The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:10 “The Lost and the Plunderers”

Hi everybody, this is Kent, and I’m back for this week’s TWD blog.  Bitty, Kristi, and Chris lend their thoughts and opinion on this week’s episode.  We are still missing some people, but hopefully we will be at full strength soon.  Bob, you and your family are in our thoughts.  This week was a really good episode and we had a lot of varying thoughts, so this is an interesting read this week.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  Please enjoy.


The 9


  1.  In Michonne’s segment, she seemed far more concerned with that flaming structure in memory of Carl.  Shouldn’t she have tried finding a way to preserve the wood panels that have Carl and Judith’s handprints, from a sentimental standpoint?

Bitty:  maybe so yes. However, it made for a way more dramatic moment. I didn’t understand trying to save that structure, we never really saw Carl on the roof there much. (Right, it’s not like he had great moments there or any one big moment.  So they seemingly tried to make something significant without any validation.  Typical female……)

Kristi:  Absolutely! That would have been a great idea.  (Thank you, thank you.  I will be here all night….because this is where I sleep.)

Chris:  I would have loved if she cut out the painted hands to give to Judith as a memorial.  Maybe she still has hope that they can return to Alexandria? (Yes to your first thought.  What you said in the second sentence though is the main question, right?  Like ALexandria got F’d up!!! Yet Rick’s house was fine….go figure. They are taking a dramatic directional change from the comic, and in a way, I am curious what they do with Alexandria moving forward.  They will probably show a montage of them rebuilding set to some awful hippie jam band playing music. If they play Easy Street though and we see Daryl rename a street Easy Street, I am so sold.)

Kent:  Yeah, obviously I am going to agree with my question.


  1.  Do you think that Negan fears for Gavin’s safety at this point?

Bitty: I don’t think Fear is the right word. Isn’t suspicious of something, I think so. (Yeah, fear wasn’t the right word.  I get it. I failed.)

Kristi:  I don’t think Negan fears much of anything. I’m sure he knows something is up but I don’t think it’s a huge concern for him.  (I  think Negan fears loneliness above everything else.  Having read the comic and seen how they portray him on the show, I don’t think anything would bother him more than social seclusion…..hint hint hint.)

Chris:  Ok don’t think he fears for him.  At this point, he knows something went sour, but he didn’t seem overly worried.  (I don’t think Negan values Gavin as much as he does most of his other lieutenants or whatever they are called.)

Kent:  Goddamnit people!  I didn’t think everybody here would take the word fear that literally, but you did and now I look like a moron.  Thank you, everybody!! Should I have put “Negan is concerned for Gavin’s well being”? Yeah. Missed opportunity here, just moving along.  No gold stars!!!!


  1.  Is it really important to have Oceanside join the war?

Bitty:  Hee Hee. Yup!! They have guns, warrior women, amo and are healthy!!  (Didn’t Rick take most of the weapons and ammo?  They aren’t Lucy Lawless. Screw a serious response.  Like 2-3 years ago, I came across this Skinemax film called Sexy Warriors, and it was fucking hilarious.  I never can find it for a reasonable price, but I will someday own it.)

Sexy Warriors

Kristi:  I don’t think so. Extra people would be good but I think Rick will figure it out either way. (I’m still not sure why they should even help Rick’s group.  They have done a lot of damage to the Oceansiders. They just want to be left alone, not sure why they should risk their lives for 2 groups of assholes, from their perspective.)

Chris:  ugghh no.  They are boring.  I’m not sure what their purpose is, but they have no guns.  How are they going to help take down the Saviors when better groups have struggled?  (Okay, I know this is lewd, but man to man hear, sex still sells in the apocalypse, and I feel that would be their best weapon.  Distractions are incredibly valuable. That is their only real use, well that and fish. The extra protein could truly be a game changer in the war.  If one side is malnourished with a lack of protein, we know that can be a huge hindrance in the real world. Look at professional fighters who cut weight in stupid ways.  They get beat usually. That’s why Macho Man was tough to beat. He snapped into Slim Jims prior to his matches and he had amazing breathe during his matches.)

