American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:11 “Great Again”

Here we are, finally at the end of an atrocious season of AHS that I may never recover from.  It sounds like Melanie is right there with me……with a bottle of wine.  We did our best with what we had.  Thank you for reading this whole season.  Melanie and I also did a podcast in which we discussed this season of AHS as well as Stranger Things.  We go off topic a lot, but there are some gems in there.  Please give it a listen.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086

I really want to thank Melanie for being a trooper all season long and also to Cece and Teddy who did try, but didn’t make it through the whole season.  It happens, but everybody’s hard work is sincerely appreciated.  All comments in bold are written by Kent.

  1.  If Ally and Speed Wagon were both working against the Cult, why weren’t they privy to that info rather than working against each other?

Melanie:  I think they were working for different departments. Also, people undercover won’t know who else is undercover, so as to not blow their cover.

Kent:  I can’t recall, maybe they were working for different departments.  This all seems sloppy as hell no matter how you look at it, and for Ally to just get away with killing him seems absolutely absurd.

  1.  Was Gloria (Prison CO) part of Ally’s cult or just a meaningless pawn to provide misdirection throughout this episode?

Melanie:  I think she was a horny lady.  (That’s what I am hoping for as well.)

Kent:  Meaningless pawn to throw one last misdirection at us.  The way that it should have gone was Kai actually killed Ally.  That’s how you do it and do some sweet 10 minute wrap up showing Oz taking over when he gets older, still believing that Kai was his father.

  1.  Is it realistic that Kai built up that kind of following that quickly in prison?

Melanie:  Totally, based on watching other prison shows and this season of AHS. But in reality, no.  (And now I regret my answer.  I’m not changing it though.)

Kent:  Having never been in prison and only basing my knowledge off of totally fictional and unrealistic TV shows and films, I honestly don’t know.  I assume that he would have had to take on the head white guy and Kai doesn’t strike me as tough, but he is a good manipulator.  I’m going to say this is plausible and probably regret it.

  1.  Were you disappointed in Oz’s lack of role the second half of the season?

Melanie:  I know he was Kent’s spirit animal, so for that reason yes.  (Oz did speak to me as a character, so yeah, absolutely good call on the spirit animal.  Better than an elephant.)

Kent:  YES!  That was the one character that offered hope in the end and I have been saying this for weeks that I hoped for Oz to take over or have a bigger role.  Nope, gotta give Sarah Paulson more screen time.  That lady doesn’t get enough.  

  1.  Why didn’t Adina Porter make the main intro video for credits?  She was a MAJOR part of this, yet lesser roles got their names in the opening.

Melanie:  Was she considered a guest star? Maybe that is why.

Kent:  No clue.  She was arguably the 3rd most important role in the whole thing.  Certainly more important than Harrison and Meadow, and I would argue more than Ivy.  WInter probably was 3rd, so Beverley would be 4th.  Oh and yet Dr Rudy Vincent gets in the video and may have been shined by Speed Wagon and Oz.  Think about that.  Adina did a great job this season and has won me over.

  1.  Do you think it was lazy to not tie more past seasons into this one?

Melanie:  Lana Winters and Twisty were the only ones I saw. Lame, like this season.  (That moment when Melanie realized that there was a wine tie in to this season….oh it’s a treat.)

Kent:  Obviously.  The best that they could offer was Twisty, a Lana Winters reference, a bottle of Freakshow wine, and writing Pig on the door.  They apparently cut out a scene in this last episode during the raid, Ally lights her cigarette with a match from Hotel Cortez, but it got cut.  Just like the balls from this show were cut.

  1.  Are you sick of Sarah Paulson’s characters seemingly lasting until the end, and often triumphing?

Melanie:  Yes

Kent:  Yeah, I absolutely am.  Honestly, I don’t usually like her characters in AHS.  She’s a talented actress and all, but she should eat some losses.  Yeah, she got killed at the end of Roanoke, but even then she was in damn near every episode.  At least Evan took a back seat last season.  He’s a better talent, in my opinion, just sayin.  Maybe it’s his role sthat I like more, but I really didn’t care much for him in 2, 3, 4, and 6, but I still think he’s the better talent.

  1.  Was Oz’s elephant supposed to symbolize Ivy?

Melanie:  Sure?

Kent:  As soon as I saw it, I recalled Ivy with the elephant mask and made the connection.  I assume that was intended, but maybe not.  Which means that Twisty represented…….who?  Seriously, if Ivy was repesented by  the elephant, might there be more symbolism that Twisty the killer clown represented Ally?  She was a killer after all, and had the clown phobia.  I like my theory, even if it isn’t accurate.

  1.  How lame was that ending?

Melanie:  The whole season was lame, so why stop and make the ending awesome? I said the only way to make it awesome was to make it the final episode of Murder House.  (You bring up a good point.  Honestly, what the hell would we have done if the final episode was really good?  It would be truly confusing.)

Kent:  Oh my my my my MY, was that a lame ass ending.  First of all, if you insist upon going down this path, the end scene should have been showing the women in a meeting to get a broader understanding of who was involved.  That would have made more of an impact.  Secondly, she doesn’t look good with a cloak.  She just doesn’t.  It was the worng color.  A deep purple or a blood red would have been better.


Bonus 9 Deuce

  1.  Nobody liked this season.  If you think about it, how many seasons did you truly like and would happily re-watch and which ones?

Melanie:  I liked at least parts of all of them. I am tempted to go back and watch to remind myself how much.  (That is one of my winter goals, once I get passed all of the ridiculous promises that I have made.)

Kent:  So I had this conversation earlier today and the reality is that I have enjoyed Murder House, Coven, and Hotel.  The rest I have more negative things to say than positives.  That’s a terrible ratio.  The odd numbered season theory unraveled on me big time this year.  As much as I disliked this season, I think I may actually hate it more in a couple of years with hindsight.  That’s no good.

  1.  This show is seemingly missing a lot of things like sex appeal, big stars, logic, ghosts, likable characters.  If you could pick one aspect of the show for them to improve upon next season, what would it be?

Melanie:  Bring Gaga back!!! Seriously, a more interesting premise…something supernatural or just plain weird.  (Supernatural seems like an easy route that all but guarantees some likes.  I see no issue with that.)

Kent:  I also had this conversation with Kelly today.  In her opinion, the sex appeal is missing and sex and horror mix so very well.  Let’s face it, a lot of chicks love that combination and if you provide enough man ass and some sexy story line, you can keep your female demographic.  On top of that, maybe you try to bring back your straight male demographic.  We deserve hot chicks.  Not the garbage that we keep getting.  We deserve hot chicks and seeing their bare asses.  The Chiller channel shows bare female ass so I know that it’s doable!  This would help.  But sex appeal isn’t my answer, but I wanted to acknowledge her point.  My answer is better characters.  They don’t have to necessarily be likable, but you need a few of them to attach yourself to.  The past 2 seasons has been tough to latch on to many characters.  Kathy Bates was a fail safe and she’s gone.  This season, Oz and Beverley were my 2 favorites along with Gary Longstreet because Chaz entertains me.  Still, that’s a shitty selection if you think about it.  Ally and Ivy were irritable, Winter had way too many ups and downs like a crazy chick, Kai was so outlandish that it had it’s moments but the stupidity factor hurt a bit.  Meadow was beloved by me but never got enough screen time.  Just a hot mess.  SO please, give us some characters that we can love, like Liz Taylor.


Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  I was Kentertained with the fact it is over.  (PRAISE whatever entity that you celebrate when glorious things like Cult ending happens.)

Kent:  No, I most certainly was not.  I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I got a message from Steff asking me what the fuck she just saw.  SO yeah.  This was brutal.


Final Thoughts on the Cult season and anything else that you want to get off your chest before we go away for another 9 months.

Melanie:  This season made me incredible sad. I felt isolated from my regular AHS peeps, with the exception of Kent, who decided it was not worth their time or who didn’t keep up with the episodes. I continued watching with hopes it would get better. It didn’t. Will I watch AHS in the future? Yes. Will I have to drink a lot of wine to get through each episode? I hope not.  (I also experienced a dramatic drop in friends who watched, and it sucks when you don’t have multiple people to hurl insults with.)

