Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Nine

Today is Halloween and that means….absolutely nothing in the grand scheme as far as the Plunderbund Consortium.  On the other hand, this is my favorite holiday so today, I give you my last spooky themed music video for awhile.  This is from my favorite horror film of all time, Nightmare on Elm Street 3.  If you’ve ever heard of this band, then you know the song.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…..Dokken.  Thank you for checking us out.

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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 9

The day was finally here, Coraanu was to meet with Balic’s Sorcerer King, Andropinis, at his castle in the Magaleon.  Believing this to be his chance to scope out High Defiler Vaerhirmana, Coraanu convinced Illana to come with him well ahead of the meeting so that they could scope out the magic school where the defiler taught prior to his meeting.

Upon reaching the entrance to the Magaleon, Coraanu and Illana were immediately shuffled in.  Coraanu was told showing up extra early was a particularly good idea.  After entering the Magaleon, the pair identified the magic school and headed over.  Entering the magic school, the two started talking to the receptionist, who identified the pair as more pro-environment, anti-magic journalists looking to write a damning news article.  She quickly ushered them into the office of public relations.

While in the office they met with an individual who gave them the party line.  “While it is regrettable that defiling magic has a negative impact on the environment, such magic is necessary to secure the defense and economy of Balic.”  After the rehearsed speech was over, Coraanu began asking about Vaerhirmana.  They were told that Vaerhirmana was a very well-liked and important teacher at the school, and that they could sit in on his afternoon lecture if they so choose.  As the lecture fell during Coraanu’s meeting with Andropinis, they agreed that Illana would stay for the lecture.

Upon reaching Andropinis’ palace, Coraanu was quickly ushered into the throne room, where he came face to face with the old, yet imposing, visage of Andropinis.  The sorcerer king informed Coraanu that he first became aware of Coraanu when the scrying magics he had placed near the Rez informed him that new visitors had come to see his “old friend Rez.”  As he was monitoring the party to discover who had drawn Rez’s attention, he was drawn to Coraanu, as he noted that Coraanu’s mind had been severely tampered with by a combination of magic and psionics that were on a sorcerer king level.

Interested in who could have done this to Coraanu, the sorcerer king offered to reverse the damage if he were to perform a task.  Andropinis informed Coraanu that Rez always tells her new “champions” about the location of a vault in the ruins of Kalidney.  In that vault supposedly lies an artifact, one of the orbs of Kalid-Ma.  However, no one who has ever entered the vault has ever escaped alive.  Andropinis told Coraanu that if he retrieves the obsidian orb for him, he would be happy to uncover whatever has been deeply buried in Coraanu’s mind.  At which point Andropinis informed Coraanu he could leave.

Completely shaken by this information, Coraanu decided not to attend the end of Vaerhirmana’s lecture and instead waited for Illana, who had found the lecture boring as she pretty much knew everything taught that day.  Illana attempted to talk with Coraanu about what happened at the meeting, but he remained tight lipped.

The next morning, Pane-Pan informed the group that he was ready to take revenge for his clutch and murder Girias Olivian.  Being able to stay at the Olivian plantation allowed Pane-Pan to learn that Girias had been staying in the guest house at the edge of the plantation as he studied to enter the military academy.  After days of observation, Pane-Pan learned that the guest house included Girias, his teacher, his girlfriend, 4 half-giant guards, and 20 Olivian house soldiers.  Girias’s day included outside training in the morning, breakfast and study inside, lunch, weapons training outside, independent study, dinner with the girlfriend and teacher, then free time and bed.

After considering the available options, Pane-Pan decided that he and Coraanu would consume their fruits of invisibility, sneak in after dark, and murder-stab Girias to death.  Upon reaching the guest house, the two saw that it was guarded by two of the half-giants.  Coraanu, hiding in the shadows, used his minor illusion spell to create a distraction.  After one of the guards left to investigate, Pane-Pan used his mental powers to convince the others that his mother had fallen very ill and that he had to rush home to take care of her.  The half-giant failed to resist Pane-Pan’s mental thrust and he rushed off into the night.

The pair then consumed their fruits and snuck into the house.  As they entered Girias’s bedroom, they saw that he was joined by his girlfriend.  Unfortunately for them, they set off the girlfriend’s psionic sensor, and she awoke, waking Girias and warning him that someone was in the house.  Still invisible, Pane-Pan infused his weapon with psychic power and struck hard at Girias while at the same time flooding his mind with images from when Girias and his friends slaughtered Pane-Pan’s clutch.  Though much damage was done to Girias, Pane-Pan failed to land a killing blow, and the attack caused the invisibility spell to drop.

The girlfriend then responded by using her immense psychic power to banish Pane-Pan to a labyrinthian pocket dimension.  To free him, Coraanu attached the girlfriend and broke her concentration on the spell.  Returning from the pocket dimension, Pane-Pan asked the girlfriend to step back and let justice be done.  The girlfriend agreed to step out of the fight as long as they left her to ransack the place and make it look like a robbery gone wrong as soon as the deed was done.  Agreeing to the terms, Pane-Pan proceeded to tear Girias into little chunks.

The next morning things at the Olivian compound were in disarray with rumors of an attack and the death of Girias.  As it did not appear that suspicion had fallen on the adventurers, they decided to “step out” and investigate the Mount Laeron dungeon map they had previously bought from an elf.

Finding the entrance, Coraanu scouted on ahead until he found a room, which appeared to have been a makeshift sleeping quarter, covered in blood, but without bodies or skeletons to indicate who, or what, left the blood.  As he tried to leave the room to report, Coraanu walked into a forcefield and was violently thrown back into the room.

Wondering what was taking so long, the others came to investigate.  When Coraanu informed about the trap, Dimebag, Pane-Pan, and Hookeri entered the room, while Alexa took a, “lets wait to see what happens approach” and Illana informed the party that, “I don’t enter rooms that don’t let me out.”

Opening the door, the party members in the room saw a demonic portal guarded by a Hezrou demon (a being of mostly claws and teeth).  The party decided that they were going to lure the demon back into the blood room.  Unfortunately for the rest of the party, Hookeri’s pet Jakar ran into the room to attack the Hezrou and was promptly left dying on the floor.  When Hookeri ran in to stabilize the pup, the entire plan went to hell.  Everyone (except Illana) then ran into the room and engaged the demon.

After being significantly damaged by the adventurers, the Hezrou placed a forcefield around himself and summoned 10 lesser demons from the portal.  Luckily, despite not passing the forcefield in the other room, Illana was able to throw a fireball thought the open door into the portal room, killing nearly all of the lesser demons instantaneously.  Unluckily for Hookeri’s Jakar, it was caught in the blast, killing it outright.

Enraged at the loss of its minions, the Hezrou dropped the forcefield and resumed its attack.  During this time Dimebag came up with the ingenious to tie the dead Jakar to a rope and throw it into a portal to see what would happen.  As it so happened, a Marilith demon (giant half-snake lady with many arms all holding weapons) was slithering past the portal and saw the dead Jakar land in her dimension.  Thinking that the Jakar was adorable, she picked up the pooch with the intention of resurrecting it as a demon-Jakar that she would carry around in her purse and show off to all of her friends at demonic tea time.  Dimebag felt a tug on the rope.

Feeling the tug, Dimebag pulled on the rope.  The Marilith emerged from the portal, looked at Dimebag holding the rope and said, “Are you trying to take my puppy!!!!!”  Petrified with fear, Dimebag said, “no ma’am” and dropped the rope.  The Marilith then returned to the demon realm with her soon to be resurrected and snuggled demon pet.

With the Marilith gone, the adventurers were easily able to finish off the Hezrou demon.  Upon killing it the portal closed and the forcefield dropped.  After the adrenaline of battle subsided, Hookeri fell to his knees and cried out, grieving the loss of his beloved pet.

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Jigsaw (2017)

I saw this movie tonight in the theater and I felt compelled to write about it while it was fresh in my head.  I’m going to go light on the spoiler aspect.  I will eventually do a legit blog when this is released on blu ray.

So here’s the first thing that needs to be said.  If you have seen the whole franchise, or most of it, you should feel entirely at home.  To go even further, none of the twists should surprise you.  That’s not to say that it’s not well done in regards to the twists.

The hallmarks of the franchise are present, mostly.  I must admit, the traps and deaths seemed really bland compared to stuff from Saw 2-6.  If anybody sees this and insists on calling this film “torture porn”, you should feel free to backhand them until they are crying.  Dumbasses deserve to learn lessons.  This film lacks in that department big time, so you will know how dumb somebody is by what they say after viewing this.

Another hallmark of the film is the 2-3 simultaneous stories occurring and the question of when and where is this happening.  This could qualify as a spoiler, but only if you have never sen a single film of this franchise prior, in which case, that’s your own damn fault for starting at part 8.

Yes, Tobin Bell is in this.  Yes, talk of rights and wrongs are involved.  This is still a gruesome morality play and do not forget that.  This still tells a story of people who do not listen to the rules and therefore lose their lives.  Towards the end, the last game of sorts between a man and a woman is terribly predictable, and yet so satisfying.

The characters are not very enjoyable in this one.  I found myself enjoying the redhead, and that was about it, aside from Tobin.  I did love some of the shout outs to previous entries in the film.  Jill Tuck is referenced, and that pleased me.

In the end, I don’t know how well this will be received.  I have an incredibly bias opinion.  I liked it.  It hit more than it missed.  The second half is better than the first due to the storytelling techniques.  All of the callbacks were very satisfying.  By toning down the gore, it allowed us to focus more on the story, and that is where Part 7 had failed us oh so badly.  I know some of you will never truly understand or appreciate the story to this franchise.  Some of you simply don’t get it, and that’s fine.  Just try not to ridicule something that you don’t comprehend.  I am curious if this will be successful enough to get the franchise rolling again.  I would be super happy if it did, but if this is the last bit we get, I am happy to go out on this one because Saw 3D was not a very good film.

I do recommend this to the fans of the franchise.  I would say to anybody else, give it a chance only if you are positive that you will invest the full amount of time to finish the film because the plot requires that.  Right now I feel confident in giving this a 6.5 rating and possibly seeing it again prior to release on blu ray.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:8 Ep:1 “Mercy”

We get to kick off season 8 with Episode 100 called “Mercy”.  Did it live up to our own personal hype or did it fall flat like Judith’s character learning to walk?  I am joined by a plethora of people who all have very different opinions, and any comments that you see in bold are from me because apparently some people like to read my awful opinions or insults.  I truly appreciate everybody’s dedication to keeping this thing going.  Thank you.

The 9

  1.  Who gave the best opening war speech: Rick, Maggie, or Ezekiel?

Briana:  Ezekiel is always entertaining but I think Rick was the one who really inspired everyone (and then failed to follow through with anything he said… but that’s another question I’m sure lol)  (Yeah, the follow through was incredibly questionable, if not entirely disappointing in it’s own way.)

Bob:  Ezekiel.  That’s the kind of war speech I would want to hear and the kind of energy I would want to hear.  Rick’s was arrogant and prideful.  No one truly goes into a battle to die under the cause of we have already won.  People go into battle to be victorious and to actually win.  That was Ezekiel’s outlook.  (You almost convinced me.  I feel that passionate stories of Rick Grimes has spread at this point so people know what he did to Claimer Joe, so I would hope that people would just be roused by that alone.  I mean, guy with tiger is inspirational, but guy who has survived gun shots, stabbings, biting off people’s flesh, and putting down little barn girls would still win me over.)

Bitty:  Ezekiel. In the premier and the after show!!  (OK, he stole the after show.  Andy and Jeffrey were good, but Khary stole that show, no doubt.)

Chris:  Ezekiel.  

Raylene:  I would say it has to be Ezekiel.  Although this would have worked fantastic.  (If we can get him doing that shit to Negan, he would become everybody’s favorite character.)

Eric: Rick. It’s full of anger and revenge towards Neegan. (Yeah, I really enjoyed the softer spoken speech, reminded me of some Jake the Snake Roberts stuff.)

Kent:  Maggie!!!  Ha, I’m just playing.  I asked this question to illustrate something.  Ezekiel is everybody’s new play thing that seems funky fresh and so I assumed he would get some love.  I did not anticipate that 4 out of 6 people would choose him, but point illustrated.  Nobody wants to answer with the old tired play thing in Rick, but he is the right answer.  Ezekiel just had more charisma, but Rick’s felt more passionate to me, and he has more on the line.  Also, had Ezekiel given us a speech along these lines, he would have been my choice by default.

  1.  Who’s grave is Rick looking at throughout the episode?  Is Rick crying because of a death or something else perhaps?

Briana:  I assumed it was Glenn and Abe. This would only be like the second time he’s been able to visit their graves. And let’s face it, they are a big reason they’re doing this.

Bob:  I will say Maggie’s grave and the one next to her is the baby’s grave.  I think she dies during childbirth.  (I still say that she should have gotten Lucille instead of Abe.  I feel that Carol is such a better leader and would have been better in the comic role that Maggie has.  If you’re right, I will absolutely give you props.)

Bitty: I thought those were the graves of Glenn and Abraham. He is crying out of remorse.

Chris:  I’m going to say Maggie.  Obviously there’s no way to know yet.  It could have been a character who had died previously.  (Two of you going with Maggie.  Man, both of you guys have got me thinking, and i am totally digging it is that’s the case.)

Raylene:   I’m going with the obvious one and saying Father Gabe

Eric:  Those are the graves for Glen and Abraham.

Kent:  I think it is Father Gabriel’s grave.  While I see a lot of you have said Glenn and Abe, that appeared to be in Alexandria, which is not where Abe is buried, and I don’t remember about Glen.  Secondly, the stained glass above Rick I felt was indicative of church perhaps.  Thirdly, we have Gabe’s impending “Shitting his pants” doom. Finally, we don’t know the time frame of those shots, so I am passing on the Glen and Abe grave train. I felt this summed up my responses to Bri, Bitty, and Eric, and if you’re right, well you get to make sure to remind me that I am an idiot.

  1.  When the group assaulted the Sanctuary, was it smart to use all of that ammunition to prove a point?  Also, how did they not bring a sniper to take out Negan?

Briana:  Ugh! The entire point was supposed to be “only one person has to die” instead it was only one person has to talk our way out of killing that one person who has to die! Rick had so many chances to take him out and end it all. I mean I don’t necessarily hate that they shot the whole building out, but I do hate that they didn’t just kill Negan right then and there.  (It felt like the whole point of the journey was forgotten fairly quickly.  I guess that doesn’t make for great TV.)

