Tomb of Annihilation (TFTPB) – Chapter Four

Holy Hells Bells, we are back to our normal schedule.  I am just happy to be back in black, I mean on schedule.  In a battle of who has the biggest balls of them all, our group continues its adventure, and we are left wondering if the Money really does talk.   Plus we got a Thunderwave!  How fucking exciting is that???  Obviously, I have my own theme.  I came across this interesting band’s renditions of songs that I enjoy.  I hope that you enjoy as well.


Tomb of Annihilation

Chapter 4 – Now You’re Playing With Power


With none of the mercenaries alive to interrogate, the group searched their bodies and found a large, rusty key.  They were quick to learn that said key opened a grate leading into the sewers.  In an abundance of caution, Xilix sent his trusty bat companion, Gryff, down into the sewers to scout.  After Gryff reported back that the coast was clear, the party headed down into the sewers.  The party traveled until they found a hidden room containing a desk and various crates.  Said crates were obviously used to smuggle in awesome things to be sold on the black market.

Finding nothing of particular value in the crate room, the party continued until they came across a cart with a gold bracelet sitting inside.  Assuming it was a trap, the party got ready to perform all manner of trap searching methods on the cart and the jewelry.  Unfortunately, this was the first time the party realized that they didn’t have a rogue in the group.  Ethyl said, “screw it, I need a new bracelet,” and pulled it out of the cart.  Much to their surprise, nothing happened.

Despite the fact they obtained the loot with no danger to themselves, Compassion, who was leading the party down the single file sewers, decided this was the perfect opportunity to lecture the group on “dungeon safety.”  Ironically, as he was just getting to “the good part of his lecture,” the distracted Compassion failed to notice the pressure plate that he was about to stand on.  Upon hearing the “click” of the pressure plate triggering, Compassion attempted to jump out of the way.  As he was wearing bulky metal armor, Compassion failed to dodge, and was brained by a hefty sized rock falling from the ceiling.  The lecture ended then and there.

Using the tried and true method of “taking every left in a dungeon until you either reach your destination or finish making a circle,” the party eventually came to a room that contained more empty smuggling crates.  On the other side of the room was a lever and a door.  Having taken Compassion’s lecture to heart (prior to him taking it to the head), the group stood outside the room as Ethyl conjured a magic hand from the doorway to pull the lever.  

As the lever was pulled down, a giant metal plate came slamming down from the ceiling, cutting the party off from the room.  Listening closely at the plate, the party could hear water rushing into the room.  Having avoided the cliché “water room death trap” the party members gave each other hi-fives while looking smugly at Compassion.  Compassion, who was sure that he had a concussion at this point, just grunted out his approval to the party.

After the water receded from the room, Compassion went over to inspect the door.  Before they could (attempt) to check for traps or even listen at the door, the door flung open, and Compassion was immediately stabbed twice, shot with an arrow, and hit in the face with a firebolt by the four smugglers waiting for them in the next room.  Compassion fell to the ground dying.

Seeing Compassion laying on the ground dying, Hertz looked the two smugglers in front of him in the face and said, “if your troops up top had been smart enough to retreat, they could of warned you this was going to happen.”  At this point Hertz again called upon the power of Talos and began surging with electricity.  Pointing his finger forward, Hertz uttered the magical holy word “Boom” and a crack of thunder rang out.  Upon the sound dissipating, the two smugglers who were not in the path of the Thunderwave saw that the two smugglers at the door had been reduced to bloodstains on the floor.

With their number cut in half, the remaining two smugglers dove behind some wooden barrels and began sniping at the party.  It was at this point that Xilix had the genius to send Gryff the bat out with a flask of oil to drop on the barrels.  Once the barrels had been doused, Xilix or Ethyl could strike the barrels with a firebolt to ignite them.  What actually happened was Gryff flying into the room, throwing and completely missing the barrels with the flask, then then getting shot dead by the archer-smuggler.  

Crying in anguish over the loss of his familiar, Xilix took a lot of painkilling drugs and ran into the room shooting firebolts akimbo like he was in a John Woo movie.  While the smugglers were distracted, Hertz called upon the powers of Talos to heal Compassion’s wounds.  Springing to his feet in an enraged fury, Compassion ran into the room, grabbed one of the barrels that had been set on fire during Xilix’s assault, and began beating the caster to death with it.  Just before Compassion caved in the caster’s head, she and the archer surrendered.

During the negotiations it was agreed the two remaining smugglers would leave and the group would be free to loot the room.  Aside from standard treasure, the group found two items of interest, the last piece of the amulet and a dinosaur egg.  Tempest took the final piece of the amulet as she had all of the other pieces, and Compassion took the egg because, being half-demon in nature, he was a “natural incubator.”  

Returning to the inn, the party reconvened in Xilix’s room where they reassembled the pieces of the Amulet, now fully forged into the Dreamer’s Amulet.  Those with magical attunement could instantly feel the evil radiating from the Amulet.  Hoping that such powerful magics could restore his memory, Xilix immediately began meditating with the Amulet in order to learn its secrets.  With the rest of the party concerned by Xilix’s foolhardy actions, Compassion agreed to watch over him as Hetz, Tempest, and Ethyl went to speak with Sagi in the barroom.  

Finding Sagi in the bar, the party was once again prepared to deal with a confusing, rambling, and drunk Sagi.  Much to their surprise, Sagi was actually sober!  Also much to their surprise, Sagi turned out to be less comprehensible when sober.  After a 30-plus minute conversation in which Hertz had to resort to pantomiming and drawing pictures, Sagi told the party that if they had assembled the Dreamer’s Amulet they should bring it to Dina-Saur, member of the Order of the Triceratops branch of the Kepka society.  Sagi insisted that Dina-Saur would have information on how the Amulet was related to the Death Curse.

Meanwhile, back in Xilix’s room, Compassion began to notice that the longer Xilix meditated with the Amulet, the deeper Xilix’s trance seemed to be, and the quieter the room became.  After about 30 minutes of meditating with the amulet, Xilix had fully entered a black, subspace world.  Despite the darkness, in the distance Xilix could see a form slithering in his direction.  Soon after Xilix saw the figure, which appeared to be a giant snake-like creature.  