Kent:  No, I declare them obsolete.


  1.  Did you think that Simon went too far in how he executed most of the Scavengers or was it the right call given their betrayal to the Saviors?

Bitty:  I was really surprised Simon went that far. I’m not sure it was what he should’ve done. They did play both sides but he should’ve known they will play for whoever gives them the better deal. He broke almost like Morgan broke when he killed the savior.  (It’s tough to say when somebody goes too far.  If you get betrayed in our current world, it may sting or hurt, but probably won’t be life-threatening.  In this world, betrayal can get you got. So the ramifications are totally different, so I don’t know what is “too far” in all honesty.)

Kristi:  Yes, I think taking out a few of them was necessary but taking out all of them was a bit extreme. They were, after all, just following their leader.  (See, and that is the difference between Negan and Simon.  Negan would have gotten wood, Lucille that is, seeing how loyal these people were to their leader.  Simon simply wanted to flex his nuts.)

Chris:  No. They turn on every alliance.  They would have turned on the Saviors again.  Besides, he went there with the full intention of killing them all.  He kept egging Jadis on hoping she would do something stupid. (I loved how Steven Ogg and Pollyanna played that scene.  It was really well done. You’re right, he wanted to push her so he felt validated.  In the end, he said screw validation, and he became a millennial for a moment, seeking his instant gratification rather than consider the long term.  Plus he was just pissed at how Negan talked to him.)

Kent:  I think that Simon was right in what he did.  I know that sounds harsh. The Scavengers are whoooores.  Hear me out. They chase the money. Well, you get used enough with no loyalty from that skank, and eventually, ou order your posse to kill a bitch.  I bet Tarantino would agree with Simon.


  1.  What will be Simon’s punishment from Negan for disobeying orders?

Bitty:  Simon will not get in trouble. I don’t think there will be another visit to the garbage heap. (Once again, I wish I would have worded this question differently.  Instead of punishment, I wish I would have asked what consequences Simon will face.  Oh well. There’s really no sense to go back to the garbage heap……oh wait…solar panels and helipad.  Come on Bitty!!)

Kristi:  Lucille. She needs some action.  (Maybe this makes me a sick fuck, but I want Lucille to quench her thirst.  I know she’s thirsty. I would accept Simon dying to her. I guarantee that Steven Ogg would be super excited about it.)

Chris:  There might not be any.  Negan might not realize what actually happened until too late.  (Yeah, without any knowledge of timelines, it’s tough to really guess.  We assume that the war ends in 6 episodes. That is not much time for Negan to be worrying about this stuff.)

Kent:  I think it may get overlooked and the repercussions won’t be felt from Negan, but somebody else obviously.  Negan has to worry about the betrayals in his ranks that are more important. Gavin is dead. Simon and Dwight have betrayed him, his wives wanted him dead, and there’s a Mullet Revolution still brewing I believe.


  1.  Wild prediction time.  Who do you think will kill Simon?

Bitty:  A walker. I think Negan will toss him out of the inner circle soon. Negan is not stupid and he can sense that Simon is beginning to disagree with him. Simon will try to leave on his own and get bit or attacked. (I think it was just last year that I was bitching that we needed the walkers to get more kills.  Then Carl happened. A second big name would help us believe in the threat again util Rick and Michonne fight off 173 of them in 3 minutes.)

Kristi:  Either Lucille or Negan will allow Jadis to do it.  (That latter option would be very interesting.  If Simon is away on a mission and Jadis pays Negan a visit.  That could be very delicous.)

Chris:  I have 2 choices.  Either Maggie or Jadis.  (I hope it’s not Maggie, but you are right.  The show is hell bent on trying to make her seem powerful and dangerous.  I don’t like that you are right/)

Kent:  Janis Got a Gun?  I feel Bob would have possibly answered in this way.  Miss ya buddy.


