The Wrestling 9 Deuce – May 22 & 23, 2017 – The Drifter Debuts Edition


Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that openly discusses the differences between Punjab and having a Poon Job.  Yes, we are the ever classy, The Wrestling 9 Deuce.  Russ, Keri, and myself delve oh so deep into the week that was in the wacky world of professional wrestling.  Oh, and look who is rehabbing and hopefully due back in June!  I can’t wait for Emma to return.

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The 9

  1.  How good did my boy Elias Sampson look in his in ring debut?  Was Dean the right guy to debut against?    Also, Maryse looked great.

Russ:  Overall, I thought Elias looked good.  Loved the part where he tried to sing and the crowd wasn’t having it. His in ring skills seemed pretty legit.  Dean’s style seems to match with almost anyone on the roster (which makes him a great candidate when you want to showcase someone’s talent.)  Still too early to tell much though and with the obvious interference coming I knew I wasn’t going to see how things measured up in the end.  Still I liked what I saw.  Only complaint:  I understand why Elias would attack Dean after the interference from a heel perspective, but in real life if The Miz attacked me to prove a point to my opponent, I’d go after the guy who took a cheap shot on me.  (Kent: I think he gets involved in the Dean and Miz rivalry to give Elias some stellar guys to work with immediately.)

Keri:  I thought Elias was stellar in his debut match. He matched up really well with Dean and was pretty impressive. I don’t remember him being this good when he was in NXT. However, I stopped watching NXT weekly around when he arrived so that may be the reason. Overall, though it was nice to see him in the ring finally and not wandering around backstage just playing the guitar. Also, yes I agree, Maryse looked very nice.

Kent:  Drink it in maaaaaaan.  Welcome to the Kent table Elias.  You can sit with Baron, Alexa, Tye, and Luke.  The Revival will be there soon too, so save some room.  I thought that they would give Elias a series of jobber matches to show off his moveset.  Instead they gave him the biggest champ on RAW, and it worked.  Dean does his best work in brawl style matches.  Elias actually has a lot of technical prowess to with his timing on knee strikes.  Yes, there was a rest hold, and Elias will need better cardio, but if they want to make another star, they have a guy to mold into “the next big thing”.  One big problem is the lack of a mid card on RAW, so they will have to move Elias higher than he may be ready for, but I am cool with them trying him out.  Also, Maryse looked great……I feel like somebody already said that.

  1.  Paul Heyman cut a promo that only Paul Heyman could cut.  The WWE experimented with giving him Cesaro and Curtis Axel, and it never clicked.  All things considered, would you put Paul with any act on RAW?  You can also pick one for Smackdown for fun.

Russ:  Basically, we are looking to see who would be a good Paul Heyman guy.  I honestly believe that Roman Reigns would be a great Paul Heyman guy.  Roman does ok on his own, but you put a mouthpiece like Heyman with him and you get some magic.  Heyman can get you excited to see Ellsworth vs. a piece of wood.  (Kent: I’d watch the hell out of that match.)  So imagine what he could do for Roman.  It would effectively stop all of the Roman-haters (who hate him for all the wrong reasons) and Heyman would elevate what would already be a pretty good match (since Roman usually has good matches) to a spectacle.  

Keri:  Why is it always a Paul Heyman guy and not a Paul Heyman girl?  With that question asked, I say we make Charlotte a Paul Heyman girl. She has the in ring skills to be extremely dominate in either women’s division. However, on the mic, she’s well terrible and as a result her character needs a lot of work. With Paul Heyman as her mouthpiece, she could really elevate herself to Alexa levels in the Smackdown women’s division and that division needs elevating especially before Asuka gets there. (Kent: In all fairness, I specifically said act rather than guy.  I simply couldn’t come up with a girl on the roster who was good enough in ring but mediocre enough on the mic, aside from Bayley who doesn’t fit the Paul mold.  Charlotte still sucks in the ring and would be another Cesaro at best.  You know what, scrap that.  What about Asuka????  I know that you just got on board with that idea Keri.) (Keri: I’m not mad at it.)

Kent:  The Revival is the act that I think would benefit the most, and are so good that Paul doesn’t even have to come out every week.  It would be cool to know that he advocates for them.  If Nia Jax had any talent, I may have picked her.  On Smackdown, there are 2 acts that just need that extra something to get over the.  They would be Rusev and Luke.  Rusev can actually talk really well, but Luke is still limited.  If you have Paul singing Luke’s praises week after week, you know that he becomes a main eventer.

  1.  Another week, another another tag team question for everyone. So, we saw the stipulation set for Extreme Rules between the Hardys and Sheasaro and we also saw a classic case of who done it with the discovery of an unconscious Enzo. Discuss all or any part of this.

Russ:  I’m not sure why the Hardly’s wanted a steel cage stipulation for their match. (How does that benefit them?) Also, how does a steel cage match work in a tag team match?  Does only one guy have to escape?  Both?  Seems stupid either way.  As for Enzo getting laid out.  Anyone is a suspect even anyone in the crowd because who doesn’t want him to shut the fuck up!   This is the mystery of the century!     

Keri:  Really, the Hardys (specifically Matt) beat Sheasaro (specifically Sheamus) yet again this week. What is going on with Sheamus and the Hardy Boys? Why can’t he beat them? This is a question I have that I really need answered because I’m still confused from last week. Either way, we now have a steel cage match as the situation for tag team title match at Extreme Rules. This should be interesting, I guess. But my question is still, why should I care and does Sheasaro actually stand a chance of beating the Hardys? I think not. Also, my guess on the who done it front is, Ciampa from NXT is the one who laid out Enzo. I mean look what he did to Gargano at Takeover. It has to be him. He’s becoming the Braun of the tag team division and beating up everyone. I believe that his frustration taken to a new level don’t you think?

Kent:  I just don’t see how a cage match is beneficial to the Hardly’s.  Something that requires speed and risk taking would be more beneficial, which I thought meant that we would be getting a ladder match.  Like the one time it makes sense to copy NXT and they blow it.  Sheamus is a 4 time former world champ.  He can’t beat Matt Hardly.  It makes no sense!!!  Next week, Sheasaro will finally get the upper hand so they can job at the PPV.  As for who laid out Enzo?  I have numerous ideas.  I think it would be funny if multiple guys take credit for it next week.  Like Kurt asks for whoever did it to come out and admit their guilt.  You could have G&A come out and say that they beat up a nerd.  The Miz could come out.  Hell, it would be hilarious if James Ellsworth came out.  The real answer should be Dash Wilder to give us a feud when Dawson is healed.  

  1.  My boy, Titus took a hit to his brand last night.  How are we feeling about the Titus Brand Gimmick?  Is it working for you?  

Russ:  At first I have to admit that I hated this gimmick.  He was super annoying about it and all he did was lose.Now though, he is still losing all the time, but they seem to be taking the gimmick in positive direction.  I like the portrayal of Titus doing what it takes to get his brand to new heights.  I’m not so sure having Apollo lose this week was the right call, but I’ll see where they are leading it.  Apollo and Titus are a perfect fit let’s give them a chance to be successful.    

Keri:  I’m good with the Titus Brand storyline but for some reason I think it’s missing something.  I think that something is more people need to be added to the Titus Brand. I mean this has the makings of a good stable but for some reason the trigger has been pulled. Apollo is already involved. So I say add a few more lower mid card guys and see where this thing goes from there.

Kent:  I liked the backstage stuff with Kalisto, Apollo, and Titus.  Then the match happened, and I didn’t like the whole “Titus yells, Apollo is suddenly a moron” bit.  It honestly made no sense.  Every manager would be imploring Apollo to stay on him, so why would that be a distraction?  This is why Apollo loses so damn much.  He’s a F’N moron.  I loved Booker and Corey’s commentary to during this because it really helped.  Here’s the problem.  “Friends” of Apollo are going to keep asking him why he is staying with Titus.  Well if he has a winning streak, he can point to that.  If he’s losing over miscommunication, what does Apollo point to as a reason to stay?  I gotta be honest for a moment and give a cliche answer that I hate, but this seems like a case where it’s too early to form an accurate opinion if they have this mapped out for the next month or two.

  1.  Do you have any issue with Finn having a match against Karl Anderson?

Russ:  Not really.  Most people know they are friends backstage and matches that usually pit friends against each other end up being better.  This is because friends want what is best for each other and want to make the other guy look good.  So a match like this you know Finn isn’t going to let this be a total squash match.  The only minor complaint is that there is no rhyme or reason for this match in kayfabe.  

Keri:  I don’t hate it but I also don’t understand it. This match just seemed so random and led me to have even more questions. Why was this match booked? Did something happen during pre-show that I wasn’t aware of? If there was, why didn’t they explain it? I mean Finn really shouldn’t have any issues with G&A and vice versa but it just seemed like there was something there.  Again, it just seemed random. If this continues into next week, the pay-off better a club reunion or I don’t care. And that is hard for me to say about anything involving Finn.

Kent:  I’m torn on this.  I say that my answer is a tentative yes, and I’ll elaborate briefly.  It’s fairly well known that Finn has a relationship with G&A, even casual fans are aware of this, by and large.    I’d be fine if they had given us a reason for the match.  Something like G&A pissed off Kurt so he punished them by taking on Finn.  I needed a reason.  Yes, this could play out into something more down the road.  I think that is all the more reason to have given us a reason why these guys had to face each other, rather than random throwaway match.  

  1.  The opening segment introduced us to the 6 participants for the Men’s Money in the Bank match.  Give me your thoughts on the segment and the participants.

Russ:  I liked the segment.  All the guys got to say their piece and it all worked well. Loved Owens coming out and proving his point.  Loved that they gave Shinsuke his full entrance. With this group of guys I honestly don’t know who I want to win the Money in the Bank this year.  All of them have a legitimate chance to win and all of them would make a great Mr. Money in the Bank.  What I like about this, and normally this is a bad thing, but with all these great talents in the ring for one match we will: 1.  Get a great match no matter the outcome.  2.  Get to see some of the overshadowed talent get some ring time on a PPV.  Think about who isn’t in this match that you would want to see in a match that might get overshadowed.  Tye, BreezeDango, Rusev, Aiden, Luke, Rowen, etc.   They can all get a match on the PPV now because so much of the top talent is occupied by this one match.  I’m all for that right now!  

Keri:  The thing that really bothered me about this whole segment was where was Rusev? We get video packages where he asks for a championship match at Money in the Bank and then says he’s coming to Smackdown to talk to Shane about said opportunity and then we get nothing. No explanation or anything. Rusev could have easily been the surprise entrant into the MITB match. I’m not mad at the choices and think they are good choices. I just like some continuity in my wrestling. At least, once in awhile I do.

Kent:  I really wish that Luke was in this match so he could show the fans, yet again, that he can hang, and outperform some of the people higher up the ladder.  In ring, he’s better than Shinsuke and Baron, no doubt, and I love both of those guys.  He’s probably on par with Dolph, only with very different styles.  Aside from that minor complaint, we are treated to 6 out of the 8 most talented guys on SD at the moment.  That’s awesome and should be the best match of the night.  It could be a match of the year candidate when all is said and done.  I liked how KO got himself into the match.    Overall, I’m looking forward to it.  I kinda thought that we’d see Cena here, but maybe not til SummerFest.  Yup, that’s still funny.

  1.  We had a women’s tag team match.  Tamina was simply ringside.  Is this  mistake on WWE’s part to not get her more ring time and improve her brand, or is it smarter to leave your least talented out of the match?  Also, are they missing a great opportunity to have an historic, first time ever women’s MitB match?

Russ:  I’ve heard rumors that they are setting up for a first time historic women’s MitB match. They haven’t shown it on the show yet, but maybe they are giving us a slow burn set up.  As for Tamina not being in the match.  Yeah I guess they should have had her in the match, but do I care?  No, not really.   

Keri:  My answer to both questions is yes. Let’s face it Tamina isn’t going to improve if you do not put her in the ring. As for women’s MITB, they have done everything else that is considered “historic” for the division.  Why couldn’t they do this too? It’s shameful. But, at least we don’t have to hear the words “first time ever” and “historic” for the next few weeks on Smackdown so there is that.

Kent:  I know that people will easily dismiss this and say “but it’s only Tamina” AND that’s the fucking problem.  She can wrestle.  She is capable.  The problem is that she is never allowed to get out there in a 10-15 minute match and put on a show. Hey WWE, if you want to get the fans invested in her and you have so much faith blonde Hootie McBoob the queen, then put her in there with Tamina with nobody allowed at ringside.  That’s a way to get fans to care, and hopefully dislike Tamina.  Now that she is seen as a threat, her matches suddenly have fucking meaning.  This isn’t all that complicated, is it?  You must build up characters in order to put them up against people to help make them credible.  Morons!!!!!!!!!

  1.  Baron has lost to Sami 2 times within 3 days.  On SD, it was very quick and followed by a beatdown.  Has this become the best feud on Smackdown?

Russ:  I was ready to say no this is not the best feud on Smackdown and then it hit me.  What other feuds are there really?  Shinsuke vs. Dolph? Nope.  KO vs. AJ?  Ok, this is close, but it hasn’t hit the heights that Zayn and Baron hit last night.  I really wanted to say BreezeDango vs. Ugo’s, but I don’t know if that will continue on past last night now… So, yeah I guess it is.  I’m not sure that is a good thing though…

Keri:  I think it has. I’ve always said that frustrated Corbin is best Corbin. (Kent: Alright, since I already heard Eric also do the ____ (insert noun) is best (insert noun) reference, it is my obligation and duty to recommend “They’re Watching” on NetFlix.  I promised Eric that he would not be disappointed, and now I can’t make that same promise to you Keri, because you watch E!, but it is a glorious finale in the film.)  He’s just that much more brutal when he’s frustrated and I like that. As for the feud, I’m enjoying it and I don’t mind watching it for a little while longer.

Kent:  As the man who is Baron’s biggest backer on this here blog, I am loving this!  Baron has been built well enough to sustain some losses.  First he was given some big wins, then he ate losses to Cena, AJ, Dean, and Randy.  OK, all of those guys are higher up and are fine to lose to and still  feel like a bad ass.  Sami is a league beneath those guys, currently, but this will help him inch closer to their ranks.  In the meantime, it adds more dimensions to Baron’s character.  This is a HUGE win all around for everyone.  Remember the Braun Strowman vs Sami feud?  Yeah.  This is why RAW is inferior to Smackdown because they don’t like to have their monsters lose, unless it’s to Kalisto by fluke.  

  1.  Jinder had a celebration.  What did you think about it?  What are your thoughts on Jinder being a champ?  Do you believe the reports that he got the title win that Baron was in line for?

Russ:  Hey, did you know that I’m one sixteenth Indian?  I was so happy for Jinder.  He represents me.  (Kent: No, you do not have any Indian family.  I researched this.)  Yes I do Kent!  I am one sixteenth Iroquois.  So what do you go to say to that, NERD?  (Kent: OK, that means that you are one sixteenth Native American.  You are not Indian.) Nope, nope, nope.  You see that mascot for the Cleveland baseball team, the Clevelands INDIANS?  Yeah, you don’t see Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 as their mascot.  No, you see an Indian, much like I am.  (Kent: God damnit.  Can we agree just to call you a Redskin and let the actual people people of India be called India?)  Sure, whatever.  I used to have poon job when I was younger.  The girls man, it was awesome!  (Kent: Russ, it’s spelled Punjabi, and it’s a language.  What you did with those girls…..I just don’t have the time to explain this one.)  Do you remember that Punjabi Prison match between Big Show and Undertaker because the Great Khali got hurt?  He got hurt from all the poon.  Bet you didn’t know that Mr. Know It All.  (Kent:  I…….I got nothing.  Touche.)

Keri:  I thought the celebration was enjoyable and very colorful. As for Jinder as champ, I’m just as shocked as everyone else but unlike some people, I’m good with it. Honestly, Jinder has paid his dues to get to this point. He had to endure 3MB and the Eva Marie announcing botch (Ginger Mahal anyone) among other things. Since, he has been back he has been putting in the work (Finn concussion aside).  He had a good match with Orton at Backlash. I think he has earned this opportunity. As for him taking Baron’s title run, I don’t believe that for an instant. Baron is still technically new on the main roster and is still paying his dues. He is still being built up and once they finish building him, he’s going to have a great title run. Why rush the inevitable? He will win the belt eventually and everyone will rejoice (or will explode into a flutter of I told you so’s (I’m looking at you Kent)).

Kent:  First, watch Jinder’s match from Backlash and then watch Smackdown.  Now drink a shot every time JBL says modern day Maharaja.  Yes, I looked up the spelling just to be accurate.  Anyway, since when did we start hating on Inidia?  Like, doesn’t this showcase how ignorant wrestling fans are for booing a guy for sending a message to his “home country” in his “native tongue”?  It would be nice if just once Randy had a celebration on this level.  This whole situation bothers me.  I am super happy for Jinder to get the opportunity.  On the other hand, I hate that by virtue of being foreign, he gets boo’d and has to run with it.  It would be so nice, as a fan, to simply move away from this sort of booking.  As for him getting Baron’s title run, it’s fine if it is true.  Baron is a clear cut future champ.  Jinder may never get another single’s title run.  The longer that Baron has to work for it, the better because he continues to prove his worth in having entertaining feuds.  I also don’t like guys getting the belt too quickly.  It’s Jinder’s time to shine.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Did the Uso’s and Breezedango segments work for you?  Do you fear that Breezedango may get pigeon holed into a comedy gimmick?