As this being was no scarier than the worst of his hallucinations while high on particularly powerful drugs, Xilix tried to engage the snake-monster in conversation.  When Xilix asked the monster who he was and what he wanted, the snake merely responded with a question, “what do you want? *hissss*”.  Xilix truthfully responded, “knowledge and power.”  The snake responded, “you are not worthy,” and proceeded to devour Xilix whole.  Xilix awoke from the trance screaming.  

Finding that the amulet would not bend to their will, the party agreed to meet with Dina-Saur and his Kepka Society brethren.  When Sagi informed the party that they would find Dina-Saur running a local bathhouse, they became suspicious that Sagi was just pulling some elaborate prank on them.  However, upon entering the bathhouse, they immediately saw a man in purple robes matching Dina-Saur’s description.  Walking up to Dina-Saur, Compassion used the secret Kepka Society hand gesture taught to him by Sagi.  

Excited to meet the adventurers that had assembled the Dreamer’s Amulet, Dina-Saur informed the party that he would be escorting them to the Kepka Society hideout, which turned out to be the abandoned warehouse from Reservoir Dogs.  As they walked through the warehouse, Dina-Saur proceeded to drone on about various non-Amulet related things that bored Hertz.  

While Hertz was looking around the room waiting for Dina-Saur to shut up, he saw that a nearby carpet seemed to bow inward.  Curious, Hertz went over to inspect the carpet.  Just as Hertz discovered that the carpet was concealing a pit trap, Dina-Saur rushed over and attempted to push Hertz in the pit.  This cunning plan failed for two reasons, 1) Hertz wears like 300 pounds of metal armor, and 2) when at full power Hertz is basically living lightning.  Upon touching Hertz armor, Dina-Saur was killed in a manner not dissimilar to the Joker’s joy buzzer attack.

Enraged that their leader had been bested so easily, the remaining cultists in the room prepared to attack.  The party then proceeded to kill most of the cultists and their pet giant snake.  While they did leave one cultist alive to interrogate, he answers mostly consisted of hissing sounds.  Upon telling the group that the only thing waiting for them in the next room was death, Compassion threw the remaining cultist into the pit.


Does death await the party in the next room?  Did Sagi betray the party?  Find out next time on Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium.  


Like I wasn’t going to put a Nintendo commercial on this as well with a name of a chapter called “Now You’re Playing With Power.”

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:8 “How It’s Gotta Be”

Let’s kick off the second half of this lovely 8th season with this blog.  When we last talked, I was in a good mood.  I haven’t been in a good one since that 7th episode.  SO let’s do this!!  Always feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.  All messages in bold are written by Kent, and I know damn well that some of you just come to read my responses to you.



The 9


  1.  Let’s start off with the obvious topic.  What are your thoughts on Enid killing Natania and what repercussions will come from this, in your opinion?  Speculate away.  Gold stars will be awarded for funny responses.

Bob:  Oceanside will now side with the Alexandrians.  Natania was the only person holding them all back. Nantania’s non-child may have some trust issues with Enid, but…  maybe Enid dies as a price to be paid…?  (I don’t know if a price has to be paid.  I question how many people fully backed Natania.  I am curious.  But hey, let’s just kill off all of the young people, why not, right?  In theory, Enid should be killed.)

Brian:  another Ricktard move. Now Oceanside will join forces with negan and rule the world. And Enid will be given to negan as a sex slave. (Sex slave?  Is Enid of legal age?  Okay, she is 18, so this comment gets a gold star!!  Oceanside is so going to start a social media movement.)

Raylene:  Well thankfully Natania is dead she wasn’t helping Oceanside they unfortunately needed to make some progress and would have been discovered eventually.  Enid will be killed by the followers of Natania.  (As I said, if Carl’s dead, Enid serves no purpose sadly.)

Kent:  If Carl is dead, I can see Enid also getting killed as a penalty.  Her character hasn’t served much of a reason, only as a potential love interest for Carl.  With that being said, it never made sense because one of the big reasons that the group has issues with the next big bad group is due to Carl playing the white knight for the leader’s daughter.  The hope I had was that Oceanside was going to turn into the big bad group, but nah, fuck that.  I say that they may as well kill her and we find Heath’s dead body nearby.


  1.  Did you feel that this was really the appropriate time for Aaron to have Enid practicing her driving skills?

Bob:  I mean, really, when is a good time in a word like this?  I mean, whew, Enid is over 16 so we’re not breaking that law. (It’s important not to break the law in the ZA.    I would think that aside from learning to shoot, kids should be getting driving lessons in these communities.    It’s a very needed skill.  How funny would it be to see a kid driving and Officer Friendly pulling them over?)

Brian:  my first thought was who cares….. but upon reflection, I believe that it’s a skill that must be learned so why not now. (It really is a needed skill to survive, in my opinion.)

Raylene:  Perhaps Aaron’s exhaustion finally caught up with him and he physically couldn’t drive anymore.  (He needs a Stu Redman from Stewarts.  For those unfamiliar, Stewarts is a local gas station with food and lots of ice cream and they have their own cans of energy drink.  We call them Stu Redmans, in honor of Stu from The Stand because his real name is Stewart, played by the great Gary Sinise.  What the fuck were we talking about again?)

Kent:  This baffled me in the moment, and actually annoys me even more in hindsight.  Even if she has to run, she clearly has a better chance of escaping on foot as she is nimble and great at hiding, whereas her trying to escape via car would potentially be a death sentence, that she may be facing in February.


  1.  Ezekiel appears to be in quite the predicament.  Carol and Morgan are lurking.  Will he be saved in time, and if so, by whom?

Bob:  I think he will be saved only to have been mortally wounded.  Both Carol and Morgan, like Daryl’s’ garbage truck kind of timing. (We really need a term for TWD Timing.  Let’s work on a term.  That may be a question for this coming week’s blog.)

Brian:  He will be saved on another last minute totally illogical event and a Morgan king Carol love triangle will develop with a bitter Daryl killing Morgan on hopes to hold on to his trailer park sweetie..(Hahaha, another vote of confidence for TWD timing!)

Kristi:  He will be saved. I see Morgan saving him this time since Carol was his hero last time. (Either way, can they play “I Need a Hero” when it happens?  I don’t ask for much.)

