The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 16 & 17, 2017 – Kane Returns!

We had the TLC go home show on RAW, which gave us the return of Kane.  Bray is still MIA, as is Bo, Nia, and Neville.  We saw a lot of cruiserweight and women’s action this week as well.  Over on Smackdown, we saw KO and Sami grow together and rip on Daniel Bryan, Jinder challenge Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series, a lot of backstage or pre-taped tag team segments, 4 to be exact, and Dolph touching Bobby’s butt.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes, and give our picks for TLC.


The 9

  1. Wow, RAW ran 2 different Cruiserweight storylines in the same night.  I know, I know.  I checked and Hell did not freeze over.  Which story has your interest: Cedric & Rich  vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack or Enzo and his posse vs Kalisto and Mustafa Ali?

Russ:  I am as shocked as the question! How did RAW find enough time to give us two Cruiserweight stories! I mean they only have three hours.  They have to show the shield for at least two of those that doesn’t leave much time.  Anyway,  I’m more interested Cedric & Rich vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack.  I really like this new Jack.  His viciousness is fantastic and I just like to watch him wrestle.  Plus anytime THE Brian Kendrick gets a story I want to see where they are going with it.  Not to mention Cedric & Rich are a lot of fun to watch in the ring too.

Keri: Wow, I take a week off and they give me two Cruiserweight storylines. Way to try to win me back WWE. I’m still kind of mad at you. With that said, I’m loving Heel Jack Gallagher so I have to say I’m leaning towards that storyline has my fave. I mean come on the guy wrestles in a vest and looks good doing it. Also, I think The Brian Kendrick should see more screentime. He is largely underutilized. I’m already bored with Enzo and Kalisto so I can’t muster any more energy to say anything else regarding that storyline.

Kent:  The moment that they put the belt back on Enzo, especially with Neville gone, and when they explain why those 4 guys are helping Enzo after wanting to hut him 2 weeks ago, then I may be able to understand things better.  Until then, I’m going with a simple feud that makes sense and has legit in ring talent.

  1.   What’s the bigger surprise: Kane’s return, Curtis trying to take on Roman, or the fact that WWE is going to put the Shield over all 5 members of Miz’s team?

Russ:   I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kane pop up from under the ring.  That is one of my all time favorite ways for Kane to appear.  Is it really a surprise, at this point,  that WWE is going to embarrass 4 ultra talented individuals and Kane just so they can make a few bucks?  Still I’ll mourn The Miz, Braun, and Sheasaro’s careers.   

Keri:  Again, I take a week off and Kane comes back. Now I’m even more confused. I thought he was running for office or something. Well I guess what better way to get people to vote for you then scaring them into voting for you. Either that or the wow our mayor is a total badass vote. I’m sure his campaign staff would prefer either as long as people vote for him. As for the other options, all I have to say is meh. However, I did mark out when I saw the old Shield entrance this week.  I’m looking forward to them burying everyone this weekend. Oh come on, you know it’s going to happen. Don’t fight it. It will hurt less if you don’t.

Kent:  Kane’s return, obviously.  WWE clearly isn’t serious about making Braun a star or Miz a star or Sheasaro a star.  Bonus question time.  Name the last PPV match that Braun actually won. Yeah.  Kane coming up from under the ring will always be the correct choice.

  1.  So TLC has 3 women’s matches, 2 Cruiserweight matches, Finn vs Bray (possibly), and the TLC main event.  How is it that Elias, Gallows & Anderson, Jason Jordan, Matt Hardy, and Titus Worldwide are left off of this beyond mediocre card?

Russ:   On paper this PPV looks like my career as a podcaster.  Mediocre at best.   I’m hoping they make the Emma vs Asuka match an actual match.  If they do then that match will be good.  Also, The TLC match will deliver.  At least one of the cruiserweight matches should be good.  After that though, things get murky. I love Mickie and Alexa, but I’m not sure how good this match will be.  Bray (Sister Abigail) vs Finn may not even happen that will be a game day decision.  I don’t understand why Elias doesn’t have a scheduled match yet.  He has been doing a great job on RAW which should have a payoff that is pre-scheduled for a PPV.  I’m sure some of these guys will have a match on the kickoff show, but damned if I’ll know before Saturday.  

Keri:  I’m confused. There is a PPV this weekend? You could have fooled me given the lack of match announcements on Monday’s RAW. Oh well. The card looks pretty bleak right now which isn’t a bad thing since I probably will not have time to watch it anyways. With that said, since the card isn’t finalized, Elias and company probably have a match this Sunday. Which leads me to one question. When did Jason Jordan join Titus Worldwide? Again week off and now I have questions.  I’m so confused and may need an adult.

Kent:  In a night where they could really use some small filler matches, the WWE says fuck conventional wisdom or common sense.  I’m left wondering about how Nia Jax and Bayley got left out.  Let’s acknowledge some facts.  Alicia Fox only gets pushed for a short term in order for her to job to a face that needs a push (Asuka).  Replace Alicia’s name with Emma and the same thing.  SO 2 matches are taking place to get Asuka over, which isn’t stupid, but it’s predictable as fuck.  Mickie is a legit all timer for women, so she is helping Alexa stay relevant for awhile longer, probably the rest of the year if they want, and I hope that they do.  I’d love for Mickie to win it and then Alexa win it back in the blow off match.  Alexa vs Asuka better be at Mania… expect it within a month. I’m happy for the Cruiserweights.  The issue is that they shoved all of the main event level guys into 2 matches, and that’s if you consider Finn and Bray main event caliber, which I do, well at least for Bray.  Joe is still out I guess, and Brock is doing Brock things and Cena is doing Cena things.  Wow, this roster really appears thin at the moment, and that’s because everything is on pause to get the Shield over…again.  The tag division is a mess at the moment, and so is the Red Belt situation.  Hell, the IC belt is a mess for all intents and purposes.  When was the last time the Miz had a meaningful feud for the belt?  Last year with Dolph?  Yeah, thought so.  The WWE booked themselves in so many corners, and now they reap what they sow.  I can’t wait for Sunday… I can watch the Walking Dead.

  1.   Let’s vent about WWE “only” having the one TLC match for Sunday while not having other Tables, Ladders, or Chairs matches.

Russ:   Yeah as if this PPV wasn’t mediocre enough it doesn’t help that they didn’t book the traditional Tables/ Ladder / Chairs matches that lead up to the TLC match.  I’m not sure who really fucked up this PPV, but man WWE you can’t have TLC without the T, L, and C matches.  How hard would it have been to just assign some of these boring matches the stipulations.  It would have made this PPV more interesting.  I know they tend to suck, but I could have been down for Sasha vs Alicia Chair match.

Keri:  Honestly, I’m ok with the current set up. Yes there could be more gimmick matches. But honestly how many combinations of tables, ladders and chairs can one possibly come up with for a PPV before the audience gets bored. I’m asking on behalf of Creative.

Kent:  Beyond anything else wrong with this PPV, this is the #1 thing that is pissing me off.  All this would have taken was a modicum of common sense to do this.  First we must ask, what matches could use the stipulations best.  The main event is TLC.  Finn vs Bray is it’s own clusterfuck, no need for anything beyond a House of Whooooores.  Asuka vs Emma is an attraction unto itself.  There, I just eliminated 3 out of the 7 planned matches.  So when Alicia attacks Sasha backstage, she uses a chair.  Boom, now we have a chairs match.  When the guys were beating up Kalisto and Mustafa Ali, do a spot where they put them through a table to enhance the beatdown and you have a tables match.  Mickie could said that Alexa wouldn’t be brave enough to put her belt on the line in a ladder match and Alexa is like, I will break your old ass.  So everything I just said could have happened on RAW or last week in Mickie and Alexa’s case.  All of a sudden, that card has some intrigue.  These fucking clowns writing for WWE are dense as fuck.  Hire me WWE.  I will make you great once more.  I refuse to say again because I’m not on Twitter half of my awake hours, nor do I have a fake ass tan.  Put Hogan back in the Hall Of Fame!

  1.  Who is worse on the mic: Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, or Shinsuke Nakamura?

Russ:  Finn is very boring on the mic.  It’s not that he is bad, necessarily, he just doesn’t deliver a very exciting promo.  However, this week the WWE did something that I’m not sure whether I think is completely asinine, or used correctly, brilliant.  I’m talking about the CG paint on Finn’s face so he could be the demon without having to use the makeup.  I was left dumbfounded by what I had just seen.  I knew that I couldn’t ever unsee it either.  If you read last week I stated that I was ok with a stupid story as long as it was fun.  Well this story has taken a turn to stupid and dumb.  That’s not a good combination.  

Keri:  I’m not going to say Shinsuke. The guy is still trying to learn English so it’s not fair to judge him right now. I mean he has only been with the company for over a year and most of that time was in NXT where the focus is more on wrestling than mic skills. With that said, the same kinda goes Finn but he’s been on the main roster long enough where that is starting to be not an excuse. I enjoy watching him (and those abs) in the ring.  But when he picks up a mic. well, I cringe. So, I have to go with Finn. He just isn’t improving and that’s bad if he wants to move up. As for Roman, leave the chosen one alone, he has gotten better and temporarily has Rollins and Ambrose to help him.

Kent:  I refuse to say Shinsuke because even when he talks, I listen and I enjoy listening to him.  He knows his limitations but tries like hell.  I get why he is the right answer, but I like him.  So now we are left with a guy who rarely gets a chance to shine on the mic, and really only looked halfway decent when going opposite Cena and Miz, 2 of the few guys that make anybody stand out in some capacity.  I think Roman could be above average if given the opportunity.  I think he’s actually kind of a cool dude that I would enjoy.   Then there is Finn.  Name one time that Finn has been good on the mic.  Oh, you can’t?  The Miz couldn’t get anything, Bray could, Paul Heyman couldn’t.  Finn is sadly the answer, and I don’t know if it’s him or the bad writing.  I think it is both.  I kinda feel bad for him, but he is held in such high regard, I struggle with empathy.

  1.  How great of an idea is it to have Jinder challenge Brock Lesnar?

Russ:  This idea is actually great from a WWE fans perspective.  Not in terms of match quality.  No, that is going to be total shit.  I mean that at least for one month Jinder and Brock won’t destroy a good wrestlers career.  If they are facing each other then we don’t have to worry about them wasting Shinsuke’s or AJ’s or Samoa Joe’s or Braun’s time in a match we know they have no right to win.  That’s fantastic!  Sure it means they will keep the belts for another month, but the belts have become so meaningless that who the hell cares at this point.  I will say that this match is going to be bad for business.  If Jinder wins then it completely ruins the build up they have been working toward since Mania for Brock vs Roman.  Also, if Brock wins then Jinder will be proven to be the unworthy garbage champion that we all know he already is.  So, yea the match is going to suck, but at least they won’t ruin good wrestlers careers.  

Keri:  This match is going to be bad and Creative should feel bad. You know what I’m not watching at Survivors Series. Yep, you got it. This match.  It’s going to be short and underwhelming and I have better things to do with my time. Like sleep.  

Kent:  Well, I mean, good for Jinder to somehow be in position to get this match.  I honestly never thought that Jinder would be able to have this match.  Yeah, it’s going to be a burial.  WWE has to show how much better RAW is to Smackdown, but that has always been the case.  Just think of all the bumps that the SIngh Bros will be taking.

  1.  We’ve seen Baron have great matches with Kalisto and on Tuesday, he wrestled Sin Cara briefly.  Do you think that this is a solid matchup for Baron and even Sin Cara?

Russ:  I’ll see where this matchup takes us.  Baron vs Kalisto was fantastic this time last year.  I think they are hoping lightning will strike twice here.  I can see it happening.  Baron is good against smaller opponents and Sin Cara can do his gymnastics routine and get thrown around like a rag doll well.  So this seems like it could be a winning combination for a short feud.  

Keri:  This matchup intrigues me. It should work really well since Sin Cara is a luchador and Baron does really well for some reason with luchadors. Alright, I’ll just say it. This should be really good and I will enjoy watching it.

Kent:  Unlike certain people, I am beyond sold for this.  Both men like to hit hard and are very physical.  On top of that, Sin Cara can bring some speed and high flying that Baron really works well with.  I think this could be a very solid feud, if they continue it.  It has more potential than most would perceive.  Or you could be a pussy and take the wait and see approach because god forbid you make a bad prediction in this blog.

  1.  Bobby Roode has now lost.  The big story is about pulling the tights.  Is this working for you as almost a heel vs heel dynamic, or is Bobby still too much of a face for this feud to click properly?

Russ:  The glorious gimmick is not meant to be a face one.  It is supposed to be about an obnoxious person who thinks they are above it all and they consistently prove that point in the ring.  So this isn’t really working for me.  I’m a huge Roode fan but I want the “Glorious” one to be that same uisufferable ass hole that deep down we all love.  Not this kind of lame face that we are getting.  If they want to make this work then Bobby needs to have an above average match.  He has yet to have one of those in WWE.  Give him and Dolph some time and I think we may see that, but I doubt WWE will give them what they need.  

Keri:  I guess it’s working. Given the loss though, is there really any reason to continue this feud. Ziggler’s point has kinda been made, hasn’t it?

Kent:  The moment somebody can explain to me how pulling the tights gives you additional leverage to get the pin, I will be more intrigued.  I’m waiting.

  1.  We had the KO & Sami stuff with Daniel, Randy, & Shinsuke, the Pulp Fashion, the women’s match, The Uso’s with American Beta, Rusev & Aiden with New Day, and even another Bludgeon Brothers promo.  Pick a topic, discuss it.  Just don’t pick a topic that somebody else has chosen.

Russ:  I am digging American Beta.  I think Gable is proving just how stupid the WWE creative can be.  We all thought that they would use Gable as the illegitimate son of Kurt because it made a lot of sense.  Not to mention that he is charismatic and could cut a decent promo.  Instead WWE creative went with Jason Jordan because it was a “funny” knock on Kurt.  Hilarious!  Except now that the joke has worn off Jason Jordan is fucked.  He isn’t getting over with the crowds and the “Angle” is dead.  So now Gable is getting his chance again and he is just fun to watch.  His promo with The Uso’s was fantastic.  He was all over the place and his excitement is infectious.  I am excited to see how this feud unfolds.  

Keri:  To the surprise of no one, maybe other than Kent given his comments below, I’m going to talk Fashion Files, I mean Pulp Fashion. That segment, while not as funny as the Elias and the Good Brothers segment this week, was well worth the wait. I like the Ascension in their current role. They show that they are not just scary looking but have a comedic side to them. As for Breezedango, both guys just nail it week after week. And with that I close by saying Fashion Files 4 assemble.

Kent:  As much as I want to choose the dynamic between Rusev and Aiden, I want to tackle the women.  Sorry Keri.  I think WWE needs to open their damn eyes sooner than later and put the focus back on Becky Lynch, first and foremost, as the face of that division.  She is punny, yes, but is decent on the mic, and very good in ring.  Carmella is still lurking.  I think it would make sense for Becky to take the belt off of Natty and then have the cash in.  That would really help.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  For a go home show this was one of the better ones this year.  Remember this year has been total crap for go home shows so to say this was one of the better ones is not a compliment really.  I enjoyed several things about this show.  The Tag Championship match was lots of fun.  Elias, Gallows, and Anderson were great with their promo.  Finally, when Kane came up through the ring I was very happy for a few moments anyway.  Rating: 5.8

Keri:  I thought this was a good RAW. Not exactly the best build for this weekend’s PPV but still I enjoyed what I did watch live and what I saw in recap videos. RAW is starting to improve week over week in terms of quality. Also, I just have to say again, yea Shield! It was nice to see my boys back together again with the same outfit and the same entrance. Yes, my name is Keri and I am a Shield mark. Deal with it. Rating: 6

Kent:  This was the go home show.  This was okay.  It got over all of the feuds, so I think that is good.  I mean Finn was screwed without Bray this week, so that’s nobody’s fault, so I am not holding that against them. I really loved Elias and G & A.  That song was amazing.  I thought the reveal of Kane was actually shocking.  There are a lot of aspects that I would rewatch.  The women’s matches worked, the Fisters vs Sheasaro was good if not entirely predictable.  Roman vs Braun was fun, more of a sideshow but fun.  I will say 5.3.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Smackdown was ok.  I really enjoyed Sami coming out and just brutally destroying Daniel firmly pushing him into the heel zone.  Sami is a great heel so far and I hope they continue this push.  Fashion Files was ok.  It wasn’t their best work, but it had its moments.  The women’s division is awful right now and I’m definitely interested in seeing Gable and Shelton take on The Uso’s.  Rating: 5.3

Keri:  Remember when Smackdown was must see TV. Yeah those were good times which is why I bring it up every week. The only redeeming features for this week’s show were KO and Sami and Pulp Fashion. Rating: 2

Kent:  I know that Smackdown happened.  I know that I didn’t hate it.  I actually paid attention to all things not named Charlotte.  I liked it more than I enjoyed this hackneyed Shield bullshit, that’s for fucking sure.  5.8


Final Thoughts


Russ:  Rating Smackdown and RAW has become difficult.  This year has just been so bland that now just a mediocre show has become, what feels like better than average.  For example:  as I was rating Smackdown this week I gave it a 5.3, which is decent.  However, in years past I don’t think this episode would have earned a 4.  It had its moments, but for the most part I was pretty bored.  Still for this year it seemed more than adequate.  Come on WWE Step up your game!  

Keri:  Did I mention how happy I am that the Shield is back together? Ok good, because I’m so happy the Shield are back together.

Kent:  Well I was going to start writing wrestling porn scenes.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily appropriate for what we do.  Just know that if I do, my first scene would involve a UN PC convention in which Lana would be the Russian ambassador and Rusev would be the Bulgarian representative.  At the hotel where they would be staying, mid shower, Rusev’s shower would stop working.  Wet and soapy, he wraps himself in a towel and knocks on his neighbor’s door.  Just at that moment, Lana has stripped and just turned on her shower.  She answers the door wrapped in nothing but her towel.  When she hears of this sexy man’s plight, she offers to share her shower, and then we learn that PC may not stand for Politically Correct, but rather Pussy CRUSH!  Admit it, you are ashamed that you read this whole thing.  Also, here’s some zombie shit that WWE conveniently did days before The Walking Dead returns.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 9 & 10, 2017 – Sami Bludgeons Us With The Truth Edition

This week we see the reformation of the Shield, Neville walks out and Enzo loses his belt, the Mizzies, the Women of RAW owning it, AJ vs Baron, the first peek at the Bludgeon Brothers, and Sami Zayn’s explanation on why he helped KO at Hell In A Cell.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained and give our picks for Hell In A Cell.