Kent:  Worst season ever?  I think it probably was, but I really would have to binge watch all 7 seasons to not live in the moment of week to week, but to watch the story unravel.  I think this will be the worst due to characters and too much politics.  If the cult hadn’t been rooted in politics, this season could have won me over.  I’m actually incredibly happy to not have to do this blog for another 9 months.  I do love getting the opinions of Melanie and sometimes other people, but the reality is that it’s tough to consistently write about something that you don’t like or have passion for and I have honestly lost my passion for this franchise.  It’s not fun anymore.  Look at how many people passed on the blog or stopped before we ended.  I started with 5 people who instantly bailed after the first episode and 2 more that bailed towards the end.  I don’t blame them.  The fact that Melanie has to make wine jokes (maybe not jokes) to get through this is very telling.  I can tell you that listening to her this year talk about the show vs last year was such a difference.  Last year, there was passion and excitement and a willingness to get through it.  This year, it felt like hopelessness and it sucked to be a part of it.  For all of the insults that I throw at Ryan Murphy, the dude is a fucking brilliant writer, but this was just bad all around and I hope that he recognizes that and strives to get back to things that worked well.  Start by getting a better cast.  It doesn’t have to be familiar, but it has to be good.  Then make sure to have elements of horror.  That means scary shit, Asians crawling around on ceilings like last year, that shit was cool as fuck.  No more politics.  No more bullshit.  Give us blood, sex, violence, but most importantly, tell us a great story.

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:10 “Charles (Manson) in Charge”

Melanie and Kent are back to give their thoughts on this week’s 10th episode of AHS Cult.  We couldn’t be happier that Tuesday will be the season finale.  To celebrate, Melanie and Kent will be doing a podcast on Thursday.

  1.  What did you think of the opening segment?  That would be Kai with WInter and her 2 friends, political talk, the slap?

Melanie:  The slap was such an extreme response, but it started the acceptance of violence for Kai.

Kent:  From a guy’s perspective, this is the sort of thing that causes guys to be mean or disrespectful to women.  It’s not the norm, but when stuff like this happens, it really leaves a sour taste in a guy’s mouth.  Granted, he shouldn’t have slapped her, but she shouldn’t have antagonized and been so rude and disrespectful in the first place.  The whole cause and effect.  I think a bit of truth has been lost in today’s society that most violence is born out or rudeness, mean, disrespectful act.  The violent one is always the guilty one, but it typically only grows to that point because somebody else started the provocation, but then they become a victim, and that’s bullshit.

  1.  Did Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy) do more harm than good in her big feminist speech in the beginning?  Is she partly responsible for Kai’s demeanor and actions towards women?  Also, how great was that final showdown between Kai/Charles and Bebe?

Melanie:  Ugh, her character was the worst. She was a terrible anger management counselor. I actually laughed at the ending of the confrontation. I did appreciate Frances Conroy.

Kent:  Bebe was such a dumbass in thinking that Kai was the correct vessel to spread her hateful rhetoric.  She’s a big reason along with his parents and even the females that Winter associated with.  There’s a lot of guys out there with similar thoughts as Kai in regards to women, whether it’s spoken out loud or not, and probably there’s a lot of women that would love to see Bebe’s vision become a reality.  As far as the last showdown, I thought it was the highlight of the episode.  It was really fun and I always love Frances Conroy’s performances.  She is such a marvelous talent.

  1.  Did you enjoy Kai’s retelling of Charles Manson and the family?  Do you enjoy how they are re-using actors from the show in these backstories?

Melanie:  I did. Fast paced, lots of information. I like seeing the actors as other characters.

Kent:  This actually has been the saving grace of this season for me.  I adore the retellings with the same actors.  It’s charming, it’s witty, it’s something very Ryan Murphy.  For all the criticism that I launch his way, when he does nail something, it’s really fucking good.  This stuff is the funny things that have kept me going through this nonsense.

  1.  Has Kai lost his damn mind?

Melanie:  He lost his mind when he put his dead parents in a room and locked the door.

Kent:  I don’t think that he has lost his mind.  His actions are those of somebody being manipulated.  Simple as that.  This isn’t AHS Cult, it’s AHS Manipulation, but that doesn’t have as good of a sound.

  1.  We saw Susan paint “Pig” on the door which is a call back to previous seasons.  We also had Twisty.  Have there been any other obvious callbacks to other seasons?

Melanie:  The killing? I kid I kid.

Kent:  I haven’t gone online to check for other references to the past, but man, I feel at a total loss here.  I am sure I missed some, but I love the tiny callbacks to season’s past.

  1.  Were you sad to see Gary get got?

Melanie:  No, he was awful.

Kent:  Yes I certainly was.  As silly of a role as Gay had, I like Chaz as an actor and really loved his role this year.  His triumphant sawing off of his arm is definitely a cheesy highlight of the season.

  1.  Do you consider Winter a victim?

Melanie:  No. She was an active participant.

Kent:  No, I simply consider her weak minded and she got in too deep.  She got what she realistically deserved.  Not a victim in my mind.  Had she simply had some faith in herself, she would have been fine early on.

  1.  Why is Beverley so loyal to the cause….or is she?

Melanie:  She was, but when she saw it was anti women it was fuck no.

Kent:  I feel like I am wrong on Beverley every time I open my stupid mouth.  In my mind, I think that it could all just be a ploy, but then it will end up being that she is all in on this.  If I go the opposite way, it will be a ploy.  I am saying that she is in on the downfall of Kai along with Ally.

  1.  Is there anything that this show can do, in your estimation, that would prevent this season from being the worst one yet for AHS?

Melanie:  They could save it by showing the ending from Murder House. (Kent: Seriously, that would be amazing.  I would applaud this!)

Kent:  Aliens?  I’m kidding….kinda.   No, there’s nothing that’s going to prevent this from being the worst yet.  What’s done is done.  Give me 92 hot nude females in the season finale and I will rethink that.  The ball is in your court Murphy.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Make any bold predictions for the season finale.

Melanie:  They drink the koolaide. The end!!!!

Kent:  Beverley kills Ally in the end and comes off like the Kayser Soze of this whole thing.

  1.  What’s your favorite nickname of Kai’s followers?  There’s Speed Wagon, Sandstorm, Tripod, Pus Bucket, Heart Attack, Gutterball

Melanie:  Wine Guzzler is my fave, oh wait… (Kent: Is he the really jacked guy in the tank top?  He looks like a Wine Guzzler.)

Kent:  Gutterball is pretty great to me.  I know Speed Wagon is the fan favorite, and that’s why he gets his name said more frequently.  I I get it.

Were you Kentertained by this episode?

Melanie:  Not really…Manson retelling was pretty good.

Kent:  Sure, I liked the retelling of Manson, all of Bebe’s scenes, Gary’s death, Winter’s death, and the shaving scene.  More to like than dislike this episode.

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:9 “Drink the Kool Aid”

Hey, at least I am posting this prior to this week’s episode airing.  That’s something, right?  Melanie is the only person sticking this season out with me.  Give that lady a medal…..or better yet, a big bottle of wine.  Let’s do this!

  1.  Are you going to miss Ivy’s character at all?

Melanie:  Eh…maybe a little.

Kent:  I liked the actress more than the character, so like Melanie, a little bit.

  1.  Would this have been more interesting if Kai was Ozzy’s father?

Melanie:  I feel like that was an easy move to make, to make him his father.  I think that Ally making him think he is his father is by far more interesting.

Kent:  Somebody getting something over on Kai is tantamount to rest of this season’s story arc, so it was the right move, but I also would have been interested if like 3 episodes ago it was revealed that Kai was the father.  Too late in the season for that in my opinion.

  1.  Evan Peters has now played a handful of roles this season.  Which one has been your favorite of his?

Melanie:  Did he drink wine at any point?  Person drinking wine would be my favorite.

Kent:  Hmmmm, I think I gotta go with Jim Jones.  It reminded me so much of the film by Eli Roth called The Sacrament.  It’s potentially worth watching if you like cult stuff.

  1.  Will we get a mass suicide before this season ends?

Melanie:  A stopped at the right time mass suicide.