Raylene: First of all Ezekiel put himself in that predicament when he chained himself in with them. I can see him being the other big death. (Ezekiel feels similar to Morgan to me.  He is so much cooler on TV so his character may have greater longevity in the show.  Of course Carl was way cooler in the show and……well there went my happiness.)

Kent:  Well, there is no need for another huge death for a few episodes, especially somebody as beloved as  Ezekiel.  With that being said, maybe it happens.  TWD has a penchant for doing huge deaths one right after the other.  Think about this.  There’s Dale & Shane, T Dog & Lori, Andrea & Merle, Herschel & Governor, Lizzie & Mika, Beth & Tyreese, Deanna/Jessie/Sam/Ron, and Abe & Glenn.  Yeah, there is quite the history there.  Yikes, I am now convinced that somebody else dies in episode 9.  I can see both Carol and Morgan do work and set him free.  I thought the dude who portrays Gavin has done an excellent job in his role and really wish to commend it.  He nails it in every scene.  


  1.  Ezekiel seemed to be able to move pretty good tonight.  Do you ever wonder how these people heal so fastly despite the lack of doctors and good first aid and whatnot?

Bob:  Actually, I really think that you don’t have time to pity yourself. 

People know they have to cope and move on pain or not.  It’s a survival mode, not the comfy lifestyle we live here.  (Huh, a MR T reference.  That’s a gold star.  If you ever want to see something amazing, try to find MR. T’s WWE Hall of Fame speech.  It is one of the best things I have seen this decade.)

Brian:  he has been sitting on his ass reflecting on the error of his ways and his body is rested. Or tiger blood!!  (Yeah, of course it’s Tiger Blood.  He knows what he’s doing.)

Kristi:  I mean, he has done nothing but rested since he was injured so I think that has helped the healing process. Also, although he knows he is not a King, he still cares for his people so he may be oblivious to the pain. (I really wish I knew the time frame.  That is why it is tough to call bullshit on anything not involving ambulances or people falling from dumpsters.)

Raylene:  Perhaps the adrenaline flowing  helped him move quickly and when he can relax some his injuries will catch up to him.  (Maybe he had one of those adrenaline shots like in Pulp Fiction.  Hopefully he had a little black medical book with a felt pen.)

Kent:  I know that it makes for better TV to have your stars heal faster so that they aren’t on the sidelines, but it feels beyond unrealistic time after time after time.  Rick last sold an injury in season 4.  Herschel had to see the amputation and Carl and Governor had to sell the missing eye.  I get the concept of adrenaline, especially in life or death situations, but this happens too often for people who are not eating all that great I can’t imagine.  The body can only do so much.


  1.  Why did Maggie choose to kill Dean instead of somebody like Jared or even Gregory?

Bob:  He was the biggest guy.  You always punch the biggest guy in the face to prove a point.  Maybe he looked like Simon to her.  (Yeah, this is why I don’t want to go to midget prison.  I’d be getting punched all the time.)

Brian:  Maggie wanted to show Jesus that she has his back. Dean was mean to Jesus. So she picked him. I think the widow knows that she needs Jesus to help control the rest. (In the words of Jesus, the bowled in Big Lebowski, “Nobody fucks with the Jesus” so you have a point.  He’s not a good leader, but you want him on your side.)

Kristi:  I don’t think it was a long thought process. He was an ass and she was over it. Pissing off an angry pregnant woman with a gun is never a good idea. (Really, what rational prisoner pisses off a pregnant widow with a gun?  Exactly.)

Raylene:  Maybe because she was there when Dean attacked Jesus so she saw him being a threat.  (It’s a solid move to keep Jesus on your side, no doubt.)

Kent:  No F’n clue.  I would have probably shot Gregory first, if I was Maggie.  He may not be as much of a threat physically, but he is a smart and worthy adversary.  Jared is just a dick who should have gotten got a long time ago, probably by Richard last year.  I miss Richard.  I was watching the marathon on Sunday at various times, and by and large, I liked his character, despite his mistakes.


  1.  Will Maggie ever use any of her POW’s as trade bait, or is this where she makes a statement that Maggie is not to be trifled with via some executions?

Bob:  No trifling!  She isn’t trading anything unless it is for a leader OR it will be a dumb trade for an inconsequential character in an attempt to show some moral or compassionate move.  (While I agree with your early sentiment, I fear it is the latter that will happen….sigh.  We will call that character Tara or Enid.)

Brian:  we saw it already. She is cracking and will crumble before she has to execute any more innocent people. I see Jesus saving the pows cause he realizes how wrong the Ricktards are.  (I do believe that Maggie is cracking.  I am still not of the belief that she is some good leader because her husband died and she’s pregnant.)

Kristi:  I don’t see a trade ever happening.  Negan just doesn’t care enough to have that be something that would go down. She’s just going to take them out as she goes. Do not trifle with Maggie.  (Honestly, I think Negan recognizes the value of having people following his cause and he would consider some trade, especially during ALL OUT WAR!!!)

Raylene:  I think this is her breaking standpoint she’s going to keep killing until they back down (I could see that.  She is pregnant and slightly moody.)

Kent:  I’m not sure if she needs to use them as trade bait at this point.  We know via preview that the group plans on heading to Hilltop to make a stand.  I would possibly use it as trade bait to get Dr. Carson back if he was still screwed, but that’s about it.  There is officially no reason to keep them alive as they are eating needed resources.


  1.  Okay, I saved 3 spots for the big one.  First off, in the season premiere, we saw visions of Old Man Rick.  In those visions, we saw Michonne, Carl, and Judith who had grown up by several years at that point.  I know you all want to put your own spin on it, so I expect you to.  With that being said, I see it as 3 possibilities. The first being that Rick has lost his mind, which would go along with the helicopter possibly.  We know how Rick reacts to death in the family.  The second is that those scenes were just a dream, sorta like the ones of Glenn and Abe and the group having dinner around the table in the season 7 premiere.  The final possibility is that TWD is pulling a Glenn and Carl is somehow going to make it out of this situation alive in some ridiculous fashion and the visions were, in fact, true.  What do you think?

Bob:  Old man Rick was a dream-like sequence.  It is from the mind of Rick in things he hopes for as the future.  He is hoping for the best possible outcome.  (That would make some sense.  Rick is a believer in making things work.  Hell, he tried to make it work with the Governor.)

