The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:15 “Worth”

This week, Negan returns to Sanctuary to clean up the Simon and Dwight mess.  Michonne makes one final plea to Negan with a Carl letter.  Aaron makes progress with Oceanside, like anybody truly gives a damn.  Eugene is kidnapped and then gets himself out of aforementioned kidnapping.  Finally, Gregory mans up!  All of this and more in this week’s blog.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  How do you feel about Simon’s demise?  It happened at the hands of Negan rather than Jadis.  

Bob:  It was appropriate.  It followed the chain of command. (There’s a reason why he’s the #2 and not #1, right?)

Bitty:  LOVED IT! I liked how it was a hand to hand fight. We really see more of Negan’s strength this way.  (I demand to see more hand to hand fighting now that we know it’s an option.)

Chris:  I expected Jadis to get to kill him, but I was satisfied with his death.  It made a Negan look like such a badass that he actually let Simon fight for control.  (The fact that Jadis didn’t get it is very interesting.  Is that a sign that she isn’t important enough to get that kill, or is it that she has much bigger fish to fry?  I hope it is the latter. If the time jump happens, I can see her in the big role next season.)

Kent:  This was something that we just don’t see enough in this show.  2 bad ass dudes just duking it out. While Simon probably felt like he had nothing to lose and Negan had some credibility to potentially lose.  Negan once again proved why he is the leader.


  1.  Laura is the one who got in Negan’s car the previous episode.  Was this reveal satisfying to you?

Bob:  It was a very nice shock.  I like Dwight but that was fantastic.  (It was a nice shock, you’re right.  We don’t get enough of those, so I was pleased to be surprised.)

Bitty:  Yes, I had forgotten all about it. I was thinking it’d be Gregory but kinda got disappointed that Negan would pick him up and not run him over.  (Yeah, i totally forgot about Laura too, I admit to that.)

Chris:  Yes. The only other option, in my opinion, was Gregory.  This adds a whole new level of intrigue to the finale. Rick and co. are now walking into a trap and Dwight doesn’t look like he can help them.  (It could have been Heath I suppose, but logic told us that Gregory seemed likely.  I miss Heath.)

Kent:  Incredibly satisfying because as much as I like Dwight’s character arc, it was making a mockery of Negan to an extent.  Negan runs a tight ship and we are led to believe that his bullshit meter is top of the line, so it felt weird that he never caught on to Dwight.  Tara better be sacrificing herself to save Dwight damnit!!


  1.   Did you think Dwight was going to get away with his betrayal?  What will Dwight’s punishment ultimately be, or will he escape punishment?

Bob:  He’ll escape.  Tara will save him.  I still will not mourn Tara. (I can see him escaping, but I don’t know how.  This one seems like a convenient TWD escape that makes no sense.)

Bitty:  His betrayal came one episode too early for my liking. I was surprised that I actually felt bad for him. Dwight will die in a moment where he saves Daryl. (Yes, saving it would have been preferred by me as well.)

Chris:  I thought he would reveal his betrayal in the finale.  From the preview it looks like he’s getting the Daryl treatment.  Storyline-wise it makes absolutely no sense. Simon was killed for killing the trash people.  Dwight’s actions resulted in more Saviors dying, be he lives? (THANK YOU!  His betrayal cost plenty of his people’s lives just to save these assholes that started attacking them in the first place.  How he isn’t tortured and severely punished is beyond me.)

Kent:  He should be burned over and over again until he dies, but he will escape any severe punishment.  They can’t keep detracting too much more from the comics, can they?


  1.  Did this episode make things clearer or murkier in regards to your view on whose side Eugene is on?

Bob:  It was clear to me that Eugene feels safest with Negan.  And he feels valued. (That is the awkward thing.  Eugene stopped feeling valued the moment he revealed that he was living a lie.  Now, Negan values him and gives him control. I don’t blame him for whatever path he chooses.)

Bitty:  Murkier. Do you think Eugene would make bullets that would explode when they are fired, killing saviors?  (That seems to be the seed that they wanted to plant in our collective imaginations, I feel.)

Chris:  Murkier.  I was sure he was all Negan, but I got the vibe at the end that he’s gonna turn on him.  I can’t really offer a reason. Maybe what Rosita said to him made an impact. (Is there also a part of you still thinking that it has to be back on track with the comics at some point?)

Kent:  The Rosita and Daryl kidnapping scene serves no purpose if he doesn’t turn against the Saviors.  Otherwise, what purpose did it truly serve? I don’t really see an endgame otherwise. If Eugene kills Daryl though, I accept that.


  1.  What impact will Carl’s letter ultimately have on Rick?  What did Michonne hope to accomplish by reading Carl’s letter to Negan?

Bob:  Carl’s letter has produced a conflict in Rick, a moral check if you will.  Michonne just can’t leave well enough alone and got nosey. This is ultimately going to split Rick’s attention but since Rick is ..  unable to be killed..? Blah, I simply dislike every part of this dynamic. (I like everything about your answer.  I have nothing to add.)

Bitty: I’m so angry about the way Rick is acting. He really needs to listen to Carl. It was important that Negan hear out the letter. Michonne doesn’t want to keep fighting everyone either.  (It almost feels like RIck partially realizes just how deep he is into this war and feels that since he is indestructible, he can just win this.  It is not a good thing.)

Chris:  I think Rick ultimately does want peace, but I think he cannot contemplate that without killing Negan.  I think unlike the comics, Negan will die, but not from Rick. I think Michonne is just trying to stop the killing.  (I really fear for Negan’s life.  Really, do we even want to see Rick and Negan on the same side eventually?  I don’t think I do for the TV versions. Especially without Carl.)

Kent:  I think Rick will be fine next season and probably be the big hero.  I think Rick’s character needs that win after this season, probably more than anybody else.  I don’t know if Negan is surviving this one. Not much need for it, unfortunately. Michonne believes in Carl’s message more than either Rick or Negan and she needed to make that effort.


  1.  Did the Aaron in Oceanside territory add any intrigue whatsoever to the overall story in your opinion?

Bob:  No, it seemed very predictable to me.

Bitty:  It’s a stretch to reconnect Oceanside to the storyline.

Chris:  No. I like Aarons character (the scenes with him were great last week), but I just find the Oceanside characters really boring.

Kent:  I am glad that I am not the only one feeling zero connection to this inane community.  Their whole story has proved to be very pointless in my opinion. Oh, we had the Simon reveal, but none of this was needed.  Aaron is a good character. He deserves better. Oceanside is the proverbial square peg trying to be shoved into a round hole.


  1.  Did you like the reveal that Simon orchestrated the male massacre of the Oceanside community?

Bob:  I missed that.  (I had to rewatch it to understand it.  Don’t feel bad.)

Bitty:  why the hell do I miss these things?!!  (See my response to Bob.)

Chris:  Yes. It makes sense for the story.  As weird as it sounds, Negan wouldn’t kill all the men.  People are a resource. (Negan is the most rational leader in this show, aside from Jadis.  He values his group, even if it is for his personal gain.)

Kent:  I have wondered just how much of  a bad ass Simon is, and we have learned in the past few episodes what he is willing to do.  Simon is one of the best original characters on this show. Great arc for him.


  1.  Did you like Gregory’s confidence this week?  Is there any place left for Gregory, in your opinion?

Bob:  Haha, no. No.  I wouldn’t miss him. (Your answers makes me a sad panda.)

Bitty:  He should be working for Eugene. He was pretty comical this week.  (I love that idea.  Eugene and Gregory having a nice dialogue would be incredible.)

Chris:  I love Gregory!  He’s just an arrogant prick.  He’s always going to be working to try and thwart Maggie, and turmoil is good for the show.  I think Maggie will eventually let him out of his cage. (What I am loving more and more about gregory is that no matter how little power or control that he has, he still demeans people by not calling them their preferred name.  I don’t even like saying Maggie anymore. Margaret is a better name! He is hilarious.)

Kent:  Yes, obviously I would.  I have been down with Gregory since the beginning.  He is such a great actor and he has made Gregory such a fascinating character.  I hope that he never grows a pair though. Never change this guy to give him some convoluted arc.  Gregory has no place where he can be trusted. Although The Saviors may need a new leader soon.


  1.  Will Gabriel experience a miracle and make it out of this war alive?

Bob:  Sure, I will stick with his name meaning.  “God is my strength.” (I agree, and I like it.  If he does die, I just hope it is in some meaningful way.  He’s probably one of my 5 favorite characters remaining with Carl and Simon now gone.)

Bitty:  Gabriel is a confusing character. I haven’t seen a place for him since we first met him. (I loved him as Judith’s protector.  That was my favorite role for him oddly enough.)

Chris:  Yes! His character is finally awesome.  They can’t kill him now. Plus, his death would be predictable.  I think if Eugene turns on Negan, he will rescue Gabriel. (Well, Eugene saves some characters in the comic…..I think.  My memory sucks. So Eugene saving Gabriel would be a good thing.  Eugene needs a win too.)

Kent:  If anybody is going to have a miracle and not have the last name of Grimes, it feels like Gabriel is the perfect candidate.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  What was your favorite or least favorite Simon moment?

Bob:  When he took Gregory’s booze.

Bitty:  I became even more angry with him when he said they’d still go after the Hilltop.

Chris:  when he took Gregory’s painting!

Kent:  Anything between him and Gregory was pure gold.  Also, i loved that he wanted to fight Negan. It was ballsy.  But probably the booze thing is the best.


  1.  It is known that the TV series has veered significantly away from the comics.  Even if you don’t read the comics, I want you to consider this question. Is it better for a show or movie to stick close to the written material, or to drift off some and make it unique?


Bob:  TV should have it’s own story.  It’s a different media than comics.

Bitty:  I do not read the comics and I love this show. It’s a tough balance for the creators and writers. They are trying to appeal to everyone

Chris:  Make it unique.  Half the people who watch the show don’t read them.  I read them, and it would be boring if ev (I don’t believe that Chris’ sentence got saved, but we can safely assume where he was going with this one.)

Kent:  I like the TV show to drift.  My complaint is that when they really do something great in the comic, try to stick to that stuff, like Carl and Negan.  I didn’t feel that Glenn had to die at the lineup. I felt it could have been a few other people, notably Maggie.Still, because of the TV show veering, we have Carol and Morgan still alive, we had a Merle, Daryl, Simon, and others that have been wonderful.  


Final Thoughts – Make any final predictions for how things go down in the Season finale next week.  Have fun.

Bob:  A lot of cliff hangers with no conclusions.

Chris:  Eugene’s bullets will backfire, taking the Saviors off guard.  Team Rick will rally to win after Dwight escapes. Lucille is destroyed, leaving Negan destitute and ready to be executed by Rick.  Rick raises his hatchet to a kneeled Negan, ready to strike him down, but instead throws his hatchet into the ground. After reading Carl’s letter, Rick is a changed man.  Rick and Negan hug it out while Michonne says, “They did it for you Carl. They did it!” Morgan stabs Negan with his stick and says, “What the hell is wrong with all of you! Screw this, I’m leaving for FTWD!”

Kent:  Something big happens that causes Morgan to leave, which could be Rick sparing negan’s life or killing negan.  Tara, Dwight, or Daryl dies. Sherry returns. Dwight kills Laura. A lot of Oceanside gets wiped out.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:14 :Still Gotta Mean Something”

This week, Simon leads the Saviors to the Hilltop and we have biological warfare.  Tara, Tobin, and Kent are all attacked with varying results.  Rick doesn’t want to do much talking.  Henry is trying to be Carl Jr. and failing.  All of this and more in this week’s blog.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  We have seen Rick really turn out to be an interesting guy.  Did you agree with his decision to kill the Saviors who wanted refuge at Hilltop?

Bob:  I know in the moment we are more likely to say No no, that was bad.  However, I will stand by my former decision about taking prisoners at all.  Rick did what should have been done before. I am not even certain the converted Saviors are safe from Rick.  (Good call on the converted Saviors. Is anybody really going to say no to Rick Grimes if he wants to kill any of the leftover Saviors?  I doubt it.)

Bitty: It was unexpected that’s for sure. I want to agree I really do but I keep thinking that they need more people on their side. People are resources and he needs to see that.  (Here, we have the flip side to Bob’s perspective.  This is why Negan has such a huge army and Rick doesn’t.  Negan knows that people are resources.)

Chris:  I am torn.  Clearly not all the saviors are bad people.  He probably did the right thing, but went about it the wrong way.  (The hard part for me is to figure out what the “right” way would have been.)

Kent:  Really, what else was he supposed to do?  These Saviors are out for Rick’s blood and his group’s.  To the people with a mindset like Bitty’s, my question would be, how could he have trusted them, after they cleared that place out, is Rick going to trust them, or Morgan for that matter?  Still, for all of Rick’s aggression, where was that attitude towards any number of individuals that screwed his plan up last half season to unleash hell at Sanctuary? That’s the difference.  Negan would have punished Daryl and put him in line because he’s a good soldier. Rick doesn’t do anything. Also, the word resources has been used, but that’s really the biggest issue, a lack of food resources at Hilltop.  Now you want extra mouths to feed? Yikes.


  1.  Was Jared right all along?  Also, you can talk about his cool death scene.

Bob:  Haha, this scene was so very pleasing to me.  It was definitely a climax. I would get the sense that Jared would have been able to break free with the adrenaline rush but that is no match for mental health issues strength.  (You know I liked the character and yet I found the scene incredibly satisfying.  He outlived my expectations, so kudos to him.)

Bitty:  Jared was a Jerk. He couldn’t think past pleasing Negan. He also was “too far gone”. His death was intense for me. I had to look away when his face was torn off but when Morgan threw up his hands that was enough closure for me. (The whole pleasing Negan thing was always his problem.  I can’t imagine Simon or Dwight tried to suck up that much.  Jared was just a soldier or a thug, the heavy, never meant to be a leader.  I think he was delusional too.)

Chris:  Jared got a death he deserved.  That blank stare by Morgan though.  So cold…… Scarier than the flesh-eating zombies.  (The Morgan stare was incredible.  It was perfect. Lennie James never lets me down.)

Kent:  Jared was right in wanting to escape all along.  Jared was right in a lot of things. Jared was also delusional in thinking he was ,pre than just a cog in the wheel, a very unimportant cog in the wheel.  Still, he was a great “love to hate” character. His scenes with Richard were really some of the best stuff of season 7 in hindsight.


  1.  Is Henry the new Carl?

Bob:  No. That’s all the answer that deserves.  (I think you speak for a large majority of the audience.)

Bitty:  I really hope not. We just don’t know enough about him. Plus I’m getting annoyed with the same story line for Carol and the kids.  (Carol having to film a scene in the exact same location where Sophia was left, come one.  Callbacks are one thing. The same exact location was sloppy in my opinion. Carol deserves better.)  

Chris:  It’s looking that way, though I’m hoping I’m wrong.  His age is more appropriate for where Carl is during the war in the comics.  I don’t know if they are doing the whole thing with Alpha and Lydia next season, but Carl’s story is so important there.  (When I read your answer, it made me angry again.  It’s such a good story and you can picture Carol in Rick’s role in the comics to find Carl in that storyline.  I fear that is where they are going with it. That makes me sad and angry.)

Kent:  When Henry survives getting shot twice, grows his hair out, tells off his father figure, and eats a big ass can of pudding, we can talk.  Til then, oh helllll no!


  1.  What do you make of Jadis and the helicopter now?

Bob:  Jadis wants out and sitting around the garbage all day… I would know all the times and patterns that were occurring.  (Yeah, really, what else did she do during the time in the heap?  You would keep all kinds of mental notes I would assume.)

Bitty:  Love this! She knew the helicopter would come back and was ready for it. I’m curious about her living arrangements. Did they all live underground?  (I am going to say that she had dibs on this room, but there’s not a whole complex underground.  Of course, I could be wrong, I am thinking the budget for that wouldn’t be worth it. Cool idea to consider.)

Chris:  She clearly knew who they were.  Now I’m thinking the whole garbage people thing was just so people would never ask them any questions.  She clearly has access to nicer things (I.e that bedroom with all new fixtures.) (I really want an episode about only the Scavengers.  Like how they came to be and how they lived. I think that would be such a great episode, and way better than so many episodes last half season.)

Kent:  She knows way more than she let on and that is why her group always took the better deal in hopes of being left alone.  She’s got connections it would seem, and access to some cool stuff. It makes sense why The Scavengers flip-flopped so much.


  1.  Do you foresee Jadis and Negan working together again?

Bob:  I will say yes but what this REALLY made me think about was Rick and Negan coming together.  Negan seems to be able to have that effect. (Negan is all about bringing people together.  He’s just a lovable guy.)

Bitty:  No. I think we will loose Jadis at the end of this season. (I don’t like your attitude or your prediction.  She’s a survivor, she’s got Thug Life written all over her.)

Chris:  No, I get the impression that it was a one-off deal.  Plus there’s a good chance one or both of them will be dead by seasons end.  (OKay, 2 of you people predicting doom and gloom.  This makes me sad. The war has to end with some huge casualty though it would seem.  Was there on though in the comic? I really can’t recall.)

Kent:  Jadis and Negan will meet again down the road.  That’s the best I can offer at this moment.


  1.  Has Negan become more likeable than Rick?

Bob:  Yes. I began liking Negan after his episode with Carl.  He has brutal methods, a little beyond Hammurabi’s code but it gets the point across.  Negan is almost what we need in our snowflake society. (Yeah, we do need to toughen up a bit.  Also, I didn’t know who Hammurabi was, and I was hoping that he was a sidekick to MC Hammer, but his story was relatively interesting.  For those of you not familiar, here you go.)

Bitty:  We all know where I stand on this. I have always been a fan of Rick and his ideas but there have been moments in every episode where I see the light of Negan. It’s safe to say my hatred for Negan is less and less every season. (Before you know it, you’re going to be singing Little Richard’s “Lucille” on your way to work.  It’s going to happen.)

Chris:  He was always more likeable.  I mean who else could pull off saying ridiculous things like “What the shit?!?”  At the same time, he did brutally murder my favorite character, but I still blame Daryl for it.  It seems like every season Rick goes through the same moral crisis. He’ll Read Carl’s letter and now he’ll be Officer Friendly again.  (I enjoy Rick as Officer Friendly.  It’s just weird when he is the main character.)

Kent:  Negan may have always been more likable due to his charisma.  When was the last time that you got super excited at a Rick moment?  When he killed Gareth maybe? When he killed Porch Dick? I am seriously asking..


  1.  Why can’t Daryl, and to an extent Rosita, leave well enough alone?

Bob:  Who is Rosita?  And after thinking about Daryl of old…  Neither one of them are team players and are both just angry.  (This is a perfect display of Rick’s weakness.  He shouldn’t allow either of them to run roughshod the way that they do.)

Bitty:  They both need to stay busy. They are very similar, both out for a fight and both out to end the war. However they try to find a different angle every time. (They are the person in the room when everybody else agrees, they have to be different just for the sake of being different I feel.  Like attention seekers of the apocalypse.)

Chris:  It seems the show has to have someone wanting to kill Dwight at all times.  Daryl has become too whiny this season. While I’m not the biggest fan of his, this season he’s been basically a throwaway character.  I think Rosita is justified in wanting to kill Eugene. He did betray them (or did he????) (The thing with Rosita is that SHE tried stepping up to get taken captive rather than Eugene when The Saviors took Eugene away after killing Spencer.  I hate how they did her character at times. I feel it must be difficult to portray her character.)

Kent:  Daryl is just mad because he hasn’t had a good storyline since we last heard Easy Street.  Rosita……I like that she wants to do stuff, I just hate her methods, basically. Just go attack and get killed or kill.  Just do something and end it.


  1.  Who do you like to see Carol paired up with the most?  I am not referring to a relationship because that is lame.  I simply mean as a person that she shares screen time with? You can go past or present if you choose.

Bob:  Negan.  His charisma and his cunning nature would be a very intriguing compliment to Carol’s viciousness and manipulative ways.  (Huh, you are right.  Have they ever met? I am thinking that they haven’t.  Negan would be enthralled by her I think.)

Bitty:  Carol needs to have more screen time with adults. I’d like to see her in charge with Maggie and the other lady from the Kingdom (not sure of her name).  (Not sure if you are referring to Dianne or Nabila.  I am fine with Carol and Dianne going out and doing some work.  They are both badasses. I want to have Nabila and Jerry in scenes together.)

Chris:  Merle. They would have some awesome conversations, and be an unstoppable killing machine!  I agree with the above comments. She is always put with kids. It would be nice to see her hanging around adults for a change.  (Yeah, that’s a guaranteed gold star.  I miss Merle so much. Makes me want to watch Hypothermia again, which was filmed not too far away from here on the Sacandaga Lake.)

Kent:  Ed……I kid I kid.   I think her and Abe could have been fun as hell because he’s funny and she has some witty lines.  Everybody chose well here. We all win.


  1.  Will Morgan remain on TWD past this season?

Bob:  No, let’s call it quits, he needs to be somewhere else.  (Awww, I want to keep him.  But somewhere else boosts a show that needs some serious boosting.)

Bitty:  I don’t see his character remaining on TWD. His story line has gone full circle now and he needs new material. (Will it truly be new material?  I am curious.)

