The Wrestling 9 Deuce – March 12 & 13, 2018 – SamiKO Are Reunited

Welcome everybody to another week of the Wrestling 9 Deuce.  I am your host, Kent.  This week, Braun became the #1 contender for the tag team championships, SamiKO got scheduled for a Mania match and promptly destroyed Shane, and Charlotte got owned on the mic by a person who still struggles with English.  All of this and much more!  Anyway, Keri asks the questions around here, Anonyruss and Harper Lee answer them, and Keri decides a winner at the end.  Simple stuff.   Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we talk about all of this stuff plus other wrestling related news and tidbits.  Please enjoy.


  1.  Roman Reigns continued to deliver this week with his promo work and got a suspension for his troubles. Discuss the RAW opening.

Anonyruss:  This was an interesting way to take the Brock Roman feud.  Not sure how I feel about Roman and Brock not seeing each other until the week before Mania, but whatever, I’m just waiting for this feud to get over with. If WWE were smart they would use this suspension as an excuse to say that they punished Reigns for the whole steroid allegation.  Fake suspension for a fake sport that doesn’t matter if steroids are used or not.

Harper Lee:  How unfair is this??????  I can’t believe that Mr. McMahon would do something like this.  Roman Reigns works his tail off for the company every lousy week and he deserves to meet The Beast face to face, and instead, he gets punished!!!  I am so upset with this. This makes my blood boil. I hope Roman returns next week, but with it being indefinite, who knows how long he will be MIA.  Vince McMahon, you are very mean MAC Man.

Keri’s Verdict:  This storyline doesn’t do anything for me. Brock is a waste and should be gone. And really, he is not needed given the storyline. Anyways, point for question one awarded to Anonyruss. Fantasy booking or any suggestion of storyline improvement is always good.


  1.  Braun is now the number one contender for the RAW tag team championship. Discuss this and whether or not he will bring in a tag team partner.

Anonyruss:  While Braun is definitely the equivalent of two men, I don’t think that counts when it comes to the Tag Division.  Pretty sure he will need to have a partner. I think it might be a fun thing if the next couple weeks WWE stars keep trying to be Brauns partner, but Braun keeps doing Braun things to stop them.  Eventually, Elias comes in and gets to be his partner. They could make for a fun team.

Harper Lee:  Uhmmm, how does this work?  As much as I love Braun, even he’s not great enough to beat the RAW tag team champions.  He needs a partner. I am hoping that maybe his mentor will help him. Whether you agree with Bray’s tactics, he would be an excellent partner due to familiarity with Braun.  Plus Bray should be allowed to compete in front of his hometown. Maybe he could bring Sister Abigail with him. That would be soooo cool.

Keri’s Verdict:  While Braun probably could win the tag titles in a handicap match, I feel that this is a waste for him. They should be capitalizing on his popularity better. Really the belt should have been taken off of Brock long ago, put on Roman, and it should be Roman vs. Braun at Mania. But anyways, this is the match I really don’t care about for Mania so I don’t care who his partner is. I’m going to award the point to Anonyruss here because I think that this the direction he’s heading. Given his current level of popularity, sorry Harper but they could keep Braun as far as they can away from Bray.  (Kent: Why should they not utilize Braun’s popularity to get Bray over again to add to the main event scene?  Bray was a world champ a year ago.  Isn’t this exactly the thing that we bitch about, the WWE not utilizing it’s stars to make new stars?  Plus, you dismiss this match between 2 of the 10, if not 5 best acts of 2017.  I don’t understand dismissing this match but show so much love for a stagnant Shinsuke.)


  1.  It looks like we are finally getting our build for Wrestlemania. Cena finally issued a challenge to the Undertaker, Styles and Nakamura finally faced off, it looks like the US title, like the IC title will be defended in a triple threat, and we are getting Sami vs KO at Mania. Select one of these and discuss.

Anonyruss:  I think the Triple threat match for the IC title is going to be insane.  That is of course as long as it stays a triple threat. Nowadays who knows with the WWE.  By the time Mania rolls around it will probably be like a battle royal match of the belt. Still, Finn, Seth, and The Miz are the best things on RAW that aren’t names Ronda Rousey.  

Harper Lee:  Wait, The Undertaker is still possibly around?  I thought he retired after Roman took over the yard last year.  What was that speech at RAW 25 about then? I am so confused. But if he will accept and we get him vs Cena, sign me up and take my money WWE.  I don’t really feel that AJ vs Shinsuke should have much of a build up. I think that we may see them feud for a long time, so maybe just let the match speak for itself.  I don’t think that Sami and KO are having that match anymore. Did you see what they did to Shane O’Mac. Why was Shane working backstage at RAW? Is that why he is stepping down as the commission of Smackdown.  Triple threats……so much to say. I’ll leave that to Anonyruss. One match excites me, and one doesn’t. The one with Mr. Abs, Finn Balor excites me, just to make that clear. I hope he extinguishes Mr. Hot Pants.

Keri’s Verdict:  We all know how I feel about Styles vs Nakamura so I’m not going to say anything more on that match. As for the IC title, that match will probably come in second for match of the night and third or forth for match of the weekend (depending what happens at Takeover). I still think Cody vs Omega is going to blow everything out the water that weekend. Given the storyline build and the fact it looks like, at this point, those two guys are pretty much going to kill each other just screams match of the weekend to me (but then again I’m biased).  As for the other potential Mania matches, I’ve seen Sami vs KO live and in person already so I don’t really care. Cena vs Taker, I just feel that is too little too late but it should be decent. And the US title, it will be an ok match, I’m just not that excited about it. And now for the question three point. I’m awarding this point to Harper. I’m in agreement with her. This whole Undertaker thing is confusing. Just let the man retire already will you?


  1.  Alexa and Mickie picked on Nia this week which lead to a Nia rampage and we had a Charlotte and Asuka face off. Discuss the current storylines for the women’s titles.

Anonyruss:  Nia’s rampage was genius!  Her anger was amazing. I’ve seen wrestlers emulate anger, but Nia takes the cake!  I love everything WWE is doing with Nia, Mickie, and Alexa. Alexa and Mickie trying to escape was hilarious.  On to more serious matters on Smackdown. Charlotte and Asuka are off to a great start. Charlotte is a Queen! I love how she keeps mentioning how Iron sharpens Iron.  It is very poetic. Asuka is getting better out there during promo time and I can’t wait to see these two fight each other. Charlotte has been a great champion, but it is time for Asuka.  

Harper Lee:  I have always found myself liking Alexa and I really think highly of Mickie.  I am just so mad at how mean they were. I cannot believe that Alexa has been using Nia all along.  DO you follow them on Twitter or Instagram? They are always in pictures together. They are so close.  I cannot believe that Alexa would do this. I hate to say it, but I am officially on Team Nia for this one.  I wanted her to get her mitts on Little Miss Bliss and Marty Jannetty her. How dumb were those buffoons not realizing the mic was on.  Haha, idiots!! As for the other feud, Charlotte is currently the best in the business. Heck, if you don’t believe me, just ask WWE or ask the GOAT, Ric Flair.  Then there is the Empress of Tomorrow. Tomorrow may be coming sooner than later. Charlotte has shown that she can be overconfident and underestimate her opponent, which is how Sasha toppled her many times.  Gosh, I am starting to believe that nobody better than Asuka. She is so cute. I went to dye my eyebrows like she does. Ohhhhh, Daddy was livid! He made me shave my eyebrows and now i have to draw them on until they grow back the way they were meant to be.  I learned my lesson.

Keri’s Verdict:  The RAW women’s storyline right now is pretty much genius. I’m really enjoying it. Here is the potential problem that I see with Charlotte vs Asuka. Not only was this match up predictable, it also foreshadows the potential end of Asuka’s streak. Given how high the company is on Charlotte, do not think for a second that won’t happen. Yeah, Asuka will probably win the title but the fact that Charlotte is the one that is going to end the streak is still in the back of my mind. With that said, I’m going to award the point to Anonyruss here. He’s right it’s time for Asuka but I’m also worried that like all good streaks that tend to end in New Orleans. I think hers maybe, as well.


  1.  While we are on the subject of women’s wrestling, The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal was announced for WrestleMania this week. Discuss this announcement.

Anonyruss:  Why did they have to change the name?  Was Moolah mean? Well, a lot of people were crappy people back then.  That was the way of the business. If you felt she was mean it isn’t like you couldn’t have just left and gone to someone else!  She was one of the first women that got me interested in women wrestlers. I feel like Ronda is the next Moolah. Intense, strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  I’m glad that WWE is finally giving the women a battle royal at Mania, but it feels like Mania is starting to get a little full of special matches. Soon we won’t have any time left for regular matches.  

Harper Lee:  I was so excited about this.  Then I read some things on the internet that are not very nice about Moolah.  I am happy that the women are getting an opportunity. I really am. I think it may have been in better taste to possibly name it after some other legend like Sensational Sherri or even Trish Stratus who never has any negative publicity.  I don’t want to speak on the allegations, but if true, the name should be changed. Women shouldn’t be taking advantage of other women. We gotta stick together, not pimp each other out.

Keri’s Verdict:  If you look back at a good portion of the women that have come through the WWE, there are skeletons in a lot of those closets. It just seems the time that we live in dictated this week that we pay attention not to what Moolah did for women in the industry but her extracurricular activities. I’m not dismissing what she did because quite frankly women should not be treated in that matter but I also feel that we as a society are too damn sensitive. With that said, I’m awarding a point to Harper here because she’s right they could have renamed this after a woman that didn’t have so many skeletons in her closet.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:

Anonyruss:  Man wrestling was full of interesting twists this week, but one thing that really disappointed me this week was the fact that Ronda wasn’t on RAW.  I get it she had to get tests and other things done, but not having them move her story forward this week really felt like a huge gap. She got the video treatment this week, which I guess is fine, but she needs to get back and continue to improve and become the best.  

Harper Lee:  This year’s Wrestlemania has me legitimately excited.  It’s my first year being genuinely invested in the product, and I just cannot wait.  So happy for Kid Rock too. I know that he is from Detroit, but he does Southern Rock proud and for that, I salute him!  That song he did that Undertaker used was quite uhhhhh, ah screw it, bad a$$. There, I said it!

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Anonyruss on this week’s win.


Final Thoughts:  


Anonyruss:  I hear New Japan is trying to give a cup away or something?  I don’t know. I’m a WWE homer so I don’t really pay attention to other stuff.  However, I see that Keri and Harper are both talking about it here so I didn’t want to be left out.  I hope this cup is worth it. I’m going to pick Sanada cause I like music.

Harper Lee:  Much like Keri, I made first round picks for the New Japan Cup.  I got Bad Luck Fale and Zack Sabre Jr right because I mostly picked names that I could pronounce.  I am not good at picking apparently. Oh well.

Keri:  So, here is my New Japan Cup update. So, for first round picks, I went 6 for 8. So not too bad, I guess. Unfortunately, my school work has prevented me from watching the tournament but there is a list of matches I plan to check out once school is over.  With that said, here are my picks for the quarterfinals: Match 1: Michael Elgin vs Juice Robinson (Pick: Juice); Match 2: Bad Luck Fale vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (Pick: Tanahashi); Match 3: Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr (Pick: Ibushi and this will be match of the quarterfinals); and Match 4: Toru Yano vs Sanada (Pick: Sanada). So I have Juice Robinson facing Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi facing Sanada in the semi-finals and my pick for the finals are Juice Robinson vs. Kota Ibushi with Ibushi picking up the win. (Update: Well, my picks went sideways. Like UMBC in the NCAA college basketball tournament, Zack Sabre Jr. pretty much ruined what was left of my “bracket” for the New Japan Cup. I’m interested to see what he does against Tanahashi in the finals and hope that he is, in fact, winning this thing).


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – March 5 & 6, 2018 – Symphony of Destruction..Amazing

Welcome everybody to another week of the Wrestling 9 Deuce.  I am your host, Kent.  This week, we gained some momentum to Wrestlemania, well RAW did at least.  Smackdown is stuck in neutral while trying to get in the Fast Lane.  I hate myself for saying that.  Anyway, Keri asks the questions around here, Anonyruss and Harper Lee answer them, and Keri decides a winner at the end.  Simple stuff.   Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we talk about all of this stuff plus other wrestling related news and tidbits.  Please enjoy.


  1.  This week on RAW Nia faced Asuka again, Asuka won again, and Alexa kind of comforted Nia on said lost and the fact that as of right now she is not going to Mania. Discuss this storyline.