Brian:  The blue meth finally gets to Rick and he realizes that he is the cause for all the pain in his family’s life and that starts his mental breakdown. Or does the truth finally get realized and Rick is a mental patient and is making it all up.  (If it’s the latter, I am going to sit back and laugh at the outrage.)

Raylene:  I am thinking that everyone is dead Michonne, Carl, and Judith. Rick is the only survivor.  (You believe the show would be insane enough to kill the second most important after the war, a child, and a bad ass leading black lady.  Nice.)

Kent:  I admit it, I am deeply saddened by this.  This is probably one of the 3 or 4 saddest things that I have seen on a fictionalized show.  It’s there with Opie’s death in Sons, Phil Hartman’s passing on Newsradio, and Taker losing his streak at Wrestlemania XXX. With that being said, I am fairly certain that this is it.  The opening scenes in this episode, and even the season, have all geared up to this moment in a brilliant manner.  Well, brilliant if you can find brilliance in your favorite character’s death.  I think that Rick is slipping back into season 3 mode.  When they did those flashbacks, we cut back to Rick’s red teary eyes.  That was a big clue.  Carl’s reaction when he helped Siddiq was also there.  Then the speech to Negan, it was all there.  I can’t rationalize a bullshit Glenn situation, but I wish I could.  Old Man Rick sequences was a way to fuck with the comic fans, and I told you all that it was not a reference to the time skip.  I suggested that it may be the series finale.  So I was half right.  That’s worth something…..right?  


  1.  If Carl is in fact dying, would Rick bury the hat with him or would he keep it to help memorialize Carl?

Bob:  The hat would best be suited for a headstone or wooden cross on Carl’s grave.  Or Rick might have to pull a Governor and Zombie Carl can still have his hat.  (I do love the idea of it being used on a cross for Carl.  I think that would be a nice touch.)

Brian:  Rick buries arl and leaves hat as marker… however, the last thing Rick sees before he dies is Negan wearing the hat as Lucille delivers her justice.  (That got dark really fast.  It would be a shocker… not that kind of shocker.)

Kristi:  He will keep the hat. Maybe hang it in Judith’s room.  (Does Judith have a room anymore?)

Raylene:  I think he’ll pass it on to Judith in time  (A vote for passing down something that has not been very lucky.  How many months until Judith gets shot if that’s the case?)

Kent:  I hope that Rick keeps it to give it to Judith later on, or maybe Michonne wears it in honor or Carl.  I am going to say that it’s kept, but I can really see it go either way.


  1.  Who do you think is going to take this harder: Rick or Michonne?

Bob:  Rick.  Period.  He is Carl’s father and out of sheer respect of that Michonne has to set aside her grief for his.  (Rick has never had more motivation than he will after this, and it is going to hit him very hard.   I agree.)

Brian:  Michonne I think cause she thought of him as a son.  (Michonne has lost family too and her and Carl have a unique bond.  Beyond Andrea, Carl has been the closest thing to Michonne withough physicall being in Michonne.  I felt you would enjoy that one.)

Kristi:  Rick. Although Michonne seems to be having a hard time lately. It will hit her hard also but Rick is going to be a hot mess. It will definitely be the cause of a breakdown.  (Hot mess!!! Now that is an accurate term for what I imagine Rick will be for awhile.)

Raylene:  Both will take it hard Rick will just go insane and Michonne may go back to her loaner state with Walkers attached to her  (If Michonne can go back to that state of mind and being a non lovey dovery bad ass, that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, would it?)

Kent:  If what I have already said is accurate in that Rick is losing his shit again, that’s tough to top.  How would you top that?  Michonne going rogue for a bit, as she does in the comic.  Of course, she’s not in a relationship with Rick in the comic, so this would be quite different, but why stop now?  We just killed the main fucking future star of this fucking show for no damn good reason.  Fuckin pricks!  (Will you settle down?)


Bonus Double Deuce


  1.  Is everybody finally happy that Daryl got his vest back?

Bob:  It was anticlimactic, but yes.  (But more importantly, did you cry when it happened?  I did.)

Brian:  Not really I can only hope he gets careless and Negan finally puts him out of his misery.  ( I would be soooo happy if that happened.)

Kristi:  I mean, it’s a vest. Not really important at this point in the game. (But, but, but, it’s what Daryl stands for and represents….I can’t.  Seriously some people care though.)

Raylene:  Who gives a shit about Daryl anymore  (Old white women.)

Kent:  Yeah.  You wanna know why?  Because I wanna see that useless fuck get killed in the next episode.  Tara is still queen of my anger, but Daryl is now her king.  Daryl fucked everything up and I hold him accountable for Carl’s death.  If Daryl stopped being so damn selfish, maybe the plan is executed faster.  Maybe if he doesn’t wrestle with Rick and make shit explode, maybe they are done significantly earlier and Carl doesn’t go out wandering doing Carl things.  Really Daryl, that was your BIG concern was getting your fucking vest back?  Your whole colony just went up in flames, but let’s rip the vest off of the guy that just saved your bitch ass.  He is such a useless character now.  I don’t know the exact point where he went wrong, but I am fairly sure Beth was involved.  Death to super Daryl!!!!  I am not apologetic for my hate towards his character.  His careless antics have killed or led to far too many deaths in this show, yet so many people keep acting like he’s a good guy.  No!  At least Negan tries to keep his people safe, but he’s supposed to be the bad guy?  Are you fucking kidding me?  No, Daryl is worse than Negan.  I sentence Daryl to life in the cell with Easy Street on repeat.  End rant…for now. (Sooooo angry dude.  Relax.)


  1.  In the season premiere, we hear Rick say: “My mercy prevails over my wrath.”  I think that Siddiq also says this to Carl.  There is a line like this in the Koran.  It’s a loaded quote, obviously, or else they wouldn’t repeat it and name an episode in reference to it.  What does it mean for the show’s purposes?

Bob:  Wrath is a form of judgement.  So if we break it down and reword it to “My mercy prevails over my judgment” what do we have?  We have a simple play on words, but it is not deceiving or tricky in any way.  If Mercy is the primary thought and wrath/judgement is secondary, wrath is not eliminated from an act of mercy.  This means to me, that whomever says this, believes they are being fair and merciful but will take an act of wrath to fulfill that mercy.   (I don’t have anything to add to this other than I fully expected a response of this nature and you did not let me down.  Good answer!)