The 9

  1.  Is WWE making a mistake by not having Elias take a loss to either Apollo or Titus?

Russ:  I have to say yes.  I like Elias, but if you want to build a proper feud no matter how short it will last there needs to be wins on both sides.  Apollo and Titus losing all the time doesn’t make this interesting.  The end result needs to be a total win for Elias, but up to that point giving Apollo and Titus a win here or there at least keeps the fans interested.  Not to mention it keeps Apollo relevant, instead of the joke that he has basically become.  

Kent:  Yeah.  As you know, I don’t want Elias to eat a lot of pins, but to get more traction out of a feud, there needs to be some give and take.  Not 50/50 booking mind you.  But in the end, you want to see that the person fought hard to rise up to the next position in line.  It’s not like UFC where you want to look as dominant as possible, despite what VKM may think.  You want the struggle so that when they lose, you don’t sit there scratching your head wondering how this guy  beat another guy.  Example: Bray defeating Finn cleanly the week before Summerslam.  Yup, still dwelling.

  1.  The Shield are supposed to be faces, but they just assaulted Braun in a 3 on 1 mugging, and the cameras assaulted my eyes with their bullshit directing.  What the hell is happening here?

Russ:  I am really angry with myself. I missed The Shield and Braun stuff.  I went to take the trash out and when I came back everything was over.  I tried to go back to watch it, but my cable box sucks nutts.  So I can’t address the whole faces acting as heels thing other than to say that this is typical WWE thinking:  We cheer them so everything they do is inherently good.  What really pissed me off was how many times Michael Fucking Cole mentioned The Shield throughout the entire broadcast!  If I were playing a drinking game and had to take a sip of beer every time The Shield was mentioned, I probably would have passed out by the end of the second hour.  I’m talking “Russ Sips” too, so small ones that barely count as sips.  Also, I’m not a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking before you think that. That is just how many times he mentioned The Shield.   

Kent:  I’m just jealous that Russ has a cable box that fellates testicles.  I want one of those.  I kinda want to play this Shield drinking game now.  I may be seeing Ron this week, so we may take you up on that, with or without Russ Sips.  Gosh, I’m just enjoying responding to Russ.  Why even bother having an original thought?  I hate this whole storyline, mainly it’s execution, so fuck it, if you really want to hear me lay it all out, listen to this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained. Buttplug Holly would be impressed with that plug.

  1.  Which women’s segment did you enjoy more: Mickie and Alexa’s promo or the 5 Way Dance?

Russ:  I enjoyed both of them, but I enjoyed the fatal 5 way more than the promo.  I like the old timey video Alexa presented.  It gave me a hardy chuckle.  What I don’t like is that they keep beating this dead horse of Mickie being old.  OK, we get it she isn’t a spring chicken.  There have to be other things we can target about her.  I liked the 5-way dance.  I thought the match was pretty good, if not a little short.  Also, Emma won!  I mean she is going to end up losing at TLC, but hey she at least has a match at the PPV… so yay?  In all honesty, I know Emma had a few good matches against Asuka in NXT and I hope they allow this to be a contest and not a squash match.  

Kent:  Man, I don’t know.I loved the Mickie and Alexa back and forth, and they did it so well.  Is it weird to say that I may be cheering for Mickie at TLC?  Yeah, it is.  She is killing it right now and deserves a reward for her hard work in my opinion, which is not a shot at my goddess Bliss.  WIth that being said, the other thing had a screaming Foxy and my girl Emma winning.  I gotta enjoy her winning while I can before she starts taking it hard from Asuka.  By the way, I have gone on record well over a month ago stating that Emma was going to be the first one to take on Asuka.  On your knees dogs, and hail to the king!

  1.  Did WWE just blow it by having Enzo drop the belt already?

Russ:  I think they screwed themselves with the stipulation about how none of the competitors could touch Enzo or they forfeited their right to challenge for the belt.  This could have easily been avoided if they just made it a one night stipulation, which I thought was the case originally, but WWE doesn’t have the foresight to see how dumb this stipulation was.  So with their creative backs in a corner they did the only thing they could do.  Have Enzo lose.  He’ll win it back at TLC.  This will wipe away the stipulation, it will also allow Neville back into the picture (though apparently he may be gone now?).  Still another quick title change isn’t going to help the cruiserweight division.  On a positive note… I can’t believe how good Enzo has been since moving to 205!  They are using his character almost perfectly and no matter what he does, he will still get pops from the crowd.  

Kent:  I saw a video earlier this year where one of my favorite actresses took on 5 guys via a glory hole.  This somehow sucked harder.  Enzo has been the golden goose that you have given the main event slot 3 weeks in a row, and I admit, I wasn’t getting sick of him.  I was loving his stuff, especially with Neville.  This should have played out so much better.  Now we got that fat ass, Kalisto as the champ.  Fuck this.  I’m gonna watch my favorite actress some more.

  1.  Pick a topic that we haven’t talked about and talk about it.

Russ:  Let’s talk about Sister Abigail!  I read on the interwebs how so many people hate this gimmick and how stupid it is.  All I can say is “No shit!”  It is a dumb gimmick, but it’s wrestling dumb.  The kind of dumb I can get behind!  I thought the segment was fun and has me intrigued.  I want to see Sister Abigail come out to the ring damn it!  I don’t know how much of a fan of wrestling you are if you don’t want to see what Bray will look like as Sister Abigail.  I have to give Finn props for the serious acting chops he has.  I mean, it must have taken all of his strength not to laugh as hard as he could when Bray was talking as Sister Abigail.  I laughed a lot, but a good laugh is needed every once in awhile.  

Kent:  Russ, you foolish twit!  You WASTED your response to talk of silly things.  Let’s get serious and talk about the Bludgeon Brothers!  Oh my, I may have been a white Lexington Steele for a few moments.  Harper and Rowan are back together, but with these stupid ass looking hammers.  I am so fucking excited.  I don’t have the proper words to convey to you how excited I am about this.

  1.  A lot of time, when a wrestler turns heel, their explanation is bland and non creative, and sometimes nonsensical.  Did Sami’s explanation work for you?

Russ:   I thought Sami’s explanation was perfect!  Usually, WWE gives us dumb / Lame / non-logical explanations for why people turn heel or face.  Since its WWE we usually groan or just ignore it.  However,  this was very logical and genuine.  They used the WWE Universe’s perception of what’s going on with Sami and played it perfectly.  He was wooed over to Smackdown by Shane.   Then basically Sami was completely misused.  Add in a few lines about never talking to Shane again and we have a guy who is just sick and tired of doing the “right” thing and getting nowhere.  I have to agree with Kent, I don’t think I’d classify Sami as a Heel.  Based on his thought process of what’s going on around him I actually sympathize with Sami.  I hope they don’t turn this into cheap heel crap because this is the best thing WWE has going right now.   

Kent:  This may have been one of the top 10 turning heel explanations that I have seen.  It made a lot of sense, it didn’t feel convoluted.  It felt smart and genuine.  I’m not even sure if Sami is truly a heel, but I guess he is in WWE’s “universe”.  You know that place where some guy occasionally shows up with some red belt and defends it and gets paid way more than he’s worth?

  1.  Did tonight confirm to you that The Usos and New Day will take on the rest of the tag division at Smackdown?

Russ:  No, I don’t think this did anything except sever the feud for awhile.  The Hell in a Cell match was the perfect place to end this feud, at least for now anyway.  It was brutal, innovative and fun.  I don’t think they can top this.  I’d love it if they tried, but honestly I’d rather they leave it alone here.  So now it is time for the new day to feud with someone new.  Maybe a couple of Hammer Bros. that are debuting finally!  While The Uso’s can go against American Beta.  Things are looking good for the Smackdown Tag Division again.    

Kent:  Confirmed?  Nah.  Do I think that is the direction of things?  Yeah.  Especially when the Usos and New Day run through a couple of teams and all looks lost and then the Bludgeon Brothers come out to handle shit.  Also, did this cement the fact that Authors of Pain are RAW bound because RAW has no tag team division to speak of?  Here’s where WWE fucked up.  Braun shouldn’t have gotten involved beyond getting triple powerbombed and stayed off of TV because his momentum is gone, but kept the Miz and Sheasaro.  After The Shield won, yes, The Shield Russ, the Shield reunited, I would have Braun come out with the Authors of Pain at the end of TLC and massacre The Shield.  Make an impact just like The Shield did back in 2013.  See how that would make for a fucking riveting debut and be a great feud to close out 2017 so that Sheasaro can go back to being the best tag team in WWE.

  1.  Does Dolph Ziggler have the best hair out of all the males on the WWE main roster?

Russ:  Now This is a handsome question.  Better than asking what the actual fuck happened between Ziggler and Bobby on Smackdown.  Seriously, that was an awful segment.  Bobby is not a natural face.  As for the hair.  Ziggler has top 5 hair for sure, but I think Breeze and Dango both have better hair.  Also, I like my hair wet and while Dolph has come out with wet hair that is admirable it is no Roman Reigns wet mop of hair.

Kent:  This one is tough as hell.  I do love “The Lone Hairline” of Baron.  Seriously, this has to come down to Dolph and Tyler Breeze, right?  I am terribly conflicted, but Dolph’s looks longer, so I am going with…….Dolph.  Sheamus finished third for me and I felt that Tony Neese and Gentleman Jack get 4th and 5th place.

  1.  Was that the best  Baron Corbin singles match yet?

Russ:  This was close, but I still think what he did with Kalisto in the chairs match is the best.  Granted that had a gimmick attached to it, but I dare you to find a chairs match that is actually good.  Still I love the chemistry between AJ and Corbin and I would really love to see more of them down the line.  For now though we need to get AJ back into the Main Event and going for the WWE title.  Jinder has sullied it and I think only an epic run by AJ can fix things.  No Jinder this week and no one cared.  

Kent:  He had some really good matches this past winter when AJ was scouting him.  I think the Kalisto chairs match is still #1, but this is probably his second best.  I liked it a lot from a quality perspective, but then again, anybody who isn’t Jinder can have a great match with AJ.  Where was Jinder this week?  Oh, nobody missed him?  That’s a shame.


Bonus Deuce Deuce

  1. Raw:  Rate it

Russ:  I enjoyed RAW tonight.  A rare thing these days.  There was a lot of things I didn’t pay full attention to. Sister Abigail was just dumb fun,  The Main Event was good, and I really liked the Mizzies.  I can say that I was happy to see the Shield come out and do shield things, even if this was a clusterfuck of a way to get them back together.  By the end of the first hour I was sick of hearing about The Shield thanks to Michael Cole, so I can only imagine the joy Kent must have felt by the end of the third hour where, by that point, Cole must have mentioned The Shield about a million times.  Rating:  5.4  

Kent:  I did not enjoy it as much as Russ did apparently.  Sick of the Shield already.  The Mizzies was fun, as was Sister Abigail, Emma won, the Alexa and Mickie stuff, and Braun vs Matt.  This breaking Neville story is clearing up the air a bit about why the main event happened that way.  Still, bad title change in my opinion.  I wasn’t terribly Kentertained.  5.1 seems fair. And much closer to Russ than I thought.  Damn.

  1.  Smackdown: Rate It

Russ:  I would have enjoyed it better if my cable wasn’t complete and utter garbage.  Spectrum more like Sucktrum am i right?  Still I loved the opening segment, Sami’s explanation for his turn is one of the most coherent stories wrestling has ever produced and the Main event was pretty damn good.  Rating: 5.8  

Kent:  Now this was something I could enjoy.  Not much fluff or filler, aside from the women’s division as a whole.  Sami cut his best promo is a long ass time, Baron had a very good match, the Usos and New Day did good.  I really enjoyed this, minus Charlotte.  Rating: 6.2 because that’s my height, and you can’t teach that.  Also, Bludgeon Brothers!!!!


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Three days of wrestling in a row and I didn’t want to rethink my life choices!  It is a modern day miracle.  I hope this trend continues, but if I know the abusive relationship I’m in with WWE this won’t last.  Yet, I won’t stop watching either.  

Kent:  Smackdown intrigues me.  Are we getting more Shinsuke vs Jinder?  Are they switching stuff up?  AJ is going to join Shane to take on KO and Sami. With Cena gone, AJ in that feud, Randy already feuded, that leaves Shinsuke and……Bobby Roode or Tye?  I’m telling you, I think KO gets that belt in December somehow.  Also, Tuesday was Perfect 10 Day per this video from


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 2 & 3, 2017 – Sister Abigail in a Nutshell Edition

Here we go again with more fist bumping.  WE GET IT!  You like to fist each other!  Meanwhile, Smackdown had it’s go home show prior to Hell In A Cell and on RAW we saw Miz form an alliance with Sheasaro, Bray became Sister Abigail before our eyes, and Kalisto became the cruiserweight savior that we didn’t want and didn’t need.  Poor dude.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained and give our picks for Hell In A Cell.

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The 9

  1. Do you honestly pay attention to the breast cancer awareness segments that they air during the month of October?  Also, does it take you a bit out of things when both heels and faces are in the ring just hugging it out?  Also, thoughts on the women’s tag team match.

Russ:  I am of two minds on the whole breast cancer awareness segments done in October.  On the one part of my mind I think, this is a great thing that WWE does.  It is a noble cause and I’m glad WWE is giving back and a little bit of grandstanding gets the money flowing.  On my other mind, I just don’t care enough to pay attention.  If I can I will definitely fast forward these segments because I don’t care about it.  WWE I am aware and I know you are aware so that’s enough for me.    As for the women’s tag match, I don’t know I fast forwarded that too.  

Keri:  I find myself kinda tuning out during this segment which I feel kinda bad about doing now that I think about it. I think it’s great all the charitable things that WWE is involved with and promote on their programming. Also, I think it’s great the fight that these women display against the disease that plagues or has plagued them. It’s very inspirational. Still, for some reason, I just can’t get myself invested in the segments. Something must be wrong with me. As for the tag match, the recap video was decent and I’ll leave it at that.

Kent:  Alicia tried snatching Sasha bald.  I mean….what is there to really say?  I really liked the match and actually thought it was the match of the night, for me at least.  Let’s face it, there were 2 good matches, but I preferred this one over the Roman vs Miz match.  Honestly, I fast forward through this stuff all the time.  I think WWE should seriously consider getting Dana Warrior on screen more often.  She has a lot of very positive energy and I think that she has a really good presence.  This video is backstage with Dana.  She seems genuine.

  1.   With Jeff out for awhile with injury, how should WWE utilize Matt?

Russ:   The good thing about Matt is that he doesn’t need his brother to shine.  He can do a lot of things right now and none of them sound too awful.  First,  have him mentor a younger guy, which it seems like they are doing with Jordan.  This benefits everyone especially the younger guy.  Second, have him go after a belt.  The only belt that is around is the IC belt so I guess that would be it, but having Hardy and The Miz put on a classic isn’t out of reach and something the IC belt desperately needs as it feels really irrelevant right now.  The best part is that Matt doesn’t have to win the belt.  He just has to make it seem like a prize worth winning.  Finally,  you can have him start a feud with a current top tier star.  Matt can produce in the ring give him someone else who can produce in the ring and that’s all you really need.  Give us a quick story to back it up and let the fans enjoy a good match.  

Keri:  Well let’s see here. We could put him with Miz. Wait a second. He’s in his thing with Roman and possibly the other former members of the Shield?  Ok then. What about Bray? Oh, he’s still dealing with Finn and introducing us to Sister Abigail. Ok, how about Elias? Oh, he’s taking on Titus Worldwide. Well shoot. Wait a minute, I can’t believe I forgot about Braun. How could I have done such a thing? Ok, so hear me out what if we put him in a temporary feud with Braun. It could work and would keep Braun relevant until Roman gets the belt (you know it’s happening don’t kid yourselves). Because you know he’s not finished with Roman yet.

Kent:  This would be a really good time for Matt to win the IC championship.  He could do whatever for a character.  Then when Jeff returns, Matt promptly loses and that could cause all kinds of storylines.  Miz doesn’t need the belt anymore, it’s a prop for him for the immediate future.  Miz really never needs that belt ever again, he’s a main event player.  Matt could put on some fun matches and win with his veteran knowledge.  He’s still more than capable if he likes what he’s doing.

  1.   Is the Miz being rewarded with his feud against Roman and inevitably the Shield reunion, or is this more of a case of no other heels that Roman hasn’t feuded with?

Russ:   I’m going to say rewarded.  If anyone can make the Roman haters cheer him on it’s The Miz.  He is just that damn good at being a heel.   It makes perfect sense.  Two things that will get Roman cheers: 1.  Have him face off against the ultimate heel character and get a beat down, check!  2.  Put him back in the Shield, check!  Smart move by WWE.  I just wish they didn’t rush this Shield reunion.  They could have let this play out a couple more weeks to build it up, but that is WWE for you.  They blow their load quick and then usually end up feeling ashamed afterward.  Yet, they will not learn from their past mistakes and do the same thing again and again.

Keri:  A possible reward. Let’s face it the Miz has been killing it for over a year now. It’s about time they give him something substantial. Yes, I know,  it means getting fed to the new chosen one (and his former Shield brethren) but it’s better than nothing (or the pre-show in front of an empty arena), right?

Kent:  I hope that it’s a reward.  Over the past 5 years, it’s tough to name many people that have consistently performed at such a high level.  Yes, even Wrestlemania 27 was better than anybody gave him credit for. Also, if the WWE had an ounce of intelligence, as soon as this Shield thing is over, they should have Bray bring Luke and Rowan over and give us an absolutely great main event.  Also, build Bray as the man to take the red belt off of Brock.  Please, on a side note, I need weeks of “Will they or won’t they fist each other”.

  1.   Did Bray just make this feud interesting again, or shall I say Abigail?

Russ:   The logical progression for this feud is astounding!  Kudos to WWE for bringing this in a direction I didn’t think was even remotely up for consideration.  Think about it.  Bray got beat by the Demon.  In order for Bray to beat Finn he knew he had to goad him into not being the demon.  So he forces Finn into a Man vs Man match.  He then loses again.  Confused and defeated Bray decided that if The Demon is the alter ego of Finn, then it is finally time to unleash Sister Abigail.  All along we thought Sister Abigail would be a different person, instead it is just Bray’s alter ego!  Brilliant!  Now give Bray the win at the next PPV.  Survivor Series: Bullet Club vs Wyatt Family, then finally at the December PPV we finish this feud off once and for all with The Demon vs Sister Abigail.  They just took care of these two guys for the rest of the year.  

Keri:  I’m very intrigued now. At least now I won’t turn my TV off when these two come on my screen. So there is that.

