The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 26 & 27, 2018 The Golden Shovel Returns

We got to see Cena wielding the golden shovel, Ronda’s inability to act or toss a man twice her size through a table well, but he sold it like a son of a bitch, and much more!!  Keri is back judging Anonyruss and Harper Lee on their responses to her questions.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we had our 100th episode.  Enough said!!!    Please enjoy.


  1.  Well, Roman Reigns is our #1 contender for the Universal title and cut a promo on Brock Monday night on RAW. What did you think of this promo?

Anonyruss:  This was Roman’s best promo.  That doesn’t say too much since the majority of his promos are garbage.  I’m not a Roman hater, but talking is not his strong suit. Still, This was above average for any promo and for that I have to give him props.  Brock not showing up may have been the best thing that could have happened to Roman. Now was this WWE’s doing? Or is Brock really such a douche that he can’t work all the way through his contract?  I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

Harper Lee:  Man, can that man cut a passionate promo, or what?  And what is that mean ole Brock Lesnar doing with Dana White?  You, sir, are under contract with WWE. That means you stay with them until it runs out.  I am so mad at Brock, I could scream at him. He doesn’t scare me. Daddy and his brother got plenty of guns, so bring it Beast!

Keri’s Verdict:  Not a bad showing from Roman this week. Do I still think he has the charisma of a carrot? Yes, I do. But at least he showed promise so that is a step in the right direction. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Brock Lesnar is one of the main things wrong with the WWE right now. Let’s hope by early April we are done with that nonsense. Now to award this question’s point. I like that Harper is showing no fear this week so she gets the point.


  1.  So much to talk about in the RAW women’s division. Asuka has apparently chosen to face Alexa at Mania and Nia is having none of it, Mickie and Alexa now have an alliance, and it looks like it may be the end of the super best friends, Sasha and Bayley. Discuss all of these recent developments.

Anonyruss:  Asuka still hasn’t chosen who she is going to face and I think that plays big time into Nia / Bliss / Mickie and their “paths” to Mania.  I think Asuka is still going to face Charlotte. This will leave Nia to face Bliss. Sasha and Bayley should have happened about 5 or 6 months ago.  Still, if this finally turns Sasha back to a heel and doing the things that made us all love her in the first place, then let’s get this thing over with!    

Harper Lee:  I’m so sad to see Bayley and Sasha not be besties anymore.  What is this world coming to??? I don’t trust that Mickie James.  Why are you siding with Alexa after recently feuding with her? I don’t get it.  Why is Nia even in the conversation if she lost cleanly to Asuka? This is all absurdity personified.

Keri’s Verdict:  I have to say kudos to RAW creative for coming up with the current storyline for the women’s division. I’m actually intrigued and looking forward to what happens next. Good job.  Now to award the point for this question. I don’t know what has gotten into Harper this week but I’m digging her sassiness so one point to Harper.


  1.  It looks like the Miz is potentially facing Finn Balor and Seth Rollins at Mania for the IC title. Is this a good decision? Also, where does this leave Elias and Braun?

Anonyruss:  Is this a good decision?  Hell yea it is! The Miz, Finn, and Seth in a triple threat match for the IC title is money in the bank!  So I’m 100% behind this. So where does that leave Elias and Braun? Well if you are to believe the internet (and who doesn’t?)  The IC title will be a fatal 5 way. You know WWE has had a hard-on lately for multi man matches. I can’t think of the last PPV that didn’t at least have a triple threat match or more men in one match.  

Harper Lee:  It leaves Elias in that match as well and possibly Braun.  I still think Braun is main eventing this year’s Wrestlemania.  Let Roman kick out of an F5 only for Braun to capitalize and win the belt.  The IC belt is below Braun at the moment despite him never holding a belt. Look at that man and tell me that he is in the mid-card with that cute bushy beard of his.  He can put his hands on me anytime, that’s his saying, right. He wants to put his hands on Harper Lee. I’m pretty sure that’s correct.

Keri’s Verdict:  If the WWE was smart, they would do two things here. First, they would keep this Elias and Braun feud going into Mania. Those two guys work great together. Second, let’s leave Balor, Miz, and Rollins alone. That match has the match of the night potential and I’d say this about a card that potentially has Styles vs Nakamura. Alright, it’s award a point time. I’m going to award Anonyruss a point here. I agree there are too many multi-man matches right now. It really screams lazy writing.


  1.  John Cena came out on RAW said he failed at EC, that he would not face the Undertaker at Mania, and that he would head to Smackdown in search of his road to Wrestlemania. Then on Smackdown, he immediately asked for a title shot, beat AJ, and got added to the fatal five-way (now six-pack challenge) at Fastlane. Discuss all of this and also what you would like to see Cena do at Mania.

Anonyruss:  Wow this question is loaded, like Cena is with shit.  If you didn’t get that I am saying that Cena is full of shit.  Has no path to Mania. Listen I love a good make believe story, but Cena having no way to get to WrestleMania is going too far beyond believability.  I was pissed that he got a clean win over AJ. I mean the match was good, but the better story would have been him losing to AJ and then having Shinsuke come out and want to have a match with Cena at Fastlane so he can prove himself to everyone and to entice Cena to accept if he beats Shinsuke then he will be added to his match with AJ at Mania.  That is gold! GOLD I TELLS YA! Sorry. Anyway, I’d still have Cena lose at Fastlane and then he would be at rock bottom and that is when the Undertaker comes out. He then says something like “Now that you have hit rock bottom, I’m coming to bury you so you may Rest In Peace. Boom Taker and Cena at Mania.

Harper Lee:  I think that John Cena needs to see a good psychiatrist, like Dr. Shelby.  Does anybody remember that stuff with Daniel Bryan and Kane. I laughed and I laughed, and I may have peed a little bit, but so worth it catching up on so many things that I missed over the years.  Seriously though, I’m a member of Cenation through and through usually, but don’t go thinking you can fight the Dead Man. Also, not cool beating my man AJ Styles. I was not happy that night. I ate a whole pan of brownies in rage mode after that match.  Rage mode is similar to Brie mode except I actually accomplished something and was good at it.

Keri’s Verdict:  This whole Cena doesn’t have a path for Mania is BS. No one believes it Creative. The man is John Cena. Creative almost certainly has something for him. And as long as he doesn’t mess with my Styles vs Nakamura match, he can do whatever and bury whomever  he wants. Now to award a point. Harper mentioned brownies and I love brownies. Should creative decide to mess with Styles vs Nakamura I will need a whole pan of those myself.


  1.  Let’s talk the Smackdown Tag Division, shall we? We had a good segment with the Uso and New Day followed by some foreshadowing with the Bludgeon Brothers. What are your thoughts on this? Where do you see this going?

Anonyruss:  The Uso’s and New Day were good this week.  I like a fired up Big E. That is the best Big E.  Then I loved how the Bludgeon Brothers came out. I am really starting to dig there music.  This has to be leading to a triple threat tag team match right? It would just be one more multi-man match type that gives WWE it’s boner.  I am beginning to think Mania will just be a clusterfuck of Multi-Men matches with the exception of like two matches. I can’t believe how stacked the WWE is right now!  

Harper Lee:  I’ll tell you, the only thing scarier than Braun’s hands are those hammers that the Bludgeon Brothers have.  Good lawdy, Uso’s and Newday, ain’t no penitentiary or pancake that is going to save you from some legit southern boys.  Can you imagine how big’s Braun’s hands are? How big his fingers are? Oh my……..I need to take a bath.

Keri’s Verdict:  Why is it no matter how many times I see the Usos and New Day cut a promo it never gets old? They are that damn good right now. With that said I also like what they are doing with the Bludgeon Brothers right now. It’s almost something out of one of those SOON memes. Ok points time. So, I’m going to award Anonyruss the point here because again his answer is on point and sending Harper for a cold shower.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:

Anonyruss:  Harper Lee sounds like she has lost her southern charm and turned into a douchey bitch.  (Kent: Yeah #MeToo!!!)  I jest, I love her. Still, she is right. I have nothing to contribute to this section.  JASON JORDAN FOREVER! COME BACK TO US SOON!

Harper Lee:  Kevin Owen’s made fun of Baron Corbin’s hairline on Smackdown.  I laughed. That’s better than what Anonyruss is going to bring to the table.  Ballin!!!

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Harper for this week’s win. I’m digging the sassiness this week girl. Keep it up.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  Can we all agree that finally seeing Fashion Files on Smackdown instead of on facebook was the right call?  Sure, it was just a long commercial for some stupid show on the USA Network, but it was better than a lot of Smackdown that night.  

Harper Lee:  I get car sick easily so this Road to Wrestlemania has me very nauseous.  I wanna see me some more Ronda Rousey. Also, Keri, can you tell Russ and Kent to stop calling her Ronda Arouse-me?  That’s such a lewd thing to say.

Keri:  Let me just say that I may be in over my head on this whole finishing up school thing. I’m only 6 weeks in and I feel like I do at week 12. This is going to be a long semester. But at least graduation day is set so it will all be worth it come May 12th. If I make it to May 12th, that is. And, Harper it bugs me too but I’ve learned to pick my battles with those two so I’m letting it slide for now.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 19 & 20, 2018 Seth is Iron Man

Kent here, and Seth took off the flaming pants that keep Russell hot, and is now our new Iron Man.  Funny how WWE put over HHH so much this week but refused to mention a certain Crippler.  Ah well.  Keri is back judging Anonyruss and Harper Lee on their responses to her questions.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed iron man, Elimination Chamber preview, and made fun of Smackdown.    Please enjoy.


  1.  So there was a gauntlet match on RAW this week but let’s not discuss specifically this match. Instead, let’s discuss “Ironman” Seth Rollins in this match.

Anonyruss:  Well if Jordan can’t be on RAW then I’ll take an hour plus of my other guy Seth Rollins.  He looked great out there. He basically gave us 2 quality PPV matches in one. First, he fought Roman Reigns.  This in and of itself was fantastic as far as a match goes. The back and forth was great and lots of decent spots that were fun.  After Rollins got the pin here and I heard John Cena’s music I thought for sure that this would be a quick win for Cena, you know because of #lolCenaWins.  I was very wrong. The match with Cena was also a very good showing. Then when he won that I was floored. I hope this showing for Rollins helps get him back into the main event scene because he had a really lackluster 2017.  Things are coming up Rollinshouse (until Sunday, when they come up Reignhouse from there until after WrestleMania.)

Harper Lee:  Screw it, at the risk of losing a point, I’m disregarding the question and talking about the whole match.  While this was an early candidate for match of the year, in my opinion, they screwed up. Keri, you should appreciate this, I am taking something that has been universally praised and still going to bitch about it. I would have changed up the booking.  I would have started with Finn vs Miz, had Finn win and out comes Braun. Braun beat Finn. Elias is out next and we do some big guy stuff and while Elias has a good showing, Braun wins and gets a win back. While Braun is celebrating, Elias hits him with a chair.  You can bring Roman or Cena out next to take Braun out quickly. Probably Roman and his wet hair. Roman takes advantage of a hurt Braun thanks to Elias’ post-match beat down. Out comes Seth, and then we have Seth do his hour + long bit of magic. Cena being the last guy to lose also plays into his current storyline where he keeps falling short.  This would have been a proper match build up where it got exciting and had the near falls. This match was great, but it could have been better had they followed my plan. Also, they said that HHH had an iron man match but they never said who. Come to find out, it was Chris Benoit. Keri, why didn’t the WWE mention Mr. Benoit? My daddy said it was that no good Kevin Sullivan that did those terrible things.

Keri’s Verdict:  While the overall match was great, Seth’s performance Monday night was amazing and it came with wins over Cena and Roman. I think it may have been the best performance in his WWE career. Needless to say, I was very, very impressed. And with that said, I always love me some creative booking changes and for that Harper gets the point.


  1.  Titus Worldwide had a good showing against the Bar this week on RAW. Is tag team gold coming to Titus Worldwide?

Anonyruss:  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA, what? HAHAHAHAHA, no!  Titus World Wide get gold? Oh man, you are hilarious question writer! In all seriousness, Titus Worldwide has tons of talent.  Apollo is money, WWE just doesn’t know how to properly utilize him. Titus is an ok wrestler with decent charisma. Together they have been fun, but I think WWE is just making them look good so that when The Bar walks all over them on Sunday it won’t be so boring.  Gotta make the competition at least look like they have a chance.

Harper Lee:  Well well well, if you go back to last week’s blog and read the bonus portion, I did say that Apollo should get himself a push.    This week validated my opinion. This is an automatic point for me because of last week. Yes, I am better than that stupid Mr. Clio.

Keri’s Verdict:  The RAW tag team division as a whole is a mess. You have the Balor Club fighting the Revival, Ginger Rhyno keeping everyone’s seats warm in catering, and the Bar wrestling Titus Worldwide. This division needs energy stat and I think a title change may do it.   Harper gets the point here not just for what she said above but also for her overall sense of positivity.


  1.  So at Fastlane, we have the Uso vs the New Day for the 15,000th time. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonyruss:  My thoughts are Smackdown SUCKS!  It has almost been unwatchable for the past 3 weeks (I’m being generous here.)  So the fact that they have to rely on Uso’s vs New Day just tells me they are still creatively bankrupt.  Now as far as the match goes. I’m fine with it. They have had some great matches at PPV’s the last few times they went at it.  So I am pretty sure this will be a great match, but if it isn’t it’s not like it will ruin a good story.

Harper Lee:  Well, this is another easy point.  Anonyruss clearly didn’t watch last week’s episode of Smackdown or he would have seen a well-done wrestling show.  His credibility is thinner than Baron Corbin’s hair. I am so sorry Mr. Lone Wolf. This is WWE at it’s worst when they refuse to let the new talent rise up and have a changing of the guard.  Last year New Day didn’t have a match at Mania. I think something is up, and I fear that the Uso’s won’t get a chance to defend their belts at Mania, and that would be a terrible crime. Way worse than when daddy and his brothers got caught bootlegging moonshine and have some method for creating crystals.  Crystals are so pretty, well except the creepy girls named Crystal. Never trust them.

