Jon scene was an absolute waste of time.  I will agree with the Sam and Bran thing being great, as was Brienne and Hound.  Sam not even giving Gilly an ounce of credit was tremendous.)

Jim:  Of course Kent said the Clegaine bowl… and he’s not really wrong.  But I did particularly enjoyed Littlefinger meeting Karma.  All of the other interactions went as planned/nothing spectacular, but that, while I expected the outcome, was genuinely surprised at the how (partially because I think the rushed season forced them to not have any scene where the girls and/or Bran were conspiring).  But the look on his face, as he was named, then his entire list of crimes were dropped on him was priceless.  I always liked him as a villain/character, but he had also run his course.  (More scenes between the Stark children, really including Bran, would have been great.  Sansa could have still played it well where she is getting trained by Littlefinger, and still could have had Arya get called in.  It would have worked.  But hey, we got all that stuff about bending the knee in 14 different scenes plus Jon and Theon’s enlightening conversation.  Yay?)

Briana:  Hmmm… I like the Hound and Brienne talking about Arya and mending their fences, I liked the Hound letting poor undead Gregor know that he’s coming for him, and then Tyrion and Cercei was intriguing too. I really thought she would kill him. (Really, both of Cersei’s interactions with her brothers were great.  I’m shocked nobody mentioned the Jaime and Cersei one, but that was tense, and I am speculating that most people thought that Jaime was on the verge of having a bad time.  Lena Headey better win an Emmy because she killed it this year.  Amazing performance.)

Kent:  Hound and Mountain.  If you expected any other response from me, you haven’t been paying attention.  Clegane Bowl still needs to happen, and hopefully Arya is around to witness it.  I also really liked seeing Hound and Brienne.  Hound seemed borderline happy for once, after he found out that Arya was alive.


  1.  Seriously, do you even care about this Theon and Yara rescue attempt while Euron is actually doing something useful?

Chris:  I hope ball-less Theon kills Euron and plays water polo with his head. As much as I like Euron hearing Kent cry for 6 ish podcasts would satiate my thirst for his tears. My second favorite part of this finale was the look on Theon’s face at no ball pain. Hey, there’s a silver lining to everything, even being castrated, I guess  (Ouch.  Euron can’t die!  He is the single closest thing that we have to #ThugLife on this show and that makes him immortal, per my biased calculations.)

Jim:  I am surprised with Kent’s opinion with this…. though I am completely uninterested in the rescue/redemption mission.. it is the vehicle to get us more Euron, and like cowbell, I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more Euron.  If the show runners have any balls (like George rr used to), they have Euron end the both of him, as a dark morality play that cowards (Theon) get punished, and putting your faith (Yara) in people who chronically disappoint will get you got.  This needs to be resolved by Euron before his quasi Mexican standoff with Jaime and Cersei.  I did get a giggle when punchy McSailor face repeatedly tried to kick Theon in the balls though.  (Huh, you’re right.  I totally missed the boat on this one, figuratively only.  More Eruon is always a treat, and yes, he should win.  I’m so over Yara, but Euron, there’s a dude that gets shit done, and when he realizes that he’s not going to win, he bails and pulls a Pinky and the Brain so that the next night, he can plot to take over the world.  I hope I got that theme song stuck in somebody’s head.)

Briana:  The only reason I care is because I’m hoping it will be what foils Cercei’s plan. If Theon finally grew his pair back, maybe he will stop Euron from making it to Essos to get the company.  (I wonder if Qyburn could help him grown like a zombie pair back.  I’m not going to rule it out entirely.)

Kent:  No, waste of my damn time.  Just kill Theon already.  I simply hated Jon forgiving Theon.  It was bullshit.  Then I am led to believe that Theon “Hulk-ed up” like the great Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes as he gets the adrenaline flowing.  Come the fuck on, this isn’t 1980’s wrestling.  Theon should be dead.


  1.  Sooooo, after all of the nagging and incessant nagging to bend at the knee, will it eventually lead to Dany having to bend the knee to her nephew Jon Sn….I mean Aegon Targaryan?  According to some nerds online, Aegon would have a bigger claim to the throne than she does.

Chris:  If Jon was a normal dude, he would pass up the throne for some more sweet wincest  (Hmmm, so you are saying for him to pass up that hard ass chair for more wincest?  Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to sign up for your weekly newsletter.)

Jim:  I don’t think he wants to be anything more than her first man/husband…. till he finds out they are related, then he will wanna distance himself while still following her (cause he’s honest). More regretful than banging then killing a wildling.  (Jon really should have a “No Regerts” tattoo.  It would really do his character justice.)

Briana:  Nah. I think that’s over. She will get pregnant, they will get married and they will just rule together. I do think if you’re going with the Targaryan deserves the throne route, he technically does have claim over her bc Rhagar was the last dragon and the heir and Jon is his legitimate son. But I think that’s water under the bridge with the relationship they hold now.  (Wouldn’t that be just a tad insulting though?  7 seasons of heads rolling all in the name of ruling the Iron Throne.  Then he falls in love with his aunt and is just like, nahhhh, love conquers all.  I need my characters hungry for that throne damnit!)

Kent:  Probably not.  He’s probably impregnated her (BOOOOOOO!).  I will say probably not though because I still think that she will die before all is said and done and she would never bend the knee.  She would simply be like, I got 2 dragons, you got a ginger.  I LOATHE this aspect of the show.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Let’s rename the ice dragon.  Give him a cool name.

Chris:  Mentos, the freshmaker  (I think I liked this one way more than I should have, but mainly due to this.  Seriously, this commercial makes my day.)

Jim:  Aegon, cause everyone is named Aegon, or if they finally exceeded Aegons on the show, then my runner up is night shade, cause the night king rides him and it sounds cool  (Everybody gets to be named Aegon nowadays!  We need a new Hodor to just say Aegon on repeat.)

Briana:  Tundra is the only thing that comes to mind. I feel it’s a weak answer but it’s what I got! Lol!  (I wish we have a better name for the Night King, like Lance.  Then Tundra would work way better.)

Kent:  Jericho – As in Chris Jericho because that dragon broke the wall down.


  1.  This is the big one.  As enjoyable as this season was, did you find it as well written as season’s past?

Chris:  Yes. People will complain about anything, but the bare fact is that everything that has been building for the last 21 years has been building to what is happening now. A tighter focus doesn’t mean anything worse than what we had before. Who gives a Fuck about not taking 2 more seasons to do all the traveling this year. People complain that all of Tyrion’s decisions were bad, but they weren’t, mostly uniformed. Why didn’t Varys know about Euron’s fleet if we want to heap blame. The politics had to end as the wars had to come. Anyone who expected something else hasn’t been watching the right show  (Yes…..why didn’t Varys know about the fleets?  Why has Varys been overlooked so much this season?  Poor writing, that’s why!)

Jim:  God Kent your opinions suck except when they are right.  The best moments of the show, were tense scenes (that were poorly set up i.e. Littlefingers death) or CGI dragon work.  I get that with a finite number of episodes it requires you to thin out the detail to have time to tie up lose ends, but does anyone know how much time past this season?  And how did they not use the great characters they have very effectively (Euron, Qyburn, Zombie-Mountain, Varys, Bronn to name a few).  Plus with everything tying up, there is less chance for surprise, so the writing doesn’t seems as impressive from that respect either.  (The finite episode thing is where it makes things murky.  It’s the crux of many of my negative answers or questions.  It may not even be a fair critique.  I still am baffled by not having 10 episodes this season.  So many smaller things could have had their shine.  We had 2 long ass episodes, so there’s episode 8 right there.  Maybe fast travel isn’t a thing and we get more of the battle scenes at High Garden or Casterly Rock.  Maybe Varys and Melisandre get more time.  Maybe we get more of the stuff in Winterfell, which was the most captivating stuff of the season in my opinion.  Yeah, i get that people want to get to point B from  point A as fast as possible.  A show of this caliber has long succeeded with a slow burn.  I would have preferred 10 episodes.  Some people like Twitter.  I don’t.  This is just a case where my preference didn’t happen.  Damnit, more Qyburn next season!!!!)

Briana:  While I found it to be different writing than past seasons, I didn’t think it was less good. I know everyone has been complaining about it being rushed and the fast track crap but the way I see it is they just cut out a bunch of the bull shit and got straight to the important stuff. I don’t need more episodes if it’s just to show realistically how long it took Gendry to get to the wall or how long it took Jon to get to dragon stone or whatever.  (I would say that it’s not the fast travel stuff that bothers me in regards to lengthening the season.  A better explanation could have been achieved in less than a minute.  It’s just the storytelling and the conversations.  We missed out on a lot of quality stuff all for the sake of speeding instead of enjoying the scenery.  There’s no right or wrong.  I will ask you this, wouldn’t you have rather had 3 more weeks of the show?  I sure as hell would have.  It doesn’t even have to be great.  Still better than nothing, for me personally.)

Kent:  Compared to the past, this was actually an incredibly lazily written season.  If we separate the spectacle and awesome things that we saw or have been anticipating away from the pacing that this show is known for, and this season isn’t all that great.  Way too many plot conveniences just for the sake of getting the next big action scene.  Fast travel is a fucking acceptable thing now.  Lots of leaps of faith rather than showing the audience how certain things came to be would have been worth the extra episode or two.  I thoroughly enjoyed the season, but I’m trying to be objective as well.  I know a lot of people disagree with me, and I all I can say is to watch season 5 and enjoy the pacing.  


Final Thoughts

Chris:  Stfu Kent. Best season so far. And my favorite thing about this episode. As Jon was going all out getting balls deep in the mother of dragons, I looked to my wife and said, “Jon Snow has a really nice ass, but you’d never know it the way they always make him wear the giant wolf cloak.” She just looked at me and laughed (That’s how Chris is going out this season, talking about Jon’s sweet ass.  Kudos sir!  You’re not wrong.)

Jim:  it ranks lowest on my season favorites, but it was still better than just about everything out there.  65% GoT is still a world beater.  They need to add the feeling that all characters are expendable again in the last six episodes for it to save face.  I never felt any of the main players were in real jeopardy, even when they were retards with the worst plan ever (looking at you Jon).  Realistically, until Littlefinger, the only real “kind of important character” to die was Ellia Sand.  That being said, it had more moments where I stood up and cheered than any other (dragon fire murder of the army, dragon death, Arya v Brienne, Littlefinger death, Euron, Winter avengers, Euron, Gendry’s return, Davos still not dying, Euron, Nymeria’s return are just a few to name).  And the unimportant witty dialogue between characters may have been better than ever (snarky Davos, All this Tormund and Euron, The Hound). I can’t remember laughing as much any other season, but again, this was filler dialogue, not plot pushing dialogue.  I did have a great time with the season, and writing about it, but I enjoyed the season like ice cream (good, but as filler not a meal), versus the other seasons were perfectly cooked steaks…. enjoyable, filling and completely satisfying.  Thanks for including me Kent!! (Thank you Jim.  This was the tasty treat.  Lots of great moments.  But yeah, I am with you on everything that you just said.  I may like this more than season 2 or 3, I have to go back and rewatch someday.  Point is this felt more like a montage or highlight reel and less like a full season.  The dialogue was funny as hell though.)  

Briana:  First, is like to say how incredibly terrifying it would have been to be Tormund standing on that wall when the ice dragon came! Wouldn’t that be like the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe we have to wait a million years for the next season. Oh and I’d like to throw something out there that hasn’t been discussed anywhere that I’ve found so far. While I at first didn’t believe Cercei was pregnant, I’m starting to think she might be actually pregnant but she’s not going to birth the child. Why? Does anyone else remember that Cercei heard a prophesy when she was young about how she was going to have 3 children and all of them would die before the “little one” killed her. So my thought is that she will die giving birth or Tyrion will kill her before she has the baby. Or she’s possibly still just lying about being pregnant all along but why hasn’t anyone been talking about the prophecy in regard to this new baby?! Thanks for including me in the blog, Kent! Can’t wait for the next one! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the series from the beginning again! Haha!  (Oh boy, you nailed it Bri, in regards to the prophecy or fortune telling, whatever people wish to call it.  I have heard that this doesn’t mean that it has to play out, but why have every other aspect hold up and then mislead us?  The Valonqar will kill Cersei, which means “Little brother”.  So with Tommen and Stannis dead, that still leaves Jaime, Tyrion, and possibly the baby if she died during child birth because if it was a boy, it would be Joffrey, Tommen, and Mercylla’s younger brother.  Delivering the child would still be a loose interpretation of having 3 children, so I have to logically cross that one off the list.  Tyrion or Jaime still seem like the 2 most likely candidates, and I would guess Jaime over Tyrion.  In a weird way, Tyrion seems too obvious and cares too much about certain things.  Jaime, in his mental state, I believe him to be more likely.   I don’t think that she is pregnant, but we will find out.  Thank you Bri for helping me out again.  I’ll be bothering you next month with Walking Dead and Stranger Things if you’re into that sort of thing.  Here’s a link that provides a lot of detail on that prophecy so people can feel free to make their own assessments.)