Kent:  This seems like one of those seasons where everybody is pretty much destined to die, except Ozz, who will form his own cult in 29 years.

  1.  With 2 episodes remaining, is there any stories that you want to see more of or wrapped up?

Melanie:  How does Ozzy’s father play a role in all of this.  Does she try to find him?

Kent:  How does Frances Conroy play into all of this, if she does at all, moving forward?

Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  Mildly

Kent:  Yeah, this was some guilty pleasure shit with Evan having 5 or 6 roles.  This is just silly.

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:8 “Winter of Our Discontent”

I am slightly late on this.  Blame October.  My apologies.  Enjoy the blog.

  1.  Soooo, everybody that said Dr. Rudy was going to be involved on a grander level of this plot, how are we feeling now that he has been killed?

Melanie:  After he said he was going to get Kai committed I knew that was it for him.  I hate I was wrong.  

Teddy:  I did not expect that to be honest…who wouldve guessed that the man who was behind the whole stash the parents in their room would’ve been a softy

Cece:  Well, my original thoughts were wrong too. But it makes sense he used his files to find his information.

Kent:  Well, I feel like a damn fool.  I’m not going to try the clever, “well I mean, I kinda saw this coming” bullshit.  Don’t believe those who tell you that, because they are great big phonies.  This is the sort of thing that makes me feel like I am in an abusive relationship.  I feel mistreated in this moment.  The calling card of the past 2 seasons has been, at least for me, as soon as I have an idea that would make the plot better, they instantly crush it and I cry and cover up my bruises.


  1.  What do you think will happen to Beverley Hope now?

Melanie:  She will break out of isolation and fuck shit up.

Teddy:  She is gonna be an end game character. I would like her to be the last standing person, but maybe Winter takes her out

Cece:  I am starting to really like her character since she’s actually seen the light. So, I am not sure. I think, and hope, that someone will break her out and get Kai.

Kent:  I think Ivy is going to try to rescue her and get both of them in trouble.  Maybe Bev can get back in Kai’s good graces by killing Ivy.  


  1.  Ally is a member of the cult.  While some of us predicted that in this very blog, the question is, does it in any way invalidate a part of the early proceedings of this season?

Melanie:  Nope. Ally has her own motives for being there.  I think she is going to kill or injure Kai.

Teddy:  I consider it grooming for time to come, but moving forward she WILL kill Ivy. Then move to destroy all the other people who ruined her life….she already caused the Dr to go. Next will be Ivy, then winter, then ultimately Kai

Cece:  None of this makes sense to me, yet. I am waiting for the entire season to be completed so I can piece it all together.

Kent:  Nope, everything makes perfect sense.  She no longer has crippling phobias.  They just magically disappeared.  Bitch must be eating some lucky charms and riding on unicorns and whatnot.  Fucking amateur hour.  Like, they could at least show us the transition of her working through her shit, but nope, just suddenly fine.


  1.  Where was Frances Conroy this episode and will we see her again before the season ends?

Melanie:  She is part of the one and done crew with this season.

Teddy:  Probably one and done. She hasnt been active since Coven

Cece:  I’d love to see her again. She’s dope. But, probably not.

Kent:  It would seem like we should see her again, so you know what, fuck it.  We will not see her again this season because that’s how AHS rolls.


  1.  This episode really focused a lot on Winter.  Do you think that she will still be alive by the end of the season?  Do you think she will kill anybody along the way?

Melanie:  I have not idea at this point. Kill anyone else, you mean?  Sure thing!

Teddy:  I don’t think she will go down. Her and Kai are gonna get locked up together. Chaz bono is gonna get his but I feel like she is gonna take out so many of the skinheads.

Cece:  Well, I mean she killed the cop dude. Sooo, I hope she goes after Kai.

Kent:  This feels a bit like Murder House where I think everybody will be dead at the end, except maybe Oz.  I think Winter is the one who puts Kai down, but if they do some shit where he is haunted by all of his poor decisions and starts seeing shit, like ghosts and they cause him to accidentally kill himself, that would be fine too.  She will kill Chaz along the way….because he’s a turd.


Were you Kentertained by this episode of American Horror Story?

Melanie:  I was Kentertained. I adored Rick SPringfield as Pastor Charles and the Hell House.  I laughed uncontrollably at the threesome/savior creation session.  

Teddy:  omfg that whole threesome with “I swear” playing was over the top af, but I was triggered but the almost rape of winter. So it was 50/50 for me…

Cece:  I mean, it was okay. I liked the Pastor Charles part. Reminded me of SAW.

Kent:  Well, there were aspects that I enjoyed.  Hearing I Swear gave me a raging clue, no matter how fucked up that situation was.  I adore that song and know it by heart.  I loved Rick Springfield as Pastor Charles and enjoyed that bit of flashback for once. I like how the women are all talk about standing up to Kai while still working in the kitchen and accepting punishments.  I love Kai’s way of just making up shit as he goes and being so passionate about it.  I can relate to that.  I loved to get more info on Samuels.  Still, I wasn’t having as much fun as I wished I was having.  I guess overall I was Kentertained, but I could have used a bottle of wine.  Melanie has made me a believer.


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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:7 “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag”

We are back, and trying to be better than ever.  My PC has now crashed, so I don’t have a lot to say at the moment.  Melanie, Teddy, and Cece are here to offer their insight while I don’t say anything remotely relevant.  It’s ow we do things around here.  Enjoy.

  1.  Is this just plain silly to you at this point?

Melanie:  I don’t even know.

Teddy:  oh man it’s been intense idk man but its still better than Roanoke  (Kent: You know, in hindsight, I still liked the first half of that season……but fucking hell that got so bad.)

Cece:  Honestly? I think it’s pretty entertaining.

Kent:  As a whole, this episode was very fucking funny.  It was so over the top.  I find this beyond silly.  


  1.  Would you like to see Lena Dunham come back for next season?

Melanie:  Yes. She was highly entertaining.  She is a wonderful writer as well.  I was wondering if she wrote her whole part.

Teddy:  I loved her performance, it was hella meta. People claim she is a woman who wants to kill all men lmao so they play her as that. It was pretty clever. I would bring her back

Cece:  I definitely would love to see her do more. I follow her closely as she is one of my writing inspirations. I know she’s been dealing with some health issues, so I was glad to see her in this.

Kent:  I came into this episode groaning about seeing her.  I had only seen her 2 other times, wasn’t a fan.  I rather enjoyed her performance.  Her character was one of the worst things ever, but her acting was very, very good, so kudos to you Lena.  Yes, bring her back.


  1.  What was the most cringe worthy part or scene of this episode?

Melanie:  Andy Warhol was the worst. I ended up googling how he died, something about AHS makes me google weird shit.  He died in a questionable way to say the least.  (Kent: You aren’t alone in looking stuff up because of this show.)

Teddy:  Andy Warhol to be honest. Or crazy lena dunham.

Cece:  The ultra feminism stuff. Like, as a woman, of course I am all for women’s rights, but starting a cult to ‘kill all men’?

Kent:  The girls being the Zodiac Killer or Andy….too close to call for this man’s tastes.


  1.  First Meadow and now Harrison.  If you could kill off one character that is still alive in this season, who would it be and why?

Melanie:  Beverly Hope

Teddy:  I would kill Ally. Sarah paulson has been the “survivor” too many times.

Cece:  Probably Kai. He’s fucking evil. But then again, he’s smart as fuck. So, probably Ivy. She just annoys me.

Kent:  It’s really a tough one for me between Ivy and Ally.  Ivy has been some a flip flopper that she has lost all credibility, but at least she nailed RJ.  Ally is just irritating and Paulson can afford to let others shine.


  1.  Do you even care about Ally’s role in this season moving forward?

Melanie:  No

Teddy:  I don’t care bout Ally or Ivy period really. Then again that’s just the sarah paulson effect for me.

Cece:  I mean; I think she’s gonna end up getting pinned for everything.  (Kent: That would be an interesting take on it.)

Kent:  We all know that I hold great disdain for her character, BUT I honestly am excited for her “aha moment” when she figured out Dr Rudy Vincent’s involvement.  That could be funny as hell.


