Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 4

Welcome to the Bonus Double Deuce part of the 9 Deuce Stranger Things Season 2 blog.  These are 4 more questions that I felt needed some answers.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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Bonus Double Deuce

  1.  Will we continue to find other kids that were experimented on?

Jim:  yes, yes and yes!!  Why have a 8 and an 11 if you don’t have the other numbers.  I think as we track down Brenner and re-incorporate 8 we will find more.  Hopefully they utilize Murray a little more, digging up conspiracy theorized psychics, as I think he was an underutilized tool in this season.  (Honestly, I kinda feel that finding other kids practically goes hand in hand with the belief that Brenner is still alive.  Also, this blog gave Murray no love.  Shame on us!  I really enjoy Brett Gelman.)

Briana:  Yeah I think in order to keep this series going, they’re going to have to explore all possible stories. Why not find more! (Yeah, with 2 seasons down, and 2 to go, next season seems like teh one to introduce as many extra characters and then kinda go balls out like they did in this season of GoT.  Season 4 should be insane.)

Raylene:  I am hoping we get an army of warrior kids (We already did.  It’s a film called The Warriors.  You liked it.  You wanted to come out and play.)

Melanie:  Yes

Kristi:  Definitely.  Hopefully it’s a better storyline that 008. (I have wondered if you polled say a thousand people, how many people actually liked her storyline.   I would guess under 30.)

Cece:  Maybe. But next time, I hope it really ties into something bigger.  (Smaller could be fun.)

Chris: Yes. At least 9 and 2 (Well, yeah, because that adds up to 11.  But if they give us a 9 and 2, they better be the 2 coolest ones.  I am hoping one of them to be a pyro and one to be able to alter their appearance.)  

Kent:  If they stick to only 4 seasons, which is the plan as of now, I can see giving us another kid or two, but not 9 or 10 more.  Do we know if they went beyond 11?  Is there a 13 and is his name Jason?


  1.  Do you feel that you got proper closure on Barb’s death?

Jim:  What more do you need than a hashtag?  Seriously I think so, as now her parents know she’s dead, and Nancy can sleep at night.   I could see one of the demigorgons arrive with red hair at some point to see her come full circle, but if we never hear about barb again, she was closed properly.  (Jim, nobody in the history of ever has needed a hashtag you damn millennial.  I am also pretty sure that you’re older than me.  If we get a redheaded demigorgon, I don’t foresee anything topping that.  That would be incredible.)

Briana:  No. I mean I guess it’s as much as you can get. But I just kept hoping maybe there would be more. Her death was so subtle to me. She disappeared but so did Will, and then we just see her body. I like to see the death or some form of it. I’m realizing that sounds extremely morbid! Lol!  (It’s not morbid, it’s called closure.  We never got it to a comfortable level that we would normally get.  Some people were able to let it go easier because they didn’t care much about her to begin with.  It definitely was intentional, that’s all I know.)

Raylene:  Yes

Melanie:  Yes. I don’t think they will make her such a focus in future seasons. (Probably not, but Jim’s Ginger demigorgan idea is really a good way to bring it back.)

Kristi:  I was good after last season. (The answer that most reflected my feelings.)

Cece:  Yes. They had a legit funeral and also got proof that they fucked up and it led to her death.  (In an odd way, I would be fine if they brought her parents back for some reason.  Namely, GingerGorgan comes into the normal world and seeks out her folks.)  

Chris: yes.

Kent:  I find it funny that there is a small percentage of fans that kinda got wrapped up in the whole Barb thing.  I don’t even know if people were serious or doing it to be ironic or whatever.  The whole thing makes me laugh and that’s why I asked.  Honestly, at this rate, if they can incorporate more Barb talk moving forward, I will laugh. Like Kristi said, I was definitely good after last season.


  1.  Which romantic couple is your favorite on the show?

Jim:  Max and Lucas provided the most turmoil within the group.  And will continue to as we know how Dustin feels.  Did like to see Joyce happy with Bob for once, but that’s not a thing anymore.  Dustin’s man crush on Steve, with Steve taking a big brother role was nice too!  (Now if Steve can only try to nail Dustin’s mom.)

Briana:  Mike and El! There’s just something so perfect about them. The way they both feel so misunderstood and yet are able to find solace in each other.  (What’s nice about them as a couple, from my perspective, is that they weren’t annoying, like say Nancy and whatever dude she’s with that week.  Everything felt right with Mike and Eleven.  It’s one of the few romances I have enjoyed on TV.)

Raylene::  Lucas and Max

Melanie:  Joyce and Bob, #justiceforbob  (The hashtags are flowing.  We could someday get a Bobigorgan I guess.  And that could be fun.)

Kristi:  Mike and Eleven.

Cece:  Mike & Eleven and Joyce & Bob.

Chris: Jonathon and Nancy. “How was the pull out, Jonathon?” One of the best lines all season  (I hate to admit it, but that was a good line.  One of the rare positives of their relationship for me.)

Kent:  Billy and Mike’s mom….and you knew that was coming.  I did like Joyce and Bob, they were fun for a season.  Not a single mention for Will getting the zombie girl chick.  Poor Will gets no love in these blogs.


  1.  Who had the best hair this season?

Jim:  Dustin’s Steve hair, and it wasn’t close.  In an effort to be kinder to the world, Billy’s stupid mullet was not horrible, but I disliked him so much I have to teach to compliment to balance out.

Briana:  Definitely Steve! That guy just has great hair. I wish they’d have done something different with Billy’s! Lol!

Raylene:  Dustin’s Snow ball hair

Melanie:  Still Steve! But Dustin’s “Steve” hair came a close second.

Kristi:  Dustins Snowball do. He was so proud of it.

Cece:  Steve. Duh. And Dustin’s do at the dance!

Chris: Steve until the last episode. Then Dustin

Kent:  Well, Steve and Dustin were the obvious answers, but I felt that Billy’s really fit the era and was something to behold, and props to Maxine for bringing some gingervitus back.