Brian:  Negan has shown Rick mercy a bunch. Rick and his family have not been harmed directly by Negan.  Ricks rath toward Negan has caused all his family’s pain. Rick is a horrible leader and an even worse father.  (You’re not wrong.  Negan did return Carl totally unscathed.  People forget hopw many times Negan could have killed Carl, but he didn’t.)

Raylene:  Rick is going to blame Daryl and Tara for Carl death bite (Oh, that would give me such a clue!)

Kent:  There’s a lot going on with this particular quote.  Something we never really touched on in regards to the season premiere was how Carl’s actions mirrored Rick’s in the very first episode.  That’s a thing and it’s on the internet, so read up on it if this is news to you.  As for the quote, it holds many layers.  I was too stupid to notice when Siddiq had said them that it was the exact same phrase.  It’s one last way to tie Negan to Carl.  Those words are very much about Negan.  Negan will not be killed by Rick at the end of the war….at least I don’t think he will.  What really grinds my gears is that the BEST part of the comics for me after All Out War was the relationship that Carl and Negan end up developing.  I have been alluding to those scenes over the years in this blog, and it seems like those hopes are dashed, so I don’t feel like I gotta say spoiler.  Now I’m pissed again. (Somebody get this man a drink!)


  1.  In the comics, Carl actually really grows into quite a big character, and a lot of what I assumed would be in season 9 and 10 revolved around Carl.  The show has stuck relatively close to the comic in a general sense 75-80% of the time.  Does this mark a potential huge shift away from the comics where it truly becomes it’s own entity, or do you think this is another blip on the radar in the same way that Daryl and Merle weren’t in the comics, or that Carol had died in the prison, but is still alive on the show?

Bob:  I think the show is doing what it is always doing.  It wanted to shock people like you, Kent.  To me, a non-comic reader, this was another main character dying.  It definitely meant more for you because you had an expectation.  I didn’t have that.  (That is 100% the truth.)

Brian:  The producers at making a huge mistake by making the show all about Rick. I think a lot of shows make this mistake. In a za people will die off people will rise to power and fall off. This show has gone long enough about Rick. It’s time we follow a different character’s rise to power or end the show.  (This also true.  Would Game of Thrones be any fun if the same person was in control the whole series?  Hell no.  People are going to rise and fall.  We need Clay Morrow taking over!

Raylene:  With this fucking show now who knows. They have fucked things up royally.  (Like a Royale with cheese?  Is your anger directed towards the metric system?)

Kent:  This seems as good of a time as any to really stray away from the comics.  The whole thing with the next big bad group has already lost it’s luster due to this Carl shenanigans.  That whole story arc is Carl’s becoming a man story and it’s just gone.  Poof!  I don’t really see the sense in it anymore.  I’d rather skip it entirely because then I don’t have to get sad over another scene later on.  (I bet that scene involves Lucielle.) 


  1.  Finally, give me your fondest Carl memory.  

Bob:  Carl not shooting his potential brother-in-law from the lady who had two kids and he was abusive to her.  The older son.  That whole interaction, but mostly his response – Carl not ratting him out.  (Ohhhh, that is a good one.)

Brian:  Carl was the only Ricktard that Negan respected and talked to. Hopefully, he can be the first to no die. Maybe the helicopter has antidote.  (Arl was also the first Funko I ever had hand decorated by you sir.)

Kristi:  When he put Shane out. That was my, “this kid’s a badass moment”!  (Yeah, it was super pivotal.  Most people point to him taking out Lori, but this was more pivotal, no doubt.)

Raylene:  The first three seasons Carl was quite annoying but once they had to flee the prison and were alone in the house he really came into his own. I honestly thought they were grooming him to take over the show. My favorite memory was when we first saw him drive it made me laugh.  (Carl driving was a true peice of art.  I wish we could have seen some outtakes of that day.)

Kent:  I have so many of them.  I think one that really helped cement his awesomeness in my eyes was how he talked to Rick in episode 9 of season 4 after everybody had scattered from the Prison and Rick had been shot.  Carl had this breakout episode and he has continued shining from that point on.  This episode, I loved his talk with Negan, and I thought that maybe, just maybe this would tie into what was to come after the war.  I also loved how Carl simply manned up in the lineup scene and how he tried to take out Sanctuary by himself.  All great stuff.  He has pretty much had a Maximus story though.  He went through so much shit, just like Maximus.  As sad as it was when he died in Gladiator, you were happy that he could finally be at rest.  If I can take anything away from this, it’s that Carl can finally rest.  He saw his new best friend get shot in the head by his father, had to put down the other man in his life in Shane, had to help deliver his sister and put his mom down, had to really run things when his dad lost his shit, saved Tyreese’s group, got shot by Otis and Ron, had no eye, was disfigured, had the holy hell scared out of him by Joe and the Claimers, The Termites, and Negan, he infiltrated The Sanctuary and got humiliated a bit by Negan, and still, throughout it all, he just tried doing the right thing and recruit for the future.  I know that some of you haven’t been as high on Carl as I have, and to each their own, but this story has truly been remarkable, in my opinion.RIP Arl.


Final Thoughts – Did this episode make you look forward to the second half of this season, or did it turn you off?  Also, please give any parting thoughts before we go on a 2 months break.

Bob:  I’m ready for more… finally.  This dragged on and on.  This blog is the only things that kept me watching the show.  (You and many others I do believe.  AMC should start paying us for keeping their small show relevant!)

Brian:  it really wasn’t all out war. All the Ricktards did was lose more people following Rick and pissed of Negan more and the Oceanside people.  (But Aaron’s boyfriend died.  That was sooooo important!  Hah!)

Raylene:  Nope it pissed me the fuck off and I am probably done with the show.  After they killed Abe I wasn’t sure if I should continue on then this happened with Carl and it enraged me so fuck you Robert Kirkmen and Scott Gimple.  (They thrive on your tears.)