Kent:  I am a sucker for really bad, silly feuds, so for me, I hate to admit this, but they just made me care again.  Fucking hell.  Is he going to be Braybigail?  When Bray is Sister Abigail, does that make his finisher name Bray Wyatt?  Will anybody be able to kick out of Bray Wyatt?

  1.   Okay, first of all, how big of a dud was that Kalisto signing?  Secondly, is Enzo finally making good on all of his potential?

Russ:  “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Oh man Kalisto?”  That was my reaction.  Not that Kalisto is bad.  It’s just that he isn’t that big of a star or a promising up and comer.  He is just Kalisto.  He can help Enzo get over in the  ring I guess, but don’t make this like it was some big deal that we will all be talking about the next day. “HAHAHA… oh man, get the fuck out of here WWE.”  My end thoughts on the whole thing.  As for Enzo, I am starting to remember the reasons I liked him when he first debuted on the main roster.  

Keri:  I’m going to start with the easy part of this question. Enzo has been killing it the past couple of weeks. I’m enjoying his character and this storyline immensely. Not too bad for a guy who the three of us wrote off no more than a month or two ago, huh?  As for Kalisto, seriously WWE stop it and put him back with Sin Cara and bring back the Lucha Dragons. While you are at it, put Jordan and Gable back together too. This single star experiment is over for all involved except for Enzo because that may actually work.

Kent:  Johnny Gargano should have been called up, or so I thought.  But Kalisto is a good in ring hand that can put on a good match and keep this going.  You don’t bring Johnny up to job.  Unfortunately, this was the hand that WWE had to play I guess.  Perhaps they should have had somebody not hit Enzo last week.  Finn also could have joined in this feud to spice it up.  Still, kudos to Enzo because he’s in a position to do something special and he’s nailing it.  Admit it, he had some really good lines.  I don’t know if he’s a heel or a face, and I like that.

  1.  Why isn’t Tye in the US Championship match at Hell In A Cell?

Russ:  Simple,  WWE doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the perfect 10!  AJ, Corban and Tye would make for a hell of a match.  Instead we will have to wait to see how they will screw up things for Tye at a later date.  

Keri:  Because reasons. He has been a big part of the build up for this match but there is just no payoff for him? Seriously? This is just lazy booking. By the way, why do I have to wait until Sunday for my Fashion Files? I was promised fashion files on this week’s Smackdown and I want fashion files.

Kent:  I don’t know.  If they want to put it on Baron, having Tye in the match would allow for AJ to not get pinned.  Baron has been booked so oddly the past 8 weeks or so, that I have no idea what they are doing, but I truly consider his momentum squashed.  I don’t want him to win the belt on Sunday.  I do wish Tye was in the match though.  Maybe he can hang out with Gallows and Anderson.  By the way, G&A’s theme song is surprisingly good if you listen to it without the crowd.  It’s called “Omen In The Sky”.

  1.  Were you satisfied with the build to the New Day vs Uso’s match basically being: “we have great matches, so watch us”?  Also, should this match be the main event over KO vs Shane?

Russ:  While I wouldn’t say I’m not satisfied by the build, because I am stoked for this match based on their previous matches, but I would say that they could have elevated things a bit more.  Maybe they could have gotten a bit physical.  Or maybe had a singles match and then have a promo-down (is that what you would call it?)  Still, I definitely expect this match to deliver in spades and can’t wait.  As for if this should be the main event… Absolutely!  This is for a belt so it should headline the show over a grudge match.  

Keri:  I’ve enjoyed everything both teams have done over the past two months. This feud was booked perfectly. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s match. You know what else I’m looking forward to on Sunday the potential return of the fashion files.

Kent:  Here’s my big issue.  They could have made this really good.  After Summerslam, the Uso’s could have sneak attacked New Day and handcuffed them because they are in the Uso Penitentiary.  From there, they injure a member of New Day, to quintessentially let us know who would be representing New Day, and add some animosity to it.  It could have been a cool way to end a Smackdown.  They blew it, and so the answer is no, because it’s like they didn’t really try.  I can’t sit here and say with 100% certainty that the tag match will be better than the Shane match.  It should be, and I think it should main event, but I’m not going to argue one way or the other, for once.

  1.  Let’s face it, Smackdown’s women’s division feels boring, dull, uninspired, insert your own adjective.  Pick one reason why and elaborate please.

Russ:  It is a simple reason no direction.  It feels like they put the women in a holding pattern for whatever reason.  Maybe it is because of the 4-Horsewoman thing that WWE seems to have a hard on for.  Also, they aren’t really building any stories.  Sure we have Carmella and Dogsworth, but instead of letting that flesh out into an interesting story they cut it dead in its tracks.  Also, the champ is not very interesting.  Nattie can be great she has shown flashes, but as soon as she got the belt she stopped being interesting.  WWE has a habit of giving the belt to someone and making them boring immediately afterwards.  

Keri:  Another adjective is bland. Kinda like the writing for the division. It hasn’t been the same since Alexa left. Wait a minute. That’s what killed the division everyone, no Alexa and no one with enough charisma to take her place. You know what else can’t be replaced? The Fashion Files. They better be back on Sunday.

Kent:  They really, really needed Asuka for this show.  I know, I am beating a dead horse, but she would have been must see TV and revived this thing.  We have a multitude of problems, the obvious one is Carmella is lurking but never really appearing like a threat.  Still, I’ll offer something different since I know neither of my colleagues will be stupid enough to copy me….right?  The girls aren’t really allowed to create much with their characters.  Naomi and Natty were bland champs, not because of their talent, but rather their characters never got a huge chance to shine.  If only there was a show, say after Smackdown, where the wrestling talents could talk to the WWE audience and really get their character over.  Gosh, that would be amazing.  You can have all the talent in the world, but if you have no character, nobody will give a fuck.  So character is my choice.  The funny thing is that the only character that there were doing great with was Tamina with Lana.  That seems to just be shoved to the side.  Paige, return ASAP.

  1.  Aside from the 2 HIAC matches and the US Title match, does any of the other matches intrigue you at all?  They include Rusev vs Randy, Natty vs Charlotte, Bobby vs Dolph, Shinsuke vs Jinder (I seriously had forgotten this until I looked it up), and Hype Bros vs American Beta or American Omega or any other name that you can come up with.  

Russ:  I will say that the only other match on this list that I’m remotely interested in is Bobby vs. Dolph.  Randy vs. Rusev holds very little interest for me.  I have never really liked Randy and he has not been involved in too many great matches lately (same could be said for a lot of the WWE.)  While Rusev has been hitting it out of the park lately as a character, but his perpetual losing of feuds has made it so I just don’t get excited for his matches anymore.  Back to why I’m interested in Bobby vs. Dolph.  Simply put this will be Bobby’s first time to showcase his in-ring ability.  I want to see if he and Dolph can put on a show stealer.  They both have the potential given enough time, but will they produce.  This is a big make or break moment for Bobby and I think for sure he will be successful.  Plus I’m intrigued to see how Dolph will make his entrance.  

Keri:  Dolph vs Roode has potential. I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out on Sunday. That and I’m wondering what type of entrance we get from Dolph. Oh, and the potential return of the Fashion Files. Seriously, whar Breezedango whar?

Kent:  I expect everybody to say Rusev vs Randy, and potentially some to say Bobby vs Dolph.  Unfortunately, Dolph is now the Jericho of Smackdown on the heel side, and Randy seems to be taking on that role as a face.  Every other name I have for Chad and Shelton seems to involve cookies and race, like the Black and White Cookie, or Oreo, or even Hydrox.  I want cookies!!!  As bad as the women’s division has been, the Jinder feud has somehow been worse.  PLEASE, make the title change and have Baron cash in MITB immediately afterward. (Russ: Are you living in fantasy world?  Did you forget Baron already cashed in and failed?)  (Kent:  Say WHAT? I think I would have remembered Baron Corbin cashing in his briefcase and being the world champ.  You sir, live in a fantasy world.)  That’s how you solve this BS.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Raw was completely skippable this week.  Sure they had a few things going for it, but at the end of the day if you missed it you would be filled in ad nauseum the following week.  Rating: 3   (Kent: That’s not remotely true.  IF somebody had watched it, they would have seen that Miz and Sheasaro are teamed up despite no foreshadowing, that Bray is going to turn to Sister Abigail despite no foreshadowing, that Alexa and Nia are back to being cool with each other despite no foreshadowing, and that Kalisto would be the savior to the Cruiserweight division despite absolutely no foreshadowing.  In the words of every millennial ever, Russ that was an epic fail and therefore you deserve this.)

Keri:  This was a good RAW. I love what they are doing with Mickie and Alexa. Enzo, dare I say it, is killing it. The matches were decent. And I have to be honest, seeing the Shield “back together” kinda gave me goosebumps. Rating: 5  (Kent: Those aren’t goosebumps.)

Kent:  Good for Elias on his Alice in Chains parody! (Keri: Thanks Kent! For the life of me, I couldn’t remember who sang the original version of that song.)  Unfortunately, he chose a really fucking depressing song called Nutshell.  Even worse, this song reflects how I feel when I watch RAW most of the time.  Uhmmm, Give it a 3.5 because of Sheasaro, Miz, Enzo, Elias, and the women’s tag match.  I’m deducting points if we are due for another “will they or won’t they fist bump” story.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  For a go home show this sucked a big one.  I was bored most of the night.  When did WWE forget how to do a go home show?  This one and RAW’s two weeks ago were just terrible.  I did enjoy the promos by New Day and the Uso’s  and the last segment of the night was good, but the rest of the night was completely forgettable.  That isn’t how you get someone excited to see a PPV.  Seriously, does anyone even care about the WWE Title match?  I love Shinsuke, but since he is fighting Jinder I’m just not excited by the match.  Rating: 3

Keri:  Well it was a go home show and it happened. It had its high points and super low points. Mostly low points though. With that said, it did just enough to get me excited about KO vs. Shane and the Tag Team HIAC match so I guess it did its job. Rating: 2.5 (I deducting a half point for lack of Breezedango)

Kent:  Remember 2 weeks ago when we blasted WWE’s RAW go home show for No Mercy?  Yeah, they only did a slightly better job here.  At least people showed up, but it was super weaksauce.  Rating: 2.7


Final Thoughts – Also, name 3 matches that you would like to see Brock in before he retires?

Russ:  WWE has ruined their championship belts.  The Universal and WWE Championships have been reduced to garbage all in the name of trying to make a few bucks.  Brock has the belt, barely on the show and is not the draw he used to be.  Instead of giving it to a talent that deserves it and is there all the time they have decided it would be better to keep it on Brock for an entire year.  Somehow that will elevate the belt?  Then when Roman wins it at Mania we are supposed to be excited?  Why?  He won a belt that has been mostly absent the past year, big deal.  As for the WWE Championship.  Jinder has that belt and the only reason he has it is to get the India market to keep tuning in.  Except Jinder isn’t a good champion, at least WWE has not made him into one.  His matches are second or even third fiddle to other matches.  They don’t let him just be a heel, he has to be the foreigner heel, which in this day and age is starting to get offensive.  Lastly, he just isn’t exciting in the ring.  I keep hoping I’ll be wrong and he proves himself, like I will again this weekend, but he keeps disappointing.  The belts just aren’t what they used to be.  

Keri:  Whar Breezedango whar? Seriously, I miss the Fashion Files. You know what? That’s it, I’m protesting. From this moment on until I see a Fashion Files segment on my TV screen, all my responses on this blog will have some reference to the Fashion Files in it. As for Brock matches, hasn’t he pretty much wrestled everyone at this point? Wait he hasn’t wrestled AJ Styles, has he? If not, then I say AJ Styles.

Kent:  The more I see and hear Dana Warrior, the bigger a fan I become.  I think she is 100% legitimately the person that we see on screen.  If she wasn’t in the role that she is in, which is a good will ambassador of sorts, I would say that she could be the next Vicky Guerrero.  Enzo was the star of the week after Neville was last week.  How odd.  I would like to see Brock take on the following 3 or more guys in no particular order…okay some particular order: Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Rusev, Sheamus, Cesaro,  Luke Harper, Finn Balor, Enzo, Shinsuke, and oddly enough, if booked well I would actually enjoy Jason Jordan or Apollo Crews.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 25 & 26, 2017 – Shield Reunion Questions

This week, we talk about the Fistourage as well as Smackdown”s compelling build to Hell in a Cell.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we really tear down No Mercy’s morale and pray for Cesaro’s teeth.  We apologize for the lateness of this, but tech issues suck.  Also, Russ and Kent reviewed No Mercy here.

2017 No Mercy Review

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The 9

  1. Does Mickie still have what it takes to carry a feud, both inside and outside the ring, if she needs to?  How long before we get the Sasha heel turn?

Russ:  I think Mickie may still have what it takes.  I thought her Mic work on Raw was pretty good and she handled herself pretty well against Miss Bliss.  In the ring? I’m not so sure, it’s been awhile since she has had a high profile match.  Still I think she will be fine in the ring against The Goddess.  I’m glad they are giving us this feud, it is at least still fresh.  As for Sasha and a heel turn all I’ll say is that since WWE seems very high on a 4-horsewomen of WWE and MMA match I don’t see her turning any time soon.  

Keri:  Mickie absolutely still has what it takes to carry a feud. She’s still strong in ring and stronger than she was before on the mic. It looks like WWE is finally giving us the feud we have been asking for so don’t question it. As for Sasha and any potential heel turn. Honestly, I just don’t care anymore. She just bores me now.

Kent:  First and foremost, how poorly did WWE just treat Emma?  Like, they barely showed her on offense aside from a few kicks.  Fucking ridiculous that everybody else got their shine, but not Emma.  Fuck that.  Shame on WWE!  I think Mickie is criminally underutilized and can still be a big time player in any women’s division.  She still puts on good matches and still can cut a good promo.  That’s better than most of the women.  She’s in the upper echelon still.  Her combination of skills elevates her above every female on Smackdown except possibly Becky.  She better than all the girls on RAW with the exception of Bliss at the moment.  As for Sasha, I think she holds off a bit because I truly believe that we get a women’s Royal Rumble this year and Bayley will eliminate Sasha.  That will be what flips the heel switch.  So January.

  1.   Which member of the Shield had the best night?  How many weeks until we get a Shield reunion match?

Russ:   I’m going to say Seth.  There are several reason for my pick.  My first reason:  He won his match against Sheamus.  It was a decent match, nothing to write home about, but it was serviceable.  Dean’s match was much more fun, but he lost and I just can’t pick a loser like that.  Yes Roman won his match too, but at the end it didn’t look like he was much of a winner i  My second reason:  This should have been obvious from the start, but it’s because he is MY FAVORITE WRESTLER!   Anytime I can pick him over any one else I WILL!   HAHAHA the best part:  there is nothing you readers can do to stop me!  I’m mad with the infinitesimal amount of power I have from this blog!   

Keri:  I’m going to get booed for this from a lot of different sides but honestly Monday night was Roman’s coronation. He held his own in a promo with Miz, which isn’t an easy feat. And he didn’t have to do much to get a match with the Miz which he, of course,won in great Cena 2.0 fashion. The other two guys did well but really the focus last night was on Roman and Roman only. He had the best night. Why? Because he’s the chosen one now and we all have to live with it.

Kent:  Well, it’s sure as shit not Roman.  The question is, do wins matter for this question, or does match quality, or who put on the best show, or who won?  I love seeing Sheamus improve each and every week.  That guy is a star.  I hate that Seth did jack shit all match, just like Sunday, but then gets the cheap win.  That’s the Cena way and fuck that.  Dean was admirable in defeat and the match was well done.  Dean did his job and I enjoyed his segment the most on RAW aside from the Mickie and Enzo segments.

  1.   Man, just when I thought that GREAT story and feud between Bray and Finn was over, I mean because it was so great and told such a logical full story, how SHOCKED are you that this great and logical feud appears to be continuing?

Russ:   Well shocked isn’t exactly the word I’d use.  More like groan inducing.  Look I actually enjoyed this feud and I honestly thought it came to it’s logical conclusion at No Mercy.  Finn winning proved that he doesn’t need to be the Demon in order to overcome adversity.  I was ok with it.  Sure I wanted Bray to get an actual freaking win over somebody, but I know how this goes with him now.  So when Bray had some creepy ass kid sing Whole World for us to Finn my first thought was “Oh come on!  We don’t need this.  There is nothing Bray can do to make me believe that he still has some kind of power over people.”  So now I guess we will see where this feud continues to go.  I can tell you this it doesn’t seem to be heading in a positive direction.    

Keri:  This storyline is the reason why I need to break up with watching the WWE. This storyline should have ended Sunday night. The ending Sunday night kinda made sense (Yes Kent, I concur with Eric’s point on this). (Kent: That’s about as surprising as Russ picking Seth in a multiple choice question.)  But alas, here we are and where is that you ask? A point where if Bray and/or Finn come on my TV I turn it off. Good job WWE. You made me hate Finn. I hope you are proud of yourself.

Kent:  Man, I could have sworn I heard some guy on Sunday tell me that this story made sense and he elaborated it to me, and I said that he missed the point.  So Eric, how you doin?  Yeah, this fucking feud isn’t done and now look who is on top of the mountain, looking down and saying that you book things like WCW circa late 90’s?  The FACT is that once they decided to have Bray injure Finn, one of two things should have happened.  Either Bray should have won cleanly by working over the injury, plus he has shown that he can beat Finn clearly, or did we forget the week before Summerslam?  The other option would have been to have both men tire themselves out and had an ending that led to a last man standing matching at TLC.  That way they don’t take up one of the 4 precious match spots with the TLC stips.  So yeah, the story isn’t over.  It never made sense Sunday night and it still doesn’t make much sense.  They have failed to engage the audience, and for that, WWE, like my friend with the WCW booking strategy, have failed miserably.  Have a nice day.

  1.   Enzo’s celebration…..discuss.  Did Neville just become a star or will this be quickly forgotten?  

Russ:   I really enjoyed this segment, way more than I ever thought I would.  Heel Enzo is just like Face Enzo, except he amped up the obnoxiousness.  This is the Enzo I’ve been waiting for since they debuted way back in 2016.  Enzo played all of his parts well, the scathing promo, the weasley way he got the no contact clause and the ego the size of Big Cass.  When I thought it couldn’t get better Neville decided to come out and he was on point.  Attacking Enzo was brilliant because now Neville can’t compete for the belt which will get him away from the belt for a bit to build him up.  This is WWE’s chance to make him a star and they took a great step in the right direction.  I look forward to nexts weeks 180 when they blow this.  