Final Thoughts:  

Jim:  was fantastic.  Still love season 1 for the surprise wave of nostalgia I got, but the hardest thing you can do is bottle the magic and keep it going.  They did as close as they could.  The directors darkened it up a little, but kept it light enough to keep the show unique.  Can’t wait for more.   The kids are all a little more mature, without being too old to be innocent.  11 is harnessing her powers better, and all the characters are naturally evolving better.  It was also a nice plot line to see the PTSD of nearly all the involved characters, and the differences in how they dealt with it.  Mike with his calls to 11, Hopper recapturing his time with a daughter with 11, Joyce trying to better her family with Bob etc…. just fantastic writing and work in all (except Billy #fuckbilly)  (It was a great job in how they had the characters deal with the past events in their own way.  The writing was really good.)

Briana:  Great season! I was really unsure how they would pull off more of this show but they did a very good job!

Raylene:  I hope to see more Erica

Melanie:  I really loved this season. I am still hooked and think I have to wait too long for season 3. (The waiting is the hardest part.)

Cece:  This season was absolutely wonderful. I loved everything about it and Noah Schnapp did such an incredible job as Will. (Holy balls!  A shout out for Will!  Bout time.)

Chris: Season 2 upped it in all the right ways. It continued to provide 80’s nostalgia while subverting the tropes we would expect. While there were a couple of underutilized/unsuccessful story arcs (Max and Billy and their family dynamic/#8 and her gang), they helped provide breaks and the motivations for the characters, especially 11, to save the day. It makes me want to binge both seasons together again and really makes me look forward to season 3. (I think Billy may be the key to the downfall of the group in season 3.  Like, maybe he screws over 11 or something.  Billy has to have more meaning.  I also think Billy will have redemption in season 4, and not just for plowing Ted’s wife.  I’m finding it harder and hard to go back and binge things that I love because my backlog of TV is almost as bad as my video game backlog.)

Kent:  I preferred the first season.  I don’t necessarily feel that many people had a chance to shine like they did in the first season.  There were a lot of breakout people in season 1, and I think maybe Steve got to break out some and maybe Bob, but by and large, it didn’t stand out for me.  I can say that I watched the first season 3 times within a month.  I couldn’t make it through the first episode a second time.  I don’t say this to trash it because I thoroughly enjoyed the season, but I’m analytic at times.  I think that they were smart in bringing in a great variety of new characters.  The pacing felt right.  There’s almost always a curse of the second.  In TV, the second episode tends to feel like a let down because after the excitement wanes off from the premiere, now you get back to building up a new story.  Second seasons in TV have often been bad.  The great TV franchises have succeeded, but they are in the minority.  Then if you talk film or video games or most any medium with a sequel, it’s typically a let down.  This didn’t let me down, and that’s great.  It was different enough to set the stage for season 4.  I expect 3 to be similar to 2, and 4 to be a really awesome season.  This is one of the few reasons left to keep NetFlix if I’m being honest.  HULU is better, but they don’t have Stranger Things.  

Thank you to each and every one of you who chimed in with your opinions this year.  Anything I said is in good fun or jest as always.  I hope to have you all return next year.  Thank you so much.

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 3

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  What was the happiest moment of the season for you?

Jim:  the first moment 11 walked in the door I welled up a little.  Waited so long for the reunion.  Plus we knew how 11 felt because she went “The Crush” on Max earlier during the season.  (I really hope you are referring to that awful Alicia Silverstone film that I had a teenage hard on for.  I am positive that I am not the only one.)

Briana:  El and Mike seeing each other for the first time, hands down! It was also super sweet when Nancy danced with Dustin but there was something so sweet and genuine about that scene when she walked in the house and his jaw dropped. I had so many goosebumps!  (I must admit, as much as I really dislike Nancy, I liked that particular scene of hers.)

Raylene:  When El found Mama it was bitter sweet (Yeah, the mystery behind the mom’s words and the revelation were pretty heartbreaking.)

Melanie:  The dance, such sweet things happened.  (But where were the cookies?)

Kristi:  At the Snowball dance when Nancy and Dustin were dancing. Poor kid was so crushed when no one would dance with him. He needed a win. (It was a relate-able moment.  I feel that we have all tried something, especially appearance wise, expecting positive things and then nothing.  It’s morally deflating.)

Cece:  The Snow Ball was amazing. Also, loved the scene where everyone was working together to defeat stuff.  (Yeah, I am always a sucker for a group to form to do like a final battle.  Usually more in cartoons and a few films, but this was satisfying as hell.)

Chris: Basically the whole epilogue. From Evans giving Hopper a birth certificate so he could be El’s dad, to Steve’s dropping off of Dustin at the dance to the dance itself and finally the mind flayer lumbering down over the upside down high school  (Yeah, I expected more people to bring up the birth certificate.  I think the Snow Ball just sticks in the head better and almost blinds people because of all the positive vibes.  Thank you for bringing up the mind flayer.  That should also be a bit of a happy moment because without it, there’s really no reason to have a season 3.  That or you’re just a twisted bastard, which I support as well.)

Kent:  When Jonathan played Should I Stay followed by Billy and Mike’s mom.  Should I Stay really was a feel good nostalgic moment.  Yes, I liked the Mike and El thing.  But the real answer is Dustin taking Steve’s hair advice.


  1.  What did you think of 008’s group?  Was it a good story arc or just time killing?

Jim:  Necessary evil to introduce 8.  The characters were dumb, but I can’t really think of a better way of bringing her into the universe.  Was definitely the weakest element of the season (except billy).  Her powers are bad ass, and hopefully we get 1-7 and 9-10 at some point as well…. will be worth that episode if we do (and they show up and beat Billy).  (Man,, the hate on for Billy, incredible. I would also agree that it was the second weakest element of the season, but Billy is not #1 for me.  That would be Nancy’s budding romance.)

Briana:  I think it worked well to promote El’s story line but it wasn’t my favorite part of the season. I liked that they introduced another experiment kid but I don’t know if it needed to be quite as drawn out as it was.  (I am inclined to say that if it was another “good guy” character, that people wouldn’t have minded the episode.  The way it was done, it served a purpose, but after 11’s introduction, we have it in our minds that these kids are going to be similar.)

Raylene:  No killing time this season perhaps next season will discover more kids (I am cautiously optimistic that we will meet other kids, probably multiple ones next year as 11 hones her powers.)

Melanie:  Beginning was good, but then super boring.  (Yeah, the beginning was fine because you still had that excitement built up.  It was like a magician doing a shitty magic trick after performing a really mind blowing one.)

