Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 4

Welcome to the Bonus Double Deuce part of the 9 Deuce Stranger Things Season 2 blog.  These are 4 more questions that I felt needed some answers.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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Bonus Double Deuce

  1.  Will we continue to find other kids that were experimented on?

Jim:  yes, yes and yes!!  Why have a 8 and an 11 if you don’t have the other numbers.  I think as we track down Brenner and re-incorporate 8 we will find more.  Hopefully they utilize Murray a little more, digging up conspiracy theorized psychics, as I think he was an underutilized tool in this season.  (Honestly, I kinda feel that finding other kids practically goes hand in hand with the belief that Brenner is still alive.  Also, this blog gave Murray no love.  Shame on us!  I really enjoy Brett Gelman.)

Briana:  Yeah I think in order to keep this series going, they’re going to have to explore all possible stories. Why not find more! (Yeah, with 2 seasons down, and 2 to go, next season seems like teh one to introduce as many extra characters and then kinda go balls out like they did in this season of GoT.  Season 4 should be insane.)

Raylene:  I am hoping we get an army of warrior kids (We already did.  It’s a film called The Warriors.  You liked it.  You wanted to come out and play.)

Melanie:  Yes

Kristi:  Definitely.  Hopefully it’s a better storyline that 008. (I have wondered if you polled say a thousand people, how many people actually liked her storyline.   I would guess under 30.)

Cece:  Maybe. But next time, I hope it really ties into something bigger.  (Smaller could be fun.)

Chris: Yes. At least 9 and 2 (Well, yeah, because that adds up to 11.  But if they give us a 9 and 2, they better be the 2 coolest ones.  I am hoping one of them to be a pyro and one to be able to alter their appearance.)  

Kent:  If they stick to only 4 seasons, which is the plan as of now, I can see giving us another kid or two, but not 9 or 10 more.  Do we know if they went beyond 11?  Is there a 13 and is his name Jason?


  1.  Do you feel that you got proper closure on Barb’s death?

Jim:  What more do you need than a hashtag?  Seriously I think so, as now her parents know she’s dead, and Nancy can sleep at night.   I could see one of the demigorgons arrive with red hair at some point to see her come full circle, but if we never hear about barb again, she was closed properly.  (Jim, nobody in the history of ever has needed a hashtag you damn millennial.  I am also pretty sure that you’re older than me.  If we get a redheaded demigorgon, I don’t foresee anything topping that.  That would be incredible.)

Briana:  No. I mean I guess it’s as much as you can get. But I just kept hoping maybe there would be more. Her death was so subtle to me. She disappeared but so did Will, and then we just see her body. I like to see the death or some form of it. I’m realizing that sounds extremely morbid! Lol!  (It’s not morbid, it’s called closure.  We never got it to a comfortable level that we would normally get.  Some people were able to let it go easier because they didn’t care much about her to begin with.  It definitely was intentional, that’s all I know.)

Raylene:  Yes

Melanie:  Yes. I don’t think they will make her such a focus in future seasons. (Probably not, but Jim’s Ginger demigorgan idea is really a good way to bring it back.)

Kristi:  I was good after last season. (The answer that most reflected my feelings.)

Cece:  Yes. They had a legit funeral and also got proof that they fucked up and it led to her death.  (In an odd way, I would be fine if they brought her parents back for some reason.  Namely, GingerGorgan comes into the normal world and seeks out her folks.)  

Chris: yes.

Kent:  I find it funny that there is a small percentage of fans that kinda got wrapped up in the whole Barb thing.  I don’t even know if people were serious or doing it to be ironic or whatever.  The whole thing makes me laugh and that’s why I asked.  Honestly, at this rate, if they can incorporate more Barb talk moving forward, I will laugh. Like Kristi said, I was definitely good after last season.


  1.  Which romantic couple is your favorite on the show?

Jim:  Max and Lucas provided the most turmoil within the group.  And will continue to as we know how Dustin feels.  Did like to see Joyce happy with Bob for once, but that’s not a thing anymore.  Dustin’s man crush on Steve, with Steve taking a big brother role was nice too!  (Now if Steve can only try to nail Dustin’s mom.)

Briana:  Mike and El! There’s just something so perfect about them. The way they both feel so misunderstood and yet are able to find solace in each other.  (What’s nice about them as a couple, from my perspective, is that they weren’t annoying, like say Nancy and whatever dude she’s with that week.  Everything felt right with Mike and Eleven.  It’s one of the few romances I have enjoyed on TV.)

Raylene::  Lucas and Max

Melanie:  Joyce and Bob, #justiceforbob  (The hashtags are flowing.  We could someday get a Bobigorgan I guess.  And that could be fun.)

Kristi:  Mike and Eleven.

Cece:  Mike & Eleven and Joyce & Bob.

Chris: Jonathon and Nancy. “How was the pull out, Jonathon?” One of the best lines all season  (I hate to admit it, but that was a good line.  One of the rare positives of their relationship for me.)

Kent:  Billy and Mike’s mom….and you knew that was coming.  I did like Joyce and Bob, they were fun for a season.  Not a single mention for Will getting the zombie girl chick.  Poor Will gets no love in these blogs.


  1.  Who had the best hair this season?

Jim:  Dustin’s Steve hair, and it wasn’t close.  In an effort to be kinder to the world, Billy’s stupid mullet was not horrible, but I disliked him so much I have to teach to compliment to balance out.

Briana:  Definitely Steve! That guy just has great hair. I wish they’d have done something different with Billy’s! Lol!

Raylene:  Dustin’s Snow ball hair

Melanie:  Still Steve! But Dustin’s “Steve” hair came a close second.

Kristi:  Dustins Snowball do. He was so proud of it.

Cece:  Steve. Duh. And Dustin’s do at the dance!

Chris: Steve until the last episode. Then Dustin

Kent:  Well, Steve and Dustin were the obvious answers, but I felt that Billy’s really fit the era and was something to behold, and props to Maxine for bringing some gingervitus back.


Final Thoughts:  

Jim:  was fantastic.  Still love season 1 for the surprise wave of nostalgia I got, but the hardest thing you can do is bottle the magic and keep it going.  They did as close as they could.  The directors darkened it up a little, but kept it light enough to keep the show unique.  Can’t wait for more.   The kids are all a little more mature, without being too old to be innocent.  11 is harnessing her powers better, and all the characters are naturally evolving better.  It was also a nice plot line to see the PTSD of nearly all the involved characters, and the differences in how they dealt with it.  Mike with his calls to 11, Hopper recapturing his time with a daughter with 11, Joyce trying to better her family with Bob etc…. just fantastic writing and work in all (except Billy #fuckbilly)  (It was a great job in how they had the characters deal with the past events in their own way.  The writing was really good.)

Briana:  Great season! I was really unsure how they would pull off more of this show but they did a very good job!

Raylene:  I hope to see more Erica

Melanie:  I really loved this season. I am still hooked and think I have to wait too long for season 3. (The waiting is the hardest part.)

Cece:  This season was absolutely wonderful. I loved everything about it and Noah Schnapp did such an incredible job as Will. (Holy balls!  A shout out for Will!  Bout time.)

Chris: Season 2 upped it in all the right ways. It continued to provide 80’s nostalgia while subverting the tropes we would expect. While there were a couple of underutilized/unsuccessful story arcs (Max and Billy and their family dynamic/#8 and her gang), they helped provide breaks and the motivations for the characters, especially 11, to save the day. It makes me want to binge both seasons together again and really makes me look forward to season 3. (I think Billy may be the key to the downfall of the group in season 3.  Like, maybe he screws over 11 or something.  Billy has to have more meaning.  I also think Billy will have redemption in season 4, and not just for plowing Ted’s wife.  I’m finding it harder and hard to go back and binge things that I love because my backlog of TV is almost as bad as my video game backlog.)

Kent:  I preferred the first season.  I don’t necessarily feel that many people had a chance to shine like they did in the first season.  There were a lot of breakout people in season 1, and I think maybe Steve got to break out some and maybe Bob, but by and large, it didn’t stand out for me.  I can say that I watched the first season 3 times within a month.  I couldn’t make it through the first episode a second time.  I don’t say this to trash it because I thoroughly enjoyed the season, but I’m analytic at times.  I think that they were smart in bringing in a great variety of new characters.  The pacing felt right.  There’s almost always a curse of the second.  In TV, the second episode tends to feel like a let down because after the excitement wanes off from the premiere, now you get back to building up a new story.  Second seasons in TV have often been bad.  The great TV franchises have succeeded, but they are in the minority.  Then if you talk film or video games or most any medium with a sequel, it’s typically a let down.  This didn’t let me down, and that’s great.  It was different enough to set the stage for season 4.  I expect 3 to be similar to 2, and 4 to be a really awesome season.  This is one of the few reasons left to keep NetFlix if I’m being honest.  HULU is better, but they don’t have Stranger Things.  

Thank you to each and every one of you who chimed in with your opinions this year.  Anything I said is in good fun or jest as always.  I hope to have you all return next year.  Thank you so much.

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 3

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  What was the happiest moment of the season for you?

Jim:  the first moment 11 walked in the door I welled up a little.  Waited so long for the reunion.  Plus we knew how 11 felt because she went “The Crush” on Max earlier during the season.  (I really hope you are referring to that awful Alicia Silverstone film that I had a teenage hard on for.  I am positive that I am not the only one.)

Briana:  El and Mike seeing each other for the first time, hands down! It was also super sweet when Nancy danced with Dustin but there was something so sweet and genuine about that scene when she walked in the house and his jaw dropped. I had so many goosebumps!  (I must admit, as much as I really dislike Nancy, I liked that particular scene of hers.)

Raylene:  When El found Mama it was bitter sweet (Yeah, the mystery behind the mom’s words and the revelation were pretty heartbreaking.)

Melanie:  The dance, such sweet things happened.  (But where were the cookies?)

Kristi:  At the Snowball dance when Nancy and Dustin were dancing. Poor kid was so crushed when no one would dance with him. He needed a win. (It was a relate-able moment.  I feel that we have all tried something, especially appearance wise, expecting positive things and then nothing.  It’s morally deflating.)