Keri:  I have only one question for you all. Do you want the Cruiserweight division to become relevant? Well apparently you put the belt on Enzo and the division becomes relevant. It even helps to elevate a stale guy like Neville.Honestly, I am surprised by this stunning turn of events and the fact that the WWE deems the division now main event worthy. It’s all interesting very very interesting. I’m also now intrigued but not intrigued enough to watch 205 Live. Sorry WWE, I watch enough wrestling already.

Kent:  Wow, the cruiserweights finally main event due to Enzo.  I liked every aspect of how this played out.  I don’t know if there is a face or a heel in this case.  There are two guys with valid points that are right in their own way.  That’s when feuds work best.  This was actually a brilliant segment.  They missed the mark on one thing, in my opinion.  After Neville hit Enzo, I feel like everybody should have performed their finisher on Enzo.  That was everybody would essentially have lost the right at the belt, forcing management’s hand to either bring in new talent, or to give everybody a chance again.  Still, IF they want, they could make Neville into a star.  They just raised the Neville level.  I doubt that they take true advantage of it.  

  1.  What interests you most: John Cena passing the torch, Gallows and Anderson nowhere to be found on RAW, Goldust still being involved in storylines on RAW, Jeff Hardy’s injury and impending surgery, or Elias and Titus possibly developing a feud?

Russ:  I’m going to say G & A missing in Action was the most interesting part for me.  How did they go from right in the thick of the Tag Team title hunt right before the PPV, to pictures on milk cartons since.  It boggles the mind how badly they are mistreated.  Or maybe McMahon didn’t want G & A on because of the whole Bullet Club thing that went on outside the arena.  Either way I hope we see them next week start working with Dean and Seth.  

Keri:  I’ll be honest here for a second.  I’m most interested in what was happening outside the arena earlier in the day than anything on this list. We had the Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and others) try to “invade” RAW. That is so much more interesting than anything WWE related right now. But if I had to chose something WWE related, I’ll pick the Elias and Titus feud. I’m interested to see where it goes and if it means more TV time for all involved.

Kent:  Elias and Titus is very interesting to me.  Goldust still being utilized is great.  I think the Cena thing is what has my attention though.  I feel like there is something bigger happening here, or something that we don’t know yet.  Cena isn’t done, he can still go.  It wasn’t time to pass the torch, especially to the greased up deaf guy named Roman.  The WWE had a few golden eggs that they have been sitting on.  Taker’s streak, Taker’s final match, Cena’s torch, Brock’s torch, belt, and possible final match.  So they fucked the streak by putting over that youngster Brock.  They had Roman, a guy who really needed the Taker’s Final match rub, and then minimized it in it’s entirety on No Mercy.  In the process of doing that, they passed Cena’s torch to Roman.  They refused to give Braun the belt, and as has long been rumored, it appears that Roman vs Brock at Mania AGAIN is what we will be getting in Brock’s possible last match and also for the belt.  So let’s revisit history.  WHat has been the #1 issue with wrestling the past 12 years or so?  It was that every time there was a big moment, rather than spread the wealth to various wrestlers that could utilize that rub, it all went to Cena.  The fans turned on him.  Vince couldn’t understand why.  Here we are making the exact same mistakes.  When you have only a few great rubs to give, you MUST spread them out in order to make stars.  Getting one win over Cena does not make you a star.  Bray should have gotten a rub, Dean could have benefitted from one, Braun or Joe could have, even Dolph could have been legitimized by a rub.  Wade Barrett is at home shaking his head.  And the worst part of all of this is that we can’t sit here and say that WWE hasn’t given other people chances, as much as we want to.  RVD was given the biggest push of his career, beats Cena for the belt, then gets caught with drugs.  Daniel Bryan finally gets his moment, had one of the biggest and best build ups ever in WWE, then gets hurt too many times and it was all for nothing.  Even a guy like CM Punk, was given that ridiculously long title reign, but rarely had great people to work with, and it was all wasted to get the belt on the Rock so he could put over… know who at Mania.  Fuck, I hate wrestling.

  1.  Did Dolph need to win a feud before getting in a feud to help get Bobby Roode over?  Is Bobby working as a face for you?

Russ:  When was the last time Dolph actually won a feud?  That is the better question!  At this point in his career just being in a high profile feud is good enough.  Can he help get Bobby over?  It really depends on how much effort Dolph puts in.  I love this gimmick that he is doing currently and I hope that it has reinvigorated him.  A motivated Dolph is one of the best in the ring, which will help Bobby shine.  Though, I’ve said this before Bobby doesn’t really need someone to help him get over he just needs time in the ring and mic and he can do it himself.  As for is he working as a face?  Well I can’t say yet.  I know that is Kent’s favorite answer, but this time I have to say it.  He has barely been on TV.  I’ll reserve judgment until WWE has put him on TV for more than 5 seconds.  

Keri:  I called this Bobby-Dolph feud two weeks ago when the whole entrance gimmick began. I said to Eric you know who would be perfect to answer Dolph on this gimmick. Bobby Roode would be perfect. And you know what I predicted correctly. With that said, I think at this point it doesn’t matter if Dolph wins a feud or not.  I think we are past that even mattering for him. He will put over Bobby and we will all cheer because it’s Bobby. I miss cocky heel Bobby Roode though. This whole face thing looks too stiff if you ask me.

Kent:  Maybe not even a feud, but like 2 matches perhaps.  It’s not like Mike Kenellis was too busy, aside from knocking up Maria, kudos to you sir.  Dolph has no momentum, so him putting over Bobby doesn’t necessarily help the feud or Bobby’s standing, now does it?  In order to become hot and move up the charts, you should beat other hot acts.  This is common sense and why 50/50 booking is beyond fucking retarded.  I legitimately worked with clients at an ARC who could book this shit better.  Bobby can work as a really good face, but with this gimmick, it’s tough.  I think if he stopped doing the strut stuff, that would help.  The strutting is more heel unless you have slept with over 10,000 women and you are the dirtiest player in the game, still. Wooo!

  1.  Will you remember to celebrate Rusev Day next year?  Discuss the segment.

Russ:  No I won’t.  Mainly because I didn’t get to see it.  Though I hear Aiden English and Rusev were great out there.  I may just watch this one on Hulu.  My memory isn’t what it used to be and it was crap to begin with.  So when Kent reminds me about this next year I know I’ll say something like… “Oh yeah, now I remember.” and give an excuse as to why I forgot… Ahh, old age!  

Keri:  I have already marked it on my calendar. That was an entertaining celebration. Too bad Orton ruined it. Cue the damnit Orton guy. Not to be confused with sad Bayley guy. Watch No Mercy and see if you find him. I think we now may have competition for shocked taker guy. Anyways, as I said good celebration and now Rusev can avenge that loss from Summerslam again at HIAC. Also, should one exchange gifts on Rusev day? I think they should. Thoughts?

Kent:  As long as my Google calendar doesn’t let me down, then yes, I shall.  This segment was pure gold.  Aiden is getting time to shine and he is making the most of it.  He’s one of the few things that WWE is doing right, at this moment.

  1.  Several stories were furthered this week.  Which one interests you more: The AJ/Baron/Tye feud, the New Day/Usos feud, The Hype Bros not being on the same page, Natty and Charlotte’s tiff, or Ellsworth on a leash?  

Russ:  I’m going to pick New Day/Usos.  First can I say that Big E needs to become a singles star as soon as possible!  I’ve been saying that for almost a year now, but truly he is a man that knows how to entertain a crowd.  Just watch him eat the popcorn!  This has been one of the best feuds in WWE in terms of wrestling.  They have yet to put on a disappointing match together and now that they will meet in a Hell in a Cell match I am psyched!  This could be the match of the PPV.  

Keri:  Ellsworth on a leash. How is that PG? How hasn’t the media been all over that like they were for the Jinder promo from last week? Seriously, there are kids in the audience. Parents should be outraged. Well they should, right? As for the other storylines, I’m Kentertained but i don’t have questions about them like I do this Ellsworth situation.

Kent:  First of all, Baron’s new theme now has lyrics.  I am trying to find the newest updated version of it so I can rock out with my cock out.  One of those 2 things is already true.  Woo woo woo, you know it!  Which doesn’t lead me to the Hype Bros because this is happening and all of their momentum is gone because they are trying to accomplish something at the wrong time.  This should have been 2 months ago.  Ellsworth on a leash should be this year’s #1 Halloween costume for couples, and does Carmella’s tits look bigger or am I seeing things?  Can I see those things.  I will deal with gimpy Mr 7 Feet tall if I can.  I mean, even though he’s gimpy, he would end me, but I just want to see those tits.  Did I answer any question?  Probably not.  Oh wait, I did just answer that question!  Yay.  Also, no more Joker and Harley costumes.  You losers know who you are.   Go be the Crow for the 7th time.  Bunch of fucking Humanoids.

  1.  Kevin Owens is killing it right now. Are they building up a Sami Zayn heel turn?

Russ:  I don’t know about a Sami Heel turn, but I can definitely see them building him up as a strong face off of KO.  KO is definitely in top form.  This would be an excellent opportunity to finally get Sami where he belongs.  As a top face of the company.  I know KO and Sami have wrestled forever, but they usually do not disappoint.  If KO can help Sami shine as a face I think he will get over big with the crowd.  This will help elevate him to the next tier and hopefully get him some title shots.  

Keri:  I liked the segment with KO and Zayn. But then again, I always enjoy when these two lock up verbally or physically even if it may be for the 10 millionth time. This feud is almost as good as Omega and Okada. I said almost. As for a Zayn heel turn, I doubt it. They are probably planning for the future so they have something in place for when this thing with KO and Shane is over.

Kent:  Without Cena, is Smackdown ready for a new big heel or face?  Really, that’s a tough question.  Is Corbin out of the doghouse, is Rusev going to be taken seriously, how long are they going to continue the worst push on Smackdown in Jinder?  KO,Shinsuke, AJ, and Randy aren’t losing their spots.  Is Bobby going to stay face?  Is Dolph going to be a factor?  Sami should be the guy to take the belt off of Jinder.  He could have great promos about how he is Syrian and it could be a really refreshing feud on the mic, just not in the ring.  Still, this could be the storyline of the year.  Sami keeps getting dragged into this feud and he doesn’t want to be, but it gets worse and worse until this week when things play out the way that they did.  Then you remember, Sami specifically ask that Shane not get involved and when all is said and done, Shane didn’t and ended up hurting Sami.  These are things that WWE does when they want to turn a face heel in a smart way.  Can Sami handle being a heel?  Could him and KO for a great stable with the help of another underrated team that wears their red and black colors, one of which is trying to lose the sympathy weight.  If any guys could help the Ascension rise to prominence, KO and Sami could   This could be excellent.  Imagine Jinder and KO on the mic.  It would be golden, like a shower.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  This week had some very interesting segments and matches and some missed opportunities (read as: Garbage).  I am enjoying this side of Enzo, I laughed with Roman when The Miz compared The Miztourage and The Shield and Braun continues to be the greatest Kentertainer WWE has to offer.  Of course on the flip side, Bray and Finn don’t seem to be done and Emma is just getting squashed now that Bayley is back.  Overall it was an ok night.  

Rating: 5.8

Keri:  I was not impressed. Average post PPV RAW. Yawn. Rating: 4

Kent:  It’s Wednesday.  I don’t remember RAW aside from Mickie/Alexa, Enzo/Neville, Dean/Braun, Sasha/Bayley backstage and in match, Elias/Titus, and Miz/Roman.  OK, actually, I’m proud that I retained that much without scrolling up to read what I wrote yesterday.  I would say it had more positives than negatives, plus Seth and Sheamus.  Shit, I’m on a roll.  Rating: 5.3

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  I only got to watch the first 45 minute of wrestling before my cable box decided that it was time to stop working.   So rating this week would be unfair.  On the other hand if I know my WWE I’m pretty sure I could guess a rating and be pretty accurate.  So before Kent and Keri answer I’m going to put down my rating as: 4.2.  Now go read Keri and Kent’s ratings to see how close I was.  

Keri:  I’m just not that impressed lately with either show. Smackdown had its good points. KO and Zayn, Dolphtaker, Ellsworth on a leash (Again how is that PG?), and the tag division. But for some reason I’m still not impressed or excited by it all. You what does impress and excite me though? The Fashion Files returning next week. That makes me temporarily happy. Rating for this week: 3.5. It would have been higher if they would stop giving Jinder the damn microphone.

Kent:  The KO and Sami stuff is worth 3 points for me.  The Baron/AJ/Tye is worth a point, Baron’s song a half point, Dolph as Taker and challenging Bobby is half a point.  New Day and Usos didn’t move the needle for me one bit, nor did the women, but Ellsworth on a leash and Carmella’s rockin tits gets a half point, Charlotte negates a full point, Jinder’s promo negates a half point, Rusev and Aiden are worth a full point, Hype Bros falling out is negating a quarter of a point for blandness and a case of being too late baby now it’s too late.  That leaves me with….Rating: 4.75.  Russ, you were pretty close.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Brawlhala is a fun free multiplayer fighting game.  I recommend it to anyone who likes Smash Bros.  It’s a great way to pass the time while watching wrestling.  (Kent: Playing with other people?  Ewwww, fudge that.)

Keri:  Is it me or is every week worse than the last? Ok,it’s not me. Good. I feel better now. In other news, at least Nikki Bella is doing very well on Dancing with the Stars. So that’s also good. I guess.

Kent:  Snoop Dogg’s rap for the new WWE game is really good.  I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Also, I really want a Mania match of Finn vs Sheamus.  It would steal the show if given the time and story.  Sheamus is the most improved male wrestler so far this year.  Damnation strikes me as a decent show by the way.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 18 & 19, 2017 – No Mercy’s Laughable Go Home Show Edition

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In what could possibly have been the worst cumulative week for WWE programming all year, which is saying A LOT, we drudge through the steaming piles of garbage, squeeze out all of the garbage juice, and try to make sense of it all, just in time for No Mercy.  Really WWE, this is what you give the fans??? Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we do a better job at selling No Mercy than RAW did.

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Let’ start off remembering Bobby the Brain Heenan.  WWE did a rather lackluster job this week in doing that.

Russ:  I remember Bobby as the quintessential heel commentator.  When I was young and was lucky enough to see a wrestling show on one of the 4 Networks (I didn’t have cable until I was 17.)  It was always Bobby and Vince calling the matches.  I hated Heenan because he would always back up the guy I wanted to lose and call out a lot of things that were just not true.  Back then I had no clue that wrestling was scripted so I just hated the man.  Now looking back I can honestly say that he was one of the best commentators I ever had the experience of listening to.  He knew how to make the audience at home feel like they were a part of the experience, which is a feat that few commentators can do even today.   

Keri: So, little do our readers know but I have two separate segments of my wrestling fandom. The first segment began about 18 years ago when I was in college and started watching pretty much regularly with my friends. That’s the time I remember the most. The second segment, well that one is a little more difficult to remember given how young I was at the time. It was the early years of Wrestlemania and I would watch wrestling with my parents and their friends. This was the time of Hogan, Savage, Andre, and yes, Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. While I don’t remember specifics,  I do remember the name and the fact that he was one of the premier managers at the time. What I also remember, maybe slightly, is the reaction he was able to get from the audience both in the arena and from the viewers watching at home. This is probably why, despite a 8 to 9 year gap between when I first started watching wrestling and when I resumed, his one of the names I remember the most from my first years as a wrestling fan.

Kent:  Every wrestling fan has certain people that helped keep their attention or draw them in.  For me, in 1989, while the Hulkster was running wild, the Ultimate Warrior was starting to get as much shine in the audience’s eyes as Hulk.  Vince knew that in order to get Warrior over, he’d have to work with the best of the best.  SO he feuded with a good chunk of the Heenan family, and when I started, it was with Ravishing Rick Rude. As you all know, I hold Rick Rude in extremely high regard as one of the 10 greatest heels ever, probably higher.  Rick and Bobby got the Warrior over and helped get Big Bossman (my other favorite wrestler at the time) over as a face while feuding with the Heenan Family as well. At the time, I didn’t get it, I just knew that I hated everything that Bobby touched and I wanted him to get his ass handed to him.

Moving forward, I’d see Bobby move to commentary, and his stuff along with Gorilla Monsoon and Vince was probably the best commentary of my wrestling life.  Jim Ross with Heyman and Gorilla with Ventura are also up there.  Bobby simply made you laugh, and a lot of it was cheesy, but it was effective.  The height of this had to be the 1992 Royal Rumble, right here in Albany, NY!!!  While I saw it live, I did eventually rent the VHS, and my goodness, Heenan was so ridiculous in regards to Ric Flair.  “It’s not fair to Flair” has been one of my go to lines for so long now.  Unfortunately, for the WWE, Bobby would go to WCW and he killed it over there on commentary.  Would the NWO angle have felt as real or well done if Bobby wasn’t on commentary?  Hell no!  He never receives the credit that he deserves in making that angle so successful, but he was very instrumental in it.  He also was influential in getting Goldberg over, which was hugely important for WCW,  I didn’t even touch on the Prime Time Wrestling stuff, which I missed a lot of, but the highlights are absolutely remarkable.  I hope the WWE puts together a 2-3 hour highlight clip.  It would be deserved.  I’m very pissed that WWE didn’t do a 10 bell salute.  He’s probably one of the 50 most important people in wrestling history, and I am probably underselling that.  We need more managers in WWE. When the Paul’s (Heyman and Ellering) leave, what will we be left with?  


The 9

  1. Was it smart to add Bayley to the Women’s championship match on Sunday?  Also, Paige is back at the WWE Performance Center.  Which show should she be placed on and should she be a heel or a face upon return?

Russ:  I hate the fact that Bayley was added to this match!  It wasn’t needed.  In a day and age where WWE has many performers miss a PPV or two, why couldn’t they just keep her off TV until next monday?  Adding her made everything that preceded it obsolete.  Emma and Nia had to earn their spot, but Bayley walks in and BOOM!  She is now apart of the match.  Truly Asinine. They have totally screwed Emma on this.  She was left off of RAW last night which is dumb right before a PPV she is involved in.  Now I have read rumors that Emma won’t be the one to eat the pin on Sunday, but I just don’t believe that. I mean she is the forgotten, so why wouldn’t she be the one to be pinned.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even get into the match.  As for Paige:  I don’t care what show she ends up on, unless they want to get her involved with Xavier then I say Smackdown!  She should definitely be a heel though.  