Theories of Ice and Fire: Cersei’s prophecy and the Valonqar

Kent:  Honestly, I had a lot of fun this season.  The jokes were plenty, and often lewd.  I will miss the numerous Littlefinger jokes.  This is way more fun when we do the blog, it’s nice to have the chats that I have with all of you.  So thank you so much for all of the hard work.  I look forward to the final season, whenever that may be, hopefully 2018.  Maybe between now and then I will read the books or George will finish book 6.  I think that the Vegas odds favor me reading more than George finishing.

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The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:6 – So That’s How You Make an Ice Dragon Edition

We have now seen the death of a dragon, and the internet is buzzing about fast travel.  It’s fun to be a Game of Thrones fan and to be here with so many fun people.  We will chat about many things from this week as well as launch a lot of predictions your way.  Please enjoy as my panel answer my inane questions.  Any comments in bold are from Kent.


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  1.  Dany had 3 dragons.  We know that one got got by the ice spear.  We know that Drogon is alive.  What happened to the third dragon?

Chris:  It banked right and up when Visaeryon got got, now he’s sipping pina colada’s with Theon  (It’s a shame they aren’t wasting away in Margaritaville.  It’s like 20,000 miles away so it would only take them like 3 minutes to get there fast and then take it slow.)

Jim:  it seemed to be searching for its brother in the lake…. I doubt it will be an ice dragon as well, so I see it showing up later in a pivotal point as an unexpected escape.  Like I still think ghost will.. (I like that you are holding up hope for Ghost to be pivotal, so I am formally announcing that I am joining Jim in this wishful thinking.)

Briana:  I’m not entirely sure where but to me it looked like he flew off when the other was taken down. I’m thinking he’s just grieving.  (I think you are probably right.  I wish they could have spent 5-10 seconds showing that, but everything has to be so damned rushed this season.  There’s a link at the end of the blog about how this has been the worst season in regards to the pacing.  It makes a lot of sense and I feel the gripes are legit.  I still love the season, but there have been numerous times where having the extra 3 episodes could have allowed for certain things to be shown to add more depth to the overall story.)

Raylene: I would assume it is with Dany with Drogon but they did a poor job detailing that (Yup, as I said with Bri.  It’s worth reading that column.)

Kent:  During the podcast, Chris seemed fairly adamant that the other was there, but I still am not seeing it, despite looking for it.  That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s not there.  I just figured they would have showed that he was okay.


  1.  Who has the upper hand between Sansa and Arya?

Chris:  I see both Stark girls on the same level with one giant Littlefinger hanging over them, kind of like a perverted version of the Pit and the Pendulum (I was hoping you were going for Pit and the Pendulum but then feared you would go for Sword of Damocles.  Did you ever see the Lance Henricksen version of Pit and the Pendulum?  It’s not bad.)

Jim:  Arya has the upper hand, because Sansa does not know what to expect of her.  She has no idea what Arya is at this point…. this may be where Littlefinger makes his big play though…(Really, if Littlefinger simply educates Sansa on the powers that Arya now has, that could be enough with the way this particular story has been told so far.”

Briana:  Honestly, neither. As long as they’re fighting with each other over Little Finger’s manipulation, they’re both screwed. If I’m looking at it from a perspective that didn’t know they’re being manipulated, I’d say Arya of course has the upper hand because she’s a trained killer and Sansa is a whiney little girl playing lady of the castle.  (Believe it or not, one of the other articles I have linked at the bottom kinda talks up Sansa quite a bit, I think giving her perhaps a bit more credit than she deserves. It actually argues that Sansa should sit on the Iron Throne.  I seriously found these articles before reading responses.)

Raylene: I think Sansa has the upper hand only because of Little Finger being her in her ear at all times.  (“Ear”…..)

Kent:  In doing my best hommage to Se7en: Jon Snow…I mean John Doe has the upper hand.  I like my lame jokes, deal with it. Time to get over analytical because I can.  Yes, we know that Arya can kill and take people’s faces.  So she can technically be anybody, as long as she’s willing to kill them.  That’s pretty tough to top.  The question is, what does Sansa have going in her favor?  Well, she’s ruling the North in Jon’s absence, so she should be protected at most times, plus she can order people around, except for Lady Mormont.  I also wonder, does Arya have to practice a person’s mannerisms, or does she inherit them with the face.  Think about that.  If she killed Sansa and wore her face, could she pull off her polar opposite and make it believable enough for either Bran or Littlefinger?  I say no.  The problem with siding with Sansa is you have to wonder just what lengths she will go to.  We know what Arya is willing to do.  The thing is, I like to side with the unknown when a person’s back is to the wall, as Sansa’s may be here.  I am siding with Sansa and the unknown.  I actually believe that Bran is going to shut this shit down soon and reunite the family until Jon can do his thing.


  1.  Would you say that Littlefinger’s plan is working well at the moment?

Chris:  If he wants to bang Arya with Sansa’s face, then yes. If he actually wants Sansa to get his Littlefinger, then I think it’s backfiring on him  (Always a pleasure to have at least one lewd comment per blog.  Chris, I thank you and and salute your efforts.”

Jim:  I think it is…. he separated Brienne and Arya from Sansa, and I believe the letter from Cersei came from him…. or from Cersei via him….  this is where he will try and ally with Cersei….  (You are still going with this theory.  I am curious if this Cersei and Littlefinger theory is something that you read or concocted on your own.  If you read it, send me a link.  I’ve been intrigued since you first mentioned it.”

Briana:  Definitely! He’s making Sansa feel like he is the only person she can trust and that puts him in a great position. (Yeah, it became even more obvious when she wanted to send Brienne.  I find it interesting that given her current state, who does she have to truly trust?  Jon is gone playing hero and they weren’t seeing eye to eye to begin with.  Arya is not the person that Sansa used to know, she’s practically a stranger in a lot of ways.  Bran, well he’s off trying undo his mistakes which will lead to the revelation that he’s really the Night King, which is yet another article that I posted.  Really, as much as Sansa doesn’t trust Littlefinger, she also knows that he will be compliant towards her for the time being, and that makes him a strong ally.)

Raylene: I believe everything is coming up Millhouse (Little finger). Things seem to be going just the way he wants them to be.

Kent:  Did you not just read what we wrote in the last question?  Silly question.  Whoever writes this should bend at the knee to a nagging blonde.


  1.  Was it smart for Gendry to give up his hammer to make the run?

Chris:  He still had plot armor, after taking a three year break. Next episode, nope it would be dumb  (I assume that you meant plate armor, but plot armor just makes me laugh so much more because it’s technically true.)

Jim:  it’s smart in the short term (so he could run), but I’m not sure the Hound grabbed it, so it may be lost..  he can craft a new one easy enough.. (His Blacksmithing is definitely at level 50 by now.  If you don’t play video games, that was lost on you so just move along.)

Briana:  Well my first thought was hell no! As soon as he gave it up I said “well, Gendry’s gonna die” but in the end it proved smart. He barely made it carrying nothing, he wouldn’t have gotten to the gate had he taken it.  (Yeah, and I almost feel that if this had been any other season, Gendry would have run into some trouble, but the need to rush everything prevented us from that subplot.)

Raylene: If he hand a secondary weapon on him then yes because the hammer would’ve slowed him down  (Well, then comes into the question of why he can’t fast travel.  Obviously you can flying with ravens and dragons.  On the sea, Euron has proved it.  On land, I feel like some army has proven it.  So why couldn’t Gendry fast travel?)

Kent:  I get that it was something in the moment, but couldn’t Hound have taken it, given Jorah his sword, and Jorah give Gendry the small blades for just in case purposes?  I am sure I am overthinking it, but if I’m Gendry, I am going to want a weapon.  I say this was foolish.  Just because nobody got hurt this time doesn’t mean it was smart.


  1.  Who won the discussion between Tyrion and Dany?

Chris:  Tyrion made sense, Dany trumped him by being his queen. I think your questions in these kind of scenes should be who had the more cogent argument, since a lot of the time in this show there is no winning  (You make a fair point that I won’t remember come next season.  If you remind me though, we can make this blog better.)

Jim:  Tyrion won, because I believe he sees that he and Jon were right…. whether that changes how she reacts from now on remains to be seen.  (I am curious on the after effects from that discussion.  You know it’s going to get brought up again.)

Briana:  Well, Dany is his queen and basically told him to shut his face so technically she won. Lol! Tyrion makes a good point though that she’s unable to see out of paranoia. Where I can understand it’s a bit unsettling that he’s bringing this up so early on but he has reason. But I don’t think she has any clue yet who would even be capable of carrying out what she’s trying to do. (I almost feel that it was a situation that she has so many other things going on in her mind, that this relatively big question has been avoided, and the fact that she doesn’t have an answer probably frightens her a bit.  It’s questioning her mortality, and really, she’s been super focused on trying to sit on some hard ass throne for years now.)

Raylene: Tyrion made all valid points but in the end the queen won  (Eleanor always wins in these games.  That’s a Jack of Diamonds reference that nobody is really going to get.)

Kent:  Tyrion won on points on all of the cards leading up to the final round and then Dany was like, hold up, I’m the queen, and you will respect my AUTHORITY!  Then she won by knockout.


  1.  Jon has now verbally bent the knee.  Are you a tad disappointed in him?

Chris:  Ha Kent. Like I said in the podcast if it were anyone other than Jon, he would have done it to be taking the mother of dragon’s ride, but it’s Jon, so he’s clueless about that shit (ask Ygritte). This has been coming for the last 21 years though, so I have been ready for it. (Sad but true)

Jim:  Yea, because he had already won, as she was to help him without it…. not sure how the North will react but he should have held firm…. ultimately it doesn’t matter as they need each other to survive the Winter apocalypse…(I feel that is getting lost in everybody jacking off at the thought of “shipping” those 2.  Damnit, I so loathe that term.  My point is that Jon made very valid and reasonable arguments to not do it quite yet.  Dany became the horny teenage boy that is trying to get laid for the first time, and no wasn’t an acceptable answer.  Dany technically raped Jon.  I jumped to that conclusion.

Briana:  Nah! I think it will be quite the task to get the north on board but Tormund was right when he brought up Mance and how refusing to bend the knee killed tons of his people. If they’re going to be allies, there has to be concession from one side or the other.  (Gosh, that part did feel like a convenient way of having somebody Jon trusted try to talk him into it, and the thing was, Tormund wasn’t wrong.  It’s a situation where it’s easy to understand both sides and you simply wish they could have a discussion and really figure out what needs to happen in order to make it a success.  This show didn’t have time for that though.  So Tormund did all the work.)

Raylene: I was a little sad but he’s doing what he thinks is best for his people.  (He is, but as we all know, he knows nothing.)

Kent:  Yes.  In the podcast, I explained my position, which is simple.  I just wanted Jon and Dany to win whatever they are trying to win, and when the dust settled, if Jon decided that it was the right move, then bend the knee and I would have had no issue whatsoever.  I hated how this was done.  I wish Ygritte would come back and bitchslap Dany.  It’s a matter of timing is my main point, and zombie gingers bitchslapping queens


  1.  Thoros is now dead.  Do you think that this is the window of opportunity for Melisandre to return, or do you think her involvement will go in a different direction?

Chris:  Berric will fight the Mountain and die. The Hound will kill his zombie brother without super human powers, maybe even dying as well in accomplishing it. Remember Berric’s whole mission in the first 3 season was to catch Gregor and bring him back to King’s Landing, and the whole dying and resurrecting stuff happened while trying to do that. Melisandre and Thoros were both priests/esses of the Fire Lord, which is why he could resurrect Berric. No matter how devout Sandor becomes, he can’t learn to bring people back from the dead with no teacher; I would say not in the time left on the show, but with fast travel and seemingly time travel going on, who the fuck knows  (Isn’t it funny how a lot of the rules have simply flown, really fast, out the window?)

Jim:  I can see her returning, but I think I can see the  Hound picking up this role as well.  He has never been a pious guy, but after everything he saw, I think he’s more of a believer than ever..(Chris pointed out why that shouldn’t necessarily be the case, but let’s simply accept that the rules don’t apply anymore.  This is true in many shows where there are rules and then they start breaking them and before you know it, it is pure F’N chaos!)

Briana:  I think she will return but I don’t think it will be this season. I do think she will be the one to perform what ever Thoros was going to be needed for but it’s not happening yet.  (I don’t think we will be seeing her until next season either.)

Raylene: I would think she has to now because if we want Hound to have the power who will pass this on to him.  (Well, if this was season 1-6, we would know that there is a strict path to learning it.  Now, in season 7, Samwell can probably pull out a scroll for Hound to read and suddenly he’s a Red Priest.  We love you season 7 and all of your eccentricities.)  

Kent:  I keep holding out hope that The Hound will pick up Thoros role, but if Cleganebowl is to ever happen, it wouldn’t make much sense.  What would make sense is for him to die via his brother, The Mountain, and Melisandre being ordered by the God of Light to bring back the Hound.  I am most likely wrong here and fully acknowledge that I know nothing.


  1.  Should Jorah have taken his father’s sword?

Chris:  No, because Jon needs it to survive to bang Dany. Jorah is going to kick the bucket saving her ass one more time. Probably dying with Bronn and Davos because I have become so invested in those old men  (Admit it, it would be really cool if Jorah was in position to save Dany one last time and he just straight up said fuck it, I’m going back home to get some strange.  I just want Jorah to be selfish for once, although his unselfishness is part of what makes him so damn endearing.)