  1.   Did you like their take on the Zodiac Killer?

Melanie:  I do like their take.  How interesting!  It was one of my Holy Shit moments.

Teddy:  I mean it certainly an interesting take. Multiple people doing the murders would make sense on why they never could pin it down on one person.

Cece:  It was different. Didn’t really expect that but it worked.

Kent:  I was not Kentertained by this idea.  What the fuck is this, Ghostbusters 2016?  Get the fuck outta here with this bullllllllshit.  Just a bunch of women trying to take credit in herstory for some a man did.  Andy Warhol would be spinning in his grave if he knew about this.


  1.  Beverley Hope’s character seemingly came off as a smart individual.  Do you still think that she’s smart or are you starting to question her a tad bit?

Melanie:  Her character is awful. Smart yes, but annoying as hell.  (Kent: Is that wine flavored hatorade that you’re drinking?  I want some.)

Teddy:  I think she is going to be a rival cult leader.  (Kent: I’d be intrigued by that. )

Cece:  She is smart, no doubt about it. But, she is kind of overboard sometimes.

Kent:  I’m not so sure that she’s all that smart.  Leaders utilize their workers strengths.  What if the reason that we perceived her being so smart is just how the show chose to focus on her and realistically, how Kai talked her, much like he did Meadow, who wasn’t terribly smart.  I think it’s all perceived hype.


  1.  Have you ever seen the film, Zodiac?

Melanie:  I know who is in it, but I don’t think I have seen it.  

Cece:  I have not.  

Kent:  I have seen it……like that surprises you.


  1.  We have only 4 more episodes to go.  Are you disappointed in the role that Dr. Rudy Vincent has played in this season, or do you feel that he will still have a relatively large role in this season?

Melanie:  He is involved behind the scenes.  I think he is still the mastermind behind it all.  

Teddy:  he definitely is going to get involved.

Cece: I believe he is definitely involved in this, in a muuuch bigger way. After all, he is the sibling of Kai and Winter.  (Kent: I won’t spoil anything, but you should check out the names of the next 4 episodes.  They may provide some hints…or not.)

Kent:  While he’s going to have a bigger role, this is tricky.  It’s sort of like trying to rock a rhyme.   Just because a role shines in the end, is a case of too little too late or just saving a big bang for the end?  I think I would have enjoyed him having a bigger role, he’s actually a decent actor that I somewhat enjoy.  I will reserve judgement, for once, until I see how it plays out, but I admit to growing impatient.  


Were you Kentertained by this episode?

Melanie:  I did enjoy this.  I think the SCUM angle was the tits. It brought it that historical place I enjoy.  (Kent: Don’t you mean herstorical?  Come one now!)

Teddy:  I like when they take historic things and add twists to them. So this episode was decent.

Cece:  Yes. I love flashbacks to real life stuff.

Kent:  This episode was fucking silly.  Was I Kentertained?  Yeah, but for all of the wrong reasons.  Also, hearing the word “turd” so much made me want to hear Shelly on South Park say it a lot.  I hope next week that we can return to a semblance of normalcy.  I wish I had worn a NO MA’AM shirt during this episode in honor of Al Bundy and my hatred for ultra feminism.


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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:6 “Mid-Western Assassin”

We are short handed this week.  I’d like to think that people are taking a stance against the stupid decision to edit this episode, but we both know that’s a lie.  I am here with my AHS gal pal, Melanie, and we slog our way through yet another “riveting” episode of AHS.  We tried, we did, but they aren’t giving us a lot to work with, and I’m fucking cranky.



  1.  Is this whole season just going to be mostly a series of flashbacks?

Melanie:  Yes, but aren’t most season filled with an exorbitant amount?  (Kent: You are probably right.  I can think of some instances and I am sure I am forgetting a lot more.  It seemed to me, and once again I am probably wrong, but it seemed like most of the flashbacks took a jump back in time so it fit the narrative.  In this case, they are retelling things that happened weeks or months ago and that just seems lazy in a way.)

Kent:  It appears that way, which Kent of 5 years ago would have loved.  Kent with no short term memory is struggling to keep things straight.  It’s unfortunately confusing at times for me and I practically need a chart to keep shit straight.


  1.  Much like Emma Roberts, Mare Winningham showed up for one whole episode.  Are you satisfied with her role or would you have preferred more?

Melanie:  I was satisfied with her role of a badass bitch.  I think that people are doing a one and done because they don’t want to be more associated with this piece of garbage of a season.  (Kent: That is slow clap worthy.)

Kent:  I want more Mare!  I fear that with Frances Conroy being the last familiar face left, she’s gonna be a one and done as well.  Which begs the question, if they were going to do all of these one and dones, why didn’t they get more familiar faces?


  1.  Does the truth behind the gas trucks disappoint you?

Melanie:  I was sure it was wine, so yes very disappointed.  (Kent: So just in case any of the readers wish to buy Melanie a Christmas gift, she has been dropping some pretty big hints.)

Kent:  Absolutely, unless it’s a lie.  I’m still hoping for the joker.  This seems all too clever ridiculous at this point.


  1.  Give me your thoughts on Meadow and her death?

Melanie:  It just shows how people have really bought into Kai’s bullshit.  At least she got some dick before she went.  (Kent: See, that’s underappreciated.  In the end, don’t we all just want a little something something before we die?  Granted, I would also be happy with a box of Slim Jims, pizza, and a good horror flick, but that’s just me.  Hookers and blow is still the way to go.)

Kent:  Meadow has been my favorite character this season and I hated seeing her go down the way she did.  It was a real bummer.


  1.  When considering AHS’ rich history of antagonists, has Kai done enough this season at this moment to be rated higher than the main antagonist from any other season?  I’m not going to try to list them because this has become an exercise in futility.  I would say that the first 5 seasons have multiple main antagonists, so you use your best judgement.

Melanie:  He has proven himself to be the main antagonist, which is so very hard.  Each season has more than one main antagonist…so bravo to him.  But he is still not the best of the worst, lol. (Kent: Melanie and i talked about the main antagonists from season’s past.  You would think that with all past seasons having multiple “main” antagonists, that with Kai being the top of the heap here, that he would be ranked higher.  And then you consider the heap that he is on top of.  SIgh.)

Kent:  The thing is that he’s the leader and has followers.  But he’s also involving politics.  The Butcher didn’t stoop to that level.  I want to give him credit for being a mastermind, but this has been so over the top that the credibility isn’t what you would like it to be.  Until further notice, he’s still in last, but has potential to move past Butcher and maybe the aliens from season 2.


Were You Kentertained by this particular episode?

Melanie:  Eh, not really.  

Kent:  This episode was a step down from the previous 2-3 weeks.  It answered so many questions, but knowing that everything is real and not in Ally’s head has really lost a lot of luster.  They turned the scope back to politics.  Then there was the whole editing thing due to Vegas.  That whole thing was a bunch of horseshit.  If you are traumatized by violence at this point in time, it’s understandable, most people are empathetic to your plight, but use some fucking common sense and don’t watch a TV series titles American Horror Story.  Don’t be a fucking idiot.   I’m miserable and cranky.  No, I can’t say that I was Kentertained this week, but I look forward to next week in the spirit of optimism! (Melanie:  I watched the unedited one, you didn’t really miss much.)

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:5 “Holes”

We seem to be making progress this season and it’s nice.  While I am in the midst of my horror filled month, I am still trying to best to keep my AHS posse happy.  I wish I had more to say, but I am way behind, so please enjoy this blog.  Leave a comment letting Melanie, Teddy, and Cece know that you appreciate their hard work  Leave me a comment to tell me how bad I am at doing this.

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  1.  Will Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) inevitably do something that makes her lose her position or power in the group/cult?

Melanie:  I don’t think anyone is safe.  

Teddy:  I feel like that brashness is gonna come back to bite her in the ass like it did with Meadow.  (Kent: That makes the most sense to me.)

Cece:  No. I think she’s beginning to be the driving force for Kai right now. She keeps him level.

Kent:  She still doesn’t have her name in the main credits.  Right now, she is being built up as a power player in the group.  That tells me that she’s gon’ get got within the next 2-3 episodes.