Chris:  I think when this is over he has to leave for his own sanity.  I don’t think he’ll be back on TWD. He’ll be a good fit on FTWD.  (He actually is a good fit on Fear.  I’m very excited for it.)

Kent:  He’ll make a comeback on TWD.  Morgan was always meant to last until the very end.  Believe that.


Bonus Deuce


  1.  If Rick got bit, would he die?  

Bob:  This depends on whether or not he was bitten by a walker or not. 😉 (Goooo on….)

Bitty: If Rick got bit he’d have someone cut off whatever appendage got bit and not die. (He’d cut it himself.  He is gangster.)

Chris:  Well, since last week I suggested he might be immune, I guess I’ll go all in.  No, he won’t die. (I basically asked this for your theory’s benefit.  I feel I have done my job.)

Kent:  No, just no.  He’s like Hulk Hogan.  He does no job for a scrub.  Wrestlemania is tonight….brother!


  1.  We know that Morgan is going to be on Fear The Walking Dead.  First of all, do you watch that show? Secondly, will his time on the show send us back in time between the Clear episode and him tracking the group to Alexandria, or will it take place in present TWD time?

Bob:  I do watch FTWD.  I think Fear will just catch up on the timeline.  But it’s an interesting thought to think that big gap in time for Morgan on TWD would be him on Fear…

Bitty:  I only watched the first Season and couldn’t get into it. I may try again now that they are further into the apocalypse. I’m not sure if the timeline with FTWD so I’d like to say it’s in the present.

Chris:  Yes, Fear is awesome.  I think it will be present time, but I would think there would have to be a time-skip on Fear for it to make sense.  From where Morgan is now to where Fear takes place, pretty long walk.

Kent:  Yes I shall.  Back in time we go, although if you think about time frams, Fear Is close to caught up because TWD had 3&4 & 5 all close in months  Then 6 & 7 & 8 all happened close by. Think about it.


Final Thoughts – Aside from Simon, do you think we will get any other major character deaths between now and the end of the season (2 episodes remain)?

Bob:  Eugene.(BOOOOOO Bob BOOOOO.  They already killed one of the 2 most important people, so why not?)

Bitty:  The core crew will remain but we will most likely see Jadis and Gabriel die. I keep routing for Gabriel to kick it.   Are we going to mention Jesus? His quick cameo appearance the other week? Where’s Oceanside? What is the time frame between the killing of Glen and Abe until now?  (Shouldn’t Jesus have returned last week for Easter?  I cannot be the only person to have wondered this. Also, I have spent time on your theories.  We will discuss later. But Mania…..ya know.)

Chris:  Tara, Tara, and Tara.  In all seriousness, I do think she’s going to sacrifice herself to save Dwight.  Also, Jadis , a crapload of Saviors, and the worst death of all, Lucille. Also, WHO GOT IN THE CAR WITH NEGAN?!?!?  My guess is Ghost Lori! (I think it was Gregory in Negan’s car.  I hope it is at least, and yes, Tara sacrifices herself.)

Kent:  Gregory, Tara, and Daryl.  I think the Saviors are safe by and large.  


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:12 “The Key”

This week, if you like women empowerment or Rick and Negan doing silly shit, then this was the week for you!  We also got to see a glimpse of what Simon would be like if he ran the Saviors.  All of this and more in this week’s blog.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  Rick’s car chase with Negan was the silliest thing in the Walking Dead since _______?

Bob:  Glenn survived underneath a garbage can.  (I figured somebody had to take one of my 2 answers.  I could probably provide 17 of them, but this is one that always sticks out because there is actually evidence that I painstakingly gathered to prove that they filmed it poorly just to be like “Hahaha, gotcha!”)

Bitty:  Maggie having a teeny tiny baby. (I think Herschel will be a good sized 3 year old coming straight out of her baby cannon.)

Kristi:  Killing off Carl. Cooorrraaalll!  (If you take it literally, Coral’s death was the last BIG silly moment, and one that still makes me want to don my Jigsaw mask and play some games.)

Chris:  Casting Tara. (I read this the day you wrote it, and I laughed.  I came back a day or two later, forget this, and I laughed again.  This is one of the most brilliant responses in this blog’s history.  Kudos, and a gold star.)

Kent:  I could write an essay about it.  One of the 5 biggest badasses getting bit earlier in the season, but Rick is just tossing them around this week and seemingly every week when him and Michonne are doing silly shit.  So many Rick and Michonne scenes, the “in the nick of time” scenes that they have been employing lately. But I want to take you back to season 5. Daryl and Carol saw the car and were looking for Beth.  They get in an ambulance. I have not edited these photos, they are in chronological order as seen in the episode. Physics are a hell of a thing and this along with Glenn were the only 2 instances that made me so crazy that I had to go frame by frame and screenshot.  Also, never forget Herschel’s unlimited ammo in season 2 finale.


  1.  Did you feel a little uncomfortable with Rick wielding Lucille?

Bob:  actually, I did.  I felt uneasy like something was just out of balance.  Why would Rick sleep with another man’s wife? I was wondering if he might accidentally prick his hand on the barbs.  (Well, he did sleep with Lori when he came back, and I believe Shane had clearly yelled “Claimed” one night in the tent, so per Joe and the Claimers, rules are rules.  So Rick is basically a terrible person. And yeah, why would they already have Negan dip Lucille in blood only to have Rick, the one character who can’t die, be the first to wield her unknowingly?  This was silly itself.)

Bitty:  That scene was aces. Rick holding her was epic. I wish he had gotten pricked by her or something. At least we know how to push Negan’s buttons now.  (Rick the Prick getting pricked would have been poetic.  It’s good to show Negan’s weaknesses of sorts. It was a fun role reversal for a bit.  Had I never seen an episode, I would have wondered if Rick was a bad guy.)

Kristi:  Yes I did. He didn’t know it was covered in walkers blood so I was concerned he may cut himself.  (But….but Carl was a visionary and he knows that Rick and Negan will garden someday.  Carl somehow also knew that Rick would have a cane. Seriously, why is nobody questioning this???  How does Carl know that his dad ends up with a cane? Did he read the comics?)

Chris:  Yes. You don’t take someone’s girl.  And you certainly don’t light her on fire and start hitting walkers with her.  What did Negan ever do to Rick to deserve this? Oh wait… (It is kind of funny though to picture Rick picking up a female, lighting her on fire and swinging her at walkers at the most absurd level.  I like this mental image. Maybe make it Hilary Swank.)

Kent:  Of course I did, or I wouldn’t have asked the question.  So now there’s a part of me that hopes Negan captures Michonne and sets her on fire to prove a damn point.  Make it a bad burning, like when Andrea from TWD got burned alive in Silent Hill. Eugene could rig that up.


  1.  Does Maggie have a bit of The Governor in her?

Bob:  No. She has angry pregnant lady syndrome.  (I will be so glad when I can stop saying that pregnant lady hormones are a hell of a thing, but this pregnancy is just going on and on and on.)

Bitty:  I hadn’t thought of this until they mentioned it on Talking. I could see that storyline happening only because she is still so bitter. (Hypothetically, if we can get Maggie to a point where Governor was during negotiations with Rick right before Herschel gets got, I would be on board.  Like Simon gets captured and Negan comes to make a deal and Maggie borrows Michonne’s sword and we get a slow-motion clip of Maggie saying NO and beheading Simon, then we could be onto something.  Until then, nah.)

Kristi:  I don’t think so. She is just trying to survive and keep her people alive. She made the right choice in the end. (Until we learn that Georgie is the next big bad evil after the next big bad evil thing.  I still struggle to believe that we will make it that far on the show though.)

Chris:  She just needs an eye patch.  In all seriousness, I think there is the potential for her to snap like the Governor, but I think she is inherently a good person.  She has been through a lot, so I couldn’t blame her for becoming a ruthless dictator, but she has people with her to keep it from happening.  (Yeah, even if Jesus wouldn’t roundhouse some sense into her, Morgan and Carol would shut that shit down if they saw her change too much.  By the way, I really want to do a couples fight to the death tournament. Rick/Michonne, Carol/Morgan, Tara/Denise hahaha, Daryl/Beth, Carl/Enid, Abe/Rosita, Shane/Lori, Governor/Andrea, etc.)

Kent:  Nope, Maggie isn’t smart like the Governor in that capacity.  She is very good at manipulation, but Governor was good at manipulation, but also had a plan.  He had a scientist working on make a better tomorrow and to learn about current threats. Governor had a plan that was still the best.  He just didn’t have the right people supporting him. Maggie has the better supporting cast, but she doesn’t have the foresight. She also doesn’t have the supplies in all fairness.


  1.  Are you relieved that Rick and Daryl appear to be on the same page again?

Bob:  Meh. I am not terribly impressed with all the guilt riding on Daryl.  (I think whoever wears the vest ends up feeling guilty forever.)

Bitty:  That was a real awkward bro moment. I don’t think we’ve heard Daryl talk that much in awhile but I honestly don’t think it worked with his character. A simple nod or should pat would’ve been sufficient and more ‘Daryl’. (Yeah, Daryl is a guy that opens up to Carol and Beth and that is it.  Not a fan of this scene.)

Kristi:  It really wasn’t a concern for me in the first place so I feel no different.  (Yeah, most people didn’t give a damn, but here we are having this conversation because they impose it’s importance.)

Chris:  The Daryl/Rick thing didn’t interest me in the first place.  Daryl has surprisingly felt like an afterthought to me this season.  At least they didn’t hug it out. (Daryl is going to have a big season next year I think.  That or his riding with Norman Reedus show will suffer. Actually, he’s better in that show than he is in TWD, ha.)

Kent:  Wow, I thought somebody would have cared, but everybody seems to give as many F’s as I do, and that would be zero.  I may have to listen to Easy Street now to feel more enthused finishing this blog.


  1.  We know that Jesus is out scavenging.  Will we get any updates on his character, or will he just show up to save the day randomly?

Bob:  I forgot about him.  I think we will get an update maybe with a new group connection? ORRRR he will show up as a prisoner.  (I definitely thought about him being a prisoner.  I don’t think it will happen due to time constraints, but it was something I thought of.)

Bitty:  Who’s Jesus again? Oh right, one of the really awesome characters that we never see anymore. Maybe he’s chilled on the beach with Oceanside. (I don’t think you are that far off with Oceanside.  I’ll explain in my answer.)

Kristi:  I also forgot about him! I think he will show up with some more survivors to join the group. After all, these people being taken out, they need to start adding some fresh characters.  (Entirely possible that he found a group of Red Shirts that Negan had bullied or some nonsense.  Otherwise, a fresh group wouldn’t just join…..oh wait, it’s TWD….my bad.)

Chris:  I think he will show up to help fight the Saviors.  I forgot about him to be honest.(Doesn’t this just scream a TWD moment of extreme convenience of him showing up at the exact right moment?)

Kent:  Notice that 3 of the 4 people above me had forgotten about this beloved character.  Odd right? I have my theories. Obviously, he could have found Heath. That would be best case scenario and therefore least likely.  I miss Heath. Here is my best guess. He’s either showing up at the moment that they need him most or think about this. Jesus finds Aaron in some capacity.  Maybe he is a prisoner of Oceanside, or maybe he meets Aaron by happenstance. Let’s face it, they have 2 gay male characters. Like they ain’t gonna make that shit happen.


  1.  Should Dwight have tried to take out Simon when they were alone?

Bob:  Not at all.  He is very afraid right now.  In other words he is all good but the carpet could be pulled out from underneath him at any moment.  (It’s interesting that Dwight is in some ways one of the most vulnerable and most powerful characters at the moment.  He’s playing the long game and taking calculated risks.)

Bitty:  No, Dwight is still trying to figure out the right angle. Plus I think he thought that Simon would just pick up roots and leave. Not kill everyone first.  (Simon did mislead him to an extent, and that’s why Simon is the man.  The man who is going to die very soon, but still the man.)

Kristi: If he knew what he did to the garbage people, I think he may have. I think he was hoping he had some good in him. (Interesting take.  If he knows about the Scavengers, does Dwight buy into any of Simon’s rhetoric?  I doubt it. I hadn’t considered that aspect.)

Chris:  Perhaps, but it was also risky.  He’s still undercover, and there was the potential Negan was nearby.  Plus Simon is a badass. I’m not sure he can beat someone with that kind of mustache. (The fear factor of Negan being nearby was my initial thought.  I did wonder though, if Negan witnessed it, would Dwight have felt any repercussions from Negan?  Also, and I was going to include this in my answer, but I think people underestimate Simon’s toughness.  I think he is a scrappy, dirty fighter that is tough to kill.)

Kent:  Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen last season’s Game of Thrones and that potentially matters to you, skip my response.  Okay, so remember when Jaime made the decision that he had to try to kill Dany when he had that opportunity, despite Drogon being there?  Not many people agreed with me, but I felt that he had to take that chance to kill her, no matter how small his odds were because he may never get another shot at winning the war for his side.  In this case, I think Dwight should have gone for the kill. Negan was assumed injured, escaped, and hiding, or potentially dead. That leaves Dwight and Simon as the top dogs. Dwight wants to end this war.  With one 50/50 chance, he can be the hero. You’re damn right he should have taken that chance because then he is way more in control of his destiny than in any other scenario. In the ZA, being in charge of your destiny as much as possible is incredibly important.  He should have taken that chance in my opinion to end it all.


  1.  Did you want Maggie to trust Georgie?

Bob:  Yes. For a bad reason. I like Jane Atkinson.  (Yeah, I know that she has been in a few things that you are a fan of, so I assumed you would be pleased.)

Bitty:  Yes!! I’m a huge Criminal Minds fan am so happy to see her join the cast. I hope we see more of her. She’s a cross between Deanna and Dale for me so far.   (I miss Deanna and I have never seen Criminal Minds.)

Kristi:  I did. Although she seemed odd to me, I thought try to keep her captive was a bit extreme. I understand they had food that could help them, but she willingly met so I didn’t feel threatened by her. It was nice to see someone do something nice for a change. (It is refreshing to see, what appears to be an act of kindness.  That would be the third one this season, at least. Carl saving Siddiq, and Oceanside allowing Enid and Aaron to leave unharmed were 2 others.)

Chris:  This whole part was odd to me, but yes I did want her to trust Georgie.  They need someone to break all the tension. I’m excited to see where it leads.  (You’re right.  A character like this adds intrigue and a bit of lightheartedness briefly.  I bet her and Bob Stuckey would have gotten along well.)

Kent:  I am split on this.  I really spent time thinking on this.  In a way, I think the right thing would have been to do as Maggie initially did.  Her people needed the food and they have been tricked or misled so many times, Terminus happened people, so in my mind, I wanted Tobin and Kent to be fed, so I wanted Maggie to keep everything.  But here is why I am glad she did what she did, and it is for a dickheaded reason. The last thing I need is two or more female characters having drama between them in a show that I am partial to.  Imagine how irritating Michonne and Maggie would have been had Maggie just took the food? We got a glimpse of that annoying “We’re women, we can discuss things through” bullshit. Here’s the reality, they would have been catty as hell if Maggie didn’t agree with Michonne’s perspective and it would have devolved.  We all remember Queen Bee Lori at Herschel’s. Was I not supposed to remember that?


  1.  Is Georgie trustworthy and will we see her again?

Bob:  I bet she is and I can’t believe we won’t see her again.

Bitty:  again, yes and I hope we do!

Kristi: Yes. I don’t believe she would have given her the book of the future if she had malicious intentions. I do believe we will see her in the future.   

Chris:  Yes and yes.  Though I’m guessing not again til next season.

Kent:  Wow, nobody said no.  What is wrong with you people (or me if I am wrong…damnit)?  I truly believe that Georgie is one of the smartest characters on this show.  She may be nice to her people and strangers, but she has had to rule and in the ZA, you know that she will clash with Maggie and Rick.  Make no mistake about it, I think people are buying into an act. That’s a good thing because it adds intrigue either way. I am just skeptical all the time.


  1.  What will Jadis do with Negan?

Bob:  “Mate” with him.  (I don’t know man. I don’t think they are going to be that good of friends.  I do want this to happen though in a very weird way.)

Bitty:  Paint him. Ha! Actually thinking she will trade him for Simon. However, at this point, Negan wants Simon dead so I’m sure so this will be a weird twist. (Yeah, the double cross could be a fascinating plot point that I could enjoy.  I accept that Simon is dyingm unfortunately.)

Kristi:  I’m following my last comment that Negan will let her take Simon out. Once she realizes that Negan didn’t know what happened they will bond in a sense. I need this to happen. (Yes, when I saw the Jadis scene, I remembered your comment from before.)

Chris:  I’ve been wondering.  My first thought was to give him to Rick.  However, I think she will try and make a trade to get to who she really wants, Simon.  (Yeah, Rick can sit this one out.)

Kent:  I don’t see any other good stories that doesn’t involve using Negan as a bargaining chip to get to Simon.  More importantly, what will come of Jadis after her vengeance?


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Would the Saviors be better off with Simon running them as opposed to Negan?

Bob:  No. Simon is a believer in Torched Earth.  That’s not good for anyone.

Bitty:  Hell no. The Saviors should keep Negan if they at all can. Simon is power hungry and doesn’t see the “helping people” side of things.

Kristi:  No. Simon is more power hungry than Negan. I will be happy to see him go.

Chris:  I have a feeling we will get our answer next week.  I think Simon’s time as leader will be short.

Kent:  Nobody is taking the bait this week.  Negan is actually the best leader that we have had in this show, for better or worse.



  1.  I know that this topic comes up a lot, but it is always evolving.  In principle, do you find yourself more on Rick’s side or Negan’s as far as what they are trying to accomplish and the methods that they are utilizing?

Bob:  I find myself not really knowing what Rick stands for anymore. Negan I can still see so even though I don’t agree with it, it is better than chaos.   (I think that is the big takeaway this season.  When Rick is focused and has a good plan and good control, he’s fine, but how often has that truly been?  We got used to how he did things, but a lot of the time, it’s been reckless.)

Bitty:  This question was an easy… Rick… for me, LAST season. However this season I’m slowly going over to the dark side. I wish he hadn’t killed, Glen or Abe or terrorized Rick and humiliated Daryl but his thought process is growing on me. I wish we knew a little more about the workers and their system. They have so many people and Ricks group have so few. He must’ve been done something right. (Yeah, while we want to believe that Negan leads everyone by fear, and he does to an extent, I truly believe that if you gave the Saviors an out, I think most would stay.  That tells me something. Dwight wants out because of Sherry. Other people would also leave if given the chance, I am sure. It’s not like people haven’t left Rick’s group or ideology.)

Chris:  What is Rick trying to accomplish exactly? He’s not very good at killing Negan (we’re talking stormtrooper aim.)  Rick’s answer seems like it’s always killing. He’s angry about Carl, which Negan didn’t have anything to do with.  Plus he always wants everyone else to stick to the plan, then goes off on his own. I’m not either side. Negan is a psycho and Rick never has a plan that works.  Go team Maggie! (If that last word was Ezekiel, I would like it more, haha.  Like, the leaders are supposed to be the smart ones, the ones who are best prepared.  This episode was practically a comedy at times. Maggie is at least accomplishing something at the moment, and has the best place.  The Kingdom is a decent fallback. It’s in better shape that Alexandria, The Dump, and Oceanside.)

Kent:  Negan is the answer.  Everybody has a directive.  Everybody has and serves a purpose.  The plan is to be executed. When people veer off of that path, there are repercussions.  Negan teaches accountability Millennials would hate working with Negan. Rick has punished one whole person, and that is when he gave Carol the boot, one of the most loyal people, who did the right thing.  Rick is not that great of a leader. I feel that for every triumph you can offer, I can come back with more failures, more disobedience. And as Chris said, why the hell was his aim so off this week?


Final Thoughts – Also, hey did you know that only women can solve things peacefully while men are barbaric in solving issues?  

Bitty:  Can someone fill me in on where I missed the solar panels and helipad? Also I was reading on another WD blog a theory that Georgie may live under ground. I thought this was a cool theory especially since those twins were all cover up with brim hats and sun glasses, like they hadn’t seen the sun in a long time.  (Simon mentioned the solar panels and helipad last episode or the one before it I think.  I may have the wrong person, but it was brought up. I like the idea of underground Georgie.  It would be smart.)

Chris:  I enjoyed this episode.  I’ve always loved Maggie’s character, and I was happy to see some focus on her.  I think Simon is going to bite the dust next week, but I’m wondering who will get to kill him. (Simon has to die within the next 2 episodes it seems.)

Kent:  I liked this week.  This second half of the season is proving superior to the first half, in my opinion.  I would like to see more Eugene, Gabriel, Carol, Morgan, Negan, Jadis, Simon, and Dwight this week.  Give me half of those and I will be happy.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:11 “Dead or Alive Or”

This week may not have hit the high mark that the previous week, but it carried on some good stories and is really building momentum towards the end of the war.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  People must have been busy this week, so it’s mainly Kristi and I.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  Who was being the bigger bitch this week: Daryl or Tara?

Kristi:  Tara. It was very selfish of her trying to kill Dwight. He has been trying to help. If she had killed him, they would have discovered them. Not cool Tara, not cool. (Those are 2 words that I would use to describe Tara: not cool.)

Chris:  Tara. I get It.  Dwight killed Denise…..  But she acts like she’s the only one who has lost someone.  (Plus, if we are being real here, it’s not like they had this super long relationship or anything.  When Maggie lost Glenn or Rick lost Lori, or when Rick lost Shane, those were long-term relationships.  Tara and Denise had this fling for a bit.)