Keri’s Verdict:  New Day vs the Usos, the Usos vs New Day, sigh. Doesn’t matter how you order it, the matchup is played out and downright boring. But I agree with Anonyruss, it will be an exciting match so that is probably the silver lining for all of us. And with that said, one point Anonyruss.


  1.  On Smackdown this week we found out who will be facing who for the US and Women’s titles at Fastlane. Pick one of these matchups and discuss.

Anonyruss:  Wait, they did? When did that happen?  Let me go check what and who. Ok, back from checking.  So Bobby is going to face Randy. Can we be real for a second.  We all know Jinder is somehow going to be included in this right?  So what the hell is the point of announcing this match when we all know next week or even the following week they are going to add him!  Ok, back to wrestling world. I like the match up. The more Bobby can do with some of the “great” talent the better. They need to groom him to be a top heel.  Randy is at his best when he is a heel so this feels like a good thing for Bobby. The women’s title match: Woooo Jr. vs My High school-self’s dream girl, Ruby Riot.  Why would I care about this match? We all know Lil’ Woo is going to win.

Harper Lee:  Well, a face vs face match up makes sense since there is only one face in the main event against 4 heels.  My question is simple, who is Shinsuke fighting? Am I the only one feeling Shinsuke’s momentum collapsing before our very eyes?  Maybe I need to get my eyes examined. He won the Royal Rumble and has done nothing since. It’s a tad ridiculous. Still, with all of that being said,  we are in a new era where Charlotte may be the single greatest champion that we have in WWE. She is so talented, and to all of the haters out there, this girl has worked and trained hard for her spot.  Her last name has nothing to do with it. That’s balderdash!!! That was my word of the day on my calendar a few days ago. I love it. It’s like boulders are having a 100 yard dash. Anyway, the queen is going to destroy this peasant, Ruby Riot, and then the whole squad can go back into obscurity.  Quite frankly, I want to see Asuka take on Charlotte. If that happens, let’s make history one more time and have the historic, first ever women main eventing a Wrestlemania. Come on, let’s do it. You know you want to see it. Well #MeToo. I love that hashtag. It’s nice that I can just agree with people.  Hey Harper, I like strawberry ice cream and I’m like #MeToo. I love social media!

Keri’s Verdict:  These matchups are very simple to describe. These are the “titles are not going to change hands because of Mania but we still want to see what both people are capable of in a championship match setting.” The US title match is as Anonyruss said a way for Roode to work with a heel like Randy. As for the women’s title match, this is Ruby’s chance to see if she belongs in the title picture. Now to award this week’s question number 4 point. I don’t know where Harper was going with her response but she does bring up a good point with Shinsuke. And Anonyruss’ answer really is on point so one point to him.


  1.  The Cruiserweight tournament has officially begun. Who do you got and why?

Anonyruss:  Wait, they did? When did that happen?  Let me go check what and who. Ok, back from checking. They certainly did.  Man, I keep telling myself to watch 205, but Smackdown has sucked so hard that by the end I just don’t want to watch any more wrestling that week.  Alright, so I’m taking TJP. They seemed to want to get behind him when the whole 205 thing started, but because the show was just starting and TJP couldn’t be himself they lost interest in him.  Recently it has seemed that he has had a bit of a resurgence as a heel. I like it! So I’m taking him to go ahead and win another WWE based tournament.

Harper Lee:  I’ll tell you who isn’t winning it, Hideo Itami.  He is one of the most underutilized talents currently  I think they need to start a new era with Enzo and RIch officially gone.  I was going to pick Tony Nese….and he’s already out. Sigh. Fine, I will go with the first ever UK champion Tyler Bate……and he’s already out.  Well, I am going with Akira Tozawa….and he’s out. What the heck is going on? Honestly, look at the bracket and tell if you would rather watch the current participants including Buddy Murphy, or if you would rather see a tournament with all of the losers of the first round.  If I ask you, do you want Cedric, TJP, Roderick, Kalisto, Mustafa, Buddy, Drew Gulak, and Mark Andrews or would you rather have Gran Metalik, Tyler Bate, Hideo, Lince Dorado, Jack Gallagher, Daivari, Tony Nese, and Akira? If that doesn’t get me a point, I do not know what will.  I think Cedric is winning.

Keri’s Verdict:  There have been some shocking upsets in this tournament and it seems like they may be taking this division in a new direction. It’s not like the old way was really working anyways and honestly, I think that belt may be cursed at this point. But with that said, I’m picking Mr. Alexa Bliss, Buddy Murphy to win this thing. Why you ask? Because he made his debut in this tournament for a reason and I think the title is the reason why he debuted. So, time to award a point and you know what I can decide on this question. We have negativity on Harper side which is really unlike her and I’m just not feeling Anonyruss’ answer either. So, I’m going to do a blog first and award no points for this question.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.

Anonyruss:  It feels like Elimination Chamber should be a decent PPV, but something just feels off.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m just not feeling this PPV. Don’t get me wrong I’ll watch it and I’m sure there will be several matches that will be great, but I just don’t have that same vibe I get when I watch other PPV’s on The Road to WrestleMania.  

Harper Lee:  I would like to see WWE eliminate all PPV’s between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.  It would force them to book intelligently instead of changing their minds at the last second and make stupid decisions, like Cena winning the belt suddenly last year or my man Luke being an afterthought.  This would force WWE to provide solid weekly shows on the Road to Wrestlemania. Or give us a 205 exclusive PPV and UK only PPV instead of RAW or Smackdown. This would still give us PPV’s, but a nice change of pace.  Come on, you know you would like to see an all UK or 205 PPV.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  I like Harper’s idea of having story building for the biggest show of the year. This is the “road to WrestleMania” and we don’t know what the matches are yet or why we should care about the said matchups. Enough of these PPVs between Rumble and Mania. Seriously WWE, you have your biggest shows of the year in a little over a month and you really need to build for that. Why you ask? Because, as of right now (and if you believe the internet), the most anticipated match of the weekend isn’t even in your promotion. With that said, one point for Harper and with that point the win. I couldn’t agree with you more, Harper.  Creative needs to be creative again.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  I really have no final thoughts this week.  Check out Keri’s though. She has some deep thoughts and they are not Jack Handy’s.  

Harper Lee:  Sometimes taking a step back from what we are most passionate about is important.  It does offer some clarity. We do get obsessive at times. Whether it be Russell on Are You Not Kentertained with Seth’s flaming pants, or Kent with Filipino transvestites, or Keri with her Asian-itis, it’s good to take a step back and realize that this isn’t the end of the world.  When Cena wins #17, people are going to be mad. Make no mistake about it, every single guy with double-digit title runs have had numerous lousy runs that were short lived and not memorable, and that includes the Nature Boy. Really there is only one thing that ever mattered. Whoever slays the Beast in April will be my hero.  I am hoping it is Braun because Brock did the one thing that should never have been done.

Keri:  So, last week I went to a very, very dark place on this blog and I may have ruined Mania for some of our readers. And for that, I apologize and would like to thank Harper for making me realize how scary I was becoming. And no, the fact that I was growing a rather long neckbeard had nothing to do with it (even though it was rather unsightly). It’s just that I’ve been watching what is happening with my beloved Bullet Club right now and I have to admit that the negativity and bad vibes from that storyline translated itself over into my blogging. Then, I watched this week’s episode of BTE (Being the Elite, for those of you who don’t know) and had an epiphany while I watched a chair thrown by Cody at Kenny sail by with Tama Tonga in the background. What I noticed in this particular scene was not the chair being thrown or the individuals in the scuffle but Tama sitting there with his sunglasses on looking like he could give two fucks less about what was going on in front of him. And seeing his reaction to everything got me thinking, why do I care about this so much? Why am I so affected by all this negativity and bad vibes?  Then I thought you know what I think should be more like Tama. And you know what that is exactly what I’m going to do. Team Kenny or Team Cody? I’m sure some of you out there have chosen your side in this Bullet Club Civil War. But for me, all I have to say is I don’t care anymore and quite frankly it’s all just getting a little too silly for me. All I will say though is may the best man win. (Kent: So the Bullet Club is stealing more from the NWO?  We can’t forget Black and White vs Wolfpack. Christ, just go watch the NWO story on WWE Network and save some time.  I’d say that Kenny is more Wolfpack and Cody is Black and White OG NWO. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but this feels like more copying.)


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 12 & 13, 2017 Braun Can Sing?

Here we go, the build to Elimination Chamber is ON!  We get more qualifiers, and Smackdown tried to keep things going.  It was an okay week.  We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.

  1.  The second chance four way became a second chance five way on RAW and now Balor and Rollins are in the Elimination Chamber match. Discuss this development.

Anonyruss:  This has been a terrible two weeks for me.  First, my boy Jordan was unable to compete last week and I just didn’t know how to deal with it.  So I did what most logical people would do. I took the week off from blogging to mourn. This week I hear Jordan is going to be out for several months and will miss WrestleMania!  I don’t know if I can take this! Still it is my job to blog so I can’t just take several months off, you’d all miss my insight too much. As for the Fatal Five Way. The match was great, but man WWE is devoid of creativity.  Rollins is my second guy behind Jordan so any time we can get him in a major match in a PPV I’m all for it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out a more creative way to get Rollins in it other than “yea, our plans for you blew up, so… why not insert yourself into a second chance match… even though you never got a first chance.”  Whatever, Rollins is in, he isn’t winning, but I hope this will lead to a big match at Mania.

Harper Lee:  I’m pretty sure this is similar to have my daddy won my mom’s heart.  He fought his 4 brothers. He was victorious. It’s good that he and another brother didn’t share the victory.  Could you imagine that? They would have needed a bigger bed. I am so happy that my man Finn is in this. Something felt different about Seth this week, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he seemed in a better place.  I am happy for both men. It was my favorite match of the week.

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m glad to see both Rollins and Balor getting an opportunity to be more than just an afterthought. With that said though, the cynic in me knows that they are cannon fodder in this match and that they are just there is make Roman look strong. Seriously, how many guys are needed in a match to make that guy look strong? Perhaps he is not the right choice to be the guy, WWE.  With that said, time for me to award points. Harper has me intrigued with her southern courtship rituals so she gets a point here.


  1.  Elias and Braun had a great segment on RAW involving musical instruments. Discuss this segment.

Anonyruss:  Elias and Braun are out there proving that the future for WWE is still pretty bright.  This was a great stuff. Braun is not only a monster but he is amazingly humorous. If this guy doesn’t become one of the biggest names in WWE history I will be shocked.  He has all the tools and uses them better than the majority of the roster. Elias is a great heel. He knows how to turn a crowd. Considering how “new” he is to the main roster that is impressive.  These two need to have a feud soon, perhaps over a belt of some kind.

Harper Lee:  Elias is growing on me, especially with him and Bayley, but Braun is my man and did you see the size of his instrument?  Plus did you see the size of that cello. Oh my my my. I want to spend days getting lost in that man’s beard while he sings to me.  I loved his singing voice. I would love to see these 2 guys feud more. They have great chemistry.

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m entertained by both guys. Here are two guys that the WWE is doing great things with in terms of building their star power. I hope this continues and we see them in a title picture very soon. I will take any title picture at this point. Now to award points. I like Anonyruss’ idea of having a feud between these two and for that creativity I award a point.


  1.  Let me see if I got all of this straight. Corbin and Ziggler were supposed to have a match on Smackdown to see who would be added to the WWE championship match at Fastlane with Styles, Owens, and Zayn. Then Owens and Zayn attached Corbin and Ziggler, which resulted in matches between all four parties which would either put the winner in the WWE championship match and the loser being taken out of the match. And now we have a fatal five way at Fast Lane. This is confusing. Explain this to me.

Anonyruss:  Smackdown was garbage this week.  They made terrible messes out of their stories.  This was a complete cluster fuck, but at least now we can kind of downplay KO vs Sami.  Though is their endgame to get KO vs Sami at Mania? Or are they still trying to get Shane and someone vs. KO and Sami?  I don’t know, but Smackdown better get their shit together. The matches were very good I can at least say that. However, great matches can only go so far on shitty stories. So Smackdown start packing it into a neat little ball and get your shit together!

Harper Lee:  I am confused.  That’s 4 bad guys vs an AJ Styles.  But Baron and Dolph got some crowd reaction.  I am so confused. Keri, you’re confused, I’m confused, but I must admit, I loved the chaos and I think that this will be a much better match than the one at the Royal Rumble.  Dolph deserves a chance to show the world what he can do. I don’t know about Baron. His hairline is pretty bad. Grow a beard and maybe we can talk.

Keri’s Verdict:  Honestly, I stopped caring about Kami about two weeks ago. This is pointless and we know its leading to Sami vs KO at Mania. You want to know how I know this because this is how we got KO vs Jericho last year. WWE should be using this time to build Styles vs Nakamura. There is a rich history between these two that they could be utilizing as part of the build for this match. But they won’t and they will throw something sloppy together at the last minute. I mean I’m excited for this match up either way so storyline doesn’t matter to me but for the rest of the fans out there sloppy booking could be a disaster for this match. WWE, honestly, should look at what is being done right now with Omega and Cody to see how to build a storyline feud. The way this story is being told, you as a fan care and are excited to see what happens next between both guys and I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge Omega fan. I wish WWE had storytelling like this and if they did I may actually want to watch their product. Anyways, points time. I award Anonyruss a point here because I agree with him Smackdown creative (and RAW creative) need to get their act together or the match of Wrestlemania weekend won’t happen at Takeover or Mania, it will happen at Supercard of Honor.