  1.  Do you feel bad for Janis?  Also, how cool was that grinder scene?

Bitty:  As you may not know I hate horror films and gore. (Say what???)  However, there is something about walkers that I can tolerate… BUT THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY NAUSEATING. Do I feel bad for Jadis? Somewhat yes. She lost everyone she was with and now is solo so in that respect I feel bad. It was really interesting to hear her speak in complete sentences. Turns out she was playing a part like Ezekiel. (Yeah, how interesting was it to hear her talk like a normal person?  That was fascinating TV to me.)

Kristi:  I did feel bad for her. Losing everyone you care about must have seriously sucked. It was nice to hear her story and hear her speak like a normal person. It actually made me like her a little.  The grinder scene was pretty badass. Very smart of her to do that. It was almost kind of her to get it done so her friends didn’t have to be Walkers for long. (I found peace in the grinder scene, unlike Aaron just letting Eric be a walker.)

Chris:  I kind of feel bad, but she was setting herself up for this with all the double-crosses.  The grinder scene was awesome. You could feel Jadis’s pain. Looked like zombie chili….. (I believe they kept referring to it as chili on Talking Dead.  She had to finally pay the piper. I am curious if she joins another group now.)

Kent:  This is exactly why I was so thrilled to see Pollyanna on this show.  I am very familiar with her work on screen and she is so talented. It was great to see her finally get to act a bit and she nailed it.  Of course, I don’t feel bad for her. Even in the non ZA, if you keep screwing over large groups in a large capacity the way the Scavengers did, then at some point, bad shit is coming your way.


  1.  Is Rick making a mistake in not heeding Carl’s plea for peace?  At this point, who wants peace more: Rick or Negan?

Bitty:  Ugghhh that scene between between Rick and Negan was heartbreaking. It really made me question who is right. Rick, Negan or Carl. Carl wanted a peaceful future and rick just wants a future no matter how he gets there.  (This episode truly had some of the best acting from this whole show’s history.  Between this and how the Jadis and Simon thing, damn. It’s basically, Carl wants the idealistic scenario, while Rick and Negan want the achievable one.)

Kristi:  This is a hard one.I think Rick wants to have peace but Negan did kill Ricks people. That can’t be forgiven. Negans peace is controlling people and hurting those who don’t follow his orders. That’s pretty crappy and not at peaceful. Rick at least let’s his people live without too much disturbance. (Well, how many of Negan’s people did Rick kill before any of his group got killed? A LOT!  Rick’s group shows up, takes over Alexandria from the previous regime quintessentially, and then doesn’t like their current situation, so they make a deal for a better life at the expense of Savior’s lives.  It’s far more complicated because we didn’t have 5 seasons dedicated to the lives of those that Rick killed first. I like things in black and white, but man, there is a sea of grey here, at least 50 shades of it.)  

Chris:  I think it’s too early to tell.  More people are going to die, but even if he quit Negan would punish them and kill people. I think they both want peace.  Negan just wants a peace ruled by fear, while Rick doesn’t. (Rick does not really like it when people disagree.  He gets in fights with them like Shane, Daryl, and Pete.  Then to go back to how the whole thing went with how he handled Tyrese’s groups.  The whole thing, it’s tough. I will ask this. If another group came by that worked similarly to the Savior’s, would Negan declare war against them, or would they combine resources?  Most assume war. Maybe ALL OUT war.)

Kent:  Negan wants peace more, Rick wants stability more, from my perspective.  The Saviors save people.


  1.  Rank the 6 segments from best to worst.  The segments include Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Janis, and Rick.  

Bitty:  Rick, Negan, Enid, Simon Jadis, Michonne.

Kristi:  Jadis, Simon, Rick, Negan, Enid, Michonne- although the walkers face being ripped off was pretty great.  (YES!  Now that is some gold star worthy shit right there.)

Chris:  Jadis, Enid, Simon, Rick, Negan, Michonne.

Kent:  Rick, Simon, Jadis, Negan, Enid, Michonne


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Sooooo there is a helipad and solar panels at the dump.  While I think we can all agree that the helipad is more interesting, which of these 2 items will prove more useful moving forward?