Anonyruss:  This was amazing wrestling!  I don’t know why the ladies get crapped on so much.  I am really beginning to think that the women are the best part of WWE.  This match was crisp clean and brutal. Best of all it told a great story.  Nia trying desperately to get out of the armbar and Asuka holding on like a tick in summertime was great emotional storytelling.  However, Little Miss Bliss really stole the show. I like how she is no nonsense tell it like it is. I wish I had a friend like her when I was growing up to tell me about all my flaws.  

Harper Lee:  I was just so impressed with Nia this week.  I can’t believe that she’s not even going to get a match at Wrestlemania.  It’s really sad. Nia should be put in the Women’s championship match with Asuka and Alexa.  Let’s make it a threesome! Or triple threat. Or three-way dance. So many ways to say it. Asuka is so good, but I felt that Nia is on the cusp of solving the riddle that is Asuka.  Great story here.

Keri’s Verdict:  As I said last week, the RAW women are the greatest storyline going in the WWE right now. The matches and the storytelling by the women involved have been spot on and, as I said last week, I’m very intrigued. My only criticism is how they handled, if it is in fact handled, the storyline of Asuka choosing her opponent for Mania. It seems rushed which doesn’t go along with what we are currently seeing in the division. Anyways, time to award a point for this week’s first question. I have to say Anonyruss is starting out this week pretty much spot on with his first answer so I will award him a point.


  1.  We saw two new Wrestlemania matches get booked this week on RAW. We have a triple threat match for the IC title and Angle and Rousey vs. Stephanie and Triple H. Which one of these matchups excites you the most and why?

Anonyruss:  well as much as I love Seth, Finn and The Miz.  I am way more excited about what’s going on with Ronda Rousey.  I was a little worried at first when she entered the WWE. I mean the sign pointing at the Rumble was beyond groan-inducing.  However the past two weeks she has really proven she has potential. This week she was amazing. Loved how she saved Kurt from getting smacked.  I also like how she wasn’t playing games with Stephanie when Stephanie asked for a drumroll. Ronda didn’t even bother to wait for the drumroll. She is all business.  I loved it. She is quickly becoming a favorite. I can’t wait to see her wrestle! Wrestlmania can’t get here fast enough.

Harper Lee:  Hmmm, a match featuring 2 all-time legends with bald heads, or a match with a guy wearing flaming pants.  That is a tough decision. As you know by now, I like my men with hair and beards usually. Bald men…, they just don’t do it for me.  I hope Kent isn’t reading this. (Kent: Yeah, I am, thanks.)  The other match has Finn.  As long as Finn has those abs, please sign me up.  Also, how good did Curtis and Bo look this week? Very dapper!  Also, Ronda is a total bad girl, but she doesn’t quite seem right.  Something is off. I honestly think she would be better as a heel.

Keri’s Verdict:  Well just the subject of Ronda makes me start talking about the state of the Bullet Club. And as we all know that takes me to a very dark place so I will not even address it. As for the triple threat with Seth, Finn, and the Miz, this match has the match of the night potential written all over it again provided they leave it as it is right now. But they won’t and it will be disappointing. At least I’m watching Supercard of Honor the night before so I’ll be ok. Anyways time to award a point. I agree with Harper here and as a result, she gets the point. Ronda is being booked incorrectly and despite, what I feel are her best efforts,  she looks incredibly green out there. She looks like a fan that is trying to be a wrestler and its cringe-worthy to watch. Oh darn it I said I wasn’t going to talk about her.


  1.  RAW gave us the first time ever (and possibly historic) Symphony of Destruction match between Elias and Braun. Discuss this match.

Anonyruss:  I’ll be honest this didn’t do much for me.  Yes, Elias trying to escape before the match was hilarious, but Braun just wasn’t doing enough Braun things.  Holding up the back end of a car? Ho hum. Braun crushing a Cello on Elias’ back that was so two weeks ago. The piano thing was ok, but I was expecting more.  Elias looked great in that kimono though so there was that.

Harper Lee:  Time to earn a point.  Did you know that Megadeth had a song called “Symphony of Destruction”?  I bet you thought Corey was just a Megadeth fan, but there is the rub. Also, The Undertaker used to come out to the “Graveyard Symphony”.  Neither of these guys has an opponent at Mania. I think they are hinting at something. Also, this was the best thing I have seen on RAW in over a month, easily.  I loved it. Elias is the perfect opponent to play off of Braun. He’s everything Roman was, except Elias doesn’t need the wins, so Braun gets over, and Elias Kentertains the crowd.  Yes, Elias, you have reinvented WWE for the better, and Braun……oh Braun. Someday I will meet this muscley bearded man. I hope security doesn’t hit me too many times.

Keri’s Verdict:  It was a good match and I really like the chemistry these two guys have. It’s a great feud that I hope creative continues with since there are not enough one on one feuds out there. And now to award the point for this question. I like Harper’s attempt at seven degrees of separation and kinda wish she related it back somehow to Kevin Bacon. But, in any case, she gets the point.


  1.  John Cena is trying to insert himself into the AJ Styles vs Nakamura match at Mania. Give me your thoughts on this possibility.

Anonyruss:  well I won’t lie if that triple threat match occurred I would be very very moist. I mean excited. It’s one of those matches that you know all three guys would put all their effort in to make a main event that would blow all other main events out of the water.  John’s reasoning to get to this point have been dumb, but it may be forgiven if we get this match. Plus how exciting will it be that John Cena will have that record-breaking 17th world championship?

Harper Lee:  I was talking to Kent a few nights ago, and he jokingly said that Cena was going to weasel his way into this amazing main event.  I instantly blew him off. Now the fear is really sinking in. Listen, I love Cena as much as anybody else does online. He’s a great guy.  I know that we all want this AJ vs Shinsuke match, but Cena could actually add a dimension to this match and it could be match of the year.  Shinsuke is very good, but he isn’t always great in the ring. Adding Cena could be a brilliant move.

Keri’s Verdict:  Why won’t creative give me the one thing that I ask for? I’m asking for a rematch between two amazing wrestlers that occurred back at Wrestle Kingdom 10. I heard Styles and Nakamura was amazing then and should be now. And I want to witness that greatness. Why do they constantly deny me (and a lot of the fans) what they want? It’s all because of Cena.  Cena,Cena,Cena. Anyone else feel like they are watching the Brady Bunch here? Oh well, at least I still have Cody vs Omega at Supercard to look forward to that weekend so go ahead add Cena I no longer care. Oh and one point for Harper.


  1. Let’s talk Tag Team Wrestling overall in the WWE. On RAW, we had the Revival lose to the Bar and now the Bar is issuing an open challenge to find an opponent for Mania. On Smackdown, the Uso and the New Day are wrestling this Sunday to see who have the title walking into Mania with their opponent for Mania TBD at this point.  Discuss these developments and also what matchups you would like for both brands at Mania.

Anonyruss:  The Bar doing what the Bar does, which is win, doesn’t surprise me. So the Revival losing was to be expected.  They are green and need more practice, but I think they show promise. Them issuing an open challenge for Mania is stupid.  The only way they are performing at Mania on the main card, is if they get lucky and WWE decides to do a multi-team tag championship.  No opponent they could face makes them good enough to be on anything other than the pre-show. As for Smackdown. Who cares until after this weekend’s match.  So I’m not going to speculate.

Harper Lee:  I am so upset about The Revival losing.  This is so dumb!!! I’m not talking about it.  Screw the points because my Southern gentlemen got got in a John Wilkes Booth-ian way.

Keri’s Verdict:  I’m a firm believer right now that RAW Creative is using all of its creativeness on the RAW women’s division and I not sure where Smackdown’s creativeness is going. But one thing is for sure neither booking team cares about the tag team division right now. That’s really all I have because I want to be as lazy as they are right now. And with that one point to Anonyruss. He really is on point with his response.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.

Anonyruss:  Did anyone else notice that Roman is getting more and more cheers.  Are WWE fans really that easy to manipulate? If you hated him because he is being shoved down your throat, then stick to your convictions damnit.  Just because now you hate Brock because he is super part time and has lost his luster doesn’t mean you can jump on the Roman train. Just hate the whole match and be done with it.  

Harper Lee:  Is Sasha and Bayley the best storyline that WWE has to offer at the moment?  How great is this? Also, how great does Mickie look in leather? She’s a southern girl like me.  Maybe I should try to rock the leather. Yeah! Seriously, if they do a Sasha vs Bayley match at Mania, does it even make the main card?  Are we getting a 9 hour Mania????

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats Harper on this week’s win.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  I hate final thoughts.  

Harper Lee:  Well, Keri stole my idea, so I guess I need something different to discuss.  Ohhhh, I know. How about the idiotic decision to replace Booker T with Jonathan Coachman who involved in this ESPN sexual harassment thing….allegedly.  While I don’t feel comfortable commenting on that, who actually wanted to lose the Booker and Corey dynamic?

Keri:  For the next few weeks I’m going to use my final thoughts to discuss the New Japan Cup which starts this Friday and the winner of the tournament gets a title shot against the champ of his choice at Sakura Genesis on April 1st. Here are my picks for the first round of the New Japan Cup: Match up 1: Michael Elgin vs. Tomohiro Ishii (Pick: Ishii); Match up 2: Juice Robinson vs. Yujiro Takahashi (Pick: Juice); Match up 3: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Taichi (Pick: Tanahashi); Match up 4: Bad Luck Fale vs. Lance Archer (Pick: Fale); Match up 5:  Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr (Pick: Naito); Match up 6: Kota Ibushi vs Yoshi Hashi (Pick: Ibushi); Match up 7: Toru Yano vs Davey Boy Smith Jr (Pick: Yano); Match up 8: Chuckie T vs Sanada (Pick: Sanada). Come back next week readers to see if I got any of these picks correct and also to get my thoughts on the first round results.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:11 “Dead or Alive Or”

This week may not have hit the high mark that the previous week, but it carried on some good stories and is really building momentum towards the end of the war.  My name is Kent, and I ask 9 episode-specific questions, and 2 bonus questions, and that’s how we get the 9 Deuce.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  People must have been busy this week, so it’s mainly Kristi and I.  I hope you enjoy and if you or someone you know may want to do this blog, contact me, leave a comment, whatever.  The contact info is at the bottom of this blog.


The 9


  1.  Who was being the bigger bitch this week: Daryl or Tara?

Kristi:  Tara. It was very selfish of her trying to kill Dwight. He has been trying to help. If she had killed him, they would have discovered them. Not cool Tara, not cool. (Those are 2 words that I would use to describe Tara: not cool.)

Chris:  Tara. I get It.  Dwight killed Denise…..  But she acts like she’s the only one who has lost someone.  (Plus, if we are being real here, it’s not like they had this super long relationship or anything.  When Maggie lost Glenn or Rick lost Lori, or when Rick lost Shane, those were long-term relationships.  Tara and Denise had this fling for a bit.)

Kent:  I admit, I asked this just to have people bash Tara. I am pleased with the results.


  1.  Did you agree with the decision to traverse the swamp to get to the Hilltop?

Kristi:  Yes, they need to get off the pass of the Saviors. I think it was smart to do it.  (I don’t think any option was safer, plus the cover of the swamp allows a weaker group to survive.)

Kent:  Yeah, they still had a good enough group to traverse it. Siddiq is no joke. If only Heath was around.


  1.  Do you feel bad for Dwight or does he deserve to live with everybody treating him poorly?  Will we see Sherry before the end of this season?

Kristi:  I actually do. I’m enjoying Dwight’s character now. I think he really is trying to help. I’m not sure on the second question.

Kent:  I feel for Dwight because he’s just a guy who did what he felt was right or necessary, depending on the situation. To fault him would be a dick move. I say that we will see Sherry. I have no storyline for it in mind, but why not?


  1.  Who is angrier: Henry or Morgan?

Kristi:  man, this hard. I think Morgan. He has gone against a lot of what he has believed and his own code, or his teacher’s code. Henry is an angry little dude but he’s still a kid. I don’t think he fully understands his feelings.  (I wonder how Eastman, Morgan’s sensei, would have handled everything that Morgan has gone through  I don’t think he would have survived. I still feel bad for the goat.)

Kent:  Damn, I don’t know. I’ll say Morgan because everything looks like a struggle for him. Henry doesn’t fully know how to cope with feelings still. Damnit, I am going Henry.