Keri:  I’m going to follow up the question about Bayley with a question. A simple question. Why? This return and it’a timing makes literally no sense. They could have waited. As for her being added to the match, I’m not surprised by it just annoyed with it. The only way I will not be annoyed is if Alexa retains and then cuts a promo the next night in how she is better than everyone on the roster and no one can touch her. Then cue Asuka. You know similar to Paige’s debut on the main roster with AJ Lee minus the title change because I don’t  think Asuka is cleared yet. Speaking of Paige, I would like to see her go to Smackdown as a heel, tweener, or face. It doesn’t matter to me really. I just know that show and it’s division needs help.

Kent:  5 way?  What?  RAW showed me Alexa, Nia, Sasha, and Bayley.  That’s only 4.  Ohhhhh, Emma is apparently part of the match too.  I can’t wait to see her eat the pin and go back to the shadows.  I’m truly sick of this shit.  Oh and Asuka is coming, so Emma will return to job to her.  Smart use of somebody that talented….and hot.  Well, on the plus side, Paige is coming back.  Put her on Smackdown.  Asuka should have gone to SD and Paige to RAW.  Huge missed opportunity for Paige to work with a bunch of fresh match ups.  Good thing that WWE continues to overvalue Charlotte and not push her. WAIT a fucking second.  Jennifer Lopez is getting a spot on WWE for being Hispanic????  The fuck?  And we can’t give Heenan a 10 bell salute?    Oh, and the first commercial is about how women eat, and they are strong.  Fuck this politically correct fucking country.  I now demand to see commercials about what racially diverse lesbians eat, and you know that I am being lewd about that, but let’s have it.  What about what gay black men eat?  What about half Puerto Rican, half Indian transgender people eat?  I gots ta know.   Come on Special K, up your game!

  1.   Do you find it odd that Gallows and Anderson are not in the tag team championship match at No Mercy?

Russ:   With all the build up with G & A over the past few weeks it does seem a bit odd that they aren’t in the match at No Mercy.  It feels like they are trying to build a feud for the aftermath of No Mercy, which I am completely fine with.  I think G & A will have a match at No Mercy with the Hardly’s and it may even be a #1 contender’s match.    

Keri:  It is very very odd. They are included in the storyline each week but they are not added to the PPV match. It sounds like someone dropped the ball here to me.

Kent:  I don’t really see the sense in all of this build up, where I feel like G & A have been the most over of the 3 teams, and to get nothing.  I wouldn’t be opposed to getting a G & A vs Hardlys or even Ginger Rhynos or Miztourage.

  1.  Who has the least amount of momentum: Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Goldust, Apollo Crews, Miz, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, or Jason Jordan?  Be as mean as you can be and only select from these people.  Dana is not an acceptable answer…..or wrestler.

Russ:   Well first of all you need to have momentum in order to have the least.  That eliminates Apollo, Bo and Curtis.  Goldust is enhancement talent so momentum means nothing to him.  Jason Jordan is at fault for his own lack of true momentum, because let’s face it WWE is trying to give him momentum and it is sort of working.  Bray and Finn, I’ll be honest, I like the direction this feud is going.  That leaves The Miz.  Raw has completely wasted him as a talent.  This week he even came out and said how he has been wasted as a talent.  He is the IC Champion, yet they barely have him defend it.  He didn’t even defend it at SummerSlam!  While they have been hinting at a Jordan feud for the past several weeks, they didn’t even set up the match until the last possible second for No Mercy.  What a joke!  I feel sorry for The Miz.  

Keri:  There is only one answer here and it is Finn and his abs. (Kent: There’s the Keri we all know!)  And before anyone says anything I have not jumped back to Team Finn and I’m still very much on team Braun. (Kent: My bad.)  But in all seriousness, when was the last time he was on TV? He had a match with Jordan a couple of weeks ago and did a run in during whatever that was last week with Bray and Goldust. But outside of that when was the last time you saw them properly use Finn. They have ruined him and for that they should be shamed repeatedly.

Kent:  First of all, did you see Elias jump to the top rope?  That’s my boy!!!  As for this question, what a dearth of momentum.  Yeah, when was the last time you saw the word dearth appear in a wrestling blog?  I’m going to eliminate all of the Miztourage easily.  Apollo and Goldust aren’t the answer by default due to never having much momentum, so it’s not like they have been downgraded.  That leaves Jason Jordan, Finn and Bray.  Jason would be a funny answer, but not accurate.  Finn wasn’t at Mania, has been left off of PPV’s, lost the week before PPV’s, had to bring back his gimmick to get some momentum after getting an acidic blood bath.  That makes it seem like a sure thing.  Of course, then there’s Bray.  He was involved in the hottest storyline of the first quarter of the year and won his first championship.  Then Luke got the boot, and then weird images showed up on the mat during Mania. From there, bray went to RAW, got buried, got involved and then uninvolved in various storylines that went nowhere, including against Seth.  He has since been involved with Finn in which he beat Finn cleanly, burned him with acid, and then lost.  Since Summerslam, he’s wiped the paint off of Goldust’s face and……well that’s it pretty much.  When you go from being the world champ at Mania to wiping off Goldust’s face paint, that is going to be the answer.

  1.  Overall, which match has been built up better: Brock vs Braun or Roman vs Cena?  Also, in hindsight, should WWE have pulled the trigger and had Brock lose to Joe in July or to Joe, Braun, or Roman in August?

Russ:   Brock vs Braun has definitely been built up better.  Cena vs Roman has had some great promos, but I just feel the lack of physicality between the two hurt it.  On the other hand Braun has just been gold!  Every time he comes out it feels like he ups the ante for a match that already has the “richest” prize on Raw.  I’m looking forward to both matches this Sunday, but when Braun loses, I’m going to be pissed!  As for the hindsight piece of business.  If Braun wins then I’ll say that WWE did the right thing in waiting, because this would feel big and deserved.  

Keri:  It’s really a toss up because both match ups have had an exciting build up. I have to give Brock vs Braun the slight edge though. The build up for this match has made want to see if they pull the trigger on Braun. They almost have to at this point. They have to capitalize on the build. And honestly, who better to get the former next big thing rub than the next big thing. Ask me a year ago if I saw Braun as champ and I would say yes but he won’t be a good one. My stance has changed. He is ready, WWE. As for Roman and Cena, it’s the same old stuff we here for every Cena feud. I’m not excited and I’m still rooting for that small meteor to hit the ring.

Kent:  I have been wavering back and forth on this.  I took a lot of factors into this.  Longevity favors Brock vs Braun.  Most screen time with each other since Summerslam favors Cena and Roman.  Promos seemingly favor Cena and Roman.  The better match is probably Cena/Roman but the Brock/Braun is more likely to be exciting and memorable.    On top of that, potential outcomes don’t help because best outcome is Braun winning, worst is Brock, while the Cena/Roman one doesn’t move the needle in a direction either way.  So I am left to go back and analyze promos and face to face meetings.  Technically Cena and Roman have a great past from the Shield days, but they failed to really capitalize on that.  Furthermore, we got the same old “Shoot” promos on Cena, and he did his Cena stuff.  Just because you mention shovels and Alex Riley, it doesn’t make it feel any more real.  Neither guy is ever going to elicit an ounce of sympathy for me while in character, while in real life, I am definitely on Roman’s side of this.  They had that really good promo with Miz, but Miz isn’t part of it, so it doesn’t really count.  On the other hand, Paul has been doing the same old shit, and yet I eat it up, still I can’t praise it after bashing the other’s for doing the same old shit.  There is one big difference, and this is the only reason I am going this way.  Brock and Braun got into it physically and it felt good.  Roman and Cena haven’t.  Game, set, match, Brock and Braun.  Yeah, Joe should have won the belt in July.  I’m sticking with that belief.  Joe was hot and they could have built up to a Joe vs Braun feud that could have been amazing.

  1.  205 has been doing well since Summerslam with Enzo going there and Jack Gallagher turning heel.  If WWE replaced the first hour of RAW with 205, would you watch 205 more frequently than you do now, and would it be beneficial to WWE?

Russ:  While things seem to be finally moving in the right direction for 205, I cannot say that I would watch 205 more than I already do.  First, I would like to say that I would welcome Raw’s first hour being strictly 205.  I love many of the wrestlers on the show and I feel like they deserve to get a chance on free TV.  However, I don’t think it would increase my viewing of 205 Live!  Simply put I just don’t have enough time to do everything.  Yes, I know 205 is on the network and I can view it anytime I wish, but after Monday and Tuesday evenings of wrestling and almost every other Sunday being a PPV I find myself wrestled out.  There are a lot of TV shows that I want to see and very limited time.  So 205, much like Lucha Underground, gets the shaft.  

Keri:  The WWE has made progress in changing how 205 live is perceived by fans. Am I excited about the division? Not really but I wasn’t to begin with so I guess nothing has really changed for me. However, I am intrigued about this Gulak storyline and his campaign to end high flying. Why is nobody talking about this? From what I understand, its pretty interesting TV. Anyways, would I watch 205 live more if it was the first hour of RAW? Probably because it is the first hour of RAW and my TV would be on anyways. With that said, since it’s on my TV that means it is on other TVs which means that WWE is increasing viewership on the division which I feel would be a good thing for WWE.

Kent:  To answer the first part, yes, I would watch 205 more frequently, pretty much every week.  I have reserved this time frame every week into my routine, so I would just enjoy 205.  This would be huge for 205 and I think that I would actually like this.  Then I think about how WWE would run RAW, and I realize that rather than them spreading talent around and giving guys week’s off and continue to provide us with quality match ups, they would revert to short matches and angles in order to fit everybody on every week.  As bad as RAW has been since the brand split, they have been doing better when they give us 2-4 solid matches a week and made RAW way more fun to watch.  As good as 205 can be, the good to great matches that RAW can provide us that go 15-20 minutes is far more tantalizing to me as a fan.  If they take the chains off of the 205 roster and allow them to actually work their style, then I would have to really reconsider things.  In a perfect world, RAW would just rotate guys better and give us solid matches while giving 205 it’s own hour.

  1.  Randy Orton has been involved with a lot of younger or newer talent this year with Bray, Luke, Jinder, Aiden, Rusev, and Shinsuke and put all of them over at least once (I’m not 100% on Luke). Is this a good role for him?

Russ:  This is a great role for him.  I don’t need to see Randy as champion anymore.  Whenever he is champion it feels like his matches are lacking and I find myself bored.  I’ve never been a huge Randy fan, I just don’t like his style, but having him work with the younger talent is great!  He has the pedigree (or is that HHH) (Kent: Or is that Seth?) that makes him a legit top guy. So when he is facing the younger talent and he puts them almost always over it makes the younger talent seem more legitimate.  I never thought Randy would be the type of guy who would develop the younger talent, but he has proved me wrong and it’s a great spot for him. Side Note:  I missed Rusev getting his win back this week and judging by some of the gif’s I’ve seen I’m kind of disappointed by missing it.  

Keri:  Randy has been around long enough and has had enough success where if you are a younger guy and he puts you over it means something. And I mean let’s be honest, Randy at this point in his career really has done it all. Why shouldn’t he give back to the younger talent that is going to carry the company years after he has retired? Especially since he seems willing and almost eager in some instances to do it.  A certain individual could learn a lot from what Randy is doing right now. I won’t mention who because frankly I can’t see him and probably neither can you.

Kent:  Let me tackle the negative or middle ground first.  The Bray match failed at Mania, and by and large the build up to Mania once Luke was taken away.  I do not blame Randy as I feel that he legitimately loved working with them and Bray may never have gotten the championship if Randy wasn’t willing to do the program.Still, that was one of the 5 worst Mania title matches ever due to the awful gimmickry. The other bad thing, and I type this as he is on my screen and they are walking past 2 very attractive ladies, well the brunette was at the very least. Yummm.  Anyway, as we are quickly learning, you can diet, you can sculpt your body, but just like Chris Masters can attest, you may not deserve the push that you are being given.  Wow, this promo is fucking awful.  Anyway, I don’t believe Orton had a chance in hell in getting Jinder over, and you could see the energy slowly dissipate as the feud went on.  With that being said, with Randy away from Jinder, I’m starting to see Randy appear like he’s enjoying his time again.I am guessing that him and Jericho have talked at length and Randy bought in.  I like this Randy, a lot.  After Rusev, give him Baron and Mike Kanellis (if he is still employed by then).

  1.  Is Smackdown doing a good job with a great, a young guy, and a buried wolf in the AJ, Tye, and Baron storyline?

Russ:  I really like this storyline.  Sure at first Corbin was getting buried and that sucked, but he took his lumps like a man and is now turning that negative into a positive.  Adding Tye into the mix has given the story a much needed twist.  Instead of Bad guy vs. Good Guy, as per usual, they have turned this into deserving up and comer vs. Jerk up and comer vs. amazing veteran.  The three guys have a pretty good dynamic and I am looking forward to how they resolve this in the end.  

Keri:  This is quite frankly the best storyline on Smackdown right now. Nothing really comes close. The Shinsuke-Jinder thing is a joke and I don’t care at all about the Owens vs. the McMahons even though that has had a decent build. This storyline is really what we should be getting and it is helping to build younger talent. Half a gold star for Smackdown creative for this storyline. Now fix the rest of the show so I can give the other half.

Kent:  Corbin feels violated.  He is such a good petulant child.  I love that Tye has maintained his role in this and isn’t looking out of place.  He has so much potential and talent, he does need to add something to his repertoire, but he can be a lead guy in the midcard division.  AJ is still AJ.  Something that I would love to see is the WWE go back to how AJ was scouting Baron last fall and winter.  It would help add to this feud.  Tye needs a big night moving forward, like have a big time upset victory over a Jinder, just so he has that “anything can happen” vibe.

  1.  The Hype Bros lost to New Day.  They had a segment backstage where Mojo suggested that things need to change.  What kind of changes should we expect?

Russ:  Ok bare with me on this.  So The Hype Bros. lose and Mojo goes crazy.  He beats the crap out of Ryder.  The next week Ryder comes out and asks Mojo to the ring.  Mojo comes out and Ryder tells him he forgives him for last week and wants to work together still.  Mojo again goes wild on Ryder.  This will of course lead to a feud between the two.  For several PPV’s they have back and forth matches but neither getting a decisive win.  Finally,  right before Mania Ryder calls out is Hype Bros.  Again, he tells him that he wants to work with Mojo as a tag team and that they could be the best of all time.  Mojo says that he wants to be rid of Ryder once and for all so they will have a decisive battle at Mania.  Finally, at Mania they have an incredible match where Ryder gets a decisive win.  He puts his hand out for Mojo to shake.  Mojo thinks about it and shakes the hand.   The Crowd goes wild, because they know now:  This was how Ryder finally got his Mojo back!   (Kent: I sat here blinking my eyes after reading that one.  It went places.)

Keri:  They will go the Enzo and Cass route. They will break up, talk trash about each other, and have some lackluster matches against each other where one of them will end up in a shark tank.  Seriously, you think with the current product that Smackdown creative is putting out that it will be something good. Oh you did. Well that is unfortunate.

Kent:  Hopefully they join up with Dolph and start doing some crazy fun group activities.  No, not like Paige.

  1.  Was this one of the 3 worst Smackdowns of the year?  You can also talk about the women’s match if you prefer.

Russ:  The show was on my TV, but I barely knew what was going on.  It was a very promo heavy show.  The few matches we did get were kind of boring, with exception to the Main Event.  So I can’t say if it was actually one of the worst or not, but I can say that I don’t feel like I missed anything spectacular.  

Keri:  In the words of our Smackdown GM, Yes! Yes! Yes!  it was one of the worst if not the worst Smackdown of the year. It just seemed like Creative said let’s throw something against the wall and see if something sticks. Well guess what? Nothing stuck to the wall. In fact, the big new story from the last two nights is the live crowd attendance and how low it was on both nights. I think people are finally starting to voice their displeasure with the product. If this continues, will things change? Who knows. With that said, the women’s match was decent with a predictable ending.

Kent:  Yeah, I would rank it only behind the night of the unthinkable burial.  This night didn’t offer much of any progress or anything interesting.  The most interesting stuff involved the AJ, Barn (Russ: Is Barn a new wrestler? Is he the personification of Bray Wyatt’s barn that was burned down by Randy and is now looking for vengeance?) , Tye angle, the Hype Bros, and possibly Rusev getting a win back.  When those are the only highlights of your show, that is a fucking terrible show.  Add to that the terrible Jinder promo, the terrible Natty and the terrible one’s promo, the bland main event, actually every match was relatively bland.  Like, it was just a really bad night all around.  (Kent: To answer Russ’ question, he is partially correct.  He forgot about Bray’s secret uncle, and father of his sister, Abigail.  Yup, Arn Anderson because he does a lot of things.  Just ask Breezedango……where are those guys?  You see, Breezedango was pissed at Bray for not accepting them into the Wyatt family, so they hired Randy to burn down the barn and pay for any legal fees because, in case you forgot, Tyler used to be a runway model and Fandango was a world renowned dancer, so they got money.  After seeing what happened to his daughter, Arn beheaded Tully the horse.  I don’t know why WWE failed to elaborate on this whole ordeal,)

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  No Brock and Cena kind of hurt this week.  I understand why Cena wasn’t there, but there is no excuse not to have Brock on.  It was ok, nothing really stuck out in my mind from this week.  I liked what Braun did with Enzo and the Six Pack Challenge was decent, albeit with a predictable ending.  Rating: 4.5

Keri:  And we are back to mediocre RAWs. How did I miss them? Seriously, that was your go home show for No Mercy, WWE? Wow just wow. Rating: 3

Kent:  Let me just say that despite writing this first, it sucks when you get down to me and somebody has basically written the same damn first line, making what I wrote seem redundant.   With that, here’s my original response.  Well no Brock or Cena there live really helped the build up for what looked like an adequate card on Sunday.  Great job WWE!  You get a 3.4 this week.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  It was on my screen, that’s all I can really say about this week.  Rating: 2

Keri:  I want the hour and half I watched Smackdown back and I want it back now. That was beyond awful. Rating: 1

Kent:  2.1 as I truly felt that it was a really bad Smackdown.  I mentally checked out the second half of the show.  Seriously, I rated it the highest.  No love for the AJ stuff, with Tye and Barn?


Final Thoughts

Russ:  If I reversed the roles of Ryder and Mojo from Question 8.  It would be How Mojo got his Ryder Back and that sounds much more like a porno than an actual Wrestling feud.  

Keri:  WWE is seriously starting to make me question why I am a fan and why I pay attention to the product. I think it is time to end this abusive relationship.

Kent:  It’s getting to October, and I am wondering how badly I want to watch five episodes of RAW, five episodes of Smackdown, and two PPV’s.  That’s over 30 hours, and it feels incredibly thankless.  