  1.  Ronda Rousey is signing her RAW contract at Elimination Chamber. Was this the right move? Discuss.

Anonyruss:  You know what the right move is?  Watching the Olympics. Man it is fun to see all those different sports you don’t get to see very often.  My personal favorite is all the trick style skiing and snowboarding. So much fun. Oh, Rousey singing her contract at Elimination Chamber?  I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

Harper Lee:  OMG, YESSSS!!! I can’t wait.  She is going to be so amazing.  I got so excited seeing her show up at the Royal Rumble.  I love that she pays tribute to Roddy Piper. Have you ever seen They Live or Hell Comes to Frogtown?  They are fantastic, and I thank Kent for those recommendations. Ronda is such a brilliant girl. They just need to keep her and Asuka away from each other for a year.  SO excited!!! Girlish squeal!!!

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m with Anonyruss here and therefore he gets the point. I don’t care about this signing. It’s a publicity stunt nothing more nothing less. She is not a wrestler and has no proven track record. This is a slap in the face to the women who are busting their asses on the main roster and down in developmental. She is on the list of things that are wrong with the WWE right now (along with Cena and Lesnar) and she hasn’t even “wrestled” her first match.


  1.  There are rumors that a draft will happen after Wrestlemania. Who would you like to see go where? Pick 5 wrestlers only.

Anonyruss:  Man the way Smackdown is going I don’t really want to see anyone go over to that Kiss of Death.  Still, I’ve been asked so I will do my work. First, AJ Styles needs to get over to RAW. Yes he is the King of Smackdown, but I’d rather be a pauper on RAW than the King of Shitsville.  Becky needs a trade in the worst way. She is wasted on Smackdown and needs new life. Rousey needs to get moved over to Smackdown, if a talent ever needed development it is her. Besides then she can be on with Charlotte and I only have to ignore one shows women’s division.   In an effort to try and save Smackdown I’d trade over The Miz. He and Daniel Bryan have amazing chemistry and it would be nice for them to flip the script for once and finally have the authority be the face and the talent be the heel. Finally I’d trade Luke Harper to RAW. He is talent that is wasted.  I know that might not change much on RAW, but he has more exposure on that show.

Harper Lee:  I think Baron and Elias would be a fine trade off.I would consider Finn, Becky, and Sasha. Also, Bayley, sorry Keri, but heel Sasha vs face Bayley is money and Smackdown women need a lot of help.  Send Carmella to RAW. She needs a change of scenery. Sorry, I know that’s 7, but girl power!!!!!!

Keri’s Verdict:  First let me say, I like Harper’s suggestions and positivity so I award her a point. Here is what I would do if there is a draft. For the men, I would swap Rusev, Big E (we need to break up New Day, they are stagnant), and Baron to RAW for Miz, Balor, and Rollins. All three match up well with Styles and they could have a great WWE title division especially given that Sami and KO are already there. Now for the women, I would send Becky and Carmella to RAW and move Bayley and maybe Nia to Smackdown. We need some talent that could actually take the belt off of Charlotte and Carmella and Becky are wasted on Smackdown.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:

Anonyruss:  Jordan! WHY!  My entire Mania season has been destroyed.  This young talent is going to miss the biggest show of the year.  I just wish for him a speedy recovery, because WWE isn’t the same without him.  

Harper Lee:  I think Apollo Crews has proven that he can hang with the big boys and I would like to see him featured in more matches.  Have him go the Jason Jordan route of losing but gaining respect. I would like to see him eventually get a cocky persona.  I could fantasy book this, but you can see any number of ways to do this. I think they should revisit Titus and Apollo vs The Bar and start from there, and have Titus become the one who keeps losing.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats Anonyruss on this week’s win!


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  It’s been a tough two weeks for me, but I am a fighter.  I loved wrestling before Jordan and I will continue to love it when Jordan becomes the commissioner of RAW after he retires, just like his dad.   I will make it through this and focus myself on other talents until Jordan returns. Braun and Elias should be able to fill the whole that Jordan left.  When he returns things will be right with the world.

Harper Lee:  Keri is getting dark over there.  I like to look at things on the bright side.  Injuries can always happen and cause matches to change.  Deep down inside, we all became wrestling fans because of WWE.  I know that it is predictable, but all of wrestling is largely predictable if you have been watching long enough.  It’s like rewatching a film that you love. The Princess Bride has been great all 47 times that I have seen it. I know what’s going to happen, and I am fine with that.  I feel that sometimes you have to just enjoy the ride with life in general, or else you get sucked into the negativity. I have faith that our dear leader, Keri, will find it in her to come back.  To quote a song that I happen to love,

Crawling through mud, what’s the difference
When you come out on the other side?”

Keri, please come out on the other side.


Keri:  Confession time. I’m no longer watching WWE. I just don’t see the point of watching since everything is predictable. Braun is going to do Braun things (Not that I have a problem with that at all. He really is the best thing on RAW and deserves the title more than Roman), Cena and Reigns are going to be booked strong and bury the rest of the roster in the process, Sami and KO will continue to drive a wedge between Bryan and Shane, and the cruiserweight, mid-card, women and tag divisions will have matches that will feel like afterthoughts. See I just summarized RAW and Smackdown for the past three weeks and probably next week’s show. You’re welcome. Now you don’t have to watch.  Also, here is what will happen in the main events at Wrestlemania: Roman wins the title from Brock, Nakamura wins the title from AJ, Asuka wins the title from Charlotte, Nia wins the title from Bliss, and Cena beats Taker. There you go. Now you don’t have to watch Mania either. And, your welcome for me giving you 7 hours of your life back. See how easy that was.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 5 & 6, 2017 Rusev vs Roodsev

Here we go, the build to Elimination Chamber is ON!  We get more qualifiers, and Smackdown tried to keep things going.  It was an okay week.  We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.

Hey everyone, this is Kent.  Anonyruss contacted me and asked for some time off, so I obliged.  I thought, maybe I should step in during his absence and take on my star pupil, the beautiful Haper Lee.  This is gonna be like Star Wars, minus the light sabers and special effects…..and story….and acting. Ahhh fudge it.


  1.  Let’s talk Elimination Chamber, shall we? Roman is in, Elias earned the #6 chamber spot, and next week we have a second chance fatal four-way match. Discuss all of these developments.

Kent:  Oh yay, Old Drippy is in the EC.  I don’t see ANY way that he possibly wins and moves on to take on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.  The WWE would never be so obtuse with their freshly squeezed garbage juice writing. Come the fuck on, just surprise us for once WWE!  It won’t kill you to not push Roman against Brock AGAIN for the 3rd or 4th time. We have seen it. We would all rather wear Seth Rollins’ pants out in public than to see this match again.  I would like to see Bray win it next week, but Finn seems likely. Apollo is my dark horse…..oh sit. Am I even allowed to say that anymore? Screw it, I am picking Apollo. Fuck Finn, and especially fuck FTBC and their clubs about bullets.(Keri: Oh yeah, well FTR) (Kent: It’s nice to be back.)

Harper Lee:  You know how I feel about this.  I am behind Roman 100% with his nice hair and rippling muscles upon muscles.  Oh, but Braun is in it. I don’t even care about next week’s match, although I will feign interest in it when Keri inevitably asks about it.  This is about Braun and Roman. I would love a double pin or double knock out. I think Brock vs Roman, vs Braun is the best main event that RAW can offer.  I am picking Finn to win next week’s match in case you were wondering. Those abs…..those abs. I need to go take a bath now.

Keri’s Verdict:  Well it’s refreshing to see Kent back and in his usual form. I’m couldn’t have said it better myself. This year’s RAW Mania main event has been telegraphed since well last year’s Mania. This is similar to the Okada vs Naito main event at this year’s Wrestle Kingdom which was building for well, years. Of course, in this case we will not get the build that match had or the quality of match that match was earlier this year but still both situations are sort of similar. With that said, I’m glad Finn will probably get a shot to be in this thing not that it’s going to matter. I just wish Braun could convince them that him main eventing Mania with Brock and Roman is a good thing. Oh well, time to award a point. So I would have given Kent the point here since he’s pretty much spot on. However, he insulted both the Balor and Bullet Club in one shot so the point goes to Harper. Sorry Kent but I’m a BC girl and that is, as they say, is for life.


  1.  Kurt Angle announced the participants for the women’s Elimination Chamber Match and Alexa came out and questioned the fairness Kurt’s decision making. Discuss this segment.

Kent:  Well, Alexa isn’t wrong.  Brock should be in this EC match or Alexa should be having a singles match while 6 women fight for the right to challenge her at Mania.  In all fairness, I am good with her being in the match because she deserves to be the historic, first time ever Women’s EC winner. Kurt’s segments have not been great lately.  The writing kinda sucks.

Harper Lee:  Oh, they are actually putting Alexa in a match?  It’s about time. I hope she gets beaten by Bayley.  I am on Kurt’s side of this particular argument. I know sexism when I see it, and it was during this segment.  I remember when I added pink to my hair. It looked so pretty. Apparently too pretty. After Daddy saw it, he gave me a really bad haircut.  On the plus side, I didn’t get spanked for awhile and none of the boys bothered me for about a year until I grew my hair out. Still, I did look pretty with the hair.  I know, it’s a sore subject for Kent, and that’s I brought it up. I’m taking you down this week big boy!

Keri’s Verdict:  Alexa in her promo made some good points about fairness and Brock. Seriously the guy is what is wrong with the WWE right now. Well, that and horrible booking but I digress. The first women’s EC is going to be good and I’m glad Alexa is getting the chance to take part in it. She should get to do something historic. I really hate that word. Anyways, time to award the point for this question. I’m going to award Kent a point here. He is pretty much spot on with his response.


  1.  It looks like we may be getting the Bludgeon Brothers vs the Usos at Fastlane or WrestleMania. Discuss this possibility.

Kent:  Yes, give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh. Yup, I am pretty fly for a white guy, and that’s why I shall beat Harper this week.I may have to verbally bludgeon her if she keeps acting U SOOO crazy.  As great as this division is, they do a poor job keeping the other teams looking relevant far too often. American Beta is still doing okay, but I have lost faith in them.  I think this particular matchup is money. I believe that they should already have chemistry when Roman and Bray feuded a couple of years ago. Bludgeon Brothers need to go over though.  They don’t need a huge reign, but they need to be put over to feel 2 legit to quit.

Harper Lee:  Oh I loved MC Hammer and his pants.  We were not allowed to have them in this household.  They were too flashy for Daddy’s tastes. I honestly thought that American Beta was going to take the belts off of the Usos.  In my opinion, I think that the WWE is afraid of how to keep The Uso’s relevant without the belts. You look at New Day and The Bar and they find ways to still be important without the belts.  That’s the true test for The Usos. They need to see how it goes, and Harper and Rowan are so deserving. Those beards….let’s just say that I got a little wet. I am in the bathroom getting ready to take a bath.  

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m intrigued by this potential feud. That’s really all I have to say about it. I’m in agreement with Harper here and that’s why she gets the point. It’s time to take the belt off the Usos to see if they can remain relevant. If they are booked properly, they could.


  1.  Smackdown had a US title match and a #1 friend vs friend match. Discuss both matches and the fallout from both. Also, where do you see this all heading?

Kent:  The WWE needs to make a Rusev Day calendar immediately and different shirts.  They have lightning in a bottle, and they need to see how much profit they can make.  I’d say over the past 2 or so year, tag teams are just as popular for merchandise as singles stars.  You have New Day, Enzo and Cass, Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods, The Hardly Boys, Breezedango, etc. Huh, Xavier got in there twice, and by there I meant that list, not something else.  On the flip side of the Paige, KO vs Sami will never be bad. I may get sick of it 6 months in, but they put on a show. I’m not really answering the question, but I have 2 matches that would really help KO at Mania that aren’t against Sami.  1. KO vs The Rock would be the best possible promo build up. You could also do a Rock N Sock vs Sami KO. Either way, that would be must-see for me. Since I doubt that WWE will reward KO for carrying the company this past year in a major way, here’s a reasonable match that would have the fans going crazy.  2. Sami KO vs Rusev Day. The promos would be exquisite, Rusev would have the crowd eating out of his hands, and KO would be a big enough heel to get Rusev over even more. KO and Rusev also work incredibly well together, and I feel like Sami and Aiden worked some matches or a feud in NXT. Please make this happen!

Harper Lee:  I loved that Bobby Roode vs Rusev match.  It was so much fun and had plenty of excitement.  This was a good matchup for Bobby and for Rusev. I assumed Bobby was winning, but would be okay if Rusev had won.  Both so hairy and handsome. I have to be honest, I didn’t like AJ vs KO in 2017. Adding Sami doesn’t change the dynamic enough for me.  I would rather have had Sami vs AJ with KO in a cage with Robocop guarding it and the Shockmaster as the special guest referee. I love the WWE network sometimes.

Keri’s Verdict:  A couple of things before I award a point. First, Kent, I believe they may already have Rusev Day calendars on WWE shop. Second, I wish they would leave my dream Styles vs Nakamura match alone and let that build properly. Come on WWE, please give me a reason to watch Mania this year because as of right now I would not get up at 2 am like I did for Wrestle Kingdom to watch Mania without this match in place. Ok, time to award a point. Harper mentioned the Shockmaster and Robocop in the same sentence so she gets the point and all other arguments are invalid.


  1. With groups like the New Day, Balor Club, Sanity, and the Undisputed Era, the question was posed as to whether or not the WWE would benefit from having a six-man tag division and title. What are your thoughts on this?

Kent:  No. The undisputed vanillas can go away.   They can’t even do well with their midcard divisions or 205 or the SDL Women.  No, pass.

Harper Lee:  I would watch this and be intrigued.  Unfortunately, how does that work? Would each brand have it’s own 6 man belt?   In theory, I like it, but in practice, I think I would also have to pass due to the logistics of it.  I do think it would give more guys an opportunity to shine, but how would you treat it on PPV? If some could really draw up a complete set of plans, I’d give it a shot.