Jim: no, it had a wolf on it.  He knew he no longer deserved it, so I’m glad he didn’t take it.  He will get his own Valaryian steel soon enough. (“Deserve” is a term that gets thrown around in this series a lot.  This isn’t meant to pick on you, by the way.  For instance, think about how many people think that they deserve to be on the Iron Throne.  It’s borderline comical.  I swear that most fans have no idea of how the succession goes in this particular story.  I sure as hell don’t.  As far as I can tell, Gendry makes the most sense to me as the last blood relative of Robert.  Fuck the Targaryans because they lost it.   If they, or somebody else wants it, then I would think they should have to off any remaining family members of the last true king, which is Robert since he actually took it.  What I think and what others think are not the same. I am sure some would argue that Dany’s claim to the throne is legit, which I don’t.  I would love to actually find if there are exact rules to the succession in this show.  I’d love Davos to read it to me.)

Briana:  I think the point of a sword like that is the honor that comes with having your father pass it down to you. The fact that his father saw fit to pass it to someone else and then that person tried to pity gift it to him would make it a constant reminder of every way he disappointed his father and family and how he was never able to make it right while his father was alive. (I don’t like your point only because it makes my point look terrible.  Well done.)

Raylene: Jorah could have always taken the wolf off so ultimately it should have been kept in the family. Jorah has earned respect by now.  (Hmmm, I’m not used to people agreeing with me.)

Kent:  I get what everybody’s point is, and I don’t disagree fully.  Still, I think he should have taken it and built up his reputation to show that he has earned it.  Whether you get your father’s approval isn’t the end all be all, it’s about honoring yourself and your family (by and large).  I stick with being selfish and fuck what your daddy wants if you can have a cool sword.  Yes, I have daddy issues.


  1.  Admit it, you wouldn’t mind if Lyanna Mormont just took over the North right now, right?

Chris:  Speak for yourself about liking Arya, Kent. But yes, I feel she would have used 1 dragon to fuck up all her enemies and be home before the first snow falls  (I like speaking for people.  Then they tell me how wrong I am and we get into delightful conversations.)

Jim:  Hell yea, she’d boss that area better than any Stark at this point….  (Well yeah, now that Benjen is out of the conversation.)

Briana:  I’m half disappointed she hasn’t already! When Sansa and Arya were arguing and she said “are you going to tell Lyanna Mormont that you were just a little girl” she won right then and there! You just can’t argue with something like that! (It was one of the better lines of the show, beyond the Tormund and Hound stuff.)

Raylene: Oh yes that lady would be a refreshing change for the North  (I would just like to see somebody attempt to cross her once.)

Kent:  I feel that if Lyanna Mormont took over this week, you would hear this universal noise of rejoice outside as people saw it.  We all like Arya, but she shouldn’t be a ruler, and Sansa probably shouldn’t be either.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Pick at least one character’s death for the season finale.

Chris:  If like Kent and I have talked about on the podcast they want to narrow the focus for the last season without making it seem overly contrived, Euron, Theon, and Yara get the Iron Islands out of the way, reducing the characters and locations needed for next season.

Jim:  Jaime,  Euron’s and Cersei together with everyone else makes my prediction seem even more plausible…. this is where Euron’s messes shit up!!  (Whatever it takes to get Euron on my screen more, I am cool with at this point.  Just don’t kill Bronn.)

Briana:  I hate making these claims because I never want who I assume it will be! Somehow I’m afraid for Lady Brienne or Podrick. Also, there usually seems to always be a huge death so I’ll go with either Cercei, Jaime or Little Finger. (Podrick was somebody that Chris and I talked about on the podcast.  He’s a super likeable unimportant character that could easily make somebody more disliked.  I fear for his safety.)

Raylene: I say Davos, Jamie, Theon, Euron  (Jesus, you want me to be that pissed off?  You better be buying me lots of booze if that happens.  I will be rioting!)

Kent:  Cersei has long been rumored to be the big death at the end of the season.  Will Jaime or Tyrion finally do it?  I don’t think so.  This hasn’t gone the way that I anticipated, so I’m going to pass on Cersei’s death and hope that I am right.  Euron on the other hand, he seems like a prime candidate.  So let me say Euron, Theon, Podrick, and Arya.  Fuck it, I’m going for broke with that lineup.  Sansa is going to the dark side while Theon dies trying to save Yara.


  1.  Make one bold prediction for the season finale.  Make it bold!

Chris:  None of the major cast will die as I can’t see how Clegane bowl happens if Dany, Cersei, Jaime, or Tyrion die. And Bran is going to do something to either disrupt or maintain the status quo in Winterfell (….like we find out that he’s the Night King.  I agree!)

Jim:  Jaime and Euron dies, the Clegainebowl happens, and the wall falls to the ice dragon!!  You want bolder?  Littlefinger dies too, via Jon or Arya as Ned to haunt him for what he’s done… (not sure which I believe in more)  (You fucking went for it, and I love it.  That’s the sort of boldness I like.  Just imagine if something actually comes true?  You get to brag on that for a year.)

Briana:  Night King is going to straight up just ride his new dragon down to King’s Landing! They’re all linked right? So he’s going to track his little minion down to the Red Keep and start some shit. OR they’re going to get to King’s Landing with their proof and she’s going to say “cool. Still not my problem down here” and she’s going to start some shit!   (I gotta do it.  There’s yet another fascinating article about how Cersei could end up being the Night Queen.  I’m just saying, if parts of that theory come true, you could be on to something.)

Raylene: Ceresi will end up with a zombie dragon that Mountain is riding on  (A zombie dragon?  What does the zombie dragon breathe out?  I assume not fire or ice.  I am eagerly awaiting your response.)

Kent:  Aside from the 4 deaths that I just offered up?  Cleganebowl will be set up, but not played out.    Also, screw it, Dany gets wounded badly.  It’s been teased all season.  We know that the 3 headed dragon thing was metaphorical at best now, so we don’t necessarily need Dany anymore.  Melisandre could come back to bring back the Hound or Dany.  Oh, one last thing.  We will see Meera Reed.  She’s Azor Ahai…..I hope..


Final Thoughts

Chris:  A bunch of burly, hirsute, knuckleheads, trudging through icy wilderness to fight a zombie polar bear, a zombie army, and create a dracolich… fuck yeah! My boy Jon is going to be getting it on, he and Dany actually had a pretty touching scene between the two of them. The chemistry was great between all of the characters north of the wall. Arya is both scary and stupid, not a good combo; Sansa is both desperate and stupid not a good combo; Littlefinger is horny and smart, for him it seems to be a good combo. I can’t wait for next week. As for the chains, they had access to every human settlement north of the wall as well as all of the giant villages. I am sure they have a supply train dragging all the shit they need.. Nah probably not. Just accept that a bunch of ravens flew them in  (I know that the main joke has been the speed of the raven and dragon, but the chain thing is equally, if not more funny to really think about it.  Even the director acknowledged the plausibility of it.  That’s bad when that happens.)

Jim:  good episode…. I kinda thought when she brought three dragons, that one would get got.  And when the Night King took it down, I knew it was coming back.  Can’t wait to see Littlefinger’s big play though.  (I have been saying all season that the most intriguing thing to me this season is Sansa and Littlefinger because we didn’t have much to work off of.  I’m excited!)

Briana:  Tormund talking to the Hound about Brienne was just about the greatest line I’ve heard in the show! “I want to have babies with her! Can you imagine it? They’ll be great big giants and conquer the world!” Loved it! Brienne really out to give the big teddy bear a chance! Haha! Oh! AND! Someone tell me where those zombies got giant chains from out of nowhere like they’ve got a hardware store lying east of those mountains or something! Haha! Seriously, where’d they get the chains though?  (I asked Chris about the chains as well.  Like, where did they come from?  Did they come to the fight expecting 3 dragons to show up and hoped they could spear one and drag it out?  Seems like a very specific and bold prediction to make.)

Raylene:  This episode was great. I am hoping as well as everyone that we see Tormund finally get Bri. I am hoping that they find more dinosaur eggs. I think we’ll see zombie Hodor.  (Lots of zombie things with you this week.  Are you missing TWD a bit?)

Kent:  Seriously, this season has flew by way too fast.  When all of my shitty predictions have been denied and I look like a damn fool, can I still be happy at the end?  Probably.  Just don’t’ kill Davos, Bronn, Jorah, Lady Mormont, Tormund, Hound, Varys, or Gendry and we can sort everything out down the road.  Actually, don’t kill off any more dragons because I am sick of how dumb the internet is with their reactions to the whole thing.  Every conversation with Tormund has been an absolute masterpiece this year, so kudos to the writing.  On top of the chains that Bri brought up, are we all just accepting that there are portals, portal guns, or some variation of fast travel that they are now implementing.  That raven flew pretty fast and then the dragons did as well.  I mean, they’re not even trying anymore.  They are smart.  They have decided that as long as they give us enough action and plot twists, that we will ignore all of this.  Let’s not forget how fast Euron’s ships traveled earlier this season.  It’s fucking absurd, but hilarious.

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The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:5 – The Return of Gendry!!!!

Gendry has returned, feel free to drink that in.  We here at 9 Deuce are extremely happy.  Jon can touch dragons, Gilly is uncovering truths, Davos has too many great lines, Tormund misses the the “big woman”, Cersei is supposedly pregnant, and lots more.  Please enjoy as my panel answer my inane questions.  Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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The 9

  1.  Davos keeps mentioning how he’s no longer useful in battle/fighting.  Do you think that this is a bad omen for his character’s longevity, or is it more to emphasize how important he is in regards to strategy?

Chris:  Davos never was a fighter. I mean the only time we’ve seen him pick up a sword really was last season to defend Jon’s corpse and even then he said he wasn’t a fighter. He was a smuggler and a sailor, a reasonably intelligent man for not being educated, and extremely loyal to Stannis. That was what he was made Hand for, not his sword arm. Plus he gets some of the best lines now. “Don’t listen to me, what do I know? What did I do, other than live to a ripe old fucking age”

Jim:  I think to underscore his usefulness.  You saw in Gendry’s big scene, if he didn’t use his wits, Gendry would not have gotten a clean shot.  Not sure his gift of the gab will help with walkers, but he understates what he is in combat.  I hope he isn’t giving us a death preview, because he does rank in my favorites (not Euron or Bronn but close).  He is however a survivor, and has nearly the same list of near misses as Bronn, so I’d hate to see him go.

Raylene:  I think he’s more useful as a strategizer then as a soldier. He has experience that you would want on your side and his wit will remain a essential role for Jon.

Briana:  I’m going with his importance for strategy. He’s like an old war vet who acts like he’s too old to be useful but when put in a situation where he’s needed, he steps up every time. He probably just can’t quite swing a sword like in his prime! Lol

Kent:  Man, I gotta ask better questions if everybody is agreeing.  I do think this is a bad omen for his character.  By the end of the show, I’m simply not sure if I see a place for his character, which saddens me and I hope that I am incorrect.


  1.  Two part question coming up. 1) Do you think that Cersei’s baby is Jaime’s?  2) If she ever lives long enough to deliver the baby, will she actually tell people that it’s Jaime’s?

Chris:  IF she is pregnant it is Jaime’s, with the question being if. If she lives long enough she will. Like Raylene said though there is the curse she was given to consider

Jim:  other than possibly Euron’s or the Iron Banker’s, it really could only be Jaime’s.  I’d like it to be Euron’s, to help me with my prediction, but I do believe it to be Jaime’s.  I don’t believe that she will live long enough to deliver it, or she will lose it, as more penance for what she has done, but if she does for some reason get to deliver it, I do believe she will say it is Jaimes, because she only lives that long if she is in charge, and would only say it if she’s in charge.

Raylene:  I think that the baby is Jamie’s but I don’t believe the child will ever be born since she’s been told all her kids will die. Ceresi does not care of the opinions of the ones she rules over so it will be made public Jamie is the dad

Briana:  No and No. first, I don’t believe she’s pregnant. I think he sees him slipping from her grasp and needed a reason to lure him back in. (If I’m wrong and it turns out she really is pregnant, than yes I do believe it would be his. But I just don’t think she’s pregnant) And with the second part, people already know technically that they’ve got a thing but her coming right out and telling everyone just doesn’t seem like something she’d ever do. She’s fought so hard to be where she is and I guarantee she plans on marrying someone to gain alliance. No way is she going to risk everything to make Jaime feel better.

Kent:  I don’t believe that she is pregnant.  So no to both.  


  1.  Jon was able to touch Drogon.  Give me your thoughts on the importance of this.  Chris, I expect a long, articulate response exploring every possibility.

Chris:  All right. One of Kit’s better scenes, he actually looked like he was going to shit himself. We know now that the dragon’s will respond to Targaryen blood. Jon will ride one of them at some point. Definitely the precursor to the later scene where Dany says she has grown used to the king in the north. Other than that not much.