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 11 & 12, 2017 – The Return of the Mac Edition

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Kevin Owens decided to attack Vince this week and WWE is handing out first time matchups like it was trick R treat season.  Morons!  Russ, Keri, and Kent are here to sort through the rubbish and find that sweet silver lining that isn’t Steph’s attire.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we did a RAW and Smackdown re-draft.  It’s better than our blog quite frankly.

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The 9

  1. Asuka is on her way to RAW.  Was this the right move?

Russ:  In the current environments I am going to say yes!  There are several reasons why this is the right move so let’s take a look at them.  First, the rosters.  Honestly, right now the best roster is the Raw roster.  You have the Goddess Bliss who can be a great antagonist for Asuka.  You have Sasha who can put on a good match given the right opponents.  You have Emma, depending on how she does at No Mercy we could see her emerging as a top star, though her loss on Raw doesn’t make me feel too good about that.  Finally, you have Nia, who continually improves and gets better each week.  That would be a great feud to watch Nia vs. Asuka.  Smackdown has some greats, but they are being squandered right now.  Another reason is that Raw is still the flagship of the company where most of the performers want to be and the company’s real money maker.  You want a top performer like Asuka on that program because she will draw eyes to the show.  

Keri:  I had to think a bit on my response to this question and probably longer than I should have. While I would have liked to have seen Asuka give some much needed star power to Smackdown, I  also understand why she is RAW bound. She is already a star and her reputation proceeds her so Smackdown’s promise of a land of opportunity is kinda lost on her. Also, look at the current state of each division. The RAW women’s division is thriving at the moment. The storylines are interesting and going somewhere. It would be the perfect place to unleash Asuka. As for Smackdown, the women’s division is lost in the shuffle at the moment. Bring her in there and you risk a repeat of what happened with Bobby Roode.

Kent:  Well, in theory, you should put Asuka on the weaker division.  Let’s see, RAW has Alexa, SAsha, Emma, Nia, Mickie, Alicia, Bayley, and possibly Paige.  Smackdown has Becky, Carmella, Natty, Naomi, Tamina, Lana, and stupid ass.  Rumors are swirling that Ronda Arouseme will be feuding with Charlotte inevitably because WWE is mildly retarded….majorly. That tells me that RAW is where she will be better built up and surrounded by legit talent.  WWE is really missing the mark though,  Asuka vs Charlotte in a passing of the torch and Ronda vs Bliss, somebody who can actually talk, would be smarter.  Ohhhh well.  Really, this all goes to shit because of WWE’s insistence on trying to make Charlotte seem a notch above everybody else when she isn’t even in the top 5 in ring on the main roster.  

  1.   Should WWE be giving away first ever match ups as frequently as they have this year?

Russ:   Well it would be nice if WWE actually saved some of these first time ever match ups for the PPV’s.  Lets face it the PPV’s have sucked a lot lately.  Maybe if they gave us some of the first time match ups on them we may have something to look forward to, even get a little excited about.  Instead all the first-time matches are ending up on Raw and Smackdown leaving matches that have worn the tread off for the PPV’s.  

Keri:  On one hand, you should have always have a few of these match ups to keep the audience hyped and interested in the weekly product. However, what Creative has done the past two years is they have saturated the weekly programming and have neglected to save anything for the PPV. They really have gone from one extreme to another instead of finding a nice balance.

Kent:  No, just no.  This pisses me off beyond belief.  You don’t give away an attraction like a first ever big time match up on free TV unless it goes like a minute and chaos ensues.  Any other answer is the wrong answer.  Joe vs Roman, Cena, and a few other guys have all been on RAW for the first time.  Braun vs Cena is another big one.  You MUST leave these first time match up for PPV’s to build up interest and not kill off the intrigue of another boring ass 4-7 hours, depending on the event.  Why do PPV’s suck so much?  Because they make the matches feel unimportant in the build up and the week after.

  1.   Is the Jason Jordan experiment starting to pay off for you yet?

Russ:   I think the last two weeks have been great showcases for Jordan.  We all had issues with his abilities.  He looks like a dead fish out there in promos and when he was first introduced we were iffy on his in-ring skills.  Now I can say that given good opponents he can definitely put on a good show.  Now he needs to prove that he can give us a decent promo.  He could be the next Benoit: the in-ring technician with no charisma, not the messed up in the head due to concussion part.  

Keri:  I’m going to go with a big fat nope here. The storyline fell flat and now the crowd doesn’t care. Jordan went from a member of a championship caliber tag team to a member of the job squad.  Great job WWE. Glad you thought that one through.

Kent:  Not for me.  Any guy his size with his background should be able to have those types of matches.  Cena and Reigns are capable of these matches on a weekly basis if they choose to, mainly Cena as Roman puts in the work.  I will say this, if Jason Jordan beat Jinder right at this moment for the belt, the belt would be in a better situation.  That’s not to compliment Jordan, but to point out how bad Jinder’s run has been.Jason will never get too far if he can’t add some character and charisma, just like his daddy.

  1.   In a night full of adequate matches and Brrrrock Lesnar, did the 8 man tag make sense to you as the main event?


Russ:   Unfortunately,  my power went off just as the match was starting so I didn’t get to see it.  It was a really weird thing.  The power flickered so I had to wait for the cable box to reboot, which takes forever.  It was just about to come back on and then the power flickered again and had to start the whole process over.  I was done at that point and as i went to shut the TV off for good the power went out and stayed out.  Fantastic!  I will say that I have noticed WWE has been taking careful strides to rotate who is in the Main Event each week so I guess in that regard it makes sense.  

Keri:  It was refreshing to see something not involving Brock in the main event segment. They have really been playing up the tag team division the past few weeks. It would make sense that they would showcase it in the main event at some point. Look at you RAW Creative using logic. I think I may need to bring back my gold stars if you keep this up. (Kent: I would say that since Mania, we have seen Brock more often in non main event segments than in the final spot on RAW.  He usually kicks things off or is at the top of hour 1 or 2.)

Kent:  As Russ said, the WWE has been meticulous in who gets main event spots, and that is a GREAT thing and is helping RAW feel fresh.  The match was fine for what I saw of it.  More important, anything that gets the vast majority of these guys in the main event is a good thing.  They all have merit in some capacity, so kudos.  Sheamus and Cesaro may be the best thing that WWE currently has going behind Braun.

  1.  Aside from everything else mentioned, any other segment work well for you?

Russ: I really enjoyed watching Braun destroy Cena.  (Kent: See question #2 that we already mentioned. GAWD!)  That was a fun segment because it is so rare to see Cena get taken behind the shed and beaten mercilessly.  Oh, The Miz and Maryse are having a child!  That was a nice feel good moment.  The fans cheered and for a second were taken out of Kayfabe.  Then promptly thrown back in when Enzo came out.  Do they seriously not have anything for the Intercontinental Champion to do other than to interview the Enzo’s of the WWE?  

Keri:  The Braun-Brock segment worked for me. Surprised I said that one, aren’t ya? (Kent: See question #4 that we already mentioned. GAWD!.)  Yeah, I didn’t think so. Between that segment and the match with Cena, Braun has been booked over the past year to perfection. The only thing missing is the cherry on top of the sundae. Come on Creative. The time to act is now. But the belt on the man, will ya?  He looked really good holding it on RAW. Just saying.

Kent:  Uhmmmm, I legit just had to read the recap.  Bray vs Goldust happened.  Emma lost.  The Miz knocked up Maryse and destroyed Enzo.  Yeah, let’s just congratulate Miz and Maryse and wash my hands of this question.

  1.  We have new tag team champions on Smackdown. Good or bad decision?

Russ:  I really don’t know if it is a bad decision or not, but I will say that New Day and The Uso’s have some major chemistry!  Each match they have had has been a treat!  This was no exception.  While this was definitely not their best match it was still fun and exciting.  Loved how The Uso’s basically kept a two on one advantage most of the match by being intelligent in their attacks.  Loved the big spots and overall just a fun match.  It may look bad shotgunning the title back and forth, but I’m not going to complain when I get to see these two teams fight.  Hopefully, this will culminate in a HiaC match at… Hell in the Cell PPV.  

Keri:  I’m at a loss for words while at the same time experiencing serious deja ju. Are we seriously watching Creative put together another hot potato belt storyline? Didn’t we just see this a year ago on RAW with the women’s title? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Recycled storylines are so exciting. I’m just wondering when the first time evers and historics are going to come into play. With that said, unlike the Sasha-Charlotte hot potato game, I’m enjoying this one a lot more and don’t mind watching it a bit longer. Just not too much longer.

Kent:  Rumor has it that WWE is trying to pad NEw Day’s number of championships, and here we are.  Sasha Banks is telling herself that someday she will get a long run like New Day had too.  She is delusional.  I like the Uso’s as champs a lot.  I am shocked by how much I enjoy them.  The match seemed a tad sloppy.

  1.  Natty and Naomi had a match. Compared to their SummerSlam match, Tuesday’s match was ________?

Russ:  Not worth my time.  I started watching it and then they went to commercial and that is where they lost me.  I started playing a video game because the match was boring and I’m really not interested in watching a crap match during the commercial. Naomi usually puts on a decent match.  This was not one of those times.  

Keri:  I think the word you are looking for is mediocre. Because that is the word I would use. Also, Smackdown, did you want Asuka? This is why you did not get Asuka.

Kent:  “Freshly squeezed garbage juice” is my response.  I suspect that Naomi isn’t fully healthy and working through some nagging injury.  She was off during this match and has been lackluster lately.  Now, it could have a lot to do with Irma, I don’t know, since she’s from Florida.  It was a bad match considering how much I enjoyed their Summerslam match.

  1.  Is Smackdown doing a good job as far as getting their roster screen time?

Russ:  Nope.  this was always going to be a problem for Smackdown due to it only being two hours. The two hours isn’t the problem (please WWE do not make it three hours!)  It’s the WWE’s fault.  I mean just look who wasn’t on Smackdown this week:  Bobby Roode, Breezdango, Randy Orton, Shinsuke, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowen.  While I certainly can understand having a superstar or two not on the show (there is no way we can fit everything and everyone, I get that.)  However,  Leaving Roode off the show makes no sense!  Two weeks now he hasn’t been on the show and that is criminal!  He just got moved up from NXT he needs to be on screen consistently each week or how else will people get to know him.  This isn’t how you treat an emerging star!  Trust me he is an emerging star.  He has all the tools.  It just seems WWE is squandering them.  I don’t even want to get started on the mistreatment of Luke.  

Keri:  Another question where I can give the answer of a big fat nope. My reason for saying nope is two words, Bobby Roode. Where was Bobby Roode? I’m ready to start a milk carton campaign for him. Seriously you bring up the guy and then do nothing with him. Bad form WWE especially considering he would be perfect answer to Ziggler’s new making fun of gimmicks gimmick. Sigh. I would mention others that have already gone missing but I have milk carton campaigns out for them already and I’m getting nowhere with those so right now they are not worth mentioning.

Kent:  No.  When Ginger Rhynos have substantially more screen time ove rthe past 3 months than Harper and Rowan and Hype Bros and Mike Kanellis combined, and the Ginger Rhynos are the least used tag team on RAW, well, you do that math.  Something bad is happening on Smackdown.  It’s becoming the weekly show that I dread….sigh.  Every single title division is stagnant as fuck.  Jinder gets time weekly, as does AJ, KO, usually New Day and Usos, Carmella, and usually Shinsuke and Baron.  Remember when Smackdown was rotating the acts all around so that it was nice to see everybody get time?  It was only a year ago!  Sigh.  Go Aiden!!!  Go Sami!!!

  1.  Vince McMahon returned to deal with Kevin Owens. Vince announced the Hell in a Cell match and promptly got beat up. Steph returned in a terrible outfit. Discuss all of this and is this leading to HHH vs KO?

Russ:  This was definitely a highlight of Smackdown.  The Vince beat down served its purpose perfectly.  While Vince is definitely not a sympathetic character watching a 70 year old man get his ass handed to him by a man that is much younger definitely seems unfair.  This feud was already personal, but this just made it a McMahon Family affair!  Well done.  During the entire beat down I kept on thinking that McMahon must really like or at least have faith in KO to let him do the amount of damage he did.  Let’s face it McMahon shouldn’t be taking these types of beatings at his age, yet he allowed KO to go nuts on him.  Finally, this solidified KO’s status as one of the top heels in the business and he deserves it.  

Keri:  I have a few comments about this segment. First, isn’t Vince getting too old to get beat up like he did on Smackdown? I mean good for him but at some point you have to take a step back and say maybe I shouldn’t do this anymore. Second, it looks like we are getting another wrestler vs McMahon storyline and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. Those storylines are always so annoying because they take up so much air time. Lastly, I noticed Kent made a comment about Stephanie’s outfit on Smackdown. And I didn’t think it was too bad. It was kind of flattering for her figure. Oh yeah. I almost forgot the answer to the Triple H question. Yes, yes it is leading to a KO vs. Trips match. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Kent:  Yeah, I immediately asked outloud: “What the fuck is Steph wearing?”  Anyway, I said on Monday that I figured either Vince would order the match or get beat up which would prompt Daniel to order the match.  I honestly didn’t foresee both of these things happening, and for that, I will give them kudos.  Vince shouldn’t be taking this type of punishment anymore, but you know damn well that he told KO to do it and was probably smiling on the inside the whole time.  Vince knew what he’s doing and it worked really well.  I was so exhausted, but I forced myself to stay awake.  Yes, I think HHH vs KO is a cool Mania idea, or possibly before then.  HHH is obviously a KO fan, and he must have won Vince over as well.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Another above average Raw!  Granted the average isn’t very good, but I’m not complaining in this case.  The matches were good, especially Roman vs Jordan and Braun vs John.  A slight downside that I have noticed over the past few weeks is how the WWE has decided that the worked shoot is the best thing since sliced bread!  Seriously, ever since John and Roman did their worked shoot a couple of weeks ago WWE has gone back to beat that horse more times than Kent and I beat the Paige/ Xavier horse on the podcast!  They are like kids in a candy store they are very excited about doing these worked shoots and just can’t stop.  Rating: 6.5

Keri:  It was another good RAW. The only problem I had with this week’s RAW is that it seemed they over focused on this Cena and Reigns feud. There was too much time spent on it and I think it took away from some of the other stuff going on. But, I guess I’m just being overly critical at this point because I did just offer RAW creative gold stars. So, rating: 6

Kent:  I don’t feel like I am suited to rate it this week.  I watched it half awake and it’s my fault.  I simply don’t want to go back and rewatch it, so I will say that it wasn’t as good as last week, but it was above average with no rating.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Another adequate show by Smackdown.  The tag match and final segment were definitely highlights.  I enjoyed the Tye vs AJ match.  While Tye lost it was still a strong showing by him.  I could have lived without the women’s title match and while i liked the last segment they spent too much time on the KO Shane stuff.  Rating: 5

Keri:  I’m just not impressed by Smackdown anymore. It just seems like Smackdown is moving into year ago RAW territory. Everything so haphazard and pointless now. I really dread watching it. Rating: a begrudging 4

Kent:  I will giev Smackdown a 5.1 as there are some things that I would absolutely rewatch, mainly the tag match and the final segment.  Both were well done.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Pizza is great!  It tastes delicious and comes in a square box as a circle and when eaten turns into a triangle!  So many shapes in such a small package!  Wrestling has a small package.  Pizza = wrestling.  

Keri:  I want everyone to answer a question for me. How can I be behind less than 1 week into a new semester? Bad planning is the answer just in case you couldn’t come up with one. This is going to be a long semester. Guess I should not have watched wrestling this week, huh? It’s not like I would have missed too much anyways. Sigh. Back to sticking my nose in a book.

Kent:  Hopefully I will be more awake next week.  Go see teh remake of IT.  Very well done, and as you know, I am a horror fanatic.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 4 & 5, 2017 – The Ric Flair Always Kicks Out Edition

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Back to back solid RAW’s?  Has Hell frozen over?  Did our protest really make a difference?  Vince McMahon returning to our screens to do an angle with a guy who looks like Kevin Owens?  Yes is the answer to all of those questions.  It’s a good week.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we did our first top ten list, and it was pretty solid.  Yeah, we’re feeling the GLOW.

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The 9

  1. Better match: Cena vs Jordan or Jeff vs Miz?

Russ:  I thought both were good matches, but I’m going to have to say that Jeff vs Miz was the better match.  In Cena vs Jordan I liked how they made the connection back to how Cena wanted to take out his “ruthless aggression” out on Jordan’s “father” 15 or so years ago and now it was Jordan being the scrappy newbie.  In all honesty I thought Jordan did a pretty good job against Cena. It was just unfortunate that the end result was so predictable. On the other side Jeff vs Miz was very entertaining as well.  Miz and Jeff have some pretty good chemistry and the use of Matt and the Miztourage was done well.  Again the ending was a bit predictable, but this one had a few near falls that I thought felt more exciting.  Cena vs Jordan:  4.8 and Jeff vs Miz: 5  

Keri:  I’m going to be different and go with Cena vs. Jordan. Yes, the ending was predictable. However, everything leading up to that ending was damn good. Cena did a great job of making Jordan look really good in this match. And in turn, Jordan got to show off the skill set that we knew he had but kinda forgot he had after weeks of bad matches. The Miz and Hardy match was ok but nothing really exciting for me. It seemed like the typical Miz vs anyone match.

Kent:  Miz vs Jeff was more entertaining to me.  I do want to give Jordan props for the rolling Northern Lights Suplex maneuver.  Both were good TV match I felt.  This is something that appears to be a recurring thing, which is great to me. Look at me starting off with positivity.

  1.   Emma is now in the Women’s title match at No Mercy!!!  So is Nia.  Emma has yet another new song.  Nobody has had more theme songs that Emma this calendar year.  Does the 4 way match interest you more than a simple one on one between Alexa and Sasha?

Russ:   As soon as I saw Emma get the pin on The Boss I wanted to text Kent and let him know about how much he would love this women’s match.  I thought better of it because I knew he wouldn’t be watching it in real time (only schmucks do that.)  This 4-way match is much more interesting to me than the original plan.  Emma is getting a mild push here and she has been taking the ball and running with it.  Nia has just gotten better and better in the ring and out.  Adding these two to the match can only enhance the match. Also, it provides an easy out for Alexa to pin someone that isn’t named Sasha.  This match went from I’ll watch it because it is on my screen but don’t expect me to pay attention to it to mild interest where I’ll pay attention for a little bit until I start playing a video game.  I know it doesn’t seem like it, but that is a big jump up in standards.  