  1.  Is Meadow in serious danger or is this possibly a ploy to mess with Ally?

Melanie:  Meadow is in serious danger.  She disagreed with Kai’s wishes.

Teddy:  yeah she legit flipped face after dropping the knowledge of the cult to Ally.

Cece:  At first I thought it was maybe a ploy. But then when she mentioned about the cult stuff, I realized, this isn’t a lure tactic.

Kent:  I thought it was a ploy.  Then she mentioned Ivy as part of the group, and then I thought, geez, that would make the ploy all the better.  I feel that she’s in danger, but I am always wrong, so I am sticking with a ploy crafted by Ivy.


  1.  Did you want the group to try to break the nails in the head record on R.J.?

Melanie:  No.  The whole scene was so awful.  

Teddy:  I’m not a squeamish person but that scene was hard to watch…

Cece:  Of course. I was waiting on it.  (Kent: I’m still waiting…)

Kent:  That was the hope and the dream.  They did a good job in filming that scene.  I enjoyed Harrison informing IVY that she had to hold it to his head.  It made me chuckle for whatever reason.  Don’t judge me.


  1.  Was Kai right that R.J. had to die?

Melanie:  No.  But he doesn’t like when people feel bad, so in his mind he deserved it.  

Teddy:  I mean honestly prior to I thought it was Ivy going to be the one who gets it. The other guy at least partook in the activities whereas Ivy ran away and puked

Cece: I mean, probably in that circumstance. But, Ivy showed great weakness too. I see her going next.

Kent:  I have really been dwelling on this.  How much more stuff needs to be filmed?  Yes, you need people that are unquestionably committed to the cause.  If you have stuff to film, you need a good cameraman since the videos are a HUGE part of the plan so far.    I think that he could have lived, and it was more about Ivy than it was RJ.


  1.  Do you think Kai still views Ivy as weak?

Melanie:  He views everyone as weak.  (Kent: I wonder who he views as strong, like as role models.)

Teddy:  I mean if she didn’t pull that trigger she would’ve caught a few nails herself. Also why if she is there why the fuck is chaz bono also there?? Don’t they hate each other??

Cece:  He should. I did.

Kent:  With that haircut, absolutely.


  1.  Why did Bob Thompson have a gimp in his attic, and did it make you think of Pulp Fiction?

Melanie:  Because he is obsessed with nipples.  It did not make me think of Pulp FIction.  (Kent: Nipples have become quite the talking point of blogs this month oddly enough.  Glad to keep the trend continuing.)

Teddy:  I mean did anyone expect less from a guy openly fucking a news reporter and showing clear favoritism?

Cece:  I didn’t think of Pulp when I actually saw the gimp. But I did think it when he mentioned it. Who the fuck knows why he was there. Apparently Bob is a real freak.  (Kent: I thought you, out of everybody, would have jumped on that one.)

Kent:  I would suggest that Bob once met Tarantino in person and was inspired.  Obviously, I envisioned the whole scene as it’s one of my all time fav scenes.


  1.  The title of this episode was “Holes”.  What was the most important hole in this episode?

Melanie:  Many different reasons, but the way this season is going I think it was because Ryan Murphy found a hole in his sock.  (Kent: I hope that is in the commentary on one of the blu rays.)

Teddy:  Idk man most important would’ve been meadow since A. She was still alive and NOT dead, and B. She dropped the cult bomb

Cece:  Ya know, there were so many. I think maybe the hole that RJ left in the group. If you mean physically, his head was the best.

Kent:  There are so many ways to take it, and that makes me think of the Gimp’s hole, but that’s just lewd.  Meadow being in the hole seemed to be the most important thing to me, but I also enjoyed the dream.


  1.  We have now seen a glimpse into Kai’s home life prior to being the leader of this clown posse.  Did the backstory make Kai’s character any more sympathetic to you?

Melanie:  Yes, but they always make you feel feelings for the main antagonist.  Also, this explains why he is bat shit crazy.  

Teddy:  Not even. The psycho isnt something developed. It’s something that’s always there. This just made it worse.  (Kent: I gotta disagree.  The psycho is sure as shit crafted from a young age.)

Cece:  Not at all. Sure, his dad was a piece of shit. But this doesn’t mean he needed to become one as well. He could have left town and started over as a better person.  (Kent: Doesn’t mean that he has to be, but this is a normal cycle, which probably happens more often than it doesn’t.  Think about all of the piece of shit abusive fucks in the world.  By now, that shit should have been weeded out, but it’s a cycle.)

Kent:  I think it did for me.  I needed to know what made him tick.  Maybe some of that stuff hit a little too close to home for me.  I loved the whole idea of locking them in the bedroom as well.  


  1.  We now know that Kai, Winter, and Dr. Rudy Vincent are all siblings.  Does this cement the thinking that Rudy is in on  this with Kai’s group in some capacity, working together?

Melanie:  I did not see that coming at all.  It makes so much sense now.   (Kent: Yeah, I didn’t see them being siblings.  I’m not sure many people really did.)

Teddy:  I fucking called this from a mile away xD. If he is psycho enough to come up with the parent cover up then he is def in on it. Also I’m pretty sure that he is giving Kai pills

Cece:  Absolutely. I called it from way early on.

Kent:  It makes the most sense, but in all fairness, it was something being discussed from the first episode, so this surprises nobody, but further solidifies the theory in people’s minds.  At this point, the bigger twist would be that he’s actually a good guy.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Do you think that if Ryan Murphy hadn’t been so heavy handed with the politics in the season premiere, that perhaps more people would be watching this show at the moment?

Melanie: I think more people would enjoy the season.   

Teddy:  I don’t think so. People went in expecting way more politics (Remember it was “gonna” be called election night). I feel this show has politics in it but its only minute, such as the occasional jill stein reference or Chaz Bono’s MAGA hat.  (Kent: As a person who loathes politics, I can say that you are glossing over a bunch of shit.  It’s there, still, and it’s heavy handed.)

Cece:  I think so, yeah. The show has definitely gotten much better over the past 2 weeks.

Kent:  Ratings haven’t been kind.  People aren’t as excited this season.  Even the people that I talk to most about this show all seem to have a similar downtrodden way of speaking when the show is brought up.  I think Ryan Murphy over thought it, received bad advice, or was forced by FX to do it that way.  I don’t know who to blame, but it was a terrible decision.  I can say that because we have had 2-3 decent episodes now, but is anybody really excited or jovial when discussing the show?  Nope, still morose.  (Teddy: I think Roanoke was what caused this not necessarily the politics in the show)  To address Teddy, Roanoke caused a lot of bad shit that they have not recovered from, unfortunately.


  1.  If you could get to know one of the characters better, one that we have seen in the first 5 episodes, who would it be and why?

Melanie:  I really want to know more about the lady drinking wine in the background.  What kind is she drinking?  Does she recommend it?  (Kent: She recommends it, absolutely.)

Teddy:  Winter. She is probably my favorite character so far. Well aside from not rolling up her sleeves in the tub diddle scene xD

Cece:  I guess the answer would be Kai. I want to know more about what drove him to be the way that he is. I want to understand what he thinks and how he thinks.

Kent:  Beverley Hope intrigues me as does Dr Rudy.  I admit that Adina has a role that I am enjoying…finally.  I am sure we will get more on Rudy.  So my answer is Meadow because she is such a fascinating character to me.


Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  Yes, but only because the previous episodes were shite!!

Teddy:  I would say it’s picking up but I think last weeks episode did it more for me.

Cece:  Yes. Absolutely. It’s picking up and I am enjoying the gore/horror elements better.

Kent:  Every episode is better than the last in my opinion.  Right now, things are going well, so yes, quite Kentertained.  

At the end of this blog, there will be a TLDR version of what I wrote for your millennial reading pleasure.

American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:4 – “11/9”

This week gave us a lot of background info on the event that led up to the first 3 episodes.  Narratively, I would suggest that it was the best episode so far.  That’s still not saying much and this would have been the worst episode of season 1 comparatively, so lots of work to go.  Meanwhile, I would like to thank Melanie, Cece, and Teddy for stopping by to offer their insight and humor me by answering my inane questions.  I want to give a shout out to a former contributor who hasn’t shown her face all season, Kelly, who apparently was too busy, something to do with getting married and that being a higher priority than writing on this prestigious blog.  Pfft, I don’t get it either.  Anyway, congrats Kelly and Darrin and hopefully she will reappear so we can squabble like children.  Finally, any comments in the blog in bold are from Kent unless otherwise noted..