Kent:  I admit, I asked this just to have people bash Tara. I am pleased with the results.


  1.  Did you agree with the decision to traverse the swamp to get to the Hilltop?

Kristi:  Yes, they need to get off the pass of the Saviors. I think it was smart to do it.  (I don’t think any option was safer, plus the cover of the swamp allows a weaker group to survive.)

Kent:  Yeah, they still had a good enough group to traverse it. Siddiq is no joke. If only Heath was around.


  1.  Do you feel bad for Dwight or does he deserve to live with everybody treating him poorly?  Will we see Sherry before the end of this season?

Kristi:  I actually do. I’m enjoying Dwight’s character now. I think he really is trying to help. I’m not sure on the second question.

Kent:  I feel for Dwight because he’s just a guy who did what he felt was right or necessary, depending on the situation. To fault him would be a dick move. I say that we will see Sherry. I have no storyline for it in mind, but why not?


  1.  Who is angrier: Henry or Morgan?

Kristi:  man, this hard. I think Morgan. He has gone against a lot of what he has believed and his own code, or his teacher’s code. Henry is an angry little dude but he’s still a kid. I don’t think he fully understands his feelings.  (I wonder how Eastman, Morgan’s sensei, would have handled everything that Morgan has gone through  I don’t think he would have survived. I still feel bad for the goat.)

Kent:  Damn, I don’t know. I’ll say Morgan because everything looks like a struggle for him. Henry doesn’t fully know how to cope with feelings still. Damnit, I am going Henry.


  1.  Is Maggie wise to continue to feed her prisoners?  If you were in Maggie’s situation, how would you handle her current predicament?

Kristi:  Maggie’s hormones seem to be controlling some of this. I do see where she is coming from helping her own but she seriously has some anger issues. I would feed them but maybe cut portions, if needed. I agree with not letting them roam though. It’s just too risky right now.  (You cannot let them roam, that would be beyond foolish.  Oh God, I can see them totally doing that.)

Kent:  I would keep executing and make sure to feed her people. Yeah, it’s cold to do that, but we always choose our own first in life or death situations. Like, what purpose is Jared serving the Hilltop? I think she is being foolish. But pregnant hormones are a hell of a thing.  If she wanted to be bad ass, learn from The Governor and have like a gladiator-style fight, winners get food, losers die.


  1.  How will Negan utilize his new tactics with the Walker blood to his advantage?

Kristi:  I don’t have a great answer to this. I’m not sure but I am worried.  (I fear for Kent and Tobin’s well being.)

Kent:  I won’t speculate as I am fairly certain that this will follow the comic. Negan kinda gave it away, but not in an obvious way.  If you think about Kevin Costner, that may give you the answer.


  1.  Did you enjoy cocky Eugene this week?

Kristi:  I do enjoy Eugene. I think he trying to help. Being cocky is the only way Negan will somewhat believe him. I say somewhat because I’m not sure he actually believes him.  (Yeah, Eugene is among the greatest survivors because he adapts just enough to buy time until he has to morph again and evolve.)

Kent:  Of course!!!! Eugene placing the food order and telling what’s her tits to wipe his brow, yes, that’s the hero we need.


  1.  Were you surprised that the Other Dr Carson got got this week?

Kristi:  I was, I was hopeful that they would make it to the Hilltop.  (I’m usually a jaded asshole and even I was hoping for Dr. Carson to get to the Hilltop.)

Kent:  Yes, I am quite surprised. I didn’t see it coming. Making Siddiq a medical guy explains that though. I like being surprised, usually. Just not on December 10, 2017.


  1.  Will Gabriel regain his vision properly?

Kristi: I’m going with yes. He will see, then will die. That’s just how shit goes down.   (That feel-good moment of triumph, and then the surprise.  It happened with the Beth trade-off, for a second you may have thought Herschel would survive, or Merle, or any number of beloved characters, and Beth, but that is the cruel tweest of fate that TWD offers.)

Kent:  It feels inevitable, but I thought his death was inevitable and I was oh so wrong.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Did you notice Kent this week?

Kristi:  No, I did not. Sorry. (That makes me a sad panda.)

Kent:  Of course.  I haven’t seen him in an episode in a long time.


  1.  Which storyline was most interesting to you this week

Kristi:  Another difficult question. This episode didn’t get me hooked. I guess I was interested in seeing if Eugene would be found out. It also made me more on Dwight’s side so I was interested in his scenes.

Kent:  I want to say Eugene, I want to also say Dwight because of the position that he is in.  The real answer though is Gabriel’s story is mesmerizing to me. I love how they are doing this.  I don’t know how it will end up and I am happy not knowing.


Final Thoughts

Kent:  Wow, not many people are participating.  A sign of the show’s quality dipping or people are simply moving on from the show, or does this blog really suck?  I have no clue. But hey, Kristi and I make a solid team, and Chris was there for a hot second, so that’s cool.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:10 “The Lost and the Plunderers”

Hi everybody, this is Kent, and I’m back for this week’s TWD blog.  Bitty, Kristi, and Chris lend their thoughts and opinion on this week’s episode.  We are still missing some people, but hopefully we will be at full strength soon.  Bob, you and your family are in our thoughts.  This week was a really good episode and we had a lot of varying thoughts, so this is an interesting read this week.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  Please enjoy.


The 9


  1.  In Michonne’s segment, she seemed far more concerned with that flaming structure in memory of Carl.  Shouldn’t she have tried finding a way to preserve the wood panels that have Carl and Judith’s handprints, from a sentimental standpoint?

Bitty:  maybe so yes. However, it made for a way more dramatic moment. I didn’t understand trying to save that structure, we never really saw Carl on the roof there much. (Right, it’s not like he had great moments there or any one big moment.  So they seemingly tried to make something significant without any validation.  Typical female……)

Kristi:  Absolutely! That would have been a great idea.  (Thank you, thank you.  I will be here all night….because this is where I sleep.)

Chris:  I would have loved if she cut out the painted hands to give to Judith as a memorial.  Maybe she still has hope that they can return to Alexandria? (Yes to your first thought.  What you said in the second sentence though is the main question, right?  Like ALexandria got F’d up!!! Yet Rick’s house was fine….go figure. They are taking a dramatic directional change from the comic, and in a way, I am curious what they do with Alexandria moving forward.  They will probably show a montage of them rebuilding set to some awful hippie jam band playing music. If they play Easy Street though and we see Daryl rename a street Easy Street, I am so sold.)

Kent:  Yeah, obviously I am going to agree with my question.


  1.  Do you think that Negan fears for Gavin’s safety at this point?

Bitty: I don’t think Fear is the right word. Isn’t suspicious of something, I think so. (Yeah, fear wasn’t the right word.  I get it. I failed.)

Kristi:  I don’t think Negan fears much of anything. I’m sure he knows something is up but I don’t think it’s a huge concern for him.  (I  think Negan fears loneliness above everything else.  Having read the comic and seen how they portray him on the show, I don’t think anything would bother him more than social seclusion…..hint hint hint.)

Chris:  Ok don’t think he fears for him.  At this point, he knows something went sour, but he didn’t seem overly worried.  (I don’t think Negan values Gavin as much as he does most of his other lieutenants or whatever they are called.)

Kent:  Goddamnit people!  I didn’t think everybody here would take the word fear that literally, but you did and now I look like a moron.  Thank you, everybody!! Should I have put “Negan is concerned for Gavin’s well being”? Yeah. Missed opportunity here, just moving along.  No gold stars!!!!


  1.  Is it really important to have Oceanside join the war?

Bitty:  Hee Hee. Yup!! They have guns, warrior women, amo and are healthy!!  (Didn’t Rick take most of the weapons and ammo?  They aren’t Lucy Lawless. Screw a serious response.  Like 2-3 years ago, I came across this Skinemax film called Sexy Warriors, and it was fucking hilarious.  I never can find it for a reasonable price, but I will someday own it.)

Sexy Warriors

Kristi:  I don’t think so. Extra people would be good but I think Rick will figure it out either way. (I’m still not sure why they should even help Rick’s group.  They have done a lot of damage to the Oceansiders. They just want to be left alone, not sure why they should risk their lives for 2 groups of assholes, from their perspective.)

Chris:  ugghh no.  They are boring.  I’m not sure what their purpose is, but they have no guns.  How are they going to help take down the Saviors when better groups have struggled?  (Okay, I know this is lewd, but man to man hear, sex still sells in the apocalypse, and I feel that would be their best weapon.  Distractions are incredibly valuable. That is their only real use, well that and fish. The extra protein could truly be a game changer in the war.  If one side is malnourished with a lack of protein, we know that can be a huge hindrance in the real world. Look at professional fighters who cut weight in stupid ways.  They get beat usually. That’s why Macho Man was tough to beat. He snapped into Slim Jims prior to his matches and he had amazing breathe during his matches.)

Kent:  No, I declare them obsolete.


  1.  Did you think that Simon went too far in how he executed most of the Scavengers or was it the right call given their betrayal to the Saviors?

Bitty:  I was really surprised Simon went that far. I’m not sure it was what he should’ve done. They did play both sides but he should’ve known they will play for whoever gives them the better deal. He broke almost like Morgan broke when he killed the savior.  (It’s tough to say when somebody goes too far.  If you get betrayed in our current world, it may sting or hurt, but probably won’t be life-threatening.  In this world, betrayal can get you got. So the ramifications are totally different, so I don’t know what is “too far” in all honesty.)

Kristi:  Yes, I think taking out a few of them was necessary but taking out all of them was a bit extreme. They were, after all, just following their leader.  (See, and that is the difference between Negan and Simon.  Negan would have gotten wood, Lucille that is, seeing how loyal these people were to their leader.  Simon simply wanted to flex his nuts.)

Chris:  No. They turn on every alliance.  They would have turned on the Saviors again.  Besides, he went there with the full intention of killing them all.  He kept egging Jadis on hoping she would do something stupid. (I loved how Steven Ogg and Pollyanna played that scene.  It was really well done. You’re right, he wanted to push her so he felt validated.  In the end, he said screw validation, and he became a millennial for a moment, seeking his instant gratification rather than consider the long term.  Plus he was just pissed at how Negan talked to him.)

Kent:  I think that Simon was right in what he did.  I know that sounds harsh. The Scavengers are whoooores.  Hear me out. They chase the money. Well, you get used enough with no loyalty from that skank, and eventually, ou order your posse to kill a bitch.  I bet Tarantino would agree with Simon.


  1.  What will be Simon’s punishment from Negan for disobeying orders?

Bitty:  Simon will not get in trouble. I don’t think there will be another visit to the garbage heap. (Once again, I wish I would have worded this question differently.  Instead of punishment, I wish I would have asked what consequences Simon will face.  Oh well. There’s really no sense to go back to the garbage heap……oh wait…solar panels and helipad.  Come on Bitty!!)

Kristi:  Lucille. She needs some action.  (Maybe this makes me a sick fuck, but I want Lucille to quench her thirst.  I know she’s thirsty. I would accept Simon dying to her. I guarantee that Steven Ogg would be super excited about it.)

Chris:  There might not be any.  Negan might not realize what actually happened until too late.  (Yeah, without any knowledge of timelines, it’s tough to really guess.  We assume that the war ends in 6 episodes. That is not much time for Negan to be worrying about this stuff.)

Kent:  I think it may get overlooked and the repercussions won’t be felt from Negan, but somebody else obviously.  Negan has to worry about the betrayals in his ranks that are more important. Gavin is dead. Simon and Dwight have betrayed him, his wives wanted him dead, and there’s a Mullet Revolution still brewing I believe.


  1.  Wild prediction time.  Who do you think will kill Simon?

Bitty:  A walker. I think Negan will toss him out of the inner circle soon. Negan is not stupid and he can sense that Simon is beginning to disagree with him. Simon will try to leave on his own and get bit or attacked. (I think it was just last year that I was bitching that we needed the walkers to get more kills.  Then Carl happened. A second big name would help us believe in the threat again util Rick and Michonne fight off 173 of them in 3 minutes.)

Kristi:  Either Lucille or Negan will allow Jadis to do it.  (That latter option would be very interesting.  If Simon is away on a mission and Jadis pays Negan a visit.  That could be very delicous.)

Chris:  I have 2 choices.  Either Maggie or Jadis.  (I hope it’s not Maggie, but you are right.  The show is hell bent on trying to make her seem powerful and dangerous.  I don’t like that you are right/)

Kent:  Janis Got a Gun?  I feel Bob would have possibly answered in this way.  Miss ya buddy.


  1.  Do you feel bad for Janis?  Also, how cool was that grinder scene?

Bitty:  As you may not know I hate horror films and gore. (Say what???)  However, there is something about walkers that I can tolerate… BUT THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY NAUSEATING. Do I feel bad for Jadis? Somewhat yes. She lost everyone she was with and now is solo so in that respect I feel bad. It was really interesting to hear her speak in complete sentences. Turns out she was playing a part like Ezekiel. (Yeah, how interesting was it to hear her talk like a normal person?  That was fascinating TV to me.)

Kristi:  I did feel bad for her. Losing everyone you care about must have seriously sucked. It was nice to hear her story and hear her speak like a normal person. It actually made me like her a little.  The grinder scene was pretty badass. Very smart of her to do that. It was almost kind of her to get it done so her friends didn’t have to be Walkers for long. (I found peace in the grinder scene, unlike Aaron just letting Eric be a walker.)

Chris:  I kind of feel bad, but she was setting herself up for this with all the double-crosses.  The grinder scene was awesome. You could feel Jadis’s pain. Looked like zombie chili….. (I believe they kept referring to it as chili on Talking Dead.  She had to finally pay the piper. I am curious if she joins another group now.)

Kent:  This is exactly why I was so thrilled to see Pollyanna on this show.  I am very familiar with her work on screen and she is so talented. It was great to see her finally get to act a bit and she nailed it.  Of course, I don’t feel bad for her. Even in the non ZA, if you keep screwing over large groups in a large capacity the way the Scavengers did, then at some point, bad shit is coming your way.


  1.  Is Rick making a mistake in not heeding Carl’s plea for peace?  At this point, who wants peace more: Rick or Negan?

Bitty:  Ugghhh that scene between between Rick and Negan was heartbreaking. It really made me question who is right. Rick, Negan or Carl. Carl wanted a peaceful future and rick just wants a future no matter how he gets there.  (This episode truly had some of the best acting from this whole show’s history.  Between this and how the Jadis and Simon thing, damn. It’s basically, Carl wants the idealistic scenario, while Rick and Negan want the achievable one.)

Kristi:  This is a hard one.I think Rick wants to have peace but Negan did kill Ricks people. That can’t be forgiven. Negans peace is controlling people and hurting those who don’t follow his orders. That’s pretty crappy and not at peaceful. Rick at least let’s his people live without too much disturbance. (Well, how many of Negan’s people did Rick kill before any of his group got killed? A LOT!  Rick’s group shows up, takes over Alexandria from the previous regime quintessentially, and then doesn’t like their current situation, so they make a deal for a better life at the expense of Savior’s lives.  It’s far more complicated because we didn’t have 5 seasons dedicated to the lives of those that Rick killed first. I like things in black and white, but man, there is a sea of grey here, at least 50 shades of it.)  

Chris:  I think it’s too early to tell.  More people are going to die, but even if he quit Negan would punish them and kill people. I think they both want peace.  Negan just wants a peace ruled by fear, while Rick doesn’t. (Rick does not really like it when people disagree.  He gets in fights with them like Shane, Daryl, and Pete.  Then to go back to how the whole thing went with how he handled Tyrese’s groups.  The whole thing, it’s tough. I will ask this. If another group came by that worked similarly to the Savior’s, would Negan declare war against them, or would they combine resources?  Most assume war. Maybe ALL OUT war.)

Kent:  Negan wants peace more, Rick wants stability more, from my perspective.  The Saviors save people.


  1.  Rank the 6 segments from best to worst.  The segments include Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Janis, and Rick.  

Bitty:  Rick, Negan, Enid, Simon Jadis, Michonne.

Kristi:  Jadis, Simon, Rick, Negan, Enid, Michonne- although the walkers face being ripped off was pretty great.  (YES!  Now that is some gold star worthy shit right there.)

Chris:  Jadis, Enid, Simon, Rick, Negan, Michonne.

Kent:  Rick, Simon, Jadis, Negan, Enid, Michonne


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Sooooo there is a helipad and solar panels at the dump.  While I think we can all agree that the helipad is more interesting, which of these 2 items will prove more useful moving forward?

Bitty:  I must’ve missed that totally. helipad. (You know that look of disappointment that I have been known to give with a dash of disbelief?  Good, now you know what I look like.)

Kristi:  The helipad. I feel it will be more useful. Not sure for what but I’m sure it will play a part of something badass in the future. (Bad ass……I hope so.  It could be the tool that leads the group toward where they are in the comic, but where are now…..but I don’t think we ever see that in the show if I am betting my hairline on it.

Chris:  Alexandria already had solar panels, so I’ll go with a helipad.  After all, walkers cannot fly. (Wouldn’t it be safe to assume those panels are damaged?  I would think so.)

Kent:  I have to go solar panels here.  I actually thought I was going to have to come up with some wacky reason to say helipad, but nope.  I know that if I am alive in this situation, I have a much better chance of learning how to use the solar panel than the helicopter, which we don’t even know where that may be.Plus the fuel that the chopper is going to need.  Solar Panel 50% of the time, every time.


  1.  In the real world, not TWD, what would Aaron realistically hope to accomplish given everything that has happened to the Oceansiders?

Kristi:  He just needs some friends. (He could possibly enjoy gossip too!  A place with all women, that is a gossip center.)

Chris:  It would be an accomplishment to not die. 😄  (Fact.)

Kent:  I’ll toss this out there.  What about trying to repopulate the world a bit?  I don’t that goes against his orientation, but it’s a thought if he could pull off that magic trick.


Final thoughts:

Bitty:  I hate to say I want to see more emotion like that from Negan. Raw real emotion, not cocky bs.

Kristi:  I really enjoyed this episode. I have had zero interest in Jadis the whole time. She was just a filler character for me since she arrives. I feel for her now and really want to see what happens to her. I’m also super excited to see Negan’s reaction when he finds out what happened. Great episode altogether.

Chris:  Great episode in my opinion.  I want to see what happens with Jadis.  I am finally interested in her character.

Kent:  We weren’t alone in thinking this episode was great.  Prior to this episode, the 2 high points for the season was the previous week’s 7.0, and the episode where Gabriel got Negan to talk some before they battled the horde got a 7.4.  This episode got an 8.1. It deserves it. I talk to a lot of people about the show, and just this week I talked with Bitty and Kristi at least, Chris and I do not gossip much. The big thing is that this episode finally allowed even the biggest Negan hating people (I will not say haters….damnit, now I did) to at least question things.  Is Negan really 100% pure evil, or is he simply a villain to the main audience because of the lineup. And go back and consider the lineup. He couldn’t take Rick or Carl out, so he took out the guy that seemed to be the biggest trouble maker, which was Abe. As much as I loved Abe, Negan wasn’t wrong. Abe would have been a HUGE pain in Negan’s ass, and may have killed him.  Everything after that wasn’t 100% on Negan. Daryl caused Glenn’s death. Had Negan not swung the bat a second time, would the group have truly feared him or taken him as seriously? No, it would be the Terminis situation all over again. Not a big scary threat. Negan needed to look all powerful in that moment after having lost 30-40 people to Rick’s reckless antics.The Saviors do save people.  A lot of the current Saviors would have been zombie food by now without Negan and the Saviors. We forget about that because it doesn’t jive with out narrative. It’s easier to simply look at Negan and think evil man. How many people has Rick truly saved? Maybe 5% of the people that Negan has. Rick has been a bad ass too. What makes this story so damn good, when they do it right, is that there isn’t a good or bad, it’s just what we have been brainwashed to consider our good group.  Let’s not forget Morales and how he was saved, until he got killed by Rick’s group. And I want you to consider, which group do you think has killed more people, The Saviors or Rick’s Group? In some capacity or another, Rick’s group is responsible for all of Woodbury to be dead. That was a good, thriving community. Terminus was thriving, if not awful people. How much of Alexandria’s citizens are still alive since Aaron brought Rick through those gates? Yes, Negan is the antagonist to this story, but is he really the greater evil?  I feel that Brian would have appreciated this rambling.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:9 “Honor”

Well, it finally happened.  Carl is dead.  Gavin is dead.  Henry is a killer.  Much like the show, we have lost some people, but we continue on.  Happy belated birthdays to both Brian and Bob.  If you are interested in joining the group, leave Kent a message/comment, or email me at

With that being said, as always, all comments in BOLD are written by me.  Some are serious, most are silly.  Please enjoy and share this with friends.  Go ahead, I dare you.


The 9


  1.  Let’s start off with sheer speculation.  We have officially lost one of the original 5, and are down to the original 4 with Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Morgan.  Assuming another one of these 4 dies before the show concludes, who do you have dying next?

Bob:  Daryl. I don’t have an explanation…. (If the ratings continue to plummet, Daryl’s death could put the nail in the coffin of contract renewal negotiations.  I think this show can go 12 seasons, but the more I talk to people, the more I start to wonder if the whispers are true.)