Russ:  Everything Breezedango works!  Week after week they have continually brought me the best segments on Smackdown and it still hasn’t hit the level of trying too hard and fatigue.  Unfortunately, the way they have been booked the past 3 days has me fearing that these guys are screwed and the WWE isn’t taking advantage of how entertaining these two guys are.  They will beat this until it is dead and then continue to beat it, instead of evolving the gimmick.  Breeze and Dango have proven they are willing to take a gimmick and make it work.  Now, WWE don’t screw this up!  Elevate these guys!

Keri:  Let me start out by love love love the Fashion Files. I want more of them. Hopefully,  I will get more of them. With that said, I’m enjoying the segments between the Ugos (I mean Usos) and Breezedango. There is the right amount of comedy to my feud and I enjoy that as well. Do I believe that Breezedango will get pigeonhole into this gimmick. Not at all. This gimmick works right now while they are faces. If they turn heel, it can be manipulated to the point where comedy is taken out and they are just brutal to everyone. Remember Tyler Breeze is a fantastic heel. He can and will make it work.

Kent:  I want to use the word tease, but everything following that would be incredibly lewd.  Let’s go with lapdance instead.  It was like Joselyn James is grinding on you and then she removes her top, and Breeze gets the win.  Then the panties come off and Fandango gets the win.  You are on the verge of happy ‘spolsion time, and then she gets up and punches you in the throat and The Uso’s get the win.  You’re welcome.

  1.  During Smackdown, during commercials that were mid-match, they still showed the match.   I think I speak for all of us that it’s about time.  My question is a simple one.  Does this make the commercials more or less effective?

Russ: I paid attention to my screen more than I normally would when a commercial came on.  Other than that commercials, in general, barely have any effect on me and I couldn’t tell you what the commercials were about at all. I will say that I didn’t fast forward the commercials that had the matches going on.  That has to be something right?  

Keri:  People usually fast forward through commercials. So, by having the match playing during the commercial break commercials may actually be more effective. I mean at least people are technically watching them in this case.

Kent:  Initially I thought that it made them less effective.  You were watching the match and paying zero attention to the commercials, or very little attention.  Then I think I found some brilliance to this.  Unless you are watching this live, you fast forward through the commercials.  Now they have significantly increased the likelihood that you will sit through a set of commercials.  I think that this is added value but at a cost.  I say more effective.

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WWE Backlash 2017 Review – 9 Deuce

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that feels the need to be really mean to Becky Lynch for her terrible hair.  Seriously, what the hell was up with that?  We have a new world champion and that is pretty damn surprising, but cool at the same time.  We had some really high quality matches, some that provided entertainment, a battle between 2 behemoths, and of course, Becky’s hair.  It’s been a great weekend for wrestling, so please cover your eyes because tonight’s RAW promises to be a shit show.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.


  1.  Tye Dillinger def Aiden English

Keri:  I was gaming during this, but watched some and was digging it.  Aiden stole the show with his entrance, but Tye has the rocket at the moment.    WWE needs to market more Tye stuff ASAP, in my opinion.  The match was fine for what it was, but in a way, totally forgettable.  I give this a 4.0 and will move on.

Kent:  Apparently, Kent switched our names for this one so I will put my review of this match here. It’s ok, Kent. I was distracted by Renee’s bangs and Mark Markington the preshow guy’s ramblings too. Seriously, what is that guy’s name? Actually nevermind, I don’t care. Now onto the match. This match was decent. It furthered the feud between these two guys and pretty much brought it to conclusion. I think Tye is ready to move on and so am I. Rating: 3.5 out of 9.2


  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura def Dolph Ziggler

Keri:  I really enjoyed this match. Everything down to the pop for Shinsuke’s entrance was great. Dolph played his part in this feud exceptionally well and did what was needed in order to put over Shinsuke. But I have this lingering feeling that this is not over for some strange reason. I have a feeling that Dolph may not accept this loss. If that is the case, I’m all for it. I could watch these guys fight again and would be just as excited to watch it a second (or third time). Rating: 8 out of 9.2 (This was my match of the night)

Kent:  The big questions heading into the night was which match would steal the show.  I knew it was this or the US Title match.  I’ll keep you waiting.  This match was really good.  Dolph put on a clinic on how to make a guy look like a million bucks, and Shinsuke is a rock star/  I have one major gripe with this match.  Dolph has numerous finishers that no longer finish off his opponent.  They need to either give him an end all finisher, or rebuild his finisher’s credibility.  If he had that and worked towards that with his set up moves, you would believe that he had a chance to win.  Still, a great match, and I can give it a 7.5.


  1.  The Uso’s def Breezedango

Keri:  This match did one thing for me. Ok , a couple of things. First, I’m all in on Breezedango. They are my fourth pick for the superstar(s) I want pushed to the moon by Wrestlemania 34. Second, this match made me laugh. Breezedango did an amazing job in this match and I seriously hope that this feud isn’t over. Face it, there are more fashion files to be watched and more Tyler Breeze costumes to be seen. I’m echoing Kent here on this one. Please, please, please WWE don’t blow this one. You have gold here. Please stretch this out until Summerslam and have the pay off be the Fashion PoPo finally getting gold from the Ugos. Please???? I really hate begging by the way so make this happen. Rating: 6.5 out of 9.2

Kent:  Sometimes you need levity and I absolutely ate this up.  I am sure that some people found this too silly, but try to remember, as a kid, you would have loved this.  Also, wrestling is entertainment.  When Tyler kept rolling away from the Uso trying to hit a top rope move, it was absolutely brilliant.  I feared that Breezedango would lose and get lost in the shuffle again.  Please WWE, don’t let that fade away.  Keep this feud going!  I really had a good time, so I am giving this a 6.0.


  1.  Sami Zayn def Baron Corbin

Keri:  This was a really good match. I’m going to echo Kent here and say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well these guys worked together. Also, I was happy to see Sami win for a change. Hopefully, this means great things for him moving forward. Honestly, I would be completely ok with him trying for the US title next. Lets face it, I just want to see Sami vs. KO take 5 million and 1 because I enjoyed it some much last year. And if you all think about it, readers, you  want to see this again too, don’t ya? Come on admit it. Ok, maybe it’s just me then.  Rating: 6 out of 9.2

Kent:  At first I wasn’t sold on these guys have good chemistry.  Boy was I wrong.  It clicked.  Unlike Sami vs Braun, Baron is athletic enough to sell things a bit differently and doesn’t have to be booked as son unstoppable beast.  This match was mediocre initially but snowballed into a hell of a good match by the end.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Sami needed the win, he got it.  Baron ate the loss and he lost zero momentum.  Wow, Smackdown does it again.  I will give this a 6.4.  For what it’s worth, Russ had this as his match of the night.


  1.  The Welcoming Committee def Becky, Charlotte, and Naomi

Keri:  There was so much wrong with this match and it all started with Becky’s hair. What was she going for last night with that hair? I’m not sure but all I know is it distracted me so much that I felt that scrolling through Facebook was better than watching this match. I just couldn’t watch this match and that is a shame. What a waste this division has become. Sigh. Rating 2 out of 9.2 (only because I feel like being generous for some reason)

Kent:  I am being 100% honest with what I am about to say.  I had to look up online who won this match.  Becky’s awful hair was distracting.  This match was fine for what it was, but this harkens back to when women’s wrestling was bathroom break time.  Becky’s hair, Naomi’s loud outfit, Charlotte being CHarlotte.  YAWWWWN.  I give this a 2.7.


  1.  Kevin Owens def AJ Styles

Keri:  I was excited about this match because I knew both guys would deliver. And boy did this match deliver. Both guys put on an amazing show. The only thing that kept this from being match of the night for me was that damn ending. What is it with WWE and great matches that end with BS endings? They’ve been doing this a lot recently and that is frustrating to me. It really needs to stop. Seriously, stop it WWE. Rating: 7.5 out of 9.2

Kent:  Here we are, the other rmatch that can steal the show.  The thing is, this didn’t start as good as Shin’s match, but had a way better second half.  KO was killing it, as was AJ.  The crowd was good.  I was ready to give in and say that this was the match of the night, and then came the finish.  AJ’s foot gets stuck in the desk and gets counted out.  Blah.  I hated it.  AJ could have eaten a loss after everything they did and he wouldn’t have looked any worse. This match deserved a clean ending.  Still, everything else was spectacular.  I give this a 7.5.  


  1.  Luke Harper def Erick Rowan

Keri:  So, I just want to say that I’m enjoying Rowan’s character right now. He is just the right amount of creepy in my opinion. As for the match, it was good. Would I want to see it again? Probably not. Rating: 3.5 out of 9.2 (I would have rating it a half a point lower but I’m scared of Rowan).

Kent:  Rowan is doing everything that he is capable of doing and his character is awesome suddenly.  He has a moveset, but he is so slow and plodding that it’s not always fun to see.  Add to that, he has the worst entrance music for the men, and I feel bad for him.  Luke got the win, and I don’t ever need to see this one ever again, unfortunately.  I will give it a 3.4, and feel sad.


  1.  Jinder Mahal def Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion

Keri:  I will be honest. I went to bed before this match. But after reading the recaps and watching video, I have to say this match was better than I expected it to be.  I haven’t been shy in saying that I wasn’t buying Jinder as champ but I’m starting to believe.  Who would have thought that the guy who didn’t win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal because of Gronk and Mojo is now WWE champ? I sure didn’t but alas, here we are. I’m interested to see where this goes from here. Even though I think it will probably end with Rusev Crush. Rating: 5.5 out of 9.2 (the shock value of the ending gave this an extra half point).

Kent:  The crowd really helped make this match memorable prior to the outcome.  Orton looked like the Orton that we love.  He was vicious, and he was killing the Singh Bros.  Jinder what he could to keep the match flow, and it really worked.  Then Jinder won it, and my god, good for him.  I didn’t think that they would do it, but they did it.  I was skeptical, but they made this work.  I didn’t like the ref showing too much leniency towards the challenger, but without it, the match would have bombed I fear.  This is what I will remember most from this weekend, no matter how many great matches preceded it.  I will give this a 5.5 as it was decent, and the crowd.


  1.  Between NXT TakeOver Chicago and Backlash, which even was the better one?  Please explain.

Keri:  NXT Takeover hands down. Don’t get me wrong. Backlash, had a lot great matches and did a lot of things right. But NXT Takeover took the ball and knocked completely out of the park. The matches and the storytelling during Takeover was just spot on. Also, Takeover had the UK match and Backlash didn’t. That was really the deciding factor between the two, wasn’t it everyone?

Kent:  I will go with NXT, but this was surprisingly close.  Really, the women helped NXT win out here.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Name the worst match of the night.

Keri:  Bad Hair Day. I mean the women’s match.

Kent:  Women, sadly.


  1.  Name the best match of the night.

Keri:  Shinsuke and Dolph. It lived up to the hype and then some.

Kent:  Yes, I have 2 matches rated at 7.5.  I will say that Shinsuke and Dolph may be the better match in the end, but they will receive the same rating as they both did a great job and had one major gripe.

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NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Review

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Review.  This is the only blog that really regrets saying that this card looked lackluster and have been proven oh so terribly wrong.  What a great show!!  I am here with Cece today to give all of you a recap on what happened and our thoughts.  Please enjoy.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.

  1.  Roderick Strong defeated Eric Young

Cece:  This was one of the matches I was sort of happy to see. I have been following Roddy since the early 2000’s back when he used to come to my small hometown with FIP and followed him some throughout ROH. He’s a great wrestler and really has his heart and soul into this business. I’m only familiar with Eric Young from the last couple months I’ve been watching NXT. Anyway, the match was solid, and I was very happy with the outcome. Roddy came out on top and you could see how happy he was when the match was over. I give this match a 7.

Kent:  This match was pretty damn good.  The problem I have with both of these gentlemen is that it often takes a good 5 minutes to feel a groove during the PPV matches.  But you recognize it as soon as it clicks, and then it’s on.  Both guys can be in the main event soon enough and a year from now, I could see both guys on the main roster.  ROderick really needs a strong feud and story to get him through the glass ceiling.  EY has a great group that is main roster ready today and could have good storylines.  I would give this a 5.8.  I enjoyed it, I would watch it again, but I wasn’t in love with it.  


  1.  Pete Dunne defeated Tyler Bate for the UK Championship

Cece:  This was my favorite match of the night, to be honest. Both these men are so versed and skilled in the ways of wrestling. I was entirely too impressed by the fact that they were more entertaining than almost anyone in RAW or Smackdown right now. They both definitely have some potential. I was hoping for Tyler to keep this one, but it didn’t really bother me that Pete took it. The match was well worth it all. Solid 9.2

Kent:  Jesus tap dancing Christ!  I know that I suggested that people watch out for this match to steal the show, but we now have our second match of the year candidate behind the three way tag title match Mania weekend on NXT.  This match had everything that I want in a match.  Pete Dunne is fucking money.  If the WWE can get it’s head out of it’s ass, they have William Regal reincarnated with a bigger, more athletic moveset.  What I truly loved about this compared to the widely discussed Kenny Omega match in January, was that the big moves felt big but didn’t come across as dangerous or career shortening.  I can’t give this a 9.2 because although this is great, the storyline heading into this was almost non-existent.  I know that it is petty to hold that against a match, but imagine if this had had a great story heading into it.  Oh, yeah, suddenly the match is all the cooler.  There is zero shame in a 9.1.  Fantastic match.


  1.  Asuka defeated Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Cece:  I feel like this match could have gone so many different ways. I was unhappy with the outcome. The timing was off in the end and the outcome seemed lazy and thrown together. I would have liked to have seen one of the other girls gain the title, even if just for a little while. I give this one a 6.1

Kent:  I enjoyed this match at times, and other times it felt too much like a spot fest.  Ruby Riot reminds me too much of Lita, and that’s not a compliment.  She hits her spots, but she’s not a wrestler that can make a match great.  She needs lots of help.  With that being said, this is developmental, where you learn to do these things.  She can still get to that point, and I hope that she does as she has a great look.  Nikki is my favorite girl in NXT, bar none, and has been for 7 months or so.  She is the total package, and if booked properly, she will be a surprise hit on the main roster.  Asuka is fucking great.  I don’t think this match was as good as the opener, looking back on it.  I would happily give this a 5.6 and feel fine.


  1.  Bobby Roode defeated Hideo Itami to retain the NXT Heavyweight Championship

Cece:  This was also another cliche outcome. Of course Bobby was going to retain. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Hideo but I know he’s a good wrestler and tries his hardest. Bobby just annoys me and seems like the type of dude who buys those nuts to hang down on his truck. I give this match a 4.9.

Kent:  What a surprisingly good matchup!  I really loved it.  I’m old school, I love working over body parts, weakening them, and seeing how wrestlers not only sell it, but find unique ways to overcome that injury.  I found this brilliant in that regard.  Bobby has the HHH tendency to get boring for minutes at a pop for whatever reason.  He’s a methodical wrestler, and it works for him, but it is still a fair criticism in regards to my enjoyment factor.  Still, this match really wowed me.  I was expecting a bland fuck you match.  I give this a 7.2.  


  1.  The Authors of Pain defeated DIY in a ladder match to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Cece: Oh man, I didn’t get a chance to watch this match due to chores around the house, but I did happen to catch the very end where Ciampa beat the shit out of Gargano and that was really intense. It was sad to see but I mean; here we go again… Owens Vs. any of his ‘best friends’ all over. I can’t really grade this match too well but I will say for what I DID see, a solid 8.

Kent:  The pressure was on to follow up so much quality, and these guys absolutely nailed it.  The Authors of Pain are F’N legit.  Yes, they need guys to work against and have been fortunate by and large so far, but it will only get better when they get called up as far as level of talent is concerned.  Readers of this blog know that I have been down with Ciampa since I first laid eyes on him.  I oddly enough feel the same way about Oney Lorcan.  Anyway, Gargano is no slouch, and this match had just the right amount of spots.  What I enjoyed was the timing of the double team spots.  The ladder to Gargano’s chin or face was cringe inducing, and he took it like a champ.  Abraham Ford would have been proud of that hit.  So they give us this great match, and the AoP leave and you are left wondering what is happening.  I had 2 thoughts.  1. DIY were getting called up and were getting a nice farewell moment.  2.  They were going to attacked by a debuting team.  Then it kept going and going and I knew something was up.  And then came one of the better beatdowns in recent memory, not as good as Braun on Roman, but this was more personal due to them being friends and partners.  When they make it to 204, that division is going to be absolutely stacked and need more championships.  My hat off to the match and after match.  I give that a solid 8.2.