Cece:  The Snow Ball was amazing. Also, loved the scene where everyone was working together to defeat stuff.  (Yeah, I am always a sucker for a group to form to do like a final battle.  Usually more in cartoons and a few films, but this was satisfying as hell.)

Chris: Basically the whole epilogue. From Evans giving Hopper a birth certificate so he could be El’s dad, to Steve’s dropping off of Dustin at the dance to the dance itself and finally the mind flayer lumbering down over the upside down high school  (Yeah, I expected more people to bring up the birth certificate.  I think the Snow Ball just sticks in the head better and almost blinds people because of all the positive vibes.  Thank you for bringing up the mind flayer.  That should also be a bit of a happy moment because without it, there’s really no reason to have a season 3.  That or you’re just a twisted bastard, which I support as well.)

Kent:  When Jonathan played Should I Stay followed by Billy and Mike’s mom.  Should I Stay really was a feel good nostalgic moment.  Yes, I liked the Mike and El thing.  But the real answer is Dustin taking Steve’s hair advice.


  1.  What did you think of 008’s group?  Was it a good story arc or just time killing?

Jim:  Necessary evil to introduce 8.  The characters were dumb, but I can’t really think of a better way of bringing her into the universe.  Was definitely the weakest element of the season (except billy).  Her powers are bad ass, and hopefully we get 1-7 and 9-10 at some point as well…. will be worth that episode if we do (and they show up and beat Billy).  (Man,, the hate on for Billy, incredible. I would also agree that it was the second weakest element of the season, but Billy is not #1 for me.  That would be Nancy’s budding romance.)

Briana:  I think it worked well to promote El’s story line but it wasn’t my favorite part of the season. I liked that they introduced another experiment kid but I don’t know if it needed to be quite as drawn out as it was.  (I am inclined to say that if it was another “good guy” character, that people wouldn’t have minded the episode.  The way it was done, it served a purpose, but after 11’s introduction, we have it in our minds that these kids are going to be similar.)

Raylene:  No killing time this season perhaps next season will discover more kids (I am cautiously optimistic that we will meet other kids, probably multiple ones next year as 11 hones her powers.)

Melanie:  Beginning was good, but then super boring.  (Yeah, the beginning was fine because you still had that excitement built up.  It was like a magician doing a shitty magic trick after performing a really mind blowing one.)

Kristi:  Filler. Although without 008, El wouldn’t have known how to use her powers in full capacity. I was rather disappointed in the story line though. I think they could have done better with it.  (I would say that if we did get a positive from this, it was 11 really learning to use those powers more effectively.)

Cece:  Definitely filler. However, it helped aide in Eleven’s growth.  (I have been wondering if the kids were all just gifted with one particular power or if they have the ability to learn others.  That would be a game changer.)

Chris: Wasted potential. Cool idea, even somewhat necessary. Subpar utilization  (Your succinct response is what I wish I had written.  Shame you didn’t mention Funshine.)

Kent:  I felt that it was incredibly underwhelming.  Most people have been thinking about what the other kid’s powers would be, and like we had these X-Men type fantasies.  Then we see Kali’s cool powers in the opening shot, and I am thinking this is cool.  Then it was just a blah episode with a bunch of unlikable characters, aside from Funshine.  That dude was awesome.  It served it’s purpose, but it could have done it in a better way, and in the end, it was my least favorite episode.


  1.  Is Brennar still alive or was the guy (Ray)  just trying to save his own ass?

Jim:  we did not definitively see his death, so by movie rules, he’s alive.  Gives a reason for 8 to seek out 11 once again, so I think plot wise it works as well.  (Yeah, I’m with you on this.  Horror movies have taught me this very valuable lesson, plus bringing 8 back to the fold and possibly others.  I think it works all around, even if the explanation is cheesy, and it will be cheesy.)

Briana:  I can’t possibly see how he could be! We watched him die! Didn’t we…? I think. Well now I’m not sure but I feel like he’s dead.  (Rewatching the scene, it does plant a seed of doubt.  All it takes is one seed. Funny note, at least for me.  Looking back at all the pics that I screen captured last year, the one of Brennar at the end, I labeled it as “Totally Screwed”.  Honestly, I wish people actually knew half of the names of pics that I use.)

Raylene: I believe Ray was trying to save his own ass (Ray is a class act type of guy.  He wouldn’t lie to the children.)

Melanie:  I think still alive.

Kristi:  I think he is alive.

Cece:  Oh, you mean Papa. Nah. He dead.

Chris: Dead until Kali gets pissed off at El down the road and mind fucks her with him (Now this would be a fascinating thing to see.  I am waiting for this to potentially happen.  It will almost feel as good for you as it was to see Gendry return.)

Kent:  Brennar is still alive.  This is where I go by horror rules and if we didn’t definitively see it, we can’t be sure and simply assume.  Plus, what the fuck else is Matthew Modine doing aside from sitting by that phone hoping for the Duffer Bros to call him up.  I can picture him at one point calling the Duffers and being like “Hey guys, uhmmm, did you just call me because somebody just called me, and like they didn’t say anything, so I thought maybe it was you…” and Duffer Bro says “Who are you?”

…… be continued in Part 4

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 2

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

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The 9 (continued)

  1.  Pick up to 3 songs that you really enjoyed from this season. 

(Please note that I wanted to link all of the selections to YouTube, but realized that this would be a super long ass blog, and a lot of videos get taken down from YouTube, so in a year or two, I didn’t want this blog to be a series of dead links.  If you like a song, and you are reading this, then I feel that it is safe to assume that you know how to find the song(s) on YouTube.)

Jim:  I’ve always been a sucker for Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. And it really hit the mark at the Snowball in episode 9.  Really I can’t complain about any music placement.  I really looked hard to find a slip up like last seasons Moby song (late ninetys song in the eightys)

Briana:  Time After Time, Love is a Battlefield, Rock You Like a Hurricane. I won’t lie, I’m just a cheesy girl who loves 80s rock chicks! And I thought Hurricane worked so well for introducing Billy and Max!

Raylene:  Ghostbusters

Melanie:  Thriller-episode one, Ghostbusters-episode 2, Girls on Film-episode 2

Kristi: Dead End Justice-The Runaways and Whip it. That song just entertains me.

Cece:  Well, I love the 80’s. So, I heard ‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo, ‘Ghostbusters’-Ray Parker Jr. is always great and ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’- Scorpions.

Chris- Thriller, Time After Time, but most especially Every Breath You Take. After stalking Mike for a year El finally gets to be with him for a night. Perfect context for a continually misunderstood song

Kent:  Obviously I gotta pick the most underrated rock group of the 80’s The Scorpions.  Every Breath You Take was really good for how they used it, and it still amuses me how many people don’t know the meaning behind the song.  Wango Tango by Ted Nugent was fun.  Ghostbusters is a classic that is permanently on most of my playlists.  I am shocked by a couple of you for not saying Shout At The Devil, another Kent playlist staple.  You Don’t Mess Around With Jim is a classic and great use of the song.    It’s my blog, I can list 17 songs if I want.  Leave me alone.  Push it to the Limit, another Kent staple, from Scarface and I wanna say South Park used it before.  No More by Billie Holiday was used well as was You Better Go Now by Billie.  Dead End Justice was a solid pick.  The Four Horsemen by Metallica was awesome.  Love is a Battlefield is another favorite.  Finally, Should I Stay pumped me up beyond belief.  Annnd done.  I’m not going to comment on your choices because everybody has their music taste, and I am glad we all found something to enjoy.


  1.  We had a lot of new characters this season.  Who was your favorite addition to the show?

Jim:  Everyone loves Bob and Max, but my favorite was Dr Owens.  He wasn’t quite a villain, nor was he a real teammate.  He wasn’t all good, but he was never the all bad of Dr. Brenner.  Though he wanted to advance the energy plant, and understanding, he did it without forgetting the children involved.  I can’t wait to see more of him! (Huh, well you dug deep with that response, and you’re not wrong.  Dr. Owens was a very odd character for this show which is usually good vs evil, and he was a tweener.)

Briana:  Well I’ve already named a couple new characters earlier so I’ll go with Bob on this one! He had me so confused at first. I was so sure he was planted by the lab and was up to something shady. But once I realized he’s just a little clueless, I loved him! Plus Sean Astin! I mean he’s great!  (The thought never crossed my mind that Bob was a plant, and now I am ashamed that I didn’t come up with it.  That’s really good.  Like, if that were the case, think of how different things would be.  Would we have seen something more sinister in Bob’s advice to Will about confronting the monster?  I love thought provoking responses!)

Raylene:  Erica, I loved that sassy girl (Mmmmhmm, as you giggled every time she was on, I had safely assumed this.)

Melanie:  Repeat- Bob! He was awesome to Joyce.  (So this is something I got thinking about.  We never saw Lonnie, I think that was his name, Will’s dad.  I know that he didn’t necessarily have to be on screen, but I think it would have made for a cool scene for Bob to stand up to Lonnie and Will sees it and that adds credence to Bob’s advice.  It would be something small, but a nice touch.)

Kristi:  Have to go with Doc Owens. He was the only one that really seemed to give a crap.  (Yeah, and as Jim pointed out, he kinda had a totally different vibe than any of the other characters.  You can say that most of these characters are kinda cookie cutter, but Doc was something very different.  I am really looking forward to his role next year.)

Cece:  Bob! And I love Lucas’ little sister!  (Soooo, you’re not picking Billy?  I see how it is.  Honestly, I thought you might go with Dustin’s mom.  Bob is the closest thing to an adorable man though, so I can see that.)

Chris: I liked them all, but for me the new big bad was awesome. The ‘Mind Flayer’ moved us past random chance and accidents into active malicious territory and commands whole armies of creatures on par with the big bad from season 1. It’s look was badass and alien in a Lovecraftian way and it’s presence in the very final scene of season 2 makes me look forward to season 3 even more.  (Everybody is having a good time and is happy, and then Chris has to go all dark on our asses.  Really great choice and explanation.  Yeah, this is something important that I haven’t heard or seen many people talk about.  This was proof that the events of last season weren’t a fluke.  It upped the ante in the proper way and quite frankly, it’s scary as hell in how it can control things.  Not enough focus or praise on this character and how it was played out.)