Bob:  Killing the person Negan does not destroy the idea of Negan.  A thought is more influential and persistent than a person.  They might just start calling themselves Simon.  (I giggled at the Simon line.  While I agree with you that the idea of Negan and the Saviors is more than one person’s life, I do wonder who would take over if Negan had gotten taken out in that moment.  Let’s face it, Simon is smart but not tough, while Gavin may be slightly tougher, or at least have youth, but seems like a dumbass.  Arat was nowhere to be found, and Dwight is questionable.  Would there be too much in house fighting to determine the next leader that would enable the group to dismantle the Saviors?)

Bitty:  I was so mad they used all the ammunition!!! As soon as Negan came out i yelled at the TV “shoot him!!”. (This made my husband mad cause he’s on the Negan train) Back to bullets, if they were trying to attract walkers with the glass breaking they should’ve just lit more fires. So stupid. Why prove a point now- shoot to kill. (Because points make for better TV.  It was incomprehensibly stupid, but I am glad that Negan lives because without him, this show would be struggling.  He is the perfect counterpoint to Rick.  Also, Brian is right to be on that train.)

Chris:  I think Rick wanted to show that’s is in control now.  Plus attracting the walkers could drive the saviors from their home, giving Rick and co. an advantage.  As far as bringing a sniper, if they killed Negan in episode 1, what fun would that be?  (The lack of sniper thing drove me nuts.  I don’t want Negan to die, but if I’m Rick, I’m bringing one.  What a terrible beginning to the season that would be!)

Raylene:  All Rick seemed to do this was trying to show that he has access to bullets and they didn’t bring one because Rick is insistent on killing Negan himself.  (There you go.  Rick wants that glory kill.  He wants to be the knight in shining armor.  He wanted it with The Governor, and he didn’t get it.  He did get it with Gareth.  In his mind, he needs this to cement himself, or to do what’s right as a former sheriff.  It’s in his DNA.)

Eric:  It was a GIANT waste of ammo. But it was meant as a show of force towards Negan and his group. They had no intention of killing anyone because they didn’t assault the building.  (Isn’t it a tad baffling to want to show force when you could just have taken out 2-4 of those people up on that platform?  What scares you more: a group of 20-30 people wasting ammo and shooting windows, or that same group gunning 4 of your most influential members of your group?  It’s a weird logical fallacy that I need to stop over thinking.)

Kent:  It was simply a “who’s dick is bigger” moment.  RIck popped some viagra prior to his trip, maybe had a penis pump in the RV, I don’t know.  I hated how this scene went down.  I hate to be that guy, but the comic did it so much better.  This was absolutely frustrating.  At the very least, I was hoping that Negan had snipers.  No snipers!!  This whole thing annoyed me.

  1.  Are you mad at Father Gabriel for stopping to get Gregory?  Can Gregory show his face at the Hilltop ever again?

Briana:  I’m not mad at Gabriel bc that’s who he is. He’s the father and the friend to all. He’s selfless and assumes the rest of the world will show the same compassion he does. It’s never ever true for the poor guy but he’s consistent! I’m assuming at the moment no one will know it’s his fault Gabriel didn’t make it out so unfortunately no one has a reason to not have him show his face around.

Bob:  No, that is who Gabriel is.  I can’t imagine Gregory failing to show up at the Hilltop again. I think Gregory will assume Gabriel dies, which he might.  It could end up an interesting scenario.  I wonder if the show will “forget” about Gabriel for an end of season reveal. (Midseason finale sounds about right.)

Bitty:  Season 8 and I still can’t stand Father Gabriel. He’s a liability. Has been, is now and will be again. Gregory will get killed before he makes it back to Hilltop.

Chris: Not mad at Father Gabriel, it’s in his nature to help.  I think he’s still wanting to atone for what he did to his parishioners at his church.  Gregory can probably still go back to hilltop.  No one will know that he betrayed Gabriel and he is arrogant enough.

Raylene:  I’m not mad that’s just who Father is I think he still carries around the guilt of locking his congregation out of the church. So when he hears a cry for help he just can’t leave them behind.  Gregory can try to show his face at Hilltop but I believe he’ll get the boot

Eric: Gregory is a coward Father Gabriel should have known that.

Kent:  I question how Gabriel’s character has been done.  A lot of you are saying that it’s in his nature, but there have been plenty of times that isn’t necessarily true.  He’s an incredibly complicated character.  He’s got the guilt thing going, but he also tried to get Rick thrown out of Alexandria, he was a sniveling coward.  He did eventually man up and decide to stop being a little bitch.  Last season, Gabe was one of the best done characters who would do work.  I am mad at him.  I love Gregory and you all know this, but he didn’t deserve Gabe’s kindness.  Gabe is Judith’s official babysitter, so not happy, and I’m going to sit here with my arms crossed and pout.

  1.  Out of every character in the show, who do you feel has the biggest axe to grind with Negan?

Briana:  Either Maggie or Daryl. They took Maggie’s remaining family from her and Daryl still blames himself for Glenn plus all the torture stuff they put him through. (Daryl is an interesting choice because he’s gotta deal with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life.  So he’s a really good candidate because although he will blame himself, if it wasn’t for the lineup, none of that happens.)

Bob:  Maggie.  Dwight is absolutely the wrong answer. Dwight chose to go back most likely knowing full well what would occur.  He made that choice and that is on him.  Maggie’s husband and father of her child was murdered by Negan. That’s plenty of axe.

Bitty:  Tough question!! I’d like to say Maggie however my mind goes to Dwight. We haven’t known him long enough but he has a huge axe to to grind with Negan. Dwight has been mentally and physically abused by Negan for all we know, years. Negan abused his wife, raped her in the sense of the deal. Banished him, humiliated him and just keeps him around for a working dog. Dwight has a similar character story now to that of Carol in Season 1.  Battered, abused and ready for revenge. (Woah woah woah, let’s not throw around the word rape.  A deal’s a deal, even if it’s with a dirty dealer.  She chose to be Negan’s wife rather than work.  That is on her.  The same applies to Dwight.  He’s had opportunities, even more so than Sherry, and continues to back the wrong horse, or at least did, and he allowed it.  He’s a fucking Lifetime movie.  The only axe Dwight should grind is with Sherry and himself.)  

Raylene:  I would say Rick he has lost many of his people, his supplies, his dignity(but not his hair) (Ernie Tetrault approves this message.)

Eric:  It’s a toss up between Rick and Maggie. Maggie because of the death of Glenn. Rick because of the mental trauma Negan put him through when he almost made him cut Carl’s hand off.

Kent:  I must admit, I didn’t anticipate or consider anybody choosing Maggie, and I am baffled by all of you.  I expected some Rick and Dwight, maybe a Daryl, but no Maggie.  Obviously, I choose Carl.  Carl has been used as this pawn, or bargaining chip, in this war in some ways.  Negan wanted his hand cut, then he was a second away from bashing in his skull.  Negan has humiliated his father at times.  I’d also say that Ezekiel got no love despite him basically taking on the role of Benjamin’s father.  Where’s his love?

  1.  Why were Carol and Tara hiding from the walkers early in the episode on the overpass?

Briana:  So they wouldn’t distract them and set them off course and then also get themselves eaten.

Bob:  They didn’t want to walkers to stop walking.

Bitty:  They were timing the herd. Also to look at the flowers.

Chris:  They didn’t want to create a distraction.  

Raylene:  Perhaps they didn’t want them to stop or turn back around I really don’t know

Eric:  They were timing how long it took the walkers to move as a group.

Kent:  It still doesn’t make sense to me.  I get the timing aspect, but hiding from them when they can’t just magically get up there, it just struck me as weird.  The walkers are more likely to sense them via scent or sound, not sight.

  1.  Did you enjoy old man Rick’s look?  Save the spoilers for a different blog, please.

Briana:  Ew no! Haha! That hair cut and beard were not doing it for me! Being old doesn’t mean you automatically have to have a flat top and curled under beard lol!  (The flat top was an interesting…..and borderline awful choice, but comedic too.)

Bob:  I guess it was interesting.  His face looked the same, Michonne had no changes… (Black don’t crack, so no surprise there.)

Bitty:  I hated how his beard got so fluffy. Poor choice. (No love for fluffy beards?  Anybody who has a fluffy beard and would like to give Bitty your feedback, please send your comments to Kent@9deuce.com and I will deliver them to her.  You have a voice, use it and let her know that fluffy beard shaming is not acceptable.)

Raylene:  I didn’t like the short hair

Eric:  Yeah

Kent:  Like Eric, I dig it.  It’s a different look.  Quite frankly, I wish it was more of a buzz cut though.  I feel it would have looked more bad ass and a shout out to Shane.

  1.  Did Carl do the right thing in leaving the cans of food or should he have kept them for himself or his group?

Briana:  I think it was the right thing. They didn’t get where they are by being Negan’s group. They got here by being the people who brought in new people and helped others. That’s who they should stay.  (Yeah, you said it better than I did, so well done.)

Bob:  Yup, like Gabriel saving Gregory, this is who Carl is.  His group will be fine, let’s not forget all those MREs they found.  (Let’s never forget the MRE’s or the DRE’s.)

Bitty:  Leaving the cans was different for Carl’s character. I think at the beginning of season 7 he would’ve shot on site and said eff it and never gone back. Now he has a sense of responsibility and leadership. He has almost a hopeful sense about him. (Carl is one of my favorites because I love his character’s arc more than just about anybody else’s, aside from Carol.)

Chris:  Yeah he did the right thing.  He hasn’t lost his humanity.  (Has Rick lost his humanity do you think?)

Raylene:  Yeah I think he did the right thing now that they are not giving half the stuff to Negan.  (Not losing half of their stuff really does help.)

Eric:  Yeah I guess, what’s a few cans of food when food is scarce  (Yeah, I think at this point, Alexandria has some to spare in the short term, and better to make an ally than an enemy.)

Kent:  I liked the gesture.  Way back in season 4 I think (maybe late 3) when Carl was protecting Herschel and shot that one kid from Woodbury, and that’s who Carl was then.  Carl has now had a chance to see various types of leaders and he is starting to come into his own.  Rick has to be trigger happy in his mind because he doesn’t want to get fooled again. Carl knows the food situation and he knows at some point, there has to be something more, some kindness or whatever or what’s the point for him and Judith.

  1.  Were you disappointed at the lack of Scavengers (Jadis’ group) considering how last season left things?

Briana:  Nah. They served a purpose and that purpose is over as far as I’m concerned. No sleep lost over them.  (The group debuted in episode #92, so I have to love them.)

Bob:  No, I don’t mind the human planet of the apes characters from being missing from anything!  (This is all I have)

Bitty:  I didn’t miss the Scavengers. However I would’ve liked to see the Oceanside women come out to defend the honor of their lost men and boys. (I feel that you intentionally brought up Oceanside just to get a rise out of me.  Consider me risen.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right.  Aroused?  No, that’s not it either.  Hmmm, job well done.)

Chris: I wasn’t disappointed.  I think there will be a few episode arc where Rick and co. go after them.  It will be a good way to split the season up a little. (They gotta split things up because hardly anybody got any shine in this episode really.)

Raylene:  I think we will see them soon they are still working with Negan I imagine

Eric:  it’s a big world. maybe they will show up again.  (They will be back.  I need more Pollyanna on my screen.  Also, she’s in a film on NetFlix called The Blood Lands.  I don’t recommend it.  Very disappointed.)

Kent:  Apparently I liked this group more than others.  Yeah, I was pissed because I was hoping that they would surround Rick’s group or be set up as snipers so Negan could walk out as care free.  I felt like they were the missing element to that entire showdown.  

Bonus Deuce

  1.  Had you ever heard Weird Al’s “Another One Rides The Bus” prior to this episode?

Briana:  Probably but if so it was when I was a little kid so I don’t remember.

Bob:  yes.

Bitty:  No

Chris:  Yep.  Weird Al 4 life!

Raylene: Yes

Eric:  yes. Weird Al is the best.

Kent:  Well I am happy to see that most of you have at the very least.  If you are having a bad day, just put on some Weird Al and it makes things slightly better.

  1.  For episode #100, did this feel right, or did you expect something bigger or a big death of some sort?

Briana:  I didn’t even realize it was episode 100 so yes it should have been bigger!  (Right?  It didn’t feel like a big event to me.)

Bob:  I was definitely expecting bigger and better.  This would be an easy episode to simply stop watching the show.  Nothing is really compelling.  (Nothing really compelling.  For a season opener and #100, it was somewhat of a dud.  Not a bad episode, but compared to other season openers, say 2, 3, 5, and 7, this was bland.)

Bitty:  I liked all the Easter Eggs to previous episodes. I liked the speed and seeing all of the core cast in action. I liked the shielded cars. I liked seeing the different ways of killing the guards at the outposts. Everyone was involved in someway. And I loved…. “THE HILLTOP STANDS WITH MAGGIE!!!” (Okay, in all fairness, Carol seeing the flower made me happy.  I miss Lizzie a lot.  That girl was awesome.)

Chris:  I guess I’m in the minority but I loved it.  It seems like everyone expects something “big” in every episode.  The show has never really been like that.  All out war has started, and Gabriel is in big trouble.  Can’t wait to see what happens next week.  (Also loved all the scenes that payed homage to season 1.)  (The episode for me is an average TWD episode, it wasn’t bad at all, minus the ammunition thing, but the show has spoiled us with great premieres, and this didn’t have that same vibe, at least for me.)

Raylene:  I felt it was lackluster  I was expecting a few major deaths or plot twists (M Night Sham is disappointed at the lack of tweets.)

Eric:  Episode did move slower than I would have liked. But you can’t blow your wad right out of the box. Where are they gonna go if they kill Negan in the first episode.  (Negan isn’t going to die, same as Rick or Carl aren’t going to die.  It hurts the product in some capacity that certain characters are put in situations that we know they will overcome.  The show is at it’s best when expendable characters are put in bad situations.)

Kent:  Season 2 premiere gave us the highway herd, Sophia going missing, and Otis shooting Carl.  Season 3 premier gave us that amazing first scene where you see how the group has become a great machine in how they scavenge and find the prison.  Season 5 premiere gave us the escape from Terminus and Carol cementing herself as the baddest lady on TV.  Season 7 premiere was the infamous lineup.  This premiere doesn’t top any of those, so yeah, i was a little let down.  Then you add the fact that it was #100 and, well you expect more.  To take it one step further, they had this set up in the comics and it results in 2 deaths, so knowing that put a damper on this for me.

Final Thoughts

Bitty:  I would like the action to continue. I would like to see Negan on the ground at Maggie’s feet and I’d like to see Rosita die.

Raylene:  I am hoping to see the Whispers possibly the season finale

Eric:  I am interested to see where this season goes. The story line of the kingdom and Rick.  Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

Kent:  One episode down, yay!  If you want to answer any questions that I posed, leave a comment on this blog.  I’d love to actually get comments on one of these blogs someday.  That would be amazing.