  1.  What was the worst match of the night?

Cece:  Worst match of the night was probably Bobby Vs. Itami.

Kent:  The Women, unfortunately.  But there wasn’t such thing as a bad match, so no gripes.


  1.  What was the best match of the night?

Cece:  As I’ve stated before, the U.K. Title match.

Kent:  The UK match and anybody who says otherwise is a person who’s opinion shouldn’t be valued.  
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WWE Backlash 2017 Preview – 9 Deuce

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that will be saying how horrible this is compared to last night’s NXT.  How great was NXT Takeover Chicago?

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.


  1.  Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

Russ:  Glad Aiden English is getting a chance now that he has lost the albatross that was Simon Gotch.  With that said I expect this might be a dark horse match.  No one is expecting much from this match so it may be a surprise.  Tye is one of the guys I hitched my wagon to on the podcast so I’m calling for him to pick up the win.

Prediction: Tye Dillinger

Kent:  I really like both guys.  No need to have Tye lose momentum just to give Aiden a blip of momentum.  I say that, but if Aiden can win and turn this into a legit feud, I would be very much in favor of that.  Money in the Bank is due up soon, so I think Tye is just winning and moving forward.

Prediction: Tye Dillinger


  1.  Naomi, Becky, & Charlotte vs Natalya, Carmella, & Tamina

Russ:  Other than a few moments this whole feud has been hot garbage.  I really don’t care about this match.  The only thing I care about is whether or not there will be a turn.  If there is no turn then the welcoming committee has no chance in Hell.  However, it feels like there should be a turn by either Naomi or Becky.  I’m going with Naomi, even though this will be a mistake.

Prediction:  Welcoming Committee with a Naomi Turn (stupid!)  

Kent:  YAWWWWWWN.  I care about this due to Carmella and Ellsworth.  I can’t stand Charlotte’s matches.  I assume Becky or possibly Naomi will be the face in peril, and then Charlotte will be close to winning when Naomi is involved in something that causes the bad girls to win.  I really, really, really don’t care.

Prediction: The Welcoming Committee with Carmella pinning Charlotte


  1.  Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan

Russ:  A match Luke Harper is in then I’m invested enough to pay attention, but WWE did nothing to hook the casual fan on this match.  Both guys are good in the ring and I think Luke is good enough to carry the match if need be.  Rowan needs the win more than Luke does, but the way WWE has been treating Luke since March his stock has crashed and a win would cushion the fall.  

Prediction:  Rowan, he’ll cheat and this feud will continue

Kent:  I have a big issue with this feud.  If you are going ahead with this match and feud, then it should feel more personal than it currently does.  These guys were partners for years.  This doesn’t have the heat that this feud deserves, and I fear the crowd may not react kindly.  I say that the smart thing to do would be to have Rowan win and see what he can do with some momentum.  Keep the feud brewing.  Luke doesn’t get elevated by a win here, but Rowan does.

Prediction: Luke because of the logic flaw


  1.  Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

Russ:  Lots of matches on this card seem like they could easily steal the show, this is one of them.  I like both guys and I can see this going either way.  However, Baron doesn’t need the win as much as Zayn does.  

Prediction:  Zayn

Kent:  This is a similar situation to the Luke match.  Baron doesn’t gain much by winning, but this could really help give Sami some serious momentum, like possibly winning Money in the Bank momentum.  Baron is going to get his.  Him eating losses isn’t hurting him at all, so give Sami the win.

Prediction: Sami by fluke


  1.  Randy Orton vs Jinder for WWE Heavyweight Championship

Russ:  I have given Jinder the benefit of the doubt up to this point and I have seen nothing that tells me he is ready for the Main Event.  WWE has tried to get him ready by feeding him great opponents to help, but he is just not there.  With that said Randy has also been garbage since March.  I am not looking forward to this match at all.  So I say F**k it give the belt to Jinder.  

Prediction:  Winner and New WWE Champion Jinder (thanks for the singh Bros.)  

Kent:  Nope.  Don’t care.  Please don’t main event with this.  I hope that this has a lot of interference that keeps things a little interesting.  If if’s mainly one on one, expect to be bored out of your mind.  Randy, for the love of god, PLEASE try hard to make this match the best that it can be.  Just try.

Prediction:  Randy gets caught by the ref using a weapon that the Singh brothers tossed in to Jinder.  So Jinder wins by DQ.


  1.  Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles for US Championship

Russ:  I am pretty sure this will be the match of the night.  Do I even have to explain why?  I’m looking forward to this match even though the build for it has been so-so.  KO is just starting his reign and AJ is the perfect opponent to bring legitimacy to it.  

Prediction:  KO retains by hook or by crook.  

Kent:  This build up has really let me down.  The Jericho stuff killed this match’s momentum, plain and simple.  I understand why it happened, but these are facts.  This is probably going to be the match of the night.  I don’t understand how AJ was ever the favorite.  Why would you end this story with KO as the face of America?   This should go on for months and help elevate the belt.  AJ needs to be gunning for Randy.

Prediction: KO wins cleanly via some cool reversal or counter


  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler

Russ:  Depending on how these two styles match up this could be a great match.  I’m not sure if WWE will keep this feud going after this match (they should), but in either case they need to showcase Shinsuke to the WWE Universe.  That doesn’t mean he has to win this, it just means he needs to show the casual fan what the rest of us already know.  

Prediction:  Dolph by cheating (I’m grasping at straws here.) to continue this feud.  

Kent:  This is the other possible match of the night.  What it comes down to is how dominant that they want to make Shinsuke look.  I think it would be a mistake to have him overly dominant like Asuka.  Keep this incredibly competitive, and as I suggested on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast, the best thing is to have Dolph win somehow, and then have Shin beat him to get into the MitB ladder match and then have Dolph cost Shinsuke the briefcase during the match.  That storyline is gold.

Prediction: Shinsuke wins in 5 minutes


  1.  Breezedango vs The Uso’s for Tag Team Championship

Russ:  Best thing going in the WWE.  Both teams were given an opportunity to show us why we should care and they delivered.  A win for Breezedango keeps the fashion files from disappearing or becoming irrelevant, so I am hoping this is how it all plays out.  Though if the Ugo’s are going to continue to impress with their creative promos I won’t be disappointed if they keep the titles.  

Prediction:  Breezedango.  I want fashion files done on every other tag team in the division!

Kent:  In honor of this being the best story happening on WWE in totality, I have this last because it deserves it.  I have convinced myself that Breezedango is winning this one because a loss will really harm them more than help Uso’s.  Keep this feud going!  I love it.

Prediction:  The Uso’s will win because…WWE


  1.  Currently, the betting odds are going crazy and now Jinder, KO, Usos, Sami, Welcoming Commitee, Luke, Shinsuke, and Tye are all favored.  Randy, AJ, Face Girls, and Baron had been favored until very recently.  Pick one upset against the current odds.

Russ:  Even with the odds in Jinder’s favor is Randy winning really an upset?  I’m going with Rowan.  Luke seems like the type of guy who wants to help get people over and since Rowan is a friend I think he may eat the loss here to further the story.

Kent:  Shinsuke is who I suspect may get upset.  Yes, his odds are so high that if you put $66, and Shinsuke wins, you would get back $67.  Think about that one.  Put $5 down on Dolph and get $55.  That’s the best bet in my mind.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  What match are you most looking forward to?

Russ:  I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’m going with Tye vs. Aiden.  I want to see what these two can do in the ring and since Tye is my guy (new catchphrase!)  I want to see what I have to look forward to for the next 10 months.  

Kent:  Dolph vs Shinsuke because I have no idea how they are going to do it.  I think KO vs AJ will be better, but I look forward to this one more.


  1.  What match are you least looking forward to?

Russ:  I’m going with Orton vs. Jinder.  Jinder has tried like hell, but he just isn’t ready and Randy gave up 2 months ago.  

Kent:  The Orton match.  I fear that this will be the main event and be awful.  That is worse than the women stinking up the joint mid card.
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NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2017 Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s NXT TakeOver Chicago 2017 Preview.  Let’s face it, this is just a basic preview.  But at the end, we talk about other stuff, so we have that going for us.  This card feels lackluster to me.  The Roddy vs EY match and the UK match don’t feel as important as some other matches could be, yet I suspect the UK match will absolutely deliver.  I’m here with Teddy who watches NXT regularly so that you don’t have to just read my opinions, which makes you the winner.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.


Roderick Strong vs Eric Young

Teddy:  I feel like Eric Young will win to drive forward a bigger feud

Kent:  Eric Young vs Bobby Roode makes for a great match up, as TNA fans can attest. Roode vs Roddy is also a quality match. My issue is that with Shinsuke and then Hideo and Ohno in between, Roode has been facing a lot of strikers recently, so I would prefer him vs a more traditional wrestler. I’m going to pick Eric here, but the Roddy vignettes this month were well done.


UK Championship Match
Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne

Teddy:  I like Tyler Bate in this match. I really don’t see him dropping the title before the WWE UK show starts

Kent:  Like Teddy said, it seems unlikely to have Tyler lose the belt prior. Pete is a guy that can give Tyler a great match, so they can highlight each other’s strengths. I like Pete’s moveset better, but he’s losing.


NXT Women’s Championship Match
Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot

Teddy:  Asuka is Bae but she wont retain. I want Ruby to win but I think Nikki Cross will win

Kent:  Nikki is my girl but Asuka is keeping the belt because the other girls will cancel each other. When it’s time, I think Ember is getting that belt, unless she runs interference tonight.


NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Authors of Pain vs D.I.Y.

Teddy:  D.I.Y.? Idk both bore me anyways

Kent:  I love both teams. Authors of Pain have such huge main roster potential, that won’t be realized, but still. DIY will probably never be huge on the main roster if Enzo & Cass, The Ascension, and American Alpha can’t break the glass ceiling. AoP is winning so they can take on Heavy Machinery next.


NXT World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami

Teddy:  Bobby is going to retain but not in a clean match.

Kent:  I can’t imagine Bobby losing. Hideo really got screwed by his injury. Shinsuke made him a distant memory. Bobby is ready for main roster any time, but they may be wise to keep him til SummerSlam. Bobby retains in a HHH type way.  Also, I highly recommend a song by Eminem, Obie Trice, and DMX called “Go To Sleep”.  It’s a great angry style song that can get you amp’d.


Do you feel underwhelmed by this card with so many people left off?  If you could add a kickoff show match, who would you put in the match?

Teddy:  maybe Aleister Black but versus someone who isn’t a jobber. Dream match would be drew mcintyre versus black

Kent:  So we don’t have Aleister, Drew, No Way Jose, Heavy Machinery, Andrade, Oney Lorcan, The other 2 Sanity, and of course Kassius. You could basically make an equally great card out of who’s not wrestling. They shouldn’t have give Drew vs Andrade so soon unless Andrade is moving up soon. I say Drew vs Aleister vs Andrade vs Kassius for a #1 contender match would be great, especially elimination style. All Aleister needs a bit more time but the other 3 can get called up any day. Well Kassius needs to drop a bit more weight.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – May 15 & 16, 2017 – Day One Is H Edition


Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that will be referring to Lana as EmmaLana.  This gimmick is bound to fail, but hopefully not before a wardrobe malfunction.  This is a big week as we have Backlash and NXT Chicago this weekend.  We don’t spend much time discussing these thing because we have more important things to talk about, like Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.

The 9

  1.  Alright, I gotta ask, you had the best night: Goldust, Apollo, or Titus?

Russ:  I’m taking Apollo.  He hit a sweet kick on Enzo’s face.  Who here hasn’t wanted to do that?  So Apollo got to live out a dream that’s a great night in my books.

Keri:  I’m going to go with Goldust. He finally turned heel and got payback on someone if you remember correctly wasn’t sure he wanted to team with him in the first place. I, for one, welcome our evil Goldust overlord. Let’s see what he does next.

Kent:  I loved all 3 guys tonight.  Goldust may have gotten people to care about Truth, which is special.  I loved seeing this side of Apollo tonight and I think they are on to something.  But let’s be real.  Titus stole the show tonight.  He was my MVP.  Russ, if Titus isn’t your man crush of the week, I may have to physically fight you and get out of breath 9.2 seconds into the brawl.

  1.  Hey, did you know that there’s a Fatal 5 fight at Extreme Rules?  It promises to be historic.  Speaking of first time ever, did you know that Monday was the first night that Seth fought Bray one on one on the main roster?  Do you even believe that?  The picture below is taken from  Seriously.

Russ:  If WWE didn’t tell me 50 times about the first time ever Fatal 5 fight #1 contendership at Extreme Rules then how would I know it was going to happen?  As for Bray and Seth.  It may have been the first time they fought one-on-one in front of a TV crowd, but they have most certainly fought each other plenty of times.  Just in the Shield vs. Wyatt Family alone they have fought each other constantly.  Still this was HISTORIC!  WWE leave your historic crap away from Seth.  I don’t want you to ruin him like you ruined Sasha!  

Keri:  There is that word again. Historic. I’m seriously wondering a couple things about Creative at this point in regards to that word. First, do they know what that word means? Second, is that the only word they know to describe something that has “never happened before”? Now onto to this first time Bray and Seth thing. I really had to rack my brain on this one but WWE may have gotten this one right. And therein lies the tragic part of the whole thing.  Both Bray and Seth have been on the main roster for several years now and their respective former factions have feuded during that time frame.  Yet, this is their first time meeting one on one on the main roster. That’s kind of a shame when you think about it and it also says a lot about WWE booking up to this point of Wyatt. Now onto the match announcement because of who is involved I know you are all dying to hear my thoughts on this announcement. Honestly, I’m not excited about the possibility of Finn vs Brock. I think that matchup has no potential whatsoever and that is not because of Finn. Brock just does not match up well with former Indy guys not name Seth Rollins or well possibly one other guy in this match. With that being said, I could really get behind the idea of Samoa Joe vs Brock. That match up would make me say shut up and take my money. So, WWE, your move.

Kent:  Well, I stand corrected.  This was the first televised match.  Yes, I poured through all of the RAW results.  Yes, the Shield and Wyatts feuded briefly, but their RAW time wasn’t against each other too often, and when it was, it was either Dean or Roman against Bray.  They immediately dropped the feud and headed in other direction.  You have to remember, the Shield turned face after Mania 30, but 2 months later, Seth turned heel.  So there was only a finite amount of time for this match to have taken place, and it simply didn’t happen surprisingly.  Also, WWE, seriously cut out the bullshit with advertising things ad nauseum.  I had to keep fast forwarding out of anger and hatred.  We get it.  We aren’t deaf.  Most of us aren’t mildly retarded.  There are some folks who do have mental issues, but they are not the retards of the world.  Just go on social media and you will find plenty, trust me.  Oh, and what the hell does a fatal 5 way prove exactly?  That you’re an opportunist?  It’s not an elimination match, it’s just whoever gets the first pin.  So you stay out of the ring as much as possible and try to capitalize.  That’s boring as hell.  Screw you guys, I’m fast forwarding every week until this nonsense is over.  

  1.  So, Sheasaro last week became number one contender through a pretty dominant performance and then this week Sheamus pretty much jobbed to Jeff. Did the events of this week hurt or help Sheasaro? Are we supposed to believe that Sheasaro is a threat to the Hardys? Discuss.

Russ:  Usually, when the Tag Division does something like this he loser team ends up being the Tag team champions.  So maybe this is a good thing for Sheasaro.  However, I love the fact that they destroyed the rest of the Tag Division last week and then job to Jeff Hardly the next week.  WWE Logic is flawless!  

Keri:  Last week, Sheasaro pretty much steam rolled over the entire division to become number one contender. Then this week it seemed like we are back to the same old booking we had before Payback minus the handshaking. Sorry, Creative but I’m not convinced that Sheasaro is a threat. At least not with this booking. Give me something I haven’t seen before, you know actual promo work a few wins on the Sheasaro side and then I will believe. Right now, I feel that the Hardys are keeping the belt until that team that likes to go hard returns. You know the Revival. Sheasaro just looks like a placeholder to me right now.

Kent:  I don’t get it.  Either Sheasaro is a super team that can beat 4 other teams consecutively to become #1 contenders, or Sheamus sucks.  You can’t  book it both ways.  If they kept having Sheasaro win until the PPV then have the Hardlys pull it out because of their years together, I could buy into that.  Now, no interest.  Suck it WWE you morons.

  1.  Dean and Miz had an IC Title Match.  Give us your thoughts.  

Russ:  Thought the match was one of their better ones.  It was exciting and unpredictable right until the end and well paced between the two guys.  The DQ ending kind of tarnished the match a little bit, but it progressed the story in a logical way so I’m ok with that.  These two have had several matches to say the least, but this felt fresh and fun.   

Keri:  This was a really good match. You could just tell both guys knew each other very well in terms of in-ring ability and the action played off of that fact. The ending was kinda stupid but it sets things up for Extreme Rules so I guess it’s kinda ok with me. But this feud should not go past Extreme Rules because we are starting to approach overkill with these two.

