Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Yeah, another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film.  I haven’t seen this one in years but I really loved it way back when it came out and probably saw it twice.  We get Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, Dianne Weist (the mom in Lost Boys), Conchatta Ferrell, and Vincent Price.  On top of that, Danny Elfman did the music.  There, that should sell you on this if you have never seen it.  I don’t know many people who dislike this, but more girls will rave about this than guys, by a huge margin, so this is a chick flick.  Deal with it.

I actually really enjoy a film being a story told by somebody. I miss old school Burton, in the styles that he used, with colors and whatnot.  It was simple stuff that made us fall in love with him oh so many years ago.  Screw CGI!  I feel that in some ways, this film was the precursor to Big Fish.  Man, young Winona, good stuff.  Man, do none of the women in this town have jobs?  Seeing old Vincent Price really makes me happy.  That dude was one of the all time greats. I love how early on, everybody is so easily adjusted to this unique man.  No real hatred aside from the religious lady.  People are really nice and accepting of him.  Oh man, “It’s Not Unusual” is playing.  Yes, I want to do the Carlton. “You can’t buy he necessities of life with cookies.”  Bill, I gotta disagree with you sir. Dianne Weist was really perfect for this role, probably the best cast in this whole thing.

I’m not quite sure why Peg is trying to cover up Edward’s scars.  Like, of course he’s going to have them given the circumstances.  Anthony Michael Hall has been a tremendous dickhead.  Joyce has not thought things through in the salon. I love when Edward is on teh run, and the dog just sits right next to him.  I don’t know why, but it’s something I enjoy.  That film ends on such a bummer, or beautiful for you eternal optimists.

End Film

This film is fantastic.  It’s the Tim Burton that we all love.  It’s the Johnny Depp that we all love.  It’s so many things.  I am not even going with nostalgia because i had forgotten 99% of this movie.  It’s a simple tale of an outcast given a chance to fit in, and of mob mentality and fear.  It’s a great story.  The acting was great.  Aside from being slightly angry at the ending, because you want it to end knowing that Kim visits him once a year or something, I can’t complain at all.  Everything about this is really F’N great.  I give this an 8.5.  Yeah, that’s really high for me.  If you don’t get why this gets one of my all time highest ratings, then you clearly haven’t seen this film.

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Live To Win September 14, 2016


I know, you missed me, or have given up on me. Fear not, true Bo-lievers. I can’t sit here and tell you that I am new and improved with some mentality that I can’t be stopped. Of course I can be stopped. I am constantly stopping myself I do want to tell you what I have been doing, and why I am back.

I ordered myself a FitBit Charge 2, and that little device is going to change my life, I hope. It’s like a constant guilt trip. It is this reminder, and then it vibrates and is nudging you like, “Hey, tubby, get up and do something.” And so I got up and did my 250 steps. It reminds me every hour from noon to midnight, every hour. No, some hours, I ain’t doing it, but I will be prodded throughout the day, and that’s cool as shit. It also monitors my heart, which is important to me. Finally, it gives a more accurate reading on what it does for calories burned, and that feels awesome.

As for the weight, yeah, I have goals. I just want to weigh under 300 pounds for now. That is still in effect. After that, probably 10 pounds at a time. I have a medium sense of urgency. That way I don’t stress over it, but I have a better attitude over it. I fully admit, oftentimes diets make me terribly depressed, and I know a lot of you can relate to that. Our weight tortures so many of us, and no matter how hard we try, no matter how well our intentions are, we feel like failures, and it weighs on us.  I’ll get there. I haven’t even been trying and I have maintained my weight, which isn’t great, but I didn’t re-add the weight, so that’s some progress for a dude like me.

As for the 2 big things that you are wondering. I went 7.9 miles, I was within 10 seconds of getting to 8.0 today, in exactly 30 minutes. I haven’t exercised in months, so to just jump in and go for it, it kicked my ass, but I’m proud of it.  I’m sure most of you could do far better than me, but to last all 30 minutes without any pauses, I’ll take that every time.

In my best Bruce Buffer voice “it’s TIME” to reveal today’s playlist. Click the name of the song to listen to the song on YouTube.

  1.  Turn It Up
    I don’t care if you think that this is too poppy. Trust me, you will feel good by the end of this. It’s an infectious song and a great morale boost.
  2. Turn Me Loose
    This song, right from the get go, it kept me just having a good time, and allowing me to ignore knee pain. Great opening too!
  3. Turn Me On Mr. Dead Man
    If you like an exciting rock song to get you going, this will help speed you up a bit, and it keeps you jamming out.
  4. Turn The Page
    Not a great workout song. I was in too deep before realizing that this killed my mojo.
  5. Uprising
    This got me right back into things as the struggle became real, as the intensity increased and I was finding my groove.
  6. My Way
    Yup, I know that Limp Bizkit sucks, but this song is a great energy song. This was playing as the exercise started the hardest part of it. For 4 grueling minutes, this helped me get pissed off and talk shit to myself.
  7. Goldberg Theme
    We all remember this whisker biscuit, bald headed bastard. This song used to get you pumped, admit it. Around 1998-2000. You know it.
  8. Purple Haze
    It’s Jimi Hendrix, it kicks ass. As my legs had no fucks left to give, this came on and jazzed me up a bit.
  9. Ballroom Blitz
    Yeaaah yeah yeah yeah yeah! This song is a great way to end your ride. Plus, watch the video, and look at the attire. It’s amazing.

Thank you for reading. For The Watch!!