Bitty:  Carol (Booooo Bitty, boooo.  She probably is.  This show clearly doesn’t like people with a C A R or L in their name.  Think about that!)

Kristi:  Assuming one of the 4 leaves, I would have to go with Darryl. I don’t think the show could go on without Rick and Michonne. Of course, I kinda felt that way with Carl too so I’m probably wrong.  (Michonne would be a huge loss.  He comic counterpart (Andrea) got killed in the fall.  I don’t think that will happen on the show though.  Too important of a demographic.)

Chris: Morgan.  Rick isn’t going to die, and I can’t see Michonne or Daryl dying anytime soon.  Morgan is, to me, one of the most interesting characters on the show, but he’ll be the next of the originals to go.  (Finally, somebody agrees with me.  Morgan will be involved with Fear The Walking Dead this season and as great as Lennie James is, I could see him landing some great film roles as lead.  Plus Snatch was a fantastic film.)

Kent:  I think I could have realistically said anybody from the first 3 seasons, and that would have included Michonne and Maggie, but I don’t think anybody would have picked them anyway.  Morgan is my answer because he’s the only black guy and TWD hasn’t killed any big name black guys off in a while.Rick is the only one that I am absolutely saying no to.


  1.  Gavin also died this episode, and as we know, he is one of Negan’s top assistants.  The show seemed to try to show some duality in death between Gavin and Carl.  Would you have held off on Gavin’s death for a different episode because it was getting overshadowed by Carl’s demise, or was it needed to drive home TWD’s point?

Bob:  I think TWD was trying to maybe balance the pain of Carl’s death that some KBalls out there couldn’t handle.  It didn’t work.  (Owww, my pride.  It didn’t work is right.)

Bitty:  TWD def looked to find a parallel but I would’ve rather had the focus on Carl. He deserved it.  (Agreed.  This should have been all about Carl.)

Kristi:  I like that he was taken out. And by a child! I think that was a power play.  (That was a power play.  Good to see Henry getting some shine!)

Chris:  I don’t think it was needed to drive home a point, but it was needed to break up with the story a little bit.  The show has been accused in the past of dragging on.  If they had devoted a full episode just to Carl, they would have had to cram the Kingdom scenes into another episode.  Plus Ezekiel was in immediate danger, so they had to resolve it.  (Shit, I can’t remotely argue with that reasoning.  You’re right, the show gets accused of many things by many loud, obnoxious people, myself included.  It’s at a point where they can’t appease everybody, and the Kingdom stuff was mostly well done, so it’s really hard to fault them.)

Kent:  I would have held off on Gavin’s death.  I get what they were trying to accomplish, and I liked most of the Kingdom stuff this week.  I would have rather had them take Gavin hostage, but at least it was Henry getting vengeance for his brother.  I can’t be mad at that.  Still, Gavin deserved to on Talking Dead damnit!!!


  1.  Were you satisfied with the explanation of the futuristic visions with “Old Man Rick” that the show provided?

Bob:  ahhh.  I was befuddled when I saw Negan.  I still am.  (I think that is going to be a scene that people forget even happened in 2 years from now.)

Bitty:  Yes!!! I loved that they wrapped this up. Made sense to me. Makes me wonder if the “picnic table” scene was another vision of a character who will pass or who has passed.  (I had forgotten about the picnic table scene, still missing Abe though.  Now that they have revealed that these scenes are “visions” will we ever get another one?  I’m going to say no.)

Kristi:  I was a little confused by it when Negan showed up. I did feel good about the explanation at first but the Negan thing threw me. Like, are they all just going to be BFF’s in the future?  (Spoiler alert: no, not really, but with Carl’s death, it’s possible.  You and I will chat and I will explain how Carl’s death leaves open this possibility.)

Chris:  Sure, but why is he the only one who looks 10 years older???  (Thank you!!!  Eugene looks normal.  Negan looked like he may have aged slightly.  Rick looks rough.  It’s weird.)

Kent:  Here’s my problem, and it’s minor perhaps, but I need to bitch about it.  Rick has a cane in these visions.  Do you know why he has a cane?  I’m looking at the contributors and speculating that maybe one of you may know why.  In the comic, toward the end of this great war, Rick suffers an injury, and it seems likely that it may occur, or so I thought.  I don’t think Rick is going to suffer the injury or else it means that Carl is Miss fucking Clio!  They have to be aware of that problem.  It was fine when those readers recognized the time lapse and the cane.  Making it into Carl’s vision though, it wouldn’t make sense for the injury to occur.


  1.  If Henry hadn’t killed Gavin, are you 100% positive that Morgan was going to kill Gavin?

Bob:  Yes.  If it was Rick, I feel like there would have been that 11th hr moment and he pulls back. Morgan is committed.  Morgan is mentally Ill.  (I would ask, are most people mentally ill, given what they have seen and done to still be alive in that world?  I’m already a nut job.  If I had to do all of that stuff and survived, I would be clinically insane I would speculate.  Yes, that 11th hour BS would have happened.)

Bitty:  I don’t think he would’ve killed him. (I agree with you.  I kept saying to myself that Morgan isn’t going to do it because of a few things, but how he was portrayed earlier in the season, that told me no.  I have more reasoning in my answer.)

Kristi:  I was pretty sure he would have killed him but I feel like it would have left a pretty bad feeling in him. I think he would have regretted it and would have given him some negative Morgan feelings. We don’t need that.  (Morgan doesn’t need anymore on his conscience at the moment.  This is actually another reason why I am saying No to this question.  Had he done it, I don’t know how Lennie portrays Morgan’s descent further into madness.)

Chris:  I think he would have killed him.  While Ezekiel does seem to be able to get through to Morgan, he seems to have gone over the edge.  I mean, he did just gut someone right before that.  (I swear they went to that extreme level of the gutting to make people feel that Morgan was going to do it.  It definitely was smart to work people’s emotions with that.)

Kent:  This season of TWD, whenever you think you can say “This isn’t going to happen” and you feel 100% sure it will, some weird random nonsense happens.  This season has been marred with that, and really, this was no different.  Ezekiel, nor Carol, was going to get through to Morgan on this one.  They should have kept him for leverage, obviously.  So when I knew that Morgan wasn’t going to be stopped by reason, I had to assume he wasn’t going to get this kill.  He deserves to get the kill on Jared, the asshole with the long hair.


  1.  How do you prefer your Morgan: A) level headed down to Earth Morgan B) Crazy Morgan.  Please choose A or B, there are no other options.  This is a simple one or the other question.

Bob:  B.  An A Morgan is too altruistic for this time.  B is necessary to live. I want him on my side because he will surely die but he will take down a large number of enemies before doing so. (Is this the first time we have seen altruistic used on this blog?  I think so.  Yes, Morgan is that guy you want on your side, in some ways better than Rick.  Rick’s actions have led to many deaths of people on his team.  Morgan, not so much.)

Bitty:  B (Could you try to shorten your responses in the future, please?)

Kristi: This is hard. I have to go with level-headed Morgan. He seems more effective to the group when he is sane but I really dug pulling the guts out Morgan. It pleased me to see the crazy. (Yes, watching the guts being pulled out was Nicotero having some fun.  I liked the scene because it felt like horror.  We don’t always get that horror vibe in this show.)

Chris:  Level-headed Morgan.  The group needs a level-headed person.  (It has Tobin.  What more do you need?  Haha.  There are not many level headed people.  The black chick at The Kingdom, I can’t think of her name, but she is.  I love her!)

Kent:  B, did you honestly think I would choose A?  Crazy Morgan gives us great scenes.  That was easy like a Sunday morning.


  1.  Will Rick embrace Siddiq this season or will they keep their distance?

Bob:  Second to last episode they will bond and the last episode will confirm it.  (I think it will happen towards the end of the season.  My answer will echo a lot of what you said here.)

Bitty:  I think Maggie will embrace him more than Rick. He will stay at the Hilltop. (I think another girl will embrace him even more than Maggie! Awwwww shit, I just gave you a cliffhanger.)

Kristi: Yes, I think he will take him in as an Ally this season.  (It feels inevitable, or else it’s almost a slap in the face to the memory of his son.)

Chris:  I think he may be too preoccupied with ending the war this season.  I do think Siddiq will prove to be a valuable ally.  (I think Rick won’t be so much focused on allying with Siddiq, but Siddiq will get the opportunity to prove his value.)

Kent:  Will he has medical training.  Rick should do everything he can to make this man happy.  Siddiq will have to have somebody to work with though that has some medical background.  Who could it be? I would put $20 down on a bet right saying that Siddiq saves Rick in one of those convenient moments that TWD is notorious for.  Possibly before Rick suffers that injury that can’t happen now.


  1.  Should Rick have tried to get Carl to Hilltop?

Bob:  No.  Which means in TWD language, yes.  (You got me, I just laughed with a mouthful of food and almost choked.  Kudos!)

Bitty:  No. It wouldn’t have made a difference. (You’re right, with Dr. Carson missing, there was no way to try to combat this.  The damage was done.)

Kristi:  It wouldn’t have made a difference.  I think it ended well with Carl. That would have made for more travel time and less quality time.  (Yes, we need more emotional sappy scenes.  This a hallmark of TWD.)

Chris:  No.  It would have put everyone in danger, plus he wouldn’t have made it.  (Your answer is probably closest to my thoughts.  This reminded me of them trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop.  One Ginger and one Korean later, it turned out to be a poor decision.)

Kent:  Hell no.  This was what they wanted to do the visions reveal.  Plus, he simply wasn’t going to recover, he was in pain.  This was the most humane way to handle it.


  1.  We only saw a few people get to say goodbye to Carl (Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Judith, and Siddiq I believe).  Pick one other character living or dead that you would have liked to say goodbye to Carl.

Bob:  Enid, for the romantic aspect of course.  (Go on.  Yeah, good choice.  We should totally post that on Twitter and then go get our hair done together.)

Bitty:  I kinda wish Negan had seen him die. (I had it down to Negan or another person.  I had Negan for the comic book’s reasons.  I think it could have made the dichotomy between Rick and Negan just a bit different.)

Kristi:  A flashback to his Mom would have been interesting.  (I was hoping that somebody would pick Lori.  I was also hoping that somebody would say Sophia as well.  Will Rick start seeing Carl all in white is the big question.)

Chris:  I will pick Negan, just for how funny the conversation would be!  (This response may or may not contain spoilers.  In the comics, when the war is over, Negan is held prisoner.  Let’s not forget, they showed us that prison cell for a reason, so most of you had safely assumed that.  One of the absolute best things in the comic was after the war, Carl would come and visit Negan and they had these cool conversations.  This is a reason I am so pissed off about killing Carl off.  So that’s part of why Negan was my runner-up.)

Kent:  This one is possibly more of a sentimental shout out, but Herschel is my choice.  Herschel and Carl had some very cool scenes together.  I would have loved to hear Herschel’s sage words in Carl’s final minutes.  Herschel will always be the grandfather figure of the group, to me at least.


  1.  Which group will have the bigger impact the rest of season 8: Oceanside or the Scavengers (Jadis’ group)?


 now change changes to Jadis’s  (THAT right there is how you get a gold star post Olympics.)

Bitty:  My answer is Oceanside. Kinda because I know how much Kent loves Oceanside. (This fucking girl.  “Kinda”.  Listen Bitty, that was 100% your reasoning, and I get it.  Rest assured, I’ll be miserable again this season as soon as I see that terrible place again.)

Kristi:  Oceanside, simply because I dislike the Scavengers greatly..  (You and I are similar in this, only exactly the opposite.)

Chris:  Oceanside.  I think the Scavengers have officially pissed Negan off.  That doesn’t usually work out well.  (I am curious to see how that unfolds between Negan and The Scavengers.  I am wondering if Negan really wants to start a war with them as well at the moment.  He may.)

Kent: Scavengers.   If you expected a different response, then this is probably your first time reading this blog.  As Chris mentioned, the Scavengers and Negan dynamic is pretty fascinating.


Bonus Deuce


  1.  How did you feel about Negan being in one of those futuristic visions, picking tomatoes?  Was it for shock value or foreshadowing?

Bob:  Shock value.  This was an insane future.  (Right?  You would think he would be a cucumber guy from hanging out with Eugene so much.)

Bitty:  It was uncomfortable. Like silence of the lambs uncomfortable.  (You don’t do horror well.  I have some stuff here that would you feel very comfortable.  Today is opposite day.)

Kristi:  I enjoyed it. I can see them getting along in the future. Like, keep him captive and eventually let them all see the way of Carl. Can’t they all just along? (If only they had spent 3 more minutes on Negan’s story when him and Gabriel were talking and cut out some unnecessary gun fight, I think that would have really supported your thoughts here.)

Chris:  I almost think it was a wink and nod to the comics.  It was a little weird to see him given everything he’s done.  (Absolutely a wink and a nod.  No doubt.  Robert Kirkman definitely patted himself on the back after that one.)

Kent:  I really hate tomatoes.  Just pick another thing.  Pick rhubarb.  It doesn’t matter.  Still, I loved this scene and it proved that Carl knew Negan better than anybody else.


  1.  Do you think Gavin actually liked Ezekiel and his personality or did he only like Ezekiel because most of the time, they had no issues with deliveries?

Bob:  The latter. Plus that’s just Gavin’s way of speaking.

Bitty:  I think Gavin liked the fact that Ezekiel never gave him issue making him look good in front of Negan.

Chris:  I think Gavin actually liked Ezekiel.  Gavin wasn’t as bad as the rest of the generals.  I don’t think Gavin enjoyed killing.

Kent:  Yeah, I am agreeing with Chris on this one Gavin strikes me as a guy who felt lucky to find a group like the Saviors that he could thrive in and took his job and his role to heart.  He was always sick of Jared’s shit.  He definitely felt bad about Benjamin’s death.  Compared to Negan, Simon, or Arat, I think Gavin was a normal guy in an unusual situation.


Final Thoughts

Bitty:  Who’s the future now? Judith?? Shake my head. (Give her to Carol and in 5 years, watch out!)

Chris: It’s going to be interesting to see where the show goes without Carl.  He is a very important character in the next arc in the comics.  I’m also interested in what’s going to happen with Oceanside.

Kent:  We’ve had some people leave this group, which is sad.  I hope that we can recruit others.  It is an indication of interest in this show.  The ratings show it, this blog shows it.  I haven’t lost faith in this show, but I think we are officially on the downturn of this franchise.  I hope this half-season renews my zest for the show.  I’ll keep watching it even if it becomes a soul-crushing endeavor, but I would prefer to have a good time with it.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:8 “How It’s Gotta Be”

Let’s kick off the second half of this lovely 8th season with this blog.  When we last talked, I was in a good mood.  I haven’t been in a good one since that 7th episode.  SO let’s do this!!  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.



The 9


  1.  Let’s start off with the obvious topic.  What are your thoughts on Enid killing Natania and what repercussions will come from this, in your opinion?  Speculate away.  Gold stars will be awarded for funny responses.

Bob:  Oceanside will now side with the Alexandrians.  Natania was the only person holding them all back. Nantania’s non-child may have some trust issues with Enid, but…  maybe Enid dies as a price to be paid…?  (I don’t know if a price has to be paid.  I question how many people fully backed Natania.  I am curious.  But hey, let’s just kill off all of the young people, why not, right?  In theory, Enid should be killed.)

Brian:  another Ricktard move. Now Oceanside will join forces with negan and rule the world. And Enid will be given to negan as a sex slave. (Sex slave?  Is Enid of legal age?  Okay, she is 18, so this comment gets a gold star!!  Oceanside is so going to start a social media movement.)

Raylene:  Well thankfully Natania is dead she wasn’t helping Oceanside they unfortunately needed to make some progress and would have been discovered eventually.  Enid will be killed by the followers of Natania.  (As I said, if Carl’s dead, Enid serves no purpose sadly.)

Kent:  If Carl is dead, I can see Enid also getting killed as a penalty.  Her character hasn’t served much of a reason, only as a potential love interest for Carl.  With that being said, it never made sense because one of the big reasons that the group has issues with the next big bad group is due to Carl playing the white knight for the leader’s daughter.  The hope I had was that Oceanside was going to turn into the big bad group, but nah, fuck that.  I say that they may as well kill her and we find Heath’s dead body nearby.


  1.  Did you feel that this was really the appropriate time for Aaron to have Enid practicing her driving skills?

Bob:  I mean, really, when is a good time in a word like this?  I mean, whew, Enid is over 16 so we’re not breaking that law. (It’s important not to break the law in the ZA.    I would think that aside from learning to shoot, kids should be getting driving lessons in these communities.    It’s a very needed skill.  How funny would it be to see a kid driving and Officer Friendly pulling them over?)

Brian:  my first thought was who cares….. but upon reflection, I believe that it’s a skill that must be learned so why not now. (It really is a needed skill to survive, in my opinion.)

Raylene:  Perhaps Aaron’s exhaustion finally caught up with him and he physically couldn’t drive anymore.  (He needs a Stu Redman from Stewarts.  For those unfamiliar, Stewarts is a local gas station with food and lots of ice cream and they have their own cans of energy drink.  We call them Stu Redmans, in honor of Stu from The Stand because his real name is Stewart, played by the great Gary Sinise.  What the fuck were we talking about again?)

Kent:  This baffled me in the moment, and actually annoys me even more in hindsight.  Even if she has to run, she clearly has a better chance of escaping on foot as she is nimble and great at hiding, whereas her trying to escape via car would potentially be a death sentence, that she may be facing in February.


  1.  Ezekiel appears to be in quite the predicament.  Carol and Morgan are lurking.  Will he be saved in time, and if so, by whom?

Bob:  I think he will be saved only to have been mortally wounded.  Both Carol and Morgan, like Daryl’s’ garbage truck kind of timing. (We really need a term for TWD Timing.  Let’s work on a term.  That may be a question for this coming week’s blog.)

Brian:  He will be saved on another last minute totally illogical event and a Morgan king Carol love triangle will develop with a bitter Daryl killing Morgan on hopes to hold on to his trailer park sweetie..(Hahaha, another vote of confidence for TWD timing!)

Kristi:  He will be saved. I see Morgan saving him this time since Carol was his hero last time. (Either way, can they play “I Need a Hero” when it happens?  I don’t ask for much.)

Raylene: First of all Ezekiel put himself in that predicament when he chained himself in with them. I can see him being the other big death. (Ezekiel feels similar to Morgan to me.  He is so much cooler on TV so his character may have greater longevity in the show.  Of course Carl was way cooler in the show and……well there went my happiness.)

Kent:  Well, there is no need for another huge death for a few episodes, especially somebody as beloved as  Ezekiel.  With that being said, maybe it happens.  TWD has a penchant for doing huge deaths one right after the other.  Think about this.  There’s Dale & Shane, T Dog & Lori, Andrea & Merle, Herschel & Governor, Lizzie & Mika, Beth & Tyreese, Deanna/Jessie/Sam/Ron, and Abe & Glenn.  Yeah, there is quite the history there.  Yikes, I am now convinced that somebody else dies in episode 9.  I can see both Carol and Morgan do work and set him free.  I thought the dude who portrays Gavin has done an excellent job in his role and really wish to commend it.  He nails it in every scene.  


  1.  Ezekiel seemed to be able to move pretty good tonight.  Do you ever wonder how these people heal so fastly despite the lack of doctors and good first aid and whatnot?

Bob:  Actually, I really think that you don’t have time to pity yourself. 

People know they have to cope and move on pain or not.  It’s a survival mode, not the comfy lifestyle we live here.  (Huh, a MR T reference.  That’s a gold star.  If you ever want to see something amazing, try to find MR. T’s WWE Hall of Fame speech.  It is one of the best things I have seen this decade.)

Brian:  he has been sitting on his ass reflecting on the error of his ways and his body is rested. Or tiger blood!!  (Yeah, of course it’s Tiger Blood.  He knows what he’s doing.)

Kristi:  I mean, he has done nothing but rested since he was injured so I think that has helped the healing process. Also, although he knows he is not a King, he still cares for his people so he may be oblivious to the pain. (I really wish I knew the time frame.  That is why it is tough to call bullshit on anything not involving ambulances or people falling from dumpsters.)

Raylene:  Perhaps the adrenaline flowing  helped him move quickly and when he can relax some his injuries will catch up to him.  (Maybe he had one of those adrenaline shots like in Pulp Fiction.  Hopefully he had a little black medical book with a felt pen.)

Kent:  I know that it makes for better TV to have your stars heal faster so that they aren’t on the sidelines, but it feels beyond unrealistic time after time after time.  Rick last sold an injury in season 4.  Herschel had to see the amputation and Carl and Governor had to sell the missing eye.  I get the concept of adrenaline, especially in life or death situations, but this happens too often for people who are not eating all that great I can’t imagine.  The body can only do so much.


  1.  Why did Maggie choose to kill Dean instead of somebody like Jared or even Gregory?

Bob:  He was the biggest guy.  You always punch the biggest guy in the face to prove a point.  Maybe he looked like Simon to her.  (Yeah, this is why I don’t want to go to midget prison.  I’d be getting punched all the time.)

Brian:  Maggie wanted to show Jesus that she has his back. Dean was mean to Jesus. So she picked him. I think the widow knows that she needs Jesus to help control the rest. (In the words of Jesus, the bowled in Big Lebowski, “Nobody fucks with the Jesus” so you have a point.  He’s not a good leader, but you want him on your side.)