Kent:  I get why a lot of people chose Bob, we all like some lovable, humorous guys.  I liked a lot of the new people, but I will go with a guy who only had one episode.  Pruitt Taylor Vince was in the 7th episode, the one with Kali’s gang.  He was the chubby bald guy who played Otis in The Walking Dead.  I like this guy in everything I see him in.  Is it because we are both shapely and bald?  Maybe, but I think he’s a great character actor, and wanted to give him a shout out.  He’s also great in The Devil’s Candy and 13 Sins.  Please give Erica more lines next season.  Also, I loved Dustin’s mom, she was in Orange is the New Black in case you couldn’t place her.


  1.  Did anybody else get “infected” by this virus, or is it only Will?

Jim:  I’m not sure 11/Jane (not used to the name) isn’t….  those dust tendrils got awfully close.  And can you imagine the world of hurt they would be in if 11 got turned?  Or Dustin + Hopper during their time in the tunnels…. and especially Dustin cause he kept touching Dart #justicefordart  (Despite your use of a hashtage, you appear to be the only other person aside from Raylene and I who picked up on this.  I think they can go with either character and it’s an easy story.  And yes, I do wish for justice for dart, but I am not 100% convinced that he’s dead.  Still, you get a gold star.  Also, your 11 theory intrigues me.)

Briana:  I didn’t pick up on any clues that anyone else was having trouble but maybe I missed something. (Possibly you’re missing something or else I am gonna be looking a dumb ass next year.  Let’s face it, that part seems inevitable in some capacity. )

Raylene:  Hopper (What, you didn’t like my Dustin theory?  Silver star.)

Melanie:  Will by process of actual elimination. #justiceforbarb  (Why am I responding to hashtags?  God damnit!  Anyway, didn’t Barb get justice?  I mean I appreciate her help in the Ginger revival/revolution that we are seeing in TV and Film.  This is all the justice that Barb gets.)

Kristi:  I think just Will for now.  (You and Cece are echoing each other’s sentiments, almost word for word.  It’s scary.  Normally I don’t come on here and hope for somebody to be wrong, but I do hope that somebody else go infected for the narrative aspect.  And if I am wrong, I am allotting one “I told you so” from you, Bri, and Cece.  Try not to put it hashtag form.)

Cece:  Just Will… for now. (See above)

Chris: Not yet. Maybe one of the other 9 children we haven’t met yet will turn up side downed  (I just want to say that it is incredibly difficult for me to say upside downed, but I like the phrase.  I am also going on record and hypothesizing that at least one of those 9 other children are already dead, which we will learn about next season.  I’m gonna say Brennar got at least one if not deuce.)

Kent:  I think Hopper because of all of his time down there and Dustin because of Dart and also being down in the tunnel, it appeared that he breathed something in.  I think it is a distinct possibility that it’s one of them. I think Hopper would be fascinating.

…… be continued in Part 3

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Stranger Things Season 2 9 Deuce – Part 1

Hi everybody!  I am so happy to get the opportunity to do this for the second year in a row.  I am a huge fan of this show, as most of you are, but I am probably fatter than you, so that makes me a huger fan.  Fat jokes aside, I will be chopping this up into 4 Parts.  Hey, I gotta get some clicks, right?  At least I’m not doing one blog per question like a lot of other jerk ass sites.  I am sure that they won’t read this, but I really want to thank the Duffer Brothers (Matt & Ross), as well as NetFlix for providing this wonderful show.  I also want to thank my amazing group of writers that help me out with these blogs.  They are the ones that make this blog work, I just kinda sit here and copy and paste a lot of stuff.

In case you are new to 9Deuce blogs, I typically will ask 9 questions and 2 bonus questions.  So the first 3 parts will feature 3 questions apiece and then the final part will feature the bonus questions.  Any comments in bold are made by me, Kent.  Thank you for reading, and please share this with your friends, or leave a comment with your responses to the questions.  Finally, if you would like to hear Melanie and I talk about this show, fast forward to the last 45 minutes of this podcast, Are You Not Kentertained Episode #086,  to get our thoughts.

Finally, here are links to all 4 Parts for easier navigation.

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The 9

  1.  Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first.  Which hairstyle of Eleven’s did you prefer: the buzzcut, the grown out hair, or the “MTV” look that 8 gave her?

Jim:  obvious answer is the blonde wig. (I really dropped the ball in not listing that as an option.  My apologies to everybody.)   The buzz cut is a close second.  Everything else didn’t really feel right, or what we were missing.  Maybe it’s my nostalgia for season one, but those would be my choice.  (Not saying I don’t like this season’s hair)  (It’s definitely nostalgia, but she looked like a bad ass as well and I think that is a big part of her appeal.)

Briana:  I hated the slicked back hair for sure! My favorite would have been her hair at the snow ball. With that being said, she really pulled off the buzz better than most!  (Damnit, back to back people bringing up hairstyles that I forgot.  We’re only on question one and I am coming off pretty foolish.)

Raylene:  I enjoyed the buzz cut the best

Melanie:  Grown out hair! It makes her look her age.

Kristi:  Curly longer hair. The slicked back hair was not good.

Cece:  The buzz cut will forever be my favorite. It’s iconic and plus, her hair otherwise is in that awkward growing out phase, so I didn’t care for it.  (Yeah, the growing out phase is a necessary evil, but hopefully next season it pays off.  I honestly hope that her hair changes every season.)

Chris: Totally the MTV look. The 1950’s shag wig and the buzz make me forget that someday she is going to be both hot and legal.  (Wow, that did not take long for shit to get real.  Fantastic.  Whether people want to look down on it or not, the clock is ticking for some people.)

Kent:  I feel like I’m the hair expert here, so my opinion holds some weight.  I didn’t like the grown out hair at all, really disliked it but it was something that they needed to do.  I liked the slick style slightly more.  I liked the blonde wig even better, and I thank Jim for having brought that up.  Still, I gotta go with the buzz.  While trying not to sexualize it, but some females can pull off that look and she did it incredibly well and I miss it.  It’s still my preference.

So for those counting at home, we have the final tally.

1 for blonde wig

1 for snow ball school dance

1 for MTV look

2 for grown out curls

3 for buzzcut


  1.  Name up to 3 characters that you really liked this particular season and you can tell me why if you like.  (Normally I like to leave comments on a lot of people’s responses, but I felt that this was something where I truly can’t add to the conversation, so I just kept my trap shut.)

Jim:  I will say that I enjoyed more of Will this season.  He is not necessarily a new character, but based on how much he was in last season..  he kinda was.  More focus on Dustin and Lucas was great as well.  There wasn’t a bad character (except Billy) in the Bunch.

Briana:  Dusty of course! He is so adorable and really grew into himself this season. Murray was a very interesting character and made a huge impact on the show for being a smaller character. And Max. For a girl who was given way too many mixed signals from every person in the show, she held herself very well. And I think she and El could be good friends now that she knows she doesn’t have to be jealous.

Raylene:  Erica, Dustin, Ted, the detective that Barb’s parents hire

Melanie:  Steve,  I loved the way he wasn’t douche this season. Bob,  Joyce deserved some happiness and he was super helpful. He never questioned any of it. Eleven, she kicked ass and took names.

Kristi:  Hopper, Steve, and El. Eleven is really getting to understand her powers, which is bringing a whole new badass side to her. Hopper and Steve were both very helpful and kinda kicked some ass.

Cece:  I actually only had 2 that really stood out. However, everyone was wonderful. I will choose my third as someone who really made things so much more awesome. First off, Daddy Hopper was great. It was awesome to see him really grow in the role of being a father to Eleven. Plus, he’s amazing anyway. Steve was my other favorite this season. His growth has gone a long way as well. Plus, his advice to Dustin was great. And then there’s Bob. Poor Bob. I loved him so much. It was great to add one of my favorite 80’s actors to this show. He was such a hero.

Chris: Will. From being sidelined through most of the first season he carries this whole one. And while we got to see how good the child actors were in season 1, it’s easy to see that he possibly eclipses the rest of them, with maybe the exception of 11’s.  Steve. The teenagers arc in season 1 was one of the most surprising in that Steve would have totally been a douche in the ‘80’s, and they completely subverted that trope to make him a real character. While I like that Jonathon and Nancy got together, again it would have been easy and tropey to write Steve out of the picture, but in the end he became more of a mentor and protector and more of an integral part of the show for it. And Dr. Owens. Again he could have lived up to Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brennar’s evil scientist (or even his own turn as Burke from Aliens). But he ended up being his own character entirely. It would have been easy to have him die at the end to but they didn’t go that route either. And now that the lab has been dismantled he might be one of the only people able to help them when the Mind Flayer returns in season 3.

Kent:  If I’m going 3, I gotta be real and say that I hate that I have to leave Dustin and his season finale hair off of this list.  OK, in reverse order. 3.  Billy almost gets the nod for his seduction technique on Mike’s mom, but Ted is still amazing and gets my #3.  2. Hopper was really great again.  They do such a good job in crafting his character and it’s relatable so I think he’s probably on most people’s “top” lists.  1. Steve fucking owned this season.  I am so glad that they got him the hell away from Nancy because everything she touches turns to garbage juice.  Sorry Jonathan.


  1.  Which character(s) did you least like this season?

Jim:  Billy…. even after the story briefly focused on him, he seemed a useless appendage to the show that could stand on its own.  He was a walking stereotype, a token troublemaker and made me further hate fast cars driven by high schoolers.  (I did openly complain numerous times about his obnoxious driving.)

Briana:  Of course Billy is the obvious answer but I’m gonna say his dad. He’s the one who created the monster so that makes him worse in my mind.  (Thank you for going with the dad.  You get a gold star.)

Raylene:  Nancy  (No surprise here as I watched it with you.)

Melanie:  Billy because he was a dick. But then you found out why he was a dick. (So shouldn’t you hate the dick maker….dick creator….hmmm, you know what I mean.)

Kristi:  Billy. Screw that dude! (Nope, he just wants to screw Mike’s mom.  Speaking of that, I actually hope that turns into a storyline because there could be fun mom jokes that boys are guilty of.)