Jim:  I believe different people interpret it differently.  I think Danny thinks it’s a sign she should get with Jon, I believe Jon thinks it is Dany accepting to work with him, and I think we the viewers know it is because he is a targarian.  It does at least answer my question from last week of who will ride the other two dragons…. Jon and Jorah…

Raylene:  Perhaps Drogon can sense that Jon has targarian blood and he will be one riding a dragon

Briana:  Duh! It means Drogon recognizes the Targaryan in Jon. He recognizes him as family, he let us know he trusts him.

Kent:   The importance is that Dany is doing a fine job domesticating Drogon…obviously.  Targaryan blood, blah blah blah.  When Dany gets killed, we know that the only person that Drogon will feel comfortable with is Jon.  


  1.  Did Samwell do the right thing in packing up some books and scrolls and mounting up to leave?

Chris:  It gets rid of one more location for filming in and opens up three plot points to focus on coming up. 1) Dany just killed Sam’s father and brother. I don’t remember if Sam had to give up the black to become a maester, but he’s already broken a bunch of vows by banging Gilly. So potentially Sam could now be lord of High Garden and the Reach, and hate Danaerys for killing them. Or be happy she did.(2) Sam has proof now that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, if we continue to believe in the legitimacy of the Targaryen claim. Rhaegar his father was Dany’s eldest brother, with Jon being he legitimate son, hmm nothing like muddying the succession even more. (3) Sam could possibly have the final solution to the White Walker threat. Since it looks like any dragons kill ed now will be by the undead (undead dragons) Sam might be the trump card in humanity’s survival

Jim:  he thinks so, but I’m not sure what else he can offer but knowledge, and he was in the perfect spot to get it…. I don’t see that family surviving the remaining two seasons because of that..

Raylene:  Unfortunately Samwell was not being used the way he should have been but with him taking the books I believe he will still be useful to Jon I believe he’s headed to him

Briana:  Well, first of all, maybe he should have listened more to Gilly in her ramblings instead of yelling at her but as far as leaving… why not! Like he said, he’s “tired of reading about the accomplishments of better men” Get in there Tarly and do something!!

Kent:  Not only is the whole Jon is a Targaryan thing in those pages, but it appears that the big solution to Winter is probably tucked away in there.  The internet has long believed that Sam and Bran will play huge roles in in making it to Spring.  Of course, it’s the internet and it gets things wrong more often than it gets things right.


  1.  It appears that Littlefinger has made his boldest move this season, with Arya finding the scroll.  What will the repercussions be?

Chris:  Mistrust between Arya and Sansa even more. Arya is the only one in the series who has not had to grow relying on others still present in the past 3 years. She hasn’t seen or experienced the shit that went down on Westeros while she was gone. A rational, intelligent person would realize that Sansa wrote that note to stay alive, like Robb did. Arya is still mostly stupid as shown by her discussion with Sansa this week (“They talk badly about Jon, cut off their heads”). I think that mostly this was to show that Littlefinger is as suspicious of Arya as she is of him.

Jim:  I’m not sure they will be huge….  Arya, who doesn’t beat around the bush, rather than let feelings stew, will go direct to Sansa with this…. Sansa, who already distrusts Littlefinger to a degree, will explain it away, and further distrust Littlefinger.  Thought I believe Littlefinger will drive a wedge in the family, this won’t be what does it.

Raylene: I believe it will cause a wedge between the two sister. I think Ayra will make a play to execute Little Finger and wear his face in future scene perhaps making a arrangement to meet with Ceresi

Briana:  It was definitely all about pitting Arya and Sansa against each other. He realizes Arya is his biggest obstacle at this moment in time and he’s stirring the shit pot to get her out of his way. By getting her mad at Sansa, he keeps her from coming after him for Sansa’s sake. Assuming she’s the only reason Arya has to go after him..

Kent:  I don’t think it’s going to result in a divide between Arya and Sansa.  It seems too convenient.  Plus, 9 episodes remain.  Fuck driving the wedge.  I truly am fearing that Littlefinger’s window is closing and he may never make that one truly big play that we have long been anticipating.  If Arya goes to Sansa with this, Sansa will shut that shit down in a hurry, or so it seems given her character development.  I am hoping that I am wrong and Littlefinger does something truly amazing.


  1.  If we can all agree that Littlefinger is the most manipulative character in Game of Thrones, which some may not agree, who would you say is the second most manipulative character (or first if you think somebody ranks above Littlefinger)?  Remember, there are no wrong answers, so somebody please Kentertain me.

Chris:  Cersei. She probably isn’t even pregnant, but I can already see her planning Sept of Baelor version 2.0 for her meeting with Jon and Dany in the season finale

Jim:  Mellisandre, the red woman.  She convinced the Light brothers to sell Gendry, Robert to sacrifice Gendry (unsuccessfully), to unleash a shadow vag demon, to murder his brother, to burn his daughter, and has managed to get Danny to accept the lord of light, scare the bejesus outta Varys, escape Davos and Jon, and finally trick all the viewers into checking out super-granny porn, using her words and confidence…. only slightly behind Littlefinger, but above everyone else including Cersei and Varys.

Raylene:  I would have to say Varys

Briana:  I have to go with Cersei on this one. (Also I agree Littlefinger is number 1 master manipulator) Now, Cersei isn’t always sly about her manipulations, in fact half the time, it’s just basic murder. BUT she is always manipulating the situation if not the person. She is the one who coined the phrase “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die”. Playing the game is all she knows.

Kent:  Tywin and then Varys.  Tywin was so damn good at what he did.  He’s dead, so if we’re going by living characters, Varys makes a lot of sense.


  1.  Will Bronn face any repercussions after setting up the meetic between Jaime and Tyrion.  Also, feel free to comment on Tyrion/Dany’s proposal to Cersei/Jaime.

Chris:  Fuck no. Now that he is talking to Tyrion again, he is going to be looking for the best possible offer. Bronn helping Tyrion survive whatever Cersei is planning is going to be the thing she does plan for, but then Jaime is going to sacrifice himself for his brother

Jim:  yes but not immediately…. Cersei will be the death of him, like he was foretelling Jaime.  She never forgets, and I think once the “worst plan ever i.e. Bring a zombie to Kings Landing” is done, she will get him.

Raylene:  Yes Ceresi will not forget that he betrayed her she may even have The Mountain take him out. I can see that plan becoming a disaster and making many white walkers in a short period of time

Briana:  I think Jaime will send him to Dany and Tyrion before he would punish him. The man has saved his life more times than I can remember and I don’t think Jaime is that callous. But if Cercei forces it, he will make him disappear without actually hurting him. And their proposal was of course the only option. Being Cercei, I wouldn’t believe it but if they can produce a body, there’s no reason for anyone to back down from this.

Kent:  So I tend to live in the glass is half empty world, so that’s one of my bigger fears.  I don’t think his death would be enough to drive a wedge between Jaime and Cersei though, so I think that he’s safe.  I don’t think that he will deal with any repercussions.  


  1.  Gendry is back!!!!  I know some of you lost faith in him returning (Chris), but it’s true.  Do you think he has any chance of holding a high position when all is said and done?  Something like the Hand of the King/Queen or something else along those lines.

Chris:  God fucking Damn it! As soon as the smith street was shown I started swearing at the t.v. My wife and son were sitting on the front porch this morning for his first day of school this year and she heard me through the window. I was like fuck, now I have to eat 3 eyed crow when I talk to Kent. No position, unless when he and Arya get together they do some kinky shit

Jim:  no…. his honesty will be the death of him…. whether it is Littlefinger, Sansa, Cersei or Dany, someone with a hardon (or lady wood) for power will see him as a threat.  I really thought he would be brought in to make Valarian Steel…. not play Thor in the Winter Avengers….

Raylene:  As long as he stays with Jon then I think he will be safe since he’s so honest to a fault I could see other kingdoms finding him a threat. Maybe even a position at The Wall

Briana:  Honestly, I don’t think he wants anything like that. I think he’s a simple guy who enjoys his work. He is down to fight bc he knows it’s partly his fight to join but I don’t think he’s looking for royalty status. He just wants the bitch to stop hunting him. I think he’ll end up being the blacksmith of the court! (No clue what that title would actually be called but it sounded good to me! Lol)

Kent:  Yes, I got one wish… GLORIOUS wish that came true.  I was so happy.  Yes, I think that he will hold some important role when all is said and done.  He didn’t come back to be nothing in the end.


  1.  At the end of the end of the episode, we saw the greatest grouping yet in Game of Thrones with Jon, Davos, Gendry, Jorah, Tormund, The Hound, Dondorian, and Thoros.  It seems inevitable that somebody is going to die on this venture.  Who do you think it will be?

Chris:  Davos didn’t go. Tormund had a great line (“Did you bring the big woman?”). I can foresee the drift of the rest of the season now, and this shit definitely foreshadows Cleganebowl dude. Ducking awesome ending and the next episode is second to last which are usually the most expensive to film, due to special effects

Jim:  foreshadowing points to Davos or Jorah, but I think it will be the Thoros, with Dondorian passing the power of fire to the Hound (hopefully) (side not, not sure if I got the names mixed up…. eye patch will die, man-bun with pass powers).  Gendry will live to get shanked later.  Tormund will live, because they want to give us ugly sex with him and Brianne.

Raylene:  One of the people with The hound will die but not before he learns how to use the power of the light since they seem to be leaning towards him learning even with his fire anxiety

Briana:  Easy answer would be one of the brothers but I have a bad feeling about Jorah and Davos in this one.

Kent:  My apologies, Davos didn’t go.  I think it is Thoros time, which won’t seem like a big one, but it kinda is,  This is also how the Hound’s role increases.  Tormund also strikes me as a possibility.  I hope not, but TV shows aren’t kind to gingers.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Who was your MVP of this episode?

Chris:  Gilly. She cleared up with one sentence the whole question of who has the right to the Iron Throne

Jim:  Littlefinger made the strongest single move, but Davos won it…. pulling out Gendry, smuggling in Tyrion, persuading the guards with rotten crabs (the first time), and his interaction in Eastmarch all add up to a win for me.  Hopefully it’s not his swan song…

Raylene:  Davos his quick thinking and planning is essential to survival and winning

Kent:  Davos because he made my wish come true, plus had a ton of great lines. This was Davos’ episode in my opinion.  Which is raising a big red flag for me.


  1.  The prophecy of Azor Ahai pops up every now and again, and we know that we will inevitably find out who he, or she, may be.  Make a prediction on who you think it is.  For reference, I will leave you this link so you can read it in case you aren’t familiar with this prophecy.  Please know that this is going to happen, this isn’t some theory.

Chris:  If we go by what the show us shown us so far, it can only be Gendry, Jon, or Dany. Those are the only 3 with Targaryen blood left (Robert’s grandmother was a Targaryen, which is why he became king after killing Aerys, rather than Ned or Tywin or Jon Arryn). Jon and Dany both fit the reborn part. Dany gave birth to dragons from stone. Gendry could reforge Lightbringer. The sword’s identity would be the big clue, if Dany starts waving a new magic sword around its probably going to be her. On the other hand Jon burned the shit out of his hand before he used Longclaw to kill the wight in Castle Black, so if Longclaw is Lightbringer than it would be Jon.

Jim:  if you move past the gender wording, I do think it is Dany, because she did help sacrifice a prince (her stupid brother).  Everyone wants it to be Jon, but I can’t think of anyone else but Dany when I read the prophecy…. sadly, as I would prefer nearly anyone else…. not that I dislike her, but I Would prefer the Lord of Light to be someone unexpected…. like Bran.

Raylene:  I am hoping that it’s Tryion

Briana:  Based on what we’ve already seen, I feel it has to be Jon or Dany or both. It’s part of why I think they’re meant to be married. Someone mentioned the prophecy is open to interpretation as far as who and why. Both Jon and Dany were born again from the fire and the two of them are the only ones who can bring everyone together to fight the white walkers. Then again, with everyone talking about the hound gaining powers and whatnot, maybe he will jump in and surprise us!

Kent:  There are so many awesome ideas out there, just look on YouTube.  I feel that Meera has a bigger role to play.  Jon and Dany seem too obvious and have been given the push already.  I say that the writers would be smart to elevate another character, whether it be Tyrion, Jaime, Hound, or someone else.  I am going with Meera.  I still think that 2 babies were born up in that tower.

Final Thoughts

Chris:  Another great episode. Some awesome lines (See Davos and Tormund above). Yay for Kent, Gendry’s back. I liked his interaction with Jon. The scene where Jorah comes back was pretty awesome. One reviewer described it as “Jorah shoots Jon a look that’s nuanced, wary, appraising, resigned.Jon shoots a look back at him that says, “It windy.” ‘ The whole grouping at the end is awesome. Bronn calling Jamie a cunt. The look on Jaime’s face when Cersei tells him not to betray her again. All in all I can’t wait for the next 2 episodes

Jim:  Euron will return to real havoc soon, and bringing a zombie to Kings landing is the worst idea ever….  I do feel like the Winter avengers should have had more triumphant music, but they will have an amazing fight sequence next week with the dead, and it will have great tense music then..  also, with the Winter avengers teaming up to go with the stupidest idea ever, it is at least moving us back closer to the Cleganebowl.  Plus the Hound will use his newfound light powers against zombie mountain !!!

Kent:  The next time somebody asks me for a favor, I am going to continuously ask them to bend at the knee and see how beloved I become.

All the pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of HBO.