  1.  Is Maggie wise to continue to feed her prisoners?  If you were in Maggie’s situation, how would you handle her current predicament?

Kristi:  Maggie’s hormones seem to be controlling some of this. I do see where she is coming from helping her own but she seriously has some anger issues. I would feed them but maybe cut portions, if needed. I agree with not letting them roam though. It’s just too risky right now.  (You cannot let them roam, that would be beyond foolish.  Oh God, I can see them totally doing that.)

Kent:  I would keep executing and make sure to feed her people. Yeah, it’s cold to do that, but we always choose our own first in life or death situations. Like, what purpose is Jared serving the Hilltop? I think she is being foolish. But pregnant hormones are a hell of a thing.  If she wanted to be bad ass, learn from The Governor and have like a gladiator-style fight, winners get food, losers die.


  1.  How will Negan utilize his new tactics with the Walker blood to his advantage?

Kristi:  I don’t have a great answer to this. I’m not sure but I am worried.  (I fear for Kent and Tobin’s well being.)

Kent:  I won’t speculate as I am fairly certain that this will follow the comic. Negan kinda gave it away, but not in an obvious way.  If you think about Kevin Costner, that may give you the answer.


  1.  Did you enjoy cocky Eugene this week?

Kristi:  I do enjoy Eugene. I think he trying to help. Being cocky is the only way Negan will somewhat believe him. I say somewhat because I’m not sure he actually believes him.  (Yeah, Eugene is among the greatest survivors because he adapts just enough to buy time until he has to morph again and evolve.)

Kent:  Of course!!!! Eugene placing the food order and telling what’s her tits to wipe his brow, yes, that’s the hero we need.


  1.  Were you surprised that the Other Dr Carson got got this week?

Kristi:  I was, I was hopeful that they would make it to the Hilltop.  (I’m usually a jaded asshole and even I was hoping for Dr. Carson to get to the Hilltop.)

Kent:  Yes, I am quite surprised. I didn’t see it coming. Making Siddiq a medical guy explains that though. I like being surprised, usually. Just not on December 10, 2017.


  1.  Will Gabriel regain his vision properly?

Kristi: I’m going with yes. He will see, then will die. That’s just how shit goes down.   (That feel-good moment of triumph, and then the surprise.  It happened with the Beth trade-off, for a second you may have thought Herschel would survive, or Merle, or any number of beloved characters, and Beth, but that is the cruel tweest of fate that TWD offers.)

Kent:  It feels inevitable, but I thought his death was inevitable and I was oh so wrong.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Did you notice Kent this week?

Kristi:  No, I did not. Sorry. (That makes me a sad panda.)

Kent:  Of course.  I haven’t seen him in an episode in a long time.


  1.  Which storyline was most interesting to you this week

Kristi:  Another difficult question. This episode didn’t get me hooked. I guess I was interested in seeing if Eugene would be found out. It also made me more on Dwight’s side so I was interested in his scenes.

Kent:  I want to say Eugene, I want to also say Dwight because of the position that he is in.  The real answer though is Gabriel’s story is mesmerizing to me. I love how they are doing this.  I don’t know how it will end up and I am happy not knowing.


Final Thoughts

Kent:  Wow, not many people are participating.  A sign of the show’s quality dipping or people are simply moving on from the show, or does this blog really suck?  I have no clue. But hey, Kristi and I make a solid team, and Chris was there for a hot second, so that’s cool.


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2018 Fast Lane Review

Fast Lane came and went, like a drunk guy watching a Paige video.  Russ and Kent do their best to review this night of mediocrity.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


The 9

  1.  Breezedango & Tye Dillinger def American Beta & Mojo

Russ:  Amazingly, I actually caught this match.  It’s rare that I turn on a PPV before it is actually time for the PPV.  I like to fast forward between matches. This match is the other reason I don’t turn on a PPV early.  This was bad. I love most the guys in this match, but damn it was boring. The crowd did not care about this match and neither did I.  Poor Tye Dillinger he deserves so much more. Rating: 2.5

Kent:  Normally I don’t get overly critical of a kickoff match, because….well it’s a kickoff match.  But then I saw this fucking travesty. This was the match version of a Charlotte promo. It was ugly.  It was a trainwreck. Breezedango looked like they didn’t belong and that breaks my heart. Go watch the dropkicks again.  Fuck man. Fandango has on the Konnor diet it appears. Like, what the fuck is happening? Breezedango, get your shit together and look the part if you ever hope to be taken seriously again.  Fuck, I hate to see these guy look like shit. Everybody else was adequate to good. I hated this match though.

Rating: 1.5

  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura def Rusev

Russ:  This match was a lot of fun.  Both guys are way over and this crowd was no exception.  I honestly think the crowd really made this match better than it really was.  The fact that Rusev has nothing to do for Mania is a damn criminal act. The pacing of the match was well done and brutal.  The kicks especially looked devastating. It was obvious that Shinsuke was going to win this match. So I’m glad that they at least let Rusev shine a bit.  Rating: 4.9

Kent:  This was a great match technically.  Yes, the crowd was in it, but even with a shit crowd, this match was a very, very good match.This was a good showcase for both guys.  The fact that Russ gave this a 4.9 tells me that he would not rewatch this. Are you shitting me? This was a really good match with lots of good strikes and reversals.  This was comparable to last year’s Randy vs Luke match that we all raved about despite knowing Randy was going to win that. I don’t think Russ watched this match, to be honest, so don’t believe his lies.  I may just have to call him John G. That is a reference to Memento.

Rating: 6.7

  1.  Randy Orton def Bobby Roode to become the NEW US Champion

Russ:  The match itself was ok.  I’m very shocked that Jinder didn’t interfere in the match itself, but I guess with what came later in the night in the form of a bludgeoning, it wouldn’t make sense to have the same ending in two matches.  I’m ok with Randy winning the belt here as long as the end game here is to have Roode regain it at Mania. It gives Randy the honor of being a grand slam champion, while not having to worry about keeping it for a long time.  I just hope that is the end game anyway if not… Well, then they have no faith in Roode. Rating: 4

Kent:  This was fine, but it felt like a Goddamn eternity.  I was bored throughout and I wanted to like this more.  I think it was technically sound, but both guys working as faces when both are dick-ish, it didn’t work for me.  Sorry. When Jinder is the highlight of your match, something has gone awry.

Rating: 3.75

  1.  Natalya & Carmella def Becky & Naomi

Russ:  I paid attention to this match for all of 10 seconds.  10 seconds I can’t get back. I am happy that they finally let Carmella get a win here, but it was over Becky.  Becky is the Luke Harper of the women. Lots of talent completely overlooked. Rating: 2

Kent:  I liked this match.  Unlike the Rusev match, I can’t make fun of Russ for not liking this.  I am a huge fan of Carmella and I love Becky and Naomi as well, so I quite enjoyed this match, believe it or not.  Carmella is really improving in the ring and she should get a good run this year, I hope. It’s her time, and I would like her and Becky to have a great feud.

Rating: 5.0 Yeah, I liked it.  Deal with it.

  1.  The Usos vs New Day ended in No Contest

Russ:  This is tough to rate.  On the one hand the match itself was really good, which is to be expected from these two teams.  On the other it ended in a no contest, which is frustrating. Still this was the best possible outcome.  We have seen these two teams go at it so much this past year that this one ending the way it did doesn’t tarnish anything.  Seriously, would either team winning make much of a difference? At least with this ending we have a clear idea what will happen at Mania.  The Bludgeoning, Verbal Trademark, was well done. They decimated both teams and I’m glad they finally used those hammers! Rating: 5.8 (a solid full point is added because of “The Bludgeoning”.)

Kent:  The match was great for what it was.  Which was to be expected. The angle afterward was also great.  So I would just rate the entirety of the segment and I thought it was expected, and still well done.  I’m no longer finding the Bludgeon Brothers as cheesy as I once did, despite the outfits. Their entrance is really solid.  We all know I have long advocated for Luke Harper as my favorite wrestler. Baron is 2nd, and then Rusev and Braun round out my top 4.  Then there is AJ, Sami, Bray, and a few others. This was good, I look forward to their match at Mania. I think it may steal the show.

Rating: 6.0 It did exactly what it was supposed to do.

  1.  Charlotte def Ruby Riott to retain her belt

Russ:   So, you know how I said that I like to watch PPV’s after they have already started so I can fast forward commercials and crappy matches.  Yea, really regretting watching this from the start. Ok, so the match itself wasn’t terrible. If I’m being honest I thought Ruby looked good out there.   She had some decent moves, very little in the way of botches and the way she carried herself as a heel was well done. Charlotte, on the other hand, was so… meh.   I just can’t get over how bland Girl Natch has become. I don’t know what happened to her since she moved to Smackdown, but she has been boring and uninspiring to watch.  She needs to step up her game. She will definitely have to do that soon now that Asuka has chosen her as her next victim. I’m ready for Flair to get buried. Rating: 3  

Kent:  This week on The Walking Dead, they killed the other Dr Carson.  I didn’t see that one coming. So now Carl’s sacrifice is even more important because he provided the community the only doctor that is around.  He will be responsible for delivering young Herschel. Eugene got his swagger back as a leader of an outpost to make ammunition. Father Gabriel has lost most of his vision but is being guided by God, and it’s really well done.  Meanwhile, Daryl and Tara remain the biggest bitches in the room. Oh, Dwight had to rejoin the Saviors to save the Alexandrians as they finally made it to Hilltop just so we could see Enid absolutely lose her shit upon hearing of Carl’s fate.  It got a little dusty in here, no not Dusty Rhodes. Fuck this match by the way. Not going to watch it.

Rating: TWD gets a 6.7 mainly for Eugene and Gabriel.  The match will go unrated.

  1.  AJ Styles def John Cena, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and kind of def Sami Zayn and KO

Russ:  I enjoyed the match.  A lot of stories played out here and several of them were done well.  Unfortunately, the match was just such a clusterfuck that it was tough to follow at some points. Loved the beginning with Cena AAing 4 guys and then one on one with AJ.  I also loved the beat down Cena got after that. Each guy got there time to shine a bit and I liked how they progressed Sami / KO / Shane. Shanes blatant interference was needed to move that story forward (only after spinning its wheels for 2 months.)   AJ winning seemed inevitable, but the tease of Cena winning at least put a little doubt in my mind. I’d watch this again. Rating: 6.2

Kent:  This match was fine, but I felt underwhelmed.  The most compelling aspect of the match is what would happen with Cena.  Kudos to WWE for somehow making John Cena one of, if not, the most compelling figure in WWE at this moment.  I also loved the KO, Sami, and Shane stuff. It was inevitable. I just wish Daniel had been there. This is even a match that I would rewatch, but foregone conclusion matches struggle too often to offer intrigue.  I’m happy that we are getting AJ vs Shinsuke, so I am not shitting on this outcome. This match simply didn’t need to happen.

Rating: 5.5 I don’t think I can go any higher.  This may seem too low, but the match wasn’t that exhilarating.  Hell, I never even mentioned Baron and Dolph sadly.

  1.  How SHOCKED were you to see Asuka challenge Charlotte?

Russ:  I was completely shocked!  If by shocked you mean saw it coming a mile away.  

Kent:  I felt like The Shockmaster did during his debut.  That’s how shocked I was.

  1.  What match should we expect KO, Sami, and Shane to be in at Mania?

Russ:  Well the theme of Mania seems to be triple threat matches so I would surmise that would be the case here.  However, with it being Shane KO and Zayn I just don’t see an ordinary Triple threat match sufficing. There has to be other stipulations we will learn about in the coming weeks.  Im hoping for a last man standing type match, but that seems impossible.

Kent:  I don’t want a triple threat.  I think Shane should have a surprise tag team to represent him against SamiKO, and that would be the Authors of Pain.  That would be a great fucking match. They could book that in many intriguing ways. That’s what is most important.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Best match of the night?

Russ:  Gotta go with the Main Event.  

Kent:  Rusev vs Shinsuke easily

  1.  The Walking Dead match of the night?

Russ:  Carmella and Natty vs. Becky and Naomi.  