Kristi:  Filler. Although without 008, El wouldn’t have known how to use her powers in full capacity. I was rather disappointed in the story line though. I think they could have done better with it.  (I would say that if we did get a positive from this, it was 11 really learning to use those powers more effectively.)

Cece:  Definitely filler. However, it helped aide in Eleven’s growth.  (I have been wondering if the kids were all just gifted with one particular power or if they have the ability to learn others.  That would be a game changer.)

Chris: Wasted potential. Cool idea, even somewhat necessary. Subpar utilization  (Your succinct response is what I wish I had written.  Shame you didn’t mention Funshine.)

Kent:  I felt that it was incredibly underwhelming.  Most people have been thinking about what the other kid’s powers would be, and like we had these X-Men type fantasies.  Then we see Kali’s cool powers in the opening shot, and I am thinking this is cool.  Then it was just a blah episode with a bunch of unlikable characters, aside from Funshine.  That dude was awesome.  It served it’s purpose, but it could have done it in a better way, and in the end, it was my least favorite episode.


  1.  Is Brennar still alive or was the guy (Ray)  just trying to save his own ass?

Jim:  we did not definitively see his death, so by movie rules, he’s alive.  Gives a reason for 8 to seek out 11 once again, so I think plot wise it works as well.  (Yeah, I’m with you on this.  Horror movies have taught me this very valuable lesson, plus bringing 8 back to the fold and possibly others.  I think it works all around, even if the explanation is cheesy, and it will be cheesy.)

Briana:  I can’t possibly see how he could be! We watched him die! Didn’t we…? I think. Well now I’m not sure but I feel like he’s dead.  (Rewatching the scene, it does plant a seed of doubt.  All it takes is one seed. Funny note, at least for me.  Looking back at all the pics that I screen captured last year, the one of Brennar at the end, I labeled it as “Totally Screwed”.  Honestly, I wish people actually knew half of the names of pics that I use.)

Raylene: I believe Ray was trying to save his own ass (Ray is a class act type of guy.  He wouldn’t lie to the children.)

Melanie:  I think still alive.

Kristi:  I think he is alive.

Cece:  Oh, you mean Papa. Nah. He dead.

Chris: Dead until Kali gets pissed off at El down the road and mind fucks her with him (Now this would be a fascinating thing to see.  I am waiting for this to potentially happen.  It will almost feel as good for you as it was to see Gendry return.)

Kent:  Brennar is still alive.  This is where I go by horror rules and if we didn’t definitively see it, we can’t be sure and simply assume.  Plus, what the fuck else is Matthew Modine doing aside from sitting by that phone hoping for the Duffer Bros to call him up.  I can picture him at one point calling the Duffers and being like “Hey guys, uhmmm, did you just call me because somebody just called me, and like they didn’t say anything, so I thought maybe it was you…” and Duffer Bro says “Who are you?”

…… be continued in Part 4

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 2

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  Pick up to 3 songs that you really enjoyed from this season. 

(Please note that I wanted to link all of the selections to YouTube, but realized that this would be a super long ass blog, and a lot of videos get taken down from YouTube, so in a year or two, I didn’t want this blog to be a series of dead links.  If you like a song, and you are reading this, then I feel that it is safe to assume that you know how to find the song(s) on YouTube.)

Jim:  I’ve always been a sucker for Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. And it really hit the mark at the Snowball in episode 9.  Really I can’t complain about any music placement.  I really looked hard to find a slip up like last seasons Moby song (late ninetys song in the eightys)

Briana:  Time After Time, Love is a Battlefield, Rock You Like a Hurricane. I won’t lie, I’m just a cheesy girl who loves 80s rock chicks! And I thought Hurricane worked so well for introducing Billy and Max!

Raylene:  Ghostbusters

Melanie:  Thriller-episode one, Ghostbusters-episode 2, Girls on Film-episode 2

Kristi: Dead End Justice-The Runaways and Whip it. That song just entertains me.

Cece:  Well, I love the 80’s. So, I heard ‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo, ‘Ghostbusters’-Ray Parker Jr. is always great and ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’- Scorpions.

Chris- Thriller, Time After Time, but most especially Every Breath You Take. After stalking Mike for a year El finally gets to be with him for a night. Perfect context for a continually misunderstood song

Kent:  Obviously I gotta pick the most underrated rock group of the 80’s The Scorpions.  Every Breath You Take was really good for how they used it, and it still amuses me how many people don’t know the meaning behind the song.  Wango Tango by Ted Nugent was fun.  Ghostbusters is a classic that is permanently on most of my playlists.  I am shocked by a couple of you for not saying Shout At The Devil, another Kent playlist staple.  You Don’t Mess Around With Jim is a classic and great use of the song.    It’s my blog, I can list 17 songs if I want.  Leave me alone.  Push it to the Limit, another Kent staple, from Scarface and I wanna say South Park used it before.  No More by Billie Holiday was used well as was You Better Go Now by Billie.  Dead End Justice was a solid pick.  The Four Horsemen by Metallica was awesome.  Love is a Battlefield is another favorite.  Finally, Should I Stay pumped me up beyond belief.  Annnd done.  I’m not going to comment on your choices because everybody has their music taste, and I am glad we all found something to enjoy.


  1.  We had a lot of new characters this season.  Who was your favorite addition to the show?

Jim:  Everyone loves Bob and Max, but my favorite was Dr Owens.  He wasn’t quite a villain, nor was he a real teammate.  He wasn’t all good, but he was never the all bad of Dr. Brenner.  Though he wanted to advance the energy plant, and understanding, he did it without forgetting the children involved.  I can’t wait to see more of him! (Huh, well you dug deep with that response, and you’re not wrong.  Dr. Owens was a very odd character for this show which is usually good vs evil, and he was a tweener.)

Briana:  Well I’ve already named a couple new characters earlier so I’ll go with Bob on this one! He had me so confused at first. I was so sure he was planted by the lab and was up to something shady. But once I realized he’s just a little clueless, I loved him! Plus Sean Astin! I mean he’s great!  (The thought never crossed my mind that Bob was a plant, and now I am ashamed that I didn’t come up with it.  That’s really good.  Like, if that were the case, think of how different things would be.  Would we have seen something more sinister in Bob’s advice to Will about confronting the monster?  I love thought provoking responses!)