Kent:  The match was good until the end.  Nothing I’d ever re-watch, but that’s been the majority of their matches to be fair.  It just elongated a feud that I am mentally done with.  Just let them talk and not wrestle.  That way I can be a little happier.  Maybe Maryse should be put in a shark cage and hang her above the ring.  It would be HISTORIC!!!

  1.  Which woman stood out the most for you on RAW?

Russ:  Alexa of course.  Though Alicia Fauuuux getting a clean win over Sasha was fantastic I completely missed the match. Alexa was her normal fantastic goddess self.  Bayley will get her licks in at Extreme Rules, but I’m confident that Little Miss Bliss will still be the champ at the end of the night.  

Keri:  For once I have to say it wasn’t Alexa. I mean she was her usual brilliant self. I hope that Extreme Rules is the end of this thing with her and Bayley (yawn). Also, where was her new BFF, Nia? Anyways back to the question, I have to go with Alicia Fox. A clean win over Sasha didn’t used to come so easily. Good for her! Makes me wonder where all this is going with these two? Call me intrigued if you will.

Kent:  I can’t be the only one slightly turned on by that picture above me.  Admit it Keri!  Anyway, tough one, but Alicia Foxxxxxxx picked up a legit win over Sasha Banks, so I gotta go with my side girlfriend.  Alexa did great, but she cut a promo, while Foxy won a match.  Alexa did make me stick out a little bit, I’m not going to lie.

  1.  Did AJ’s match with Jinder show you any promise with Jinder as far as in ring skills go?

Russ:  AJ Is a guy who can have a match with anyone and make it work.  He proved that again last night against Jinder.  As far as Jinder having some in ring skill, there might be a slim chance he can make things work.  There were a few spots I thought he did fairly well in, but overall I wasn’t really impressed with him.  They went to the same spots several times and each time Jinder looked awkward.  What will be a real test of his in ring skills will be him vs. Randy.  I am already dreading that match.  

Keri:  In this match, AJ did what he does best. He made his opponent look like a million bucks. As I said last week, I’ve never been sold on Jinder as number one contender and this match really did nothing to change that fact. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out when Jinder faces Orton on Sunday. Because unlike AJ, Orton doesn’t have the same ability to make their opponents look strong.

Kent:  It showed us what we have all been fearing.  I hate saying something too soon and then look like a fool, but I can safely say that Jinder needs a lot more refining.  He is at least 2 if not 3 levels in ring below where he needs to be to be in the position that he is in.  He needs to go up a level to be a mid card champ.  Then another to be in the upper card as a challenger, and then of course the final level to be champion level.  He’s working hard, but it’s not the right time.  I applaud WWE for trying something new.  Why he gets a push and a  Cesaro doesn’t, that’s what baffles me, or a Luke, or even a Rowan.   I am not Kentertained.

  1.  We had a contract signing.  They got into a fight.  Naomi wants to snatch bitches bald.  Charlotte looks like a moron with her robe on.  James Ellsworth may be the biggest star in that ring.  Discuss this segment.

Russ:  The Women’s Division on Smackdown has gone down hill since it lost Miss Bliss.  Still I thought Ellsworth had his moment in the ring on Smackdown and that was enjoyable, but the contract signing was boring.  What I don’t understand is how they turned Naomi, a white hot star coming out of Mania, into an after thought for whatever the hell is going to come from this match.  Way to kill her momentum WWE.  Seriously,  do any of us care about how this turns out?  If it turns out that Becky was the mastermind behind the Welcoming Committee, why did she wait until the PPV to show us?  There is no rhyme or reason to do so.  If it turns out Charlotte is the mastermind, then WWE is stupid and no amount of explaining is going to make sense.  If it turns out Naomi is the mastermind,  I don’t understand why they would turn a rising star who works as a baby face into a heel. They need more acts that work as a babyface and Naomi was a rare exception that did just that. Finally, if there is no mastermind behind the Welcoming Committee then they need to break-up immediately after this match because they aren’t good enough to stand-up to the face team.  

Keri:  This segment was just plain ugly in my opinion. I’m mean I know it was a contract signing and contract signings usually suck but come on. None of these women are very good on the mic. Natalya is just awful as a heel and it showed in that segment. Becky was not her usual self and seemed to be phoning it in in that segment. Charlotte, well I said it before and I’ll say it again, I just not believing the hype that surrounds her anymore. Yes, she good in ring but in situations such as this one she shows her shortcomings. Also, why didn’t they let Carmella speak? She is actually good on the mic. Why why why? What a mess. Overall, I’m not expecting much from this match on Sunday.

Kent:  I believe that Naomi is not working with Sasha for a reason, and it has to do with someone’s hairline.   Naomi is something interesting in her promo ability that I think can end up being decent, if not good.  Charlotte, please, PLEASE, I beg you, understand that just by raising the volume of your voice does not do what you think it does.  You just sound like a fucking idiot.  Change inflections on words, talk quiet and then hit a louder note.  What you are doing, nope.  Becky, terrible promo, you’re better than that.  Natty is trying to look like a Khajit.  But the real star who is killing it in his role is of course, James Ellsworth, duh.  Seriously, him and Carmella are going to be stars.

  1.  We’ve had a chance to see Randy vs Baron a couple of times now.  Is this a feud that you want to see for the World Championship?

Russ:  NO!  To be a little more clear:  Baron should be in a Main event WWE Championship match, but please for the love of God, don’t make it against Randy! Their match last night felt like it was never going to end and not in a good way where you want them to fight forever..  I like Randy, but his matches lately have been almost unwatchable and  boring.  I don’t blame Baron for this, because I’ve seen Baron have great matches with several guys in the past few months.  You know who hasn’t been in a good match since Luke Harper?  You guessed it Randy.  Randy’s title reign has been utter crap and honestly if Jinder beat him I’d be all too happy about it.  

Keri:  I believe that a Baron vs. Orton feud has potential and I’m ok with it. What I’m not ok with is how Orton phoning it lately and that is what he’s been doing lately on Smackdown. The match Tuesday night reflected just that it looked slow and deliberate and you could just see Baron’s frustration with the whole situation. I think Smackdown needs to end the Jinder experiment and give Orton a feud he can actually work with and I think we will see better results.

Kent:  I think that Baron needs to win Money in the Bank and cut his feud with Randy as short as possible.  I would have Baron cash it in as soon as Rusev pins Randy.  Why?  Then Baron vs Randy vs Rusev could be a fun as hell match.  Baron vs Randy was good the previous time, but Randy is not the same at this point.  Is he possibly injured?  Or is it typical Randy where, once he gets the belt, he gets complacent?  He tries harder when he is chasing the belt, and that’s the case with a lot of guys, not just him.  Randy is great, an all timer, but his match quality tends to slip when he is champ unless working with another great guy not named John or Sheamus.

  1.  Is there a way to make the Shinsuke vs Dolph feud interesting past Sunday or should they scrap it?

Russ:  WWE really dug a hole on this feud that they can’t climb out of.  The only way to keep it interesting beyond Sunday is to have Dolph win in a very unfair way!  Unfortunately,  they don’t have the luxury of having Dolph win this match because the way they booked Shinsuke..  If Shinsuke doesn’t win then holding him off TV matches up to this point was stupid.  Shinsuke winning completely deflates Dolph and gives him no legs to stand on beyond Sunday.  So after Sunday it’s time for both men to move on.  

Keri:  This feud should not go past Sunday. Ziggler’s role here is to put over Shinsuke as a credible threat on the Smackdown roster. Nothing more, nothing less. The build for this feud has done this successfully and it is leaving the audience wondering if Shinsuke is as good as he is billed (I feel he is) and can Ziggler prove it. Therefore, anything past Sunday would be overkill in my opinion and really a disservice to both guys.

Kent:  Have Dolph win in Chicago and piss off that crowd.  He can cheat, I prefer him cheating.  Dolph should win this and send Shinsuke on a mission hellbent on destroying Dolph.  They can then have a match to determine which of them gets to be in Money in the Bank.  Shinsuke can win.  Dolph can cost Shin the briefcase which will go to Baron.  That leaves a blowoff match in July.  Then they can have fresh feuds for Summerslam.

Bonus Deuce

  1. This is something that Russ, Keri, and I will be discussing on the podcast this week, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to tantalize the blog readers to listen to our explanations.  Do a little cross promoting if you will.  Name 3 WWE talents who are not world champs, aren’t getting a big push, talents who are under the radar that you want to jump on their bandwagon because you see positive things for them leading up Wrestlemania 34.  These can be from RAW, Smackdown, 205, NXT, or the UK.  The big thing to remember is that you expect them to make an impact on the main roster by Mania.  So if you go NXT, you can’t pick a Bobby Roode or Asuka because they are obviously getting pushed.    You can pick Heavy Machinery in honor of Steve though.

Russ:  This is tough.  Originally,  I wanted to hitch my wagon to the Tony Neese horse because he has star written all over him, but I doubt he will be on the Main Roster by Mania.  So I’m going to take my original guy from last year: #1 Big E – He is an amazing talent and they have to break-up New Day sometime in the near future right?  When they do I see a major push for Big E and I can’t wait.  #2 Titus O’Neil –  His Titus Brand Stock is definitely going to rise.  I really hated this gimmick when it first started, but through persistence and several tweaks I’m starting to buy into the Titus Brand.  If they can make this work I see big things in his future.  #3 or should I say #10 Tye Dillinger – given the right opponents and a good storyline Tye has the ability to really make an impact by Mania, don’t let the fact that he hasn’t been on Smackdown in over 2 weeks fool you.  They are setting him up!  

Keri:  So my picks all have something in common. They are all women. My first pick is Carmella. The girl has come along way since her days as a valet for Enzo and Cass. And if she can distance herself from Natalya and Tamina (Ellsworth can stay) and win the right booking she could be the top heel on Smackdown.  I’m thinking the second coming of Alexa once she gets her hands on the Smackdown title. I will go to RAW for my next pick and it will probably cause my colleagues here to collectively groan. My second pick is Nia Jax. Something happened to that women when Alexa arrived on RAW. She became interesting and that is something I never thought I would say about Nia. I’m actually looking forward to an Alexa and Nia feud and a possible title run. My last pick is really the one that I’m throwing almost all my support to and that is Ember Moon. This women has impressed me each time I have seen her perform either in the ring or on the mic. I expect great things from her during the rest of her time in NXT and after she gets her call up.

Kent:  1. The Drifter Elias Sampson will be gold but not wearing any.  2.  Carmella is going to be the best chick on Smackdown by the end of 2017 if she remains healthy.  3. I wanted to say Oney Lorcan or Authors of Pain, but neither are likely to be on the main roster soon enough.  For now I will Xavier Woods.  Him or Big E are going to turn at some point and Xavier has the better mic skills so I went with him.  I am already on Luke, Baron, Alexa, and the Revival’s bandwagon and had a great year.  I doubt that this crop will do better, but I don’t trust The Ascension or Tye Dillenger.   Drew Galloway is a dark horse to watch out for if the WWE sees how much he’s improved, but they may keep him in NXT to help the young guys.  Drew is ready.

  1.  The tag team title match for Backlash has my full attention because both Breezedango and the Usos are killing it.  Considering the teams on Smackdown (The Ascension, American Alpha, The Colons, Jinder’s Hinderers, and whoever else), which team do you put the belts on to make the division relevant again and start rebuilding it?

Russ:  This is hard!  The Ugo’s have been killing it since they won the belts and deserve a chance to hold the belts and make an impact.  On the other hand Breezedango and the Fashion Files have been the best thing about wrestling lately and the crowd is responding.  I’d hate to forsake a white hot team like them.  I say give it to Breezedango for a few months.  Have them feud with different teams.  This will give us more Fashion Files on different teams to help keep things fresh and give Breezedango time to solidify their push as legitimate.  Remember Day one is H!  

Keri:  I’m going to have to agree with my colleagues here and go with Breezedango. The Smackdown tag team division, with exception of the Usos, is young unproven talent. What better way to build the division than to put the belts on a team that can help build upon that fact and potentially lead the division. The Usos at this point do not need the belt in order to help the division. They are proven veterans that can feud with other teams and put them over without the belt. The same goes for the New Day once they return. WWE needs to learn at some point to build stars you have to take risks and put the title on an unproven team instead of having new teams chase the veterans for months on end without a payoff. Smackdown seems to get this concept so let’s see on Sunday if they follow through.

Kent:  I say that you go with Breezedango and get them over as much as you can and make them a huge commodity.  You can eventually split them if you so choose.  Let the Uso’s and New Day have a mic battle.  Give Breezedango a dangerous Ascension who needs a manager in my opinion.  I would get the Sinister Minister for this, James Mitchell.  I would consider bringing in Crazzy Steve and one other person and build a stable.  I don’t know how long Abyss’ contract is, but if not him, go with Aleister Black or Drew McIntyre.  

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A Nightmare 9 Deuce Discussion – A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

We started off with The Shining, and our second film is a hell of a follow up.  I can say that this is my favorite film franchise of all time, yes, even more so than Star Wars.  Freddy Krueger is the greatest horror film villain that I have ever seen, and he is usually among most people’s top 3.  While the Nightmare franchise isn’t known for it’s body count like Friday the 13th is, it makes up for it in some of the most creative death scenes ever.  So if you are a fan of quality over quantity, you probably dig the Elm Street franchise just a little more.

Anyway, I got this 9 Deuce Horror Facebook Group, and we started small, and added a few people.  A good chunk of them agreed to participate in this discussion, so you are going to see some unfamiliar names if you have been reading my other work, and you will see a few familiar folks as well.  If you would like to join us, just go to that link and we’d be happy to have you.  This is a rare blog in that the males outnumber the females.  That’s rarely the case.  For the first time ever, we have a 10 year old participating, and it’s pretty damn cool.  As usual, all comments in bold are by me.   The more that you write, the more likely you are to get a comment.  Mentioning cool stuff also works.   Thank you for contributing and reading.  I hope to see some new faces on June 1st for the New Nightmare 9 Deuce Discussion.  Also, this is where I make the announcement for what the next mid month horror blog will be.  I have chosen The Babadook.  I know that not a lot of people have seen it, but I am hoping that this prompts people to get on NetFlix and watch one of the better made modern horror films out there.

The 9

  1.  Who is your favorite character in this, aside from Freddy?

Chris T:  Nancy

Kristi:  I did enjoy Nancy’s character.  It may be cliche to pick her as she is the main on other than Freddy  but she was the only one that was smart enough to figure it out. Also, the only one to have the balls to try to do something about it.

Sara:   Nancy; I remember her being the first chick in a horror movie (that I’d seen at the time) that didn’t just run around (mostly) naked and scream. She fought back. (Yeah, that brought me down too.  Her stunt double in the tub scene did try to provide some levity. You bring up a good point in that horror actresses back then were still often sex symbols, but Nancy really helped change the mold.  I still enjoy my girls falling in woods though.)

Cece:  Johnny Depp’s character (Glenn)

Teddy:  Depp’s character fer sure (Glenn fer sure)

Jeni:  Nancy, of course!

Dom: Nancy

Thomas:  Nancy, because she’s a badass.

Kent:  I am actually a little surprised at all the love for Nancy.  I will go with Nancy’s daddy because he uses his daughter to get to Rod.  I approve of that.

  1.  Which parent of Nancy do you prefer: Marge or Daddy?

Chris T:  Daddy. John Saxon learned Jute Kune Do from Bruce Lee (And that is how you get a comment.  I would have asked you how you knew that back in February, BUT I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw that Enter the Dragon was on.  I had never seen it, but it had already started.  I then got super excited and was practically screaming “There’s Nancy’s dad!!!”  Good times!)

Kristi:  Marge, Daddy was annoying. Marge at least understood who Freddy was. Also, I would like to have a drink with her. Shes seems like a crazy chic that would have some stories.  (Really good point in that I would absolutely have some drinks with Marge just for the stories.)

Sara:  I think they’re both equally awful in their own ways, but I will say I prefer Marge. Poor drunk momma was just doing the best she could to protect her daughter AND deal with her own guilt over the whole murder situation.  (I always wondered why there was guilt over it.  Maybe I am just a heartless person, but a dude who does the things that he did deserves death, in my opinion.  It was an interesting aspect of her character to have that extra layer of depth.)

Cece:  I guess Marge because the dad was worse.

Teddy:  dad was a dick who tried to drug nancy so fuck him.  (Did he use hypnocil?  I honestly can’t remember.  I don’t think he had access to it at the time. My memory sucks.)

Jeni:  Daddy seemed like a pretty awful parent, so probably Marge. Neither were great parents.  (I will say this now, but it will make more sense when you get to like #8 or 9.  Since my theory down there is apt, I am wondering if Daddy was away most of the time burying himself in his work, for whatever reason.  Was it along the same line as Marge with guilt and her drinking?)