Kent:  The Kickoff match had to be worst than the Women’s match….right?  I won’t watch it to be certain, I will just make my assumptions.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  This PPV was built terribly and the results were at best mediocre.  This felt like such a waste of time and PPV. They need to stop putting PPV’s so close to Mania or do what Kent suggests and make the months between Rumble and Mania 205 or NXT PPV’s.  Rating: 4.1

Kent:  Can we just get to Mania already.  Fuck this mediocrity. Rating: 4.2


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Tomb of Annihilation (TFTPB) – Chapter Six

This week, we are welcomed to the jungle.  That sounds quite familiar.  I fear the jungle.  Too many damn bugs.  Hi everybody, this is Kent, and I am your introductory host before we get to what you came for.  Does anybody even read these intros?  I learned that there is such a thing as a “Used dinosaur lot” and what a Hadrosaur is, and they are also called Hadrosaurids.  They are these duck-billed dinosaurs.  See, you are learning things today.  Anyway, all of this is just in the first paragraph, and I know that you are thinking, this fucking clown just read the first paragraph and built the intro around that.  That isn’t true because I can tell you that Xilix casts Grease, and we are not talking about the awful musical, so there!  Hmmm, that gives me an idea for this week’s music video.

I freaking love this group.  I highly recommend giving these guys a chance. I found them yesterday while listening to Havana.  How the hell I managed to get to these guys from that is a big mystery.  I really liked Banjo Odyssey by them as well.


Tomb of Annihilation

Chapter 6 – Welcome to the Jungle


Upon reaching the docks the party learned that Jobal had provided less a boat, and more three canoes tied together.  Tempest, being a former pirate, insisted that she could steer anything that floats on water, so the party gave her command as they tied the supply canoes to the lead canoe.  Not having complete faith in Tempest’s abilities, Compassion went to the used dinosaur lot and purchased an aquatic duckbilled Hadrosaur, which the party secured to the lead canoe to help pull them along.  Compassion named the Hadrosaur “Ducky.”

The first few days of travel were relatively uneventful.  While on watch one evening, Ethyl found that a male Hadrosaur had infiltrated the camp and was in the middle of performing a mating dance for Ducky.  Ethyl decided that it was none of her business to intervene and left the love birds to their devices.

While looking to set up camp on another day, the party saw a group of Aarakocra (bird-men) flying high above them.  Upon getting their attention, the group learned that they were a scouting party from Kir Saval City, home of the bird men.  Upon hearing they were scouts, the party explained that they were on their way to investigate the recently destroyed Camp Righteous, and asked if the Aarakocra scouts had any idea what may have attacked the camp.  Per the bird-men, the Order of the Gauntlet soldiers who established the camp had set it up directly in between a goblin camp to the north, and a horde of undead to the south. Learning nothing else, the party thanked the bird-men for their time and proceeded to set up camp for the evening.

Prior to turning in for the night, Xilix proceeded to summon a new familiar.  This one turned out to be a celestial nighthawk that he named “Gryff II.” Xilix then sent the familiar out to monitor for threats while the party rested.  It was a good thing Xilix did so, as early that morning Gryff II returned and woke the party. Gryff II told Xilix that undead ghouls were headed straight for the camp, and that they looked hungry.

As the ghouls burst into the camp, Xilix cast Grease, causing two of the six monstrosities to slip and fall.  Seeing that Xilix had only managed to incapacitate two of the undead, Hertz held up his holy symbol and announced that he, “would take care of this.”  Hertz then called upon the power of Talos to Turn Undead.  Unfortunately, Hertz quickly learned that something in the swamp was blocking his holy power over the undead and/or making the undead more powerful.  Unable to turn the hungry ghouls, combat ensued.

After a fierce battle, the party had killed most of the ghouls and driven the rest away, however, the party was not without their own casualties.  During the fight the strongest ghoul got his claws through Compassion’s armor and tore out a significant chunk of Compassion’s flesh, causing him to fall unconscious and begin bleeding to death.  As Hertz was engaged with two enemies at the time, it did not appear that healing magic would be forthcoming.

Seeing his compatriot dying on the ground, Xilix yelled, “Gryff II, come to me,” and he proceeded to throw a healing kit into the air, which Gryff II grabbed in his claws as he flew by.  Then, against all reason, logic, and peer-reviewed medical research, Gryff II landed on Compassion’s chest, pulled out a roll of bandages, and used his claws to begin stitching up the wound.  

The party cheered as Gryff II stabilized Compassion’s wound.  However, that elation soon turned to horror as the ghoul that had incapacitated Compassion grabbed Gryff II and ate him.  At the end of the fight Hertz was able to magically heal Compassion’s physical wounds, but he was unable to fix Xilix’s mental wounds from losing yet another familiar.  After a 6-hour long crying session, Xilix composed himself long enough to summon yet another familiar. Xilix again summoned a celestial nighthawk which he named “Gryff III.”  Upon being so named, the familiar looked directly at the camera and gulped hard.

After another day of travel the party reached Camp Righteous, which consisted of tent housing and a wooden temple.  Not a soul was to be found amongst the camp, which had been looted of all valuables, however, dried blood stains were plentiful.  This led the party to believe that one of two things happened:

  1. The goblins to the north raided the camp, took everyone hostage after a protracted battle, and stole anything of worth; or
  2. The zombies to the south raided the camp, ate or turned everyone into a zombie, and after the zombies left the camp the goblins came in to raid at their leisure.

In an attempt to obtain the answers they needed, Hertz cast Augury and prayed to Talos.  Specifically, Hertz asked Talos if they would find prisoners taken from Camp Righteous at the northern goblin camp.  Talos responded that they would not. Hertz was then forced to inform Compassion that his Order of the Gauntlet brethren were likely either zombies or zombie food.

Not being strong enough to either assault a goblin camp or a zombie horde alone, the party concluded that the best course of action was to continue their travels to Camp Vengeance and report in.  Before leaving, however, they decided to check out the wooden temple. As they entered they quickly found out it was a death trap.

Down the hallway were two floor traps.  The first floor trap would send out numerous scythe blades whenever various plates were triggered.  The second floor trap would send out pillaring jets of flame from the ground whenever the wrong ground stone was trod upon.  Seeing the devious traps laid out before them, Tempest and Ethyl looked at each other, said “screw that,” and they each casted Levitate on themselves.  They then proceeded to float the party members across the floor traps.

Upon crossing the trapped floors, the party found themselves before a puzzle door.  After a few failed attempts to solve the puzzle, Compassion asked Hertz to provide Talos’s guidance.  Once the blessing was placed upon Compassion, he went into his pack and pulled out a crowbar. Compassion then proceeded to use his divinely enhanced strength to pull the magically sealed puzzle door entirely off its hinges.  

Having used might to overpower the intelligence test, the party entered the room beyond and found themselves standing before a spiral staircase.  Forgetting that they were in a deathtrap dungeon, Tempest began walking up the steps. Upon hitting the fifth step, Tempest was blown the hell up.  As the smoke cleared, Tempest’s unconscious body landed at the base of the stairway. Rather than look for clues to assist in determining which stairs were safe, as Hertz healed Tempest, Ethyl went from stair to stair and used Mage Hand to set off every trap.  By the end it became questionable whether the stairs would remain standing under their own power.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Ethyl saw a magnificent sight (to her at least), a copper jug with 12 corks sticking out from the sides.  From her years of study in the underdark, Ethyl believed that this was one of the mystical Alchemy Jugs.  What Ethyl knew, and didn’t share with the party, was that upon pulling a cork some form of liquid would spill out.  Most importantly for the party’s purposes, the Jug could magically provide enough water each day to keep the entire party from dying of thirst.  Most important for Ethyl’s purposes, the Jug could also provide an endless supply of mayonnaise.  Without saying a word, Ethyl went over to the jug and pulled out the cork corresponding to the mayonnaise, and proceeded to take a mayonnaise bath.  Disgusted, the rest of the party left the room and started heading for the temple entrance.

Tired, frustrated, and disgusted with Ethyl, the party emerged from the temple . . . to find a goblin raiding party waiting for them.  Not wanting to fight, Compassion offered their chief a shiny gem worth 10 gold pieces to leave. When the chief instead demanded the Alchemy Jug, Compassion pulled out a second gem and told the chief that they could accept the two gems or Hertz, who was now pulsing with lighting, could blow them all up on the spot.  The chief happily accepted the gems.

With the goblins gone, most of the party set up camp while Ethyl continued to eat/bathe in mayonnaise.  When the sun rose the next morning, the party awoke refreshed and excited to finish their trip to Camp Vengeance after their annoying trip to trap-land.  However, upon arriving at the Camp Righteous docks the party quickly learned that their canoes, and the supplies they had been entrusted with, were gone.


Where did the canoes go and how many humanoids are going to have to die in retaliation?  Find out next time on Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium!


Okay, I can’t be that big of a dick.  Here’s Guns N’ Roses.

But when I think of Welcome, I think of a movie from the 90’s, Welcome to the Dollhouse.  One of those underrated films.  Sorry for all the videos this week.

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2018 Fast Lane Preview

Fast Lane is happening tonight, so that means I coerced Keri into writing a preview with me.  The main event seems awfully familiar to us.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


The 9

  1.  Becky & Naomi vs Natalya & Carnella

Keri:  Random match is random. This seems to me to be just a match to get these ladies on the card.  Prediction: Becky and Naomi win

Kent:  I know a lot of people feel bad for Becky, and I do, I truly do, but I feel worse for Carmella.  They have done nothing at all with her for close to 6 months, and she is the one that didn’t get her briefcase removed via Golden  (Do doodoo doooooooo) Shovel. Carmella was the best they had on Smackdown once Alexa left and they have just raped her. Carmella should be using the #MeToo after her booking.  

Prediction:  Becky and Naomi…..I guess….does anybody really care?

  1.  Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev

Keri:  I’m intrigued by this matchup. This should be a good match. But again it seems to me to be another match set up just to get both guys on the card. Prediction: Nakamura wins so he looks strong going into Mania.

Kent:  It feels weird saying this, but WWE have themselves set up to make a great Wrestlemania.  Hear me out. We all know that they won’t because we witnessed what happened to Luke Harper last year.  More on him in #5. So right now, if WWE wanted to, they could have Braun and possibly Elias added to the Roman vs Brock match to protect Brock and give Braun the match that he deserves.  Rumor has it that he may not have a match at Mania. I love the fucking internet. The WWE could give us Bayley vs Sasha and have it out shine the other 3-4 women’s matches planned, but a WIDE margin.  They could book the one match that could happen that would get everybody moist, Taker vs Cena. Then there’s this opportunity. Who is the most over act in WWE currently? Why it is Rusev. This is a fact.  If WWE wanted to cause a fucking crazed audience, have Aiden cost Shinsuke the match at Fast Lane and Rusev claim that he deserves Shinsuke’s main event spot at Mania. Rusev is booked in some match where he has to win and he’s in, and he overcomes the odds, Cena style, except the fans will cheer, and you have a Daniel Bryan 4 years ago situation.  And if you put Rusev in the ring with AJ and Shinsuke, who do you have win? Yeah. That’s a fucking main event!!!!!

Prediction: Shinsuke squashes Rusev and all of the fans.  Horrible fucking idea to have one of your most over stars who is set to main event Mania take on the most over guy at the moment on Smackdown.  Quick side question, who would the fans cheer in a Rusev vs Braun special attraction match? I really don’t know the answer.

  1.  Charlotte vs Ruby Riot (The Walking Dead)

Keri:  So this weekend on As the Bullet Club Turns, the boys are in Las Vegas for the ROH 16th Anniversary show. Cody faced Matt Taven, won the match, and got his precious Ring of Honor back. He celebrated that win with Brandi and Bury the Bear (watch Being the Elite to understand Bury because I’m not explaining it). Well, the celebration took a turn when Cody went in for a hug from Bury and got pushed to the ground. Why would Bury do that you ask? Well the Bury took his bear head off to reveal that inside the bear suit was none other than….Kenny Omega. Then Cody got a V Trigger for his troubles and Omega got a kiss from Brandi for his. And the drama continues. Prediction: Charlotte retains. Yawn.

Kent:  Last week on TWD, we had the best episode of the season, by far.  IMDB rating concur, and it’s not even close. This week we should get some of Daryl being the leader guiding the group to the Hilltop.  Gabriel is supposed to have a pretty big episode as is Eugene. I expect this to be very well done, except for the Daryl stuff. Daryl’s last name ought to be Flair.  I hope we see more Janis, but I doubt it. Seriously, who in the blue hell is looking forward to this match? A show of hands will suffice. Okay, so apparently either Ric is the only one with hands or nobody gives a fuck.

Prediction: Asuka challenges female Ric.