Bitty:  I must’ve missed that totally. helipad. (You know that look of disappointment that I have been known to give with a dash of disbelief?  Good, now you know what I look like.)

Kristi:  The helipad. I feel it will be more useful. Not sure for what but I’m sure it will play a part of something badass in the future. (Bad ass……I hope so.  It could be the tool that leads the group toward where they are in the comic, but where are now…..but I don’t think we ever see that in the show if I am betting my hairline on it.

Chris:  Alexandria already had solar panels, so I’ll go with a helipad.  After all, walkers cannot fly. (Wouldn’t it be safe to assume those panels are damaged?  I would think so.)

Kent:  I have to go solar panels here.  I actually thought I was going to have to come up with some wacky reason to say helipad, but nope.  I know that if I am alive in this situation, I have a much better chance of learning how to use the solar panel than the helicopter, which we don’t even know where that may be.Plus the fuel that the chopper is going to need.  Solar Panel 50% of the time, every time.


  1.  In the real world, not TWD, what would Aaron realistically hope to accomplish given everything that has happened to the Oceansiders?

Kristi:  He just needs some friends. (He could possibly enjoy gossip too!  A place with all women, that is a gossip center.)

Chris:  It would be an accomplishment to not die. 😄  (Fact.)

Kent:  I’ll toss this out there.  What about trying to repopulate the world a bit?  I don’t that goes against his orientation, but it’s a thought if he could pull off that magic trick.


Final thoughts:

Bitty:  I hate to say I want to see more emotion like that from Negan. Raw real emotion, not cocky bs.

Kristi:  I really enjoyed this episode. I have had zero interest in Jadis the whole time. She was just a filler character for me since she arrives. I feel for her now and really want to see what happens to her. I’m also super excited to see Negan’s reaction when he finds out what happened. Great episode altogether.

Chris:  Great episode in my opinion.  I want to see what happens with Jadis.  I am finally interested in her character.

Kent:  We weren’t alone in thinking this episode was great.  Prior to this episode, the 2 high points for the season was the previous week’s 7.0, and the episode where Gabriel got Negan to talk some before they battled the horde got a 7.4.  This episode got an 8.1. It deserves it. I talk to a lot of people about the show, and just this week I talked with Bitty and Kristi at least, Chris and I do not gossip much. The big thing is that this episode finally allowed even the biggest Negan hating people (I will not say haters….damnit, now I did) to at least question things.  Is Negan really 100% pure evil, or is he simply a villain to the main audience because of the lineup. And go back and consider the lineup. He couldn’t take Rick or Carl out, so he took out the guy that seemed to be the biggest trouble maker, which was Abe. As much as I loved Abe, Negan wasn’t wrong. Abe would have been a HUGE pain in Negan’s ass, and may have killed him.  Everything after that wasn’t 100% on Negan. Daryl caused Glenn’s death. Had Negan not swung the bat a second time, would the group have truly feared him or taken him as seriously? No, it would be the Terminis situation all over again. Not a big scary threat. Negan needed to look all powerful in that moment after having lost 30-40 people to Rick’s reckless antics.The Saviors do save people.  A lot of the current Saviors would have been zombie food by now without Negan and the Saviors. We forget about that because it doesn’t jive with out narrative. It’s easier to simply look at Negan and think evil man. How many people has Rick truly saved? Maybe 5% of the people that Negan has. Rick has been a bad ass too. What makes this story so damn good, when they do it right, is that there isn’t a good or bad, it’s just what we have been brainwashed to consider our good group.  Let’s not forget Morales and how he was saved, until he got killed by Rick’s group. And I want you to consider, which group do you think has killed more people, The Saviors or Rick’s Group? In some capacity or another, Rick’s group is responsible for all of Woodbury to be dead. That was a good, thriving community. Terminus was thriving, if not awful people. How much of Alexandria’s citizens are still alive since Aaron brought Rick through those gates? Yes, Negan is the antagonist to this story, but is he really the greater evil?  I feel that Brian would have appreciated this rambling.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:9 “Honor”

Well, it finally happened.  Carl is dead.  Gavin is dead.  Henry is a killer.  Much like the show, we have lost some people, but we continue on.  Happy belated birthdays to both Brian and Bob.  If you are interested in joining the group, leave Kent a message/comment, or email me at

With that being said, as always, all comments in BOLD are written by me.  Some are serious, most are silly.  Please enjoy and share this with friends.  Go ahead, I dare you.