Keri:  I like the idea of the fatal four way match. It’s about time that Emma got a chance to do, well anything. I would like to see something come out of her involvement in this match. Perhaps, a feud for the belt? If not, Nia is a good second choice for me. She has done extremely well over the past few months. I wouldn’t be mad at a Nia title run in the future. Basically what I’m saying is I’m firmly in the anyone but Sasha camp. And before you say anything, I like Sasha but there are others that deserve the opportunity before she gets one again.

Kent:  Emma has had 4 songs this year.  She had her original, Emmalina, last week’s, and this week’s.  She is awesome, and I am so happy for her right now.  I wish there was a way that Mickie and Alicia could be working with  Dana.  Dana needs it so badly.  I am super excited for the 4 way match in all honesty.  I don’t want Nia to win, and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but what if……what if Emma pulled it off.  Hello goosebumps.

  1.   With Enzo officially a member of 205, who benefits more: Enzo or the 205 division and show?

Russ:   Well, right now I would say it benefits Enzo.  Mainly because it may actually get him back into the locker room.  On a serious note, he can now showcase not just his big mouth, but also how good he is in the ring against guys more his size.  This will be better seen once he gets his inevitable match against Neville in the coming weeks. If he can put on a good match against Neville then we may just see good things in store for Enzo and 205.  

Keri:  Kent is going to yell at me for this but I’m going to go with both with Enzo getting a slight edge. Enzo moving to the cruiserweight division ultimately benefits him because he is still employed. Lets all think about what would have happened if Cass didn’t get injured. He would eventually be released and we would see him on GFW at some point. This move also benefits the division because now there is someone in the division who is over with the fans. Lets face it before Enzo moved over to 205, who was the only 205’ers that were over with the fans? I’ll wait a minute while you come up with an answer that is not Neville or Aries. Yeah, that’s what I thought. None of the guys in the division other than those two individuals are over with the fans. Granted they haven’t been given time to get over but still it just seemed like something was lacking with that group. Is Enzo the answer though? Not sure but right now it’s a good temporary solution.

Kent:  I have gone back and forth on my answer.  Let’s make this clear, this is a question where we won’t know the answer for another 3 months realistically.  We have to really ask some questions.  Would Enzo have continued getting screen time had they not made this movie?  If yes, against who?  On the other hand, 205 wasn’t getting much time on RAW, and although the time may have not improved much, it feels way more watchable now.  I think the answer is Enzo..Also, Enzo’s finisher is delightful.

  1.   RAW showcased it’s tag team division.  Which tag team raised it’s stock the most on this Monday’s edition of RAW?

Russ:   Gallows and Anderson showed us that they are still contenders.  Sure they lost their match, but they put on a good match.  Also, after the match they gave Sheasaro what for.  I really like how they are portraying the Tag division lately.  It is less Heel vs Face and more about the actual title and all the teams wanting it.  That is the way a division should be.  

Keri:  I’m going to say Gallows and Anderson. They showed Monday night that they are still contenders and should be taken seriously by Creative. So, Creative, your move?

Kent:  While Sheasaro looked great, they were worth something, a known quantity.  Ginger Rhynos on the other hand, they proved to us that they were still in business.  They were penny stock, at best.  We weren’t sure if the company had gone under.  Now we know that they didn’t close down shop.  Yes they jobbed, but I feel their stock theoretically increased the most.

  1.  Who cut the better promo: Big Show or referee John Cone?  Also, talk about the match because it was really good.

Russ:  Who was Big Show looking at when he was talking to Braun?  Cause he sure as hell wasn’t looking at us in the camera.  It looked like he was giving an inspirational speech in a movie.  Go ahead watch it again it’s kind of weird.  As for the match.  Holy crap!  I have to say that Braun is a great performer.  Seriously, when was the last time he was in a bad match?  I’ve seen Big Show in a lot of matches most of which I can say have severely underperformed in the entertaining department.  Yet the past two matches he has had with Braun have both just been fantastic!

Keri:  I didn’t see either promo so I can’t comment on it. However, I did see the match. And it was an awesome match. Both guys really do get the best out of the other. There were so many good aspects to this match. Show’s elbow off the top rope and the post match Braun opening the cage with Big Show were my moments of the match. I would like to see these two wrestle again before Big Show retires in a few months.

Kent:  While John’s promo surprised me, I haven’t heard Big Show that hype in awhile.  Has he been hanging out with Mojo?  Great match!  Seriously, these 2 guys know how to tell a story in the ring.  Shame to know that Big Show won’t be around for much longer.  It’s the veteran’s jobs in the locker room to pass along the knowledge that they have gained.  Big Show got to learn from Hulk, Macho Man, Taker, Austin, Foley and Flair just to name a few.  Braun clearly has a mind for the business and is being allowed to run with.  Now, more than ever, am I upset that Braun didn’t get to face Taker at Mania.  

  1.  Does Vince’s involvement in this KO and Shane feud actually make this more compelling for you as a viewer?

Russ:  I was already in favor of this feud.  Adding Vince can only make it more interesting.  I just can’t wait to see how hypocritical he will be in all of this.  If you remember way back in the attitude days he would have lost his company for the things he did.  He would attack his employees, sexually harass his employees (that includes the men too, I mean how else would you classify the Kiss My Ass Club?)  So this should be a great round of WWE Logic coming our way.  If it didn’t happen in the past month…you aren’t supposed to remember it.  

Keri:  It does add another level to what was becoming, what I feel was an already stale storyline. And I’m curious to see what this additional level does for this storyline. So, I guess I’m intrigued by this development especially since it is Vince.

Kent:  Yeah, it is actually one of the best things that could happen, unless they want to involve Sami more.  Let’s face it, we should be excited any time that Vince makes an appearance at this point, so yes, it will have my full attention.

  1.  Is the Carmella and Ellsworth thing going to all be a big ruse, or is it the beginning of the break up of the century?

Russ:  I don’t think it is a ruse because in the end Carmella told him that they are going to be doing things her way from then on.  She then proceeded to kiss and slap him.  So to me it seems like they are already back together.  

Keri:  This is all a big ruse. I mean think about it. What better way to catch everyone off guard than by staging a fake breakup. Carmellsworth is smart and they are using something I like to call strategery.

Kent:  Big Ruse for the girl of Big Cass.  And you can’t teach that.  If they break up, I will be sad.  At least for another month or two.  Carmella cut a hell of a promo by the way.  She has come so far.  Major props to a girl that most of my readers think isn’t that good or important.  Well, you people are foolish.  Oh, you disagree?  Then leave a comment.  Don’t be a little whiny bitch.  Step up and tell me just how wrong I am.

  1.  Baron Corbin has had an odd month.  Do you think that he is still in the doghouse?  Also, is Sami in the doghouse?  Is Dolph Ziggler there as well?

Russ:  Baron is still probably in the doghouse, but I think the worst is over for him.  He went through an embarassing couple of weeks and now seems to be righting the ship.  It does seem like he is on his way to working with AJ Styles and any time you can work with someone like him can’t be all that bad.  As for Sami, I’m not so sure about him.  I don’t think he is in the doghouse.  I just think they don’t have a good direction for him.  Or maybe the best of both worlds he is going to be starting a program with Aiden English!  Aiden is awesome I really hope he can make the jump to singles mid-card guy.  He is one of those guys who deserves it.  As for Dolph.  Dolph is where he always is…In obscurity.  

Keri:  I wouldn’t say Dolph or Sami are in the doghouse. I just think that Creative has nothing much for them right now. As for Corbin, well he may have deserved some of what is happening to him right now if the latest rumors are to be believed. We all have a right to our opinion on stuff at work but we also need to maintain a certain level of professionalism at the same time. I think someone forgot to tell that to Corbin.

Kent:  I’ll tell you who is not in the doghouse, Aiden English.  I am so happy for him.  Baron is treading water but he can step outside of the doghouse at least now.  I don’t foresee him beating AJ Styles, but a good effort series of matches could do wonders for him.  I just don’t feel the energy and potential flowing through him at the moment.  Even scarier is Sami Zayn’s place in the company.  He is not being given a chance to do much and they build him up just to get others over, but because he is never officially put over big time for a stretch of time, he’s not able to get others over as big as he could be.  As for Dolph, poor, poor Dolph.  

  1.  Did the Randy vs Shinsuke match provide all the final proof that you needed to know that Jinder shouldn’t be a world champion anymore?

Russ:  So both Shinsuke and Randy went up against Jinder.  Randy’s matches against Jinder were uninspired boring pieces of garbage.  Shinsuke’s match against Jinder wasn’t bad it was just boring.  Then Randy went up against Shinsuke for a number 1 contenders match and holy cow, what a fantastic match.  So the only remaining variable is Jinder.  He just isn’t that good.  I’ll give him a little credit his promo’s are coming along and I’m glad he is starting to move away from the I’m a foreigner so I’m a heel stuff, but he is still far far far off in the ring.  I’m going to give him to Hell in the Cell.  If by then he doesn’t have at least a decent fun match by then I’m calling his championship run a complete disaster.  

Keri:  I’ve been saying for months that the Jinder experiment has been a flop. So, the answer to your question is yes. With that said, both guys put on a really good match and showed that it is Jinder and not them. I think it’s time someone, anyone, hinders the Jinder.

Kent:  Yeah.  We saw that when Randy or Shinsuke have somebody competent to work with, either can have a really good match.  Name the last time that you saw a really good Jinder match.  Oh, you can’t?  Yeah, that’s a problem.  Guys who can’t wrestle above average matches should never get the belt unless they have an absolute can’t miss gimmick, and even then, it should be a month or less for the title reign.  I’d rather Randy get the belt back than for Jinder to keep it.  That’s where we are at.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Good: The matches.  A lot of good matches throughout the night kept things interesting and fun.  Story Development: The major feuds got a big push in story as well and everything actually seemed to make sense.  The bad:  It is still a 3 hour show.  Rating:  8 best Raw I think I’ve seen all year.  If they can keep this formula going for a little while it would really increase my joy of wrestling.  

Keri:  As our readers know, I have a tendency to fall asleep during RAW and usually I’m not mad about it. I’m actually mad I missed this one. What a RAW to miss. Good matches and work by Creative. It’s almost Twilight Zoney. Which means this will return to normal next week and I’ll be sad again. Rating: 7

Kent:  7.5  It was a very well put together episode with several good matches, better than PPV’s as far as matches go.  The stories made sense.  Best RAW of the year perhaps from top to bottom.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  I enjoyed the night.  I liked all the KO and Shane business that was going on.  As a father I understood where Shane was coming from when he attacked KO so I could relate to this.  I am curious to see where they are going with Carmella and Ellsworth.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Natty looks like she belongs as champion and kudos to her for looking and acting the part.  Finally,  really enjoyed the Main Event those two can definitely wrestle again and I’ll pay more attention to it.  Rating:  6

Keri:  It was a decent show. It just felt like something was lacking for me. As i said last week, what happened to the Smackdown of last year? Sigh. Rating: 4

Kent:  It wasn’t bad.  Everything was fine for what it was.  It only had one really good match though, as far as I’m concerned.  It was more story driven.  I felt like things progressed positively though.  Nothing I would go out of my way to rewatch, but from top to bottom, solid night.  5.0


Final Thoughts

Russ:  It was a fantastic week of wrestling.  I don’t know if is something they can keep up, probably not, but I’d like it if they at least tried.  I’m just glad that it didn’t suck because there is nothing else on TV right now.  I miss you Game of Thrones.  

Keri:  I think this is finally the week that I’m glad I came back to the blog. It was a good week and I was able to be positive for a chance. It was very refreshing but I fully expect things to go back

to normal next week. Also, go check out the Mae Young Classic if you haven’t already. You will be glad you did. Trust me.

Kent:  I am simply enjoying the break in between PPV’s right now.  Like, this is how wrestling should be, not every 2 weeks, a new PPV.  This is a comfortable pace for me.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – August 28 & 29, 2017 – The We’ve Cena Nuff of the Torrential Reigns Edition

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Hey, we protested and Alexa is the champ and Emma has finally been given a chance.  This is solid.  Unfortunately, this was a dull week.  Russ and Keri are here to help us get through the doldrums of the week.  We also brought back the podcast, so everybody rejoice.  Yes, Are You Not Kentertained returned this week and we want you to know just how much we are loathing this Cena and Reigns nonsense.

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The 9

  1.  A Battle Royal happened for the Number 1 contendership for The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship. Did the right guy win?  Discuss

Russ:  Well, Jeff was certainly not my prediction to win this.  I thought for sure this was the spot Jordan would get his undeserved push started.  Instead they only teased it and we got Jeff instead.  I don’t know about this.  While this will be harmless and may even produce a good TV match next week.  I think they could have still given it to someone who could use the spotlight, like Elias, Apollo, give it that big match feel with Finn (though he doesn’t really need the spotlight.)  

Keri: Let me get this straight. They gave a guy who came back as part of a tag team an IC title shot. Huh?  So confused right now. Anyways, this match just proves that WWE has little to no faith in Jason Jordan as a singles star. He really should have won this match. I guess it looks like not even “daddy” can help him now. What a mess. This poor belt is so irrelevant at this point that it is kind of sad.

Kent:  Any time that you can put an aging out of shape Jeff Hardy over Elias Sampson, Finn Balor, Jason Jordan, Big Show, and Curt Hawkins, you have to, right?  Great decision WWE!  Maybe we will get the build up to the feud that we have been dying for.  The Hardly Boys vs Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.  We’ve all been waiting for that one, right?  RIGHT?

  1.  Rollins vs Cesaro / Dean vs Sheamus… are we going to see this and slightly different variations all the way up to No Mercy?  

Russ:  This is a tough one.  These 4 guys are some of the best performers in the ring.  So having them fight in some variation with each other shouldn’t be terrible.  However, as I watched these matches unfold I kept thinking that this was the exact same thing we saw a couple weeks ago. They need to change things up or I may get bored with this feud way too early.  

Keri:  I’m going to keep this answer short and sweet. So, yes. Yes, they are.

Kent:  They can only milk these singles matches for so long before the fans bitch about having consistently great matches because fans are fucking morons.  I hope they keep giving us the matches, but maybe ban the partners from ringside.  Please, these guys are giving us the best wrestling on either show the past month.  I won’t say that Cesaro is really looking like a star, because he won’t ever get pushed like one, but he is owning it in the ring.  Kudos to all 4 guys.

  1.  Pelvis vs Elias. Was it smart to bring SouthPaw Wrestling into the WWE proper?  

Russ:  This was stupid.  I feel sorry for Elias.  Clearly they think he has a future or they wouldn’t keep letting him work this gimmick.  I agree I like it too.  However, boy did Pelvis fall flat.  I think WWE was hoping for a bigger pop and instead the crowd was just confused.  I also feel sorry for Ginger with kids who had to come out and get his ass kicked.  He deserves to be treated like a real performer and not the joke.  Send him back to Smackdown… PLEASE!  

Keri:  Not sure why this happened or why I should care. The only thing I do have to say is that Creative should keep RAW out of my Southpaw Regional Wrestling. You don’t need to ruin that too WWE.

Kent:  No, this was freshly squeezed garbage juice.  There were some great fan reactions that ranged from “what the fuck” to “Seriously?  You can’t be serious with this shit.”.  Not a good way to handle business, but what do I know?  Poor Heath.  He could be a singles star getting weekly matches.  Cesaro could also be a 6 time world champ.  Send Heath back to Smackdown ASAP and right the ship.

  1.  The Burying Machine Cena met the Unburiable Object Roman.  What did we think of this contract signing.  

Russ:  This was a typical Cena promo, but Roman, eventually, had one of his best promos ever.  A lot was said that I honestly thought was taboo and surprised it was said.  Still if their goal was to get me to back Roman for me it worked.  For the majority of the crowd though it really seemed to backfire.  They need to make Roman look strong and while I think he did a pretty good job having him spar off in a promo with Cena isn’t the way to do that.  Having Gallows and Anderson come out to put the heat on themselves was done effectively.  Too bad they never had a chance.  I’ll give WWE some credit here though.  They gave this match a very personal feel that wasn’t there until now.  

Keri:  Wow it’s like Creative took everything the IWC has been saying for the past few years and threw them into a segment. And the thing is I don’t think it helped either guy get over. At least not for me.  I’m still rooting for a meteor to hit the ring during the match. Go meteor!

Kent:  I seriously am wondering if Roman botched part of his promo.  Like he got lost and I could see that happening with how quickly WWE sometimes springs these things on the talent.  Cena killed it, won over some fans.  Oh, but me.  No, I’m not on team Roman either.  I protest this match in memory of Baron Corbin’s career.  Fuck this shit.  Neither guy ever deserved their push to the extent that they got it.  That’s a fucking fact.  Many guys got looked over or had to suck it up to get them over to the point where both guys just get boo’d a lot.  What the fuck is the point then?  10 years of shitty booking, and this is what we have?  And the announcers tell us how great Cena is.  Are you shitting me?  Anybody who got pushed in that way and done the crooked things that Cena has done would get boo’d because the WWE is too oblivious to realize that their hero is not a hero to even half of the crowd.  I used to defend Cena, and I respect his Make A Wish stuff, and that’s it.  As for ROman, he still can’t cut a fucking promo.  Glad Taker jobbed to him.  Fuck wrestling.

  1.  Emma wins!  Sasha Defended her title against Miss Bliss.  Let’s talk Raw women in this question.

Russ:  I thought for sure Emma was in the process of having a burial on live TV.  Last few weeks she has been whining to anyone who would listen about how she isn’t given any chances.  Then she gets her chances and loses each of them.  So when Mickie made her ultimatum to shut Emma up, I thought for sure this was the death knell of Emma. However, she won!  Maybe there is hope for her yet.  Except, I don’t like this whiny, hashtagging, annoyance that we call Emma.  I want the Emma Kent keeps telling us about.  The one that is fantastic in the ring and skilled on the mic.  As for Sasha vs Bliss.  The right girl won!  The belt belongs on Bliss.  I also like this story that WWE is telling with Sasha.  She can win the championship, but she can’t defend it.  I hope they refine this into her character.  They have several interesting ways they can take it.  Of course knowing WWE this won’t be mentioned ever and her character will continue on like this wasn’t a big deal.  Prove me wrong WWE, balls in your court.  

Keri:  Emma finally got a win and Alexa is champ once more. All is right in the world. Well almost everything. Nia did turn on Bliss so there is that issue. But it’s an issue that I’m excited to see play out. And going back to Emma. I like this thing with her and Mickie. I think they need to keep this up for alittle while longer.