Cece:  So, Can I be real for a minute? Dustin started out as my absolute favorite in season 1. However, his hiding Dart and being super irresponsible pissed me off. But, also Billy. Because he’s just a piece of shit. (You only get a silver star.  You were soooo close.  Dustin deserves to get some negative feedback for his actions.  Still, a silver is pretty solid.)

Chris: While everybody is going off on Billy, I loved his scene with Mike and Nancy’s mom. Also it should be easy to feel some pity for him after meeting his dad. So Billy’s asshole dad and Kali’s posse tie for me. (You also get a gold star because you really mentioned 2 out of the 3 worst characters.  Congratulations.)

Kent:  Wow, like you give Kali this pass and rain down hate on Billy.  What the hell people?  Billy is the way he is due to his dad, so I would think he would actually get sympathy.  Meanwhile Nancy has been the consistently worst character in both seasons.  Her stories suck!    I hope her role is significantly reduced.  Kali was my clear cut #2, but due to lack of screen time, Nancy wasted more of my time than Kali.  

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#59 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

You may have noticed I skipped over NoES 2 because quite frankly, I spent too many years trying to like it and it just fucking sucks. It is awful. I may do a blog about it later if I get bored pointing out all the ways that it is terrible, but yeah, moving right along.

This is the crowning achievement in horror for me. The King of the Mountain, the holy grail, the piece de resistance. This movie was my first NoES, but hell, I have seen them all so much, it’s not nostalgia. This movie is the best example of Freddy having a few one liners, but still being a bad ass. Now I love funny Freddy as much as the next guy, I truly love him. BUT there is something to be said about him also just being a menacing terrifying fuck like he was in part 1. Really, this was the perfect mix, and Part 4 comes close, real close, but is just off the mark. This does the best character development of any of the movies. This has the best aggregate kill scenarios/nightmares, although 4 is right there. This brings Nancy and her dad back. And it is dated as fuck, but in a good way. Enough about why I love it, and let’s blog it while I watch it.

We start off with a young Patricia Arquette doing some papier mache or some such thing recreating the nightmare house. Her drunk mom comes in, tells her to get some sleep. She downs a spoonful of coffee grounds, drinks a Coke, and I accidentally spelled that as Cock at first, figured you needed to know that. She falls asleep, finds one of the infamous little girls. Freddy is after them, so she picks her up and gets to running in the house. Freddy swipes at her and misses. I have always believed that he half assed that attempt. He was using this bitch to get more victims I think. “Put me down, you’re hurting me” says the little girl in her arms as she is now a skeleton. I hate that I know too many of these one liners. She wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and goes to turn on the sink. The sink grabs her and she sees Freddy in the mirror. He slices her. Kristin, the main girl, her mom comes in to see her wrist slit and a razor in her hand, and she passes out.

Now we are at Westin Hills psychiatric hospital. Remember this place, it makes a comeback in Freddy Vs Jason surprisingly. Now we have the main male doctor, Neil, and the orderly or whatever employee played by Larry, not yet known as Laurence, Fishburne. His name is Max. We quickly meet a few of the characters. We meet the blond Jennifer, she is obsessed with fame and celebrity basically. Then I think that was Taryn who is an ex junkie. Then my boy Kinkaid who is in solitary confinement. Now why they gotta put the only black character into solitary, as if he was in prison. That is some fucked up racial stereotyping. I am deeply offended and outraged, and blah blah blah. Who am I kidding, I don’t have many black friends in my life and they probably found this just as funny as I did, plus as I mentioned, he’s my boy. The other head doctor bitch, she’s a real bitch by the way, named Dr Elizabeth Sims but will probably just be referred to as Dr Bitch, she talks to Neil about this new hotshot doctor coming in and Neil doesn’t like this one bit. Good lord, this is gonna be a long blog. I have to pause to keep up with my thoughts.

For those of you who read this, I just want to say I weighed in a 303.4 pounds today and feel that getting under 300 by month’s end is doable. Yes, the fucking candy month. What a terrible idea this was.

The doctors hear some bitch screaming, and you keep wanting to see Samuel L Jackson show up and say, Bitch be cool.  Now this reference works because the girl yelling, played by Patricia Arquette, well her sister Rosanna was in Pulp Fiction, as Jody the one with all the shit in her face. So we just came full circle. “Tell that bitch to chill”.

So Kristin is flipping shit out, doesn’t want to be sedated. She is throwing shit, she cuts Max with a scalpel. She starts the Freddy rhyme at 5,6. She gets to 9,10 and before she finishes it, along comes Nancy, yes that Nancy, as she finishes by saying Never sleep again, which was the name of a documentary. Kristin found somebody who understands her. Aww.

Neil and Nancy are talking, he was impressed by her. Talks about the boogeyman, and how the kids try to avoid sleep. She leaves, and Neil sees a nun. The nun then just disappears. Creepy.

Max gives Nancy the tour. He introduces her to Phillip who is a sleepwalker. He makes puppets. Here’s Kinkaid again. Joey comes creeping out of a room. He chooses not to talk. he has a hard on for this hot blond nurse.

Nancy is now at Kristin’s home and talking to kristin’s bitch of a mom who is uncooperative. She is just being a bitch, not wanting to provide much info. Nancy goes into Kristin’s room, see the house she made. Neil is working at a computer, and this was late 80’s and it looks as epic as you would imagine.

We are now with Jennifer, and she is drawing Freddy’s house. Now there’s a tricycle that comes in and melts. Hmmm, Jigsaw rides a tricycle. There can’t be any correlation, or can there be? My bad, this is Kristin, not jennifer. Tough to watch and type simultaneously. Kristin is in the house. Some pig on a table makes noise, then she’s in another room and now a Freddy mouth is eating Kristin. She calls out to Nancy and somehow nancy hears this, and magically instantly falls asleep and is in the same dream with Kristin. Nancy saves Kristin and they both exit the dream.

Nancy is like bitch, have you always pulled mother fuckers in your dream, and I guess she used to pull her dad into her nightmares. Poor bastard having a sex dream, gets pulled into his daughter’s dreams.

Now we are having a group meeting with all the main characters. We meet Will who is wheelchair bound. Kinkaid basically mocks everybody’s introduction. Awesome. They get talking about mass psychosis, as everybody had the same dreams prior to meeting each other. Kinkaid made a dick joke. Love it.

Will, joey, and Taryn are now playing some D&D shit. Max makes them go to bed. So Will goes to sleep first and Joey stays awake. The buddy system at it’s finest. Nancy and Neil are now talking in a bar. Nancy wants Neil to use Hypnocil, which is a dream deprivation drug. Neil is like, bitch you crazy.

Now we are in Phillip’s room, he be dreaming. Freddy is now a puppet, cuts himself down. This is amazing shit, and iconic. He slicesup and down Phillip’s arms and leg and pulls out veins, tendons, something so he is like a puppet and Kinkaid wakes up and tells him to have a nice fall asshole or something awesome. Phillip is walking past a nurse not paying attention. He now walked through a door, he became transparent, because that makes sense? Joey sees Phillip out on a window ledge and wakes up Will. Will is yelling at Phillip, Joey runs and wakes everybody up. Now everybody is yelling at him. There’s Freddy the puppet master in the sky, he cuts the cords and down goes Phillip.

At group meeting, Kinkaid is talking about how weak Phillip was, and how he is gonna out last all these mother fuckers. Dr Bitch claims it was just a sleepwalking accident. Will disagrees and says his eyes were open. The group is trying to tell teh doctors otherwise. Neil called Phillip a coward. Dr Bitch states all the doors will now be locked and everybody will be sedated tonight. Kinkaid flips the fuck out. Well, he’s going to solitary again. He’s a repeat offender. Neil now states he is prescribing Hypnocil. Dr Bitch disagrees and says she will hold him accountable if anything bad happens. You can imagine, something bad may happen.

Kinkaid in solitary singing “Ain’t gonna dream no more no more. Ain’t gonna dream no more.” He’s awesome. Jennifer is now up watching TV, Max is telling this bitch to go to sleep but she’s gonna go to LA and be a star, and she wants to stay awake watching TV. Too much to handle. Some dude is twirling some keys, waiting outside Taryn’s door. He says he has the keys to heaven, some pharmaceutical grade meth, and she ain’t down with it. He is also smoking inside the hospital. That dude was sleazy and I loved him.

Back to Jennifer, and she is smoking. Oh, she used the cigarette to burn herself to stay awake. On the TV, Dick Cavette is interviewing Zsa Zsa Gabor. Yes, I had to look up the spelling. Jennifer is falling asleep. Dick Cavette is now Freddy. Tremendous. He goes to slice Zsa Zsa. Then the TV gets all static. The Ring plagiarized this movie. She goes to inspect the TV. Suddenly it grows arms and Freddy’s heads comes out the top. The arms grab her. They lift her up and Freddy infamously says “Welcome to primetime bitch!” And then he smashes her head through the TV. Max runs in. How the fuck was that death explained. there’s no chair for her to stand on. She is hanging from the TV. So they rationalize that she is Micheal Jordan, ran, jumped and headbutted the TV? Seriously, how was that explained?

At the funeral, Neil is talking to the nun. She talks about some abomination. I’m still pumped about the last death. Sooo good. Neil and Nancy walk off together. Back at her place, they are by the fire, and he found some Malaysian dream doll. they are boring as fuck here.

Back to group meeting. The numbers are dwindling. Nancy says she knows who is trying to kill them. God, you need to drink every time Kinkaid makes a snide comment. She describes Freddy. The group has questions, and now there is the fun history lesson. “You are the last of the Elm Street children.” I can think of 4 movies that state otherwise. Everybody supposedly has their own dream super power, like Kristin pulling people into dreams. You know this is gonna be so bad it’s good. It does not disappoint.