Dom:  Neither.  You have a drunk and an asshole Dad, who helped create the monster who’s trying to kill you.  Way to go Mom and Dad.  (I laughed at this response.  All I could think of was Bud and Kelly Bundy saying “Thanks dad!” in Married With Children.)

Thomas: Daddy, because he would have saved her if he had been able to get in.  (In theory, Daddy would have been the parent to save Nancy, or try to.)

Kent:  Well I already said that he was my favorite character.  Drunk Marge though was also a champ.  These were my 2 favorites after Freddy.  

  1.  Have you ever had a nightmare with Freddy in it?

Chris T:  All the time when I was younger. My parents never let me watch the movies when they came out, and as a result, seeing the trailers, and hearing my friends talk about Freddy, he became my fucking boogeyman. A fucked up looking serial killer, who kills kids in their dreams! Existing in my head definitely made him scarier than he actually was. I was 18 when I finally saw the first movie; I had just watched The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense in the theaters that day, and a Nightmare on Elm Street was playing on tv when I got home. My dreams were fucked up that night

Kristi:  unfortunately not

Sara:  nope.

Cece:  Not yet! *knock on wood*

Teddy:  I mean I have had the 1,2, freddy is coming for you in my dream if that counts?  (It counts, but now I am left wondering if you just heard the song, or were the girls playing with their jump rope?  A cool tidbit about that song is that very early on when the teens first start talking about their dreams and we first hear the song, have you ever thought about that?  Like it’s just this song that little girls sing while playing.  That’s pretty F’N creepy.)

Jeni:  Yes!

Dom:  Not that I can recall, but maybe

Thomas:  No.

Kent:  What the hell people?  I thought that this was going to be close to unanimous with one or two outliers.  I am shocked and baffled.  I used to have them more frequently in my teens and early 20’s, but now if he shows up, it’s usually on way funnier terms for me.  

  1.  Is this the scariest Freddy Krueger or is he scarier in a different film?  If you say different, please tell us which film.

Chris T: Of the numbered movies, yes. The farther along they went the more creative the kills got, but they also made Freddy the king of one liners, some of which were funny, some were dumb. By the time Freddy vs. Jason came around he was a straight comedian.  (Freddy playing with the Power Glove in Freddy’s Dead I think was the height of the one liners.  It’s debatable because he had the “How sweet, dark meat” line in F vs J, but Freddy’s Dead is so loaded with lines.  They haven’t aged well either, but it’s a worthy drinking game.)

Kristi:   none of them scare me now but when i was younger New Nightmare scared the hell out of me. That damn kid when he was possessed by Freddy..  that was terrifying.  (Oh man, I can’t wait to see your responses for the next blog then.)

Sara: I was very afraid of Freddy in the first movie when I first saw it, but I would say that Freddy in New Nightmare is scarier to me, because he’s evolved and seems to be more powerful.  (I used to think on that level too.  I think it was because I was so wowed at the idea when it came out.  There’s a lot to be said in how they really made Freddy “scary” again for that film.)

Cece:  He is scariest in Freddy Vs. Jason

Teddy:  I personally never viewed Freddy as scary

Jeni: That’s a tough question.. I want to say that he was scarier in Dream Warriors, but that’s probably because Freddy didn’t scare me anymore after that. I remember when The Dream Master came out and the first time I watched it I felt more fascinated by the story of Freddy than scared.  (I really wish I could have articulated a better question about the evolution of Freddy.  He started as this unknown dream guy, but we learn his dark past which is awful if you apply it to real life terms.  Then in part 2, not that I consider that film to exist, he tries to get more powerful so he can disrupt a pool party and possibly be gay, I don’t know.  That whole thing is it’s own discussion.  In part 3, Freddy now has a persona and he starts to openly mock his victims, pretending to give them a chance, like with the Wizard Master kid and the junkie chick. By 4, he turns up the mockery even more.  By five, he cares about mocking, but he’s back on a mission to get the kid.  In 6, I don’t even know.  Stuff with his daughter and one liners is all I got.  By 7, he has regained all focus and in that regard, a focused Freddy should be the scariest.  There’s a lot to be said about his development.)

Dom:  Hard to say.  It’s the first film so I feel that they tried to make him as scary as possible  but I didn’t find him scary.

Thomas: I have only seen the 1st Nightmare on Elm St., so I have no opinion on this.

Kent:  I want to say that he was scarier in Part 3, but that awful skeleton fight at the end…..I just can’t.  I will go with Part 4 Freddy, and it’s for 2 reasons.  The cockroach dream sequence and the people running around and repeating themselves, which may be the same sequence.  Anyway, as a person who has had the same dream sequence play out, that stuff freaks me out.  Plus he killed a teen with asthma.  Come on.  He’s not scary ever in reality, but I would suggest that 4 is his scariest.

  1.  Who’s the worst character in this?  Worst can mean that they are awful, or you simply don’t like them for whatever reason.

Chris T:  the retarded deputy. I’m surprised any cops lived through the ‘80’s  ( i am just enjoying the cops living through the 80’s comment.)

Kristi:  Rod, I think that’s his name, the one that they thought killed Tina. He was just a little too arrogant for my liking. Watching him get hung was a highlight for me.  (I used to feel that way, but Rod is just a dude.  He’s a teen trying to score, and if he can have fun by F’N with Glenn, it’s like bonus points.  He really isn’t a bad guy, but I am willing to bet a lot of people would agree with you.)

Sara:  Rod. He just annoyed me for some reason.

Cece:  Nancy’s father

Teddy:  the dad (like who tries to ruffie their own daughter smh) (Bonus point for the ruffie line.)

Jeni:  Aside from the parents.. I found Rod a little annoying, but I don’t know if he’s the worst character. It bothers me that he ran after Tina was killed. He just made the cops think that he was guilty by running.  (I am curious, is that something that you have always thought of or something you think of as an adult, regarding the running away part?  He’s a dumb 17 or 18 year old in a room where his girlfriend got slaughtered.  I feel that in his circumstance, I would also run.  Nobody is going to believe your story.  You’re kinda screwed.)

Dom:  Dad

Thomas:  Nancy’s mom, because she wouldn’t give Nancy the keys to get out to save Glen.  (When I was younger, that used to bug the hell out of me as well.  I get it now, but at the time, I was more irritated.)

Kent:  When I was younger, it absolutely would have been Rod.  Now, it’s actually Glenn.  He’s pretty useless, and somewhat of a pussy.  Like he doesn’t stay awake for Nancy.  He let’s Rod bully him.  His attire.  I have no idea how Depp became a star after this film, but good for him.

  1.  What is your favorite dream sequence in the film?

Chris T:  the opening sequence  (At the time, I can’t think of a horror film that had a better opening sequence.  Maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Burning would be contenders, but for very different reasons.  Of course the grand daddy of them all is the opening to Night of the Living Dead.  Then you fast forward 12 years, and Scream set the standard for opening sequences that still holds today.)

Kristi:  I don’t know if it counts but when Tina dies. The flashing back and forth of Freddy killing her in real life and the dream was awesome! (Of course it counts!  Without that scene, the franchise may never have gotten the praise that it did.) 

Sara:  The study hall dream-sequence. “Screw your hall pass!” was always a huge favorite of mine. (Nodding my head in agreement.)

Cece:  Boiler room with Nancy  (This film made boiler rooms cool!  I admit, after this film and part 3, I started looking forward to a boiler room scene in every film.  There’s a cool boiler room scene in a film called Los Innocentes.  I think it’s on NetFlix.  The people who made the film actually liked my review.)

Teddy:  not sure if it counts but when Depp’s character gets pulled into the bed and then it has it’s period all over the place.  (As with Kristi, of course that counts!  I can’t think of a film prior to this that would do something that awesome and bloody.  I think this was the scene that almost electrocuted Nancy in real life, and Robert Englund saved her.  I think I read about that in the DVD box set.)

Jeni:  The dream sequence that comes to mind is when Nancy asks Glen to watch her sleep. The scene when she is running up the melting stairs.. Could you imagine the feeling of running away from a serial killer and the ground beneath you is melting? Also, Freddy walks through a jail cell seven years before T2!  (The melting stairs was really something unique, and actually creep’d me out when I was younger.  A T2 reference will get you bonus points on this blog.  The points are meaningless, but it’s like getting a sticker.)

Dom:  Johnny Depp’s.  A dude pulled into his mattress and then we see his blood spurt out.  Awesome

Thomas: When Glen gets sucked into his bed and there is a giant blood explosion.

Kent:  I gotta go with the school and Nancy following Tina.  The whole sequence is pretty neat and eerie, especially for it’s time.Plus it gives me an opportunity to give props to the great Lin Shaye, who is the sister of Robert Shaye, who is the producer.  You know Lin Shaye.  She’s one of the best storytellers in horror.  She’s the saving grace of Insideous.

  1.  Please give me your interpretation of the ending.  Please, please make sure to answer this on your own. (I just have to say that there are true pieces in everybody’s interpretation, and I didn’t want to leave comments for this one.)

Chris T:  The studio made Craven go back and shoot that ending because no one liked the original happy ending. The original ending was never released in the states. Basically the studio wanted a new franchise, which worked out well for them, but gave us the cliche ‘80’s horror movie ending, with the ‘not-really’ dead villain jumping out at the last second

Kristi:  That it was an illusion that he died and she was actually killed. It brought them into an alternate world where they were constantly trying to defeat him. They were in his dream world though so even if they win it basically starts over.

Sara:  I always thought that it was a way of saying that even though Nancy thought she had beaten Freddy, she was kidding herself, and that Freddy was going to win in the end.

Cece: She’s just dreaming again because of her PTSD. Idk.  

Teddy:  Freddy used Nancy’s mom to jump back into the dream world. So i feel like Nancy was having another nightmare

Jeni:  The ending feels like it’s Marge or possibly even Daddy’s dream. They feel guilt for burning Freddy and the deaths that have resulted. Marge and Daddy want their daughter to overcome Freddy, so the film uses a quick symbolic way (turning her back) to show that Nancy can defeat Freddy by overcoming her fear of him. It’s really sad because they want Nancy to be happy and have her friends back again. It shows that Nancy’s parents had good intentions and maybe they are ultimately good parents because they wants what’s best for their daughter. Freddy shows them, though, that he’s not easily beaten and you can’t escape him.

Dom:  An endless nightmare/dream cycle.   She thought she defeated him by not believing and hence conquered her fears, but the are others who believe in him and thus he’s “reborn”

Thomas: I think they’re giving you a clue that there will be a second movie. The car means that Freddy’s not dead yet, even though he burned.

Kent:  Well, like the last 20 or so minutes of the film is a dream.  For close to 20 years I had issues with how it ended.  Nothing added up nor did it make sense.  In Freddy’s Dead, they brought him to the real world and killed him, but that’s what they allegedly did here.  We know by the ending that she was still dreaming.  The reality is that Nancy dreamed most of the final quarter of the film.  The next time that you watch the film, wait for her to start her dream sequence shortly after Glenn’s death I believe.  Here’s the thing, Marge still dies though.  This is fact.  Maybe she didn’t die when we saw her, but she in fact dies.  What we do know is that Nancy returns in part 3 because part 2 never happened as far as I’m concerned.  Nancy returns as this dream specialist.  So what happened from the time that she fell asleep around the 65 minute mark until Dream Warriors?  Marge died.  Nancy became institutionalized.  Her dad became a drunk. Nancy gets better and studies dreams.  If you remember in Dream Warriors, there’s a bit about how Kristen Parker can pull people into dreams.  Had we chosen Dream Warriors, I would have saved some of this analysis, but here it goes.  We know that people can pull another person into their dream.  Kristen does it to Nancy as well as Alice in part 4.  So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Nancy couldn’t have pulled her drunk mom into a dream and bam.  Technically, we could have seen her death.  Seeing Marge at the end was meaningless since it was all just a dream anyway.  Lots to think about there, but that is my best explanation.

  1.  Towards the end when Nancy is fighting with Freddy and breaking all of the windows, why was the one officer so calm outside prior to getting her dad’s attention?

Chris T:  I’m pretty sure he is an example of natural selection at its finest (That was an unexpected response, but it got a chuckle out of me.)

Kristi:  One, they had a superiority complex. The young girl obviously knows nothing. Two, she lost her best friend, best friends boyfriend, and her man so they thought she was just losing it.  (Minus the superiority thing, I had basically came to that conclusion for years.  It was the only reasonable solution that I had.)

Sara: I always thought it was because they assumed Nancy was nuts, but Thomas’ suggestion about it being a part of her dream made me think that maybe THAT was the case.  (Yeah, he’s right.)

Cece: He was part of the dream…? (Correctamundo!)

Teddy:  maybe the father said “dont bother me unless its super important”  (I could picture John Saxon saying that with a beer in his hand.)

Jeni: I guess it’s supposed to show how terrible and worthless the cops are in Springwood. Nancy keeps trying to get people to help her, but she can’t really rely on anyone.  (That’s an interesting take because they already alluded a bit to the flawed legal system.  I like this answer.)

Dom: He didn’t care or didn’t “hear”  her  (Well Dom, if he was wearing those big ass headphone that Glenn had on, he surely wouldn’t have heard anything.)

Thomas: Because he couldn’t really see what was going on, or maybe it was part of a nightmare. (The latter part of your statement is spot on.)

Kent:  I think that in all fairness, he’s probably sick of attention whores.  With all the teens dying, maybe he had worked one too many days in a row or was on hour #47 of his shift, who knows.  I don’t think he was necessarily malicious, but rather, he didn’t want to deal with anymore BS.  She had bars on the windows, so she was fine.  Here’s the best part.  I think that was also part of the dream.  You practically have to view this Memento style.  Remember, Nancy was trying to call Glenn, but instead got his folks.  They hung up, took the phone off the hook.  Nancy then gets the call with Freddy’s blade sound, so she rips the line out and wraps it around the phone, but he calls again and we get the sill mouth and tongue thing on the phone.  Well that is indicative to me that she’s already dreaming.  You have to go from before then and try to pinpoint when she fell asleep, or was the whole film just a dream?  That was an original intention.  Could so much stuff have happened to Nancy that we are seeing a long dream while she’s in the institution?  I don’t know if we ever officially know the causes of her friend’s deaths, we just know what we were presented, but that could all just be a dream.  At this point, you’re probably pissed and not wanting to think about it, or I’m ruining the film for you, but we don’t know what is real in this film aside from the fact that Nancy and her dad survived.  Nancy had some friends who died, as well as her mother.  We know the story about the parents killing Freddy to be true.  To me, all of this not knowing makes this film all the better.

  1.  Most people consider Tina’s death the best in the franchise.  Would you agree?  If not, name one that you think is the best.

Chris T:  Dream Warriors and Dream Master had some cool deaths. From this movie with its relatively small body count it would be Tina’s  (As a kid, I used to think Rod’s was the best.  I have no idea why.  Compared to Tina and Glenn’s, Rod’s is terrible, but it’s what I gravitated towards.)

Kristi:  Her death was pretty legit!  (Was it 2 Legit 2 Quit?  I just got that song stuck in like 30 people’s heads.)

Sara:  My *favorite* Freddy death is from dream warriors, when the girl gets yanked into the TV, and Freddy’s all ‘Welcome to Prime Time, bitch!’ That said, after watching ‘Never Sleep Again’ I loved learning about how they executed Tina’s death, and think it was brilliant for the time.  (I must watch Never Sleep Again.  I have been saying this for years.  Maybe Saturday.  So keep in mind, Dream Warriors was my first Nightmare, and we get Phillip and her death back to back.  How could a child not be hooked?  Also, she got to talk to Larry Fishburne before dying, right before he became Lawrence.  It was also cool to see Zsa Zsa Gabor.)

Cece:  It’s aside from this movie, I like the puppeteer one!  (Mine too!)

Teddy:  i would say brecken Meyer’s death, the comic book cut up scene, or the scene where its Freddy vs the guy with the hearing aids  (Alright, so we are dealing with the video game death (Spencer) and hearing aid death (Carlos) in Freddy’s Dead, and the kick ass comic book one (Mark) that was partially in black and white in part 5.  You basically nailed the 3 best death scenes from those 2 films.  Breckin’s cracks me up still.  Greta’s in part 5 was also fun. )

Jeni: Really? There were much better and far more creative death scenes in the later films. Philip in Dream Warriors.. It was gross, but what a crazy puppet sequence! The television scene from Dream Warriors is also pretty classic. Also, Debbie’s death in Dream Master always freaked me out!  (Debbie’s death scene doesn’t get enough love.  The amount of hell he puts her through.  First she is lifting weight and he snaps he elbows, then she ends up in the sticky hell, and it rips her skin off, and then she gets squished.  That is my #2 all time behind Phillip.  I used to sleepwalk a lot, so that one hit home.)