Kent:  No, I’m not looking forward to it.  By February, I may feel differently.  In this moment, no, I’m not looking forward to it.  I know that may be a childish way of handling things, so be it.  This season has had so many stupid scenes with wasting ammo, exploding shit, not following the plans, and getting vests back, really Carl was a pillar of hope.  That was the greatest sin that you can commit in this show.  I fear for all black males on the show.  There is no way that Morgan, Gabe, and Ezekiel all survive the season.  Finally, we lost one of the original 5.  We are down to Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Morgan.  This one stings wayyyy more than Glenn.  To officially update my favorite characters, it looks something like this: 1. Carol  2. Eugene  3.  Negan  4. Jerry  5.  Simon  6.  Gregory  7.  Gavin  8.  Gabe  9.  Ezekiel  10.  Dianne  137. Daryl  138. Tara.  (It’s February…, still bummed out.)


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2018 Elimination Chamber Preview

Hi, Kent here.  Keri and I had to preview this night of 2 matches and a bunch of nonsense.  Yay!!!  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


The 9

  1.  Kickoff Show – Gallows & Anderson vs Miztourage

Keri:  This matchup is so random.  But then again, if you have been paying attention it looks like Finn and the Miz have been getting into it on Twitter, so maybe it does make sense, you know since Finn is the leader of the Balor club and Miz is the leader of, well, the Miztourage. I don’t know maybe I’m just grasping at straws trying to rationalize this one.

Prediction:  Gallows and Anderson win.

Kent:  So the Miztourage get a match while The Revival has nothing.  Explain to me how that makes a damn bit of sense.  Considering how good G&A are against the Revival, it’s even more baffling.  Is this even going to be taken seriously by anybody?  Bo and Curtis are both so damn good too, but this is a squash.

Prediction: The Good Brothers – Gallows, stop encouraging the Young Bucks to come to WWE.  We don’t want them.  It’s going to be the Hardy Boy debacle all over again.  We want broken universe.  You got it, you hate it, suck it.  Bang bang!

  1.  WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Sheasaro vs Titus Worldwide

Keri:  I could have sworn I just saw this match Monday night on RAW. Maybe I was wrong. Anyways…..

Prediction: Titus Worldwide wins and maybe brings new life to a stagnant division.

Kent:  This is the right match, but they could have fucking announced it.  Jesus tap-dancing Christ, do your fucking job people.  The go home show should have the final card.  I don’t even remember when this became commonplace, but fuck that noise.   My issue here is timing.  Are they going to have Titus Worldwide head into Mania as the champs?  Will they win the belts at Mania?  This is tough.  I’m ready for the title change.  It’s time to sink or swim.  If they sink, The Revival is waiting to dominate.

Prediction – Apollo wins it for Titus Worldwide.  I know that I am wrong, but I want this so I predict it. Much love to Sheasaro, the best tag team in the business.

  1.  Asuka vs Nia Jax

Keri:  This matchup was enjoyable when it was in NXT and Nia has improved significantly since the last time these two faced off so I expect a good match. With that said, they are not breaking Asuka’s streak.

Prediction: Asuka wins and finally declares that she will face Wooooo Jr for the Smackdown title.

Kent:  Why? The best case scenario is that Alexa gives Nia a pep talk in the locker room and plant the seed.  Then have Alexa interfere and cost Nia the match so we can get that match at Mania while protecting Asuka.  Also, just know that this year’s Wrestlemania will feat at least 4 women’s matches.  Fuck my life as a wrestling fan.

Prediction – I already told you.  Asuka wins because streaks are one of the worse things that you can do in pro wrestling.  That is a fucking fact.  It stifles creativity and good finishes.

  1.  Ronda Rousey’s contract signing

Keri:  So this week on As the Bullet Club Turns. We had Cody declare himself leader of the Bullet Club, the Bucks joined the heavyweight division, Cody and Kenny brawled, Hangman Page is feeling unappreciated by everyone and wants to know where his moment is, and Marty Scrull (the Villian), due to all the stress of the situation, now has grey hair. Oh and Kenny called Cody a WWE reject. Can’t wait to see what happens on next week’s exciting episode of how As the Bullet Club Turns.

Prediction: I wonder how Tama, Fale, Tanga, Leo, and the rest of Bullet Club NJPW feel about their new leader. I bet that will be on next week’s episode. Stay tuned everyone. (Kent: slow clapping)

Kent:  Hang on, hang on.  Okay, I found the lube.  Okay, now gently massaging my asshole.  OKay, gritting my teeth because WWE is about to fuck me and the rest of us right in the asshole.  I can’t vouch for Keri, but I don’t like being on the receiving end of anal. I expect some bullhshit with Stephanie.  Yay.

Prediction – I hope to pass my kidney stone during this segment so I can say that was less painful than seeing this segment.  Top that Keri!!! (Keri: Challenge Accepted).

  1.  Bray Wyatt vs Fatt Hardy

Keri:  Why is this still a thing?

Prediction: I don’t care. This has run its course.

Kent:  It’s a good thing I didn’t put that lube away yet.  Good lord.  Can we give Bray someone and something to work with?  Please put him back on Smackdown to feud with…..Shinsuke, Tye, Rusev, and Bobby.  Yeah, all 4 of those feuds sound great compared to this, right?

Prediction – Bray wins setting up a match at the Woken Compound in North Carolina

  1.  First Ever Historic Women’s Elimination Chamber for the belt – Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

Keri: This match will be good. I really don’t have anything more to say than that really.

Prediction: Alexa retains and is forced back into hiding by Creative until Mania.

Kent:  My poor, poor asshole.  I think that Paige and Nia were meant to be in this one with Asuka taking on Sonya and Mandy.  That’s my best guess.  This match may not be terrible.  That’s what I thought about the women’s Royal Rumble.  I was SO FUCKING WRONG!  Alexa makes everything work better, especially when working with Mickie and I think her and Sasha have good chemistry.  Bayley is the one to watch for botches.  I think she’s going to be the worst performer, and I hope she proves me wrong.  I think the standout will be Sonya.

Prediction – It will be my moment of Bliss for #100 because that only seems fair.

  1.  Men’s #1 Contendership Elimination Chamber – The Miz vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns vs Elias vs Braun Strowman

Keri:  Unlike Kent, I’m going to state the inevitable conclusion of how this match will go and I’m not even going to include the words prediction in my response. Roman is winning this match. He is facing Brock at Mania. We all have to deal with it so let’s just start dealing with it now.