OK, time to go under hypnosis. Awww, it didn’t work…..or did it? Joey sees blond nurse, she gives him a look and he goes a following. She invites him into a room. Awww yeah. She wanted to get him alone and she really likes him. He is living out the dream. Back in group, Neil is playing with those knocking ball kinect energy bullshit, and they suddenly float. Will says in his dreams, he is the wizard master. Kristin can do some acrobatic bullshit. Kinkaid can bend chairs. Taryn has a mohawk and she is “Beutiful (switchblades open) and bad). Back to Joey. Nurse skank undresses. She has nice tits, and has a thong. She is making out with him, then they do some tongue shit where she spits out tongues that tie his arms at legs to the bed posts. It’s as awful as it sounds, but she was hot. Take the good with the bad. Oh, the bed drops, now he is hanging over some fiery pit place. The group realizes Joey is gone. The walls start closing it and it is hot as fuck. things are falling off the walls, mass panic.  Walls still closing. Kinkaid tries to push back, but he burns his hands. Suddenly Dr Bitch enters, everybody awakens and Joey is in a coma on the floor.

Dr. Bitch is throwing Neil under the bus while dealing with the head Dr. He’s superfly pissed. Well they basically fired Neil. Nancy asks what they can do, he says it is out of their hands. Neil is out at his car at night, for some reason looks up and sees the nun at the top of some tower, so he goes to investigate because thats what you do at 10PM or whatever time it is. Lots of stairs. Fuck that, she can stay up there. He gets to the top, sees the door move, some pigeons fly at him. He comes in and finds the nun. He asks what this place was, she starts blathering on about how the criminally insane was locked up here. She tells how one of the young lady workers got taken and hidden by the inmates. She was raped and found days later. Her name, Amanda Krueger. The son of a thousand maniacs. Neil asks where to find Freddy’s remains, and she tells him the remains are in hollowed ground. She questions his faith. She then takes off.

Nancy is with Joey. Freddy cuts up his chest, it spells “Come and get him bitch”. Freddy says bitch as much as I do. Neil asked about where the remains are, and Nancy says she knows a guy who knows. Kristin is flipping out. She’s getting sent to solitary as well. She gonna get banged by Kinkaid…..if she’s lucky.

Nancy and Neil are in a bar now, and there he is, Nancy’s awesome daddy, John Saxon. He seems happy to see her. He is drinking a Miller. And some shot, unless he is taking shots of beer. Daddy doesn’t wanna hear this dumb shit. He looks like hell. He hates Neil. Nancy keeps riding his ass. Nope, it was definitely a shot of something else. Saxon dismisses her bitch ass and tells her not to stay away for so long next time. Neil calls the hospital and talks to Taryn. She tells him bout Kristin getting sedated. Nancy is going back to the hospital and Neil is gonna be a fucking cowboy. He goes over to Saxon, flips his table over and manhandles him. Probably my least favorite scene. You know a surly Saxon would have whooped Neil’s bitch ass in moments.

Neil and Saxon go to a church. Neil steals Saxons liquor bottle, dumps in and collects holy water. Then he goes and steals a crucifix from the church. Back at the hospital, Nancy is trying to see Kristin, and Max is cock blocking her. He isn’t letting her get near her due to all the deaths. Nancy mindfucks Max with pity and he lets her see the remaining group, Taryn, Will, and Taryn. Saxon pulls up to a junkyard, this is where Freddy is buried. Why does John Saxon have a key to the lock to the gate of this junkyard? Why?

Nancy does a last group session. Kinkaid is gonna whoop Freddy’s ass all over dreamland. Drink. Time to go under hypnosis again. 2 out of these 3 characters are about to have a bad time, mmmkay. They fall asleep and end up in Kristin’s room. They sense he is near. The walls are tearing, lots of feathers floating around.

Now we are back to Kristin’s house and her bedroom. Her bitch of a mom comes in bitching about the music. This is basically the opening scene of the movie between these 2. Hahaha, Freddy wants to know where the fucking burbon is. He cuts the mom’s head off, the head still bitches at kristin. Kristin does her lame ass acrobatic flip, and ends up in freddy’s house.

Now we go to Taryn who is in a creepy back alley. There’s some graffiti that says freddy x Taryn. Out comes Freddy, and she is taking him on with her switch blades. She stabs him and he acts wounded. he is fucking with her. His fingers become needles and they make reference to her drug past. He injects her up against a wall, and Freddy states “What a rush”. She dead.

Here’s Will in a weird alley, and a bad ass wheelchair with spikes is at the end of this hall. It turns towards him. Freddy tells him to take a seat and also says it it will be back in the saddle again. Both enjoyable. Will turns into the wizard master and he looks like Dracula and charges Freddy with his green magic bolts thinking he’s gonna hurt Freddy. Freddy picks him up by the throat, mocks him and stabs him in the gullet.

Kristin and Nancy re-unite in a room, then Kinkaid breaks throug a wall. Kinkaid is calling Freddy out. Keep in mind, Kinkaid is wearing a bright red tanktop and has suspenders on. Awesome. A door pops up. Then the quote, “Nancy, it’s a door”. Yup, that happened.

Saxon and Neil find the Cadillac with the bones. It looks like the car from part one if I’m not mistaken. Somebody who knows cars can correct me on that. Neil pops open the hood, Saxon wants to leave, but Neil stole the keys to the car. What a dick. He throws Saxon a shovel, and now they are gonna have a funeral/burial.

Back to Nancy, Kristin, and Kinkaid, they are in the fiery pit place with Joey, and there is Freddy laughing, looking awesome. Nancy tells Freddy to let him go, so Freddy obliges, then they say No. Well dumbass, think before you speak. Kristin attacking Freddy with her flips. Nancy makes the dive and grabs Joey. Kinkaid lifts the both up.  Freddy just pulled a Shawn Michaels and “kipped up”.  Nancy shoved a rod through Freddy as he has Kinkaid picked up by the throat. Freddy opens his shirt to reveal a bunch of faces on his torso, those of his victims.

Neil and Saxon are digging a hole. Saxon hears a noise. Cars are starting up, lights turning on, horns are honking, it’s pretty creepy. Some vehiclees fall on Saxon’s ride. they are pinched. Saxon tells Neil to bury the bones. And up pops a claymation looking skeletal Freddy. He killed Saxon. Fuck. He just bopped Neil on the head with the shovel. The skeleton pumps its arms up in victory, and then crumbles.

The group is now in a room full of mirrors and Freddy starts harassing them and is in every mirror and is grabbing each person, pulling them through the mirror. Joey is a bitch and hiding in the corner. He gets up and everybody got pulled through and Joey lets out a primal scream and breaks all the mirrors. Everybody pops out of the mirrors and back in the room. Joey’s dream power is to scream. Good for him. Saxon appears and tells Nancy he has passed on in a different room and they hug. Sure enough it was freddy and he stabs her in the gut with the glove. Kristin was also in the room. The door shut and he attacks Kristin. Nancy leaps up and with her final ounce of power makes Freddy stab himself. Neil gets up, tosses the bones in the hole, does a little ashes to ashes shit and Freddy gets got. Shitty way to off him, but better than some other awful tactics. Actually, aside from Freddy’s Dead and the first one, this made the most sense. Just saying.

Now they are at Nancy’s funeral. Neil see the nun, so he goes chasing after her. He doesn’t find her, but sees the gravestone labelled Amanda Krueger and he realizes she was his mom. We see Kristin sleeping and the camera pans over to the house she made, and suddenly a light comes on in one of the rooms. Cue the credits, and more importantly, Dokken singing Dream Warriors. God this is such a great song. How many actual songs are good that are made for horror films? It’s a huge rarity. “We’re the dream warriors, ain’t gonna dream no more”. Even with a headache, I am still jamming out. Can’t help it. Mind you without this song, this movie would still be my favorite, but this is the cherry on top no doubt.

I almost need a breather after this because I get overly pumped and if I watch 4 after, it is always a slight disappointment, even though it is my second favorite of the franchise. May have to play a video game or something for a few minutes.

Editor’s note, and by that I mean me. I forgot to give this a score. Obviously it’s a 9.2. Just saying.

Finally, here’s a link to the music video

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#58 A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

I had a horrible nightmare a few hours ago, so I guess it is that time. This is my all time favorite horror franchise. Freddy is my all time favorite horror icon. As you will see, I am by and large, a fan of the franchise.

How awesome is the opening scene of Tina in the boiler room? How many movies have a better opening, especially back then? Wes Craven has provided us with 2 of horror’s best openings with this and Scream. Both are iconic. Then we get to see young Johnny Depp as Glen. Tina and Nancy talk about her dream and how she woke up with her clothes ripped or something. Tina’s boyfriend comes up from behind and said he woke up with a hard with Tina’s name on it. She says that they couldn’t fit a name as long as Tina on his dick. Classy.

The girls are hanging out with Depp at Tina’s house I believe. This prompts bf Rod to come over cause he wants to fuck. This of course leads to Tina dreaming, encountering Freddy, the outstretched arms chock full of cheesiness. Then THE SCENE! You know the Tina scene. I keep using the icon, but if you know horror, you KNOW that scene. Its fucking awesome. Needless to say Rod gets arrested even though the cops can’t find any weapon that would have been razor like.

Nancy has nightmare at school, she sees Tina’s body in a body bag getting mysteriously dragged. This causes her to quickly encounter Freddy, so she burns herself on the pipe, wakes up screaming in the middle of class. Then there’s the bath tub scene where Freddy’s glove creeps up through the water and takes her down, we see some boob, and yeah, it was a fun scene.

Now Nancy has this idea to have Glen stay at her place and Nancy would enter the dream world and Glen is to wake her up, but he drops the ball. She sees Freddy going after Rod in the jail. She is pissed. So now her and Glen go to the jail. John Saxon as Nancy’s dad is just awesome, perhaps my favorite non Freddy character in this movie. Needless to say Freddy lynches Rod with his bed sheet. Cool enough scene for what it was.

Now we are at the funeral. What the fuck is Nancy wearing? A blue and white polka dotted dress….to a fucking funeral. She describes her dreams a bit about what Freddy looks like. Her parents looked on ominously, I suspect they know more than they are leading on. Nancy is going for a sleep study. Nancy is having a bad time, having a bad dream. Her hair turns grey in a few strands, and and she has cuts on her arm. Oh and she suddenly has Freddy’s hat, she pulled it out of the dream.