Dom: My favorite death is Nancy’s.  Not cause I wanna see her die but cause you’re like oh she and the other’s made it.  Look here comes dad and there’s going to be a loving reunion but wait, isn’t Dad dead?  Oh shit!! No don;t hug him…oh you’re dead.  (By then, I have to admit that I didn’t see it coming the first time because I was naive as hell.    It was such a great way to kill her and underappreciated.  I think that film hits you with so much stuff that you aren’t even thinking clear by the time it gets to that scene.)

Thomas: It’s a toss up between Glen’s death and Marge’s.  (The fact that you included Marge’s makes me happy.)

Kent:  A lot of my favorites were mentioned, as I have already commented on them.  For me, it has to be Phillip’s in Dream Warriors.  I will go so far as to say that my dream tattoo is to slim down and get my back down with Freddy in the sky and Phillip on the puppet strings.  I have talked about this for a long time.  I know that back tattoos are stupid, admit it, they are.  But if you are going to get one, make sure it is something that you can proudly show off…..or a tramp stamp.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Do you think that this film influenced Home Alone?

Chris T:  If it did I would have to research John Hughes movies for darker interpretations

Kristi:  I cant wait to read the responses to this one because I do not see the connection.

Sara:  I had never thought of that until I (just this weekend) showed this film to my son (so he could play along here) and that was his first reaction to the booby-trap scene. I see the connection.  (After reading her son’s response, I actually messaged her at like 3AM just to pay a compliment because I keep weird hours.)

Cece: I’m not too sure how. Maybe Kevin saw this film and that’s why he’s scared to go downstairs.

Teddy:  never heard of that correlation tbh

Jeni:  Wow.. I never thought of this, but the boobytraps are weirdly the same and the furnace sounds like Freddy when it’s calling to Kevin. I guess it’s impossible for filmmakers not to be influenced by Nightmare! It’s also possible that they intentionally used it as a reference because it’s such an iconic horror film and people would subconsciously understand.  (I had never correlated the furnace thing, but you are very right.  I love this because now I wanna watch Home Alone to hear it, and the whole “Keep the change you filthy animal” bit.)

Dom:  No

Thomas: Yes. The hammer hitting Freddy reminded me immediately of when the burglars get hit with the paint can in Home Alone.  (You were the first person who responded and got the correlation.  So kudos to you!)

Kent:  I read these responses as they came in, so not necessarily in the order that you are currently seeing them.  Props to Thomas for being the first one to get it.  There is no doubt in my mind that the traps were inspired by this film. 

  1.  Looking back on it, some of the sound effects are cheesy.  At the time, do you think they were cheesy or did they add to the aura and presentation of the film?  

Chris T:  At the time it was the norm. Look at Freddy’s disappearing FX at the end. Pretty cool back then, huh? Not so much now. (To kinda go along with what you’re saying, isn’t it amazing how well the special effects held up on John Carpenter’s The Thing and also Independence Day?  Both still look incredibly well.  One had a slightly bigger budget than the other though.)

Kristi:  This was the very first horror flick i saw when I was a kid. It didn’t scare me at all. It definitely adds something to the film. Its cheesy but necessary!  (You’re right, it does add to the film.  It doesn’t detract, and if they just cut it out now, I think it would make the film feel weird.)

Sara:  I mean, yes, it’s cheesy, but looking back, wasn’t all horror movie music cheesy in the 80’s? I’m not sure if they scared people originally, because I was 2. Lol All in all, I’m still a fan.  (I will say that The Thing was made in 1982.  It has to be one of the best soundtracks for the time frame.  Aside from that exception, I am trying to think of other ones.  Mostly I can  think of films that may have had a memorable song like Dream Warriors or Alice Cooper’s “Man Behind the Mask”.  I will say that Maximum Overdrive’s soundtrack is no joke….if you like ACDC.)

Cece:  These sound effects are some of my favorite!

Teddy:  Cheesy doesn’t make it any less scary, look at the Friday the 13th movies. Music was cheesy but it didn’t take away from the oh shit moments when Jason popped out (I agree, and more importantly, I will use this as a platform for everybody to hear one of the greatest Nintendo game soundtracks of all time, yes, Friday the 13th.  As a kid, playing that with the lights off and suddenly Jason bum rushes you and it is absolutely pee pee pants city, as Negan would say.)


Jeni: In the 80’s the sound effects seemed more scary. It’s hard to watch these films now and not see the effects as cheezy. I’m sure that we’ll look back at films made today and think that the effects are cheezy.  (I can pinpoint quite a few present day audio sound effects, notably for horror films that are downright cringeworthy.  It baffles me how certain sound effects have been so overused, especially in horror trailers.  I’ll also just toss out how overused record players have become in horror.  It used to be a special treat.  Now it’s done way too often.)

Dom:  It’s 80’s cheese though.  Gotta love 80’s cheesy-ness  (We should get a pizza.  You are making me really want a pizza.)

Thomas: Back then they would still let kids play dodge ball, so they were probably tougher back then. So I say no, it’s always been cheesy. (I thoroughly enjoyed this comment.  Judging by this, am I to assume that kids don’t play dodge ball anymore?  Yes, the generation before you was tougher, and the generation before that and so on and so forth, as a whole.  There are probably more reasons than I can think of off the top of my head, but the main ones are technology, genetics, and knowledge.  Technology has obviously made us soft compared to 50 or 100 years ago, that one is obvious.  Genetics should be considered because every parent has a chance of passing down their bad genes to their children, so long term that is bound to affect the situation.  Then there’s the knowledge that we get as kids.  The bad shit that we went through so when we become adults and have kids, we try to help kids avoid that stuff.  All it takes nowadays is one loudmouth with a cause to ruin the fun for everybody, but we live in a country where we bend at the knee for these loud people, and as a group effectively become softer.  You mention dodge ball, and I will say that in 50 years, I am guessing the NFL doesn’t exist, and boxing may not either due to the knowledge that we are gaining about head trauma. Combine that with the right loud mouth and it could be gone.  Then in 50 years you’ll be reminiscing with your neighbor about how much you miss the Super Bowl.)

Kent:  I found them silly when I first saw them, but it felt right at home with other stuff.  The goat thing always seemed so out of place for me.  Now that we have nostalgia, it’s easy to forgive it, but they could have done a better job and heightened the scare factor, in hindsight.  The audio in a horror flick can sometimes really make or break a film.  Look at Psycho and Jaws and how the music added so much to it.  The 80’s is just an era unto itself where you could do so many wacky things, and it’s still beloved.  You can say that for every generation, but I think 80’s horror holds a special place in the hearts of all horror fans.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – May 8 & 9, 2017 – Don’t You Know About The Birdie Edition

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that felt a certain feeling of boredom this week.  We try our best to make it sound like we cared this week, but truth be told, it was a bland week in wrestling.  I am Kent, and I am here with Russ and Keri, as is tradition.  Unfortunately, there are no royal weddings or pudding, and this isn’t Canada, but Daniel Bryan and Brie’s child is named Birdie.  Yeah………I have nothing.  Just listen to Peter Griffin sing Surfin Bird a lot.  It may help.

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The 9

  1.  Did the WWE do the right thing by putting Sheasaro over in the tag team turmoil match by having them beat 4 other teams consecutively when they are the heels?

Russ:  While I won’t complain about seeing Sheasaro in a match for approximately 30 minutes I will say that the whole thing felt flat.  All of the matches were too short I didn’t even remember that they fought G & A until after I read a recap the next morning!  Overall, I guess it was the right call because I always want Sheasaro in some kind of program.  

Keri:  I hate to say it but the tag team turmoil match almost seemed pointless. You had the build last week with Golden Truth and they did more or less nothing with that build. If you were going to give the number one contendership to Sheasaro in the first place why waste our time.

Kent:  What the hell was the point? They had this good story stemming from last week with Golden Truth.  They built it up backstage and then they were the last team to come out.  They could have built a cool short program where Goldust and Truth start a minor resurrection to see if the fans may get behind them, and I think that they would have.  This could have been a short month or month and a half program, and it could have really been interesting.  They could have flirted with going heel against the Hardys, but unlike Sheasaro decide that they got beat fair and square.  You’re telling me that story wouldn’t have been somewhat interesting?  Then put G&A against Ginger Rhynos and another month of Enzo running his mouth only to get Brogue kicked.  Wow, that actually sounds like a sweet set of matches and story arcs.  Every feud would be fresh except the last one, but with Sheasaro heel, it is kinda fresh.  Tag team wrestling is the easiest shit to book, but WWE has the hardest time with it inexplicably.

  1.  A couple of things happened in the RAW women’s division this week. Alexa got a new best friend and had a match with Mickie James. A match of which the crowd could careless about because Bayley. Also, Sasha and Foxy had a match. What are your thoughts on all or part of this?

Russ:  I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed the Alexa and Nia backstage segment.  Nia actually made me laugh when she told Alexa she had a new BFF.  I think Nia needs Bliss because since she has been on RAW Nia hasn’t been awful!  Bliss on the other hand keeps proving why she is the best thing to happen to the RAW women’s division.  Her facial expressions tell more story than the majority of the roster. The match was adequate.  Bliss is the best!

Keri:  I will start first with the New BFFs. I’m intrigued by this storyline mostly because I want to see how Alexa uses it to her advantage. Do I think Nia deserves that title shot? Nope but the manipulation we are about to see as this “friendship” develops should be interesting. The match between Alexa and Mickie was good. The thing that bothered me was the crowd. They could care less about this match. They just wanted to cheer for and sing to Bayley. It was just plain insulting to the women actually in the ring. Also, I’m really sick of Bayley. As for Foxy and Sasha, this wasn’t a bad match. I was happy to see Foxy wrestling on my TV for the second week in a row.

Kent:  I hate to say this, but we may have the women’s version of the original HHH and Batista feud.  Hell it could even involve Bliss being on Nia’s shoulders at one point and then some thumbs down and Bliss goes crashing.  This is by far the most interesting that Nia has been, and I must admit, I am intrigued.  A few other things to point out.  Alexa faking the fan out like she was excited to high them was amazing.  The Sasha and Foxy match was good, and I can’t say surprisingly because Foxy is a consistently very good performer when given time.  I am curious if the end was storyline or not.  You don’t always know.  Finally, regarding the shitty crowd, I touched upon this in my fake podcast with Keri on Tuesday night which you can’t hear because we didn’t record it.  Basically, everybody wants somebody to blame but it’s everybody’s fault.  First of all, the fans are jackasses.  The thing is, a lot of places are more misogynistic than America.    Some of these Euro fucks are not quite caught up with us, no matter how classy Euros try to present themselves, or advanced in these things.  Nope, your crowds consistently prove my point.  Grow the fuck up you shitheads.  Secondly, since these shit crowds consistently do shitty things, the WWE should be better prepared for this.  Have backstage segments.  We ALL know that they want Bayley and are going to sing for her.  Put her in the ring with Foxy who is capable of drawing heat like no other with her psychotic behavior.  Have a short match, maybe interference ridden.  Really, WWE knows better and yet they still led the lambs out for slaughter.  You can’t change the culture in that position so try to make something positive out of it.  I would also suggest having Alexa against a local British scrub wrestler who could be spunky and mount a short lived offense and then have Alexa destroy her.  The crowd would have ate that up.  Oh, and yes it matters how the crowd reacts because a good chunk of wrestling fans are fickle fucks who are easily influenced.  So when the crowd starts shitting over Cena and Roman, every crowd tries to do that stuff.  Well the same thing could be said for this and those women deserve better.  Also, how come nobody told me that Team PCB has reunited?  I see that Paige must have got quite the tan and maybe ass implants.  I also didn’t know that she could dance, but maybe she rehearsed with her Latin Lover.  Sorry for the long rant.  Get well soon Emma.

  1.  I’m confused:  Didn’t Bray cost Finn a chance at the IC Championship last week?  Both guys were at RAW and both had matches, yet neither guy mentioned the other guy nor was their any interference for revenge.  Whats going on here?  

Russ:  Since I wrote the question I’m more in it for the other two’s response, but I have a few thoughts.  When The Miz interfered in Dean and Bray’s match it would have been the perfect time for Finn to take his revenge on Bray.  Bray cost Finn a chance to win the IC title!  I mean it wasn’t mild interference he cost him an opportunity so Finn should have been angry enough to go after Bray and when the Miz ran interference it was Finn’s chance to make things fair.  Not to mention it was the only thing from the past Monday’s RAW that wasn’t addressed at all on the show!  Something is AMISH here.  

Keri:  It’s possible that Bray cost Finn a title shot. But then at the same time you could say the exact same thing for Seth with Joe. It does seem strange though that for the second time since Finn’s return, Bray has either interfered or cut a backstage promo on Finn. Yet there is no follow through on the part of Creative with either incident.  This just leaves me with more questions than answers. And I really really hate that.

Kent:  I don’t understand how Russ made this about being Amish, but good for him.  Speaking of confusion, is that RAW writing team doing God’s work again with their great storylines?  It sure sounds that way.  I’m sorry, but after Russ’ comment, I can’t be the only one with Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” stuck in their head right?  Been spending more our lives, living in an Amish paradise.  I’m sorry, Russ killed this questions for me.  Blame him for my response.

  1.   WWE seemed to cater to the hardcore fan on RAW with a lot of matches and several of the matches on paper seemed like quality match-ups (TJP vs. Gallagher, Miz vs. Finn, Dean vs. Bray, Seth vs. Joe, Mickie vs. Bliss, and the Tag Team Turmoil featuring Shesaro.)  Did any of these matches live up to expectations for you?  If not talk about that.  

Russ:  Several of the matches on RAW could have been considered PPV matches with the quality of guys in the ring.  The only problem was that none of the matches really lived up to my expectations.  Take The Miz and Finn as an example.  Two top guys, both great wrestlers. Should have been one heck of a match and while it certainly wasn’t a bad match it wasn’t much better than your average run of the mill match you’d see with any two guys.  The ending definitely didn’t help, but I’m not taking that into account.  TJP vs. Gallagher was too short, but I liked the chemistry between the two.  Seth vs. Joe was good, but they have both produced way better matches (again not taking the ending into account here.)  Dean vs. Bray has been done several times before and this was just run of the mill.  I couldn’t believe how average this show was with all those fantastic looking matches.  I mean the triple threat match last week on RAW was much better than all the matches combined this week.  Was this a product of WWE trying not to give away too much on free tv so the talent was told to keep it basic?  Or was this just an off night?  

Keri:  I think all the matches were halfway decent. None of them really stood out for me though. I think Creative figured since they are in London that they should put on a halfway decent show or face the wrath of the crowd.

Kent:  Actually, this may surprise you, but I thought the Seth vs Joe match was really good.  This is the best either had looked this year on the main roster.  Yes, we know that they are capable of more, but they gave me enough to make me think that they can still click in ring together and give us a memorable match with the proper stipulation.  

  1.  Well, Braun is hurt and reportedly out for the next month or two.  Would you find somebody else to take on Brock or just hold off on a Brock match until Braun was healthy?

Russ:  This was an unfortunate turn of events.  Braun who has been white hot this past month is now out for a little while.  Let’s hope that when he returns he won’t be finished with us yet.  As for Brock,  you can’t hold off on his matches.  He already does so little work that keeping him off until Braun returns seems counter productive.  The real problem is who would match up well against him.  Roman does, but it is way too early for that match.  Seth and Finn are big enough names, but I don’t know how you can justify their style against Brocks and expect them to win.  This is a hard one to figure out.  

Keri:  Given Brock’s very limited schedule, I say hold off on making any changes right now. Let’s face it if Brock is out until Summerslam (which is the estimated return for Braun, if I did my math correctly), is anyone going to really notice. And don’t even utter the name Reigns to me right now because that should not be an option. With that being said though, you would think that WWE would have learned its lesson about putting their eggs in one basket after Mania but I guess not.

Kent:  Well, had WWE built up Joe remotely well, this would be great for him.  Brock can be a nightmare to match up with people.  Aside from Roman, Braun, and Big Show, you start having to really get creative.  Bray needs to be viewed as bigger before he beats Brock.  I would do Seth and possibly Finn against Brock.  Brock can be great in triple threat matches as he can destroy, rest, repeat.  I would have Seth beating Finn, hits the finisher.  Then have Brock crank Seth and tie him in the ropes, maybe by his leg.  With Seth helpless to break anything up, Brock F5’s Finn who just ate Seth’s finisher and then it doesn’t hurt either guy.  Talk about how devastating the F5 is to Finn’s surgically repaired whatever.  Everybody comes out looking good basically.  Seth was on the verge of winning the match, but then got trapped.  Finn took multiple finishers before succumbing to pinfall.

  1.  Why is Eric Rowan cleanly pinning Luke Harper?

Russ:  It wasn’t clean I mean there was the eye gouge.  It seems to me like they are setting up a feud for these two.  My question is why?  Luke has shown he is Main Event material, while Rowan is still trying to get his legs under him.  I guess Luke in a program with Rowan can help both guys out in the future right?  

Keri:  This is a question that I’m still scratching my head about honestly. I mean on one hand Rowan can use the win. But, should that win be at the expense of Harper,  who a few short months ago was in the main event conversation? It just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. Sigh.