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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 23 & 24, 2017 – Under Siege Edition

TLC  is over and so we get on the hype train to Survivor Series with Smackdown getting the first blow in their remake of #UnderSiege.  Steven Seagal is impressed….I think.  The mumps are like Hulkamania as they are running wild.  Russ, Keri, and Kent break down the week that was in wrestling.   We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes, and give our picks for TLC.


The 9

  1. Let’s kick this off with the biggest story to come out of RAW this week, Alicia Fox is the RAW Women’s team captain after defeating Bayley and Sasha in a triple threat match.  Give me your thoughts on this match and who do you think will fill out the rest of the RAW team?

Russ:  Foxy being team captain should be lots of fun.  When the RAW team wins I hope they continue the story of her brave captaining after Survivor Series.  As for the rest of the team.  It would asinine not to include Asuka so that should be happening.  I also think Sasha and Bailey are locks.  This leaves one place and several ladies.  I think it either has to go to Emma or Mickie.  Emma is the more interesting choice so I hope they go that route, but I can definitely see why they would pick Mickie.  I’m going to say Emma because the dynamic with her and the others makes for a better story.   

Keri:  Good for Foxy. It’s about time she got to do something good. With that said, it really doesn’t matter who the leader is because Asuka is going to steamroll over everyone on team Smackdown. The match itself was good.

Kent:  I am sooooo damn happy.  This was awesome!  Alicia will now get some shine.  Who fills out the roster?  You have Asuka, Emma, Dana, Mickie, and Nia possibly.  Asuka seems like a lock.  Assuming that it’s a 5 on 5 match, with Ellsworth involved, that gives us 2 more selections.  Let’s count Nia out for now.  Dana is not a possibility.  That still leaves Mickie, Asuka, and Emma.  I say Asuka will be the sole survivor, so she’s in.  Fuck, both Mickie and Emma deserve it.  I am going with Emma, and maybe have Mickie as the special guest ref for Alexa vs Natty.  That would make the most sense.

  1.   Who do you feel benefits more from this new feud: Elias or Jason Jordan?

Russ:   I’m going with Jordan benefiting the most from this feud.  Elias already has a strong following.  Just listen to the pop he gets when he asks people to walk with him.  Jordan has been impressive the past few weeks and I think he just needs to get a good feud under his belt to get the recognition he deserves.  Against Elias he will get just that.  I’m officially jumping on the Jason Jordan Bandwagon.  Now I hope the wheels don’t fall off before I can enjoy the ride.  Can we also agree that the Commentating team will also benefit from this feud?  I don’t usually advocate listening to commentary, but the past two matches of Jason and Elias the commentary has been gold.  

Keri:  Elias is just awesome. I just wish the damn crowd (and Lance) would let him sing. Seriously goddamn it Lance.  He benefits the most from the feud because quite frankly he is the focal point of it. Wait you thought it was Jordan? Please. With that said, I’m just glad we didn’t get salad throwing this time. That was kinda dumb yet kentertaining at the same time.

Kent:  I gotta say Elias by default. This isn’t me being typical Kent here, showing favoritism, despite my first 2 questions highlighting my favs.  Did you see the mark on Jason Jordan’s arm?  Can you honestly say that he is benefitting?  That’s why it is Elias, by default.  I think this has some potential as both guys are sneaky good in the ring.

  1.   Should WWE have given us the 5 on 5 Cruiserweight match for free on RAW?

Russ:   I don’t see why not. I like to think of it as a wetting of the appetite.  The match served its purpose.  I’m more curious about why the rest of the Zo Train decided to team up with Enzo.  I hope they explore that a little bit over the course of the next month.  Still the face team would be so much better if Neville was leading them wouldn’t it?  Come back Neville we miss you.  

Keri:  Sure, why not? I mean we are talking about the same creative team that put the belt back on Enzo and let Neville walk out the door. Logic, as you all know gets thrown out the window. Face it the only smart thing they did all year was set up Balor vs Styles Sunday night. Well them and Bray’s meningitis.

Kent:  Yeah, actually, I was fine with it.  I know, not what you were expecting.  Listen, these should be the 2 teams at Survivor Series, but it will be an elimination style match.  You can easily picture it coming down to Enzo vs the other 5 guys.  I am fine with everything.  Drew Gulak is a star if given stuff to work with.

  1.   Give me your thoughts on the “Under Siege” ending segment of RAW.  Also, give me any side thoughts, like should Shinsuke have been there, or should Randy have been there, or Sami and KO for that matter.

Russ:   I’m not sure how I feel about this “Under Siege” segment.  It felt very forced and half hearted.  They never really spend time building up guys love of for their brand (with the exception of AJ Styles.)  So now I’m supposed to believe that these guys would go around and beat up some of their close friends just to prove they are the better brand?  I’m not sure I buy that.  Yes there were some interesting dynamics playing out, but it never felt exciting.  It felt more like what the fuck is going on rather than an exciting take over of the “flagship” show.  Still like a horrible relationship, I’m willing to give WWE another week or two before I make a final judgment.  (Russ: After watching Smackdown I think I can now say that I’m in on this angle.)

Keri:  I thought it was a perfect way to kick off the build for Survivor Series. Creative is actually storytelling so we should not question it. What we should question is how this is going to be answered on Smackdown? With that said, my favorite moments from the RAW Under Siege segment are as follows: 1. Carmella beats down Bayley. I think that is called Best Friend on Best Friend violence; 2. Curt Hawkins made RAW and did about as well as can be expected; and 3. Styles, Nakamura, and Roode out of nowhere. Seriously, was I the only one that thought they just randomly appeared on the screen?   

Kent:  While I want to break things down, I will offer my 3 favorite aspects of this so that the others have some meat as well.  Basically, I am being the anti-Russ.  1. Chad Gable assaulting Jason Jordan was perfect, and I want to see that match down the line.  2.  AJ Styles and Shinsuke not quite looking like they fit in with this “thug life”.  Shinsuke got a fucking chant, but props to Team Canada in Bobby Roode and Tye working together.  3.  As if it wasn’t obvious, everything about Rusev and Baron was a fucking treat.  Rusev on the table during the one beatdown yelling instructions.  Baron and Rusev being the ones to manhandle as softly as possible, Kurt Angle.  Those are my fucking boys, so I was like a proud papa in that moment.  I don’t understand Randy’s absence.  KO and Sami are a tad more difficult to book here, since they are still not cool with Shane.  I dare, yes DARE, WWE to have the balls to give us a special attraction KO & Sami vs Sheasaro match.  That would have match of the year candidacy.  I’d have AJ, Shinsuke, Randy, Rusev, and either Aiden, Tye, Dolph, or Bobby as the final guy.  It’s gonna be Shane, but I’d have Aiden.

  1.  Was Finn the right opponent to put over Kane?  

Russ:  Holy fuck no!  What the hell were they thinking?  You have Finn go over AJ cleanly (Demon or not makes no damn difference.)  The next night you have Kane go over Finn cleanly.  Kane?  Fucking Kane?  Seriously?  I get it you are trying to make him look strong for when he goes up against Braun who they are turning face for some reason, but Kane hasn’t been dominate in years!  Then to turn around and have him beat Finn, who just came off a major victory, really destroys the credibility of both AJ and Finn.  What the fuck WWE?  

Keri:  Let me see if I get this straight. Finn wins a match of year candidate against Styles. Then subsequently jobs the next night on RAW. Bravo creative. Bravo. So no Finn was not the right person to put over Kane. With that said, I do have one question. Is this going to be a new feud? Because I could go for some demon on demon violence.

Kent:  Wait a second, before anybody steals my thunder, when did Kane get the special powers to see people’s eyes through a metal door of doom on a garbage truck? (Russ: I think the better question is when did he ever need to use that power before?)  Just curious.  What a terrible decision this was.  Isn’t Finn supposed to be vying to take on Brock in January?  Didn’t Finn just beat AJ Styles cleanly?  Does this mean that Kane can beat AJ Styles cleanly?  Can Kane beat Sister Abigail cleanly?  I have so many confusing questions.  Hopefully Dr. Keri can clear things up for me.  Fuck, have Matt Hardy job to Kane.  It didn’t have to be a true star to make the point.  GAWD!  (Keri: Dr. Keri says to schedule a session with her assistant and we will discuss)

  1.  The Fashion Files.  I think we can all agree are enjoyable, but will it ever pay off for Breezdango and the Ascension?  Discuss this and the Fashion Files themselves.  

Russ:  This week’s Fashion Files was a play on Reservoir Dogs.  I have to admit this, and Kent will probably hate me for it, but I have never seen Reservoir Dogs.  (Kent: Jesus tap dancing Christ Russ.  I am sitting here with 7 copies of the movie including the 15th anniversary, the 5 colored cases, and it was the first blu ray that I purchased along with Sin City, plus my shot glasses.  The fuck Russ?  Stop watching wrestling and go see this film……just not when the boy is around.)  Not that I don’t want to.  It has just never been on when I am watching TV.  With that said I did find this week enjoyable.  I like how they used Ellsworth this week as the dog in Reservoir Dog.  The Ascension pointing out how Breezdango have never actually solved any cases was amusing.  I’m just concerned that this isn’t leading to them moving up in the Tag Division.  We will see if we do finally get a match out of this with the Bludgeon Bros.  But if past precedent is any indication, that won’t be happening.  I just don’t understand why this isn’t translating to success in the ring.  Clearly, the Fashion Files is a big attraction for Smackdown.  They should be capitalizing on this.  Instead, we haven’t seen them in a televised match in well over 2 months (it could be even more, but my memory of matches gets fuzzy after 2 months.)  

Keri:  I have not seen Reservoir Dogs so I’m not sure how this segment related to the movie. And for that I know I should be shamed.  Anyways, I enjoyed the segment and it explained where Ellsworth ran off to so that was a plus. Seriously, Carmella, from one dog mom to another, keep the leash on the dog when you go out in public or it will run away. Anyways, I hope they use both teams rising popularity for a title run sooner rather than later. You know before people get bored with the Fashion Files and don’t care about either team. With that said, I think the Bludgeon Brothers need to be integrated into this storyline for it to make sense and would be a good way to introduce them.

Kent:  Eventually both will get shots with the tag titles.  It’s inevitable, and we may say in that moment that it was all worth it, but honestly, it will be too little too late I fear for both teams.  When Breezedango had the title match with the Uso’s, that was the time.  The fact that they are dragging the Bludgeon Brothers into this worries me a great deal.  Leave them out of this!!!  They deserve to be taken seriously.

  1.  No RAW Invasion on Smackdown?  Was that the right move?  

Russ:  RAW not invading Smackdown this week was actually the correct path for this angle.  I know, usually WWE totally fucks this part of storytelling up.  However, this time I think this was the best course of action.  First,  I bet there were lots of people tuning in just to see RAW’s retaliation.  They played this perfectly, by teasing throughout the night that something might happen.  This forced people to either watch most if not all of the night to see it.  I have to admit, knowing WWE, they like to do things the old fast and furious way.  I expected to have some kind of payoff to the “siege”.  Instead, we got nothing.  Well played WWE.  Now this forces me to wait another week and I’m intrigued.  I want to know how this will play out and the only way to see that is to stay tuned.  I would watch no matter what, because I’m in this abusive relationship until the end, but I bet there are casual fans that want to know how this plays out and forces them to watch next week now.  If they play this angle out properly (which I highly doubt) this angle has the ability to change casual fans to hardcore fans.  Something WWE has struggled to do as of late.  Finally, I like how they are kind of setting up a rift between Daniel and Shane.  They have been doing it for weeks now, but this week really pointed it out.  This is a dynamic that I hope leads to Shane turning into a heel authority, everything Daniel hates, and we can get a good story out of that after Survivor Series.  

Keri:  I think so. Everyone kinda expected it to happen which is why it’s kinda nice that it didn’t. Lack of predictability in my WWE. I never thought I’d see that.

Kent:  It was the right call.  Give it time, and it will happen.  If you jerk it, it will…..wait a minute.  Anyway, no need to blow your entirely load this week.  I’m shocked that WWE didn’t go this route.  I’m actually curious is the dissension between Daniel and Shane will lead to other stories, hopefully with a dash of Ascension thrown in.

  1.  Did WWE screw themselves over on some other great Survivor Series type matches in favor of too many singles matches?

Russ:  They sure did.  I understand the champion vs champion aspect they were going for.   Also, I am pretty sure this is one of the only PPV’s they specifically angle for RAW vs Smackdown.  However, this is Survivor Series!  Sure it hasn’t been the traditional Survivor Series in years, but I’ve always loved the team dynamic that Survivor Series provides.  It would be easy to make teams of 5 to go up against each other.  In fact we could have 3 or 4 Survivor Series matches and then a couple of singles matches.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  If WWE wants to push a RAW vs Smackdown PPV.  what is stopping them from taking one month during the year and instead of having two shitty PPV’s that month we have one and call it RAW vs Smackdown.  Then we could have two times a year the brands interact.  

Keri:  This PPV is more of a Night of Champions and Bragging Rights combo then Survivor Series and probably should have been labeled as such. But with that said, neither have the name recognition that Survivor Series does so there is that, I guess. I don’t know. The card looks halfway decent so I guess I’ll watch.

Kent:  Yes, of course.  We could have had a Titus Worldwide team of Titus, Apollo, Akira, Jason Jordan & R Truth vs Tye Dillenger, Bobby Roode, Dolph, Chad, and Shelton.  Tell me that would be a solid match.  Then do a Elias, Gallows & Anderson, and Ginger Rhynos vs Rusev, Breezedango, and Ascension with Aiden singing.  They could have done an all champion one as well, with Brock, Miz, Dean, Seth, and Alexa vs Jinder, Baron, Usos, and Natty.  That would be a sweet ass match.  

  1.  Sami lost to Randy.  It would seem logical that KO will lose to Shinsuke next week.  New Day appeared at the forefront of the #UnderSiege, so it is plausible that would be Team Smackdown.  If that’s the case, what do they do with KO & Sami, Bobby, Dolph, Tye, Rusev, Aiden, etc?

Russ: I’m sold on Kent’s idea of KO and Sami vs Sheasaro.  All the rest I honestly don’t know what they could do.  If only they could put them in a match that includes teams of 4 or 5 that go against each other in an elimination type style. It would be like trying to Survive to win.  I really think WWE should invent this type of match.  

Keri:  I’m not sure. Maybe have them help Team RAW since it appears Smackdown doesn’t want them. Either that or have some of them bail and go to the Indies. Cody is killing it right now in ROH. I think those guys could too. I know I know some of them came from there but really maybe they would be utilized better there than they currently are in the WWE. Just a thought.

Kent:  I just told you what to do.  Otherwise, give me KO and Sami vs Sheasaro and let that main event and destroy every preceding match.  