Melanie took some time out of her schedule last weekend to discuss the first 3 episodes of this season with Kent on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast, so please give that a listen.

Episode #77 – AHS Cult Discussion With Melanie Part 1

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The 9

  1.  Do you feel that having this episode earlier in the season or at least parts of the episode earlier could have helped the narrative better, or was it best to have the first 3 episodes to establish what was happening?

Melanie: I think the first three episodes were intentionally unhelpful.  I feel like this is nothing new for Ryan Murphy and nothing makes sense for a few episodes and then BAM! He hits you with all you need to know.

Teddy:  I feel like the first few episodes are purely to make Ally seem crazy, and then build forward from there

Cece:  I like how it has gone so far. We needed an intro in real time and now this episode has been great to show a back story into things!

Kent:  This season needs all the help that it can get.  Adding some of these elements earlier in the season would have helped develop characters better, or at least adding intrigue to them.


  1.  Was Chaz Bono’s part an homage to Saw or just over the top storytelling?

Melanie:  Over the top.  I couldn’t watch it.

Teddy:  over the top to say the least.

Cece:  I loved it. Not over the top. It was psychologically wonderful.

Kent:  Over the top storytelling.  How fucking absurd was this shit?  How much did I enjoy it still?  Significantly!


  1.  Does this mean that all of the clowns that we saw in the first 3 episodes were real?  Does that change your outlook on those episodes in hindsight?

Melanie:  They are real. It validated my feeling that Meadow was the small female dominatrix clown.

Teddy:  the three clowns are real, and I’m pretty sure it’s kai, meadow, and harrison. Also shows that everyone is in on it.

Cece:  I don’t think they were real necessarily. I mean, they’re there, yes, but I don’t think they were there when she was ‘seeing them’.

Kent:  It appears that clowns were, in fact, having sex in the produce section.  This somehow makes the season premiere all the worse to me.  All of my theories are pretty much ruined, aside from the Joker and the gas.  Next week they will probably ruin that one for me too.  Thanks Ryan Murphy….dick.  (Melanie:  So, reading your answer I went back to the scene. The clown receiver was wearing a yellow thong-I think it is the silver haired cop.  He looks like a bright yellow banana hammock fan.)


  1.  Emma Roberts returned to AHS only to promptly be killed.  Was this a total waste of a great talent?  Yes, I said great, deal with it.

Melanie:  I was glad after she let her boss diddle her nipple like that. EWWW!  

Teddy:  oh man watching her get knifed must’ve been poetic for Evan peters lol, idk I dont think she is too great a talent so I’m not gonna miss her

Cece:  Meh. I loved how they already killed her off! Her character was a slut with no talent.

Kent:  Absolutely huge waste of star talent and beauty.  She’s the hottest chick in the show so far, and probably will be for the season.  I know it’s terrible for a straight white male to want eye candy in this day and age, but I still want something pretty to look at.  I really enjoy her acting though if I am being honest.  She’s great in the bitch role and would have done great in the world of wrestling.


  1.  The pussy grabbing video, funny or not funny?

Melanie: I chuckled a bit.

Teddy:  it’s as annoying as the actual people who did it in real life, I did like that they “songified” it though.

Cece:  Not funny. The fact that they auto tuned it was funny to make nod at today’s YouTube shit, but the actual dudes doing it so much. Stupid and annoying.

Kent:  I laughed.  It was annoying, gratuitous, and summed up the past few years of what society deems as cutting edge art.  


  1.  Did this episode give you a deeper appreciation for Kai’s character?

Melanie:  No, it just showed that he is a master manipulator.

Teddy:  I mean the stuff he said in the episode made sense to me, which means that he is good at being a manson character. It does make view his character as a good one (better than roanoke EP for sure)

Cece:  Not necessarily. He definitely is super smart and fucking charismatic. But, he is definitely a Charles Manson.

Kent:  Absolutely.  It’s easy to see why people would align themselves with him.  He found the easiest targets and went to work.  That’s how cults start, and despite what you would think after seeing this terrible season, thinking that it was AHS: Election or AHS: Down With The Clowns, no it’s actually AHS: Cult.  This provides me with hope.


  1.  Who’s the better character: Harrison or Meadow?

Melanie:  Harrison, one liners are my jam.

Teddy:  Harrison, Meadow seemed only thirsty for dick while Harrison actually is a well defined character.

Cece:  I like them both, to be honest. I feel for both of them. However, they’re obviously weak minded and Kai got them when they were down the most.

Kent:  Harrison has been given more to work with, but I admit, I have a certain fondness for Meadow, and I have no idea why.  I really don’t, but I look forward to her now.  Her line about how she shouldn’t be allowed to vote just struck me as brilliant.  It’s so nice to have some self awareness, and the reality, most people voting aren’t educated enough to make a good decision.  I would guess that over 70% of the people voting wouldn’t pass the test.


  1. So Ivy worked with Winter prior to being hired as the nanny.  Are we going to find out that Ivy has played a more sinister role in what we have seen play out, or was this a one time thing?

Melanie:  My first thought was that she is a clown and wants to put Ally in a psychiatric facility and be with Winter.  Ladies who don’t roll up their sleeves really butters Ivy’s bread.    

Teddy:  at this point I feel like the only people not involved is Ally and the kid.

Cece:  I believe Ivy, and every other single person we’ve really seen so far, will all be a part of the big picture. And all of this is coming down on Ally.

Kent:  I hope they go balls out and have Ivy just be a big bad bitch.  I would thoroughly enjoy this.  I like seeing this.  The more evil characters, the better.


  1.  Did this episode make you wonder how much of the season has been dedicated to simply mindfucking Ally?

Melanie:  Yes

Teddy:  this episode is on intense therapy session aimed at getting Ally past all of her phobias. Starting to believe the whole “in her head” theory.

Cece:  Yes. I believe like I mentioned above, that this whole season is going to be based on fucking with Ally’s head so damn bad.

Kent:  It makes me wonder, how many people are actively trying to fuck with her, and did she do something more sinister in the past that deserves this much attention and terrorizing.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Is this the first season of AHS where they have started to say “fuck” and not have it censored?

Melanie:  This much yes, but not the first season.

Teddy:  FCC seems to be getting more lax for shows lately…I remember when you couldn’t even say bitch on TV without a beep lol

Cece:  I don’t think so, actually. If I remember right, they did it in Roanoke too.

Kent:  I think so, but I am not sure.  I am just looking for confirmation.  If you simply binged it on NetFlix, your response may not be accurate.

  1.  Who was the star of the episode for you?

Melanie:  Anyone drinking wine in the background.

Teddy:  Kai for sure…but dude can I just scrub the jacking off in the shower scene from my mind?

Cece:  Kai. Duh. Evan Peters knows how to creep me out, yet turn me on at the same time. Talented boy, he is!

Kent:  Chaz Bono in all of his greatness.  Good for him!  A lot of people stood out, even Adina Porter to an extent.

Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  EH…

Teddy:  Waaaaaaaaaaaaay Better this week than all the other episodes combined

Cece:  Yes, finally! A good episode. I hope it continues to go this way.

Kent:  Yes….I finally liked an episode.  Took way too long, but it finally happened.

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:3 – “Neighbors From Hell”

Well, at least this episode did some stuff, so that’s what we’re here to discuss.  We had exploding pets, nude men looking for lesbians, sombreros, a sweet opening with coffins, video footage of a sleeve getting moist, and a chemical truck.  That is something.  Anyway, I wanna thank Melanie, Cece, and Teddy for stopping by to offer their insight and humor me by answering my inane questions.  Finally, any comments in the blog in bold are from Kent.

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  1.  Give me your thoughts on the opening scene with the coffins.

Melanie:  The therapist is taking his patients being cured really hard.

Cece: It was kind of a cool way to start the episode.

Teddy:  made me hella suspicious of the therapist.  (It was the moment where the writers were like “Hey, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this therapist guy is going to have a bigger role”.)  