Keri’s Verdict:  Other promotions out there have a six man tag division (ROH and NJPW) and it’s really entertaining. It gives everyone a chance to be seen by the fans which is a good thing. In the WWE you have talent that isn’t used and doesn’t appear on TV. Why not put them in stable and have a division where they can showcase their talents? I think it would be a good thing. Now for the final point of the week. Harper seems very open to the idea and that’s what I was looking for on this question. Therefore, she gets the point.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:

Kent:  I think WWE is blowing it with Baron Corbin at the moment.  I would have put him in against AJ for one month. A loss is inevitable, but it would be a great set of matches and the feud would be fun.  What is he even doing now?

Harper Lee:  Give me more Finn, Gallows, and Anderson!!!!  Also, I need to hear both songs. They are both great.  Also, give us more Miz! He makes the show better.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats Harper in this weeks win! I think ,Kent, the student has now become the master. Good job little padawan!


Final Thoughts:  

Kent:  This has been a long ass week.  We are on the road to Wrestlemania, and I find the road trip to get more and more boring every year.  Please make excited this year WWE!

Harper Lee:  I’m getting pretty excited for the Elimination Chamber matches now.  Also, the new show on the Network, I think it is Photoshoot or something to do with pictures or photos, well it’s good.  Eric Bischoff is actually a decent guy.

Keri:  For all of you Are You Not Kentertained? listeners out there, I’m afraid I got some bad news. You heard that in Bad News Barrett’s voice didn’t you? I knew you would. I will be taking a short hiatus from hosting the podcast to focus on finishing up my master’s degree. But don’t fret listeners it will be only for a short time and I will be back before you know it. Also, New Beginning in Osaka is this weekend and I’m hoping for a Los Ingobernables de Japon sweep.



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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 29 & 30, 2018 Rumble Hangover

Let’s face it, the Royal Rumble was disappointing, as was this week.  Elias and Rusev tried making this week less painful, as did Sasha Banks, putting in some work.   We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.

  1.  Sasha tried this week on RAW to show everyone that she was ready for Asuka. Discuss this pairing and their match.

Anonyruss:  First, I just want to say Sasha is finally back!  I’ve been waiting a looooooong time for Sasha to finally get her Bossitude back, because she was seriously lacking as a face.  As for the match?  It was fantastic!   Yes, there were a few botched moves, but overall the match had some great back and forth and it was very brutal!  The crowd didn’t seem to care for the match until Sasha took her spill through the ropes.  Then they started to come to life.  Speaking of coming to life, it felt like Sasha also came back to life after the botch.  I don’t know if she felt like she had to prove something after almost killing herself, but we finally got to see a glimpse of the Sasha we all loved in NXT.  I really enjoyed watching these two and I can’t wait to see these two go at it again.  

Harper Lee:  Sasha reminds me a lot of John Cena.  When she wants to really work and show what she can do, she can still impress.  When given lesser matchups or feuds, she seems to phone them in.  I have heard that she used to very effective as a heel in NXT and I think I would like to see what Sasha could bring to the table doing that.  She is a face on the wrong brand.  Put her as a heel on Smackdown, and we could have something there.  Could you imagine her and Charlotte fighting for the belt.  That would be historic and probably the first time ever.  I am getting giddy thinking about it.  I also think I am sick. I hate flu season.

Keri’s Verdict:  I’ll be honest, even after her performance Monday night, I’m still done with Sasha. She had her moment and it has passed. If this the start of a heel turn for her, it’s too little too late in my opinion.  Anyways, it’s time to award a point. I’m going to have award a point to Anonyruss on this one. Charlotte and Sasha has been done too many times for that to be interesting and for that I cannot award a point.


  1.  We had three Elimination Chamber qualifying matches this week with Braun, Elias, and John Cena advancing to the Elimination Chamber match. Discuss the results.

Anonyruss:  I like how this years Elimination Chamber is being used to find a #1 contender for Wrestlemania, instead of the normal belt defence.  It makes the match feel more important.  Unfortunately, it also makes it predictable as hell when it comes to the winner (*cough*RomanReigns*cough*) As for the qualifying matches:  Braun vs Kane wasn’t exactly match of the year stuff, but Braun continues to do Braun things and that is always entertaining.  I know that one day Braun won’t be able to top himself,  I just hope that day is a very long time away.  Elias vs Matt was nothing to write home about either.  I am glad that Elias will get a chance to be in a high profile match.  That is about all I can say for this match.  Cena vs Balor was a great match!  I know #LolCenawins pisses everyone off, but let’s look at the bright side.  We all know Balor wasn’t going to win the Elimination Chamber Match (neither is Cena.)  So I am not as concerned about him taking a clean loss to Cena.  What was nice, though, was that Balor came out of the match looking like a million dollars!  He took the fight to Cena and put on one hell of a good match.  I’m hoping that they are starting to move Balor to the IC Title scene because he would make an excellent champ.  

Harper Lee:  My man Braun is in this match.  Yippy Kay Yay Mother…..well, I can’t finish that or else Daddy may spank me.  I don’t know why, but it seems like once I turned 18, Daddy spanks me a lot more.  He always seems to carry something in his pocket now and it pokes, very uncomfortable.  Do any other 25 year old girls go through this?  It’s like a cucumber or something.  Just have a pickle already!  Now I just have to hope that ROman makes it in and I will be taking a very long bath that night… know, to get my hair as wet as his.  I also want to see what Braun can do to the actual Elimination chamber.  Nobody better hurt that man’s beautiful beard.  I have named his beard Cornelius.  

Keri’s Verdict:  For the record, I want to say I’m sick of Cena and I’m convinced that him, Brock, and any other part timer that WWE wants to wheel out are what is wrong with the current product. That and horrendous booking. With that said, the match was good with him and Finn but I’m just bored with the same old ending. I’m good with Elias and Braun getting the opportunity to possibly be number one contender. They won’t be because Brock vs Roman has been in play for a year now but it’s still nice to see. And with that said, a point must be awarded at this time. I’m starting to worry about Harper’s well being so I award her a point for that and praising all things Braun. I have chosen to ignore the Roman part of her answer. To each their own, I guess.


  1.  Happy Rusev Day!!!! Rusev is the #1 contender for the United States Championship. Discuss this win.

Anonyruss:  This was the best Rusev Day yet!  Rusev has been getting great reactions from the crowd lately (just watch the beginning of the Rumble.)  So I think this is the WWE’s way of giving him a push.  I love that it is going to be Bobby vs Rusev for the United States Championship.  There are so many different directions they can go, with most of those directions being great for everyone involved.  This will also be a great test for the Glorious One.  I’ve been saying this since I took over blog duties.  Roode needs a defining rivalry.  I think Rusev is the perfect foil for him.  I just hope that WWE feels the same way.    

Harper Lee:  I am so jealous.  I heard that Kent got Keri a Happy Rusev Day shirt for Christmas, and that she did the same for him.  I want one too!!! Maybe next year.  I want to celebrate Rusev Day in style.  I’m stuck wearing my brother Eric’s hand me downs.  I have this Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt and it says Fock Fear, Drink Beer.  What the heck is Fock?  Is it like Meet The Fockers.  That  Ben Stiller is one funny man.  He makes me giggle.  I also LOVED There’s Some About Mary.  Why do you build me up….Buttercup.  Ohhhh, now I want a Reese Peanut Butter Cup.  I bet Rusev and Lana share Peanut Butter Cups.  I am so happy for Rusev.  He’s handsome!

Keri’s Verdict:  It’s a Happy Rusev Day. Yes it is readers. I like that booking made this choice. It’s about time. With that said, let’s award points. Both Anonyruss and Harper did great this week on this question. But I have to give Harper a slight edge and the point for a couple of reasons. First, peanut butter cups. Need I say more? Also, someone needs to get this poor girl a Rusev Day shirt. Everyone should be able to celebrate Rusev day in style.


  1.  Next week we have Sami Zayn vs. KO for a chance to face AJ at Fastlane and I’m seriously starting to experience Deja Vu. Is this going to be the Festival of Friendship storyline all over again or am I just crazy? Discuss.

Anonyruss:  This is a ridiculous question!  Of course it is going to be different!  I mean first of all the Festival of friendship involved KO and JerichO, there was no Sami Zayn involved.  Secondly,  If you recall Sami from Thursday he mentioned that this wasn’t about friendship.  It is business. They can set aside their friendship for business purposes.  Do you think WWE is so devoid of creativity that they would rehash an old story?  I mean it isn’t like this is about two best friends who, up to this point, helped each other and then when the friendship stopped being beneficial to one of them they turn on the other like the Festival of Friendship storyline did.  I can’t believe you would dare say something negative about WWE creative!  HAHAHA Psych!  Yes of course this is the exact same story WWE Creative sucks!  

Harper Lee:  Festival of Friendship…..huh?   Oh, I talked to Kent, he explained the whole story with KO and Y2J.  I’m sitting here thinking, that’s stupid.  Last year they just copied what they are doing now.  But wait, how could they copy this Sami and KO storyline?  Oh God, the WWE has discovered time travel.  We are DOOMED!!!!  I fear for KO because Vince may be disappointed in him again at Wrestlemania.  That would make sad.  I also don’t think Kent has much of a social life.  He is always around when I contact him.  

Keri’s Verdict:  All I have to say is old storylines are so exciting. Why yes, I am being sarcastic thank you for asking.  Oh, and Anonyruss gets the point. See I spent as much time on this verdict as booking did on this storyline.


  1.  Ronda Rousey made her debut at the Royal Rumble and reportedly has signed a multi-year deal with the WWE. Discuss this big news story.

Anonyruss:  Wow, Ronda Rousey made her thrilling debut on WWE at the Royal Rumble!  In other big and exciting news I farted and it smelled like rotten eggs.  I don’t give a shit (thats why i mentioned farts.) about Ronda Rousey.  I disliked her in UFC and I’m sure I’ll dislike her in the WWE.  I hope she is a huge flop and is gone by the end of the year.  I know what you are saying, “But Anonyruss you should give her a chance.”  To you who is saying that I have another fart for you. *PFFFFFFFFBBBBBBTTTTTT*    Ahhhhhhhh!  Smells like Rousey.  Also, I’m taking a “Paige” out of Kent’s play book.  Whenever I am asked about her, I’m going to refer to Future Man on Hulu.  Man that show is hilarious!  Seriously, if you have Hulu, start watching it.  You won’t be disappointed.  

Harper Lee:  Now this is something I know.  You see, Daddy steals, I mean USED to steal cable from the neighbors, I mean never stole, legally purchased all of the UFC see fights, so I have seen all of Ronda’s matches.  This girl is one bad lady in the ring.  She is going to hurt somebody in the WWE.  These girls are wrestlers, but Ronda is a real fighter.  We may as well just have Paul Heyman be her advocate.  Right?  This girl is going to be tough to beat.  I’m not even sure if Asuka can handle Rowdy Ronda……wait a second, is she just stealing this whole thing from Rowdy Roddy Piper?  That’s not cool Ronda.  I mean, if you have a problem with it, take it up with Anonyruss…..yeah.

Keri’s Verdict:  So, the main problem I have with this signing is that Ronda is going straight to the main roster based on her name alone. What has she done wrestling wise to earn that spot? She should have to earn that spot like everyone else. But, as we all know WWE doesn’t think that way and they showed that in spades with how they booked her debut. Oh well, time to award a point and I’m going to have to award that point to Anonyruss. While I’m kinda grossed out by his response, I also agree with it.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:  

Anonyruss:  I don’t have much to add to this.  It was one hell of a week for Wrestling, but I am more concerned with the fact that Jason Jordan has a neck injury!  He barely participated in his match at the Rumble and he wasn’t even seen on RAW.  First of all,  WWE I don’t care if he is injured you need to make sure he is on EVERY RAW, ALWAYS!  It doesn’t have to be much.  Even if it is just him coming on to give us a status update.  I needs my Jordan fix!  Jason, if you read this speedy recovery buddy!  

Harper Lee:  Lita still can’t hit a moonsault.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats Anonyruss on this week’s win!


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  Seriously, I hope Jason gets back on his feet from this injury and comes back in top form!  Ready to annoy the fools who don’t see his genius!  

Harper Lee:  I’m tired.  Also, what does Fock Fear mean?

Keri: So, as some of you may have heard, there is a civil war brewing right now within the Bullet Club and the Elite. On one side you have Cody and the other you have Kenny Omega and it all ends with a match between the two at Supercard of Honor. Seriously, look into this people, it’s the best storyline going on in wrestling right now. With that said, as you all know, I’m a fan of all things Bullet Club (and the Elite) so I felt I owed it to you, the readers, to say where my allegiance lies. Well, surprise, surprise I’m not on Team Kenny. I know it’s shocking right.  But that also doesn’t mean I’m on team Cody either. Actually, I’m not taking a side in this particular storyline and I’m going to sit back and watch this all play out in the ring and on Being the Elite because I’m that entertained right now. And also choosing Team anything is kinda silly I’m my opinion.



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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 22 & 23, 2018 – RAW turns 25

Hi, Kent here.  We are ramping up for the Royal Rumble, but prior to that, we have RAW’s 25th anniversary.  This week, WWE crowned a new US Champion, with Bobby Roode winning it.  We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.