Raylene:  Erica, I loved that sassy girl (Mmmmhmm, as you giggled every time she was on, I had safely assumed this.)

Melanie:  Repeat- Bob! He was awesome to Joyce.  (So this is something I got thinking about.  We never saw Lonnie, I think that was his name, Will’s dad.  I know that he didn’t necessarily have to be on screen, but I think it would have made for a cool scene for Bob to stand up to Lonnie and Will sees it and that adds credence to Bob’s advice.  It would be something small, but a nice touch.)

Kristi:  Have to go with Doc Owens. He was the only one that really seemed to give a crap.  (Yeah, and as Jim pointed out, he kinda had a totally different vibe than any of the other characters.  You can say that most of these characters are kinda cookie cutter, but Doc was something very different.  I am really looking forward to his role next year.)

Cece:  Bob! And I love Lucas’ little sister!  (Soooo, you’re not picking Billy?  I see how it is.  Honestly, I thought you might go with Dustin’s mom.  Bob is the closest thing to an adorable man though, so I can see that.)

Chris: I liked them all, but for me the new big bad was awesome. The ‘Mind Flayer’ moved us past random chance and accidents into active malicious territory and commands whole armies of creatures on par with the big bad from season 1. It’s look was badass and alien in a Lovecraftian way and it’s presence in the very final scene of season 2 makes me look forward to season 3 even more.  (Everybody is having a good time and is happy, and then Chris has to go all dark on our asses.  Really great choice and explanation.  Yeah, this is something important that I haven’t heard or seen many people talk about.  This was proof that the events of last season weren’t a fluke.  It upped the ante in the proper way and quite frankly, it’s scary as hell in how it can control things.  Not enough focus or praise on this character and how it was played out.)

Kent:  I get why a lot of people chose Bob, we all like some lovable, humorous guys.  I liked a lot of the new people, but I will go with a guy who only had one episode.  Pruitt Taylor Vince was in the 7th episode, the one with Kali’s gang.  He was the chubby bald guy who played Otis in The Walking Dead.  I like this guy in everything I see him in.  Is it because we are both shapely and bald?  Maybe, but I think he’s a great character actor, and wanted to give him a shout out.  He’s also great in The Devil’s Candy and 13 Sins.  Please give Erica more lines next season.  Also, I loved Dustin’s mom, she was in Orange is the New Black in case you couldn’t place her.


  1.  Did anybody else get “infected” by this virus, or is it only Will?

Jim:  I’m not sure 11/Jane (not used to the name) isn’t….  those dust tendrils got awfully close.  And can you imagine the world of hurt they would be in if 11 got turned?  Or Dustin + Hopper during their time in the tunnels…. and especially Dustin cause he kept touching Dart #justicefordart  (Despite your use of a hashtage, you appear to be the only other person aside from Raylene and I who picked up on this.  I think they can go with either character and it’s an easy story.  And yes, I do wish for justice for dart, but I am not 100% convinced that he’s dead.  Still, you get a gold star.  Also, your 11 theory intrigues me.)

Briana:  I didn’t pick up on any clues that anyone else was having trouble but maybe I missed something. (Possibly you’re missing something or else I am gonna be looking a dumb ass next year.  Let’s face it, that part seems inevitable in some capacity. )

Raylene:  Hopper (What, you didn’t like my Dustin theory?  Silver star.)

Melanie:  Will by process of actual elimination. #justiceforbarb  (Why am I responding to hashtags?  God damnit!  Anyway, didn’t Barb get justice?  I mean I appreciate her help in the Ginger revival/revolution that we are seeing in TV and Film.  This is all the justice that Barb gets.)

Kristi:  I think just Will for now.  (You and Cece are echoing each other’s sentiments, almost word for word.  It’s scary.  Normally I don’t come on here and hope for somebody to be wrong, but I do hope that somebody else go infected for the narrative aspect.  And if I am wrong, I am allotting one “I told you so” from you, Bri, and Cece.  Try not to put it hashtag form.)

Cece:  Just Will… for now. (See above)

Chris: Not yet. Maybe one of the other 9 children we haven’t met yet will turn up side downed  (I just want to say that it is incredibly difficult for me to say upside downed, but I like the phrase.  I am also going on record and hypothesizing that at least one of those 9 other children are already dead, which we will learn about next season.  I’m gonna say Brennar got at least one if not deuce.)

Kent:  I think Hopper because of all of his time down there and Dustin because of Dart and also being down in the tunnel, it appeared that he breathed something in.  I think it is a distinct possibility that it’s one of them. I think Hopper would be fascinating.

…… be continued in Part 3

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 1

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to get the opportunity to do this for the second year in a row.  I am a huge fan of this show, as most of you are, but I am probably fatter than you, so that makes me a huger fan.  Fat jokes aside, I will be chopping this up into 4 Parts.  Hey, I gotta get some clicks, right?  At least I’m not doing one blog per question like a lot of other jerk ass sites.  I am sure that they won’t read this, but I really want to thank the Duffer Brothers (Matt & Ross), as well as NetFlix for providing this wonderful show.  I also want to thank my amazing group of writers that help me out with these blogs.  They are the ones that make this blog work, I just kinda sit here and copy and paste a lot of stuff.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

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The 9

  1.  Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first.  Which hairstyle of Eleven’s did you prefer: the buzzcut, the grown out hair, or the “MTV” look that 8 gave her?

Jim:  obvious answer is the blonde wig. (I really dropped the ball in not listing that as an option.  My apologies to everybody.)   The buzz cut is a close second.  Everything else didn’t really feel right, or what we were missing.  Maybe it’s my nostalgia for season one, but those would be my choice.  (Not saying I don’t like this season’s hair)  (It’s definitely nostalgia, but she looked like a bad ass as well and I think that is a big part of her appeal.)

Briana:  I hated the slicked back hair for sure! My favorite would have been her hair at the snow ball. With that being said, she really pulled off the buzz better than most!  (Damnit, back to back people bringing up hairstyles that I forgot.  We’re only on question one and I am coming off pretty foolish.)

Raylene:  I enjoyed the buzz cut the best

Melanie:  Grown out hair! It makes her look her age.