The 9


  1.  Let’s start off with sheer speculation.  We have officially lost one of the original 5, and are down to the original 4 with Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Morgan.  Assuming another one of these 4 dies before the show concludes, who do you have dying next?

Bob:  Daryl. I don’t have an explanation…. (If the ratings continue to plummet, Daryl’s death could put the nail in the coffin of contract renewal negotiations.  I think this show can go 12 seasons, but the more I talk to people, the more I start to wonder if the whispers are true.)

Bitty:  Carol (Booooo Bitty, boooo.  She probably is.  This show clearly doesn’t like people with a C A R or L in their name.  Think about that!)

Kristi:  Assuming one of the 4 leaves, I would have to go with Darryl. I don’t think the show could go on without Rick and Michonne. Of course, I kinda felt that way with Carl too so I’m probably wrong.  (Michonne would be a huge loss.  He comic counterpart (Andrea) got killed in the fall.  I don’t think that will happen on the show though.  Too important of a demographic.)

Chris: Morgan.  Rick isn’t going to die, and I can’t see Michonne or Daryl dying anytime soon.  Morgan is, to me, one of the most interesting characters on the show, but he’ll be the next of the originals to go.  (Finally, somebody agrees with me.  Morgan will be involved with Fear The Walking Dead this season and as great as Lennie James is, I could see him landing some great film roles as lead.  Plus Snatch was a fantastic film.)

Kent:  I think I could have realistically said anybody from the first 3 seasons, and that would have included Michonne and Maggie, but I don’t think anybody would have picked them anyway.  Morgan is my answer because he’s the only black guy and TWD hasn’t killed any big name black guys off in a while.Rick is the only one that I am absolutely saying no to.


  1.  Gavin also died this episode, and as we know, he is one of Negan’s top assistants.  The show seemed to try to show some duality in death between Gavin and Carl.  Would you have held off on Gavin’s death for a different episode because it was getting overshadowed by Carl’s demise, or was it needed to drive home TWD’s point?

Bob:  I think TWD was trying to maybe balance the pain of Carl’s death that some KBalls out there couldn’t handle.  It didn’t work.  (Owww, my pride.  It didn’t work is right.)

Bitty:  TWD def looked to find a parallel but I would’ve rather had the focus on Carl. He deserved it.  (Agreed.  This should have been all about Carl.)

Kristi:  I like that he was taken out. And by a child! I think that was a power play.  (That was a power play.  Good to see Henry getting some shine!)

Chris:  I don’t think it was needed to drive home a point, but it was needed to break up with the story a little bit.  The show has been accused in the past of dragging on.  If they had devoted a full episode just to Carl, they would have had to cram the Kingdom scenes into another episode.  Plus Ezekiel was in immediate danger, so they had to resolve it.  (Shit, I can’t remotely argue with that reasoning.  You’re right, the show gets accused of many things by many loud, obnoxious people, myself included.  It’s at a point where they can’t appease everybody, and the Kingdom stuff was mostly well done, so it’s really hard to fault them.)

Kent:  I would have held off on Gavin’s death.  I get what they were trying to accomplish, and I liked most of the Kingdom stuff this week.  I would have rather had them take Gavin hostage, but at least it was Henry getting vengeance for his brother.  I can’t be mad at that.  Still, Gavin deserved to on Talking Dead damnit!!!