  1.  Overall, on a scale of 1 to 5, what would you rate RAW 25? Explain your rating.

Anonyruss:  I’m giving RAW 25 a 4.  There were so many good things that happened.  Seeing Vince as the old Megalomaniac was a real treat.  Stone Cold Stunners are also a welcome sight.  The poker game was a fun way to show how the older and younger talents interact, plus it was just great fun.  The DX segment was really great too.  X-Pac looked great as did Razor.  I hope that the beat down The Revival received helps elevate them in the future, but it was nice to see the Balor club get a rub.  I couldn’t give this a perfect score because it wasn’t perfect.  It left a lot to be desired.  I’m all for the nostalgia aspect that we received, but I do tune in to watch the matches as well as the stories and the matches left a lot to be desired.  With the exception of the IC title match, the rest of the matches were boring and it made the night drag.  

Harper Lee:  5 easily.  I had so much fun!  The poker game throughout the night was great!  There were so many fun moments.  I know that’s what the night was supposed to be, and I felt that it delivered by and large.  I know that the smarks will find a way to overanalyze this and nitpick and talk themselves into believing that this was bad somehow.  They are the problem with wrestling fans.  This was meant to be a fun show with minimal story progression.  It’s like how sitcoms use to do clip shows.  If you had an issue with this, then stop watching.  Just stop.  You cannot be appeased.  I gave it a 5 because it was 100% pure nostalgia.  I can’t really complain too much..

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m going to give the show a 4. It was good for the nostalgia factor and that’s really what this show was about if you think about it. It had its great moments (Stone Cold, Jericho, DX/Balor Club, and the APA). And then there were the not so great moments (Women’s segments, Taker promo). Anyways, enough of me rambling. Your reading this to find out who gets the point from me and not to read my opinion. So, I thought a lot about this and Harper is just so optimistic and happy I feel as if that needs to be rewarded. So, one point Harper.


  1.  What was your favorite segment from RAW 25?

Anonyruss:  You may not know this about me, but I was a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fan in my younger days.  That first segment with the McMahons and Austin was fantastic and it brought to mind a lot of great memories.  

Harper Lee:  I don’t know if this counts, but the whole poker game was my favorite, but it was multiple segments.  As for just one cohesive segment, Jericho and Elias felt brilliant.  Jericho just has a certain gift, and Elias is money at the moment.

Keri’s Verdict:  I had a couple of favorite segments from RAW 25. My first was the interaction between Jericho and Elias. I want a feud between them in the future if Jericho ever comes back to the WWE for any length of time. Also, I love that he wore the Alpha Club shirt during that segment. As for my second favorite, I have to say that I enjoyed the “torch passing” segment between DX/ the Kliq and the Balor Club. That segment was very enjoyable and hopefully means big things for the Balor Club in the future. Now time to award the point for this question. Well, this was a tough one because both responses really are on point. You know what everyone gets a point.


  1.  What was your least favorite segment from RAW 25?

Anonyruss: I’m going to say the very last thing they did with Braun, Brock, and Kane.  It missed the mark big time.  I get it, they fell behind on time and needed to make it shorter, but man did it make Kane look like a non-factor in the match he is going to be in on Sunday.  It just felt rushed and stupid.  Why bring all those guys out to the ring just to have them watch as Braun walked past those guys?  Oh well here is to Braun losing another match he would most assuredly win if WWE wasn’t stuck on Roman vs. Brock at Mania.  

Harper Lee:  That segment where Hulk Hogan didn’t come out.  Whatever Anonyruss says isn’t as important as Hogan.  It’s time for The Hulkster to be given a second chance.  I remember my daddy showing me so many of Hogan’s matches, and while they may seem very paint by numbers now, so did Flair’s, but he is universally praised.  Hogan should have been there.

Keri’s Verdict:  I only have one question in regards to my least favorite segment on RAW 25 and that is, where was Lita? Seriously, when you think of women’s wrestling on RAW especially during the Attitude Era, you think Trish and Lita. They were the first women to main event the show and you invite one of them but not the other yet include the uninvited one on all promotional materials for the show. Bad form WWE. Anyways, time to award points. I’m going to award a point to Anonyruss here. He’s gotta a point on this segment. It was thrown together and gave the fans in attendance and those watching at home very little to get excited about on what was also a go home show for the Rumble. Yeah, I know the title match isn’t what is important on Sunday but still a segment that generated intrigue would have been nice. (Kent: Lita sucks.  That is all.)


  1.  The Miz is once again Intercontinental Champion. Discuss this title change.

Anonyruss:  What a match!  This was definitely a highlight of the night.  Both Roman and The Miz are great in-ring and they delivered.  At first, I was kind of hoping that The Miz would lose and that he could go on to a program that included another major title that has barely been seen since WrestleMania.  Then I thought to myself, that’s Russ thinking.  I am clearly not Russ because if I was Russ then my name wouldn’t be Anonyruss.  Anyway!  I think this was the best thing for The Miz.  He clearly is one of the best things happening in wrestling right now and he deserves to have a belt.  Since the Red belt won’t be available for many months this was the right call.  Let’s hope they put him in a fantastic feud in the near future and that The Miz gets a great opponent for Mania.  

Harper Lee:  Finally, an intercontinental champion with dry hair!  I kid, I kid, I would love for Roman to spear m…..I mean, believe that!  Yeah.  It’s a good thing Daddy doesn’t understand how to use the internet yet.  I think that The Miz is a total jerk, and I wanted Daniel Bryan to backhand him so much.  The odd thing is that I think that this may have made more sense from a story standpoint.  I just don’t really like the Miz’s attitude.  I hope Roman wins the Royal Rumble.

Keri’s Verdict:  The outcome of this match was kinda predictable if you think about it. Roman is winning the Universal title at Mania so he had to drop the IC title eventually. Again, we have WWE with its predictable booking being well predictable. Sigh. Anyways, with that said, Miz always does a good job making the IC title relevant and meaningful so this was a good move. I would like to see who he faces off with next for the title to see exactly what WWE’s plan is for the title. I would also like to see if putting the Universal Title on Roman at Mania is going to do anything to legitimize that title. I’m going to go with no but I challenge WWE to prove me wrong. Alright, now time to award points. I’m going to have to award a point to Anonyruss here for one reason and one reason only. He did not suggest that Roman should win the Royal Rumble. While he probably will and Philly will burn as a result, he doesn’t need that win. He’s already won it in the past and his date with Brock is pretty much set in stone. Why not give that rub to someone who actually needs it?


  1.  The Men and Women’s Royal Rumble is this Sunday (just in case you haven’t heard). Tell me who you think should win and who probably will win each Rumble.

Anonyruss:  Alright let’s talk about the Women’s Royal Rumble match:  Who I want to win:  Becky:  It seems like a no-brainer.  She is the most underutilized talent in the entire WWE (and yes I’m including the men, even Cesaro.)  She deserves to win it.  Who is going to win:  Asuka.  I just can’t see the WWE playing up her undefeated streak this entire time just to have it disappear in the Rumble.  Also, I’m fine with her winning it; she is deserving.  Men’s Royal Rumble:  Who I want to win: I’d love to say my man Jason Jordan, but I am 99% sure he isn’t in it this year.  So I would like to see Finn Balor win the whole thing.  He never got his title rematch and this could be a way of making it up to him.  Since we all know that isn’t happening who is going to win:  Roman Reigns:  I’m not a hater of Roman, he deserves that spot he is in, but come on WWE!  This has been telegraphed since WrestleMania last year!  Can’t you change your damn minds and give us something unexpected?  

Harper Lee:  It’s going to be herstoric!  I think that maybe Becky should win.  She seems incredibly overlooked on Smackdown.  She’s way better than what they currently have.  Why does Kent always talk about The Walking Dead on the podcast?  I don’t get it.  I think Asuka is the winner, but Bayley would be the smartest option.  Bayley could be such a role model, but she needs this boost.  Asuka can afford to get eliminated and not be hurt by it.  As for the men, there are so many options.  It feels like it’s been awhile since a younger guy got this big push.I would like to see Baron or Shinsuke quite frankly.  Both match up with AJ quite well, providing that my man AJ retains his belt.  I am predicting Bobby Lashley to win.  Why not?

Keri’s Verdict:  Starting with the women, I think Becky should win but Asuka will probably win (provided we don’t get a Ronda surprise on Sunday). And for the men, I would like to see Shinsuke win only because I want a reason to want to watch Mania and Styles vs Nakamura would do it. However, Roman since he is officially in the Rumble and will probably end up winning it. Sigh. I understand this booking but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Also, why does the WWE want to do this to Philly again? I guess some people just like to watch the world (or Philly) burn.  Alright, time to award points. This is another question where both responses were really on point. So, each person gets a point.

Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:  

Anonyruss:  I love seeing Taker on my TV screen!  It was so much fun watching him come out just like old time.  Even if his message was way too short, made no sense, and confused me and probably all the readers out there.  It was still great to see him.  He again looks like he is in good shape.  Maybe the Taker vs Cena match is going to happen!  

Harper Lee:  I have heard about Enzo Amore getting released.  It saddens me that this stuff still happens.  Either way, it’s bad.  If Enzo did do it, shame on him.  If he is innocent, shame on the female.  Either way, someone is in the wrong here and it saddens me that this sort of thing still happens.  Oh no, my Uncle Eli is visiting from Georgia.  He always insists that I sit on his lap, and it was fun when I was a kid, but here I am, 25 years old.  This really stopped being fun at least 4 years ago, but it makes him happy, so I do it.  Anyway, I can’t wait to see who the commissioner of 205 is.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Anonyruss on this week’s win!


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss: You may be wondering why the blog was put up so late this week.  Well, I had a busy week, but thank goodness the guys are pretty understanding.  They only cut my pay for the next 5 weeks!   They told me that if I’m late again that they were going to send me on a very long vacation!  Russ and Kent are the best bosses a guy could hope for!   Oh yeah, I notice there was nothing mentioned about Smackdown this week.  I finally watched it and I see why.  It has almost become unwatchable, yuck!

Harper Lee:  This will be my first live Royal Rumble since I became a fan, and I am so excited.  I can’t wait to guess who is coming out next and the big surprises.  I get all tingly thinking about it.

Keri:  I’ve decided that this weekend there is way too much wrestling going on especially for the weekend before I start my final semester of grad school. This is what I will be watching this weekend in addition to doing homework:  the Royal Rumble, NXT Takeover, and NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo (nights 1 and 2) to watch in addition to doing homework. While it’s a great weekend to be a wrestling fan, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to watch all of it. Wish me luck everyone!


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 15 & 16, 2018 A Glorious US Champion

Hi, Kent here.  We are ramping up for the Royal Rumble, but prior to that, we have RAW’s 25th anniversary.  This week, WWE crowned a new US Champion, with Bobby Roode winning it.  We talk about that plus much more.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed the MMC and the other big topics of the week.   Please enjoy.


  1.  Over the weekend, there were two breaking news stories. One that Paige’s in ring career was more or less over and the other that said Mark Henry had officially retired from the WWE. Discuss one or both of these stories.

Anonyruss:  Well, that sucks for Paige and the WWE as a whole.  Paige was a great in-ring talent and she is still young.  Unfortunately, these things happen in professional wrestling.  I guess the worst thing about it is that she just came back from a long hiatus from injury and now she may never wrestle again, at least in a WWE ring.  It is also unfortunate that Paige, to me anyway, seems like a reckless person who is willing to throw away her well being just to get back in the ring.  It’s her life, but I think WWE is doing the right thing here.   As for Mark Henry retiring.  I think he is as retired a wrestler as Ric Flair was the first time he retired.  Mark is definitely on the last leg of his career, but I bet he still has a few matches in him.  I’ll believe he is retired when I see it.  

Harper Lee:  My heart breaks for Paige.  This talented young lady had worked so hard to get back on the right path from a professional and personal direction.  It’s an absolute shame, but is another caution sign on the road of professional wrestling.  This is why I appreciate that WWE has toned it’s product down.  I have seen some of the stuff on the WWE network and I see how and why so many great careers were cut short like Austin, Edge, and the many performers during the hardcore Attitude era.  Paige realistically had an opportunity to be one of the top 3 female performers in WWE history.  Now she is more of a what if, while acknowledging how much potential she had.  I also believe that this is why Paige’s picture for the Royal Rumble looked so bad.  Think about it!  In regards to Mark Henry, that man was really funny as Sexual Chocolate.  He seemed to really grow as a performer as I have watched all the Royal Rumbles.  He has had a lengthy career and I wish that he could have had a bigger curtain call.  He deserves it.  Maybe he makes one last appearance this year and if he does, me and my daddy will be cheering him on.  I love dark chocolate, like the Hershey miniatures.

Keri’s Verdict:  No! Not my girl Paige. This is so sad. She is so good and this is so unfortunate. Oh great! Now I’m sad. But wait, what is this I see? Why yes it is a comment about chocolate? Well that made me feel better about things. Harper gets a point for cheering me up.


  1.  Braun, you’re fired. No wait, Braun, you are rehired so please don’t destroy anything or anyone else for the rest of the night. Discuss this storyline.

Anonyruss:  Let’s start by stating that the whole premise behind firing Braun was very stupid.  Hey, last week you endangered the lives of people on live TV.  I’m going to wait an entire week until we are on live TV again and I’m going to fire you!  If WWE’s goal was to make Kurt look stupid… Mission accomplished.  With that said.  Can Braun get fired every week?  This was fantastic!  I don’t know how they keep coming up with ways for Braun to do awesome Braun things, but keep doing it!  He is consistently the best thing on RAW every week and I look forward to seeing him get his hands on anyone who gets in his way.  Give that man the belt!

Harper Lee:  Pardon my language, but what the heck was that all about?  I understand Kurt’s position on firing Braun, but Kurt handled it all wrong.  I think it was Corey that said that Kurt  should have told him outside of the arena or via phone.  You don’t do it in front of the crowd because of course Braun is going to be upset.  I have been fired from a few jobs, but I cannot imagine how embarrassing it would be to be fired in front of a crowd.  I admit, Braun knows how to entertain me and I would love to run my fingers through that beard of his.  So bushy!  I wonder if this is going to cause friction between Stephanie and Kurt, yet again.  I hope not.