Kent:  I loved how petty Emma was backstage.  She was doing some great work with Mickie, and what the fuck was Mickie wearing on her head?  I love Mickie, but that just was too distracting.  I am happy that Emma finally won a match.  I used a lot of lotion after that match….because my feet are really dry.  I love the story that Sasha can’t win in a title defense.  Well, that is until I realize how dumb of a story that is.  I am happy that Bliss got her title back and we can move on to her vs Nia, although who is the face in this one?  I liked the match a lot, the girls did great.  Still, back to this Sasha story that she can win a belt but not defend it.  Imagine if they gave that gimmick to Roman or Cena?  Oh, they would fail miserably you say?  Imagine if Ric Flair had that gimmick.  Yeah, the point of creative is to put your stars in position to look like stars so that they can eventually help create new stars.  Sorry John Cena, I don’t think your memo had that last bit about making stars.  Somebody like Kurt or Taker or HHH can fill you in on how to do that.  Yeah, HHH is better at putting people over than Cena is.  Think about that one.  Go Alexa!!!!

  1.  The New Gold Standard “Shelton and Gable” had their first match against the Ascension.  Did they impress you? Give us your thoughts.  

Russ:  I’ll be honest I barely paid attention to the match.  It was tough to get into.  First, it was against the ascension.  Which I’m glad Connor got out there and got to exercise some of the pie off this week, but they are a team that is only hungry for food not a good match.  Second, the commercial break killed this match for me.  Yes we got to see it during the commercials, but I found it hard to pay attention to it.  When it came back it felt like it was pretty much over.  So I hope next week we get a better idea of what Gable and Shelton can bring to the table.  

Keri:  I’m kind of indifferent about this new team’s debut. The match was ok but I really wasn’t impressed. The match was predictable at best. But, the silver lining is the Ascension was on TV this week for something other than the fashion files.

Kent:  The commercials are raping Smackdown.  What the fuck guys?   Ascension doesn’t even get an intro, then the new team gets it’s intro and quickly we are back from break.  Whoever is pacing stuff over on Smackdown needs to change this up.  Just last week was the Bobby Roode fuckery.  As Russ said, I found it incredibly difficult to get into a groove as a fan.  These guys will get better, but their music was unimpressive.  Emma’s new music sucks.  Corbin’s sucks.  What gives?  Jason Jordan’s sucks.  This new team needs to showcase at least 4-5 new double teams, and no, pushing your opponent into Pay Dirt doesn’t count as a finisher.

  1.  US Championship Open Challenge and the continuation of the burial of Baron occurred more or less at the same time so let’s talk about them.  

Russ:  I’m so glad the WWE wants to bring back the open challenge.  It was fun when John Cena did it.  However, the biggest reason it was fun was because it showcased an excellent match.  We knew those challengers won’t going to win.  So the point of it was to show us a good match.  This did nothing of the sort.  The match against Tye was embarrassing and only served AJ.  Meanwhile, Baron continues to fall down a very deep hole.  He got schooled by both Tye and AJ.  Not a good time to be a Baron fan.  

Keri:  I think I’ve said this before that the open challenge will help make the belt relevant again. I still think this is true and more so because AJ is involved. With that said, let’s talk Corbin shall we. It’s unfortunate what is happening to him. All because some part timer who plays company politics very well said he wasn’t ready. The sad thing isn’t the first time this has happened. Corbin let me introduce you to Wade Barrett and Alex Riley. You guys should talk.

Kent:  AJ is the right guy for this task.  Unfortunately, the SM writers don’t seem to be up to task.  I don’t understand what has changed over the past 6 months.  This is bad.  Oh and Baron, he’s officially a joke.  Seriously, his name was used in a joke during the Carmella and Natty promo backstage. Baron may just need to take a month away.  I would rather him destroy somebody and get suspended for a month, let him recharge his batteries, and come back with a vengeance.  Or just leave him off, but the beatdown angle works better.  Baron needs time away to get away from the BS fallout of the Cena burial.  I did like how he called out Cena for not staying so that Baron could get payback.  Any calling out of that self righteous prick is fine by me.

  1.  KO spoke a lot of truth in his promo.  Then he decided that he could be a ref. Them he left the building early. Then nothing!   What do we think of his continuing feud with Shane.  

Russ:  WWE logic is hilarious!  The good guys spin the truth and get cheered and the bad guys tell the truth exactly as it is presented and they get booed.  Also, I think it is hilarious when they aren’t very consistent with their logic.  If a ref is knocked out in front of an authority figure we either have to wait for the ref to wake back up or another ref is brought in.  In the case of Baron he left the match.  Okay, so the authority figure should have got another ref.  Instead he dons the stripes himself.  Umm, that is really unfair and biased.  Yet we are told that this is cool, because you know Shane is face so he isn’t using his authority in some evil way.  WWE logic is the best logic!  As for the feud.  Hey it is an interesting feud they have going and both KO and Shane are great at what they do. When they eventually have their match it will be a good time I’m sure, but WWE needs to brush up on logical progression.  

Keri:  I’m bored already honestly. We already had this storyline with AJ and Shane not that long ago. And no offense, KO but you are not AJ.

Kent:  It’s weird for me to say this, but KO was doing better on RAW than SD.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  I liked him being the ref.  I liked him interrupting and helping Aiden get another win. The thing with this storyline is that KO is 100% in the right and the heel.  Poorly written stuff.  Why should we be cheering on Shane?  KO needs to beat down Shane help us forget the reason this shit started. I like Shane, but this story isn’t doing anything for me.

  1.  Bobby Roode, Main Event, Carmella, Fashion Files Season 2, and other stuff.  Several things happened on Smackdown.  Choose one or more and talk about them.  

Russ:  I don’t know if it was just the audio or not, but it didn’t seem like Bobby Roode got a very huge pop when his song came on.  By the end of the match it was clear that the fans were behind him, but at first it almost seemed like people were trying to figure out who he was.  This could be a bit of a problem the WWE may have with future stars coming up from NXT.  WWE Assumes the WWE universe knows all about NXT characters.  So when Roode came up last week there was no real introduction to him.  It was an intro, ill timed commercial break and then a match.  It felt like WWE was saying “Hey you know this guy already, so we are just going to put him on the show and let him speak for himself.”  I’m not saying this was a bad thing for Roode, who can clearly get himself over with his in-ring abilities and natural charisma as was seen by the end of the squash match.  However, what about guys and gals who aren’t that good?  If we don’t get a good introduction to exactly what their character is about won’t that ultimately ruin them?  

Keri:  Let’s talk Carmella for a second shall we? I’m trying to figure it the disconnect between her and Ellsworth rIght now and I can’t. Three weeks or so ago she was wearing a free Ellsworth T shirt and now she’s angry at him for spilling the beans on her plans for her cash in. Ok maybe it’s not that hard to understand. But I guess my question now is why would Ellsworth do to Carmella? I’m still so confused.

Kent:  OK, I feel the need to be objective here.  I liked Natalya’s shirt.  There, I said it.  It was fun and clever and suited her well.  Tamina didn’t have a great outing, but this will help build her up.  The Fashion Files delivered and simultaneously failed because rumors built my hopes up in seeing Harper and Rowan reunited.  The shout out to Bob Ross tickled my taint.  Finally, I am really confused why Bobby Roode is a face currently.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Raw was pretty average this week.  I enjoyed the Roman Cena Promo and it gave a personal feel to their match.  I loved the fact that Bliss got her title back and is now starting a program with Nia.  The Battle Royal was decent if not a little boring.  Of course you can’t have an entirely good show.  The South Paw thing was a disaster and I hope they don’t ruin a good thing, Gallows and Anderson were used as tools.  Finally, how bad does it look for 205 that Enzo is at the top of their pecking order?  I mean he gets beat up all the time on the main roster, but now he can beat the 205 roster no problem.  That looks awful for 205!  

Rating: 5.2   

Keri:  It was an ok RAW. It was nothing special really. Brock was Brock, Cena and Roman tried to make us choose sides instead of cheering for a meteor, and Alexa has her belt back which is good. And where was Braun? Rating: 4 (half a point deducted for lack of Braun).

Kent:  I loved the Tag team single matches and the 2 women matches.  I loved Gallows and Anderson, those guys are money.  I still love Elias.  And now I’m all out of love.  Where was Braun?  Their biggest star at his zenith wasn’t there.  What the hell?  At least explain that something came up.  The Cena and Roman was self fellating at its suckiest.  So bad.  The Battle Royal was surprisingly boring as hell.  How do you make a battle royal boring?  Enzo needs to feud with Ariya Davari and not Noam.  Ariya can make Enzo look like a million bucks and work the mic well.  Oh, and thanks for the Finn and Bray feud that never feels like a feud, but you know they are one big thing away from making it interesting.  Rating 4.7 as I would watch some stuff again or want to see more of it.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  This was another run of the mill episode.  Likes: KO a little unhinged was fun, Roode was Glorious (now we wait to see how he does in a feud.)  The Fashion Files was decent and I like their shirts.  Dislikes: Baron continues to fall and most of the night was pretty forgettable and a little boring.  Rating: 4.4

Keri:  What has happened to Smackdown? Remember a year ago when Smackdown was must see TV and RAW, well, wasn’t worth watching at all. Those were good times. What happened to those times? Rating: 2.9

Kent:  I could have not watched an hour and a half of this and missed anything significant.  Definite holding pattern episode.  By gawd, I guess they miss Cena more than we thought!!!!! Eh, I will be a dick and say 3.3 as the whole night really underwhelmed.  


Final Thoughts

Russ:  I was going to be clever and try to make this all about Game of Thrones, while making it seem like I was talking about wrestling…(you know I was going to say something about backstabbing, lots of talking from important characters who will eventually have to fight each other, but for now are working together.  That sort of thing.)  However, the way wrestling has been lately it made me think… wouldn’t it be great if we could get Game of Thrones on a weekly basis and Wrestling only had 7 episodes a year!  Think about it.   We bitch about wrestling being mediocre, well only getting 7 episodes might make WWE try a little harder.  While GOT could really extend itself into the lore if they had to give us weekly episodes.  What I’m trying to say was GOT season 7 was great, while WWE continues to wear on me as a consumer.  

Keri:  Is it me or is wrestling just not worth watching anymore? Nothing is exciting and I seem to see the same thing week in and week out. You would think the casual fan would also start getting bored at tuning in and see pretty much the same show each week. Maybe they don’t yet the ratings keep going down (for the most part) and nothing changes. Oh well. I guess the powers that be at WWE know more than I do. Either way, I’m very very bored by the current product. Le sigh.

Kent:  There was a recent article about Mike Kenellis going into rehab for painkiller addiction.  The whole thing was sad and inspiring in odd ways.  I know that his run has been terrible so far, but a person can always be given a push.  Right now, I just hope that he is getting better every day and that the WWE eventually gives him and Maria another chance..  They have a great song, she is hot as hell, he’s a very good in ring hand, and they have a gimmick that is irritating.  They could be stars.  I haven’t given up on Mike and Maria and I hope the fans haven’t either.  I don’t say this because he’s my boy, but he has potential to be very good.

Also, just because I know that you like various photo galleries, or at least I enjoy them, here are some from this week.  First up is a gallery of Superstars on the Beach, and man, just take a look, both guys and gals.

Superstars at the Beach

Here are 80 pics of Mickie James.

Finally, the odd combination of Alexa, Naomi, and Nikki in NYC.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – August 21 & 22, 2017 – The Glorious Protest Edition

Enough is enough and it is clock for a change!  We sat down and decided that WWE’s treatment of us fans, with 8 hours of wrestling this weekend, plus the awful go home shows were enough to warrant a protest.  We agreed to take the week off from the podcast as WWE doesn’t deserve our free advertising.  No more 6 hour PPV’s!!!  We are sick of spending a full work day in front of a TV just to watch a 2 hour special on Saturday and a 6 hour Sunday fuckeroo.  Also, Kent is protesting on behalf of Baron Corbin and Emma.  #GiveEmmaAChance

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The 9

  1.  Cena is on RAW, he wants Roman, and the Miz wanted to put them both in their place.  Oh, and Samoa Joe wanted some limelight too.  Talk about the promo and the match.

Russ:  I’m on an impromptu vacation so I’m going to keep my answers short this week. Cena coming over to Raw was no surprise his challenging Roman was no surprise. What surprises me is that WWE is still going through with what seems like another passing of the torch to Roman, by having him win a definitive feud with John Cena.  That’s right unlike his short feud with Corbin where #lolcenawins. This will be drawn out, possibly to the Royal Rumble, where we will get a definitive Roman wins. Seriously WWE he doesn’t need the rub.  Most real fans accept Roman. Give the Cena rub to a new up and commer.  

Keri:  So, confession time. I did not watch this live. As soon as Kurt Angle said the name John Cena, I said nope going to bed now and went to bed I did. With that said, the promo part started out with the normal Cena BS. Then Roman came out and it didn’t get any better. The guy is good in ring but I still cringe whenever he has a microphone in his hand. As for the Miz part of the promo segment, what he said was typical of anyone cutting a promo on Cena and we have heard it from him before during their Smackdown feud. With that said, Miz proved why he is the best in the mic right now. His delivery was perfect. It pretty much bordered on a shoot which is why it was effective. Also, is it wrong I forgot Joe was even involved in this? Yeah, I thought so.  As for the match, it was ok and had a typical ending. Sigh.

Kent:  So RAW gets Jason Jordan and Cena, while Smackdown gets Bobby Roode and Shelton Benjamin? Shiiiiiiiit!  SD so got the better end of that deal, especially with Dolph returning.  The Miz killed it on the mic, like he does whenever given something to work with.  It was weird to see him get so many cheers, but I was happy for him.  Joe deserves better, yet I feel he is just going to be another victim of Cena’s shovel.  Sigh as well.

  1.  Right now, which tag team do you wish to see The Fisting Brothers/The Fisters/Fisting Buddies take on?  We need a new name for this team.

Russ:  Ramabros. It works.  It is a mix of both there names and it is ambiguously gay.  As for who they fight next, I agree with Kent. There match at summerslam was one of the very few highlights of the night. After that let’s get G & A a chance to shine until they ultimately drop them to The Revival…  If they can ever stay healthy.  

Keri:  How about Sean, Deth, Rambrose, or Aollins? No? Ok, nevermind. As for who I would like to see them wrestle. Well if one half of the Revival wasn’t injured, I would say them. But since one is injured, I would say Tex2badd, I mean Gallows and Anderson.

Kent:  I actually want more matches between this ambiguously gay duo and Sheasaro.  I really like their chemistry, so for now, I would like some more of the same old.  What about the name Fistius? Analinns? Deanalingus? Up and Cummers? Dirty Dean and the Boys? The Ass Slayers?

  1.  In RAW’s opening segment, we got a Heyman being Heyman, Brock bouncing around and doing nothing, and Braun doing Braun things. Is it too soon for this match? Could this match have waited until a more important PPV say Survivor Series or Mania? What does WWE hope to accomplish by doing this now? Discuss this and the segment.

Russ:  I missed the segment so I can’t comment on it, but I’m glad they are at least recognizing the fan reactions to  Braun and giving him an opportunity.  I say this is the right time.  In fact if WWE was smart they would put the belt on him at No Mercy.  Play it off there that he injured Brock. Then at Royal Rumble if they still get their panties wet for Roman vs Brock just have Brock win the belt back there.  

Keri:  Yea! A Braun question. I’m so happy. I like Braun questions. Ok, now down to business and answering this question starting with the segment itself. Was it me or was Heyman going through the motions out there on RAW? I mean he was Heyman but a kind of reserved version of Heyman. As for Brock, yeah don’t care. I want  him gone. Now onto Braun. He basically picked up right where he left off the night before and it was great. In fact, it was great booking. But then again he has been well booked for the past year so it’s not that surprising that this was as well. With that said, it is too soon for this match. This feels really rushed and I feel that they could have built this Brock vs. Braun thing up more before giving us all the payoff. This should be the Brock match we get at Mania. Not Brock vs. Roman. No, WWE, one wants to see that match. Let Roman and Cena wrestle while half the audience prays for a meteor to hit the ring. But Brock vs. Braun at Mania would be pretty cool especially if the WWE is really invested with making Braun a star and he gets that coveted but recently non-existent Mania moment.

Kent:  I think Braun should have “seriously” injured Brock and kept their feud fresh for Survivor Series.  One thing needs to happen.  Braun needs this win.  If Vince has an ounce of smarts left in him, he will put Braun over.  I’ll go one step further.  I mentioned to Steve on Monday’s podcast that I think Braun vs Roman can be the second coming of Austin vs Rock.  For what both guy lacks in mic skills, they more than make up for it in the ring.  The white redneck vs Samoan dynamic is there.  These guys have great chemistry.  They can feud with other people and renew their rivalry months down the road, and it will still be fun.  I know that it’s a ludicrous idea, but we aren’t going to ever repeat that magical feud, but this could be money, but Braun needs the Brock rub and Roman needs to go heel and thrive.  

  1.  Big Cass is officially injured.  Enzo is now on 205 Live. Elias is starting to sound comfortable on the mic.  Goldust played no role at Summerslam.  What is the biggest development out of these 4 things?

Russ:  Bad time for Cass to get injured. He turned heel, was just starting to get over as a heel, it was a rough time for awhile getting people to care.  Now depending on how long he is out it could be like starting over.  That was rough to get through, I don’t want to go through that again.  

Keri:  I’m going to go with Enzo on 205 live. This is, but yet at the same time not, a head scratcher. On one hand, there is nothing left on RAW for Enzo now that Cass is injured so it makes sense for him to move onto something else. However, at the same time, did anyone honestly see this exact change coming? Alright a few of you did. That’s cool. Still though a shot at Neville? Seriously? What did he do to earn that shot?

Kent:  Well technically the “biggest” development is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Anyway, I am going to suggest that Elias is starting to get into a groove and that can only help his confidence.  He now needs more decent opponents to see if he can hang in the ring or if he is mid carder for life.

  1.  Should WWE just scrap the 205 division in totality?

Russ:  No, they need to get it on free TV without Raw or Smackdown. Maybe an hour long and they can cut another program that runs an hour too long, gee I wonder what program does that? (Kent: Total Divas?  Total Bellas?  Don’t leave me in suspense Russ!)

Keri:  Yea! An easy question with an even easier answer. Yes. Yes they should. They don’t care about it and quite frankly neither do the fans.

Kent:  No, just stop mixing it with RAW.  If you want fans to care, give them an exact time slot during RAW so fans know they are getting 30 minutes a week and give them the platform and present the stories.  If that is asking too much, then scrap it.

  1.  WWE cutting to a commercial a minut