Kent:  It felt like an opening that you would have gotten from season’s past, if that makes any sense.  It was quick, to the point, and cool.  I miss that sort of thing happening more frequently.


  1.  What do you make of the chemical truck?  What do you think that they are spraying?

Melanie:  Is it wine? I hope it is wine.  (Oh man, I hadn’t considered that but I am totally in favor of it being wine!) 

Cece: Truck was weird. I think they were spraying some sort of hallucinogen.  (So you are also on board with my Joker gas.  See people, I’m not 100% crazy.)

Teddy:  they were clearly spraying gmo’s that turn people into clowns (bet thats what Ally legit believes xD) (If that happens, I would laugh, and be incredibly sad at the same time.)

Kent:  I feel that The Joker is behind all of this.  Yes, Ryan Murphy has made a deal with DC and that’s what we are seeing.  I guess it could be the Riddler, but the Joker seems more likely.  In all seriousness, this is actually the most interesting subplot so far for me.


  1.  The detective that has been at Ally and Ivy’s place numerous times, Jack Samuels, is also friends with the “Neighbors From Hell”, Meadow and Harrison.  Give me your thoughts on this.

Melanie:  The detective is Harrison’s boyfriend or someone he wants to be his boyfriend.

Cece: He is Harrison’s boy toy and he is also part of what I think is the cult forming.

Teddy:  I believe that everyone including the cop and the therapist are part of this cult. I believe they’re torturing Ally and her wife due to the coffee spilling incident with Kai (he’s already shown how vindictive he is)  (This reminds me of the ludicrous plot to the remake of Shaft with Samuel L Jackson.  Basically the whole plot revolves around a guy’s lunch or dinner being spilled on him.  As always, I am up for randomness.)

Kent:  Jack is Harrison’s buddy with a butt.  More importantly, Jack has some good connections and will hopefully be involved with the clowns giving them a big time “inside guy” in certain capacities.  He could be a big character.


  1.  How does Kai have that much control over the protesters, that he can simply say “enough” and they all scatter?

Melanie:  He paid them.

Cece: I think Ryan Murphy was making a nod at all the ‘paying protestors’ stuff that is happening in today’s political climate. So, I believe Kai paid them. (Teddy gets credit for realizing this, although, I agree)  (Alright, then your answer is disqualified.  You get the consolation prize.  teddy moves on to the next round.)

Teddy:  I told cece last night that its a reference to the real world claims of paid protesters. Kai is trying to either groom or terrorize Ally

Kent:  I got nothing.  Everything about it was inane.  Even if the paying protesters thing is legit, think about how fucking dumb that shit is.  The reality of it, baffles me.  I’m also apparently the only person who didn’t know that paying protesters was a legitimate thing.  I don’t watch the news when at all possible.


  1.  Was the microwave scene a little too much or over the top for your tastes?

Melanie:  I was still focused on the terrible way the boy said I would rather be saying goodbye to you from the previous scene.  (Yeah, that was a pretty awful thing as well.  He’s still my #2 fav character so far.)

Cece: I mean, it is what it is. It didn’t bother me as much as it could have, but the idea was gross.

Teddy:  I bet peta has an annuerism from this. Personally, I hate guinea pigs xD while I would never do this, I wasn’t heart broken

Kent:  Over the top for me considering how this season has played out.  In other seasons, an exploding guinea pig would fit right in.  Over the top for the sake of being over the top rather than caring about the story.  It’s like jump scares in a movie just for the sake of having a jump scare that doesn’t add any value or merit to the film (cough…Insideous…cough cough).  Or Saw 7……in it’s entirety minus anything involving Cary Elwes.


  1.  Kai talked to Meadow and Harrison separately.  In the end, we know(assume) that something bad has happened to Meadow.  Was this Kai’s doing or somebody else’s?

Melanie:  I don’t think anything happened to Meadow.  (This answer intrigued me most of all. )

Cece: I believe since Kai spoke with Harrison, he was behind the incident but maybe not physically.

Teddy:  it was definitely Kai’s hand that gave the order. He is a very vindictive person as he shows time and time again.

Kent:  Kai seems to be the one in control, but I think he’s at best, second in command.  The real answer is in my response to #7.


  1.  Do you think that Dr. Rudy Vincent (Ally’s doctor) is a protagonist or antagonist in this season?

Melanie: He is both. He is working both sides of this terrible coin.   

Cece: I literally believe he is THE antagonist. We see Kai being the voice, but maybe he is the brains behind everything.  (Pet Peeve alert.  I’m sorry, but you used literally.  How does literally fit the sentence?  We are through the looking glass, people!  Literally has been so overused that people just flippantly toss it in to sentences and it makes zero sense.  Parents, punch your children in the face every time they utilize the term literally improperly.  This is a fight that we can win!  Also kick your children for improperly using the term epic.  Together, we can make a difference.)

 Teddy:  knowing people’s fears is definitely the doctor, but I feel like the doctor is still number #2 in the operation. Kai is this shows Manson and we all know how convincing Manson was to people  (Ahh, so you have the top 2 spots inverted from my theory.  I can see that working.  I would guess that Kai has been a patient and that’s why I think doc is the head honkey.)

Kent:  If this guy isn’t the lead puppet master in all of this, I am not going to be a happy Kent.  He knows who and how to manipulate.  He needs to be the leader.  Whether that makes him the antagonist or protagonist is beyond my cares.


  1.  Who was more inane in the moments after Oz showed his mom’s the video of WInter getting her sleeves wet: Ally or Ivy?

Melanie:  I was too busy staring at the sleeves to notice. Seriously, such a weird scene.  (The sleeves are going to be what I take away from this season first and foremost.)

Cece: Ally. Ivy had every right to be pissed off and leave.

Teddy:  i feel like Ally just felt like her fears were justified with all this shit going on

Kent:  Ivy saw all of 3 seconds and wasn’t hearing anything.  I get it, but it was foolish of her to at least not ask Ally, “Why didn’t she roll up her sleeve?”.  I get why most people are going to say Ally.  You just got caught in a bad situation and rather than try to explain what happened, you focus on the big issue at hand.  Seriously, what’s more important in that moment: hurt feelings over something that you don’t know the full story to OR the fact that somebody is recording shit in your house and mother fuckers are dying left and right in your neighborhood?  Women, they’re silly in times of crisis.


  1.  Are Ally and Ivy the worst TV parents of the past 5 years?  

Melanie:  Nope not even close.  (Ohhhh, this is something that we must discuss on the podcast.  I don’t watch enough TV to offer alternatives.)

Cece: I mean, maybe. I truly believe Ivy has done nothing wrong though, and frankly, I feel bad for her.  (She’s certainly not very firm in the least bit.)

Teddy:  Ally is the worst person ever, i feel like she is gonna pass Kai in the crazy scheme. Ivy needs to take her boy and gtfo

Kent:  Rick and Laurie Grimes have held this prestige for awhile, season 2 of TWD was a fuckeroo in parenting.  I know, let’s all blame ally.  She killed wrestling hall of famer, Pedro Morales, in front of her kid.  I get it.  She should have stayed with Oz rather than simply telling him to wait somewhere because clearly he doesn’t get punished much so he is gonna do whatever he wants, due to shitty parenting.  The fact is, Ivy is becoming aware that she is married to a fuckig whacko, and she should have never left Ally alone in such a situation.  Also, this is why I am so glad that I do not have kids.  Also also, seriously, Pedro Morales????  Look him up.  He’s a wrestling great.  You could have gone with anything aside from Morales and Martinez and been fine.  


Bonus Deuce


  1.  Do you think that AHS is going downhill due to Ryan Murphy spreading himself too thin with American Crime Story as well Scream Queens and Feud?

Melanie:  Downhill, no. Boring as fuck, yes.

Cece: I don’t think it’s going downhill because he’s working on other shows. I think he just needs to go back to his earlier seasons in the fictional style. No more real-time. I watch TV to escape real life. But also, I respect him for doing it this way. It just doesn’t play out like his Hotel and back seasons.