  1.  Were you satisfied with the explanation of the futuristic visions with “Old Man Rick” that the show provided?

Bob:  ahhh.  I was befuddled when I saw Negan.  I still am.  (I think that is going to be a scene that people forget even happened in 2 years from now.)

Bitty:  Yes!!! I loved that they wrapped this up. Made sense to me. Makes me wonder if the “picnic table” scene was another vision of a character who will pass or who has passed.  (I had forgotten about the picnic table scene, still missing Abe though.  Now that they have revealed that these scenes are “visions” will we ever get another one?  I’m going to say no.)

Kristi:  I was a little confused by it when Negan showed up. I did feel good about the explanation at first but the Negan thing threw me. Like, are they all just going to be BFF’s in the future?  (Spoiler alert: no, not really, but with Carl’s death, it’s possible.  You and I will chat and I will explain how Carl’s death leaves open this possibility.)

Chris:  Sure, but why is he the only one who looks 10 years older???  (Thank you!!!  Eugene looks normal.  Negan looked like he may have aged slightly.  Rick looks rough.  It’s weird.)

Kent:  Here’s my problem, and it’s minor perhaps, but I need to bitch about it.  Rick has a cane in these visions.  Do you know why he has a cane?  I’m looking at the contributors and speculating that maybe one of you may know why.  In the comic, toward the end of this great war, Rick suffers an injury, and it seems likely that it may occur, or so I thought.  I don’t think Rick is going to suffer the injury or else it means that Carl is Miss fucking Clio!  They have to be aware of that problem.  It was fine when those readers recognized the time lapse and the cane.  Making it into Carl’s vision though, it wouldn’t make sense for the injury to occur.


  1.  If Henry hadn’t killed Gavin, are you 100% positive that Morgan was going to kill Gavin?

Bob:  Yes.  If it was Rick, I feel like there would have been that 11th hr moment and he pulls back. Morgan is committed.  Morgan is mentally Ill.  (I would ask, are most people mentally ill, given what they have seen and done to still be alive in that world?  I’m already a nut job.  If I had to do all of that stuff and survived, I would be clinically insane I would speculate.  Yes, that 11th hour BS would have happened.)

Bitty:  I don’t think he would’ve killed him. (I agree with you.  I kept saying to myself that Morgan isn’t going to do it because of a few things, but how he was portrayed earlier in the season, that told me no.  I have more reasoning in my answer.)

Kristi:  I was pretty sure he would have killed him but I feel like it would have left a pretty bad feeling in him. I think he would have regretted it and would have given him some negative Morgan feelings. We don’t need that.  (Morgan doesn’t need anymore on his conscience at the moment.  This is actually another reason why I am saying No to this question.  Had he done it, I don’t know how Lennie portrays Morgan’s descent further into madness.)

Chris:  I think he would have killed him.  While Ezekiel does seem to be able to get through to Morgan, he seems to have gone over the edge.  I mean, he did just gut someone right before that.  (I swear they went to that extreme level of the gutting to make people feel that Morgan was going to do it.  It definitely was smart to work people’s emotions with that.)

Kent:  This season of TWD, whenever you think you can say “This isn’t going to happen” and you feel 100% sure it will, some weird random nonsense happens.  This season has been marred with that, and really, this was no different.  Ezekiel, nor Carol, was going to get through to Morgan on this one.  They should have kept him for leverage, obviously.  So when I knew that Morgan wasn’t going to be stopped by reason, I had to assume he wasn’t going to get this kill.  He deserves to get the kill on Jared, the asshole with the long hair.


  1.  How do you prefer your Morgan: A) level headed down to Earth Morgan B) Crazy Morgan.  Please choose A or B, there are no other options.  This is a simple one or the other question.

Bob:  B.  An A Morgan is too altruistic for this time.  B is necessary to live. I want him on my side because he will surely die but he will take down a large number of enemies before doing so. (Is this the first time we have seen altruistic used on this blog?  I think so.  Yes, Morgan is that guy you want on your side, in some ways better than Rick.  Rick’s actions have led to many deaths of people on his team.  Morgan, not so much.)