  1.  Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton

Keri:  Another interesting matchup. This should be a good match and I fully expect it to be Jindered at some point.

Prediction: Roode retains and a triple threat is set for Mania

Kent:  So Jinder is getting involved?  He’ll be on commentary or get in the match somehow or be involved in the end?  Great, got that out of the way. I think this match could be very good, but a screwy finish will limit it’s potential.

Prediction: Bobby Roode because no reason to change that yet.

  1.  The Usos vs New Day

Keri:  Yea? It’s this match for 100,000th time. This is a match of the night contender though. And I fully expect the winner to be challenged by the brothers of bludgeoning. Prediction: Usos retain.

Kent:  What a fresh matchup this is.  I would have never considered putting these 2 teams in a match against each other.  How refreshing!!! Soo, this will be the match of the night most likely and hopefully, the Bludgeon Brothers beat the hell out of everybody because it’s their time to shine.  I look forward to Mania. If Vince has an ounce of compassion for the Usos, he will let them have a match at Mania.

Prediction: Double DQ via Bludgeon Brothers giving us this match again at Mania but with The Bludgeon Brothers.  Also, Luke Harper’s new film, Mohawk, just released. It’s available on iTunes. I hope to find it elsewhere so I can own it on a platform I use.  Looks amazing.

  1.  AJ Styles vs John Cena, vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Keri:  While this match will probably be good. I don’t care. All I have to say is if this match does anything and I repeat anything to mess up Styles vs Nakamura for me I will be really upset. Prediction: AJ retains. Fingers crossed.

Kent:  Fans, hold onto your socks really tight because I’m about to knock your socks off otherwise.  Let’s go back to 2017’s Money in the Bank match for the men. The participants: AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dolph ZIggler, Baron Corbin, and Joh…..I kid, it was Shinsuke.  Phew….for a moment, I was worried that WWE was creatively bankrupt. Now that we know this, we can naturally surmise the winner based on the previous match.

Prediction: And NEWWWWW champion……Baron Corbin…..right?  I’ll wake up anytime now, I swear.

  1.  Pick a Kickoff Show match

Keri:  Something with American Beta.

Kent: Breezedango or The Ascension vs American Beta…..we will go with Breeze because Ascension doesn’t fight on PPV.

  1.  What match will be surprisingly good?

Keri:  Rusev vs Nakamura

Kent:  Well we both expect the Tag and World championship matches to be good, so that doesn’t qualify.  That leaves 4 other matches. For me, I am going to suggest that the women’s tag match is way better than I anticipated.  Fuck it, all 4 women are very good….well 3 of them and Natalya. I have issues with people who are obsessed with cats.

  1.  What match will disappoint?

Keri:  Charlotte vs Ruby Riott

Kent:  The tag team match will leave us feeling Meh.  

Bonus Deuce

  1. Who will be your MVP (one single performer)?

Keri:  It’s Rusev Day!!

Kent:  Dolph Ziggler is my answer.  He and AJ were having a great match on SD prior to the fuckery.

  1.  Who will win the Charlotte Flair award for the evening?

 Keri: It’s namesake.

Kent:  If somebody is capable of being more dull, bland, and uninspiring than Charlotte, I will say it’s either Ruby Riot, John Cena, or Randy Orton.  It’s hard for the older guys to give 2 fucks about this PPV, so I don’t expect their best effort. Still, going with Ruby Riot. I was hard on her in NXT and she has not disproved my criticisms so far.


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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:10 “The Lost and the Plunderers”

Hi everybody, this is Kent, and I’m back for this week’s TWD blog.  Bitty, Kristi, and Chris lend their thoughts and opinion on this week’s episode.  We are still missing some people, but hopefully we will be at full strength soon.  Bob, you and your family are in our thoughts.  This week was a really good episode and we had a lot of varying thoughts, so this is an interesting read this week.  Any comments in BOLD are written by me.  Please enjoy.


The 9


  1.  In Michonne’s segment, she seemed far more concerned with that flaming structure in memory of Carl.  Shouldn’t she have tried finding a way to preserve the wood panels that have Carl and Judith’s handprints, from a sentimental standpoint?

Bitty:  maybe so yes. However, it made for a way more dramatic moment. I didn’t understand trying to save that structure, we never really saw Carl on the roof there much. (Right, it’s not like he had great moments there or any one big moment.  So they seemingly tried to make something significant without any validation.  Typical female……)

Kristi:  Absolutely! That would have been a great idea.  (Thank you, thank you.  I will be here all night….because this is where I sleep.)

Chris:  I would have loved if she cut out the painted hands to give to Judith as a memorial.  Maybe she still has hope that they can return to Alexandria? (Yes to your first thought.  What you said in the second sentence though is the main question, right?  Like ALexandria got F’d up!!! Yet Rick’s house was fine….go figure. They are taking a dramatic directional change from the comic, and in a way, I am curious what they do with Alexandria moving forward.  They will probably show a montage of them rebuilding set to some awful hippie jam band playing music. If they play Easy Street though and we see Daryl rename a street Easy Street, I am so sold.)

Kent:  Yeah, obviously I am going to agree with my question.


  1.  Do you think that Negan fears for Gavin’s safety at this point?

Bitty: I don’t think Fear is the right word. Isn’t suspicious of something, I think so. (Yeah, fear wasn’t the right word.  I get it. I failed.)

Kristi:  I don’t think Negan fears much of anything. I’m sure he knows something is up but I don’t think it’s a huge concern for him.  (I  think Negan fears loneliness above everything else.  Having read the comic and seen how they portray him on the show, I don’t think anything would bother him more than social seclusion…..hint hint hint.)

Chris:  Ok don’t think he fears for him.  At this point, he knows something went sour, but he didn’t seem overly worried.  (I don’t think Negan values Gavin as much as he does most of his other lieutenants or whatever they are called.)

Kent:  Goddamnit people!  I didn’t think everybody here would take the word fear that literally, but you did and now I look like a moron.  Thank you, everybody!! Should I have put “Negan is concerned for Gavin’s well being”? Yeah. Missed opportunity here, just moving along.  No gold stars!!!!


  1.  Is it really important to have Oceanside join the war?

Bitty:  Hee Hee. Yup!! They have guns, warrior women, amo and are healthy!!  (Didn’t Rick take most of the weapons and ammo?  They aren’t Lucy Lawless. Screw a serious response.  Like 2-3 years ago, I came across this Skinemax film called Sexy Warriors, and it was fucking hilarious.  I never can find it for a reasonable price, but I will someday own it.)

Sexy Warriors

Kristi:  I don’t think so. Extra people would be good but I think Rick will figure it out either way. (I’m still not sure why they should even help Rick’s group.  They have done a lot of damage to the Oceansiders. They just want to be left alone, not sure why they should risk their lives for 2 groups of assholes, from their perspective.)

Chris:  ugghh no.  They are boring.  I’m not sure what their purpose is, but they have no guns.  How are they going to help take down the Saviors when better groups have struggled?  (Okay, I know this is lewd, but man to man hear, sex still sells in the apocalypse, and I feel that would be their best weapon.  Distractions are incredibly valuable. That is their only real use, well that and fish. The extra protein could truly be a game changer in the war.  If one side is malnourished with a lack of protein, we know that can be a huge hindrance in the real world. Look at professional fighters who cut weight in stupid ways.  They get beat usually. That’s why Macho Man was tough to beat. He snapped into Slim Jims prior to his matches and he had amazing breathe during his matches.)

Kent:  No, I declare them obsolete.


  1.  Did you think that Simon went too far in how he executed most of the Scavengers or was it the right call given their betrayal to the Saviors?

Bitty:  I was really surprised Simon went that far. I’m not sure it was what he should’ve done. They did play both sides but he should’ve known they will play for whoever gives them the better deal. He broke almost like Morgan broke when he killed the savior.  (It’s tough to say when somebody goes too far.  If you get betrayed in our current world, it may sting or hurt, but probably won’t be life-threatening.  In this world, betrayal can get you got. So the ramifications are totally different, so I don’t know what is “too far” in all honesty.)

Kristi:  Yes, I think taking out a few of them was necessary but taking out all of them was a bit extreme. They were, after all, just following their leader.  (See, and that is the difference between Negan and Simon.  Negan would have gotten wood, Lucille that is, seeing how loyal these people were to their leader.  Simon simply wanted to flex his nuts.)

Chris:  No. They turn on every alliance.  They would have turned on the Saviors again.  Besides, he went there with the full intention of killing them all.  He kept egging Jadis on hoping she would do something stupid. (I loved how Steven Ogg and Pollyanna played that scene.  It was really well done. You’re right, he wanted to push her so he felt validated.  In the end, he said screw validation, and he became a millennial for a moment, seeking his instant gratification rather than consider the long term.  Plus he was just pissed at how Negan talked to him.)

Kent:  I think that Simon was right in what he did.  I know that sounds harsh. The Scavengers are whoooores.  Hear me out. They chase the money. Well, you get used enough with no loyalty from that skank, and eventually, ou order your posse to kill a bitch.  I bet Tarantino would agree with Simon.


  1.  What will be Simon’s punishment from Negan for disobeying orders?

Bitty:  Simon will not get in trouble. I don’t think there will be another visit to the garbage heap. (Once again, I wish I would have worded this question differently.  Instead of punishment, I wish I would have asked what consequences Simon will face.  Oh well. There’s really no sense to go back to the garbage heap……oh wait…solar panels and helipad.  Come on Bitty!!)

Kristi:  Lucille. She needs some action.  (Maybe this makes me a sick fuck, but I want Lucille to quench her thirst.  I know she’s thirsty. I would accept Simon dying to her. I guarantee that Steven Ogg would be super excited about it.)

Chris:  There might not be any.  Negan might not realize what actually happened until too late.  (Yeah, without any knowledge of timelines, it’s tough to really guess.  We assume that the war ends in 6 episodes. That is not much time for Negan to be worrying about this stuff.)

Kent:  I think it may get overlooked and the repercussions won’t be felt from Negan, but somebody else obviously.  Negan has to worry about the betrayals in his ranks that are more important. Gavin is dead. Simon and Dwight have betrayed him, his wives wanted him dead, and there’s a Mullet Revolution still brewing I believe.


  1.  Wild prediction time.  Who do you think will kill Simon?

Bitty:  A walker. I think Negan will toss him out of the inner circle soon. Negan is not stupid and he can sense that Simon is beginning to disagree with him. Simon will try to leave on his own and get bit or attacked. (I think it was just last year that I was bitching that we needed the walkers to get more kills.  Then Carl happened. A second big name would help us believe in the threat again util Rick and Michonne fight off 173 of them in 3 minutes.)

Kristi:  Either Lucille or Negan will allow Jadis to do it.  (That latter option would be very interesting.  If Simon is away on a mission and Jadis pays Negan a visit.  That could be very delicous.)

Chris:  I have 2 choices.  Either Maggie or Jadis.  (I hope it’s not Maggie, but you are right.  The show is hell bent on trying to make her seem powerful and dangerous.  I don’t like that you are right/)

Kent:  Janis Got a Gun?  I feel Bob would have possibly answered in this way.  Miss ya buddy.


  1.  Do you feel bad for Janis?  Also, how cool was that grinder scene?

Bitty:  As you may not know I hate horror films and gore. (Say what???)  However, there is something about walkers that I can tolerate… BUT THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY NAUSEATING. Do I feel bad for Jadis? Somewhat yes. She lost everyone she was with and now is solo so in that respect I feel bad. It was really interesting to hear her speak in complete sentences. Turns out she was playing a part like Ezekiel. (Yeah, how interesting was it to hear her talk like a normal person?  That was fascinating TV to me.)

Kristi:  I did feel bad for her. Losing everyone you care about must have seriously sucked. It was nice to hear her story and hear her speak like a normal person. It actually made me like her a little.  The grinder scene was pretty badass. Very smart of her to do that. It was almost kind of her to get it done so her friends didn’t have to be Walkers for long. (I found peace in the grinder scene, unlike Aaron just letting Eric be a walker.)

Chris:  I kind of feel bad, but she was setting herself up for this with all the double-crosses.  The grinder scene was awesome. You could feel Jadis’s pain. Looked like zombie chili….. (I believe they kept referring to it as chili on Talking Dead.  She had to finally pay the piper. I am curious if she joins another group now.)

