Unbreakable (2000)

I had to make myself a white Russian to make it through another M Night movie. Rest assured people, it gets better, then it gets really bad again, then it slightly improves, then After Earth with the black Karate Kid and Fresh Prince.

Let’s get this out of the way, I liked the movie the only time I saw it. I gave it a chance, and it was fine at the time. I love Samuel L, so this helps. Now time to give my impartial thoughts.

A black baby was born with broken arms and legs or some such nonsense. That’s gotta suck. Now, you and I both are gonna deduce that the black baby will eventually be Samuel L. We also have a blurb in the beginning about comic book collectors. Bruce Willis is back, and he’s an ok actor, but I don’t always get his full appeal, he is good to great in this one though. Shit, I just realized that this is probably not a horror movie at all. I’m already messing this up 2 movies in???? Damnit! Fuck it, I may as well keep on keeping on.

It’s cool Robin Wright is in this. Even cooler than Samuel L’s name is Elijah, as I’m a big fan of that name. I also like that Samuel L isn’t too damn skinny like he is in those credit card commercials nowadays. The scene where the kid pulls the gun is clearly one of the best of the whole film. Willis does a dandy of a job there.

Long story short, one of the best things you can say for this movie and M Night was that this did realistic superhero 5 years or so before Nolan took on Batman. This movie is really well constructed, and I think it would get better upon repeat viewings. Willis carries the film, but Samuel L was the perfect counterpart. I would absolutely recommend this to just anybody who can appreciate a story and not just the glitz and glam of superhero movies. The ending really ties the room together. I’m going to give it a 7 for now, and that score could always rise. I doubt it will drop. I can’t count this as a horror flick, so no boob ratings. Sorry….and there was no boobs anyway.

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#340 The Silenced (2015)

This is South Korean so time to read.

Gosh, I have to admit a few things before I go any further. I was interrupted like 15 times during this. It took me almost 3 hours to watch. So the flow of the film was killed for me. Another issue, and I don’t know how to say this sensitively, but I legitimately had issues telling some of the girls apart. I tried to get used to height and facial features, but it was tough. They had very similar hair styles, same outfits, and not always in well lit areas. I wish I could have kept track better. I’m also not so sure if this was a horror flick or what it was.

I don’t want to rate this as it would be unfair and I am not fully aware of everything that happened. Visually, it was cool as hell. The acting seemed very good and the parts that I got into, I really enjoyed. I still know that I missed too much to rate this fairly. As much as I hate to do this, I must.

Rating – Incomplete due to too many distractions while viewing it. It is on NetFlix, so give it a watch if you don’t mind subtitles. It wasn’t bad by no means.

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