Bitty:  B (Could you try to shorten your responses in the future, please?)

Kristi: This is hard. I have to go with level-headed Morgan. He seems more effective to the group when he is sane but I really dug pulling the guts out Morgan. It pleased me to see the crazy. (Yes, watching the guts being pulled out was Nicotero having some fun.  I liked the scene because it felt like horror.  We don’t always get that horror vibe in this show.)

Chris:  Level-headed Morgan.  The group needs a level-headed person.  (It has Tobin.  What more do you need?  Haha.  There are not many level headed people.  The black chick at The Kingdom, I can’t think of her name, but she is.  I love her!)

Kent:  B, did you honestly think I would choose A?  Crazy Morgan gives us great scenes.  That was easy like a Sunday morning.


  1.  Will Rick embrace Siddiq this season or will they keep their distance?

Bob:  Second to last episode they will bond and the last episode will confirm it.  (I think it will happen towards the end of the season.  My answer will echo a lot of what you said here.)

Bitty:  I think Maggie will embrace him more than Rick. He will stay at the Hilltop. (I think another girl will embrace him even more than Maggie! Awwwww shit, I just gave you a cliffhanger.)

Kristi: Yes, I think he will take him in as an Ally this season.  (It feels inevitable, or else it’s almost a slap in the face to the memory of his son.)

Chris:  I think he may be too preoccupied with ending the war this season.  I do think Siddiq will prove to be a valuable ally.  (I think Rick won’t be so much focused on allying with Siddiq, but Siddiq will get the opportunity to prove his value.)

Kent:  Will he has medical training.  Rick should do everything he can to make this man happy.  Siddiq will have to have somebody to work with though that has some medical background.  Who could it be? I would put $20 down on a bet right saying that Siddiq saves Rick in one of those convenient moments that TWD is notorious for.  Possibly before Rick suffers that injury that can’t happen now.


  1.  Should Rick have tried to get Carl to Hilltop?

Bob:  No.  Which means in TWD language, yes.  (You got me, I just laughed with a mouthful of food and almost choked.  Kudos!)

Bitty:  No. It wouldn’t have made a difference. (You’re right, with Dr. Carson missing, there was no way to try to combat this.  The damage was done.)

Kristi:  It wouldn’t have made a difference.  I think it ended well with Carl. That would have made for more travel time and less quality time.  (Yes, we need more emotional sappy scenes.  This a hallmark of TWD.)

Chris:  No.  It would have put everyone in danger, plus he wouldn’t have made it.  (Your answer is probably closest to my thoughts.  This reminded me of them trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop.  One Ginger and one Korean later, it turned out to be a poor decision.)

Kent:  Hell no.  This was what they wanted to do the visions reveal.  Plus, he simply wasn’t going to recover, he was in pain.  This was the most humane way to handle it.


  1.  We only saw a few people get to say goodbye to Carl (Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Judith, and Siddiq I believe).  Pick one other character living or dead that you would have liked to say goodbye to Carl.

Bob:  Enid, for the romantic aspect of course.  (Go on.  Yeah, good choice.  We should totally post that on Twitter and then go get our hair done together.)

Bitty:  I kinda wish Negan had seen him die. (I had it down to Negan or another person.  I had Negan for the comic book’s reasons.  I think it could have made the dichotomy between Rick and Negan just a bit different.)

Kristi:  A flashback to his Mom would have been interesting.  (I was hoping that somebody would pick Lori.  I was also hoping that somebody would say Sophia as well.  Will Rick start seeing Carl all in white is the big question.)

Chris:  I will pick Negan, just for how funny the conversation would be!  (This response may or may not contain spoilers.  In the comics, when the war is over, Negan is held prisoner.  Let’s not forget, they showed us that prison cell for a reason, so most of you had safely assumed that.  One of the absolute best things in the comic was after the war, Carl would come and visit Negan and they had these cool conversations.  This is a reason I am so pissed off about killing Carl off.  So that’s part of why Negan was my runner-up.)