Keri’s Verdict:  My initial reaction to Braun’s firing was are they seriously doing this now? What is the point of this? I still feel that way but the hilarity that ensued after Braun was fired was well hilarious as hell. As I said last week, I love when Braun does Braun things and he should always do Braun things. Anonyruss shares my thoughts on this and for that he gets a point.


  1.  So, it looks like Miz is probably getting the IC title back from Reigns at some point. Discuss this possibility.

Anonyruss:  I love The Miz, but I think it is high time he gets away from the IC title.  Honestly, he has held onto that title for well over the past year and the only time he wasn’t really holding the belt was when he went off to film his movies.  This is fine for the most part.  He is great and greatness deserves to be recognized, but with Mania coming up, which means Brocks title reign should be coming to an end,  I think it is time for The Miz to get into the mix for that title.  With that said it does seem inevitable that on RAW 25 he will regain the title.  That is fine, but can we have him in a good feud that won’t be wasted at Mania?  I mean there are a lot of talented young up and comers who could use The Miz rub, like my boy Jason Jordan!  

Harper Lee:  I saw that Roman was linked to a steroids ring, so that can’t be good, right?  Not only that, but Miz seems more important to the show than Roman.  I love Roman and I think he is a dream boat, but when The Miz was gone to make the Marine 237, I found myself missing him talking smack to others and getting his butt whooped.  I feel that there is more value in that from an entertainment standpoint than there is in being a gorgeous Samoan Bad A$$.  My brother Eric loves those Marine films.  I think he’s a bit of a simpleton.

Keri’s Verdict:  The Miz has done more for the IC title than anyone else that has held over the past year. That includes that Wet Haired Guy who thinks he is the best in ring performer in the world. Seriously, Roman, top 5, maybe, but AJ Styles is currently saying hi over on Smackdown from that number one spot. Anyways, Roman has a date with Brock and maybe Braun at Mania. Let’s have him drop that title to someone who can continue to elevate the title and use it to elevate others. Now for points. I’m giving one point to Anonyruss even though I don’t completely agree with his fantasy booking.


  1.  And your new US Champion is……. Bobby Roode. Discuss. Also, what does this mean for Jinder?

Anonyruss:  This was quite unexpected.  I wonder what made WWE decide to do a rush job on this tournament?  The fact that nobody seemed to care?  Were they scared that Bobby vs Jinder would go over like a lead balloon?  A little bit of both?  Listen, if I were WWE those are actually legitimate concerns.  Bobby is great in the ring, but can he carry the likes of Jinder?  Well after watching their match on Smackdown I have to say yes!  However, I’m going to have to give credit to Jinder here as well.  This was a good match! Both guys put a  lot of effort in and the story they told in the ring was interesting enough to hold my attention.  From the beginning I’ve been saying that Bobby was winning this because it just made sense and I was right.  Now I expect Dolph to reappear sometime in the near future to attack Bobby and give us a great feud over the belt!  As for Jinder, I think if he keep working on his in-ring ability I think we will see him in the title picture for awhile.  

Harper Lee:  Oh my my my, what a glorious victory it was.  I don’t normally say this, but I felt that both Bobby and Jinder had good showings.  This is where Jinder should have been all along.  I saw more out of Jinder tonight than I did during his whole world title reign, so maybe he can still prove the haters wrong, but then again, haters gonna hate.  I love that Taylor Swift!    Anyway, I think Bobby will be a great champion and it’s about time that he got featured.  He is really quite the wrestler.  He reminds me of younger HHH before he got all bulked up.  Like his movement in the ring.  I loved when HHH had that long hair.  So pretty.

Keri’s Verdict:  A couple of things before I award points. First, predictable booking is predictable. Who didn’t see Roode winning this thing? Second, Jinder proved one thing to me this week and that is he can have a good match provided he doesn’t have the pressure of championship gold weighing on him. Good for him. Now for points, Anonyruss gets the point again because as I said before predictable booking is predictable. I said a while ago this was setting up a future Dolph-Roode feud over the title and I will be shocked if WWE proves me wrong.


  1.  There were a few WWE signings announced this week and a few TNA departures that could possibly show up in the WWE in the very near future. Pick one of these signings (or departures) and discuss.

Anonyruss:  I am most looking forward to having Bobby Lashley back in the WWE again.  He was a great in-ring talent when he was first in the WWE and seemed very charismatic.  For some reason WWE couldn’t make him the star he should have been.  Then he went to TNA and really worked on the rest of his skills.  Now the WWE is getting him back and I can’t be more excited.  There are so many potential great matches that he can be in that we could be seeing 2018 shape up to be a great year for WWE wrestling.  Bobby vs Brock / Bobby vs Roman /  Bobby vs Braun /  Hell Bobby vs AJ if he goes the Smackdown way.  I can’t wait.  

Harper Lee:  I reached out to my blogging mentor, Kent, to ask about the TNA departures.  I know that he is familiar with them.  I know that EC3, James Storm, and Bobby Lashley have all been released, along with some others, like Chris Masters.  All 3 guys of the main guys could be amazing under the right circumstance.  Apparently EC3 used to work for WWE so I looked him up and he was  not very good.  Very silly.  Him and Fandango had a feud and it wasn’t that good.  Kent has assured me that he totally changed his gimmick and became a stellar in ring guy with great charisma and mic skills.  I expect to see him in NXT.  Bobby Roode will eventually need a big time opponent, or maybe need back up and Beer Money was one of the most successful tag teams in TNA’s history, and I guess that James left NXT under good terms, so that would  be nice.  Still, Bobby Lashley is the answer.  He has an MMA background, still relatively decent age, in amazing shape, and apparently is a very complete wrestler and good on the mic.  This is a dream match up for Brock in my opinion.  I could see that at Wrestlemania or Summerslam and I would be excited. Plus Bobby fought for our president and shaved Mr. Macmahon’s hair that one year at Wrestlemania.  My daddy sat there laughing and laughing and rewinding the VCR to see Vince get shaved and he made us all watch.  It was so funny.

Keri’s Verdict:  So, let me quickly talk about this week’s signings. Ricochet, or Prince Puma to those of you who watch Lucha Underground, is a terrific performer and a great add for the WWE. War Machine are former ROH and IWGP (NJPW) Tag Team Champs. These guys are awesome and quite agile in the ring despite their size. Now for Candice LeRae. I think you are all going to be impressed with her. She’s fantastic in the ring and was really impressive in the Mae Young Classic.  Now for my comments on the TNA departures. I agree that both have significantly improved and deserve their shot at redemption. And now time for points. I’m awarding a point to Harper on this question. She really gave a thorough answer to this question and mentioned people I forgot about until she mentioned them. Good job Harper.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner. 

Anonyruss:  Finn vs Rollins was a great match.  Do you know who we can thank for this great match-up?  I know you are going to say well WWE creative and you would be wrong.  It is the man with a plan Jason Jordan!  If he didn’t go to his daddy and ask for the match we all would have missed it.  Jason thank you!  What was really unexpected was the use of The Curb Stomp or what I think they are now calling “Blackout”.  I like that name.  I don’t know what made WWE unban the stomp, but if they think they can pull it off safely enough then I’m all for it!  

Harper Lee:  I saw that Jey Uso was arrested for DWI.  That is so bad.  You are a representative for the company and are a role model for children, whether you want to be or not. I hope this wasn’t as serious as it sounds, but I would hope that wrestlers realize that there are plenty of children that look up to them.  Try to be responsible.  Oh, Daddy is hitting the shine again.  I better go check on him before he tries shooting our dog again thinking it’s a coon.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Anonyruss on this week’s win.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  This years Rumble is shaping up to be one of the best Rumbles in years.  With so many departures from TNA and signings by the WWE we could get a lot of surprise entries that could be a lot of fun.  Not to mention we are getting a women’s Rumble as well.  I’m always up for the Rumble, but this year feels more exciting than ever.  

Harper Lee:  I am so excited for the RAW 25th anniversary show.  I was talking to my daddy, and he was telling me about the first RAW, and how it was such a difference compared to the previous show.  I think it was Prime Time Wrestling.  I don’t know.  He was telling me about The Undertaker fighting some guy named Damien Demento.  I wonder what he is doing right now.  I am looking for to seeing the Undertaker.  He has always been my favorite.  We’ll have our VCR set for Monday.

Keri: I have to admit WWE has me intrigued about both RAW 25 and the Rumble. I never thought I would say that. But with that said, still not excited for Mania. Why you ask? Predictable booking is predictable.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 8 & 9, 2018 Braun Has A Grappling Hook!

Hi, Kent here.  Things returned to normal a bit around here.  We did our normal blog and on the podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we did a best of 2017 year in review type thing, like the Slammys, only legit.    Please enjoy.


  1.  So, Jordan thinks he is an honorary member of the Shield and the Club beat 2/3rds of the Shield. Discuss the opening segment and main event from this week’s RAW.

Anonyruss:  I am really enjoying what WWE is doing with Jordan and The Shiel (No Dean, No D.)  They are interweaving storylines very efficiently and keep foreshadowing a deeper problem between how Jordan see’s things vs how everyone else sees it.  I don’t want to jinx it, but when did WWE creative become proficient in storytelling?  What I really like about the way this is going down is that they have several different directions they can go with this story.  They can have Jordan turn on Rollins.  They can have Jordan breaking up The Shield (highly unlikely, but you never know.)   They can have them finally become a cohesive unit.   The best part is that I can’t honestly tell you which way they are going to go, which is fantastic,  due to the fact that they are keeping Jordan in a gray area.  Instead of shoving the fact that he is a heel or a face down our throats they are letting things simmer for now.  That works!  Keep it up WWE Creative!  (I never thought I’d say that.)   

Harper Lee:  I don’t really like this Jason Jordan fella and now he is starting to get shoved down my throat and it’s making me like him less and less.  I feel bored and discouraged when he is on my screen because we all know that he’s only getting this opportunity because of who his daddy is.  Now granted, in Callhoun County, where I live, the mayor has been a member of the Windham family for 7 generations now, and it does okay by us, but it would be nice to change it up someday.  My daddy called me a foolish girl when I told him that I wanted to run for mayor.  Of course, he was right.  I can’t take down the Windham dynasty and I don’t know who is going to take down the Angle dynasty.  WIth that being said, I am all for that sexy Finn Balor and his good brothers.  I wish I had good brothers.  

Keri’s Verdict: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually like what they are doing with Jordan right now. It’s intriguing. As for the Balor Club, I’m just hoping for Balor Club vs the Shield once Dean returns and Jordan is a memory.  Now time for points and this was a tough one because I like both responses. But, Anonyruss is in agreement with me and therefore he gets the point.


  1.  In a backstage segment, Kurt Angle was on the phone with someone for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Who do you think he was on the phone with?

Anonyruss:  Well the hope and the dream is that he was on the phone with AJ Lee.  Of course that is sky high dreaming, because I highly doubt she will ever appear in the WWE again.  So my next vote goes to Trish Stratus.  You know the originator of the WWE Diva (I don’t really know if that is true, but fuck it, she was so damn good looking!)  

Harper Lee:  I really hope that it’s Trish Stratus.  When I was rewatching those old Royal Rumbles with my Daddy, I fell in love with this girl.  Heck, I kinda thought she was kinda cute.  Unfortunately, I said that out loud and my Daddy was not happy.  He told me not to go fantasizing about no woman.  He told me fantasize to fantasize about a man’s man, like William Regal, so that’s what I do at night, with my brass knucks.  As punishment, my Daddy told me to get on all fours and bark like a dog since I liked Trish so much.  Now I don’t know what that has to do with Trish, but I do like dogs, so I obliged.  It was fun!

Keri’s Verdict: I would love for this to be someone out of the box like Gail Kim or AJ Lee but I highly doubt that is going to happen. So, we are probably getting Lita or Trish. Ok, points time. I’m awarding a point to Harper because that punishment was just plain old mean and I feel bad for the girl.


  1.  Some of the Mixed Match Challenge teams have been announced. Discuss the pairings made so far and name your favorite.

Anonyruss:  WWE has done a great job putting these teams together.  Ok, so it was “voted” upon by fans, but we all know that can be completely rigged.  It is tough to say who I like the most.  You have The Miz and Asuka (my odds on favorite team to win the whole thing.)  Rusev and Lana, Sami and Becky, as well as Finn and Sasha.  The list goes on.  However, I was asked to give you my favorite team and I will deliver.  My favorite pairing has to be Little Miss Bliss and The Monster Among Men.  Those two together seem like an amazing pair.  I may just watch this stupid stunt just to see Braun easily lift Bliss up onto his shoulders as they win match after match.  

Harper Lee:  Give me a moment to look at the list.  Ohhh, The Miz and Asuka should be good, Finn and Sasha should be fun.  I love the pairing of Goldust and Alicia, she cracks me up.  Oh, well wait a minute.  Braun and Alexa are a pairing?  While nobody may be able to beat Asuka, there’s no way The Miz is beating Mr Strowman and his magnificent beard.  That’s my pick.  I think over on Smackdown, there teams just aren’t as good.  I’m pulling for Sami and Becky because of Becky, I think the match up that I would love to see in the finals against Braun and Alexa would be with Shinsuke and Natalya.  How fun would that be?  I can’t wait to watch this!

Keri’s Verdict:  Ok, here are my quick thoughts on the pairings and then I’ll award points. I love the pairing of Alexa and Braun. I’m upset that Bayley isn’t with Balor and Charlotte isn’t with AJ but oh well you can’t always get what you want. Now to award points. I love Harper’s enthusiasm about this whole thing so I award her a point.


  1.  The field for the US title semifinals is set with the addition of Mojo Rawley. Who do you have winning the tournament?