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  RAW wasn’t bad.  The first half hour was a fantastic match.  I’m digging the Elias / Jordan feud.  I hope Foxy as captain of the women’s team makes for some great segments in the future. I’m on board the Zo Train!  Finally, I’m still on the fence about the “Under Siege” segment, but I’ll go along for the ride for now.  The only truly baffling thing about RAW was having Finn lose to Kane.  Rating: 6

Keri:  I thought this was a really good RAW. You know why this was a good RAW because I was halfway through it before I found a good stopping point to go to bed. I mean halfway through I saw a decent opening segment, my girl Asuka, Mickie and Bliss, and Elias. What more does a girl need? Rating: 6

Kent:  Can I just say that I liked it and rate it?  Yes!  Rating: 6 so we can have a 666 rating.  Spooky!

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Smackdown wasn’t too bad this week.  I was expecting RAW to invade somehow, as it is WWE’s trademark to burn through story as quickly as possible, but no invasion actually worked.  It kept me thinking something has to happen.  When nothing did it made me want to see where this is going.  The ending of the show was well done too with the powers that be for Smackdown seemingly at odds.  As for the rest of the show.  It was pretty standard fare.  I enjoyed the tag match and Fashion Files continues to be fun.  Rating: 5.3  

Keri:  This is the week where I determine how good a show is by how quickly I fall asleep. Well if you guess after the tag match you would be correct. So with that said, I’m upset I missed Fashion Dogs and Becky winning but outside of that I really didn’t miss that much. Rating: 4

Kent:  Rating 4.8 because I really wasn’t enthralled unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

Russ:  I’ve noticed that my enjoyment of wrestling goes up when I can fast forward.  I don’t know if it’s because I have to spend less time watching wrestling or the fact that I can choose to skip stupid segments.  Either way I need to do this more often.  

Keri:  So, my husband got me a Kenny Omega bear (directly from Japan) and that is the most exciting wrestling related thing I’ve seen over the past week. Well that and watching highlights from ROH Global Wars Chicago and also AJ vs. Finn at TLC.

Kent:  I have links to photo shoots because these are great.  There are 2 this week.  One is a nice homage to Kane and the other is WWE’s take on classic horror movie posters.  Some are better than others.

Kane Tribute

Iconic Horror Movie Posters

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American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep:7 “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag”

We are back, and trying to be better than ever.  My PC has now crashed, so I don’t have a lot to say at the moment.  Melanie, Teddy, and Cece are here to offer their insight while I don’t say anything remotely relevant.  It’s ow we do things around here.  Enjoy.

  1.  Is this just plain silly to you at this point?

Melanie:  I don’t even know.

Teddy:  oh man it’s been intense idk man but its still better than Roanoke  (Kent: You know, in hindsight, I still liked the first half of that season……but fucking hell that got so bad.)

Cece:  Honestly? I think it’s pretty entertaining.

Kent:  As a whole, this episode was very fucking funny.  It was so over the top.  I find this beyond silly.  


  1.  Would you like to see Lena Dunham come back for next season?

Melanie:  Yes. She was highly entertaining.  She is a wonderful writer as well.  I was wondering if she wrote her whole part.

Teddy:  I loved her performance, it was hella meta. People claim she is a woman who wants to kill all men lmao so they play her as that. It was pretty clever. I would bring her back

Cece:  I definitely would love to see her do more. I follow her closely as she is one of my writing inspirations. I know she’s been dealing with some health issues, so I was glad to see her in this.

Kent:  I came into this episode groaning about seeing her.  I had only seen her 2 other times, wasn’t a fan.  I rather enjoyed her performance.  Her character was one of the worst things ever, but her acting was very, very good, so kudos to you Lena.  Yes, bring her back.


  1.  What was the most cringe worthy part or scene of this episode?

Melanie:  Andy Warhol was the worst. I ended up googling how he died, something about AHS makes me google weird shit.  He died in a questionable way to say the least.  (Kent: You aren’t alone in looking stuff up because of this show.)

Teddy:  Andy Warhol to be honest. Or crazy lena dunham.

Cece:  The ultra feminism stuff. Like, as a woman, of course I am all for women’s rights, but starting a cult to ‘kill all men’?

Kent:  The girls being the Zodiac Killer or Andy….too close to call for this man’s tastes.


  1.  First Meadow and now Harrison.  If you could kill off one character that is still alive in this season, who would it be and why?

Melanie:  Beverly Hope

Teddy:  I would kill Ally. Sarah paulson has been the “survivor” too many times.

Cece:  Probably Kai. He’s fucking evil. But then again, he’s smart as fuck. So, probably Ivy. She just annoys me.

Kent:  It’s really a tough one for me between Ivy and Ally.  Ivy has been some a flip flopper that she has lost all credibility, but at least she nailed RJ.  Ally is just irritating and Paulson can afford to let others shine.


  1.  Do you even care about Ally’s role in this season moving forward?

Melanie:  No

Teddy:  I don’t care bout Ally or Ivy period really. Then again that’s just the sarah paulson effect for me.

Cece:  I mean; I think she’s gonna end up getting pinned for everything.  (Kent: That would be an interesting take on it.)

Kent:  We all know that I hold great disdain for her character, BUT I honestly am excited for her “aha moment” when she figured out Dr Rudy Vincent’s involvement.  That could be funny as hell.


  1.   Did you like their take on the Zodiac Killer?

Melanie:  I do like their take.  How interesting!  It was one of my Holy Shit moments.

Teddy:  I mean it certainly an interesting take. Multiple people doing the murders would make sense on why they never could pin it down on one person.

Cece:  It was different. Didn’t really expect that but it worked.

Kent:  I was not Kentertained by this idea.  What the fuck is this, Ghostbusters 2016?  Get the fuck outta here with this bullllllllshit.  Just a bunch of women trying to take credit in herstory for some a man did.  Andy Warhol would be spinning in his grave if he knew about this.


  1.  Beverley Hope’s character seemingly came off as a smart individual.  Do you still think that she’s smart or are you starting to question her a tad bit?

Melanie:  Her character is awful. Smart yes, but annoying as hell.  (Kent: Is that wine flavored hatorade that you’re drinking?  I want some.)

Teddy:  I think she is going to be a rival cult leader.  (Kent: I’d be intrigued by that. )

Cece:  She is smart, no doubt about it. But, she is kind of overboard sometimes.

Kent:  I’m not so sure that she’s all that smart.  Leaders utilize their workers strengths.  What if the reason that we perceived her being so smart is just how the show chose to focus on her and realistically, how Kai talked her, much like he did Meadow, who wasn’t terribly smart.  I think it’s all perceived hype.


  1.  Have you ever seen the film, Zodiac?

Melanie:  I know who is in it, but I don’t think I have seen it.  

Cece:  I have not.  

Kent:  I have seen it……like that surprises you.


  1.  We have only 4 more episodes to go.  Are you disappointed in the role that Dr. Rudy Vincent has played in this season, or do you feel that he will still have a relatively large role in this season?

Melanie:  He is involved behind the scenes.  I think he is still the mastermind behind it all.  

Teddy:  he definitely is going to get involved.

Cece: I believe he is definitely involved in this, in a muuuch bigger way. After all, he is the sibling of Kai and Winter.  (Kent: I won’t spoil anything, but you should check out the names of the next 4 episodes.  They may provide some hints…or not.)

Kent:  While he’s going to have a bigger role, this is tricky.  It’s sort of like trying to rock a rhyme.   Just because a role shines in the end, is a case of too little too late or just saving a big bang for the end?  I think I would have enjoyed him having a bigger role, he’s actually a decent actor that I somewhat enjoy.  I will reserve judgement, for once, until I see how it plays out, but I admit to growing impatient.  


Were you Kentertained by this episode?

Melanie:  I did enjoy this.  I think the SCUM angle was the tits. It brought it that historical place I enjoy.  (Kent: Don’t you mean herstorical?  Come one now!)

Teddy:  I like when they take historic things and add twists to them. So this episode was decent.

Cece:  Yes. I love flashbacks to real life stuff.

Kent:  This episode was fucking silly.  Was I Kentertained?  Yeah, but for all of the wrong reasons.  Also, hearing the word “turd” so much made me want to hear Shelly on South Park say it a lot.  I hope next week that we can return to a semblance of normalcy.  I wish I had worn a NO MA’AM shirt during this episode in honor of Al Bundy and my hatred for ultra feminism.


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Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Eight

I came across this song randomly and after the month that I have had, I felt like playing it.  It is NSFW, but that shouldn’t surprise you coming from me.  You’re welcome, and please Eric, write better roles for Hookeri.

In case you missed any of the past blogs/chapters, just go to 9Deuce and look through the archives and start from the beginning to get the full experience.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 8

Having little interest in anything other than fighting, drinking, and being short, upon arriving in Balic Alexa headed out to a local drinking establishment.  Unfortunately for her, while on her way she was seen by an agent of House Jarko, who knew that Alexa was an escaped gladiatorial slave.  A few hours later, as Alexa was leaving the bar, she was shot with a poisoned blow gun dart and fell unconscious.

As the Thri-kreen best buddies were heading back to the House Inikia barracks, they realized they hadn’t seen Alexa or Coraanu since arriving in the city-state.  Entering the barracks, they noticed that Dimebag was being delivered a missive from House Jarko.  The letter informed Dimebag that Alexa had been captured as an escaped slave; however, as she had escaped from a raided caravan, per a new law passed by the Camber of Patricians allowed her to fight in the Criterion, along with any who wished to join her, for her freedom.  Dimebag, Ilana, and Pane-Pan agreed to fight with their friend.  Hookeri went off to do more random bug-stuff.

Heading to the fighting area, the three ran into a confused-looking and glossy-eyed Coraanu.  As Coraanu tried to talk to them about “High Defiler Vaerhirmana” (aka. Molestan) and they killing of his clan, the three simply told him to shut up and come to the area.

The contest for Alexa’s freedom was a thrilling five round gauntlet with breaks after rounds two and four.  In the first two rounds, the adventurers took on a group of 12 newbies who had only recently begun training to be gladiators, and the imposing “Captain Carnage”, who rode into the area and fought on a Crodlu drawn chariot.  While the newbies put up a surprisingly strong fight, the adventurers were able to take the newbies and the Captain down without too much trouble.

In round three, they took on a clutch of six Thri-kreen that had been training as gladiators for their entire lives.  A not insignificant amount of damage was sustained by the party during that fight.  While nursing their claw wounds, the five were then set upon by “Mad Mary” the “Psion” who obviously was a defiler pretending to be a psion (not that Ilana would know anything about that).  Despite taking Ilana down with a “force-ball”, the adventurers pretty handily kicked her but [DM’s Note: She only had 1 hit point left when she got her only spell off] 

Finally, in the fifth round, the party fought the dreaded Tiki-Tiki Tembo.  While the beast was able to show Alexa what true pain was for the first time in her life, in the end, the five stood victorious, and Alexa earned her freedom.

After the fight the adventurers were offered the chance to attend one of the better after-parties to celebrate their victory (attended by moderately high level nobles and mod-level Templars).  While at the party Ilana was approached by a Praetor who was up for reelection and was actually in danger of losing.  Hearing of Ilana’s seductive grifting exploits in Urik, the Templar was hoping that Ilana could “remove the competition” as it were.  The negotiations were brief but intense, with Ilana declining the job after learning it required a mind wipe so nothing could be traced back to the Templar.  The two appeared to part on good terms; however, Ilana did imply that she might share the Templar’s request with others, which for many non-Templars is a good way to get arrested and/or executed.

Also at the party, Alexa was approached by a representative from the Olivian noble family.  The representative wished to hire the party to kill a giant that had taken a liking to olives off the tree.  Specifically, everyday a giant would wander in to one of the olive tree patches and start eating and storing them in his pack.  As a reward, the adventurers would be given free room and board at the Olivian plantation, and they could also earn a bonus for a job well done.

The next day the group headed to the market to purchase picnic supplies and headed to whatever the olive word for vineyard is.  At about two in the afternoon the adventurers saw the giant heading straight for a grove of olive trees.  Distracted, the adventurers launched a surprise attack that did little more than anger the giant.  However, after a hard fought battle involving Ilana shrinking the giant down to human size, the giant fell down dead.

As Coraanu was using the Bonesaw to cut the giant’s head off as proof of a job well done, the giant stood back up.  It was then that Mad Mary appeared standing upon the now zombified giant’s shoulder.  She told the party that she was here to avenger her humiliating defeat before all of her friends and family at the Criterion.  Ilana responded by defiling a significant portion of the olive grove and casting a fireball at her face.  Distracted (by being on fire), Coraanu was able to mage hand Mary’s component pouch away.  Enraged and without spell components, Mary defiled and sent a volley of 9 magic missiles straight for Ilana, which nearly killed her outright.  The melee fighters then proceeded to chop the giant down while the long-range attackers took out Mary.

In the end the adventurers were victorious and blamed any defiling on Mary.  However, due to the fact they allowed so many of the olive trees to be defiled, they were only paid half the bonus they might have earned.  They did still earn the right to crash at the Olivian pad and be treated as honored guests.

The next morning, after an evening of eating and drinking on the Olivian family’s dime, Coraanu decided to head out to the Megaleneon (the district at the center of the city) to learn more about the magic school that High Defiler Vaerhirmana taught at.  Unfortunately for Coraanu, he was not let into the district as his appointment with Sorcerer King Andropinis was not for two days.  On the plus side, the adventurers did meet an elf (I’d say shifty elf but that would be repetitive) that sold them a map to a hidden dungeon on Mt. Laeron.

Not feeling like dungeon running at that time, the group decided to help Dimebag with his House Inikia job to steal blueprints of the psionic helms that power Balic’s naval fleet and allow the ships to levitate on the silt.  Per the plans provided by the unnamed House Inikia agent, the plans were in a building inside of The Arsenal, the walled compound protecting the city-state’s naval fleet.  While reviewing the schematics Dimebag began having a bad feeling about the job but shook it off, thinking it nothing more than nerves.

Together, four of the party members devised a plan to get them into the Arsenal.  Coraanu and Ilana would cash Disguise Self to make themselves look like various Templars they had interacted with over the past few days.  Dimebag would accompany them as an inspector for House Inikia, and Alexa would eat her fruit of invisibility and ride in on Dimebag’s shoulders.

Despite some suspicion on the part of the guards, the plan went off well and they were able to freely enter the Arsenal.  Unfortunately, things began to go south after Dimebag demanded that the guards who let them in accompany them to the building on the blueprints.  Specifically, one of the guards asked, “are you sure this is the building you were sent here to inspect?”  “Absolutely” replied Dimebag.