Kristi:  I don’t think it was a long thought process. He was an ass and she was over it. Pissing off an angry pregnant woman with a gun is never a good idea. (Really, what rational prisoner pisses off a pregnant widow with a gun?  Exactly.)

Raylene:  Maybe because she was there when Dean attacked Jesus so she saw him being a threat.  (It’s a solid move to keep Jesus on your side, no doubt.)

Kent:  No F’n clue.  I would have probably shot Gregory first, if I was Maggie.  He may not be as much of a threat physically, but he is a smart and worthy adversary.  Jared is just a dick who should have gotten got a long time ago, probably by Richard last year.  I miss Richard.  I was watching the marathon on Sunday at various times, and by and large, I liked his character, despite his mistakes.


  1.  Will Maggie ever use any of her POW’s as trade bait, or is this where she makes a statement that Maggie is not to be trifled with via some executions?

Bob:  No trifling!  She isn’t trading anything unless it is for a leader OR it will be a dumb trade for an inconsequential character in an attempt to show some moral or compassionate move.  (While I agree with your early sentiment, I fear it is the latter that will happen….sigh.  We will call that character Tara or Enid.)

Brian:  we saw it already. She is cracking and will crumble before she has to execute any more innocent people. I see Jesus saving the pows cause he realizes how wrong the Ricktards are.  (I do believe that Maggie is cracking.  I am still not of the belief that she is some good leader because her husband died and she’s pregnant.)

Kristi:  I don’t see a trade ever happening.  Negan just doesn’t care enough to have that be something that would go down. She’s just going to take them out as she goes. Do not trifle with Maggie.  (Honestly, I think Negan recognizes the value of having people following his cause and he would consider some trade, especially during ALL OUT WAR!!!)

Raylene:  I think this is her breaking standpoint she’s going to keep killing until they back down (I could see that.  She is pregnant and slightly moody.)

Kent:  I’m not sure if she needs to use them as trade bait at this point.  We know via preview that the group plans on heading to Hilltop to make a stand.  I would possibly use it as trade bait to get Dr. Carson back if he was still screwed, but that’s about it.  There is officially no reason to keep them alive as they are eating needed resources.


  1.  Okay, I saved 3 spots for the big one.  First off, in the season premiere, we saw visions of Old Man Rick.  In those visions, we saw Michonne, Carl, and Judith who had grown up by several years at that point.  I know you all want to put your own spin on it, so I expect you to.  With that being said, I see it as 3 possibilities. The first being that Rick has lost his mind, which would go along with the helicopter possibly.  We know how Rick reacts to death in the family.  The second is that those scenes were just a dream, sorta like the ones of Glenn and Abe and the group having dinner around the table in the season 7 premiere.  The final possibility is that TWD is pulling a Glenn and Carl is somehow going to make it out of this situation alive in some ridiculous fashion and the visions were, in fact, true.  What do you think?

Bob:  Old man Rick was a dream-like sequence.  It is from the mind of Rick in things he hopes for as the future.  He is hoping for the best possible outcome.  (That would make some sense.  Rick is a believer in making things work.  Hell, he tried to make it work with the Governor.)

Brian:  The blue meth finally gets to Rick and he realizes that he is the cause for all the pain in his family’s life and that starts his mental breakdown. Or does the truth finally get realized and Rick is a mental patient and is making it all up.  (If it’s the latter, I am going to sit back and laugh at the outrage.)

Raylene:  I am thinking that everyone is dead Michonne, Carl, and Judith. Rick is the only survivor.  (You believe the show would be insane enough to kill the second most important after the war, a child, and a bad ass leading black lady.  Nice.)

Kent:  I admit it, I am deeply saddened by this.  This is probably one of the 3 or 4 saddest things that I have seen on a fictionalized show.  It’s there with Opie’s death in Sons, Phil Hartman’s passing on Newsradio, and Taker losing his streak at Wrestlemania XXX. With that being said, I am fairly certain that this is it.  The opening scenes in this episode, and even the season, have all geared up to this moment in a brilliant manner.  Well, brilliant if you can find brilliance in your favorite character’s death.  I think that Rick is slipping back into season 3 mode.  When they did those flashbacks, we cut back to Rick’s red teary eyes.  That was a big clue.  Carl’s reaction when he helped Siddiq was also there.  Then the speech to Negan, it was all there.  I can’t rationalize a bullshit Glenn situation, but I wish I could.  Old Man Rick sequences was a way to fuck with the comic fans, and I told you all that it was not a reference to the time skip.  I suggested that it may be the series finale.  So I was half right.  That’s worth something…..right?  


  1.  If Carl is in fact dying, would Rick bury the hat with him or would he keep it to help memorialize Carl?

Bob:  The hat would best be suited for a headstone or wooden cross on Carl’s grave.  Or Rick might have to pull a Governor and Zombie Carl can still have his hat.  (I do love the idea of it being used on a cross for Carl.  I think that would be a nice touch.)

Brian:  Rick buries arl and leaves hat as marker… however, the last thing Rick sees before he dies is Negan wearing the hat as Lucille delivers her justice.  (That got dark really fast.  It would be a shocker… not that kind of shocker.)

Kristi:  He will keep the hat. Maybe hang it in Judith’s room.  (Does Judith have a room anymore?)

Raylene:  I think he’ll pass it on to Judith in time  (A vote for passing down something that has not been very lucky.  How many months until Judith gets shot if that’s the case?)

Kent:  I hope that Rick keeps it to give it to Judith later on, or maybe Michonne wears it in honor or Carl.  I am going to say that it’s kept, but I can really see it go either way.


  1.  Who do you think is going to take this harder: Rick or Michonne?

Bob:  Rick.  Period.  He is Carl’s father and out of sheer respect of that Michonne has to set aside her grief for his.  (Rick has never had more motivation than he will after this, and it is going to hit him very hard.   I agree.)

Brian:  Michonne I think cause she thought of him as a son.  (Michonne has lost family too and her and Carl have a unique bond.  Beyond Andrea, Carl has been the closest thing to Michonne withough physicall being in Michonne.  I felt you would enjoy that one.)

Kristi:  Rick. Although Michonne seems to be having a hard time lately. It will hit her hard also but Rick is going to be a hot mess. It will definitely be the cause of a breakdown.  (Hot mess!!! Now that is an accurate term for what I imagine Rick will be for awhile.)

Raylene:  Both will take it hard Rick will just go insane and Michonne may go back to her loaner state with Walkers attached to her  (If Michonne can go back to that state of mind and being a non lovey dovery bad ass, that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, would it?)

Kent:  If what I have already said is accurate in that Rick is losing his shit again, that’s tough to top.  How would you top that?  Michonne going rogue for a bit, as she does in the comic.  Of course, she’s not in a relationship with Rick in the comic, so this would be quite different, but why stop now?  We just killed the main fucking future star of this fucking show for no damn good reason.  Fuckin pricks!  (Will you settle down?)


Bonus Double Deuce


  1.  Is everybody finally happy that Daryl got his vest back?

Bob:  It was anticlimactic, but yes.  (But more importantly, did you cry when it happened?  I did.)

Brian:  Not really I can only hope he gets careless and Negan finally puts him out of his misery.  ( I would be soooo happy if that happened.)

Kristi:  I mean, it’s a vest. Not really important at this point in the game. (But, but, but, it’s what Daryl stands for and represents….I can’t.  Seriously some people care though.)

Raylene:  Who gives a shit about Daryl anymore  (Old white women.)

Kent:  Yeah.  You wanna know why?  Because I wanna see that useless fuck get killed in the next episode.  Tara is still queen of my anger, but Daryl is now her king.  Daryl fucked everything up and I hold him accountable for Carl’s death.  If Daryl stopped being so damn selfish, maybe the plan is executed faster.  Maybe if he doesn’t wrestle with Rick and make shit explode, maybe they are done significantly earlier and Carl doesn’t go out wandering doing Carl things.  Really Daryl, that was your BIG concern was getting your fucking vest back?  Your whole colony just went up in flames, but let’s rip the vest off of the guy that just saved your bitch ass.  He is such a useless character now.  I don’t know the exact point where he went wrong, but I am fairly sure Beth was involved.  Death to super Daryl!!!!  I am not apologetic for my hate towards his character.  His careless antics have killed or led to far too many deaths in this show, yet so many people keep acting like he’s a good guy.  No!  At least Negan tries to keep his people safe, but he’s supposed to be the bad guy?  Are you fucking kidding me?  No, Daryl is worse than Negan.  I sentence Daryl to life in the cell with Easy Street on repeat.  End rant…for now. (Sooooo angry dude.  Relax.)


  1.  In the season premiere, we hear Rick say: “My mercy prevails over my wrath.”  I think that Siddiq also says this to Carl.  There is a line like this in the Koran.  It’s a loaded quote, obviously, or else they wouldn’t repeat it and name an episode in reference to it.  What does it mean for the show’s purposes?

Bob:  Wrath is a form of judgement.  So if we break it down and reword it to “My mercy prevails over my judgment” what do we have?  We have a simple play on words, but it is not deceiving or tricky in any way.  If Mercy is the primary thought and wrath/judgement is secondary, wrath is not eliminated from an act of mercy.  This means to me, that whomever says this, believes they are being fair and merciful but will take an act of wrath to fulfill that mercy.   (I don’t have anything to add to this other than I fully expected a response of this nature and you did not let me down.  Good answer!)

Brian:  Negan has shown Rick mercy a bunch. Rick and his family have not been harmed directly by Negan.  Ricks rath toward Negan has caused all his family’s pain. Rick is a horrible leader and an even worse father.  (You’re not wrong.  Negan did return Carl totally unscathed.  People forget hopw many times Negan could have killed Carl, but he didn’t.)

Raylene:  Rick is going to blame Daryl and Tara for Carl death bite (Oh, that would give me such a clue!)

Kent:  There’s a lot going on with this particular quote.  Something we never really touched on in regards to the season premiere was how Carl’s actions mirrored Rick’s in the very first episode.  That’s a thing and it’s on the internet, so read up on it if this is news to you.  As for the quote, it holds many layers.  I was too stupid to notice when Siddiq had said them that it was the exact same phrase.  It’s one last way to tie Negan to Carl.  Those words are very much about Negan.  Negan will not be killed by Rick at the end of the war….at least I don’t think he will.  What really grinds my gears is that the BEST part of the comics for me after All Out War was the relationship that Carl and Negan end up developing.  I have been alluding to those scenes over the years in this blog, and it seems like those hopes are dashed, so I don’t feel like I gotta say spoiler.  Now I’m pissed again. (Somebody get this man a drink!)


  1.  In the comics, Carl actually really grows into quite a big character, and a lot of what I assumed would be in season 9 and 10 revolved around Carl.  The show has stuck relatively close to the comic in a general sense 75-80% of the time.  Does this mark a potential huge shift away from the comics where it truly becomes it’s own entity, or do you think this is another blip on the radar in the same way that Daryl and Merle weren’t in the comics, or that Carol had died in the prison, but is still alive on the show?

Bob:  I think the show is doing what it is always doing.  It wanted to shock people like you, Kent.  To me, a non-comic reader, this was another main character dying.  It definitely meant more for you because you had an expectation.  I didn’t have that.  (That is 100% the truth.)

Brian:  The producers at making a huge mistake by making the show all about Rick. I think a lot of shows make this mistake. In a za people will die off people will rise to power and fall off. This show has gone long enough about Rick. It’s time we follow a different character’s rise to power or end the show.  (This also true.  Would Game of Thrones be any fun if the same person was in control the whole series?  Hell no.  People are going to rise and fall.  We need Clay Morrow taking over!

Raylene:  With this fucking show now who knows. They have fucked things up royally.  (Like a Royale with cheese?  Is your anger directed towards the metric system?)

Kent:  This seems as good of a time as any to really stray away from the comics.  The whole thing with the next big bad group has already lost it’s luster due to this Carl shenanigans.  That whole story arc is Carl’s becoming a man story and it’s just gone.  Poof!  I don’t really see the sense in it anymore.  I’d rather skip it entirely because then I don’t have to get sad over another scene later on.  (I bet that scene involves Lucielle.) 


  1.  Finally, give me your fondest Carl memory.  

Bob:  Carl not shooting his potential brother-in-law from the lady who had two kids and he was abusive to her.  The older son.  That whole interaction, but mostly his response – Carl not ratting him out.  (Ohhhh, that is a good one.)

Brian:  Carl was the only Ricktard that Negan respected and talked to. Hopefully, he can be the first to no die. Maybe the helicopter has antidote.  (Arl was also the first Funko I ever had hand decorated by you sir.)

Kristi:  When he put Shane out. That was my, “this kid’s a badass moment”!  (Yeah, it was super pivotal.  Most people point to him taking out Lori, but this was more pivotal, no doubt.)

Raylene:  The first three seasons Carl was quite annoying but once they had to flee the prison and were alone in the house he really came into his own. I honestly thought they were grooming him to take over the show. My favorite memory was when we first saw him drive it made me laugh.  (Carl driving was a true peice of art.  I wish we could have seen some outtakes of that day.)

Kent:  I have so many of them.  I think one that really helped cement his awesomeness in my eyes was how he talked to Rick in episode 9 of season 4 after everybody had scattered from the Prison and Rick had been shot.  Carl had this breakout episode and he has continued shining from that point on.  This episode, I loved his talk with Negan, and I thought that maybe, just maybe this would tie into what was to come after the war.  I also loved how Carl simply manned up in the lineup scene and how he tried to take out Sanctuary by himself.  All great stuff.  He has pretty much had a Maximus story though.  He went through so much shit, just like Maximus.  As sad as it was when he died in Gladiator, you were happy that he could finally be at rest.  If I can take anything away from this, it’s that Carl can finally rest.  He saw his new best friend get shot in the head by his father, had to put down the other man in his life in Shane, had to help deliver his sister and put his mom down, had to really run things when his dad lost his shit, saved Tyreese’s group, got shot by Otis and Ron, had no eye, was disfigured, had the holy hell scared out of him by Joe and the Claimers, The Termites, and Negan, he infiltrated The Sanctuary and got humiliated a bit by Negan, and still, throughout it all, he just tried doing the right thing and recruit for the future.  I know that some of you haven’t been as high on Carl as I have, and to each their own, but this story has truly been remarkable, in my opinion.RIP Arl.


Final Thoughts – Did this episode make you look forward to the second half of this season, or did it turn you off?  Also, please give any parting thoughts before we go on a 2 months break.

Bob:  I’m ready for more… finally.  This dragged on and on.  This blog is the only things that kept me watching the show.  (You and many others I do believe.  AMC should start paying us for keeping their small show relevant!)

Brian:  it really wasn’t all out war. All the Ricktards did was lose more people following Rick and pissed of Negan more and the Oceanside people.  (But Aaron’s boyfriend died.  That was sooooo important!  Hah!)

Raylene:  Nope it pissed me the fuck off and I am probably done with the show.  After they killed Abe I wasn’t sure if I should continue on then this happened with Carl and it enraged me so fuck you Robert Kirkmen and Scott Gimple.  (They thrive on your tears.)

Kent:  No, I’m not looking forward to it.  By February, I may feel differently.  In this moment, no, I’m not looking forward to it.  I know that may be a childish way of handling things, so be it.  This season has had so many stupid scenes with wasting ammo, exploding shit, not following the plans, and getting vests back, really Carl was a pillar of hope.  That was the greatest sin that you can commit in this show.  I fear for all black males on the show.  There is no way that Morgan, Gabe, and Ezekiel all survive the season.  Finally, we lost one of the original 5.  We are down to Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Morgan.  This one stings wayyyy more than Glenn.  To officially update my favorite characters, it looks something like this: 1. Carol  2. Eugene  3.  Negan  4. Jerry  5.  Simon  6.  Gregory  7.  Gavin  8.  Gabe  9.  Ezekiel  10.  Dianne  137. Daryl  138. Tara.  (It’s February…, still bummed out.)


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:7 “Time For After”

Hey everybody, we are gearing up some big shocking midseason finale.  I brought along some friends to answer my silly questions about the episode.  Hopefully the midseason finale lives up to the hype.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

The 9

  1.  Eugene was clearly afraid to name Dwight to Negan toward the end of the episode.  Do you think that Eugene is afraid of Dwight OR do you think Eugene feared that Negan may not take his side due to Dwight being there to refute the accusations?

Bob:  Neither.  I think Eugene thinks Dwight may be right and doesn’t know what the winning side will be… (Despite my long winded answer, this is surely part of it and Eugene will do Eugene 99% of the time.  He is playing as well as he could have so for his survival.)

Brian:  Eugene is nervous that Don Negan will react by putting both in custody and the loss of his freedom will crush him.  (The whole hand kissing thing was surely a high point of the episode, at least for me.  I think it was one of the most subtle scenes.)

Kristi:  I think he is afraid of Negan. If he finds out he has known and kept it from him for so long, he will be done with him.(He most certainly is.  I am watching the marathon now. And the 11th episode of last season was really good to see because I think it set the stage for Eugene’s actions this week.)

Chris:  I think that despite his bravado, Eugene is still conflicted about what’s the right thing to do.  He has had multiple opportunities to turn Dwight in, and Negan will believe him.  (Do you think that it has gone from do whatever to stay alive mentality to Eugene actively seeking the morally right options, while still killing himself?)

Raylene:  Eugene wanted to name him when they were alone it seemed perhaps when he looked at Dwight’s burnt face he felt sorry for him.  (Yeah, that could play a role in it as well.  Whatever EUgene doesn’t know about Dwight’s character, I think he has inferred the rest.)

Kent:  I oftentimes have no issue giving you a confident and competent answer.  This one, it’s incredibly tough, that’s why I led with it.  It did feel like Eugene was set to rat out Dwight prior to everybody coming into the room.  Eugene strikes me as a guy who adamantly hates conflict.  In a closed off situation with little fear of repercussion, Eugene feels comfortable manipulating.  Once he lost that comfort zone, he couldn’t risk it.  It didn’t go as planned, and Eugene bailed.  The fear of Negan’s response knowing that Dwight would have a rebuttal, not so good for Eugene.  I will also add to my belief by bring up S7 Ep11, which featured Eugene’s first day at Sanctuary, the pickles and when Dwight manipulated Negan which led to the OG Dr. Carson getting tossed into the fire.  I struggle with Eugene trusting Dwight.


  1.  It feels safe to assume that Rick would welcome Eugene back to the group and allow Dwight the opportunity to join the group.  Who do you feel would be more welcome from the group as a whole: Eugene the traitor or Dwight the Savior?

Bob:  Eugene.  He is weak and that is understood but his brain in priceless.  (Yeah, his brain is priceless.  I think of human nature, and we too frequently presume somebody is guilty until proven innocent.  This is not a new concept, but obviously has some recent examples.  I wonder if that is amplified in the ZA or if people are more forgiving for the sake of hope.)

Brian:  It doesn’t matter the Ricktards are a fractured group with the leader having no idea what his followers are doing. Eugene is viewed as a harmless entity who people want to love for his uniqueness.  (You just described me.)

Kristi:  I have to go with Dwight. Eugene should not be forgiven.  (Yeah, I think the group would see Dwight as a major victory and possible turning point in the war.)

Chris:  Eugene.  I think they could accept that he did what he did out of fear.  Dwight kind of killed a bunch of Alexandrians. (That is a fair point.  Comparatively, I think Alexandrians have like a 5 to 1 kill ratio compared to the Saviors.  Could they possibly rationalize that the enemy of their enemy is now their friend?)

Raylene:  I would say Dwight too many will view Eugene as a traitor now.  (Yeah, I am sure that a good chunk of the “good guys” know that they got info on where all of the lookouts and whatnot are.  All it takes is a few whispers.  I think he’s going to viewed as a hero to some.)

Kent:  Dwight is my answer.  Right now, he has to be more popular among the good guys unless only a handful of people are privy to the knowledge of what Dwight is doing.


  1.  Does Jadis find Rick to be a good subject for sculpting, or does she do it more as a mind game?

Bob:  Neither, again.  This is just there way of doing things.  I am not sure Jadis truly knows how to play a head game.  (While the show hasn’t given us any background on Jadis, we do know that she rose to power.  Typically, you rise to power with brute strength or with outsmarting those who are in your way.  If I had to take a guess, I would take her as the smart type and not the brute force.)

Brian:  Jadis is smart and knows where her bread gets buttered. She wants Rick to keep thinking she’s crazy as that easily allows her to switch sides as her needs see fit.  (Yeah, really she is among the smartest people in this whole show in my estimation.  She has helped create a shorter language or use of it.  She has negotiated with the 2 head honchos.  She’s basically playing the game of thrones at the moment.)

Kristi:  A mind game.

Chris:  It’s a mind game.  I think she is smarter than she lets on.  (Wouldn’t you like to know what she did in life for work prior to the ZA?  I bet she drank a lot of wine and had a job that annoyed her.)

Raylene:  I think it’s part of the mind game but obviously she doesn’t realize he’s super cena rick.

Kent:  Mindgame seems like the narrative that they wish to tell us.  So I will lay out my crazy idea.  Jadis was a person who worked in the art world, maybe had her own small gallery.  I think that she loved wine.  Has probably gone to nude beaches, one of those free spirits.  For that reason, I am going to say that I think that she has thing for Rick, not necessarily romantic, but a fascination at the very least.