Kent:  I’m not doing it.  I will not predict Roman to win.  It is the single worst choice, yes even worse than Cena……yeah worse.  I want Braun to win.  The crowd wants Braun or Finn to win with a bit that wants to WWE.  Really, Seth should have a lot of momentum after Monday’s match, and I think his fatigue should tie into an early elimination and Kurt mocking him on RAW.  I think The Miz can be easily dismissed as can Elias, although Elias vs Brock would be fucking money.  I think Cena can be easily written off due to his recent storyline.  That leave 4 very legit possibilities.  Roman and Brun have both had a match with the Beast while Seth had a three-way with Cena also involved, and then there is Finn.  The thing is, and we say this on the podcast when a big make or break is present.  Right now, this is when they could make the Randy Orton to Roman’s version of John Cena.  They could make Braun the fucking man.  I’d have him and Roman come to a draw somehow.  They can make anything happen.  This is the match that should close out the PPV, so I won’t be shocked if it doesn’t thanks to history, blah blah vagina.

Prediction – Braun and Roman come to a  draw somehow and make this a great Mania main event.

  1.   What’s the hardest match on the card to predict?

Keri: Probably the tag team match

Kent:  Tag Team Title match is the answer for me, although the Bray match I am quite divided too.  I can at least foresee Bray vs Matt at Mania.  The tag division, it seems like destiny that we get a clusterfuck multi-team match at Mania.

  1.  Any other matches?  If so, predict one.

Keri:  I don’t think so.

Kent:  Ginger Rhynos vs The Revival.  Honestly, I don’t think so.  The EC matches are going to be an hour a piece adding entrances.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Best match of the night will be?

Keri:  Tag match or pre-show match.

Kent:  Dark horse is the tag title match. Tag matches on PPV have been money.  Now if you aren’t looking forward to Roman vs Brock, I think this has to be your answer.

  1.  Worst match of the night will be (excluding kick off show)?

 Keri:  Asuka vs Nia

Kent:  I don’t think Asuka vs Nia is going to deliver.  I hope that I am wrong.  I just have a gut feeling about this one.


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Tomb of Annihilation (TFTPB) – Chapter Three

Did you think I forgot about this?  I didn’t, I have simply been dealing with bronchitis, the death of my father, and a kidney stone.  But who gives a damn about that when we could be reading some Tales From The Plunderbund.  I am you host, Kent.  This of course was written my by good friend Eric.  This week, I had 2 songs picked out.  In tribute of a lady that we lost recently, and in honor of a game that Eric and I have been playing recently, I give you The Cranberries “Zombie”.  Tomorrow, yes tomorrow a new blog is coming, I hope you know something about Sam B.

Tomb of Annihilation

Chapter 3 – Murder-Hobos Come to Frog Town


Upon removing the second piece of the amulet from the alter, the adventurers could feel their minds attempting to be penetrated.  While most fought off the icky visions, Ethyl could not, and her mind began to flood with images of giant eyeballs leaking black fluid and more tentacles than can be found in the backroom of an anime convention.  Luckily, as Ethyl was from the underdark, such images were nothing more than an average Tuesday night for her.  She quickly came back to her senses, unconcerned about the horrific visions that had just been pumped into her head.

Needing to rest and regain their spells, the party headed back to the inn.  In the morning, before Xilix could take too many of his medicinal herbs, the party insisted that he tell them the location of his Emerald Enclave contact.  After searching through his notes for about 20 minutes, Xilix informed the party that they should meet with female cat-person Screaming Wind just outside the city.

With a new goal, the party set out to meet Screaming Wind.  After leaving the city and traveling for about an hour, the group found themselves near a bridge spanning a ravine.  In the middle of the bridge the group could see a fish-man getting his butt kicked by two pterodactyl-men.  As the party stopped to debate whether the fish-man was the victim or the aggressor, a cat-person jumped out of the nearby trees and proceeded to stab the pterodactyl-men in the throat.  The fish-man thanked her and ran the hell away (because he was a fish and she was a cat).

As all cat-people look alike to Xilix, he assumed that this cat-person was his contact Screaming Wind.  Luckily, in this case Xilix’s casual racism happened to be correct.  At first conversation was slow, as Screaming Wind’s accent (aka cat screeching) made it hard to understand her.  After acclimating to the horrible cat sounds coming from Screaming Wind, the group found that she was very happy to see them, as she had a job she wished them to complete.  Specifically, in the area of the jungle known as Molar’s Throat, all sorts of bad shit was going down.  Most notably, the pterodactyl-men were being driven crazy and undead were starting to spring up all over.  If the situation didn’t improve, the cat people were going to have to leave their village in the Throat.  Screaming Wind hired the group to find the source of the madness and stop it.

For the next three hours the party stumbled clumsily through the jungle, rubbing up against all manner of poisoned foliage.  As such, the group spent most of the afternoon feeling sick and in a hallucinogenic state.  While the majority of the group was miserable, Xilix was in heaven.  

As the hallucinogins began to wear off, the party came to a clearing where it appeared a cat-person and a half-elf were unconscious and trapped in some brambles.  Not sure if this was an illusion due to their hallucinogenic encounters, Tempest went over and started poking at the brambles with her spear.  Tempest and the party quickly learned that not only was the bramble patch alive, but the rustling bushes made it obvious that they were surrounded by a handful of other shrub-men.   While the shrub men were all self-satisfied with themselves for pulling off such an ambush, they made the fatal mistake of ambushing a group with two magic users who just love to throw fire around.

Tempest, Xilix, and Ethyl set up an assembly line of murder.  In step one, Tempest would spear a shrub-man and pin him to the ground.  In step two, Xilix and Ethyl would burn the ever-living hell out of said shrub-man; rinse and repeat.  Meanwhile, as those three were disposing of the foliage, Compassion was trying desperately to save the cat-woman and the half-elf.  Thanks to his efforts, the cat-woman lived . . . while the half-elf was completely drained of blood.  At the end of the fight everyone congratulated Compassion for now having an overall victim rescue rate of approximately 15 percent!  Compassion just grunted at them as he prepared the half-elf’s body for purification and burial . . . again.