Upon reaching the run-down warehouse-looking building that seemed unlikely to hold such valuable schematics, the guards opened the door and asked the three (that they could see) to enter.  Coraanu entered first and saw that it was just a big, empty building.  This caused the other adventurers to hesitate in entering, which, in turn, made the escorts very nervous.  They kept asking the three to enter the building so they could leave.

Once all of the party members entering the building, the door slammed shut and an alarm went off.  When asked what was going on, the guards admitted that they were told to sound the alarm if anyone asked to enter this building.  The two then fled the scene.

Using his nature spirit magic, Coraanu was able to force the door to open.  The four party members then made a mad dash to escape from the Arsenal.  Despite Dimebag getting stuck with a few arrows as Ilana levitated him over the compound walls, the adventurers were able to escape relatively easily and regroup back at the Olivian plantation.

Rather than investigate who set Dimebag up, Dimebag just assumed that it was his brother and continued to plot his revenge against that wife-stealing D-bag.  The rest of the party continued to overeat and drink on the Olivian family’s ceramic piece for the next two days prior to Coraanu’s big meeting with the Sorcerer King himself.

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The Walking Dead 9 Deuce: S:7 Ep:16 – All Out War Begins Edition

I know, I know.  This isn’t April.  We’re in October and I am finally posting this.  What gives?  The truth of the matter is simple.  I gave a little extra time for people to finish this and then I forgot to post it.  By the time I remembered, it was like 3 or 4 weeks after the episode aired, and it felt odd to do it.  So I held onto this, in shame because it’s embarrassing to have such a terrible memory.  Bob even asked me about it in the spring or summer, and the decision was made to hold off until TWD returned, so here we are, Sunday October 22, 2017.  I’m looking forward to this season, and I hope to get most of my old group back along with some new people, if anybody wants to join in.  Thank you for reading, and please share this because I need hits.  Seriously, I need hits.

In case you aren’t familiar with this blog, I ask 9 questions that are episode specific and then 2 bonus ones that can be anything Walking Dead related.  Please note all messages in bold are written by me.


  1.  When you think about the season finale episode, what is the happiest moment for you?

Bob:  I am not going to deny it.  The tiger jumping in when we thought Carl’s head was about to be bashed in.  They did a good job of making me forget all about HT and TK.  Kudos for the pleasant shock.  (It was like a superhero just diving in for the save.  It was very comic book style save, which was needed.)

Bitty: Happiest moment for me was the beginning of the battle. Negan’s lines and the entrance of Ezekiel.  (Ezekiel coming in, just gets teh adrenaline pumping every time I watch this.)

Kristi:  Zombie Sasha!!!!! I was hoping she would be the first walker to have some sort of memory and only attack Negan’s crew.  (I think the only time that they really hinted towards a possible memory would be Merle seeing Daryl.  I think it was just the way that it was filmed.  If you think back to season 1 and how Dr Jenner explained things, they shouldn’t have any memory…in theory.)

Chris:  My happiest moment was Rick’s response to Negan when he was going to kill Carl.  He wasn’t going to be afraid of Negan anymore.  (Exactly.  It was the perfect arc from the opening episode with the lineup to that moment.  It was very well done.)

Kent:  OK, I had 2.  For sheer happiness, Carl not getting killed.  I will offer a different perspective.  My other choice is when the explosion didn’t go off.  Think about how that moment changed the whole episode and added a crazy amount of layer.  Anything that keeps us guessing as viewers is happiness for me.


  1.  What was the biggest “uh oh” moment for you in this week’s episode?  Whether it was sad, or surprising, pretty much not a happy moment candidate.

Bob:  When Rosita’s bomb did not trigger.  I went from thinking​, gee that’s embarrassing to ohhhh nooooo!  (Rick’s face summed up everybody’s feelings in that moment.)

Bitty:  Biggest uh oh moment would have been the opening sequence. Sasha in the dark, sweating, mumbling and moving.  (Yeah, closed dark spaces are terrifying, yet it was done so well.)

Kristi:  When the Scavengers turned the guns on The Alexandrians. I was not expecting that!  (Yeah, I don’t recall anybody speculating that one.  It was a really solid twist.)

Chris:  When Jadis pulled a gun on Rick.  The bomb not going off was bad, but the garbage group turning could have been the final nail in the coffin. (The doomsday snowball just got bigger and bigger by the second.)

Kent:  Negan getting that close to Carl and needing to prove a point.  Every moment above me is a good answer.  


  1.  Do you think that Negan believes Eugene’s explanation for Sasha’s death?

Bob:  Not at all.  I don’t believe Negan knows what to think.  He can’t believe Eugene had the fortitude to try anything against him, so he is left in a quandary.  (Eugene is actually forcing Negan’s hand, which is an interesting turn of events.)

Bitty:  No way. Negan doesn’t want to believe that Eugene would lie to him because he is useful to Negan.

Kristi:  Not even a little bit  

Chris:  No, but he also doesn’t have a good explanation for it.  I give bonus points to Eugene for making it sound convincing.  (The dude can think on his feet.  I am looking forward to Eugene’s arc in season 8.  I think it will be the best single person’s arc this coming season.)

Kent:  Doubt it, but I guess it’s not entirely implausible.  Negan has a lot of shit on his mind.  If this was his only thing to dwell on, I think things would be different.  Of course, Negan won’t say anything until Eugene teaches them how to make bullets.  Why hasn’t that process begun?  That is the whole reason that Eugene is there.  Seriously.


  1.  Which betrayal was worse: The Scavengers or Eugene’s in the eyes of Rick?

Bob:  The Scavengers.  It was 9 times worse than 2 Eugene betrayals.  (Well, that’s a bonus point.  You picked a great spot for it.)  The tactical loss of half your forces (more…) and then to have them against you… That’s really terrible and would make many lose heart.

Bitty:  The betrayal of the Scavengers was way worse in the eyes of Rick. This is as more than half the army and as Rick has learned people grow and change and move on.

Kristi:  Eugene, he was part of Rick’s team. After hearing the, I will lay with him comment from the Garbage chic, I don’t think he fully trusted them.

Chris:  The Scavengers.  I think he was disappointed in Eugene, but they all know he’s a coward.  When Eugene said “I am Negan” Rick looked less shocked and more like a disappointed parent.  (Haha, he did have that “Now son, your mother and I are very disappointed in you.  Go to your room and think about what you have done” look going for him.)

Kent:  The Scavengers was worse.  The thing with Eugene is like this thing that Rick knows how to solve 5 moves down the road.  Losing the Scavengers just ruined all their hard work. Losing those guns was crippling.  Rick’s group never properly utilized Eugene so it’s just not that big of a deal in this moment.


  1.  Out of all of the characters that are still alive, which one do you think has come close to death the most amount of times since the Zombie Apocalypse started?  Lots of options to choose from, and Rick may not be the right choice, so think on it.

Bob:  Very tough here.  Frankly, the person needs screentime for knowns threats on their life. I want to pick Carl in the worst way.  Then there is Daryl and Morgan.  Carl it is.  Two gun shots, multiple Negan encounters and some zombie contact.  I found myself feeling like Carl was going to die much more often than Morgan.  Daryl is a close second for me.

Bitty: Carl wins for me as coming close to death at the hands of a HUMANS.   (At the hands of human, I think you are correct.)

Kristi:  Carl. I’m sorry but he is not a smart kid. Badass, maybe, but his lack of common sense would have gotten him killed long ago.  (What’s more important in this world, being smart or bad ass?  You still want to think smart, but bad ass gets you far at the very least.)

Chris:  I want to pick Carl, but Rick has “almost” been killed on many occasions.  I’m pretty sure Rick has almost died every season, while Carl was pretty safe in season 1.  Season 2 he did almost die, but Rick was in trouble at least 3 times.  Carl is catching up though….

Kent:  Had I included dead people, I wonder if anybody would have chosen Glenn.  This is all sheer speculation.  Take somebody like Negan who appears to only like melee weapons in a world in which guns had to have been pointed at him numerous times.  On his rise to power, other people had to have tried taking him out.  Daryl has been in some trouble, but I would say Morgan had it tougher.  We have no idea how many close calls Carol had when Rick exiled her.  At the end of the day, we do know the vast majority of things that have happened to Rick and Carl.  Carl got the Otis bullet, the Ron bullet, was damn close to getting butt raped by one of Joe’s claimers, almost got got by the walker that killed Dale in season 2, and he wandered the prison quite a bit on his own accord.  Then along comes Negan.  Rick has been injured more, has been in close proximity to walkers far more frequently than Carl.  If we are to believe that walkers were a threat the first 5 season minimum, I gotta say Rick.


  1.  Aside from Sasha, which one character’s life did you fear for most?  Basically, who did you think was going to get killed, but managed to stay alive?  

Bob:  Carl.  I was sure he was dead in that scene with his father and Negan.

Bitty: I was thinking we would lose Ezekiel so Carol would rise to the top. Or even Morgan. I was worried he’d go rogue in battle and lose everything.   (I keep waiting for Morgan to die so I can be really pissed off, but he keeps on keeping on.  I’m going to say that he dies this season in a bit of reverse psychology.)

Kristi:  That crazy head scavenger chic, I don’t remember names. I was really looking forward to her demise.  (I love Polly, the actress.  I think her time is up in season 8.)

Chris:  Honestly, I can’t think of anyone.  I didn’t think Carl was going to die.  They did a good job of teasing Michonne, but it’s not her time yet.  (Do you think Michonne makes it to the end of the series?  I am not so sure after what happened in the comics, and to any readers, just to let you know, Michonne is still alive in the comics, so that is not a spoiler.)

Kent:  If you have read any of my blogs, you know the answer.  So Tara aside, I am going to go with Morgan.  I’m really surprised that they didn’t kill a major character here.  If you think that is a slight to Sasha, you’re damn right it is.  Really, has she been that great of a character?  I liked her with Bob, that was the high point for her.  


  1.  This episode had a lot of points in which they dug up past memories (Abraham, Glenn, the original lineup with Rick and Carl, etc).  What memories from the past came up most prominent for you?

Bob:  All of Abraham’s witty remarks from the past. I discovered I really missed him on the show.  It was really nice to see him…. (Abe was that perfect role where he was most effective having funny one liners without taking away anybody’s else’s shine.)

Bitty: The speech at the end by Maggie made me miss Glenn and Dale.  (I still don’t miss Glenn.  The dumpster thing ruined it for me unfortunately.  I did like Dale because he was the polar opposite character who also had valid points, even if I disagreed with him.)

Kristi:  At the end when Maggie was talking about their journey. The mention of the farm reminded me of Hershel. It pulled at my heart strings a bit.  (Honestly, if I could bring back any characters, Herschel would be right there with Abe, Merle, Tyrese, and T Dog.)

Chris:  The end with Maggie talking about Glenn.  It was very powerful and a fitting way to end the season.  (The only thing I didn’t necessarily like about it, was the placement of it after so much momentum.  It was that slow moment, that was needed, but it changed the mood of an exciting episode.)

Kent:  Abe, obviously Abe.  I do not find myself missing Glenn in the least bit, and if Maggie could just go away, even better.  Abe was such a huge loss on this show and if I had asked who would have made this season better by being alive, you know damn well the answer would have been Abe.  Why?  Because he’s funny and charming.  Glenn would have continued his downward spiral into boredom. I thought that I would be the only one to mention Herschel, but Kristi proved me wrong.  I miss that dude so much.  I would trade anybody on this show for Abe and Herschel aside from Carl, Eugene, Rick, Morgan, Carol, and Negan.  Yes, I would even put Simon and Gregory up for grabs to get Herschel and Abe back, or even Merle.


  1.  Realistically, are you at all disappointed that more characters didn’t die during this episode?  If so, who?  Basically, this is where I make fun of Tara.

Bob:  I think the season should have just been Tarasode Part Deux. Or Deuce. And have her live, Sasha, Rosita and Maggie die.  Why not? We aren’t communists, that’s why not.  To answer your question I think a lot of red shirts died this episode.  Why didn’t Aaron’s boyfriend die? But I am happy with a lot of main characters not dying on the show at this point.  (I am guaranteeing that Aaron’s boyfriend, Eric, dies this week, mainly because his name is Eric.  Rosita has at least one more season in her, and Maggie is in the same vein as Rich, Carl and Eugene as untouchable.)  I like that they tried adding value to Rosita’s character.)

Bitty:  I’m disappointed that Dwight didn’t get killed and I thought it would’ve been great to have Rosita by the mouth of Sasha.  (You’re going to like Dwight some day.  Just accept it.  Just like you have to accept that David Ortiz was on PED’s and cheated.)

Kristi:  Yes, I expected more to die. I had a pretty good feeling that Sasha was out from the beginning. I was, absolutely, expecting another more devastating death. Sasha was sad but she wasn]t as close to everyone so I don’t think it will effect the group.  (It felt like we needed one more big death, especially with how Sasha’s was foretold and how she was never truly a big character.)

Chris:  Not really.  Main characters don’t always have to die.  Besides, I have a feeling plenty will die next season (please let Gregory go first!!!)  (Booo Chris boooo.  Gregory is so great, haha.  He’s going to die this season, no doubt.)

Kent:  Of course I am.  We have too many people that we need to give time to every season and it dillutes the product a bit in my opinion. Kill off Eric to make Aaron more interesting.  Kill off Tara to make me happy.  Kill off Daryl to give us a big death at the end.  Really, Daryl has become kind of bland.  I need Enid to have a bigger role moving forward.  I need Kent to stay alive.  They killed too many of Ezekiel’s people, leaving only Jerry as a big hit to the actual fans.  They need to provide more people on the Hilltop for us to care about before they die.  This is why more death won’t hurt because one of the best things about TWD is how they create and give stories about characters.  Hell, even Denise had a good story in such a limited time frame, or Olivia.  In order to provide us with more of these stories, some heads need to roll.  Starting with Tara.


  1.  Last week, I asked you all if you felt that this would end on a high note or a low note.  Now that you have seen it, do you feel that it ended on a high or low note?  I know some of you want to be like “Welll, this was kinda sad, but this got me pretty psyched” to which I will write to you and tell you just choose which one you felt was more prevalent.  

Bob:  I said a low note with a crescendo.  So I feel I was right.  Sasha died, Eugene is Negan, Scavengers are haters.  Rick restated his promise. (We don’t get the word crescendo enough in this blog.  I am putting in an order for 15% more crescendo this coming season.)

Bitty:  I stand by what I said last week. Epic battle scenes, some characters we lose but in the end leaving us hopeful for the new season. (So you feel hopeful?  Sucker!)

Kristi:  High note, Did you see the Tiger!!! That was it for me. I ended the episode feeling empowered for the group.  (Haha, I look forward to any animal related comments from you in any blog that can integrate them.)