Some boring shit occurs, Nancy ends up with a book on booby traps. Nancy’s mom tells her all about Freddy and how he was a mo-les-ter. Nancy’s mom also put bars up on the windows. Reminds me of flowers in the attic, if anybody gets that reference, bonus points and kudos to you. Just noticed that Glen has a sweet ass vulture stuffed animal in his room. That is awesome and I want it. Glen showing off his mid riff in that great cut off jersey. Fucking Depp. Fucking 80’s. Fucking mid riff.

Glen’s dad is a large gentleman. Nancy is getting herself prepared for the night’s activities. Nancy’s mom is drinking from the bottle because that’s what she does.  Nancy just got a call and Freddy was on the line then he tongued her. Kinda cheesy. Glen just fell asleep, he got pulled through his bed. We will see a similar kill in the beginning of part 4, only with titties. Nancy is now playing as Macaulay Culkin. She also just told her dad to break the front door down in 20 minutes. The front door to his own house. Say what? He doesn’t have a key?

Nancy is going to sleep, heading down to the basement. It’s time for the showdown. She announces that she is there, and there’s a weird echo. Never understood it, but it makes it feel more epic. This is the best dressed she has been all movie and she’s in pajamas. She grabs Freddy, she wakes up. She is sitting up in bed and BAM, Freddy pops up. He gets a sledgehammer to the nuts. She is telling the cops the murderer is in the house. The cop is like “Everything is fine” because cops typically ignore a screaming pleading female saying the killer is in her house. After she screams at him 4 times. There is at least 3 cops plus her dad. Are you fucking kidding me.

Freddy is on fire. While her dad breaks down the door, Nancy see a flaming trail leading upstairs to her mom’s room. Freddy was mounted on her. The dad covers them up to put out the flame. Next we just see the skeleton of the mom as she descends into this blue bed abyss, makes no sense. Now her and her dad are acting sorta sad, but not bewildered by this at all. She asks for a moment alone. Now Freddy rises up from the bed. She is now talking shit to Freddy, taking back every ounce of energy she ever gave him. As he plunges at her, he fades into blue sparkly nothingness. So that’s where Twilight got it from.

Nancy opens the door and she’s outside on her front steps with her mom. She is getting a ride from Glen. The convertible top pops up, and it is red and green striped. The doors lock and the car drives off. Then her mom stands there waving and Freddy’s arm pops through the little window in the door and somehow pulls her through this opening and her legs are perfectly solid and straight, like as if they used a cardboard cut out. God I hate this ending, but it makes me giggle. I dunno, just awful.

All in all, you can’t hate this movie despite it’s ridiculous cheesiness. It has too many memorable scenes. It gave us Freddy fucking Krueger. It started so many positive things. We shall not count Part 2 as a positive thing though. I give this movie a 7.5 for all of it’s charm, silliness, awesome outfits, and history. Always a good time.

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A Nightmare 9 Deuce Discussion – A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

We started off with The Shining, and our second film is a hell of a follow up.  I can say that this is my favorite film franchise of all time, yes, even more so than Star Wars.  Freddy Krueger is the greatest horror film villain that I have ever seen, and he is usually among most people’s top 3.  While the Nightmare franchise isn’t known for it’s body count like Friday the 13th is, it makes up for it in some of the most creative death scenes ever.  So if you are a fan of quality over quantity, you probably dig the Elm Street franchise just a little more.

Anyway, I got this 9 Deuce Horror Facebook Group, and we started small, and added a few people.  A good chunk of them agreed to participate in this discussion, so you are going to see some unfamiliar names if you have been reading my other work, and you will see a few familiar folks as well.  If you would like to join us, just go to that link and we’d be happy to have you.  This is a rare blog in that the males outnumber the females.  That’s rarely the case.  For the first time ever, we have a 10 year old participating, and it’s pretty damn cool.  As usual, all comments in bold are by me.   The more that you write, the more likely you are to get a comment.  Mentioning cool stuff also works.   Thank you for contributing and reading.  I hope to see some new faces on June 1st for the New Nightmare 9 Deuce Discussion.  Also, this is where I make the announcement for what the next mid month horror blog will be.  I have chosen The Babadook.  I know that not a lot of people have seen it, but I am hoping that this prompts people to get on NetFlix and watch one of the better made modern horror films out there.

The 9

  1.  Who is your favorite character in this, aside from Freddy?

Chris T:  Nancy

Kristi:  I did enjoy Nancy’s character.  It may be cliche to pick her as she is the main on other than Freddy  but she was the only one that was smart enough to figure it out. Also, the only one to have the balls to try to do something about it.

Sara:   Nancy; I remember her being the first chick in a horror movie (that I’d seen at the time) that didn’t just run around (mostly) naked and scream. She fought back. (Yeah, that brought me down too.  Her stunt double in the tub scene did try to provide some levity. You bring up a good point in that horror actresses back then were still often sex symbols, but Nancy really helped change the mold.  I still enjoy my girls falling in woods though.)

Cece:  Johnny Depp’s character (Glenn)

Teddy:  Depp’s character fer sure (Glenn fer sure)

Jeni:  Nancy, of course!

Dom: Nancy

Thomas:  Nancy, because she’s a badass.

Kent:  I am actually a little surprised at all the love for Nancy.  I will go with Nancy’s daddy because he uses his daughter to get to Rod.  I approve of that.

  1.  Which parent of Nancy do you prefer: Marge or Daddy?

Chris T:  Daddy. John Saxon learned Jute Kune Do from Bruce Lee (And that is how you get a comment.  I would have asked you how you knew that back in February, BUT I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw that Enter the Dragon was on.  I had never seen it, but it had already started.  I then got super excited and was practically screaming “There’s Nancy’s dad!!!”  Good times!)

Kristi:  Marge, Daddy was annoying. Marge at least understood who Freddy was. Also, I would like to have a drink with her. Shes seems like a crazy chic that would have some stories.  (Really good point in that I would absolutely have some drinks with Marge just for the stories.)

Sara:  I think they’re both equally awful in their own ways, but I will say I prefer Marge. Poor drunk momma was just doing the best she could to protect her daughter AND deal with her own guilt over the whole murder situation.  (I always wondered why there was guilt over it.  Maybe I am just a heartless person, but a dude who does the things that he did deserves death, in my opinion.  It was an interesting aspect of her character to have that extra layer of depth.)

Cece:  I guess Marge because the dad was worse.

Teddy:  dad was a dick who tried to drug nancy so fuck him.  (Did he use hypnocil?  I honestly can’t remember.  I don’t think he had access to it at the time. My memory sucks.)

Jeni:  Daddy seemed like a pretty awful parent, so probably Marge. Neither were great parents.  (I will say this now, but it will make more sense when you get to like #8 or 9.  Since my theory down there is apt, I am wondering if Daddy was away most of the time burying himself in his work, for whatever reason.  Was it along the same line as Marge with guilt and her drinking?)

Dom:  Neither.  You have a drunk and an asshole Dad, who helped create the monster who’s trying to kill you.  Way to go Mom and Dad.  (I laughed at this response.  All I could think of was Bud and Kelly Bundy saying “Thanks dad!” in Married With Children.)

Thomas: Daddy, because he would have saved her if he had been able to get in.  (In theory, Daddy would have been the parent to save Nancy, or try to.)

Kent:  Well I already said that he was my favorite character.  Drunk Marge though was also a champ.  These were my 2 favorites after Freddy.  

  1.  Have you ever had a nightmare with Freddy in it?

Chris T:  All the time when I was younger. My parents never let me watch the movies when they came out, and as a result, seeing the trailers, and hearing my friends talk about Freddy, he became my fucking boogeyman. A fucked up looking serial killer, who kills kids in their dreams! Existing in my head definitely made him scarier than he actually was. I was 18 when I finally saw the first movie; I had just watched The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense in the theaters that day, and a Nightmare on Elm Street was playing on tv when I got home. My dreams were fucked up that night

Kristi:  unfortunately not

Sara:  nope.

Cece:  Not yet! *knock on wood*

Teddy:  I mean I have had the 1,2, freddy is coming for you in my dream if that counts?  (It counts, but now I am left wondering if you just heard the song, or were the girls playing with their jump rope?  A cool tidbit about that song is that very early on when the teens first start talking about their dreams and we first hear the song, have you ever thought about that?  Like it’s just this song that little girls sing while playing.  That’s pretty F’N creepy.)

Jeni:  Yes!

Dom:  Not that I can recall, but maybe

Thomas:  No.

Kent:  What the hell people?  I thought that this was going to be close to unanimous with one or two outliers.  I am shocked and baffled.  I used to have them more frequently in my teens and early 20’s, but now if he shows up, it’s usually on way funnier terms for me.  

  1.  Is this the scariest Freddy Krueger or is he scarier in a different film?  If you say different, please tell us which film.

Chris T: Of the numbered movies, yes. The farther along they went the more creative the kills got, but they also made Freddy the king of one liners, some of which were funny, some were dumb. By the time Freddy vs. Jason came around he was a straight comedian.  (Freddy playing with the Power Glove in Freddy’s Dead I think was the height of the one liners.  It’s debatable because he had the “How sweet, dark meat” line in F vs J, but Freddy’s Dead is so loaded with lines.  They haven’t aged well either, but it’s a worthy drinking game.)

Kristi:   none of them scare me now but when i was younger New Nightmare scared the hell out of me. That damn kid when he was possessed by Freddy..  that was terrifying.  (Oh man, I can’t wait to see your responses for the next blog then.)

Sara: I was very afraid of Freddy in the first movie when I first saw it, but I would say that Freddy in New Nightmare is scarier to me, because he’s evolved and seems to be more powerful.  (I used to think on that level too.  I think it was because I was so wowed at the idea when it came out.  There’s a lot to be said in how they really made Freddy “scary” again for that film.)