Teddy:  i dont believe this is the case at all. Hollywood and actors usually have too much down time in between projects and I feel like he is just keeping busy.  (I think downtime is absolutely needed when it comes to the creative process as a writer or actor.  That shit takes a HUGE ass toll that the common viewer often is like “Well it’s their fucking job, so just do it and move on” but often, you engulf your whole life into certain projects, so the break is needed.  Otherwise you just become Nic Cage.)

Kent:  I liken this to what happened with Seth MacFarlane.  He finally gets to come back with Family Guy, Then, a year or two later, he gets to make American Dad.  Shortly after that, he is allowed to make The Cleveland Show.  So here’s what happened, Family Guy’s quality went down big time around seasons 7 and 8.  American Dad stayed pretty great throughout.  Cleveland had one good season out of 4, the rest were hit and miss.  Some great episodes, but it didn’t last long for obvious reasons.  Of course this is hurting AHS.  Take a mental break.  The past 2 seasons have not been nearly as good as Hotel, not anywhere close.  If you think about it, it’s not like Hotel was GREAT as far as the overarching story, but what it lacked in that regard, it made up for in really great characters.  We are missing great characters.


  1.  Would you be okay if the ending of this season showed that this has all been imagined by Ally as she is currently in a mental ward?  

Melanie:  Sure. Whateves at this point.  (Great, I got Melanie and her bottles of wine on board.)

Cece: I think that would be cool as hell, but I don’t think that will happen. I think it’s really going on.  

Teddy:  I feel like it would be a big fuck you to all the other characters in this show.  (Like this season already isn’t a big enough fuck you.  I say reach for the biggest fuck you that they can offer.  I doubt they can outdo the finale of Roanoke, but I would love to see them try.)

Kent:  This would be the saving grace.  I’m not going to spell it out for you, but go ahead and watch the past 3 episodes and think about it.  Ally is in a mental ward.  She sometimes is willing to talk to the doctor, but not always.  She has to deal with a crazy nude guy.  She has a phobia of clowns.  Maybe the election pushed her over the edge.  All of this could tie together so well.  No, it won’t happen.  BOOOOOO!

Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  No

Cece: Meh. It was a bit more exciting than last week, but, it looks to be getting better as per next week’s preview!

Teddy:  I feel like there was alot going on in this episode at least in the murder sense so thats a plus.

Kent:  Well at least Ryan Murphy delivered the man ass.  Seriously, what took so long?  Best episode of the season, no doubt.  With that being said, I was bored more often than enthralled unfortunately. I’m close, but not quite there yet.  So nay, I am not Kentertained.  Bring back the nude guy, name more people after pro wrestlers, give me more HLA in bathtubs, some female nudity, and more Evan Peters slapping bitches, and we may have something here!

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of the FX Network, Ryan Murphy, and whoever else is involved.

American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:2 – “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Edition

The group is back to discuss this week’s AHS.  So far, not a lot of positivity going around,  but even worse, not much of a plot.  I sense some of us are struggling to truly enjoy this season like we have in season’s past.  Still, we will trudge on!  This week, we have Dom, Melanie, Cece, and Teddy helping out.   I should note that this isn’t the typical 9 Deuce blog because there’s not enough substance for us to answer that many questions on a week to week basis.  Finally, any comments in the blog in bold are from Kent.

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1  Was Ally on the verge of cheating on Ivy with Winter in the tub?

Melanie:  I was more concerned with Winter not rolling up her sleeves.  (Yeah, you bring up a great point and it really bothered me in a weird way.)

Dom:  Yes.

Cece: Yes. It was gross.  (Why gross?  It was fantastic!)

Teddy: she was definitely being groomed by the nanny

Kent:  My little head thought so, so my big head is going to concur.


  1. Was that the most ridiculous bathroom that you have seen in a TV show?

Melanie:  I thought this bathroom was amazing and one I want to have…therefore the most extra bathroom in AHS history.

Dom:  Sure.  I don’t have a bathroom fetish or anything so I don’t stalk shows to see the bathroom layout but hey I’ll say yes  (Are you implying that I have a bathroom layout fetish?  If so, you may be on to something.  Seriously, the room deserves recognition damnit!)

Cece: I can’t recall. Probably the ones in AHS. They’re all fun!

Teddy: omfg that bathroom is soooooooo extra  (Millennial talk right there.)

Kent: I am struggling to think of a more unique bathroom, but I got nothing.  I am hoping others think of better examples.  Just the layout was incredibly unique to me.  Also, I have no idea why 2 people used the term extra, and I’m not going to ask why.


  1.  Did the guy with the ladle seriously think that he was going to win the fight against Pedro, who had a knife?

Melanie:  Machismo is a strange animal.  (Especially with ladles, so strange.)

Dom:  It’s not the size but how you use it. Nah, it’s always about size.  (That was an impressive ladle, I’ll give you that.  How one can use it, well, I’m at a loss and may not want to know of the varieties that one can use it for.)

Cece: Nah. But then again, he’s white, so he probably thought so…  (If he was black, would he have not tried using a ladle?  What utensil would he have used?)

Teddy: he was just another asshole feeling empowered by the political climate.  (I assume it was warm in there.)

Kent: In the moment, his anger blinded his thinking, I think.  That or he thought it would be “Everybody beat up the Pedro day”.  Kinda silly scene in a show that has been chock full of them.


  1.  Give me your thoughts on the new neighbors.

Melanie:  Love them! Billy Eichner is hysterical. (I had no idea who he was, then I looked him up and know his voice from Bob’s Burgers.  Apparently I’m the only person who is not familiar with his work.)

Dom:  I keep waiting for him to be nasty as he is in Difficult People.  And then I’m so waiting for the “teens” from Popular to show up.  But so far I like ‘em  (I’ve never heard of these shows that you are referring to.  Yes, I live under a rock.  I showed you that on Sunday.)

Cece: I love Billy Eichner. And he’s playing a good role. I think they’re a little odd but fun.  (Odd but fun is a good representation so far, which is cool.)

Teddy: I love the irony in making Billy Eichner a gun toting right-winged person (he has a staunch stance against it irl) also Kent she doesnt like to touched due to her cancer (billy explained it)  (A moment of honesty.  I was falling asleep during it, which also probably explains just how bad my questions are this week.  Thank you for the head’s up, I totally forgot that was mentioned.)

Kent:  I found them interesting at the very least.  I liked how they didn’t mind just saying whatever.  I am curious if she also gets a free weekend to get her sex on, or if only he gets the weekend.  I am curious how the bees will play a role in this season.  Most importantly, this just seems like a convenient way for Murphy to include man ass, probably on a homoerotic content.  Meanwhile we have lesbians and I doubt we will see a single female butt cheek or breast.  We (Me) demand equal opportunity!


  1. Ally killed Pedro. We all saw that coming….right? Name another death in the AHS franchise that was obviously foreshadowed.

Melanie:  I having a hard time thinking of one in particular. This season has zapped all of my excitement from the show. 

Dom:  My desire to keep watching.  I’m sooooo sick of this clown thing. MOVE ON Already.  ( and are we sure he’s dead?)

Cece: Probably Elsa Mars in Freakshow.  (That is a good one.  I almost chose Fiona in Coven.)

Teddy: I call a lot of things in this show. Its what I do. I would say biggest foreshadow for me was Wes Bently in hotel being the killer.  (Yeah, I nailed that prediction during the first episode, which people can vouch for and call it a “lucky guess”, which it totally was.  He was the only one that made sense if you only watch the first episode though.)

Kent: Myrtle Snow in Coven.  I loved that scene!


Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie:  Nope

Dom:  This is so slow moving.  And again Stop. With.  The. Clowns.

Cece: Meh. It was kinda boring and annoying.

Teddy: I don’t think it was boring but predictable to say the least

Kent: I wasn’t as irritated, but nothing really happened.  This was a typical second episode in a season.  Just stuff to build up the story.  We may get another 2-3 weeks of this before it picks up.  Look at how long it took for Hotel to build up before it got great.    This still has potential, and it was less political at the very least.

There you have it ladies and gents.  Another week of people being relatively disappointed.  I hope that it picks up because I struggled to come up with questions this week.  I may have to lower the bar again if this nonsense keeps up.

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of the FX Network, Ryan Murphy, and whoever else is involved.