Kent:  The fuck?  Seriously?!?!?!?!?! Why turn Luke face and then do nothing with him heading towards Mania and then stack SD with faces?  If Luke is heel right now and feuding with Randy instead of Jinder, I guarantee the fans would be more into it.

  1.  Are you getting more comfortable with Jinder in the upper card or are you still not feeling it?

Russ:  Jinder is doing the most with what he was handed and that is about all you can ask of him.  He has done well, but the problem is that he rose way too fast to be believable.  To make a true top level heel you need to do it slowly for good examples look at Baron and Braun.  Both took approximately a year to slowly grow on us as credible threats.  Now they both seem like legitimate upper card guys.  My real concern is him in the ring.  I haven’t seen anything in there that tells me he is someone I want to watch in a major match.  Maybe Backlash will show us what he can do.  

Keri:  I wasn’t feeling Jinder to begin with so no I’m still not buying it. Yes, he’s a decent wrestler but i don’t feel he’s main event good. There are several other guys (Harper, Zayn, Corbin, etc.) that deserve this opportunity over Jinder. This whole situation just confuses me because there was no build for this guy at all. So, I guess you can say I’m hindering the Jinder.

Kent:  This one is tough because it took me a real long time to get used to JBL, and in hindsight, he had a great run.  I’m not sure what Jinder offers that sets him apart from past foreign menaces.  He looks great as far as in shape and conditioning.  I am not fully sold on him on the mic, but that will take time.  Another problem is that his moveset is wholly un-Kentertaining.  Unfortunately, being foreign and looking good can only take you so far.  He’s not a giant, he doesn’t look terribly unique.  He is lacking that last thing to get him to the next level and it has to be on mic or in ring.  Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and MVP isn’t coming through those doors any time soon.  I’m not feeling it, but keep trying!

  1.  If you could spruce up one division on Smackdown, which would it be?  If you say men’s then you pick either upper, mid, or lower end, not all men, or you go tag team or women.

Russ:  The Tag division seems to be fixing itself right now with the fashion files and the Ugo’s really working well.   It still needs work, but it is pointed in the right direction.  I’m going to spruce up the Mid-Card.  First things first.  When Jinder is done playing with the Upper Card I think he will be a great Mid-Card heel.  You can use his time at the top as a reason he is a threat to the mid-card.  Next we need a hero at the mid level.  This is where Tye Dillinger comes in.  He already is a fan favorite so his rise won’t be forced.  The only real concern now is that they have attempted to elevate the US Championship, which at this point feels more than a mid-card championship.  We need to give this championship back to the Mid-Card, have Jinder win it by cheating over Dillinger.  Finally, we need more guys to step up to the plate.  This is where Ryder, Mojo, Rowan can come in and make their marks.  

Keri:  After the shakeup, I feel that all divisions are in need of some serious CPR. But the biggest hole, I think is in the women’s division. I don’t think anyone realized just how good Alexa was for this division until she was gone. (Kent: No, I totally did.)  Yes, the division still has Becky but Becky alone can not carry this division. Neither can the girls that are left over. None of them are strong enough. And don’t even get me started on Charlotte. She was one of the main reason the RAW women’s division was a snore so we can’t rely on her to carry the division either. I say the sooner Asuka comes up the better.

Kent:  I gotta go with tag team.  I hate the women’s division, but I think it needs time to rehab before it can move forward.  The tag division can be great immediately with a few minor moves and that would really help the blue brand.  Once Asuka joins, Cena and Rusev return and Shinsuke is a regular performer, it solves most of what ails those divisions.  The exception being the tag division.  

  1.  Dolph vs Shinsuke and Baron vs Sami are still not “official” made matches for Backlash.  Does it even matter anymore or do you have a preference on how close to a PPV a match is announced? (Editorial note, Shinsuke vs Dolph is finally official, my bad.)

Russ:  I usually like knowing.  As long as it isn’t announced the week before or the night of I’m usually fine when they make the announcement.

Keri:  If the feud has been built up properly, like it has in both instances, it doesn’t matter to me when the match is officially going to be announced. Basically to me, if you see two guys either cutting a promo on and/or beating the crap out of the other than it’s almost a forgone conclusion they are going to meet at the next PPV.

Kent:  I like having my matches announced as soon as possible usually as it allows a story to be built and some progression made.  If the fans already know that it’s happening, what are you hoping to accomplish by holding out for a week or two?  There are some instances though where there may be number one contender matches or something along those lines that make a delayed announcing more palpable.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Let’s face it, the Intercontinental championship is the most important belt on RAW.  Would you keep it on Dean because he’s a good company man who is over, never gets hurt, and never really hurts anybody, or would you go with a different option, and why?

Russ:  I like Dean, he is a good worker, usually tries to put on a good match for the fans, and generally gives us good segments.  That being said, when he is champion the WWE rarely puts him in a good feud, or at least allows it to become a good feud.  So I say keep it on him for now.  Give him some freedom and allow him to get into a good feud to show us that he can be a leader.  If they or he fail to do that then it is time to move on.   

Keri:  I think they should keep it on Dean for now. The reason being the other options are either injury prone, preoccupied, or has held the belt already and quite frankly, that would be boring. We all talk about how we want Dean to get a chance as a top guy. Well here’s his chance and I think he should get the chance to run with this opportunity.

Kent:  I truly have mixed feelings on this.  I would love to see heel Dean doing this run to see what he could accomplish.  That makes me wish that Bray or Miz was getting this push.  WIth that being said, I have always favored Dean out of the 3 Shield guys.  That is no secret and I feel that he has the most potential.  I like him having more segments and I think that he is doing a great job with it.  In a way, I’m surprised that they didn’t put it on Finn or Braun though.

  1.  What format do you prefer for your weekly wrestling viewing? A) Start the show with a promo that builds up that evening’s stories and match(es).  B) Starting the show with a match and having the GM or Commissioner make matches as the night progresses. C) Advertise a 2-3 matches the week before so you have some expectations heading into the night, but perhaps with less surprises.

Russ:  I think I like C as my option.  While every once in awhile it is nice to have A, the WWE almost always goes that route and half the time it becomes tedious and boring.  Knowing a few matches the week or so ahead of time allows me to either be excited or blah for the next week.  If I’m excited then I know I want to watch it live.  If the matches they announce suck then I know I can DVR the crap and fast forward to get me through things faster.  I’m a busy man I don’t have time for 6 hours of wrestling a week.  

Keri:  I like option A honestly. I felt this week’s opening of RAW worked pretty well. It advanced the main storyline for the show as well as set up some of the matches for the rest of the night. It was simple yet effective because it entertained (Kentertained?) me and also got me excited about the night to come. Sure they could have announced everything beforehand but by doing it this way you have a surprise element to your viewing experience. And I sometimes like surprises.

Kent:  My initial reaction is C.  I say that, but the reality is that if I know what match is happening, a lot of times I am not as into a match as I would be if it was freshly presented to me.  Some matches should be announced, and I think my colleagues agree that a nice mixture of all 3 should be used, but if I have to choose one, I think I go with A.  I think about my watching habits and I almost always pay full attention to the opening segment if it’s a promo.  Whether I like the fact that I do, I have to acknowledge that I do.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – May 1 & 2, 2017 – The Coronation of a Queen Edition


Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that falls asleep during PPV events.  This week, we got to see Alexa Bliss put on a pedestal for all to see, and it was glorious.  I’m Kent and I am here with Russ and Keri.  This week, I put the burden of asking RAW questions on them.  It must have worn Russ out because he took it real easy on the second half of the blog.

Of course, we also did our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained, where we discuss some of these topics and others, plus do our weekly segments.  It’s like a verbal companion to the blog. Please check us out at , on Twitter @official9deuce, or Instagram at Official9Deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at  Thank you.

The 9

  1.  Lots of focus on the tag team division on RAW this week. We had the continuation of the Club and Enzo and Cass feud, a heel promo from Sheamus and Cesaro, and the announcement of tag team turmoil match for next week. Discuss all or any part of this you want.

Russ:  I thought Sheasaro’s explanation as to why they went heel was done well.  They actually brought up a lot of legitimate reason why they would be mad at the Hardy’s.  I hope the feud between the Hardy’s and Sheasaro continues into extreme rules and we get a fun stipulation match.  Where I hope we get a proper title run for Sheasaro.  Tag team turmoil seems like a fun idea and I bet we will get a few new feuds started after it is done.  

Keri:  I think I’m going to address each one of these individually. Let’s start with the Club and Enzo and Cass. I honestly do not care about either team and that is sad. So let’s move on to the Sheasaro promo. I like heel Cesaro. It’s something new and refreshing and he really can do so much it. I also like the points that were made in this promo. WWE does focus too much on the nostalgia factor and not enough on building stars. I also agree that both of them should be considered the measuring stick in the division. With that being said, I will move on to my final point which to say that I’m cautiously optimistic about next week’s tag team turmoil match. Even though I know it will probably end with the same old crap.

Kent:  Sheasaro deserve a title run, yet I wouldn’t give it to them because the Revival and whatnot.  But, maybe you can reward Sheasaro for a few months.  Then have a face team beat them, like Enzo and Cass at Summerslam and the next night the Revival challenges them.  My focus was on Goldust and I am hoping that he gets a storyline out of this tag team turmoil.  Him and Truth can still go, and it would be fresh at least.

  1.  Little Miss Bliss had her coronation as the Goddess we deserve as champion until Bayley was a spoiled sport.  Then we had a 8 Woman Tag Match that displayed some of the lesser talent.  Discuss.  

Russ:  Alexa is a Wrestling Goddess.  She is what both Women’s Divisions need right now, but only RAW has.  She is fantastic on the mic and as a heel she is one of the best.  She can shut down a crowd and knows how to get them to react,  there are very few Women in the WWE who can do that.  Her wrestling has improved over the past several months too so she is becoming one of the best to ever get in the squared circle.   The Tag match was really well done to help showcase some of the women who have kind of gotten glossed over since the shake-up.  I thought Dana was impressive in the ring, as was Emma.  I hope this was the WWE’s way of reintroducing these ladies to us and hopefully we will get some interesting feuds out of it and not just the same old boring garbage just painted a shinier red.   

Keri:  That opening segment was perfection. Little Miss Bliss cannot do anything wrong at this point in my eyes. I also like how she pretty much buried everyone in that promo, including Charlotte. 4 horsewoman of NXT, who? Seriously, the only one that remained unscathed in that promo was Nia because Alexa is not stupid. As for the match, it was nice to see everyone out there showing off what they could do. Dana actually showed improvement, Nia was Nia, and we got to see Foxy. Great opening match to go along with a great opening segment.

Kent:  Alexa is the second coming of Trish Stratus.  How is that for just going for it?  The girl is hot as hell, was a valet for a lousy tag team, multiple time women’s champ, and just keeps getting better with a killer ass.  I loved seeing Foxy and Emma out there.  I propose that Emma be Alexa’s Lita, ya know, except Emma has talent and moves.  That’s where the best money is right now.  I liked everything that I saw.  Great opener.  This was actually the best part of the show to me.

  1.  So, there was a segment with Kurt Angle and Bray Wyatt where we were expecting an update on Braun and Roman and got Bray instead vowing to save RAW. What were your thoughts on this segment?

Russ:  Well at first I was thrilled by the idea of Kurt and Bray interacting.  Then I remembered how the WWE operates with Bray.  I’ll believe he is the savior of RAW when I see it.  For now I’ll believe that Bray is on RAW to be squashed by other talents, but always claim the next night that he is stronger than ever.  Poor, poor Bray.  

Keri:  I love how Bray is essentially a jobber to the stars yet I’m still intrigued by him. I’m not sure what this segment meant if anything but I was intrigued. I’m also intrigued to see where they are going with this and also with this thing with Balor. So, in short the word of the day is intrigued.

Kent:  I remember the segment happening.  I remember it being cool.  I don’t remember anything else.  Man, it’s a good thing Bray was in a feud with somebody like Luke Harper.  That would be way too interesting. 

  1.  The Main focus on RAW was on the IC number 1 contender.  We had several segments, we had one hell of a triple threat Main Event, and The Miz ending up getting the #1 contendership through lots of interference.  Give us your thoughts.  

Russ:  I thought the Main Event was really well done.  The sequences and near falls were top notch and remind you why these three guys are at the top of the WWE food chain.  With that said it was unfortunate that after all the new possibilities and feuds we could have had we end up with Dean and The Miz fighting for the IC championship.  Don’t get me wrong, The Miz and Dean will have a great match, but we have seen it a lot over the past year and I was hoping for something new.  Still Joe vs. Seth added another layer to their feud and I’m still intrigued and I’m not sad to see Bray vs Finn.  As for the segments I thought they were well done and Dean was great in his roll.  (Kent: I honestly think that you are overstating the frequency of matches with Dean and Miz.  Prove me wrong.)

Keri:  Both the promo and the segment had its high points and low points. For the promo, it started out slow but quickly gained momentum as soon as Ambrose and Miz got out there. I also like the comments Ambrose made about Brock and his title as well as the call to Kurt Angle. I bet that is a number that Russ would like to get his hands on. You know just because. As for the match itself, it was good. I really could watch Finn and Seth all day and not get bored. What did bore me was the usual Miz comes in at the end and wins and basically does nothing of substance. Also, just a quick question but why are we getting Miz vs. Ambrose again? I’ve seen this numerous times and it’s boring.

Kent:  This was silly, it was fun, it took up a lot of time, and it mostly made a lot of sense.  The thing is, as much as I bitch about Seth and Finn, when they are on fire in the ring, they can do amazing things.  Then Finn can drop Seth on his head and I immediately think “God damnit, this guy is nowhere near as good as people think he is.”  Yes, I was entertained, but both of them need to figure their shit out.  I assure you, one of those 2 will get hurt by year’s end, if not both.  Still, loved Joe and Bray’s interference.  Dean was on target this week.  It’s funny, Dean is always the forgotten Shield guy, he was on the Mania pre-show.  But then WWE has the audacity to give him the biggest constant belt on RAW.  Like, they can’t make up their minds on Dean.  He’s really good, he has proven it, and he doesn’t hurt people.  He is great on the mic.  Push him as such.  Or give us Finn or Seth against Brock because that will be a joy to watch. YAWWWWWWN,

  1.  So Kent didn’t write any of these questions.  If you don’t know why go and read the Payback Preview.  Anyways, I know Kent has been dying to talk about the travesty that is how Joe is being treated on the Main Roster.  So let’s talk about Joe:  Major mishandling of him? Or is there still a bright future?  

Russ:  I will agree that up to this point Joe has been woefully underutilized and down right been wasted.  No match at WrestleMania, losing to Rollins at Payback, and being kept off RAW until the last few seconds are just a few ways Joe has been wasted.  I love Rollins, but if we want Joe to be the badass that we know he is then he has to have a few credible wins under his belt.  Now it isn’t too late for him yet!  They are keeping the feud alive with Rollins so now we can have Joe win their next match and then finally their final match can be a gimmick match where honestly Joe needs to take the feud. If we want him to be credible then he has to look the part and a big win over a big name like Seth is how you start it.  

Keri:  They have completely screwed this guy over. Honestly, the guy was having a better career in NXT and should have stayed there. I’m interested to see if (and how) they salvage this screw up.

Kent:  No future, no nothing.  Game over for Joe.  I forget that he is on RAW half of the time.  Him and Seth are not a good pairing, and I don’t know why.  Furthermore, with Seth sucking so much lately, they missed a great opportunity for Joe to put Seth on the shelf again for a month or 2.  Something is wrong with Seth and if you can’t see it, watch his matches again and compare them to 2 years ago.  Joe needed to be traded to SD way more than I even thought.  Nobody is ever too far gone, but the push that Joe would have to receive is Strowman level, and the problem with that is that Strowman is getting that push at the moment, and you aren’t going to build up both properly at the same time because RAW’s writers are incompetent most of the time.  How the hell do you fuck up Samoa Joe?  HOW?????

  1.  Aiden English was in multiple segments on Smackdown!  Granted, he was crying a lot, but this has to be a good sign……right?  Right???

Russ:  Kent, you are fat and wrong.

Keri:  Who knows where they are going with his character? I’m not even sure they know. But it is nice to see him on TV again even if he is acting like a crybaby.

Kent:  I will go so far as to say that Aiden should have cost Jericho the US Title and helped KO with the beatdown after the match.  Think about it.  When Jericho returns, he can quickly blow off teh KO big matches, and start a proper feud with Aiden who should be gaining momentum in Jericho’s absence.  This is a big thing that could have added intrigue.  Really, Jericho is going to come back and feud with KO for how many more months?  Nope, they missed a huge opportunity.  As for Aiden, I am really torn.  If the Jinder experiment can go away and they allow guys who are interesting and talented to get pushes, he has a chance.  Sorry Jinder, I was a big fan of you, but it was prior to being an 80’s caricature.  You deserve better.

  1.  Is the SD Women’s division interesting?  I’m not asking if it’s good, simply if it’s of any interest to you.

Russ:  No sir, I don’t like it.