The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep4 – Bronn Still Doesn’t Have A Castle Edition

So that’s what a huge battle between main characters looks like.  That was cool, and absolutely terrifying if you’re a fan of Bronn or Jaime.  I’m back with my roving gang of GoT fans who are here to help me answer the questions that were on my mind this week.  We finally got Briana on board, which I have been hoping for, so I’m excited.  Also, I don’t think this is necessary, but I apologize for the picture quality, but as you know, this is a very poorly lit TV series. Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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The 9

  1.  Give me your thoughts on Bran and Meera’s interaction when Meera Reed went to say goodbye after such a long journey.

Chris:  She obviously wanted his bone (thinking that there is the potential for a lot of disability porn in this show, from not being able to walk to not having a penis). Joking aside, she gave up everything she and her family had to help her brother help Bran reach the 3 eyed raven, and he no longer seems to carry the emotional bonds that he did when she started. Overall, from that interaction she wanted to see if losing everything she had and all the hardships she had endured were worth it. In her mind now, probably not  Can we go back to the disability porn for a moment?)

Jim: it just demonstrates how detached he’s becoming.  I know, I’m going to drop a little high school English douchyness…. but it’s kinda like flowers for algernon…. give someone all the knowledge, they lose their personality or desire to interact normally.  He could have been a happy dumb cripple dreaming of climbing and watching incest …. but now he has the knowledge of all time, and can’t talk to his family without referencing hate porn or mentioning things better left unsaid.. (Back to back responses with porn in it.  Wow, I’m impressed.  We are raising the bar today apparently.)

Raylene: Bran has the pressure of the world and beyond on his shoulders and in his head. I would say he was a tad ungrateful for what she and others sacrificed to keep him safe.  

Kristi:  She overreacted. It’s not a secret that Bran is not exactly an emotional guy. What did she expect exactly? (That is a fair point.  Bran hasn’t really been a happy go lucky child since climbing that one fateful day. Realistic expectations should come into play.)

Briana:  Obviously, it was a bit awkward but not surprising for Bran at this point. His meeting with Sansa after all that time was similar. He doesn’t seem to have real feelings of his own anymore so that makes it difficult to respond to people in a way they want him to. (He’s basically in the mindset of not having to placate people.  That does have some benefits.)

Kent:  A bit more gratitude on Bran’s part would have been nice.  There wasn’t any reason for him not to, aside from having his head far up his own ass.  With that being said, on her way home, I bet she ends up in a situation that Bran helps her in.


  1.  Is Dany being A) Smart or B) Stupid, by continuing to ask Jon to bend at the knee?  Also, do you really want to see her in a relationship with him?

Chris:  I am shipping this relationship like UPS marrying FedEx. (You go girl!) At this point on the (nominal) good guy side all we really have left are Jon and Dany. They pretty much are being forced into relying on each other. Plus you know what they say

Jim: No, keep the Lannisters at the peak of incest, don’t let the Targaryens/surprise Targaryens  try to one up them.  I think she already has what she wants, and is silly to stubbornly re-ask for a bend of the knee…. if he does, it’ll drive a wedge in the north (for Littlefinger to step in), and she should know that (maybe to demonstrate her ignorance as a ruler) (They are most certainly making her ignorant as of late.)

Raylene:  She really is pushing it like you agreed to help fight the white walkers. If she takes the throne then sure have people bend the knee to her. He may already have done it because they had that cut away scene in the cave. (She’s the on her knees in that scene….duh.)

Kristi:  C. Annoying as hell. I do not want to see them in a relationship. I don’t watch the show for love stories. I would like to see them join forces though. (Fun fact: when I give an option between two choices in these blogs, somebody will inevitably choose something entirely different.)

Briana:  Well I do find it entertaining! Lol! But I think she’s showing him that she isn’t a queen who backs down from what she demands. Do I think it will work on Jon? No, but I don’t think it’s stupid. To run that into the next question, I think he is starting to find it kinda hot! Haha! Yes they should be together absolutely! They would make amazing rulers together, it solidifies the kingdom as one and I think they compliment each other in a way that would make them a good team for the throne. (Are you secretly hoping that they are related as well? )

Kent:  She’s is being the most obnoxious character this season, which is a tad unsettling based on how she is supposed to be a hero of sorts, at least to her crew.  I am hoping that maybe Jon stabs her….sexually and then he stabs her….with a knife and rules everything.  Dany acts like all she did was watch Disney Princess shit growing up.


  1.  Sansa is the “Queen of the North” while Jon is away, and now she has 2 of her siblings back in Arya and Bran.  She still doesn’t seem happy.  What do you think she is really concerned with at the moment?  Where is her mind at right now?  Also, listen to this song while thinking about it.

Chris:  I think Sansa is less about being Queen of Everything and more about being in a position where no one can hurt her or has power over her anymore. If Jon listened to what she said and did as he was told by her I don’t think there would be any issue. In regards to the siblings Sansa: a)treated Jon like shit because her mother did, (b) loved Robb the best, (c) treated Arya like shit because she was a tomboy instead of a lady , (d) liked Bran, and (e) Rickon was too young to really matter. So the only sibling she has left who she used to get along with is acting like an emotionless, sibling hate porn, timelord, the other one who she didn’t used get along with is an ass-kicker, and the half brother that she tormented is now her king. She has been raped, humiliated, and has Littlefinger trying to Littlefinger her. I wouldn’t be happy either.  (I can’t possibly add anything to this other thank, we do enjoy Littlefinger jokes her.  Well said. Note that Bri says that Littlefinger up Sansa’s ass may not be a “ray of sunshine”.  I am continually lowering the bar.)

Jim:  I think part of it is the things Littlefinger has whispered in her ear, part of it is trying to think about what he is doing, and how to prevent it, and finally, there is still part of her that is a petulant brat who feels like this should be her full time.  You saw that slightly pouty look when Jon was named King of the North.  You saw Littlefinger give her the look as it happened….  I think that is still there.  (Will her desire to get what she wants be enough to allow Littlefinger to slide on in and help her achieve her goal?  I hope so!)

Raylene:  Plain and simple I think she wants to be Queen of the 7 kingdoms.  (I hope so.  She would be such a bitch.)

Briana:  It could be that she’s still not certain Jon’s plan is a good one and she’s worried he may not actually come back? Also, if I had little finger up my ass like that, I might not be a ray of sunshine either! Lol But in seriousness, it could be just that everything she’s been through has made her hard to the world. She will never be the same again and I doubt she will ever be optimistic or hopeful about anything the rest of her life.  (If she became a legit ruler, would she just be a bitter ruler with constant resting bitch face?)

Kent:  Good song.  I’m glad I thought of that.  Sansa is the hardest character to fully read this season, so major props to Sophie Turner and the writers.  Yes, we know that she wished that Jon would take more of her advice and we know that she is just tolerating Littlefinger, but she also hates that there is a lot of truth in what he says, despite his intentions.  In all honesty, I think that she secretly likes running shit for now, but she also can’t wait for Jon to return and lift the weight off of her shoulders.


  1.  If you were on Trial By Combat and had to choose somebody to fight for your life, who would you choose out of the Game of Thrones characters?  Don’t choose Bran because that’s just cheating.

Chris:  Bronn. The only normal human, trial by combat survivor still on the show. What can I say I’m a Bronnie

Jim:  if its of all the characters, I’d say Jaquen (the faceless god)…. he could easily own Arya, or anyone else…. but for the sake of it using current characters..  I’d say Jon…. because I’m not sure he can die anymore..

Raylene:  The hound

Briana:  Definitely Arya! That girl is a beast!!! And no one sees her coming!

Kristi:  Arya. She’s just a badass chic.

Kent:  Man, lots of good points here.  With Arya, I wouldn’t trust her to win against The Mountain.  In my mind, it has to be somebody who could topple either form of The Mountain. So in that regard, I would go with The Hound.  But the Hound lost to Brienne and Brienne lost to Arya.  See how this shit gets difficult?  It’s the rock paper scissors game.  Chris is right, Bronn is the one with the best track record, so go for Bronn.  Next week, if I remember, I will be asking who would win between Ser Davos and Jorah Mormont.


  1.  We’ve now seen how the ballista works on the dragon.  Do you think any human is actually going to kill a dragon in this show, with or without help from a machine?

Chris:  Possibly. A different question than what you asked on the podcast, which was will a dragon die. Most definitely to the second.  (That is how we lure people to listen to our podcast.)

Jim:  I see one dragon getting knocked off…. of course with a machine or mystical help (white walkers?). I think the ballista is a red herring..  now that they have seen it, they won’t fall for it again, but I can see something else coming into play..  (Did you ever watch A Pup Named Scooby Doo with the kid named Red Herring?  It was a really funny shot lived show.)

Raylene:    I think that now that Dany knows about them her fighting style will be a little different. I do have a feeling something will be applied to the tip of the arrow perhaps a poison that takes the dragon down.  (If anybody can come up with a poison for the dragons, it would be Qybern.)

Kristi:  I really hope not but I have a bad feeling that we may see one die. (I know you hate my death of animal questions.)

Briana:  something tells me yes. I really don’t want to see it happen but I feel like the way this show is, it just wouldn’t be normal if they let all of the dragons make it through the entire series.  (Right, this show can’t let things we love continue to live.  Sacrifices must be had for ratings!)

Kent:  There’s the whole 3 headed dragon prophecy or whatever.  Yes, yes, book readers mock me for my ignorance.  So now that Dany’s army knows what they have, strategically, they should be able to avoid that.  Still, Qybern is my ace in the hole.  If Cersei has some money and is letting Qybern come up with protection, I believe that 2 dragons will in fact go down.  Qybern will also then promptly die.


  1.  Was it a smart or dumb move for Dany to actually bring the dragon into battle?

Chris:  Boo yeah! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Cersei. In hind sight super smart

Jim:  smart…. no Lannister army men will stand against her after hearing the stories of the survivors….  she wins the battle before the fight..

Raylene:  It had to be done to show the ultimate power she brings with her

Kristi:  Smart. I think it’s time she showed off what she is capable of. Everyone knows she has dragons but seeing them in action is a whole different game.

Briana:  Definitely smart. She’s been sending troops all over the 7 kingdoms with very little success. She needed to show she can and will take the kingdoms and going after Lannister soldiers with a dragon right after they just killed her ally was the best choice, politically and for the sake of war.

Kent:  Smart, of course it is, but I have also been saying she should have done this from the very beginning.  For all of the people who continue to suggest that Dany should take the approach she did, by not going to King’s Landing and fucking up a tiny section for fear of the lash back, I will offer you something to seriously consider.  So rather than doing what has to be done and could have minimalized casualties, and be seen as a mean bitch for a few months, this is what has happened.  1. Her unsullied are stranded with barely any provisions, but they got Casterly Rock (yaaaaay!).  2. Ellaria and Tyene are captured and will be rotting and there goes her Dorne support.  3.  Olenna, along with the rest of Highgarten and all that money, well that’s gone.  4. Here’s the best one.  The supplies that were heading to King’s Landing, to help feed those people that she didn’t want to kill, well she burned them so she will simply starve them out.  That’s a great way to win over people, right?  Yeah, sorry for bringing logic into this, Internet, but the direct approach was always the most logical and would have resulted in significant;y less casualties and helped maintain more loyalty.  (Drops mic)


  1.  How many more episodes before Littlefinger finally makes the big play for something important?

Chris:  Next season

Jim:  if Bran tells anyone anything about Littlefinger, he dies that episode…. that being said..  it happens this season, where he makes a play…. I still see a raven coming from him, and going to cersei… (Man, I would love that to play out.)

Raylene:  He will make a move in 3 episodes.

Kristi:  I’m hoping Arya takes him out before then. His storyline is old news for me  

Briana:  I think in his own way, he has been all along. He’s made it known he wants Sansa, he wants Winterfell, he wants the iron throne. And he’s been slowly slithering his way to those goals the entire series. Now when will he actually buck up and do something? Probably never bc I think he’s on Aryas list! I’m surprised he made it through this episode.  (Would there really be any consequences to Arya killing him?  Like, who is going to really be pissed by this?  Well, aside from me?  In the show, would the Vale be super pissed?)

Kent:  Littlefinger is like Andy Dufresne  from Shawshank Redemption.  He knows what he is doing and takes risks when they make sense and present themselves.  I’ll say episode 6 of this season makes a lot of sense for him to try something on a bigger scale.


  1.  Will Bronn still be alive by the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones?  Also, talk about Bronn if you like because he’s awesome.

Chris:  Kent I think we need to coin the Bronnie(Bro-ny?Bronnee?Bronny) and take it back from the my little pony fags. Bronn should definitely be sitting in a castle at series end, sipping mai tai’s and reminiscing about all the times he saved the Lannisters.  (For those who may be interested, Chris and I have discussed a new series with Bronn, Davos, and Jorah.  It was his idea, I love it.  We have talked about it in the podcast, so it’s worth listening to for that alone.)

Jim:  yes..  I think he reunites with Tyrion, and stays around for a little bit…. and yes, he’s  awesome…. the only one to survive a Dokrathi, a sand snake, a dragon, black water bay, numerous whore houses, engagements to princesses, and countless other dangers, and still be standing (I don’t think Bronn gets enough props for being the ultimate survivor.  I know that Sansa, Jon, Mountain, and possibly a few others like the dude from the Brotherhood all could have legit claims, but I vote Bronn.)