Chris:  A high note for sure.  They had the Saviors reeling for the first time.  It’s going to be an epic battle.  (Okay, so knowing what is going to happen due to common sense and the comic notwithstanding, I didn’t view it as the Saviors reeling.  They got even more weapons now.  But they did retreat to recoup, so I can see that perspective.  I am excited either way.)

Kent:  I gotta say low note.  Maybe that is the eternal optimist in me that is a mute.  They had their biggest army turn on them and take the guns.  How is that not a low note?  Because the 3 heads of the communities are together? This was definitely some Empire Strikes Back stuff right here.  If you don’t fully get that whole reference, I pity you and your choices in movies throughout your entire life.  The highs were totally outweighed by the lows.  Carl almost got got, aiight?  That almost happened.  Eugene is back in black.    Maggie’s hair still looks awful.  Seriously, I can’t be the only person that thinks this.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Looking back on season 7 in totality, do you consider it a good, bad, or neutral season compared to previous seasons?

Bob:  Neutral.  Thanks for not making me pick good or bad. (Anytime Hoss, except for those times when I only offer 2 options like a jerk.)  Why is Negan not being someone we love to hate?  Instead it’s like “oh he has a small penis.”. He is a coward and pulls the South Park move of having certain people in front to die. (Operation Human Shield, and I shall not finish the rest of that particular reference, haha.)

Bitty: Season 7 was up and down for me. The most intense episode I ever watched was the Lucille episode but I found myself missing Carol  a lot. I also missed seeing Rick’s group on the move with a purpose.  (I like a purpose as well.  You nailed it.  Carol is my favorite female on TV, so I always want more of her.)

Kristi:  Bad, I had high hopes for this season. In my opinion, there were 3 episodes that were decent. The first, last, and the one one that Morgan killed for the first time again. The rest could have been summed up much quicker to give more time for some walker killing. I’m ready to go back to fighting those ugly bastards.  (You may struggle a bit in season 8, or maybe not, as I know you don’t like Gregory.  With that being said, season 9 is so going to be for you.)

Chris:  It was ok.  I think most people wanted more action, especially after the first episode.  They did a great job laying the groundwork for all out war.  (This was the necessary evil for fans to truly enjoy this upcoming season, you are so right.)

Kent:  It was better than 5 & 6 in a lot of ways, at least for me.  Negan really made stuff interesting again.  With such a huge group of characters to follow, I do feel that it hurt viewers on a week to week scale, but to binge watch it, they may not have been as bothered.  It is probably the 4th or 5th best season out of the 7.  I’m more pro than con.  That opening episode was one of the single most memorable episodes of anything on TV ever.  That has to count for something.


  1.  What one question do you hope gets answered at some point during season 8?

Bob:  is Negan going to get it in a satisfying manner or will it be unfortunate happenstance?  (Neither, he’s going to live on, he’s going to survive, and I’m going to quote Bill Pullman.)

Bitty:  Where the hell is Gregory???  (I hope that is answered in the opening scene of season 8.)

Kristi:  I am ready to see what Eugene has up his sleeve. I’m curious to see if he and Dwight have joined up to go against Negan.  (Uhmmmm, you may like this season after all…..Yeah)

Chris:  What is Eugene really up to?  (He is on the verge of having his best season yet…I hope.  Gotta respect the hair game.)

Kent:  I’m curious how a potential time skip occurs in the show, if it even happens.  This is strictly based on the comics, so it may not happen.  


Final Thoughts

Bob:  I give answers with stunning clarity of thought because I use my wife’s product line of all natural Posh Products.  I use the Hunka Chunk soap.  https://www.perfectlyposh.com/ShanaDugan

(I use Posh quite a bit, and although some stuff is pricey, I can say that their lotions don’t have that greasy feeling, and their chunk bars are solid.  Also, those healing sticks are great for parents, or so I have heard.  I highly recommend trying it out and blame me if you are unsatisfied.) 

Bitty:  As you all know by now I don’t read the comics so I love living in the world of not knowing what will happen next and who certain characters are and where they have been. I find it entertaining to look at Wiki Character profiles and think about them as a person. I also record and watch Talking Dead. This past season I found myself fast forwarding most of the episodes to get to the sneak peak.  (Talking Dead has had some very weak episode, BUT the Eugene and Lil Jon episode was the best episode I think.  So funny.  Bring them back, please!  More Yvette too!)

Kent:  I am grateful for everybody contributing throughout the years.  I am excited for the next season.  I know that this show is a popular punching bag, and I get it.  The thing is that most shows are the same old shit with a few twists and turns.  The fact that people are so stupid to not understand that concept is absolutely hilarious.  Same goes for Game of Thrones, The Office, Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos, MASH, The Cosby Show, Married With Children, and so on.  This isn’t a new concept, so to those people, go watch something else and find some peace with it so I can enjoy my show.  Also, if you really think that Negan is dying in season 8, just know that you are wrong.

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TLC 2017 – 9 Deuce Preview

Welcome to 9 Deuce’s preview of the 2017 Hell In A cell event.  Let’s face it, the card looks good on paper, but when that happens, it rarely lives up to it’s potential.  Joining me in my circle of negativity are Keri, Cece, and Teddy.  We should get at least a match of the year candidate out of this event….we hope.

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The 9

  1.  Kick off Show – Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

Keri:  I’m indifferent about this match. In fact I will probably be doing my weekly meal prep during it. If I’m not then I’m going to be wondering when Balor vs Styles is going to start.

Prediction: Sasha wins.

Teddy: I like Alicia fox she is a great wrestler and her gimmick is hilarious. Sasha has been falling off for me lately.

Prediction: Clever like a fox picks up a win

Cece:  I didn’t even know this was a thing, to be honest. Kind of don’t care. However, Fox has been around a while and she deserves some love.

Prediction: WWE will continue to screw over people who put in work and are never recognized, so, I see Sasha taking the win.

Kent:  The thing is, this is actually a solid match up that I enjoy.  This actually is a good card, just weak compared to what it could have been.  I am positive that Foxy is built up to be the next to eat defeat at the hands of Asuka.  Still, give them 12-14 minutes please.  Prediction: Crazy like a Fox

  1.  Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack

Keri:  I’m enjoying heel Gentleman Jack. This match will be good and I’m looking forward to watching it. It will be a good warm up for Balor vs. Styles later.

Prediction: The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack

Teddy: Cedric has been looking amazing lately and is one of the reasons I’ve been paying attention to the cruisierweights. On the other had brian kendrick and Jack have never disappointed me.

Prediction: Cedric carries Rich Swann to the dance party after they win.

Cece:  I honestly don’t really care about this match either, considering I don’t really watch much 205 and I missed this week’s RAW. However, I do love the team of Kendrick and Gallagher. Should be fun.

Prediction: Gallagher/Kendrick

Kent:  This could be the best pure match of the night.  I have really high hopes, but i also feel this could be an absolute boring, dull affair.  I hope that these guys own the night with a spectacular showing given 17-20 minutes.

  1.  Asuka vs Emma

Keri:  I’m going to quote a wise man’s entrance music and say Emma has no chance no chance in hell.

Prediction: Asuka is going to kill you

Teddy: #giveemmaanL because Asuka is gonna fuck her up

Prediction: No one is ready for Asuka

Cece:  Asuka is back, baby! I am excited to see her return, however, it won’t last long. Asuka will kill Emma.

Prediction: Literally, nobody is ready for Asuka!

Kent:  Squash match alert.  Emma is going to destroy Asuka in 92 seconds.  

  1.  Women’s Championship Match  – Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James

Keri:  Ok here what I predict for the next 6 months for the RAW women’s title. I’m hoping that this is what happens. Mickie wins the belt at TLC but the feud with Bliss continues and there is a rematch. Mickie retains in said match and carries the belt into Mania. At Mania she faces Asuka in a career vs championship match, where she loses. Then the following year, Mickie is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Prediction: Mickie wins

Teddy: Mickie needs love. They’ve got lots of ground to cover in order to make up for the “fat” and “old” angles they threw her up against. Seriously I thought WWE “cared” about women’s wrestling.

Prediction: Mickie gets the win but not the belt.

Cece:  Honestly, this is a pointless match. However, I am very much over Bliss. Someone else needs the title. Although, I don’t think it should be Mickie James, per say. Nia Jax should have been next in line.

Prediction: Bliss retains.

Kent:  Asuka needs to be kept away from Bliss til Mania.  Bliss and Mickie could feud until the end of the year.  Mickie should get the win and title here to support her decision to return, give her the rub and let Alexa get her win back in December perhaps.  Also, why is this the only picture without the TLC background?  Somebody is getting fired. 

Prediction: Mickie James wins the belt.

  1.  Cruiserweight Championship Match – Kalisto vs Enzo Amore

Keri:  I don’t care about this match. I will wondering the entire time when Styles vs Balor is starting.

Prediction: Enzo wins, I guess.

Teddy: I love they gave Kalisto the title but not at the expense of Neville leaving the WWE. On a lighter note who knew getting jobbed to Braun and tossed in a dumpster would lead to a title run….oh and enzo’s there

Prediction: More nut punting but Enzo gets caught this time.

Cece:  Another pointless match. Enzo is getting on my 10th nerve. Like, why did WWE punish him by taking him down a peg and then just hand him the title? Stupid. Kalisto will hopefully kick his ass again.

Prediction: Kalisto squashes Enzo.

Kent:  I am telling you, Enzo is going to impress you with how much he has grown in the ring.  I know, I know.  Trust me, he is going to have a match that makes you pay attention.  Also, he needs that belt back so he can feud with Mustafa.  Prediction: Enzo cheats to win.

  1.  Finn Balor vs AJ Styles (Bray is out with viral meningitis)

Keri:  It is no secret that I’m a huge New Japan and Bullet Club fan. I mean my favorite wrestler is Kenny Omega, the current leader of the Bullet Club.  We have two former leaders of the Bullet Club in the same match. A match that you would not have seen in New Japan since Balor was leaving as AJ was coming into the promotion. I can’t wait for this match. In fact, when I heard it was happening I said I will force myself to stay awake for this match because I must see it. This match I assure you will be a wrestling clinic.  Match of the night if not match of the year. This is going to be amazing.

Prediction: Balor will get the win because this is a RAW show. But you know who really wins us the fans. Now someone give me a one sweet.

Teddy: Since Bray is out I am a lot more pumped for this match! It’s a NJPW wetdream.

Prediction: With Bray out I’m going with Balor club on this one

Cece:  I honestly don’t know how I feel with this one just yet. It is 2 of the greats in one ring, so, I am excited in that aspect. However, it is a brand crossover, there is where I get iffy. I mean, I don’t quite understand what is going on here. But, WWE has been kind of on my shit list the last month anyway. Hoping this match will amaze and astonish.

Prediction: Balor needs a good, solid, win. He deserves so much better than he’s given.

Kent:  This is a huge dilemma for me.  This will be a solid match, and the best match that Finn has had in WWE, but make no mistake of it, it doesn’t mean that he’s great in the ring.  Only Jinder Mahal can have a bad match with AJ Styles.  With that said, I am pissed that I am missing out on the car wreck that was to be, in the Demon vs Abigail match up.  This match-up is an absolute downgrade for me.  Both guys had recently acknowledged that they felt like they had started clicking together in the ring, which meant something interesting was due.  Honestly, I am glad that I am watching Walking Dead because now I won’t feel so bad about missing this one if it’s not on prior to 8.  Oh, and one last thing, fuck Japan and their bullshit wrestling.  Yup, I’m in the minority, but I don’t enjoy it.  I’m sick of the stiff shots and unnecessary risks.

Prediction: Finn will win which will make this match even worse for me.  Fuck that.

  1.  TLC Match – Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs The Miz, Sheasaro, Braun Strowman, & Kane (Roman is out with viral meningitis)

Keri:  This match for me will have a lot to live up to after Styles vs Balor. But it has Kurt Angle so that is something. This will be a good match.

Prediction: 2/3rds of the Shield and Kurt Angle win

Teddy: OMFG I’m so fucking pumped to see Kurt wrestle again! That being said the whole roman being out changes everything in the match dynamic wise. I feel since Angle is coming back Shield will pick it up

Prediction: Kurt Angle will break the Miz’s ankle

Cece:  Another really random change. Although I am happy to see Angle come back to wrestle, I still think this is awfully random. There’s no way they’ll bring Angle back to lose. He’s just that loved. But then again, they’ve been known to bring greats in to eat the pin.

Prediction: still think Shield will take the win.

Kent:  Well, I should be pumped for Kurt’s return.  I know I should be.  The WWE made a HUGE mistake in putting him in.  Kurt deserves the huge Angle of having his return mean something.  Not something slapped together on a Friday.  Kane also deserved better, but that was acceptable because he came out from under the ring.  I know people are going to be pumped, but it is short term thinking.  They should have just pulled a guy like Randy, or gave us Shinsuke vs Finn and put AJ in with The Shield.  That would have made the most sense.  No, let’s put in old ass Kurt in a TLC match.  We like Japanese wrestling!  See the fucking correlation?  Nobody is thinking about the safety in these matches.  It’s instant gratification at it’s worse and I am not happy about it.

Prediction:  Braun pins Kurt and hurts him leading to Jason Jordan wanting revenge.

  1.  Which title is more likely to change hands?

Keri:  Cruiserweight

Teddy: Cruiserweight since the only other title is the women’s title up for grabs that night.

Cece:  Not sure. Don’t care.

Kent:  Cruiserweight

  1.  Do you expect anybody else to get involved in the TLC match?

Keri:  Nope. I’m watching for Styles vs Balor

Teddy: Miztourage will interfere. Or maybe the Goodbrothers

Cece:  Probably no one. Unless Roman somehow gets better.

Kent:  Authors of Pain because there are no DQ’s in this match.  No idea why they can’t just add guys to this match as it goes.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Most anticipated match?

Keri:  Styles vs Balor. Bullet Club 4 life. Now goodbye (mwah) and good night (bang).

Teddy: Asuka vs Emma because I miss seeing Asuka 🙁 *update* Kurt Angle coming back makes me so hyped for it! Sorry Asuka boo <3

Cece:  Not too sure honestly. Probably Kurt’s return.

Kent:  TLC I guess, just to see Kane and Braun with weapons.

  1.  Least anticipated match?

 Keri:  Enzo vs Kalisto

Teddy: Sasha vs Alicia now

Cece:  Enzo and Kalisto.

Kent:  Finn vs AJ because I already know that this will validate Finn in dumbass mother fucker’s minds.  He’s not that good.  Just remember, I warned you that this will happen.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium – Chapter Seven

You know what, I got nothing exceptional for an opening, but I like giving you  YouTube videos, and it is October.  So enjoy this gem.

In case you missed any of the past blogs/chapters, just go to 9Deuce and look through the archives and start from the beginning to get the full experience.