Kent:  This is exactly why I was so thrilled to see Pollyanna on this show.  I am very familiar with her work on screen and she is so talented. It was great to see her finally get to act a bit and she nailed it.  Of course, I don’t feel bad for her. Even in the non ZA, if you keep screwing over large groups in a large capacity the way the Scavengers did, then at some point, bad shit is coming your way.


  1.  Is Rick making a mistake in not heeding Carl’s plea for peace?  At this point, who wants peace more: Rick or Negan?

Bitty:  Ugghhh that scene between between Rick and Negan was heartbreaking. It really made me question who is right. Rick, Negan or Carl. Carl wanted a peaceful future and rick just wants a future no matter how he gets there.  (This episode truly had some of the best acting from this whole show’s history.  Between this and how the Jadis and Simon thing, damn. It’s basically, Carl wants the idealistic scenario, while Rick and Negan want the achievable one.)

Kristi:  This is a hard one.I think Rick wants to have peace but Negan did kill Ricks people. That can’t be forgiven. Negans peace is controlling people and hurting those who don’t follow his orders. That’s pretty crappy and not at peaceful. Rick at least let’s his people live without too much disturbance. (Well, how many of Negan’s people did Rick kill before any of his group got killed? A LOT!  Rick’s group shows up, takes over Alexandria from the previous regime quintessentially, and then doesn’t like their current situation, so they make a deal for a better life at the expense of Savior’s lives.  It’s far more complicated because we didn’t have 5 seasons dedicated to the lives of those that Rick killed first. I like things in black and white, but man, there is a sea of grey here, at least 50 shades of it.)  

Chris:  I think it’s too early to tell.  More people are going to die, but even if he quit Negan would punish them and kill people. I think they both want peace.  Negan just wants a peace ruled by fear, while Rick doesn’t. (Rick does not really like it when people disagree.  He gets in fights with them like Shane, Daryl, and Pete.  Then to go back to how the whole thing went with how he handled Tyrese’s groups.  The whole thing, it’s tough. I will ask this. If another group came by that worked similarly to the Savior’s, would Negan declare war against them, or would they combine resources?  Most assume war. Maybe ALL OUT war.)

Kent:  Negan wants peace more, Rick wants stability more, from my perspective.  The Saviors save people.


  1.  Rank the 6 segments from best to worst.  The segments include Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Janis, and Rick.  

Bitty:  Rick, Negan, Enid, Simon Jadis, Michonne.

Kristi:  Jadis, Simon, Rick, Negan, Enid, Michonne- although the walkers face being ripped off was pretty great.  (YES!  Now that is some gold star worthy shit right there.)

Chris:  Jadis, Enid, Simon, Rick, Negan, Michonne.

Kent:  Rick, Simon, Jadis, Negan, Enid, Michonne


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Sooooo there is a helipad and solar panels at the dump.  While I think we can all agree that the helipad is more interesting, which of these 2 items will prove more useful moving forward?

Bitty:  I must’ve missed that totally. helipad. (You know that look of disappointment that I have been known to give with a dash of disbelief?  Good, now you know what I look like.)

Kristi:  The helipad. I feel it will be more useful. Not sure for what but I’m sure it will play a part of something badass in the future. (Bad ass……I hope so.  It could be the tool that leads the group toward where they are in the comic, but where are now…..but I don’t think we ever see that in the show if I am betting my hairline on it.

Chris:  Alexandria already had solar panels, so I’ll go with a helipad.  After all, walkers cannot fly. (Wouldn’t it be safe to assume those panels are damaged?  I would think so.)

Kent:  I have to go solar panels here.  I actually thought I was going to have to come up with some wacky reason to say helipad, but nope.  I know that if I am alive in this situation, I have a much better chance of learning how to use the solar panel than the helicopter, which we don’t even know where that may be.Plus the fuel that the chopper is going to need.  Solar Panel 50% of the time, every time.


  1.  In the real world, not TWD, what would Aaron realistically hope to accomplish given everything that has happened to the Oceansiders?

Kristi:  He just needs some friends. (He could possibly enjoy gossip too!  A place with all women, that is a gossip center.)

Chris:  It would be an accomplishment to not die. 😄  (Fact.)

Kent:  I’ll toss this out there.  What about trying to repopulate the world a bit?  I don’t that goes against his orientation, but it’s a thought if he could pull off that magic trick.


Final thoughts:

Bitty:  I hate to say I want to see more emotion like that from Negan. Raw real emotion, not cocky bs.

Kristi:  I really enjoyed this episode. I have had zero interest in Jadis the whole time. She was just a filler character for me since she arrives. I feel for her now and really want to see what happens to her. I’m also super excited to see Negan’s reaction when he finds out what happened. Great episode altogether.

Chris:  Great episode in my opinion.  I want to see what happens with Jadis.  I am finally interested in her character.

Kent:  We weren’t alone in thinking this episode was great.  Prior to this episode, the 2 high points for the season was the previous week’s 7.0, and the episode where Gabriel got Negan to talk some before they battled the horde got a 7.4.  This episode got an 8.1. It deserves it. I talk to a lot of people about the show, and just this week I talked with Bitty and Kristi at least, Chris and I do not gossip much. The big thing is that this episode finally allowed even the biggest Negan hating people (I will not say haters….damnit, now I did) to at least question things.  Is Negan really 100% pure evil, or is he simply a villain to the main audience because of the lineup. And go back and consider the lineup. He couldn’t take Rick or Carl out, so he took out the guy that seemed to be the biggest trouble maker, which was Abe. As much as I loved Abe, Negan wasn’t wrong. Abe would have been a HUGE pain in Negan’s ass, and may have killed him.  Everything after that wasn’t 100% on Negan. Daryl caused Glenn’s death. Had Negan not swung the bat a second time, would the group have truly feared him or taken him as seriously? No, it would be the Terminis situation all over again. Not a big scary threat. Negan needed to look all powerful in that moment after having lost 30-40 people to Rick’s reckless antics.The Saviors do save people.  A lot of the current Saviors would have been zombie food by now without Negan and the Saviors. We forget about that because it doesn’t jive with out narrative. It’s easier to simply look at Negan and think evil man. How many people has Rick truly saved? Maybe 5% of the people that Negan has. Rick has been a bad ass too. What makes this story so damn good, when they do it right, is that there isn’t a good or bad, it’s just what we have been brainwashed to consider our good group.  Let’s not forget Morales and how he was saved, until he got killed by Rick’s group. And I want you to consider, which group do you think has killed more people, The Saviors or Rick’s Group? In some capacity or another, Rick’s group is responsible for all of Woodbury to be dead. That was a good, thriving community. Terminus was thriving, if not awful people. How much of Alexandria’s citizens are still alive since Aaron brought Rick through those gates? Yes, Negan is the antagonist to this story, but is he really the greater evil?  I feel that Brian would have appreciated this rambling.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 26 & 27, 2018 The Golden Shovel Returns

We got to see Cena wielding the golden shovel, Ronda’s inability to act or toss a man twice her size through a table well, but he sold it like a son of a bitch, and much more!!  Keri is back judging Anonyruss and Harper Lee on their responses to her questions.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we had our 100th episode.  Enough said!!!    Please enjoy.


  1.  Well, Roman Reigns is our #1 contender for the Universal title and cut a promo on Brock Monday night on RAW. What did you think of this promo?

Anonyruss:  This was Roman’s best promo.  That doesn’t say too much since the majority of his promos are garbage.  I’m not a Roman hater, but talking is not his strong suit. Still, This was above average for any promo and for that I have to give him props.  Brock not showing up may have been the best thing that could have happened to Roman. Now was this WWE’s doing? Or is Brock really such a douche that he can’t work all the way through his contract?  I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

Harper Lee:  Man, can that man cut a passionate promo, or what?  And what is that mean ole Brock Lesnar doing with Dana White?  You, sir, are under contract with WWE. That means you stay with them until it runs out.  I am so mad at Brock, I could scream at him. He doesn’t scare me. Daddy and his brother got plenty of guns, so bring it Beast!

Keri’s Verdict:  Not a bad showing from Roman this week. Do I still think he has the charisma of a carrot? Yes, I do. But at least he showed promise so that is a step in the right direction. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Brock Lesnar is one of the main things wrong with the WWE right now. Let’s hope by early April we are done with that nonsense. Now to award this question’s point. I like that Harper is showing no fear this week so she gets the point.


  1.  So much to talk about in the RAW women’s division. Asuka has apparently chosen to face Alexa at Mania and Nia is having none of it, Mickie and Alexa now have an alliance, and it looks like it may be the end of the super best friends, Sasha and Bayley. Discuss all of these recent developments.

Anonyruss:  Asuka still hasn’t chosen who she is going to face and I think that plays big time into Nia / Bliss / Mickie and their “paths” to Mania.  I think Asuka is still going to face Charlotte. This will leave Nia to face Bliss. Sasha and Bayley should have happened about 5 or 6 months ago.  Still, if this finally turns Sasha back to a heel and doing the things that made us all love her in the first place, then let’s get this thing over with!    

Harper Lee:  I’m so sad to see Bayley and Sasha not be besties anymore.  What is this world coming to??? I don’t trust that Mickie James.  Why are you siding with Alexa after recently feuding with her? I don’t get it.  Why is Nia even in the conversation if she lost cleanly to Asuka? This is all absurdity personified.

Keri’s Verdict:  I have to say kudos to RAW creative for coming up with the current storyline for the women’s division. I’m actually intrigued and looking forward to what happens next. Good job.  Now to award the point for this question. I don’t know what has gotten into Harper this week but I’m digging her sassiness so one point to Harper.


  1.  It looks like the Miz is potentially facing Finn Balor and Seth Rollins at Mania for the IC title. Is this a good decision? Also, where does this leave Elias and Braun?

Anonyruss:  Is this a good decision?  Hell yea it is! The Miz, Finn, and Seth in a triple threat match for the IC title is money in the bank!  So I’m 100% behind this. So where does that leave Elias and Braun? Well if you are to believe the internet (and who doesn’t?)  The IC title will be a fatal 5 way. You know WWE has had a hard-on lately for multi man matches. I can’t think of the last PPV that didn’t at least have a triple threat match or more men in one match.  

Harper Lee:  It leaves Elias in that match as well and possibly Braun.  I still think Braun is main eventing this year’s Wrestlemania.  Let Roman kick out of an F5 only for Braun to capitalize and win the belt.  The IC belt is below Braun at the moment despite him never holding a belt. Look at that man and tell me that he is in the mid-card with that cute bushy beard of his.  He can put his hands on me anytime, that’s his saying, right. He wants to put his hands on Harper Lee. I’m pretty sure that’s correct.

Keri’s Verdict:  If the WWE was smart, they would do two things here. First, they would keep this Elias and Braun feud going into Mania. Those two guys work great together. Second, let’s leave Balor, Miz, and Rollins alone. That match has the match of the night potential and I’d say this about a card that potentially has Styles vs Nakamura. Alright, it’s award a point time. I’m going to award Anonyruss a point here. I agree there are too many multi-man matches right now. It really screams lazy writing.


  1.  John Cena came out on RAW said he failed at EC, that he would not face the Undertaker at Mania, and that he would head to Smackdown in search of his road to Wrestlemania. Then on Smackdown, he immediately asked for a title shot, beat AJ, and got added to the fatal five-way (now six-pack challenge) at Fastlane. Discuss all of this and also what you would like to see Cena do at Mania.

Anonyruss:  Wow this question is loaded, like Cena is with shit.  If you didn’t get that I am saying that Cena is full of shit.  Has no path to Mania. Listen I love a good make believe story, but Cena having no way to get to WrestleMania is going too far beyond believability.  I was pissed that he got a clean win over AJ. I mean the match was good, but the better story would have been him losing to AJ and then having Shinsuke come out and want to have a match with Cena at Fastlane so he can prove himself to everyone and to entice Cena to accept if he beats Shinsuke then he will be added to his match with AJ at Mania.  That is gold! GOLD I TELLS YA! Sorry. Anyway, I’d still have Cena lose at Fastlane and then he would be at rock bottom and that is when the Undertaker comes out. He then says something like “Now that you have hit rock bottom, I’m coming to bury you so you may Rest In Peace. Boom Taker and Cena at Mania.