Raylene:  Yes I hope so he has survived a lot although I think he’ll switch sides because I think Tyrion will offer him things that Jaime is reluctant to give him  (As long as it doesn’t lead to Dany with Bronn, I’m okay with that.)

Briana:  I LOVE Bronn!! I want him to still be alive in the next season! I’m hoping he will end up back with Tyrion. The Lannisters aren’t holding up their end of the bargain for him anyway. Why stick around when you could be on the side with the dragons with his original friend and probably more likely to get his castle!  (And in the end, it’s really about getting that castle.  Maybe we could get Bronn with Meera at the end?  He could have a castle and a solid lady.)

Kent:  I think the assumption is that with 10 episodes remaining in the franchise, 3 more this season, that the Cersei and Jaime story would wrap up.  The big question is how will Bronn be affected?  Without George RRRRRRRRR Martin to kill him, I am cautiously optimistic that Bronn will be sitting on the Iron Throne by the end of the franchise and smiling.


  1.  Did Jaime do the right thing in trying to kill Dany at the end?  Right can mean anything.  It can mean smart. It could be if you were in his situation and you didn’t want your sister getting overthrown and you saw the opportunity, would you take it? It could be a moral decision.  You give me an answer and you explain it.

Chris:  Dumb. If you go by the fact Bronn believed it wasn’t too late to flee 5 minutes earlier he could’ve escaped and not either died or been made a hostage for the second time this series

Jim:  it’s the atom bomb phenomenon…. if you can end the war with one action, saving countless lives, don’t you try?  He was never going to pull it off, based on the scenario, but I understood it, and applauded the effort. Plus Bronn saved him, which probably saved Bronn, so that’s a plus too.. (You get it.)

Raylene:  To him it was a smart move but if it wasn’t for Bronn he’d be ashes so hopefully they both are sinking in the water

Kristi:  I feel like it was a pretty dumb decision actually. She was standing next to a fire breathing dragon. Did he really think that was going to end well!?!

Briana:  For Jaime Lannister, it was the only choice! There is no way in any world, he would sit there and not take an opportunity to take her out. Don’t get me wrong, it was stupid and naive as all hell but it was exactly what Jaime would do.  (It was the only choice!)

Kent:  It was the smart call.  To people who suggest that it’s dumb, my counter question is what happens to Jaime if he doesn’t go for it?  He gets captured, probably killed?  Yeah, so he may as well 50 Kent that shit and die trying to minimize pressure for his sister and kingdom. It’s one of those things where I thing it is easy to say that it’s dumb, but also not having a solution.  I can sit here and shit on everybody’s ideas, but unless I have a counterpoint that has more potential or value, then I don’t really have much.   So my challenge is to anybody who said that it was dumb, if they would present what exactly Jaime should have done along with a realistic outcome.  Yes, he went for her with a big, bad ass dragon there.  In all fairness, did Jaime 100% know whether they have good vision?  If you can take charge at some petulant whiny bitch to say the lives of hundreds, or probably thousands, and try to end it before shit gets so out of hand that everybody loses, you try.  


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Who had the best facial reaction this week? (I tried really hard to get the shots that you referred to, but I am sure I missed the mark a few times.)

Chris:  Arya and Brienne during their fight scene. Both of them underestimating each other. Maybe Arya’s when she got kicked in the chest by a giant adult woman a little more than Brienne’s

Jim:  Rickon… I mean Dickon…. both when talking with Bronn, and then seeing the Dragon….  runner up to Jon’s “do you like my cave drawings..  I mean look what the ancients left you to see”.

Raylene:  I say Bronn and Jamie when they see the dragon

Briana:  I’ve got 2. One was Little Fingers face when Bran told him “chaos is a ladder” and let him know that “bitch I don’t need you to tell me you’re a good guy, I know who you are!” And second was Drogon after he got shot with the arrow and that cart was too close to him, so he gave it a shitty look and then crushed it with his tail! Favorite part of the whole episode by the way lol.

Kent:  I’d say when Bronn was kinda mocking Jaime a bit and was unhappy about not getting a castle.  The few Littlefinger moments were gold.  Bronn’s victory smile of shooting the dragon.  I think my favorite was Tyrion watching his brother make a “dumb decision”.  Lots of good ones this week.  


  1.  Will we finally get an update on The Hound next episode?

Chris:  yes

Jim:  yes…. he was referenced this episode, and he it moving to where the white walkers are going, so I believe we should have a sighting.  Ps, we are due to see more white walkers and wildlings…. the story has been south focused for too long

Raylene:  A little sneak peek next week and he’ll be featured more in two weeks

Kristi:  I think so. If not next week, soon. They have been speaking of him more often so it seems like time for his return.

Briana:  oh! I hadn’t even thought about where he is! I’ve forgotten what he’s up to after the church was destroyed and he got his revenge. So he is definitely due for an update.

Kent:  Well, if Cersei’s run at the top is soon to come crashing down, as predicted in Hulk Hogan’s theme song “Real American”, then we need Cleganebowl damnit!  I think the Brotherhood is on their way to WInterfell or possibly where Tormund is.  I’m going to say that it waits one more episode.  I hope that I am wrong.  


Final Thoughts…..if you have any

Chris:  Awesome episode think we said most of what needed to be said in the podcast. Oh and Kent remember we were talking about when will Bran use Raven’s. I just rewatched the trailer for next episode and he has a whole flock working for him now

Jim:  more a question….  who rides the other two dragons when all three are used?  Also, why did they show The Citadel in the into, but not feature it?

Raylene:  I think Dany is going to get penisy because of her success with this attack and start for a while being like her dad. What happens with the iron bank now that payment isn’t made will they still back ceresi or go with dany. Or will winter start kicking some ass and this silly war for the kingdoms be put on hold

Briana:  I am just really excited to see Cercei’s reaction to what’s happening to her troops. I also am really curious to see how Jaime makes it out of this (if he does). And of course… WHITE WALKERS!! I’m really hoping Dany will get a glimpse of the dead army so she can be like “oh shit! Never mind about that knee, what do we do?” Haha!

Kent:  I don’t think I am ever going to see Gendry, and it pisses me off.  In a weird way, I think I am most looking forward to what Qybern has planned, and same for Littlefinger.  Also, I truly missed Euron doing Euron things this week.  Need more of that man.  Please, do not do a bullshit Jon and Dany love story.  I love this show, but something that lame would absolutely lower it’s overall rating in my mind.  By and large, the romance in this show has been great.  Sam and Gilly, Jon and Ygritte, Tormund and Brienne, Jaime and Cersei, Ramsay and Sansa, Lttlefinger and Catelyn, Tyrion and Shea, Tywin and Shea, Arya and Hot Pie.  They have all worked.  The only one that was truly terrible was Robb and stupid skank who he knocked up and got got.  I can’t remember her name, but Robb was a lousy character anyway.

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The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep3 – The Queens Reign Supreme Edition

Every week, I get some volunteers to answer these questions, and sometimes I leave a comment in bold, just for fun.

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  1.  Admit it, you thought Tyrion’s plan to take Casterly Rock was a good one.

Chris:  Jon’s odds are getting better and better

Jim:  I did, however I thought (in error) that they were going to get dragon support….  dragon support would have destroyed Euron’s fleet which she wanted as well.  I still think even if the entire army was there…. they could have won, with much heavier casualties…. the clock is still ticking on Grey Worm

Raylene:  I did think it was a decent plan perhaps they should have sent one of the dragon’s there for the ultimate manpower.

Kristi:  It wasn’t terrible. I would have thought more would go in through the tunnel though.

Kent:  It seemed totally valid at the time.  Cersei seemed vulnerable 2 episodes ago.  My my my, how things have changed.  Lots of life lessons to be learned here.


  1.  Who got the better end of the discussion between Jon Snow and Daenerys?  Should Jon have bent the knee to Daenerys?

Chris:  Dany got the better, but Jon came off more reasonable and mature. Go figure

Jim:  Jon did what I expected…. conveyed his point without giving up his position.  It was the right choice, and I believe they will become strong allies, without him bending the knee.  Right now, he got what he wanted and she didn’t, but made headway with an ally.

Raylene:  I think Jon made the right choice not to bend the knee to her since he really doesn’t know how she is as a ruler and only experience he’s had was with the Mad King.  He is making the point that defeating Cersei isn’t the priority now

Kristi:  Jon. He seems to be the only one that is really focusing on the main objective. Kill the Whitewalkers and stay alive. Dany is starting to get on my nerves actually. (Welcome to my point of view.)  He absolutely made the right choice to not bend the knee. They need to work together.

Kent:  Jon did because Dany is busy acting like a petulant child who got her toy taken away, while being raped and chained, but the point remains the same.  She is way too cocky and full of herself at all of the wrong times it seems, at least the past 2-3 seasons, which is when I got off the Dany train.  Jon was the voice of reason, and Davos is an Onion Knight.  Neato.


  1.  Where will Jorah Mormont end up next on our TV screens?

Chris:  I can’t wait till his niece kicks his ass

Jim:  I see him ending up with Khaleesi, as expected..  but he may show up on his journey to her running into someone else…. Hound and Arya are travelers who he could run into…

Raylene: He will make his way to Daenery’s since that is where his heart lies  

Kristi:  He will be find Khaleesi

Kent:  I just don’t think that he makes it right back to Dany immediately.  I think Jim is on to something, and I think him meeting up with the Brotherhood would make for a great time.  2 of my favorites having a scene would be magical.  Fuck Dany and Jon, give me Jorah and Hound.


  1.  Has Euron Greyjoy become the most entertaining character on the show this season (Just for this season, not all time.)?

Chris:  Euron  is awesome and badass, but I still think I would rather watch the power trio Davos, Jorah, and Bronn road trip split off we talked about the other night  (I would give HBO $50 for a full episode of that.)

Jim:  “All this excitement is getting me hard”. (Great line.) Yes, he is fun, but I still enjoy Bronn and just caught a glimpse of him, so tbd…. and I still stand by my Cersei/Jaime/Euron death chart….  I see him offing Jaime, them the jilted lover Cersei offing him..  

Raylene:  I have to admit yes he has. Hopefully we will see and hear more from Bronn since we saw him with Jamie

Kristi:  Nope. My favorite is the dragons. I know they haven’t been on too much or done anything significant yet but it brings me joy every time they are on.  (Yeah, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t get some pleasure from seeing the dragons.  They are so delightful.)

Kent:  Of course he is.  Nobody else has made you laugh more this season than Euron.  Wait, has anybody even made us laugh?  Euron is an 80’s wrestling heel brought to life in Game of Thrones.  Ravishing Rick Rude would love this guy.


  1.  If Bran can see everything, why isn’t he warning Sansa about Littlefinger?

Chris:  He sees what he looks for. If he isn’t actively looking at/for something he is unaware of it

Jim: He is too busy watching sister hate porn?  (Too soon?). (Never too soon for hate porn references in these lurid blogs.)  Maybe he already sees it play out, and doesn’t need to intervene….

Raylene:  Perhaps Littlefinger is going to die so Bran doesn’t see the point to warn Sansa (Interesting..)

Kristi: That would be too easy.

Kent:  I think Bran has seen it, but is also aware that things have to play out a certain way in order for the other stuff to happen.  I really do think that in the books, at the very least, we will find out that Bran knew but chose not to intervene.


  1.  Bronn is back! (YAAAAAAAY!!!!) Will Jaime/Cersei reward him with Highgarden (Olenna’s place)?

Chris:  No. Sam’s dad, Bronn’s liege is getting it

Jim:  I could see that, but not till after they try and take back Casterly Rock, which I’m not sure will be as easy as they think..  but he deserves it, after giving up a lordship to help Jaime in the first place.

Raylene: That or they will give him Casterely Rock if it’s taken back

Kent:  Unfortunately, Tarley will probably get it, but I will say Bronn gets it and then they give Tarley Casterly Rock, just to be different.


  1.  Did the writers intentionally dumb down Daenerys and her efforts to get the throne in order to make Cersei look better/smarter?

Chris:  No. She had so many advantages if it played out realistically it would have been over in 2 episodes

Jim: no, we have just had a longer history of Cersei’s schemes to see how conniving she is, so her Casterly Rock/HighGarden move is just another in a long history of her moves.  Daenerys still needs to take her leadership lumps per say to get her feet under her.

Raylene:  I think they are showing the years of listening and watching Tywin. Dany is still wet behind the ears with war. The age difference is on Cersei side here

Kristi:  Cersei is better and smarter. She has a lifetime of this behind her. I obviously want Dany to win but she isn’t as seasoned as Cersei when it comes to war.

Kent:  Dany is smarter than this, so I say they dumbed her character down.  Yes, we know that Cersei learned from Tywin, but I mean, it’s not like Dany couldn’t have systematically conquered rather than dividing people up.  Her advisors should have known better.  If Jorah or Ser Berristan or whatever the old guy’s name was who got killed by the Harpies, they would have been more helpful.