Tales from the Plunderbund Consortium

Dark Sun Campaign – Chapter 7

After a successful trip to the Rez, Ilana and company stocked up on supplies and headed back to the main road.  The intended to continue east to Balic, with the hopes of meeting up with Coraanu’s old tribe, the Silverhand Tribe (of which the Songstealer clan had once been a part).

A few uneventful days of travel later, the adventurers saw a huge sand cloud in the distance.  Not only that, but the sand cloud appeared to be moving closer to them.  It soon became apparent that this sand cloud was caused by a raiding party of about 40 Thri-kreen heading right for them.  As the party began debating whether to run or fight, Hookeri told them to hold for he saw something very strange.  The raiding party was being led by an elf, his father Mutami.

As Mutami and his bugs began to surround the party, Mutami started his, “we are here to raid you, give us your stuff” speak when he suddenly stopped and said, “my adopted son Hookeri!  What brings you to me this day!”

After a few minutes of conversing, Hookeri learned that Mutami had given up looking for the ones who killed his distant cousins the Songstealers as he believed they will never be found.  When asked why he did not return home to “mom”, Mutami explained that, while he missed Ekee, he had found a new destiny.  During the journey he met with Celba Silttamer, the new leader of the Silverhand tribe.  Celba explained to him that it was her great vision to bring elves and Thri-kreen together to overthrow Sorcerer King Androphinis and create a new Elven-Kreen empire.  Enamored by Celba’s ideals, Mutami joined up with her and quickly became her right hand and leader of the Thri-kreen shock troops.

Introducing himself as the last surviving member of the Songstealers, Coraanu asked to be taken back to the Silttamer main camp.  Mutami, of course, agreed and the party began the next stage of the journey.  All the while Hookeri was quick to make sure the other Thri-kreen knew that Mutami was his father and that he deserved special treatment because of it.

After a few hours of travel into the desert, Coraanu was treated to an unexpected sight.  All of the clans that make up the Silverhand Tribe had appearently come together, thousands strong.  From what Coraanu remembered of his childhood, this rarely, if ever happened.  The party was brought to the center of the camp before an impressive “wedding or junior prom” sized tent.  Out from the tent came someone Coraanu instantly recognized, the third daughter of the former chief of the Silttamers.  Someone Coraanu had been instructed by his father to give no mind to as she should never amount to anything as the third daughter of a chieften.

Perhaps most disconcerting, Celba had apparently grown a foot taller and put on approximately 100 pounds of muscle while still maintaining a delicate, feminine frame.  With all the grace of a Real New Jersey housewife, Celba came over to Coraanu, gave a disingenuous huh, and in a fake pandering voice talked about how good it was to find that a member of the Silverhand tribe was still alive!  Coraanu attempted to engage her in conversation, but she insisted that any conversation be put off until after that evening’s celebratory feast.  Further, she directed that the adventurers be taken to the hot springs to bath before the festivities.

Even though they were all told that they had to bathe or they wouldn’t be able to attend the feast, Dimebag showed off his bitching scars from his former dis-enstomach-ing and explained that he was not medically cleared for a hot spring.  Mutami, who would be escorting the party to the springs, agreed, but gave Dimebag a wet-nap and told him to take a “lady of ill repute bath.”

At the hot springs Mutami was very forthcoming, perhaps a little too forthcoming, with what Celba was trying to accomplish.  They had spent the past year and a half gathering all the clans of the Silverhand tribe together, and they were recruiting any Thri-kreen who would listen.  Obviously, they still had a ways to go before they could invade a city state.  When Mutami made that observation, Coraanu asked how they intended to be able to defeat a sorcerer king?  Mutami deflected the question by saying that Celba was “working on plans.”

Wanting to know just how important his father was, Hookeri asked what Mutami’s rank in Celba’s army was.  Mutami explained that it was basically Celba, then him, and then a counsel made up of all the leaders of the other clans; however, they would make sure that each clan chief would think that, “they were actually the one in charge *wink wink*.”  Hearing this, a mischief making plan entered into Coraanu’s head.

While most of the adventurers were enjoying a spa day, Dimebag decided he was going to “do recon.”  Approaching Celba’s awesome-ass tent, he saw that the entrance was guarded by two bugs.  He decided to go around to the back and, failing his arcana check, decided to lift up the tent to sneak under.  This resulted in Dimebag taking significant magical electrical shock damage.

Undeterred, Dimebag consumed his fruit of invisibility and snuck past the bug-guards (DM’s Note: Calling a Thri-kreen a bug is basically a racial slur and will likely get you eaten).   As Dimebag entered the tent, he saw that it was a short hallway leading to a black, silk tent flap that, presumably, led to the main tent area.  Having passed his arcana check this time, Dimebag was able to sense that this silk flap was also magically trapped.  Every the clever one, Dimebag took out and assembled his 10 foot pole and gently moved the entrance flap aside.

Hearing a loud explosion coming from the encampment, the adventurers threw on their clothes and rushed to see what happened.  It turned out that moving the tent flap aside caused a fireball to go off in the entry way.  As the party arrived to the center of camp, they saw the two guards hauling Dimebag’s unconscious and charred body out of the tent.

Assuming it must be “some terrible understanding,” Celba exited the tent, went over to Dimebag’s body, and used her psionic powers to revive him to nearly full life.  Seeing this, Pane-pan realized that Celba had psionic powers far more advanced than he.  Once again coming back from the precipice of death, Dimebag begged for forgiveness and explained that he had been coming to the tent to proclaim his love for Celba.  Finding him cute, Celba told Dimebag that he would sit to the right of her tonight while Coraanu would sit on her left.  She then retired back into her tent.

During the few hours between bathing and the feast, Coraanu decided to meet with each clan chieften individually to tell them what he had learned about how Celba and Mutami were manipulating.  Most simply dismissed Coraanu as crazy or a liar; however, an elf chief named Solzak seemed genuinely afraid of Celba.  He basically told Coraanu, “look we all know the truth we just pretend not to, now just shut up, keep your head down, and enjoy the prosperity that Celba is bringing to the tribe.”

That night at the feast a good time was had by most (not Coraanu).  Pane-pan got it on with a big thoraxed lady-bug, Hookeri got to talk with his father, Alexa got to drink a lot, Ilana did a lot of drugs, and Dimebag thinks he got a handy from Celba under the table.  At one point and elf came over and starting hitting on Alexa.  Not impressed, Alexa used Nok’s Gauntlets to knock him the fuck out.  At the same time, Ilana cast Reduce on the elf, causing his now tiny body to fly away from the force of Alexa’s punch.

During the meal Coraanu again attempted to use the power of being a dick to mess with Celba.  Using the spell Mage Hand, Coraanu spilled wine all over the elven cloak that Celba wears to show her leadership of the tribe.  Without any sign of annoyance on her face, Celba telekinetically wrung out the cloak, and then used Prestidigitation to instantly clean it.  From there Celba invited Coraanu, his “bodyguard” Alexa and Dimebag back to her personal tent.

Upon entering the tent, both Alexa and Dimebag failed their saving throws and had their minds turned off by Celba.  She then called upon her arcane power to cast Dominate Person on Coraanu for the next eight hours.  Failing his save, Celba forced Coraanu to disclose everything he had learned or suspected about the massacre of the Songstealers.  Once he disclosed all he had learned, Coraanu could feel Celba probing and re-writing his mind.

Celba locked deep within Coraanu’s mind all that he had learned since first meeting Mutami.  She then instructed him to continue his journey to Balic.  Upon arriving there Coraanu was to disappear from his friends for two to three days.  Upon returning to his friends, he was to inform them that during his independent investigation he learned that High Defiler Vaerhirmana (Androphinis’s head defiler) had orchestrated the massacre and that they need to track him down and kill him as soon as possible.

The next morning everyone on the party woke up in the guest tent with only the memories of what a great time they had at the hot spring and feast the night before.  All traces of memory of their conversations with Celba and Mutami had been scrubbed from their brains.  Coraanu urged the party to continue their journey to Balic and they left the Silverhand Tribe encampment and continued east.

About a day into the trip they were ambushed by a pack of Brohgs.  Luckily, their aim was terrible and three of the six party members have at least one level in barbarian.  As such, the fight was a piece of cake.  More unnerving, two days later Coraanu heard a voice in his head.  The voice introduced himself as Androphinis, Sorcerer King of Balic.  Considering the sheer psionic power tearing at his mind, Coraanu had little reason to doubt the voice.  Androphinis instructed Coraanu to come see him in Balic one week for today.  The sorcerer king said nothing more but it was clear to Coraanu that bad things would happen if he failed to follow the order.

Upon reaching Balic the adventurers had a choice to made, pay one silver and go through the regular line, or pay one gold and go through the safe “bribery line.”  Despite needing to go though the bribery line or face death for being discovered as a defiler, Ilana chose the regular line.  Having drank a number of beers by that point, I can’t remember all the nonsense that happened.  What I do know is this:  1) Ilana got discovered; 2) some of the adventurers caused a distraction; 3) Ilana ate her potion of invisibility and ran away; 4) most of the other PCs were deputized as “Templars for a day” to go hunt Ilana down and turn her in.

Immediately upon entering the city, Pane-pan was mentally contacted by Ender Wiggin, Headmaster of the University of Inix, a long distance learning psionic academy.  Headmaster Wiggin asked Pane-pan to come see him the next morning.  As usual, the adventurers took advantage of Dimebag’s contacts with House Inikia to crash at their barracks while in the city state.  Shortly after arriving there Dimebag was offered a job by someone in the House compound.  This individual, who offered no name and was not asked by Dimebag to provide one, was willing to pay Dimebag and his compatriots one gold now and one gold at the completion of the job to break into the Arsenal, the heavily guarded and fortified Balic military shipyard, to locate and steal a copy of the plans for building the psionically powered ship helms that propel the Balic naval fleet.  Dimebag and company accepted.

The next day Pane-pan, along with good friend Hookeri, headed over to the University of Inix.  Upon arriving and being ushered into Headmaster Wiggin’s office, the Headmaster explained that he knew why Pane-pan was in the city and that he knew who had killed Pane-pan’s cluch.

The Headmaster told Pane-pan that on that day, Girias Olivian, son of family head Giovvo Olivian, had decided to prove to his father that he was finally ready to enroll in the military academy.  To do so, he and some of his noble friends formed a hunting party to bring back a trophy.  Knowing of his son’s mischief, Wiggin had been hired by the family to keep psionic watch over Girias.  As such, he observed from his office when Girias and his friends ran into Pane-pan’s cluch, panicked, and slaughtered them all.

Headmaster Wiggin urged Pane-pan to give up his quest for vengeance.  In exchange he would enroll Pane-pan in his schools for free (a 100 gold piece per year value!).  He would also give Pane-pan a long distance learning obsidian orb that would allow him to take “online” classes in his own spare time while traveling with his compatriots.  After all, as Thri-kreen never sleep, he would have plenty of opportunity to study.

Pane-pan thanked the Headmaster for his offer but turned him down.  Blood would be answered for with blood.  Wiggen assured Pane-pan that he would not sell the Thri-kreen out to the Templars and they parted amicably.


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The Wrestling 9 Deuce – October 16 & 17, 2017 – Kane Returns!

We had the TLC go home show on RAW, which gave us the return of Kane.  Bray is still MIA, as is Bo, Nia, and Neville.  We saw a lot of cruiserweight and women’s action this week as well.  Over on Smackdown, we saw KO and Sami grow together and rip on Daniel Bryan, Jinder challenge Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series, a lot of backstage or pre-taped tag team segments, 4 to be exact, and Dolph touching Bobby’s butt.  We talked about this, plus much more on this week’s episode of Are You Not Kentertained which you can also subscribe to on iTunes, and give our picks for TLC.


The 9

  1. Wow, RAW ran 2 different Cruiserweight storylines in the same night.  I know, I know.  I checked and Hell did not freeze over.  Which story has your interest: Cedric & Rich  vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack or Enzo and his posse vs Kalisto and Mustafa Ali?

Russ:  I am as shocked as the question! How did RAW find enough time to give us two Cruiserweight stories! I mean they only have three hours.  They have to show the shield for at least two of those that doesn’t leave much time.  Anyway,  I’m more interested Cedric & Rich vs THE Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack.  I really like this new Jack.  His viciousness is fantastic and I just like to watch him wrestle.  Plus anytime THE Brian Kendrick gets a story I want to see where they are going with it.  Not to mention Cedric & Rich are a lot of fun to watch in the ring too.

Keri: Wow, I take a week off and they give me two Cruiserweight storylines. Way to try to win me back WWE. I’m still kind of mad at you. With that said, I’m loving Heel Jack Gallagher so I have to say I’m leaning towards that storyline has my fave. I mean come on the guy wrestles in a vest and looks good doing it. Also, I think The Brian Kendrick should see more screentime. He is largely underutilized. I’m already bored with Enzo and Kalisto so I can’t muster any more energy to say anything else regarding that storyline.

Kent:  The moment that they put the belt back on Enzo, especially with Neville gone, and when they explain why those 4 guys are helping Enzo after wanting to hut him 2 weeks ago, then I may be able to understand things better.  Until then, I’m going with a simple feud that makes sense and has legit in ring talent.

  1.   What’s the bigger surprise: Kane’s return, Curtis trying to take on Roman, or the fact that WWE is going to put the Shield over all 5 members of Miz’s team?

Russ:   I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kane pop up from under the ring.  That is one of my all time favorite ways for Kane to appear.  Is it really a surprise, at this point,  that WWE is going to embarrass 4 ultra talented individuals and Kane just so they can make a few bucks?  Still I’ll mourn The Miz, Braun, and Sheasaro’s careers.   

Keri:  Again, I take a week off and Kane comes back. Now I’m even more confused. I thought he was running for office or something. Well I guess what better way to get people to vote for you then scaring them into voting for you. Either that or the wow our mayor is a total badass vote. I’m sure his campaign staff would prefer either as long as people vote for him. As for the other options, all I have to say is meh. However, I did mark out when I saw the old Shield entrance this week.  I’m looking forward to them burying everyone this weekend. Oh come on, you know it’s going to happen. Don’t fight it. It will hurt less if you don’t.

Kent:  Kane’s return, obviously.  WWE clearly isn’t serious about making Braun a star or Miz a star or Sheasaro a star.  Bonus question time.  Name the last PPV match that Braun actually won. Yeah.  Kane coming up from under the ring will always be the correct choice.

  1.  So TLC has 3 women’s matches, 2 Cruiserweight matches, Finn vs Bray (possibly), and the TLC main event.  How is it that Elias, Gallows & Anderson, Jason Jordan, Matt Hardy, and Titus Worldwide are left off of this beyond mediocre card?