Kristi:  Curly longer hair. The slicked back hair was not good.

Cece:  The buzz cut will forever be my favorite. It’s iconic and plus, her hair otherwise is in that awkward growing out phase, so I didn’t care for it.  (Yeah, the growing out phase is a necessary evil, but hopefully next season it pays off.  I honestly hope that her hair changes every season.)

Chris: Totally the MTV look. The 1950’s shag wig and the buzz make me forget that someday she is going to be both hot and legal.  (Wow, that did not take long for shit to get real.  Fantastic.  Whether people want to look down on it or not, the clock is ticking for some people.)

Kent:  I feel like I’m the hair expert here, so my opinion holds some weight.  I didn’t like the grown out hair at all, really disliked it but it was something that they needed to do.  I liked the slick style slightly more.  I liked the blonde wig even better, and I thank Jim for having brought that up.  Still, I gotta go with the buzz.  While trying not to sexualize it, but some females can pull off that look and she did it incredibly well and I miss it.  It’s still my preference.

So for those counting at home, we have the final tally.

1 for blonde wig

1 for snow ball school dance

1 for MTV look

2 for grown out curls

3 for buzzcut


  1.  Name up to 3 characters that you really liked this particular season and you can tell me why if you like.  (Normally I like to leave comments on a lot of people’s responses, but I felt that this was something where I truly can’t add to the conversation, so I just kept my trap shut.)

Jim:  I will say that I enjoyed more of Will this season.  He is not necessarily a new character, but based on how much he was in last season..  he kinda was.  More focus on Dustin and Lucas was great as well.  There wasn’t a bad character (except Billy) in the Bunch.

Briana:  Dusty of course! He is so adorable and really grew into himself this season. Murray was a very interesting character and made a huge impact on the show for being a smaller character. And Max. For a girl who was given way too many mixed signals from every person in the show, she held herself very well. And I think she and El could be good friends now that she knows she doesn’t have to be jealous.

Raylene:  Erica, Dustin, Ted, the detective that Barb’s parents hire

Melanie:  Steve,  I loved the way he wasn’t douche this season. Bob,  Joyce deserved some happiness and he was super helpful. He never questioned any of it. Eleven, she kicked ass and took names.

Kristi:  Hopper, Steve, and El. Eleven is really getting to understand her powers, which is bringing a whole new badass side to her. Hopper and Steve were both very helpful and kinda kicked some ass.

Cece:  I actually only had 2 that really stood out. However, everyone was wonderful. I will choose my third as someone who really made things so much more awesome. First off, Daddy Hopper was great. It was awesome to see him really grow in the role of being a father to Eleven. Plus, he’s amazing anyway. Steve was my other favorite this season. His growth has gone a long way as well. Plus, his advice to Dustin was great. And then there’s Bob. Poor Bob. I loved him so much. It was great to add one of my favorite 80’s actors to this show. He was such a hero.

Chris: Will. From being sidelined through most of the first season he carries this whole one. And while we got to see how good the child actors were in season 1, it’s easy to see that he possibly eclipses the rest of them, with maybe the exception of 11’s.  Steve. The teenagers arc in season 1 was one of the most surprising in that Steve would have totally been a douche in the ‘80’s, and they completely subverted that trope to make him a real character. While I like that Jonathon and Nancy got together, again it would have been easy and tropey to write Steve out of the picture, but in the end he became more of a mentor and protector and more of an integral part of the show for it. And Dr. Owens. Again he could have lived up to Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brennar’s evil scientist (or even his own turn as Burke from Aliens). But he ended up being his own character entirely. It would have been easy to have him die at the end to but they didn’t go that route either. And now that the lab has been dismantled he might be one of the only people able to help them when the Mind Flayer returns in season 3.

Kent:  If I’m going 3, I gotta be real and say that I hate that I have to leave Dustin and his season finale hair off of this list.  OK, in reverse order. 3.  Billy almost gets the nod for his seduction technique on Mike’s mom, but Ted is still amazing and gets my #3.  2. Hopper was really great again.  They do such a good job in crafting his character and it’s relatable so I think he’s probably on most people’s “top” lists.  1. Steve fucking owned this season.  I am so glad that they got him the hell away from Nancy because everything she touches turns to garbage juice.  Sorry Jonathan.


  1.  Which character(s) did you least like this season?

Jim:  Billy…. even after the story briefly focused on him, he seemed a useless appendage to the show that could stand on its own.  He was a walking stereotype, a token troublemaker and made me further hate fast cars driven by high schoolers.  (I did openly complain numerous times about his obnoxious driving.)

Briana:  Of course Billy is the obvious answer but I’m gonna say his dad. He’s the one who created the monster so that makes him worse in my mind.  (Thank you for going with the dad.  You get a gold star.)

Raylene:  Nancy  (No surprise here as I watched it with you.)

Melanie:  Billy because he was a dick. But then you found out why he was a dick. (So shouldn’t you hate the dick maker….dick creator….hmmm, you know what I mean.)

Kristi:  Billy. Screw that dude! (Nope, he just wants to screw Mike’s mom.  Speaking of that, I actually hope that turns into a storyline because there could be fun mom jokes that boys are guilty of.)

Cece:  So, Can I be real for a minute? Dustin started out as my absolute favorite in season 1. However, his hiding Dart and being super irresponsible pissed me off. But, also Billy. Because he’s just a piece of shit. (You only get a silver star.  You were soooo close.  Dustin deserves to get some negative feedback for his actions.  Still, a silver is pretty solid.)

Chris: While everybody is going off on Billy, I loved his scene with Mike and Nancy’s mom. Also it should be easy to feel some pity for him after meeting his dad. So Billy’s asshole dad and Kali’s posse tie for me. (You also get a gold star because you really mentioned 2 out of the 3 worst characters.  Congratulations.)

Kent:  Wow, like you give Kali this pass and rain down hate on Billy.  What the hell people?  Billy is the way he is due to his dad, so I would think he would actually get sympathy.  Meanwhile Nancy has been the consistently worst character in both seasons.  Her stories suck!    I hope her role is significantly reduced.  Kali was my clear cut #2, but due to lack of screen time, Nancy wasted more of my time than Kali.  