Kent:  This one is possibly more of a sentimental shout out, but Herschel is my choice.  Herschel and Carl had some very cool scenes together.  I would have loved to hear Herschel’s sage words in Carl’s final minutes.  Herschel will always be the grandfather figure of the group, to me at least.


  1.  Which group will have the bigger impact the rest of season 8: Oceanside or the Scavengers (Jadis’ group)?


 now change changes to Jadis’s  (THAT right there is how you get a gold star post Olympics.)

Bitty:  My answer is Oceanside. Kinda because I know how much Kent loves Oceanside. (This fucking girl.  “Kinda”.  Listen Bitty, that was 100% your reasoning, and I get it.  Rest assured, I’ll be miserable again this season as soon as I see that terrible place again.)

Kristi:  Oceanside, simply because I dislike the Scavengers greatly..  (You and I are similar in this, only exactly the opposite.)

Chris:  Oceanside.  I think the Scavengers have officially pissed Negan off.  That doesn’t usually work out well.  (I am curious to see how that unfolds between Negan and The Scavengers.  I am wondering if Negan really wants to start a war with them as well at the moment.  He may.)

Kent: Scavengers.   If you expected a different response, then this is probably your first time reading this blog.  As Chris mentioned, the Scavengers and Negan dynamic is pretty fascinating.


Bonus Deuce


  1.  How did you feel about Negan being in one of those futuristic visions, picking tomatoes?  Was it for shock value or foreshadowing?

Bob:  Shock value.  This was an insane future.  (Right?  You would think he would be a cucumber guy from hanging out with Eugene so much.)

Bitty:  It was uncomfortable. Like silence of the lambs uncomfortable.  (You don’t do horror well.  I have some stuff here that would you feel very comfortable.  Today is opposite day.)

Kristi:  I enjoyed it. I can see them getting along in the future. Like, keep him captive and eventually let them all see the way of Carl. Can’t they all just along? (If only they had spent 3 more minutes on Negan’s story when him and Gabriel were talking and cut out some unnecessary gun fight, I think that would have really supported your thoughts here.)

Chris:  I almost think it was a wink and nod to the comics.  It was a little weird to see him given everything he’s done.  (Absolutely a wink and a nod.  No doubt.  Robert Kirkman definitely patted himself on the back after that one.)

Kent:  I really hate tomatoes.  Just pick another thing.  Pick rhubarb.  It doesn’t matter.  Still, I loved this scene and it proved that Carl knew Negan better than anybody else.


  1.  Do you think Gavin actually liked Ezekiel and his personality or did he only like Ezekiel because most of the time, they had no issues with deliveries?

Bob:  The latter. Plus that’s just Gavin’s way of speaking.

Bitty:  I think Gavin liked the fact that Ezekiel never gave him issue making him look good in front of Negan.

Chris:  I think Gavin actually liked Ezekiel.  Gavin wasn’t as bad as the rest of the generals.  I don’t think Gavin enjoyed killing.

Kent:  Yeah, I am agreeing with Chris on this one Gavin strikes me as a guy who felt lucky to find a group like the Saviors that he could thrive in and took his job and his role to heart.  He was always sick of Jared’s shit.  He definitely felt bad about Benjamin’s death.  Compared to Negan, Simon, or Arat, I think Gavin was a normal guy in an unusual situation.


Final Thoughts

Bitty:  Who’s the future now? Judith?? Shake my head. (Give her to Carol and in 5 years, watch out!)

Chris: It’s going to be interesting to see where the show goes without Carl.  He is a very important character in the next arc in the comics.  I’m also interested in what’s going to happen with Oceanside.

Kent:  We’ve had some people leave this group, which is sad.  I hope that we can recruit others.  It is an indication of interest in this show.  The ratings show it, this blog shows it.  I haven’t lost faith in this show, but I think we are officially on the downturn of this franchise.  I hope this half-season renews my zest for the show.  I’ll keep watching it even if it becomes a soul-crushing endeavor, but I would prefer to have a good time with it.


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