Keri:  I really don’t care anymore and that is a sad thing to say considering this division used to be must see TV. I guess it was Alexa Bliss that made this division what it was  and now that she is gone it has died. Its funny how that works, huh? Alexa makes the division better and Charlotte kills it.

Kent:  Honestly, I’m not interested.  I’m trying to find the silver lining.  I think Carmella has a chance at being a poor man’s Alexa Bliss.  She’s not as good in the ring or the mic or charisma, but she’s actually one of the closest to Alexa in all 3 areas if you think about it, well aside from in ring.  Still, I see Charlotte and I am bored to tears and find something else to do.  Wellllll, that is until yesterday when her nudes leaked and I finally found something with Charlotte that titilated me.  

  1.  Is there any way to ever make fans care about Sin Cara ever again?

Russ:  I like thin Sin Cara.  I call him Thin Cara.

Keri:  My answer is going to be short and sweet for this one. Nope. This is what you get for breaking up the Lucha dragons.

Kent:  What Keri said.  Sin Cara should die and let Hunico be a big bad ass Mexican hombre.  The dude has power, he can fit some high flying things for a man of his size.  Kids aren’t buying his stuff anymore…..ever.  You can’t make the Sin Cara brand matter anymore because Kalisto actually was more in line with what they had in mind.  Both guys have gotten out of shape, and it is killing their chances at ever getting a good push.  Kalisto, you are on RAW.  Hit the gym and drop the weight and get on 205.

  1.  What was the purpose in Jericho beating KO Sunday at Payback if they were just going to put the belt back on KO in 2 days?

Russ:  I like Canada.

Keri:  The only purpose I can see was to get Jericho on Smackdown. Other than that, I’m just scratching my head as to why our time was wasted.

Kent:  I think it was simply to balance out the rosters after the shake up screwjob.  Now granted, this doesn’t currently pay off any real dividends, BUT when he does return, he can be a face or a heel.  On SD, with older guys like Cena and Randy, and with a thin heel side that could be made top notch by his return, it is actually quality insurance on WWE’s part.  I will go so far as to say that this movie was genius.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Breezedango deserves a section here.    Do we need more pre-taped segments or more in ring for them to get over more?

Russ:  I think they are funny.

Keri:  I’m going to say a combination of the two. Now before Kent calls me out for not choosing one or the other, hear me out. The casual fan knows barely anything about Fandango which means backstage segments will help with that education. However, at the same time, the casual fan needs to see them perform in the ring for two reasons. One to understand what they can do in the ring and second to understand why they are number one contender. (Kent: Haha, you think the fans care about me calling you out.  SIlly girl.)

Kent:  Keri really should have said something along the lines of that they obviously need both, but _____ is more important over the next few weeks to build them up as legit threats.  I say keep them doing the pre-taped stuff, and I do have a reason for it aside from something brainless that some other people may think.  Yes, they are fucking funny and hilarious, like Amy Schumer talking about her vagina and Ghostbusters 2017.  We know that is a HUGE hit at the moment because they have quietly been killing it on with videos.  In ring has been another tale due to poor booking.  I wouldn’t even have them wrestle again until he PPV.  The less the fans remember about how they were booked inside the ring, the better.  You want the fans to be like, these are the funny guys, and I want them to win.  Not, geez, these guys just don’t look like contenders in a match.  They also need to unleash some sweet double team moves when they get their match, and they should win.  At that point, booking needs to give them 12 minute matches every other week for a nice 3-4 month long title reign, while integrating themselves with upper card guys in comedy bits.  

  1.  With a bit of hindsight, which brand got the better end of the WWE Shake Up situation?

Russ:  RAW because it has Seth Rollins.  Seriously, even if this was Russ answering the question, he’d find a way to talk about Seth, so there you go.

Keri:  RAW hands down. RAW since the shake up has revitalized their women’s division and made their mid card interesting. Smackdown well they got KO and the argument between him and Styles as to who’s show it is. Outside of that it’s killed their women’s division and possibly their tag team division.

Kent:  On the surface, it really appears to be RAW.  Alexa and Mickie are paying the biggest dividends right now, along with Dean and Miz, and possibly Bray.  SD though got more boring in the Women’s division, but they have KO, Sami, Rusev, Jinder, The New Day, and eventually Y2J.  The answer is actually Smackdown, and just hear me out.  Just like the draft, Russ was telling me how good RAW was going to be, and I said no.  They have 3 hours to fill and have bad writing.  I told anybody who would listen that SD will be better due to having a more normal 2 hour show to fill, allowing easier rotations of talent, and less over exposure.  We have seen them make stars and then RAW takes them as AJ so eloquently spoke to on Talking Smack.  Now look at Jinder.  He was NEVER ever going to get a push a tenth as good as this on RAW.  Would I have put him in the main event?  No, but this is smart in the sense that win or lose, Jinder will be seen as a guy who belongs on that level for a few months which can help elevate a Sami or Mojo.  Rusev will return and end up in the Title picture.  When Jericho does return, you have another superstar.  Cena will be back.  And all of this is spaced out just so we continue to have new faces rotating in and out of upper card while they actually cement Baron Corbin as a legit main eventer, unlike what RAW is inevitably going to do to Braun.  Oh, and one last thing that I think will cheer up Keri.  Yes, Smackdown’s women’s roster is not good at the moment, but there is an Asian Sensation down at NXT that is due for a call up in a month or 2 most likely, and she sure as hell is not going to RAW.  When Asuka arrives, RAW may have had enough time to bury everything that is good in their women’s division.

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WWE Payback 2017 Review – 9 Deuce – The Night That Put Everybody To Sleep Edition

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that fell asleep numerous times during the House of Horrors match.  My god, what a clusterfuck.  Anyway, joining me for the review is 9 Deuce’s resident resident female reporter, Keri.  She also just got a promotion in the company, so everybody, feel free to congratulate her.

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The 9

  1.  Enzo & Cass def Gallows & Anderson

Keri:  The ending was shocking and that’s pretty much all I saw. Rating: didn’t see all of it so no rating.

Kent:  And nobody cares.  I played Elder Scrolls Online.  My name is Malarkey Show.  Add me as a friend.  As for the match, it sounds like a short match, but Enzo got the win.  2 things to take away here.  1.  I fully expect a rematch on RAW where G&A probably win.  2.  I would keep Booker T as a full time commentator and tell Otunga to screw off.  Booker actually adds to the production value.

Rating: Didn’t watch

  1.  Miz TV with a fully clothed Finn Balor

Keri:  This segment was good for what it was and probably set the stage for Finn’s next feud. Outside of that, I’m still just happy to see him back (with or without a shirt). Rating: None

Kent:  Is it weird that my first thought was: “Poor Keri, Finn has his shirt on.”?    Anyway, let’s be honest here.  Finn is not a good talker.  Finn isn’t all that exciting in the ring.  Finn is the modern day Jeff Hardy.  All style, no substance.  Sorry……kinda…….no, not at all.  Fortunately for Finn, the WWE is using one of it’s 10 best assets to help get Finn back in the fold.  Miz could be top 5.

Rating: N/A

  1.  Chris Jericho def Kevin Owens to become the NEW US Champion

Keri:  Great match and with an ending that no one saw coming. I guess this means that Jericho is staying around to at least Backlash. Rating: 7 out of 9.2

Kent:  To quote my preview for this match: “This seems to be the worst kept secret in WWE.  KO is winning this.  Look at his push.  He’s the most valuable heel on SD.  Jericho is going back with his band very soon.  This is all common sense shit.   But if Jericho wins, he goes to SD.  Hmmmm, nah KO wins.”  You see, I almost talked myself into it.  The lesson, as always, the WWE likes to book stupid surprises to spite fans.  I enjoyed the match and would watch again. This is probably the match that we should have gotten at Mania.

Rating: 6.2

  1.  Neville def Austin Aries to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

Keri:  I liked this match. But, it wasn’t something I completely remembered when I got up the next morning so there is that. Perhaps, I have cruiserweight burnout. Not sure. Rating: 6.5 out of 9.2

Kent:  Much like the previous match, this is the match that we should have had at Mania.  This was a really good match.  I like this quite a bit.  I would say this was slightly better than the KO vs Y2J match, but barely.

Rating 6.3

  1.  The Hardly Boys def Sheasaro and retained the RAW Tag Team championship

Keri:  This was a good match. But it also had a predictable ending. We knew the Hardys were going to retain and this cordial thing that they they had with Sheasaro (that is how you spell it correctly, stupid person asking a question on the preshow) was going to end. Rating: 5.5 out 9.2

Kent:  I really enjoyed this.  Wow, 3 straight good matches?  What the what?  I actually nailed this prediction, thankfully.  It’s good to be right every once in awhile.  The match was better than expected, and i just rewatched it.  I would say not as good as the other 2 matches, but still fun.  Add in the heel turn and beat down, very solid.  Also, Corey Graves, you probably shouldn’t say that the Hardy Boys were the pioneers of tag team wrestling.  It makes you come off like you have a learning disability or you are high.  I bet he can assure me that he is not high.

Rating: 5.8

  1.  Alexa Bliss def Bayley to become the NEW RAW Women’s champion

Keri:  It is no secret that I’m a big fan of Alexa and didn’t think I could love her character anymore than I already did. But last night she proved me wrong yet again and came out pretty much dressed as my favorite superhero, Iron Man. So, now, I have a damn women crush (sorry Russ, but I smell a potential new segment for the podcast). Anyways, this match was good with a great ending. It also shows how much faith the company has in Alexa and how little they have in Bayley (or Sasha) at this point. I said on this very blog that Alexa was light years ahead of those two women in terms of overall character and I think WWE may agree with me. Rating: 6 out of 9.2 (because Alexa)

Kent:  Keri had to point out to me that Alexa was wearing an Iron Man ensemble.  I was too busy looking at uhmmm, other things.  You know, the match.  Yeah, the match.  (Keri: And by match, you mean Dat Ass) Actually, this was another solid RAW women’s match.  I have learned to accept that Alexa will have at least one minor botch a match, but it never kills the match, well rarely.  Bayley is paying for Bret Hart’s sins by jobbing in her hometown.  I am not sure, but is Bayley regressing?  I hate her elbow off the top rope.  It doesn’t look right.  She has a moveset and it worked well with Alexa better than Charlotte.  Remember, she had great matches with Sasha.  My theory is that Bayley works best when she is bigger than her opponent.    

Rating: 6.1 thank you Alexa’s shorts.

  1.  Seth Rollins def Samoa Joe

Keri:  I will be brutally honest here. I feel asleep during this match and woke up just in time to hear Seth’s music playing. I said to myself (and Eric), seriously and the proceeded to fall back asleep. And I had no desire to see the highlights this morning. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Seth has now moved into Reigns territory for me. Meaning, his matches will cure any insomnia I might be experiencing. Also, what they have done to Joe is just shameful here. Which leads me to say, where is that lady with the bell saying shame when you need her. Hopefully, there is a draft or something coming up soon and he can go to Smackdown and recover from this whole stupid situation. Rating: 0.5 out of 9.2 (The ending really pissed me off too Kent).

Kent:  I can’t even…..why?  What the fuck purpose did this atrocity serve?  What the hell was the point?  Joe may not have even been pinned.  If Rollins has an injured knee throughout most of his match, why is he doing so many aerial moves that require the use of his knee predominantly?  In what world does that make sense.  I’ve had it.  Seth Rollins doesn’t know how to put together a match anymore.  This is just getting bad.  I like Seth Rollins.  By and large, I like his matches.  They have been getting more and more dull and illogical and I have had enough.  He did this shit with HHH at Mania and I should have been harsher then.  I failed to be harsher, probably out of pity for Russ, but no, I’m done.  I am fucking done with Seth.  He is now officially at Charlotte level where I will be fast forwarding through his segments this month.  I can’t deal with it.  Also, WWE, please release Samoa Joe.  You dickheads have no clue how to book one of the easiest guys in the industry to book.  Book him like Roman and get excited when the fans boo him.  Wow, that was real difficult, right?

Rating: 1.0 because I cannot break my code of nothing lower than a 1.  This would be in the zeros otherwise, and it can kiss my faaaaaat ass. Awful!

  1.  House of Horrors – Bray Wyatt def Randy Orton

Keri:  I’m not sure what this was at all and quite honestly almost a day later still don’t know what I watched. I also know that I rather watch the final deletion series than whatever that was last night. In fact, I said to Eric after watching it for a few minutes, that Matt Hardy must be backstage throwing stuff saying “Are you guys kidding me? I did something just like this months ago and I did it better.” Seriously, the only thing this was missing from this match was Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin. Rating: 1.5 out of 9.2 (WWE never do this again, ok?)

Kent:  No, just no.  Why did Randy Orton look like a smaller Corporate Kane from behind?  You come to a House of Horrors match wearing pants, assuming that this may be hard hitting, but not wearing a shirt.  That is the epitome of half assking it.  Either be clothed or in your tights.  I fell asleep during this.  This was meant to be creepy or scray or whatever.  What a terrible job.  Here’s a question.  Why is Bray’s “House of Horrors” in California when he is from the Bayou?  Are we led to believe that he purchased a house in Cali, decorated it really poorly and waited until somebody happened to push him over the edge and hope that it coincided with a PPV in San Jose?  That’s my understanding.  Maybe his dad, IRS, seized the house as an asset.  I mean, this is so illogical.  Why did this PPV just go straight to hell?  I really was looking forward to what they would do with this.  I expected people in masks interfering, probably Rowan.  I would have had a huge beat down, maybe invite Jinder over.  And at the end, I would have set the house on fire with the fans fearing that Randy was still trapped under the fridge or some such nonsense.  Then in a few weeks, Orton shows up with video footage of how he escaped.  But no.  We got this.  Why was the tractor just going by itself?  They could have done something similar to Don’t Breathe or 31.  They could have done so many cool and creepy things that could have tied in with the story and been cool to watch.  It would have really been phenomenal. Why did that 250 pound fridge kill Randy?   I mean, at most it was 300 hundred, although doubtful.  That’s nothing for these guys.


Rating: 1.1 because this is better than the Seth shit

  1.  Braun Strowman def Roman Reigns

Keri:  This match had it all. Brutality, hatred, and blood. And by match, I’m talking about the post match beatdown as well as the fan reaction for this match. The match itself was good and I’m glad in the end that Braun went over. Was this match better than those earlier in the night? No, but that is ok. Rating: 5 out of 9.2 (would have given it 4.5 but a Braun win as well as Braun beatdown gave it a little something extra so I’m giving it a little something extra)

Kent:  I didn’t hate this match, but I never got into it.  I have tried to think about why it didn’t click for me, and I will give you my best theory.  It came after 3 really bad segments, so I was already in a foul mood.  Add to that, Roman came into this match selling an injury.  This limited what Roman could do.  Wait, I have to say this.  Roman sells his injury, but Seth can’t.  Roman is a more complete wrestler than Seth Rollins at this point in time.  I never thought that I would say that, but it’s true.  So Roman is selling the injury, and he’s simply not the most technically gifted guy, so unlike a smaller guy who can use quickness for reversals, Roman is mainly a power guy, so that limited his offense.  Roman may have the ability in another year or two to fix that shortcoming, I hope that he does, because he has come a long way.  The match simply lacked a bit.  The right guy won, despite it happening due to injury, but whatever.  I personally prefer watching a wrestler get hurt during the match and then work on selling throughout.  I’ll use Bayley vs Sasha in NXT Brooklyn, I believe.  Bret was always great at this, as was HBK.  The post match beat down was really fun and got my attention.  I don’t want to watch this match again.

Rating: 4.4 and thank you Strowman

Bonus Deuce

  1. Best Match of the Night?

Keri:  KO vs. Y2J. This match kept my attention the entire time and the ending was something that I didn’t see coming. Runner up: Alexa vs. Bayley because Iron Alexa damnit.

Kent:  Neville vs Aries for me, with consideration to the KO vs Y2J and Women’s match.  I don’t feel that you can go wrong with any of those 3 options.  It’s a night of shit kickoff, then 4 straight quality matches that you want at a PPV, then everything went to hell before Braun showed up and ripped a door off an ambulance.

  1.  Best Moment of the Night?

Keri:  I think I already said it. Alexa dressed as Iron Man. I love this outfit so much (and her too). I’m so happy for her. She really deserves it.

Kent:  I know that you expect me to say when the Hardy lost a tooth, but nope.  That Brogue Kick to the post was awesome as hell, so that’s my pick.  Also, I am just going to start saying “I’m not finished with you” in my day to day life.  I am having a sandwich, eat half of it.  Then I will scream at it “I’m not finished with you!!!’.  You start binge watching a series, but then you have to sleep.  You wake up and look at your TV and scream at it.  You are with your special hooker friend and you pay for an hour but you finish your task in 20 minutes.  BAM, you grow a beard and head back into the hotel bedroom screaming.  So many applicable moments.  Yeah, we’re ending on that note.  Thank you everybody for reading!

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