Anonyruss:  Time to put on my cape and do my best Mr. Clio impression (listen to the damn podcast people if you don’t know  who I’m talking about!)  I have a feeling that we will end up seeing Bobby and Jinder making it to the finals.  The end result will be Bobby winning the title.  He is the only person that truly makes sense in winning this.  He has already had a feud with Dolph, who should be returning around the rumble.  This will allow these two to continue their feud, but it will be over the title now.  End impression.  

Harper Lee:  Let’s be analytical with this.  I don’t think Xavier has a chance, so I am giving him 0% chance to win.  Looking at the brackets, I don’t think a Mojo vs Jinder match is what people want ever again, so I would put him out too with a 3% chance.  The question is how good is this self proclaimed “glorious one”, Mr. Roode?  Jinder is a former World champ while Bobby hasn’t done much in WWE.  I do think the belt will look better around Mr Roode’s waist.  On top of that, at least there’s such a thing as Canadian bacon.  Ain’t nobody ever heard of Indian bacon.  Bobby is my pick.  I am gonna fry up some bacon now.

Keri’s Verdict:  Ok, two things and then I will award points. First, Roode is winning. Second, I read Anonyruss’ post in Mr Clios’ voice and that scared me so Harper gets the point.


  1.  Give me your thoughts on the current state of the SamiKO, Shane, AJ, and Bryan storyline. How do you see this ending? Will we have the first co-WWE champions?

Anonyruss:  Well this week the wheels kept on spinning in the main story on Smackdown.  Unfortunately, the vehicle isn’t going anywhere.  Every week it seems like the same rinse and repeat.  One week Shane comes out does something questionable.  The next week Daniel comes out does something questionable.  I have a feeling this will continue until The Rumble.  So how will this end?  I’m going out on a limb because I doubt this will happen, but I’m dreaming here.  I think SamiKO wins the belt.  We will have Co-Champions and either one can defend the title.  At first this will seem like an unstoppable force.  As long as they don’t get pinned or submitted they keep the belt.  This will go on until March.  That’s when we start to see cracks in the armor.  SamiKO doesn’t want to share the belt anymore they want it for themselves.  So we start to see a little discord in the team.  Enter the Royal Rumble winner where they finally break SamiKO and we get a full-fledged Triple Threat match at Mania the winner gets the belt.  

Harper Lee:  Daniel Bryan has nice hair.  That is a man that I can trust.  I can’t trust a MacMahon.  Have you seen the stuff that this family has done in the past?  Why does Shane even get cheers?  I don’t get it.  I think Daniel is doing what is right and throwing in a dash of spite for some extra flavor.  I fear for my man AJ Styles.  As a southern gentleman, he is a guy that I always have to cheer on.  I fear that he is going to lose his belt though.  Doesn’t this feel like the KO and Jericho storyline last year?  I watched Wrestlemania last year and remember the video package for their feud and if KO and Sami win, won’t this just be the same?  I love WWE, but this seems a tad repetitive….I think.  I don’t know.  I just want to eat my bacon in peace.  All of this thinking is hurting my head.  

Keri’s Verdict:  The only way this story is not a complete waste of time is if KO and Sami win the belt. If they don’t, then my time was wasted. Oh who am I trying to kid I haven’t watch a full episode of Smackdown in months. With that said, it also ends my hope of AJ vs Nakamura at Mania so boo on everyone and everything. I do like Anonyruss’ fantasy booking so I will award him a point.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:  

Anonyruss:  Anyone else see Braun completely miss the Scaffolding with the grappling hook?  No?  Well he did, which was hilarious, but that doesn’t matter because it was also AWESOME!  That is the kind of stuff Braun does that catapulted him to the top.  I love how everyone around him was screaming stop instead of, you know doing anything to try and stop him.  Don’t get me wrong if I saw Braun doing that I’d probably just walk the other direction, but come on people you are better than me.  That brawl in the back area was brutal looking.  All of those cases being thrown around and one landing right on top of Lesnar.  Sure the scaffolding completely missed both guys, but who cares!  It was AWESOME!  Oh, by the way I love how there was so much concern for Brock, but Kane had literally no one even check up on him as he limped to wherever the hell the Devil’s favorite demon goes to heal.  

Harper Lee:  Where is my favorite RAW tag team, the Revival?  My southern boys haven’t gone hard lately, and I love it when they go hard.  Oh boy, that sounded bad.  Fortunately Daddy don’t read this.  I think The Revival are going to help Brock Lesnar retain his belt at the Royal Rumble.  That’s my hope.  MMM, time to go hard on this bacon.  Yum!!!!!  I like to have bacon with sour cream and onion Pringles and Seriously Sharp Cabot cheese.  Soooo good.  I gotta hurry up and finish this.  Revival Rules, no matter what Keri thinks!

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Two things. First, FTR and second, I love when Braun does Braun things. Now for our winner……..Congrats Harper on this week’s win. (Kent: Did you want me to fix your typo?  She was trying to write FTE which stands for F*ck The Elite.  I eagerly await Keri yelling at me in the near future.  Seriously, I can picture her face right now.  It’s GLORIOUS!)


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  I remember when Jordan was first announced to be Angles illegitimate child.  I was horrified!  How could they give this less talented American Alpha the rub he doesn’t really deserve?  Since then he has consistently proven himself in the ring and is getting better on the mic all the time.  I have to say that I am a fan of his now and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for him.  

Harper Lee:  I was feeling under the weather this week and I struggled to pay attention to Smackdown.  I gotta say haha to Enzo because he’s a jerk and he got his butt whipped.

Keri:  I think I have finally gotten back to a normal sleep patterns after getting up at 2 am to watch Wrestle Kingdom 12 last week. Looking back it was still totally worth it. Be sure to tune into Keri’s Korner on this week’s podcast to get my full Wrestle Kingdom 12 and New Year Dash review.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – January 1 & 2, 2018 New Year; Same Old Same Old

Hi, Kent here.  Things returned to normal a bit around here.  We did our normal blog and on the podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we did a best of 2017 year in review type thing, like the Slammys, only legit.    Please enjoy.


  1.  This Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns feud is becoming a lot of fun. Discuss this week’s promos and the match.

Anonyruss:  Samoa Joe is probably one of the best all around wrestlers you are going to find in the WWE.  He is amazing in the ring and his promo’s are fantastic.  The digs he took at Dean and Renee are the stuff you start feuds with.  I can’t be the only person who wouldn’t be interested in a Dean Vs Joe feud when Dean finally comes back.  Roman is well Roman.  He is consistent with his wet hair and his matches.  This weeks match was fantastic!  Joe really knows how to tell a story in the ring.  He kept on attacking Roman’s arm because that was the one he attacked last week.  Roman also did a great job of storytelling.  Not falling for the same tricks that Joe tried to pull last week and also having to keep himself in check several times.  Ring psychology is becoming a lost art, but these two showed us that it isn’t dead yet. Great match to start 2018 with.  

Harper Lee:  I was so scared that Roman was going to lose his belt this week.  That Samoa Joe is really tough.  I thought that DQ stipulation was going to come in play, but that Samoan bad ass beat the other Samoan.  Where is Samoa?  I want to go there.  I bet they have really good food.  I have noticed that most of the Samoan wrestlers tend to be on the bigger side.  I wonder if they have grits there.  I want some grits right now.  Yeah, this was by far the best match of 2018.  Good for these 2.  I want more…..and some grits.

Keri’s Verdict:  It’s nice that Joe is finally getting a push and its nice that they are giving him the opportunity against Roman. Joe is the logical choice to take the IC title off of Roman. I predict it happens at some point before Mania given Romans inevitable showdown with Lesnar. Ok, now for the points. Anonyruss starts out the new year reading my mind yet again and now I’m just scared by that. But with that said, he does get the point because honestly this is how I would answer the question if it was up to me to answer it.


  1.  Finn finally reunited with Gallows and Anderson this week on RAW. Was this a smart move? Discuss.

Anonyruss:  Hey it only took about a year and a half, but WWE finally put The Good Bros. together with The Balor Club leader himself.  I’d say that this is 18 months too late, but let’s face it, WWE has completely wasted Gallows and Anderson for the past 12 months.  The talented Good Bros. have done nothing of note for the past year and have been relegated to goofy segments for so long that I just thought WWE was going to waste them.   Let’s not forget poor  Finn.  While not as egregious as what WWE did to G & A, WWE has dropped the ball with the First Universal Champion.  He has been wrestling consistently, but as far as stories and progression of his character he has been spinning his wheels for months now.  So is this a smart move?  YES! YES! YES!  Get these guys in the ring and show us what they can do!  

Harper Lee:  I didn’t even know that these guys had much of a past.  Come to find out, in Japan they were known as the Bullet Club.  Also, while doing this research, apparently they are still doing this Bullet Club.  Some doofy looking idiot named Kenny Omega is now involved with these 2 skinny nerds called the Young Bucks.  Wow, this group has truly gone downhill from it’’s glory days with the Good Brothers and FInn.  I am happy for these guys.  They all seem very happy and I do laugh when Gallows says Nerds.  I am entertained, so yes, it’s a smart move.

Keri’s Verdict:  What is that saying? Better late than never. Yeah, that’s the one I’m looking for when I sum up by opinion of this reunion. I’m a big fan of all things Bullet Club so this was very exciting for me to see happen. Now, if they could just get AJ involved somehow that would be even better. But with that said, it is time for me to award points. But before I do that I must give a “stern” warning to one of the individuals on this blog. Harper, I realize you are new to this wrestling game and you are entitled your own opinion. However,  insulting my favorite wrestler (or my favorite tag team) isn’t going to get you any points from me on this blog. Therefore, one point Anonyruss.  (Kent: In all fairness, how was she supposed to know that they were your favorite idiots…..I mean wrestlers?)


  1.  So, Alexa lost to Asuka on RAW and Becky is back on Smackdown. Discuss both developments and whether or not this changes anything for the Women’s Royal Rumble.

Anonyruss:  First, I just want to say that I hate Miami!  Yea, that’s right I hate a city!  Why you ask?  Well they are a terrible wrestling town.  They do not know how to support the wrestlers or when to cheer or chant!  If a town chants boring during a Cesaro match, I don’t trust anything that comes from that town.  Also, more to my point.  Asika and Alexa had a decent match on RAW.  A good story was told in the ring.  It wasn’t a classic by any means, but when your dumb town can’t even be bothered to cheer during what is clearly a fun match you can go to hell.  Seriously it was like crickets when the two fought.  Becky is back!  I’ve said it before I have a feeling this will be Becky’s year.  She is way too talented to go another year and nothing to show for it.  When someone like Charlotte keeps getting belts because of daddy.  Will this change anything for the Royal Rumble?  The only way this is changing anything for the Rumble is if Asuka somehow isn’t involved in it.  As long as Asuka is in the Rumble she is winning it.  

Harper Lee:   I saw the updated betting odds for this Women’s Royal Rumble.  Ronda Rousey is the #2 favored person behind Asuka.  Ronda Rousey is going to be on a different continent the day of the Rumble according to the internet.  Nothing changes, Asuka is winning this without a shadow of a doubt in my mind.  I’m really happy to see Becky come back, but she looks like she has lost a lot of weight.  I thought she looked great as she was prior to leaving. Straight Fire!!!  I feel bad for Alexa because her BFF was more concerned about Enzo than her friend’s well being.  Not cool Nia!!!

Keri’s Verdict:  Let me start off by saying I love Miami. It’s a beautiful city and one of my favorite vacation spots. Does it have the best wrestling fans? No, but that is not a reason to bash the city as a whole. Well, at least in my opinion it isn’t but that is neither here nor there. And as I said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But since I’m the one who awards the points that does factor into my decision. So, with that said, one point for Harper.


  1.  We have new Smackdown Tag Team champions. Oh, wait, nevermind, we don’t. Give me your thoughts on this match and its outcome.

Anonyruss:  I really liked how this played out.  It was different.  Sure, it made the ref look like a damned idiot, but at least it wasn’t one of the wrestlers in that position.  American Omega now has a legitimate reason to get another shot at the titles.  I’m not as concerned about the wild inconsistencies that this little snafu has brought to light (ref’s decision is final) because WWE has shat all over consistency for years now.  Give me more AO and Uso!  

Harper Lee:  I was very excited when American Beta won the belts.  I thought that the ref’s decision was final.  That didn’t feel very final to me.  I think that this was garbage and I am very unsatisfied with the refereeing this week.  Also, the finish of the match made no sense.  Why did Chad get on the top rope to attempt to hit that finishing move if he was never tagged in?  Why didn’t the ref stop it?  This all seemed like a waste of time between 2 great teams.  To use the words of my mentor, I was not Kentertained!

Keri’s Verdict:  When the initial ending happened, I thought awesome, they are starting the year off on a high note. And then the ref confusion happened and in the end the Usos retained. Then I thought well that was nice for 5 seconds and now we are back to the same old crap. Oh well. Points time! Harper, you are growing in knowledge, padawan and therefore I give you one point.


  1.  AJ Styles is scheduled to face Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. Was this a smart move? Discuss.

Anonyruss:  Uhh, smart move?  I don’t know?  Do I like watching potentially show stealing matches?  Yes!   AJ facing both Sami and Kevin should prove to be one of the best matches we will see before Mania possibly the entire year!  Granted, AJ vs KO was never really above average, but I think with the addition of Sami we can finally see AJ and KO deliver.  I do have one concern.  How the hell is this going to work?  It is a handicap match for the title?  So who gets the belt if KO and Sami win?  Is it the person who pins AJ?  Do we get co-champions?  I hope they tell us this stuff before The Rumble, because enquiring minds want to know!  

Harper Lee:  NOOOOOOO!  There goes my pick of having Sami Zayn win the Royal Rumble.  I don’t like this one bit!  So if Sami wins, are him and Kevin the champs?  This is a logical fallacy.  My Pappy was hootin and a hollerin at the TV.  He was saying that you can’t have 2 World Champs, and I happen to agree.  Technically, if Sami or Kevin win, they are a part of a team.  This seems incredibly convoluted.  I hope that Sami wins, but they need to do a better job explaining this until I stop pouting.  