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American Horror Story S:6 Ep:5 9 Deuce Discussion

Well, the first half of the season is wrapped up nicely…..kinda.  We will spend some time looking back while also looking towards the other half of the season. We had a preview to the second half, and let’s face it, it was terrible. I would have preferred nothing than that. This week, well this week I am joined by an eclectic selection of people. Allow me to re-introduce you to Steff, Tom, and Kelly.  Welcome back. We also have 2 new contributors. One is a lady I have known for approximately a decade by virtue of my gal pal Bitty, and come to find out is also an AHS fan, Melanie. Finally, I got this email from a person who wants to go by the name Anne Nonymous, so I think it is safe to say that her first name may or may not be Anne.  This person appears to be very aggressive towards me, which I find endearing, but I will try to tone down some of the F Bombs and turn them into fun words through the power of editing. I want to thank ALL of you for contributing to the biggest AHS 9 Deuce yet. Let’s do this.


The 9

  1. For the first half of the season, who has been your favorite character?

Steff:  I know he only appeared for one episode, but I’d have to say it was Edward Mott, due to the fact that I love when Evan Peters does that accent (like in last season), and the character was just completely obscure and ridiculous.

Melanie: Scathach was my favorite this season, but only because Lady Gaga is my spirit animal. (Kent: This is the first that I have heard this name, but upon reading up on it, I can absolutely see it.)

Tom:  I gotta say Pig Head.

Kelly: This is tough for me since I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed this season so far (like most of the even numbered seasons). I would have to say Dr. Cunningham and only because I love Denis O’Hare.

Anne:  The lovely Butcher, Thomasin

Kent:  The obvious answer is Cunningham for me, but I’ll also say Pig Head. Every time I see Pig Head, he instantly grabs my attention.


  1. For the first half of the season, who has been your least favorite character? It should be somebody of substance, not like Cop #4.

Steff:  Lee would probably be my answer here. I know that putting her in there helps to add some features to the story, but I almost feel like she could’ve been done without.

Melanie:  Cricket-Leslie Jordan creeps an me out anyway, but the haircut tops the cake!

Tom:  Documentary version of Lee because…her face.

Kelly: I’ll go with Shelby. (Kent: You chose wisely.)

Anne:  Flora, she’s incredibly annoying.

Kent:  Uh oh, I am fearing that this may turn into a Lee bash here, so I will say Shelby. She really offered very little in smarts or abilities, just always the victim. At least Lee took some action by kidnapping Flora, and, in my mind, killing Mason. I still believe that we will find out the truth of Mason’s death by the end of the season.


  1. How do you feel about the small preview for next week? As in, did you like what little bit that you were given?

Steff:  They could’ve just flipped us off, for Pete’s sake. Seriously.

Melanie:  First I thought, yay Cheyenne Jackson, but then I thought…What in the what?

Tom:  No, it felt like a preview for a boring other show that I don’t want to see.

Kelly: I must be missing something, maybe it’s the pregnancy brain, but I don’t get it. I think there’s a chance they’ll do an even more modern documentary on the house Blair Witch style. Maybe that’s what we were getting teased with.

Anne:  Heck no!

Kent: It was good, like straight to video NetFlix good. HA! I am not Kentertained!


  1. I think it is safe to say that we will see repeat characters for this second half. What character do you want to learn more about for the last 5 episodes?

Steff:  I’m kind of curious about the Polk family – like how did they end up there, and what kind of inbred shit they have going on, because uhhhhh, who’s the mother of those boys??? (Kent: I hadn’t considered that question. We have yet to see female Polks. Not to say that they don’t exist, but as of now, we only know of Mama. Yikes.”

Melanie:  None of the characters are coming to mind as ones that I have to learn more about. I suppose I am just interested to see how the “documentary” plays itself out.

Tom:  I gotta know more about Gaga.

Kelly: Side note based on your wording, is this season only 10 episodes long? Because most, if not all, seasons have had 12 episodes. And I want to learn more about the ghosts of the house, all of them. (Kent: Based on what IMDB has listed, we are only getting 10 episodes, which I thought was odd as it’s usually 12-13 depending on the season. Murphy also did the People vs. OJ, so we may be getting short changed here.)

Anne:  That charming powder haired Ed(ward Mott)

Kent:  I would love backstory on Cricket, but I feel that is unlikely, so I will say Pig Head. Why was he trying to leave?


  1. Aside from Cheyenne Jackson, care to speculate on some other actors or actresses that you anticipate seeing in this upcoming half?

Steff:  I’m honestly still holding on to hope that Jessica Lange is going to pop in there.

Melanie:  Jessica Lange is always on the top of my list every season (hint hint Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk). But on a more realistic note I would love to see Matt Bomer or Finn Wittrock.

Tom:  I’d like to see John Carroll Lynch and Danny Huston (Axe Man).

Kelly: Evan, maybe a second character of Sarah since they’ve been doing that lately (maybe they’ll bring in her psychic role of Billie), Lady Gaga as someone other than the witch.

Anne:  Emma Roberts

Kent: Everybody wants Lange. I want Danny Huston, Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga, and Mare Winningham back. But above all, and this is an odd one, I want to see John Carroll Lynch.


  1. Will we see Lily Rabe of Andre Holland, the real life Shelby and Matt, moving forward this season?

Steff:  For some reason, I don’t think so.

Melanie:  As they are the “actual” subjects of the documentary, it makes sense. But, I don’t think we have seen the end of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson either.

Tom:  Yes, I bet that we revisit them and find out that they are dead.

Kelly: This is a toughy because she’s a great addition to the series, but Lee and Matt’s real actors are small names unlike Cuba and Angela. I’m not sure we will see Lily.

Anne:  Heck No

Kent:  I say yes. If my theory is accurate, and rest assured, it isn’t, I think the students contact Matt and Shelby, or they were the ones filming them to begin with. Andre Holland is too good of an actor to not appear again. Watch the Knick everybody!!!! It’s only 2 seasons and it’s brilliant.


  1. I feel like I keep asking something along these lines, but will we see Dr. Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) again this season? He keeps on popping up.

Steff:  I don’t think he’ll be “popping up” anywhere after what Mama did to him!! Haha! But seriously, unless they have a flashback for some reason, or they’re watching one of the videos from the basement he made, I don’t think so.