  1.  Do you even feel sorry for Ellaria Sand’s daughter, Tyene, after getting poisoned by Cersei?

Chris:  No, but I felt bad for Bronn

Jim:  I feel bad, but she earned it….  if you mess with someone’s kid, bad things happen eventually.

Raylene:  No because unfortunately the sins of the mother’s the daughters have paid the ultimate price.

Kristi: I did feel sorry her.

Kent:  I can’t top or argue Chris’ point.  I didn’t feel bad.  This all goes back to if Oberyn had not been so damn cocky and finished the Mountain, none of this has to happen.  No, it’s not Ellaria or Tyene’s false, but that’s the crux of the issue.  Cersei was justified.


  1.  Melisandre and Varys had a small conversation, but it sounds like bad news for Varys.  Assuming that he is to die, who do you think will kill him?

Chris:  Littlefinger

Jim:  Littlefinger…. just a hunch…. no basis to go by, but I felt they were two of the same when they shared the screen in the first season or two, and I always thought they couldn’t share they same space forever.

Raylene:  I think a white walker will get him

Kent:  Why not Qybern?  That dude is all kinds of crafty and got Pycell killed.  That’s my pick, but Cersei seems more likely.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  If you have a favorite quote or scene from Olenna Tyrell, please write it down.

Chris:  You will serve the cheese when I say to serve the cheese!

Jim: “you are in the presence of Daenerys (insert title here)..”. “This is Jon Snow”

Had to add it…. first thing I saw after I watched the episode

Raylene:  You’re not in your sanctuary now, my dear.  All i have to do is whistle and my men will stroll in here and bash you about until I tell them to stop

Kristi:  He really was a cunt, wasn’t he?—on Joffrey

Kent:  Kristi did the one I wanted.  Here’s a solid list.


  1.  What one thing will you remember from this episode above all else?

Chris:  Cersei’s revenge on Ellaria. I know what Kent’s will be

Jim: Who knew just cutting off stonescale and putting on an ointment was the miraculous cure for this disease that we have never known of..

Raylene:  Jon and Davos reaction to when they first saw the dragons

Kristi:  The look on Jon’s face when the dragon flew over him. That was awesome! I had to rewind it to watch it again.

Kent:  Davos trying to do a regal job of pronouncing Jon’s accomplishments, and of course the finger in the bum line.  Grey Worm’s realization was also really well done.


Final Thoughts (An opportunity to hit on anything that I missed with my questions, or to make predictions, complain, or celebrate the episode.)

Chris:  Euron and Jaime is going to be a fun deathmatch

Jim:  *pour drink on floor for Olenna*. She was one of my favorites, and I loved that she killed Joeffrey and owned it in her death scene…. was a great last word and middle finger to Cersei…. and again, nothing that happened changes my Euron/Jaime/Cersei death triangle…. especially with Euron stirring the pot by asking Jaime inbred sex tips!

Raylene: Jamie kills Cersei  

Kent:  We discover that Arya was the girl that interrupted Cersei and Jaime.  I love the theory and I can’t take credit for it.


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The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep2 – The Return of Hot Pie Edition

While the season premiere was an absolute delight, I think this episode truly kicked off the season, in my mind.  If you are new to 9 Deuce, the idea is a simple one.  I ask 9 questions relevant to the episode and 2 bonus questions that are about Game of Thrones in general.  Every week, I get some volunteers to answer these questions, and sometimes I leave a comment in bold, just for fun.

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  1.  Do you think that there is any way for Theon to redeem himself moving forward?

Chris:  I can’t see any way for him to. I wonder if he and Bran will meet this season  (Fingers crossed.)

Jim:  truthfully no…. I felt it was a slight reach for him to redeem himself in the Sansa story line…. he pushed a girl off a balcony when she was focused elsewhere…. not the stuff of legends…. this time he’s let his natural sister down twice (once while in captivity), and I think there is no going back to what was…. I still think he dies this season, but it may now be his sister who does it.  (I don’t know, pushing her off a balcony was borderline legendary.)

Raylene:  I see no way he can when it comes right down to a battle he ends up going back to his torture days from Ramsay I am surprised he hasn’t gotten killed already.  (Shame that he isn’t dead.)

Kent:  Sure, if he finds Gendry and gets him on the Iron Throne.  Aside from that, hell no.


  1.  Will Jon bend at the knee to appease Dany?

Chris:  If anyone would if would be Jon. Which could cause friction in the north. I don’t think he will

Jim:  I don’t believe he will bend at the knee, however he will show her respect and convince her of their mutual goals allowing for a free north provided he agrees to allow her southern reign uncontested..  

Raylene:  I don’t think he will bend the knee for her. I do think he will be a respectable guest in her castle for that is in his nature.

Kent:  This one intrigues me.  I’m going to say that he will not bend at the knee, but I’m only 65% sure of this one.  He’s got a lot of pride and is short on common sense at times.  Still, he’s entering unknown territory for him, so he may just due to being outnumbered.


  1.  If you could save either Yara or Ellaria at this point in time, who would it be?

Chris:  Allyria’s daughter, so we can get Bronn a booty call this season  (Best response possible.)

Jim:  easy…. Ellaria…. with her fleet decimated, Yara has nothing left to offer.  I believe Theon will try, in failure…

Raylene: I would save Ellaria for she definitely has more of a fight skill set and very seductive ways of fighting even though her fighting is mainly based on emotions not thought.   

Kent:  Ellaria has more theoretical power, so going with her.


  1.  Has Euron accomplished enough to warrant Cersei’s hand(s) in marriage?

Chris:  Nope. Would that stop her from banging him? Probably not

Jim:  marriage no, however I see them hooking up and working together, but never get the chance to wed…. still hold firm to my prediction that as they begin down this road…. Euron kills Jaime, and Cersei kills Euron.

Raylene:  No he has not warranted a marriage but has done enough to get her attention perhaps a little sexual chocolate.

Kent:  Sure.  I’m guessing she hasn’t had any D in some time, so why not just go with some crazy dude who has a hell of a track record?  Plus, don’t you get the feeling that she may want to make Jaime jealous?


  1.  Was Jon being a tad mean to Littlefinger, based on his knowledge?  Please take out what we as fans know, and just consider Jon’s perspective.

Chris:  This old(ish) dude who sold his sister to the Boltons just told him he wanted to bang her like he wanted to bang the woman who made Jon’s life hell. Probably warranted (I’m really glad that we are bringing “Bang” back to the forefront of the conversation.)

Jim:  it’s tough to say how much he knows about Littlefinger deeds, but I think her does know that Littlefinger sold Sansa to the Boltons, and he seems generally slimy..  so no, I I think it was a warranted warning.

Raylene:  I think Jon got defensive because he knows that Littlefinger left her there with Ramsey and the horror she faced.

Kent:  Yes, I would say so.  Littlefinger allowed Jon to live and rule by coming to his aide at the Battle of the Bastards.  A little bit of social decorum could go a long way for Jon.  Plus Sansa secretly enjoyed being with Ramsay.  That whole 50 Shades mentality.  Believe that.


  1.  Was it really that big of a deal that it was 4 women and a midget plotting a course of action to take the throne?

Chris:  No. Kudos to diversity

Jim:  not particularly…. it goes to highlight that the path of Daenerys has not gone the normal or expected route…. really, unless you read the books, did anyone see Tyrion working with her?

Raylene:  At the time their plan seemed to be a reasonable one but now It seems they may need to draw the Lannisters to Casterly Rock and take them out there.

Kent:  No, it seemed perfectly normal, until I watched the after the episode thing and they wanted to practically suck each other off over the diversity.  Seriously, get over yourselves.


  1.  Out of all of the strategies presented in that room, such as Olenna suggesting that Dany be a dragon, vs Dany not wanting to leave the city in ashes, whose philosophy do you most agree with?

Chris:  Olenna got her entire family massacred, probably not a good idea to follow her decisions. Go Tyrion! (I’m still mourning her husband.)

Jim:  if she leaves it all in ashes, she will be painted with the same brush as the mad king, and being the benevolent ruler forced an uprising of the masters last season…. weak answer but I say a push…. pick the areas to bring the hellfire and pick the areas to work with the other kingdoms (like the north)  

Raylene:  At first I wanted to see it all burn to the ground (Nickelback) but now Dany needs to separate the Lannisters troops to whittle them down (Really? Nickelback?)

Kent:  Just burn what you need in order to take over.  This seems very simple, but now Dany has dicked around so much that Qybern has a ballista to do work.  Dany is such a dumbass.  Olenna should be doing something more important.


  1.  Is this the last that we will see of Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf)?

Chris:  No, but how will she return

Jim:  I don’t think so…. I can see a return in the woods as Arya gets into trouble…. bringing the wolf pack as well (hopefully they don’t get blackout drunk..  that’s been done before)  (I miss the NWO Wolfpack.)

Raylene:  Yes I think sadly it is because she didn’t seem to recognize Arya anymore

Kent:  I have a feeling that it may be the last time since they seem to be avoiding the book stuff.  I hope that I am wrong, but time is a commodity that this show is lacking.  Seriously, why are they pushing this so fast?  It’s such a hit, why isn’t HBO simply telling them to draw this out longer?


  1.  What interests you more: Melisandre’s role in Dany’s plot or Sansa ruling the north while Jon is away?


Chris:  Sansa, mostly because like I said in the podcast, it would be nice to see one person rise above the pettiness and greed (Damnit Chris, this is Game of Thrones!  We need pettiness and greed.)

Jim:  Sansa…. this is where we see what Littlefinger does, and if he ends with the north and moves to Cersei..  or plays both for the win…. though I like the idea of Jon and Danny meeting (family reunion) Sansa Littlefinger is more intriguing. (It is intriguing, but I’m still having some issues putting the pieces together as to how it all fits together.)

Raylene:  Melisandre’s role because I am curious to see if Jon lives to his word I believe he said he’d kill her on sight

Kent:  Melisandre because in the battle of the gingers, Mel has gotten nude for us, while Sansa has been a prude.  Yup, my reasons are flawed.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Do you think that Grey Worm will be successful in his attack on Casterly Rock?

Chris:  Yes

Jim:  until I saw the sex scene I woulda said yes…. but now though they will be successful taking Casterly Rock, he won’t leave alive (horror code) (The fear is real.)

Raylene:  I would say no I believe Grey worm will come to his demise.

Kent:  Grey Worm has been such a big part of the story, but then the sex scene.  Damnit, they are really mindfucking me.  I say that he returns to Missendei. Although if Jon and Dany join forces, Jon is a leader, but will the unsullied get a new leader or just follow Jon?  Man, now I am worried for Grey Worm as his role is no longer as big with all of these forces joining.


  1.  We got Hot Pie back.  Will we get Gendry back at some point this season?

Chris:  Sorry Kent but no (Boooooooooooooo)

Jim:  yes…. the longest tease in the show.  You say the north remembers, well so does the viewers…. every blog,chat room, fanboy/girl etc is mentioning him…. he will be back in some capacity, or at least his story closed.

Raylene:  I would hope so

Kent:  I don’t like Chris’ response.  He’s also probably right.  If it happens, just know that the shouts of joy will be coming from this bald bastard.

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The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:1 – The Two Good Hands Edition

Here we are, the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, and finally this website is doing a blog on it.  About damn time!  If you are new to 9 Deuce, the idea is a simple one.  I ask 9 questions relevant to the episode and 2 bonus questions that are about Game of Thrones in general.  Every week, I get some volunteers to answer these questions, and sometimes I leave a comment in bold, just for fun.  

Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.


  1.  We have seen Arya take out Walder Frey and a good chunk of his men.  We have seen Jon battle countless enemies. We have seen some of Bran’s powers.  We have seen Sansa’s intelligence and resilience.  We have seen Robb be an utter moron, and we barely ever saw Rickon.  By the end of the show, which of the Stark children, Jon included, will be responsible for the most deaths?

Chris:  Well Jon isn’t a Stark so he shouldn’t count. We can probably blame Robb or Bran. All of the deaths caused by Robb’s failures or Bran allowing the Night King to find the Greenseer and move South of the wall can be blamed on them.  (I must disagree.  Adopted children are treated as family.  Plus he’s Lyanna’s son, which makes him a Stark.)

Jim:  I’ve always stated once I saw Bran’s powers, I felt he would be a killer.  I have long held the belief that he will take control of the dragon(s), and will rain fire from the sky.  Though Jon and Arya have a sizable death toll head start, a dragon can make up for that in no time.  (Bran’s powers are the ultimate game changer, but it’s a matter of what scale he uses it.  If the dragons are controlled by others, that would make a huge difference.

Raylene:  I say Arya will now that she has fully grasped the power of the faceless men  (We need people keeping track of these stats.)

Kristi:  This is a tough one. I see Jon doing some serious damage but I think Bran’s powers are really going to come into play season.  (You’d hope that Bran starts doing something.  I wish he would have learned more on how to properly use his powers.  Much like Luke could have utilized more time training with Yoda, same goes for Bran.)

Kent:  I really wish this show had more seasons to flesh out a longer term story.  Yeah, I could easily watch this for 12 seasons.  Arya wants to have the highest kill count but I put her at 4th.  If my guess is right, Sansa will be on the Iron Throne by the end of this show and she will have been behind some kill numbers, and she would be first if we had 2 more full seasons, but for now, let’s put her in 3rd.  Jon is a total bad ass, but he can’t beat the potential of Bran’s utter devastation.


