Grotesque (2009)

This movie sounds incredibly graphic and sometimes, that’s what I am looking for.  This is a Japanese and I have read that this ups the ante from Saw and Hostel, which isn’t hard to do.  It’s a question of much they up it.  I am giving you a fair warning, the images below are incredibly graphic.  

We get this doctor who kidnaps a young couple, Aki and Kazuo.  Aki is the female, Kazuo is the dude.  I seriously couldn’t determine it via name, so I had to look it up.  Oh, I am watching the unrated version.  Nice.  So basically, the doctor tortures them the whole film.  SO the rest will be spoilers until the end when I give it a final rating, so you have been warned.



Aki wakes up on a table that rotates vertically and she is tied down to it and has a ball gag in her mouth, and so Kazuo, and now they are facing each other.  He gives Kazuo the option to be first or second.  Doc starts off poking Kauo inside of his mouth and then someplace around the belly, and Kazuo is already passed out.  We are getting flashbacks and I suspect we will get more as the film progresses about their relationship.  I think I have seen this before.  Ohhh, right before they were abducted, she asked him if he would be willing to die for her, and after hesitation, he said he’d try his best.  I’m also waiting to some chicken cordon bleu that I threw in the oven because I talk about food a lot in these blogs.  She just pissed herself, and I’m not sure why that had to be made into a focal point, but alright.  Like it made sense in Frozen because that would only make matters worse in that scenario.  Gotta love the psychopath listening to good classical music.  I always enjoy that.  Oh, Kazuo has never been laid but she has.  

Doc says that they will both die unless they can excite him with their will to live.  He removes Kazup’s pants, cleans his wound and then lifts up Aki’s skirt and order Kazuo to watch.  Down comes the panties, and no censoring so far, and he cleans area a bit.  He switched sides of the cassette for more music.  He continues to undress her and cuts her bra off, revealing her nice tits.  Quite nice indeed.  Let’s face it, we all can assume where this is going. He’s doing a bad job of allowing the hair to be covering the boobs.  Yeah, he starts kissing at the ankles and moves north.  This guy has such a great role.  Good for him!  He just gets to grope and lick her ta-ta’s.  This has got to be better than 50 Shades of Grey the film.  Oh, now he is going downtown for the all you can eat buffet, and then fingerbang bang…bang bang.  The sound effects are tremendous.  She is starting to like it, and squirter!  We have a squirter, ladies and gentlemen.    Doc that shows off his soaked hand of victory and rubs it in Kazuo’s face.  Wow, I as much as I enjoyed everything there, I am not good in the fine art of describing sex stuff in horror.  Oh, and now Doc is jerking Kazuo off.  The fuck?  He is wondering if it will reach her.  My money is on yes…..and it sure dide.  Shot on her navel.  OK, fantastic.  Guys reading this are like “sign me up” and women just don’t like reading any of my stuff.

The Doc says that he will remove the gags if they promise to not speak unless he asks them a question.  Aki is good, but Kazuo just can’t handle that responsibility, so time to pay.  They get knocked out and when they come to, they are laid horizontal on a table and doc chainsaws Kazuo’s fingers off.  It’s something different, no doubt.  He makes a finger necklace places it on her.  Now the Doc wants to give him a present from her.He cuts up one of her hands, she says stop, he didn’t ask a question, so she must be punished.  He cuts her new top off.  He just cut her fucking nipples off.  Oh my.  Back to the chainsaw and instead of fingers on the last arm, he juscuta good chunk of her arm off.  Doc made a necklace of fingers and nipples for Kazuo.  

Now, the rules are simple.  He’s going to torture Kazuo until he gives in.  If he gives in, then Doc tortures Aki.  He has a mallet and is going to pound long nails into Kazuo’s testicles.  Why did I pick this film to eat during?  Closeups on a ballsack with nails in it.  Oh, now time to saw off his wang.    Nah, fuck that.  Let’s put a spike in his eye, then the penis.  She says stop.  Uh oh.  Shaft is no more.  The Doc felt excitement and proclaims victory for them, so they get to live I guess.  I mean, fuck.

They appear to be in a hospital setting, and the Doc is going to nurse them back to health.  He says that he will get them healthy, drive them to the cops, turn himself in and liquidate all of his wealth to them, which I guess is like 700 million.  Yeah.  Aki tells Kazuo that if they get out alive, she’d like to help him out.  And now he wants to take a dump.  After that touching moment, good job!  We see a montage of Doc helping clean their wounds, including Kazuo’s man region.  In about 2-3 days, they should be healthy enough, and awww, the couple is holding stumps.  Time to take the meds……and wake up in the bad room again.  Of course.    This movie can’t end on that kind of a note.  Doc wants more excitement, to see their will to live.  

Well, the decision is to cut open Kazuo’s stomach and pull out some intestines and apparently it’s going to be close to Kazuo’s anuz.  Fanfuckingtastic.  Wow, this just got fucking twisted….yes more so.  So his one end of his intestines will be attached on one side of the room.  Kazuo can then walk over to Aki, pulling his intestines out as he goes, grab the pair of scissors, detach his intestines, cut Aki free and die in the process.  Her life is in his hands.  Well, so starts the process.  Fuck man.  The intestines are attached to a hook.  The Doc offers to rape her and cut her up some more if that would be preferred while Kazuo is laying on the floor.  Kazuo makes it halfway, falls into a cart with stuff on it.  Hmmm, will he try to grab something to kill Doc with?  How can he even use the scissors successfully?  He’s got the scissors!!!  He cuts the intestines.  He cuts her feet free!    Doc is having a raging clue.    Kazuo just needs to stand up to cut the hand free.  Kazuo gets halfway through and there’s a wire in the rope.  Kazuo can’t take it any longer and he drops dead.  

More music, this time it’s Pomp and Circumstance, you know the graduation song or Macho Man Randy Savage’s song.  There, I got food, tits, and wrestling all in one blog.  Anyway, Doc wants to see her will, so she spits at him and he slaps her.  As is tradition.  Aki says that Doc mom is a fat whore-ish pig.  Nice.  Aki is telling him that no women aside from his whore mom and gold diggers.  She basically him and him and his mother have horrible body odor.    HAHAHA, that’s fucking great.    Wow, this is some verbal undressing that I would be proud of.   So chainsaw to the belly after she said that he had no friends and nobody to love him.   Axe to the throat and it pops off, the head lands on him and bites his neck.  As he backpedals, Kazuo slices Doc’s Achilles tendon.  Aki’s mouth drops the chunk of flesh and dies.  

Doc makes a grave and hangs a pair of scissors in between these wrapped stumps/posts and like has a moment of silence and pours salt, I believe.    He walks away with a gimp, and we see many other posts now.  This wasn’t his first or probably even 20th go round.  We now see him in his van and he sprays some cologne before going for his next victim.

End Film


Final Thoughts – I am pretty sure that I have seen this before, but my memory is what it is.  Yeah, i would watch this sadistic shit again, mainly to show other people.  It was well done, although it got overly silly at the end.  As far as the plot goes, it made perfect sense to me, and it was simple to follow.  If you can’t handle extreme gore or mutilation, avoid this at all cost.  If you can get beyond that, you have a film that would definitely qualify as torture porn, but well done.  

Rating: 5.9 I admit that I really enjoy some sick stuff sometimes, but it it is not everyday viewing.

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