Continuing their trek, the party came to the edge of the jungle.  From the tree line, the party looked out onto a field where six small and adorable frog-men were performing some sort of ritual around a pillar.  As the party bickered about whether or not to engage with the frog-men, Ethyl, hating conversation with the other party members, decided to crack open Volo’s guide to see what she could learn.  Thanks to the guide, Ethyl learned many interesting facts, including that the frogs have a democratically elected republic, their favorite animal is the teddy bear, they poison everything they touch, and they are slavers.  As the party came to the realization that the last entry was particularly concerning, Tempest, using her monk vision, noticed that at least two of the frogs had seen the group but were pretending not to.  

With visions of a future life of frog-slavery in their heads, the group decided to kill the frog-men before that happened.  Realizing the party wasn’t going to go down easy, the frogs immediately began trying to hide in the nearby grasses in the hopes of sneaking up on the party.  Seeing half of the frogs immediately disappear, Xilix cast a sleep spell at their last known location.  This resulted in the half of the frog-men that had hidden suddenly deciding it was nap time.

From there a fierce battle ensued, with the party engaging with spells, war hammers, swords, spears, and Tempest’s famous “headbutt of caving your head in.”  After the three conscious frog-men were dispatched of, the group went to the sleeping frog-men and proceeded to kill them all in their sleep.  While the group members themselves took very little damage, unfortunately for Ethyl, one of her spells backfired, causing all of her hair to fall off of her body.

After saving themselves from a grim future of frog-slavery, the group proceeded to loot the bodies and examine the pillar.  To their surprise, another piece of the Amulet sat upon it.  As Tempest collected the Amulet piece, the minds of the party members were once again assaulted, however, this time they were all able to resist being shown totally gross scenes of tentacles and ichor.  Upon examination the Amulet piece, Screaming Wind deduced that it was the cause for all of the trouble in the jungle, and she thanked the group for taking the Amulet piece from the cursed alter.

It was quickly becoming apparent that 1) the amulet likely had nothing to do with the death curse, and 2) bringing all the pieces of the amulet together might actually be a terrible idea, as it may summon some sort eldritch abomination.  Despite such concerns, they decided to press on with reassembling the Amulet.

Wanting to reassemble the Amulet and get it out of their possession as soon as possible, the group followed their next lead.  Specifically, they went to talk with Kelvin Venscion of the Order of the Gauntlet.  On their way, Ethyl insisted that they stop by the black market so that she could purchase a magical hair growth formula that had specifically been tested on animals and humans.  While Ethyl found someone willing to sell a “miracle hair growth formula,” only time will tell if the formula will truly work (as opposed to just poisoning the heck out of Ethyl).

Upon arriving at Kelvin’s shop, the group explained that they were not there to buy any of the very fancy clothes on display, but instead to obtain information about an Amulet piece.  While disappointed that he would not be making a sale off of gullible adventurers on this day, Kelvin was nice enough to inform the party that the object they were looking for was likely part of a shipment being smuggled into the city underneath the sewers that evening.  In order to reach the most easily accessible entrance, the group would have to go to the harbor district.

As they traveled to the harbor district, everyone made sure to inform Ethyl that absolutely no hair was growing back yet.  Arriving at the harbor near the sewer entrance, the party saw four individuals standing in the middle of the street, and one standing off to the side.  As Compassion and Tempest went to speak with the larger group (at which point they had a very nice chat about sports, drinking, and floozies), Hertz went over and introduced himself to the loner in the corner.

The loner introduced himself as John Johnson, and explained that he and his compatriots were sell swords under the employ of Jobald, merchant prince of hirelings.  He advised Hertz that the party should go see Jobald about work in the future if they were so inclined.  Hertz thanked John for his advice and then told John that he and the party were about to travel past them through the harbor.  In a most friendly and cheerful way, John told Hertz that they had been specifically ordered not to let anyone proceed any further into the harbor.

Rather than immediately start killing innocent mercenaries, the group decided to head to Jobald’s compound and request that they get special permission to enter the harbor district.  Upon reaching the nearby compound, Compassion told the gate guard that they were a mercenary party looking for work.  Always needing new recruits, the guard let them in straightaway.  Of interest, the guards at the compound were wearing uniforms that looked nothing like the uniforms of John and the other sell swords at the docs.  Failing their intelligence checks, the party thought nothing of it.

Upon being ushered into the office, Jobald, a large human with a stern but friendly demeanor, greeted them all warmly.  As Compassion again explained that they were there for work, Jobald quickly evaluated the group’s capabilities and offered them a job escorting a priest to “Camp Vengeance” to the south in the jungle.  The group accepted the job, but asked if the priest could wait two days while the party took care of other business.  After Jobald agreed, the party pushed their luck even further and asked if they could have special permission to bypass his sell swords guarding the harbor, Jobald responded, “what sell swords?”

Realizing they had been hoodwinked, the party immediately headed back to the harbor district.  Seeing the party return, the five “sell swords” assumed a fighting formation and engaged.  The battle was tough, but the enemies were no match for our heroes.

Nearing the end of the battle, realizing that they should capture one of the bad guys to pump them for information about the incoming shipment, Hertz called upon the power of Talos.  Storm clouds formed, and electricity began pumping through Hertz’s body.  Hertz pointed a single finger at John, who had survived the battle thus far, and told him and his remaining men to surrender or Talos would smite him where he stood.  

While Hertz was focused on John, one of the last remaining sell swords broke away from Tempest and charged Hertz.  Hertz paid him no mind and allowed the sell sword’s metal short sword make contact with his body that was infused with divine lightning.  Upon striking Hertz the sell sword screamed in unimaginable pain and was quickly turned into a pile of ash.

Having seen what just happened to one of his best men, most people would have simply surrendered in the hopes of living another day.  But not John, he was apparently special.  Despite literally seeing his friend being smited by divine lighting for merely having the audacity to strike Hertz, John decided to yell, “I’m not afraid of your god,” and he attacked Hertz head on.  A sound of thunder echoed throughout the harbor district, and where John once stood, only chunks of flesh and blood remained.  


What will the group find when they enter the sewers?  Just how much vengeance is required to fill a camp?  Will Ethyl’s hair ever grow back?  Find out next week on Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium!    

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