Harper Lee:  I think that John Cena needs to see a good psychiatrist, like Dr. Shelby.  Does anybody remember that stuff with Daniel Bryan and Kane. I laughed and I laughed, and I may have peed a little bit, but so worth it catching up on so many things that I missed over the years.  Seriously though, I’m a member of Cenation through and through usually, but don’t go thinking you can fight the Dead Man. Also, not cool beating my man AJ Styles. I was not happy that night. I ate a whole pan of brownies in rage mode after that match.  Rage mode is similar to Brie mode except I actually accomplished something and was good at it.

Keri’s Verdict:  This whole Cena doesn’t have a path for Mania is BS. No one believes it Creative. The man is John Cena. Creative almost certainly has something for him. And as long as he doesn’t mess with my Styles vs Nakamura match, he can do whatever and bury whomever  he wants. Now to award a point. Harper mentioned brownies and I love brownies. Should creative decide to mess with Styles vs Nakamura I will need a whole pan of those myself.


  1.  Let’s talk the Smackdown Tag Division, shall we? We had a good segment with the Uso and New Day followed by some foreshadowing with the Bludgeon Brothers. What are your thoughts on this? Where do you see this going?

Anonyruss:  The Uso’s and New Day were good this week.  I like a fired up Big E. That is the best Big E.  Then I loved how the Bludgeon Brothers came out. I am really starting to dig there music.  This has to be leading to a triple threat tag team match right? It would just be one more multi-man match type that gives WWE it’s boner.  I am beginning to think Mania will just be a clusterfuck of Multi-Men matches with the exception of like two matches. I can’t believe how stacked the WWE is right now!  

Harper Lee:  I’ll tell you, the only thing scarier than Braun’s hands are those hammers that the Bludgeon Brothers have.  Good lawdy, Uso’s and Newday, ain’t no penitentiary or pancake that is going to save you from some legit southern boys.  Can you imagine how big’s Braun’s hands are? How big his fingers are? Oh my……..I need to take a bath.

Keri’s Verdict:  Why is it no matter how many times I see the Usos and New Day cut a promo it never gets old? They are that damn good right now. With that said I also like what they are doing with the Bludgeon Brothers right now. It’s almost something out of one of those SOON memes. Ok points time. So, I’m going to award Anonyruss the point here because again his answer is on point and sending Harper for a cold shower.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.:

Anonyruss:  Harper Lee sounds like she has lost her southern charm and turned into a douchey bitch.  (Kent: Yeah #MeToo!!!)  I jest, I love her. Still, she is right. I have nothing to contribute to this section.  JASON JORDAN FOREVER! COME BACK TO US SOON!

Harper Lee:  Kevin Owen’s made fun of Baron Corbin’s hairline on Smackdown.  I laughed. That’s better than what Anonyruss is going to bring to the table.  Ballin!!!

Keri’s Final Verdict:  Congrats to Harper for this week’s win. I’m digging the sassiness this week girl. Keep it up.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  Can we all agree that finally seeing Fashion Files on Smackdown instead of on facebook was the right call?  Sure, it was just a long commercial for some stupid show on the USA Network, but it was better than a lot of Smackdown that night.  

Harper Lee:  I get car sick easily so this Road to Wrestlemania has me very nauseous.  I wanna see me some more Ronda Rousey. Also, Keri, can you tell Russ and Kent to stop calling her Ronda Arouse-me?  That’s such a lewd thing to say.

Keri:  Let me just say that I may be in over my head on this whole finishing up school thing. I’m only 6 weeks in and I feel like I do at week 12. This is going to be a long semester. But at least graduation day is set so it will all be worth it come May 12th. If I make it to May 12th, that is. And, Harper it bugs me too but I’ve learned to pick my battles with those two so I’m letting it slide for now.


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2018 Elimination Chamber Review

Russ and I had to review this night of 2 matches and a bunch of nonsense.  Huh, that’s what I wrote for the preview and I was not wrong!!!  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed this and other topics that may or may not be relevant.   Please enjoy.


The 9

  1.  Good Brothers def Miztourage

Russ:  If mediocre kickoff match had a face this would be it.  Nothing really worth noting except that both teams looked ok.  I hope they start moving The Good Brothers up the tag team ladder soon because they deserve it.  You could skip this one.

Rating: 3.5  

Kent:  I read about this match.  Nothing remotely unexpected occurred.  The Good Brothers won. This would have been a mediocre match on RAW, so yeah., not PPV quality.  Both teams tried to work with what they had, and I think we will get more from G&A vs The Revival moving forward, or some I hope.

Rating: 2.5 due to no excitement or build up


  1.  Alexa Bliss def Sasha, Bayley, Mickie, Sonya, and Mandy to retain her belt in the Elimination Chamber

Russ:  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this match.  I figured it would probably be good, but this went above what I was expecting.  The pacing was good and the spots were there, which helped make this good. However, what put this over the top for me was some really good storytelling in the ring.  Banks turning on Bayley, Bliss running away and Mickie still showing she has it are just a few things in-ring stories that helped make this match better than the rumble.  Finally, Bliss’s speech at the end was just phenomenal. The crowd’s reaction to her was priceless.

Rating:  6.9 Get your mind outta the gutter!  

Kent:  I really thought that this match delivered at the right pace, told a lot of good stories, and in the end, it made a lot of good sense.  I honestly thought Absolution would be in the final 3 but this was the better story, I simply didn’t trust WWE to tell it. As much as I loathed the women’s Royal Rumble, I truly enjoyed this match.  Was it anything astounding? No, but I would watch it again.

Rating: 6.2 Not a match of the year candidate, but good, and probably one of the best women’s matches we will see this year.


  1.  Sheasaro def Titus Worldwide to retain their Tag Team Championships

Russ:  I completely spaced out when this match came on.  Apparently, I missed nothing of worth. I don’t understand how this match flopped so hard!  You have several amazing talents in the ring. This should have been at least enjoyable. Instead, it was forgettable approximately 10 seconds after it started.  Not a good showing for anyone involved.

Rating: 3.0  I’m being generous here, only because The Bar usually delivers.  

Kent:  I wanted to care.  I tried to care. This was my darkhorse match of the night.  Wow, this wasn’t very fun at all. It was average in every sense.  Apollo needed more time to shine. I blame the time given more than anything.  I just didn’t have fun.

Rating: 3.5 Sorry, but this is one of the worst tag team title matches that we have had in a lot of months.


  1.  Asuka def Nia Jax

Russ:  I’m noticing a bad trend here.  If the match doesn’t have the words Elimination Chamber attached to it then the best you are getting is meh.  This wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either. I will give credit to WWE they did everything they could to keep both women looking strong.  Unfortunately, in doing so they sacrificed some good match chemistry. After the match was well done, but that doesn’t save the whole thing.  

Rating: 3.7 I’ve seen worse, but I expect more out of these two, especially Asuka.  

Kent:  I knew that this match wouldn’t click and I argued this with Russ.  So I get redeemed a bit after how bad I did on the previous match. These 2 don’t click well because Nia is hard to work with due to her size.  She tries really hard, but as improved as she is, she still lacks a lot of skills in my opinion. Asuka tried, Nia tried, but this match was very forgettable ad the only positive I saw was after the match with Nia’s attack and Alexa being happy.

Rating: 3.3 This may be too high, but I love Asuka and I don’t hate Nia.  I’m acknowledging her shortcomings.


  1.  Matt Hardy def Bray Wyatt

Russ:  Wow… I feel so sad for these two.  I was once a person who wanted to see this. Now that WWE has finally delivered it I really wish they wouldn’t have.  This was boring and bad. The crowd didn’t help matters. Also, I blame WWE creative for this match falling flat. They did nothing to make this match worth note on RAW.  

Rating: 2 So many Meh’s given.  

Kent:  Yeah, in all fairness, nobody alive thought that this match would steal the show.  Matt tried to sing the song, but the fans were meh about it. Jeff does a better job with the song in all honesty.  The effort was there, but zero fucks were given. This needed a gimmick in the worst way. Bray need a stable again.  Before you try to diminish how good Bray is by needing a stable, I will offer this guy, Ric Fucking Flair always relied on stables and everybody wants to suck his cock.  The Bludgeon Bros can go back to Bray once Bray returns to Smackdown. Please have him return.

Rating: 3.4 Mainly for the effort early on.


  1.  Ronda Rousey Contract nonsense

Russ:   WWE took something away from me during this segment.  My hope that Rollins would face Kurt Angle at Mania. I was really hoping that I would get that match.  Now that this crap sandwich happened it seems inevitable that Kurt will be Rousey’s Tag Team partner. BOOOOOOOOO!  

Rating: 2.9  I’m reverse deucing this shit.   

Kent:  Now we are getting to the real shit in this shit sandwich.  The 2 EC matches were tasty bread, and the Tag Title match was a decent condiment, but this here is the shit.  Fucking brutal. Kurt was funny at least, but this was so awkward. Oh, and Steph went unscathed again. I……am…….so…..shocked.

Rating: Well Carl and Gavin died on The Walking Dead tonight, so that makes me very sad.


  1.  Roman Reigns became #1 contender to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania by defeating Braun Strowman who defeated The Miz, Elias, Cena, Finn, and Seth

Russ:  Let’s get this out of the way first.  The ending was predictable as fuck. We’ve known that Roman was winning this since it was booked.  With that said this was a lot of fun. Even though Braun didn’t win he came out of this match a winner.  He eliminated 5 men, he also took more finishers than Kenny Omega in one match and still kept getting up.  Rollins and Finn also looked good in this match. Rollins is turning himself into an Ironman and I’m fine with that.  Finn was about the only person to get any real offense on Braun during the match in a one-on-one situation. I was worried that WWE might fuck this thing up, but besides the ending this was a lot of fun.  

Rating: 6.9

Kent:  This match was good, it was really was.  Unfortunately, the sword of Damocles tattoo on Brock’s chest swung over the match, and the outcome was inevitable, and that hurt this match.  I think Seth, Finn, and Braun all walked out as bigger stars tonight. I think ROman didn’t look very great tonight, Cena looked pathetic at times, Elias and Miz played their parts to perfection.  Still, I just didn’t have a lot of fun during this, and I think it is because Roman was gifted the win.The action was solid. At the end, I was simply happy to have it be over with, and I don’t think you should feel that way after a very good match.

Rating: 6.1


  1.  Biggest Surprise of the night for you

Russ:  How Shitty every match that didn’t have the PPV’s name in it was.  

Kent:  How good the Women’s EC match was  I really expected much worse. Also, that Nia jobbed cleanly.


  1.  Which Elimination Chamber match was better booked in your opinion?

Russ:  Gotta go with the women.  They did everything right.  

Kent:  The women’s and it wasn’t close.  The story was better told.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Best Match of the Night

Russ:  I tied the EC matches.  

Kent:  Women’s EC is the match I will walk away thinking about.

  1.  Worst Match of the Night

Russ:  Everything else, seriously fuck the rest of this PPV.  

Kent:  Nia vs Asuka ratings-wise, but Sheasaro vs Titus Worldwide disappointed me the most.  I expected one to be awful and one to be good at the very least.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Even though the majority of the matches were garbage juice the 2 EC matches delivered and since they took up the majority of the PPV’s time I guess that isn’t too bad.  Overall Rating: 5

Kent:  This night was a shit sandwich.  The bread, the 2 EC’s the only things to watch.  Just skip the second hour basically. With that being said, we had more good than bad which you consider about an hour and a half of quality wrestling.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – February 19 & 20, 2018 Seth is Iron Man

Kent here, and Seth took off the flaming pants that keep Russell hot, and is now our new Iron Man.  Funny how WWE put over HHH so much this week but refused to mention a certain Crippler.  Ah well.  Keri is back judging Anonyruss and Harper Lee on their responses to her questions.  Over on our podcast, Are You Not Kentertained we discussed iron man, Elimination Chamber preview, and made fun of Smackdown.    Please enjoy.


  1.  So there was a gauntlet match on RAW this week but let’s not discuss specifically this match. Instead, let’s discuss “Ironman” Seth Rollins in this match.

Anonyruss:  Well if Jordan can’t be on RAW then I’ll take an hour plus of my other guy Seth Rollins.  He looked great out there. He basically gave us 2 quality PPV matches in one. First, he fought Roman Reigns.  This in and of itself was fantastic as far as a match goes. The back and forth was great and lots of decent spots that were fun.  After Rollins got the pin here and I heard John Cena’s music I thought for sure that this would be a quick win for Cena, you know because of #lolCenaWins.  I was very wrong. The match with Cena was also a very good showing. Then when he won that I was floored. I hope this showing for Rollins helps get him back into the main event scene because he had a really lackluster 2017.  Things are coming up Rollinshouse (until Sunday, when they come up Reignhouse from there until after WrestleMania.)