  1.  Dwight shot down Eugene’s music kite.  What practical purpose did this serve for Dwight?

Bob:  Eugene, about to make the big problem disappear that he has been charged with doing…  Has nothing at that moment to stand on.  He wouldn’t have much political capital to spend on Negan since he hasn’t solved the problem.  (I like the bit about the political capital.  I think that is a very good possibility.  It’s better than any answer that I had.)

Brian:  Dwight is weak. He knows Eugene is right and he’s jealous that Don Negan prefers Eugene to him. He shot down the kite to prove to Eugene that he will foil all his plans.  (Is Dwight becoming the Fredo fo TWD?  If not Fredo, is there a better character choice for Dwight?)

Kristi: He is working with Rick so he is just following the plan on taking Negan down.  (Dwight is a soldier, and he is doing his best.  As I have alluded to in the past, Eugene and Dwight become 2 of the more fascinating characters in the comics.  Whether that applies to the show is up in the air.  It is cool to see Dwight’s commitment.)

Chris:  I think his role in the plan is to ensure the walkers do not leave. (There’s a part of me that feels that Dwight is following a plan that he feels may get him killed, and you get a lot of depressed feelings from Dwight.  I felt that this was a perfect example of Dwight’s mindset of carrying out a mission, no matter the cost, which is to ensure the walkers don’t leave, as you said.)

Raylene:  Dwight knew that this would draw the walkers away and enable Negan to go retaliate which would be more deaths.  (In all fairness, both ways leads to more deaths.  This is just what Dwight sees as his way out, in one aspect or another.)

Kent:  Dwight is a bit of a self serving soldier in that he does want to “do the right thing” and probably help Rick’s plan come together, but I truly believe that Dwight at times strikes me as a Man on Fire to reference the great Denzel film.  Okay, maybe not great because the kinetic style of filmography was shit, but still, a great story.


  1.  At the end of the day, do you think that Eugene fully believes in the concept that he is a Savior, and that he saves people, or does simply believe that he is “Negan” to stay alive?

Bob:  He is a Negan to stay alive but plays a Savior to save people on TV.  (This made me giggle.)

Brian:  Eugene is a perfect example of the saviors way of thinking. Don Negan is providing protection and providing for his people he gives them the confidence to survive. Eugene want to see people live and he understands that Rick’s way of survival means killing innocent people that he feels cross him. The Saviors know each person has a purpose and are each needed for the whole to survive (I do believe that Eugene has bought into the Saviors way of thinking for the reasons that you suggest.)

Kristi:  He is brainwashed in thinking Negan is a good guy that is helping.  I think he believes the things they are doing is to help people.  (Eugene is truly making out like a champ here.  No where else would he be this well protected, which in turns gives him time to think on what to do next.  In turn, he has tried to help people along the way.)

Chris: Self-preservation is eugenes #1 objective. (To go along with that, I have been trying to think of times where Eugene put himself in the path of any potential harm, and from what we have seen, you can count those times on one hand.  The dude is smart.)

Raylene: I still am holding out hope that Eugene is just doing it to stay alive. (Well, he is one of the best survivalists in the show, so of course he is doing whatever to survive.  He knows what he’s doing.  It would be hilarious if he became the next antagonist on the show.)

Kent:  I think he believes himself to be a savior, and has for quite some time, long before we even knew of the Saviors.  He is selfish, BUT he has had good intentions to help by and large.  He just doesn’t like to fight….or getting punched in the face by Abe.


  1.  Do you think that anybody originally objected to Rick’s plan when he laid it out, or did anybody secretly disagree?  I’m referring to the the time frame of the season premiere when ALL OUT WAR started.

Bob:  I think everyone agreed or they all came to an agreement.  I am not 100% certain this was only Rick’s plan. (I don’t think it was all of his plans either.  I would surmise that Carol came up with at least 30%, Maggie or Jesus some portion, maybe Rosita, Tobin definitely.)

Brian:  there are more people that are disagreeing every day. Jesus and the hilltop are against him now. The kingdom is now defunct because of rick and now since rick was again being selfish the saviors are free to reign hell on the invaders.  (That’s really the foolish part is how quick so many people failed to stick to the plan, which was very smart, minus the severe waste of ammo.  They deserve to lose, yet they will win.  It’s like watching 1980’s Hulk Hogan.)

Kristi:  I think some disagreed but I think the majority wanted an end to Negan and the saviors so they went along with it.  (I agree that although some may not have loved the plan, they agreed that it was a means to an end that shouldn’t result in many casualties for their side.)

Chris:  I think everyone likely agreed. Though I’m sure some people did not share their opinions. (I feel that someone like Morgan or Daryl would have had their own ways of wanting to do it.  They strike me as 2 of the big naysayers.)

Raylene:  I think Daryl outright disagreed and Tara was more secret   (Yeah, as I just said to Chris, I don’t think Daryl was mentally all in on this.  Him, Tara, Morgan,possibly Michonne and Rosita all are solid possibilities.  I’m actually most surprised that they didn’t demand immediate vengeance on the Scavengers.)  

Kent:  No chance.  There are a lot of strong personalities, or very stubborn at least.Rosita, Carl, and Michonne all seem like they would want to take out The Scavengers based on The Scavengers sorta betraying them.  Carl almost died, Michonne almost died, and Rosita was shot..  On top of that, you know that Daryl wanted to just do work due to his time on Easy Street.


  1.  If somebody from Rick’s group dies due to Daryl and Tara’s assault on Sanctuary, should Rick consider some form of punishment for them?  If you say yes, what do you suggest?

Bob:  Get in their face with an aggravated voice and point his finger at them.  Like he always does.  He will have to be speechless at first but then he will forgive them at some later episode where there is this special moment they are looking at each other OR the other person will die of convenience.  Like the way everything else has gone in the show.  (Hahahahaha, truer words haven’t been spoken in this blog in however many years that I have been doing it.)

Brian:  rick is a horrible leader who is selfish and only is looking out for himself. His plan has already caused the deaths of numerous people but yet he walks freely.  (Let’s take that to a whole other level.  Rick has almost gotten his son killed numerous time.  As much as I liked some of the other dead characters, none should be more important than Carl, especially Judith.)

Kristi:  No. They did what they thought needed to be done. (Using that philosophy, I assume it’s ok for Negan and the Saviors to do what they do based on them doing what they thought needed to be done.  If that’s the case, I can get behind that.)

Chris:  Should he, yes.  Will he?  I doubt it.  (Yeah, no chance in hell of him holding people accountable.  He at least has a prison cell.)

Raylene:  Yes they should be pitted to fight against each other like Merle and Daryl were (Sold!  I say Rosita vs Tara and Michonne vs Daryl.  Winners fight each other.  Maybe they could make a deal with the Scavengers, like so many hours of modeling and then The Scavengers could hold the event there.)

Kent:  I think that Rick should give them options, a few possible punishments.  Give them the offer to move to another settlement.  Maybe spend a month in that prison cell.  One thing that most certainly would be happening if to put these people in the front for every upcoming fight.  That will either kill them or they end up help win the fight.


  1.  A lot of people bad mouthed Rosita last week.  Did she do the right thing this week?

Bob:  Frankly, she didn’t “do” anything.  She just saw what they were doing is dumb.  (Didn’t she though?  Didn’t she?  She stepped up to Dary;s group of terrorists.  That took guts.)

Brian:  Yes Rosita is starting to see the errors of their ways the Rick way is only going to get her killed.

Kristi: Yes. I’m actually really starting to like her.  

Chris:  Yes.  Going rogue just cause more problems.  Every.  Single.  Time.  (I will add a caveat to that.  I still say that Merle did the right thing when he let Michonne go free and he tried taking out the Governor.  He was one fluke away from succeeding.  That fucking idiot stepped in front of Governor at the last second.  So yes, technically it went sort of wrong, but he still took out like 10 people.)

Raylene:  Unfortunately yes she did the right thing because the other idiots were just being idiots.  (The smartest idiot in the room theory.  I concur.)

Kent:  Yes.  This plan of Daryl’s vengeance tour was beyond foolish.  Daryl and Tara deserve to get got.


  1.  What was your favorite Eugene one liner or moment from this week’s episode?

Bob:  When he chickened out telling Negan the truth.

Brian:  stuff that that strokes my rod.

Kristi:  I liked how fearful he looked at the end. I’m just waiting for Negan to find his notebook and punish him.

Chris:  I liked his reaction to when Dwight threatened him.  He  as clearly afraid but was oddly calm.

Raylene: When he finally flipped out on Gabe after Daryls smart move

Kent:  The whole shaking Negan’s hand.  I am still laughing when I see that scene, and I have rewatched it numerous times.  I think everybody chose well.  There were probably 8 or so one liners that I laughed at.


Bonus Double Deuce

  1.  In hindsight, Daryl and Tara’s plan didn’t work as well as they anticipated.  Still, in the moment, if you saw an opportunity to end it, would you take it, or would you follow the plan?  (An example of this going poorly was Daryl (yet again) telling Carl not to take out the Governor before he beheaded Herschel.)

Bob:  Follow the plan, especially at the point they were at.  (That last part can’t be emphasized enough in my opinion.)

Brian:  Once again Darryl shows his cowardly side. He knows they can’t take the saviors in a fair fight so he uses techniques that Rick would do and tries to kill the saviors. And again he fails. That is why he will never be a leader  (The longer the show goes, I have less and less faith in Daryl being a solid leader.  A good #3 or so, but never the A number 1 Duke of NY shit.)

Kristi:  I’m a by the book kind of person so I would have followed the plan. (I do like to improvise, but you make a plan for a reason, and if you go through the arduous take of making aforementioned plan, well then you should do your best to follow it.)

Chris:  Follow the plan.  They made a plan for a reason right?  Didn’t he see what happened to his brother when he went off-plan?  (Haha, well that goes to show you that I don’t read this beforehand.  I just read it top to bottom.  I am really happy that I mentioned Merle like 2 answers ago.)

Raylene:  Follow the plan especially with Negan. He is a whole new kind of a beast  (Negan is definitely better set up than anybody or thing else that they have come across.  I would put Terminus at #2.)

Kent:  I say that you take the opportunity to end it unless you know that it’s foolproof.  I use Jaime Lannister going after Dany in the most recent season of GoT as my best recent time example in a fictional show.


  1. What will/would it take for Daryl to stop being so headstrong and stubborn?

Bob:  Him causing Carol’s death.  (I would go so far as to add Carl, Judith, or Maggie to that list.  Carol probably means the most to him though.)

Brian:  Daryl needs to get hurt. A face scar would go along way to stopping his idiot behavior.  (It would make him look more bad ass.)

Kristi:  I don’t know that anything will change him. With all the crap he has been through, if he hasn’t changed yet, it’s not happening. (That is also entirely possible.  The dude may just be “broken” to some extent.)

Chris:  Someone really important dying (Michonne, Carol, Rick.)  (Well, yeah I don’t know how I left Rick off my response to Bob.  I am trying to think of how close Michonne and Daryl are.  I am positive that I am forgetting some stuff, but I feel like they haven’t do much together, but I am probably wrong.)

Raylene:  His actions causing Judith’s death  (Yup, I said that in my Bob response as well.  He has an attachment to that girl.)

Kent:  Judith dying seems reasonable.  A lot of you mentioned various names and I think all of them are quite important and play a n important role.)


  1.  Obviously Negan tells Eugene what he wants to hear.  WIth that being said, do you think that Negan believes some of what he says to Eugene or is it all just a ploy?

Bob:  Everything Negan says is crafted to manipulate.  It is sheer manipulation, nothing legitimate.  Even if Negan is saying something he means, he isn’t saying it because he is sharing a part of himself, it simply happens to coincide with what NEEDS to be said.

Brian:  Don Negan showed again his leadership skills and makes another desperate person feel strong and confident. Negan needs Eugene and his skills to make the entire group stronger.

Kristi:  I don’t think he trusts Eugene. He has a lot more street smarts and can read people well. I think it’s just part of his master plan.. whatever that may be.

Chris:  Negan is manipulative.  He know exactly how the to stroke Eugene’s ego.

Raylene:  I believe Negan once he sees Eugene make the bullets will start to see his true usefulness.

Kent:  As of right now, there is no right or wrong answer.  I truly believe that Negan believes a lot of what he says to Eugene.  I am not stupid enough to say that’ it’s not entirely manipulative.  The thing is, Eugene is probably the smartest dude that Negan has and I truly believe that Negan believes that in order for The Saviors to remain a large, well running machine, Eugene is a great mind to have around.  He is an idea man, and a science man.  Negan can trust Eugene’s loyalty.  I guess what I am saying is that I really don’t believe that it’s all bullshit at the moment.I get everybody’s perspective though.  Let’s not forget, Eugene has been given so much praise, respect, and trust while at Sanctuary.  The sort of stuff that only Abe and Rosita had given him until the truth was revealed.


  1.  Who’s gonna get got next week?  Will the shocking moment be more than just a death?

Bob:  Daryl is going to get got.  (That would make it “epic”.)

Brian:  we are gonna see Alexandria and the hilltop attacked the widow and others will once again be kneeling before lucille. Gabriel turns and eats the dr. Which causes Eugene to kill him. On a side note grace needs to be freed and brought back home.  (Gracie deserves to be brought back to her people.    Whether people like the Saviors or not, I still think that they would do their best to take care of her.)

Chris:  The saviors are going to attack Alexandria, so it’s either Rosita, michonne or carl in my opinion.  They are saying this will be a huge shock, so I think this time, Negan will in fact kill carl.  (That’s one of 3 kills that would really ruin my day.  Carl, Carol, and Eugene.  I don’t want Morgon or Ezekiel to get it, but that would simply sting.  Losing any of those 3 would really irk me.)

Raylene:  Eugene had a lot of screen time this week so I see him getting killed (Boooooooo.  Not happening.  If it does, I riot.)

Kent:  Gabe the walked will be unleashed.  Gabriel will bite Tara.    I think Gregory also gets got.


Final Thoughts

Brian:  the Ricktards have kicked the hornets nest and will feel the rath of the saviors. It’s time for arl to his sister to be brought home to the saviors and raised by their true father.

Chris:  I hope the second half of this season is a little more fast paced.  All out war has not been what I had hoped so far.  Plus I would like to see Negan more.  Was he even in half the episodes?

Raylene: I hope when they return in February the episodes are better  

Kent:  I am really thrilled with how they have evolved Eugene’s character up to this point.  Yes, it’s subtle and nothing compared to how we will view him by the season 8 finale, but still, they have done a stand up job.  I know this show is hard to watch for the most seasoned viewers, and I get it.  The best thing I can say is to enjoy these next 9 episodes.  You may be happy when ALL OUT WAR ends, but I fear that there is some boring ass stuff coming up, like maybe worse than season 5 and 6.when they were going through the motions.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:6 “The King, the Widow and Rick”

Anyway, thank you to Briana, Bob, Bitty, Brian, Chris, Raylene, and Eric for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide their valuable insight.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

Eric and I also did a podcast Friday night about the past 2 episodes of TWD, and I promise you, it’s really got some insight.  Beyond that, we also delve into The Punisher first season on NetFlix.  So if you have interest in either of those things, and you know damn well that you do or you wouldn’t be here, then us a listen and leave a comment or share it.  If you hate it, just blame Bitty.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #090


  1.  Give me your thoughts on last week’s helicopter that Rick saw. (My apologies for not asking this last week.)


Briana:  I was completely shocked by the helicopter! Obviously it has to be some sort of military/government vehicle but is it being run by those who originally owned it? I’m thinking not! Some rando who knew how to fly a helicopter got a hold of it and took it somewhere! Lol! (So this week, I did a podcast with Eric.  Something that we discussed and you kinda brought it up here is, how many people who are survivors know how to operate a chopper?  Secondly, where are they still getting all of this fuel for?  To go a little further, I doubt that libraries are too ransacked.  Why is there only one doctor among all of these groups?  You would think that Negan, Ezekiel, and even Gregory would have put a couple of people in charge of learning certain medical skills, like stab and bullet wounds, fevers, and amputations.  But being able to fly a chopper, that’s what the show goes with.  Ending rant.)

Bob:  I really wasn’t sure what to think about the chopper.  I thought maybe the military/government is still functioning in some capacity.   (I find it interesting that they haven’t really involved the government too much in this.  Aside from the CDC in season 1 and that Eugene lied about being with the gov, nothing much has transpired.  Now, it is very plausible that with people trying to hunker down in some bunker, it wouldn’t take much to wipe everybody out, one walker begets another and so on.  Still, I truly wish that this was discussed by somebody with legitimate knowledge.)

Bitty:  I’m excited to learn more about it. It’s been years and we’ve only seen a couple of states. Hopefully there is military active somewhere!  (I just ate a pickle in honor of Eugene.  Anyway, great point.  Have we seen them in the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, or Kentucky?  Yes, we as viewers look at the map and assume that they took a straight line.  Well, maybe not Morgan with the reveal, but that’s for later.  I felt that they missed an opportunity to add a bit of the Carolinas.  It’s been Georgia and Virginia.  I want more!  I want Montana.)

Brian:  Jesse has been found with the cure to the blue meth flu and the government is taking back control of the world….   (I tried watching Need For Speed…I did not make it.  Could this be a tie in to a sequel with him in a chopper?  There was a chopper in the first film.  Just sayin’.)

Chris:  The governor has had his brain surgically installed into a helicopter and is now seeking revenge against Rick.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it belonged to Negan.  (Chris, if I ever meet you in person, I plan on shaking your hand.  Yes, it will be a sign of gratitude, but know that at least 92% of the gratitude is for the first half of this particular response.  Kudos.  It does speak volumes that I thought about this for a little bit picturing how silly it would be.  Even if it was Rick hallucination dream while in this container that he is currently in.  I know that everybody just thought of your response as funny, but Rick could have some trippy dreams in there, and this could be one.  I would be ever so happy to see this come to fruition.)

Raylene:  My  first thought is that it’s a hallucination since I am not sure if anyone other than Rick saw it.  (See it, or at least hear it.  Shouldn’t that draw some attention from a lot of various entities, both dead and undead?)

Eric:  Simon has mentioned “the flyer” before.  It’s probably Negan’s  (We talked a lot about this on the podcast.  I really do like the idea of the Saviors finding a chopper, and Negan standing there, and then saying something like “Man, this gets be fucking hard.  We are going to get in the air and find all of the camps surrounding us and we are going to fuck them to death.”  Or something outrageously awful, chock full of innuendo.  I really like the idea that it’s theirs.)

Kent:  Prior to Talking Dead, I honestly thought it had something to do with Fear The Walking Dead.  Since I have no other inkling and now know that it is Morgan who will be featured on Fear, I am now more gung ho about this idea.  There’s nothing stating that it’s only one character appearing on one show or the other.  I think the Morgan announcement is a red herring, and we will have somebody in a chopper trying to find Morgan.  Let’s call that person Strand.  I will offer another theory, that is going to be wrong.  I can say this, after ALL OUT WAR, a character that we know reaches out to an unknown character.  That unknown character may be with a group that has a chopper.  I feel that is like Season 11 or 12 stuff though, so I doubt that’s the gameplan.


  1. How will Rick’s visit with the Scavengers end now that we know that they have him locked up?


Briana:  Ugh! He irritates me! Who goes to a place like that all by himself? I don’t think it’s going to end well! They either plan on trading him or killing him so I’m at a loss on how he will get out of this pickle. (Wow, we now have 2 pickle references in this blog.  How exciting!  I am going to throw this idea out there, and I hope people think about it.  The Scavengers are not bad people.  They were minding their own damn business this whole time, just hanging out in the nude, crafting some art, maybe listening to some Joplin or Simon and Garfunkle on one of the numerous car stereos that they have.  At no point have we seen them become aggressive without provocation.  Rick is the dumbass who started with them.  We, as fans, got mad that the Scavengers made the deal with the Saviors and screwed over those we love, well not Brian.  Anyway, the reality is that they seemingly made the most lucrative deal and had hoped to be left alone thereafter.  Along comes Officer Friendly, F’N their shit up again.  He already killed their greatest warrior, Winslow the walker.  Rick is lucky to be alive if you really think about it.  He;s absolutely unnecessarily provoking these people who want to be self sufficient and left alone.)

Bob:  Does he have conjugal rights with the leader of the Scavs?  (I had lots of responses for this one.  The 2 I settled on are simple.  1. I think Janis would be a perfect starting girl for Carl before him and Enid or whoever else.  I think Janis would teach him valuable lessons that Michonne can’t quite provide.  2. Janis only gets nude when she is making art.  No conjugal visits.)

Bitty:  He will also be making naked art. Honestly I think she will come around. She just wants everything to be on her own terms. (I’ll refer you to my response to Bri and simply ask, why does Janis need to come around?  They were getting by just fine until Rick intervened their peaceful short sentence lifestyle.  Rick should have to adapt.)

Brian:  He will be given to Negan as a pow. The Ricktards with try and trade the group of saviors for him. In the meantime the leader will use him as a nude model for her art.  (Yeah, I hope Rick does the Kate Winslet pose from Titanic.  I assume that he saw it his world, probably Lori forced him to.  I think you are partially right, that there will be a trade, and you could be 100% spot on.  I keep thinking that it’s going to be Gabe and possibly Eugene or Enid and Aaron for the POW’d at Hilltop.  It could very well be for Rick though.  Negan does value his people.)