Cece:  He is scariest in Freddy Vs. Jason

Teddy:  I personally never viewed Freddy as scary

Jeni: That’s a tough question.. I want to say that he was scarier in Dream Warriors, but that’s probably because Freddy didn’t scare me anymore after that. I remember when The Dream Master came out and the first time I watched it I felt more fascinated by the story of Freddy than scared.  (I really wish I could have articulated a better question about the evolution of Freddy.  He started as this unknown dream guy, but we learn his dark past which is awful if you apply it to real life terms.  Then in part 2, not that I consider that film to exist, he tries to get more powerful so he can disrupt a pool party and possibly be gay, I don’t know.  That whole thing is it’s own discussion.  In part 3, Freddy now has a persona and he starts to openly mock his victims, pretending to give them a chance, like with the Wizard Master kid and the junkie chick. By 4, he turns up the mockery even more.  By five, he cares about mocking, but he’s back on a mission to get the kid.  In 6, I don’t even know.  Stuff with his daughter and one liners is all I got.  By 7, he has regained all focus and in that regard, a focused Freddy should be the scariest.  There’s a lot to be said about his development.)

Dom:  Hard to say.  It’s the first film so I feel that they tried to make him as scary as possible  but I didn’t find him scary.

Thomas: I have only seen the 1st Nightmare on Elm St., so I have no opinion on this.

Kent:  I want to say that he was scarier in Part 3, but that awful skeleton fight at the end…..I just can’t.  I will go with Part 4 Freddy, and it’s for 2 reasons.  The cockroach dream sequence and the people running around and repeating themselves, which may be the same sequence.  Anyway, as a person who has had the same dream sequence play out, that stuff freaks me out.  Plus he killed a teen with asthma.  Come on.  He’s not scary ever in reality, but I would suggest that 4 is his scariest.

  1.  Who’s the worst character in this?  Worst can mean that they are awful, or you simply don’t like them for whatever reason.

Chris T:  the retarded deputy. I’m surprised any cops lived through the ‘80’s  ( i am just enjoying the cops living through the 80’s comment.)

Kristi:  Rod, I think that’s his name, the one that they thought killed Tina. He was just a little too arrogant for my liking. Watching him get hung was a highlight for me.  (I used to feel that way, but Rod is just a dude.  He’s a teen trying to score, and if he can have fun by F’N with Glenn, it’s like bonus points.  He really isn’t a bad guy, but I am willing to bet a lot of people would agree with you.)

Sara:  Rod. He just annoyed me for some reason.

Cece:  Nancy’s father

Teddy:  the dad (like who tries to ruffie their own daughter smh) (Bonus point for the ruffie line.)

Jeni:  Aside from the parents.. I found Rod a little annoying, but I don’t know if he’s the worst character. It bothers me that he ran after Tina was killed. He just made the cops think that he was guilty by running.  (I am curious, is that something that you have always thought of or something you think of as an adult, regarding the running away part?  He’s a dumb 17 or 18 year old in a room where his girlfriend got slaughtered.  I feel that in his circumstance, I would also run.  Nobody is going to believe your story.  You’re kinda screwed.)

Dom:  Dad

Thomas:  Nancy’s mom, because she wouldn’t give Nancy the keys to get out to save Glen.  (When I was younger, that used to bug the hell out of me as well.  I get it now, but at the time, I was more irritated.)

Kent:  When I was younger, it absolutely would have been Rod.  Now, it’s actually Glenn.  He’s pretty useless, and somewhat of a pussy.  Like he doesn’t stay awake for Nancy.  He let’s Rod bully him.  His attire.  I have no idea how Depp became a star after this film, but good for him.

  1.  What is your favorite dream sequence in the film?

Chris T:  the opening sequence  (At the time, I can’t think of a horror film that had a better opening sequence.  Maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Burning would be contenders, but for very different reasons.  Of course the grand daddy of them all is the opening to Night of the Living Dead.  Then you fast forward 12 years, and Scream set the standard for opening sequences that still holds today.)

Kristi:  I don’t know if it counts but when Tina dies. The flashing back and forth of Freddy killing her in real life and the dream was awesome! (Of course it counts!  Without that scene, the franchise may never have gotten the praise that it did.) 

Sara:  The study hall dream-sequence. “Screw your hall pass!” was always a huge favorite of mine. (Nodding my head in agreement.)

Cece:  Boiler room with Nancy  (This film made boiler rooms cool!  I admit, after this film and part 3, I started looking forward to a boiler room scene in every film.  There’s a cool boiler room scene in a film called Los Innocentes.  I think it’s on NetFlix.  The people who made the film actually liked my review.)

Teddy:  not sure if it counts but when Depp’s character gets pulled into the bed and then it has it’s period all over the place.  (As with Kristi, of course that counts!  I can’t think of a film prior to this that would do something that awesome and bloody.  I think this was the scene that almost electrocuted Nancy in real life, and Robert Englund saved her.  I think I read about that in the DVD box set.)

Jeni:  The dream sequence that comes to mind is when Nancy asks Glen to watch her sleep. The scene when she is running up the melting stairs.. Could you imagine the feeling of running away from a serial killer and the ground beneath you is melting? Also, Freddy walks through a jail cell seven years before T2!  (The melting stairs was really something unique, and actually creep’d me out when I was younger.  A T2 reference will get you bonus points on this blog.  The points are meaningless, but it’s like getting a sticker.)

Dom:  Johnny Depp’s.  A dude pulled into his mattress and then we see his blood spurt out.  Awesome

Thomas: When Glen gets sucked into his bed and there is a giant blood explosion.

Kent:  I gotta go with the school and Nancy following Tina.  The whole sequence is pretty neat and eerie, especially for it’s time.Plus it gives me an opportunity to give props to the great Lin Shaye, who is the sister of Robert Shaye, who is the producer.  You know Lin Shaye.  She’s one of the best storytellers in horror.  She’s the saving grace of Insideous.

  1.  Please give me your interpretation of the ending.  Please, please make sure to answer this on your own. (I just have to say that there are true pieces in everybody’s interpretation, and I didn’t want to leave comments for this one.)

Chris T:  The studio made Craven go back and shoot that ending because no one liked the original happy ending. The original ending was never released in the states. Basically the studio wanted a new franchise, which worked out well for them, but gave us the cliche ‘80’s horror movie ending, with the ‘not-really’ dead villain jumping out at the last second

Kristi:  That it was an illusion that he died and she was actually killed. It brought them into an alternate world where they were constantly trying to defeat him. They were in his dream world though so even if they win it basically starts over.

Sara:  I always thought that it was a way of saying that even though Nancy thought she had beaten Freddy, she was kidding herself, and that Freddy was going to win in the end.

Cece: She’s just dreaming again because of her PTSD. Idk.  

Teddy:  Freddy used Nancy’s mom to jump back into the dream world. So i feel like Nancy was having another nightmare

Jeni:  The ending feels like it’s Marge or possibly even Daddy’s dream. They feel guilt for burning Freddy and the deaths that have resulted. Marge and Daddy want their daughter to overcome Freddy, so the film uses a quick symbolic way (turning her back) to show that Nancy can defeat Freddy by overcoming her fear of him. It’s really sad because they want Nancy to be happy and have her friends back again. It shows that Nancy’s parents had good intentions and maybe they are ultimately good parents because they wants what’s best for their daughter. Freddy shows them, though, that he’s not easily beaten and you can’t escape him.

Dom:  An endless nightmare/dream cycle.   She thought she defeated him by not believing and hence conquered her fears, but the are others who believe in him and thus he’s “reborn”

Thomas: I think they’re giving you a clue that there will be a second movie. The car means that Freddy’s not dead yet, even though he burned.

Kent:  Well, like the last 20 or so minutes of the film is a dream.  For close to 20 years I had issues with how it ended.  Nothing added up nor did it make sense.  In Freddy’s Dead, they brought him to the real world and killed him, but that’s what they allegedly did here.  We know by the ending that she was still dreaming.  The reality is that Nancy dreamed most of the final quarter of the film.  The next time that you watch the film, wait for her to start her dream sequence shortly after Glenn’s death I believe.  Here’s the thing, Marge still dies though.  This is fact.  Maybe she didn’t die when we saw her, but she in fact dies.  What we do know is that Nancy returns in part 3 because part 2 never happened as far as I’m concerned.  Nancy returns as this dream specialist.  So what happened from the time that she fell asleep around the 65 minute mark until Dream Warriors?  Marge died.  Nancy became institutionalized.  Her dad became a drunk. Nancy gets better and studies dreams.  If you remember in Dream Warriors, there’s a bit about how Kristen Parker can pull people into dreams.  Had we chosen Dream Warriors, I would have saved some of this analysis, but here it goes.  We know that people can pull another person into their dream.  Kristen does it to Nancy as well as Alice in part 4.  So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Nancy couldn’t have pulled her drunk mom into a dream and bam.  Technically, we could have seen her death.  Seeing Marge at the end was meaningless since it was all just a dream anyway.  Lots to think about there, but that is my best explanation.

  1.  Towards the end when Nancy is fighting with Freddy and breaking all of the windows, why was the one officer so calm outside prior to getting her dad’s attention?

Chris T:  I’m pretty sure he is an example of natural selection at its finest (That was an unexpected response, but it got a chuckle out of me.)

Kristi:  One, they had a superiority complex. The young girl obviously knows nothing. Two, she lost her best friend, best friends boyfriend, and her man so they thought she was just losing it.  (Minus the superiority thing, I had basically came to that conclusion for years.  It was the only reasonable solution that I had.)

Sara: I always thought it was because they assumed Nancy was nuts, but Thomas’ suggestion about it being a part of her dream made me think that maybe THAT was the case.  (Yeah, he’s right.)

Cece: He was part of the dream…? (Correctamundo!)

Teddy:  maybe the father said “dont bother me unless its super important”  (I could picture John Saxon saying that with a beer in his hand.)

Jeni: I guess it’s supposed to show how terrible and worthless the cops are in Springwood. Nancy keeps trying to get people to help her, but she can’t really rely on anyone.  (That’s an interesting take because they already alluded a bit to the flawed legal system.  I like this answer.)

Dom: He didn’t care or didn’t “hear”  her  (Well Dom, if he was wearing those big ass headphone that Glenn had on, he surely wouldn’t have heard anything.)

Thomas: Because he couldn’t really see what was going on, or maybe it was part of a nightmare. (The latter part of your statement is spot on.)