Harper Lee:  Screw it, at the risk of losing a point, I’m disregarding the question and talking about the whole match.  While this was an early candidate for match of the year, in my opinion, they screwed up. Keri, you should appreciate this, I am taking something that has been universally praised and still going to bitch about it. I would have changed up the booking.  I would have started with Finn vs Miz, had Finn win and out comes Braun. Braun beat Finn. Elias is out next and we do some big guy stuff and while Elias has a good showing, Braun wins and gets a win back. While Braun is celebrating, Elias hits him with a chair.  You can bring Roman or Cena out next to take Braun out quickly. Probably Roman and his wet hair. Roman takes advantage of a hurt Braun thanks to Elias’ post-match beat down. Out comes Seth, and then we have Seth do his hour + long bit of magic. Cena being the last guy to lose also plays into his current storyline where he keeps falling short.  This would have been a proper match build up where it got exciting and had the near falls. This match was great, but it could have been better had they followed my plan. Also, they said that HHH had an iron man match but they never said who. Come to find out, it was Chris Benoit. Keri, why didn’t the WWE mention Mr. Benoit? My daddy said it was that no good Kevin Sullivan that did those terrible things.

Keri’s Verdict:  While the overall match was great, Seth’s performance Monday night was amazing and it came with wins over Cena and Roman. I think it may have been the best performance in his WWE career. Needless to say, I was very, very impressed. And with that said, I always love me some creative booking changes and for that Harper gets the point.


  1.  Titus Worldwide had a good showing against the Bar this week on RAW. Is tag team gold coming to Titus Worldwide?

Anonyruss:  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA, what? HAHAHAHAHA, no!  Titus World Wide get gold? Oh man, you are hilarious question writer! In all seriousness, Titus Worldwide has tons of talent.  Apollo is money, WWE just doesn’t know how to properly utilize him. Titus is an ok wrestler with decent charisma. Together they have been fun, but I think WWE is just making them look good so that when The Bar walks all over them on Sunday it won’t be so boring.  Gotta make the competition at least look like they have a chance.

Harper Lee:  Well well well, if you go back to last week’s blog and read the bonus portion, I did say that Apollo should get himself a push.    This week validated my opinion. This is an automatic point for me because of last week. Yes, I am better than that stupid Mr. Clio.

Keri’s Verdict:  The RAW tag team division as a whole is a mess. You have the Balor Club fighting the Revival, Ginger Rhyno keeping everyone’s seats warm in catering, and the Bar wrestling Titus Worldwide. This division needs energy stat and I think a title change may do it.   Harper gets the point here not just for what she said above but also for her overall sense of positivity.


  1.  So at Fastlane, we have the Uso vs the New Day for the 15,000th time. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonyruss:  My thoughts are Smackdown SUCKS!  It has almost been unwatchable for the past 3 weeks (I’m being generous here.)  So the fact that they have to rely on Uso’s vs New Day just tells me they are still creatively bankrupt.  Now as far as the match goes. I’m fine with it. They have had some great matches at PPV’s the last few times they went at it.  So I am pretty sure this will be a great match, but if it isn’t it’s not like it will ruin a good story.

Harper Lee:  Well, this is another easy point.  Anonyruss clearly didn’t watch last week’s episode of Smackdown or he would have seen a well-done wrestling show.  His credibility is thinner than Baron Corbin’s hair. I am so sorry Mr. Lone Wolf. This is WWE at it’s worst when they refuse to let the new talent rise up and have a changing of the guard.  Last year New Day didn’t have a match at Mania. I think something is up, and I fear that the Uso’s won’t get a chance to defend their belts at Mania, and that would be a terrible crime. Way worse than when daddy and his brothers got caught bootlegging moonshine and have some method for creating crystals.  Crystals are so pretty, well except the creepy girls named Crystal. Never trust them.

Keri’s Verdict:  New Day vs the Usos, the Usos vs New Day, sigh. Doesn’t matter how you order it, the matchup is played out and downright boring. But I agree with Anonyruss, it will be an exciting match so that is probably the silver lining for all of us. And with that said, one point Anonyruss.


  1.  On Smackdown this week we found out who will be facing who for the US and Women’s titles at Fastlane. Pick one of these matchups and discuss.

Anonyruss:  Wait, they did? When did that happen?  Let me go check what and who. Ok, back from checking.  So Bobby is going to face Randy. Can we be real for a second.  We all know Jinder is somehow going to be included in this right?  So what the hell is the point of announcing this match when we all know next week or even the following week they are going to add him!  Ok, back to wrestling world. I like the match up. The more Bobby can do with some of the “great” talent the better. They need to groom him to be a top heel.  Randy is at his best when he is a heel so this feels like a good thing for Bobby. The women’s title match: Woooo Jr. vs My High school-self’s dream girl, Ruby Riot.  Why would I care about this match? We all know Lil’ Woo is going to win.

Harper Lee:  Well, a face vs face match up makes sense since there is only one face in the main event against 4 heels.  My question is simple, who is Shinsuke fighting? Am I the only one feeling Shinsuke’s momentum collapsing before our very eyes?  Maybe I need to get my eyes examined. He won the Royal Rumble and has done nothing since. It’s a tad ridiculous. Still, with all of that being said,  we are in a new era where Charlotte may be the single greatest champion that we have in WWE. She is so talented, and to all of the haters out there, this girl has worked and trained hard for her spot.  Her last name has nothing to do with it. That’s balderdash!!! That was my word of the day on my calendar a few days ago. I love it. It’s like boulders are having a 100 yard dash. Anyway, the queen is going to destroy this peasant, Ruby Riot, and then the whole squad can go back into obscurity.  Quite frankly, I want to see Asuka take on Charlotte. If that happens, let’s make history one more time and have the historic, first ever women main eventing a Wrestlemania. Come on, let’s do it. You know you want to see it. Well #MeToo. I love that hashtag. It’s nice that I can just agree with people.  Hey Harper, I like strawberry ice cream and I’m like #MeToo. I love social media!

Keri’s Verdict:  These matchups are very simple to describe. These are the “titles are not going to change hands because of Mania but we still want to see what both people are capable of in a championship match setting.” The US title match is as Anonyruss said a way for Roode to work with a heel like Randy. As for the women’s title match, this is Ruby’s chance to see if she belongs in the title picture. Now to award this week’s question number 4 point. I don’t know where Harper was going with her response but she does bring up a good point with Shinsuke. And Anonyruss’ answer really is on point so one point to him.


  1.  The Cruiserweight tournament has officially begun. Who do you got and why?

Anonyruss:  Wait, they did? When did that happen?  Let me go check what and who. Ok, back from checking. They certainly did.  Man, I keep telling myself to watch 205, but Smackdown has sucked so hard that by the end I just don’t want to watch any more wrestling that week.  Alright, so I’m taking TJP. They seemed to want to get behind him when the whole 205 thing started, but because the show was just starting and TJP couldn’t be himself they lost interest in him.  Recently it has seemed that he has had a bit of a resurgence as a heel. I like it! So I’m taking him to go ahead and win another WWE based tournament.

Harper Lee:  I’ll tell you who isn’t winning it, Hideo Itami.  He is one of the most underutilized talents currently  I think they need to start a new era with Enzo and RIch officially gone.  I was going to pick Tony Nese….and he’s already out. Sigh. Fine, I will go with the first ever UK champion Tyler Bate……and he’s already out.  Well, I am going with Akira Tozawa….and he’s out. What the heck is going on? Honestly, look at the bracket and tell if you would rather watch the current participants including Buddy Murphy, or if you would rather see a tournament with all of the losers of the first round.  If I ask you, do you want Cedric, TJP, Roderick, Kalisto, Mustafa, Buddy, Drew Gulak, and Mark Andrews or would you rather have Gran Metalik, Tyler Bate, Hideo, Lince Dorado, Jack Gallagher, Daivari, Tony Nese, and Akira? If that doesn’t get me a point, I do not know what will.  I think Cedric is winning.

Keri’s Verdict:  There have been some shocking upsets in this tournament and it seems like they may be taking this division in a new direction. It’s not like the old way was really working anyways and honestly, I think that belt may be cursed at this point. But with that said, I’m picking Mr. Alexa Bliss, Buddy Murphy to win this thing. Why you ask? Because he made his debut in this tournament for a reason and I think the title is the reason why he debuted. So, time to award a point and you know what I can decide on this question. We have negativity on Harper side which is really unlike her and I’m just not feeling Anonyruss’ answer either. So, I’m going to do a blog first and award no points for this question.


Bonus Time: Each week Anonyruss and Harper Lee will choose a topic that hasn’t been discussed in this week’s blog.  In the event of a tie after 5 questions, Keri will use these extra thoughts to help her declare a winner.

Anonyruss:  It feels like Elimination Chamber should be a decent PPV, but something just feels off.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m just not feeling this PPV. Don’t get me wrong I’ll watch it and I’m sure there will be several matches that will be great, but I just don’t have that same vibe I get when I watch other PPV’s on The Road to WrestleMania.  

Harper Lee:  I would like to see WWE eliminate all PPV’s between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.  It would force them to book intelligently instead of changing their minds at the last second and make stupid decisions, like Cena winning the belt suddenly last year or my man Luke being an afterthought.  This would force WWE to provide solid weekly shows on the Road to Wrestlemania. Or give us a 205 exclusive PPV and UK only PPV instead of RAW or Smackdown. This would still give us PPV’s, but a nice change of pace.  Come on, you know you would like to see an all UK or 205 PPV.

Keri’s Final Verdict:  I like Harper’s idea of having story building for the biggest show of the year. This is the “road to WrestleMania” and we don’t know what the matches are yet or why we should care about the said matchups. Enough of these PPVs between Rumble and Mania. Seriously WWE, you have your biggest shows of the year in a little over a month and you really need to build for that. Why you ask? Because, as of right now (and if you believe the internet), the most anticipated match of the weekend isn’t even in your promotion. With that said, one point for Harper and with that point the win. I couldn’t agree with you more, Harper.  Creative needs to be creative again.


Final Thoughts:  

Anonyruss:  I really have no final thoughts this week.  Check out Keri’s though. She has some deep thoughts and they are not Jack Handy’s.  

Harper Lee:  Sometimes taking a step back from what we are most passionate about is important.  It does offer some clarity. We do get obsessive at times. Whether it be Russell on Are You Not Kentertained with Seth’s flaming pants, or Kent with Filipino transvestites, or Keri with her Asian-itis, it’s good to take a step back and realize that this isn’t the end of the world.  When Cena wins #17, people are going to be mad. Make no mistake about it, every single guy with double-digit title runs have had numerous lousy runs that were short lived and not memorable, and that includes the Nature Boy. Really there is only one thing that ever mattered. Whoever slays the Beast in April will be my hero.  I am hoping it is Braun because Brock did the one thing that should never have been done.

Keri:  So, last week I went to a very, very dark place on this blog and I may have ruined Mania for some of our readers. And for that, I apologize and would like to thank Harper for making me realize how scary I was becoming. And no, the fact that I was growing a rather long neckbeard had nothing to do with it (even though it was rather unsightly). It’s just that I’ve been watching what is happening with my beloved Bullet Club right now and I have to admit that the negativity and bad vibes from that storyline translated itself over into my blogging. Then, I watched this week’s episode of BTE (Being the Elite, for those of you who don’t know) and had an epiphany while I watched a chair thrown by Cody at Kenny sail by with Tama Tonga in the background. What I noticed in this particular scene was not the chair being thrown or the individuals in the scuffle but Tama sitting there with his sunglasses on looking like he could give two fucks less about what was going on in front of him. And seeing his reaction to everything got me thinking, why do I care about this so much? Why am I so affected by all this negativity and bad vibes?  Then I thought you know what I think should be more like Tama. And you know what that is exactly what I’m going to do. Team Kenny or Team Cody? I’m sure some of you out there have chosen your side in this Bullet Club Civil War. But for me, all I have to say is I don’t care anymore and quite frankly it’s all just getting a little too silly for me. All I will say though is may the best man win. (Kent: So the Bullet Club is stealing more from the NWO?  We can’t forget Black and White vs Wolfpack. Christ, just go watch the NWO story on WWE Network and save some time.  I’d say that Kenny is more Wolfpack and Cody is Black and White OG NWO. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but this feels like more copying.)


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