Chris:  Well, Rick isn’t going to die.  Maybe they will try to take Rick to the saviors, only for alexandrians to rescue him.  (What you just said goes back a few blogs ago about the perception that Daryl and Rick are unkillable.  Rick shouldn’t be the one who went.  If it was somebody else, let’s say Rosita, we could start hypothesizing scenarios in which she died.  Here, we have a foregone conclusion that Rick is surviving just fine, so the danger and suspense factor is missing.)

Raylene:  I think a group will come to save him since they know where he went which why the hell go alone in the first place.  (Much like in Game of Thrones, we can see how people can now teleport to certain locations at the exact right time.  Therefore, Daryl’s group, Carol, Henry, Morgan, Aaron, and Enid will all converge at the right spot within seconds of each other.  Don’t put it past them to do this.)

Eric:  There will be some daring escape, gunfight, some no name actor/actress will die.  (I laughed at the no name actor/actress part because that is SO going to happen.)

Kent:  Brian was talking to me about nude art and the Thunderdome, and man, I liked all of that stuff.  I am assuming that Aaron is heading there soon, and perhaps Carol and Henry will as well.  Still, they need more people, so I think Rick will pull a Kate Winslet, pose nude for Janis, and then Aaron will see this, get a raging clue, and then all Scavengers except Janis will die.  Really, nobody reads my answers, so this is an example of me just talking to myself.


  1.  Should Carol have allowed Henry to follow her?


Briana:  Why not? At this point, Carl isn’t the only kid who grew up in this and an uneducated kid is a dead kid in this world. So take the kid out and teach him a little.  (I hadn’t considered that.  He was younger than Carl when this all started.  This world may very well be all that he really knows or can recall.  That’s kinda scary.  I love the fact that Henry is the real life brother to Sophia.)

Bob:  Yeah, I think she is hoping to push Ezekiel to some limits…. To get him to act.  (Good insight.  If Ezekiel has one person that he cares most about that can cause him to leave his pity party, it’s definitely Henry, and Carol knows how to push those buttons.)

Bitty:  No. omg Carol with the damn kids again. She can’t get away!!!!!  (Some guys are  crazy chick magnets.  Some girls are asshole magnets.  Carol, she is always saddled with the kids.  The thing is, since Sophia, she has done such a wonderful job, as far as the acting goes.)

Brian:  like normal Carol will lead another child to his doom.(Since when has that ever happened?  Judith is still alive with more hair than both of us combined, or is that because Tyrese took care of her.  Let’s see.  Sopha dead.  When Carol had to watch Carl he didn’t run off much at least.  All the Woodbury kids including Mika and Lizzie…double check.  Sam…triple check.  Poor Henry.)

Chris:  Why not?  It’s not like anything bad has happened to kids when Carol is with them….. oh wait….(Judith and Carl are the Grimes exception.  It’s interesting to me that in the comic, Carol was like pudgy and she died in the prison because she was batshit crazy, but Sophia is still alive.  It’s amazing how they turned that whole narrative on it’s side for the show.  So weird to think about it.)

Raylene:  As I immediately thought Henry is doomed now that he is with Carol she is the angel of death for kids  (Well, it almost feel like this is Carol’s cross to bear, her own personal Hell of having kids drawn to her.  Maybe she wasn’t a good mom, and let Ed do some bad shit to Sophia.  It could be some twisted shit.)

Eric:  Stupid kid deserves to die if he doesn’t listen to carol. (Yeah, Carol is the one person that you listen to and I feel that she will keep you safest.)

Kent:  Well, it’s not like Nabilla was baking Henry cookies, so why not take advantage of that teachable moment.  I mean, the kid doesn’t look comfy wielding his stick, but he’ll figure it out.  I am still more intrigued that the kid is the real life brother of Sophia.


  1.  Please give us your first impressions of Siddiq.


Briana:  I was super skeptical of him at first and felt Rick had the right idea but he seems really genuine. I could also be naive in that assumption but if he is telling the truth, I like him. I have always felt that everyone should be killing every walker they pass so I enjoy his take on that. (Oh, I love the whole killing every walker bit.  The dude is a machine.  He’s gotta be very smart too to be doing this on his own.  I hope that we learn more because he has potential to bring something new to the group.  Or he can go the way of Heath.)

Bob:  Simple and honest, probably part of a group somewhere…. (I didn’t even consider that once I knew his name, because of his connection in the comic.  WIth that being said, him being in the comic means nothing, as Daryl, Merle, Tara and others can vouch for.  For all I know, him and the helicopter could be connected in some capacity.)

Bitty:  I was sketched out by him at first. Then I found myself wondering about his age. Are Carol and him supposed to be the same age and are they setting us up for another heart breaking death.  (Melissa McBride is in her 50’s in real life. Siddiq is closer to our age.)

Brian: too well trained to a loner. I think he’s a scout for a new group.. maybe the chopper people or could be a savior scout. They are everywhere and have supplies stashed.  (Geeze, I really should read people’s responses first as I just suggested that Siddiq and the chopper could be related.  I think that it is a distinct possibility.)

Chris:  He seemed genuine enough.  He’ll be the perfect replacement for Gabriel (Yeah, plus he is “Muslim American”, I have no idea if that is the right term, but I found it on a wedsite, so I am using it.  I apologize if that isn’t the proper term.  It goes back to the thing with TWD that they can only have so many men of color on the show at once, for whatever reason, and history has proven this.  I think you’re right on being a good Gabriel replacement.)

Raylene: Trust no one Carl you fool and don’t take your dumbass mother’s advice (Carl just got his hair cut and now has a mullet.  It’s supposedly for a new movie role.  Just sayin’.  If they killed Carl, I would struggle with this particular show.))

Eric:  Just some dude on his own during the apocalypse (Here’s a real kick in the balls for you.  In the comics, he hails from Oceanside.  Obviously, that won’t be the case here, or so I would assume.)

Kent:  I like Siddiq in the comic, and I thought his whole talk about his mom was good.  What this does tell me is that Gabriel is dead.  Another man of color just showed up on the show…yeah.  This is the Walking Dead here.  Ezekiel and Morgan, watch your asses.


  1.  Should Carl have left his post in Alexandria to go recruit Siddiq?


Briana:  I guess that really depends on what he was doing in Alexandria. Since we have seen literally nothing of him through all of this, I don’t know if what he was up to was important or not. So sure! There’s lots of people around to look out and he didn’t go extremely far from town.  (I would dispute your claim of lots of people to look out.  To use the nerd phrase, most of the red shirts went with Rick for the million bullet shoot out, where the leader of the red shirts, Tobin, got shot.  If you think about it, Carl, Michonne, Rosita, Judith, and Kent were left.  Carl, Michonne, and Rosita all bailed from their posts to do dumb things.  There is a distinct possibility that either Kent or Judith is currently in charge of Alexandria.  All the known people are gone, from my perspective.  With that being said, at least Carl now has Siddiq to help defend the place so he doesn’t have to go all Macauley Culkin on the Wet Bandits, I mean Saviors.  Seriously though, if they did an episode of Carl setting up traps for Saviors, we’d all laugh.)

Bob:  No, it’s war – DO YOUR JOB!  (Isn’t it funny how people actually had more discipline prior to the war than they do now?  Not that they are treating it as fun and games, but in WAR, this is all just day 1 type of knowledge.  Un real.)

Bitty: Carl is finding his own way. He believes in man kind still and wants to prove that not everyone is bad. It’s what he is fighting for. (“Mankind.  That word should have new meaning for all of use today.  We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.  I had to do the quote.)

Brian: Arl is stupid and loves to take risks like his pappy. This will lead to Arl bringing the downfall of Alexandria.  (I’m more curious about your philosophy on whether Judith will ever rise to power in some capacity.)

Chris:  Of course he shouldn’t have.  Rick has never been known to make great decisions, so carl is just following in his footsteps.  (Rick is off doing nude art, Carl is saving walker souls.  Weird family.  Here is another oddity that I wish we were doing this from season one.  Does anybody ever stop and think about how big of a dick Rick is?  When he first meets the group, he just rolls in and takes over the leader spot of the group from presumably Shane and possibly Dale.  Like, he just took it.  One of his first actions as part of the group was to handcuff Merle and basically ended up leaving him to die, intentionally or not.  Yet, Negan gets the bad rap.  I find it weird.)

Raylene:  No he shouldn’t have who the hell is left there if they get attacked? (Kent and Judith.  They’ll be fine.)

Kent:  Fuck Alexandria!  It’s not like they have solar panels and a great system there or anything.  Why should anybody be concerned with keeping this place locked down?  Seriously, an scene for some exposition about who he left in charge would have been nice.  I am assuming it is Kent as Michonne and Rosita bailed, and Tobin is wounded.  Really, it’s either Kent or Judith.


  1.  Should Michonne and Rosita have left Alexandria, considering their health, and the lack of people to defend their home?


Briana:  It was a terrible idea and I’d like to say it worked out well for them in the end because it did but not on their behalf. They went in there, fumbled through the whole thing and then Daryl had to save their asses. It was not a good idea.  (That’s the best/worst part of it.  They go on this trip that was long enough that warranted them switching drivers midway through for some reason.  I gotta ask, why did they switch who was driving?    Anyway, they get there, and Rosita has some kind of combat training.  Michonne’s specialty is to sneak up on people to get close enough to melee range.  Yet they totally made both characters act even dumber.  Mind blown, like that poor guy who fought Rosita.)

Bob:  No, DO YOUR JOB! BUT….. It’s a good thing they did, at the moment. (Is Rick the only one following the plan at the moment, well him and Carol?  I wish they would have spent time going over the plan in the season premiere rather than give pep talks and wasting ammunition.)

Bitty: You know my thoughts on Rosita. Toss her in a pit and leave her. OVER IT. (Man, that’s rough.  Well, somebody has to do die soon.  You may get your wish.  Or Siddiq could knock her up and Rosita lasts 4 more seasons.  Anything is possible.  I bet Ned Stark could give her advice.)

Brian:  I loved to see it. It gives the saviors better chances to either take Alexandria or kill more Ricktards (I seriously intend on getting you a Ricktards shirt.  It would be hilarious.  You’re right.  They have no defense at all now.)

Chris:  Again, like Carl, of course not.  But the show would be pretty boring with some of the main characters just sitting around all season. (Couldn’t there feasibly have been leftover Wolves to raid Alexandria?  Actually, I want to know why nobody ever want back to their hang out and take the supplies.  They were well stocked.)

Raylene:  No but they are stupid females so common sense isn’t a plenty there (Oh, you want me to go on some woman rant.  Nope, not doing it.  I believe in Vice Principal Strong Woman.  Anybody reading this that may be confused, watch this past week of South Park for a treat.)

Eric:  I don’t think so. With impending war, they needed all the defenders they can get. Plus with them healing, they would be better off staying put. Hell, Lori rolled her car and she wasn’t injured before the crash.  (Yeah, how the hell did Lori come out of that crash so well?  That was one of those things to just kill time.   If I am being practical here, and assuming that the solar panels are still holding up, it amazes me how little focus has been put on protecting what they have.  I get that they wanted to do a huge assault, but Negan still has the numbers.  It’s weird.)

Kent:  Seriously, why not just put out the welcome mat for any intruders.  The Wolves invade and it’s hands across America to save Alexandria.  Now that we’re in ALL OUT WAR, nobody seems to give a damn.  I don’t get it.  I wish Rosita would just take it over and walk around naked.  They can show that on AMC as Janis proved.


  1.  Daryl, Tara, Michonne, and Rosita are now on a mission.  Do you think that their mission will cause at least one of their lives?


Briana:  It’s time, I can feel it. Tara’s getting it! Otherwise, it could also be Rosita but I’m going with Tara.  (Gold star for you!  It is finally time…..for the midseason finale.  Not this week.)

Bob:  I get the feeling Rosita is in for it.  (I would have agreed if this was last season when they finally built her character up, it felt like they may do the build up a character to kill them thing.  They have done jack with her this season.  I think that she is a candidate, but I think that she is safe.)

Bitty:  Again, Rosita you can be arrogant and dumb and get killed. (It’s like you feel about Rosita the way I feel about Tara.  I think one of our girls is gonna get got.  I’m going to be selfish and hope it’s my girl.  She has been so irritating since her very first scene.  Like, it’s impressive.)

Brian:  hopefully. I think michonne will lose the baby… and Tara will die trying to save her. Btw rick knocked her up…. (I’ll assume you are implying that Rick knocked up Michonne and not Tara, but that would be kinda funny.    I could see Michonne get knocked up.  It was back, well some years ago, when Michonne kinda had like a little meltdown in the child’s room.  I always thought that would be a precursor, so there you go.  And you get a gold star for being on the Tara train.)

Chris:  I think it’s time for an impactful death.  It won’t be Daryl, but maybe Tara or Rosita.  Then again, now that Michonne will be in marvel movies for the considerable future, it might be time to write her off the show.  (With such a huge cast, I feel that these actors can feasibly do 1-2 side projects along with TWD.  If you think about it, aside from maybe Andy Lincoln, most have plenty of time.  The thing is that Andy shows up on set just to watch them film other stuff not involving him.  I think that’s such a neat and dedicated thing.  I know others do too, but I hear about it with Andy a lot.  This is definitely a coin toss between Rosita and Tara. I brought up how Carol was portrayed in the comic, but it should be said that Michonne got a much better make over in the show as well.  Michonne slept around like crazy in the comic.  Michonne dying would catch everybody off guard, that’s for sure.)

Raylene:  I’m ready for Tara and Rosita to just go away other then Michonne fighting skills I am over the whole usefulness of her character to the show (Rosita needs to stay around so Eugene can finally get a chick.  He deserves that because he won’t have many video games after ALL OUT WAR.)

Kent:  Man, what a Tarabull idea that would be.  I would be sooooo sad if that were to happen.  Please, whatever the producers and writers do, just don’t kill Tara.  Seriously, we know Michonne ain’t gon get got, and Daryl is practically a Marvel super hero, and Rosita is the most attractive female on the show.  I will go on record and state that if the other 3 die and Tara is the last one standing, I will legit stop watching this show.  Just throwing that out there.  SOmebody has to die….I hope.


  1.  Will Margaret, I mean Maggie, come to regret keeping the prisoners inside the walls of Hillside?


Briana:  Of course she will. Don’t they always regret these sort of things? And long haired dude (I don’t feel like googling for his name again. You know the one I mean) is obviously looking for his chance every second and he will find it. The HillTop is not made up of a bunch of Maggie’s and Rick’s. They are going to mess up and he’s going to get a gun and some people are definitely going to die. (Now they don’t have Aaron and Enid either.  They have a pregnant Maggie, who isn’t showing yet, a wacky Jesus, and Dianne.  I trust in Dianne’s skills.  The long haired guy is Jared.  Just try to remember Subway and you should be fine.  I think his death may end up being the most satisfying one of the season, if he does go.  I mean, he pissed off Gavin who is supposed to be a dick.  I am kinda surprised that he lasted with The Saviors.)

Bob:  I will venture a No here.  Because everything we seem to see makes us want to believe bad things will happen – so nothing will happen and everyone, save 2 of them, will “join” hillside.  (I think Jared is an exception, and probably Gregory.  I can see them joining Hilltop or, just rejoining Sanctuary after the dust settles.  This feels like a red herring.)

Bitty:  I don’t think Maggie will have a sense of regret, ever after the death of Glenn. Everything she does has a purpose and even if they gets lose and harm the Hilltop she will still stand by her word and actions. (Yeah, which is why I think she sucks as a leader at the moment.  When you have to rationalize that your decision could be useful down the road, while so many horrible things can happen, you just gotta take care of it now.  Even if she loses that bargaining chip, is it that big of a loss?)

Brian:  yes. For once Gregory will do a good thing and unite then in a revolt against a weakened hilltop.  (I cannot tell you how much I want this to happen.  There’s nobody at the Hilltop that would hate to lose at this moment, aside from Dianne, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  If they took out Maggie & Jesus, and reclaim Gracie, it would be amazing.)

Chris:  Based on track record, yes, they most certainly will. (The stupid thing is that if it comes back to bite them in the ass, it won’t be Maggie or Jesus’ ass that gets bitten.  That is frustrating to me as a fan.)

Raylene:  If Jared remains alive then yes she will regret it  (I want Jared to takeover Hilltop.  He could get a big head and try to talk to Negan, like Spencer did.  It could be hilarious.)

Eric:  I know that they are going to need people to run and populate the colonies, but hostages only complicate the situation, now you have to feed them. (Yeah, gotta feed your “bargaining chips” or else they lose their value.  Supplies cannot be too solid, at least from what they have shown us.)

Kent:  In real life, yes, of course she would.  In the TWD universe, everything just works out for her after Glenn’s death, that it’s borderline gag worthy, so she won’t regret a damn thing.  Boooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


  1.  Is it smart for Enid to go with Aaron?


Briana:  Probably not but he can use the help. He’s not in a good place mentally and it’s less smart for him to go by himself.  (I can see your point.  I just think it’s odd for that person to be Enid.  For all I know, they were friendly prior to the Ricktatorship in Alexandria, so maybe they have some catching up to do.  I am kinda surprised that they didn’t put Jesus with Aaron.  TWD loves to tease some romance, and this is such an imperfect time that it feels right for them to do it.  Maybe not romance, but more like building the bond.)

Bob:  Totally, he could use the company for his own mental health.(I wonder if they’ll show him driving and then the next scene, she’ll be driving.  I hope they do this.)

Bitty:  Enid’s character needs a little boost. So far she’s been pretty bland. Hopefully we’ll learn what her ambition is. Was she a savior at one point?  (No, she simply survived, the J.S.S. backstory.  This poor girl has been accused of being a Wolf or a Savior and I think she’s just a girl that figured her shit out better than most adults in that situation.)

Brian:  it’s shows that the Ricktards are falling apart and the group’s are becoming every man for themselves and will lead to an easier battle for the saviors to win.  Negan is a strong leader with loyal followers. (From an outsider’s perspective, this would be the logical outcome.  Negan still has more people, probably more ammo, and a better system set up.  He should still be favored in Vegas to win.  The only positives that Rick has going for him is that the show is based around it, but that is it.)

Raylene: Like really what’s her use in combat fighting (Ya know what?  I bet you that she does something great in combat.  I’m going bat for her.  She’s gotta be cool at some point.  The waiting game on her character is getting stale.)

Kent:  I would say no.  I was speculating that Enid would be the wet nurse after Carl did the right thing.  I’m at a loss and poor Gracie.  Who’s going to take care of her?  I think that should have been Gregory’s job, to babysit Gracie.  Come on, you know that would have been funny.  I hope Jared gets to bitchslap Jesus before he escapes.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  What was more ridiculous: Leo’s rocket launcher death or Zia’s Fat Lady getting hit by Daryl’s truck?


Briana:  I loved the rocket launcher! The truck was a little cheesy but still pretty cool as far as effects go.

Bob:  Rocket launcher = awesome.  Truck collision was more ridiculous just because of perfect timing.

Bitty: Rocket Launcher

Brian:  the truck.. really Darryl just happened to be driving by at that exact moment to cause the accident. Then just pop out and perfectly shoot her in the head.. No even a bit believable.  (Yeah, the fact that he immediately got a headshot after was hilariously bad.  That really was terrible.)

Raylene: They were both pretty stupid but to have perfect timing with the truck is beyond frustrating  

Kent:  The truck.  The fucking timing on this show…..I know brain, I tried turning you off, but you keep coming back on.  This show never ceases to amaze me with ridiculous moments.  I kinda thought some people would go for the RPG because in theory, that should have sent Rosita’s bitch ass backwards.  There’s a lot to that part, but it’s still preferable to the timing of the truck.


  1.  If you were in Gregory’s current position, what would you do?


Briana:  If I’m Gregory, I do nothing. Sit back and wait for all of this to unravel. He’s a selfish coward so this is his M.O.

Bob:  Exactly what he is doing.  Cowering.

Bitty:  If I was Gregory and acted and thought like him I’d do the same thing if I was thrown in there… plot and try to reconnect with whoever he can in the pen. (Reconnecting I think is one of the better ideas here.)

Brian:  rally the troops. Margaret put a person who knows the layout of the hilltop. What they have for stores and weapons into a group of her enemy. This will be her downfall.  (THIS! This right here.  He knows the ins and out of this place, yet Margaret put him in there with everybody else.  She knew better than to put him in general pop.  He needed to be put in solitary.  I found this borderline stunning, until I remembered, the writers feel like they can do whatever with her and it doesn’t matter because all she has to do is reference Glenn and get everybody sad, and nobody considers her stupid actions.  Once again, Maggie is not a good leader.)

Raylene:  Try to pit people against each other  (I would thoroughly enjoy this scenario.  I need a scene where he asks Jared to come over and see Gregory whisper in his ear.  Please, make this happen!)

Eric:  Start learning to kiss some serious ass  (Possibly more than kissing.)

Kent:  Pick a fight with the biggest guy in the joint and become the leader.  That’s the most reasonable thing I can think of.


Final Thoughts – Also, how do you feel about Morgan joining the cast of Fear The Walking Dead, and does increase or decrease his odds of dying this season on The Walking Dead?