Kent:  I think that in all fairness, he’s probably sick of attention whores.  With all the teens dying, maybe he had worked one too many days in a row or was on hour #47 of his shift, who knows.  I don’t think he was necessarily malicious, but rather, he didn’t want to deal with anymore BS.  She had bars on the windows, so she was fine.  Here’s the best part.  I think that was also part of the dream.  You practically have to view this Memento style.  Remember, Nancy was trying to call Glenn, but instead got his folks.  They hung up, took the phone off the hook.  Nancy then gets the call with Freddy’s blade sound, so she rips the line out and wraps it around the phone, but he calls again and we get the sill mouth and tongue thing on the phone.  Well that is indicative to me that she’s already dreaming.  You have to go from before then and try to pinpoint when she fell asleep, or was the whole film just a dream?  That was an original intention.  Could so much stuff have happened to Nancy that we are seeing a long dream while she’s in the institution?  I don’t know if we ever officially know the causes of her friend’s deaths, we just know what we were presented, but that could all just be a dream.  At this point, you’re probably pissed and not wanting to think about it, or I’m ruining the film for you, but we don’t know what is real in this film aside from the fact that Nancy and her dad survived.  Nancy had some friends who died, as well as her mother.  We know the story about the parents killing Freddy to be true.  To me, all of this not knowing makes this film all the better.

  1.  Most people consider Tina’s death the best in the franchise.  Would you agree?  If not, name one that you think is the best.

Chris T:  Dream Warriors and Dream Master had some cool deaths. From this movie with its relatively small body count it would be Tina’s  (As a kid, I used to think Rod’s was the best.  I have no idea why.  Compared to Tina and Glenn’s, Rod’s is terrible, but it’s what I gravitated towards.)

Kristi:  Her death was pretty legit!  (Was it 2 Legit 2 Quit?  I just got that song stuck in like 30 people’s heads.)

Sara:  My *favorite* Freddy death is from dream warriors, when the girl gets yanked into the TV, and Freddy’s all ‘Welcome to Prime Time, bitch!’ That said, after watching ‘Never Sleep Again’ I loved learning about how they executed Tina’s death, and think it was brilliant for the time.  (I must watch Never Sleep Again.  I have been saying this for years.  Maybe Saturday.  So keep in mind, Dream Warriors was my first Nightmare, and we get Phillip and her death back to back.  How could a child not be hooked?  Also, she got to talk to Larry Fishburne before dying, right before he became Lawrence.  It was also cool to see Zsa Zsa Gabor.)

Cece:  It’s aside from this movie, I like the puppeteer one!  (Mine too!)

Teddy:  i would say brecken Meyer’s death, the comic book cut up scene, or the scene where its Freddy vs the guy with the hearing aids  (Alright, so we are dealing with the video game death (Spencer) and hearing aid death (Carlos) in Freddy’s Dead, and the kick ass comic book one (Mark) that was partially in black and white in part 5.  You basically nailed the 3 best death scenes from those 2 films.  Breckin’s cracks me up still.  Greta’s in part 5 was also fun. )

Jeni: Really? There were much better and far more creative death scenes in the later films. Philip in Dream Warriors.. It was gross, but what a crazy puppet sequence! The television scene from Dream Warriors is also pretty classic. Also, Debbie’s death in Dream Master always freaked me out!  (Debbie’s death scene doesn’t get enough love.  The amount of hell he puts her through.  First she is lifting weight and he snaps he elbows, then she ends up in the sticky hell, and it rips her skin off, and then she gets squished.  That is my #2 all time behind Phillip.  I used to sleepwalk a lot, so that one hit home.)

Dom: My favorite death is Nancy’s.  Not cause I wanna see her die but cause you’re like oh she and the other’s made it.  Look here comes dad and there’s going to be a loving reunion but wait, isn’t Dad dead?  Oh shit!! No don;t hug him…oh you’re dead.  (By then, I have to admit that I didn’t see it coming the first time because I was naive as hell.    It was such a great way to kill her and underappreciated.  I think that film hits you with so much stuff that you aren’t even thinking clear by the time it gets to that scene.)

Thomas: It’s a toss up between Glen’s death and Marge’s.  (The fact that you included Marge’s makes me happy.)

Kent:  A lot of my favorites were mentioned, as I have already commented on them.  For me, it has to be Phillip’s in Dream Warriors.  I will go so far as to say that my dream tattoo is to slim down and get my back down with Freddy in the sky and Phillip on the puppet strings.  I have talked about this for a long time.  I know that back tattoos are stupid, admit it, they are.  But if you are going to get one, make sure it is something that you can proudly show off…..or a tramp stamp.

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Do you think that this film influenced Home Alone?

Chris T:  If it did I would have to research John Hughes movies for darker interpretations

Kristi:  I cant wait to read the responses to this one because I do not see the connection.

Sara:  I had never thought of that until I (just this weekend) showed this film to my son (so he could play along here) and that was his first reaction to the booby-trap scene. I see the connection.  (After reading her son’s response, I actually messaged her at like 3AM just to pay a compliment because I keep weird hours.)

Cece: I’m not too sure how. Maybe Kevin saw this film and that’s why he’s scared to go downstairs.

Teddy:  never heard of that correlation tbh

Jeni:  Wow.. I never thought of this, but the boobytraps are weirdly the same and the furnace sounds like Freddy when it’s calling to Kevin. I guess it’s impossible for filmmakers not to be influenced by Nightmare! It’s also possible that they intentionally used it as a reference because it’s such an iconic horror film and people would subconsciously understand.  (I had never correlated the furnace thing, but you are very right.  I love this because now I wanna watch Home Alone to hear it, and the whole “Keep the change you filthy animal” bit.)

Dom:  No

Thomas: Yes. The hammer hitting Freddy reminded me immediately of when the burglars get hit with the paint can in Home Alone.  (You were the first person who responded and got the correlation.  So kudos to you!)

Kent:  I read these responses as they came in, so not necessarily in the order that you are currently seeing them.  Props to Thomas for being the first one to get it.  There is no doubt in my mind that the traps were inspired by this film. 

  1.  Looking back on it, some of the sound effects are cheesy.  At the time, do you think they were cheesy or did they add to the aura and presentation of the film?  

Chris T:  At the time it was the norm. Look at Freddy’s disappearing FX at the end. Pretty cool back then, huh? Not so much now. (To kinda go along with what you’re saying, isn’t it amazing how well the special effects held up on John Carpenter’s The Thing and also Independence Day?  Both still look incredibly well.  One had a slightly bigger budget than the other though.)

Kristi:  This was the very first horror flick i saw when I was a kid. It didn’t scare me at all. It definitely adds something to the film. Its cheesy but necessary!  (You’re right, it does add to the film.  It doesn’t detract, and if they just cut it out now, I think it would make the film feel weird.)

Sara:  I mean, yes, it’s cheesy, but looking back, wasn’t all horror movie music cheesy in the 80’s? I’m not sure if they scared people originally, because I was 2. Lol All in all, I’m still a fan.  (I will say that The Thing was made in 1982.  It has to be one of the best soundtracks for the time frame.  Aside from that exception, I am trying to think of other ones.  Mostly I can  think of films that may have had a memorable song like Dream Warriors or Alice Cooper’s “Man Behind the Mask”.  I will say that Maximum Overdrive’s soundtrack is no joke….if you like ACDC.)

Cece:  These sound effects are some of my favorite!

Teddy:  Cheesy doesn’t make it any less scary, look at the Friday the 13th movies. Music was cheesy but it didn’t take away from the oh shit moments when Jason popped out (I agree, and more importantly, I will use this as a platform for everybody to hear one of the greatest Nintendo game soundtracks of all time, yes, Friday the 13th.  As a kid, playing that with the lights off and suddenly Jason bum rushes you and it is absolutely pee pee pants city, as Negan would say.)


Jeni: In the 80’s the sound effects seemed more scary. It’s hard to watch these films now and not see the effects as cheezy. I’m sure that we’ll look back at films made today and think that the effects are cheezy.  (I can pinpoint quite a few present day audio sound effects, notably for horror films that are downright cringeworthy.  It baffles me how certain sound effects have been so overused, especially in horror trailers.  I’ll also just toss out how overused record players have become in horror.  It used to be a special treat.  Now it’s done way too often.)

Dom:  It’s 80’s cheese though.  Gotta love 80’s cheesy-ness  (We should get a pizza.  You are making me really want a pizza.)

Thomas: Back then they would still let kids play dodge ball, so they were probably tougher back then. So I say no, it’s always been cheesy. (I thoroughly enjoyed this comment.  Judging by this, am I to assume that kids don’t play dodge ball anymore?  Yes, the generation before you was tougher, and the generation before that and so on and so forth, as a whole.  There are probably more reasons than I can think of off the top of my head, but the main ones are technology, genetics, and knowledge.  Technology has obviously made us soft compared to 50 or 100 years ago, that one is obvious.  Genetics should be considered because every parent has a chance of passing down their bad genes to their children, so long term that is bound to affect the situation.  Then there’s the knowledge that we get as kids.  The bad shit that we went through so when we become adults and have kids, we try to help kids avoid that stuff.  All it takes nowadays is one loudmouth with a cause to ruin the fun for everybody, but we live in a country where we bend at the knee for these loud people, and as a group effectively become softer.  You mention dodge ball, and I will say that in 50 years, I am guessing the NFL doesn’t exist, and boxing may not either due to the knowledge that we are gaining about head trauma. Combine that with the right loud mouth and it could be gone.  Then in 50 years you’ll be reminiscing with your neighbor about how much you miss the Super Bowl.)

Kent:  I found them silly when I first saw them, but it felt right at home with other stuff.  The goat thing always seemed so out of place for me.  Now that we have nostalgia, it’s easy to forgive it, but they could have done a better job and heightened the scare factor, in hindsight.  The audio in a horror flick can sometimes really make or break a film.  Look at Psycho and Jaws and how the music added so much to it.  The 80’s is just an era unto itself where you could do so many wacky things, and it’s still beloved.  You can say that for every generation, but I think 80’s horror holds a special place in the hearts of all horror fans.

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