Keri’s Verdict:  Yes, AJ vs. Sami and KO has the potential to be the match of the year…for the WWE.  With that said, I too am confused on how things would work if KO and Sami win the belt off of AJ which is why it will probably not happen. With that said, points time. Both individuals basically said the same thing in their responses. So, one point to each person.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:  

Anonyruss:  Not that I’m trying to garner Judge Keri’s favor, but I watched the Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho match.  It was good. Really good!  I see why people like Kenny Omega.  I also like that Jericho at his age can still go.  The match was 45 minutes, but he kept up with Omega.  I do have a few concerns.  While the match was very good it was very spot filled and a lot of the 45 minutes was filled with laying around so that both guys could catch their breaths.  I guess one good thing was the fact that we didn’t have to see  jericho or Omega kick out of more than one finisher.  Still these are minor complaints to an overall fun match.  

Harper Lee:  Somebody done screwed up the image for the Women’s Royal Rumble.  As a woman, I am very saddened to see what they have done to poor Paige’s face.  They need to fix this injustice, no matter how mean Paige is.  That poor girl has been through enough.  She don’t need this nonsense as well.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Final point for Anonyruss and Anonyruss wins the week.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  RAW was good, Smackdown was alright, and Omega and Jericho delivered.  Good start to the new year of wrestling.  Let’s hope they continue this trend throughout the year!  

Harper Lee:  Good start to the year!  I can’t wait to hear this week’s 2017 year in review episode of Are You Not Kentertained.  I look forward to listening to it.  I just wish Russ wouldn’t interrupt people so much.

Keri:  Wrestle Kingdom 12 was awesome. It was a great show from top to bottom and will be the best wrestling show I’m probably going to see in 2018. I’m so glad I got up at 2 am to watch it live. I think I now have a new annual tradition. Tune into next week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained and listen to Keri’s Korner to get my thoughts on everything that happened at Wrestle Kingdom 12.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – December 25 & 26, 2017 – It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It

Hi, this is Kent again.  Normally you would see this line at the end of this paragraph and listen to our podcast: ” We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes.”  Unfortunately, I came down with bronchitis earlier in the week, so it got cancelled.  I apologize.  This coming  week, we will be doing a year in review podcast and possible blog as well.   Please enjoy.

  1.  RAW has new tag team champions. Pick a name for this new tag team then discuss. (This is a two point question)

Anonyruss:  Since it is the season to be jolly I am going to try and be as positive about things as possible.  With that said I just want to quickly say that I am a fan of the Jason Jordan heel turn that has been progressing.  So I’m very ticked off that they seemingly stopped that for now in favor of putting him in a tag team with Rollins.  Jesus WWE, Finn Balor is doing nothing!  Jordan had a classic heel turn going and they decided to derail it!  Ok, positive time!  I’m going to pick Cesaro out of those names.  Sure he lost, but I’m pretty sure this could be a big opportunity for him.  Sheamus is suffering some kind of injury that could be career threatening.  This is a good time to have him sit on the side while Cesaro moves his singles career forward.  They could put him in the mix to take Roman’s IC title.  WWE could even have him be a great opponent for Brock, doubt they will… I mean you never know… Tis the Season!  

Harper Lee:  What a question!  I sat here twirling my hair for….an embarrassingly long time thinking about this.  My Pappy has always told me that if you’re gon’ be the tag team champions, you need to have a team name, not just 2 single guys.  So rather than going with some hackneyed combination of their names, I wanted to be creative and really think about who these guys are.  HHH handpicked The Architect to be the representative for The Authority 2 years ago, thank you WWE Network for helping me catch up.  I know that Jason Jordan seems to get favorable treatment from his pappy.  So here it is: The Chosen.  They have both been chosen from higher powers.  I don’t like this pairing.  I see somebody like Finn Balor doing nothing while this whiny jerk Jordan gets all of these opportunities.  I don’t get it.  How are these guys going to get along?  Oh lordy, this gon’ end poorly I tell you.

Keri’s Verdict:  I didn’t understand this pairing or the resulting title change. Yet this strange turn of events intrigues me. With that said, it’s time to award points. Both Harper and Anonyruss pretty much summed up my opinion on this question. However, this was a two point question and one person missed that part of the question. Harper, however, did not and therefore gets the two points.


  1.  Asuka is now announced for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Do you think she’s winning? If so, do you see her winning the title at Wrestlemania?

Anonyruss:  AAAAAANND we now know who is going to win the Women’s Royal Rumble.  WWE made a stupid mistake here (damn, gotta stay positive.)  I mean,  WWE has given us a great opportunity to focus on the other stories going on during the Women’s Royal Rumble, because the ending is pretty much locked.  I don’t see James Ellsworth anywhere so I’m pretty sure a woman is winning this and why not Asuka.  If she doesn’t then we will have to put an asterisk next to her undefeated streak.  So then if she wins the Rumble will she win at Mania?  Yes!  Yes! Yes!   

Harper Lee:  So I think I mentioned this last week, but my Pappy has been sitting me down and showing me a bunch of the old Royal Rumbles, so I am getting a better understanding of what to expect.  It appears that WWE splits whether they want to go with the most obvious choice or somebody who could use the rub more.  My momma makes this delicious rub for her fried chicken.  It is so good.  We’re going to have some of that good chicken and cornbread on New Year’s Eve.  I can’t wait.  SInce it’s the first and this will be something that will be attached to this woman’s resume the rest of her career, they cannot mess this up.  If Charlotte and Alexa are out, how many other women do you think WWE feels comfortable giving this to?  It’s definitely the Empress of Tomorrow.  I also have now tried wearing my thong outside of my shorts.  Daddy was not happy, and then it just made it easier for my brother to give me a wedgie.  Not cool, Eric!

Keri’s Verdict:  Asuka is the best and only choice to win the first time ever historical Women’s Royal Rumble. There is no other woman out there who is more dominant on the women’s roster than her. It is the obvious choice but also the most logical choice. Now for points, both pretty much summed up my thoughts on the situation but Harper is really bring her creative A game this week and I have to award her a point here. If only so I can try the fried chicken she mentioned in her answer.


  1.  American Alpha 2.0 is number one contender but Rusev Day seems to be the most over team at the moment. Was this a mistake on the part of the Smackdown writers? Discuss

Anonyruss:  This is a tough one.  Both teams are fantastic in their own rights.  American Omega are proving to be one of the most fun to watch tag teams in the ring.  Rusev Day is just the best at everything.  I mean they have a day named after them!  Was this a mistake?  Absolutely not!  Team AO is probably the most deserving team, they have been putting on fantastic matches the past few months.  Pit them against The Uso’s and we could be seeing one of the best Tag Team Title matches of the year (I hope no one figures out that the year will have just started.)  

Harper Lee:  Well, I didn’t think this was a popularity contest.  Now, I can speak to this because I was a contestant for a few years in the Little Southern Belle beauty contest.  That most certainly is a popularity contest and nobody was wrestling, so I think that wrestling should be about talent.  That Chad Gable seems to be something special.  Not only that, Rusev has a day named after him, so why not give Chad something, even if it’s as insignificant as a belt?  By the way, the original winner of the Little Southern Belle was Debbie McKee.  You may know her for her delicious snack cakes under the name Little Debbie.

Keri’s Verdict: Both teams are very deserving and I will agree that American Omega or Alpha 2.0 has the momentum right now and deserves the #1 contendership. They also deserve a team name. With that said, I’ve never seen either Rusev or Aiden English more over with the fans than they are right now. This needs and should be capitalized on sooner rather than later. We all have to remember that WWE fans are a fickle bunch and what is popular today may not be two months from now. Maybe they should be the next ones in line for a title feud after American Omega is done with the Usos. Ok, now for to award points. Anonyruss resumed reading my mind this week and for that I must award a point.


  1.  A United States Title tournament was announced on Smackdown this week with Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode advancing in the first round. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Anonyruss:  Well, I’m not sure if I agree with the decision to have Dolph vacate the belt, unless there is an endgame planned.  The only way this works is if Bobby ends up winning the tournament.  The way I see this going down is that they have Bobby win the belt through the tournament, and then have Dolph come out and attack Bobby.  Then Bobby and Dolph continue their feud, but now it will involve the US title.  I’m ok with this story as long as they bring Dolph back somehow.  If not, then this was all just stupid.  You know what really sucks about this?  Bobby needs a great match, which still has eluded him since his call up.  Well if this plays out the way I think this is going to it means that his opponent is going to be Jinder at the Rumble.  I guess we won’t be seeing that great match for awhile.  

Harper Lee:  I don’t get this.  One week Baron wrestles with his shirt off, now it’s back on.I don’t like the man, I think he is a mean, no good son of a…..well you know.  Still, shouldn’t he have been given a bye in the first round as the most recent champion?  Also, who is this Tye Dillinger guy and what has he done to earn a championship opportunity?  Is he any good?  Can he only count to ten?  Does he have a learning disability?  Does he know how bad his hair looks?  Also, I am just so sick of Jinder.  Go away.  We don’t take kindly to people like Jinder around here.  He’s soooo veiny, it’s disgusting.  We had a veiny man about 2 miles down the road and my brother and uncle and Pappy all got in their trucks and told that vascular gentleman that it was time to leave.  Who wants to see that anyway?  It’s gross.  I hope Bobby Roode wins it.  I sing along to his song when he comes out, or when I’m showering, or baking, or pretty much anything.  It’s Glorious!

Keri’s Verdict:  I still think this thing with Dolph is a work. I also think that Creative maybe recycling storylines again. Remember a few years back when CM Punk left with the WWE title after his MITB win and there was a tournament to crown a new WWE champ which just so happen to be Cena. Then after the new champ was crowned static and Cult of Personality played and out came Punk. Why do I think I’m going to see the same thing happen in this case? I think we are going to see a new champ crowned and Dolph coming out and saying he never actually relinquished the title. But, I digress, you are not here to read my opinion and you just want to see who I reward points to for this question. Well, it looks like both are on the same page as to who is winning this thing. However, I do enjoy Harper’s creative response here so one point for Harper.


  1.  With Shinsuke Nakamura announcing himself as a Royal Rumble entrant on this week’s Smackdown,we have the potential of getting a dream match at Wrestlemania. Do you think this is setting up Nakamura vs AJ Styles at Wrestlemania?

Anonyruss:  AAAAAANND we now know who is going to win the Men’s Royal Rumble.  God Damn it WWE can’t you leave us some surprises for this year!  Alright, this isn’t as forgone a conclusion as the women’s was, but with WWE being WWE I am pretty sure how this is going to go.  RAW doesn’t need the Rumble because they have been telegraphing Brock vs Roman since WrestleMania last year.  So that leaves Smackdown winning it.  WWE will probably want to have this dream match at WrestleMania to drum up excitement.  However, I can see KO or even Sami winning this year as well, which I believe Kent would back me up on that Sami prediction. All of those matches are fine with me, though I am not so sure about KO vs AJ.  We’ve already seen that and it was very underwhelming.   

Harper Lee:  Who’s dream is this?  I don’t understand why this is a dream match up.  I’m sorry, I don’t keep up on a lot of things online, so I am sure I am missing something.  My dream match up would be AJ Styles vs Luke Harper because of his name, and his beard kinda reminds me of my daddy’s.  Now that would be a great Wrestlemania main event.  I’d rather see Shinsuke vs Hideo Itami vs Finn Balor in a big time strikers match.

Keri’s Verdict:  Let’s look at the past 6 months of the WWE and look at the “dream” match ups that have already happened. We’ve already been given Roman vs Cena and Finn Balor vs AJ Styles. There is only one matchup that would give smark wrestling fans something they want to see at Wrestlemania and that match up is AJ Styles vs Nakamura. Lets face it the card at Mania as it potentially stands right now is pretty bland. We’ve seen Roman vs Brock and we all know how this match is going to turn out. AJ vs Nakamura would bring something potentially exciting and new to the card. With that said, time to award points. Anonyruss’ response was pretty much what I was looking for when this question was asked so one point for Anonyruss.

Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:  

Anonyruss:  Probably won’t get any points for this, but it’s the holiday season and I’m going to reward myself!  Seth Rollins is once again a Champion!  Sure it is only the Tag Team Championship, but with that and the IC title the only ones really used on RAW it is a big deal!  Seth has won that championship belt with a lot of partners, so you know what that means?  He has to be the reason they keep winning! WOOOOOO SETH!   Can’t wait to see him and Jason this weekend when I go to see them Live!  

Harper Lee:  I really enjoyed how great of friends the Ascension are to Breezedango.  They came out and helped their buddies.  I think Konnor is hitting the gym.  He didn’t look so bulky this week.  Good for him.  I still want Luke to give them all a whuppin.

Keri’s Verdict:  I enjoyed both responses this week and since it is the holiday’s I’m in a very giving mood. I’m award both Anonyruss and Harper a point here.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  I hope all the readers out their have had a great holiday season.  Keep with us here on the blog for the next year, because with Kent and Russ gone it is sure to be must read!  Enjoy!  

Harper Lee:  I don’t think that it’s fair that these performers and all of the backstage people had to work a live show on Christmas.  I feel that this is wrong and I hope that this never happens again.  The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends, family, and some moonshine.  This year, Pappy’s batch came out really good.  Tuesday was a rough day.

Keri:  For what is usually a throwaway week, the WWE did a really good job on both shows this year. Also, I have to congratulate Harper on her first blog win. Great job Harper!  Also, readers, Keri’s Korner returns next week on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast. In next week’s segment, I will preview and give my picks for this Thursday’s Wrestle Kingdom 12. Happy New Year Everyone!

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