Briana:  What??? I didn’t know he joined FTWD! (I don’t watch that one) is he Morgan or someone else? Is that why he had a breakdown and ran away? That makes sense. (To answer your questions, Morgan will still be Morgan.  Both shows take place in the same universe.  Fear was originally in Cali, then Mexico, and appears to be heading to Texas sooner than later.  Now, here is where it gets complicated. They wrapped up their 3rd season a couple of months back.  In TWD, we can surmise that we are in year 3-5 range, despite being in season 8.  Fear’s second season took place around the same time as TWD’s first season.  So the question is, will this be during the time that Morgan was insane and burning bodies as we saw in TWD’s season 3, or more likely after he cleared, he kept moving on to do more clearing.  Then maybe he does the Fear thing, then meets Eastman, and then saves Daryl and Aaron.  I am making a lot of broad guesses here.  The other question that must be considered is will Morgan travel and find them, or will Fear continue moving East and maybe bring the female lead, Madison, closer to her roots?  I would assume the latter as she’s got a southern belle voice that occasionally comes out of her.  If nothing else, I think they have effectively added viewers to a failing show by virtue of using Morgan.  Sorry for the long response.)

Bitty:  I’m wondering if he is going to die? I don’t watch Fear but I’m guessing it’s before the WD time frame? So Morgan would have to die in WD so we can see how it all started in Fear. Also Carol’s over the top emotion during Talking makes me wonder if they did kill him off. It seemed so final.  (I will direct you to my long answer to Bri.  I swear, I think Melissa blew it on Talking.  Her reaction was odd and emotional.  I don’t think she was supposed to react much other than to, do the praise your fellow actor spiel.  If I could put money on it, I would put it on Morgan dying this season.  He already did the whole I can’t die thing.  I hope not, but the writing on the wall… looks bad.)

Brian: given that negan likes to take on “wives” as punishment for disobedience. Could an error in ricks ways have lead to arl being sired by the negan? And the coma caused by Lucille? I digress I think Morgan on talking is just a ratings grab. I think he’s fine… or commits suicide cause Jesus whipped his ass…. (Morgan shouldn’t have lost to Jesus.  It would be nice if they explained why Jesus can fight the way that he does.  I think Morgan dies via arrow  Since hardly anybody is reading at this point, I love to throw these oddities out.)

Raylene:  At this point I could care less about either show very disgruntled (Awww, somebody didn’t get their way.  Now you know how I feel when survives another episode.)

Kent:  I already said it in the comments, but to summarize. 1. Melissa gave away Morgan’s death in the show based on her reaction on Talking.  2. I predict Morgan dies via arrow, this season, probably second half.  3. He may help Madison in some capacity get to her family’s house.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:5 “The Big Scary U”

This week, we get some insight as to what happened prior to Rick’s assault on Sanctuary and the aftermath with Negan and Gabriel.  It really provided us with plenty of info and gave us some things to speculate upon.  This week was a little rough for some of my contributors…..thanks Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry, I can’t be too upset at National Fat Guy day.  It’s sooo tasty.  Anyway, thank you to Briana, Bob, Brian, Kristi, and Raylene for taking time out of their busy schedule to provide their valuable insight.  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.

Ohhhhh, also Eric and I did a podcast prior to this episode airing.  It’s a really solid podcast that you can listen to and get some valuable insight……okay, well it’s 2 dudes shooting the shit and talking TWD.  If you want our analysis, that’s great.  We have a good time.

Are You Not Kentertained Episode #087

The 9

  1.  Did this episode alter your viewpoint of Negan at all?

Briana:  Maybe a little. It was interesting to see how grateful even the workers are for him. It also seemed obvious that without Negan, things would not last long. It really just left me with more questions than answers. (I would absolutely recommend reading the Here’s Negan story that I left a link for in my response.  It would hopefully answer some of your questions.  Yes, it was good to see Saviors being grateful for his ruling.)

Bob:  I can understand him better now.  I always knew there was a reason for him being a jerk.  Everyone has adapted into the new world the way they needed to if they were able and survived.  The Alexandrians aren’t so different than the Saviors.  The Saviors are more advanced in their hierarchy and structure.  Someone will always rise to power and that power will corrupt them. (Yeah, there’s not much difference.  Let’s face it, it’s people doing whatever to survive.  Things that we find unsavory or reprehensible, but we know that there would be some people like this in a ZA.   As you said, power corrupts and there will be a plethora of people yearning for power in a ZA.  Just human nature really.)

Brian:  the man… the myth.. the legend!!!!  (Just nodding and smiling.)

Kristi:  Not really. I’m not sure I believe his story about his wife. He still locked Gabrielle up so that was crappy. He is still an arrogant asshat that has taken supplies and doctors from other communities that have harmed them and put them in danger. He is just not a nice guy. (His story is legit.  There’s more to it, and I did include the link in my response.  If you don’t feel like checking it out, I can always sum it up for you, but that is the real story.)

Raylene:  It is nice to have some backstory on him and it humanizes him more to me but I can not still get behind him due to my Abe. (You should aim your anger at Glenn.  His death overshadowed Abe’s and stole his thunder.)

Kent:  No, not at all, but I am pro Negan to begin with.  I will say that I loved the comic that gives his backstory, which we saw a glimpse of in this episode.  There is more that they may or may not ever delve into, so I shall not ruin it.  I felt that this was needed to add layers to the most important character of the past 3 seasons. I know that a lot of you may have some questions, or perhaps have an urge to know more, and I would suggest that they pick up the graphic novel Here’s Negan, or be a total cheap ass and read it for free.


  1.  Now that Eugene knows about Dwight, what will Eugene’s next play be, given the pressure Negan put on him?

Briana:  With Eugene, I believe it will come down to whether or not he needs to use that to save his own ass. I don’t think he will want to directly be responsible for the repercussions unless it’s because Negan suspects Eugene.  (I do wonder how Negan would react to Eugene outing a person that Negan trusts.  Negan is gonna be stressed and may make some rash decisions in the midst of ALL OUT WAR.  Given certain circumstances, will Negan relaly be looking for truth or comfort?)

Bob:  Eugene is super smart, so he has some circumstantial evidence.  This isn’t enough for Eugene and we know Dwighty-boy can spin a situation.  Eugene will probably recommend directly to Dwight that he should flee or turn himself in before he has to.  Dwight may in turn manipulate a scenario where Eugene is found culpable and bye bye Eugene.  (I don’t think you are far off the mark here.  Based on what the books show us, I can see a scenario play out very similar to your description.)

Brian:  Eugene will do the right thing and let Negan know!!  (One would hope that Eugene would do the right thing.  Maybe Spike Lee can make a movie about it.)

Kristi:  I still want to believe Eugene is on Rick’s side. I don’t think he will out Dwight. (I haven’t seen any evidence to indicate that Eugene isn’t still on Rick’s side, while keeping himself out of harm’s way.)

Raylene:  I think he will try to help Dwight perhaps finding a scapegoat to pin it on taking the heat off of him and Dwight.  (If Bob’s theory is incorrect, I think that this is the other likely scenario.)

Kent:  Whatever decision is made, by whoever makes it, it will backfire on them, and I mean them in a plural form, and I will simply leave it at that.  


  1.  Did you find yourself agreeing with Rick or Daryl in their lover’s quarrel?  

Briana:  I’ll side with Daryl on this one. I’ve said it many times this season: this is war. They’re here to do a job. Take them out while you have the advantage and remember that they were on their way to your people to do the same.  (That’s really my thought process.  If I was living in Alexandria and I got a chance to vote, I would vote on Daryl’s plan in hopes of ending this ALL OUT WAR sooner rather than later.)

Bob:  I agree with Daryl’s methods but with Rick’s planning.  If you have a plan and it is working, stick with it.  Daryl’s idea could later be implemented, but that’s what you get when two type A personalities fight it out.  (As a Type B, I enjoy sitting back and watching the action, like a sloth.)

Brian: This is a tough one. Hopefully Daryl will realize Rick is only going to get him killed.  (Daryl doesn’t seem like a guy that will figure it out until it’s too late, if we’re being honest here.  I feel like Merle warned him of this in season 3 to an extent.  Officer Friendly indeed.)

Kristi:  I’m on Rick’s side. Daryl bugs me. Per the question in the last blog, I would like to see Daryl gone.  (It’s still weird to me that a female is cool with Daryl getting got.  I dig it.)

Raylene:  I believe in Rick’s only because it saves the children, who are innocent in this war.

Kent:  Well, we have 2 on Rick’s side, 2 on Daryl’s side, sorta, and 1 who just hopes that Daryl does something before Rick kills him.  This is nice.  I am so happy that we don’t have people agreeing.  I know that eventually some folks may say “In Rick Grimes we trust” or some such nonsense.  I’m going to give you a bullshit response.  If I was a member of Rick’s group, I’d want them to go with Daryl’s plan.  As a fan of a certain character who may be saved by sticking to Rick’s plan, I will side with Rick as a fan.  See, I told you it was bullshit.


  1.  Fill in the blank.  I felt ________ when I saw the jeep and explosives all catch on fire?

Briana:  unsurprised. Definitely something they made very clear from the moment they showed the gas dripping. It did solve the fight though. (There is that.  It did, in fact, stop the fight.  I could have gone for more sleeper holds though, but that’s the wrestling fan in me.)

Bob:  it was obvious what was going to happen  (It reminds me of when Rick and Daryl first met Jesus and they lost all the food in that truck.  It also reminded me of a song from Bob’s Burgers, and since your name is Bob, and not Joe, I felt this would be a good time to listen.)

Brian:  AWESOME!! I told you so!!!!  (I so wish I could have simply observed you watching this particular episode.)

Kristi:  Indifferent. Didn’t really have many feeling towards it.

Raylene:  Annoyed that they just wasted perfectly good ammunition because of a stupid fight.  (Bitches be catty, YO!  And Daryl is possibly the biggest bitch of them all, soooo there you go.)

Kent:  Deja Vu.  Seriously, this was the meeting Jesus episode again, and then I laughed at their silly fighting.


  1.  DId Father Gabriel get bit or is it something else?

Briana:  My first instinct is that he was bitten but I have a feeling that’s what they want me to think.  (You are right, they definitely want us to think that.  Will they go for the swerve?  Is this Glenn under a dumpster all over again?)

Bob:  The bite effect wouldn’t seem to have happened that quickly.  I think it is panic or hysteria.  Maybe he caught the flu.  Gabriel doesn’t have a strong constitution…  (I agree with your last sentiment a lot.  Regarding the time frame, if you’ve been paying attention since day 1, you will have noticed that the timing thing is a tool of convenience.  I wish it was more than that, but I feel we have seen some big fluctuations.  Quite frankly, it could simply come down to somebody who got sick all of the time vs somebody who rarely got sick prior to the ZA and their immune system adding longevity to the flu and it’s symptoms.)

Brian:  a ploy to get out of the cell! (This being the other obvious thing, contrary to what I just wrote to Bob.)

Kristi:  He got bit. His time is up. I’m thinking his death will inspire Eugene to help Dwight. (I hope that you are partially right.  Is that a dickheaded thing to say?  I honestly don’t want Eugene to help Dwight, not yet at least.  Dwight and Eugene have so much potential in story arcs, that I am cool if some twists and turns occur.)

Raylene:  My first thought was he got bite fighting to get to the trailer that him and Negan were trapped in and finally showing symptoms once in Sanctuary.  (This seems to be the most likely scenario.)

Kent:  I will say this again.  Gabe’s death in the comic was uneventful and didn’t help the narrative in any capacity and quite frankly felt lazy.  I would rather Gabe die earlier in the show if his death serves a purpose.  We never see him get bit, which is a TWD staple.  I still believe that Rick was standing at Gabe’s grave in the season opener, as I alluded to back then, and I think walker Gabe is going to bite somebody else that fans may like…..or Tara.


  1.  They talked about the previous leader of the Savior’s prior to Negan taking over. Do you think that we will ever get more info on this?

Briana:  This had me really questioning where Negan came from and how he got to this point. I don’t think they will go into a lot of detail on the previous leader so much as maybe give us a little Negan backstory. At least his over throwing of said leader.  (I really think that this will be the end of Negan’s backstory for awhile, and possibly ever.  There may be opportunities in the future, but that is all conjecture at this point.  If so, hopefully Carl is the one who uncovers the truth.)

Bob:  No, that’s over.  The point wasn’t the past, it was the present and future.  (I regrettably think that you are correct.  In my rant, you will see why.  Missed opportunity.)

Brian:  I hope they show how negan used his awesome leadership skills to save 100s of people’s lives..

Kristi:  I see flashbacks in our future. (Maybe, but I wouldn’t be willing to bet my hairline on it.  I feel that this show is so jam packed with characters, it’s not willing to delve too deeply beyond one episode to really explore a character’s past.)

Raylene:  No I don’t see any more of it.  

Kent:  I don’t think that it would serve much of a purpose if I am going to be honest.  If they wanted to show it or tell it, they would have in this episode.  They could have given us a whole Negan backstory episode similar to Morgan and Eastman and it would have been well worth the time.  We could have cut out a good 45 minutes of random guns firing and car chases to have given us the proper story with flashbacks of Negan.  Actually, allow me to go one step further.  I think it was a bullshit move on TWD’s part for not giving us this episode.  This episode kinda made Negan a little too likable compared to the books.  I don’t care about the likable factor, but the story added a human factor that really fleshed out Negan.  It’s kinda like how they didn’t do Abe justice in his backstory on the show.  They didn’t show what happened to Abe’s family and they should have to add to Abe’s sorrow and hopelessness.  When this show explores the characters, especially their past, it really is when the show is at it’s best and they failed the fans a bit in this one.


  1.  To go along with the last question, do you think it is possible that Simon was the previous leader as was discussed on Talking Dead?

Briana:  He would fit the vibe I got from their talking of the guy but I don’t feel like someone who was dethroned by Negan would still be alive and have that much power. (Therein lies the caveat. Was Negan always as ruthless, or did he takeover in a similar way as Rick took over Alexandria?  I know the natural inclination of fans is to assume that there was a lot of bloodshed, but maybe it was very different.  Still, I doubt the leader is alive, but I suppose somebody like Negan would love to keep that person under his thumb for awhile.)

Bob:  Nah, I think it was simply Simon getting a little heady and giving himself too much room… (More than likely.  Honestly, I am struggling picturing Simon ruling a place as big as Sanctuary.)

Brian:  Simon has always been Negans number 2. They were separated when the disaster started but have since been reunited. Simon may have gathered the numbers to start the saviors until the true leader could return.  (I would love to know how long Simon and Negan have been together.  This is something that I would love to have answered.)

Raylene:  I don’t think it was him I do think he was here when Negan took over, although perhaps the vibe then was to kill everyone they encounter due to his plan for the Hillside.  (I’ve often wondered if the plan all along was to have Simon run Hillside and just tell Gregory to fuck off.)

Kent:  I’m going to say no.  Although the theory intrigues me, I am saying that Simon wouldn’t enjoy his role as much as he does now if he had been in charge previously.  Honestly, Gavin seems more pissed off than Simon and would be a more likely candidate in my mind.  More than likely the previous leader has been chained at the gate for some time now.  Still, I enjoy the random theories.


  1.  Gabriel seemed concerned about Dr. Carson’s well being. Do you think Dr. Carson will get to deliver Maggie’s baby?

Briana:  At this point I think they have to let Glenn’s baby be delivered and healthy. That was the beginning of how he gets back to Maggie to deliver her baby.  (I do believe that the baby will be delivered and healthy.  I really hope that they use the same name as they did in the comics.  Who knows though?  In the comics, Lori delivers the baby and is running while Governor is invading and shoots and kills Lori and the baby.  Sooooo obviously things are different.)

Bob:  Ahh, he was in hysterics basically.  In reality we wouldn’t take that seriously but on the show….  Maybe Gabriel know she has an infection and wants to save the Dr.  (On the show, everything means something, except those things that mean nothing.)

Brian:  pure selfishness on his part.. act concerned to show he’s harmless then try and escape.. (What a great ploy this is though in all fairness.)

Kristi:  I do. I think Eugene will help in getting him out and he will get back to her. (I think that you are more correct than you realize.)

Raylene:  I hope so but Maggie should have some training from Herschel on birthing even though he was a vet.  (True, but let’s not forget the last time Maggie was around a birth.  Carl had to put Lori down and everybody cared way more about Lori’s death than T Dog’s selfless sacrifice to save Carol which is still paying dividends for the group while Judith still isn’t pulling her own weight.)

Kent:  Yes, yes I do.This is all setting something up for the second half of this season and that’s all I will say.


  1.  In a case where Negan died or became incapacitated, who would be the best leader for the Saviors in your opinion? Please don’t pick anybody who is currently a leader such as Rick, Maggie, Ezekiel, or Janis.

Briana:  I’d think this group would be Daryl’s kind of people. He and Dwight could turn things around.  (It’s a shame that Daryl didn’t have some of the Claimers left to help.  That would work out pretty fun.  And then the next time him and Rick had a lover’s quarrel, we could have ALL OUT WAR 2!)

Bob:  Gavin.  He is not a traitor, not a hot head, not power hungry and not a wimp.  He would be a better LEADER and sees through the nonsense. (I kinda wish I had read this prior to answering #7.  I think that Gavin is actually very underrated.  From what we have been shown, he basically tried to keep the arrangement with the Kingdom going as smoothly as possible and he punished Jared when warranted.  I think he makes a TON of sense, and I honestly think that Rick could work with him peacefully.)

Brian:  I think that Eugene with Jerry as his number 2/ enforcer.  (I just want to see see their meetings.  It would be a true delight.  This would be amazing.)

Raylene:  I think Gregory would do good there he would have henchman to put his rules in action.  (Gregory would work if he had people to back up his words.  He’s no fool, and could be a decent leader as long as stuff stayed peaceful.)

Kent:  Carol or Carl.  I say Carol because they would have them Saviors baking some good cookies.  Carl would be fun because he’s learned some from his dad, and Carl wouldn’t take shit from anybody.  I think either character would work great here.  My third option would be Kent…obviously.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Rick appears to be on a mission to meet the Scavengers again. How do you see this playing out?

Briana:  Well, I trusted them last time and we saw how that turned out. I have a gut feeling this time they’ll make a deal and keep it but I’m shooting myself in the foot already for that.  (I’m fearing that you may be walking like Herschel sooner than later.  Your poor foot.)

Bob:  I see the alliance wiping out the Scavengers by foolery.  (This seems like the most logical conclusion.  Do they go logical or TWEEST is the big question.  Also, very sad that you didn’t say Tom foolery.  It just seems funnier that way.)

Brian:  Rick will do like he always does and get more people killed so he can act tough.  (The thing is, even when you are knee deep in your conspiracy theories, you’re not wrong here.  This is going to happen, I think.)

Raylene:  I see Jadis siding with him since Rick seems to have the upper hand now.  (Soooo, Rick is now John Doe?  Whose head is in the box then?)

Kent:  I really like Pollyanna and I would love more story on the Scavengers, but this feels like a group similar to the Termites/Hunters or the Wolves or the Vatos.  I don’t think they are long for this world.  I really like Pollyanna though, or Jadis.


  1.  Daryl, Tara, and Morgan appear to all be of a similar mindset.  Do you foresee any of them doing something that puts the group in danger?

Briana:  No. Unfortunately I think their mindset is what’s keeping people alive. Look at what happened with the Kingdom. They killed everyone on sight, before they even knew how many were on them and they stayed alive until the one time they didn’t. Then they all died. So if I’m going based on past events, I’m thinking these are the ones who are making sense right now.  (They are making sense, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  They aren’t the moral compass, but they are right and being right can be a death sentence.  If that sentence ends with Tara getting got, well then we will have a happy Kent.)

Bob:  Nope, Morgan, “aint right.”  There’s really no way to mess up this war unless you are a traitor. (Well, there is a tactic that may be deployed that hasn’t been explored yet in the show that may be an absolute game changer.  Just sayin’.)

Brian:  They will put themselves in danger by not following Rick’s orders. And their kill all saviors will lead them to all brutal deaths at the hand of lucille.. (Really, if this happened, a lot of people would be pissed, but this would be a HUGE shake up for the show.  It’s one of those hypotheticals that I would love to see play out in hypothetical land.  I still want Morgan to live.)

Raylene:  No I see that someone will always put them in place.  (Yeah, they’re always being held down by the man.  It’s not fair.)

Kent:  I believe this will be a case of one best check themselves before they wreck themselves. I hope Tara’s aggression goes unchecked.  If Tara and Daryl go on a suicide mission, I will laugh.

Final Thoughts

Brian:  a great mellow blues great named his trusty guitar lucille.. and a great mellow leader named his trusty defender lucille.. could negan be the ZA bb king?  (Like I’m not going to link this song to go with your words.)

Raylene:  Will we have a multiple major character death by mid season finale?  (Yes, I guarandamtee it.)

Kent:  I say that Tara dies in the midseason finale, and I am just counting down the days.  Huh, the midseason finale happens on December 10th… birthday.  Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.  Tara is as good as dead.  Plus, per IMDB, the description for that episode reads: “This mid season finale will put everything Rick and his group has done to this point to the test. Can Rick continue to fight? Or has he lost his will?”  Yeah, this will be where we see the scenes from the season premiere with the graves.  

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