Melanie: I think we will see footage of him from the documentary crew and he will drop some sort of bomb, but otherwise no.

Tom:  I shall say yes because it was too brief of a stint for Denis.

Kelly: Yes we will.

Anne:  Negative (Kent: I didn’t even have to edit this answer!! Progress is being made.)

Kent: Yes, via flashback/footage. The students making this documentary will have studied some stuff from Cunningham. He is too talented to not be seen again this season.


  1. Did Ambrose accomplish anything long term by pulling his mom, Thomasin, into the fire, aside from saving Flora?

Steff:  With the blood moon allowing them to be more “alive” in terms of harming/killing people, are they alive enough to die again?? I’m thinking the Ambrose might have known that it was possible to take her down for good since he attempted it.

Melanie:  I think that she will come back on the next blood moon as she died when she was “alive”, thus becoming the blood sacrifice. (Kent: Damnit, I like your answer better than mine.)

Tom:  No, I think the Butcher is alive and well……dead and well. (Kent: ……..and well)

Kelly: He pissed her off, that’s for sure. She got out of the damn fire. I’m not sure she’ll truly be dead.

Anne:  No because she jumped out of the flaming fire after,

Kent: I’m going to say no. The Witch, Gaga, should be able to undo any harm by Ambrose, and she seems to like that The Butcher does her bidding.


  1. We now know that the 2 feral boys belonged to Lot Polk (Chaz Bono). Looking at it logically, why were the boys feeding the way that they were, when Mama clearly is a capable chef/cook?

Steff:  Maybe they were just thirsty.

Melanie: First, bravo for putting Chaz Bono on the show! Second, I think they were thirsty as well.
Bonus thought…The Polk family reminded me so much of the Peacock family from the X-Files in the episode Home.

Tom:  Because Mama took too many hormones and could no longer produce milk.

Kelly: I wouldn’t want to eat what that woman serves up. Maybe they were so hungry from not eating humans that they decided to eat the animals. I would guess from the consumption of humans and animals the two boys didn’t have a strong enough immune system and contracted a disease.

Anne:  Because they’re sick in the fucking head from eat human flesh, so they prefer suckling on pigs.

Kent: While obviously the Polk’s don’t care what they eat seemingly, I believe that they have crops. It just seems like country folk raise their kids smart enough to know that you can BUTCHER pigs and do better things with them rather than what those boys were trying to accomplish.  With that being said, I feel that we are missing vital information about their upbringing.  Ya know, like, who is their birth mom?


Bonus Deuce

  1. Will Evan Peters continue as Ed Mott, or will he have a whole new character as well this season?

Steff:  I really hope he pops back up as Mott again. Lol

Melanie:  I definitely see him keeping the Mott character for the accent.

Tom:  I think that he will still remain as just Edward Mott.

Kelly: I’m undecided. They clearly loved his historical role from Hotel (I did, too) so they gave him another role with an accent. He does great with historical roles. Maybe he’ll be a ghost that shows up. They’ve come a long way from his horrible character Kyle in Coven.

Anne:  Just as Edward Mott

Kent: I would absolutely prefer that he continues as Mott. This almost feels like a similar role as March, from last season, which was arguably his best, or at least, second best role that he has had. He looks like he’s reinvigorated and having fun. Seasons 3 & 4, I didn’t get that vibe. While he may be gay, still only one episode with Man Ass this season. FX, you are letting the viewers down.


  1. Carelessly speculate as to what is in store for the second half of this season. If you don’t want to do that, tell me your favorite season all time of AHS, as that is simpler.

Steff:  Well, it’s easiest to answer that Season 1 was by far my favorite. It intrigued me, without all the gore. And Kent, you & I sort of touched on this after the show, but I’m anticipating that this half is going to be more of a present day setting, with some people – ghost hunters or what have you – that are going to want to visit the house to see if they find any activity… dare to spend the night and what-not. Obviously we have to wait another week to find out ANYTHING. ugh.

Melanie: I think it will show us how the crew of the documentary were affected by their time at the house and on the grounds. Also, this particular documentary/news crew spends its time researching weird events that have happened, including Harmon Residence, Briarcliff Asylum, LaLaurie Mansion, Mott Manor, Hotel Cortez, and Roanoke. My favorite season would have to be Coven as I identified the most with the characters.

Tom:  I think that we will be dealing with a ghost hunting team, after seeing the show, or at least having heard of it, and they will all meet their demise trying to find the ghosts. We will see the old gang back, as far as the Butcher’s crew.

Kelly: My favorite of all time is Murder House, it’s classic. It has the right amount of gore and sex with a great storyline to reel us in. Coming up second is Coven tied with Hotel. (I like the odd numbered seasons). Coven had the best romance so far, Fiona and Axe Man, as well as a badass duo when Jessica and Angela kill off the boardroom. Hotel had some of the best performances I’ve seen out if the cast. Unforgettable.

Anne:  It appears that Cheyenne may get anally ravaged, possibly by Edward. I suspect that a group will crash/stay in the house and then be tormented by the ghosts of the past.

Kent: As I have alluded to, I do believe that students from the same college as Cunningham, will end up filming a documentary. I feel that we are in for some awful first person perspective, shaky cam, found footage garbage. This season has been so good, that it won’t be garbage, but it could still be grating, unfortunately. I believe that this is where Cheyenne and Taissa come into play. Then any of the 3 guys I mentioned earlier: Dylan, Zachary, John, or even Danny Huston could be the teacher. I do believe that they will review stuff of Cunningham’s, and they may delve deeper into Cricket’s past, as well as Mott’s. We have yet to see Lange, and it would be awesome to find out that Lange and Huston bought the house at one point and that be a one episode flashback thing. I think we will find out more about Priscilla’s parents, the history of Pig Head, and who killed Mason, which will be Lee in a trance. I will also speculate that The Butcher returns, probably via Gaga. I also say this, not to be mean, but I truly hope that some of you are wrong in regards to a Ghost Hunter style because I hate that stuff. At least with this, it would be more realistic than what they do on the real show.