  1.  Do you think that Cersei will spread herself too thin, or will she go after one target at a time?

Chris:  She dies this season(prediction). Too many enemies, not enough friends. One of the things they mentioned in extras but not during the finale last season is that Dorne was helping Daenerys in transporting her armies over the seas. That puts the 2 closest enemies to her allied against her. In the books Euron had a horn that was supposed to control dragons, which is why he thought he could take her. Not showing that until now would be a huge deus ex fucking machines at this point.  (Uhmmm, what was the actual answer to the question?  Thanks for all of the extra info at the very least! Also, thank you for actually spelling Dany’s name right.  It’s one of the things I have been dreading about this blog, the spelling for some of these names are truly annoying.  The horn intrigues me.)

Jim: sounds like a cop out, but both…. I can see her trying for the east (Littlefinger) but being exposed to the south (Daenerys ). She is allying with the west (Euron) but I don’t see her going north to Winterfell with winter upon us. (Total cop out.  Shame!)

Raylene:  I feel she will go after one target at a time in the process trying to gain allies and when she takes the targets out just making the followers submit to her or die.  (So she’s basically Puff Daddy with Vote or Die?)

Kristi:  I sure hope so. I am anxiously awaiting her death. I think she is way too confident in herself and that will ultimately lead her to go after more than she is really prepared for.  (Her confidence is throwing me off.  She’s among the smartest characters on the show, so it’s one of the more interesting subplots for me.)

Kent:  Oddly enough, I think due to her lack of allies and resources, she will be forced to go one target at a time.  She knows that Euron is heading south somewhere to do some work.  That leaves us for the inevitable Stark vs Lannister fight that’s coming.  If she had more, she would be spread too thin trying to be overly aggressive.


  1.  What or who do you think Euron Greyjoy is going for as his gift to the queen?

Chris:  Tyrion

Jim:  I believe his goal is to bring Tyrion, but he may bring Arya instead since her can get her without an army..

Raylene:  Gendry will be his gift to her since he is King Robert’s son.  (Does Euron know of his existence?  I hope so.)

Kent:  Tyrion seems too obvious.  This late in the show, it’s about getting it right more than the surprises.  I may have spent more time thinking about this question than any others.  Aside from Tyrion here are the other possibilities that I have: Varys, Missandei, Dario, , Arya, Olenna, or Jorah.  It’s a matter of if he gets the target that he’s after or if he may get something on his way back after being unsuccessful.  Dario is my pick, but Arya is my back up as that could lead to Arya’s continued carnage.  My final guess is The Hound.  He’s well known and this could also tie in with not only Arya, but Clegane Bowl.


  1.  Will Littlefinger’s plan ever come to fruition this season?

Chris:  He wants to bang Sansa and he wants to be king. He won’t blatantly disrupt shit until the field is narrowed down some. Expect his treachery next season.  (Do you think it will wait out til next season?  That’s my biggest gripe this season is that I fear too many things will happen too fast instead of the usual pace.  It’s tough to figure out how much they will try to fit in next season when shit should be going crazy. Also, thanks for saying bang.  It doesn’t get said enough in these blogs.)

Jim:  I don’t know his plan, but he will certainly try for total domination.  He will try and upset the north (Sansa vs Jon) and I believe he will succeed with that, however I can’t see his next move…. unless he tries to ally with both the north and Cersei.  (I hadn’t considered the Cersei thing.  That would be a fascinating play.  I have my doubts, but I like it.)

Raylene:  I believe he will succeed in marrying Sansa and when she becomes the queen, boom he’s where he’s always wanted to be.  (Freezing his nuts off up North?)

Kent:  Yes, Littlefinger has been too great of a character to not get a chance on the throne.  It will also finally allow for Sansa’s redemption.  Hopefully he gets to plow her first though because I haven’t said anything lewd yet, and guys who have been watching have her on the top of the “hopefully they show her nude”” GoT list.


  1.  Who’s the better choice for leader of the North: Jon or Sansa, and why?

Chris:  A lot for me is going to depend on what happens when Jon and Dany meet. He is supposed to be Azor Azai and one of the heads of the dragon (according to Melisandre and Pyat Pyor). He is also not the rightful Stark ruler by birth, as his mother was Nedd’s younger sister. However, one of the big scenes in the book left out of the show, was when Robb made Jon his heir. Caitlyn and Robb had a huge fight, but Robb made Jon his heir if he died (before he found out about his baby). I always wondered if that was going to factor in someday, and if it had happened it wouldn’t have mattered that he wasn’t a Stark. Back to your original question, Sansa would make smarter deciaion, Jon would earn loyalty faster. They need to work together. However, if you asked who is the best leader for the north and opened it up to anyone, the answer undoubtedly is little Lady Mormont. (I absolutely avoided reading people’s responses before writing my own initially, and was happy at your Lady Mormont point.  I totally concur.  I didn’t know about Jon being Robb’s heir, so this is why I enjoy this blog.)

Jim:  Jon is better, because Sansa is not a natural leader…. however I believe with Littlefinger’s help she will try. (That’s my hope.)

Raylene:  Jon is a better leader he has more experience in every aspect of things and has that dragon blood in him (Can’t forget the dragon blood.)

Kristi:  Jon. He has more experience in the fighting world. She has certainly been through some shit but as a leader, I think Jon is the better choice. I see them uniting and making it happen together though. (The whole thing about him being a good fighter wouldn’t normally mean too much, but with how shit is about to go down, there’s a part of me that wants the best fighter as my leader.)

Kent:  Both have big time flaws, but so has everybody else that’s held the throne so far, except for Cersei…so far.  Jon learned too much from Ned and Ned wasn’t a great leader either.  Sansa has really awful luck and yes, that counts as a reason.  Sansa has more to prove in her mind, and she would make a better ruler.  The true answer is Lady Mormont, and whoever wrote this question should do a walk of shame.


  1.  Do you think somebody will betray the North from within this season?  If so, who?

Chris:  No

Jim: Sansa…. she will try and leverage the houses who were against the two houses (Allie tee and Caster I believe) from keeping their land and title.

Raylene:  No

Kristi:  No

Kent:  Yeah, Sansa is going to take what’s hers and it will be perceived as betrayal while Jon and Davos are off getting some dragon glass.  Then maybe Sansa could get Melisandre to help her and Littlefinger.  Not enough episodes remain for all of my wild theories to happen.


  1.  Will Jorah ever find a cure for his Greyscale, possibly with the help of Samwell?

Chris:  If he doesn’t it would be a shitty character arc for him.

Jim:  it was a big surprise to find him in Oldtown… and I do think Sam will find a way to heal him, but it may be doom for Sam as he keeps entering the forbidden library.. (Good point about Sam continuing to enter the forbidden library.  Do we know the punishment for doing so?)

Raylene:  Yes I believe Sam will be able to help save him so he can ultimately return to Dany. (I have wondered if he got healed, if he would be a helpful bridge between the North and Dany’s army, with Jorah being a Mormont, or if that would actually hinder things.)

Kristi:  I think Sam will come up with something.  

Kent:  I say no.  I have another wild theory.  In episode 5 of last season, the Hodor episode, we saw how the Children create the Night King.  I am hoping that Samwell uncovers a method to do something to make Jorah into a bad ass soldier to help battle winter.  Also, Jorah and Davos both seem like characters that have long seemed like characters destined to die via some sacrifice.


  1.  The Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners seem to have a purpose, but also seem to be wandering.  What purpose will they serve and will The Hound ever become a believer in the God of Light?

Chris:  I think Sandor and Gregor will be a kick-ass fight when the Hound has to face his Franken-zombie brother. Maybe he’ll save Arya or Sansa before dying to complete his redemption arc (If Clegane Bowl doesn’t happen, something in my room is getting punched.)

Jim:  I don’t know that the hound will ever believe, especially with his fear of fire.  I do believe they are being called to fight the night king, and their path will take them there.. (Reading around the internet a bit, it seemed like a lot of people considered it a foregone conclusion that Hound was a believer, but I am skeptical, due to  that fear.  Every giant has a weakness.)

Raylene:  I think you will see the brotherhood re-erecting someone to help fight against white walkers or Ceresi Army. I think the hound believes he does exist since he just saw things in the fire already. Once either he’s resurrected or witnesses someone then he’ll be a true follower.  (Fixed)

Kent:  I don’t know, but it leads to King’s Landing and to Clegane Bowl.  It is the one big fan service that they can offer us, well that and Gendry.  I can see Mountain winning and then the Hound getting resurrected by the dude, Dondarian or is it the other guy?  Soooo many names!


  1.  Dany is finally home.  What should be her first strategic move?

Chris: Link up with Dorne. Ally with Olenna Tyrell. Get the Dothraki off of ships and onto land. Realize that her dragons need to fight the white walkers and not other humans.  (Now I am curious what her second strategic move would  be.)

Jim:  I believe she will go right for Kings Landing, and with Cersei focusing on lesser enemies, she shouldn’t have a difficult time taking it… (Jim, have you been watching the same show that I have?  Dany will dick around, waste numerous episodes getting swept up in some stupid female drama instead of just doing the obvious.)

Raylene:  Dany needs to make allies with the north and I believe that will happen when Jon comes to her for the dragon glass mountain to fight the Night King  (Why would they suddenly be friends?  Do you think Jon will be cool being subservient to Dany?)

Kent:  Strategy and Dany never seem to mix.  We have all seen the Lyanna meme and it’s true.  Lyanna would have won this whole thing by now with 3 dragons.  Seriously, if Dany goes to King’s Landing at any point over the past 2 seasons, she could have just taken it as they weren’t prepared for such an onslaught.  My guess is avenging whatever happens to whomever via Euron.  She may go for the Riverlands.  Nobody is really owning that anymore.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  We saw Ed Sheeran appear as a guest this episode.  Name somebody who you would like to see show up for one episode in a small appearance.

Chris:  Michelle Fairly as Lady Stoneheart  (As soon as I grow a full head of hair, then Lady Stoneheart will appear.)

Jim:  I want the Beibs to get stabbed..  I liked Ed Sheeran’s appearance, and am curious if he has more to play, or is a one off.  (Sounds like it’s a simple one off to give us a new song about Tyrion. )

Raylene:  David Morriesey or Mark Boone Junior

Kristi: Charlie Hunnam! I miss him. (This is hilarious to me.  I was talking to Raylene and I said, maybe I’ll put Charlie Hunnam on here, and she told me that you already had.)

Kent:  Sean Connery, Michael Rooker, Ron Perlman, Gordon Ramsay (Like somebody insulting his cooking would be great), Braun Strowman, Dr Dre

  1.  Name 3 characters that you want to see die this season.

Chris:  Cersei, Allyria Sand, Euron Greyjoy  (Do you dislike Allyria, or is it more to do with her having a cool death?)

Jim:  Jaime Lannister (via Euron) Euron (via Cersei) and Theon (somehow) (Why Jaime?  Not a fan, or to simply move the plot along?)

Raylene: Robin Arryn, Theon and Yara  (Really surprised nobody else chose Robin.  I thought that kid was universally hated.)

Kristi:  Cersei is the only one that comes to mind. (Man, a lot of you want Cersei dead.  I personally think that she is great and provided us with many great scenes.  Still, her death could be one of the biggest in the show.  I hope they do it well.)

Kent:  Brienne because she’s obnoxious, Dany because she should have had her shit together by now, and Euron because, although I enjoy him, his death could be fun as hell.  Oh, and fuck Theon.


Final thoughts on the episode (if you have any)

Chris:  Probably one of the best season openers. None of the storylines were neglected.  (Gendry disagrees, as does Melisandre)  We get the awesome opening with Arya and the Freys. We get the feels being felt with the cinematography, music, and anticipation of the ending on Dragonstone. Sam’s scenes did a great job of showing the monotony of his existence in Old Town. I loved Jaime and Euron’s interplay in the throne room. I would actually love a more Jaime centric episode this season as I think he is finally realizing how insane his sister is. Jon and Sansa’s scenes were very good too, I like the dynamic the 2 of them have together (You have to be smarter than them; by listening to you? Would that be so horrible?). I got hit in the feels when Thoros helped the Hound bury the family in the snow storm. About the only scene I wasn’t sure about was the one with Arya and Ed Sheeran. I wasn’t  sure if we were supposed to be worried for Arya alone with all of those dudes, or of we were supposed to be getting another glimpse of just how super shitty it was to be a commoner in Westeros. I felt on edge kind of like the scene in the basement bar in Inglourious Basterds (Props for Inglorious shout out!)

Jim:  A necessary evil putting the pieces in place.  Was good, however slow and plotting…. can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

Raylene:  Yes it was a good episode I want to see more Arya   

Kent:  It’s funny that people basically universally have their lips proverbially wrapped around Game of Thrones shaft, but when Walking Dead does something like this where they are setting the stage for what’s coming, it gets shit on.  Love the double standards.  I really enjoyed this episode, but it also felt like it was wasting time a few times, when time is the most precious commodity for this show due to a lack of it.  There was a huge part of me that wanted Sam’s montage to be set to Easy Street.  I kinda want to make that video without getting sued.

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