Russ:   On paper this PPV looks like my career as a podcaster.  Mediocre at best.   I’m hoping they make the Emma vs Asuka match an actual match.  If they do then that match will be good.  Also, The TLC match will deliver.  At least one of the cruiserweight matches should be good.  After that though, things get murky. I love Mickie and Alexa, but I’m not sure how good this match will be.  Bray (Sister Abigail) vs Finn may not even happen that will be a game day decision.  I don’t understand why Elias doesn’t have a scheduled match yet.  He has been doing a great job on RAW which should have a payoff that is pre-scheduled for a PPV.  I’m sure some of these guys will have a match on the kickoff show, but damned if I’ll know before Saturday.  

Keri:  I’m confused. There is a PPV this weekend? You could have fooled me given the lack of match announcements on Monday’s RAW. Oh well. The card looks pretty bleak right now which isn’t a bad thing since I probably will not have time to watch it anyways. With that said, since the card isn’t finalized, Elias and company probably have a match this Sunday. Which leads me to one question. When did Jason Jordan join Titus Worldwide? Again week off and now I have questions.  I’m so confused and may need an adult.

Kent:  In a night where they could really use some small filler matches, the WWE says fuck conventional wisdom or common sense.  I’m left wondering about how Nia Jax and Bayley got left out.  Let’s acknowledge some facts.  Alicia Fox only gets pushed for a short term in order for her to job to a face that needs a push (Asuka).  Replace Alicia’s name with Emma and the same thing.  SO 2 matches are taking place to get Asuka over, which isn’t stupid, but it’s predictable as fuck.  Mickie is a legit all timer for women, so she is helping Alexa stay relevant for awhile longer, probably the rest of the year if they want, and I hope that they do.  I’d love for Mickie to win it and then Alexa win it back in the blow off match.  Alexa vs Asuka better be at Mania…..so expect it within a month. I’m happy for the Cruiserweights.  The issue is that they shoved all of the main event level guys into 2 matches, and that’s if you consider Finn and Bray main event caliber, which I do, well at least for Bray.  Joe is still out I guess, and Brock is doing Brock things and Cena is doing Cena things.  Wow, this roster really appears thin at the moment, and that’s because everything is on pause to get the Shield over…again.  The tag division is a mess at the moment, and so is the Red Belt situation.  Hell, the IC belt is a mess for all intents and purposes.  When was the last time the Miz had a meaningful feud for the belt?  Last year with Dolph?  Yeah, thought so.  The WWE booked themselves in so many corners, and now they reap what they sow.  I can’t wait for Sunday…..so I can watch the Walking Dead.

  1.   Let’s vent about WWE “only” having the one TLC match for Sunday while not having other Tables, Ladders, or Chairs matches.

Russ:   Yeah as if this PPV wasn’t mediocre enough it doesn’t help that they didn’t book the traditional Tables/ Ladder / Chairs matches that lead up to the TLC match.  I’m not sure who really fucked up this PPV, but man WWE you can’t have TLC without the T, L, and C matches.  How hard would it have been to just assign some of these boring matches the stipulations.  It would have made this PPV more interesting.  I know they tend to suck, but I could have been down for Sasha vs Alicia Chair match.

Keri:  Honestly, I’m ok with the current set up. Yes there could be more gimmick matches. But honestly how many combinations of tables, ladders and chairs can one possibly come up with for a PPV before the audience gets bored. I’m asking on behalf of Creative.

Kent:  Beyond anything else wrong with this PPV, this is the #1 thing that is pissing me off.  All this would have taken was a modicum of common sense to do this.  First we must ask, what matches could use the stipulations best.  The main event is TLC.  Finn vs Bray is it’s own clusterfuck, no need for anything beyond a House of Whooooores.  Asuka vs Emma is an attraction unto itself.  There, I just eliminated 3 out of the 7 planned matches.  So when Alicia attacks Sasha backstage, she uses a chair.  Boom, now we have a chairs match.  When the guys were beating up Kalisto and Mustafa Ali, do a spot where they put them through a table to enhance the beatdown and you have a tables match.  Mickie could said that Alexa wouldn’t be brave enough to put her belt on the line in a ladder match and Alexa is like, I will break your old ass.  So everything I just said could have happened on RAW or last week in Mickie and Alexa’s case.  All of a sudden, that card has some intrigue.  These fucking clowns writing for WWE are dense as fuck.  Hire me WWE.  I will make you great once more.  I refuse to say again because I’m not on Twitter half of my awake hours, nor do I have a fake ass tan.  Put Hogan back in the Hall Of Fame!

  1.  Who is worse on the mic: Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, or Shinsuke Nakamura?

Russ:  Finn is very boring on the mic.  It’s not that he is bad, necessarily, he just doesn’t deliver a very exciting promo.  However, this week the WWE did something that I’m not sure whether I think is completely asinine, or used correctly, brilliant.  I’m talking about the CG paint on Finn’s face so he could be the demon without having to use the makeup.  I was left dumbfounded by what I had just seen.  I knew that I couldn’t ever unsee it either.  If you read last week I stated that I was ok with a stupid story as long as it was fun.  Well this story has taken a turn to stupid and dumb.  That’s not a good combination.  

Keri:  I’m not going to say Shinsuke. The guy is still trying to learn English so it’s not fair to judge him right now. I mean he has only been with the company for over a year and most of that time was in NXT where the focus is more on wrestling than mic skills. With that said, the same kinda goes Finn but he’s been on the main roster long enough where that is starting to be not an excuse. I enjoy watching him (and those abs) in the ring.  But when he picks up a mic. well, I cringe. So, I have to go with Finn. He just isn’t improving and that’s bad if he wants to move up. As for Roman, leave the chosen one alone, he has gotten better and temporarily has Rollins and Ambrose to help him.

Kent:  I refuse to say Shinsuke because even when he talks, I listen and I enjoy listening to him.  He knows his limitations but tries like hell.  I get why he is the right answer, but I like him.  So now we are left with a guy who rarely gets a chance to shine on the mic, and really only looked halfway decent when going opposite Cena and Miz, 2 of the few guys that make anybody stand out in some capacity.  I think Roman could be above average if given the opportunity.  I think he’s actually kind of a cool dude that I would enjoy.   Then there is Finn.  Name one time that Finn has been good on the mic.  Oh, you can’t?  The Miz couldn’t get anything, Bray could, Paul Heyman couldn’t.  Finn is sadly the answer, and I don’t know if it’s him or the bad writing.  I think it is both.  I kinda feel bad for him, but he is held in such high regard, I struggle with empathy.

  1.  How great of an idea is it to have Jinder challenge Brock Lesnar?

Russ:  This idea is actually great from a WWE fans perspective.  Not in terms of match quality.  No, that is going to be total shit.  I mean that at least for one month Jinder and Brock won’t destroy a good wrestlers career.  If they are facing each other then we don’t have to worry about them wasting Shinsuke’s or AJ’s or Samoa Joe’s or Braun’s time in a match we know they have no right to win.  That’s fantastic!  Sure it means they will keep the belts for another month, but the belts have become so meaningless that who the hell cares at this point.  I will say that this match is going to be bad for business.  If Jinder wins then it completely ruins the build up they have been working toward since Mania for Brock vs Roman.  Also, if Brock wins then Jinder will be proven to be the unworthy garbage champion that we all know he already is.  So, yea the match is going to suck, but at least they won’t ruin good wrestlers careers.  

Keri:  This match is going to be bad and Creative should feel bad. You know what I’m not watching at Survivors Series. Yep, you got it. This match.  It’s going to be short and underwhelming and I have better things to do with my time. Like sleep.  

Kent:  Well, I mean, good for Jinder to somehow be in position to get this match.  I honestly never thought that Jinder would be able to have this match.  Yeah, it’s going to be a burial.  WWE has to show how much better RAW is to Smackdown, but that has always been the case.  Just think of all the bumps that the SIngh Bros will be taking.

  1.  We’ve seen Baron have great matches with Kalisto and on Tuesday, he wrestled Sin Cara briefly.  Do you think that this is a solid matchup for Baron and even Sin Cara?

Russ:  I’ll see where this matchup takes us.  Baron vs Kalisto was fantastic this time last year.  I think they are hoping lightning will strike twice here.  I can see it happening.  Baron is good against smaller opponents and Sin Cara can do his gymnastics routine and get thrown around like a rag doll well.  So this seems like it could be a winning combination for a short feud.  

Keri:  This matchup intrigues me. It should work really well since Sin Cara is a luchador and Baron does really well for some reason with luchadors. Alright, I’ll just say it. This should be really good and I will enjoy watching it.

Kent:  Unlike certain people, I am beyond sold for this.  Both men like to hit hard and are very physical.  On top of that, Sin Cara can bring some speed and high flying that Baron really works well with.  I think this could be a very solid feud, if they continue it.  It has more potential than most would perceive.  Or you could be a pussy and take the wait and see approach because god forbid you make a bad prediction in this blog.

  1.  Bobby Roode has now lost.  The big story is about pulling the tights.  Is this working for you as almost a heel vs heel dynamic, or is Bobby still too much of a face for this feud to click properly?

Russ:  The glorious gimmick is not meant to be a face one.  It is supposed to be about an obnoxious person who thinks they are above it all and they consistently prove that point in the ring.  So this isn’t really working for me.  I’m a huge Roode fan but I want the “Glorious” one to be that same uisufferable ass hole that deep down we all love.  Not this kind of lame face that we are getting.  If they want to make this work then Bobby needs to have an above average match.  He has yet to have one of those in WWE.  Give him and Dolph some time and I think we may see that, but I doubt WWE will give them what they need.  

Keri:  I guess it’s working. Given the loss though, is there really any reason to continue this feud. Ziggler’s point has kinda been made, hasn’t it?

Kent:  The moment somebody can explain to me how pulling the tights gives you additional leverage to get the pin, I will be more intrigued.  I’m waiting.

  1.  We had the KO & Sami stuff with Daniel, Randy, & Shinsuke, the Pulp Fashion, the women’s match, The Uso’s with American Beta, Rusev & Aiden with New Day, and even another Bludgeon Brothers promo.  Pick a topic, discuss it.  Just don’t pick a topic that somebody else has chosen.

Russ:  I am digging American Beta.  I think Gable is proving just how stupid the WWE creative can be.  We all thought that they would use Gable as the illegitimate son of Kurt because it made a lot of sense.  Not to mention that he is charismatic and could cut a decent promo.  Instead WWE creative went with Jason Jordan because it was a “funny” knock on Kurt.  Hilarious!  Except now that the joke has worn off Jason Jordan is fucked.  He isn’t getting over with the crowds and the “Angle” is dead.  So now Gable is getting his chance again and he is just fun to watch.  His promo with The Uso’s was fantastic.  He was all over the place and his excitement is infectious.  I am excited to see how this feud unfolds.  

Keri:  To the surprise of no one, maybe other than Kent given his comments below, I’m going to talk Fashion Files, I mean Pulp Fashion. That segment, while not as funny as the Elias and the Good Brothers segment this week, was well worth the wait. I like the Ascension in their current role. They show that they are not just scary looking but have a comedic side to them. As for Breezedango, both guys just nail it week after week. And with that I close by saying Fashion Files 4 assemble.

Kent:  As much as I want to choose the dynamic between Rusev and Aiden, I want to tackle the women.  Sorry Keri.  I think WWE needs to open their damn eyes sooner than later and put the focus back on Becky Lynch, first and foremost, as the face of that division.  She is punny, yes, but is decent on the mic, and very good in ring.  Carmella is still lurking.  I think it would make sense for Becky to take the belt off of Natty and then have the cash in.  That would really help.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  For a go home show this was one of the better ones this year.  Remember this year has been total crap for go home shows so to say this was one of the better ones is not a compliment really.  I enjoyed several things about this show.  The Tag Championship match was lots of fun.  Elias, Gallows, and Anderson were great with their promo.  Finally, when Kane came up through the ring I was very happy for a few moments anyway.  Rating: 5.8

Keri:  I thought this was a good RAW. Not exactly the best build for this weekend’s PPV but still I enjoyed what I did watch live and what I saw in recap videos. RAW is starting to improve week over week in terms of quality. Also, I just have to say again, yea Shield! It was nice to see my boys back together again with the same outfit and the same entrance. Yes, my name is Keri and I am a Shield mark. Deal with it. Rating: 6

Kent:  This was the go home show.  This was okay.  It got over all of the feuds, so I think that is good.  I mean Finn was screwed without Bray this week, so that’s nobody’s fault, so I am not holding that against them. I really loved Elias and G & A.  That song was amazing.  I thought the reveal of Kane was actually shocking.  There are a lot of aspects that I would rewatch.  The women’s matches worked, the Fisters vs Sheasaro was good if not entirely predictable.  Roman vs Braun was fun, more of a sideshow but fun.  I will say 5.3.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Smackdown was ok.  I really enjoyed Sami coming out and just brutally destroying Daniel firmly pushing him into the heel zone.  Sami is a great heel so far and I hope they continue this push.  Fashion Files was ok.  It wasn’t their best work, but it had its moments.  The women’s division is awful right now and I’m definitely interested in seeing Gable and Shelton take on The Uso’s.  Rating: 5.3

Keri:  Remember when Smackdown was must see TV. Yeah those were good times which is why I bring it up every week. The only redeeming features for this week’s show were KO and Sami and Pulp Fashion. Rating: 2

Kent:  I know that Smackdown happened.  I know that I didn’t hate it.  I actually paid attention to all things not named Charlotte.  I liked it more than I enjoyed this hackneyed Shield bullshit, that’s for fucking sure.  5.8


Final Thoughts


Russ:  Rating Smackdown and RAW has become difficult.  This year has just been so bland that now just a mediocre show has become, what feels like better than average.  For example:  as I was rating Smackdown this week I gave it a 5.3, which is decent.  However, in years past I don’t think this episode would have earned a 4.  It had its moments, but for the most part I was pretty bored.  Still for this year it seemed more than adequate.  Come on WWE Step up your game!  

Keri:  Did I mention how happy I am that the Shield is back together? Ok good, because I’m so happy the Shield are back together.

Kent:  Well I was going to start writing wrestling porn scenes.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily appropriate for what we do.  Just know that if I do, my first scene would involve a UN PC convention in which Lana would be the Russian ambassador and Rusev would be the Bulgarian representative.  At the hotel where they would be staying, mid shower, Rusev’s shower would stop working.  Wet and soapy, he wraps himself in a towel and knocks on his neighbor’s door.  Just at that moment, Lana has stripped and just turned on her shower.  She answers the door wrapped in nothing but her towel.  When she hears of this sexy man’s plight, she offers to share her shower, and then we learn that PC may not stand for Politically Correct, but rather Pussy CRUSH!  Admit it, you are ashamed that you read this whole thing.  Also, here’s some zombie shit that WWE conveniently did days before The Walking Dead returns.


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