As for favorite season, it’s Murder House. It was the absolutely, most consistent season, and had sex appeal, scares, lots of creepy shit, probably the best cast. I liked Coven, but that season had some shit episodes, and if you watched it week to week as opposed to binge watching it, some weeks were annoying. So for you binge watchers thinking I’m wrong, you’re wrong. Also, loved Coven for Axe Man and Fiona. One of the few romances in ANYTHING EVER that I supported, real or fictional.


With that being said, I want to give a huge thank you to all of my contributors this week. This is probably the best one that we have done, and I loved to get some perspectives that I hadn’t considered before while still being a stubborn asshole.

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American Horror Story S:6 Ep:4 9 Deuce Discussion

AHS 9 Deuce Discussion S:6 Ep:4

Welcome everybody to this week’s American Horror Story 9 Deuce discussion. This week, I am joined by Kelly, who may or may not be in the midst of a hellacious storm by the time that you read this.  I am currently not joined by Stef (camping) nor Tom (hasn’t seen the episode as of yet), so Kelly and I will do this thing and own it admirably. As always, the format is simple. I ask 9 questions about the episode, and 2 bonus questions about anything AHS related. Some weeks are simply easier to come up with questions than others.

1. What exactly do you make of Pig Head now?

Kelly: What threw me off was that he was in the field with Priscilla and Flora which seemed peaceful, they were all frolicking and playing. I think the “real” Pig Head (not the ones in the home chasing Shelby and Matt) may be gentle.

Kent: I think that there are multiple Pig Heads now. I think some may be more vengeful than others. Some accepted being a sacrifice to Gaga perhaps. But yes, more than one.

2. Did anything in this episode hint towards the origins of last week’s 2 feral boys?

Kelly: I didn’t think about that until you asked, but yes. I think they could be part of the poisoned group who didn’t die or could be victims of the Butcher in some way. However, they appear human since the police were able to take them off the land.

Kent: I’m usually one to find little bits and pieces and make up elaborate stories, but I got nothing. I don’t necessarily see a connection, from my vantage point. While I like Kelly’s idea, I guess I hadn’t considered it, and so I am sitting here like a confused panda at the moment.

3. Do you think we will see anything with the Mott family, or just the name drop?

Kelly: I couldn’t tell you this early. I’d assume yes.

Kent: Absolutely. You don’t just name drop them and not show a flashback. I think we get a flashback next week as a matter of fact.

4. Will we actually get a legit proper name for Gaga’s character by the end of the story?

Kelly: I think so, something related to a witch or spirit perhaps, kind of like how they just refer to Kathy as “the Butcher.”

Kent: I think the flashback was our best chance to get a proper name. I think she is simply just “The Witch” or Gaga.

5. Is Evan Peters going to be part of this story?

Kelly: Lord I hope so, but I’m hoping for his arrival in the latter part if the series where it is rumored to return to the “regular” AHS style we know and love.

Kent: I could see him being involved in the Mott flashback that I am completely speculating upon for this coming week. I also just saw Evan in a film called The Lazarus Effect on NetFlix. It’s a stacked film with quality actors and worth checking out. I even blogged about it. Hint hint.

6. We’ve now seen Priscilla. Was she part of the original group that got poisoned?

Kelly: I think with her garb she could be part of that group.

Kent: No. I have to say that in my gut, there is a great story about Priscilla, because The Butcher referred to her dad as a bastard, and all of these little things that she says should hold some weight at some point. Priscilla’s story will be told in great detail I would imagine. I’d go so far as to suggest that her origin story may be a whole episode(s) to itself, and that may be when we finally get Evan. Priscilla could also be a Mott.

7. Is Dr. Cunningham officially dead?

Kelly: I think so, but I think he’ll be a visiting ghost since he died on the property which makes me hopeful he’ll continue to help the family.

Kent: OK, earlier I didn’t want to steal Kelly’s answer, but I really like the idea that as a spirit, he will help the family. That’s way better than my original “Nope, he’s dead and we will never see him again” response.

8. Why did Shelby chase Gaga’s character?

Kelly: I thought it was because Gaga was the woman Matt was… sorry… “screwing” in the last episode. I didn’t get a good look at that woman. If not, then Gaga may have compelled her to follow her possibly not even on purpose.

Kent: Because bitches be jealous? I have no idea.

9. Do you think there is any significance to The Butcher referring to one of the nurses as an “evil whore”? If yes, then tell me why.

Kelly: We don’t know much about the Butcher’s husband but the nurses came AFTER Kathy’s character. Maybe the Butcher’s husband died with them and stayed with the group and as the years went by, messed around with the nurse. Maybe the Butcher had her husband permanently “banished” due to his infidelity which is why we don’t see him.

Kent: As I said earlier, The Butcher is saying a lot of interesting things in her bit of dialogue, and I have to believe that there reasons. So wild theory time. I think The Butcher starts falling for a dude, we’ll say Danny Huston. Like, The Butcher really likes how this guy handles business and she takes a liking to his ways. Then she finds that the nurse seduced him.

Bonus Deuce

1. Assuming that Dr. Cunningham is dead, who’s death was sadder: Cunningham or Cricket?

Kelly: Cricket died horribly, unspeakably. I’m sad to see O’Hare die though because he’s a fantastic actor and a crucial aspect to the series. Due to the method of death though, Cricket takes the cake on true horror.

Kent: Well, I assumed that I would have 3 people saying Cricket so then I wouldn’t be redundant. For me, it’s Cunningham.  Cricket had the shittier, awful, gruesome death, while trying to save Flora. Cunningham has been through some shit though as well. I feel that had both lived, Cunningham would have been more helpful to the family than Cricket would have been, that’s why it is sadder to me.

2. Have you ever heard of Gay For Pay before, and would you accept that form of payment?


Kelly: No and I’m good. I’m female and I’m definitely not interested in performing with another female. Nothing wrong with it, just not my thing.

Kent: I mean, what are we buying? Certainly not for a ride. If we’re talking chicken wings or something, maybe negotiations can begin. I found that whole thing to be hilarious and I had to ask something about that line. I have never, ever heard that line before, and it’s cool that I haven’t, but now it will certainly be a joke that is used.

That wraps up this week. I want to once again thank my co-conspirator for the week, Kelly, for helping out. Seriously, I would love to have more people involved in this. Even if you don’t want to answer every question, more opinions breed more ideas, and that’s a great thing. So if you are interested, contact me.

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